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July 22, 2018

The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2018-36

Last week's posts on Moon of Alabama:

Charlie Rowley, allegedly poisoned by a 'Novichok', has been released from hospital. There is no word of his whereabout.

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A nice history piece with some surprising insights: Why Did the Dutch Give Up Manhattan for Nutmeg? Because the spice must flow ...

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@43 pft (with a nod to 53 re: Gaeber's Debt)
We look forward to Hudson's release, and watch with interest the harsh critics of it. Legalised theft causing the wrath of Jesus as activist shows us not much has changed in this battle over the milennia, our greatest as a species.

The willingness to employ the dark tool of usury to enslave his fellow man is alive and with us today, as for example, a university education, something professed to free a population is now an avenue to create yet another debt slave, just a little earlier in life perhaps.

It is this nod to history that gives focus to our collective anger, and what was lacking from movements like OccupyXxxx. Rallying against what exactly? The 1%..? Why, they are just playing inside the rules we permit.

Make no mistake. It's usury. Debt as a tool for the enslavement of our fellow human beings. And it's lasted the milennia.

Long live MofA

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jul 25 2018 9:01 utc | 201

There has been some awful meddling by both amerika and england in the elections going off today in Pakistan. Front-runner Imran Khan who I have a bit of time for is a Pashtun 'prince' (according to 1970's cricket writers) has always campaigned against Pakistan's involvement in gwot. A Graun article from 2017 reports him as saying "Pakistan must detach itself from American influence and pull out of the “war on terror” in order to create prosperity and achieve regional peace". Sounds good to me altho he is now a politician and I can't claim to know the bloke other than him cartwheeling my off stump more than 25 years ago in a friendly and shaking my hand over a couple of beers in the post game piss up. I doubt he has drunk anything stronger than iced tea since he returned to Pakistan, but he always had a reputation in cricket of being a decent bloke and back then that was not an easy distinction for a Pakistan cricketer to earn in Australia or England. The sport has never been famous for the liberal attitudes of most players eg Javed Miandad who also cpatined Pakistan and was the polar opposite in terms of background to Imran as he was a kid from the slums, brooked no racist shit on the paddock, the consequence of which was redneck bowler DK Lillee tried to kick him in the arse during a game, so Javid swung at Lillee's head with his bat. Well played Javed!
Anyway back to the election, Imran has built up a political movement over the last 10 years in Pakistan, beginning in the areas populated by indigenous Pakistanis rather than the cities which tended to be populated by post partition blow-ins. The collapse firstly of the PPP, the Bhutto's party and then followed by the Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League party both of them caught in a plathora of really scungy corruption scandals left Khan the only seemingly honest pol standing and the front-runner.

This has scared the bejeezus outta USuk so over the last few weeks media in both nations have been full of stories such as this which seek to impugn him for not being a neolib eg "“Feminists and liberals are quite shocked that he is still treated by some as a progressive leader,” says Ashaar Rehman, the Lahore editor of Dawn newspaper. He calls liberals “blood-suckers” for supporting the war against the Pakistani Taliban, which he opposes in favour of negotiation. His provincial government granted $300,000 to the madrasa of Sami-ul Haq, a notorious front for Taliban fighters (in return Haq has formed an alliance with the PTI)" that allege he is a terrorist lover, but also claim he is in bed with the military and the ISI with "And similarly damaging is the impression of complicity with military-backed efforts to interfere in the election."
No evidence is offered but the west has been mosy vocal about his alleged but evidence free 'links to the army'.
This is hopefully going to fail because while it is stupid to speak out against the army in a nation that has been run by the military for so much of it's life, there is nothing Imran has actually done other than try not to rark em up.
On the other hand accusing of being their puppet, which he mos def is not is a weak attempt by the globalists to upset the urban voters in the hope they will switch back to the easily bribe-able Sharif gang who are never averse to those dreadful Pashtu getting their weddings droned thousands of times provided the usual brown paper bag is dropped off by the USuk embassies.

Imran is smart, urbane and surprisingly, given his number 1 missus is Sir Jam Goldenball's daughter, doesn't seem to have any time for zionists. In this case though I wouldn't care too much since whatever Pakistan thinks about the apartheid ersatz-state isn't gonna make much difference compared to the great work a Pakistani leader opposed to USuk blowing Pakistanis into that fine red mist can do.
So "c'mon Imran - skittle the bastards".

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jul 25 2018 16:07 utc | 202

jonku @189

Hope someone else has more to add, as I seem to remember that these bands were also warlike, at least the northern people were. Wonder if they gave away slaves during Potlatch?

There are numerous recorded gifting rituals like the Potlash, many in North America,
yet also in remote places the South Sea islands. I read about these in a social anthropogy
collection by Margaret Mead and somebody. I will look for that book in my library and report back!

Posted by: Guerrero | Jul 25 2018 16:45 utc | 203

@ 198 Russ Not counting those who are unhealthy (physically or mentally/emotionally), there are always a tiny percentage who want to take advantage of the production of others and do as little as possible.

What some people always confuse or misinterpret is that hunter/gatherer societies only need to spend a few hours per day "working." But they spend a great deal of time doing other productive things that their cultures value.

I have no experience with hunter/gatherer societies (if they ever existed which, maybe they did not).

On the other hand, traditional mexican village society, I guess you could say that is my forte,
since my youth I have lived in Tepoztlan when it was nahuatl-speaking, in recent decades Guerrero.
My friends are rustic countrypeople, for the most part. What you have said rings true to experience.

Mexicans are extremely individualistic, and they are extremely communalistic. That's the Mexicans!
The way the local government works, how the comisario is selected are redolant of ancient vestiges.
Make no mistake, no one can live in a lab jar and they are crucified against globalism's sandpaper.

Still this is about as close to natural as one might readily imagine in our world of the 21stCentury.
I agree here with Russ. The people themeslves are generally good and love to collaborate in many ways
Festivals, simulations, pageants, communal work, funeral observances, elections, celebrations, etc.

Posted by: Guerrero | Jul 25 2018 17:01 utc | 204

@189 jonku... good thoughts from you as always... thanks.. regarding the indians on vancouver island being warlike.. that is correct and they did have slaves too... i am not sure about all the gifting, but that makes sense too.. i think it is hard for us to understand in today's world..perhaps when people are grateful for all they have, they are willing to share in a generous manner too...

i liked your comment that moa is a type of gifting community - sharing ideas without thought of return..

@200 peter.. that is, the guy who made the film has a checkered past based on his other work.. that is most interesting... do you consider the bill browder film fairly objective? did you get a chance to watch it?

Posted by: james | Jul 25 2018 17:25 utc | 205

The the documentary 'THE MAGNITSKY ACT - BEHIND THE SCENES' (by Andrei Nekrasov)
has now been taken down from bitchute:

However, it is still available on vimeo:


Posted by: jsb | Jul 25 2018 17:43 utc | 206

The the documentary 'THE MAGNITSKY ACT - BEHIND THE SCENES' (by Andrei Nekrasov)
has now been taken down from bitchute:.

It is still available on vimeo:


Posted by: jsb | Jul 25 2018 17:44 utc | 207

thanks jsb...

Posted by: james | Jul 25 2018 18:02 utc | 208

Jsb 205
It's still on YouTube

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 25 2018 18:43 utc | 209

Trump delays next Summit with Putin

The ostensible reason: Trump wants to wait until the Mueller Investigation is over.

Bogus. This makes Trump look like a hypocrite. Trump in Helsiniki:

I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics.

This development is in line with what I have previously said: Trump got nothing from Putin. There's nothing to talk about until/unless Putin agrees to "play ball" with the USA/West. Deadline: November 4th when the Iran embargo takes effect (war is likely after that point). USA mid-term elections days later.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 25 2018 19:09 utc | 210

Addendum @211

Did Putin ever accept the invitation? It could be that Putin turned it down so Trump 'delayed' it (indefinitely).


Pompeo just announced "The Crimea Declaration":

As we did in the Welles Declaration in 1940, the United States reaffirms as policy its refusal to recognize the Kremlin’s claims of sovereignty over territory seized by force in contravention of international law. In concert with allies, partners, and the international community, the United States rejects Russia’s attempted annexation of Crimea and pledges to maintain this policy until Ukraine’s territorial integrity is restored.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 25 2018 19:22 utc | 211

Deep state and MSM got what they wanted. Jesus what a moron Trump looks like. I wonder how Russia feel now.

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 25 2018 19:28 utc | 212

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 25, 2018 2:49:10 AM | 198

"The puzzle perhaps is how different cultures live and interact together (question mark no longer works on my keyboard)."

Yeah, cultural interactions are a fascinating subject, and key to understanding culture change, as only very rarely do any cultures exist without contact with other cultures. Some Polynesian cultures were exceptions to that, and so provide amazing "laboratories" for trying to find what factors are necessary, and if any are sufficient to cause culture change.

But, you don't find it "puzzling" that the highest level CIA officer for the region including Chechnya and Syria had the uncle of the "Boston Bombers" living in his home, and running covert operations out of it? Especially since we know that the elder Tsarnaev brother had contacts with Intelligence Agencies from both the US and Russia extending back years before the "Boston Bombing?" Especially since we know that almost every case of US law enforcement arresting would-be terrorists, some Intelligence Agency was in contact with the "terrorist," and in many cases planned, paid for and provided the weapons for the "act of terrorism?"

You don't find it "puzzling" that the man who, in the 1980s wrote the plans for "regime changing" Syria that went live in 2011 is treated as an expert, and not a suspect?

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 25 2018 19:30 utc | 213

BTW Peter, the Aboriginal peoples of Australia were also mostly, if not completely out of contact with other cultures for a very long time after their arrival in Sahul. Some anthropologists/sociologists/historians would suggest that's why their cultures changed relatively little for tens of thousands of years.

You've mentioned your experience with some of these folks before. Care to share the who, why, where, when on that?

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 25 2018 19:38 utc | 214

@211 jr.. war after nov 4th with iran comment - i think there is a tentative meeting with putin-trump being set up for the usa in december.. i read that somewhere..

meanwhile - i see turkey has refused the usa's insistence on not buying oil from iran... it is kind of fascinating to watch the usa steep so low to asking others to not buy iran.... the usa really has sunk to a low place.. old hippie on the other thread has a good comment on how easy it is to scuttle plans for keeping the oil running thru the straight of homruz.. and all this to serve israels paranoia is really hard to stomach... who is the prostitute here? it appears as though it is the usa, lol...

Posted by: james | Jul 25 2018 19:46 utc | 215

strait of hormuz - sp...

Posted by: james | Jul 25 2018 19:47 utc | 216

To reduce the risk of collision, ships moving through the Strait follow a Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS): inbound ships use one lane, outbound ships another, each lane being two miles wide. The lanes are separated by a two-mile-wide "median".

To traverse the Strait, ships pass through the territorial waters of Iran and Oman under the transit passage provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.[1] Although not all countries have ratified the convention,[3] most countries, including the U.S.,[4] accept these customary navigation rules as codified in the Convention.

Posted by: james | Jul 25 2018 19:49 utc | 217

Russ @ 199. I didn't intend to argue with anyone. This whole "True Human Nature" argument is something I find to be almost always completely ideological mirroring. Hence, I was trying to just sharing knowledge.

But I will "argue" with you that H/G individuals only produce(d) the minimum amount of stuff they "used." From arts and crafts to musical instruments, and more, both ancient and modern H/Gs produce lots of stuff not necessary to "make a living."

And yeah, the rentier class has rarely shared the benefits of increased production of the workers with the workers. Or rather, sharing has not often come voluntarily from these psychopaths/sociopaths. That's a frequent topic I mention here, and the reason why I wrote "If."

Another topic I frequently mention is that capitalism rewards people with psychopathic/sociopathic traits, who frequently rise in power as well as wealth.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 25 2018 19:50 utc | 218

this just in on the next trump-putin meeting - US President Donald Trump has decided to postpone the next meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin until sometime in 2019, after the ‘Russia witch hunt’ ends, national security adviser John Bolton said.

Posted by: james | Jul 25 2018 19:51 utc | 219

james: this just in ...

see my comment @211

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 25 2018 19:57 utc | 220

jonku @189

Hope someone else has more to add, as I seem to remember that these bands were also warlike, at least the northern people were.

"Before proceeding any further it will be necessary to describe the method of acquiring rank. This is done by means of the potlatch, or the distribution of property. This custom has been described often, but it has been thoroughly misunderstood by most observers. The underlying principle is that of the interest-bearing investment of property.

The child when born is given the name of the place where it is born. The name it keeps until about one year old. Then is father, or mother, or some relative, gives a paddle or a mat to each member of the clan and the child receives a second name. When about 10 or 12 years old, he obtains his third name. In order to obtain it, he must distribute a number of small presents, such a shirts or single blankets, among his own clan or tribe. When the youth thus starts out life, he is liberally assisted by his elders, particularly by the nobility of the tribe..."

FRANZ BOAZ included in Margaret Mead and Nicolas Calas compilation of social antropology

Hmmm. I will have to re-read some of these academic articles by this week-end...

Posted by: Guerrero | Jul 25 2018 20:04 utc | 221

james 206
Yes watched the film and it was quite good. What he found matched the way I've seen other things twisted. He did say in that film that he ha also made a film on Litvinenko (polonium) and it sounded as though he had followed the official line on that without looking too deeply. I was surprised though to find he had a history of making films to push the US propaganda line of the day.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 25 2018 20:20 utc | 222

EU agrees to buy more US soy, import more liquified gas - Trump

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 25 2018 20:29 utc | 223

Daniel 214

US were heavily involved in Chechnya at least by the mid nineties if not earlier. After the first Chechen war, jihadists from Afghanistan and other parts began moving in. Also Saudi clerics moved in and began converting Sunni Chechens to wahhabism. Second Chechen war was very much like Syria of the last couple of years. Foreign fighters joined by some Chechens, Foreign fighters killed off and same amnesty and reconciliation for Chechens that we are seeing in Syria. Putin has stated that in the earlier 2000's Russian intelligence found the jihadists were meeting with US special forces. Not just CIA.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 25 2018 20:38 utc | 224

@jr - thanks... i obviously skipped over that part of your post!

@ peter - i was wondering about what he said on the previous films as well.. i wonder if he would be inclined to revisit them?? however - he probably would never have gotten the access to browder, if he hadn't have done the previous films he did, so it is interesting on a number of levels...

Posted by: james | Jul 25 2018 20:47 utc | 225

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 25, 2018 3:50:33 PM | 219

I didn't intend to argue with anyone. This whole "True Human Nature" argument is something I find to be almost always completely ideological mirroring. Hence, I was trying to just sharing knowledge.

Got it, thanks.

But I will "argue" with you that H/G individuals only produce(d) the minimum amount of stuff they "used." From arts and crafts to musical instruments, and more, both ancient and modern H/Gs produce lots of stuff not necessary to "make a living."

You don't think people use musical instruments, the implements of hobbies, etc? Then you use the word in a far more narrow way than I do. If a community makes e.g. instruments in order to play them, I call that making things for personal/family/community use.

Posted by: Russ | Jul 25 2018 20:55 utc | 226

'Chechen' freedom fighters with black jihad flags.

Khattab 'Chechen freedom fighter'

AP interview of Khattab (no english)

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 25 2018 21:32 utc | 227


I am rather skeptical Putin had anything to fo with the apartment bombings, but no Chechen group claimed responsibility as they usually did. Impossible to say for sure. Who else gained from this? After Yeltsin was indisposed and Putin was in charge there had to be some concern among the oligarchs and their Western backers. A lot of effort went into getting Yeltsin reelected. We all know who was behind the Chechen terrorists. Perhaps someone wanted to get Russia in another Afghanistan within its borders at a time it was in dire straights economically , in the hope Russa would collapse and the looting of their assets could continue?

In any event Putins handling of that crisis and then getting tough with a couple of Russias most blatantly Western influenced oligarchs earned him much good will even today. However, one must be a bit suspicious of him given the positions he held in Russia in the 90''s , not to mention his mentor who was given credit for writing Russias Western influenced constitution which made the RCB completely independent from government and prevented it from printing money to fund government expenditures. Definitely some neoliberal economic policies in Russia. Lest we forget he was chosen by the West Puppet Yeltsin

I dont believe in the image of the Satanic Putin pushed by the Wests propaganda, nor am I convinced he is the Saint Putin who will save the world with the help of China

Posted by: Pft | Jul 25 2018 22:42 utc | 228

Lavrov has published a letter praising BRICS at the opening of its annual summit taking place in Johannesburg this year. Two worthy highlights:

"The attractiveness of the «Big Five» to third countries is explained by the fact that they are open to constructive cooperation and share universal values. I am referring to the impeccable respect for the United Nations Charter and basic principles of international law, including sovereign equality of States, commitment to the UN central role and indivisibility of security. We do not accept double standards, military interventions, unilateral coercive economic measures, protectionism and unfair competition. We stand in solidarity that the use of military force to solve international problems is unacceptable. We defend the foundations of an open, inclusive, equitable, transparent and mutually beneficial multilateral trade system with the WTO at its core....

"Among other economic achievements of the five BRICS countries, it is worth mentioning the establishment of the mechanism of the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) and the launch of a practical dialogue on mutual payments in national currencies. We expect that new initiatives to enhance interaction in the field of energy research and female entrepreneurship will also be made, adding value to the practical results of South Africa's Chairship." [Emphasis mine]

The bolded text represent policy pushbacks against the Outlaw US Empire and its drive to attain Full Spectrum Dominance. As mentioned, more and more nations are allying themselves to those policies by becoming BRICS associates. It won't be long until the Outlaw US Empire stands alone with its illegal immorality having made it an outcast along with the Zionist Abomination.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 25 2018 22:50 utc | 229

Pft @229--

How closely have you followed Putin? For example, how many of his many speeches and interviews have you read? I don't claim to have read them all, but I've read many and since 2014 have followed him and Russia's direction very closely. Yes, Putin's political rise seems magical, but then there're many such "magical" aspects within Russia's long history. And unlike every Western politico except Corbyn, Putin genuinely wants all his citizens to succeed and for the nation to prosper. Yes, Russia's political system has issues as Putin readily admits as he and his team strive to improve it from bottom to top. But at this juncture temporally, the average Russian citizen is much better off with a brighter future than its counterpart within the USA, and Putin's the main reason.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 25 2018 23:47 utc | 230

Peter AU 1 @225. If I understand your comment, that was my point. As usual, US/AZ Empire stirred up some sh*t to serve its geopolitics/economic goals.

Now, how does the "Boston Marathon Bombing" fit into this typically "strategy of tension" program?

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 26 2018 0:26 utc | 231

@232 daniel... those boston marathon bombers were chechens... apparently the fbi was aware of them prior to the event.. not sure what exactly that means, but there is a tie in on some level.. was it a set up? i remember following it more back then..

Posted by: james | Jul 26 2018 0:31 utc | 232

Russ @227. I took your earlier comment to mean you believed people only produced the minimum for survival unless somehow forced or manipulated into doing more. That was certainly what some comments said, so perhaps I wrongly lumped you together.


Posted by: Daniel | Jul 26 2018 0:45 utc | 233

James, there are a lot of strange things regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing event.

Russ Baker (who literally wrote the book on the Bush Crime Family) did some of the best investigative journalism on it. At least, without getting into the deeper issues.

FBI was in contact with the older brother, but not Dzhokhar. At first, they denied ever having heard of him. Mama Tsarnaev insisted they had, and not just questioning, but working with him. So, the US refused to allow her entry to the US, even for Dzhokhar's trial and the MSM "disappeared" her from coverage.

But then Russia released documents showing they'd contacted FBI about Tamarlan's possible connections to Chechen terrorists, and FBI admitted they had "interviewed" him.

Dzhokar's trial was a complete miscarriage of justice.

The trial never proved:
1. Who made the bombs, or where. (Tamarlan's fingerprints were found related to one bomb, but no connection with Dzhokhar.)
2. Who placed the bombs.
3. Who detonated the bombs (or how).
4. Where the gunpowder came from (Feds said Tamerlan bought 2 packages of fireworks, but all the bombs contained at least 20 pounds of powder, which is about 20 times as much as in those packages).

And, at least 2 “persons of interest” were killed by police/Feds and the defendant was declared guilty by his “defense” lawyer in her opening statement.

Another oddity is that the same lawyer, Judy Clarke provided the "defense" for a whole string of "terrorists" from Eric Rudolph, Ted Kaczynski, Buford Furrow and Jared Lee Loughner through to Zacarias Moussaoui and finally Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Her claim to fame was that she never provided any defense for any of them, but merely argued they shouldn't be executed for the crimes she "admitted" they'd committed. Until Dzhokar anyway. He's still sitting out appeals to his execution.

And if you really want to peer into the rabbit hole, the event itself has too many contradictions to ignore once one knows them.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 26 2018 1:02 utc | 234

James, reflecting on your comment, I realize you must have missed my comments 196 and 197, where I introduced the Chechen-origin Boston Marathon Bombers. Their connection to the Top CIA officer for the region that includes both Chechnya and Syria, and who wrote the 1983 document laying out the plan to "regime change" Syria is the "puzzle" I and Peter were discussing.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 26 2018 4:29 utc | 235

Karlof1. I dont pretend to be an expert on Putin or Russia or anything really I have read transcripts on some of his speeches and he can be impressive. However, I have run into equally impressive people in business who sound reasonable but their actions dont back their words up.

I find it hard to gauge the reality in Russia, there is so much propaganda on both sides. I dont read or understand Russian which makes true understanding impossible.

According to this he has a history of making promises he does not keep. Perhaps thats the political situation thete but he does seem to be following the neoliberal agenda. Of course maybe this is more propaganda

Posted by: Pft | Jul 26 2018 5:10 utc | 236

There is a BRICS gathering going on in South Africa and China's president Xi gave a speech that included the following:
The next decade will see a profound reshaping of the global governance system. The world is moving toward multi-polarity and greater economic globalization amid setbacks. Geopolitical hotspots keep emerging, and the dark shadow of terrorism and armed conflicts still haunts us. Unilateralism and protectionism are mounting, dealing a severe blow to multilateralism and the multilateral trading regime. The international community has reached a new crossroads; and we are facing a choice between cooperation and confrontation, between opening-up and a close-door policy, and between mutual benefit and a beggar-thy-neighbor approach. Thus, the evolution of global governance system will have a profound impact on the development of all countries, particularly emerging markets and developing countries, and indeed on the prosperity and stability of the whole world.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 26 2018 5:24 utc | 237

I have not looked into the Moscow bombings before. Have now done some digging using yandex to see what come up on .ru sites.
Will try and put it into a readable comment with links tomorrow.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 26 2018 7:21 utc | 238

Pft 237

Checked your US propaganda link. One rule of thumb I have found consistently accurate. The US tries to project onto others what they are doing themselves.

On the Moscow bombings. I had not looked into that before but using yandex search a number of interesting links came up.
Will try and put it into a readable comment tomorrow along with links.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 26 2018 8:25 utc | 239

Veterans Speak Out Against The Militarization Of Sports

It's about time. Now what about militarization of entertainment?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 26 2018 15:35 utc | 240

@235/246 daniel... thanks for all that.. yes - i miss posts, sometimes more then other times..

Posted by: james | Jul 26 2018 17:05 utc | 241

James @242. Yeah, it's gotten pretty difficult to keep up, now that MoA threads have grown into the multiple-hundreds in length.

My post @214, which you replied to, wouldn't make much sense without having first read those earlier ones, which is why I directed you to them.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 26 2018 20:19 utc | 242

@243 daniel.. you mentioned graham fuller in those posts @196/197... he is an interesting cat.. he was living in vancouver, and teaching out of sfu as memory recalls.. more recently turkey had a warrant out for his arrest! i do recall this, as it was less then a year ago..yes - he worked for the cia... i was going to buy one of his books, as it looked interesting - on pakistan which is in the news right now!

i never did, but i did visit his website and didn't know his connections back to the boston marathon event and people..

Posted by: james | Jul 26 2018 20:30 utc | 243

James, I don't recall Fuller's teaching record, but that's a common cover for intelligence folks. They also use that for recruiting. Yeah, I'd quoted his website in that first post. I see I neglected to include the link though, so those quotes were just floating there without attribution. But I got his entire CIA career from him.

I first saw the CIA documents from the 1980s, planning the regime change of Syria a couple of years ago, and I just happened to recognize his name on one of them. Another puzzle piece.

Let me cut to the chase. I strongly suspect that the Boston Marathon Bombing was a "Deep Event," like so many other "terrorist attacks." And I think Fuller was instrumental in it. It followed the script he wrote in the 1980s for utilizing Islamic extremists to drive public reaction.

The fact that his own son-in-law's family is found responsible suggests either that the pool of patsies is smaller than I'd expect, or that the planners knew that the MSM would ignore those connections, and few people would ever learn them.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 26 2018 21:38 utc | 244

Daniel 245
A lot of what I have been looking into, Chechnya and wahhabi terrorists, the Moscow bombings, all seems to center around Berezovsky and Litvinenko. They were heavily involved in all of that and then moved to the UK after Putin took Berezovsky down. In the UK Litvinenko was very close to one of the leading Chechen terrorists that had also gained asylum in UK.
I have no idea if the UK is involved in the Boston bombings, but as both UK and US were backing - what in reality was al Qaeda in Chechnya as freedom fighters, the same as they have done in Syria, there is sure to be tie ins.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 26 2018 23:01 utc | 245

@daniel and peter... looking into these topics, especially when one knows the role the cia and other intel agencies play, is like walking into a room of mirrors.. it is always tricky to know exactly what you are looking at! how much of these events are a set up and how much have some element of truth to them?

i have this book on berezovsky but i have yet to read it..

Posted by: james | Jul 27 2018 0:06 utc | 246

Some interesting reading on Berezovsky and Litvinenko in an old RT article. I am having trouble posting HTML links to articles in way back machine. Will try posting it again later as posting full url takes the page off the screen. Long article with a lot of information on this pair.

The Dagestan war in which Islamists from Chechnya pushed out into Dagestan led into the Moscow bombings. The first bombing actually occurred here several days before the first Moscow bombing. This Wikipedia article on the war matches what I had found earlier from various souces and appears accurate. The only new information I found here was the bombing in Dagestan.

John B Dunlop along with David Satter, Berezovsky and Litvinenko were the leading proponents of FSB Putin being behind the Moscow bombings. Most western media claims go back to these four.


Satter testified as to Putin FSB involvement before the US house of representatives a few weeks after Putins 2007 Munich speech.
For PDF of Satter testimony use cite 8 at wikipedia and the link marked archive.
In the wikipedia article is a section for the Moscow appartment bombings
Not a lot of other information on the net on Satter other than what is in the wikipedia page.

At the time of the Moscow bombings, Berezovsky due to the official positions he held - ownership of, or control of state media ORT plus other media and his wealth - was the most powerful person in Russia. At that time there had been an ongoing investigation resulting in charges of fraud and tax evasion against Berezovsky. He had just beaten that by running a smear campaign against the lead investigator or prosecutor.
Litvinenko had worked for Berezovsky since about 1994 alongside his position as an FSB officer involved in investigating organised crime and terrorism.
Both were heavily involved in Chechnya throughout this time.

There were reports in Russian media of three FSB offices being arrested placing sacks in the basement of an apartment building. Hard to know what to make of this as Berezovsky and other oligarchs owned and controlled all Russian media at that time. Also Litvinenko was the FSB man in charge of investigating organised crime while at the same time openly and publicly a paid employee of Berezovsky

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 27 2018 0:30 utc | 247

james 247

Should be a good read. The author had been looking into Berezovsky for sometime and was killed in Moscow not long after publishing the book. A lot of people around Berezovsky died. Both those investigating him and those that knew too much.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 27 2018 0:33 utc | 248

One thought that has come up after looking into the Moscow bombings and finding out how much power Berezovsky wielded.
Putin had been appointed as head of FSB not long before Yeltsin appointed him PM. As head of FSB he would have quickly found a lot of information on Berezovsky and Litvinenko if he had not known it before. With Berezovsky beside and controlling Yeltsin there was no way, even as head of FSB, he could take them down. It was only a President with support of uncorrupted security services that could take down Berezovsky and Litvinenko, and the only way to the presidency was through Berezovsky.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 27 2018 0:48 utc | 249

@peter.. thanks for all that.. it is hard to keep up!

Posted by: james | Jul 27 2018 0:51 utc | 250

that was an interesting read peter.. thanks..

Posted by: james | Jul 27 2018 1:50 utc | 252

Berezovsky was one of many western intelligence assets (MI6, Big M, Cia). Funny how many of those who get the boot from Russia meet suspicious endings in Russia. Berezovsky reportedly was negotiating with Putin a return to Russia in exchange for information. Browder, also MI6 certainly was not a stranger to Berezovsky

Some interestng stuff here on others, especially Alexander Perepelichny

Posted by: Pft | Jul 27 2018 1:54 utc | 253

From the Forbes article:

... an “unimpressive, and inherently unreliable, witness, who regarded truth as a transitory, flexible concept, which could be moulded to suit his current purposes. At times the evidence he gave was deliberately dishonest.”

Seems like a similar description is apt for much of today's MSM.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 27 2018 2:40 utc | 254

I tried to look more into Alexander Gentelev, the writer/director of that great film on Browder. Surprisingly little about him personally. Wikipedia has pages for his films, and a hot link to his name, but when clicked, no entry exists (now). Did they have an entry before the Browder film?

But yeah, he has at least 3 very anti-Putin films to his credit. As I mentioned before, that adds more gravitas to this one, which does not defend Putin or Russia, but does crush the Browder/MSM/US Congress narrative about him and Magnitsky.

Anyway, I noticed that his 3 films listed at IMDB were available in Hebrew, so I looked that way and found even more of his films listed at the Israeli Film Center.

While digging around, I also found the film “Forever Pure,” which was also directed by Gentelev, but didn’t show on his film list at either IMDB or the Israeli Film Center. What was it about?

“For more than two decades, right-wing Israeli leaders have known that the road to victory passes through Teddy Stadium, home of Beitar Jerusalem Football Club. They have sat in the East Stands, listening to La Familia's anti-Arab chants, and Gaydamak spent millions on the team, hoping to use the fans' rabid loyalty to become Mayor of Jerusalem. To many of those fans Beitar is much more than their home club — it’s their identity, along with the racism they embrace.

“But Gaydamak’s bid for election fails and he loses interest in the team. In 2012, after taking the Beitar squad on an unexpected tour of Chechnya capital Grozny, Gaydamak agrees to bring the two Muslim players, Zaur Sadaev (23) and Dzhabrail Kadiev (19), to Beitar Jerusalem. Pandemonium erupts after the arrival of the two newcomers sets off a media firestorm in Israel in what becomes a tempestuous Beitar season. Forever Pure takes us inside the disturbing and sometimes violent reality of national pride taken to extremes.”

So, we circle back to Chechnya again. Small world? Coincidences?

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 27 2018 3:48 utc | 255

William Browder’s company was called “Hermitage Capital Management”

To most folks, I assume that name doesn’t mean much. But to an anti-Federal Reserve activist, it rings a bell. Hermitage was the name of the estate/plantation of slave-owning President Andrew Jackson.

Andy became a war criminal in the War of 1812, when he ordered his men to slaughter Indians instead of the British enemy. As President, he had 125,000 Indians forcefully removed from their ancestral lands in an event know as “The Trail of Tears” for the high death toll of men, women and children marched in irons out of the States. The US Supreme Court ruled Andy’s plans unconstitutional and against US Treaty obligations, to which Andy famously said the Supreme Court is welcome to bring their army to prevent his. What a joker, that Andy!

Oh, and those were “The Five Civilized Tribes” as they were called since they had all been Americanized, and were Christian farmers, literate and peaceful. Oh well. “Only good injun,” eh Andy?

Anyway, the reason he is revered by the anti-bankster crowd is that he shut down the Second National Bank of the US. Until the banksters formulated the Federal Reserve in secret meetings on Jekyll Island, and rammed it through Congress over the Holidays when many were already gone, the US was private central bank free.

So, it’s perhaps ironic - or not - that banking scam artist and Jewish Russian Oligarch Billy Broward named his company after Andy’s slave plantation.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 27 2018 4:22 utc | 256

Daniel @257: ... Broward named his company after Andy's slave plantation.

It seems more likely that he named it after the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 27 2018 4:58 utc | 257

Fascinating stuff, James, Peter and Pft.

All of this brings to mind Douglas Valentine's books and articles about the connections between Intelligence Agencies and the Mafia.

Jackrabbit, I guess a Chicago boy could name his company after a Russian museum to curry favor or something.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 27 2018 5:36 utc | 258

Anna Politkovskaya also fits into this. Most of her reporting was on Chechnya, and it seems in support of the wahhabi's. The Chechen Muslims under Kadyrov that sided with Putin in the second Chechen war she regarded as the bad guys. Have not as yet found links to the other players, apart from accusations it was Berezovsky that was behind her killing.

This from RFERL
Anna Politkovskaya's last interview was with RFE/RL's Russian Service, just two days before she was gunned down in Moscow. The date of the interview, October 5, 2006, was also the birthday of Ramzan Kadyrov, then Chechnya's prime minister, and it was a particularly significant birthday: now aged 30, he could legally run for president.

Kadyrov was the target of much of Politkovskaya's most critical reporting, and in this interview Politkovskaya expresses her forthright view of a man she calls "a Stalin of our times," dreams of a day when Kadyrov will stand trial, and talks about the subjects of much of her work -- the victims of torture and abduction in Chechnya.

It seems she was very much a part of US UK involvement in Chechnya.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 27 2018 6:26 utc | 259

Nemtsov was killed by Chechen's close to Kadyrov.
Nemtsov had the same views on Chechnya and Putin as Anna Politkovskaya.

Nemtsov wrote a book published 2007

A section of the book is here. It is in Russian so open in yandex browser or yandex translate.

@Jen back at post 113 in this thread put up some links on Chechen code of konakhallah. I did not run onto your post util I was looking back through the thread. Thanks Jen.
The likes of Anna Politkovskaya and Boris Nemtsov were against the traditional Chechen's, this at a time they had fought, alongside Russian Federation against the US UK backed Islamists.

People with a code like this may well have acted against against those who were against their culture, and against Putin who was the protector of their culture - with or without the knowledge of Kadyrov.

In all of these killings in Russia that supposedly surround Putin (according to MSM), there is the involvement of US UK and oligarchs, plus Chechen's on the opposite side with their code of honor.

As far as the traditional Chechens go, I guess my thought is - good on them. The more the better.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 27 2018 7:55 utc | 260

Thanks to everyone for all the information and links ! It will take a week to consume but that's a good thing !

Posted by: Mark2 | Jul 27 2018 10:00 utc | 261

I hope no one is expecting anything positive to come from more and more "progressive" candidates wining. The DNC has power because of the big money donors ... Babyl-on @ 7.

Right On. At some point, for one, the old guard becomes decrepit, their looks and halting nutty speech (Pelosi..) are past their sell-date.

The up-n-coming generation wants its cut of the entrenched and corrupt profiteering, they are fed up and in a fighting mood is one interpretation I read, I don't believe it.

Sanders was ‘allowed’ (though these things are not always plotted on paper or in smoky halls months in advance, it is as they say an ongoing process) to wax socialistic to keep a consequent chunk of voters with the Dem party, even if against Killary.

So now the Dems will allow / boost / put forward - or just let happen, best way - a few ‘minority, young, etc. candidates in the spirit of ‘renewal’, which used to be called regeneration in Europe, the USSR, other, meaning you have to change the faces on the posters and today the flash screens.

Obama was a Yuge fantastical world-wide success, Nobel Prize and all, while the Clintons for ex. were terminal furious and that lead to oblivion and irrelevance for Obiman and almost a party-split (not that it would happen, it was just made to look like) for the Dems.

Or.. Pocahontas, the ex-U prof. (had a horrible reputation as a teach) who somehow invents herself as a ‘native’ Indian, and thus on the side of what? The lower-low middle class, whom she *personally* ripped off (goog Elizabeth Warren House Flipper) ?

Tulsi Gabbard was all the rage in a short burst of media enthusiasm (different politics from Ocasio-Cortez for sure) but now is gone from the news. She presented as a ‘centrist’ leaning towards the other aisle (war supporter sub rosa.) That didn’t work out. The latests ‘socialist’ (in US terms) is Kaniela Ing (again from the ‘outpost’ Hawai, significant) here on the Jimmy Dore show, see how he smoothly hits all the talking points, carrying his small son. Note also he is quite ill at ease, falsely grinning, etc.

Time to forget TV shows!

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 27 2018 15:36 utc | 262

@259 browders family has some roots in russia as his grandfather - earl- was head of the usa communist party and i believe his dad - felix- was born in russia! so, not all chicago background! interesting about the possibilities for the name of his company...

peter and others.. it is fascinating the threads connected to chechnya..i am not sure what to make of all of would seem that if an outside power is trying to destablize another country - usa/uk towards russia or whatever - the place to look is for some group inside the country that can be used as leverage to set in motion the longer range goal.... i wonder who that group is in iran that the west is trying to set up? mek doesn't sound strong enough..

Posted by: james | Jul 27 2018 17:57 utc | 263

Lavrov and Gerasimov have been on tour. Israel, France, Germany.
Something is brewing. Houthi have stopped Saudi tankers in the Red Sea - attacked two.
Australian media saying unnamed Au 'officials' think US may attack Iran soon.

@james From what I could see, US information warfare was try to create a split between religious conservatives and progressives or reformers within Iran. Not that reformers are US friendly but more to sew domestic unrest.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 27 2018 20:07 utc | 264

Rather than meeting their counterparts, it seems Lavrov and Gerasimov have been meeting with presidents prime ministers in their tour. Very unusual that Gerasimov is included in the meetings with the foreign leaders rather than simply meeting with his counterparts.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 27 2018 20:22 utc | 265

Bill Browder was born and raised in Chicago. He got his BA at the University of Chicago. But I see his grandma was Russian.

Even his own website has little of biographical nature, so I'm stuck with Wikipedia (which of course follows its Zionist/neoliberal penchant).

"Browder's paternal grandfather was Earl Browder, who was born in Kansas in 1891.[1] He was a radical and had lived in the Soviet Union for several years from 1927 and married Raisa Berkman, a Jewish Russian woman, while living there.[1] After his return to the United States in 1931,[1] Earl Browder became the leader of the Communist Party USA, and ran for U.S. president in 1936 and 1940.[13] After World War II, Earl Browder lost favor with Moscow and was expelled from the American Communist party.[1]"'

"Bill Browder's father Felix Browder who married Eva (Tislowitz). Felix was a mathematics prodigy who had entered MIT at 16, acquired his bachelor's degree in two years, and by the age of 20 received a Ph.D. from Princeton.[1]"

"Felix went on to chair the mathematics department at the University of Chicago..."

"In 1998, Bill Browder gave up his U.S. citizenship and became a British citizen, partly to avoid paying U.S. taxes on foreign investments.[3][16] At the time, he was working in the Eastern European practice of the Boston Consulting Group in London,[17] and managed the Russian proprietary investments desk at Salomon Brothers..."

[The Salomon Brothers Building was best known in the US as World Trade Center 7, the only steel-reinforced high rise ever to collapse due to normal office fires according the the official NIST report on 9/11]

Browder and Edmond Safra (1932–1999) founded Hermitage Capital Management in 1996 for the purpose of investing initial seed capital of $25 million in Russia during the period of the mass privatization after the fall of the Soviet Union. Beny Steinmetz was another of the original investors in Hermitage.[20]

In 1999, Avisma filed a RICO lawsuit against Browder and other Avisma investors including Kenneth Dart, alleging they illegally siphoned company assets into offshore accounts and then transferred the funds to U.S. accounts at Barclays. Browder and his co-defendants settled with Avisma in 2000; they sold their Avisma shares as part of the confidential settlement agreement.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 27 2018 21:11 utc | 266

@266 peter... very interesting observation.. i was unaware of that.. i ponder what that might imply..

@267 daniel... thanks for those additional facts on browder and etc... it seems that money and corruption typically go hand in hand...
here is another article to go more into the company avisma that again paints a dark picture of bill browder.. it's from 2014

Posted by: james | Jul 27 2018 22:24 utc | 267

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