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April 09, 2018

Syria - Any U.S. Strike Will Lead to Escalation

Yesterday's alleged 'gas attack' in east Ghouta likely never happened. A video shows a number of presumably dead kids in a basement or dark apartment. Another video shows an undamaged yellow gas cylinder which, we are told, was dropped from some unseen helicopter and crashed through a concrete roof. We do not know when or where these videos were made.



Besides those videos of murky origin we hear claims from two 'western' paid anti-Syrian propaganda organizations, the White Helmets and SAMS, which claim hundreds were wounded in a chlorine attack.

Interestingly the MI6 outlet in Coventry, the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights (SOHR), does not confirm a 'gas' incident. In its version of events some 40 people died after their shelter collapsed:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights issued a higher death toll, saying at least 80 people were killed in Douma, including around 40 who died from suffocation. But it said the suffocations were the result of shelters collapsing on people inside them.

Main stream media, which have quoted SOHR for years, now ignore it and report of a 'chemical attack' as if it were a proven reality.

All this happens at a moment when the Syrian army is victorious and Trump had just announced that he wants the U.S. to leave Syria. We noted that something similar happened exactly a year ago when similar illogical claims were made:

We are told to believe that each time the U.S. pulls back from the war on Syria the Syrian government is responding with a 'chemical attack' that pulls the U.S. back in.

Hours later the New York Times headlined: As Trump Seeks Way Out of Syria, New Attack Pulls Him Back In.

Over the last month Russia has several times warned that such fake gas attacks were being planned by the so-called 'rebels'. It also warned the U.S. that any strike it might take in 'retaliation' of such a fake attack would endanger Russian troops and installations in Syria. The Russian said they will respond to any severe U.S. attack with a strike against U.S. missile launching platform - be they jets or ships.

Israel immediately tried to further escalate the situation. Last night it hit the T4 airport in Homs with 8 cruise missiles launched from Israeli planes flying over Lebanon. The T4 airport is in the middle of Syria. Some Iranian drones are stationed there next to Syrian planes and helicopters to help in the fight against ISIS in east Syria. The damage was relatively light, but the Israeli strike requires a response. Russia had so far not commented on any Israeli strikes on Syria. This time it was first to condemn the attack. It will no longer hinder Syria or Iran should they decide to launch a counterattack on Israel or its interests.

Douma, where the alleged 'gas attack' happened, is now accessible. The terrorist of Jaish al-Islam are being evacuated to Idleb governorate. Russian military police entered and did not find any indication for the alleged chemical incident. The OPCW or some other organization could investigate the situation. This would as usual take several weeks.

Trump is under pressure from neoconservatives, military hawks ans some allies to do 'something', i.e. to attack Syria, and to do it immediately. Such an attack would likely escalate.

So far Trump sounds uncommitted:

Speaking at a Cabinet meeting, Trump promised a “major decision” over the next 24 and 48 hours and said one may come as soon as the end of the day. The U.S. president was meeting with military advisers Monday evening.

“Nothing is off the table,” he said when asked if U.S. military action was a possibility.

Russian troops in Syria and the Syrian army have raised their alarm levels. Should an attack come they will be ready to respond in kind.

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I know i have said it before, but only russian S-400 could save Syria, Trump will keep bombing until Assad is killed,
Russia could whine as much as they want but as we have seen, it doesnt lead to anything, in fact the dumb Trump even tries to blame Russia and Iran for this incident which might even be based on fake-news (no evidence of chemicals at all).

And besides, Trump isnt really "pushed" to do anything, this is Trump acting, he could stop it, but no he push for war.

Posted by: Anon | Apr 9 2018 19:21 utc | 1

wonder if Russia might respond to US attack on Syria by hitting US allies in Ukraine.

Posted by: Ragheb | Apr 9 2018 19:23 utc | 2

I certainly hope Mr. Assad doesn't decide to drive to East Ghouta in an unguarded Honda Civic again. This is not the time to take chances. It's the time to check all the air defense systems.

I'm not sure if what happened in Douma was a false flag, the result of carbon monoxide poisoning, or something else, but one thing you can darn well bet on is that it wasn't the result of the Syrian government dropping a toxic yellow canister right when they're on the verge of clearing out the last of the terrorists.

Posted by: WorldBLee | Apr 9 2018 19:27 utc | 3

"Trump is under pressure from neoconservatives, military hawks ans some allies to do 'something', i.e. to attack Syria, and to do it immediately. Such an attack would likely escalate."
This phrasing again shows your confidence in Tronald not being the one who will start the next - and maybe last - big war. I really really hope you're right, but do not believe it.

Posted by: Pnyx | Apr 9 2018 19:33 utc | 4


It rather sounds like Israel false-flag,

1 drop chemicals
2 post photos of canisters of chemicals
3 bomb

Posted by: Anon | Apr 9 2018 19:33 utc | 5

Does they really WANT to start WWIII over something they KNOW to be made up?

That coin is still in the air.

Posted by: ritzl | Apr 9 2018 19:34 utc | 6

Consistent with Trump's stated Nuclear Posture Review, and in light of Russia's warning, the world awaits the appearance of a tactical nuke.

Posted by: Fec | Apr 9 2018 19:35 utc | 7

I suggest Trump nuke a third tier city in the US and blame it on Russia.

Posted by: Fec | Apr 9 2018 19:38 utc | 8

Russia, Iran, Syria need to hit the airfield that the Israeli planes flew from. Otherwise, WWIII is coming. Show NATO that you have red lines, and will react proportionately.

Posted by: Blue | Apr 9 2018 19:41 utc | 9

No white helmets in the recent snuff videos, cameraman also avoids filming the people walking through the building.
Earlier video was similar. These people most likely killed in Idlib or perhaps in jihadist territory near the Israeli or Jordan borders. Or perhaps it is old video from 2013.

The ne-cons, Brits, Israeli's, and now Macron seem intent on taking US to war with Russia.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 9 2018 19:45 utc | 10

The Israeli attack on T-4 base was a probing attack to get signal intelligence for Centcom. We know the Israelis informed Centcom and Trump in advance of attack, but not the Russians... Centcom then primed their ISIS proxies to make a ground assault immediately after the Israeli strike. The ground attack was repelled and T-4 is still operational. Per israeli move we know that Trump and Macron will strike. The Saudi clown prince is buying the french as we speak showering them with a few billion euros in Paris. Western media is a sewer, not one presstitute asking appropriate questions.

Posted by: Augustin L | Apr 9 2018 19:59 utc | 11

If Trump nukes a sufficient number of US cities, Russia is bound to sue for peace.

Posted by: Fec | Apr 9 2018 20:06 utc | 12

It is amazing how the western news media stick with the trash news and keep reporting the same fake stories without ever questioning the motive of the government or the rebels .
They are not news media any more but mouth piece of the rebels , anglozionist masters .
Even the politicians and the people I thought they were smart enough to see the lies , were also repeating the same trash, it seems to me the Christian west determine to have a fight with the not with us world .
Big mistake.

Posted by: Bobby | Apr 9 2018 20:08 utc | 13

Diplomats, politicians, presidents et al, their job's resposibilties are to prevent wars and conflict thru dialogue, not cause them.

Posted by: SilverKey | Apr 9 2018 20:10 utc | 14

The lowly french will gladly take the 10 billion euros from wahhabi takfiris. Their masonic grand orient elites come cheap and will supplement with looting of french Africa with their franc cfa currency.

Posted by: Augustin L | Apr 9 2018 20:10 utc | 15

Innocent people, most especially children do seem to have been murdered in the production of these propaganda videos.

These terrorists have kidnapped and murdered children many times in the past. Reports by real medical professionals find that as many as 20,000 children have been murdered to harvest their valuable organs.

If y'all can stomach it, watch this examination by real medical doctors of an earlier White helmets' "rescue" of an innocent little baby.

Posted by: Daniel | Apr 9 2018 20:15 utc | 16

Glenn Greenwald on DemocracyNow! today comes out clearly as a "useful idiot" for the AZ Empire.

“I think the evidence is quite overwhelming that the perpetrators of this chemical weapons attack, as well as previous ones is the Assad government.”

“The Assad government has killed more people than any other.”

Glenn absurdly claims Obama said, “we’re not going to get involved in Syria. We’re not going to devote efforts to regime change. The CIA under Obama did spend roughly $1 Billion per year to arm and train Syrian Rebels, but nowhere near enough to actually overthrow Assad - just enough to keep the war going because Obama was very afraid of confronting Russia in Syria, and also of the chaos that would ensue if Assad was removed… he allowed Assad to remain in power even after he had threatened to remove him if he crossed the ‘red line’ of using chemical weapons, which Assad then crossed.”

Then, later in the show he actually says the propaganda regarding former President Lula in his home of Brazil is the worst he's ever seen, with perhaps the buildup to 2003 Iraq War coming closest!

This is the man who has twice set up whistle blowers to be arrested after leaking information to Omidyar's The Intercept. To me, The Intercept looks like the sort of propaganda apparatus created for we who have come to realize the MSM is lying propaganda.

Posted by: Daniel | Apr 9 2018 20:19 utc | 17

Just watched the Sec Counsel meeting, Russia gave a good thorough presentation which everyone ignored and just continued on with - Russia did it - there WAS TO an attack we love the White Helmets. I was hoping for something more entertaining from Hillbilly Haley but she was holding back for immanent decisions about response. You can see the united front against Russia from the Imperial sycophant nations.

Russia said *get the OPCW out there tomorrow*!! - they ignored the idea and everything else Russia said. All those accusing Russia demand an investigation then refuse to send the OPCW there immediately to do so - just ignore the idea.

Posted by: Babyl-on | Apr 9 2018 20:28 utc | 18

The FBI just raided Drumpf's lawyer. Drumpf really needs a wag-a-dog moment. War is imminent.

Posted by: cycloben | Apr 9 2018 20:29 utc | 19

Never seen Russia this angry at the UN before. The US envoy is suggesting that a response will come regardless of the outcome of the security council meeting today. Things looking very bad.

It's sad because the current set of politicians have no idea of fear as they did not live through the cold war proper. They seem to think a world war is like something in a Hollywood movie. They don't appreciate Peace and security. What a shame.

God help us all.

Posted by: Hayder | Apr 9 2018 20:33 utc | 20

UN Live NOW......

Putin's Russia Federation cannot win. Almost every UN security members that spoke condemn Russia and Syria. The only way out is ww3, bombs the hell out of these liars..

Posted by: OJS | Apr 9 2018 20:43 utc | 21

FBI raids Donald Trump’s personal lawyer’s office for Stormy Daniels payment documents

Deep State/Isreali Lobbyists are increasing their pressure to force Trump to bomb Syria to escalate/prolong the war in Syria.

If Lebanon does not have any air defense, Russia should consider to donate some old S-200 systems or sign some sort of military cooperation treaty with Lebanon to have its air space covered.

Posted by: mali | Apr 9 2018 20:45 utc | 22

Hayder | Apr 9, 2018 4:33:50 PM | 20

Please stop fake news. There is no god and cannot help you or anyone.

Posted by: OJS | Apr 9 2018 20:45 utc | 23

It is now or never for the US. If Russia backs them down now, the US is finished as the sole superpower.
Thinking now about Putin's presentation of the new strategic weapons systems, it was perhaps directed as much towards the Russian people to give them confidence for what was to come, as much as it was a warning to the US.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 9 2018 20:46 utc | 24

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Apr 9 2018 20:46 utc | 25


I just made the same comment on the other thread.

Let's just say if there's war it'll be on two fronts: Syria and if this raid pushes Trump to fire Mueller.

Then Trump might use a protracted attack on Syria as cover.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 9 2018 20:46 utc | 26

The only way Israel is going to stop attacking Syria is if their jets are shot down. The only way that will happen is if Russia supplies Syria with S400s. Apparently that's not going to happen. So the U.S. gets the quagmire they "warned" Russia about – bought and paid for by them. What's Russia's endgame here? Fight Israel and the U.S. or let them do what they will with Syria?

Posted by: rcentros | Apr 9 2018 20:51 utc | 27

@Daniel #17,

I think that the Intercept as a whole does serve that purpose, but I remain undecided on Greenwald, just because he seems motivated by a genuine contrarianism than by anything else. Or perhaps he is given a long leash on most issues to make his restatement of the official line sound more persuasive on other particular issues--those being the the really crucial ones of course. The Intercept, together with Newsbud, maybe the Young Turks, and perhaps one or two other media groups, seems to be predicated on the Intelligence Community's awareness that old corporate media structures--the networks, cable news, and major print sources--are already literally unbelievable for a large portion of the population, most of whom skew young demographically. Hence the need for alternative independent and more believable platforms like Intercept and Newsbud. The tell in both cases, it seems to me, is not their general journalistic tone or even their willingness to openly critique all sorts of aspects of our warped country that corporate sources won't dare even touch, but where they seem regularly to come down on certain quite specific and concrete events and conflicts: the Intercept has long given public voice to Syrian interventionism to a certain younger, cosmopolitan, "skeptical" and/or "progressive" readership, and Newsbud has similarly sought to discredit the journalism of Beeley and Bartlett and replace it with an amorphous and incoherent approach that is explicitly critical of U.S. interventionism while it at the same time implicitly leads in that direction, by appeal to the oh-so-enormous "complexity" of the whole affair.

It will be important to look out for how this trend develops over the coming years, as of course even the CIA realizes that in 20 years most of the existing audience of traditional corporate media will be dead.

(Hell, maybe we'll all be dead a lot quicker than that....)

Posted by: WJ | Apr 9 2018 20:52 utc | 28

Back in 2007, the US Department of Defense released a statement that showed both that the Islamists used CWs and that chlorine is an ineffective weapon.

Posted by: Daniel | Apr 9 2018 20:55 utc | 29

A SARMAT strike on DC would solve a lot of problems.

Posted by: Fec | Apr 9 2018 20:56 utc | 30

ABC News
US pushing UN resolution to investigate alleged Syria chemical weapon attacks

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is urging the Security Council to adopt a resolution that condemns the reported chemical weapons attack in Syria over the weekend and would re-establish a U.N. investigative body to determine whether chemical weapons were used.

A draft of the resolution obtained by ABC News "condemns in the strongest terms the continued use of chemical weapons" in Syria – although it does not blame the Assad regime for the attack, instead establishing a U.N. "Independent Mechanism of Investigation" to try to determine whether chemical weapons were used and possibly who is responsible. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 9 2018 20:58 utc | 31

thanks b.. good overview.. basically israel appears to treat the usa like it's own yoyo... meanwhile the yoyo president trumpola is hard to read... i guess that is why they are raiding trumps lawyers office to see if they can get more dirt on trump as he is not behaving according to plan...

meanwhile the intercept and gg has finally revealed their true colours.. took a while, but better late then never...

@11 ausgustin l.. thanks for your comments..

@31 don bacon... that would be fine, so long as opcw is neutral and not beholden to the weest..

Posted by: james | Apr 9 2018 21:04 utc | 32

Douma would appear as the one time an actual independent forensics team would be allowed access to the site of an alleged chemical attack, and the western powers are passing on it? Trump himself in his comment yesterday demanded exactly that:
"Open area immediately for medical help and verification."

The military options seem rather limited - perhaps a bombing salvo - but there are no concentrations of troops, no means to really reverse the gains of the Syrian Army and its allies. The Chinese announcement in Moscow last week has to have been noticed by someone in position of responsibility. That statement was likely motivated by the Skripal incident and the preceding warnings of a false flag chemical attack aimed at Syria.

The populations of the Western countries are quite weary of the sabre-rattling. Trump can unleash a billion dollar cruise missile attack, but the striking teachers in Oklahoma and elsewhere are quite aware of the correlation between useless military expenditure and their own lack of resources reflecting a lack of concern for the longer term future.

Posted by: jayc | Apr 9 2018 21:07 utc | 33

US is going to bomb Syria on false CW, people shouldn't just sit passively without doing anything.

Americans could call your Congress representatives and senators to stop the coming illegal bombing and killing of innocent Syrians.

MSM is beating the war drum, MOA, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Syriangirl, etc. should start a "no-US-illegal-bombing-on-Syria" hashtag campaign. This is at least what we can do to help the Syrians and to prevent any bloodshed.

Posted by: mali | Apr 9 2018 21:10 utc | 34

@31 The draft UN resolution sounds like something that can be agreed to by all parties, ie set up a commission and find out what really happened without apportioning blame right now.

Posted by: Bill | Apr 9 2018 21:12 utc | 35

Watching UNSC live, just now Kazakhstan bucked the system asking; "Do we have any evidence beyond what is coming from the White Helmets?" And then points out the discrepancies in the death tolls, and supports Russian proposal of sending OPCW asap.

Followed by a Kuwaiti Animal Assad script-reader.

Bolivia says evidence must be independently verified and perpetrators identified. Need independent international investigation. Conflict in Syria cannot be solved militarily. Acknowledges sovereignty of Syrian Arab Republic. Mentions Skripal poisoning and its need to be solved as well.

Posted by: sejomoje | Apr 9 2018 21:13 utc | 36

Just see this Call White House NOW! Tel:202-456-1414 #NoWW3 #HandsOffSyria #BringTroopsHome #CWFalseFlag #FireBolton #CondemnIsraelAttacks

Posted by: mali | Apr 9 2018 21:14 utc | 37

Peru agrees with Bolivia at UNSC. This is something, I can't remember the last time Peru spoke out of turn.

Posted by: sejomoje | Apr 9 2018 21:16 utc | 38

Daniel @17

Didn't see the interview so thinks, gave up on Amy long ago. As to the Intercept I have been saying it is a dupe a Neoliberal corporate publication. Look at it, it's largely just another bunch of rich white men, it is owned by a tech oligarch as you point out and no matter how much "editorial freedom" there is it serves the interests of Omidyar. Not to mention that Greenwald took possession and claims ownership of the Snowden archive which is public property and cashed in for millions and his little fiefdom at the Intercept.

There is some good talent working there but they work for the oligarchy/Empire whether they know it or not.

Posted by: Babyl-on | Apr 9 2018 21:20 utc | 39

Yes, Nikki delivered a very powerful emotional appeal, totally devoid of any proof
of guilt and based on "previous chemical uses by the Syrian Regime and allies"
shaming Syria but blaming Russia for endorsing such attacks and shielding
the Assad's regime with its veto. Asking the UN to take action against Syria.

The comedy goes on with the intervention of the French representative with the
same script and assuring all that France will shoulder its responsibilities.

Same appeal by the Brit representative.

The Dutch on the same bandwagon.

And the Brits also

Rehearsed comedy by the very perpetrators of this calamity.

Wish to see what the others will say.

I believe that both the Russians and the Iranies and the Syrian should voice their
opinions and defenses in English as to be understood by all and not through
and interpreter.

Posted by: CarlD | Apr 9 2018 21:24 utc | 40

Syria calls out Israel, quotes Mattis' own doubts re the last attack, reminds everyone the WH are mercenaries, names James Le Mesurier("He has a French name, but he's British") as their creator.

Posted by: sejomoje | Apr 9 2018 21:38 utc | 41

The yellow canister looks like a fire extinguisher. Here's some cheap ones:

Posted by: Vasco Valente | Apr 9 2018 21:40 utc | 42

Listen to General Jack Keane telling the BBC Radio 4 audience this morning what President Trump needs to do (starts at 1:53:00 in).

Well General Keane that course of action (taking out every airfield in Syria) will certainly de-escalate the situation - not. I understand Keane is a staple interviewee on things military for Fox News – isn't Fox News what Trump listens to and takes as gospel?

Posted by: Carrie | Apr 9 2018 21:47 utc | 43

It looks like a cooking gas canister - butane or propane. Just a quick google shows similar. And the "cage" around it looks like some sort of brace that could be connected to a wall, or inside of an RV/van etc. It does not look like a military weapon. But then again we are living in times when actual Oscars are given to the White Helmets for being "barrel bombed" in the same fake way.

Posted by: sejomoje | Apr 9 2018 22:13 utc | 44

What f******g gets me is the OPCW silence

Why certify that a country has got rid of chemicals weapons
- get a Nobel peace prize , then say nothing about Syria?

I ask you what’s the point of this organisation?

And don’t get me started on the Skripal nonsense the OPCW
Could not even insist on the adherence to their OWN procedures
to deal with the investigation.

Posted by: James | Apr 9 2018 22:14 utc | 45

OJS @23
You are the one spreading fake news. I watched the UN exchange live on RT. Are you suggesting it didn't take place?

Also, no need to be disrespectful to the billions on this planet who believe in God.

Posted by: Hayder | Apr 9 2018 22:18 utc | 46

This interesting video at 3 mins in describes in detail the daily mail article stating the US plan to launch a chemical attack in Syria and then blame Russia. Washington gave approval to the plan. The article was later redacted but has been recorded.

Posted by: Bill | Apr 9 2018 22:20 utc | 47

Re: WJ @28

You remain undecided on Greenwald because you think he means well???

Maybe he sold out his friends because he thought it was the right thing to do?? WTF???

Greenwald is a bastard and you are a fool or worse.

Posted by: Perimetr | Apr 9 2018 22:27 utc | 48

Perimetr @48,

What I actually wrote about Greenwald included this: "Or perhaps he is given a long leash on most issues to make his restatement of the official line sound more persuasive on other particular issues--those being the the really crucial ones of course."

I am not sure how this makes me a fool. Or worse.

Posted by: WJ | Apr 9 2018 22:37 utc | 49

The Russians don't seem to get it. This all is not about evidence or investigations, it is about bombing Syria to install a US puppet there and to toss the Russians out. Why on earth can't Russia announce that it not will not allow invasion or bombing of Syria if it means business? Yes, that does risk confrontation, but if international law is to be upheld, invasions and bombings of sovereign countries by foreign powers cannot be permitted. And if Russia does not mean business, then why did it go into Syria in the first place? If war does actually break out Russia will be as much to blame as the others because its constant placating of its "partners" encouraged their bellicosity and disregard of international law. Sad days ahead for the future of smaller, weaker countries.

Posted by: aw | Apr 9 2018 22:44 utc | 50

So, the terrorist coalition that's been terrorizing other nations and its own colonies over the past 500 years still chants the same mantra while the vast majority of the planet reject its mojo. The former colonial nations and their Outlaw Imperial leader apparently need to be taught a lesson that puts them down and shuts them up forever more. So come-on Trump! Test Putin's resolve and Russia's warnings and lets see how long your warships stay afloat and jets remain in the sky. I'm not the only one sick and tired of this ghastly charade with all its killings and lies to justify and advance unipolar imperialism. The Western pukes only understand force as it's been made very clear over and over that they're deaf to diplomacy.

Paint everything; if they fire, destroy the entire lot. It's Backbone Time!

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 9 2018 22:46 utc | 51

John Helmer in Moscow suggests the whole thing is about to slide off the table into WW3. WHEN THE RULE OF LAW WAS DESTROYED IN...

Posted by: Carrie | Apr 9 2018 22:49 utc | 52

WJ @28. Yes, I mostly held out judgement of Greenwald as a knowing disinformation agent until recently. From the founding of The Intercept until I mostly stopped being able to stomach reading it a few months back, the ONLY article it ran on Ukraine that was at all critical of the coup and "anti-terrorism" war on the Donbass was written by Greenwald.

But a crucial aspect of "controlled opposition" is that they must present much true and important information not found in the MSM in order to build the trust of the target demographic, so we can be disinformed later. Psychologists have known for more than a century that humans are most easily misled by sources we trust... whether that source is misinforming us on purpose or not.

I would most certainly add Vice News to your list of likely faux-alternative "news" outlets. Same with DemocracyNow!, Alternet, Truthdig and others I'd name if I went through my files. Truthdig especially hurts as its founder, Robert Sheer had published "Ramparts Magazine" in the 1960s, which I credit for having helped me become aware. In the mid to late 1960s, they exposed CIA infiltration/funding of journalists, artists, film producers, etc. They outed Gloria Steinem as a CIA operative since 1959!

Again, each does publish true and important information also. We just need to apply critical thinking to them... even more consciously than we do with CNN or the NY Times, etc.

Posted by: Daniel | Apr 9 2018 22:51 utc | 53

Wow!! Russia's UNSC Ambassador sure rips the West a new one! Excerpt:

"We are not particularly keen to be friends with you (the west).... what we want from you is basically nothing ... normal civilised relations, which you arrogantly refuse, disregarding basic courtesies. You are misguided if you think you have friends. The so-called friends of yours are only those who cannot say no to you. This is the soul[sic] criteria for friendship in your understanding."

However, this does nothing to lessen what I wrote above. For me, it's 100% crystal clear that the West needs to be forced to resume "normal civilised relations," and only a war will provide that outcome.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 9 2018 23:01 utc | 54

Thank you, mali. I've always sent letters/emails, but recently learned that phone calls actually have far more impact.

Call White House NOW! Tel: 202-456-1414
Senate switchboard 202-456-111
House of Representatives: (202) 224-3121
TTY: (202)-225-1904

Posted by: Daniel | Apr 9 2018 23:01 utc | 55

I just wonder if it'll require for Russia to sink a US carrier for the USA to stop dicking around like they're the only boss in town and no one can touch them. At least, this would send a message that'll be hard to miss.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Apr 9 2018 23:07 utc | 56

The West is nothing more than a bunch of sob's that would rat out their own mother for a quarter. Sorry and pathetic.

Posted by: fast freddy | Apr 9 2018 23:08 utc | 57

Don, I read an article on a pro-Russian site that agreed with your take that the US-proposed investigation looked to be remarkably legitimate.

As b noted last night, SOHR came out denying this latest event as CW, and today Jaysh al-Islam has released thousands of prisoners from their "repentance" prison in Douma. It might be that this CW provocation has already fallen apart.

I'd love for the truth about US/UK/Israeli Special Ops agents being captured by SAA to come out publicly. But really, if keeping that secret was the bargaining chip needed to free the Syrian hostages and prisoners, it might be worth it.

If it actually causes the AZ Empire to end its operations to destroy Syria, then I wouldn't hesitate to say it was worth it.

Posted by: Daniel | Apr 9 2018 23:19 utc | 58

What is up with the Mueller fans here? It was the Mueller investigation of "Russiangate" that got us to this point. If we go to war with Russia, Mullers, and everyone who was pushing Russiagate bears some responsibility.

Posted by: MusicalE | Apr 9 2018 23:19 utc | 59

USA Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has slipped into the role of the the 'Red Queen' in Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland' in her latest Security Council hysterical incitements to violence.

"‘Let the jury consider their verdict,’ the King said, for about the twentieth time that day.

‘No, no!’ said the Queen. ‘Sentence first — verdict afterwards.’"

'Red Queen Haley'.

It explains everything.

Posted by: Loz | Apr 9 2018 23:27 utc | 60

The US currently has two (of eleven) aircraft carriers deployed, one at Singapore and one at Guam. So the US is not putting on a carrier show for Syria like they did (with 3) for Korea.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 9 2018 23:31 utc | 61

The US has gone into its "If the UN won't act then we will" mode. But saying and doing are two different things, especially with Trump. His "negotiating" style is to bluster and threaten, and then get the best deal possible.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 9 2018 23:34 utc | 62

A warning to the US from the UN:
Security Council urged to prevent ‘uncontrollable escalation’ in Syria

“Recent developments carry more than ever before the dangers that the Secretary-General has warned about,” Staffan de Mistura, the UN Special Envoy for Syria, told an emergency meeting of the Security Council.
“[Dangers] of different Middle East fault lines completely crossing each other and interconnected, of conflicting interests – of both global and regional powers, and forms of escalation that can have absolutely devastating consequences that is difficult for us to even imagine.”
In sounding the alarm, Mr. de Mistura reiterated that is it the first time since his appointment (in July 2014), that he has issued such a warning.
“The Council cannot allow a situation of uncontrollable escalation to develop in Syria, on any front,” he said.
...Also briefing the Council today, Thomas Markram, the Deputy High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, said that the Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) – which monitors implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and works to rid the world of such weapons – is gathering information on the alleged incidents over the weekend and will report its findings on this alleged attack. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 9 2018 23:45 utc | 63

Russia has offered Donald a way out if he wants to take it i.e a full UN investigation of the 'gas attack'. Of course if he agrees to it he'll get another barrage from the war party but that's nothing new.

Posted by: dh | Apr 9 2018 23:47 utc | 64

@61 Good to know. USS Donald Cook is off the Syrian coast apparently.
Some Twitter reports of heavy RuAF activity over Homs and Russian strategic bombers being airborne..

Posted by: Lozion | Apr 9 2018 23:47 utc | 65

Yesterday's alleged 'gas attack' in east Ghouta likely never happened.

This is where you lose credibility.

The way these gas attacks keep happening when the Syrian coalition is winning or when Trump publicly rejects regime change and “threatens” to pull American troops out of Syria suggests there is something fishy going on. And how stupid would Assad have to be to tempt fate by gassing a few people for no good reason and giving his enemies an excuse denounce and attack his country?

But claiming with confidence that the actual attacks are probably fake requires a massive leap of logic. A false flag I can accept as a realistic possibility. That Jaish al Islam, Nusra and the white helmets have the talent and resources to repeatedly stage impossibly realistic FAKE gas attacks that look exactly like the real thing...that’s nuts.

How much would you bet that it is a fake attack? Say you have a magic truth machine that knows the truth about everything. If you win the bet you get a very nice reward indeed...but if you lose the wager you have to forfeit an arm, a leg or your life depending on the amount of the payoff. Would you seriously bet a limb or your life that this attack was staged?

I don’t think you would.

Posted by: Known Unkowns | Apr 9 2018 23:51 utc | 66

I can't believe how repetitive and nauseating this is getting. The NATO allies, and their various proxies simply cannot admit to defeat and the more they loose the war the more they keep on keeping on. Unfortunately the present imbalance of arms, technology, and money allows them to keep behaving like moronic psychos. Their Hitler bunker moment seems to last for an eternity.

Posted by: Majob | Apr 9 2018 23:55 utc | 67

@64 I think Trump because he is weak minded reacted the way he did because he doesn't want to be accused of being a Russian stooge due to Russiagate. That is why I can't get on the Mueller train. The Russiagate investigation has made true diplomacy with Russia almost impossible for Trump. Anything other than bellicosity, Trump gets accused of being a Russian stooge by the media and the Democrats.

I think Mueller's investigation of Russiagate is a key reason we have reached this point.

Posted by: MusicalE | Apr 10 2018 0:06 utc | 68

The Russian representative makes a few interesting remarks during the UNSC meeting.

Russian representative speaks at 20 minutes, 40 second mark and then again at the 2 hours, 12 minutes mark

Posted by: ninel | Apr 10 2018 0:14 utc | 69

@Majib 67
I can't believe how repetitive and nauseating this is getting.
That's one way to take it, I prefer to see it as the inevitable throes of a losing empire, kind of like when the fish thrashes around on the boat deck after being caught. This whole event involves massive death, injury and displacement, brought on by the US "fish," and we're only observers. It's history in the making, and it ain't pretty, but it is what it is and we get paid to comment on it. /s

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 10 2018 0:22 utc | 70

from RT--
“All these facts show… that no chemical weapons were used in the town of Douma, as it was claimed by the White Helmets”
Gotta be careful with the language here. Chlorine isn't a chemical weapon (it has many civilian uses) and so hasn't been outlawed, but it can be employed as a chemical weapon, and has been so reported many times in Syria.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 10 2018 0:29 utc | 71

@67 Look at it this way....a lot of highly paid jobs depend on Russia bashing. It's become a major industry in some quarters.

Posted by: dh | Apr 10 2018 0:34 utc | 72

One must wonder why China remains so silent on this.

Posted by: Alaric | Apr 10 2018 0:38 utc | 73

There are 68 comments as I write. They show amazing agitation, when nothing is really happening. I wish I could suggest to calm down. Nothing of substance will happen, unless it's done by reliable people, such as the Russians.


b - nice summation of the events. Have you noticed that describing the enemy activity takes less and less words? Their playbook and character are being reduced to smaller paragraphs. Soon we'll have sentences, then memes then paradigms and before you know it, there will be no mystery about them, and everyone will be able to pick up on the truth of what's happening, even the formerly indoctrinated.

This is how a propaganda veil ruptures and shreds and disappears into mere wisps. This is what's really happening.


We absolutely know that the US is going to do nothing. We know this from having observed and studied and learned its true heft, and its untrue bluster. And its actual, factual activities, which are those of withdrawing, continually, behind a wall of smoke, and claims of victory.

Even Israel, that crazed and unspeakable demon, is not able to goad or entice or bully the US into doing something real on the battle field. Even Israel, host or kin to the most powerful forces in the world, is unable to move the US into the destruction of its forces and probably the world.

All the power is draining from the actors and they can't even inspire a new screenwriter.


There are two paths that open for Russia at this time of the world's history, and they run alongside each other for some years yet. She can persevere with the existing institutions of peaceful coexistence, and she can work towards creating alternatives, for herself and several other nations who would prefer to build a new world rather than to continue much longer within the limitations of the old. I refer to the UN, the Hague, the OPCW, FIFA, and even the Eurovision Song Contest, for crying out loud.

And it doesn't have to be a clear cut choice, a black and white, overnight choice.

Russia is actually setting the agenda of how this situation progresses, have you noticed? What will Russia do? No one knows. She will do what she chooses. But it won't be in reaction to small events. It will be from choices and deliberations made up of the sum of smaller things, for sure. But Russia will make civilizational choices.

And along this path, it will continue to slice the apparent options into thin slivers, turning what we think of as stark choices into half a dozen finer increments of escalation. Russia will bring its earnest and sincere presence and reason to each sliver, and ask if there are any takers. It will continue to gather friends and allies, and to wean the vassals off their feed, and inspire the beguiled out of their thralldom. And all the while it will evolve along a trajectory of reason that will bring it to whatever conclusions it finally arrives at. But all of this will be kind to ordinary people, and caring of civilians.

And probably none of it will fight back in the terms which we in our armchairs think we see are the terms presented by the situation.


Honestly, I'm astonished that people forget all this so easily, when a few silly munitions and lies roll across the theater. This is not where Russia is looking - at least, not with much of its attention. Underneath and behind all this noise on the field, Russia makes its choices in a very sane and humane way.

I feel increasingly safe because Russia is leading the way now, and the evil players are following this real narrative, unable to compete with its false narrative. The universe has forsaken the colonialists. It is the age of the natives.

Of course there will be ups and downs. But surely there is vastly more to celebrate than to fear?

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 10 2018 0:53 utc | 74

@66; 71

17 hrs ago both RT and Sputniknews reported and you are at liberty to dismiss -
Red Crescent Found No Trace of Chemical Wespon

Note the bed in photo posted by b, still intact after a "bomb" no damage, Nicely placed remnants; just another miracle!

Israel does stupid. Russia will not forget as patience is worn.

Dire consequences cometh. Thanks @ 52 for Mr. Helmer link.

Suggest if overlooked, it should be read and then do a google search on Stavka.

Posted by: Likklemore | Apr 10 2018 0:54 utc | 75

I just want to thank you, b. In perilous times, you have performed an invaluable service by conscientiously seeking to investigate and confirm or amend or refute the public accounts of what has been happening on so many worrying geopolitical fronts -- and getting that information out to readers in a cogent and responsible manner. You have been an indispensable source for me of so much "intelligence," in every sense, on so many matters, and I appreciate and admire the work you do more than I can express.

Posted by: Emily Dickinson | Apr 10 2018 0:57 utc | 76

Me @75

I am on mobile device, tends to override. Aargh correct typo: Wespon should be weapon.

@ grieved 74

Hope you are right that we calm down. UK paper, Daily Express, has "breaking news". US may use military force tonight after Syria chemical attack.

FIrst, A quick hanging, then we do the forensics.

Posted by: Likklemore | Apr 10 2018 1:11 utc | 77

..not now, not in August 2013

The White Helmets claim to be a Search and Rescue organization, yet there is not a single video online that shows them searching for victims or actually finding and rescuing anyone. Every video looks staged. If they dig up a baby from the ruble, they miraculously know where the baby is hidden, long before the camera starts rolling.

In 2013 some 1000 hostages were gassed to death in cellars, most likely with chlorine gas. The videos of the alleged attack only show victims in morgues and in hospitals, but no search and rescue. There is nothing in the footage that would indicate an attack actually happened.

This week's provocation was even more poorly staged. All we see is two piles of bodies in some abandoned apartments. Most likely the hostages were gassed in the cellar of the same building and then dragged up the stairwell and dumped in the second and third floor apartments. Because of the time constraints the White Helmets only managed to drag them half way and piled the bodies just barely inside the front door. Nothing in the video indicates that the bodies were found in situ where they had died.

The setup is similar to the infamous Zamalka Ghost House of 2013, where half-rotten bodies were staged by well-known Douma hostage takers and massacre makers as "proof" of a chemical weapons attack.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Apr 10 2018 1:14 utc | 78

@40 carl d... re haley - "US will act against ‘monster’ Assad with or without UN ‒ Haley"

could someone act against 'monster' haley, with or without moa approval? maybe pat lang is up for the job...

@47 bill.. interesting. thanks..

@54 karlof1.. thanks for that quote.. that is right on...

@74 grieved... i dunno about the usa doing nothing... does the split personality - usa-israel missile drop on homs last night count for something? seems to me a year ago all those missiles fired based on a chemical weapon false flag happened as well... one wrong move and we are in ww3 here.. see the john helmer link that carrie @52 posted.. i do like your style and approach though grieved!!!

Posted by: james | Apr 10 2018 1:17 utc | 79

The dead children have been posed in the positions they are seen in. They also have widely different post-mortem states indicating they died at different times.

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 10 2018 1:24 utc | 80

Someone really needs to provide Lebanon with functionality mobile air defenses. I’m sure the
he-Jews and their goy monkeys would protest but really the benefits are worth the risk to pretty much the entire planet

Posted by: Alaric | Apr 10 2018 1:25 utc | 81

People were put in a building somewhere, at sometime, gassed and videoed but not in Douma.
If it occurred in Douma, the building would be found, the bodies found. there are no injured from CW attack in Douma hospitals.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 10 2018 1:26 utc | 82

The USS Donald Cook is positioned off the coast of Cyprus about 100 km from Tartus. It is being harassed by Russian military aircraft.

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 10 2018 1:28 utc | 83

I am curious as to what others think are the realistic offensive military options are for Russia in response to an attack on Syria, short of outright sinking a destroyer or engaging in dog-fights with US or French/British aircraft.

One thing that comes to mind would be to launch their own cruise missiles at Al-Tanf or some other US base in Eastern Syria. That might have an advantage of messing with electronic warfare operations and make any flights into Syrian airspace problematic for the enemy. But I confess to being very naive when it comes to these sorts of things.

Posted by: Chris | Apr 10 2018 1:37 utc | 84

@52 regarding the Helmer post, yes the security council met on April 6th to discuss the Russian Federation's border security policies (as per the link included but Helmer frames it as a Stavka (General Staff) meeting about possible aggression towards Russia which is a bit disingenuous..

Posted by: Lozion | Apr 10 2018 1:39 utc | 85

Navy source said the U.S. has a number of ships armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles in the region, including the USS Donald Cook, a guided-missile destroyer that has just completed a port call in Cyprus, and got underway in the eastern Mediterranean within range of Syria Monday.

Source: Washington Examiner

So ironic USS Donald Kook.

And apparently its being buzzed by Russian jets.

Posted by: Circe | Apr 10 2018 1:48 utc | 86

@74 Grieved. I am not entirely convinced that Russia isn't in on it so to speak. It having a central bank being a sticky for me. That Israel attacked over Lebanon gives credence to the vaunted 400 series defense in Russia's possession. This makes things less sticky, so good. What you wrote here @74 is wonderful, and I agree that there is much more to be celebrated than feared. Strangely we may have in some strange warped way have POTUS to thank for this. Again thanks to B for his tireless work and providing space for such a wonderful message of positivity by grieved. Cheers.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Apr 10 2018 1:48 utc | 87

I was near a radio a few hours back and had the privilege of listening to my FM say we would join US in the attack if US attacked Syria. I wonder how many suckers listening to that do not realize we will be at war with Russia if that attack occurs?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 10 2018 1:50 utc | 88

We may be about to find out how vulnerable our navy is. Likewise our air bases. Then on to "full spectrum dominance" and nuclear escalation.

Posted by: Paul b | Apr 10 2018 1:54 utc | 89

Trump pledges 'forceful' US response

Prepare for war

Posted by: ninel | Apr 10 2018 2:05 utc | 90

This could be a show to thin out and distract Russian and Syrian forces to allow Isis or other jihadists to regain territory. That is pretty much a best case scenario.

Posted by: Alaric | Apr 10 2018 2:11 utc | 91

@Chris 84
I am curious as to what others think are the realistic offensive military options are for Russia
Here's my top pick for a target of Russian missiles -- a fortified house north of Manbij, out in the open all by its lonesome, near Turkey's front line. I think if Russia doesn't get it, Iran or Turkey will. It's a rough neighborhood, not what the US is used to.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 10 2018 2:13 utc | 92

forceful response... like kicking out a large number of diplomats over russias supposed poisoning of skripal? lol... these idiots in the west only know ignorant idiot type responses..

Posted by: james | Apr 10 2018 2:14 utc | 93

Lozion @ 65, Anonymous @ 83, Circe @ 86:

Is the USS Donald Cook stationed in the eastern Mediterranean the same USS Donald Cook that in April 2014 had all its electronic systems shut down by one Russian Su-25 fighter jet carrying an electronic warfare device?

All the crew on that ship were so demoralised by that incident that they all requested leave from active service.

I can't believe that the same ship is now out in the eastern Mediterranean region. It may as well be renamed USS Donald Sitting Duck. No wonder Russian aircraft are buzzing it. The pilots better be careful or they'll all die from a shortage of oxygen from laughing too hard.

Paul B @ 89 is getting his answer already!

Posted by: Jen | Apr 10 2018 2:14 utc | 94

@90 "Prepare for war..."

Not me. It's all a ploy to distract us from the fact that Lindsey Buckingham was just fired from Fleetwood Mac

Posted by: dh | Apr 10 2018 2:16 utc | 95

From Voltaire Net in 2014: 

The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a Russian Sukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device...

As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the all-powerful Aegissystem, now hooked up - or about to be - with the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down, as turning off the TV set with the remote control.

The Russian Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft - unarmed - repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

Trump is mocking Israel.

Posted by: Fec | Apr 10 2018 2:16 utc | 96

@Circe 86
The Donald Cook is the same destroyer that was allegedly the victim of an incapacitating Russian cyber-attack a couple plus years ago.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 10 2018 2:20 utc | 97

Beat by Fec

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 10 2018 2:21 utc | 98

Tucker Carlson Anti-War Monologue

Posted by: WJ | Apr 10 2018 2:27 utc | 99

How long did it take NATO to shock and awe Libya after the initial propaganda push? If nothing substantial happened after Ghoura 2013 and Khan Sheikhoun 2017, what makes this time different?

Thanks Grieved for your optimism, I choose to believe you, against my natural inclination...

Posted by: George Lane | Apr 10 2018 2:28 utc | 100

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