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March 14, 2018

Are 'Novichok' Poisons Real? - May's Claims Fall Apart

The British government claims that 'Novichok' poisons, developed 30 years ago in the Soviet Union, affected a British double agent. But such substances may not exist at all. The British government further says that the Russian government is responsible for the incident and has announced penalties against the country.

A comparable incidents happened in 2001 in the United States. Envelopes with Anthrax spores were sent to various politicians. Some people died. The White House told the FBI to blame al-Qaeda but the Anthrax turned out to be from a U.S. chemical-biological weapon laboratory.  The case is still unsolved.

The 'whistle-blower' Vil Mirzayanov who 'revealed' the 'Novichok' program and its poisons published chemical formulas that should enable any decent laboratory to reproduce them. But neither the existence of the claimed program nor the existence of the alleged substances were ever accepted by the scientific community. The Russian government says it does not know the program nor the alleged poisons.

The highly constructed drama around the alleged poisoning of a British double agent Skripal and his daughter has thus turned into a surreal play. The British government has so far given no evidence that the Skripal's were poisoned at all, or that they were poisoned by someone else. No detailed medical bulletin was published. The British accusations against Russia lets one assume that a suicide attempt has been excluded. Why?

There is no independent evaluation of the alleged poison. The British government claims that its own chemical weapon laboratory at Porton Down, only a few miles from where the incident happened, has identified the poison as one of the 'Novichok' chemicals.

But in 2016 a leading chemist at Porton Down had doubts that such chemicals exist. (Paul McKeigue, Professor of Statistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology at Edinburgh University, Piers Robinson, Professor of Politics, Society and Political Journalism at Sheffield University and the former British Ambassador Craig Murray point this out):

As recently as 2016 Dr Robin Black, Head of the Detection Laboratory at the UK’s only chemical weapons facility at Porton Down, a former colleague of Dr David Kelly, published in an extremely prestigious scientific journal that the evidence for the existence of Novichoks was scant and their composition unknown.

In recent years, there has been much speculation that a fourth generation of nerve agents, ‘Novichoks’ (newcomer), was developed in Russia, beginning in the 1970s as part of the ‘Foliant’ programme, with the aim of finding agents that would compromise defensive countermeasures. Information on these compounds has been sparse in the public domain, mostly originating from a dissident Russian military chemist, Vil Mirzayanov. No independent confirmation of the structures or the properties of such compounds has been published. (Black, 2016)

Robin Black. (2016) Development, Historical Use and Properties of Chemical Warfare Agents. Royal Society of Chemistry

The Scientific Advisory Board of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has not recognized Novichoks as chemical weapons because it found scant evidence that they exist at all. The U.S. and the UK are both part of the organization and both agreed with this evaluation:

[The SAB] emphasised that the definition of toxic chemicals in the Convention would cover all potential candidate chemicals that might be utilised as chemical weapons. Regarding new toxic chemicals not listed in the Annex on Chemicals but which may nevertheless pose a risk to the Convention, the SAB makes reference to “Novichoks”. The name “Novichok” is used in a publication of a former Soviet scientist who reported investigating a new class of nerve agents suitable for use as binary chemical weapons. The SAB states that it has insufficient information to comment on the existence or properties of “Novichoks”. (OPCW, 2013)

The former Soviet scientist, Vil Mirzayanov, who 'blew the whistle' and wrote about the 'Novichoks', now lives in a $1 million home in the United States. The AFP news agency just interviewed him about the recent incident:

Mirzayanov, speaking at his home in Princeton, New Jersey, said he is convinced Russia carried it out as a way of intimidating opponents of President Vladimir Putin.

"Only the Russians" developed this class of nerve agents, said the chemist. "They kept it and are still keeping it in secrecy."

The only other possibility, he said, would be that someone used the formulas in his book to make such a weapon.

"Russia did it", says Mirzayanov, "OR SOMEONE WHO READ MY BOOK".

1, 2

The book was published in 2008 and is available as hardcover, paperback or for $8.16 as an electronic file. It includes a number of formulas which, Mirzayanov says, could be used to produce those chemical agents. But neither Porton Down nor the OPCW seem convinced that this is possible. They may believe that Mirzayanov is just full of it.

One customer reviewing Mirzayanov's book remarked:

[Needs] an editor to throttle back his epic "i'm an epic awesome martyr" stuff and stick to the science.

Another reviewer wrote:

State secrets is by far the most long winded and painfully slow novel on chemical weapons written by a disgruntled defected scientist from Russia I have ever read! If you want to hear an employ with delusions of grandeur moan about every person he ever worked with then this is the book for you, otherwise don't waste your sweet time. Seriously! Nothing happens except Vil somethingkov helps make things that kill people for 30 years, gets a (sort of) conscience, defects, and constantly whinges about.....everything.

Vil Mirzayanov promoted his book in a 2009 video. Shortly after he published his book he blogged an explanation why he included formulas in it:

While I was writing my book “State Secrets: An Insider’s Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program”, some people from Washington persistently advised me not to include the formulas of the chemical agents of the Novichok series in my book.
I asked why it would be a bad idea to publish this information, since it would be for the safety of all people. Then the governments would work to have those chemical agents and their precursors included into the Control List. They responded, “Terrorists could use them for their criminal actions.” This kind of reasoning is used all the time now to scare people and prevent any discussion. We are already used to ignoring a lot of real problems thanks to that.

Mirzayanov further points out that experienced personal in well equipped laboratories would be able to use his formulas. State actors have such laboratories, like the British Porton Down, but terrorists do not have such capabilities.

Mirzayanov urged to included the substances he described into the OPCW list of controlled material. But the OPCW, as seen above, rejected that. Neither its scientific board nor the head of the Porton Down detection laboratory were convinced that these substances or the Soviet program Mirzayanov described existed at all.

The Soviet chemical weapon laboratory in which Mirzayanov had worked was in Uzbekistan, not in Russia as Theresa May falsely claims. The laboratory was dismantled with the active help of the United States.

Theresa's May claims that the Skripals were poisoned with 'Novichok' agents is highly questionable. Her claim that only Russia could be responsible for the Skripal incident is obviously bollocks.

The existence of the substances as described by Vil Mirzayanov is in serious doubt. But if he is right then any state or company with a decent laboratory and competent personal can produce these substances from the formulas and descriptions he provides in his book. That is at least what Mirzayanov himself says.

But most disturbing about the case are not the false claims Theresa May makes. She is in deep political trouble over the Brexit negotiations and other issues and needs any political diversion that she can get. Blaming Russia for 'something' is en vogue and might help her for a while.

No, the most troubling issue is the behavior of the media who fail to point out that May's claims are bluster and that there is no evidence at all that supports her claims. The only paper that is somewhat skeptical is the Irish Times which finds it highly unlikely that the Russian government is behind the poisoning.

May demanded and got a NATO meeting on the case. But the statement NATO issued afterwards was extremely weak. It only offered support in conducting the British investigation and it asked Russia to respond to the British questions. Neither did it support the claims May made, nor did it take any measures against Russia. A French spokesperson said "We don’t do fantasy politics" and demanded 'definite conclusions' on the case before deciding anything. No support was given to May by the Trump administration (Update: U.S. ambassador to the UN Nick Haley has now jumped to May's aid.)

The story May wants to tell has way too much holes to be sustainable. The involvement of the British double agent Skripal in the fake Steele dossier about Trump is likely the real story behind the incident. No international support is coming for May. The British opposition leader Corbyn was right today when he demanded that she produces evidence for her claims. A few more pushes and her house of cards will surely come down.

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Article supporting the speculation in post 67

Posted by: Sushi | Mar 15 2018 16:00 utc | 101

Fresh in our minds are the new nuclear posture documents recently published. In those documents it clearly states that cyber attacks such as the ones described in this article justify a nuclear weapon response.

This Guardian article lays out justification for the use of nuclear weapons as outlined in the Nuclear Posture Review and the Strategic Nuclear Policy recent published by the US government.

Posted by: Babyl-on | Mar 15 2018 16:02 utc | 102

The materials were readily available.

Novichok, the fourth generation of poison gas, was made with agrochemicals so that offensive weapons production could more readily be hidden within a legitimate commercial industry, according to U.S. chemical weapons expert Amy Smithson.

Posted by: Les | Mar 15 2018 16:27 utc | 103

@53 daniel.. i am not sure about the fealty to oligarchs.. at the same time a person, or leader has to function and cooperate in this world as best they can... someone can always blame another person for being a sell out, and this is especially true of leaders.. putin seems guided by more then this as i see it..

@54 grieved.. thanks.. i liked that quote as well! it was an interesting read and i always enjoy reading him.. tuesdays are a free read!

@ 92 b quote from someone "To identify a substance, formula and samples are needed – means UK has capacity to produce suspected nerve agent." that's the rub isn't it? there is no way that the uk can prove anything, other then that they are a group of hyena's wanting to take down russia, in spite of any facts or evidence.. that much is obvious..

Posted by: james | Mar 15 2018 16:30 utc | 104

Sounds a lot like the Austrian reaction to Serbia's response in July 1914.

Posted by: lysias | Mar 15 2018 16:36 utc | 105

@88 b - my problem with the rueters article is it really shows the dishonesty of the british under may...why would may offer to show something to macron whereby macron - another poodle - readily agrees with britian? are these people sick in the head? may would show something to france but not to russia? it defies logic and is a storm largely created by the same media that are really full of shite!

@ 94 karlof1.. i have enjoyed these articles from craig murray and have been posting over on his site, which i usually never do... i am sure it is temporary.. i have a lot of respect for him.. i will go read his latest article you linked to now.. cheers..

Posted by: james | Mar 15 2018 16:38 utc | 106

That Washington's principal focus currently is on attacking another country (Russia) which due to USA incompetence is punching far above its weight in world affairs. The latest anti-Russia attacks center on a sick Russian spook and some Facebook ads (new weak USA sanctions just announced) are two examples of USA weakness (together with its Europe puppets, also losers).

It is the obvious finale of Pax Americana, the period of controlling USA global influence now coming slowly to an inglorious end due to USA incompetence. Coincidentally, the USA is faced with overwhelming problems domestically in many fields, including citizen disparity, health care, transportation, crime and unemployment. So let's celebrate the potential shift against a forced USA withdrawal on the world scene and a possible improvement in domestic policy.

It won't happen soon though, as the current incompetent president is advocating huge increases in wasteful military spending including the expansion of an army which has no productive purpose to exist at all.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 15 2018 16:40 utc | 107

Kick Russia out of the UN or off the Security Council because of an unsubstantiated and very dodgy assassination attempt on British soil? How about kicking the U.S. and UK out for their war of aggression against Iraq based on bogus evidence and without UN approval?

Posted by: Rob | Mar 15 2018 16:56 utc | 108

The US has access to this nerve gas since it helped clean out the facility in Azerbaijan in the 90s , when the USSR collapsed, but no Americans will ever be told this. Also the US/Nato has 10 bio-War labs in Ukraine -- as I write. The Jackals and Hyenas are circling Russia and the peasants in the West will be the ones above ground when Russia - returns fire.

Posted by: Nick | Mar 15 2018 17:07 utc | 109

Lavro has requested information on the investigation/poison. It's a reasonable request by Lavrov. BTW, US claimed in '99 Uzbekistan was the FOREFRONT on Novichok. In 2007, a leaked Stratfor cable to Wikileaks claimed Cuba already had it. Then, Tillerson says its Russia? mmkay. You may or may NOT like wikileaks. BUT they've NEVER BEEN WRONG.

Posted by: christy | Mar 15 2018 17:56 utc | 110

The joint statement complaint that Salisbury "constitutes the first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the Second World War" echoes the complaint that the Crimean referendum constituted the first realignment of borders in Europe in that period. I suppose this is worded such to alarm their citizens, but it is also carefully limiting the territory in question so their own use of chemical agents and border swaps - elsewhere in the world - do not confuse the matter.

One of Britain's dirtiest secrets is their state involvement in the assassination of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold in 1961.

On this case, has Britain even explained the alleged crime yet? They've announced the verdict, and there's been a rush to apply punishment, but there is not even a basic outline of the crime itself - presumed to be a poisoning with a chemical agent but even that seems to be an inference. All that's ever been confirmed is that two, maybe three persons fell il, and that traces of some agent were supposedly discovered either on their person or in a location they were thought to be - and even that second part isn't really clear.

Posted by: jayc | Mar 15 2018 18:05 utc | 111

I've been wondering what's really behind all the angst, whingeing & indignation emanating from what used to be the HQ of the British Empire? Imo, it's Ex-Superpower Syndrome. No other nation since Rome, has slipped so far and so quickly from hegemonic Superpower-dom as the poor ol' Poms. It was pretty obvious by 1947, to everyone except the Brits themselves, that their influence had waned...
Luckily, they were able to comfort themselves, briefly, by clinging resolutely to the un-exploded myth that Brittania Rules The Waves...

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

(or as '60s comic Jackie Clancy once quipped "Britons will never Slavs")

The final nail in the coffin of the remnants of the Superpower myth was driven home very publicly in 1982 when, at the dawn of the Missile Age, one Exocet missile sank HMS Sheffield and Britannia's wave-ruling daydreams.

So whilst it's easy to see why they're so angry and miserable, it's difficult to understand what motivated them to turn their backs on courage, excellence, the Fighting Spirit and the Stiff Upper Lip, and expend all their energy on becoming the World's Most Unconvincing Bullshitters.
Have Britons become Slavs?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Mar 15 2018 18:05 utc | 112

Britons have become slobs.

Posted by: Perimetr | Mar 15 2018 18:10 utc | 113

wikileak publish documents that are leaked or hacked or whatever. So what you are saying here is that Stratfor are never wrong.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Mar 15 2018 18:18 utc | 114

Slavs are not unconvincing bullshitters.

Posted by: lysias | Mar 15 2018 18:37 utc | 115

@simon 114
super comment

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 15 2018 18:48 utc | 116

ot - and you know what they are going to talk about, lol...

Department Press Briefing Schedule

March 15

2:45 p.m. -- There will be an On-Camera, On-the-Record Department Press Briefing with Spokesperson Heather Nauert in the Press Briefing Room (room 2209)

Posted by: james | Mar 15 2018 19:00 utc | 117

Mirzayanov pointed out that the precursors for potential binary CW are routinely produced by agrochemical companies (these are „multiple use“ substances) and that is precisely the reason why the OPCW did NOT include these components in the list of „scheduled chemicals“ because then the whole agrochem-poison industry would be in big trouble.

Basically all organophosphate pesticides are „nerve agents“ (neurotoxic) and many of them are genotoxic/ cancerogenic (e.g. read the horror-stories of cancer epidemics and severe birth defects in Argentina‘s rural villages close to huge transgenic soy plantations, which are regularly sprayed from the air)

But if the politicians admitted that, the agrochem industry would lose a lot of money, the whole „industrial farming“ madness would be revealed, so they stay silent and wait for a „wonder-cure“ for the cancer-epidemic they have helped to create.

The Scientific Advisory Board included Dr Black, and several other heads of national chemical defence laboratories in western countries“

These „advisors“ are in most cases working in govt/mil labs where they do research for new chemicals/biologicals that can be „weaponized“. (Including transgenic experiments and nano-materials; when these technologies are combined, heaven help us all… e.g. the Israelis have apparently „weaponized“ insects and created micro/nano-robots...capable to enter your bloodstream)

There is nothing „defensive“ about this but they call them „defence laboratories“ to make it sound morally acceptable.
(The US is running secret BW-labs in Georgia and other fmr SU-states trying to create pathogenic microbes with a genetic preference for Russians- no kidding - but nobody is supposed to talk about that)

The CWC prohibits the development, production and use of CW but not the research and this is of course the big caveat… they all claim this research is „necessary“ for defensive purposes (develop vaccines, countermeasures, etc.) because there is always some „evil dictator“, Manichean devil we must protect ourselves from …

Scientific research must never be done in secret, the „national security“ fig-leaf is the biggest threat to democracy. (German media are now dealing with the question "Why does the UK govt offer no proof..?" by referring to the "national security" of the UK)

Posted by: Cassandra | Mar 15 2018 19:13 utc | 118

LOL... 'a million dollar home'... in large parts of the US that not fancy at all.

Posted by: Bill Smith | Mar 15 2018 19:31 utc | 119

Posturing and word of the mouth
but no guts and mentaly impaired
siting ducks

What a show !!
encore, encore

Posted by: Charles Michael | Mar 15 2018 19:31 utc | 120

Corbyn warns against ‘McCarthyite intolerance of dissent’ over Russia accusations

Posted by: Anon | Mar 15 2018 19:33 utc | 121

Just read a very interesting supposition by Adam Garrie, which strikes a very true note:

Since it seems that Russia’s steadfast promise to defend its men and women in Damascus has effectively staved off a US attack, the western alliance did the next best thing to attacking Russia in Syria – it decided to frame Russia for something that happened on English soil. - Let’s Talk About Motive in The Skripal Case: Let’s Talk About Syria

So, spite. Wounded ego.

And further demonstration of the west's pitiful lack of means to do anything much real in this world except kill people unprepared to fight back. What will it do as more and more prepare to fight back? Ask Kim. Ask Duterte, Maduro, Erdogan.

Posted by: Grieved | Mar 15 2018 19:46 utc | 122

Russia should put up anti-aircraft weapons in Syria to stop any more provocations by the hystericals in France, UK.

Posted by: Anon | Mar 15 2018 19:54 utc | 123

@118 cassandra - excellent comment and info... indeed - what would monsanto want here? have they changed their name yet? them and the moderate headchoppers like changing their name every few months, or years... thanks for your comment..

@122 grieved.. i enjoy reading adam garrie... he seems to put in words my own view here.. i'm not as good with words as he is.. thanks!

Posted by: james | Mar 15 2018 20:01 utc | 124

You could call this an Orwellian armageddon pretext since their story is scarcely believable to anyone not in the thrall of the world propaganda central which has a reach Goebbels could only dream of. Since the end result is sort of a lemming-like shuffle to annihilation, it would almost be comical if the danger were not so serious. Though the Nazis were more methodical, the Anglosphere's power structure is, indeed, more odious since their own destruction along with everything else will be the end result if they succeed.

Posted by: exiled off mainstreet | Mar 15 2018 20:06 utc | 125

exiled off mainstreet

Indeed, meanwhile the same morons have the nerve to talk about "russian propaganda" 24/7! Thats what that brainwash do to their brains apparently.

Posted by: Anon | Mar 15 2018 20:13 utc | 126

Lying in bed listening to Australian government media propaganda . Endless parroting about the ' rules based order ' , ' the rising power of ( guess) and now Boris Johnson informing us that the world is insensed at Russian aggression . It is funny and absurd , sad and deadly !

Posted by: ashley albanese | Mar 15 2018 20:18 utc | 127

The Saker has written an excellent essay focusing thusly:

"[W]hat I do want to do is use this story as a perfect illustration of the kind of society we now all live in looked at from a moral point of view. I realize that we live in a largely value-free society where moral norms have been replaced by ideological orthodoxy, but that is just one more reason for me to write about what is taking place precisely focusing on the moral dimensions of current events."

Yes, it's somewhat long, but the argument's very sound.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 15 2018 20:19 utc | 128

It's harder and harder to laugh at this nonsense. Just when you thought it could not get more ridiculous, something like this happens. I keep hearing that our masters are preparing us for war with Russia. All those people who keep saying 'war is coming', 'prepare for World War III', etc., you do realize that your life will be over, along with everyone you know, and ... human civilization?

Posted by: SteveK9 | Mar 15 2018 20:23 utc | 129

@ exiled off mainstreet who wrote: " You could call this an Orwellian armageddon pretext......."

A very apt description, thanks!

I am pulling for the aliens coming in and ending our hubristic ways.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 15 2018 20:32 utc | 130

@38 Mina
Concluding statment from the article:

"Perhaps it is time to realise that if your country becomes a haven for dodgy people like Berezovsky then dodgy things are likely to happen."

And now that Berezovsky is dead who is more dodgy than his comrade-in-arms Bill Browder whose spectral image keeps flickering in the background of this whole Russiagate hysteria. This is the same Bill Browder who has already succeeded in poisoning relations between Russia and the West with his successful lobbying for the Magnetsky Act. He succeeded despite strong objections from the Obama administration which, at that time, was attempting a reset in relations with Russia. In other words Browder had more of an impact in the shaping American foreign policy vis-a-vis Russia than Obama and his State Dept.

In what turns out to be an onimous bit of foreshdowing, a November 2017 Vesti news report on Bill Browder concluded with "...( Browder) will speak in the British Parliament to convince lawmakers to increase sanctions against Russia". (h/t to integer from previous thread) And in an uncanny coincidence the Skripals are poisoned shortly before Browder began giving testimony to a UK Commons select committee where he stated it was a “Kremlin hit” and “I believe they want to kill me. They haven’t figured out a way yet where they can kill me and get away with it." As The Times put it: "Since he said that, suspicions have deepened that the Russian state was behind the poisoning..."

Browder has been the driving force behind the implementation of the so-called Magnetsky Amendment into the Criminal Finances bill, which has been making its way through Parliament since December. It has been met with some resistance.

From the Financial Times:

MPs to vote on Magnitsky human rights amendment

"A “Magnitsky Amendment”...has been added to the Criminal Finances bill, which aims to clamp down on money-laundering and terror financing.

...the initiative could strain Britain’s relations with Moscow, a time when prime minister Theresa May has said she is open to improving ties.

...successive British governments have resisted efforts by Mr Browder’s campaign to persuade them to introduce legislation.

Now, as a consequence of the Skripal poisoning, not only are new sanctions imposed on Russia but according to The Telegraph:

"The attempted murder of a former Russian spy in Salisbury has given fresh impetus to plans to introduce a UK version of the so-called "Magnitsky Act"....Senior Conservatives campaigning for the move said ministers had agreed to implement "Magnitsky amendments" into the Sanctions Bill currently in the Commons."

So game, set and match. Coincidence???

In the American edition of Russiagate one also gets glimpses of Browder's machinations. In August in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Glenn Simpson, a Fusion co-founder (Fusion had hired Christopher Steele), testified that Browder "was willing to, you know, hand stuff off to the DOJ anonymously in the beginning and cause them to launch a court case against somebody," but that he wasn't interested "in speaking under oath about, you know, why he did that, his own activities in Russia."

Which begs the question of whether Browder was covertly involved in the production and dissemination of the infamous Steele dossier.

Posted by: pantaraxia | Mar 15 2018 20:45 utc | 131

Britan has a history in killing foreign spy's.
Bulgarian Georgy Markov was killed by the Brits with an umbrella in 1978 i think because he threatened to expose the british false reality.

Posted by: az | Mar 15 2018 20:48 utc | 132

Sergey Mikheev speaks on Russian television, describing the new campaign to characterize Russia as a rogue nation that threatens the entire world with murder via its chemical weapons. Of course, we have already been warned by Niki Haley that Russia may soon use chemical weapons in New York! She knows because the CIA is getting them ready now . . .

Posted by: Perimetr | Mar 15 2018 20:59 utc | 133

We're in the Money, Bing Crosby
We're in the money, we're in the money;
We've got a lot of what it takes to get along!

news report:
The UK defence secretary Gavin Williamson has pledged an additional £48m for Britain’s defence science and technology laboratory at Porton Down, in the wake of the poisoning of a former Russian spy with a weapons grade nerve agent.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 15 2018 21:13 utc | 134

"Corbyn is being savaged in the corporate press for questioning May's proof. There's even a hint of yet another leadership challenge within in Labour. If the Blairites are able to claim Corbyn's scalp based on this, one has to truly marvel at the miracle powers of propaganda."
Posted by: Mike Maloney | Mar 14, 2018 4:17:32 PM | 13
The comments section of Corbyn's editorial in the Guardian are/were overwhelmingly positive, it is now closed with this last comment:
CommunityMod: "Comments on this thread have been opened in error."
Says it all doesn't it?

Posted by: frances | Mar 15 2018 21:18 utc | 135

There's a CCTV camera on the traffic light opposite the restaurant (or was in Google St View June 2017) here. When will they release the video, or was the camera "not working"?

Wait, I found the footage!

Posted by: Peter VE | Mar 15 2018 21:22 utc | 136


A good argument can be made for aliens already being here are the actual reason for humanities troubles. Their interest in gold ties with your stated interest in our 'life blood' used as control lever.

For what it may be worth.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Mar 15 2018 21:28 utc | 137

Yes, it was the restaurant. CDC estimates that unspecified agents cause 38.4 million episodes of foodborne illness in the United States each year.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 15 2018 21:32 utc | 138

Posted by: Nick | Mar 15, 2018 1:07:11 PM | 109

To be precise, the chemical facility of the times of the USSR was not located in Azerbaijan, but in Uzbekistan, concretely at Nukus, current capital of Authonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Posted by: Fatima Manoubia | Mar 15 2018 21:52 utc | 139

Russian Rosneft has an ex-BP manager on board, German Schröder is on it's board and also Qatar is represented on Rosneft's board.

Thanks to the UK spy show, Trump is forced to blame Russia first time.

Oil and gas means the dollar can survive. Trump can't control energy route? Then the dollar is no more.

UK pushes Russia onto the US and Tillerson is removed. Qatar Pars gas fields (world's biggest) sits right between Iran&Qatar. Turkey is building a base in Qatar (Doha's former name, Kal'atü't-Türk, Turkish Garrison) worth $700m. Tillerson made a mistake pursuing his masters' policies in the ME.

@ 127 "Orwellian armageddon". China bans 1984. Why? Because China is the country in which 1984 will first come to life. It's taking place already. President for life, police wearing glasses with face recognition capability, cryptocurrency mining, OBOR, IMF's new HQs etc.) 1 billion Chinese are starving, the rest are working at electronics workshops (formerly sweatshops). Chinese peoplemust be kept at bay while 1984 is practised. America is a thing of the past. The US destroys, China rebuilds. Same hand controls both sides. China (owned by the finance capital which controls the US) is the new US.

UK likes to expose. UK the whistleblower says they have been talking with NK Kim for 3 years. NK Kim, educated in Switzerland, born to a Swiss mother. Following the UK's exposure, Trump's NK show is over. So Trump quickly appoints hawks.

Putin wants tsardom. But Russia is like the US and the UK, it houses both the nationalists and the globalists. Since Putin signed many agreements with N.Iraq and Egypt and Turkey, the UK needed to get in the game too.

Posted by: ConfusedPundit | Mar 15 2018 21:55 utc | 140

When I read this hysterical panegyric on (or at least as much of it as I could stomach), I couldn't help but think of the Hate Week speech delivered by an Inner Party member in the movie version of George Orwell's 1984!

Posted by: Mister Roboto | Mar 15 2018 21:58 utc | 141

Where is Christopher Steele?
did he not have means and motive and oportunity
why has the russians not highlighted these connections after all the daughter is a russian citizen she has to be somewhere in hospital or kidnapped in a safe house.
does not the russian embassy have a right to make sure this young lady is safe and happy to stay at her new porton down home.

and look what got announced today problem reaction solution
new investments new buildings for the chemical weapons facilities at porton down what a concy dink 50 million for what
testing dodgy sim samples .

Posted by: simeon | Mar 15 2018 22:10 utc | 142

Debs, thanks for providing yet another piece of the WW I/Russian Revolution puzzle for me. I did not know that Eugene commented on (and was apparently skeptical of) the “Zimmerman Cable.”

Yes, it certainly looks to me like a provocation of the “false flag” sort. The supra-national banksters were heavily invested in Great Britain, and of course the Zionist Colonial Project also required the Brits to win. And the Brits and the Banks needed the US to join the fight.

Ironically, the Bolsheviks then leaking some of the Sykes/Picot documents actually slicked the way to fulfill that odious agreement and the creation of JSIL (Jewish State of Israel in the Levant), while simultaneously leading Russia to surrender to the eventual loser of the war.

Lenin would later say that he accepted the harsh terms against Russia when surrendering to Germany because he thought that the later treaty that ended the war for those still playing would be kinder to Russia. Ummm. Yeah, sure. Europe and the US were so friendly towards Socialist/Communist movements. ;-)

And thanks to b for letting us run OT on this.

Posted by: Daniel | Mar 15 2018 22:19 utc | 143

I suspect many MoA readers are aware of the possible “rebel” CW production lab the Syrian Arab Army recently uncovered in East Ghouta. Lebanon-based independent journalist Sharmine Narwani seems to be the only “Western” journalist who’s actually gone to the site.

This is her Twitter thread with photos.

A video of that possible CW lab

Posted by: Daniel | Mar 15 2018 22:28 utc | 144

"...and look what got announced today problem reaction solution
new investments new buildings for the chemical weapons facilities at porton down what a concy dink 50 million for what
testing dodgy sim samples."

NO, but while Russia, Syria and some other opponents destroy their chemical weapons willingly to avoid being accused of false-flag operations of this kind, they not only continue having CW, but keep increasing the budget to produce more by staging from time to time some theater play like this of these days, so as to continue demonizing and accusing their opponents, in a never ending tale, of what they are only capable of doing, because the only ones having chemical weapons...

Posted by: Fatima Manoubia | Mar 15 2018 22:29 utc | 145

@95 It's hilarious how the "chemist" who the MSM claims "owned" Craig Murray in that twitter thread actually shot himself in the foot with this post:

Dickhead: "This is plainly *bollocks*. *All* molecules with the same formula have *exactly* the same properties and will exhibit the same characteristics as any other."


Simply detecting the existence of that molecule is not in any way, shape or form *proof* that this sample was made by the Russians.

Of Soviet *design*, maybe.

But that formula has long been in the public domain (and, let's not forget, the USA - but not Russia nor the UK - had direct access to that CW laboratory during its decommissioning), so any number of state actors can manufacture it.

It is a point that the dickhead understands without - apparently - being conscious of when he followed up that first sentence with this one:

Dickhead: "Motive, opportunity and the particularly brutal and calculated means all point to Russia."

None of *those* is "evidence". They are all "suppositions".

This Dickhead Chemist knows it was the Russians because he knows it was the Russians.

He has no more proof than does May, and he no more "owns" Craig Murray than does any of the other bobble-heads who have been nodding their agreement.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 15 2018 22:47 utc | 146

Here's a thought: maybe the Soviet Union looked into the manufacture of these "novichoks" but decided that, nah, they don't work all that well in practice e.g. mixing the binary components in the field isn't an exact science, so the end result can range from Instant Death to Oh, Shit, Nobody Has Died And A Lot Of Innocents Are In Hospital.

Utterly unacceptable for any respectable KGB agent.

But some of the dudes who were working on those "novichoks" (dudes now out of work, remember) defected to the West with some diagrams and some tall tales of how stupendously clever they are and how astonishingly lethal their wares.

So places like Porton Down test the chemistry in the laboratory and, sure enough, under lab conditions the chemistry is astonishingly lethal.

They don't test it in the field because, well, why would they?

Fast forward to this week, and Someone has the Bright Idea to use some "novichoks" in a false-flag operation.

Why not? Everyone tells them that they are astonishingly lethal, and the lab tests back that up. What could go wrong?

So they do, and they find out what the Soviets found out decades ago.

Which is that this stuff is utter shit under field conditions: your target's don't die an instant death and innocent people who come to their aid get very, very sick.

Because that is the point that everyone in the MSM won't talk about: if this was supposed to be a hit then it was badly botched. The nerve agent didn't kill, the assassins didn't *confirm* the kill, the radius of the effect wasn't contained, and other people were contaminated.

Hardly the hallmarks of an agency that DEVELOPED this nerve agent, is it.
But maybe the hallmark of no-hopers who didn't really understand what they were using.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Mar 15 2018 23:03 utc | 147

It's sad that people even watch things such as BBC,CBC,NBC,ABC, CNN, etc. when every one of them parrots the same talking points, and they have repeatedly been outed as disinfo and pure propaganda outlets. The only "waking up" that I see anywhere is among those few that are neither progressive or conservative, and they are waking up to a nightmare. I am glad this is all talking - if fur truly starts flying, there isn't anywhere to hide from all this.

It's straight out of Bernays - just keep doubling down and throwing it up all over the media outlets. I get ashamed that critical thinking exists only in a few places like MOA. Yet even here, people seem to divide themselves right along the lines that all this claptrap designates at times.

All you need to sort this out is a simple exercise in "cui bono", same as ever - and Russia had nothing to gain, even in the intel arena.

Most interesting to me is that people can now see where their MP's stand WRT war - because this sure smells like the run-up to Libya. We already knew where the US would stand, same position for nearly a century.

Only bankers benefit from war, and with the current global debt bomb, they are all in for declaration of "force majeure"- rest assured on that.

Posted by: Oilman2 | Mar 15 2018 23:03 utc | 148

Commenters might need to lighten up on the 'sheeple' stuff. Especially with Jeremy Corbyn getting major media time to ask "how about some evidence," the people are much more cynical and much less drenched in corporate media propaganda than they were 15 years ago for the Iraq lies. In the U.S. most Americans have tuned out, but when they look up from everyday struggles (and sports) are overall deeply cynical as well.

Posted by: fairleft | Mar 15 2018 23:21 utc | 149

A while a o on CNN, Ms Gorani was interviewing Jens Stoltenberg on whether this
blatant attack on British sovereignty was not an Article 5 gateway, to which Soltenberg
replied that this incident did not reach that proportion.

She seemed displeased by Stoltenberg's reluctance to jump on the Lynching hyperwagon. And
insisted that this was a major affront justifying article 5's invocation.

At this point, I ask myself why didn't Stoltenberg ask her if she understood the consequences
of jumping to these conclusions? Did she understand that it would be the end of humanity
as we know it? For it seems CNN and other MSM medias do not realise the precariousness of
poking the bear to retaliation.

Sure, Putin is a measured and calm individual but Zhirinovsky's prodding could reach critical mass
and Russia could retaliate by immediate bombing of all these lovely western capitals and cities. Or
Russia could tell the West: enough is enough of these games!, order its population to shelters
and send an ultimatum to the WEST before flattening the idiots that want war at all costs.

Does Theresa May truly believes she has a stick big enough to challenge Russia?

What if tomorrow Russia warns its nationals to leave British territory and closes its Embassy in London?

Would these be signs of a profound anger by Russia?

It seems that the kind words of warning Putin gave the West were lost in translation.

Zhirinovsky's would have been more direct and forceful. Putin words are lofty pearls the swine
at the helm of Western capitals cannot digest.

The mob is in a lynching mood. It will take some thunder to make them stop.

So there, I am afraid we are, step by step reaching the point of having to kiss our a**es goodbye.

Posted by: CarlD | Mar 15 2018 23:48 utc | 150

Thanks 118. We need chemical professionals like yourself to bring further scrutiny to these (absurd) allegations.

Posted by: col from oz | Mar 15 2018 23:51 utc | 151

Yet another excellent essay on this madness by The Saker, rather different from the other I linked to earlier which I hope most took the time to read. The comments are quite sobering.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 16 2018 1:23 utc | 152

A Quick Chemical Weapons History of Western Imperial Hypocrisy...

The latest UNSC ‘meeting’ occurring yesterday - at the behest of the ever yapping US poodles 'across the pond’, is available
for viewing - (in it’s a bit over an hour in it’s entirety). I think that you might find find this video documentation of one of the most farcical UNSC
sessions to take place probably since the now infamous Colin Powell high kabuki theater piece - when he comically held up for the council
members - a vial of a “white power” substance that, I believe, turned out to be nothing more than a packet of “Saccharin”
hastily appropriated from the UN’s commissary earlier that morning for “demonstration purposes ONLY!”. I think, He should have taken it a tad further
and pretended to accidentally” drop the vial on the chamber floor - just to see how the other UNSC members listening to his CIA inspired ruse would
have responded. I’m sure that everyone attending would’ve all had a great laugh together and then would have unanimously approved the west’s
request to bomb all thing Iraqi into oblivion.

What I think that you’ll find of interest here, is not only the main parties (UK & the RF) presentations before the council, but also the presentations of the
remaining 13 Security Council members - including, of course. Ms. Haley’s saccharin & sanctimonious speech of the USA’s eternal bond of solidarity
with it’s favorite, very well manicured pet ally: the UK. I especially found the Chinese predictably short, but carefully parsed statement,
along with those from African and South American SC ambassadors.

Finally, bringing this whole mock-moral unipolar charade full circle, below is the historically damning Wikipedia page on the Halabja (but...he gassed his own people)
massacre by Saddam Hussein on the evening of March the 16th, 1988 - nearly 2 months into George the First’s term, and near the end of the western supported
Iran/Iraq war. One of the very best pretzeled presentational pretenses came from none other that the now theatrically aggrieved sovereign “kingdom”:

"A briefing paper by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office stated: "We believe it better to maintain a dialogue with others if we want to influence their actions. Punitive measures such as unilateral sanctions would not be effective in changing Iraq's behaviour over chemical weapons, and would damage British interests to no avail.”

Posted by: time2wakeupnow | Mar 16 2018 1:44 utc | 153


Truly well said by the saker

Posted by: CarlD | Mar 16 2018 1:45 utc | 154

@ Tannenhouser with the link...thanks

and back at you with aliens that we hope have better or at least more benign sharing values

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 16 2018 2:03 utc | 155

If anyone has the energy and/or 100% suspension of disbelief required to wade through the englander press of 4 or 5 days ago - I don't which is why I haven't included any links, they will discover that Terri May had to be arm-twisted by the likes of the ersatz aristo-intellectual Boris 'the fart' Johnson (the media call him 'feisty' look that up and you'll see it originates from a German word meaning he who farts incessantly) into kicking up about the alleged nerve poisoning.
So what? Well that says to me that the vacuous Terri wasn't in on the joke, that in a manner that recalls the activities of senior courtiers at least as far back as elizabethan times the so-called security services have kicked off this little play without bothering to get permission from their political 'masters' - the deep state in the original home of the deep state.
Most MOA-ites will be all too sadly aware that amerikan intelligence was founded by aping the englander efforts during the second half of the eurowar. Materially insecure but highly trusted by the elite, James Jesus Angleton was dispatched to england in 1943 to learn how to do it. 'It' meaning how to running an inherently undemocratic inbstitution such as the CIA, within a state which still claimed to work at the behest of 'the will of the people'.
Yeah yeah the big irony was that Angleton's tutor was Kim Philby a soviet agent, still Angleton did learn the essential tricks such as on the surface making it seem as though domestic intelligence gathering and overseas stuff were undertaken by two different agencies, in that way reassuring the public that none of the dirty tricks such as torure and blackmail could be visited on citizens. In reality all that occurred was that low level intelligence wasn't shared between the two agencies (MI5 and SIS in england and FBI and CIA in amerika) making them grossly inefficent, but the 'top level' stuff such as selection and oppression of enemies was a joint effort. The worst of both worlds but an ideal recipe for the development of a secret/deep/undemocratic state.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Mar 16 2018 2:26 utc | 156

karlof1 and others.. you would probably enjoy watching the vimeo video that ninel shared @66.. some of what the saker quotes is in the movie, that is apparently banned by google/youtube.. i guess google doesn't like the competition.. thanks vimeo and thanks ninel..

“No Russia, no world!” - FULL MOVIE: WORLD ORDER 2018

Posted by: james | Mar 16 2018 2:37 utc | 157

pantaraxia @ 133

Yes, it is almost certain that Browder was involved in orchestrating Skripal's death. Here's a comment I posted yesterday at Naked Capitalism:

The 2014 Litvinenko investigation, which was purportedly opened in response to MH17 being shot down in Ukraine, resulted in "an amendment to the country's Criminal Finances Bill inspired by the Magnitsky Act that would allow the government to freeze the assets of international human rights violators in the UK" being passed in 2017. Just as Bill Browder was responsible for the Magnitsky act being implemented in the US, he was one of, if not the, main driving force(s) behind this amendment being implemented. Here is an open letter he wrote to David Cameron in 2016:

There is a way to punish Russia for Litvinenko's murder. So why not act? The Guardian

Dear David Cameron

I’m writing on behalf of all British activists who fight for justice against dictators around the world. Your government’s decision to not punish Vladimir Putin and senior members of his regime for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko will put the lives of many UK activists and regular citizens at risk.
The main tool you have is imposing visa sanctions and assets freezes on top Russian government officials who bear responsibility for the Litvinenko attack. This would strike at the achilles’ heel of the Putin system.

It is fairly clear that the plan was to stir up discontent among Russian oligarchs, many of whom have significant financial interests in the UK, in order to cause tension between Russia's oligarch class and Putin, with the end result being the political destabilization of Russia. It is also fairly clear that the above-mentioned amendment did not result in any significant measures being taken by the UK government against the wealth of Russian oligarchs, and thus, as far as Browder and the interests he represents (the CIA) are concerned, did not have the desired effect. Hence, they are trying again. Now Navalny, who was allegedly mentored and financially supported by Browder, made reference to the aim of domestically isolating Putin when he called for further sanctions:

Top Putin critic Navalny calls for UK to sanction oligarchs over spy poisoning ABC News

"One scenario, as it seems to me, is Putin's comfortable scenario," Navalny said at the Moscow office of his organization, the Anti-Corruption Foundation. That would mean "quite standard responses," Navalny said, such as diplomatic punishments or symbolic sanctions, that he said Putin expects.

"There is a second option," he added, "that would really be painful for Putin and his corrupt circle that consists of applying targeted sanctions on those oligarchs and state officials whose families have been based for a very long time in Great Britain."
"It will lead to the creation of an anti-Putin coalition, one in the shadows for now, inside the Putin establishment," Navalny said. "Up to now, they have seen that Putin solves problems, Putin is able to do whatever he wants —- to shoot down airplanes, to start wars, to lie in every interview, in every conversation with world leaders -- but in a remarkable way he gets away with everything."

"And here will be the first example," Navalny added, "if it will all be proved, where it leads to some kind of consequences."

Posted by: integer | Mar 16 2018 3:19 utc | 158

@integer 160
Yes, it is almost certain that Browder was involved in orchestrating Skripal's death

Skripal died? That's news. I don't know what his condition is, but apparently you do.

Also there's this from The Sun: Double agent Sergei Skripal’s daughter was the real target of the nerve agent attack that left them fighting for life, his niece has claimed. Victoria Skripal said Yulia, 33, had a bust-up with her boyfriend’s mum after he announced they planned to start a family.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 16 2018 3:30 utc | 159

usa daily press briefing quote from today...

usa in bed with the white helmets... no one ought to be surprised....

" MS NAUERT: Yeah. I think if you look at Russia’s actions around the world, if you look at what they’ve done in Ukraine, if you look at what they’re doing, still doing, in Syria, as we watch the Russian Government back the regime of Bashar al-Assad – they continue with their aerial bombardments of Syrian civilians, killing innocent men, women, and children, including killing rescue workers. We had the privilege of bringing some of those search and rescue workers to the State Department last week, the White Helmets. And if I can just mention this briefly, we brought them into the State Department to screen a documentary that was about the White Helmets and the good work that they do in Syria and the work that we support on their behalf, because they’re helping to save Syrian lives.

Russia’s responsible because it continues to back the government of Bashar al-Assad. We’ve been very clear. We’ve been tough on Russia; we’ve been clear about calling them out. I think we’ve been clear about calling them out in the election meddling. We’ve spoken extensively about the activities that Russia has been engaged with in other elections that we start to see the fingerprints on: France, remember that last year; Mexico, we’ve started to see that. Other countries, some European allies, have expressed their concern about upcoming elections. So we are very aware of that. We are tough on Russia. We call out Russia I think when it is necessary. What has happened in the UK, we remain firmly standing with our ally, the British Government. We’ve had a lot of conversations with the British Government over the coming days, so we stand squarely behind them on this."

Posted by: james | Mar 16 2018 3:37 utc | 160

I think "Naked Capitalism" is just another stealth Dem Party site.

"Organophosphate insecticides and chemical warfare nerve agents (such as sarin, tabun, soman, and VX)" These nerve agents are all about the same. Crop dusters. Nothing more.

This is not rocket surgery.

Posted by: blues | Mar 16 2018 3:50 utc | 161

re: Nauert being "tough on Russia" there's a limit to it, as Russia has made clear with Mrs. Haley.

The United States is “prepared to act if we must” to stop indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Syria, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, warned Monday as she circulated a new draft resolution demanding an immediate cease-fire.

Addressing the Security Council 16 days after it passed a resolution stipulating a cease-fire that excluded attacks on anti-Syria forces supported by the US, Haley compared the situation today to last year when the United States launched airstrikes against a Syrian military base after an alleged chemical weapons attack. “When the international community consistently fails to act, there are times when states are compelled to take their own action. This is one of those times” Haley said.

But Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has made it crystal clear to the US that propaganda is one thing, and mil-to-mil communications are quite another. Nikki Haley, go ahead and threaten us in the UNSC, but don't forget to check with the Pentagon, Lavrov indicated.

“Mrs. Haley should understand that it is one thing to irresponsibly exploit the microphone in the UN Security Council and it is another thing when both the Russian and American militaries have communication channels and it is clearly stated via these channels what can be done and what must not be done,” Lavrov said. “The US-led coalition knows well about that,” the Russian foreign minister said.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 16 2018 3:52 utc | 162

Fairleft, I agree to a great degree. Early in the US Primary elections in 2015/2016, I read several MSM surveys/polls that showed that no more than 1/3 of USAmericans believed or trusted the MSM. One poll had it at just 6%!

So I have to ask, what sort of propaganda would the MSM produce for a target audience who knows you lie, and hates that you condescend to us and constantly tell us what we should like or dislike, support or hate?

What would we do if they told us someone they labeled an "outsider" should be considered our enemy, and if we supported him we were evil and despicable?

And if they gave away $6 Billion in free advertising for this marketing campaign, would we be the winners?

Posted by: Daniel | Mar 16 2018 5:03 utc | 163

Debsisdead, didn't James Jesus Angleton also run CIA's "Congress for Cultural Freedom,” which paid off and otherwise manipulated both "Left" and "Right" authors, film makers, musicians and basically the entire Modern Art movement?

They very effectively misdirected much of Western culture (and no doubt, still do through various media).


Posted by: Daniel | Mar 16 2018 5:30 utc | 164

Don Bacon @ 161

Sorry that was simply poor phrasing on my behalf. I should have said that Browder was involved in orchestrating whatever has happened to Skripal. My bad.

Posted by: integer | Mar 16 2018 6:42 utc | 165

@ integer with the Russian oligarch in the UK insight

Interesting and thanks. Does China have a similar oligarchy in abstention?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Mar 16 2018 7:13 utc | 166

psychohistorian @168:

Oh, there's plenty of Chinese oligarchs.   Look at Elaine Chao, who happens to be in Trumps cabinet and Bush (43), and married to Mitch McConnell.   Her father is James Si-Cheng Chao a shipping tycoon.   You'll see pictures of her and her father with various Taiwanese politicians, including the current President Tsai Ing-wen.   It wouldn't surprise me if the Chao family has a hand in the tension between Taipei and Beijing.   Peter Lee from NewsBud mentioned a few more but their names escapes me.

Posted by: Ian | Mar 16 2018 8:16 utc | 167

Craig Murray is on excellent form at the moment and has winkled out the weasel words that have enabled the posturing from May and Johnson that many Brits find so stomach churning:

Posted by: Phil E | Mar 16 2018 9:19 utc | 168

Here is the link I missed off :

Posted by: Phil E | Mar 16 2018 9:20 utc | 169

Salisbury. We are told the lethal agent could only have come from Russia. And yet, not 15 kilometres away, stands Porton Down: Britain's infamous nerve-gas plant. Of course, it's probably just a coincidence.

Posted by: Badger Down | Mar 16 2018 10:19 utc | 170

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Posted by: آموزش آواز | Mar 16 2018 11:13 utc | 171

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Posted by: اسکوتر برقی | Mar 16 2018 11:16 utc | 174

Call me cynical: why haven't BBC/Guardian & Co show us a single photo of the hospitalised Skripal father and daughter? Last time when Litvinenko was poisioned, the Western MSM kept on showing his photos at hospital.

An image speaks volume. As world class master of PR and propaganda, what holds back the British government and megaphone from exploiting this golden opportunity this time?

Posted by: mali | Mar 16 2018 11:32 utc | 175

@151 fairleft
Yeah, it's actually gonna turn into an easy few sound bites for Corbyn: "evidence please. Anyone?" Cost: Nil. I'm seeing easy votes here. Like the US russiagate slow motion false flag, this will descend into the realm of the farce much like the absolutely ridiculous tax payer funded Mueller investigation. Then again, UK residents willing fork over 160 quid for a tv licence to then switch on the tubes to be either lied to or fed incomplete truths. Yeah, willingly pay to be lied to.

No one with half a critical thought is buying because precisely, as commenters have already said, 'who benefits...?'

Posted by: MadMax2 | Mar 16 2018 11:41 utc | 176

Proper spelling of Vil's family name is not Mirzanyanov but Mirzayanov..
Anyways thank you for detailed article

Posted by: Artyom | Mar 16 2018 11:57 utc | 177

Boris Johnson says it is 'overwhelmingly likely' Putin himself ordered nerve agent attack on former Russian spy

Posted by: Madeira | Mar 16 2018 12:41 utc | 178

'Innocent until proven guilty' has no longer any meaning, if
not for a minority of people that still possess a well
functioning moral compass.

Unfortunately for mankind, the recent attack on Russia makes clear beyond any doubt, that there is nothing worthy of being called 'rule of law'. Stuff is made up, concocted and cooked
up, but the consequences are playing out in real time reality.

It was pointed out previously that the owners of the world care
no longer to conceal their criminal activities. Large masses of
'people' are employed by the owners to proceed with their vision
of a 'one world government' - a corporate one world regime that
answers to nobody. And people were afraid of TPP, and or TTIP.

The so called 'democracies' in the West have turned into stage
plays - theaters and lousy ones at that. The remaining non-aligned countries on this planet have switched into reactionary gear. Nothing left to do what to react to a barrage
of false flags, lies and deception aimed at paving the way for
another 'regime' change, while the psychological projection of
Western regimes towards democracies that really work is followed
by illegal and against all international laws perpetrated wars.

The owners write the laws now in good Fascist tradition. Citizens
have become statisticians at best and at worst they are persecuted for their differing views about how this world should
look like. May is not even a person anymore. She is a mindless,
immoral and willful stage performer in the British ham acting theater. People who should be in a mental institution, or in a prison cell are pushing the world ever closer to a nuclear conflagration.

It may have crossed Your attention that there were a number of
articles that had a phenomenon at its story base. The frantic
and feverish construction of bunkers for billionaires. Sure, it
could be another plot to further frighten an already scared to
death global population. For welcomed profits, as a large swath
of people do have enough money to buy an ABC shelter of modest
proportions. The bunkers for the billionaire class though is of
a different making. Not some crammed concrete grave the likes of
the Führerbunker. Those are the fate of the same people that are
willfully pushing for WW III. They will find out that even to
spend a year underground will not suffice to return to the
surface of a planet in nuclear winter.

Looking at the 'Gleichschaltung' (Synchronization) of propaganda
in Germany alone, one will find out that the various propaganda outlets utilize the same script. Those who read these scripts
are beyond remedy. If any person can video tape the countless
propaganda offerings by 'public' and private outlets and see for
themselves that even the wording is an exact match, then something truly sinister is going on. Could you be paid to do
that? To spread lies and propaganda that are absolutely identical in all broadcasting channels.

No matter what station one would turn into, the lies of the British ham actors were distributed word by word. All of these cesspools for what goes as journalism repeated the mantra of
the need to punish Russia for the poisoning of whoever. One dubious spy ham theater actor is blown to be equal to 9/11.
Well, both were false flags, at least that they share. But
to compare the severity of this spy dude poisoning with the
death of thousands of people is preposterous with potency 10.

Those responsible for illegal wars, millions of innocent brown
people blown into smithereens, droned away, starved to death,
sickened artificially by the bio warfare laboratories of the
Western values West, beheaded by religious freaks and mercenaries that are on the payroll of the alliance for
Western values.

The psychological projection of the diarrhea spouting puppets
in the hands of the owners of the world is so outrageous that
it could be called 'satirical'. But the aim of satire is to
wake up the bourgeoisie, not to annihilate it.

May the Streisand effect take care of all these pathological
liars and pitiful tools of the owners of the planet. May the owners of the planet be hit by lightening when they sit on their
gold plated toilet seats.

Hopefully before the doomsday clock homes in to midnight, the bottom part of the pyramid of people wakes up to the left versus right scheme they bought into hook line and sinker for centuries now. It's not left versus right. It's top versus bottom.

Posted by: notheonly1 | Mar 16 2018 13:09 utc | 179

Should read:

"Those responsible for illegal wars, millions of innocent brown
people blown into smithereens, droned away, starved to death,
sickened artificially by the bio warfare laboratories of the
Western values West, beheaded by religious freaks and mercenaries
that are on the payroll of the alliance for Western values,
give book readings and speeches for thousands of dollars."

Posted by: notheonly1 | Mar 16 2018 13:16 utc | 180

Great work b, as usual.
Craig Murray has another fine blog today- he knows how the British Civil Service and Establishment works.
Someone called Daniel repeated the canard, yesterday that Lenin met with and surrendered to Ludendorff. This is total nonsense, concocted by British Intelligence to discredit, in the eyes of public, supporters of the Bolshevik Revolution. After more than a century it is remarkable how many of these precursors of the lies that May is now telling-to discredit Russia- are still current.

Posted by: bevin | Mar 16 2018 13:33 utc | 181

@mali 177
why haven't BBC/Guardian & Co shown us a single photo?

Yes, no photos, no medical statements, we are expected to believe all the fake news. No victim, no crime! But hey, highly likely has become overwhelmingly likely so why should we quibble.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 16 2018 13:55 utc | 182

Our Friday morning read:

The UK PM's visit is captured.

Mrs. May is photographed visiting “toxic” Salisbury; not clad in a hazmat suit, with only a large necklace for cover. Twitterites are amazed.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It is now claimed by UK “authorities” the nerve agent 'was planted in luggage of Sergei Skripal's daughter'

The venerable Queen's paper, Telegraph

Just wondering out loud. The Skripal nervychuk agent is said to be 5 to 10x more toxic than VX and allowing that little rocket man Kim’s brother instantly met his death by VX, how many hundreds fell ill during Skripal ‘s daughter travelling with her luggage on the plane(s) between Moscow->Heathrow-> Salisbury?

No, Yulia went on the plane but her luggage was sent to Salisbury by a drone.

Posted by: likklemore | Mar 16 2018 14:06 utc | 183

Note to self @ 185

b's header remains the operative word - The plot continues to fall apart.

Posted by: likklemore | Mar 16 2018 14:13 utc | 184

Meh. Does it EXIST?!

Regardless of whateversubstance(s) were/were not used on these people, what it is called, where a substance was created and who/whom actually ordered or carried out an alleged attack- The chemistry is real. Intelligent amateurs can play at this game too, see the link if you have an organic chemistry background. Knowledge wants to be free. Wish the truth was of the same mind...

Posted by: Whyawannaknow1 | Mar 16 2018 15:05 utc | 185

notheonly1: Good read.

The militarists' push for war with Russia will require propaganda most people actually see/read and then believe. Something far bigger needed than a 2-person poisoning case in the UK, with at least _some_ plausible 'evidence'.

Posted by: fairleft | Mar 16 2018 15:07 utc | 186

Was Arafat poisoned with A 234, anyone?

Posted by: Mina | Mar 16 2018 15:24 utc | 188

The “scant” evidence that “Novickok” even exists is almost certainly the reason it was chosen to make the allegation. Completely unverifiable

Posted by: ritzl | Mar 16 2018 15:29 utc | 189

@ fairleft | 188

The militarists' push for war with Russia

There wont be a war with Russia simply because its impossible to win. They dont have the balls to attack Iran and NK, then what to speak of nuclear superpower like Russia.

This fake accusation against Russia has many dimensions:

1. They want Russia pressured/isolated/weakened as much as possible by any means. Its full on war by all means except military.
2. UK poodles are following US orders as continuation of "hacking" scandal, which is dead now. Show must go on, right?
3. Timing is everything. Russia's elections and 2018 FIFA World Cup are coming soon.
4. May's political situation is pretty bad, hence the need of external enemy to divert the attention.
5. Hawks hope that Putin under extreme pressure might be more pliable to make compromises, whether its Syria, Iran, etc.

Posted by: Harry | Mar 16 2018 16:28 utc | 190

Exposure - The main route of exposure is thought to be by inhalation, although absorption may also occur via skin or mucous membrane exposure.
Onset - Novichok is reported to be 5–8 times more lethal than VX nerve agent and effects are rapid, usually within 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

what we know--BBC
". . .man was frothing from the mouth, I got a little bit on my skin, it wasn't too much, I just brushed it off, .. .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Mar 16 2018 16:59 utc | 191

@164 don... haley and the us are dishonest brokers... they would be making the same claims in iraq, afganistan, yemen, kosovo and libya too... i and many others see right thru the bullshit the usa manufactors regularly... these folks have no shame.. they clearly have no sense of history...

@151 fairleft.. corybn caved..

Posted by: james | Mar 16 2018 17:20 utc | 192


- FYI, just checked for you China does NOT ban 1984. It is widely available.

- Get rid of two term limits does NOT euqal to "President for life". Germany's Merkel just starts her 4th term! She is praised by MSM as the "New Leader of Free World." Apart from Germany, Japan, Danmark, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, etc. do NOT have term limt for theeir top executive government position.

- Police wearing glasses with face and voice recognition capability starts by USA. Please check out how PayPal founder Peter Thiel’s company Palantir won $876 Million U.S. army contract working hands with hands with security, police and amry to predicate your every move online.

- In what age and time are you still living by believing this nonsense "1 billion Chinese are starving"?

- OBOR has nothing to do with IMF. Thanks god China is NOT owned by the finance capitals till now, though they have been trying very hard to get rid off CCP so as to get full control of China and that's why MSM runs bashing parties about Xi's abolishing of term limits.

Posted by: mali | Mar 16 2018 17:21 utc | 193

karlof1 @130

Thank you for the brilliant article from the Saker. Fully concur with his succinct conclusion: "an Empire built (and maintained) on lies, accepted on the basis ignorance, justified by hypocrisy and energized by hysterics. This is what the 'Western world' stands for nowadays."

Posted by: mali | Mar 16 2018 17:47 utc | 194

Yeah Right @83. I hope you're correct that a military confrontation between Syria and Turkey will not be used as an excuse to trigger Article 5.

I do note that Israel has been using a "clever" tactic whereby they consider any fighting that touches their occupied Syrian Golan heights to be an attack against Israel by Syria, and so they are merely "defending" themselves when they fire off some missiles or fly a warplane into sovereign Lebanese or Syria airspace to attack Syrian forces.

Of course, what has happened scores if not hundreds of times is when the "rebels" are in a bit of a jam, they fire off a mortar round into the empty countryside of Syria's Golan, which Israel then blames on Syria and Voila! Self Defense!

A few years ago, Turkey did shoot down a Syrian warplane they claimed had barely entered Turkish airspace as it was turning around from a bombing run. "Fog of War" has frequently been used to claim aggression is really defense.

Posted by: Daniel | Mar 16 2018 22:51 utc | 195

Kuwaiti incubators
Yellow cake
Aluminum tubes
MH 17

....and people keep falling for it every time

Posted by: Anunnaki | Mar 17 2018 1:42 utc | 196

Dear mali | Mar 16, 2018 1:21:29 PM | 195

China cencors internet search for Orwell's book. It's in the news locally and in the Western media. Is it fake news?

Xi is a 'president for life' if he can keep his seat until the age of 96!

OBOR and IMF are related in that both are the Globalists' projects. I'm 100% sure about that.
Every single step China takes, it serves the Globalists. Chinese brain 100% and Chinese capital 90% Globalist controlled. The US destroys, China rebuilds (their role by means of finance capital). China is building a $135b logistics city in Kazaksthan (a Gulen stronghold). Logistic cities, smart cities, megacities (globalists' project). Take the $, BTC, western brands meaning finance capital and what's left in China? Nothing. A country under threat, obey or else you will be divided into many small states.

The US? Yes, the finance capital still controls it but the 21st century is on it's way and the Globalists don't need the dollar anymore (Trump = the Dollar, the Economist cover 1988, Make America Great Again - meaning keep the dollar, bark at the cryptocurrency producer China and at it's energy supplier Iran unlike Obama, a Globalist puppet. ID2020, Identity Foundation DIF, Bitnation, Human 2.0... We can't read the 21st century through the olden glasses we bought in the 20th.

Posted by: ConfusedPundit | Mar 17 2018 19:50 utc | 197

The letter I mentioned in my comment appears on my Facebook.

Posted by: Tom Van Meurs | Mar 18 2018 2:05 utc | 198

Was Skripil a double agent? If he were, would he have been imprisoned in Russia?

Posted by: Col. B. Bunny | Mar 18 2018 20:51 utc | 199

Late arrival at the party. sigh.
People here are asking how the policeman got hit ?? It's reported he copped it by giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to the daughter, Yulia, when she was found on the park bench. He's still in hospital.

Posted by: Stubbs | Mar 19 2018 11:56 utc | 200

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