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May 11, 2018

Open Thread 2018-23

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Many thanks, Grieved, for the Vesti News link, and especially the clip concerning Duma deliberations with fascinating back and forth repartee. I loved the bit between Putin and the communists, also can see why Putin advocates for Medvedev.

Posted by: juliania | May 12 2018 6:51 utc | 101

Daniel 102
Judaism is one of the four national religions enshrined in the Russian Federation constitution. I think it is up to parliament and referendum to change the constitution.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 12 2018 6:51 utc | 102

How does a strengthened Shiite crescent serves Russian interests? Likewise Chinese interests.

How does the elimination of Israel serves Russian interests? Likewise Chinese interests.

Posted by: ThatDamnGood | May 12 2018 7:07 utc | 103

Meanwhile, the dogs bark and the caravan passes ....

from The Duran:

"Russia, EAEU draft free trade deal with Iran"

"As President Donald Trump brings an end to America’s participation in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and resumes preexisting economic sanctions on the Middle Eastern country, and introduces some fresh ones, Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union are finally putting some finishing touches on a deal to erect free trade with Iran, and some economic cooperation with the Chinese.

While the deal isn’t hot off the press, as it has been in the works, the talks began on the subject back in 2015, a completed draft is coming out right on the heels of renewed sanctions against Iranian trade partners. PressTV reports:

"Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a draft agreement to establish a free trade zone between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) countries, Tass news agency reported Tuesday."

Posted by: Dario | May 12 2018 7:11 utc | 104


No Russia has not "delivered" S300, they havent even sold it, there is no talk at all, but Russia want the anti-israel/america crowd to believe that.
If Russia wont deliever S300 to Syria, they wont ever do it to Iran. And havent. For years of possible sale of such system.

Posted by: Anon | May 12 2018 7:17 utc | 105

Explanation of Russia's approach by Andrei Korybko. Russia is taking a balance-of-power approach, not a bloc approach, to Syria. Hence its ambiguous stances towards Turkey, Iran, and Israel. Beyond what is required to defeat the Takfiris and assure the stability of the Syrian government, the rest is negotiable. Putin does not want the situation between Iran and Israel to escalate, and to that end is seeking greater influence in Syria vis-a-vis Iran.

Posted by: Thirdeye | May 12 2018 7:46 utc | 106

Every supplicant to Moscow has to pay a price. They are allowed to blow wind and save face but all pay a price. Netanyahu has a well beaten path to Moscow since Russia entered Syria.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 12 2018 7:47 utc | 107

@ Don Bacon, would like to apologize to you for the language and tone of a comment I made to you day or two back. You are a good person an put in good comments. I generally try and get above that but when physically and mentally exhausted I revert to my normal state. Not an excuse, just what I am.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 12 2018 7:55 utc | 108

Related to threats from Trump?

UN nuclear watchdog chief inspector suddenly bows out, sets off speculations

Posted by: Anon | May 12 2018 8:04 utc | 109

ThatDamnGood 105
only peace serves Russian and Chinese interests.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 12 2018 8:10 utc | 110

Dario @106 I think here the saying "the loudest wheel gets the oil" aka western media attention. To me the US politics always has a lot of show business involved, while China and Russia do not talk so much about their plans, but act without show.

That EUAU agreement was expected and along with the new train connection from China that was opened this week, delivering sunflower seed, Iran is silently integrated into the Eurasian community. But that is not all, since that big meeting 2 or 3 years ago in Ufa, where the member states of the EUAU, SCO and BRICS met, Iran has started the ascension process for the SCO. So even if Putin an Xi are not loudmouthed or twittering about Iran, I don't think they will abandon them. Contrary, I think they will use the opportunity the integrate Iran even faster into their sphere.

Posted by: Fran | May 12 2018 8:27 utc | 111

Anon@111 when I read that, my first thought was if he got a phone call from Bolton. The other day I read somewhere that ElBaradei the IAEA chief at the time of Bush, wrote in his memoire that he got a phone call from Bolton, who asked him to resign subito and that the US was well aware where his sons live. And as you might recall, ElBaradei resigned suddenly too as chief of IAEA.

Sorry, can't find the link anymore.

Posted by: Fran | May 12 2018 8:32 utc | 112

101 The achilles heel is Germany's car industry - which is very much its industrial backbone.

German car industry has started business with Iran - eg Volkswagen and they will hate to lose that. On top of that they have run into problems with US law (very much their own fault).

All in all German exports to the US were 113 Billion from 1093.9 Billion overall in 2013. Slightly down in 2017

French industry is in a similar position.

Any trade war with the US would be extremely complex as German companies are producing in the United States employing people there. So I guess they might continue trade with Iran and just wait and see.

Banking is a different matter but I suppose that can be solved by creating banks not trading in Dollar but local currencies and the Euro.

The EU - Mogherini - has said they would look into strategies to protect the Iran deal.

All in all, Russia and Iran have all reason to try to look nice and cuddly for now, whilst the US has all reason to try and make Israel provoke Iran to make them look dangerous. The idea that you can make a people of 6 Million compete with a people of 80 million plus in the Middle East is a joke. Netanyahu knows why he keeps a line open to Putin and presumably they also know how to talk to Hezbollah and Iran.

Saudi and Russia have just concluded an oil deal that will keep Russia in good shape for quite a while.

Trump's Iran decision looks like a huge own goal to me. We will see.

Posted by: somebody | May 12 2018 8:58 utc | 113

I think people on sites such as these forget the fact that everyone is controlled and part of the show, be it Putin, Net or Trump. Its all a sham. They do what they can within the very strict guidelines they have been given. They know what happens if they step outside those lines.

Putin knows he cant stop the US eventually shaping Syria as they want. All he can do is try and get the biggest crumbs that fall from the table.

Posted by: ross | May 12 2018 9:17 utc | 114


Well the Iranians seem to think they have got it.

Posted by: somebody | May 12 2018 9:24 utc | 115

Death Toll for Gaza’s March of Return Keeps Rising, Call for International Protection May 11, 2018

Hard to believe nobody give a shit

Posted by: OJS | May 12 2018 9:27 utc | 116

Posted by: ross | May 12, 2018 5:17:57 AM | 116

Did not work with Iraq, did it? All it took to stop them was an influential Shiite cleric.

Iraqi elections will be interesting. Do you think Abadi will win?

Posted by: somebody | May 12 2018 9:28 utc | 117

OJS 118

Do you think about the millions of people that die each year of now well known and easily cured diseases because US big pharma has a monopoly on the cheap to produce required drugs? Far more people die from this per year than in the US war on the world.
Israel only does what it does because under US protection it is the spoilt child that can do as it likes.
Are you American OJS?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | May 12 2018 10:04 utc | 118

Peter 120

Do you think about the millions of people that die each year of now well known and easily cured diseases because US big pharma has a monopoly on the cheap to produce required drugs? Far more people die from this per year than in the US war on the world.

I'd call that part of the US war on the world.

Posted by: Russ | May 12 2018 10:26 utc | 119

@104 2 for 2 in propaganda memes

Trollish Question 1: "How does a strengthened Shiite crescent serves Russian interests? Likewise Chinese interests."

There is no "Shiite crescent"; that propaganda construct is nonsense because the ethnicities in huge swaths of the 'crescent' are majority Sunni. The goal is strengthening sovereignty and independence from US/Israel imperialism in Syria and Iraq, no more.

Trollish Question 2: "How does the elimination of Israel serves Russian interests? Likewise Chinese interests."

Use of Israeli/US anti-Iran propaganda term, "elimination of Israel," designed to be misinterpreted, necessitates explaining that Iran and almost all decent people in the world want a post-apartheid Israel/Palestine where everyone is a first-class citizen regardless of religion. Iran's leadership (and Israel's, actually) reasonably understands the concept of 'Israel' as apartheid-like, that it is a nation where those of the Jewish faith have real citizenship and everyone else is denied that right (or worse). That's why Iran wants to 'eliminate' Israel and replace it with a multi-faith equal rights society. The naming of that new state or those new states would be a minor concern.

Posted by: fairleft | May 12 2018 11:40 utc | 120

Daniel @ 101: When Israelis say that some Russian / Soviet emigre Jews aren't assimilating into Israeli society, that can mean (a) they are refusing to learn and speak Hebrew, and are staying within Russian-speaking communities and not participating in Israeli life (such as doing conscript duty in the IDF) or (b) they are not even Jewish (in the religious sense) to begin with, but were able to emigrate to Israel because they can claim a Jewish ancestor.

In Soviet times, Jews were treated as an ethnic group. In those days, everyone had to have an internal passport which listed not just their own names and personal details but also the names of their parents and their parents' ethnic groups. A person inherited his/her "ethnicity" from the father. I do not know what the present situation is in the Russian Federation.

I even heard many years ago that there was a neo-Nazi scene in Israel, made up mostly of people of Russian Jewish background. If Russian Jews keep to themselves, read their own Russian-language media, stick within their own communities, and do not even know anything about Judaism (much less practise it), you can see how Israelis regard them as not assimilating to Israeli society and how neo-Nazism can grow up in the country.

Posted by: Jen | May 12 2018 11:44 utc | 121

Korybko interprets Russian signals as message to Assad to "compromise," which I don't agree with at all as such a "demand" backwalks numerous previous statements about Syria by Russia, which isn't normal Kremlin behavior. In essence, Korybko's arguing that the relationship between Zionists and Russia is more important than Russia's relations with Syria, Iraq, and Iran--a huge misread on his part, IMO.
Posted by: karlof1 | May 11, 2018 2:33:48 PM | 4 see also Posted by: Grieved | May 11, 2018 4:29:09 PM | 27 and Posted by: From the resistance | May 11, 2018 5:48:08 PM | 40

I also used to regard Korybko highly, but in that article linked he is totally unhinged. Every argument he makes there is a total non-sequiter.

Karlof1 @ 41 Peskov is fluent in English with good comprehension of its nuances and structure. Reading between the lines, the key tell for me:

"Russia has never announced such deliveries and only specified that it reserves the right in the wake of US-led airstrikes against Syria to do everything possible in this situation."

"and to do everything possible in this situation..[.] and FM Sergey Lavrov stated...including delivery of S300"
Lavrov, experienced as he is, have never been recorded to "mis-speak"

Posted by: Likklemore | May 11, 2018 6:32:41 PM | 50

We know that Russia delivered something to Syria but we don't know what. I read somewhere (Sputnik, AMN, something like that) a definitive statement that (among other things) 41 (!!!) Pantsir's had been delivered. I suspect that S300 or S400 were also delivered, but it is being kept top secret. My suspicion is that Putin wants to keep it secret until a MAJOR attack is launched - and then BANG! The attacks from Israel so far have been just provokations with no major threat, and can be handled with existing firepower (including some of the recent additions). Putin wants to de-escalate not escalate, and at the same time on the other hand to delay as far as possible any unavoidable escalations (more defences in place not only in Syria but elsewhere; more new technology released; more quantity of new resources in stock etc; on the other hand also alternative financial system further down the road; Eurasian block stronger; hegemon block weaker; pressure for change in Europe probably stronger). The more any major escalations can be delayed the better, and it is worth paying a high price for this delay because the strategic advantages are huge.

There was also specific news of an agreement between Iran and Russia for the use of an airfield in Iran (south Iran somewhere? Can someone remember?) in exchange for guarding by S400. Strange that we have heard no more, but it is probably already in effect. Also what about the cooperation agreement with Lebanon that was already completed? That also seems to be somewhat hush-hush now. Nobody seems to be asking questions about it despite the rising tensions. That may be one reason why Israel is so jittery, because they don't know what has been set up. The provocations in Syria may be partly to try to find out what they have.

Posted by: BM | May 12 2018 11:57 utc | 122


Also relevant to the above I read Putin delayed a major involvement in Syria from 2012 (2013?) to 2015 while he secured the technological developments he needed (silent power hidden behind his back) to ensure that he can follow his punches through and protect against any escalations by the US. That is his style of operation, which is important to understand. The exact opposite of US bluster.

Posted by: BM | May 12 2018 12:04 utc | 123

paul 121

Indeed, its absurd to read all those apologists and trying to protect Russia in every particular way, its not sensible at all.
Thats the daunting black & white approach.

Posted by: Anon | May 12 2018 12:17 utc | 124

@Posted by: Daniel | May 12, 2018 1:04:25 AM | 95

"Oh, come on now. Who would place tons of explosives in a stadium and blow up thousands of people?"

Those of always, funded, backed and trained by those of always....

Russia’s FSB foiled terrorist attack on massive V-Day Immortal Regiment march in Moscow – official

Posted by: From the resistance | May 12 2018 12:23 utc | 125

@Posted by: karlof1 | May 11, 2018 10:41:42 PM | 83

Garrie seems to be far more "lost in translation" and into its own liberal agenda than most of the "alt-media" activists he so harshly criticize by stating that Netanyahu was much more respectful to the Russian people and its Victory Day celebrations than the "alt-media" activists criticizing just the Russian government decission of exhibiting by the side of such heinous guests in such a, precisely, sacred celebration for the Russian people,but not the Russian people as a whole.
A critic is hardly an insult, as Garrie tries to equate, and the very Russian people has criticized the same attitude of its own officials, along with the astonishing prohibition of holding Stalin portraits in the Immortal Regiment, alleging that Stalin is not a direct relative od any Russian today... ( when it was the very Stalin who suggested the first V-Day Parade...and still many people in Russia holds Stalin as a putative father or grandfather who conducted them to victory against the nazi plague whic tried to spread over their country....). What we are witnessing is a sane and fair criticism on what it seems a hijacking of the anti-fascists celebrations in Russia by actors who, precisely, are known, or clearly seem now to be, in the opposite side of this fight which still today keeps going without continuity solution....

Garrie seems to have lost the "attitude" of Netanyahu who, just few minutes after viewing the V-Day Military Parade and having taking part in the Immortal Regiment himself, took the opportunity of the bilateral talks into The Kremlin to insult, not only Putin in his very face, but also the whole Russian people which so, lte´s say, "flexibly" were still hosting him, by comparing Iran with Nazi Germany, in an exercise of bad manners, lack of diplomacy, basic decency and good taste only proper of such a gross fascist able to ignore his own genocidal policy in the occupied territories and to place a too much realist sculpture of shoe in the middlle of the table he shares with a Japanese PM...

Posted by: From the resistance | May 12 2018 13:12 utc | 126

@Peter AU 1 | May 12, 2018 6:04:11 AM | 120

Are you American OJS?
I'm an American and as for "US big pharma has a monopoly"......

RT America’s Lawyer Mike Papantonio and Lee Camp discuss: Disease and Wall Street - business partnership leaves Americans in the dust Published time: 10 May, 2018 06:48

Posted by: OJS | May 12 2018 13:54 utc | 127

Trump has withdrawn from, otherwise objected to, or proposed re-negot., etc. re.:

Trade: TTP, trans pacific agreement, TTIP, transatlantic trade and investment partnership, NAFTA -> re-negotation

..where each one is at right now is complex, see flip-flops, look up each one, etc.

Protectionist tariffs outside of WTO etc. Imho doesn’t amount to much, tough man posturing, effet d'annonce (announce something, then later whatever.) Incomplete:

Leads to a ‘trade fight’ with China … all over the MSM…yawn.

For trade policy see for ex. US Gov 2018

Leaving the Paris Climate agreement, in 2020, as per the statutes. (Hopium and ‘green’ energy boost, maybe one inch better than nothing. Implementing 'whatever' measures, voluntary.)

Quitting the UN Global Compact on Migration. (Voluntary in any case.)

….> Cutting contributions to the UN (post UN contra Jerusalem=capital vote) Jerusalem Emb. will for now be an ‘annex’ dealing with consular matters. Nobody would have noticed barring grandiose posturing.

Exiting UNESCO. The US stopped funding it 6-7 years ago because it recognises Palestine. A formality. Will take effect Dec. 2018 (afaik)

The Iran ‘nuke deal’, not a treaty, not even ‘a memorandum of understanding’ but as the label itself says ‘a plan of action’. Was peculiar to begin with and imho doomed to fail. Not in the interest of Iran, nor of the US btw (its trade competitiors, specially France, Germany, China, gained advantages, which surely enrages DT.)

Terrible showing for an isolationist! Anything that can be thrown at Trump will be, for reasons ‘other.’ Mucho distraction, pearl-clutching etc.

Truly, the Society of the Spectacle.

Posted by: Noirette | May 12 2018 14:00 utc | 128

@Anon | May 12, 2018 8:17:48 AM | 126

The apologists are no different from Democrats or Russiagate. Careful what you said here. There are more apologists than independent no party preference voters.

I was here (MoA) almost since 2014 and donated twice to b. cannot lie and b can checks my IP address

Posted by: OJS | May 12 2018 14:12 utc | 129

@Posted by: Grieved | May 11, 2018 8:50:47 PM | 71

I found not fair, not even decent, what Putin answers to the representative of the KPRF, Gennady Zyuganov, on that they were the memebers of the Communist Party who are responsible of the falling of the USSR.
To be exact, they were a part of the Communist Party who were reactionaries conveniently infiltrated along the years to achieve that result on turning the USSR into the capitalist system, amongst them a certain sector of the security aparatus, including the KGB. These reactionaries joined the Communist Party only to keep into the loop while they remained conspiring to overthrown the government, and specifically the system, which they were part of, even, if it was needed, by allying with the USSR worst enemy, the US.

Whether Putin belongs to this infiltrated "certain sector" is still to be seen, although the recent moves, and this precise statement at the Duma in particular, does not paint well at all.....The move by Putin of presenting himself as an independent "candidate of the people" in the past elections to then appoint a government basically from United Russia party, is a tricky movement, to say the least, which has not passed unnoticed by the Russian people.....
It is still to be seen whether his ambitious program on increasing Russian´s life conditions and expectancy is to be achieved in this last tenure, what for sure so far he seems to be cementing is his gold retirement both, amongst the Russian oligarchy and the world´s one, who he does not seem willing to contradict, least to oppose....

To debunk Putin´s not so accurate statement, there were an important part of the Communist Party, including high ranking people into the Red Army and the security aparatus, who opposed the coup d´etat by obviously infiltrated fake communist Yeltsin and his minions, whose outcome resulted in the death of around 12 million Russians by the harsh degrading of life conditions which supposed the sudden dismantling of the social and political structure of USSR and the following appplication of shock economic doctrine, number which far overpass the alleged victims of Stalin´s purgues which so often like to wave into scene the liberals and current Russian government officials whenever they have the opportunity.....

Posted by: From the resistance | May 12 2018 14:27 utc | 130

@121 paul... lol.. and what are all your posts hellbent on? geez, you are good for a laugh if nothing else!

Posted by: james | May 12 2018 15:25 utc | 131

Off topic: has anyone heard from the Skrpals recently? We know that no one is allowed to hear from Julian Assange who, curiously, lives out his horrendous exjudical punishment in the same civilised country as the disappeared Skripals. What kind of a country is that anyway, Ms May?

Posted by: Quentin | May 12 2018 16:57 utc | 132

@134 quentin.. the uk is clearly a backward country moving towards complete irrelevance... it can't happen soon enough..

Posted by: james | May 12 2018 17:18 utc | 133

The whole S-300 business seems like a bit of red herring, a boogie man being deftly used by Russia to try to keep a lid on provocations by the West, and particularly by Israel.

Russian MOD has stated more than once that while it is considering supplying S-300s, or isn't, or reserves the right to, or likely will if the West escalates strikes on Syria, etc.--the Syrians have everything they currently need. Everyone focusses on the first half of the statement, which tends to morph as needed for the moment, but really I think the second part is key. It is the reason the talk of Russian betrayal or cowardice or whatever is misplaced.

Think about it...Russia has been very busy assisting Syria with the installation of a modern, integrated radar detection and fire control network. They have also undoubtedly assisted with modernization of the S-200s Syria has in stock. The S-200 missiles, particularly if upgraded, are still extremely competent missiles, some models having basically the same range as the S-300s. No doubt they are still slightly more susceptible to countermeasures, such that two or three missiles might need be launched per aircraft target, but recent events show when coupled with modern detection and fire control they are still deadly (and Israel is obviously a believer). Actually, the two main features the S-200s lack are shoot and scoot ability and their own integral multi-range capabilities. The Pantsirs are a fantastic short range point defense system which can go a long way toward overcoming these primary weaknesses in the S-200 system.

As long as the incoming assault isn't so large as to overwhelm the Pantsirs, the S-200s provide a quite respectable defense against larger targets. Notice that when the numerical size of the FUKUS assaults started getting significantly larger is when Russia said it was re-evaluating and would supply the S-300s if necessary (their shoot & scoot and integrated close defense capabilities being more critical if the number of incoming threatens to be overwhelming).

Obviously the S-300s would be a significant upgrade, and probably can much more reliably score one-shot hits against modern aircraft. But at this moment Syria is still focussed on its internal battles, and I think Russia wants to encourage it to maintain that focus and not start focussing on these missile provocations which, truthfully, are more woundful of Syria's pride than its military capabilities. Russia has seen that the mere threat of providing S-300s (or, since many are already in Syria, more accurately the threat of turning over control to the Syrians), it immediately has the rapt attention of the Israelis and the West in general. Why pull the trigger and "deliver," when they are getting so much mileage out of the mere threat, all the while Syria is really, demonstrably, quite well protected? It is that threat which has largely prevented the sort of massive missile and airstrike which could do genuine damage to Syria. I think when one steps back, takes a breath, and looks at how the situation is playing out, it is really being quite well played by Russia.

Posted by: J Swift | May 12 2018 22:38 utc | 134

That Israel just won the Eurovision Song Contest with a song against bullying is so much puzzling as that Netanyahu compared Iran to Nazi Germany while invited to celebrate V-Day in Moscow.
The girl is named "Netta"....I wonder whether this hides any message

Posted by: From the resistance | May 12 2018 22:59 utc | 135

Peter AU @119:
Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: 'Is curing patients a sustainable business model?'

Published 3:15 PM ET Wed, 11 April 2018

"The potential to deliver 'one shot cures' is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy…. However, such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies… While this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society, it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for sustained cash flow."

"In the case of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, curing existing patients also decreases the number of carriers able to transmit the virus to new patients…”

The kind of sick mind that can look at a child agonizingly dying from an easily curable disease and only see dollar signs (or shekels) is.... well, the exact sort of mind that rises to power.

Posted by: Daniel | May 13 2018 0:19 utc | 136

ross @115; Discovering just how much "wiggle room" national leaders have - and relatedly, how deep or widespread is the control of TPTSB is a primary goal of my questioning.

Was Hugo Chavez just a puppet? What about Maduro? Duterte?

Are Putin and Xi representing their nations/nationals or do they serve at the pleasure of financial interests in competition with the IMF/Rothschilds, etc? Or, is even that just a psyop show?

Posted by: Daniel | May 13 2018 0:29 utc | 137

The link below is from ZH and contains lots of interesting data about the US Treasuries market with focus on the past 10 years

US FED Debt with focus on changes since 2007

The take away quotes
every lever is being pulled and every future income spent to maintain the appearance of growth and prosperity in the here and now. Very sadly, there will soon be a terrible price to pay for this hubris.
And interesting to note that Ireland is the new Belgium, leading the way for shadow banking centers (outside the purview of regulators...or regulations, period) to maintain the bid (and control the yields) for US debt...most likely loaded to the gills with 5 to 10 year US Treasury debt?!? Why and how the proxy known as "Ireland" added $300 billion in US Treasury debt to the paltry $15 billion held there as of 2009 and superseded Belgium (of all countries) to became America's #3 foreign creditor is a story in itself.

I was happy to note in the article that, outside the shadow banking centers noted above, foreign purchase of US Treasuries has "stalled" since 2015

So who are the interests that have skin in the game enough to manipulate the outcome? Does it matter who they are? Why not just focus on taking away the tools of private finance that they use to enslave the 99% ?

Posted by: psychohistorian | May 13 2018 0:44 utc | 138

Jen @123. Yes, I've heard/read each of those descriptions of Russian/Soviet emigres to JSIL. Except I don't recall the neo-nazi Israelis being tied to the Russian Israelis. Fascinating, as one of the things that seems to unite all the various ethnicities within the Federation is an abhorrence of nazis/fascists.

Posted by: Daniel | May 13 2018 0:51 utc | 139

From the resistance @128--

I didn't agree with Garrie 100% as he used too broad a brush. Indeed, he may have been writing about his partner Korybko. He was certainly writing about The Saker. Nuttyahoo got his from the SAA as this recaps and is now faced with a totally new dynamic that he birthed himself.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 13 2018 2:29 utc | 140

BM @124--

Hamadan Airbase in Northwestern Iran. I agree with the notio9n that S-300 were delivered under that smoke screen to be deployed at the proper time. You're correct that the Pantsir-S1 is almost sufficient; in greater numbers it might be. Must remember the widely varying Syrian topography as different weapon types are required to deal with them.

Posted by: karlof1 | May 13 2018 2:37 utc | 141

Someone posted a link to one of this guys videos yesterday. Though I do not share his ideologies, he's an honest guy who knows how to do research. The below video is perhaps his best to date.

The Rothschild Trump/Syria Connection

Posted by: Daniel | May 13 2018 3:42 utc | 142

I wanted to add some facts about Medvedev. (See also Lochearn 39, karlof1 65, Grieved 71) Facts are getting lost in cowboy type narratives.

Putin ran for President as an Independent.

Most likely Medvedev was simply the only VP choice possible.. (In any case those who dislike his nomination should have some counter-proposal.)

The biggest most popular pol party in the Russian Federation is “United Russia.” It holds (afaik) more than half the Duma seats. Who is the chairman of this party? Why, Medvedev of course.

The Pres. does not nominate the VP, but proposes someone (the vote is acceptance/refusal, not for competing candidates.) E.g. Yeltsin proposed Chernomyrdin in August 1998, niet, Yeltsin tried again a week later, was refused once more, and had to propose Primakov (further 'left') a week after that … accepted.

Mevdevev obtained 83% of the vote in the Duma, a crushingly excellent score.

Posted by: Noirette | May 13 2018 8:49 utc | 143

Channeling my Billy Graham Sunday voice:

It's an old, old expression, 'Never speak of the Devil!"

Yet that is PRECISELY what the US-EU-IL MSM does, giving the Devil's full name, the Devil's pop-idol nickname, the Devil's glamorous family, the Devil's deputies, even the Devil's principal disciples!! What madness is this?

Not one word, ever, about Good People. Maybe a throw-away Great Teacher story, awwwww, or a Good Cop who rescues a kitten, sniff, sniff. Then the Devil's throbbing drums and centerfold Devil's potty tweets!!

We all know who the president is, so why repeat his name incessantly? Why keep pounding their pop-idol names, memes, tropes 24x7x365??

When US jets blow up some innocent village, it's always 3rd person passive, "US forces today engaged in aerial campaign against a terrorist hideout." Yawn.

But when the Devil issues a meaningless Big Lie fatwah, we get the full tickertape parade!

"President Donald Jaweh Trump, the Old Orange Jesuit, accompanied by his stunning Hungarian genius trophy wife Melania and their darling ADHD love-child Barron von Trump-Knauss, issued a fatwah today against The Other.

Melania wore a sheer Prada-Chloe white gown studded with sparkling Varesty crystal amulets, while President Donald 'OOJ' Trump wore his characteristic $2500 blue Brooks Brothers jacket and an over-long red tie woven from unborn chinchilla fur, as Barron romped with the nanny.

'We are WINNING!" President Donald 'Billionaire' Trump waved to a cheering crowd of surely 100,000s, as women fainted on street corners."

It's sick. It's perverted! Say 'Government Officials', or 'Treasury Officials'. Use 3rd person passive, like they use for war crimes reporting. They are all anonymous Mil.Giv drones anyway, doing wholly opaque things with our last life savings, that are never coming back again.


By naming Them, you give Them power.
By naming Them, you give Them history.

Bomb the Gooks for Jesus!!

(Graham throws the mic down and bugs out in his pure white stretch limo, bound for glory at God's right hand.)

Posted by: Chipnik | May 13 2018 16:00 utc | 144

All day Sunday, May 13, RT has been showing a report on the Gaza protests presented by Israeli “journalist,” Yael Shir.

Amongst other hasbara, she claims Palestinians “threw grenades at IDF soldiers.” “riots have been escalating” “kites as weapons” and “flames across the border.” “IDF has responded with tear gas.” Not one word about IOF snipers.

This “journalist” has a pretty thin online presence.

I find her Twitter account was created in December, 2016, and has a grand total of 4 Tweets:

This seems to be her Facebook, though it says she lives in New York. Still, all of her “friends” appear to share ethnicity and many write in Hebrew.

Her “news anchor” identity seems to come solely from an internet “show” that extends all the way back to 2 months ago! Total of 11 “shows.”

I can find no news articles written by her, or really anything else at all. Is she even a thing?

BTW: “Yael” is Ivanka Trump/Kushner’s chosen Jewish name. She and hubby are in Israel today to be the official White House representatives at the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem (which is actually just the renaming of some offices they have had there for years).

Posted by: Daniel | May 14 2018 0:21 utc | 145

Oh. Here's Yael Shir's internet "news" show. The best she got was 11 views for one.

Isn't this sort of stuff the sort of thing we're told to look for to identify "bots?"

Posted by: Daniel | May 14 2018 2:26 utc | 146

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