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May 06, 2018

The MoA Week In Review And Open Thread 2018-22

Last week's posts on Moon of Alabama:

Netanyahoo presses for the end of nuclear deal (JCPOA) with Iran. But that is only step one. He wants the U.S. to destroy Iran. First its forces in Syria, then the Islamic Republic itself. Amos Harel: Israel Hopes Trump Scrapping Nuclear Deal Could Ultimately Lead to Iran Regime Change. Some Israeli thinkers are waking up to the danger of such nonsense: Former Israeli General: U.S. Exit From Nuclear Deal Would Help Iran. But it is too late. Trump will dump the JCPOA deal. From there on we will be on very uncertain territory. Patrick Cockburn remarks: It’s not clear if Trump and Netanyahu want a war with Iran – but they may fall into one all the same. Lee Camp points out that Iran recently ended doing business in U.S. dollars. He points to other cases where such a decision had serious consequences: I Know Which Country the U.S. Will Invade Next. The Saker walks us through a possible war on Iran scenario: The Warmakers.

Use as open thread ...

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Nothing really, the Evil epire proceeds, Trump mocks Catablan vivtims.. Just another week in this focking mess

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | May 6 2018 17:13 utc | 1

nhs 2
Not exactly. He mentioned Libya giving up their nuclear research program and allowing US/UK inspectors in as a sign of good faith for a deal. It's a bit of a stretch to take that and say he implied that North Korea would be invaded and destroyed as soon as it does. That's not to say Trump doesn't have a Plan B to attack North Korea's nuke and military capabilities held in reserve. But invasion and complete destruction? Doubtful. Also, the US doesn't have jihadi proxies in place. Who would do that grunt work for the US?

Posted by: Curtis | May 6 2018 17:54 utc | 2

i liked the play on letters to get satanyahoo... i see pat lang has an article up on the topic of syria getting the s-300's and israels attitude about it.. i liked what he said here "The level of arrogant presumption on the part of the Israelis with regard to the world at large and the Russians in particular is breathtaking. For Yaalon and presumably the Israeli government behind him to imply that Russia will bend to Israel's displeasure seems to be reflective of a collective hubris born of assumptions of innate superiority and an even worse assumption that the fell power of the United States can be employed by Israel against Russia. Natanyahu said on tape that "the Americans can easily be pushed."

Yes, we can easily be pushed by Israel using every IO technique available to them, everything from illegal manipulation of electoral financing to the memory of Paul Newman's blue eyes in "Exodus."

Well, we will see if Putin and Russia are as "easy" as we Americans. pl"

Posted by: james | May 6 2018 18:11 utc | 3

@ 5 nhs
Neither NK or Iran is a walk-over. One place is fanatically devoted, the other place is 90 million Persians, divided, but very nationalistic. Good luck, Fukus.
You will loose that one,..... again. Fukus is bankrupt, both morally and economically. I entice to armed rebellion in the FUKUS, They do that, in other places , so why cant I call for it in the robber baronies?
The French will tumble, who cares about the UK, rainy useless piece of shit, only the US left, with massive amounts of firearms abundant, call to arms people go for freedom!!
"Let the blood of the tyrants flow freely" Ilja Ehrenburg.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | May 6 2018 18:59 utc | 4

The Nazi'es were right . Trump is an "untermenschen". Actually they got some things right, well the Zio'es for one, but the US they did not see, but even the mongrel US, noone had anticipated.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | May 6 2018 20:01 utc | 5

Spreading disinformation to accuse Russia to distribute it is what Western media like to do. Recently found another example, at the intercept.
Some Mackey claims: "Poddubnyy also revealed that his interview with the boy and his father had not been recorded in Douma, but in Damascus, the Syrian capital, near the Dama Rose hotel. When asked directly if the piece had been filmed on the grounds of the Syrian Army Officers Club, which is next door to that hotel, Poddubnyy said that it had not. However, that appears to have been a lie." And a long detective of crowd-sourced search reveals that lie.

The facts are simple: The interview has been made in the front garden of a house which has some officer's club inside, located on a main street at the center of Damascus. The front garden is open access, inside the house is some officer's club with access restricted to officers. So, formally a lie, given that this garden is somehow "on the ground of the officer's club", not? Let's see the evidence, which has been, at least, linked here

"Robert Mackey: Was your interview shot at the Officers Club?"
"Evgeny Poddubnyy: ... No, I do not have a badge to the Officers club. I'm a reporter."

I'm not a native speaker, Poddubnyy too, maybe in English "at" means "on the ground"? Even if - it is clear from the answer that Poddubnyy has interpreted the "at" as "inside", and answered, no, not inside, I have no badge to go inside. And even if one, possibly, interpret the "at" as "on the ground", it was not what was asked. And the part of the answer which revealed that Poddubnyy has misunderstood this as meaning "inside" was omitted. So, distort the question a little bit, and the answer a little bit, and then cry "liar".

Posted by: max | May 6 2018 20:05 utc | 6

Trump on Bataclan.
sigh..... "Will no one rid me of this turbulent President?"

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | May 6 2018 20:08 utc | 7

The vicious neoconservative think-tanker Reuel Marc Gerecht has been given space in The Atlantic this week to ruminate on what should follow from a pullout from the Iranian nuclear agreement. No surprise, he sees it as just the initial step in a proposed sustained effort to assert complete American hegemony in the region. The strategic proposition includes: full spectrum sanctions on Iran's economy; bombing strikes on Iran's military facilities; no-fly zone directed at Russian and Iranian aircraft in southern and eastern Syria; interdiction of all Iranian air and ground transport into Syria; renewed effort to topple Assad using Kurds and terrorists; "bunker" US forces in Iraq and promote political forces hostile to Iran in that country; "deploy a serious covert-action program" (i.e. assassinations and sabotage) in Iran directed at Revolutionary Guard and scientific establishment; trigger regime change in Iran.

It is certainly indicative of how debased establishment thinking has become in the USA that a blueprint for massive international crimes can be presented by The Atlantic as simply one side of a "debate". Gerecht seems to believe that the American people themselves are desirous of a complete war mobilization comparable to that of WW2, so to "solve the problem" once and for all. Of course, Gerecht probably has not spoken to an "average American" in decades. But this is a real problem in America - an intellectual tendency which is not only always wrong but openly batshit crazy remains prominent in the higher circles of power.

Posted by: jayc | May 6 2018 20:16 utc | 8

His Wikipedia entry describes Israel Firster Marc Reuel Gerecht as a "friend and disciple" of Bernard Lewis.

Posted by: lysias | May 6 2018 20:39 utc | 9


"no-fly zone directed at Russian and Iranian aircraft in southern and eastern Syria;"


Posted by: WJ | May 6 2018 21:08 utc | 10

Gerecht, if I am not mistaken, is one the specially stupid true believers of the neocons. Their whole working "strategy" is premised on the US already possessing the full spectrum dominance they also hope to achieve. No fly zone imposed upon Russia. Hilarious.

Posted by: WJ | May 6 2018 21:21 utc | 11

The US only dreams about hypersonic missiles, Russia already has them they have the "cutting-edge" lingo that goes along with them.

MOSCOW, May 5. /TASS/. Ten MiG-31 fighter jets (NATO reporting name: Foxhound) fitted with the air-launched Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missile are on test combat duty, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said in an interview published on the Zvezda TV channel website on Saturday.
"It is a cutting-edge weapon, namely a hypersonic long-range missile capable of overcoming air and missile defenses. It is invincible, having serious combat might and potential. The MIG-31 is its carrier as the jet is the most fitted for accelerating this missile to required speeds," he said. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 6 2018 21:22 utc | 12

Okay, so I've got my dates messed up.

Nuttyahoo will be the guest of honor at the Russian May 8th victory day in Moscow. May 8th is also the day Sparky puts a knife in the back of the Iranian nuclear agreement.
Does this look like a chocolate velvet cake moment to anyone else?

Straighten me out on this date thing, I'm happy to be wrong.

Posted by: Wwinsti | May 6 2018 21:25 utc | 13

Well, the "neocon" agenda seems rather simple: A small cabal of "elite insiders" (them) must rule the earth. That is all. And they don't really care at all about the rest of us "outsiders", that is, the citizens of USA, Israel, Europe, and so on. We are all regarded merely as sheep on their global ranch. It's just global feudalism.

I hope soon to start up a new web site pertaining to the unholy mess that the election methods theorists ("election methods cognoscente") ("IRV", etc.) have created.

It will be called "election-methods-truth do+ org".

Feudalism and imperialism are the opposite of democracy.

Posted by: blues | May 6 2018 21:31 utc | 14

I wonder if Reuel Marc Gerecht knows about (or cares about) the 40,000 US troops at half a dozen bases and command posts, western side of Persian Gulf, all with easy range of Iran missiles and rockets. Like shooting ducks on a pond. Plus some vulnerable bases in northern Syria, and Afghanistan, probably some ships at sea. Iran also has some wild cards, like active mines and submarines with torpedoes, and then there's Hezbollah with a hundred thousand missiles aimed at Israeli cities and military bases.

If RM Gerecht knows his history, he knows that Iran took many casualties from the US-backed Iraq invasion, including deadly gas attacks (nothing done about that). Iran would not just wave a white flag and say: I give up. In fact no country attacked by the US has failed to take some US lives and endure. The US has lost every time listening to people like Reuel Marc Gerecht.

Posted by: Don Bacon | May 6 2018 21:39 utc | 15

I think "The Atlantic" and "The New Yorker" magazines are read by the same pseudo-lefties who read the NYT. Warmongering has infiltrated their brains.

Posted by: fast freddy | May 6 2018 22:13 utc | 16

Seriously? Is Netanyahu going to be the guest of honor on victory day for Putin? just weeks after repeatedly bombing Iran in Syria? Wow. Still folks defend Putin and refuse to see that Russia is hell bent on pleasing Israel and ultimately the US. Russia will not lift a finger to defend Iran. If anything, more likely it will provide Israel with intel for bombing strikes. Nor will Syria ever get advanced air defense systems from Russia.

Posted by: paul | May 6 2018 22:55 utc | 17


Not in Russia's interest to let Syria fall like Ukraine to the NATO. A common person, like me, cannot see how Russia benefits by allowing Syria to take these hits.

Posted by: fast freddy | May 6 2018 23:09 utc | 18

Not so fast on that "Guest of Honor" thing.

Alexander Mercouris at the Duran calls it so, but also quotes the Russian statement, which doesn't call it that at all.

Isabella Jones deconstructed all this is in a very good comment on the Duran's report. I've looked at the RF statement and the statement from Netanyahu to the Israeli parliament, both linked by Mercouris. What Isabella says about this makes great sense:

Alexander, I read the release by the Kremlin; although I know you included it, can I draw attention to it again?

"Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu will make a working visit to Moscow on May 9. He has been invited to attend a military parade marking the 73rd anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Mr Netanyahu will also hold talks with President Vladimir Putin".

Nowhere does it say anything about him being a "Guest of Honour".
Is it stated elsewhere?

If anything this release seems to downplay the event. It says it is "a working visit". That he should be there at that time guarantees an invite. After all, Oliver Stone was there making his documentary "Putin Interviews" at the same time, and he too got an invite to attend. It would be gross discourtesy in fact not to invite a visiting Head of State.

Why is it headlined that he is a "Guest of Honour" - something which is going to turn a huge number of people against Russia --- and President Putin??

Sorry to the Putin-haters.

Posted by: Grieved | May 6 2018 23:19 utc | 19

Having said that, at #21, I should add that Mercouris does write an extremely sound article about the relationship between Russia and Israel. The Saker has also elaborated on this at length.

Those who think the relationship hinges solely on tactical strikes within Syria are holding an unrealistically narrow view , and would do well to read Mercouris's article at least.

Posted by: Grieved | May 6 2018 23:26 utc | 20

Good News! Unless you're a Zionist or Neoliberalcon.

Hezbollah along with Amal won Lebanon's parliamentary elections and for the first time Hezbollah's in a majority position! Zionists are freaking out! That could be a bad or good thing; we shall see. News provided by Canthama at SyrPers. No "hard" news link yet.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 6 2018 23:50 utc | 21

Well, I'd invite Nuttyyahoo to the parade. Have him stand right next to me and reach down and grab his ball and say "Smile fucker, 20 million Russians died so you could have these. Want to keep them?"

Posted by: Bakerpete | May 6 2018 23:53 utc | 22

@paul 19. I tend to agree. Putin walks a fine line with the military and oligarchs. The oligarchs want good relations with Israel and US. Many have business interests or dual citizenship in US and/or Israel . US sanctions targetted against a number of oligarchs have made things difficult. Most of the military are likely nationalists and probably restless.

To understand Russia today one must understand the roots which formed the former Communist regime and their connections to those who created Israel (Moses Hess, etc) and the elements in the US who gave birth to the Deep State. One can not erase history simply by choosing not to call oneself Communist. Many of the elements of The Manifesto favourable to the elite (not the worker class) exist even in so called Democratic-Capitalist nations.

Marxism was basically a front to dupe the masses into accepting what was orginally the Babarian Illuminatis blue print for the ruling elites global domination.

Its entirely possible Putin is a member of the club who needs perpetual conflict to maintain power as much as those in the West. Nobody wants a real war against a country with nukes. Wars are fought only with those who have no nukes. If Israel and US invade Syria and Iran in an all out war, Russia stands aside. Even their military wants nothing to do with that given they have a budget less than 10% of the US and is surrounded by US bases. Sure, they could do serious damage but would not survive to enjoy it.

June is when Israel likes to fight so I guess Netanyahu will be letting Putin know whats up before he meets Trump

Posted by: Pft | May 7 2018 0:00 utc | 23

@jayc #10

Every aspect of the Empire is operating now out in the open, they don't even bother to hide it any more - there and Empire it's there world Russia, Iran, NK, China?...well, they just don't understand quite yet.

I say it's the AngloZionist/Wahhabi Empire

My reason? When military strategy is actually carried out, when real decisions on what to do are made its is clear again and again that they are intended to serve the interests of all three.

Posted by: Babyl-on | May 7 2018 0:53 utc | 24

Karloff1 @ 23...thanks for that...that is good news, at least for those of us who hold out some hope for news all week..:>)



Posted by: oldenyoung | May 7 2018 1:23 utc | 25

Grieved @ 21 and others: Trust Satanyahu to deliberately start his working visit to Moscow on the very day that Russia celebrates Victory Day. Of course he has to be invited to view the parade. How could he not be, as a Head of State?

If the Turkish President or, in a most unlikely scenario, the Ukrainian President happened to be in Russia also on that day, he too would have had to be invited.

Perhaps the Russian military should lay on a huge parade just to scare the bejesus out of Satanyahu.

Posted by: Jen | May 7 2018 2:41 utc | 26

@23 karlof1. I think this is Canthama's source:

Posted by: Lozion | May 7 2018 2:53 utc | 27

Fox News Challenges Netanyahu's Claims about Iran Nuclear Deal

Posted by: Thomas Murphy | May 7 2018 4:26 utc | 28

@Thomas Murphy | May 7, 2018 12:26:38 AM | 30

Greeting, you're back? June 5, 2018 will be CA Statewide Direct Primary election. I received my copy CA Statewide Direct Primary Election booklet today. Need to spend time study who and how to vote especially the propositions? Damn fucking Democrats and Republicans parties they faked and lied confused voters in 2016 presidential elections.

I'm voting primarily against Democratic party candidates and proposition even against my best interest. If possible support Green party and/or independent and progressive candidates. NO FUCKING liberal, Neoliberal or NeoCon!

Posted by: OJS | May 7 2018 6:23 utc | 30

Hezbollah, allies make major gains in Lebanon elections

Posted by: Anon | May 7 2018 10:09 utc | 31

Actually it has been my understanding that Russia always invites the heads of states of all major powers to attend Victory Day parade. They're classy that way. It has just been the West's classless snub to refuse to attend. I'm sure the PM of Israel has always had a standing invitation to attend, so I wouldn't read so much into that as I would that it sounds like he may feel compelled to don his kneepads and attend. Nuttyahoo must be desperate indeed. That said, like Grieved I continue to be troubled by Israel's unnatural influence in Russia, as well as the West.

Posted by: J Swift | May 7 2018 10:18 utc | 32

J Swift | May 7, 2018 6:18:08 AM | 34

They have nukes, lots of them; and Israel's geographic location is no accident.

Posted by: V | May 7 2018 11:05 utc | 33

Gareth Porter on the Consortium has the same conclusion but a different theory on the origin of Bibi's fake presentation.

He says that they are just recycled from documents Israel leaked to the IAEA through MEK through 2004 based on the similarity of the info back then including the mismatch between the warhead vs. he nosecone design.

This is superficial, but does anyone else find the symmetry of the trove of stolen documents a tad suspicious? Netanayu shows us bookshelf filled with binders containing 50,000 papers and then another filled with 50,000 CD's. I know that this is a small thing but it bothered me.

If this was authentic, the proper protocol would be to release it to the IAEA and let them use it as a basis to investigate any new sites that Iran allegedly hid form them but of course the IAEA would say, 'hey, these are our documents'.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | May 7 2018 11:13 utc | 34

Putin's fraudulent election according to FOX, CNN, and NBC just because of about 2,000 protesters in Moscow. I wonder who the hosts on FOX news actually won the election?

Posted by: Christian Chuba | May 7 2018 12:51 utc | 35

To understand US foreign policy one must understand the role of the US military in the American economy as a whole. Observers who commment that this or that war will fail have not grasped this essential point. Their preoccupation with political effects prevents them from looking at the economic benefits. The US war machinery stimulates growth in an economy and era of little or no growth, not to mention provides employment for millions, and ensures access to strategic regions and resources. It requires constant conflicts and wars to feed itself.

Posted by: Ninel | May 7 2018 14:31 utc | 36

I see nobody's mentioned the intercepted Saudi cables regarding its interference in Lebanon's election and its plans for the traitor Hariri. SyrPers's Ziad posted two at his blog. Further reports here and here. This links to Nasrallah's speeches and English transcripts; I do suggest reading the two prior to the election, plus the one he gives at 5pm local time this evening. The Zionists have gone bat-shit crazy as one might imagine saying "All of Lebanon is now Hezbollah."

I'm curious about Hariri's fate given what's said in those Saudi docs. IMO, he ought to be exiled from Lebanon as the foreign agent he's most certainly, thus removing a potential FF target for Zionists.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 7 2018 15:44 utc | 37

Trump on the Bataclan attacks. > Den Lille Abe at 9

DT in MSM : gun-toting Parisians could keep France safe from terrorist attacks does not come out of nowhere.

There are many reasons (can’t go into it all briefly) to suppose that the Las Vegas shooting was a ‘terrorist’ attack. (I reckon DT believes it. Not trying to defend him btw.)

The only entity that has claimed responsibility for the LV carnage is ISIS, not known for falsely claiming authorship. Michael Smith, in an article in Foreign Affairs, titled: ‘Was ISIS responsible for the Las Vegas attack?’ Oct. 9 2017 (thus extremely early), stresses this point, and reviews various theories, explanations. He doubts that Paddock had any affiliations with ISIS / other terrorist group, though new information is always possible, he writes.

Final graph: The bottom line is that ISIS has cast a wide net and overseen the most aggressive and effective global recruitment and incitement campaign of any terrorist group in history, and it remains possible that ISIS’ claim over the Las Vegas attack is true.

Many more died in the Bataclan + other Paris venue(s) - almost identical in aim, method, scope, to the LV attacks (concert with trapped audience, other shootings elsewhere..) — on that night - 130 or so, with 99 in intensive care, 413 seriously injured.

Because the F police were ‘inefficient’ (say) and did not simply enter and shoot. It is apparent, from DT’s pov, that the LVPD did a better job than the French, in the sense that LV simply shot all suspects bang off, murdered quite a lot, and covered that up. (Paddock’s role was as a patsy, a lone shooter figure for the plebs.— Within that interpretation.)

This may seem like a sort of double mish-mash of wacky conspiracy theories…who knows… I have been investigating this attack, heh. DT is quite transparent in his speech though it seems like platitudes on the superficial level.

Posted by: Noirette | May 7 2018 15:48 utc | 38

@31 pyschohistorian.. thanks.. it would have surprised me more if they hadn't got a new name and continued on!!! thus i think it is important to understand the parent company scl and just what the ongoing contracts they have with the uk gov't are... any more skripal events planned??

Posted by: james | May 7 2018 15:54 utc | 39

pat langs latest... An Israeli-Iranian escalatory ladder in Syria?
so is israel planning on doing a false flag attack on itself and blaming iran?
these israeli planners are one fucked up group of planners.. they attack iran inside syria and then get anxious that iran might retaliate... why, the shock of it!!!! and even better - maybe they can make it a cause belli for ww3 where they drag in the usa of course.. these folks are truly fucked in the head..

Posted by: james | May 7 2018 16:01 utc | 40

@34 J Swift

Just for the record, I'm not troubled by Israel's relationship with Russia, and I don't regard it as "unnatural" influence at all. You should read the Mercouris article I linked at #21.

And there's this one by the Saker:
Putin and Israel – a complex and multi-layered relationship

Saker explains all the nuances at work here in Russia, and makes the point that "Putin is a good man in charge of a bad system." And no amount of wishing can change the Russian situation or produce miracles. There are already miracles aplenty in Russia's presence in Syria, and Putin's leadership of Russia. Where Russia's interests are in the balance, she does not hesitate even in thought to override any interests of Israel's. Anything less than this, is negotiable. Russia is not giving up any of itself in order to maintain its relationship with Israel. In one sense, Israel IS part of itself, with a lot of Russian Jews living there.

I think it's important to take a much longer view of things, because despite all the tactical fireworks every day, we're simply not living in an age when the real results are going to happen quickly. But they are happening, and for the enduring good.

Fort Russ today has a report of Putin's inaugural speech, and what he wants to do is bind the elders of the nation in a knowledge transfer and support mechanism for the youth of the nation, so they will step into their country and lead it to further greatness, while embodying Russian values and a clear moral compass. This, to me, will be his greatest legacy. And all of the current opposition in Russia will die away over time, and not be replaced by the youth.

In this sense, Putin is fighting his enemies within Russia in the same way that China is fighting its enemies simply by building the silk road. It's the same ultimate unseen, imperceptible, "boiling frogs", "softee, softee", "asymmetric", unchallengeable and irresistible approach. And the tree will grow immovably strong, and bear fruit decades hence.

Posted by: Grieved | May 7 2018 16:05 utc | 41

Official English Transcript of Putin's Inaugural Speech. Hard to choose one particular passage to excerpt; I chose this one since I can't imagine any US president uttering such words, specifically those I bolded:

"By having all people who care for their country and its future work together we will definitely deliver on our objectives and achieve breakthroughs in research and technology. Together, we can bring to fruition large-scale initiatives to upgrade and improve cities and villages and develop regions across Russia. We will be proactive in conducting a modern social policy that caters to the needs of every individual and every Russian household, improves the quality of education and healthcare. We will pay special attention to supporting the traditional family values, motherhood and childhood, so that more and more wanted and healthy babies are born in Russia who go on to become smart and talented people. It will be they, our children, who will take up our efforts to develop the country, and achieve even greater success than their parents, while respecting the history of our Fatherland."

Trump sorta said such things, but then his Republican Party allies escalated their War on the Poor and Middle Class in a way that proves their intention/policy is the opposite of any MAGA attempt, and certainly nothing as universally appealing as Putin's, which is further illustrated in his speech. Oh, and the setting is so much grander than a grandstand in DC--don't you think?

Posted by: karlof1 | May 7 2018 16:36 utc | 42

Noirette: Bataclan was a closed space and there were several shooters, while Las Vegas was a lone wolf shooting people spread across a big open space. That alone would make the former far more lethal.
Then you indeed add the fact French police entered the theatre late - not because they were inefficient but because they acted on outdated reasoning and experience, which is that armed people take hostages and then negotiate. One could wonder if they shouldn't have guessed from the get-go that it was an ISIS murder spree and not your average hostage situation; eventually, phone messages from people trapped there let them know that ISIS goons were actually methodically executing everyone they caught, and the police entered in full force. Still, it wasn't a matter of inefficiency but more of rules of engagement; and of course one could be hard pressed to argue that having armed audience in theatres across France would reduce the number of deaths overall...

Posted by: Clueless Joe | May 7 2018 16:40 utc | 43

Grieved 43. I watched the inauguration of Vladimir P. on French RT in real time, eating a shrimp sandwich.

The Russians really know how to do inspiring pomp and show, I’m always impressed by the Kremlin architecture and grounds, and the all-together singing / bands. Plus the controlled military display. Wow. :)

What was exceptional about it: inside the K - besides Putin trudging on the kilometers of red carpet - were many top figures, the privileged, etc. (Lavrov looked quite solemn and sad in a way, I’m a fan), but beyond that, Putin put, in his speech, accent on all peoples together, joined to make Russia greater, development, families, together, etc. Ok, standard.

The people outside (about 2K?) were all invited to be there, vetted (one can tell from the pix.) All were young, from civil society, and as said, from various associations, humanitarians, development, education, grass roots hopeful biz ppl, 'entrepreneurs' etc. with all social classes and ethnic groups (Putin said that in his speech) represented.

Putin / his Gvmt. has been working for 20 years at least to keep young ppl ‘on board’ in ‘associations’, some receive good funding (can’t prove that), others not so much, and so it goes.

Posted by: Noirette | May 7 2018 16:58 utc | 44

Yes but 1,600 people were arrested (temporarily detained) yesterday, SIXTEEN HUNDRED wails FOX NEWS but the thousands who protested Trump's election after losing the popular vote were just George Soros stooges.

Funny how the my peers in the U.S. are incapable of any self-reflection. They cannot imagine that Putin is actually popular on his own. If they hate him then people in Russia must hate him.

I wish I could be king of the U.S. for one day. I'd give Jack Keane and anyone at FOX as many boast filled with the latest and greatest U.S. made (non-nuclear) arms and send them off to Crimea with my blessings so that they could start the people's uprising to throw off the yoke of Russian oppression.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | May 7 2018 17:10 utc | 45

anyone catch the specific time putin was inaugurated at? thanks..

Posted by: james | May 7 2018 17:22 utc | 46

@ 48

Just after 12:00 Moscow time. UTC +3.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | May 7 2018 17:30 utc | 47

thanks tbear.. can you be more exact? 1205pm for example?

Posted by: james | May 7 2018 17:36 utc | 48

Sorry, I tuned in about 11:03 CET (UTC +2), President Putin had entered the final hall and mounted the stage and was introduced to the audience by an academic at which point P. Putin went to the podium and recited his oath of office. I would not think the time would be far off 12:10 when the oath was completed. Afterward Putin gave his address and exited the hall. No idea the time on that.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | May 7 2018 17:54 utc | 49

thanks t bear! i appreciate it.. doing an astro chart for the inauguration time is tricky.. leo rising, moon on the south node and stuff like that.. i will go with 1205pm until i find an exact time..

Posted by: james | May 7 2018 18:06 utc | 50

@ 52

Would commend finding a complete coverage of the ceremony and start clock when Putin enters the final hall from the white military hall and stop timing at the end of the oath. If you add what ever time that takes to 12:03 it would give the correct time to within 1 minute. Hope that would be acute enough for your calculations. A minute is only 1/4th a degree if my celestial nav. still works.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | May 7 2018 18:29 utc | 51

james: escalatory ladder

This should not be surprising to any close observer. IMO Zionist, neocon, and Wahabbi ideologues believe that they MUST prevail in Syria.

I’ve read somewhere that the Israelis are now threatening Assad himself if Iran attacks Israel from Syria.

Several important things are happening this week that may increase the chance of a false flag: Trump’s decision on the Iran deal (by May 12), US fleet arrives (about May 12), ceremonial opening of US embassy in Jerusalem (May 14). These events have made me concerned about a possible ff (especially on May 11) as I express last week

What do your charts say about May 11?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 7 2018 18:46 utc | 52

Russia's future Industrial Policy revealed through presidential decree aims to accomplish a lot over next 6 years. It's further expressed here; the full doc has yet to be posted to the Kremlin website. I really wish budgetary amounts would be given in Rubles instead of dollars. If the dollar's to be jettisoned, then get rid of it altogether!

Posted by: karlof1 | May 7 2018 18:48 utc | 53

Posted by: Pft | May 6, 2018 8:00:33 PM | 25

Putin walks a fine line with the military and oligarchs.

What oligarchs? They're dead, deported or know to stay out of politics. If any major power in this world is an oligarchy, it's the United States so perhaps you should stop projecting the shit America is in onto the Russians.

Posted by: Ghost Ship | May 7 2018 18:59 utc | 54

james @ 53
a minute = 0.0166667 of a degree
yes i was a navigator, had an old wooden schooner in the days before gps, got through the Tuamotus in a storm that lasted a week, just a sextant and a chronometer, no radar, no loran.

Posted by: mauisurfer | May 7 2018 19:24 utc | 55

Chas W Freeman was keynote speaker at silicon valley conference about China and USA sanctions
When asked whether the United States and allies around the globe would ever form a united front in challenging China’s economic policies, Chas Freeman told Asia Times simply, “it’s too late.”

“That is to say that sufficient damage is going to be done to our relationships with Europeans and others that we will not be able to form a common front,” he said.

“America is here to stay as a great power,” Freeman said in his opening keynote speech, adding, “China is back as one.” If leaders in Washington want to ensure he is right about the former, those gathered in Silicon Valley said, they have accept the latter. They also have to focus on investing in their own country’s future, not sabotaging China’s.

Posted by: mauisurfer | May 7 2018 19:28 utc | 56

@ 57

Glad you got wherever you were going with your navigation. Since the discussion was in terms of time, and an hour is 15º, a minute (of time) is 1/4th of a degree. You would be correct if the discussion was in arc angles where 1/60th of a degree is as you say. But it does make a lot of difference which minute you grab hold of. Ta.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | May 7 2018 19:48 utc | 57

@53 t bear... in astro - and it is approx - 1 minute is a 1/4 of a degree in the 360 wheel.. it changes depending on what sign is rising.. some are slow rising and others fast rising! leo rising is a little bit on the slow side.. the rising degree for putins inauguration from 12:04pm to 12:09pm is still 26 leo.. so, it's a pretty minor detail i was going for.. interestingly - this is about 3 degrees from trumps 1054am birth chart with 29 leo rising.. perhaps trump and putin will be able to work things out, while trump is continually shadowed by the 'in cahoots with russia' smear.. i think the idea that trump was interested in some type of common ground with russia is like poison to the military industrial complex and wall st... the msm is speaking for the mic and fic at this point, as is the mueller investigation which is starting to look like it is coming up empty handed..

@54 jr.. the israelis are all attack and not much else.. no rational country or leadership would approach life this way!!! some of it is obviously smoke and mirrors, but they continue to flaunt international law bombing syria without any real repercussions and definitely none from nikki haley, trump or the usa at this point... i think they are pushing for ww3 myself but it is hard to know how much is bluff and how far they will go trying to pull in their 24/7 pal - usa... and obviously the usa is stupid enough to continue on supporting israel/ksa/isis, while claiming only to support the first 2... ff on may 11th? israel celebrates its birthday on may 14th... they always seem to act out with moon in leo.. that is not til around the 20th.. i predict a difficult year for israel here... predicting ff's in advance is a fools game, even if i look like a fool doing astrology!

Posted by: james | May 7 2018 19:57 utc | 58

@ 60 james | May 7, 2018 3:57:35 PM

Thank you for your explanation of what you are looking for. I fear it is well beyond my competency or experience but thanks to your effort, I have caught a glimpse of something I had not known before. Again Thanks for making the effort to inform.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | May 7 2018 20:36 utc | 59

Stunning interview with former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova - on Russiagate connecting the dots, the history of lies in the brazen plot to exonerate H.R.Clinton.

WOW, and wow
The April 27, 2016 Foreign Intelligence Court ruling- "a Scandal" that legacy media avoided. IMO, it's Watergate II and III on steroids. Stay tuned.

Creating false facts. Now we know why Hillary said, "If Trump wins, we'll all hang..."

Posted by: Likklemore | May 7 2018 20:48 utc | 60

At least McCain lived long enough to ...

see his good friend Putin inaugurated into his fourth term in office. That has to mean something.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | May 7 2018 22:37 utc | 61

Did you see who became NRA's next leader? Felon guilty of illegal gun and drug running--Oliver North: A man who should've been hanged for treason.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 7 2018 22:48 utc | 62

Hard not to agree with @WithinSyria's logic:

"logically an early announcement would mean that Trump wants to pull out of Iran deal, if he wanted to stay in he would have waited until May 12 to increase the pressure on Iran, as if it took a long time to convince hims to stay in it, for me I believe he will end it"

Perhaps it was Boris's op/ed that pushed Trump to act early. However, Johnson says the JCPOA can be rewritten, but Iran has insisted it will not under any circumstances as it's very clear the Outlaw US Empire has failed to live up to its obligations under the agreement, not Iran. And just what is the "belligerent behavior" Iran is performing in the region Johnson alludes to? I guess he swallows his own propaganda, which is poison for a diplomat. Guess that's why he performs so poorly at his job.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 8 2018 0:16 utc | 63

@ karlof1 with the Ollie North at the NRA tidbit

I read that and it elicited a sardonic smile from me. With Bolton, Mattis and the rest, it is looking like the chicken house is getting stuffed with coyotes.

Part of me says this is a good thing because, as a species, we need to see and come to grips with the expressions of our lesser selves that these puppets for the elite show these feral animals really represent current humanity's aspirations?

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 8 2018 1:25 utc | 64

@61 t bear... thanks man... it is just a personal hobby of mine for about 45 years or so, lol... i have never pursued it full time - i don't have the right temperament for it... music is more my thing in terms of work..

@62 likklemore.. that was an interesting video.. thanks..

@65 karlof1... where is a link to everything withinsyria's logic says, or is that a twitter feed thing?

Posted by: james | May 8 2018 1:39 utc | 65

Likklemore 62

Looking at what Joe DiGenova has to say while thinking about what is going on with black cube and the nuke deal. The best way out for the Clinton/Obama crowd may be to try for a Trump/Israel collusion rather than Trump/Russia collusion. If they where desperate enough to go that way, there would be a lot more dirt to come out.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 8 2018 1:59 utc | 66

james: predicting ff's in advance is a fools game

Yes, it’s difficult to fathom what they are thinking, yet there is a certain logic and if you understand what drives the asshats, you can anticipate some of it.

What we see NOW seems like a perfect set up. Israel having attacked Iranian interests directly, Iran and Hez threatening retaliation, Netanyahu’s bullshit presentation, Israel’s National Day and US embassy ceremony, plus arrival of US naval group this week, all topped off by an early announcement by Trump so as to further piss-off Iran-Hez and given a few days to plan an attack before the 11th (or 14th or whatever).

With that said, I’m not predicting anything, only warning about the possibility given current events and historical knowledge.

I explained why I thought the 11th was a concern. It has been established in the western mind as a day for terror and mischief. So an attack on the 11th will be perceived in that context.

james: i think the idea that trump was interested in some type of common ground with russia is like poison to the military industrial complex and wall st...

Well, that is what they would have us believe, isn’t it? Faux populist leaders must always be seen as “fighting the good fight”. That way, their betrayals can be excused. Like when Obama:

>> DIDN’T pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq as planned (he only pulled troops out of Iraq when he was forced to by the Iraqis);

>> DIDN’T close Quantanamo has he had promised;

>> DIDN’T reign in the spy agencies:

- no prosecutions for rendition and torture;

- “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear;

>> DIDNT address income inequality:
- no Wall St. exec went to jail

- broke his campaign pledge to end the carried interest tax deduction that favors hedge fund and private equity millionaires

- made the loathsome Bush tax cuts permanent by participating in the farce known as “the fiscal cliff”

>> allowed use of toxic chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico to break up the oil (making it difficult to know how much was spilled) and thereby reduce BPs liability;

>> DIDN’T hold anyone accountable:

- Treasury Secretary Geithner colluded with Banks to “foam the runway” during the foreclosure crisis;

- Attorney General Holder was the first attorney general to be held in contempt of Congress;

- Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Clapper lies to Congress;

>> abused his office:

- conspired to mislead about Benghazi (NOT riots due to a video!);

- mislead about ISIS - calling them the “JV team” to excuse the weak effort against them;

- may have been part of the anti-Trump effort (TBD) - hard to believe that he was not involved when so many senior officials in his administration were;

>> pulled out of climate talks and ultimately sign an agreement that was widely criticized by environmentalists.
And there’s more. Faux populist leaders are not hero’s - they are ‘fixers’ for the establishment.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 8 2018 3:02 utc | 67

@43 Grieved

I did read the article you linked, and thought it was well written with good points made. On re-reading my own comment, I realized my phrasing was poor and I sounded like I was putting words in your mouth. My apologies, that was not my intent, and you are obviously extremely capable of speaking for yourself. I always look forward to your thoughtful and often eloquent comments.

I certainly do think that Putin has done a masterful job of balancing many interests and working with a system that was intentionally sabotaged by the West, and through almost superhuman patience and wisdom has rejuvenated Russia and its positive influence in the World. Assuming we can manage to not blow ourselves up, I think it will be far in the future before historians are able to fully appreciate all he's managed to do, and the delicate dance he's managed to dance with all of the diverse powers in Russia to accomplish what he has. He is also a better man than I in his ability to continue to engage with virtually all nations, even those with few redeeming qualities, knowing that over the long haul, that's the way you have to do it. Me, I'm not a politician or leader of a country, so I guess I can continue being disgusted with Israel and everything they have come to stand for, and not being particularly happy when any government placates Israel--even when I understand the tactical and geopolitical reasons for doing so from time to time.

Posted by: J Swift | May 8 2018 3:18 utc | 68

@ James 67.
A bunch of top dogs to be suited up in orange.
Mueller had best end the hunt. Three judges over the last week have rebuked his actions.

As one of the judges rebuked:
“What we don’t want in this country, we don’t want anyone with unfettered power … It’s unlikely you’re going to persuade me the special counsel has unlimited powers to do anything he or she wants.”

Dershowitz expands on it:

An experienced federal judge has confirmed what I have been arguing for months, namely, that the modus operandi of special counsel Robert Mueller is to charge associates of Donald Trump with any crime he can find in order to squeeze them into turning against the president.

This is what Judge T.S. Ellis III said at a hearing Friday: “You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud … What you really care about is what information Mr. Manafort could give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump or lead to his prosecution or impeachment.”

This tactic is as old as Adam turning against Eve. But, as the judge correctly pointed out, it risks the possibility that the squeezed witness will not only sing, he will compose. Here is what Ellis said about that: “This vernacular is to ‘sing,’ is what prosecutors use. What you got to be careful of is, they may not only sing, they may compose.”[.]

@ Peter AU 1 68
The best way out for the Clinton/Obama crowd may be to try for a Trump/Israel collusion rather than Trump/Russia collusion.

Will not happen...that's turning against the master and the hand that feeds.

Posted by: Likklemore | May 8 2018 3:42 utc | 69

Has the Guardian hit the bottom with an article about how WHITE women use "strategic" tears to get their way?

Posted by: MIschi | May 8 2018 9:43 utc | 70

Putin takes after his Dad - returning from a special op's outside of Leningrad during the war ( which he nearly did not survive )his Dad found Putin's Mum about to be thrown in a burial pit . ! His Dad said take her up stairs and' I will nurse her back to health' as he had found a pulse ! They carried her back to the family flat and Putin's Dad tended her with care . Putin's knowledge of Russia and the world and war, goes beyond mere books .

Posted by: ashley albanese | May 8 2018 9:57 utc | 71

Clueless Joe 45, you are right. I wrote inefficient, meant it from Trumpian pov and should have used “..” Also let’s not forget in the Bataclan attacks 1 person died and 10 were extremely seriously injured at the Stade de France (bombs). 39 people died and 32 were seriously injured by shooters at restaurants / terraces, nobody was capable of acting against (no police, nobody armed, etc.) Trump no doubt is also thinking of Omar Mateen: I have read that nightcub venues are ‘gun free zones’ in Florida, idk if that is true, perhaps the clubs can enforce it. But it does appear that Omar was the only person with a firearm there. (I am not advocating for arming citizens.)

james, I watched the full and my est. is 12.15, latest, for the time when Putin **finishes** his swearing-in speech. After all it is only when he stops speaking that the performative is official. If he fainted before the end it would be invalid, and would have to be done over again. However it is possible that the transmission had cuts in it compressing the time , so my estimate would be off (too early), plus see T-Bear above.

Posted by: Noirette | May 8 2018 13:52 utc | 72


There's a big naval base where I live (big = air craft carrier capable). You can sit on the hike and watch this beautiful new facility, as fine as a Swiss ski village, with a $30M sports center, and the Blue Team amble from one building to the other, no doubt urgently planning the takeover of another country, although from the full gym and lazy attitude, it looks more like MarALago North.

And Trump just cut $15B from School Lunch Programs, here in the New American Century Holocaust.

Posted by: Chipnik | May 8 2018 14:16 utc | 73

james @67--

Here's the link to that Twitter comment. He's located in Tartus and is often a good info source.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 8 2018 15:16 utc | 74


Russia's New Government Puts Thinking Cap On To Make Breakthrough in Spinelessness

Posted by: John Gilberts | May 8 2018 15:51 utc | 75

@69 jr.. i don't doubt israels interest in creating ongoing false flags, or that they would like to pull one off here to derail the agreement with iran.. i don't think they will though... however i did notice that today france made another announcement of it's willingness to bomb syria is another chemical attack happens.. france is really pathetic.. without any basis in fact - they continue on in this 'we support israel' mantra... i don't hold trump or obama up as models of anything good, in spite of the words they say... they both seem beholden to the military and financial industry complex... i think what is different with trump here is how they tried to frame him prior to his even being elected with the 'in alliance with russia' bullshit... see @62 likklemores link.. that seems fairly close to reality as i see it.. regardless - trump will do what he will do and it will be business as usual with the same powers in the drivers seat, as the usa rapidly approaches heading over a cliff.. the false flags are not going to derail that...

@71 likklemore... yes - composing verses singing is the problem and i think the judge is right to frame it that way..that is what it appears mueller is looking for - someone to compose, as opposed to sing, whereby mueller will have the grounds for impeachment of trump.. the whole thing is a circus way past its due date..

@73 ashley albanese.. i have watched a few videos on putin growing up and etc.. i agree with you.. here is one video i have yet to finish watching that some others might be interested in.. it gives one a better perspective on the man..

@74 noirette.. thanks.. maybe i need to adjust it to later then... not sure why marjorie orr has 11:05am chart.. i think she is wrong on that!

@76 karlof1.. thanks! thanks for your posts with interesting links too..

@77 john... i am not sure what to make of helmers focus on kudrin.. i asked him in a message too.. it seems like some kind of soft propaganda exercise on russias part to make like they are going to cow tow to the west/usa.. i just don't see it!

Posted by: james | May 8 2018 16:26 utc | 76

sorry - here is the video i mentioned to ashley -

Posted by: james | May 8 2018 16:28 utc | 77

james @78

... they both seem beholden to the military and financial industry complex... i think what is different with trump here is how they tried to frame him prior to his even being elected with the 'in alliance with russia' bullshit...

This is a contradictory statement. Why would they frame him if he is “beholden to the military and financial industry complex”?

The Russia investigation could be seen as a genuine effort by well-meaning patriotic Americans OR it could be viewed as “insurance” that is meant to hold Trump to account. Will anyone of any importance ever see a jail cell? Probably not.

Obama faced a similar effort that questioned his loyalty: the “birthers”.

A cynic would note that the office of the Presidency is captured (“beholden”, as you say) and the figurehead in office is more effective when he/she is a populist. A ‘faux populist” leader, however, has the potential to turn against the establishment and become a real populist. Thus, some ‘insurance’ is needed. The counterweight to this ‘insurance’ are the apologists, which ensure that the faux populist remains effective.

It’s a very stable system and looks very dynamic and democratic. In that way it’s more effective than Russian and Chinese systems where the same people are always at the top.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 8 2018 18:07 utc | 78

LIVE Trump announce re Iran deal

Posted by: Anon | May 8 2018 18:10 utc | 79

@80 jr... you are right.. it is a contradictory statement.. i think the purpose of framing him is to hold him to their agenda... i am not completely sure it is working... the choice is in believing trump wants something different for the usa, verses believing he is one and the same as obama..

i don't think the mueller investigation has much of any integrity to it.. why not investigate how the usa is completely in israels back pocket? that would produce a lot more tangible evidence and be of much greater relevance here.. the whole exercise is just to have something to hang over trumps head and i think it is brought to the usa via the cia/fbi and democratic party..

i would like to think trump is unpredictable and not easily categorize-able... i still hold a shred of belief that he will go off script in a way that is of benefit for the usa.. but, i am not sure he will... the bombing of syria both times seemed very lukewarm.. why is that?

it is interesting what you say.. you are much more articulate in your view on the usa system, then i... i don't live their and i have a tendency to simplify my ideas and latch onto some element of truth that i think or feel is relevant... trump may have been the leader the deep state wanted, but i am still not convinced.. i think things went off course in this last election and i think they had to in order for the usa to change.. otherwise, it is all same ol' same ol' with no change and war 24/7 on the horizon at all times... do you think it is this way i say in my previous last sentence? thanks - james

Posted by: james | May 8 2018 18:18 utc | 80

Trump cited Netanyahu’s presentation as part of his justification for leaving the Iran deal. The same presentation that b has debunked.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 8 2018 18:32 utc | 81

Isreal put troops on high alert citing “unusual movements of Iranian forces in Syria (hit ZeroHedge).

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 8 2018 18:34 utc | 82

james: ... do you think it is this way I say in my previous last sentence?

I wrote about Trump as “faux populist” in my blog about a year ago. Prior to the election, I felt Trump was the “lesser evil”. After the election I saw how the “Never Trump”-ers continued to push for investigations but I didn’t understand until April 2017 (after Trump’s first missile attack on Syria) how Trump and Obama were following the same “faux populist” model.

Oh sure, Obama and Trump have different agendas and serve a different constituency (aka, “base”) but that is fundamentally a smokescreen. How many betrayals does it take to see that? That’s why I listed Obama’s betrayals in a prior comment. Trump is also racking up betrayals of his base.

To answer your question: IMO it is the same ol’ same ol’.

I don’t think Hillary was meant to win. Furthermore, I imagine that she was the one that actually came up with the “faux populist” model. There’s a reason why the establishment adores Hillary. The Clinton’s are very much pro-establishment even though they are obstensibly Democrats. In fact many hate her for being two-faced. So if the establishment wanted to implement this winning model, they would pit a trusted Hillary against a populist. And that has happened twice now!

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 8 2018 19:04 utc | 83

@85 jr... fair enough.. thanks for breaking it down bit by bit for me.. i appreciate your perspective and can't argue with any of it.. i guess i would only say that i still feel there is a certain amount of fluidity in what trump will do moving forward.. i could be flat out wrong on that and it will be war as usual.. at present - that is what it looks like - war as usual.. if i was russia or china - that is definitely how i would read it here going forward.. i don't think anything has changed in that regard, so in this regard you are correct in your take - as i see it..

Posted by: james | May 8 2018 19:14 utc | 84

@ 86 james

I rather agree with @ 74 Noirette | May 8, 2018 9:52:49 AM. Their assessment of the time may be better than mine. I don't think Noirette needs work about time lapses in the coverage, the only thing that changed was the operative camera angle and Putin was in constant view. If not mistaken, the time needed to change video camera feed is almost instantaneous., certainly quicker than the human eye can master. Yes 12:15 is a better estimate afterall.

Did you see?:
Those 'days of silence' before a Russian election are to be taken at face value and not to be messed with, not even for prognosticators of the old school if it involved the media. Be forewarned. :)

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | May 8 2018 21:41 utc | 85

@87 t bear... thanks.. i changed it to 1215pm for the time being... thanks for that link to the russian astrologer prediction.. i related to this comment in the comment section - "Predicting that Putin would win the election is a bit like predicting snow in Moscow in winter. Pretty much a dead cert." it seems it is okay to make predictions in russia, just not have them spread in the msm before election time... there are a few other quirks to the story too..

i would really like to get hold of some astrologers in russia, but it is hard to do given that i don't speak the language.

Posted by: james | May 8 2018 22:25 utc | 86

@ jackrabbit.. it seems pats latest post is in confirmation of your theory and my earlier speculation.. "IMO a false flag attack on Israel is likely. pl"

i am just reading it now..

i tend to think it is a given, but it's the timing that i'm not sure about.. i doubt it happens right in here before the 14th, but it might.. uranus changes signs into taurus on the 15th.. israel sun is in taurus.. it is going to be an altered 7 year cycle for israel given the location of the sun in it's natal chart.. the fact uranus changes signs on the 15th is kind of a big deal in astrology.. it usually implies surprises in everything connected to taurus - money and assets being one of the topics connected to taurus..

Posted by: james | May 8 2018 22:33 utc | 87

speaking of which, looks like israel is bombing syria right now..

Posted by: james | May 8 2018 22:36 utc | 88


For reasons that I previously stated, I believe the date that is most likely is May 11.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 8 2018 23:09 utc | 89

jr - i guess we can wait and see.. israel is very arrogant to think it can bomb syria with impunity, although i know that classless lady nikki haley isn't going to peep.. what a useless ambassador she is, and i thought samantha powers was bad..

Posted by: james | May 9 2018 2:22 utc | 90

james: what a useless ambassador she is

Amb. Haley is very useful to certain people.

Sorry if that seems like nit-picking. I often see judgements like this that are based on the perspective that some pol or public figure “works for the people” and should have the best interest of the public at heart. The persistence of this naive assumption, despite all evidence to the contrary, stems from things which we each have to challenge:

1) normalcy bias

2) propaganda that promotes normalcy bias

3) ignorance

4) the horror of the alternative (which is very similar to normalcy bias but different)

The first ‘step’ to change is recognizing that you have a problem. Amb. Haley is a symptom of a larger problem. I think it’s now clear that pols, reporters, etc. are many times just paying lip service to the duty they owe to the public. This is so endemic that it is certainly systemic. It reflects the failure of our political and social system (not just in US but in many Western countries). We should never miss an opportunity to reference and lament THAT failure instead of its symptoms.

I think many would say that pointing to systemic failings is useless. That only the great ‘reset’ can hope to change anything. But IMO we should never give up hope.

PS I know that you are aware of the social and political failings. I write this for the benefit of others.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 9 2018 3:27 utc | 91

Canada's Silence on Israel's Crimes Isn't Surprising

"Trudeau and Freeland believe that Israel has the 'right' to kill as many Palestinians as it wants to, whenever it wants to, for whatever reason it wants to..."

Israel's Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi Makes A Historic Visit To Canada

"The project expresses a true partnership between the Canadian Jewish community and Israel, particularly the IDF, which he described as the most ethical and moral army in the world..."

Zionized from sea to shining sea.

Posted by: John Gilberts | May 9 2018 6:57 utc | 92

@93 jr... i hear what you are saying and i think you are right... many times i am just letting off steam.. it is systemic and nikki haley is just a cog in a system that is broken and has been for some time... to expect her to be any different is foolish.. i readily admit that.. i am not sure how the system changes here, other then complete breakdown of the system... speaking of which....

@94 john gilberts... we are truly fucked in the head on a political level here in canada... bought and paid for by jewish influence..

Posted by: james | May 9 2018 15:31 utc | 93

psychohistorian... here is an interesting excerpt from putin yesterday or very recent - english subtitles 2 minutes...
it seems russia wants to move away from the us$ and is discussing it openly at this point.. video comes via smoothie..

Posted by: james | May 9 2018 19:25 utc | 94

@ james with the Putin link about moving away from the US dollar....thanks

Yes, the move is out in the open now and control of global finance is the war that is being fought through proxies and misdirection.

Any time now the trickle turns into a stream that turns into a river that then becomes roaring and sweeps away all in its path.

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 9 2018 19:44 utc | 95

jackrabbit - some weight to the upcoming false flag in the next few days.. it does look like israel is ready to frame iran for something they are responsible for.. - false flag developing...

Posted by: james | May 9 2018 22:55 utc | 96


If I’m right, the May 11th ff is what will bring US into the war. What’s happening now is preliminary.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | May 10 2018 1:50 utc | 97

@99 jackrabbit.. well, your view and my flippant remark from earlier is lining up pretty good so far.. i think this is going to pass, but i could be mistaken.. i don't think this pulls in the usa.. in this case, i hope i am right..

Posted by: james | May 10 2018 5:12 utc | 98

Open Threading

As the world markets are turning away from using the dollar itself for commercial exchange, they may be making a serious error in destroying the U.S. dollar as the world's monetary unit. Time and custom have now placed the U.S.$ as the common measure of almost every commodity and service to which all other national currencies are measured. This was exactly the position 'commodity gold' once held as the common measure of value. There would also be a substantial side effect in that when the value of the U.S.$ is determined by the world markets, the U.S. will have lost control of its currency and its value. If the global markets control the dollars value, they then control the world's richest economy. Economics = Power.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | May 10 2018 8:03 utc | 99

Another 'panda hugger' bites the dust !
Asean's most pro Beijing leader, PM Najib is ousted.

Washington must be very pleased, as for whether it has a role Najib's downfall....


Posted by: denk | May 10 2018 8:23 utc | 100

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