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April 13, 2018

Syria - Manipulated Videos Fail To Launch World War III - Updated

[Update April 14, 5:00 UCT]

Last night the U.S., UK and France launched a symbolic attack on Syria. It was not intended to hurt the Syrian government, its people or its allies. It did not hit any of Syria's allies. So far there is no report of anyone being killed or wounded.

This was a one-off:

Mattis [...] said the assault was a “one-time shot,” so long as Assad does not repeat his use of chemical weapons.

The only purpose of the attack was to do 'something' and to somewhat calm down the warmongers within those three 'western' countries. It was probably insufficient for that.

As we wrote yesterday in the piece below. World War III had been called off.

A report from an observer on the ground in Syria:

Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai - 4:22 UTC - 14 Apr 2018

#USA #France #UK: 3 countries to bomb 3 #Syria/n objectives in #Homs #Damascus? A centre of research, a Control & command and an ammunition warehouse? And before the OPCW investigation expected today?

A say In ME: Huge mountains moving to give a birth to a small mouse!
No "Political hits: (Presidential Palace or gov or security HQ)
No #Iranian objectives hits
No #Hezbollah objectives hit
No Syrian Army key capabilities hit.#
And of course no #Russian deployment w/ #SAA hit
#USA looks weaker than ever with this "strike".
The giants trio hit (#USA #UK #France) fired from US base in #Qatar is celebrated in #Damascus government controlled area with #Russian #Iranian #Syrian and #Hezbollah flags, dancing and mocking @realRonaldTrump's strike
This is the 1st time in history where a capital, #Damascus, is hit by foreign power and people celebrate it in the street few hours later, challenging the attackers and expressing their solidarity with the government by dancing in the street: #USA #UK #France boosted #Assad today
#USA #UK #France targeted empty objectives in #Syria since the entire #SAA was dislocated. @realDonaldTrump wanted to save his image: the Syria people's reaction (1000s in the street expressing solidarity with Assad) to the hit is seriously damaging him.

To limit the attack to the absolute minimum was a wise decision by U.S. President Donald Trump. The people who had faked the 'chemical attack' in Douma on April 7 wanted to pull the U.S. into a wider war with Syria and Russia. They failed. Russia's threat of retaliation for any attack was strong enough to deter the U.S. military. Secretary of Defense Mattis saved the situation when he publicly doubted the evidence and held Trump back from a spontaneous 'revenge' response. Netanyahoo will be furious and the neocons will now try to kick Mattis out.

[End-Update - the original post, written before the attack, follows below]

It seems to me that World War III has been called off - for now. Sanity prevailed over a stampede of warmongering which erupted after dubious but well timed claims of a 'chemical attack' in Syria.

Secretary of Defense Mattis let know of his doubts about the alleged 'chemical attack' in Douma which the 'rebels' attributed to the Syrian government. This changed the tone of Donald Trump's tweets and the international conversations on the issue. Several NATO countries, including Germany and Canada, said they would not take part in any threatened 'revenge' operation.

Today the Russian Defense Ministry accused Britain of having directed the staged attack:

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, released statements by medics from Douma’s hospital who said a group of people toting video cameras entered the hospital, shouting that its patients were struck with chemical weapons and causing panic. The medics said none of the patients were hurt by chemicals.

Here are videos of that hospital scenes from the 'rebel' propaganda outlets. The 'treatment' by the 'rebels', dousing with water and administering some asthma spray, is unprofessional and many of the 'patients' seem to have no real problem. It is theater. The real medical personal is seen in the background working on a real patient.

The people in the video scenes were "rent-a-mob" actors which the Russians say they have found. They also found the medics and videotaped their statements. They Russian government claims to know the main culprit:

"Today, the Russian defense ministry has other evidence proving the United Kingdom’s direct involvement in the organization of this provocation in Eastern Ghouta," [Igor Konashenkov, the defense ministry’s spokesman] said.

An OPCW technical team has arrived in Damascus. It will investigate the scene and talk to the witnesses.

Cause of the recent panic were a few videos by several propaganda outlets associated with Takfiri 'rebels' in Ghouta. These videos immediately looked staged to me. Yes, they showed dead people - mainly children - in a basement or apartment. But the bodies were not in the place where they had died and were probably not, as was claimed, killed by chemical weapons.

In the videos some 20 dead children and a few women lie on the floor as if they were thrown in there. The scene was obviously manipulated several times. The various videos show the bodies in different positions. They have been moved around for presentation. Later videos show, for example, a baby in diapers on top of two older kids. In an earlier video that baby is not there.

The 'rebel' claim that the people were killed by chlorine and a nerve agent: "Look, the dead have foam at their mouth." (Foam at the mouth  is wrongly assumed to be a sure symptom of exposure to a nerve agent.)

Yes, they have foam at their mouth. But it seems to be shaving foam and/or some white gel, not a human secretion. We have seen this trick before.

Compare for example this video from the scene uploaded by فادي عبد الله on Apr 7, 2018 at 20:49:26 UTC with this video from the same scene by Yaser AlDoumani2 uploaded on Apr 7, 2018 at 22:43:16 UTC.

A screenshot from the first video (graphic):


The corridor where the cameraman stands at that moment is filled with dead bodies. The body with the white bonnet on its head lies in a backroom. The detail picture below is turned 180 degree:


A screenshot from the second video. The body with the white bonnet has been moved from the backroom to the corridor and added to a pile of other bodies.


Detail of the body with the white bonnet turned 180 degree:


It is the same body with the same cloth in a different position. It seems obvious that shaving cream or something similar has been added to the body after it was moved. The shaving cream simulates "foaming at the mouth".

Stephen McIntyre found and collected several other discrepancies between the various videos from the scene.

The people shown have died. They probably suffocated after a shelter collapsed as the Syrian Observatory reported on that day. But the videos were likely not made at the scene of that incident. The bodies had been moved and manipulated. There were likely no chemical weapons involved in their death.

It would have made no sense at all for the Syrian government to launch a 'chemical attack' on a nonmilitary target in the Douma situation. Its imminent victory was already guaranteed. The 'rebels' and their supporters had their reasons to fake such an 'attack'. It was an attempt to drag the U.S. into destroying the Syrian government and its army. It nearly succeeded.

The various 'leaks' and media claims around the staged 'attack' have reached comical grounds.

CNN headlined today: Biological samples from Syria attack site test positive for chlorine and nerve agent, official says:

Biological samples from the area of the alleged chemical attack in Syria have tested positive for chlorine and a sarin-like nerve agent, according to a US official familiar with the US analysis of the test results.
Medical sources and activists in Syria said blood, urine and hair follicle samples were smuggled in batches to Turkey after rebel groups and their families were pushed out of the area by the Assad regime, CNN reported earlier on Friday.

The sources did not know what happened to the samples after they reached Turkey.

That chain of evidence is joke and the claim is nonsense. There is simply no way to diagnose chlorine exposure in blood, urine or hair samples.

The Center of Disease Control notes of Chlorine exposure:

Laboratory criteria for diagnosis:

Biologic: No biologic marker for chlorine exposure is readily available.

Chlorine is highly reactive. When it enters the bloodstream it turns into chloride and associates with sodium and potassium and other basic elements. The natural chloride level in a body is already quite high and changes often. We all eat and naturally dispose of table salt, aka sodium chloride, each and every day. The chloride level in a body can be measured but it is not a criterion for chlorine exposure. The 'official' who made those claims to CNN is lying.

The evidence for a 'chemical attack' in Douma is simply not there. The videos provided by the 'rebel' propaganda outlets are manipulated. Medical personal in Douma dispute their propaganda claims.

Secretary of Defense Mattis spoke out and U.S. allies refused to swallow the faked evidence. Donald Trump pulled back from his earlier aggressive threats. There will likely be no bombing of Syria and in consequence no violent conflict with Russia. 

Trump already began to change the headlines. He just pardoned Dick Cheney's former errant boy Scooter Libby. He is preparing the grounds for pardoning his own staff should they be caught up in the Mueller investigation.

This will give the media enough material to cover throughout the weekend and to forget about attacking Syria.

The staged 'chemical attack' was designed to draw Trump back into the conflict over Syria after he announced that he wants the U.S. military to pull out. Has it changed his mind? Will those who initiated this stunt, probably the Brits, try again?

Will Russia be able to prove its claim of British involvement? If so could it free Yulia Scripal?

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new video from russian defense...interviewed doctors at the only hospital in douma



Posted by: oldenyoung | Apr 13 2018 20:22 utc | 1

I dont agree at all, I dont know where this optisim comes from, we are closer to war in a long time, no way west will back now, no way, the attack will create a huge impact and will come sudden, I suspect within 2 weeks.

Posted by: Anon | Apr 13 2018 20:23 utc | 2

Can Russia prove Brit involvement? IMO, Russia wouldn't be making the statements it's now making if it wasn't 100% certain. And as I posted at previous thread, Russian rhetoric is vociferous in a manner I've never seen previously--Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore is my bet. My question: When the proof is presented by Russia will Western media be allowed to show it? IMO, it will be presented Saturday in enough time for it to be front and center on the Sunday political talk shows--IF it's going to be shown and discussed.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 13 2018 20:27 utc | 3

Anon. I disagree with you. Care to come back in two weeks and admit you were wrong, or crow about being right?
See you then.

@Karlof1. Yes I agree, seems to Western an MO. Hopefully we are wrong and they show the evidence they claim to have. Not showing is a real mistake in my mind as it just lends credence to the meme that Russia may be in on the whole thing IMO.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Apr 13 2018 20:33 utc | 4

I’m hoping you’re correct in your outlook. I too am pessimistic after so much bluster and weapons put in place. This is no time to relax. People in the USA should call their Representatives and the White House. There are previously planned antiwar protests in several cities this Sunday.

Posted by: Ken | Apr 13 2018 20:35 utc | 5

Posted at ZeroHedge:

"State Department spokesperson Sara Huckabee, in today's briefing, said they have "proof" the Syrian government is behind the gas attack."

Let's see it. Need to know source of proof. Colin Powell is that you?

Posted by: Likklemore | Apr 13 2018 20:43 utc | 6

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 13, 2018 4:27:09 PM | 3

"Russian rhetoric is vociferous in a manner I've never seen previously--Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore is my bet."

The tipping point was when Johnson(?) compared them to Nazis. The Russians did all the hard work in defeating the Nazis, losing 26 million in the process. They have stopped using the term 'partners' when refering to NATO country diplomats. They now use the term 'correspondents'. That is a subtle sign that they no longer have any respect for the respective countries. They have described the US as 'non-negotiation-capable'. I suspect the UK falls into that now.

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 13 2018 20:46 utc | 7

No one should be surprised of the manipulated videos. Wait until computer altered (DeepFake) videos become more realistic. It will be difficult to separate the lies from the truth.

Tannenhouser @4:

That two weeks is related to a claim of the USS Truman Carrier Group (CVN, 6DDG and 4SSGN) leaving port. Apparently it takes two weeks to get from CONUS to Syria.

Posted by: Ian | Apr 13 2018 20:48 utc | 8

In reply to Karlof1:

I certainly hope that the Russian evidence is made public ASAP, and that it is sold and beyond doubt.

We need to stop the accusations, counter accusation, counter counter accusation. This is becoming like two children in the back seat of the car winding each up to an inevitable fight.

Unfortunately is will never be allowed on the British MSM, so it will be up to the likes of us to make sure it is as widely known as possible!
If incontrovertible evidence isn't presented soon, i fear more incredulous accusations will be made for example these ones:-

apparently British ‘intelligence’ services have just made the discovery that the Russian GRU have had both the Skripal’s under surveillance for FIVE YEARS.


The British copy of Russian secret services Assassination Manual, (otherwise known by it’s working title of “How to totally bodge an assassination and ensure your enemies know it was you” [*jk*]), contains a section on how to kill someone by door knob.

This will be used as further 'proof' of guilt! And therefore justification for immediate military strike, possibly before Monday, so Prime Minster May dosn't have to face the embarrassment of having to back down and have a vote in parliament, (which in theory at least she could lose, but in practice will win due to the total lack of opposition, and 2 years of propaganda since the last vote), after they return from Easter Recess.

Posted by: Thorvid | Apr 13 2018 20:53 utc | 9

No question that Trump has blinked. And the more time goes by without a strike simply gives Syria, Russia, and Iran more time to prepare, further raising the ante. Lastly, delay allows whatever anti-war resistance still exists to apply further pressure. I'm calling my Senate and House reps every day and drilling them new holes for their appalling and total silence on the possible precipitation of war with Russia. They are all Democrats and worthless, but I remind of their status every day.

Posted by: Trisha Driscoll | Apr 13 2018 20:54 utc | 10

Yet another chemical weapons factory uncovered in town of Aftris within Eastern Ghouta. I've lost count; is that 4 or 6 within the last two weeks?

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 13 2018 20:58 utc | 11

I fear Madman Bolton will prevail over Mad Dog Mattis. The Washington Post has a believable analysis that Trump has too much at stake. He wants to win after blaming Obama on failure. The New York Post has reported a whole entire armada U S warships steaming towards the Middle East. It's up to the Russians now to decide the fate of humankind.

Posted by: Lucretius Harbinger | Apr 13 2018 21:04 utc | 12

@8. Yep it is. Still disagree. There was a comment in earlier thread that suggested that the deployment was known of for at least a year. I'm going with that and I still have faith in Grieved comment and his optimism.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Apr 13 2018 21:05 utc | 13

I am sorry for re-posting this comment on this thread. But I was wondering what others thought about the possible scenario outlined below.

1. There is a Russian claim on April 13 that operatives from either UK, US, or France were involved in the production of the fake attack. (I am betting these operatives are UK--either SAS or MI6 field agents). (But it is probable there are also US operatives there--likely CIA.)

2. There have been several to my knowledge unconfirmed reports from April 12 that UK, Israeli, and Jordanian[!] operatives embedded with Jaysh al-Islam in Ghouta were captured by the SAA.

3. There is an older late-March report of a UK led conspiracy to directly attack Damascus in mid-March in the hopes of overturning the Syria government. The attack was to be coordinated with the Skripal poisoning in the UK and would involve a false-flag chemical attack; ostensibly followed by the US/NATO decapitation of Damascus from the air. That comes from Thierry Meysann here:

4. On February 18 the Syrian campaign against Ghouta began with full intensity. The campaign was presented as a human rights disaster by all Western media outlets.

5. On March 17 Russia announced its awareness of at least two planned false-flag chemical attacks: one in Eastern Ghouta involved "American instructors [who] have trained several groups of insurgents near al-Tanfa in order to hold provocations with chemical weapons in the south of Syria."

Putting it all together:

If you compare Thierry Meysann's theory from mid-March here: with the April 12 *unconfirmed* report of captured UK operatives in Ghouta here: you will note that they are generally consistent although containing very different details:

Meysann presents the plot as involving the coordination of Skripal's poisoning with the staging of a chemical attack in Ghouta, leading to a US/NATO led bombing of Damascus.

Sputnik presents the plot as involving a "ground assault in Damascus" led by UK, Israeli, and Jordanian operatives supported by massive air support from US/NATO.

One *possibility*, then, is something like this: the coordinated false-flag chemical attack in Ghouta was originally to lead to another "Syrian" citizen-led mini uprising against the Assad regime: This "Syrian" uprising, which would really be led by UK/US/Israel/Jordanian operatives who could pass as Syrians, would aim to infiltrate Damascus from Ghouta and blow a couple things up; meanwhile, the Skripal affair plus the false chemical attack plus the false "Syrian" citizen ground-resistance in Damascus would propel the world to call for US/NATO decapitation of the "regime".

This--or something like it--is perhaps what Russia discovered was afoot, and why Russia and the SAA so zealously sought to clear out Ghouta from February 18 onward. Russia was aware that by clearing out Ghouta quickly enough, the full ground attack on Damascus could be thwarted in time; but there was still the possibility that a chemical attack might be staged nonetheless. Hence their announcement on March 17. This effectively told the UK/US that the larger planned coup had been discovered and was not going to happen. The staged attack of April 8 was supposed to be part of a larger coordinated rush upon Damascus, which would ensure that the staged attack could never be properly investigated. The US/NATO would bomb the evidence to smithereens.

It was ultimately perhaps a stupid decision for these operatives to go through with the staged attack once one could no longer be sure that it would not be investigated owing to the US/NATO bombing it was supposed to be coordinated with. We'll see.

This could be all wrong. It's just one possible reconstruction. But I don't find it immediately *im*plausible. Should I?

Posted by: WJ | Apr 13 2018 21:12 utc | 14

Suggestion the attack will occur tonight (before inspectors arrive):

If they don't the momentum will dissipate completely. More people will publicly question the (evidence free assertions) claims. British parliament may try to vote, etc. Plus markets are closed till Monday (and besides it's Friday the 13th).

Hopefully this will not be so.

Posted by: the pessimist | Apr 13 2018 21:17 utc | 15

Trisha 10. My Email ...
Letter to Australia PM email. sent 12/04/2018

Well as President Trump considers his opening moves in regard to the still to investigate Douma chemical gassing i would like to ask you to contact the president and implore him to do a proper investigation into this matter. It is no lie the possibility for this to spiral of control. A cosmic event such as the end of humanity is possible. The group White Helmets sponsored by UK and The Netherlands
are a group that propagates for such groups as Al Qaeda. I suppose it is fitting that they got a academy award however the latest production is downright childish ( it's as if ismall details don't matter any more) and deserves Immediate investigation. This "letter' to you may be one of the last you receive so it's importunate should be paramount.

Alice in Wonderland- First the sentence then the trial-No it's investigate and report.
You, as one of the powers of this world Should ACT RESPONSIBLE.
You know when President Assad is winning that's the time to chemical attack (and enjoy it supposedly) Fake chemical weapons attack- it's all over the alternate media. If you don't act the repercussions are upon you and your henchman allies. War is coming. If YOU are our leader what preparations are YOU doing or are you ignoring it ( or giving trivial attention like our Media)
Again what actions are You doing to stop/delay/investigate/bring peace/ act justly
If you think I am overly alarmed you are foolish mistaken. Plans have (but not yet fully ) for a possible nuclear escalation, one wrong step or should i say overly emotional action by leaders could cause earths destruction.

Look this is What I ASK
It's a fake chemical weapons attack any half arsed investigation would find this out. Tell Trump a True investigation is required
I am going to spread this 'letter' far and wide.

Posted by: col from oz | Apr 13 2018 21:17 utc | 16

Thorvid @9--

Yes, shouting match must end.

Can't recall where I read this info, but elder Skripal was being surveilled by FSB cause working with MI6 and Ukrainian regime. So, he was being watched, but just how closely? Perhaps to the point where Russia knows UK's lying. In other words, Mr. Skripal remains in employ of MI6.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 13 2018 21:20 utc | 17

Karlofi @ 11: The SAA found a makeshift chemical laboratory near Shifouniyeh in East Ghouta in mid-March. Sharmine Narwani was one of the first journalists (or probably the only journalist) at the scene just after it was discovered. I do not know of any others found until the one discovered in Aftris. It could be that news about the Shifouniyeh CW lab has spread like wildfire across Middle Eastern news media and Western news blogs.

In other news, the SAA found a jihadi film studio (including cameras and filming equipment) in Saqba in East Ghouta.

Posted by: Jen | Apr 13 2018 21:21 utc | 18

There is a tempo to this, move/counter-move. Russia has the momentum at the moment but Britain and friends will regroup and come at it again. I'm afraid the British government has moved beyond the point of retreat. I'm just stunned by the clumsy, mendacious actions of the British government; they've completely lost control of this.

Posted by: Bakerpete | Apr 13 2018 21:23 utc | 19

This is a comment I posted earlier at SST...

Trump set his street creds with the MOAB and the 60 Tomahawk missiles early on as the crazy man, the Dr Strangeglove type riding the missile. the US congress and senate is a drunken lynch mob living in Hollywood hallucinations. If Trump makes the wrong move they will lynch him. When he rides the missile, the drunken mob cheers and say he looks very presidential. Mad Dog has his street creds in his name. He is the military expert and when trump rides the missile, mad dog talks to the crowd and the crowd listens.

Each time Trump rides the missile I think he really is crazy, he's going to do it this time.

The main problem for the US is mass delusion. They (Clinton types) will take the US to a point that that Russia has no option to destroy it. Like Putin was/is a man for his time in Russia, Trump is to the US. He does not live in the delusion. He uses twitter to work the delusional mob.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 13 2018 21:24 utc | 20

Get real, this whole fake chemistry exercise was a great taking the Gaza shooting gallery off the world press's front pages, just as MH17 was with Operation Protective Edge

Posted by: sadness | Apr 13 2018 21:28 utc | 22

@15 pessimist,

There's also this:

Rumors of agreement between Russia and Israel entailing removal of Iranian troops from Syria for guarantee of purely symbolic strike by US. Have no idea if accurate.

Or is US racing to bomb Ghouta before the extent of its deception becomes impossible any longer to deny? If there is *political* desperation behind the UK/US urgency to strike quickly, things could get out of hand.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 13 2018 21:30 utc | 23

@ 15,

Also: Russia now approved to use Iranian airfield in Hamedan exchange for airfield's use of Pantsir and S-400 SAM defenses:

To me, this agreement suggests somebody is anticipating a more than "symbolic" imminent strike.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 13 2018 21:36 utc | 24

Will Russia be able to prove its claim of British involvement? If so could it free Yulia Scripal?
No way that Yulia Skripal is going to be released. Too dangerous. Absolutely everyone who was directly involved has been taken off-line, and not allowed to speak. The doctor who wrote the letter to the Times, the personnel of the hospital who treated the victims, the cop, and the Skripals themselves. No public word from any. It's a big effort by the authorities, which shows how sensitive they are.

Posted by: Laguerre | Apr 13 2018 21:39 utc | 25

The "chemical attack" hoax was likely rushed into being as the window of opportunity was rapidly closing. The previous hoaxes relied on tight control of the locations, and the inability to do so this time will prove its undoing. Russian proof of UK involvement could well consist of intercepted communications - such as arranging the satellite transmissions necessary for dissemination of the videos. That the medical personnel who describe the WH theatrical performance can be seen in the WH videos adds tremendous credibility to the notion of a hoax. This will be confirmed when the OPCW arrives and the 500 alleged wounded victims will have vanished, and the tests on the rent-a crowd from the videos show nothing. It is predictable that all of this will be obscured or greatly downplayed by the West's media - but credibility is going to take a massive hit, both globally and with a sizeable minority of the population. The May government is in serious jeopardy now.

Posted by: jayc | Apr 13 2018 21:40 utc | 26

Both medics are saying that it happened on April 8th, but the videos are dated April 7th.

Posted by: Z | Apr 13 2018 21:43 utc | 27

WJ @22--

Regarding US/UK cover-up attempt. IMO, there are too many witnesses--hundreds if not several thousands--and other forms of physical evidence besides testable residues--which don't exist because there was never any chemical attack. The domestic morass both Trump and May are in require nearly continuous distractions but are vastly different. Events on the global stage are moving in a direction no longer controllable by UK/US as in the past--their unipolar moment is burning up upon reentry, but that reality is brutally ignored. And US/UK behavior over this false flag is helping other NATO vassals to reassert their independence. A massive demonstration's been called for UK this Monday. Perhaps the Social Media weapon so touted during Arab Spring will finally bite back with a vengeance those who initially manipulated it.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 13 2018 21:47 utc | 28

@ jaye 25,

"[UK] credibility is going to take a massive hit, both globally and with a sizeable minority of the population. The May government is in serious jeopardy now."

This is what I fear @14. It could lead the UK/US to do something drastic: like bombing away the evidence....

Arguably this is how Russia is reading the situation. If an attack comes in the next 24 hours it will be partly through UK political desperation and things could go south fast.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 13 2018 21:49 utc | 29

karlof1 @17--

That would make scene and tie in with a couple of things i read/saw in the early days, sadly also can't recall where. That Mr Skripal was meeting regularly with MI6/5 handlers and was giving lectures to the military, which of course may explain why he is living in British military heartland.

Posted by: Thorvid | Apr 13 2018 21:53 utc | 30

Posted by: WJ | Apr 13, 2018 5:12:26 PM | 14

The earliest link I have come across refering to captured British (SAS?) officers, plus some Saudis, is this one from 8 March 2018 (interesting timing wrt Skripal). It includes a photograph of one of the alleged military officers. Subsequent captures seem to have been kept tightly under wraps - those captured were allegedly trying to escape disguisd as civilians. The 11 British seem to have been captured en masse at two villages in the east Ghouta area.

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 13 2018 21:55 utc | 31

@21. Im not sure it would have made the front page anyways....Either way interesting thought. Kinda like the OJ white bronco right when Rwanda was seeing the worst of it, IIRC, or Bruce Springsteen's anti war anthem Wrecking Ball being obliterated by Hannah Montana's bondage suit wrecking ball.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Apr 13 2018 21:55 utc | 32

I fear that the hordes of loonies will convince him to launch an attack to disrupt the OPCW investigation and even target Douma claiming that civilians have been evacuated and only evil storm troopers are there.

I am hoping that when I read PS 68:30 ... Scatter the nations who delight in war that it was not a coincidence. That the forces gathering against Syria will disperse.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Apr 13 2018 22:05 utc | 33

I hope you're right, but the dotard Donald has shot off so much nonsense that drawing back now might not be an option.

He has a notoriously fragile ego, and he needs to at least fire off some missiles to prove his "big hands".

Posted by: Cycloben | Apr 13 2018 22:08 utc | 34

I still disagree. No doubt everything's correct what you state about the videos and so on, but the war preparations are still on. The mass media did not change tune, and most important Tronald is not this peace loving guy you make him seem. As long as the OPCW people are in Syria of course nothing will happen, but after they leave it's shooting time.

Posted by: Pnyx | Apr 13 2018 22:30 utc | 35

@Ian 4:48:27,

It could take six to eight weeks for that U.S. carrier group to reach the eastern Med if they are careful about icebergs. The new Navy guidance is to avoid collisions at all costs.

It could also run out of gas middle Atlantic. I see delay in the future.

Posted by: Col. B. Bunny | Apr 13 2018 22:35 utc | 36

The chemical "attack" investigation reminds me of the UN inspectors just before the Iraq war.   TPTB can easily make it look like they've "gave peace a chance", then another attack occurs, forcing the investigators to leave the area.   Trump will then have the excuse to launch another strike.   I hope Trump is trolling the Zios.

Tannenhouser @13:

Yes, deployments are planned well in advance, especially carrier groups.   But, adding a few more ships shouldn't be too difficult.   More importantly, their orders can change on a whim.   The top speed of their ships is classified which means they can reach the area much sooner.   The two week journey could be seen as a delay tactic, to allow cooler heads to prevail.   Maybe they'll get "lost" and find themselves on an island. ;)

Posted by: Ian | Apr 13 2018 22:39 utc | 37

The great question is - can 'Western' industry keep burning without explicit , bargain price control of SIBERIAN resources.

According to Chomsky the U S has international interests and controls garnering the economic wealth of 50% of the planet .
Would be interesting to read a space-age rewrite of Lenin's , ' Imperialism as the Highest Stage of Capitalism ' at this juncture - and let us hope it is not a puncture !

Posted by: ashley albanese | Apr 13 2018 22:42 utc | 38

Anonymous @30,

Thank you. That is *very* interesting. The date corroborates the hypothesis of a premeditated orchestration of the Skripal poisoning with the planned US/NATO decapitation of Damascus in late March (which was to be justified on the basis of Skripal + staged chemical attack + fake "Syrian" unrest in Damascus).

If I might conjecture a bit further, perhaps the Skripal attack was rushed on account of the East Ghouta campaign that had begun in mid-February. Perhaps the fear was that East Ghouta might be cleared before the Skripal attack could supply the link to the staged chemical attack. (Perhaps the original chemical attack was not to be "staged" but was intended to be real: a *real* false-flag chemical attack is after all what Russian intelligence suggests.)

The odd thing--or perhaps it is not odd--is that one could make the case that the UK/US has more or less kept to original script of the play-act, even as it has been shredded before us. They have after all strongly *insinuated* that there is a link between Skripal and East Ghouta. They are *acting* as though the staged chemical attack really happened. The next step in the plan was to be a civil "Syrian" ground insurrection in Damascus leading directly to a US/NATO aerial decapitation. The civil "Syrian" ground insurrection has been taken away from them. But might they not decide to conclude the last act as planned anyhow? If this is right--and thankfully it is probably not--we should expect to see a major bombardment campaign begin within 24 hours or so.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 13 2018 22:44 utc | 39

Cute, Bunny :-)

Posted by: Bakerpete | Apr 13 2018 22:45 utc | 40

Perhaps a tad OT. Tom Engelhardt pens an interesting essay: "A Tale of American Hubris Or Five Lessons in American Defeat." Excerpt:

"Shakespeare would have been fascinated by the hubris of America’s leaders in these years (and that was before Mr. Hubris Himself even hit the White House). It couldn’t be clearer today that the military-first grab for an all-American planet proved strikingly too much for the U.S. to swallow by an Iraqi mile. It never even came close to happening. When the history of American decline is written, perhaps it will be said that never was there a great power whose leaders so effectively took it down themselves simply by wanting too much too badly and by woefully misunderstanding the nature of power on this planet. For Washington, the urge to make Earth into its imperium proved the equivalent of a submarine putting a torpedo into its own bow."

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 13 2018 22:48 utc | 41

Yes, as Mercouris has suggested, control of the crime scene in Ghouta may make a pre-emptive NATO strike more likely, to intimidate the inspectors and destroy evidence.

Russia's claim to have proof of Western instigation of the whole false flag might also increase chances of early strike--to change the subject. Perhaps the Russians would rather the strike come now than wait for the carrier group to arrive.

Posted by: Paul | Apr 13 2018 22:49 utc | 42

The great weakness in the Russian position is that the Kremlin and Russian government generally is riddled with western agents.
This means that the unequivocal warnings that Russia is giving are muted by reassurances from Fifth Columnists that there will be no retaliation and that Russia is afraid of the US.
Such misunderstandings are what lie at the roots of war between powers: each feels that the other will back down, until they don't.
I hope that I am wrong and that the neo-cons are not feeding false intelligence from their agents in Russia to Bolton and Trump. But given the amateurish nature of the current White House-very much like the idiocy which prevailed in 2003- rationality is likely to be overborne by loud mouths and bravado.

Posted by: bevin | Apr 13 2018 22:57 utc | 43

Of course, if the OPCW inspectors fail to find evidence of a chemical attack in Douma, then it opens up a whole new can of worms for the west.....who lied? who produced the videos? who published them? Why? Have previous CW attacks been fake now? And...more importantly....why did our media fall for these fakes hook, line and sinker....nearly bringing us to the edge of a global war....

Posted by: Hermius | Apr 13 2018 22:57 utc | 44

History repeats itself with remarkable synchronicity. Tsar Putin sent his virtual pro Russian alt-media fleet to Donald Trump's rescue, to assist with US withdrawal from Syria, whilst UK Zionist media did everything in it's power to block the move, from Skirpal to E. Ghouta.

U.S. Civil War: The US-Russian Alliance that Saved the Union

How A Russian Czar Saved America

We have just experienced a fully staged Cuban Missile Crisis type event, to cover for the US withdrawal from Syria, and it seems to have bought Donald Trump some time, at least until UK controlled Zionist media regains it's senses and comes back for more.

Of course it's more like 1862-3 than 1865, and whereas the Union was easily going to win the first Civil War this time the balance of forces is almost reversed, expecially in terms of the psychological battlespace, and excluding the US military which remains firmly committed to the Union and Donald Trump, nothwithstanding the multitude of chicken shit weasels like David Petraeus.

Next up, the Congressional Battle of Gettysburg in Novemeber.

Posted by: C I eh? | Apr 13 2018 22:57 utc | 45

The only think Yulia can do to save her life is to escape and try to get to the russian embassy asap.
also the reason state department ngo’s are banned in many countries is because they try to stir up trouble for uncooperative governments.

Posted by: Bill | Apr 13 2018 22:59 utc | 46

@36 Stranger things have happened. We do live in bizzaro world where diplomats are told to leave countries for telling the truth.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Apr 13 2018 23:00 utc | 47

You can bet the farm that Russia has been monitoring all signals traffic throughout Syria. Once the Ghouta capture was underway they likely jammed signals in that area, which could be why the white helmets still went ahead thinking the larger plan was still in play.

All in all, a very sloppy job by MI6. And it would have been signed off with the US/CIA.

Posted by: cdvision | Apr 13 2018 23:36 utc | 48

"Of course, if the OPCW inspectors fail to find evidence of a chemical attack in Douma, then it opens up a whole new can of worms for the west.....who lied? who produced the videos? who published them? Why? Have previous CW attacks been fake now?" - Hermius

This is what should happen if we were not on Bizzaro earth and we had a moderately, competent press corp. It would be an actual 'bombshell report' not their moronic 'bombshell reports' on an insignificant flunky getting indicted.

Think about it. The ONE place where inspectors had access to an alleged chemical attack proves to be a hoax. Any logical person would then think, 'Hmmm ... maybe the other times, where we only relied on videos, those were faked too'.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Apr 13 2018 23:37 utc | 49

As previous Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford has stated. "
Corbyn and the British Labour Party wil make hay"

Posted by: Jack | Apr 13 2018 23:39 utc | 50

Let us hope that the Russian evidence is more convincing than the Skripal evidence put forward by the British government, which amounted to nothing.

Posted by: Rob | Apr 13 2018 23:54 utc | 51

Melania loves her son. And considering how much trouble the Donald has to be in since she found out (at the same time the entire western world found out) what he was up to while she was in hospital going thru childbirth pain, well, maybe she just glared over at the pillow next to hers last night and said "Husband, you are NOT allowed to risk burning the world my son lives in no matter what anybody else demands, do I make myself clear?" and thereby saved the world. (From the Zionists.) Hell hath no fury?

Posted by: Mother of God! | Apr 13 2018 23:57 utc | 52

@50 Rob,

Clearly you have not seen the secret just-released and totally legit British Intelligence Dossier!! You cannot make this shit up:

Posted by: WJ | Apr 14 2018 0:04 utc | 53

The Syria affair cannot be separated from US politics and the war by the deep state, the lyin' media and the Dems to overthrow Trump's presidency -- and if Russia has solid evidence about UK false flag it may give Trump the ammunition to break the Gordian knot.

Trump's policy since he started campaigning was to get out of Syria because he sees it as wasteful and counterproductive AND he understands the real conflict for the US is with China, which is getting stronger, and spending US resources in the ME weakens the US relative to its most critical opponent. And the deep state has frustrated each attempt he made to withdraw from Syria.

If Russia has the goods on the UK, Trump could take the public position "I was totally outraged by the apparent gas attack in Syria and ready to punish those responsible. Unfortunately I have discovered that it was a hoax staged by officials of the UK government with the deliberate intent to drag the US into war. That war could have escalated with the involvement of Russia to ultimately claim millions of lives, many of them American. This is absolutely intolerable behavior from any country and certainly from one that is supposed to be an ally. I have demanded that the British government identify and prosecute all those officials involved in planning and conducting this attempt to entrap the US into war.

It appears that this was done by the same British agency affiliated with individuals involved in creating the utterly fabricated documents used to falsely claim there was collusion between my campaign and Russia. This gives evidence that part of the British government not only attempted to block my election, and then over-turn it, but to falsely lead the US into a war.

We have started to root out members of the US deep-state, McCabe, Comey, Ohr and others who have been involved in attempting to overturn a democratic election and foment dangerous hostility with Russia. There will be more of them outed soon. The DOJ Inspector General's report, just released in part, and Congressional investigations show that the conspiracy involved both US officials and associates of British intelligence agencies. This recent evidence of British officials attempting to get the US into a war suggests they were also involved in the intervention in US politics.

Mr Mueller's role as special counsel is being terminated, since it is clear the premise was a seditious hoax perpetrated by corrupt agents in the US government assisted by parties, and apparently officials, in the UK. Mr Rosenstein is removed from his position and will be investigated for his role in the criminal acts. I repeat that the US Government expects very swift action by the UK Government to publicly identify and prosecute all those responsible for this hostile action against the US."

It would retrospectively validate Trump's strong comments about Assad, coupled with the sad fact that he had been deliberately misled by the agencies and UK government which had attempted to block and destroy his presidency, so no blame for him. It would allow him to cleanly walk away from Syria while destroying part of the US deep state attacking him and placing them as culpable in attempting to get the US into a war. It would of course force May and Johnson to resign with a complete reshuffle in the UK, since the UK, which is not loved by continental Europe, would be totally isolated if the US Government declared it involved in hostile actions against the US.

Posted by: Bazza McKenzie | Apr 14 2018 0:10 utc | 54

Bazza @53

Its not impossible that there is a rogue element in MI6, but I don't believe they would act without approval by CIA - which may indicate a rogue element there also. I can't (at this stage) believe the UK Govt is in on this. May and Johnson don't have the balls for this; after all, they can't even tell Junker to fuck off.

Posted by: cdvision | Apr 14 2018 0:23 utc | 55

cdvision @ 54

I agree May and Johnson may not be directly involved but British officials have been running UK policy and operations, especially on foreign affairs, for centuries. The politicians are mainly there to provide cover and pretend it is a democracy. However, it is long accepted in the UK political theater that ministers resign when their officials are caught misbehaving. Since neither May nor Johnson are serious supporters of Brexit, their resignations might benefit that as well.

Posted by: Bazza McKenzie | Apr 14 2018 0:31 utc | 56

cdvision 54

I think the English or anglo deep state revolves around the monarch. May and Johnson are part of it, small time players, not decisions makers. They act out their roles as politicians, the script already written.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 14 2018 0:33 utc | 57

New York, April 14, IRNA/SANA: If the United States, Britain, and France believe or think that they can attack us and violate our sovereignty, then we will have to apply Article 51 of the UN Charter which gives us the justified right to defend ourselves. This is not a threat, like how they threaten us; this is a promise. We will not allow anyone to violate our sovereignty,” al-Jaafari affirmed.

Syria'sresponse might be to hit any number of exposed assets situated within Syria.
We already know what the Russians have said.

Posted by: Kaiama | Apr 14 2018 0:40 utc | 58

Trump making announcement in 8 minutes.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 14 2018 0:52 utc | 59

Kaiama @57

I posted yesterday that there are 4500 American hostages in their mini-bases in Syria. They must be worried.

Russia has been given permission again by Iran to base heavy bombers on Iran's military airfields. This gives the lie to those who said Russia would back down. And it provides a base to complete the cleanup in Syria quickly, which I'm sure they will do.

An interesting part of the deal to use Iran's airfields is that S400 and Pantsirs will be based there also. Saudi Arabia and Israel take note!

Posted by: cdvision | Apr 14 2018 0:58 utc | 60

"This could be all wrong. It's just one possible reconstruction. But I don't find it immediately *im*plausible. Should I?"
Posted by: WJ @ 14

Acknowledging that we know little for certain - from the vantage point of a computer screen with all of the disinformation, propaganda and half-truths flying around the net - about what is actually happening in and around the war zone, yours is certainly a plausible scenario in my view.

What seems clear to me (based on everything I have read on this board, other blogs like Syrpers, alt news sources and the MSM) is that, beginning with the start of the assault on East Ghouta and intensifying as the SAA and allies achieved unexpectedly rapid success, the reaction of the Coalition of Cruelty has been increasingly strident, with the UK being particularly virulent in its rhetoric. Diplomatic decorum has broken down and the forms and norms of international law no longer being paid even lip service. There is a panicked quality to the false flags that suggest they are improvising on the go. I think this indicates that the western alliance against Assad has already suffered, or is about to suffer, a catastrophic setback in their plans to overthrow the Syrian Government and that the Russians still hold the initiative.

Notwithstanding the statements that have been made at various times from western leaders and officials about Assad "winning the war" and "Assad can stay," I think it is obvious that plans to topple his government were never shelved - merely changed. This was evidenced by the continuing tenacious activity of supposedly defeated ISIS and encircled "rebel" groups - these formations would have surrendered long ago if they weren't continuing to be supported from the outside and believed that "help was coming." I don't think the Russians have been fooled by any of it, but they must move in measured increments and "play the game" to avoid provoking the kind of reaction we are now seeing and which still has the potential to blow up, literally, in everyone's faces.

Who knows what will happen? I prefer to think that saner heads will prevail, but I also think they will not if US/UK/French/Israeli planners are not convinced that Russia will respond with equal force. I remember reading or hearing somewhere (I can't recall exactly where, sorry) John McCain telling somebody questioning him, early in the Syrian intervention, that "Russia will do nothing" if the US imposes a no-fly zone. He repeated it more than once. I think that is part of the War Party calculus. This makes me nervous about the idea of negotiating even a back-door "Trump face-saving strike" (an option some are hoping for), as this will cause Russia to lose face, as well as the initiative after recent increasingly forceful statements they have made.

If I were a gambler, I would put my money on the US & UK backing down in the most face-saving way possible. Time is on Syria's side. But I will not breathe comfortably until that US carrier strike group sailing east is come and gone from the Mediterranean.

Posted by: Activist Potato | Apr 14 2018 1:01 utc | 61

Apparently an attack against Syria has just been launched by US/UK/France.

Posted by: Lavrenty | Apr 14 2018 1:05 utc | 62

british us french bombing now

Posted by: norm | Apr 14 2018 1:11 utc | 63

We're a couple minutes into the bombing and so far no WWIII...let's see how long that lasts.

Posted by: Timothy Hagios | Apr 14 2018 1:13 utc | 64

Will you start condemning effing Trump once and for all for the effing opportunist that he really is???

It's not Trump that wants to hold back on strikes on Syria; it's Mattis! The only reason the strikes didn't happen yesterday is because Mattis disagrees with Trump on the scope of this military operation and they have not come to an agreement. Believe it or not, your darling Trump wants a SUSTAINED and BROAD attack on Syria, yes a PROLONGED ATTACK and Mattis is warning him not to take that route. Mattis also wants more facts regarding the chemical attack before any military action is taken.

If Trump egomaniac got his way; the bombing would have started already! Trump wants nothing more than to look like the hero right now and distract from his sordid legal troubles.

When are you going to dump the Trump Kool-Aid and be honest about who Trump really is; nothing more than a Zionist stooge lusting for power!

Trumpshit, a guy who was doing a predecessor to Stormy when guys his age were being shipped off to Vietnam and he was getting repeated deferrals for being an entitled sob, has no problem bombing Russians, Syrians and Iranians to save his ass once again!

Posted by: Circe | Apr 14 2018 1:17 utc | 65

@ 60, an hour ago I thought the same thing. I'm afraid we were both wrong.

Posted by: lysander | Apr 14 2018 1:18 utc | 66

Syrian Air Defense forces in action over Damascus..

Posted by: Lozion | Apr 14 2018 1:18 utc | 67

OMG! That bastard got his way! They're bombing Damascus now! P.O.S.!!!!!!!

Posted by: Circe | Apr 14 2018 1:21 utc | 68

Operation, 'End OPCW Investigation' underway

I must avoid all network 'news' at all cost. First the bombing then the TV host orgasms. I can't stand these people.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Apr 14 2018 1:21 utc | 69

It seems to me we're seeing two major elements at work. One is the practically solid wall of propaganda in the media, and two is the biased international institutions, heavily weighted in favor of the previous rulers of the planet, the western world.

The propaganda doesn't mean much, because the people who believe it are almost by definition powerless. But it does require a narrative in order to work, and that story-line doesn't have to hold water very tightly, because the media have the populace pretty well saturated. But the flimsiness of the story creates a problem when it's used in more rigorous arenas - which it is, because it forms part of the overall culture generally believed by the institutions, and also believed by the propagandists over time, simply because it forms part of the culture.

The second aspect, which is the subverted institutions, is more complex, of course. But not necessarily very sinister. It almost seems that the culture alone is enough to produce the desired thinking and outcomes, until it starts being challenged. Then it takes pressure or better lies.

What we're seeing today is an absolute lack of better lies. The bar has been set so low over the decades that no one knows how to come up with really clever lies anymore. So when the wall begins to crack, all that's left is pressure. Hasty, ill conceived, brute pressure.

Surely this is what we're seeing? The absurdities of this time are going to get even more surreal. I had to walk away from Trump's tweets, coming after a month of May and Bojo - the human stomach is not meant for this.

And it has been really distressing to see so many good people across the internet fooled by all this inept theater and cheap lying, such that they ignore the balance of forces that are so clear to see.


Russia is in a so-called information war, but it's really based on the two elements above, the narrative on the one hand and influence with the institutions on the other. And the two go together, but the old rulers of the planet are no longer as strong, and the whole world knows there is a changing of the guard, so even the institutions know that eventually the future will come, and with enough protective force that they can resist the diminishing pressure.

I think Russia understands all this very well, in its own concepts, and deals with it admirably well. Changing of the guard is like Dr. Assad's position in Syria before the Russians came, and even since. There have been a lot of battles, a lot of tactics sacrificed to preserve strategy, a lot of struggles and few clear wins. Until. Until the tide turns, and one day it becomes indisputable who is winning.

It's important to take the longer view, and not get caught up in the theater and lies. Don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice this ;)

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 14 2018 1:21 utc | 70

I feel sick - like I'm inside that song by Randy Newman - Political Science - Let's drop the big one and see what happens...

Posted by: Mother of God! | Apr 14 2018 1:24 utc | 71

they are bombing the tunnels the command control,the bell pottinger film studios of the white helmets they are destroying all the evidence.
of these massive underground facilities

Posted by: norm | Apr 14 2018 1:25 utc | 72

Well P.O.S. Trump managed to change the subject in the news by going on a killing spree in Damascus!

Damn him - I hope Mueller nails his ass!

Posted by: Circe | Apr 14 2018 1:25 utc | 73

Wish the title of this blog post was true. But Trump is "so Presidential"...

Posted by: Rufus | Apr 14 2018 1:25 utc | 74

Anybody shooting back?

Posted by: Bakerpete | Apr 14 2018 1:27 utc | 75

RuAF reactions anyone?

Posted by: Lozion | Apr 14 2018 1:29 utc | 76

No reply from Russia?

Posted by: Alaric | Apr 14 2018 1:29 utc | 77

Trump already began to change the headlines. He just pardoned Dick Cheney's former errant boy Scooter Libby. He is preparing the grounds for pardoning his own staff should they be caught up in the Mueller investigation.

In so doing, also thumbing nose at ziocons who outed Plame in retaliation for Joe Wilson's "impertinence."

Posted by: Stumpy | Apr 14 2018 1:31 utc | 78

3 hours ago I wrote, it would be shooting time after the end of the OPCW mission. I was to optimistic. Now lets wait for the Russian reaction. Or the Iranian one, I guess Iran could be the real target.

Posted by: Pnyx | Apr 14 2018 1:32 utc | 79

@74 yes but no idea to what effect except downing missiles

Posted by: the pessimist | Apr 14 2018 1:32 utc | 80


So the answer to save Syrian lives from their regime is to kill more Syrians. No one will be allowed to kill more women and children than the great western alliance. Have we not said this enough?

Posted by: Stumpy | Apr 14 2018 1:32 utc | 81

Well I was wrong. Looks like US and cronies had to strike before any OPCW report.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 14 2018 1:32 utc | 82

Lastly, Prince bin salmon paid in advance. Note taken.

Posted by: Stumpy | Apr 14 2018 1:34 utc | 83

Russian Duma approved adequate response to military strikes, sanctions both economic and political. By morning we'll have some idea what that means - assuming the nukes aren't launched

Posted by: the pessimist | Apr 14 2018 1:36 utc | 84

Trisha Driscoll | Apr 13, 2018 4:54:26 PM | 10

Good for you! Keep up the pressure. I used to have a good rep in Frank Wolf, but he was replaced by a business-friendly empty head.

Posted by: Stumpy | Apr 14 2018 1:41 utc | 85

This is sad and unnecessary, although anticipated by the crew here. I refuse to tune into any TV news or mainstream internet source, cause I am a big fan of truth. RT television is too damn slow to report breaking news (it is 4am in Moscow, but still). So, I come here for the play by play of tonight's action.

Two twitter feeds I am following are Vanessa Beeley's ( @VanessaBeeley ) and one someone here pointed at the other day (sorry I don't remember who), @WithinSyriaBlog .

Any other recommendations? With luck, this will be limited to just blowing up some shit tonight, limited casualties, and that will be it. Sure hope so.

Posted by: howard in nyc | Apr 14 2018 1:41 utc | 86

This looks like an impotent strike on a mostly abandoned air base and building. It’s thats it then this is no big deal but Russia must reply not necessarily by killing people but there must be a response

Posted by: Alaric | Apr 14 2018 1:42 utc | 87

How do you like your Trump savior now??? Strikes are being launched from MULTIPLE locations, including Turkey, Qatar, UAE and Jordan

Yesterday and earlier many here were being lulled into a false sense of complacency by the usual dose of Trump Kool-Aid while I warned several times that I had an uneasy feeling there was an element of surprise involved and the strikes were still coming.

Your Tinpot Trump, Zionist stooge is finally showing all his true colors.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 14 2018 1:45 utc | 88

1st wave from east (Turkey?) 2nd wave underway.

Posted by: the pessimist | Apr 14 2018 1:46 utc | 89

remember hans blix anyone he was trying to investigate weapons in north south east and west baghdad but was not allowed to finish

only half of the opcw had turned up the rest arriving sat

destroying proofs
why would strikes be happening in the exact place being investigated.

Posted by: norm | Apr 14 2018 1:53 utc | 90

The fact that the Empire could not wait for the OPCW team to arrive in Syria and do the work necessary to determine if there was a chemical release speaks volumes. The war lovers do not care about verification. They want a war whose main purpose is to topple Assad. I do not see that happening. Meanwhile, the citizens of the countries launching the attack will almost certainly remain completely in the dark as to actual facts. Their governments and news media are intent on keeping them ignorant.

Posted by: Rob | Apr 14 2018 1:54 utc | 91

From Bundy>
Scientific research center in Barzeh (not)!Jumrya is hit
Along with Mazzeh AB.

First wave fired from the east is now over.. More are expected. The ships in the med have not taken part in this.
The 2nd wave of attack began now.

Wave after wave of cruise missiles hitting Syria; it is not stopping. Over 40 minutes of cruise missiles.

They are avoiding all Russian areas but bombing civilian areas as well.

Most of the missile attack has been foiled as of 8 minutes ago. Civilian research center and Red Crescent Housing Center in heavily-populated Barzeh was hit.

US struck one of Damascus’ most densely populated suburbs. Jaramana reporting strikes.

Civilian casualties are being reported in Damascus as at least 2 residential areas have been struck by the US-led force’s missiles. At least 4 dead in one of the strikes.

Posted by: Plod | Apr 14 2018 1:56 utc | 92


This follows the script set out in the Sputnik article linked by me above. I am very afraid that they decided to double down on the March operation as planned even as it was fallling apart around them. My fear is that, if they do, it will be very hard to keep the conflict from escalating.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 14 2018 1:59 utc | 93

Ironically, having used the OPCW to support their Skripal conclusion, the FRUKUS is in a bind if OPCW comes back with a negative.

As far as bombing the evidence out of existence, we have Russian MPs providing security in East Ghouta as well as providing security for OPCW once they arrive.


Posted by: Stumpy | Apr 14 2018 2:00 utc | 94

Fuck. Three reports that the RUssian Air Force is active.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 14 2018 2:05 utc | 95

MOre from Bundy:

Many missiles were downed.


The 2nd wave is now over And it came from the west over Lebanon.
US is facing great difficulty hitting its targets in Qtaifah missile base north of Damascus, a third wave is still incoming

Dumays airbase was hit, it is an emptied off everything.

13 US missiles were shot down over al-Kaswa south of Damascus

US launched dozens of decoy missiles, Syrian air defense was able to reveal them according to al-Mayadin

All targeted sites have no Russian air assets or personal present.

Posted by: Plod | Apr 14 2018 2:05 utc | 96

Yes this was clearly an attempt to hit before the OPCW and to silence the Russian proof that is was staged by the U.K.

But um where is Russia? No military or public response yet.

Posted by: Alaric | Apr 14 2018 2:06 utc | 97

WIll the OPCW scientists go ahead with the investigation? Or just get the hell out of Damascus?

Posted by: jawbone | Apr 14 2018 2:06 utc | 98

What's the best news source so far?

Posted by: jawbone | Apr 14 2018 2:07 utc | 99

Well, here we go again, lied into another illegal war. It's how the US government rolls....

Posted by: jawbone | Apr 14 2018 2:09 utc | 100

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