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April 07, 2018

A Very British Farce

Mark J. Doran wrote this very British farce. (Publish here with his permission.)

SERGEI: I'm not dead!
CUSTOMER: Nothing - here's your ninepence.
SERGEI: I'm not dead!
MORTICIAN: Here - he says he's not dead!
CUSTOMER: Yes, he is. The 'Times' said so. March 12th. Front page. Trust me: he's dead.
SERGEI: I'm not!
MORTICIAN: He isn't.
CUSTOMER: Well, he will be soon. It was a Novichok nerve agent. There's no treatment, and no recovery is possible.
SERGEI: It was just the prawns, that's all! I'm getting better!
CUSTOMER: No, you are not. It was 'military grade', 8 times stronger than VX. You were dead in seconds.
MORTICIAN: Oh, I can't take him like that - it's against regulations.
SERGEI: How's my daughter? And what about my pets?
CUSTOMER: Oh, don't be such a baby.
MORTICIAN: I can't take him ...
SERGEI: I feel fine! I want to go back to Russia!
CUSTOMER: Oh, do us a favor ...
CUSTOMER: Well, can you hang around a couple of minutes? He won't be long. We've someone coming over ...
MORTICIAN: I think I'll write a letter to the 'Times'.
CUSTOMER: No you bloody won't. Look at the trouble the last one caused.

b adds:

Yes, the scene is somewhat familiar.



Thank god that the 'morticians' at the Salisbury District Hospital were less bribable than Monty Python's medieval undertaker.

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Python indeed:

Posted by: Death | Apr 7 2018 12:43 utc | 1

May the cat killer, didn't think it was possible for the UK gov to botch this up even further. It's stupendously bad.

Posted by: Gravatomic | Apr 7 2018 12:44 utc | 2

Well BOJO and Thatcher on Valium(May) Can't say they r regal cuase they got shit all over them and it is 10 times more lethal than Elephant faeces.
Great speal on John Helmer Dances with bears. Njoy.

Posted by: falcemartello | Apr 7 2018 12:46 utc | 3

Prime Minister May is seen at around the 0:40 (depending upon clip version) mark beating the cat against a wall.

Also, is the "Burn the Witch" scene. With Putin as the witch it is a fair representation of the type of justice and deep thought applied to the Skripal case.

Posted by: librul | Apr 7 2018 13:05 utc | 4

Nice to see some lighter blogging space-time dedicated to modern farce.

I never could understand what people saw in Benny Hill. However, now every time I see the UK's 'young' Boris Johnson at work I realize what was being sent up in that original c-grade comedy: d-grade politics.

Ironic that a Saint Boris (10th century) is also known as the patron saint of Moscow.

One wonders how long he spends in front of the mirror each morning to perfect that stupid school-boy hair style? Internet images are plentiful and in some wind conditions he could almost pass as Donald Trump.

I blame the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) -- we've obviously entered a parallel universe since they switched it on.

Posted by: surreal | Apr 7 2018 13:12 utc | 5

First as tragedy, then as farce.......

Posted by: mike k | Apr 7 2018 13:30 utc | 6

Reminds me of the Monty Python dead parrot sketch...

Posted by: Saul | Apr 7 2018 14:00 utc | 7

But isn't England just a Medieval theme park inhabited by Monti Python, Wallace and Grommet, Doc Martin and of course Boris Johnson?

Posted by: Babyl-on | Apr 7 2018 14:39 utc | 8

"NYTIMES: Is Putin a CIA Agent?"

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 7 2018 14:57 utc | 9

I love those Brits, they're so funny.

Especially those Ponty Mython people. What about their fifth movie, that Strike Back thingy? Excellent scriptwriting. Unbelievable, I’d say. What!

Posted by: el sid | Apr 7 2018 15:31 utc | 10

Yes, my thoughts also that Sergei whether ill or not would by necessity end up 'dead.' Whether in the witness protection system, as highly troublesome should he be discovered there, or simply offed to meet the current exigencies. I was very surprised when the daughter was said to be recovering as this should have been her fate as well knowing the morals of spooks. Obviously the spooks screwed up on this one in their failure to have the correct scientific pronouncements made publicly. Meanwhile the spook trusting politicos went out on a limb, now being sawed off to everyone's great embarrassment....except perhaps the Russian establishment, who largely just sat back and awaited the implosion, knowing the claims and evidence were even less credible than say Assad using poison gas on his own people.

Posted by: BRF | Apr 7 2018 15:41 utc | 11

The story keeps changing.

Firstly, the Skripal's (we were all assured) were poisoned at a pizza restuarant.

Then (maybe) at a pizza, no, a fish restaurant.

Wait a moment! Definitely from a BMW air-cond...

No, hang on, it was from a door-knob! And we now have proof, according to some unnamed 'intelligence agency', maybe the same one that assured us Saddam had WMD's, or that Khadaffi was definitively was responsible for Lockerbie (certainly not PFLP:GC)

Why does anyone believe nonsense? Western politicians are noted liars: their lips move.

I fail to understand why anyone votes or them. I certainly don't.

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 15:56 utc | 12

the brits need to stick to what they do really well - humour... this altered reality universe they have created off the skripals can't be taken seriously...

Posted by: james | Apr 7 2018 16:17 utc | 13

From the very same movie:

A clear reference to the evil black Russia!

Or (same movie) an obvious reference to evilness of collectives:

Obviously. toffee-nosed, slack-jawed monarchist are better.

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 16:33 utc | 14

Also... note how the western governments works:

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 16:46 utc | 15

As usual the Simpsons nail it

Posted by: Anunnaki | Apr 7 2018 17:00 utc | 16

How Latvian states justisfy defence vs. Russia:

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 17:04 utc | 17

Back at you!

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 17:15 utc | 18

To explain what happened to the Skripals, you must allow stupidity to run like a wild fire through your brain and think like a politician. Elections coming up. Your poll numbers are in the tank. Your sitting in your office, chain smoking, not knowing what to do. Your intelligence officer, also a die-in-the-wool buffoon, tells you that a certain spy, exchanged a number of years ago, was found unconscious on a park bench with his daughter. His origin is Russian. The IO speculates, in his profound stupidity, that the Russians must have want him dead somehow. The source has not been found yet, so it must be something no one is even conscious about. You speculate that this can be a great opportunity to rally everyone around you to help your poll numbers. The IO states that he remembers see a TV show where a nerve agent with a Russian sounding name was used. You state, "Was it Gorbachev?" The IO says, "No, no!!" Novachok!" You agree a hundred percent to go along and blame the Russians for this, since no one are as smart as you and your intelligence officer to figure it out. And the rest is history.

Posted by: Jose Garcia | Apr 7 2018 17:20 utc | 19

Oh good lord. I can't believe the NYT Tom Friedman article linked to in the comments. Reading the comments at the NYTs is even more frightening. Hopefully they are all just CIA bots though.

Posted by: goldhoarder | Apr 7 2018 17:24 utc | 20

Why the western states have their thier attitudes:

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 17:27 utc | 21

Not my diagnosis or my favourite theory, but consistent with much of what happened in Salisbury:

Pufferfish Poisoning Facts
The poison found in pufferfish, blowfish, balloon fish, toads, sunfish, porcupine fish, toadfish, globefish, and swellfish is a tetrodotoxin.
This is one of the most toxic poisons found in nature.
Most people who eat pufferfish do so intentionally as pufferfish are considered an Asian delicacy, served in some types of sushi and sashimi.
Unless the chef is specially trained to cut the meat in a particular fashion, however, the dish may contain a large amount of the toxin. Pufferfish poisoning is similar to paralytic shellfish poisoning.

Pufferfish Poisoning Symptoms
Symptoms generally occur 10-45 minutes after eating the pufferfish poison and begin with numbness and tingling around the mouth, salivation, nausea, and vomiting.
Symptoms may progress to paralysis, loss of consciousness, and respiratory failure, and can lead to death.

Pufferfish Poisoning Treatment
Vomiting should be induced if the poisoned person is awake and alert and has eaten the fish within 3 hours.
The person may become paralyzed. Artificial respirations may keep the person alive until medical attention in a hospital's emergency department is possible.
Rapidly turn the person onto his or her side if vomiting occurs.

Posted by: Brendan | Apr 7 2018 17:29 utc | 22

How Theresa May determined Russia poisoned the Skripal's:

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 17:34 utc | 23

@8 Yes, and also an American aircraft carrier anchored off the west coast of Europe, as I believe it was Mr. de Gaulle put it.

Posted by: PrairieBear | Apr 7 2018 17:43 utc | 24

@22 Brendon

Those poisonous puffer fish need a seriously competent chef, with serious competencies. It's not your average fish-monger that do kippers or halibut.

Bur you may be right. There has, so far, no independent justification for the British government claim that definitively blames the Russian Federation. Guilty until proven innocent is not an adequate argument.

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 17:49 utc | 25

"Thank god that the 'morticians' at the Salisbury District Hospital were less bribable than Monty Python's medieval undertaker."

Bungled deliberate poisoning or accidental food poisoning. Accidental poisoning is possible but still untidy loose ends on that theory.
Deliberate poisoning but bungled? Rather than bungled, perhaps the doctors were a little more competent than expected? Fast accurate diagnosis with correct antidote?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 7 2018 18:07 utc | 26

@ surreal | 5

As it happens, I just mentioned in an e-mail to a friend that perhaps I resent Blithering Boris because the sight of him reminds me of how much I miss Benny Hill.

See, Benny had that mischievous twinkle in his eye, and that trademark irrepressible smile that made his audience want to laugh along with him. OTOH, the peering, porcine eyes of Boris are dull and dead, and his fleeting rictus of an incipient smile is completely self-contained-- it telegraphs only that Boris is perpetually amused by himself.

BTW, B. et al: I was worried that my references in previous threads to Peter Sellers movies and Monty Python might be too frivolous for the rather serious, sober barflies here. If I'd known that this topic was coming, I would've posted those anticipatory comments here.

Posted by: Ort | Apr 7 2018 18:08 utc | 27

Ant.: "Those poisonous puffer fish need a seriously competent chef, with serious competencies."

Yes, or a seriously vindictive restaurant worker who didn't appreciate Sergei's extremely angry response to the delay in serving the main course. I read somewhere (sorry, I can't find the link) that someone in the restaurant felt like he was being treated as a suspect by the police. One of his colleagues could have used their expertise to take revenge on Sergei, and went too far.

As I said, not my favourite theory, but possible.

Posted by: Brendan | Apr 7 2018 18:10 utc | 28

@24 Frankly, I care about this much about Yankee aircraft carriers.

All they are good for is kicking shit out off little countries. Which there are none of these days. They are terribly vulnerable against modern missiles. Not much good for other than flag-waving. Welcome wasting billions of dollars on your next useless carrier. Yay, the next waste of tax-payers money for the MIIC.

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 18:20 utc | 29


Can't unsee those NYT comments. Thanks for nothing.

Posted by: librul | Apr 7 2018 18:29 utc | 30

@27 Not so! Entirely incorrect. Puffer fish correctness requires very intenseness. Chef's that do puffer-fish need a licence. It's not something you do at your local British fish-market.

I'm not suggesting anything that is the csse. Who the fuck knows. All I know is that Porton Downs has said they don't know. Which is not what Theresa or Boris boldly claimed.

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 18:49 utc | 31

Claimed 'chemical attack' in Douma. American-Syrian Medical Society says victims suffered from 'chlorine like symptoms'. Too little, too late?

Posted by: et Al | Apr 7 2018 18:51 utc | 32

@32 Incredible! Yet another CW attack blamed on the democratic Assad government! Why have I gotten used to this?

Golly, does anyone believe western news sources these days?

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 19:07 utc | 34

@32 et Al

Interesting choice of word from the Syrian government to media, calling accusations of its use of chemical weapons "a farce".

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 7 2018 19:08 utc | 35

@32 Well, isn't it? You understand then concept of propaganda, yes?

Can you explain to me why the Assad government would use chemical weapons to win a war they are already winning?

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 19:21 utc | 36

Alexander Mercouris has a good piece on the state of play, sifting through the legalities of the situation and echoing b's observation that the UK is very much on the defensive while Russia is leading the narrative: Russia counter-attacks; Britain responds by tightening access to Yulia Skripal

He points to John Helmer as making a good case that the UK government is holding Yulia Skripal against her will and incommunicado, in his article, already linked here, with its wonderful headline: The Empire Strikes Backwards

I would still like to know where Yulia got her "temporary phone" from. Her phone is disconnected, and it's obvious she's under lockdown. With an international call, if some compassionate nurse loaned Yulia her phone (to make a presumably costly call to Russia?), if would be nothing to identify the phone's owner, and surely she's in big trouble now?

But maybe it was a one-time, untraceable phone, brought to Yulia by a "friend" - perhaps even a fellow Russian? And how was it that Viktoria in Russia was set up to record the call, so that it could be played to the world by Russian TV?

Russia has been fighting back ever since this farce broke out, forcing the UK's hand at every turn, and now leading the play. As J Swift theorized here in a recent thread, Yulia's phone call may have saved her life, buying her some insurance and forcing the UK to follow it with the "privacy" request from Yulia in her convalescence.

When the book on this story is written some day, the covert activities by both sides will pepper its pages.

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 7 2018 19:26 utc | 37

Grieved 36 "And how was it that Viktoria in Russia was set up to record the call"

Because of this, I initially thought it must have been the UK side that recorded the call but thinking further on it, it would make sense that Russian security would be monitoring Victoria's phone, so it would seem that Russian security passed it on to the TV outlet.

I get the feeling Russia now has a solid plan and intends to make the UK regret its novichok allegations. On that line it is also likely that Russian intelligence was in some way involved in getting a phone to Yulia. Another thing that I noticed in the phone call, Victoria asked very few questions which I thought unusual for the situation. Just a few words to each other and then hang up.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 7 2018 19:42 utc | 38

I have figured out how Theresa and Boris backpeddle on this. They both claim that it was merely comedic satire to improve the morale of the British people. They can then hold hands and take a deep bow as the adoring audience applauds. They can throw kisses as the camera fades out.

Posted by: Philip Backus | Apr 7 2018 19:47 utc | 39

It is simply incomprehensible to suggest that Yulia would be allowed to talk freely and fairly to her cousin Viktoria.

Makes no sense to me. Yulia must be under enormous pressure to blame Putin (who else?). What it does suggest is she is refusing to follow a furiously anti-russian line. Which further suggests she doesn't believe what we have all been told, that 'Putin' organised everything.

We'll have to wait and see. I doubt we'll ever know the truth of this nonsense, I suspect we'll see WW3 first, since that will be all that saves western economies. Oh dear.

Posted by: Ant. | Apr 7 2018 20:05 utc | 40

In Hawaii, there is a species of pufferfish that we call by its japanese name "fugu". A fisherman I know used to give all his fugu to a japanese man who treasured it for its powerful euphoric/aphrodisiac effects. Yes, people have died from it, here in Hawaii and also in Japan.
Tetrodotoxin is familiar to some Hawaii residents because it's the poison carried by pufferfish, porcupine fish and boxfish, all common in Hawaiian waters.

Most of us who live here know not to eat these fish, but a few individuals are either unaware of the danger or think they can beat the odds.

Some have suffered the consequences. In Hawaii, seven deaths have occurred from pufferfish poisoning. In Japan, many have died from pufferfish poisoning because of a popular dish called fugu. Fugu is not a Japanese name, but the genus (the first of an organism's two scientific names) of the type of pufferfish Japanese prefer eating. Fugu pufferfish are not found in Hawaii.

Even though there's a risk of being poisoned or killed by fugu, some people consider it a delicacy and pay high prices to get it. Certain methods of fish preparation take out most of the poison. Japanese chefs who prepare fugu must undergo training in special techniques and then pass rigorous tests to be licensed.

Still, fugu chefs don't remove all of the toxin because part of the fun of eating fugu is the induced sense of euphoria. Some also claim it is an aphrodisiac.

Whatever its effects, eating anything that might contain any amount of tetrodotoxin is not worth the risk. This poison is about 10,000 times more potent than cyanide.

Once in the body, tetrodotoxin temporarily blocks nerve conduction. This means a victim's brain continues sending messages to the body (talk, walk, breathe), but the body can't respond. Depending upon the amount eaten, poisoning symptoms range from mild numbness around the mouth to total paralysis.

No medicine can reverse the toxin's nerve blockage, but with breathing assistance, a paralyzed person can survive. The toxin begins to wear off in about 24 hours.

Pufferfish aren't the only animals known to bear tetrodotoxin. Australia's blue-ringed octopus carries it, as do some species of flatworms, parrotfish, starfish, arrow worms, sea squirts, horseshoe crabs, ribbon worms living in oysters and trumpet snails.

Posted by: mauisurfer | Apr 7 2018 20:06 utc | 41


It now looks as if no assassination attempt ever happened and the poison was simply neurotoxins in seafood. This will be the fall-back theory of Her Majesty's Government when the hoax is exposed.

But maybe everything was planned and staged from the very beginning. The Skripals were "in" on the plan. They ordered the risotto pesce at Zizzi to create the fall-back position.

I still do not think the British investigators have a sample of the alleged nerve agent. There are now only two possibilities:

  1. Unless OPCW or Porton Down come with an exact description of what chemical agent was found where and how and in what quantities, I believe it was food poisoning.

  2. If OPCW or Porton Down come up with a specific claim stating that a nerve agent with a specific molecular structure was found in a sample taken from a specific location in Salisbury, then we know that this was a false-flag attack and it does not matter what poison the Skripals may or may not have taken.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Apr 7 2018 20:21 utc | 42

@35 ant.. "Can you explain to me why the Assad government would use chemical weapons to win a war they are already winning?"

worth repeating... this is as clear as it gets..

can someone tell me that it wasn't mussels on the menu and that it was puffer fish instead? did anyone study the zizzi menu? i thought it was mussels... either way, the fact the uk jumped on this as quickly as they did and turned it into a chemical weapon attack - false flag clearly - makes me continue to ponder the juxaposition of 'exercise toxic dagger' in all of this.. it is just too coincidental... the uk must have had some other super secret intel exercise going at the same time too - 'exercise get russia' or some other such name..

Posted by: james | Apr 7 2018 20:28 utc | 43

Excellent article - just up on Zerohedge.
Explains the motive for the whole thing.
It is to bring down the May government and hence stop Brexit.
Whether May and Boris are complicit - they are not sure - or just the patsies.
But the powers that be, the deep state, the financial elite are determined to stay in Europe - and using MI6 have as good as tricked arrogant May into sticking out her neck - for it to get the chop.
Vote of no confidence another election - Labour in and Brexit scrapped.
As a Brit - I can tell you - very plausible indeed.

Posted by: Emily | Apr 7 2018 20:43 utc | 44

There is a US patent covering treatment of Novichok poisoning - US Patent 9,132,135 dated Sept 15, 2015.

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 7 2018 20:43 utc | 45

@44 anonymous.. that is interesting.. how does one get a patent for treatment of novichok, if they don't have novichok? i guess is a dumb question... oh i know... trumps russian connections provided it.. sorry - i was sleeping and didn't get it right away, lol..

Posted by: james | Apr 7 2018 20:58 utc | 46

@44 more info... michael alder bel air MD shows this - commander US medical research institute of chemical research.. found inside of this book - Chemical Warfare Agents: Toxicity at Low Levels

he is one of the patent holders... i haven't examined the other ones, but it is interesting.. there is probably more researching off the patent holder list in that link you provide...

Posted by: james | Apr 7 2018 21:06 utc | 47

Probably includes the french forces promised last week

Posted by: Mina | Apr 7 2018 21:08 utc | 48

The police kept changing their story about where the Skripals had come into contact with the mysterious nerve agent, which was suspicious in itself. Perhaps they may have taken the opportunity to damage a Prime Minister they detest. The British Police have never forgiven Mrs May for imposing a 20% cut to their budget when she was Home Secretary in 2012. Not only that. She then paraded in front of them at their annual conference in 2012 demanding sweeping “reforms” to the way they operated, on top of the budgetary cuts. She also introduced elected Police Commissioners above the Chief Constables who had previously been in command of their areas. She was booed and heckled by extremely hostile police officers, with some senior officers calling her actions “criminal” and others claiming it would destroy the police force.

We all know cops can be extremely vindictive if wronged. Knowing the Skripals case was a pack of lies maybe they took the opportunity to get one back at the Maybot.

Posted by: Lochearn | Apr 7 2018 21:11 utc | 49

typo - alder - meant adler... there is this guy too - and this

i can't tell if it is the same guy... might be which would provide a link back to the uk..

Posted by: james | Apr 7 2018 21:12 utc | 50

As I said before, this was a Mossad operation from beginning to end.

Tom Luongo makes the case that May, Johnson et. al. were never in on the planning of this scam, so were blindsided. I agree, but take it further that Mossad/Nyttyyahoo went rogue on this, to show all concerned how not supporting Israel's various expansion/war agendas can lead to "regime change" by other means... the noises about May/Johnson getting booted from power have been getting louder by the day, and Trump is picking a trade war with China rather than have Skripal get longer term US-MSM traction. There is little likelihood that even if May, Trump etc. now know (or have figured out) Mossad did it, that they would dare place blame where it belongs.

The May cabal were certainly assured by "trusted intelligence sources" (notice not specifically British, or even US gov't/spy sources) that iron-clad evidence "proving Russia did it" would be made available to May's crew in short order... Mossad has many known plants in the UK gov't. But apparently none of the 5-Eyes agencies actually HAD that proof.

Guess what country has an unscrupulous spy/assassination agency, is not a formal member of the 5-Eyes and has bio-chem-wepons (and nukes), but never signed any WMD control agreements... THAT'S RIGHT Israel and Mossad. And Israel basically threw the Brits under the diplomatic/MSM bus by issuing a milquetoast statement.
(I think Russia's "agreement" with the Israeli stance is a keep your friends close and your enemies closer gambit.)

Cui bono? Israel, in manipulating the US/NATO/EU stooge gov'ts into expelling Russian diplomats as the Yinon Plan to destroy, then occupy Syria and beyond is falling apart under the weight of Russia's and Iran's military expertise and power.

Selfie-Prince Trudeau even said he was not expelling diplomats over the Skripal incident, but because "Russian sources" were maligning Ukie-Nazi Freeland's Nazi-collaborator grandfather. Freeland depends on her family's oral history that her gramps didn't run a newspaper (and worse) for the Nazis, despite all the actual documentation that clearly says otherwise.

Anyhoo... now that it has been determined that it was a shellfish toxin, Mossad, via the mSM, gets to blame it all on that, when the reality is that Mossad is clever enough to spike the Skripals' lunch ONLY.

I guess Mossad DID learn something from the Litvinenco debacle.
1) Trying to hang their false flag hat on "Russian source" poisons is a fool's errand.
2) They needed a "natural source " poison fall-back position in case the BS novichok narrative didn't hold. Double bluff.

They can't (and actually don't need to) "Kelly" anyone at Porton Downs this time, as that would be just a bit TOO coincidental. But I'd bet a month's wages that he and any non-compliant scientists will be "reassigned" sooner than later.

Posted by: A P | Apr 7 2018 21:16 utc | 51

Buy up the film rights to this now! will make a fantastic black comedy. Who to cast as May, BoJo, Williamson and the fatuous fascist talking heads with titles who keep popping up on our screens saying how evil Putin is. Sergei Lavrov can't know whether to laugh or cry, he actually has to try to deal with these morons and keep a straight face.
Writ of Habeaus Corpus on the Skripals by the Russians to produce them alive and well. That should spice it up nicely.

Getting a phone to Yulia Skripal was a game-changer.If they get Arkanicided after this then missiles really will fly. How the phone got into her hands will be one of history's mysteries. Trump is going to Northern Ireland, funny destination for a POTUS. Perhaps he'll talk to Arlene while there and its bye,bye May&Co....stranger things have happened at sea.

Sorry if this reads a little flippantly, not intended.May's biggest mistake will be that the guinea pigs and that beautiful black cat were allowed to die...that's damned her in the eyes of Brit animal lovers. It's the fine details that blow the operation....

Posted by: Emmanuel Goldstein | Apr 7 2018 21:39 utc | 52

Grieved 36 "And how was it that Viktoria in Russia was set up to record the call"

She was interviewed about this by Al Beeb s'Allah GONAD (God's Own News Agency Direct) on Newsnight by Gabriel Gatehouse (not bad Russian I might add):


You misunderstand me. I was simply posting what I heard on Al Beeb s'Allah. As a long time follower of MoA, Vinyard the Saker. Sic Semper Tyrannis etc. etc., the old trope of 'chemical attack' has been expected over and over again.

It was expected earlier in Eastern Ghouta, but as the good 'b' and others here and elsewhere noted, the Russians told the US to STFU or they'll get a military spanking in response. Eastern Ghouta now is almost completely cleaned up, so pushing a fake 'chemical attack' at this very late stage is logically too far and too late, but we know that the Western Powers are never ones to give up a sliver of opportunity if possible, however retarded, hence the question in 'too little, too late?'.

I never underestimate the stupidity of western powers not to do something, anything, however self-defeating it is in the medium to long term. It's all about the win. Goes to show the level of competence is waaaay down.

Posted by: et Al | Apr 7 2018 22:38 utc | 53

Sorry, here's the direct Nudes Night link:

My girlfriend's cat would love Gatehouse's jumper.

Posted by: et Al | Apr 7 2018 22:43 utc | 54

James @ 42: I checked the Zizzi's Restaurant menu and found the seafood risotto with the mussels and prawns.

The Salisbury ZR outlet remains closed which seems unusual if you assume the Skripals had been poisoned by Novichok or some other nerve gas agent. But probably not unusual if food poisoning had occurred.

The tetrodotoxin conversation is interesting but most likely irrelevant. ZR outlets are part of a franchise, sort of like an upmarket version of Pizza Hut if you like. Their chefs aren't going to be that highly trained to prepare fugu fish.

Posted by: Jen | Apr 7 2018 22:47 utc | 55

Daraa or Suweida in the Southwest or Idlib will be where they do their False Flag chemical attack.

It has to be significant, because the goal is to outrage Trump so he will order a massive attack on Assad, the SAA air fields, and the government infrastructure.

That is their last hope.

After that, it's a long insurgency war.

US is never going to leave for many more years.

Posted by: Red Ryder | Apr 7 2018 22:57 utc | 56

According to various British rags the Skripals are being placed in "Witness Protection", possibly even in the USofA. That should keep them away from the cousin or any other Russian for that matter. I wonder if someone can be placed in such protection involutarily?

Posted by: Gareth | Apr 7 2018 23:11 utc | 57

@52, 53 et Al

That's an interesting interview. Did she pause overlong when he asked how come she recorded it? Does she back away from the phone at that point? Was somebody standing by her side with the right answers?

(She works in finance and has an app to record calls. So she used it with her talk with Yulia. Starting before she even knew who was calling. I guess she meant that she records all calls.)

What fun this conspiracy thing is - I never cared about the poisoning, but I'm loving the phone thing.

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 7 2018 23:12 utc | 58

The Ghouta smoking gun:

Posted by: volney | Apr 7 2018 23:27 utc | 59

Did they finally get their false flag?

Suspected chemical attack 'kills scores' in Syria's Douma

"Government forces accused of dropping poisonous chemicals on last rebel stronghold in Eastern Ghouta."

Posted by: George Lane | Apr 7 2018 23:54 utc | 60

Al Jazeera article explicitly uses White Helmets as their source (they published a week or two ago an article by the head of the White Helmets calling for all humanitarians of the world to "do something").

From the article:

A suspected chemical attack in Douma, the last rebel-held stronghold near Syria's capital, Damascus, has killed at least 70 people and affected hundreds, rescue workers have told Al Jazeera.

The White Helmets, a group of rescuers operating in opposition-held areas in Syria, said on Saturday that most of the fatalities were women and children.

"Seventy people suffocated to death and hundreds still suffocating," Raed al-Saleh, head of the White Helmets, told Al Jazeera, adding that the death toll was expected to rise as many people were in critical condition.

Al-Saleh said that chlorine gas, as well as an unidentified but stronger gas, were dropped on Douma.

"White Helmet volunteers are trying to help the people but all what we can do is evacuate them to another areas by foot because most of the vehicles and centres went out of service."

One member of White Helmets told Al Jazeera that an entire family had suffocated to death as they hid in their cellar, trying to seek shelter from air raids and barrel bombs.

Syrian state media denied government forces had used chemical weapons.

Posted by: George Lane | Apr 7 2018 23:57 utc | 61

@ Gareth | 56

Re: "According to various British rags the Skripals are being placed in "Witness Protection", possibly even in the USofA."

I wonder if there's room for the Skripals in the Ecuadorian Embassy. ;)

Posted by: Ort | Apr 8 2018 0:12 utc | 62

Looks like the Skripols may continue to be confined, perhaps with dour results. Here are some news excerpts, ending with the NY Times.

Speculation is mounting that Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia could be able to offer officers investigating the Salisbury nerve agent attack missing clues as the pair continue to recover. A Government source told The Sunday Telegraph that the British authorities had a “duty of care” to both Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, as they continued to recover after being poisoned with a Russian-made nerve agent.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are very pleased that both Mr Skripal and his daughter Yulia are improving. This is a tribute to the hardworking and talented NHS staff in Salisbury who have provided outstanding care. The NHS will continue to provide ongoing care for the Skripals, both of whom are likely to have ongoing medical needs."

Viktoria told Sky News she believes Yulia and Sergei "ate something wrong" at a pub they visited before collapsing on a public bench in Salisbury city centre. While not an enthusiastic promoter of various Russian theories, Ms. Skripal has nonetheless added her voice to claims that Britain is involved in a cover-up. That view gained more force earlier this week when the head of the Porton Down military laboratory in Britain acknowledged that his scientists had only identified the nerve agent, not pinpointed Russia as the place where it was made.

On Thursday, Ms. [Viktoria] Skripal appeared as the star guest on “Let Them Talk,” a popular talk show on Russia’s First Channel, a state-owned outlet that revels in promoting officially sanctioned conspiracy theories. Joining her on the show were the two Russians who Britain accused of the 2006 poisoning in London of Alexander V. Litvinenko, a former Russian spy and bitter critic of Mr. Putin; and Walter Litvinenko, Alexander’s father, who blames the C.I.A. for his son’s murder.

Turning to Ms. Skripal during the broadcast, Walter Litvinenko delivered a blistering tirade against the British government. “You have to go to England and demand to see that girl,” he said, referring to Yulia. “She will die there. They’ll simply poison her, just like they poisoned my son three times in hospital. It’s very dangerous to get involved with the British.” Ms. Skripal was shown nodding her head as she appeared to stare at the floor. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 8 2018 0:20 utc | 63

The UK is getting desperate, now it's a 'bombshell message" about a mystery package on D-Day. . .from Syria?
The UK is leaking a part of its "intelligence packet" . . . more drips to come?
. . .from the UK Express:
REVEALED: The bombshell Russian message intercepted on DAY of Skripal poisonings

An electronic message to Moscow sent on the day former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with a nerve agent in Salisbury included the phrase “the package has been delivered”. It also said two named individuals had made a successful departure. This and an earlier intercept form a key part of Britain’s intelligence evidence against Russia over the Skripal poisonings, sources said last night. Insiders said the two messages were intercepted by RAF analysts stationed at a listening post in southern Cyprus.

On the day of the poisonings, March 4, one was sent from a location near Damascus in Syria to “an official” in Moscow including the phrase ‘the package has been delivered” and saying that two individuals had “made a successful egress”. This prompted a young Flight Lieutenant to recall a separate message that had been intercepted and discounted on the previous day. What it said has not been revealed but sources say it became relevant once the Skripals were attacked.

The intercepts were automatically shared with the Government communications headquarters GCHQ in Cheltenham. They are understood to have formed “just one part” of the intelligence packet which later allowed Prime Minister Theresa May to state it was “highly likely” that Russia was behind the attacks. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 8 2018 0:45 utc | 64

OT sputnik reporting on State Dept address that Russians are responsible for breaking chemical attack on joke..



Posted by: oldenyoung | Apr 8 2018 0:53 utc | 65

It's begun...

Syria war: Scores dead in Syria gas attack, rescuers and medics say

Posted by: ninel | Apr 8 2018 0:57 utc | 66

This could be very

Posted by: oldenyoung | Apr 8 2018 1:03 utc | 67


We are now into 'derivatives' territory -- a distraction of a distraction.

All we need now is that famous phrase to pass T.May's lips ("Assad Must Go!") and we have Mr Corbyn in and an new phase of the cycle back to humane (but not necessarily effective) government in the UK ... and hopefully trending elsewhere.

Posted by: imo | Apr 8 2018 1:05 utc | 68

East Ghouta it is. The first videos are in.
Now watch Bolton run with this to Trump and demand an attack.

Also, the State dept is charging Russia with the responsibility for killing Syrians in these chemical attacks.


What a pathetic group of psychopaths.

Posted by: Red Ryder | Apr 8 2018 1:15 utc | 69

"Dr Chris Busby on the Skripal Russia Poisoning affair"

Dr Busby says a few words about the Russian Nerve Agent issue. He speaks as an expert in this area. Chris worked for several years at the famous Wellcome Research laboratories in Beckenham, London as a Senior Scientist in the Department of Physical Chemistry. His job, at the basic level, was to help determine the structure and origin of pharmaceutical compounds. So, he is an expert in this area. He also carried out similar work at Queen Mary College London for his first PhD and synthesised complex organic chemicals. From that, he relates that the synthesis of a specific small organic chemical like the supposed Novichoks is not very difficult. Most sythetic organic chemists could knock up small quantities of the 234 compound, given the structure. Mainly, there is no way that the compound that was detected in the Skripal attack could be traced to a Russian laboratory (or any laboratory) by any lab unless the lab already had a sample known to come from the Russian laboratory (or the source laboratory). The determination and identification methods mainly depend on mass spectrometric fragmentation patterns, and include the spectrum of stray molecular fragments from impurities associated with the synthesis route. This is how Wellcome located Patent jumping, and took this evidence ( from Busby and colleagues) into the courts. All chemists know this, and that is why the Porton head said what he said, as any chemist would have been able to raise this issue and show that he was lying, if he said anything else. It is basic physical chemistry. So, the new headline in the Times, about a secret Russian laboratory is also bogus. What is also clear is that the mass spectrum of the A234 compound was put on the NIST database in 1998 by a worker from the USA chemical warfare laboratory. Chris therefore concludes that this whole affair is a tissue of lies and misdirection, rather like the WMD Iraq scenario and is aimed at creating a war with Russia that no one can win and where all life will lose. Why is this being done? Because the only way for the rich and powerful to escape the coming US Economic catastrophe caused by the destruction of the petrodollar is to pull the house down and hope to escape in the general confusion and disaster from the wreckage.

Posted by: imo | Apr 8 2018 1:15 utc | 70

forget about this case boris should demand harry potters mother

blah blah mezzanine zedawi ratcliff be returned from prison in iran.
it is an outrage that iranina has not bowed to the will of boris donmeh 2much johnson.
ms may his wife filip and the queen have all sent letters to persia demanding spy sorry innocent teacher with a psy op safe 3 pronged name
be returned.

Boris Johnson Is Considering Giving Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Diplomatic Protection

The move would elevate the case to a full-blown dispute between the UK and Iran, which her husband hopes will speed up her release.

Posted by: laurence araby | Apr 8 2018 1:15 utc | 71

@67 -- "What a pathetic group of psychopaths."

Indeed, and these ones are desperate and killers.

Posted by: imo | Apr 8 2018 1:32 utc | 72

..from DailyMail...
Viktoria Skripal asks Mrs May 'as a human being' to help her meet the Skripals. .‘I see from the refusal that I am not taken by the British side as a member of the family, and therefore I can’t come to the UK on behalf of Sergei’s mother – who lives with me – to see them.’ . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 8 2018 2:09 utc | 73

maybe putin should give diplomatic status 2
the salsbury 2
it would seem pc plod and james bond could not even look after the pets so should not be trusted with state actors.

free the birmingham 6
sorry salsbury 2

send the sas and bbc springwatch crew
into find the missing furry
known as agent cat 2

Posted by: laurence araby | Apr 8 2018 2:20 utc | 74

Emily 43 @ Apr 7, 2018 4:43:08 PM

The Saker has an Open Letter to BoJo stating he admitted prior knowledge of foreign state acting in violation of the CWC and did nothing about it for a number of years prior to Skripal case and Johnson should therefore resign. Essentially Johnson admitted to complicity by not acting under terms of the CWC.

Posted by: Anon | Apr 8 2018 2:24 utc | 75

When will these two prisoners being held by the British Health System be freed and able to get on with their lives? When will the barrage of people putting up the pretense of 'speaking on their behalf' just go away and allow these two people to speak for themselves. Why is the Hospital superintendent restraining these two people's liberties? These are serious ethical questions and if the hospital staff are incapable of speaking then perhaps their union might be able to assure us all that they are not being intimidated by the Official Secrets Act.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Apr 8 2018 2:51 utc | 76

The Syria provocation will result in the deaths or capture of more US and western spooks and soldiers. There's lots of room for covert action there, and Russia knows the terrain rather well.

I'm always a supporter of Russia's methodical and patient, ultimately game-changing approaches, but in this case the game has already been changed - apparently enough to freak out the UK, and the Israelis have already been over the edge for many months. The US itself is totally afraid of direct military confrontation with Russians, and Putin has spelled out what will happen if Russian soldiers are put in any danger. There's a physical hurdle in Syria that the US cannot cross over, and Russia only has to move it closer.

In other words, Russia will twist the US tail to whatever extent it wants, and it won't turn into hot war, simply unannounced and unacknowledged deaths and losses by the US in Syria. It will be enough to pay for the Skripal farce and the chlorine farce.

The propaganda veil maintained by the CIA and Zionism across all western media carries one major disadvantage, which is that the west is not compelled to show its pain; it simply hides it, as in declaring victory and withdrawing, for example. The US is in various cauldrons in Syria, and Russia can make it feel pain.

That's how I read the current balance of effective power on the ground and in global realpolitik. That's what I expect to see indications of, or perhaps it will only come as rumors.

Russia is punching pretty seriously at the moment, and its analysts have to be concluding that the west is badly afraid. Skripal is not going away. Syria will inspire a response. The west is a failed actor, failing yet again at acting.

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 8 2018 3:13 utc | 77

Re Ghouta. Pompeo has been secretary of state for a week now and CW false flag in Ghouta has occurred.
By the video it looks as though people have been locked in a building and gassed. Does not look to be shaving cream this time round.
Sacking Tillerson only delayed thing a bit rather than putting and end to Ghouta CW false flag in conjunction with the Novichok narrative.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 8 2018 3:27 utc | 78

"UK’s Russia Narrative: A Verdict in Search of a Crime"

From Consortium News:

Posted by: ben | Apr 8 2018 3:41 utc | 79

Anyone with a lick of common sense knew where the Skripal accusations were leading. The desired result was to diminish Russian credibility when it stood behind Assad *again*. That is, when the "rebels" conducted a gas attack upon civilians *again* and tried to blame it on Assad, it would be one abuser of poisonous gas - Putin - protecting another abuser - Assad.

All that was missing from the Skripal case was the attack upon civilians in Syria. But we now have it.

Victory was at hand in Ghouta for Assad.

Only an idiot would snatch defeat out of victory by launching a poisonous gas attack upon civilians and thus permitting "the civilized world community" to come to the rescue and "protect civilians" with an attempted regime change.

What headlines will we read when we wake on Sunday morning?

Posted by: librul | Apr 8 2018 4:25 utc | 80

Thanks b, I could use some good laugh. And thank you and Mark J. Doran for that piece.

Posted by: Steve | Apr 8 2018 4:39 utc | 81

I might have to ditch the tin foil hat and don a white helmet. Might be a few casualties amongst the barflies at the pub. Hopefully the barman is ok :(

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 8 2018 4:48 utc | 82

The US has created Russia as a powerful malign force responsible for everything bad. So it is with this new fake gas attack in Syria, Russia is responsible according to the US, which means the US can't do anything about it because . . .Russia is a powerful malign force. So the US has put itself out of the conflict resolution business.

That is currently exacerbated by the lack of a US Secretary of State, and a Secretary of Defense who doesn't believe the claims about the last "gas attack" in April 2017. So the whole thing will be referred to the UNSC without action, but at least the US tried.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Apr 8 2018 5:10 utc | 83

I was wondering what, besides his love irony, attracted b to Mark Doran and found this on Doran's blog...
"Which is what I want to discuss here — by way of a paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of a recent BBC article that shows with outrageous clarity how it is that the BBC’s news-replacement services induce the public to think of the world in terms of ‘the international community’ on the one hand and ‘rogue states’ on the other; as a place where nations are controlled either by ‘governments’ (legitimate) or by ‘regimes’ (non-legitimate); and where leaders are either persons of talent, probity and gravitas who just want ‘what’s best for everyone’ … or murderous kleptocratic tyrants who are, by turns, terrifying and ludicrous.
How is it done? I’ll show you…

...which sums up 'BBC News' in 4 words and then puts it in comprehensive and accurate context in fewer than 200 words.

Good catch, b!

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Apr 8 2018 5:12 utc | 84

As we see in this thread, every scrap of gossip, innuendo, fantasy and nightmare about every aspect of the Kirpal's illness has been examined, argued over, examined again, getting altered by this discussion like a chinese whisper, the re-examined beginning the process again.
All fair enough I suppose except for two things. Firstly nothing is going to change. For whatever reason the maybot has been persuaded to dig a very deep hole then climb into it. No matter what happens next the tory pols and the scumbag 'experts' who enabled them will go to their deathbeds asserting the correctness of their cause.
The second point is the kicker - while we have been absorbed by the soap that is the Skirpal's illness, a lot of really bad shit has been happening, stuff that must be confronted right now yet it is passing us by almost un-noticed.

The zionists in particular have been having a field day of murder and mayhem. As well as butchering their usual victims young Palestinians and then using their handmaidens in amerikan corporations to censor the horrific details, the racism that is innate to a society which claims to comprise of 'the chosen people' has turned on refugees of the proxy wars the apartheid state kicked off at their amerikan masters' behest in Eritrea & Sudan, and begun deporting those they can cow into agreeing to the enforced removal and imprisoning those they cannot bully.

I suppose all above is SOP for the zionists but just across the way in Syria, the empire is attempting to take advantage of the temporary misdirection and hopeful distraction of Russian mendacity, to crank up the conflict in Syria to something really serious.

I chanced upon this snippet (well not really snippet it is being trumpeted as the new big issue - yep really, this again) planted in the Independent placed for englanders to absorb over their Sunday morning breakfast:

Syria civil war: 'Dozens of civilians killed in chemical weapons attack' on Douma in eastern Ghouta, says monitor

US State Department says it is monitoring the situation and that Russia should be blamed if chemicals were used

As predicted by so many in here, there will be no mea culpas around the maybot's deceptions, distraction is the name of the game, they plan on doubling down on their libels by claiming the evil Russkies are not content with poisoning 'innocent traitors'.
The axis of incompetence is now attempting to move right on, away from awkward issues surrounding Skirpal-land and into lies and planted evidence that is designed to crank up brits about Russia killing innocent headchoppers with nerve gas.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Apr 8 2018 5:29 utc | 85

Trump said its time for US military to come home from Syria recently. A number of times. Did not sign off on the rort of US 'reconstruction' in Syria. US military bases set up in Manbij, but then the so called SDF more accurately known as the Kurds moved back down to Dier Ezzor. Trump's spoken position has always been to defeat Islamic state, no overthrow of the Syrian government.
My guess is that the neo-con generals made the argument that they had to stay in Syria to defeat ISIS so Trump told them to clean up the US protected pockets or go the way of Tillerson. With US and proxy forces lining up to clear the pockets, in conjunction with Iraqi forces, Pompeo installed as SoS, what happens? A CW nerve agent attack in Ghouta by the evil Assad and backed by evil Russia that used "novichock" to assassinate a traitor..

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 8 2018 5:49 utc | 86

So, if we are marching into war on false pretext on top of false pretext, what is new? History has shown this is a pattern.

I would posit what is new is the ability of some to see behind the curtain this time around and speak/write publicly about the lies. Will that change the course of history?

We hope so and commend b for working hard to speak truth to power.

What line will the West feel it can cross now with impunity given the accusations against Russia and Syria? Will it be the line that Russia retaliates over? Will us folks at the bottom ever know?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 8 2018 5:54 utc | 87

It's all falling into place now. Another chlorine attack to pin on Syria and Russian, US bases in Syria, and John Bolton taking office. In the coming week I expect to see a full out attack on Syrian government and civilian infrastructure, including attempts to kill Assad.

Posted by: qualtrough | Apr 8 2018 5:54 utc | 88

Debsisdead 83
Same occurred with MH17. The genocidal genocide victims always strike while attention is conveniently diverted by other false flag 'atrocities'.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 8 2018 6:04 utc | 89

From debsisdead link to the Independent article

"US State Department says it is monitoring the situation and that Russia should be blamed if chemicals were used"

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 8 2018 6:22 utc | 90

US Secretary of State - AKA Secretary of Deep State.... or should that be the other way round?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Apr 8 2018 6:36 utc | 91

In the coming week I expect to see a full out attack on Syrian government and civilian infrastructure, including attempts to kill Assad.
Posted by: qualtrough | Apr 8, 2018 1:54:45 AM | 86

Don't fret.
Russia saw this coming and warned NATO's Christian Colonial Barbarians that a large scale military assault on Syria will result in a large scale military response on the perps.
Putin's score on Empty Threats since 2001 is 0 = zero.
Christian Colonialism's global weapon sales are already suffering as a result of a growing preference for Russian defense systems. The last thing the CC's are going to do is to put Russian weapons systems head to head with CC systems. The CC's can't afford to be seen ($-wise and war-wise) suffering heavy losses in a skirmish they instigated.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Apr 8 2018 6:52 utc | 92

'russia should be blamed'.. um... when was the last time i heard that? lol.. uk maybe?

the usa / uk are working off the same decrepit game plan... blame russia.. no logic or rationale is needed apparently.. people are supposed to bow their heads in agreement...

syria / russia show huge evidence of an east ghouta chemical weapons lab a few weeks ago.. we get nada from the west on any of this...

listen..i am not surprised.. at some point russia is going to have to respond to the bully.. it isn't going to be pretty.. neo con central seem intent on blowing up the planet to continue with their sickness...

Posted by: james | Apr 8 2018 7:26 utc | 93

CUSTOMER: Well, can you hang around a couple of minutes? He won't be long. We've someone coming over ...

How the Skripals will be "vanished" ...

Britain aims to resettle poisoned Russian ex-spy in the U.S.: Sunday Times

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain is considering offering poisoned Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia new identities and a fresh life in the United States in an attempt to protect them from further murder attempts, the Sunday Times newspaper reported.

It said officials at the MI6 intelligence agency have had discussions with their counterparts in the CIA about resettling the victims poisoned last month in the English city of Salisbury.

“They will be offered new identities,” it quoted an unidentified source as saying.

Posted by: b | Apr 8 2018 8:41 utc | 94

Here is the link to an interessting interview with the economist Michael Hudson and the economic aspects he sees behind the Skripal drama - The Economics Behind the Skripal Poisoning

Posted by: Fran | Apr 8 2018 9:04 utc | 95

How long before we see protesters with 'We are Jaish al-Islam!' t-shirts? I'm starting to get worried.

The 'DO SOMETHING! brigade is gurning it's loins for action. I just want to enjoy the nice weather here in€rope.

Posted by: et Al | Apr 8 2018 9:04 utc | 96

@40 mauisurfer

From Miami Vice season 2 episode 4, Tale of the Goat

Start @8.40

Scientist in bow tie: I think your mans alive

Crockett:*laugh* Let me tell you something pal, when I took that picture he wasn't exactly the life of the party (referring to photograph of dead Voodoo priest he took earlier)

Scientist in bow tie: Depends on the party, have you ever been to one of our get togethers at the lab? No, there's a poison, a Tetrodotoxin, it's found in certain Caribbean fish, causes death by paralysis, but if you survive the first 48 hours you're usually ok.

Crockett: Wait, wait, you're telling me that if someone wanted to appear as if they were dead they could take some of this toxin and...

Scientist in bow tie:and revive in 2 days. It's possible. The trouble is some kind of brain damage usually goes along with it, lets face it, anyone who uses this stuff for salad dressing isn't starting out Nobel prize material.


Scientist in bow tie: Some of your more courageous Voodoo priests use this in their ceremonies and mixed with some home grown psychedelics produces something you might call their version of a Zombie.

Posted by: TJ | Apr 8 2018 9:50 utc | 97

@james | Apr 8, 2018 3:26:42 AM | 91

"'russia should be blamed'.. um... when was the last time i heard that? lol.. uk maybe? .."

#BreakingNews : US NATO sponsored terrorists have attacked more than 950 civilians with a chemical agent. The Syrian hostages were kidnapped from Adra and kept locked in a basement in #Douma
children and babies among dead
#EastGhouta #EasternGhouta #Syria @USUN @IndiaUNNewYork

Disclaimer.... first time posting O/S Win10

Posted by: OJS | Apr 8 2018 9:59 utc | 98

Helmer: Salisbury Hospital Becomes Secret Rendition Center For Yulia Skripal

"Salisbury Hospital's chief administrator and chief doctor refuse to say they are holding consent forms signed by Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal. Without those forms, and proof the hospital has obtained them from the Skripals since they regained consciousness last week, the hospital is making claims about their privacy which are improper according to the rules of the British National Health Service, and unlawful violations of their human rights, according to British and European law..."

One wonders why the Russian Embassy has not yet sought an application for Habeus Corpus in the British courts, for the violations of Consular access etc. Frankly, so far the Russian response has been far less vigorous than I would have expected.

Posted by: John Gilberts | Apr 8 2018 11:00 utc | 99

In a reasonable world, cooler heads might prevail. However, all the british, american, et al actors have been bought and payed for, by trans-national corporations and individuals?, who can say? it's all shrouded in obscurity and guess work, but demonstrably these actors all who care nothing about the fate of ordinary citizens anywhere.

I would surmise that there have always been those who dissent, but while welll meaning are in general terms, or in the short term, ineffective. especially when halting a campaign whose machinations are incredibly complex and so well orchestrated. One can always hope for the triumph of the human spirit! But, like propheting an imminent coming global conflagration, that is also at this time "fictive." Highly likely judging by human history.

It is interesting observing this tragedy, probably based on the premise "follow the money," develop in real time, but it is equally disheartening to observe the split in human nature, at our moment in time, regarding those who are capable of discerning, and those who have been willingly/willfully blinded, who allow themselves to live in a state of complete deception. In my opinion, Halley, for example is a great example of this disease. What can you really say to an individual of this sort? Why bother, only transformative life experience will change them, and that is out of any mortal's control.

Posted by: Geoff | Apr 8 2018 12:45 utc | 100

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