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August 09, 2018

U.S. 'Fine Tuning' Of Saudi Airstrike Target List Creates Results

U.S. Deepens Role in Yemen Fight, Offers Gulf Allies Airstrike-Target Assistance - Wall Street Journal - June 12, 2018

The U.S. military is providing its Gulf allies with intelligence to fine-tune their list of airstrike targets ...

Saudi-led coalition claims deadly Yemen attack - Daily Mail - August 9, 2018

A Saudi-led coalition battling in Yemen said it carried out a deadly attack in the rebel-held north on Thursday, which the Red Cross said hit a bus carrying children.
"Following an attack this morning on a bus driving children in Dahyan Market, northern Saada, (an ICRC-supported) hospital has received dozens of dead and wounded," the organisation said on Twitter without giving more details.

In a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency, the coalition called the strike a "legitimate military action" ...

Last Thursday, attacks on a hospital and a fish market in the strategic rebel-held port city of Hodeida killed at least 55 civilians and wounded 170, according to the ICRC.

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I saw one video
there was nothing left of the children but bits
It was surreal

Posted by: occidentosis | Aug 9 2018 19:03 utc | 1

Next Saudi Target: Ottawa.
MbS went beserk like Musk overdosed on juice.

Posted by: Kalen | Aug 9 2018 19:17 utc | 2

One day, the West will reap the Karma it has sowed upon the world.

Posted by: Ian | Aug 9 2018 19:22 utc | 3

Obama spoke about mothers sending their children to school in his acceptance speech for the
Nobel Peace Prize.

He contrasted reality vs hope
and we learned which one he would deliver.

Obama in Oslo, December 10, 2009,:

"Somewhere today, a mother facing punishing poverty
still takes the time to teach her child, scrapes together what
few coins she has to send that child to school
-- because she believes that
a cruel world still
has a place for that child's dreams.

Let us live by their example.
We can acknowledge that oppression will always be with us,
and still strive for justice.
We can admit the intractability of deprivation,
and still strive for dignity.
we can understand that there will be war,
and still strive for peace.
We can do that -- for that is the story of human progress; that's the
of all the world; and at this moment of challenge,
that must be our work here on Earth.

Thank you very much.

One week later Obama shredded dozens of women and children in Yemen
and covered it up.

Here is ABC's Brian Ross using his most masculine baritone voice to boast about Obama's attack:

Wikileaks cable corroborates evidence of US airstrikes in Yemen

Cable itself:

Posted by: librul | Aug 9 2018 19:35 utc | 4

The comments under the Daily Mail article are disabled, lest someone mentions the U.S. involvement.

Posted by: S | Aug 9 2018 19:57 utc | 5

Imagine the reaction if the Russians or Syrians had blown up a busload of kids...

Posted by: Lochearn | Aug 9 2018 20:06 utc | 6

Yes, they are fine tuning their ability to hit children, hospitals, etc.

Posted by: worldblee | Aug 9 2018 20:08 utc | 7


I've written many times Obama was Bush II - BUT F...KING TRUMP IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE NOW! So why are you giving us the ancient history deflection???????????

Posted by: Circe | Aug 9 2018 20:16 utc | 8

The pic provides an example of how the Outlaw US Empire implements its global population control policy--all bombs, no kids. Twitterverse is madder than a wet hen. One went to Trump's twitter to ask where's his outrage over these kid's real deaths, not the staged ones he launched missiles at Syria over. It deserves to be retweeted millions of times. Unfortunately, sadists are incapable of being shamed; they just grin at such pics while congratulating themselves. Betcha the Trump dossier got it backwards--It was Trump who pissed all over the Russian women.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 9 2018 20:16 utc | 9


It isn't about you.

Posted by: librul | Aug 9 2018 20:29 utc | 10

Almasdarnews. Com. Are reporting a massive Israile army convoy heading for Gaza bigger than enything seen since 2014 ! This looks serious ! The whole dam world picture is looking way beyond serious !!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 9 2018 20:38 utc | 11

kudos the exceptional nation in support of those other exceptional nations - ksa and israel...

everyone else on the planet want to know when this horror will end...

Posted by: james | Aug 9 2018 20:41 utc | 12

Ahh, thats why. The Saudis are incompetent and vile, but trust the us to be even more incompetent and even more vile and putrid.
This is horrible! I see it and can not really do much. It is a never ending story of innocent people being killed off. But it does nurture a solid and hot hate to those people who are architects of this. They feel safe and secured, but they are sitting on a volcano, and when it goes, they will go too. Maybe a Gadaffi end.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Aug 9 2018 20:42 utc | 13

Hate is a hefty spice; it can make you blind to reason, it can make you oblivious to truth, and make you inoculated against love. But hate controlled, is also a drug that is powerful and useful, hate nurtured and fed can move mountains and empires. Hate is good in manageable doses and wrecking in large ones. But take it at own risk.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Aug 9 2018 21:01 utc | 14

The KSA isn't even trying to hide their evil.

They are claiming these are legitimate military targets, they targeted 'militants', the Houthis use 'child soldiers', and use human shields. I bet Nikki Haley still thinks they are the most wonderful people ever, on the front lines, fighting against the real monsters, Iran.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Aug 9 2018 21:17 utc | 15

This is terrible.

Posted by: Guerrero | Aug 9 2018 21:26 utc | 16

Here's the Twitter post I mentioned using the same pic b chose.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 9 2018 21:30 utc | 17


What's that supposed to mean??? Trump is President! Aren't you excusing Trump by dredging up Obama's shet? That excuse not to criticize Trump is getting real old.

Posted by: Circe | Aug 9 2018 21:30 utc | 18

@15 Nah, Christian, you are clearly wrong. Nikki would consider KSA to have the 2nd most wonderful people ever, with the USA holding the Bronze Medal position. There is no doubt who she holds as The Chosen People.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Aug 9 2018 21:31 utc | 19

Don't let this stuff get normalised ! That's why they do it in plain site. It desensitises the dumb public
i e trump supporters in u s, torys in uk. We should be feeling outrage and hatered towards the people that
do this . Including our own governments.

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 9 2018 21:52 utc | 20

#10 circe

No one is excusing Trump. The point that needs to be emphasized is that the War Party has two wings: repubs and dems. Every last president since WWII has put the interests of imperial conquest over the interests of the American people. Bill Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump (as well as all of their wannabes Gore, Kerry, McCain HRC) were and are war mongers. They are united in their lust for killing children (don't forget Madeline Albright with her "it was worth it" over the 500,000 babies Clinton killed through sanctions).

Posted by: ToivoS | Aug 9 2018 21:59 utc | 21

This evening #switch off bbc is trending number one on Twitter and number four world wide! Time we all pushback. on the net,on the streets, everywhere we justice no peace !

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 9 2018 22:14 utc | 22

Mark2 opines It desensitises the dumb public i e trump supporters

Are you serious? You should listen to my college educated colleagues (more than half with professional degrees) most of whom are democrats and not one who voted for Trump. When it comes to war against Syria, Libya, threats against Russia they are true blooded war mongers. Actually worse than Trump supporters because they in general oppose those wars or war threats.

Posted by: ToivoS | Aug 9 2018 22:21 utc | 23

For more terrorist reading in the Middle East by Number 2 Democracy -

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Aug 9 2018 22:26 utc | 24

Toivos @ 23
Dumb is as dumb does! They come in all shapes sizes and political party's . Trumps a greedy pig puts children in cages and is a kkk racist don't make excuses he's a monster full stop!
Don't give me eny of that o but, o but blah blah.!!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 9 2018 22:32 utc | 25


It already is normalized. Go look at many of the comments on MSM (left and right) and so called progressive sites. Hopefully those are all astroturfers but I suspect many are real folks. Its luny tunes. They live in the Matrix and are blissfully unaware. Like something out of 1984 during the 2 minute hate but its 24/7 , or maybe walking dead if the WD could type or talk.

Posted by: Pft | Aug 9 2018 22:33 utc | 26

as a parent, I feel the loss. as an American, I feel disgusted.

Posted by: Toxik | Aug 9 2018 22:36 utc | 27

Another sterling example of how the US teaches its allies to be incompetent, vicious and cowardly in targeting and killing those least able to fight back.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 9 2018 22:40 utc | 28

O Canada! Recently, I praised them as "New Trumpland". But why did they forget that silence can be golden? Apparently, it dawned on PM that his party is called "liberal" and thus it must make "liberal calls"*. But what cause should be selected? Massacres and starvation of cute emaciated children? Conservative predecessor of current PM got ca. 7 G USD contract for "vehicles" (motorized infantly?) for KSA, and Trudeau will not endanger precious Canadian jobs. After leaving the task to the Foreign Minister (Freedland, Feminazi**), the plight of women right activists in KSA with family members in Canada.

Canada cannot yield to Saudi Arabia's deranged overreaction
The regime's reaction to a couple of tweets is more about snuffing out its own country's voices of dissent
Iyad El-Baghdadi, Amarnath Amarasingam · for CBC News · Posted: Aug 09, 2018 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: August 9

If Canada folds, some fear that a line would be drawn in the sand, and behind that line, petty Arab dictators could do what they want with their activist communities, without as much as a complaint from the world. (Cliff Owen/Associated Press)


Of course Canada cannot yield. For starters, it is unclear what would appease the irate Crown Prince. Perhaps Trudeau and Friedland coming together to KSA to submit to a public flogging. But judging from the titles I have seen, Canadians cherish "delicate balance", and they though that an occasional complaint that is not 100% aligned with USA and principal customers of Canadian products should be safe.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 9 2018 22:46 utc | 29

ToivoS @23--

Agreed. When it comes to knowing the Truth of the Outlaw US Empire's overseas deeds, most people are illiterate/ignorant. They hang the flag aside their front porch and feel righteous. The only reason we don't have multitudes of people saluting whoever's POTUS and chanting Sieg Heil is because in the back of their tiny minds they somehow know that's incorrect behavior but don't know why. Some provided feedback on Michael Hudson's going autobiographical saying his upbringing seemed unreal--faked--thus showing how little they know of WW2 Home Front US history when people were much more informed and politically savvy.

It seems safe to say that Animal Farm & 1984 have both put down extensive roots within the Outlaw US Empire to the point where digging up and destroying those weeds will cause major social damage. Can't make an omelet without breaking eggs is how the saying goes. But a positive outcome isn't the only possibility.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 9 2018 22:49 utc | 30

We need to remember this' the about left or right ! That's just devide and rule. This about the 1% killing off the 99%
Agend 21.what they are doing to Yemen people now they will do to you next.

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 9 2018 22:49 utc | 31

jen @28--

The deliberate targeting of civilians is Outlaw US Empire policy since WW2 despite it being a War Crime. Guernica was an outrage, but Powell had it covered up since spoke directly to US actions since the paint dried in 1937. The School Bus was yet another of all too many Guernicas that have occurred since. Someone mentioned desensitized. Yes, on an International Scale. It was an act of Terror, but how many are describing it as such? BigLie Media? Not a chance if they show/mention it at all.

I know you feel as I do, but I needed to vent.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 9 2018 23:01 utc | 32

@29 '...Canadians cherish "delicate balance",...'

I'm not sure we should generalize about Canadians. Trudeau is trying to satisfy his base and presumably staying true to his own liberal convictions. But I've met Canadians who dislike him intensely. They do not think gender politics, welcoming refugees, settling native land claims, lecturing Saudi Arabia etc. is the best way to maintain a high standard of living.

Posted by: dh | Aug 9 2018 23:06 utc | 33

Israel demanded - and BBC changed its headline. In a headline, BBC claimed that "Israeli air strikes 'kill pregnant woman and baby.'" After some time, BBC changed its title to "Gaza air strikes ‘kill woman and child’ after rockets hit Israel

Posted by: Peter Schmidt | Aug 9 2018 23:08 utc | 34

A good comment from HistoryHacker (Guardian web page), I thought I share it:

"Let's see: in 1913 the British grabbed Iranian oil and made it their property. Six years later, Britain imposed another agreement and took over Iran’s treasury and the army. During the Second World War, Britain’s requisitioning of food led to famine and widespread disease. Shortly after that war, Iran’s own efforts to establish its nascent democracy and nationalize the oil industry were thwarted. And by whom? Eisenhower joined the systematic British looting, and, sadly, by 1953, the blossoming Iranian democracy was completely destroyed by the covert operation of the American CIA and British MI6, known as Operation Ajax. In place of the democracy was installed Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, a US-British puppet, a despot deeply hated by his own people.
America picked up the baton, and here's Trump going bat crazy!
What could Iranians possibly think?! What do you think?"

Posted by: Peter Schmidt | Aug 9 2018 23:13 utc | 35

@29 '...Canadians cherish "delicate balance",...'
I am not sure we should generalize about Canadians. Posted by: dh | Aug 9, 2018 7:06:13 PM | 33

I tried to make it clear that "Canadians" refer to my observations on titles from Canadian media as reported by Google News.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 9 2018 23:40 utc | 36

@36 I knew that PB. Excuse my inadequate attempt to emulate your tone.

But I think it's true that Canadians enjoy a high standard of living mainly because of things like water, oil, minerals, wheat, lumber etc. and most prefer not to get involved in Saudi Arabian politics.

Posted by: dh | Aug 9 2018 23:58 utc | 37

I hope that Canada will finally lead heavy public condemnation of the Saudi-UAE coalition murderous actions in Yemen. Canada has nothing to loose anymore, it is high time it take a serious stand on the 3 years human rights abuse of the Yemenis.
It should indirectly send a dissaproval message to the USA on its complicity in these war crimes...
Maybe it is time for Canada, to reinstate diplomatic relation with Iran to snub the Saudis and the USA, but I am dreaming...

Posted by: Virgile | Aug 10 2018 0:03 utc | 38

"But I think it's true that Canadians enjoy a high standard of living mainly because of things like water, oil, minerals, wheat, lumber etc. "

Not quite. It's because of water, oil, minerals, wheat lumber, etc., AND they don't breed like rodents.

India has plenty of resources - adjusting for the cold climate in Canada, probably about as much as Canada, effectively. It's just that these resources don't go that far split up 1.4 billion ways and counting.

And Yemen? With very little water, and one of the highest fertility rates in the world, what do you expect?

Posted by: TG | Aug 10 2018 0:04 utc | 39

out of subject.

What to make of the new sanctions put in place by the State Dept against Russia?

What about those on Iran?

Are these implemented to generate WAR?

Whether it be against Russia, Iran or China, The US attitude is orchestrated by

Why deal with the US when Israel is the culprit?

Wiping out Israel is the solution. Obliterating Israel will certainly ease
the World's woes.

Of course, targeted assassinations should be carried out.

Short of this, Netanyahu should be kept waiting for days whitout being able
to meet Putin. His ambassador should be expelled and the Russian Ambassador to Israel recalled.

Sanction Israel in every way possible. Break the Gaza Siege. Wipe out Israel's
Navy. Down its jets over Lebanon. Kill its Jericho rockets at lift off.

The World will certainly be a better place.

Posted by: CarlD | Aug 10 2018 0:05 utc | 40

@Posted by: Circe | Aug 9, 2018 4:16:06 PM | 8

I was going to say something in the same vein but you saved me the effort. I am really sick of this.

Is not this woman the spokesperson of the DoS of Trump administration?

There is also the documented presence of American forces and officers in the operations room of the Saudi coalition....These guys have not been sent there by Obama...I guess....

But what most makes me feel sick is not that American commenters out there, well payed or volunteer, insist after two years already on this cantinele, what takes me out of my nerves is that the Russians throwing balls out with certain issues....

Posted by: Sasha | Aug 10 2018 0:05 utc | 41

@Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 9, 2018 4:38:58 PM | 11

But what could have really happened? Just yesterday or the day before I was reading that Israel and Hamas were in negotiations...From that to this...I wonder what could be the breaking point...

Anyone has any information/ link?

Posted by: Sasha | Aug 10 2018 0:20 utc | 42

@39 Well I mean bluster comes Malthus again.

Posted by: dh | Aug 10 2018 0:23 utc | 43

Sasha @42--

Talks were a ruse as usual. Supposedly, a cease fire was in place but was broken as reported at the link. Ongoing protests against the "Nationality Law" continue and go unreported as usual. The continuing murder of Gazans serves as cover.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2018 0:44 utc | 44

@37, "But I think it's true that Canadians enjoy a high standard of living mainly because of things like water, oil, minerals, wheat, lumber etc. and most prefer not to get involved in Saudi Arabian politics."

As a lifelong Canuckistani, my view is that Canada is the world's largest mine - and it is not mine.

Posted by: spudski | Aug 10 2018 0:56 utc | 45

@45 But I understand it's not as easy to get mining permits as it used to be. Lot of environmentalists and first nations lawyers involved. Which is why Canadian mining companies move to Africa.

Posted by: dh | Aug 10 2018 1:09 utc | 46

the USA will perhaps suffer blowback, both at home and in many places 'strategic' to its Empire, for generation or two to come, for all the horrible and savage war crimes perpetuated by it and its allies on the poor people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, and especially now Yemen, the poorest of the poor - the sorrows of Empire

Posted by: michaelj72 | Aug 10 2018 1:12 utc | 47


Spending only 1% of GDP on military helps support your healthcare system too.

Neoliberalism will get you in the end. Trump going to push on NAFTA and our buddy the Saudis giving you a push.

Posted by: Pft | Aug 10 2018 1:12 utc | 48

The US provides the in-flight refueling that makes these bombing sorties possible. The "Five Eyes" provides the surveillance that picks the targets, and the navigation to hit them.

KSA is doing precisely what the AZ Empire requires of it. Just as the British Royals and their banker sponsors dictated over a century ago, so does the Empire direct these heinous crimes today.

If the Saud Royals ever did go "rogue," they'd be taken out just as the AZ Empire has done time and time again.

Posted by: Daniel | Aug 10 2018 1:18 utc | 49

CarlD, the purpose of sanctions is to hurt the citizens of a country enough that they will rise up and revolt against their ruling class.

The AZ Empire has been striving for complete global dominance for a long time, and that means either destroying Russia and China or at least installing "friendly" governments. Hence, sanctions, "trade wars," and infiltration to foment "color revolutions."

Posted by: Daniel | Aug 10 2018 1:25 utc | 50

50 @ Daniel

And who is behind all of this?

Posted by: CarlD | Aug 10 2018 1:32 utc | 51

Saudi state news agency: "strikes were carried out in accordance with international humanitarian law."


Posted by: Ian | Aug 10 2018 1:49 utc | 52


Pence's new Space Command is a blatant telltale that the twice-hacked and never-audited Pentagon has a massive hemorrhage of funds and Trump will be demanding ANOTHER $40B budget increase for Pentagon to paper over a huge Deep Purple Hole in the Bucket.

Posted by: Chipnik | Aug 10 2018 2:14 utc | 53


I was just saying something similar about a more direct way to change A-Z politics to a friend on FB today, with anecdotes from the past as examples, but within the hour, FB delinked our pages so we can't correspond. All part of the Perpetual Now© End of History campaign across pan-media towards a totally-scripted CGI-enhanced Marvel-ously fictional non-reality. With lizard people from Niburu, lol.

Posted by: Chipnik | Aug 10 2018 2:23 utc | 54

So Saudis sanction Canada but will still let the oil flow to them (2billion a year) and the US sanctions Russia but will still buy space rockets from them , and they will still sell them to us. Trade war with China but they still buy US Treasuries to finance US debt. British owned BBC rents out their studios to RT to help Russia with their propaganda

LOL. Enjoy the show, more to come

Posted by: Pft | Aug 10 2018 2:27 utc | 55


You expressed it correctly, but @4, 10 I suspect is Trumpgod can do no wrong.

It's a Zionist-rigged system, where Kucinich and Ron Paul didn't stand a chance; to name a mere two of the uncorrupted.

To add to the insanity of this Saudi massacre, Israel's at it again in Gaza. Damn!

It's all Zionist-driven.

Posted by: Circe | Aug 10 2018 2:34 utc | 56

Carl D@51

Woodrow Wilson : "Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

Today some call them ruling or power elites, global elites for the most part. Elites is an interesting word whose origins come from the french word for chosen and latin word for elect.

Posted by: Pft | Aug 10 2018 2:40 utc | 57

Some general remarks about Canada:

1. Wealth from natural resources. This is a bit of mixed blessing, because with some exceptions, mining is very capital intensive, so the profit margins are so-so, and job creation is also so-so. Canada is blessed with nice mix of extracting industries, agriculture, "normal" manufacturing, financial centers etc. They also have somewhat reasonable spending in terms value for money in health and military sectors, saving ca. 10% of GDP between the two compared with the less rational southern neighbor Perhaps this is still short of 10%, but USA also wastes money and human resources on prison complex and other inanities.

2. Liberal Canada. Domestically, I do not know enough, but "harmonizing with USA" could please some conservatives while being too expensive to implement. On foreign policy they stick to the worst of liberalism, not standing much for anything, even for their beloved Vilna Ukrayina, although converting Ukraine to land of milk and honey with capable military and a reasonable level of corruption is beyond capacity of any foreign power. But they implemented what used to be totally unjustifiable insult, "feminazi". That said, conservatives learned from Trump to raise mind boggling issue and gain in polls, lately, how to stop hordes of "deplorables" crossing the border. I guess a cheapish solution would be to create a network of recreational trails with very confusing mapping (even GPS) and totally confusing signage, and plant some smilax = green briar or other thorny plants to impede hiking according to compass directions. A note on GPS maps based on satellite pictures: software has very hard time telling dead ends from actually passable trail connections.

3. Populist-progressive Canada of my dreams. Declare the conflicts with KSA and Trump to be matters of national dignity, punish KSA by stopping delivery of military vehicles per Harper's contract and purchases of oil, replace the latter with Iranian. Would Trump dare to impose secondary sanctions, fine American companies in Canada.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 10 2018 2:51 utc | 58

Why is it that the Zionist media were up in arms every time White Helmets were digging Syrian children out of rubble or dousing them with hoses?

Dozens of children were slaughtered in Yemen, and many more maimed and injured and hundreds of thousands are being subjected to famine but there's only deafening silence on the Zionist-run media.

Syrian children had propaganda value; Yemeni children have no value at all. Americans, Zionists and Saudis are sick and depraved.

Posted by: Circe | Aug 10 2018 3:18 utc | 59

A little correction to Circe, Aug 9 11:18:38 PM. SELECTED Syrian children were newsworthy, a recent massacre by ISIS in Sweida was newsworthy only as an example of a failure by "the regime". An earlier example, when majority of people of Greater Aleppo lived in the western part controlled by Damascus, "Aleppo" meant only the eastern part, controlled by the "moderate" rebels, and victims of moderate massacres and shelling were totally un-newsworthy.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 10 2018 3:38 utc | 60


Natural resources drive 20 per cent of the economy — and about 10 per cent of all the jobs in Canada. These natural resources also help Canada attract manufacturing and value added business that utilize domestically produced metals, fuel and timber (as opposed to more expensive imports) Profit motive is overstated, large companies are focused more on income growth and market share. The jobs that are produced are good paying jobs as well

I'd rather have more good paying capital intensive industries than low pay labour intensive service and manufacturing industries that may generate more profits but which end up mostly in CEO and top managements bank accounts

Frankly, the mystery is why America has not invaded Canada and taken over since we last tried in 1812. :>)

Posted by: Pft | Aug 10 2018 4:06 utc | 61

@58 Support in Canada for Ukraine is mainly concentrated in Ukrainian communities in Alberta I believe. They form a quite significant voting block.

Posted by: dh | Aug 10 2018 4:10 utc | 62

Mark2 @ 31 said:"We need to remember this' the about left or right ! That's just devide and rule. This about the 1% killing off the 99% "

Yep, bottom line statement. From austerity to all neoliberal policies, and the world-wide wars now going on, are basically nothing more than class warfare directed at the 99% to enrich the already rich.

Profits uber alles. Avarice uber alles..

Posted by: ben | Aug 10 2018 4:21 utc | 63

Frankly, the mystery is why America has not invaded Canada and taken over since we last tried in 1812. :>)

Posted by: Pft | Aug 10, 2018 12:06:44 AM | 61

Absorbing Canada could undermine political balance in USA leading to such calamities like socialized medicine, legal marijuana etc. Keeping them on Puerto Rico status is not tenable given the ethnic composition -- too many English speaking whites. If we could just annex Alberta...

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 10 2018 4:46 utc | 64

Bang on cue, TG @ 39 uses a comment about Canada's standard of living (brought about in part by its governments' spending on transport infrastructure - in particular, transcontinental railways - that stimulated job growth and enabled the agricultural and manufactured wealth of the provinces to be spread across the nation and to be exported overseas) to push a racist opinion about how poor countries are at fault for being poor because their people don't have access to birth control measures made in rich countries.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 10 2018 4:50 utc | 65

..for all the horrible and savage war crimes perpetuated by it and its allies on the poor people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Palestine, and especially now Yemen, the poorest of the poor - the sorrows of Empire.
Posted by: michaelj72 | Aug 9, 2018 9:12:39 PM | 47

Kipling summed it up with grim irony in three words:
White Man's Burden

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 10 2018 4:51 utc | 66

Pft @ 61, Piotr Berman & 64:

The British and the Americans signed a treaty in 1819 to respect one another's borders in North America. The treaty was renegotiated in 1846.

Posted by: Jen | Aug 10 2018 4:56 utc | 67

White man's burden...
A phrase used to justify European imperialism in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; it is the title of a poem by Rudyard Kipling. The phrase implies that imperialism was motivated by a high-minded desire of whites to uplift people of color.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 10 2018 5:07 utc | 68

Part of the targeting assurance happens by looking at unexpected “gaps” in electronic communication signals. When there is a lot of cellphone communication noise” where is is suddenly absent, despite presence of humans, indicated an interesting anomaly for target acquisitions.
To confuse the enemy, these “silent spots” should be mirrored in different locations. They counter The selectief bias.

During WWII, RAF lost planes to German AAA. They wondered where armor them up?
Counterintuitively, the mathematician Abraham Wald explained that, if a plane makes it back safely despite a bunch of bullet holes in its wings, it means that bullet holes in the wings aren’t very dangerous.
Where you really need the armor, are the areas that, on average, don’t have any bullet holes.

Why? Because planes with bullet holes in those places never made it back. That’s why you don’t see any bullet holes there on the ones that do return.

Posted by: Amir | Aug 10 2018 5:15 utc | 69

Posted by: CarlD @ 51 “And who is behind all of this?”

Wouldn’t you agree that the PTSB are, as Paul Simon wrote, A Loose Affiliation of Billionaires?

The way I see it, the pinnacle of the pyramid are members of the dynasties that have controlled the finance system for centuries. Rothschilds, Warburgs, the Vatican, the European Royal Families and such. They profit off of everything, since all revenues generated by all industries pass through their sticky fingers, in addition to their Central Banking cabal that almost every country on earth is fully beholden to.

They are not a monolith, in that they compete with one another, but they all share interest in keeping this system in place.

Then, at the next level down there are the members of the Nouveau Riche, like the Rockefellers and Carneigies whose wealth was only generated a couple generations ago, and the even newer rich who do not have dynastic power (yet), but do wield enough wealth to influence the actions of the Empire, like the MIC “Daddy Warbucks” and tech industry newcomers.

And of course, there are the upper-level managers of Empire like Kissinger, Brzezenski, Soros, etc.

Posted by: Daniel | Aug 10 2018 5:17 utc | 70

We have seen images of dead children of warfare before. I am not sure if it helps the antiwar cause. I will have to go read Susan Sontag's "The Pain of Others." In any case, thanks for posting it, b.

Will DJT order a retaliatory strike on KSA after being so moved by these photos like he was when the children of the fake gas attacks in Syria were being paraded around on the msm? I think not. Sad!

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Aug 10 2018 5:20 utc | 71

Posted by: Pft | Aug 10, 2018 12:06:44 AM | 61:
"Frankly, the mystery is why America has not invaded Canada and taken over since we last tried in 1812. :>)"

Canada and the US are both members of the Five Eyes. Clearly, their roles in the great chessboard are different. But the way I see it, the nation-states are fictions that serve the charade of representative democratic self-rule.

Posted by: Daniel | Aug 10 2018 5:38 utc | 72

It was an act of Terror...
Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 9, 2018 7:01:30 PM | 32

Bang on the nail Karlof!

Posted by: BM | Aug 10 2018 5:53 utc | 73

Yemen? Who really cares? This will be forgotten in a few days. The bombings will continue. More civilians will be killed. In the eyes of the infamous Saudis, our friends, they are legitimate targets. The world will do absolutely......nothing.

Posted by: Jose Garcia | Aug 10 2018 6:03 utc | 74

Houthi's say "Death to Israel"
The Trump zionist crowd now in power in the US would like to bring this on Iran and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.
Like some sort of zionist crusaders, Trump and his his off siders will most likely risk all to destroy Iran as a threat to Israel.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Aug 10 2018 7:45 utc | 75

Great Zot ! « Fine Tuning » ? The Saudis’ declaration about the legitimacy of the strike is also fine tuned ? The picture shows what it means in reality.

Those declarations are made for the Internet Users, you and me. They’re explaining that they are helping the Saudis to kill and avoid what the photo shows. From Riyad, the attack is legitimate. Admitting a mistake would kill the authority of MBS. It would be bad for the morale of his coalition. So, the USA are « fine tuning » the Saudis « legitimate kills ».

The picture shows the metric of US finesse and Saudis legitimacy.

I feel emotional when I see such things.

Posted by: DidierF | Aug 10 2018 8:20 utc | 76

tg @ 39
Do you have young children ? Take another look at the photo ! Karma will come your way. Your a victem too. You don't see it becouse your a fool ! Just like the u s rebels, you may be paid to distroy your own country but. You'l go in the pit like the rest of the corpses ! You need to change sides ! Let some love in your heart !!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 10 2018 9:06 utc | 77

hoarsewhisperer it wasnt ironic

because he wrote that poem calling for and advocating war on the philipines.

Posted by: occidentosis | Aug 10 2018 9:32 utc | 78

Ben @ 63
Thanks Ben ! My comment @ 31 was a bit messy, my computer has been hacked ! I posted it , it got delayed and altered. Spooky!!! But point made so it's cool.

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 10 2018 10:13 utc | 79

The US military doing what it does best!

The US needs to come out of the closet,,, trash the constitution they never use and the Declaration they never read.

Posted by: ken | Aug 10 2018 11:40 utc | 80

Spare me the agony of the MOA outrage anyone here who thinks Trump has a plan for anything is a fool. Anyone who thinks the America has any moral standing when it come to war is a fool. Until we elect people that work for the common good of world peace nothing will ever change. Until we prosecute people who commit war crimes, which is every president in my life time things will never change. Until we make war not profitable things will never change. Since we are here now and the sexual predator is the man in charge he is the current war criminal inhabiting the White House, he is responsible for the actions the military takes, its that simple. To support him makes you complicit. Only when congress recoups it war power authority and remove it from the presidents domain nothing will change. The support I read on this site for anything Trump does is laughable. Im sure when the ass wipe comes crashing down I will not be able to find anyone on this site saying they voted for this imbecile. Anyone on MOA who thinks Russia has Americas best interest at heart is a fool. To be so infiltrated with Russians and lie about clearly has no understanding of how America fucked over Russian in their time of need, Pay backs are hell.

Posted by: rattlemullet | Aug 10 2018 12:21 utc | 81

Here is something...

Was reviewing Wikileaks cables and one shows how the Pentagon gets around Congressional oversight (think Congressional War Powers).

The U.S. could convince Saudi Arabia and the UAE to supply six helicopters each if the American "bureaucracy" prevented quick approval, Saleh [Yemen President] suggested. The General responded that he had already considered the ROYG's request for helicopters and was in discussions with Saudi Arabia on the matter. "We won't use the helicopters in Sa'ada [civil war against the Houthi] , I promise. Only against al-Qaeda," Saleh told General Petraeus.

In other words, the USG sells weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE with Congressional approval and then Saudia Arabia or UAE turns around and re-distributes the weapons to another country outside of Congressional approval.

Nothing new, I suppose, but there it is in black and white.

Posted by: librul | Aug 10 2018 12:49 utc | 82

@TG post #39 - day in day out, week after week, this is the ONLY comment you make at this website. And, I'm sure you realize what a total, complete racist asshole you come across as–as so many others have pointed out.

Posted by: Deschutes | Aug 10 2018 13:08 utc | 83


And STILL nothing from you on Trump kissing Saudi ring! Still trying to whitewash Dumpster's policy in Yemen.

Posted by: Circe | Aug 10 2018 13:10 utc | 84

History background you may find useful.

Saudi Arabia went to active war against Yemen in 2009.

You should find the following article interesting about the causes:

Yemen's president secretly (secret to Yemen's own parliament) gave
the US open access in September 2009.

In a September 6 [2009] meeting with Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan, President Saleh insisted that Yemen's national territory is available for unilateral CT [Counter Terrorism] operations by the U.S.

A truly rich resource about Yemen is the following article. You
will gain lots of background from pages 7 and 10 alone.

Posted by: librul | Aug 10 2018 13:43 utc | 85

So we have the White Helmets (a propaganda organization) faking chemical weapons attacks in Syria and getting a response from Trump - albeit mostly hitting empty buildings, though in at least one case there were casualties in the SAA.

Now we get real atrocity verified by the Red Cross, not a political group. I eagerly await the cruise missile strikes on Riyadh.

Posted by: Chris | Aug 10 2018 13:49 utc | 86

Folks express outraged and dismay at the gross oppression perpetrated
by heirs of money from the Oriental-Venetian buy-sell economic system.

Seeming to be surprised by this development in the way of the world,
the pundit reflects new knowledge, when it is the same old 3rd world.

It's been the same old story in the hinterlands of every empire:
economic deprivation - which is the original sin of any society.

As you know, neo-colonialism is bad, but colonialism is also detrimental
Just imagine that under your slave's clothes were underpants of submission!

Whether someone has been colonized or not is the very first factor in POV.
Over generations, people who have been colonized learn to imitate masters.

That's why, according to Tragedy and History, the flag of the Empire,
when it collapses, goes to the big colony, where it continues for centuries.

Posted by: Guerrero | Aug 10 2018 13:50 utc | 87

What is in it for the US?
We all already know the answer to that, we are aghast, though, when someone baldly admits it.

Here is Wolf Blitzer reminding us that jobs MAGA.

Wolf Blitzer Is Worried Defense Contractors Will Lose Jobs if U.S. Stops Arming Saudi Arabia

Posted by: librul | Aug 10 2018 13:52 utc | 88

hoarsewhisperer it wasnt ironic
because he wrote that poem calling for and advocating war on the philipines.
Posted by: occidentosis | Aug 10, 2018 5:32:28 AM | 78

You're right of course. It's metaphorical.
The irony results from the speculation/ re-interpretation which creatively imprecise language invites.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 10 2018 15:21 utc | 89

I read a bit on the subject and one of the circulating ideas were: we are self sacrificing enlightened people and we HAVE to invade colonize murder, rape torture and pillage because how else are we going to instill civilization into the stubborn Subhumans?
does this sound familiar (hint replace civilization with freedom/democracy and throw in a bunch of human rights UNICEF jargon)
Also, they ('the indigenous) will resist and fight back because they have inferior brain mass/ are incapable of critical thought and are literally incapable of governing themselves.It's basically like bathing a cat, it will claw you every step of the way, even though you are doing it for THEM. what a thankless job *sigh*
Don't you agree TG? if they weren't breeding like rabbits we wouldn't have to BOMB their children, wouldn't we TG?

Dear Dear @TG, one of my fundamental beliefs in my religion is that if you agree with an injustice committed on people, whether be it today or thousands of years ago, (you don't have to take part in it, you don't even have to be alive at the time, you only have to agree with it: because if the situation was in your hands you would make the same choices or you wouldn't speak up and oppose injustice)
So on Judgement day you will be among the ones who gave the orders and among those who carried them.

So for me, it's really comforting that you are putting yourself among the worst savages of our time, from the comfort of your home in your peaceful country with your full belly and relative health and peace of mind, with the least amount of human effort. with one easy click.

Keep posting, you are making my day!

Posted by: occidentosis | Aug 10 2018 16:18 utc | 90

56;circe;zionist are the biggest warmongers on the planet.What can we do?

Posted by: dahoit | Aug 10 2018 17:05 utc | 91

@38 virgile... i agree with you... that would really be something though for the last line to happen - canada supporting iran... for some time, and especially under harper and the conservative terms - we have swallowed all the bs that israel offers and steered far in the other direction... trudeau hasn't changed any of this, nor has crystia freeland who is vying for trudeaus job - thanks soros perhaps? it would be a good start for canada to speak out against ksa/uae but i doubt very much this will happen either... unfortunately these politicians aren't interested in much of anything other then getting re-elected... i give trudeaus gov't slim chances in the next election.. we are more likely to get a conservative leader like harper - that ford guy in ontario would qualify - then someone who fakes being moderate - like trudeau - who doesn't really stand for much of anything..

@45 spudski.. lol..

@46 dh.. sounds about right... talisman energy was in sudan when all the divide and conquer strategy with north and south sudan was going on.. i do recall that..

@48 pft.. canada is mostly a vassal state for neoliberalism and does everything mostly as the usa tells it... we have jellyfish for leadership in canada... well, sometimes frozen jellyfish, but jellyfish non the less... maybe we will get the option of having ukrainian nationalistic fascism too if crystia freeland gets a chance...

@58 piotr... unfortunately some canucks - the ones who voted for harper - are into being the 52nd state of the usa, or whatever... all those guns, and less taxes and etc. etc. folks who dwell on that shit 24/7 - they would happily sell out canada to the usa and do regularly.. in fact harper was down in washington promoting the mek, which drew only a few eyebrows here in canada... the rabid right are alive and well in alberta and other sections of canada... i suspect we will get something along these lines in the next federal election..

sorry if i missed some important comments and for the ot commentary on canada.. i live in canada and i am opinionated..

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2018 17:05 utc | 92

One aspect of the Saudi-Yemen situation is the propaganda and censorship revolving around it all. Given that issue, Wikileaks provided the link to the censored Preface of Orwell's Animal Farm. Much of what he observes can be easily seen in today's media on a number of issues, leading thousands to join the #BBCswitchoff twitterstorm.

Posted by: karlof1 | Aug 10 2018 17:27 utc | 93

i see the usa daily propaganda briefing discusses the issue of ksa bombing these innocent yemeni...

matt lee is taking heather nauert to task..see this link for more of the same regular usa bullshite.. -

" MS NAUERT: Yeah. How can situations like this happen? We don’t have the full details about what happened on the ground. We’ve certainly seen the news reports of what has been reported happened, okay? I can’t confirm all the details because we are not there on the ground.

We can say that we’re certainly concerned about these reports that resulted – that there was an attack that resulted in the deaths of civilians. We call on the Saudi-led coalition to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the incident. We take all credible accounts of civilian casualties very seriously. We call on the parties to take appropriate measures to protect civilians in accordance with international law and urge all parties to investigate all reported incidents of civilian casualties.

QUESTION: Okay. Well, they say – already the coalition says that they acted in accordance with international law. But if you look at the photographs, the video that come from the scene, it doesn’t look like that’s a really – that that’s a credible answer. So are you okay with the coalition on its own doing an investigation, or would you like to see some kind of an international component to it or an international investigation?

MS NAUERT: Well, I think I just answered that and we said that we would call upon the Saudi Government --

QUESTION: So you’re --

MS NAUERT: -- to do a full and thorough investigation, as we always do. And we call upon all parties in any kind of situation like this to take appropriate measures to try to mitigate the risk of civilian casualties.

QUESTION: So you don’t think --

MS NAUERT: DOD and other entities put out reports on this after the fact as they all start to investigate, and so we will look forward to any information on that.

QUESTION: Right. But my question is you don’t see a need for there to be something other than a coalition investigation, you don’t see a need for an independent --

MS NAUERT: Matt, I’m not going to get – this is something that is fresh, that just happened, so I’m not going to get ahead of any kind of investigation that may take place. Okay?

QUESTION: It’s only the latest in a huge number of civilians killed during these operations though."

Posted by: james | Aug 10 2018 17:35 utc | 94

So trump sold the saudi govenment 110 billion dollars of arms and may in the u k sold them 50 billion in arms both new what use those arms were being used for, as both country's have 'advisors ' in the operations room as part of the deal !
Two things occur both trump and may should stand trial for war crimes!
And take another look at the photo ! That's what there doing with your vote if you voted for them!!!

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 10 2018 18:42 utc | 95

Don't be disheartened and think nothing can change ! Here in the uk it's an f ing Tory route ! We really shook'um up when we had 500,000 on the streets the other week ! Yesterday bbc switch off was number one trending on Twitter. Tory party are tearing each other a part. Bbc have resorted to just reporting silly pathetic little story's , Ther stuffed. It's so bad there just not telling enyone! There is hope ! Don't weaken, now's the time to go in for the kill!!! Metaphoricaly !

Posted by: Mark2 | Aug 10 2018 19:02 utc | 96


Still no mention of Trump's support for KSA and assistance to them in Yemen.

@91 Expose the sons of b!tches in Washington who are Zionist and doing Zionist dirty work! Unlike 85 who makes excuses to whitewash Dumpster, the most Zionist President in history.

Posted by: Circe | Aug 10 2018 19:43 utc | 97

More evidence of what the Russia/Israel talks leads to:

Syria says air defenses engage ‘enemy target,’ Israel refuses to comment

Posted by: Zanon | Aug 11 2018 8:26 utc | 98

The MSM cannot ignore or minimize the strike on the bus in the market beyond push the Saudi excuse that there was a rocket launcher in the area. (Same excuse/reasoning Israel uses when its airstrikes kill civilians.) So US MSM actually ran the story while giving the US some deniability by blame shifting it to the Saudis. But as usual (as Postman has pointed out), the TV newstainment trivializes the story amid its other agendas and BS. I caught BBCs version last night and they interviewed an American who was some former adviser to the Saudis. He said they would have (their own) investigation although BBC pointed out that their investigations (like the one of the wedding) have been coverups. The odd thing was that while he admitted that the attacks on civilians were wrong or "bad," he was still an apologist for the Saudis.

Posted by: Curtis | Aug 11 2018 13:58 utc | 99

@99 curtis... getting the saudis to 'investigate' is like asking a murderer to investigate.. it is a load of steaming b.s. - but the usa and the west are going along with this? that is called complicity in the act itself... the usa-uk-canada and etc etc - are all guilty of this horrific act of murder on innocent yemen people..

Posted by: james | Aug 11 2018 19:13 utc | 100

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