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April 11, 2018

Trump Asks Russia To Roll Over - It Won't

Donald Trump may perceive these bad cop/good cop tweets as a serious way to negotiate with Russia. They ain't.

Donald J. Trump - @realDonaldTrump - 10:57 AM UTC - 11 Apr 2018
Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!
Donald J. Trump - @realDonaldTrump - 11:37 AM UTC - 11 Apr 2018
Our relationship with Russia is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War. There is no reason for this. Russia needs us to help with their economy, something that would be very easy to do, and we need all nations to work together. Stop the arms race?

Russia said it would destroy the platforms that launch the missiles, not only the missiles themselves. Did nobody explain the difference to Trump?

There is reason that U.S. relations with Russia are now worse than they have been for some time and Russia is not responsible for these. The GW Bush administration killed the Anti-Ballistic-Missile treaty which guaranteed Mutually Assured Destruction and thus strategic stability. The Obama administration launched a trillion dollar program to ramp up U.S. nuclear capabilities and ballistic missile defense with the aim of achieving superiority in a nuclear conflict.

It is cynical to say that "Russia needs us to help with their economy". The U.S. under Trump is waging economic war on Russia by implementing more and more economic sanctions. The last round on Friday targeted Russian industrialists, many of whom are not even aligned with Putin. Aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, disliked in the Kremlin, lost 15% of his fortune. The Rubel plummeted against the dollar for two days in a row. U.S. Treasury stooges are now traveling in Europe to press European banks to shut down all services for Russian companies.


(Ironically both economic attack vectors will help Putin's program. Since 2014 Russia has been pressing its oligarchs to repatriate the billions the stashed in 'western' offshore banks. They will now do so out of fear of confiscations. The lower Rubel will increase local production and allow for cheaper exports.)

The U.S. incited Georgia to attack Russia. It 'regime changed' the Ukraine. It attacks Syria, an old Russian ally. Then there are the hoaxes that get attributed to Russia without any evidence. Russia did not influence the U.S. election. It did not poison the Skripals. There was no 'chemical attack' in Douma.

Russia has all kinds of reasons to be hostile to the U.S. but always stays calm and well mannered. It is stupid to mistake that for fear or inferiority. Taunting Russia like Trump now does will only increase its resistance to U.S. moves.

Is Trump trying to make an offer to really help Russia's economy and to stop the arms race?

If Russia would roll over and give up on Syria would Trump really lift the sanctions? Would he really stop the U.S. race for nuclear supremacy? Could he even promise to do such? And why would anyone believe Trump anyway?

Unlike western European countries, Russia is no led by yapping poodles. The Russian government and its people will not roll over. They have historically never done so. President Putin will start his period of governance on May 7 with a war cabinet structured and manned for conflict. He expects a long fight.

Russia will have to respond to any U.S. strike on Syria. It needs to do so to keep face and the faith of its allies. But it also needs to so in a way that avoids further escalation. Something that is very strong, in a different theater and not attributable? Or something that is openly targeting U.S. interests, but not U.S. soldiers, in the Middle East?

It is Israel which is behind the war on Syria and which is pressing for further conflict. There are one million Russians in Israel, many of whom are not even Jewish. Could Russia ask them for help to change the strategic picture? Or should it increase support for those who directly fight the Zionist state?

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If needs be Russia must carry through it's threat to attack the missiles and platforms or crawl into a corner and shut up!

Posted by: Peter Walker | Apr 11 2018 13:35 utc | 1

Russia's standard response to threats has become "we never defend allies under any circumstances; just avoid killing Russians that we can't deny you killed and don't shoot down too many of our planes, unless you are Turkey, in which case you can shoot down as many as you like ... ie respect us as we deserve (as the bootlickers we are) and you will have carte blanche from us!" Today's Russia craps on its allies and sucks up to its enemies.

And I suppose that's all to the good, if a global police state run by the Hegemon is preferable to WW3, which I suppose it is...

The only difference between Putin and Medvedev is a corset and a strut.

Posted by: paul | Apr 11 2018 13:38 utc | 2

Russia should just roll over. It should go home. The costs are just too high. I should try to defend its borders not expose itself in Syria.

Russia: 1.5 trillion dollars
US: 20 trillion dollars

Nominal GDP

Russia will be bled dry in any foreign entanglement that requires it to ramp up spending.

Posted by: quote | Apr 11 2018 13:44 utc | 3

I believe VVPutins measured responses to provocations, relates to a reasonable and prudent understanding of what resources he has to use in conflict situations...his resources are not unlimited, and he would prefer not to use them at all, if possible...

He has hawks in his own country that want a serious shooting war with the West...

Putin himself cannot keep the lid on WW3, solely by himself...


Posted by: oldenyoung | Apr 11 2018 13:45 utc | 4

Those tasked with launching a US attack need to sabotage their own attack.

This time all the missiles must fail to reach any target, not only some.

Run aground, run into the nearest cargo vessel, or otherwise scuttle your ship. Eject from your cockpit because you couldn't breathe. Drive off the road. Correct your computer systems and nuclear simulations so they only appear to be correct. If you know something then tell, leak as hell.

Stupidity ain't malice right? Save the world :)

Posted by: Sunny Runny Burger | Apr 11 2018 13:45 utc | 5

I think this is the first time Russia has explicitly threatened to retaliate against hostile platforms.
Presumably they're feeling confident in themsleves.

Posted by: adamski | Apr 11 2018 13:51 utc | 6

b. a very good points there,

Just my few centjes:

Russia will have to response to any U.S. strike on Syria. It needs to do so to keep face and the faith of its allies. But it also needs to so in a way that avoids further escalation.

That would have to be manyfold stronger response then awaited from US strategic planners. Dangerous game if not impossible to achieve with conventional deterrent.

Something that is very strong, in a different theater and not attributable?

Well that could be some incriminating info on Trump, perhaps? No idea but interesting poins though.

Posted by: laserlurk | Apr 11 2018 13:51 utc | 7

It is all true but narrative of b how we got he on a brink of shooting war with US is one sided. Two are needed to tango and Russia tangoed too long enticed by potential benefit for few oligarchs and detriment to the nation.

Just seven years past and despite unquestioned positive role that Russian played in Syria mostly to reduce pain and suffering of Syrian people what I read here is unnecessary whitewashing of Russian initial stand that did nothing but encouraged US and NATO gangsters to reek chaos that caused tens of thousands dead and injured. It seems shocking that Russia establishment did not know that US is a fearful bully, or dollars were too good.

Just to remind people's that in 2011 it was Medvedev representative of Russian western oligarchic lobby (friendly with Obama and neocons) in Kremlin who was in charge during Arab Spring.

It is well documented fact that Assad pleaded with Medvedev in March 2011 for Moscow to deliver already ordered and paid for in 2008 dozens of new combat helicopters as well as massive amount of parts to refurbish and upgrade Russian made warplanes that were also withheld not to upset Israel and US at that time.

Assad was not invited to Moscow at that time while he repeatedly declared that his military will be able to defeat terrorist insurgence financed by the CIA in a matter of weeks if Syrian Army is resupplied and paid for already contracts executed.

None of that happened at that time, while at the same time Quadaffi was thrown under the bus by Russians and Chinese UN non veto of the planned NATO agression on Libya, appeasement or coincidence?

Russian got their pay off for playing western game in MENA when in 2012 Putin was barely elected in a quite rediculous political charade facing CIA/Soros funded failed Moscow Spring which actually started slippery slope of open western anti-Russian hysterical embellishments.

What was even more puzzling for those not so sophisticated political analysts was Putin inconsistent actions and declarations especially in regard to Syria between 2012 and 2014 when he joined US phony peace talks and calling on Assad removal from his post in a some sort of democratic process only to find out that US do not want peace in Syria but some Saudi run fiefdom friendly to Israel.

The same appeasement to the west was in Putin attitude to Ukraine until 2014 and its 23 millions of ethnic Russians tolerating rapidly growing western financed Nazism as well his tolerance of Russia connected Ukrainian oligarchic theft that plunged the country into economic depression enabling political instability.

At that time Russian minorities in Baltic States were also viciously attacked by security forces as well by discriminating Nuremberg- like laws making them, most born there, second class citizen restricted in ownership and civil rights to organize and to maintain their culture and language.

All those Putin foreign policies of weakness and submission to the west and that included reluctance in approach to alliances with China

were in sharp contrast to his extreme push to revamp entire military of Russian with enormous like for Russia military imvestments and extremely rationalizing it giving them 5 year term to accomplish massive changes while dropping hype about future fancy technologies for simple solutions that effectively will defend the country from western aggression.

Putin knew what was coming so why Kremlin policies of appeasement and hence encouragement of bullying and aggression. Who was really in charge?

In fact Putin reacted only when Russian vital national security was directly threatened in 2014 in Crimea where navy bases are located and in 2015 when he realized that western trained and funded terrorist army commanded by Chechnya Russian speaking terrorists is being prepared to invade Chechnya after Assad was deposed and the only maditeranian navy base was threatened.

As always in history policy of appeasement of a bully leads to the same thing ultimate confrontation, more delayed more costly it is.

So is Putin as Xi for that matter is about to submit their nations to the western oligarchy even more for their personal advancement at the global oligarchic table or they split which means war.

I do not think war is coming they have too good thing going and their power is not threatened by the enslaved people.

Posted by: Kalen | Apr 11 2018 13:52 utc | 8

US Air Force E-4B Nightwatch 73-1677 MATH01 now airborne from Wright-Patterson, destination unknown. Watch site ..

Posted by: 07564111 | Apr 11 2018 13:54 utc | 9

Russia roll over?
The U.S. totally fails to understand the Russian character; failing that is a total failure for any hope of resolving this conflict without war.
Russia will never "bend the knee" to anybody, much less the U.S., in all of its corruption and contempt for true Christian values.
The U.S. in fact has no idea of the adversary they face; a sure path to defeat!

Posted by: V. Arnold | Apr 11 2018 13:55 utc | 10

Once the shooting starts it will only stop if one side decides to stand-down.
Which side will do that? Seems politically unacceptable for either side to appear as the loser. Will the fools who started the war stop shooting when their ships wind up on the bottom of the Mediterranean? How long before somebody decides it's better to use em then lose em and launches a preemptive strike? You can bet both sides will launch on warning if a shooting war is in progress.

Posted by: Perimtr | Apr 11 2018 13:55 utc | 11

If a shooting war starts then use it as an excuse to destroy the financiers first.

Throw off their yoke world wide.

Posted by: mymy | Apr 11 2018 13:56 utc | 12

Putin should get a twitter account. Would they dare to deny him an account?

Twitter war is better than real war.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 11 2018 14:01 utc | 13

Indeed, one of his better ones.

“Bolton Whispers War In Trump’s Ears”

Posted by: imo | Apr 11 2018 14:04 utc | 14

No this disinformation is getting tiresome,

OFFICIAL Russians have said they MIGHT attack if US attack Russian soldiers, NOTHING ELSE.
That some russian in Lebanon said something doesnt mean its official policy.

That Russia would attack launch pads etc just because US attack Syria is nonsense! Why dont we argue based on facts here?

Posted by: test | Apr 11 2018 14:04 utc | 15

A key factor is the OPCW, which ought to be deploying to Douma soon.
OPCW Will Deploy Fact-Finding Mission to Douma, Syria

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — 10 April 2018 — Since the first reports of alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma, Syrian Arab Republic, were issued, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has been gathering information from all available sources and analysing it. At the same time, OPCW’s Director-General, Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü, has considered the deployment of a Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) team to Douma to establish facts surrounding these allegations.
Today, the OPCW Technical Secretariat has requested the Syrian Arab Republic to make the necessary arrangements for such a deployment. This has coincided with a request from the Syrian Arab Republic and the Russian Federation to investigate the allegations of chemical weapons use in Douma. The team is preparing to deploy to Syria shortly. . . .here

There has been no OPCW report on Salisbury early this week as promised.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 11 2018 14:07 utc | 16

Don Bacon

" There has been no OPCW report on Salisbury early this week as promised."

Just wait soon we will read:

"BBC: Chemicals used to poison Skirpal, made in secret lab in Syria"

Posted by: test | Apr 11 2018 14:12 utc | 17

OPCW has said findings will be only on substance, not on source.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 11 2018 14:15 utc | 18

US war economy needs to offload some ammo in the name of defence. Walking that fine line between raising stock price and getting your arse kicked.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Apr 11 2018 14:20 utc | 19

"Ceterum autem censeo israelinem delendam esse" (English: "Furthermore, (moreover) I consider that israel must be destroyed") Cato the Wise

Posted by: Pandos | Apr 11 2018 14:22 utc | 20

When I was in high school I was 6'3" and weighed 235, starting linebacker and the team's leading tackler. My father, who tended to intimidate me, made it very clear to me that big men do not use their size and strength to their own advantage, and that if he ever heard that I was bullying anyone, or even throwing my weight around, he would make me rue the day. He set the example, as he was himself a rather gentle giant type.

There was two exceptions to the rule. First, if I was ever picked upon myself, I was required to allow three strikes and then I could impose whatever violence I wished upon my tormentor. Second, if I observed someone smaller being bullied I was free to persuade the bully to desist using whatever means I had available to me.

My father was not Russian, but I suspect his forefathers would have understood Putin's quite well.

Posted by: Bill H | Apr 11 2018 14:24 utc | 21

WTF!!!... how can we grok this murderous in-ya-face shit?


Posted by: imo | Apr 11 2018 14:24 utc | 22

I've liked Tom Luongo's take on things. MOA is definitely part of this 'collective intelligence of millions of people debunking the lies in real time'.


'We live in an age where the speed of communication is too much for these people to maintain their lies for very long, if at all.' (this is why the war mongers look for a fast response)

'Defy the West however you have to Mr. Putin. It’s obvious Mr. Trump isn’t up to the job.

These Neoconservative power-mongers are asking you to accept universal serfdom at their hands or World War III with Russia. You can live as slaves in a pan-global oligarchy of overlapping corporate and bureaucratic interests or you can be nuked.

It’s your choice. You have 24 to 48 hours to decide.

You (DT) have to signal that you are in charge and not the paper-hangers and criminals you were elected to fight against. You want our continued support earn it. Because this is not Making America Great Again.'

Posted by: financial matters | Apr 11 2018 14:28 utc | 23

Most likely, in my opinion, a US attack would be against four to six Syrian airfields, an expansion of last year's attack on one airfield. Syria would currently be moving its aircraft to more protected airfields. Cratered runways can be repaired quickly. Perhaps some command & control centers would also be hit. This would make a big splash, but have little or no long-term results.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 11 2018 14:31 utc | 24

I believe the National Security State's and Israel’s goal is to kill Assad at any cost. Chaos is Syria is the goal. Iran would be next step.

Posted by: simjam | Apr 11 2018 14:36 utc | 25

This is illegal - from the article:

“Trump has no authority to order an attack on the Syrian government, which has not attacked the U.S. and doesn’t pose any threat to America or its allies. There is no international mandate for military action against Syria, and there is no vital American interest at stake that might conceivably justify an attack.”

Posted by: A Bee | Apr 11 2018 14:36 utc | 26

Consider the leaders of the antagonists; May, Macron, Netanyahu, Trump. Each is weak and in trouble internally and are either not driving this madness or are in need of distractions. If Russia responds to an attack I would think it needs to hit those who need to be hurt the most; those in the background. Hitting Israel I believe would be a mistake as it is the most likely to cause a panic and trigger something really stupid. I'm in the camp that believes Russia and China (in particular) are working as hard as possible to manage the US collapse and will back off as much as possible. America's self-destruction is ongoing and the safest thing to do is give it the space it needs. Yes, many innocent people are dying but the alternative is many millions dying.

Posted by: Bakerpete | Apr 11 2018 14:37 utc | 27

Don Bacon

Since UK, France (more nations?) is also likely going to be involved this seems to be bigger, I would add that they would hit media stations, gov. buildings and vital army compounds.

Posted by: test | Apr 11 2018 14:37 utc | 28

Best way for Putin to stop WWIII is to start tweeting. He should message to multiple outlets to ensure that what he says is not manipulated.

Any MoA reader could easily explain and denounce the rush to war but few would listen to us. Everyone in the West would at least read what Putin has to say.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 11 2018 14:41 utc | 29

At least half of the American populace is shot through with a deep abiding ignorance.

I wonder if Trump is really as ignorant as he seems or if he is simply reciting his stupid lines. Compromised by blackmail. Christ, what more shit can they pile on him openly? He's in deep shit already. Surely they've got something on him in secret that would destroy him utterly.

He seems like a genuinely ignorant ass. Very believable if its theater.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Apr 11 2018 14:42 utc | 30

US presidents have been ordering attacks on other countries forever w/o repercussions. It goes 'way back, to the extermination of the Native Americans.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 11 2018 14:47 utc | 31


Why blame it on americans though? I live in europe and there are equal, perhaps even more idiots here that just wish to start off a war with Russia.

Posted by: test | Apr 11 2018 14:48 utc | 32

@Peter Walker | Apr 11, 2018 9:35:08 AM | 2

Right on! This bulling, sanction, regime change and endless wars MUST END and fucking Putin can do it or maybe is just a paper tiger?

Posted by: OJS | Apr 11 2018 14:51 utc | 33

Russia needs to announce its has discovered who is arming and funding the terrorists!!

Call these countries it and make it explicit that in the event of any US strikes Russia will hold these countries responsible for the conflict and take whatever measures it deems appropriate.

And who are these countries??

Why - 5 Arab Monarchies of course!!
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain & Jordan.

Plenty of juicy infrastructure targets there to destroy in an symmetrical response.

Don't worry about sinking the USS Sitting Duck - strike asymmetrically

Posted by: Julian | Apr 11 2018 14:51 utc | 34

To fully appreciate the Israeli calls to murder Asad you got to remember that a good part of the ppl who took to the streets in 2011 were thinking Asad is a Mossad spy because after all he had never liberated the Golan.

Posted by: Mina | Apr 11 2018 14:52 utc | 35

British and American forces have been destroyed on a large scale in the Ghouta region, with the 22nd regiment of the SAS, those surviving the pinpoint Russian bombing, that is, having to flee on buses in disguise. This is the reason for skripal plan and the chemical weapons false flag. This anyway is according to this incendiary report which is worth a watch whatever you make of it.

Posted by: Bill | Apr 11 2018 14:57 utc | 36

I think there's a reason why Trump focused on the arms race on his tweet. New russians weapons systems changed the balance of power for good and US needs to assest what is what here, for his security to be recalculated and 'cause the rest of the world is watching carefully too. Americans want to see something, my guess is that is not a coincidence that the first ship to sail through Syria was the donald "duck", many rumors about this ship in Ukraine may be somehow true. So it was a sort of message to the russians, show us what you got here.
I suppose that the low fly pass of russian jet was the response and somehow a "showcase" of these new weapons and I guess that this showcase hit the target.

If this thesis is correct then Trump tweet (after looking at the options in the new scenario where russians are not bluffing) have to be looked in a new prospective (that actually makes more sense). "Ok, not this time. But our new missiles will come too soon, get ready Russia. But how about stop this arms race?"

Can this guess be spot on? Or maybe the Trump tweet was just total bluffing to save the day? or maybe he really is insane and no logical explanation applies here?

keep up the good work

Posted by: Dostojevskij | Apr 11 2018 14:57 utc | 37

vanessa beeley's visit to E. Ghouta

Visit to #EasternGhouta today. Zamalka residents told me that they were displaced from their homes by #NusraFront fighters fm EU, officials told me over 280 British passport holders among them. I was also told these "fighters" will go to #Idlib - Turkey - back to EU.

European jihadists are on their way back to Europe. You reap what you sow.

Posted by: mali | Apr 11 2018 14:58 utc | 38

If fucking Putin walks away from this fight, US and its poodle will continue to instigate more and Russia Federation will end just like Soviet Union.

China did stands up against US bullies in trade but leave the doors open for negotiation. Putin should learn from Xi Jinping and not a coward and open for more attacks.

Posted by: OJS | Apr 11 2018 15:01 utc | 39

CIA-controlled mainstream international media is evidenced by the concealment of Western "ISIS" backers operating in plain sight.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Apr 11 2018 15:02 utc | 40

In my view, the tail that wags the dog needs to suffer the consequences
of its warmongering.

Russia's response should be to Israel Government buildings and even

Posted by: CarlD | Apr 11 2018 15:03 utc | 41

quote @ 4

GDP is not the only deciding fact of a war. How many hundred time is US' GDP to that of Afaghanistan's Taliban? Yet US can't win Taliban in its 17-year long war.

Posted by: mali | Apr 11 2018 15:03 utc | 42

One important issue that many commentators are not addressing is determining the real purpose of this strike:

1. Is the purpose merely symbolic, and so undertaken with an eye as much toward domestic politics in the US and UK as toward Syria? If so, then Russia will be unofficially advised of the strike in advance, targets will be so-called "chemical factories" made up for the US-UK public's consumption, maybe a few airfields, and that is that.

2. But what if the purpose is not merely symbolic? What if Israel and the US have decided that, with the now-complete clearing of Ghouta by the Syrian Army, this is their last plausible chance to decimate the political infrastructure of Syria, break the country, and divide it up once and for all? If that is the true purpose of the strike, then there is simply no way it can be undertaken without leading to Russian casualities. Furthermore, its end result--a Syria transformed into Libya--would be *precisely* the thing that motivated Russia to get involved in the first place. For Putin, neither unanswered Russian casualties, nor such an immense, costly, and public foreign policy failure as Syria would then have proven to be, are without domestic political consequence. Putin would almost necessarily have to respond militarily in such an event.

So far, however, it remains unclear which kind of strike the proposed strike will be. The publicity, international coalition, etc. all point to the second kind of strike--the shock and awe destruction of a nation kind of strike--but the official rhetoric coming from the US and France is ambiguous.

I am betting that the US/UK/France is partly motivated and pressured by Israel to undertake the second kind of strike, but recognizes that this will put Putin in an impossible situation, and will likely result in a great number of US and NATO casualities, escalation to world war, and quite possibly nuclear conflict. Were I Russia, I would let the US-UK know that a symbolic strike is acceptable, and work out an understanding of targets, etc. that Russian troops should avoid. I would also let them know that anything stronger will not only be defended proportionately, but will immediately result in Russia's asymmetrical attack upon significant Western interests in the region. Everybody will know this means Israel.

But what do I know. The U.S. can't be trusted, and doesn't act as a rational state-actor, and that is the problem.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 11 2018 15:04 utc | 43

The gloves are off for the alternative media: 21stCenturyWire was taken offline last night (Sibel Edmonds can rejoice). Fort-Russ, and others are also down. Southfront was under attack.

Posted by: 0use4msm | Apr 11 2018 15:05 utc | 44


I noticed that too about 21stCW and Southfront. Craig Murray's blog has also been under attack and was down intermittently yesterday. This makes me fear that the kind of strike envisioned is a nation-destroying kind of strike, not merely a symbolic slap in the face. The domestic preparations seem to be pointing in this direction.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 11 2018 15:09 utc | 45

Houthis firing tickets at Riyadh and Aramco.

Looks like the Houthis at least have the right idea about an effective asymmetric response.

Posted by: Julian | Apr 11 2018 15:09 utc | 46

Putin just said, according to RT:

"The World is getting more chaotic, but we hope that common
sense will prevail".

My interpretation of this sentence is that Putin is absolutely determined
not to refuse engagement and will take this to its consequences.

He "hopes" common sense will prevail but doesn't expect it.

Posted by: CarlD | Apr 11 2018 15:18 utc | 47

Bill H @22: That's good parenting we need in this world.

0use4msm @45: Before the war starts, the Establishment/Deep State/War Party needs to muffle the voices telling the truth so as to get its propoganda messages to everyone to manufacutre concensus.

Posted by: mali | Apr 11 2018 15:23 utc | 48

Blaming the democrat is lame excuse. Putin should come out and say, Russia Federation will retaliate and warn Fucking Germany, France and UK, they will too attack their warships if they continue the war games.

All live matters not only the Blacks or Whites. Who gave the fucking White (especially Anglo Saxon) the right to decide who lives and die!!

Posted by: OJS | Apr 11 2018 15:24 utc | 49

It is naive to think that the zionist tail wags the imperial dog. It is expedient for American Caesar to allow the impression, so that his policies are protected by the zionist cloak. For decades there has been a campaign against freedom of speech and one method is to give zionists carte blanche to smear dissidents as antisemites, which is a bit rich considering that they have made occupied Palestine the most Judenrein place on earth.

Posted by: Squeeth | Apr 11 2018 15:24 utc | 50

One more thing. The current scenario is a prime set-up for demonstrating the old truth that a real war takes on a life of its own very quickly, and can quickly and unexpectedly (i.e. in an "unplanned" way) get out of control. For example, what if the US and NATO decide upon a merely symbolic strike that avoids every Russian troop or piece of military equipment in the area? But what if Israel, disappointed with this result, uses the cover of the NATO strikes to engineer its own attack upon either U.S. troops (with the intent to make it appear to be Syrians or Iranians) or Russian troops (with the intent to make it appear to be US or NATO)? Suddenly we are in a world war.

So even a merely symbolic strike is extremely dangerous to everybody's interests given the context of the conflict and the parties who are really driving it.

I have to say that everything keeps pointing back to Israel. And I have to wonder whether there has not been a pre-arrangment made between Russia and Iran (who has promised retaliation for the bombing a couple of days ago) that involves the immediate decimation of Israeli military interests if certain contingencies materialize.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 11 2018 15:25 utc | 51

Faked CW Attack Pix : same dead bodies, same location.

Posted by: mali | Apr 11 2018 15:26 utc | 52

Cross fingers:

Posted by: Gesine Hammerling | Apr 11 2018 15:30 utc | 53

Putin shows again that he is a mature person compared to Trump and it vassals in the EU:

Putin: The world is getting more chaotic, but we hope that common sense will prevail

Posted by: test | Apr 11 2018 15:31 utc | 54

WJ, while I disagree with you about Greenwald, I apologize for going off on you the other day.

Posted by: Perimetr | Apr 11 2018 15:31 utc | 55

Trump is a lying ass who insults the intelligence of anyone who would humiliate themselves surrendering to his mega-ego manipulation. When the heat is on, he has no problem throwing his own friends and associates under the bus.

Trump is all about and for Trump. Hence the name on all the buildings, golf courses and if he has his way Trump boulevard; USS Carrier Trump, Trump Airport, Trump City, Trump World. He's the embodiment of what America stands for: absolute depraved power begot through military and economic tyranny.

So he's telling Putin, don't look at all those sanctions and the billions I'm pouring into the arms race; just believe your lying eyes; I come in peace, reeely. Trump thinking: We smoked peace pipe with Native Americans; today the ones that survived the genocide live on reservation; while we have the tomahawks and live in ivory towers. We're in the Pacific, in Eastern Europe, almost all over the Middle East. You think we're going to let you (or China) mess with our supremacy?

'Nuf said.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 11 2018 15:33 utc | 56

@4 - US to Russian GDP comparisons are not that relevant. A good chunk of US GDP is fake - the stock price of Amazon, shale oil drillers that would be bankrupt if not for Federal Reserve easy money policies, etc.

As other poster pointed out (@43) if war were a simple matter of GDP then Afghanistan, Vietnam and North Korea would be already paved over with Walmarts and Trump resorts, and history would look quite different.

@44 - nice summary and I hope we don't end up scenario number 2. As you say the US, UK and now France no longer behave as rational state actors. Some Russian put it well - "not agreement capable." I am hoping maybe Russia has some back channels directly to US generals and maybe Chinese ones as well.

Posted by: Chris | Apr 11 2018 15:40 utc | 57

Join anti-war marches April 15 / List of nationally coordinated regional mobilizations, April 14-15

Posted by: A bee | Apr 11 2018 15:46 utc | 58

I posted the following comment on the past thread but haven't seen it said here so will add.

I wonder what China is doing behind the scenes.

This seems to me like the time that China needs to stand next to Russia and say NYET!

Thanks for the forum for online community b. It has been very meaningful for me and I am sure others. Hopefully it will continue to be through this coming world event. I apologize in advance for the aggressive actions of my country ruled by the world elite.....sad

Since I posted this comment on the other thread I have been thinking that China should cash in enough US Treasuries today to get the attention of my country's puppets.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 11 2018 15:47 utc | 59

The US are about to attack Syria no matter the findings of OPCW. An attack to try and destroy the Syrian military to prevent the last pockets of jihadis being destroyed. The fake gas attack is a figleaf that will simply be ignored if it falls apart.
The US would have taken some readings on Russian EW last year and now think they can defeat it.
Russia will most likely save the S-300 and S-400 systems for aircraft and rely on EW and close in defenses for taking out missiles. Syrian bases will most likely take some hits.
The two Russian bases are sovereign Russian territory so any strikes against them are the same as attacking Russia mainland.
Nothing on whether Russian personal are still spread through the Syrian military or have been pulled back to the bases. I would think they are still at their jobs and like the pilots and spetnaz will stand their ground against the ISIS/AQ airforce and navy.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 11 2018 15:51 utc | 60


It is naive to think that the zionist tail wags the imperial dog.

Not so naïve when Zionists control finance, government, media and technology.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 11 2018 15:57 utc | 61

Kalen @9

It is only normal that Putin and Xi will only act forcefully when Russia and China's respectively vital national security under direct threat. Any rational government leaders will do the same except the corrupt ones that would put its moneyed-ones/ruling class' and Isreal's interest ahead of that of their own countries and citizens.

As much as we would like to have the counter balance to the reckless US Empire, but we have to be realistic.

Posted by: mali | Apr 11 2018 15:59 utc | 62

Since US have thousands of troops inside Syria, how come no effort to infiltrate, target etc this group in case of an attack?

Posted by: test | Apr 11 2018 16:01 utc | 63

I don't imagine Russia responding much, beyond marginal countermeasures. The Russians have had numerous instances of 'falling short' in Syria, so I don't know why this would be different. I think the major mistake will be the comical repeat of the same judgment errors that Putin/Russia makes; the thinking that they can trust the West at their word.

The wild cards will be Hezbollah and Iran. They could bypass Russia and wage their own battles. I'm not sure how successful they would be, but they may be willing to make big sacrifices.

I think there's a power struggle over Syria between Russia and Iran, because Russia is more self-interested, and is completely locked in to the global economy

Posted by: aaaa | Apr 11 2018 16:03 utc | 64


As much as we would like to have the counter balance to the reckless US Empire, but we have to be realistic.

And if everyone thought this way, Goliath and Hitler would rule the world.

Resistance to the Empire should be instinctual second nature and counter balance is greatest check on supremacy.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 11 2018 16:12 utc | 65

Furthermore, I think the Western coalition will hit hard. They've clearly planned this assault out, and probably have the objective of obtaining full air superiority. Unless prevented I think there will be a rollback of major gains by the SAA.

Russia's going to look really bad at the end of this if they don't have any aces up their sleeves

Posted by: aaaa | Apr 11 2018 16:13 utc | 66

My personal belief is that Putin has a very deep understanding of Sun Tzu and his actions over that past 18 years appears to confirm that. The majority of those reading Sun Tzu misread him as some great war strategist which is far too simplistic. Some fundamental tenants are that a leader must look after and improve his own people first, leading an opponent to defeat himself is the very best outcome and whether victorious or not open combat should be regarded as a failure.

Posted by: Bakerpete | Apr 11 2018 16:15 utc | 67

circe 66

Actually Mali is fully correct,
you need to understand that its not Russia that is about to be attacked but Syria.
No one likes the psychos in EU/US/Nato that wage war like this but honestly, there is no realistic resistance to these super military powers. I hate it too but we must be realistic.
Also NATO+US+EU states outmatch Russia easily in power politically, military, there is no way Russia could win such a war if this escalates too far.

Posted by: test | Apr 11 2018 16:20 utc | 68

Syria has weapons to target US warships, so it's not just Russian retaliation at issue.

One of the more powerful verbal truths was hurled at Outlaw US Empire by Russia's UNSC Ambassador who in essence said the world doesn't need/want your hegemony any longer--act civilized or shut the fuck up! The voting on the 3 failed UNSC resolutions shows that sentiment's agreed to by an increasing number of nations. And as expected, the Unipolar power seeking Outlaw US Empire and its puny vassal nations are trying to stem the rising Multipolar Alliance tide, which they are failing at and they no it, thus their desperation.

Then we have the captured operatives and NATO/Zionist supplied illegal weapons and associated factories for their production. IMO, enough evidence currently exists to convict NATO, GCC, and the Zionists for numerous war crimes in Syria and Iraq--evidence that's increasingly hard to ignore by the actual International Community--a Community that's no longer cowed by the Outlaw US Empire as they sign on to the Russo/Sino vision of future possibilities.

And that's what our ongoing Hybrid Third World War's all about--the drowning Outlaw US Empire's quest for global hegemony versus the vast majority of nations wanting a peaceful Multipolar world that seriously addresses the several major crises humanity currently faces besides HWW3. IMO, if the Empire and its vassals attack, their international standing will hit rock bottom and serious ostracism will commence.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 11 2018 16:24 utc | 69

@63 mali

I appreciate this sentiment from you and many other posters, including the Saker, who has repeatedly claimed that Russia is not obliged in any sense to save Syria from the bloodthirsty hegemon. But there are many, including myself, who feel that the term "Russia's interest" does include an intact Syria, and that, any way you want to slice it, if Syria falls, this is not only a major and irrevocable blow to the balance of power in the ME, but also will serve to further cage in and cripple Russia economically. If the Russians had been set-up better in Libya to thwart the west blitzkreig on Gaddafi, then a showdown would have potentially occurred there. Now because of the Russian foothold in Syria, the west seems very reluctant to order a full-on shock-and-awe. Russia knows this and will not back down. That is why every dirty trick in the book is being played right now. Russia will not just go silently into the night. This is a very desperate is not nor will ever be easy for Russia to do nothing.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Apr 11 2018 16:26 utc | 70

thanks b... the ramp up into this moment was only a matter of time... for these many years it is apparent that the usa is at war with russia.. everything is leading up to a confrontation... it is true syria is israels project.. i think it is true israel is calling the shots with regard the usa... i wish i could see it differently, but i can't... israel is the cause of much of the pain and suffering in the middle east and it has the usa as it's constant protector and provider...

if it doesn't happen now, it will happen in the future.. someone is going to have to stand up to the bully - israel/usa... i think russia will give a response here if the usa or israel does anything provocative.. where it goes from there is anyone's guess...

i agree with b "Russia will have to response to any U.S. strike on Syria."

@7 adamski... "I think this is the first time Russia has explicitly threatened to retaliate against hostile platforms." i think that is correct... i can't see russia not following thru with this...

@9 kalen.. i always enjoy reading your posts... i think you are wrong in your conclusion here.. i think war is coming..

@22 bill h... good story and example!!

@44 wj... i think the symbolic strike already happened sunday night on the homs airbase with 4 iranian soldiers died... i don't believe the west under the leadership of israel gets another one here... @52 wj - yes - israel is a likely target here..

@48 carld... that is how i would read that too..

@61 peter.. i believe there will be tangible consequences of any usa attack here..

Posted by: james | Apr 11 2018 16:31 utc | 71

@69 Valid point, but Russia will see a major investment in money and lives become undone. To capitulate, watch Shock&Awe II, and see hoards (re)overtake D-E-Z and allepo would be demoralizing to a degree that may be akin to how Germans felt when the Allied troops crossed the Rhine river

Posted by: aaaa | Apr 11 2018 16:31 utc | 72

Two observations based on past US aggressive actions:

1) The US rarely if ever directly attacks a country that can genuinely fight back. Look at how threats against North Korea died down after it became evident that they had successfully developed nuclear weapons.

2) Americans have a very low tolerance for casualties among their armed forces (that's why they mostly just drop bombs from a safe height). Look at how a single soldier encountering an IED in northern Syria a few weeks ago was followed in short order by Trump's apparent decision to withdraw troops. What would happen if dozens or hundreds started having "unfortunate accidents"?

Posted by: farm ecologist | Apr 11 2018 16:33 utc | 73


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is still assessing intelligence about last weekend's suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Wednesday, striking a cautious tone hours after President Donald Trump threatened missile strikes.

Asked if he had seen enough evidence to blame Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces for the attack, Mattis said: "We're still assessing the intelligence -- ourselves and our allies. We're still working on this." He did not elaborate.

Mattis also restated that the U.S. military stood ready to provide military options, if appropriate, and as determined by Trump.

"Stood ready to provide"? Does that mean that it has not yet been asked? Weird writing ...

Posted by: b | Apr 11 2018 16:33 utc | 74

After reading Trump's tweets on the Nato countries news site, I started to wonder what type has Donald Trump been doing business with and made profits. Must be crooks with very low intelligence. If his tweets are anything to gauge his intelligence with. Does really think Russia would shake by his ignorant tweets. Israel is the problem. Russia has been too lenient. Like a typical spoilt-child, Israel behaves with impunity in the international community. All these absurd theaters are simply to divert attention from the coward and criminal activities of Israel in Palestine.

Posted by: Steve | Apr 11 2018 16:35 utc | 75

maybe these tweets are some kind of hail mary subversive action by the donald? letting everyone know about what's coming. I mean, to announce defensive measures would be quite common, but announcing a strike some hours or days beforehand is not seen that often.

Posted by: radiator | Apr 11 2018 16:37 utc | 76

Trump had dinner last night with Alan Deshowitz, Jared Kushner and other advisors, primarily to discuss the situation in Syria and mid-east policy. So Dershowitz, the chicken little of anti-semitism, whose philosophy of life is encapsulated in "is it good for the jews" is suddenly the go-to expert on mid-east policy. Sounds like a replay of George Bush's infamous 'six jews and the president' meeting regarding the fate of Palestine.

This will not end well.

Posted by: hobo | Apr 11 2018 16:38 utc | 77

We'll see what Russia does if the US, UK, France and Israel bombs Syria. Bluster is one thing but moving up the escalation ladder is another thing.

The West has destroyed the international legal framework that they created after WWII by flouting international law and the UN charter. They have acted with impunity for many decades. The whole Skripal affair and now using this false flag as pretext are just new examples where facts don't matter.

This will be a major test for Putin. It will be interesting to see how far up the escalation ladder he is willing to climb.

Posted by: ab initio | Apr 11 2018 16:39 utc | 78

Looks like Mattis is really the last adult in the room, knows this is dodgy, knows and is on record saying previous cases were dodgy as well (like was told to Obama back in 2013). One can hope he can convince Trump, and won't be fired. Bonus points if there's a shooting match and Mattis puts Bolton in his right place, near the dustbin.

"Russia said it would destroy the platforms that launch the missiles, not only the missiles themselves. Did nobody explain the difference to Trump?"

What I hope is that some smart general will explain to Trump what it would mean for US supremacy, if Russia happened to sink an aircraft carrier - considering their force projection is based on that, and are one half of the US military might (the other being, obviously, nukes).

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Apr 11 2018 16:40 utc | 79


That may be so, but its not the first time, remember Libya, what did Russia do then? Nothing. Same will occur now, if US want to wear itself down in another war, why involve itself?
Again, Syria is NOT such a big interest for Russia and thefore wont make a sacrifice for it. Period.

Posted by: test | Apr 11 2018 16:41 utc | 80

@75 b quote ""Stood ready to provide"? Does that mean that it has not yet been asked?" i think they are getting positioned if the need is required, but they haven't been asked to do anything yet... that is how i read that..

Posted by: james | Apr 11 2018 16:42 utc | 81

@81 test.. i think you are wrong... the reason russia is in syria has a lot to do with what happened in libya.. they didn't want to see that again... i think the line is drawn here in syria... i do not believe russia will back down here as you suggest.. we can wait and see..

Posted by: james | Apr 11 2018 16:45 utc | 82

@65 - I have to question the statement that Russia is completely locked into the global economy. They produce their own oil, have their own finance system that can be separated from the west now that the alternative clearing network with China (SWIFT replacement) is online.

And don't forget that the sanctions of the past 5 years have probably backfired on the West by making Russia stronger. Domestic agriculture and industry has had to fire up in order to substitute for imports no longer available.

Posted by: Chris | Apr 11 2018 16:45 utc | 83

Again, Syria is NOT such a big interest for Russia and thefore wont make a sacrifice for it. Period.

One might think, given the last 20 years, that overthrowing Syria would not be the last chapter of the regime change story. Who'd be next? Probably a "westernized" or failed-state Iran. From there, strategically? Maybe nothing more, maybe some of the former ussr-republics would see uprising? There's more ways than all-out nuclear war to have russia cut down to size.

Posted by: radiator | Apr 11 2018 16:50 utc | 84

Trump appears not to understand how deep are his troubles: with Mueller's grab of his personal Attorney's files- Russiagate has morphed into a sex scandal; his base is growing restless over undelivered campaign promises.
Trump does Twitter diplomacy and Russia is not amused. The "Russia needs US to help with their economy" is weird. Only 8 months ago Congress passed legislation 419-3 imposing sanctions against Russia, which Trump signed, that limits his authority to lift them.

Big question; we just read Iran has declared it stands with Syria. What about China?
April 03 China's new defence minister went to Moscow to signal to the `United States Russia and China's military are close. China is also pissed over the recent U.S.-Taiwan Act. Did we mention the South China Sea provocations?

(Unable to provide links due mobile device)

Posted by: Likklemore | Apr 11 2018 16:55 utc | 85

Syria govt has said Douma has only one hospital, and it received no patients with symptoms of exposure to chemicals.

But WHO says about 500 people reached "medical centers" with symptoms of exposure to chemicals.

What medical centers is the WHO referring to? If they're brick-and-mortar clinics with names, fact checking should be easy. Why haven't they specified?

Posted by: MarkMosby | Apr 11 2018 16:56 utc | 86

Who allowed Zionist American imperial power to go unchecked for this long?

China and Russia...for a long time did nothing while AngoZio power expanded. There should have been many, many more checks, incremental checks on this power along the way and I'm referring to financial and military. China, especially has been too complacent until now allowing the U.S. to expand its economic and military tyranny and influence exponentially.

Wherever the U.S. was meddling, be it Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, and especially in the Pacific and Middle East, where the higher stakes exist, China and Russia should have been there competing and resisting as a block. The Empire could have been hobbled decades ago!

Posted by: Circe | Apr 11 2018 16:58 utc | 87

Consider the leaders of the antagonists; May, Macron, Netanyahu, Trump. Each is weak and in trouble internally and are either not driving this madness or are in need of distractions. Bakerpete 28.

Bakerpete you express a common pov I’m not crit. it, I have expressed similar in near time past. But. One might just as easily argue the reverse: as these ‘leaders’ are in touble at home - imho quite acute for Macron (social unrest and much pol oppo, though it will come to nothing for next two years) and Trump (PTB, deep state scissions and attacks on his person which likewise won’t grip just now, but that situation is far more volatile, unpredictable), less dire for May and Netanyahu, > that these ‘homey disturbances’ serve to obscure, cover up, distract people from murderous, disastrous foreign policies.

To clarify a simple ex. Some class of workers will demonstrate, strike, .. to preserve their salaries (rightly so) say in F, -- completely occupied with that they have no care or time for foreign policy (e.g. Syria)..

Posted by: Noirette | Apr 11 2018 16:59 utc | 88

radiator says:

There's more ways than all-out nuclear war to have russia cut down to size

not really

Posted by: john | Apr 11 2018 17:02 utc | 89

The problem with allowing 'symbolic strikes'

Is that the Jihadists now have the formula, 1. fake WMD attack, 2. watch Trump's even larger attack against the brave Syrian army, 3. rinse and repeat. The Russians will either have to fight or leave Syria.

My stomach is in knots. The evil people who are running my country are war criminals. My only comfort is that they cannot lie their way out of God's judgment.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Apr 11 2018 17:07 utc | 90

Also NATO+US+EU states outmatch Russia easily in power politically, military, there is no way Russia could win such a war if this escalates too far.

Posted by: test | Apr 11, 2018 12:20:34 PM | 69

This is NOT about winning. It’s about humans' lives and continuous endless wars and regime changes. Should we allow the super military powers dictates human lives? Fuck NATO, EU, US, UK, Germany, France....

Russia Federation will return to The Soviet Union or further break up if Putin let Trump off the hook. China, if Xi Jinping did not retaliate immediately against Trump, more than 1.4 billion’s Chinese will stave. Do you think China can win (trades or military) if she decides to fight US?

It’s not about winning but stands your ground or return to when China a century of humiliation under the western power and Japan.

Posted by: OJS | Apr 11 2018 17:09 utc | 91

The Stock Market

I cannot believe how oblivious the stock market and the U.S. public is to the possibility of war. Everyone here has the popcorn ready and is waiting for the midnight plumes like it's the 4th of July. We are talking about Trump's attorney, the Chinese give back to avoid the trade war, and we seem to think that the Russians will accept their overdue punishment because deep down inside, all evildoers know that they deserve to be punished by the Almighty U.S.

We are a nation of self-righteous morons. Pride comes before a fall.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Apr 11 2018 17:11 utc | 92

not really

I didn't mean "geographically", although that would surely be a great goal. All this land and its resources for only so few people, they surely belong to the strongest, not the ones that happen to live there.

Posted by: radiator | Apr 11 2018 17:12 utc | 93

Also NATO+US+EU states outmatch Russia easily in power politically, military, there is no way Russia could win such a war if this escalates too far.

I'll chime in here. This is a misconception. What does 'winning' mean? It's not like the West is going to take Moscow. The Russians will use nukes before they let that happen. Can the west kick Russia out of Syria? Sure but only after the Russians sink a few capital ships and possibly an aircraft carrier and then we have Syria on our hands. No one in the West will consider that a win worth celebrating.

Will the west try an all out blockade on Russia?
Maybe but again Russia has the nuclear war card. If an all out embargo can destroy Russia then as Putin says, 'what good is a world without a Russia'. A few sanctions fine but they can't deprive Russia the ability to trade oil with China, India, or South America.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Apr 11 2018 17:16 utc | 94

....This will be a major test for Putin. It will be interesting to see how far up the escalation ladder he is willing to climb.

Posted by: ab initio | Apr 11, 2018 12:39:58 PM | 79

I can't predict Putin, but I know Xi Jinping will never stand for it.. Xi has made it clear repeatedly China will retaliate.

Posted by: OJS | Apr 11 2018 17:17 utc | 95

@ b 75

If the media is credible.....
WHO has given cover.

7 Hours ago, CNN, the, BBC and Sputniknews reporting 'WHO states 500 people showed signs of chemical attack in Syria."

That was quick because only 24 hrs early WHO requested access to E. Ghouta.

We are at the point where the global debt ($237 trillion) will never be repaid, needs to be extinguished. Other than taking Russia's landmass and resources, What better way than WW111?
When all else fails, The solution is war.

Posted by: Likklemore | Apr 11 2018 17:24 utc | 96

There appears to be a universal assumption here that Russia will choose to wait, to respond to a US-French-UK-Israeli attack. This makes sense if you base your assumptions on the actions of Russia during recent history. However, I am not so sure that will be the case. As Putin says, if you know a fight is inevitable, then hit first.

One other assumption seems to be that a Russian response will somehow be measured, to be more or less in proportion to the attack. I am not so sure about that, either. If the damned fool neocons go ahead with this insanity, then I think all bets are off.

We do not know the extent of Russian offensive or defensive capabilities. I think the Russians have been playing a waiting game for as long as possible, hoping that push would not come to shove, but if it did, then they would be fully prepared with both conventional and unconventional capabilities.

Not long now before we find out.

Posted by: Perimetr | Apr 11 2018 17:26 utc | 97

An interesting perspective on why the crisis has escalated to this point is made by Adam Garrie along the lines of Zhirinovsky's nationalist critique of Putin's policy/rhetoric to NATO/Outlaw US Empire acts. Excerpt:

"In respect of Syria, Russia is guilty of presuming that in fighting a war against terrorism that the entire world ought to have supported, that even its enemies in the US and Europe would somehow allow Russia to go about its business in Syria, owing to the greater good of eliminating terrorist groups like Daesh, al-Qaeda and their clones from the face of the earth.

"This was a false premise from the beginning as Russia should have known all too well. Russia should not have been so naive in presuming a nonchalant attitude from the western, as when it comes to the western imperial quest for global dominance, they will do anything to subdue Russia, no matter how many objectively gruesome allies the west will need to associate itself with in the process. There is even a clear blueprint regarding this western attitude. Its author was an English academic called Halford Mackinder whose so-called “heartland theory” portrayed Russia as a necessary “pivot area” that western imperialists would need to subdue in their wider ambition to conquer China and the wider Asian world."

There are some aspects of this position I agree with. But then neither Garrie, Zhriniovsky or I are Russia's President having to weigh a great number of issues, which is why I find it difficult to criticize Putin/Lavrov's overall efforts and thrust. China's Xi now appears to be willing to emerge from behind the shadows to exert its pressure on events. As I alluded to in my comment above, it's quite likely Russia will encourage/allow Syria to use its anti-ship missiles in retaliation, which subtly shifts the dynamic.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 11 2018 17:29 utc | 98

A scenario, Fidelio.

There'll be a massive strike. Devastating. Media erupts, everybody is "guided by the beauty of our weapons" à la Brian Williams. It's a field day, full of congrats and back pats. Plans are made for the bright future, a new A-century.

So the deed is well recorded.

But Russia is yet to reply.

Posted by: js | Apr 11 2018 17:30 utc | 99

@ CC 93

The stock Market is no longer a "market" in the conventional sense. Traders have been replaced by ALGOS and fundamentals, technical analysis are history.

Ask CNN, war is entertainment.

Posted by: Likklemore | Apr 11 2018 17:30 utc | 100

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