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July 13, 2018

No Evidence In Mueller's Indictment Of 12 Russians - Release Now May Sabotage Upcoming Summit

The Special counsel Robert Mueller issued an indictment (pdf, 29 pages) against 12 Russian people alleged to be officers or personal of the Russian Military Intelligence Service GRU. The people, claims the indictment, work for an operational (26165) and a technical (74455) subunit of the GRU.

A Grand Jury in Washington DC issued 11 charges which are described and annotated below. A short assessment follows.

The first charge is for a "Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States" by stealing emails and leaking them. The indictment claims that the GRU units sent spearfishing emails to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party organizations DNC and DCCC. They used these to get access to email boxes of John Podesta and other people. They are also accused of installing spyware (X-agent) on DNC computers and of exfiltrating emails and other data from them. The emails were distributed and published by the online personas DCLeaks, Guccifer II and later through Wikileaks. The indictment claims that DCLeaks and Guccifer II were impersonations by the GRU. Wikileaks, "organization 1" in the indictment, is implicated but so far not accused.

Note: There is a different Grand Jury for the long brewing case against Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Assange has denied that the emails he published came from a Russian source. Craig Murray, a former British ambassador, said that he received the emails on a trip to Washington DC and transported them to Wikileaks.

The indictment describes in some detail how various rented computers and several domain names were used to access the DNC and DCCC computers. The description is broadly plausible but there is little if any supporting evidence.

Charge 2 to 9 of the indictment are about "Aggravated Identity Theft" for using usernames and passwords for the personal email accounts of others.

Charge 10 is about a "Conspiracy to Launder Money". This was allegedly done "through a web of transaction structured to capitalize on the perceived anonymity of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin". It is alleged that the accused mined bitcoins, channeled these through dozens of accounts and transactions and then used them to rent servers, virtual private network access and domain names used in the operation.

Note: The indictment reinforces the author's hunch that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are creations and playgrounds of secret services just like Tor and other 'cool' internet 'privacy' stuff are. Its the very reason why one should avoid their use.

Charge 11 of the indictment is a "Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States". It claims that some of the accused hacked into state boards of elections and into U.S. companies providing elections related software.

Note: Other reporting found that the alleged attack resulted in no changes to the election results or other damage.

The Unites States will seek forfeiture of the valuables the accused may have within the United States as part of any sentencing of the accused.


  • It is not by chance that this indictment was published now,  a few days before the first summit between Donald Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin and shortly before the successful soccer world championship in Russia ends. The release intends to sabotage the talks.
  • The indictment describes a wide ranging operation but includes zero proof of anything it alleges.
  • Mueller likely hopes that the indictment will never come in front of a court. The alleged stuff would be extremely difficult to prove. Any decent lawyer would ask how the claimed information was gained and how much of it was based on illegal snooping by the NSA. Something the U.S. would hate to reveal.
  • It is unlikely that there will ever be a trial of these cases. The indicted persons are all Russians in Russia and none of them is likely to be stupid enough to follow an invitation to Las Vegas or to Disney World.

But who knows?

In February Mueller indicted the Russian Internet Research Agency, a clickbait farm run for commercial purpose, of influencing the U.S. election. The expectation then like now was that there would never be trial. In a surprise move one of the accused Russian companies, Concord Management, took up the challenge and demanded discovery. Mueller then tried to delay the hand over of evidence (which he probably does not have.) A judge rejected the attempt. The case is pending.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, who announced the indictment, also made three points that will likely get little coverage. He said (video) that there are no allegations in the indictment that:

  • any American knew that they were in contact with Russians or with a Russian operation,
  • any American committed a crime in relation to this,
  • that the operation changed or influenced the election.

The indictment, which may well be made up and is unlikely to ever be tested in court, will reinforce the "Russia is an enemy" campaign which was launched way before the 2016 election. It will reinforce the believe of some Democrats that Russia, and not the selection of a disgusting candidate, cost Hillary Clinton the presidency.

The detente with Russia which U.S. president Donald Trump tries to achieve will now be more difficult to implement and to sustain.


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From the end of the indictment:

"There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the vote count or changed the outcome of the 2016 election."

Just another nothing-burger.

Posted by: Trisha Driscoll | Jul 13 2018 19:10 utc | 1

Such a convoluted tale in fact authored by the NSA?. Most of what the Russians are accused of can be attributed to the NSA activities.
As Putin pointed out when the accusations were first made, no matter who is elected, US policies remain the same. There is no motivation for RUssia to interfere.

Posted by: CD Waller | Jul 13 2018 19:15 utc | 2

Russian FM: No Evidence Indicted Hackers Linked to Military Intelligence, aims to destroy mood for Trump and Putin meeting

Deep state doing everything to stop the talks and a good result from it.

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 13 2018 19:24 utc | 3

Obviously a desperate move to torpedo the Helsinki meeting. Given that the indicted lot is in Russia the judicial consequences will be nill.

By the way B, what do you say about the Novi-bottle found in a house surely searched over and over? What took the searchers about ten days to found it?

Posted by: Pnyx | Jul 13 2018 19:46 utc | 4

One small point. Craig Murray has said he met with one of the individuals who were involved with the DNC email release. Although he’s been somewhat hazy on it, on the Scott Horton radio show, Murray said the emails were already in the possession of Wikileaks before he met with the individual involved.

Posted by: Ken | Jul 13 2018 19:50 utc | 5

Good job by Concord Management to challenge the previous bullshit. That makes it likely these charges will also be challenged. The best thing you can do when someone living in a glass house accuses you of doing something is to force them to expose themselves to the entire world via evidentiary discovery; and as with the first case, it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle. This ought to be seen as the equivalent of Novichok/Skripal debacle in UK, which I trust people continue to follow Craig Murray's reporting.

As we've seen, the number of Big Lies produced that end up driving policy has dramatically increased since the USSR's disillusion, while trillions of dollars are stolen from taxpayers and given to the global .01%--OWS clearly aimed at the heart of the beast. The indictment will further roil domestic chaos within the Outlaw US Empire making solidarity more difficult to obtain.

Meanwhile in other legal news, Assange has won a court order demanding he be unmolested as he goes from Ecuadorian Embassy to airport for his flight into Asylum. Bet the UK doesn't obey this ruling either further making it a Banana Republic.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 13 2018 20:01 utc | 6

Same ol' Deep State playbook, preaching to the converted while having little effect on anything else. This will give Rachel Maddow many hours of profitable air time as she and her ilk require no evidence.

However, ordinary people with lazy minds will see the headlines and think they're true and there will be more pressure NOT to have any productive, mutually beneficial discussions with Russia, so mission accomplished for Mueller, I guess. Anything to keep people from realizing that Hillary was a horrible, corrupt, dangerous candidate who kept herself from winning the election (which was easily winnable for the Democrats going in) all on her own.

Posted by: WorldBLee | Jul 13 2018 20:04 utc | 7

How much hot and stinking air can an Empire blow before it blows itself out? Sadly, no doubt, much more.

They have lost the narrative and don't even know it, they go on with Putin the Poisoner and Russia did it and they keep it up because they have no choice and they live in fear because we don't believe them any more.

This is good for us - we are making progress.

Posted by: Babyl-on | Jul 13 2018 20:05 utc | 8

Read the Indictment: Its HILARIOUS!

The high point of FBI incompetence:

- Page 14 and 15: This is hilariously stupid! These Russian super spy agents on June 15, 2016, 4:19 MOSCOW TIME and they DID NOT HACK, BUT LOGGED INTO the DNC server and spent 37 minutes to search for files or that included words (that is for the techo's out there, they "grep") for the following words:
* some hundred sheets
* some hundreds of sheets
* dcleaks
* illuminati
* широко известный перевод (meaning: widely known translation)
* worldwide known
* think twice about
* company's competence

So what kind of super spies, and super hackers would use "some hundred sheets" and "some hundreds of sheets" as two separate searches. Every computer geek knows that if you don't waste time to do virtually two identical searches like those. Who ever did these searches (after they logged in!) knows nothing about searching. The whole tech. world knows if you are going to do hacking, you use things like Linux grep/sed tools and you wouldn't waste your time doing pointless duplicitous searches. Why doesn't FBI state what tools were used, every is logged, or it should be. Thus this person whom ever it was, was naive.

So here is the big one! Foreign hackers are looking for about people talking about the Illuminati! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Another stupid one! Russian hackers searching DNC files for RUSSIAN STRINGS This is turning into a circus.

So you mean to tell me Russian hackers that logged into a computer (that is they didn't hacked, the FBI stated as much), are looking about for files about nonsensical matter including Russian Word Strings. You can't even make this stuff up. THE FBI ARE CLOWNS!!!

So it goes on page 15 and 16, that these search words to comprise the breathtaking proof that the culprit then was to admit these words:

Worldwide known cyber security company XXXX announced that the DNC servers have been hacked by “sophisticated” hacker groups. I’m very please the company appreciated my skill highly… …. Some hundred sheets! This’s a serious case, isn’t it?

I guess XXXX Customers should think twice about company’s competence.

F*** the illuminati and their conspiracies

And when did this happen? Some 2 hours later, at 7:02pm.

So think about this! They wrote that paragraph AFTER the search! So how do you search for something in 37 minutes that you don't know it exists, and with such meaningless words to write a bragging paragraph, that was supposedly ON the DNC server itself! Meaning, the person who logged in knew it existed and quickly went looking for where it was to extract it, and then use later as to frame the Russians!

Look at the time line. The FBI only found that it was a DNC employee that logged in, looking for something that shouldn't exist in anyway on his server, unless of course he wrote it himself, and that was to use it frame the Russians. Remember that paragraph was ON THE DNC Server!!!!

The FBI are morons! This indictment will be thrown out quick smart, and the FBI should be brought up on charges of aiding and abetting a crime!

Posted by: Dorian | Jul 13 2018 20:19 utc | 9

So obviously timed to meddle with the Trump-Putin meeting. The United States and its 5 Eyes partners intercept and store the emails of everyone on the planet, and throws a hissy fit over the alleged same treatment. No doubt the politicians and media personalities will ascend their soapboxes to play wounded victims. What a farce. Sad that the public, to a degree, has now been trained to confuse mere allegations with established fact.

Posted by: jayc | Jul 13 2018 20:41 utc | 10

The evidence that the DNC hacks were a local download by someone with legitimate access is persuasive as shown by the group of former intel professionals who analyzed the metadata. John Podesta's email was hacked by a phishing email that convinced him to give up his password. Any half-competent hacker could pull this off, so blaming the Russians is pure speculation. But, it is consistent with the attempts to blame Russia for the incompetence and corruption of the Clinton campaign.

The social media efforts by the Internet Research Agency, besides being mostly a commercial effort as b has shown, are also a rather insignificant portion of the billions of messages and posts that are posted daily. That these could have had any significant effect is really stretching the point.

All that being said, I'm still not convinced that Russian intelligence did nothing at all to attempt to influence the election. Certainly, the US has interfered with many elections all over the world going back decades, one of the most egregious being our interference in the Russian elections of 1991. So, there is no logical reason to believe that the Russians are not doing the same thing.

In addition, I believe that Trump has commercial and financial reasons for being as friendly as possible with Putin, i.e., Trump Tower Moscow. Trump is not particularly interested in the politics or diplomacy of detente with Russia (which I would support, in general), he is purely transactional in his approach and seems to have no interest other than being the center of attention on media and making as much money as he can.

Posted by: John Zelnicker | Jul 13 2018 20:43 utc | 11

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is clear that the FBI in an act of desperation, tried to hoodwink the public and the world, with a false flag operation to blame the Russians for DNC incompetence and criminal behaviour by Hillary Clinton.

In this attempt of a cover up and foolish attempt of technical miss direction, they have been caught red handed in gross malfeasance and high crimes.

President Putin should be made immediately aware of this attempt (if he hasn't been already), and should take Trump to task on these grave crimes and attempts of sedition and outright treason by US personnel in attempt to trigger a war with Russia.

Under US Code 2381, whomever owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

This treasonous behaviour by the FBI and DNC, should be investigated by Military Court. And those responsible for attempt to start a war, with another super power, should be held to the fullest account of US Code 2381. Attempting to precipitate a war, is a war crime and those guilty should face a military court and held to highest punishment available, namely, execution by firing squad.

High office demands high responsibility. If we do not hold government officials, especially officials of the Executive Branch of the USA, then we are allowing a government, like what is happening Washington DC today, to become a rouge nation. These evil merchants of death, must face prosecution for their hatred, bigotry and lust for war. Warmongers must not be tolerated in government. And the FBI and DNC have now shown absolutely they are prepared to lie, however incompetently, to protect the warmongers and evil doers in government.

This act by the FBI is an act of treason: US Code 2381 must now be applied to all those part of this treason.

Posted by: Dorian | Jul 13 2018 20:58 utc | 12

b: The detente with Russia which U.S. president Donald Trump tries to achieve will now be more difficult to implement and to sustain.


IMO Trump isn't trying to achieve anything more than to negotiate an agreement that is favorable to USA/NATO. The Deep State would be happy if an acceptable agreement could be reached as it would split Russia from China.

AFAICT, the depiction of Trump as pro-Russian is a fantasy concocted by Hillary-Obama and their deep-state flunkies.

The entire anti-Russia campaign serves two purposes:

1) distraction
- from illegal wars, CIA color revolutions, Syrian occupation, etc.
what has been done is many times worse than temporarily separating families at the border

- from an undemocratic political system
Hillary's collusion with DNC against Sanders and the overall failure of the Democratic Party to represent the people

2) negotiation
Trump is the 'good cop' to the anti-Russian deep-state 'bad cop'

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 13 2018 21:00 utc | 13

Yes, this "indictment" is truly pathetic.
1) According to Mueller the "infrastructure" cost "over $95000" obtained by "money laundering" using bitcoin etc.. Wow. It does not cost much to threaten "US democracy".
2) "Conspirators attempted to delete traces of their presence on the DCCC network using the computer program Ccleaner". I wonder if they used the free version of CCleaner or the premium version available for $35. Another dubious if not laughable accusation.

Posted by: Rick Sterling | Jul 13 2018 21:00 utc | 14

As I understand it the GRU does not do these things -- it's pure military intelligence. The Russian intelligence services are 1) very (very) good 2) born in real war. So they don't run little independent operations like hacking US politics just for fun.
That struck me right from the get-go. The hacking would have been done by Служба специальной связи и информации (Special Service of Communications and Information ie their NSA/CSE/GCHQ) which is now owned by Федеральная служба охраны (Federal Protection Service). No way would military intelligence have run this.
In Russia int/security organs are not quasi-independent agencies that do what they want.

Posted by: Patrick Armstrong | Jul 13 2018 21:10 utc | 15

2) negotiation

Trump is the 'good cop' to the anti-Russian deep-state 'bad cop'

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 13, 2018 5:00:15 PM | 13

Exactly, he is going to test the Russian aims to overcome more bullying either in Syria itself, even after offering to withdraw, or, better, and most probably, in Afghanistan

Posted by: Sasha | Jul 13 2018 21:15 utc | 16

The whole thing is horrifying, that government agencies can be so inept while having so much power. It's one thing when they try to apply it to individuals thousands of miles away but to think they operate this way in regard to US citizens. And it just gets worse...

Posted by: marcyincny | Jul 13 2018 21:28 utc | 17

Not much of an offer, the occupation is untenable with Pakistan in the SCO camp.
Trump has no chips to offer except Crimea.Putin/Xi may offer a face saving way out of Afghanistan and Syria, but even the venue shows who the supplicant is.
You have to be exceptional not to see that is is far more than symbolic that the mountain
has to go to Mohamed.Trump wanted DC or Vienna.

Posted by: Winston | Jul 13 2018 21:30 utc | 18

This may have some connection to Ken @5:

Paragraph 47 of the indictment — regarding “Organization 1,” presumably Wikileaks — cites intercepted messages showing that Guccifer 2.0 engaged in “failed attempts” to deliver the docs to Organization 1 “starting in late June 2016.” The problem is that Assange had announced on June 12, 2016 that Wikileaks already had such documents. Given his history, it is simply beyond belief that Assange would rely on a promise of unvetted docs.

Moreover, that June 12, 2016 announcement was just two days before the Crowstrike news story of Russian hacking (June 14), followed by the debut of Guccifer 2.0 (June 15). Independent analysts have long suggested that the latter events were a ploy by partisans (Clintonites and their national security state supporters) trying to get ahead of the Wikileaks release by tainting the source of any such documents as Russian.

Posted by: Emily Dickinson | Jul 13 2018 21:36 utc | 19

The greatest threat to mankind is the ability of otherwise intelligent people to believe unfounded absurd nonsense. Without critical thinking and diversity of opinion the window to the truth becomes opaque.

Posted by: Dick | Jul 13 2018 21:51 utc | 20

Trump should just refuse to discuss this nonsense with Putin or anyone else. Don't take the bait. Do your deals with Putin, and ignore the kibitzers. Of course Donald has trouble keeping his mouth shut.

Posted by: mike k | Jul 13 2018 21:52 utc | 21

Mueller messed up the proven information on the illegal access to the DNC (and congressional) computers by Awan family and the alleged trolling by the alleged Russian spies.
If Mueller has any worries about nationals security, he must investigate Wasserman and Clinton.
By the way, the Awans were never cleared for having to access the classified information. Almost 30 congressional computers had been compromised, and the classified information obtained, by the fraudsters on the US government payroll.

Posted by: Anya | Jul 13 2018 21:52 utc | 22

Must laud Dorian for his enthusiasm @12, but any such trial would be conducted in a Federal Court. Of course, since its inception, the FBI's played both sides of the legality street, and it's quite obvious that Obama's Justice Department and its FBI agency obstructed justice with the entire Clinton/Server fiasco in 2016 and has continued to do so.

As for Russia trying to sway a US presidential election, IMO they're telling the truth that they don't since they can't hope to compete with all the corrupt interests actually doing so, like AIPAC and the US Chamber of Commerce. Hell, US policy interferes in US elections when monies sent to Zionistan get recycled into the election cycle through AIPAC or other sources. What was HRC's Pay-to-Play Foundation if not a method to influence the election? Dozens of good books are written about the influence of Big Money on US elections at every level, yet an extremely "conservative" Supreme Court said all that Big Money's just another form of speech, so say all you want.

Essentially, all levels of US government and elections have become more corrupt annually since 1866 and the result is today's indictments, providing ever more proof that they're under Oligarchical control. And unfortunately for the rest of the planet, it's up to the USA's citizenry to resolve the problem--really, some of us actually do try. Sadly, we lack the presence of a US Embassy to train and finance our Color Revolution as is done within every other nation.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 13 2018 21:53 utc | 23

Re: phishing attack on Podesta email

You said "Any half-competent hacker could pull this off."

Don't you mean "any totally incompetent kiddie-scripter could cut/paste a phishing attack from the dark net, and pull this off, provided the recipient was dumb enough to respond"?

Posted by: curious2 | Jul 13 2018 22:07 utc | 24

Imo Trump went into the Prez campaign with his eyes wide open. How else does one explain his (seemingly premature) drain the Swamp declaration? I understand from the multitude of Trump docos I've recorded since the campaign began that He had been contemplating the notion of running for POTUS for at least a decade before he decided to dive in. So he's had at least 10 years to investigate The Swamp, find its flaws and weaknesses, and work out whether he would be able to find and recruit powerful 'Patriots' willing to lend a hand when (not if) the going (for a lone wolf) gets tough.

He'll turn this latest slice of Intellectual Pygmy-ism to his advantage. One really obvious way to do so would be to "prove" that no time should be wasted in getting as close as possible to 'dangerous' Putin, as soon as possible. And who better to do that than... Ta Da! MAGA Trump!

Trump seems to have explored every possibility and evolved umpteen solutions to each. The Swamp is going to regret trying to outsmart him.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 13 2018 22:09 utc | 25

Cost $95,000 to pull off this 'conspiracy' to interfere in the 2016 presidential election? Less than took in by Clinton at a single Wall Street Banker cocktail party. Seriously, you Russian folks need to understand, it will take at least a billion to rig an election in America ... we don't come cheap.

Posted by: ger | Jul 13 2018 22:30 utc | 26

The whole thing relies on the Russians not turning up for their day in court - becoz discovery will be a biatch.

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 13 2018 22:43 utc | 27

mike k

Correct, he obviously is fed up with this bs witch hunt, he wont give in to deepstate nor MSM now even though he will say he raised this issue with Putin and so forth.

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 13 2018 22:47 utc | 28

Hope the indicted sue for discovery.

Posted by: George Lane | Jul 13 2018 22:47 utc | 29

Yes, this indictment is an obvious poison pill meant to ruin or postpone the summit. Chuck Shumer immediately called for cancelling the summit after Rod Rosenstein made his indictment announcement.

Also consider that the House was just about to impeach Rod Rosenstein for obstruction. He has refused to release evidence to Congress regarding the FBI and it's motivations during the Hillary email investigation and also the Russiagate investigation.

Now if the House starts impeachment proceedings they will be seen as trying to impeach a person that just indicted 12 Russians. In other words,
they will be seen as protecting Russians.

Posted by: Librul | Jul 13 2018 23:01 utc | 30

11 - I'd like to see VIPS respond to this line by line, it looks ridiculous from first glance but I'm not technically knowledgeable enough to comment further. Is there any chance that Assange could prove the source was an internal leak through a release without losing face? My immediate reaction is that they really played them selves out on this one, its too flimsy of a production; but than I said the same thing about every chemical attack in Syria, Skribals, etc, etc.

Posted by: Jason | Jul 13 2018 23:19 utc | 31

Thank you Dorian @9 I loved your rant and can absolutely sympathise with your astonishment. The FBI is clueless and ridiculous and so it should be. The more I follow this Mueller and Rosenstein circus, the more I see them as Putin's senior agents in the USA. This latest leak looks to me to be an attempt to do Putin's bidding to derail any meaningful meeting with the President of the USA. (Not saying that there can ever be a "meaningful meeting with any USA President") Who in their right mind wants to meet with a lying, thieving yankee? let alone make a deal with one!

I say Mueller and Rosenstein are Putin's puppets and the whole damn circus is designed for ridicule. But then I might be way too far down the rabbit hole to see clearly.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jul 13 2018 23:23 utc | 32

Yes, this was certainly for the domestic audience as we have Sanders jumping on the wagon declaring the indictment a guilty verdict:

""We must speak with one voice in making clear to Vladimir Putin: 'We will not allow you to interfere in our democratic processes or those of our allies,'" Sanders wrote in a tweet on Friday."

Gee, I seem to recall the HRC Campaign and the DNC doing far more proven damage to the electoral process than anything Russia's allegedly done. Where was Sanders denouncement of HRC and the DNC then?! Clearly, even more than in 2016, Bernie Sanders is a gigantic fraud every bit as disgusting as HRC, perhaps even more so given the number of people deluded by his actions. People like him a big part of the problem and have no part in the solution.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 13 2018 23:23 utc | 33

agree with karlofi @33, Sanders is a just a tool for the MIC

Posted by: Perimetr | Jul 13 2018 23:32 utc | 34

karlof1 and Perimeter

Yup! He is controlled opposition. An empty suit. A tool.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 13 2018 23:38 utc | 35

Item 38 of the Indictment claims that the "Alice Donovan" persona - which as a journalist submitted articles to CounterPunch and other sites - was used by the alleged Conspirators to set up a DCLeaks Facebook page in June 2016.

Posted by: jayc | Jul 13 2018 23:40 utc | 36

b exclaims: "Note: The indictment reinforces the author's hunch that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are creations and playgrounds of secret services just like Tor and other 'cool' internet 'privacy' stuff are. Its the very reason why one should avoid their use."


One of the things that rings my irony alarm is that the sort of "right wing" "Liberty Movement" crowd has been warning for decades now of the One World Government plans for a "cashless society." They feared that all transactions would be done via computer entries, which the NWO could manipulate to either prevent a dissident from being able to buy something, track every purchase, or simply to steal all of anyone's money.

And now, many of those same Liberty Movement voices are out there selling BitCoin, etc.... and selling it HARD.

This same Liberty Movement has been totally freaked out about the "Jack-Booted Thugs" of the Police State for decades, too. Some USAmericans might even remember G. Gordon Liddy telling his Radio Show followers to "go for headshots" when the coppers come (because the police started wearing body armor).

And now, those same folks are cheering on the Pigs cracking skulls of Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump hysterics. In fact, the LM is upset that more illegal surveillance, unwarranted searches and extrajudicial killings aren't being done.

It still looks to me like the PTSB are tearing us apart.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 13 2018 23:41 utc | 37

While I anticipate the MSM Russiaphobes have already declared a slam dunk, the question, in my mind, is whether the "loyal opposition" (various DNC astrotuf) will actually even ATTEMPT to mobilize protests. (I think there may be ongoing Sunday family demonstrations to "attach" to).

The DNC "resistance" has promised that if Mueller is fired, there will be thousands in the street ... Forcing Trump to cancel Helsinki would be an impressive wielding of "power" (numbers) they claim to have ... If they make no effort (my guess), well, that would be predictable ...

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jul 14 2018 0:10 utc | 38

As the most interesting man in the world, I don't always agree with Jackrabbit, but when I do, I am in complete concurrence with:

Jackrabbit @13

(an obscure in joke for those drunk on these))

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 14 2018 0:12 utc | 39

A big yes to Emily Dickinson @19

Does anyone know if these latest charges are still based on that CrowdStrike "report?"

That is, DNC refused to let FBI have access to their servers so that FBI could run their own forensics. All previous IC claims have been based on CrowdStrike claims.

Did FBI finally get ahold of those servers, and if so, could they possibly still have had such evidence on them? Weren't they professionally scrubbed years ago?

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 14 2018 0:25 utc | 40

See Item 41 in the indictment. "On or about June 15th 2016, the 'Conspirators ...' looked up certain words and phrases on Google Translate, phrases which were later used by "Guccifer 2.0".

So we're to believe that the Russian CIA does not have any access to English speaking translators and that when it wants to write a fake email in English as part of an elaborate plot against the United States, it uses Google? This sounds much more like the actions of a lone rogue hacker or small group of private hackers than the action of the secret intelligence agency of a major power.

Posted by: John555 | Jul 14 2018 0:34 utc | 41

I have read that the indictment says that different offices/locations were targeted, so no.

""SERVERS The hackers used a server in AZ but then ran that through a server “overseas.” The hackers leased a DCCC computer in Illinois. The use of infrastructure within the US suggests much of the hot air around transfer times — one of the key attempts to debunk the hack — is just that, hot air.""

about Crowdstrike:

The indictment describes Crowdstrike’s efforts to oust the hackers, but notes that a Linux based version of X-Agent remained on DNC’s network until October 2016.

Part of the "big reveal" (with apparent date discrepancyies) is that "the hackers" had a lot of targets over a long period of time.

I still think Trump was joking when he suggested "the Russians" could help him out by finding the missing (HRC deleted) e-mails not recovered / found during the server investigation .... poppycock ... but his "joke" was leapt on at the time and (embarassingly) is claimed to be a "smoking gun" or "trigger" for the hacking.

Yeah, there seems to be very very little there there

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jul 14 2018 0:39 utc | 42

jayc @38

I posted the following in response to Debsisdead wondering what was going on at CounterPunch.

Then there was that whole thing where they were publishing articles written by an avatar going by the name of Alice Donovan. I don’t know what to make that whole thing. I will say that some of her articles did discuss inconvenient truths that the MSM tries to play up as “conspiracy theories” (eg. Obama Administration sent weapons to Syria that ISIL received). But, she also wrote really bizarre stuff indicating she was not whom she claimed to be.

For any who care:

Democratic Party organ, “Think Progress” on the Alice scandal:

CounterPunch’s mea culpa:

So, what’s happened to CounterPunch since the Cockburn Dynasty splintered? I don’t know, but it’s weird.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 14 2018 0:47 utc | 43

Susan Sunflower @38 ponders:

"...the question, in my mind, is whether the "loyal opposition" (various DNC astrotuf) will actually even ATTEMPT to mobilize protests. (I think there may be ongoing Sunday family demonstrations to "attach" to)."

I've been assigned to a 'Two Minutes Hate" for Saturday morning. ;-)

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 14 2018 0:53 utc | 44

Honestly, I wouldn't put it past the ruthless and perfidious Russian intel services to have actually done this, but it would have been impossible had the alleged victims not been idiotically, criminally negligent in handling their email accounts. What's more, it's incredible that US intelligence services and the Dem Party apparatus are willing to reveal how easily their systems were compromised and how helpless they were in reacting to it. Most of the information revealed from the DNC emails was either rather innocuous or confirmed what everyone already knew (that the entire Dem political and media establishment had pre-anointed HRC). Anyone who believes that the "Deep State" is some cabal of demonic masterminds is a giant fool. The best and brightest in DC are cack-handed sociopathic gangsters of middling intelligence and no imagination . And even if this accusation is true, they have yet to find any actual collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials, which is the entire (official anyway) point of the investigation. They have yet to prove that there was any effect on the outcome of the election. If the Russians are guilty of hacking they will deny, if they are innocent they will deny. This is Whitewater Redux, where flimsy allegation of criminal activity is used to dig and dig and dig until they find something juicy that can be used to prosecute. Ironic!

If Mueller is so sure the 12 intelligence officers are guilty and Putin is so sure they are innocent, he ought to fly them to DC to stand trial. Professional courtesy from one secret policeman to another.

Posted by: Almand | Jul 14 2018 1:21 utc | 45

Check out this great recap and article:

The indictment flies in the face of the great research of the meta data carried out by the Forensicator and Adam Carter. Which practically proves the leaks were a download from the US.

The article above has many links referring to that research and the backdrop.

I - and everyone else here - agree that this pathetic "indictment" is an act of complete desperation, designed to fool the foolables.

Posted by: Merlin2 | Jul 14 2018 1:26 utc | 46

Hello, more theater, meanwhile, more devolution in protections for the working classes, and mother earth.

Posted by: ben | Jul 14 2018 1:32 utc | 47

Re: "The indictment reinforces the author's hunch that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are creations and playgrounds of secret services just like Tor and other 'cool' internet 'privacy' stuff are. Its the very reason why one should avoid their use."

Wise counsel, imo.

Posted by: imo | Jul 14 2018 1:47 utc | 48


Great link. Thanks.

It does appear that the whole Russian influence/DNC-Gluccifer/etc. stuff is bullshit. Just like the Trump dossier, White Helmets, Assange rape allegations, Skripal poisoning by Russia, and more. Sickening.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 14 2018 1:52 utc | 49

Trisha at 1

To clarify, the following is from Rosenstein's announcement, not the indictment.

"There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result. The special counsel’s investigation is ongoing and there will be no comments on the special counsel at this time.”"

Posted by: daffyDuct | Jul 14 2018 2:02 utc | 50

@45 Almand

What's more, it's incredible that US intelligence services and the Dem Party apparatus are willing to reveal how easily their systems were compromised and how helpless they were in reacting to it. Most of the information revealed from the DNC emails was either rather innocuous or confirmed what everyone already knew (that the entire Dem political and media establishment had pre-anointed HRC)

Exactly. It occurred to me that while HRC was Secretary of State, one reason to run her business on private servers was to avoid exposing her mix of private/public activities to open view. The same factor would apply at the DNC. Not that the DOS would have state-of-the-art tech security, but playing outside the field leads to depending on savvy conspirators or naive duds for your operations. So, in order to keep things quiet, Crowdstrike is the provider of cover. I would not want to be the provider of record for the Clinton gang or the DNC. Total fail. Although, Podesta was an idiot to be phished.

One side of the current indictment scenario that could play into Trump’s upcoming meeting with Putin, is that trashing the opposite party prior to negotiations is Trump’s modus operandi. See his comments re: Brexit a day ago, then the gushing with May over the special nature of their most special of special relationships. What looks like a dagger to the back by Rodentstein, while the boss was out of town, will likely get chuckles at the summit.

Posted by: Stumpy | Jul 14 2018 2:08 utc | 51

Trump knows very well that this "Breaking News" is meant to disrupt the meeting with Putin.
Trump hates Mueller, so I guess he will briefly mentionned the 'crime' to Putin who will ask for tangible proofs and Trump will throw the request to Mueller and pass to another more important issue.Trump does care about been criticized for that, he know that he would be criticized anyway.,

Posted by: Virgile | Jul 14 2018 2:11 utc | 52

Almand @45

"And even if this accusation is true, they have yet to find any actual collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials, which is the entire (official anyway) point of the investigation. They have yet to prove that there was any effect on the outcome of the election. "

Yep. On the other hand, this entire kerfuffle has diverted attention away from those individuals, industries and countries that absolutely did collude with both Candidates, and absolutely did influence not just the election, but also US policies ever since.

Oh look! A squirrel! Gotta go chase that squirrel!

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 14 2018 2:30 utc | 53

Trump will most likely just let the Russia dunnit garbage run. It doesn't bother him or slow him down in any way, it is a thorn in the side for Russia, and gives Trump media cover while setting up energy dominance.
To Trump, Russia is a competitor in the energy business.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 14 2018 2:35 utc | 54

So everyone got what they wanted. Trump can claim he has been proven free of collusion with Russia. Dems and neocons can claim they were right that Russia did it, even though the indictment lacks any proof of this.

Trump can use indictments to justify his backtracking on his campaign promises to improve relations with Russia , and justify continued sanctions, increase military spending, push NATO allies to buy more from American weapons dealers, and push EU members to block Russian gas lines

Meanwhile the real elephant in the room continues to be ignored and control both parties, influence elections, dictate foreign policy and economic decisions , disseminate fake news to alter public perceptions, etc....

As they say, the "winning" continues.

Posted by: Pft | Jul 14 2018 2:42 utc | 55

The indictment is evident BS - see my comments:

Posted by: Mark McCarty | Jul 14 2018 2:43 utc | 56

The distractions abound: Look, a squirrel...

Posted by: V | Jul 14 2018 2:46 utc | 57

Well, heck, the list of defendants is itself proof that Mueller is desperate that this case never comes before a court.

How do I know that?

Easy. His previous indictment named persons AND companies, which allowed Concord Management to surprise everyone by demanding its day in court.

This time around he has only indicted individuals.
He pointedly does not indicted any companies.

This means that a Russian individual has to put their freedom at risk by taking up the challenge, and Mueller obviously believes that nobody will be willing to do that.

I think he is going to be proved wrong yet again.

I predict that one or more of those defendants does, indeed, step foot on US soil and demands to be put on trial, and this is going to shake the Mueller investigation to its core.

The reason I am confident that this will happen is that
a) it is likely that at least one of those defendants does indeed work for Russian intelligence, and
b) Russian intelligence knows full well that Mueller has nothing and is bluffing

So they will take that person aside and say: Boris/Dimitry/Ivan/baby, go over there and call their bluff. If they fold then you come home and live like a king. If they convict you then sit tight and we'll arrange a spy-swap, then you come home and live like a king. What do you say?

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Jul 14 2018 3:04 utc | 58

Let's not take a look at the U$A's corrupt and horribly broken "election" systems, suppression of voters, and outright bought and paid for "representatives". That, would be too much trouble..

The REAL culprits are Americans...

Posted by: ben | Jul 14 2018 3:24 utc | 59

George Steele penned many a masterful dossier, some extraordinarily clever counterfeit
handwritten memoirs, and a pot-boiling John LaCarre spin-off cold-war spy-novel or two.

Steel's drinking has paralyzed his brain; he can't think of anything, he lauds Skripal's
brilliant descriptions of the two russian prostitutes peeing on barak obama's hotel bed.

WHAT does Skripal do for a living? he writes. Sergei sees himself as a new dostoyevski !

I agree with those who have argued that whole the Skripal meme is Hillary's gang goofing
on the Brits. This pee-pee dossier is THE evidentiary source of the Mueller investigation

Yeah the Rowdy Lion has blocked and bearded Russia historically, that's why they make
great patsies for the Yankees whose criminal minds can not get over losing that election!

Put yourself in the place of a maniac primed to be a coddled goddess President of the USA

¿Wouldn't YOU call reliable old insider George Steele (not knowing the man is ossified)?

Once the gang realized that Steele's brain was fried, they could not let Sergei Skripal die.

Posted by: Guerrero | Jul 14 2018 3:45 utc | 60

The always sober Prof. Stephen Cohen warned this would happen on the 11/07, and so it came to pass. He picked these guys like a dirty nose. The Mueller investigation needs to be shut down, the cloak of what it is pretending to be has fallen off.


Summitgate and the Campaign vs. ‘Peace’
Not surprisingly, Trump’s meetings with NATO and Putin are being portrayed as ominous events by Russiagaters.
By Stephen F. Cohen


Also not surprisingly, and unlike in the past, mainstream media have found little place for serious discussion of today’s dangerous conflicts between Washington and Moscow: regarding nuclear-weapons-imitation treaties, cyber-warfare, Syria, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region, even Afghanistan. It’s easy to imagine how Trump and Putin could agree on conflict-reduction and cooperation in all of these realms. But considering the traducing by the Post, Times, and Maddow of a group of senators who visited Moscow around July 4, it’s much harder to see how the defamed Trump could implement such “peace deals.” (There is a long history of sabotaging or attempting to sabotage summits and other détente-like initiatives. Indeed, a few such attempts have been evident in recent months and more may lie ahead.)

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jul 14 2018 8:18 utc | 61

This is just another small and incremental step.

There is nothing illegal in and of itself about influencing an election in a foreign country. Unless doing so is in violation of other laws, such as hacking or violating campaign financing laws.

And it is most certainly illegal for people to collude with foreign nationals to interfere in an election, and I suspect that Mueller's next step will be to connect these 12 indicted Russians with members of the Trump campaign.

Mueller is proceeding very slowly and keeping his cards close to his chest, he knows that any case he presents has to be fully free of flaws or contradictions as it will be attacked from all sides.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jul 14 2018 8:43 utc | 62

William Binney has already debunked all this and has now commented further (excuse the source):

Posted by: Shakesvshav | Jul 14 2018 9:43 utc | 63

the comments here range from delusional to outright psychotic
tRump has no ability to outsmart anyone let alone Putin.....take a look at north Korea...where he declared the threat of nuclear war was over....he mouths a few slogans and fools try to spin and interpret for the masses of fools what he is talking about.

his choice of staff and advisors were so comical they have all been removed and in their place are the lowest slime of any swamp..reflecting the attitudes and racism of their leader who seeks only to enrich himself which he has been doing through foreign with Russia where there is still enthusiasm for america....and where he gets a lot of cash...he seeks to cozy up to Putin at the expense of NATO partners where he deflects his ignorance by creating distraction.....again relying on others to explain.

if you all dont think Mueller is developing a real case because he doesn't expose it while seeking indictments...that is your choice...but don't go on from there to assert it someone makes the idiocy of tRump does not!

Posted by: jadez | Jul 14 2018 10:37 utc | 64

"They" really don't want Trump talking to Putin.
Since they can't stop it; sabotage the meeting.
This harkens back to the Gary Powers shoot down...
That one worked.

Posted by: V | Jul 14 2018 10:40 utc | 65

In your hate/vitriol lingers blindness.
Given a relatively short time, we'll see...

Posted by: V | Jul 14 2018 10:44 utc | 66

It's hilarious really! But also frightening. As Dorian pointed out, nobody doing "hacking" are that amateurish, and certainly not the Russians or Chinese for that matter. It pobably the clods in Cheltenham that are responsible, it bears all the marks of failure, so its probably British.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Jul 14 2018 11:03 utc | 67

I think you have to go back to where things went wrong - and that was Obama/Clinton and Libya.

Although the Obama administration was ready to renounce the role of global policeman and other excesses of the Bush era, it still harbored familiar old American prejudices against Russia.

And go back further to the original Neocon plan for the Middle East

Netanyahu refused for Israel to carry out the fighting. Neocons got the US to do it.

Robert Parry: Why neocons seek to destabilize Russia

There is a strong British version of the neocons.

Trump has now employed John Bolton. Who is an arch neocon.

So maybe the neocons are sueing for peace with Russia. Who knows?
Israel is certainly asking for Russian protection.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 14 2018 11:06 utc | 68

Look a squirrel, its foaming at the mouth! Run, you fools, run!!

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Jul 14 2018 11:08 utc | 69

I think the Russians got me last night! I woke up this morning, with tremors and shaking, not feeling well at at all. I was not foaming at the mouth, but I did have a greenish tinge to the skin and i looked bad in the mirror. I am sure it is Novichok.
How did the Russians know that i would buy that particular single malt! They probably spied, and knew I would get an Oban and they poisoned me.
If I do not comment again, know, that I too have fallen victim to their devious games.
In the meantime I will try to self medicate with a stout or too.
Pray for me. Donations accepted BTW.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Jul 14 2018 11:15 utc | 70

# 68
Squirrel? Where, what kind, what are its politics?
Is it Russian? ;-)

Posted by: V | Jul 14 2018 11:16 utc | 71

I think the squirrel has been caught out.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jul 14 2018 11:35 utc | 72

Ah, those are just acorns...or are they?

Posted by: V | Jul 14 2018 11:41 utc | 73

‘Creepiest person in America’: Peter Strzok’s bizarre congressional testimony goes viral

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 14 2018 11:46 utc | 74

Matryoshka dolls; you know, the Russian dolls, one within another, and another, and another...
That's the Meuller investigation, in a Russian doll, with many, times many, iterations...
Yet another version of the never ending story

Posted by: V | Jul 14 2018 13:54 utc | 75

The fact that Meueller claims the DNC was a hack and not leaked by Seth Rich, inside the DNC. Re: Binney’s posts on data transfer speeds shows you this is not about justice but sedition.

Mueller has politicized the Special Prosecutor and the timing is obviously meant to hamstring Trump in Helsinki

Trump should listen to Vlad: the dogs bark but the caravan rolls on

Posted by: Anunnaki | Jul 14 2018 13:58 utc | 76

V 74

Exactly what I was thinking, he can create multiple indictments and nothing will get to court, hes knows that.
What this really is, is a giant PSYOP, crazy propaganda going on in front of us. And how many people protest?
Nothing but a witch hunt as Trump have pointed out.
I am sure Mueller could create a collusion indictment too, there is no stop against these lying neocons.

After all, this is the same guy that was part of the Iraq WMD lies,

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 14 2018 14:21 utc | 77

ohh thank God I have recovered this viscous Novichok attack. However I look much more healthy and and younger too, I might pass as a 40 year old. Am all well now a few stouts and a Tripple Belelgian made my day...
I can recomend Novichok, get it at your local dealer. say no to Fentanyl or Carfantein, just buy real Novichok!
"When cocaine won't make it Novichok will smack it!"*
* Novichock is a a trade mark off some industrialized nations, a drug intended to keep plebs stupid.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Jul 14 2018 14:49 utc | 78

Also, I think this will become focus sooner or later, perhaps even MoA will be attacked and we who comment here:

‘Breitbart News’ And ‘Infowars’ Under FBI Investigation For Ties To Russia

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 14 2018 14:50 utc | 79

Lee Stranahan, a host on a Radio SPUTNIK Show, and a former reporter for BREITBART, has said on air that people have told him that the FBI has been questioning them about him. He says he thinks that it is possible that he may be indicted.

Posted by: lysias | Jul 14 2018 15:45 utc | 80

Adam Schiff was on Maddow last night (she was off). He was sounding very legal and unhysterical, talking about need for more evidence and letting the investigation conclude.

Apparently Senate Minority Leader Schumer couldn't resist and is calling for Trump to cancel ...

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jul 14 2018 15:53 utc | 81

To understand Mueller, look at his career in the Justice Department:

Posted by: Bob In Portland | Jul 14 2018 16:08 utc | 82

IMO Trump isn't trying to achieve anything more than to negotiate an agreement that is favorable to USA/NATO. The Deep State would be happy if an acceptable agreement could be reached as it would split Russia from China. Jackrabbit at 13.

I suppose Jackr means achieving ‘nothing specific’ (e.g. Iran’s future role in Syria, etc.), .. OK. Second part… Imho, Trump was/is trying to organise the New World Order (as the old order, set up at Bretton Woods, is dead or dying) and he means to ensure or create a ‘favorable’ position for the US. The obvious plan in a potentially so-called ‘multipolar’ World is to ally with the third power -- it is weaker than the second, and in any case it is more congenial, and ultimately most important! it is Energy-Land rich.

Imho personal interests don’t weigh heavily here (as some have suggested) however the Tillerson - Oil axis was and remains a supreme consideration (minus Tillerson.)

One reason, not mentioned, for Trump’s pro-Russia stance is that his base is pro-R and détente or even strong cooperation with Russia was a heavily implied electoral promise. Russians are White and they are Orthodox, Christians of a kind (in the popular US imagination..) and Putin is seen as a strong, competent and ‘savvy’ leader. 90% of evangelicals in the US voted for Trump for ex. (Catch the Boers (white) in S Africa wanting to emigrate to Russia..see news.) Nothing slant-eyed about the Russkies! (apologies to sensitive US souls on ‘race’ issue - i am not up to date re PC speech.)

DT’s seeming 'ban' of Muslims (the entry / visa hoopla, hardly an attack that provoked deaths) also satisfied the base and was a strong and direct jab at the support, payment for and exploitation of islamists (Muslim brotherhood / mercenary forces / terrorists etc. Killed off and still feared by Russia…on their turf…)

Russia always makes positive noises about the presumed / known winner of the US elections. This worked fine with Bush (remember Georgie glommed Putin’s soul), was difficult with Obama (a secret muslim, not a US citizen, it was said, etc.), link, but a sure fire thing with Trump, as Putin-Russia knew DT would win (imho.)

The blame Russia game is very much a sub-rosa contemp. war between corporate + mafia-like factions for control of parts of the NWO. BOA and power-sharing (in the W) is now very vulnerable, or is even being destroyed, (even NATO is at risk!), everyone is scrambling, therefore the over-the-top moves and fights.

Any evidence blaming Russia is good to go - the aim is: a) to convince the public, who will absorb some headlines and ‘hate’ Russia even more, b) to re-assure the players on the anti-R side, we are doing it, and the public is on our side, etc. having the most powerful propaganda organ(S) is a guarantee of the ultimate ‘win’ it is said…so they make up things out of whole cloth.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 14 2018 16:15 utc | 83

Dorian | Jul 13, 2018 4:19:03 PM | 9 for following words:
* some hundred sheets
* some hundreds of sheets

No, obviously the first search must have turned up hundreds of thousands of hits and these clever hackers needed to narrow the search.

Posted by: Nobody | Jul 14 2018 16:38 utc | 84

What topics do you guys think Trump will raise tommorow, what questions will Putin raise?

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 14 2018 16:48 utc | 85

@84 Trump will want to talk about Iran. He's lost interest in Ukraine and Korea. Putin will want to know what he has to do to get sanctions relieved.

Posted by: dh | Jul 14 2018 17:19 utc | 86


Yes thats pretty much what I think too.

Iran will be the overall focus, Netanyahu has met with Putin and iranians met him afterwards some days ago. Iran will probably be the topic Putin want to talk about too not only Trump.

Korea, not so much as you say, neither Ukraine, but Trump will say to the neocon/media that he raised Crimea with Putin. I fear that Trump will become hawkish just to show hes not "weak" with Putin.
He will also say the same about so called meddling/election.
Trump will say there was "tough talk" and many disagreements.

Trump is intrested in trade so sanctions/trade will definately be a primary topic but I think rather from Trump than Putin.

I sense they touch upon about disarment.

Overall, they perhaps just want to talk, getting to know each other a bit regardless of politics and trying to
create a better US/Russia relationship.

Neocon/media will unleash massive propaganda tommorow, that is something that is for sure.

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 14 2018 17:39 utc | 87


Yes, focus on Iran but also talking about a wide range of other issues.

More specifically:

Trump will tell Putin that USA will be forced to accede to Saudi demands for a nuclear program if Iran is allowed to continue with theirs. To ensure peace and stability in the region and world, Russia must join in the oil embargo on Iran.

In return, for his statesman-like" help with Iran, Trump will allow Russia to sell natural gas to Germany via North Stream but only if Russia cancels the sale of S400 to Turkey.

Trump will also try to lay the groundwork for pulling Russia from China/SCO in private meetings and publicly talking about Russia as a European country.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 14 2018 18:12 utc | 88

Vladimir Putin and his siloviki fused a Cold War mentality with modern organized crime strategies and technology to create a new level of transnational organized crime.Putin has been a real innovator in working with organized crime. He has created a military-industrial-political-criminal complex that furthers Russia’s and Putin’s personal interests.He is a very unpredictable man & gambler.

Posted by: ALAN | Jul 14 2018 18:20 utc | 89

Bob In Portland @ 81: Great piece Bob, thanks..

Worth a read folks.

Posted by: ben | Jul 14 2018 18:29 utc | 90

If the Russian hackers wanted to influence our elections, why bother to hack into election boards, and related election software and than not change election results as the Note after Charge 11 states? This whole thing makes no sense as the old saying goes, "Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"
Mueller is the one deceiving us, not any supposed Russian hackers. The question is why is he doing this and who is pulling his strings?

Posted by: Tim0 | Jul 14 2018 18:54 utc | 91


S400/Turkey I had forgot about that one, sure that issue will likely brought forward, but more because neocons around Trump wants to.

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 14 2018 19:01 utc | 92

The accusations are worded different this time around. No more of "we assess" like the last time. It is amazing to see the detail with which the US supposedly knows of the names and actions of cyber spy organizations personnel in Russia. If not the NSA, why not the Mossad cyber units? They have a lot of skill and connections with telecom eqpt and companies. Are these the only spearfishers to be indicted? And did any go into team Trump? But don't look at other things like how stupid team Clinton is with cyber security whether HRC's handling of classified emails with her private server or her campaign's handling of important matters. And what of the comment of those emails. Our MSM told us not to look. These things only lead to more uncomfortable questions and tend to drag us into the morass ... while they do ... what?

Posted by: Curtis | Jul 14 2018 19:38 utc | 93

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 14, 2018 7:46:29 AM | 73

‘Creepiest person in America’: Peter Strzok’s bizarre congressional testimony goes viral


At the risk of being attacked by the PC Police, does that look like a heterosexual man? Does that look like a macho-man who carries on a long and steamy love affair with a cop-woman behind his wife's back?

I've doubted the narrative around their alleged conspiracy to neutralize a Presidential candidate since reading that these two FBI agents apparently didn't realize that their phone communications were monitored and saved. But this adds yet another floor to that particular rabbit hole.

BTW: Same with General Michael Flynn, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Why was he "fired" again?

Oh, he lied about a phone conversation he had. really? If a DIA had been asked about the contents of a potentially damning phone call, he would have asked back, "I don't recall that conversation word-for-word. Why don't you play back the tape you have?"

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 14 2018 19:41 utc | 94


He talks like a psychopath throughout that congressional hearings,

Check this,
FBI agent Peter Strzok angrily rejects charges of bias

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 14 2018 19:46 utc | 95

Posted by: Zanon | Jul 14, 2018 10:21:28 AM | 76

"After all, this is the same guy that was part of the Iraq WMD lies,"

He also killed and buried the murderous Anthrax attacks. As I recall, the targets of those poisonings were critics of passing the USA PATRIOT ACT.

It passed decisively shortly after.

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 14 2018 19:48 utc | 96

Always enjoy reading your blog; don't get to my dashboard often enough because of lingering misgivings about everything google. This is the most appropiate comment I have heard on this subject of gross malfeasance and continued misrepresentation of justice. It occurs to me how dumbed down as a people we have become that the whole nation does not rise up in wrath against this same foolish trick played twice without any light being shed. How stupid must the FBI's IT experts be if it has taken them this length of time to discover a hack, some phishing and and beginners level malware. Apparently it must have been the FBI who was providing security for the DNC email server. No wonder it disappeared, they certainly wouldn't want the 'bad guys' to know how vulnerable their own servers would therefore be. The benchmark quote here will be Podesta's ugly ignorant face gloating about catching "the little witches" on youtube. You can almost see him standing by the dunking chair in Salem with his gloat on over a few pitiful girls drowning. Current national IQ, about a minus thirteen. JR

Posted by: JR Richmond | Jul 14 2018 19:49 utc | 97

Always enjoy reading your blog; don't get to my dashboard often enough because of lingering misgivings about everything google. This is the most appropiate comment I have heard on this subject of gross malfeasance and continued misrepresentation of justice. It occurs to me how dumbed down as a people we have become that the whole nation does not rise up in wrath against this same foolish trick played twice without any light being shed. How stupid must the FBI's IT experts be if it has taken them this length of time to discover a hack, some phishing and and beginners level malware. Apparently it must have been the FBI who was providing security for the DNC email server. No wonder it disappeared, they certainly wouldn't want the 'bad guys' to know how vulnerable their own servers would therefore be. The benchmark quote here will be Podesta's ugly ignorant face gloating about catching "the little witches" on youtube. You can almost see him standing by the dunking chair in Salem with his gloat on over a few pitiful girls drowning. Current national IQ, about a minus thirteen. JR

Posted by: JR Richmond | Jul 14 2018 19:49 utc | 98

Peter AU @71. Thank you! That is the PERFECT squirrel!

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 14 2018 19:50 utc | 99

Zanon @78

Both Breitbart and Alex Jones are Zionist propaganda and disinformation creations. Any "threats" to them by "the Deep State" are subterfuge.

Oh look! Another Squirrel!

Posted by: Daniel | Jul 14 2018 19:54 utc | 100

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