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January 14, 2018

Weekly Review And Open Thread 2018-02

What was behind the false missile attack alarm in Hawaii yesterday. Poynter has some context:

One of the big stories in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Saturday morning was that military "brass" updated island officials on how the military would respond to a nuclear attack from North Korea. Military authorities warned there was a "real" threat.

At 8:07 a.m. Saturday, Hawaiian residents saw a terrifying alert message on their phones.

It took 38 minutes to correct the "mistake". A missile from North Korea would take 32-35 minutes from launch to impact in Hawaii.

But of interest is the newspaper report hyping the "threat" followed by the false alarm. Coincidence? And the "leaking" of the Draft Nuclear Posture Review this week, in which the military demands hundreds of new "small" nuclear weapons to fight North Korea and Russia, is also just a coincidence? Or is all of this part of a public relation campaign designed to increase the acceptance of new nuclear weapons and "limited" nuclear warfare? A preparation for war on North Korea? (Related: Deconstructing the North Korean ‘Threat’ and Identifying America’s Strategic Alternatives (pdf))

Anyway - here are the Moon of Alabama posts of the last week.

Jan 8 - How Mainstream Media Lose Their Reputation - #Fakenews On Iran And Egypt

Jan 9 - Afghanistan - U.S. Special Forces Commit Drive-By Murder (Video)

The reaction to this scoop was quite interesting:

I was criticized for using the word "murder" in the headline even though it is not clear what happened after the gunshot at the truck driver. Well, it is a headline and such have a certain purpose. How do we know this incident did not end deadly? Shooting the driver of a 15 ton truck which is rolling at a decent speed is at least accepting the risk of a deadly accident or even the attempt to cause one. What would a prosecutor accuse the culprit of if such had happened on a U.S. highway?

Only on Friday, after other mainstream media had published about it, did the NYT come out with a piece on the issue. It made several wrong or misleading points. I asked if it was plagiarized from my content as it used several sources that had vanished shortly after I published on January 9. I was told that the NYT had the material since late December but that the piece was held back for unknown reasons. Holding back stuff that lets the U.S.  military or the government look bad seems to be standing NY Times policy.

My tweet announcing my above piece was censored in Germany after someone had contacted Twitter and alleged that its content was illegal. This is a consequence of new law the lunatic social-democratic justice minister Maas had pressed for. Twitter would risk a high fine in Germany if it would not block allegedly illegal stuff. The law is a perfect tool for trolls to suppress any author or content they dislike. (It is also obviously unconstitutional and will soon be discarded by the relevant courts.)

Jan 10 - Syria - Army Gains In Idleb - Insurgents To Challenge Foreign Occupiers

Jan 11 - Syria - Erdogan (Again) Switches Sides - Delivers New Supplies For Terrorist Attacks

Jan 13 - Syria - Volume of Al-Qaeda Propaganda Forecasts Syrian Army Success

Two important Syria pieces by William Van Wagenen had earlier escaped my attention. Both take a long term view back and are well founded, quoting from a large number of media reports. They are:

These are excellent reference pieces one should recommend to people who were deceived on Syria or have not followed the issue at all. Both are recommended readings.

Please use the comments as open thread ...


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Censorship on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube gets worse every day. 5 days ago Twitter suspended a parody acct, "The Fear Department" for alleged "automated behavior."
This proves that the Powers That Be™ have nothing to fear but fear itself.
"The Fear Department" has almost 60,000 followers and has been tweeting since May 2010.

The Fear Department undermines pro war propaganda.

People being blocked on FB for anti war, anti gmo or other progressive values are being put in FB jail or blocked from posting in their own groups.

Posted by: Laura Roslin | Jan 14 2018 16:16 utc | 1

The U.S.-led coalition is working with its Syrian militia allies to set up a new border force of 30,000 personnel, the coalition said on Sunday...
The force, whose inaugural class is currently being trained, will be deployed at the borders of the area controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces ...

In an email to Reuters, the coalition’s Public Affairs Office confirmed details of the new force reported by The Defense Post. About half the force will be SDF veterans, and recruiting for the other half is underway, the coalition’s Public Affairs Office said.

The force will deploy along the border with Turkey to the north, the Iraqi border to the southeast, and along the Euphrates River Valley, which broadly acts as the dividing line separating the U.S.-backed SDF and Syrian government forces backed by Iran and Russia...
”Efforts are taken to ensure individuals serve in areas close to their homes. Therefore, the ethnic composition of the force will be relative to the areas in which they serve.

“More Kurds will serve in the areas in northern Syria. More Arabs will serve in areas along the Euphrates River Valley and along the border with Iraq to the south,” the coalition’s Public Affairs Office said....

Reading through the article, US is now seems to be publicly stating it is in Syria to stay, with Kurd's guarding the US/Turkish border, and retrained ISIS guarding the US/Syria, and US/Iraq borders.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jan 14 2018 16:43 utc | 2

I apologize if this has been explained elsewhere, but what exactly is the German law that decides the tweet and/or article referenced are illegal? how is any of it illegal?

Posted by: anon | Jan 14 2018 16:53 utc | 3

Re: Hawaii and nukes.
This behavior is to be expected when generals are placed in charge of foreign affairs because generals are:
>ignorant of anything besides warfare.
>taught to believe that they are always right and their detractors are always wrong.
>of the belief that only wars, properly conduced with maximum force, solve problems.

A couple of President Harry Truman quotes: "It's the fellows who go to West Point and are trained to think they're gods in uniform that I plan to take apart". . ."I didn't fire him [General MacArthur] because he was a dumb son of a bitch, although he was, but that's not against the law for generals. If it was, half to three quarters of them would be in jail."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 14 2018 17:11 utc | 4

The Pentagon apparently will investigate the "leaked amateur non-professional" video of the truck driver assault, not the assault itself, and the people connected with the video will be punished, not the shooter. Memories of Chelsea Manning and the video of the helicopter-shooting of the Iraqi Journalists, resulting in Manning's court-martial and imprisonment.

Military investigating shooting in newly leaked Afghan combat video

U.S. commanders have launched an investigation into video footage that appears to show an American service member firing into the cab of a civilian truck as the two vehicles pass on a road in Afghanistan, an action that could have violated the military’s rules of engagement and may hamper the alliance with the Afghan government.
The shooting briefly appears during a gritty montage of combat footage allegedly recorded by U.S. troops battling the Islamic State’s Afghan affiliate. An anonymous user recently uploaded the video to YouTube under the title “Happy Few Ordnance Symphony,” then quickly removed it.
"The amateur video posted on a public website gives us serious concern," the U.S. Central Command told POLITICO in a statement. "The video in question is not official, not authorized and does not represent the professionalism of the service members of U.S. Central Command.
"We are conducting an investigation into this video, and will take appropriate actions as a result of this investigation," it added. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 14 2018 17:28 utc | 5

Peter AU1 @2
"Reading through the article, US is now seems to be publicly stating it is in Syria to stay, with Kurd's guarding the US/Turkish border, and retrained ISIS guarding the US/Syria, and US/Iraq borders"

To add a bit;" The ISIS /US seem to want to recreate the "Caliphate" (The southern bit of east Syria was supposed to form the village "basis" with Raqqua and Mosul etc the jam on the top. The SDF have released a number of ISIS "captives" recently. (Plus a whole lot that mysteriously became SDF at the moment they might have got hit by Russian aerial bombardments).
Note that the Tanf US base is also training and arming ISIS and other rebels (and a seperate lot from the Rubakan refugee camp), with heavy weapons and anti-tank missiles among the arms.

There are supposed to be 14 US bases in Syria. (source; Al Jazeera or Qatar - not sure which).

OK: that is the US side. Now the other side.
1) who would attack the US camps and proxies? Might this be Erdogan who is already making noises about the Kurdish build-up on his borders? At least he will try to stop reinforcements and oil exports via Turkish territory if this is the case. (If the Syrians attacked the US camps directly then Trump and the Pentagon would leap with joy and use that as an excuse to re-start the war in that area.)
2) The recent drone attack on the Russians. By saying they "knew" who it was and then effectively "zapping" the "militants concerned", this is a very clear warning. Note that the main suspects - stated to be the Pentagon/etc.; could also be Israel (who support Al Nusra in the area and who sent four planes to attack the SAA near Damascus at almost the same time); The mercenary "contracters" (CIA paid); or someone benefitting from a Saudi based supply line. Whichever: The Russian "Zap", extremely accurate (!) and timed, can be seen as a direct threat to the ORIGINATORS of the drones, who were the ones trying to get to the minibus. Also explains why Putin has not directly mentioned who they were. No need, the warning is made.
However, as the USKurd area has to be able to have import export supply lines, we can expect to see more attacks on the Syrian/Iraqi positions in the southern corner (Al Qaim) from the Western side of the Euphrates (ie Tanf).

Posted by: stonebird | Jan 14 2018 17:33 utc | 6

thanks for the links and updates here b.. yeah - maybe preparing us citizens for armageddon is a good idea given who is in power...

as for the nyt saying they held the story - sure sounds like bullshit to me which would be par fe the course with the nyt..

thanks for the bottom links on syria...

@7 stonebird - didn't know all that.. thanks for giving that overview..

Posted by: james | Jan 14 2018 17:56 utc | 7

Reading the graun,they have a article a girl who had a grandad who disappeared for a number of years.A yarn for zionists,and their Ben Rhodes(zionist),is another.What a number of dupes.

Posted by: dahoit | Jan 14 2018 17:58 utc | 8

Who would ever suppose that the US would admit to being ready to pull out of Syria? Of course not. It's when they are reduced to an untenable position that they'll change. That's not too far away, in my view. The position in Iraq has already been tied up. The US has just to figure it out for themselves.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 14 2018 17:58 utc | 9

piotr - from other thread.. sure, following the rule of law would be a good start... i see craig murray has an article on julian assange and how the uk is uninterested in following the rule of law too... he also has one up on the tory mps getting christmas packages from the saudis.. i guess getting christmas packages from the saudis is the trade off to knowing yemen is being well taken care of by uk politicians..

Posted by: james | Jan 14 2018 18:09 utc | 10

@ dahoit 9

they have a article a girl who had a grandad who disappeared for a number of years.A yarn for zionists
I didn't see that as a pro-zionist story. The only non-Jewish member of a Ukrainian Jewish family doesn't come back from the war, and stays away for 40 years, only returning when he is ready to die. Obviously their behaviour was completely intolerable. Is that pro-zionist?

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 14 2018 18:56 utc | 11

Laguerre is correct, the US/Kurd/ISIS enclave in the eastern Syria desert would be land-locked by opposing governments and untenable. This is yet another example of what happens when you have stupid generals determining foreign policy.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 14 2018 19:01 utc | 12

@13 It is absurd. The idea presumably is to create a whole new country....let's call it Free Democratic Syria, with it's own border controls. Citizens will need passports to visit their relatives in Damascus.

Posted by: dh | Jan 14 2018 19:08 utc | 13

Your last paragraph is very telling b. The censorship exhibited in your "new law" is only the beginning. Hopefully, as you said, the courts will overturn this "new law", but if they don't, you're well on your way towards the neo-liberal "new world order" of perpetual war at the expense of a stable social order. Once the malignant elites control the message, they'll rule the populace.

Posted by: ben | Jan 14 2018 19:17 utc | 14

rest assured that we haven't heard the last of that "false missile attack alarm in Hawaii".

is Trump as nuts as Kim Jong Un?
or is someone else trying to convey the impression that he is?

somebody tried to scare the sh*t out of somebody else?
but who is trying to scare whom, here?

it might be understandable if this came from the North Koreans, but the US?

now that the Russiagate hoax seems to be winding down, is this phase 2 of the campaign to take down Donald Trump?
(of course you cant always rule out the fact that he might be as unhinged as the MSM try to make him out to be)

Posted by: chris m | Jan 14 2018 19:21 utc | 15

Don Bacon@13 What you say is true, it does not mean the US will not try to partition Syria, If not a Caliphate then a new state. This landlocked entity can have no chance of success, but let Syrian or Russian troops do anything about it, then the US will accuse them of aggression and call on more troops to enforce their occupation. Hopefully enough Kurds and Arabs in the area will see a united Syria with maybe limited administrative devolution preferable to war against the combined forces of Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah and Iran. As one perceptive SDF leader said...
The SDF’s Arab tribal allies can be fickle. “Most of them were in the tribal council for Isis. Before that, they were with the regime and now the SDF,” he says.“ Whoever comes next, they’ll be with them.” Sounds like the US will be trying to herd cats.

Posted by: harrylaw | Jan 14 2018 19:25 utc | 16

It seems Kurdish politicians would like the US to stay

Erdogan threatens to attack Afrin.

Without mentioning the US, Erdogan said on Sunday he expected allies not to make "mistakes" by "taking sides" with the YPG during the battle for Afrin.

"We expect from our allies that they behave in accordance with the spirit of our deep-rooted relationship during this process," Erdogan said, adding "despite everything" he hoped for cooperation to achieve "common interests" in the region.

"I hope these forces will not make a mistake of appearing on the same stage with the terrorist organisation during the Afrin operation," the president said.

A senior Syrian Kurdish official said on Sunday that fighting between the YPG and Turkish forces was already under way.

I don't know if there are any rules in NATO for inner-NATO conflict.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 14 2018 19:25 utc | 17

Update to my own post at @7
It is Iranian intelligence that has provided a list of US bases in Syria. Here is a link via "the Saker", that also gives some details

Posted by: stonebird | Jan 14 2018 19:26 utc | 18

Scott Creighton has been working up collateral to his theory that the Hawaii false alert was part of a test to sell the Aegis radar system to Japan. Aegis controls the alert system in Hawaii. The sales contract is $2 billion. Japanese and Pentagon officials were in the area last Thursday as part of an ongoing demonstration of the system. This is his written post (he has a later post in a 20-minute video for those who prefer):

Hawaiian False Alarm, the Aegis Ashore System and a Pending $2 Billion Dollar Contract: Shall We Play a Game?

So, while it could be a false flag test of some kind, and while it could be tied to the talks between the two Koreas, I can see it could just as easily be corrupt MIC business as usual. It seems unlikely this alert was sent in error. But could it have been sent so the Japanese could see the warning system in action? And US officials reason, well, it's only Korea and Hawaii's closest, so we have a plausible scenario and neither area has any clout to complain? And that's as far as their thinking needed to go, because at that point it all looks perfectly explainable?

Posted by: Grieved | Jan 14 2018 19:30 utc | 19

US political and military leaders either are unaware of -- or have chosen to reject -- the peer-reviewed studies that predict a US-Russian nuclear war would likely wipe out most of the human race. The public relation campaign designed to increase the acceptance of new nuclear weapons and "limited" nuclear warfare is a symptom of this ignorance and willful blindness.

An article published by the Federation of American Scientists provides a summary of the nuclear winter studies (those done during the period 2007-2008) and the rejection of their findings by the US Nuclear Weapons Council, see
Turning a Blind Eye Toward Armageddon

Posted by: Perimetr | Jan 14 2018 19:37 utc | 20

Anyone still fooled by the supposed Saudi-Wahhabi 'reforms' of MbS? The spread of weaponized Wahhabism never ended...

Salafi Mission Calls into Question Saudi Concept of Moderation and Policy in Yemen
International Policy Digest - World News section
James Dorsey 14 Jan 2018

"...Plans to open a Salafi missionary centre in the Yemeni province of Al Mahrah on the border with Oman and Saudi Arabia raises questions about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salah’s concept of a moderate form of Islam.

The questions are prompted by the fact that Prince Mohammed has so far put little, if any, flesh on his skeletal vow last October to return his ultra-conservative kingdom to “moderate Islam.”

I note that Dorsey correctly observes the duration of the Saudi Weaponized Wahhabi campaign against Iran: 40 years.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 14 2018 20:24 utc | 21

>possible maritime interdiction operations against North Korea

The US and Canada are to host a meeting on the nuclear standoff with North Korea on Tuesday (Jan 16) in Vancouver, bringing together friendly powers from around the world. State Department director of policy planning Brian Hook said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would be looking for help developing "practical mechanisms" to pressure Pyongyang. "We will be discussing maritime interdiction," Mr Hook said, raising the idea of an naval embargo to help enforce the already draconian UN sanctions on Mr Kim Jong Un's regime.

On 15 September 2017, the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) unanimously approved new sanctions against North Korea, including an authorization for maritime interdiction operations (MIO). Security Council Resolution 2375 applies pressure on North Korea by permitting the inspection of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) vessels suspected of violating international law.

UNSCR 2375 includes:
>Calls upon all Member States to inspect vessels with the consent of the flag State, on the high seas, if they have information that provides reasonable grounds to believe that the cargo of such vessels contains items the supply, sale, transfer or export of which is prohibited. . .
>Calls upon all States to cooperate with inspections pursuant to paragraph 7 above, and, if the flag State does not consent to inspection on the high seas, decides that the flag State shall direct the vessel to proceed to an appropriate and convenient port for the required inspection by the local authorities
>decides further that, if a flag State [doesn't cooperate] the flag State shall immediately deregister that vessel provided that such designation has been made by the Committee;

The US has done MIO before, against Iraq. During the period 1991–2003, the Navy became quite proficient in MIO (after a decade of effort) while enforcing U.N. sanctions against Iraq, conducting more than 3,000 boardings before Operation Iraqi Freedom. Though MIO off North Korea certainly will have similarities to those in the Arabian Gulf, great differences also will present challenges that must be overcome. North Korea has more coastline and friendly neighbors next door. The level of effort and number of vessels required woud be at least an order of magnitude greater than U.S. operations in the Arabian Gulf.
(from various news sources)

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 14 2018 20:32 utc | 22

@harrylaw 17
Sounds like the US will be trying to herd cats. (in the east Syria desert)

Those tens of thousands of cats would have to be fed, watered and armed, by air?

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 14 2018 20:36 utc | 23

Regarding those plans for a Kurdish border force:

Having juggled with figures a bit, the 30,000 troops they talk of seem quite ambitious to me. I'd be surprised if the SDF even has 3 million people living on their turf. 1% of the whole population patrolling the borders, it sounds slightly insane. Germany e.g. has a border police of 40,000 for a country of 80 million people, that's less than 0.1%.
The SDF itself has some 50-60,000 fighters - are they all to be transferred to this border force or do they want to retain two forces with a couple of 10,000 heads each?

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Jan 14 2018 20:54 utc | 24

b, Sorry about the limiting effects of social engineering and censorship ongoing in your country. I am sure it has a lot to do with the guilt that certain authorities want to instill into the demos for past generations' transgressions of which the vast majority took no part in. Guilt is the narrative-de jour that TPTB are relentlessly pushing and seems an integral part of geopolitical consolidation of power. "Lay down! Lay down!"

All imposed-guilt leads to reactionary forces that can overwhelm the authority in dangerous forms. I am always wondering which is the real powderkeg: the US or Europe?

A verse from the Tao Te Ching comes to mind of which I will paraphrase:

"The more laws, the more crimes."

Truer words.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jan 14 2018 21:06 utc | 25

re 18

It seems Kurdish politicians would like the US to stay
that's an inaccurate interpretation of the article. They talk about renewing the war against ISIS.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 14 2018 21:19 utc | 26

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 14, 2018 4:19:04 PM | 27

well, why should the US stay if there was no ISIS :-))

Posted by: somebody | Jan 14 2018 21:23 utc | 27

The Rojavan Kurds have always been ready to make a deal with Asad. They understand their situation. It is the US which is pushing for independence. Part of their plan for cutting up Syria, descended from the French plan of the 1920s. But it's not working. Even Idlib is on the point of collapse.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 14 2018 21:33 utc | 28

William R Polk has just published a new book, "Crusade and Jihad". It covers very wide ground, including roots of arabic and of Islam. Essential reading.
Free copy here:,+by+William+R.+Polk&source=bl&ots=TsySvxQ0LN&sig=vm_oKKJLITedv-3ZOxVutqNq1T0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjjodHH9dfYAhULwGMKHXLYB3oQ6AEIPTAE#v=onepage&q&f=true

Posted by: mauisurfer | Jan 14 2018 21:47 utc | 29

truman was a lot like obomba. shaped, modeled and fluffed to appear to be a thoughtful, moral and decent fellow - everyman, but in reality an empty suit and a useful frontispiece - puppet for the zioinist warmongers.

Posted by: fast freddy | Jan 14 2018 21:50 utc | 30

Somebody @ 18, 28: Isn't it possible that these Kurdish leaders, Aldar Khalil and Falah Mustafa, are two of a few who want the US to stay, by talking up the threat of ISIS even when ISIS is on its last legs, because their organisations' continued existence depends on continual chaos created in part by the US?

Khalil admits to having been invited to an international peace conference (to be held in late January) by Bashar al Assad but already he calls it a "show" and says it will not be successful.

Why would give prominence to these two Kurdish politicians - unless the website itself has an interest in supporting continued US and US-allied presence in the region? Its founder Noreldin Waisy advocates for an independent Kurdistan which dovetails with the US push for the "same".

Posted by: Jen | Jan 14 2018 21:57 utc | 31

Scotch Bingeington@25 - The border force scheme is just another US charade to train and equip anti-Shia and anti-Syrian forces. CENTCOM would have a hard time explaining why they would maintain a standing army of 50K SDF in SDFistan when there's no head-choppers left to fight. The PYD is going to insist on owning the military again after SDF demobilization. Guarding borders would just be a drain on those forces, so they probably would accept a US offer for a 'free' fully-equipped and trained border guard force. The PYD would have some use for that along the Turkish border, and they probably don't care what the CIA and CENTCOM do with them along the Euphrates or Iraqi border as long as they keep head-choppers out.

There's little desire anymore by rank-and-file Kurds in the YPG/YPJ to staff the US ForeverWar™. The war will be over soon enough - most want to go back to their homes. The YPG/YPJ were organized as local militia to defend their farms and villages, not a federal army to protect the PYD, SDFistan, US bases or war booty oil fields. The US knows that once the YPG/YPJ get tired of being ordered around by the US and leave the SDF, the SDF will cease to exist. There will be enough ex-SDF that still want their US paychecks every month, so filling out the border guard ranks initially won't be a problem.

'Border Guards' are little more than a CENTCOM act of desperation, yet provide enough of an excuse (in their eyes) to keep a significant U.S. military in intelligence presence there, and it will justify ongoing arms and equipment shipments. And just like At Tanf, CENTCOM can arrange 'selective' border-crossing enforcement (or not) at will. Also provides good cover for all our electronic eavesdropping and long-range radar and surveillance equipment we probably already have stationed there. And plenty of opportunities to concoct various kinds of ridiculous Border Guard Special Forces Anti-Terrorist kill teams for... whatever. SOCOM will want their piece of the SDFistan pie.

Nobody will be able to keep track of US training, arms and supplies for such an unreasonably large force, so plenty of opportunities for future mischief: merc/terrorist training and refuge, rebel resupply, anti-Syrian intelligence gathering, weapons/ammo stockpiles controlled by the US, etc. Should provide plenty of lucrative U.S. tax-dollar theft by the corrupt Rojava 'government' (as it were), dishonest Border Guard commanders and (of course) thieving U.S. defense contractors and their CENTCOM collaborators. Small potatoes compared to the fortunes made in Iraq and Afghanistan, but hey - times are tough!

The US neocon/chicken-hawk assumptions are that 1) the little people Kurds won't riot and throw the U.S. back-stabbers out before this can be implemented, 2) the PYD will trust the loyalty of these US-trained 'border guard' forces (to protect the PYD and their future revenue streams) 3) that the SAA won't simply roll across the Euphrates soon to enforce their sovereign borders, and 4) that Recep doesn't send a few armored divisions south to end this irritating SDF nonsense once and for all.

If it won't be 'border guards', then it will be some other scheme. SDFistan is CENTCOM's job - nobody fires them.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 14 2018 22:31 utc | 32

The original purpose of arms control was not to produce a class of nations
that could have nukes, and another that could not. Everyone seems to have
forgotten that the idea was to prevent further dissemination WHILE EXISTING
NUKE-NATIONS DESTROYED THEIR NUKES on a simultaneous schedule.

Down the memory hole.

Posted by: Penelope | Jan 14 2018 22:46 utc | 33


Please provide your thoughts on formation of the Syrian Border Force (YPG)and the Turkish play against same. US/Ankara playing tough against each other, Russia losing patience, trust w/ Erdogan in Idleb. What is the end game with this little drama? Is Erdogan thinking he can pull US and Russia into direct conflict? Is he that far gone?

Posted by: Covergirl | Jan 14 2018 22:52 utc | 34

Regarding Hawai'i Missiles Attack:

The best treat today is to listen to all
those that experienced yesterday's 'nuclear

Many of us did not receive a missile attack
message at all. This was not due to lack of
cell phone reception. Their phones worked,
but they were not alerted. They also use
the same provider.
Then, alert messages were different. Some
said that the ballistic missile threat
would expire at 6pm. Right.

Here are my own experiences. You be the

Driving towards Pahoa and reaching the
High School intersection, I saw cops
coming from the Kalapana direction with
lights and sirens on. They stopped at
every pulled over vehicle to talk to
the driver.
Then they turned into Pahoa road and
I also pulled to the side of the road,
thinking whom they are after this time.

I had just turned down the radio, where
HPR had started the news. That was at
8:01 AM.

The cop told me (both of his windows were
rolled down):
"The guy in North Korea has fired three
missiles at us. You should go home and
stay with your family."
He drove off to Paul's gas station to
talk to other drivers. His co-cop did
the same at the propane place.

My first thought was "That's bullshit."
Cops driving around talking to folks
individually while the ICBM's are
homing in. It would take those things
20 minutes to hit their target.

Fuck that shit, I am going to have
breakfast as intended. Should that
be true, I had at least a last break fast.

At the store the news had already created
panic among those who are easily manipulated.
The hysteria was quite impressive and my
reassuring them that things are okay went
in the one ear and out the other.

Mind you that I know these people for years
and I am well known for being level headed.

I get my breakfast and sit outside. A few
other guys are rolling in. Then, at 8:07 AM,
the emergency alert appears on our phones.
Those who knew, were all filled in by the
cops BEFORE the alert.

The alert caused the store to close. I did
my best to calm people down. Explaining to
them that they should listen to their body,
instead to anything the government says.
George Carlin's made that clear a long time

But people are now so disconnected from the
'Here and Now' have been so propagandized
and brainwashed, that they are incapable
to keep cool and THINK.

IF that would have been the real McCoy,
we would have had twenty minutes left
from the time the cops 'informed' people.

Then, when it became apparent that it was
bullshit, the cops drove around and appeared
to be taking license plates of those who did
not panic, but have breakfast instead.

Around 8:30 AM, Tulsi Gabbard's tweets had
made it around enough for people to calm
down somewhat.

The alert cancellation came at 8:45 AM.

Here are some questions.

Who will be the first to become aware of a
ballistic missile taking off?

Whom would they inform about that?

Why were cops driving around and telling
people personally about the impending

Flight time is approximately 20 minutes,
which means that there were only ten minutes
left from the emergency alert counted from
when I was told.

Likely less than ten minutes from 8:07 AM down
to impact.

The excuses and explanations that followed
made it even more clear that this was an
intentionally triggered false alarm.

That in turn is the dictionary definition
of a TERROR ATTACK. To create fear, to
terrorize the population. This was not
Kim Jong UN terrorizing Hawai'i, this
was the US regime creating a false flag
Emergency Alert to terrorize the Hawai'ian

Who would be the first to be informed about
an actually and factually happening attack?

The so called "Commander in Chief"?

Or Bill Maher?

Hopefully, of the flood of people having
inundated the islands - especially the
Big Island - most will go back where they
came from. Ask anybody that lives here, or
was born here

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jan 14 2018 23:23 utc | 35

@ notheonly1 with the personal story from Hawaii

Thanks for that. Will the public ever know the real truth behind the incident?

I keep asking folks what the odds are of the timing of something like this happening, especially in context of the fear mongering playbook of Trump, the entertainer.

At what point does everything they try fail because of the cry wolf syndrome? Can they stage another 9/11 and get away with it?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 14 2018 23:37 utc | 36

Can they stage another 9/11 and get away with it?

Yes, they can. Manifest Destiny, WW1, WW2, State of Israel, Coup in Iran, Korean War, JFK. Gulf OF Tonkin, Viet Nam, Oil Shortages, Oil Wars, Persian Gulf War, 911 and so on....

Posted by: fast freddy | Jan 14 2018 23:57 utc | 37

nottheonly1 @36--

I lived Hawaii for 8 years during Cold War and the cops would never do anything like that. They acted more like a Tsunami Warning. Remember, a terrorist attack doesn't need to cause casualties--it just needs to instill terror--and what occurred in Hawaii was certainly a Terrorist Attack by the government on its constituents.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 15 2018 0:01 utc | 38

@somebody 28
well, why should the US stay if there was no ISIS :-))

They got you covered -- the US will stay in Syria until the cows come homeAssad is gone because he is "a magnet for terrorism."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 15 2018 0:01 utc | 39

@36 -- well done.

Too bad you are now in the database as a verified 'non-respondee'. You probably loan the wrong books at the library as well.

Hints of Orson Welles' 30 October 1938 radio adaptation of "The War of the Worlds" imo.

Systems in chaos need fibrillating shocks from time to time -- e.g. see "Chaos: Making a New Science" James Gleick (1987).

It's how they control the mess they create -- primal fear injected directly into the reptilian brain stem.

The obvious response is give a shitload more fiat money to the Pentagram's defense budget. (/yawn)

Posted by: x | Jan 15 2018 0:05 utc | 40

40 Don Bacon

I take exception to that

The US will stay for as long as Israel wants.

Posted by: CarlD | Jan 15 2018 0:08 utc | 41

Tulsi GAbbard's declarations after the false alarm point to the fact that she is one of the few
the very few U.S. representatives witha spine and a real understanding of the Korean issue.

She wants talks without preconditions and give and take to reach the point where Kim
no longer feels he needs nuclear clout.

Posted by: CarlD | Jan 15 2018 0:16 utc | 42

here's what actually happened to cause the false alarm
Emergency Management Agency Administrator Vern Miyagi said that the employee who made the mistake felt terrible for triggering the alarm.

Miyagi apologized for the “trouble” and “heartbreak” caused by alert. “I accept the responsibility for this,” he said. “This is my team. We made a mistake.”

But Miyagi also used the opportunity to highlight the fact that if the missile threat were real, Hawaii residents would only have 12 to 15 minutes to react and find shelter.

“I regret what happened this morning,” Miyagi said. “But it brings us up to speed again about what to expect and what to do.”

Miyagi explained that the mistake happened during a drill that occurred around a shift change at the agency. He said an employee, was using a computer program as part of the drill, and clicked on the wrong button, which sent out the mass alert.

“It’s human error,” Miyagi said. “There is a screen that says, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’”

According to Miyagi, the employee clicked through the warning prompt, which resulted in thousands of residents receiving an alert that a missile was headed toward the islands. It’s unclear how many people actually received the warning.

Miyagi said he was uncertain why some emergency sirens around the state also went off.

Ige said that testing of the alert system will be suspended for now. He also said that two people will now have to approve an alert before it goes public.

The testing on Saturday was part of Hawaii’s efforts to upgrade its alert system to provide earlier warning to residents in case of a missile attack.

Ige and Miyagi acknowledged that the state’s emergency agency did not have a process in place to cancel a false warning. Furthermore, the agency didn’t realize until several minutes later that it had accidentally sent out the warning to the public, Miyagi said.

“We didn’t have a message scripted that said this is a false alarm,” Ige said. “We were not prepared for that.”

“So we have built that now,” he added.

While state officials could instantaneously send out the erroneous alert, they required approvals from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to send out the corrected alert — and that process contributed to the 38-minute delay, officials said.

“We have to clear that to make sure that we can get that out,” Miyagi said. On Saturday morning, information technology staff with the emergency agency scrambled to get those approvals “as fast as they could,” he added.
Civil Defense head Verne Miyagi apologizes to our community/public via media during press conference held at the Diamond Head Emergency Operations Center.

Posted by: mauisurfer | Jan 15 2018 0:18 utc | 43


Typical government incompetence.   Having a dialog box "Are you sure? Y/N" doesn't cut it anymore, as people have been conditioned for years to click on the OK button without reading the prompt, to get to what they want.   Waiting for a request of federal funding to upgrade their systems.   I can only imagine on what the price tag will be.   I suppose the silver lining is that the Japanese government observing the drill, now knows what not to do regarding issuing public alerts.

Interesting comment about the police taking note of non-responders.

Posted by: Ian | Jan 15 2018 1:11 utc | 44

It took 38 minutes to correct the "mistake". A missile from North Korea would take 32-35 minutes from launch to impact in Hawaii.

Wow! Good catch, And a nice piece of sleuthing, b...
Oz's reptilian MSM didn't bother acquainting its 'consumers' with that vital snippet of relevance. So, was the alert a mistake or was it just another big chunk of pre-emptive Yankee Arseholery from The Swamp?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15 2018 1:25 utc | 45

Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of January. It celebrates the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr., an influential American civil rights leader. He is most well-known for his campaigns to end racial segregation on public transport and for racial equality in the United States. And the great man spoke out against war, to the distress of many, because he saw the linkage of war to domestic problems.
April 4, 1967

Martin Luther King, Jr., speaks out against the war
The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, delivers a speech entitled “Beyond Vietnam” in front of 3,000 people at Riverside Church in New York City. In it, he says that there is a common link forming between the civil rights and peace movements. King proposed that the United States stop all bombing of North and South Vietnam; declare a unilateral truce in the hope that it would lead to peace talks; set a date for withdrawal of all troops from Vietnam; and give the National Liberation Front a role in negotiations.

King had been a solid supporter of President Lyndon B. Johnson and his Great Society, but he became increasingly concerned about U.S. involvement in Vietnam and, as his concerns became more public, his relationship with the Johnson administration deteriorated. King came to view U.S. intervention in Southeast Asia as little more than imperialism. Additionally, he believed that the Vietnam War diverted money and attention from domestic programs created to aid the black poor. Furthermore, he said, ‘the war was doing far more than devastating the hopes of the poor at home…We were taking the black young men who had been crippled by our society and sending them eight thousand miles away to guarantee liberties in Southeast Asia which they had not found in southwest Georgia and East Harlem.'” King maintained his antiwar stance and supported peace movements until he was assassinated on April 4, 1968, one year to the day after delivering his Beyond Vietnam speech. . .speech here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 15 2018 1:57 utc | 46

I’ll not waste time on whether or not the warning was legitimate; but rather, on the expressed behavior of the people; it’s a sure sign they’re scared; which translates to; the U.S. propaganda campaign has been very effective.
This is truly frightening and a marker of the true mental state of the populace.
I must add; I’m very concerned; it exceeds my vision/perception of today’s reality.
IMO; we’ve really crossed the Rubicon…
I’ll re-adjust my perception meter immediately to extreme.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jan 15 2018 2:41 utc | 47

A fascinating essay in Katehon, by military historian; Luis Lázaro Tijerina: A Critique of Stephen R. Covington's “The Culture of Strategic Thought Behind Russia’s Modern Approaches to Warfare”.
The closing paragraph;
Such military thinkers like Sun Tzu, the moderns military strategists like Mao Zedong, General Võ Nguyên Giáp and even the military conceptions of Fidel Castro Ruz, should be investigated, developed more thoroughly and applied in the unexpected form of warfare that comes out of the fog of war across a battlefield on any given day. There is great promise of creative output in the Russian military art of war for it animates from one the most progressive nation-states, and the Russian military theorists must embrace their historical past, welding it to the here and now.

Well worth a read IMO...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jan 15 2018 6:00 utc | 48

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 15 2018 7:06 utc | 49

don bacon #47

And it should be noted the NYTimes denounced him on their editorial page for giving that Riverside speech.This was in 1967. Somehow, many people think that the NYT and WaPo were early opponents of the Vietnam war.

Posted by: Toivos | Jan 15 2018 7:30 utc | 50

In regards to the 'official story':

According to Miyagi, the employee clicked through the warning prompt, which resulted in thousands of residents receiving an alert that a missile was headed toward the islands."


How come, that cops were driving around telling
everybody to go home and stay with their families,
because "the guy in North Korea" had fired three
missiles? Plenty of people can attest to that.
If the error was with "this employee", than that
would mean that there could have been no prior
knowledge of the cops about this ballistic missile
threat. How did the cops know before the employee
made "a mistake"? That is not possible.
The employee made 'the mistake' at 8:07 AM.
We here in Pahoa we're warned before 8:07 AM.

There is obviously much more to this than meets
the eyes and ears.

The ballistic missile threat was not created by
'this employee'.

Please take the time to read this excellent written
review of Daniel Ellsberg's new book about the
"Doomsday Machine". It should further the under
standing about the scope of the Doomsday Machine
that would have responded to any ballistic missile
fired at Guam, Hawai'i, or the mainland.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jan 15 2018 7:40 utc | 51

@ mauisurfer | 44

here's what actually happened to cause the false alarm

Its not what happened, you just quoted fake BS rationalization of US deliberate terrorising of Hawaii, as clearly explained by nottheonly1 | 36.

The only question is - why? Preparation of public for yet another war?

Posted by: Harry | Jan 15 2018 7:52 utc | 52

@paveway #50

Thank You so much. While I am not familiar with
the intricacies of the IPAWS warning system, I
have experienced a number of tsunami and hurricane
alerts through this system. The cancellation was
always as immediate as the website would report.
(PTWC / CPHC respectively).

I get must be impeached and with all lower level
employees be prosecuted and terminated.

This 'event' has caused PTSD among a number of
people, especially the countless mother's with
infant babies.

This was not an accident, but it shall serve as
a wake up call to dismantle the nuclear Doomsday
North Korea aquired ICBM's to protect itself from
the people that almost entirely exterminated it
by the likes of Curtis LeMay.

The country with the most nukes must start unilaterally
to abolish its Doomsday Machine. Others will follow.

The threat by North Korea is a psychological projection
by the only people to ever have dropped nuclear bombs.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jan 15 2018 8:08 utc | 53

Leftist musician Moby claims CIA asked him to post about Trump and Russia...and did so

Posted by: test | Jan 15 2018 9:25 utc | 54

nottheonly1 | Jan 15, 2018 3:08:06 AM | 54

I do sympathise; a really stupid event, however; I'm left wondering if the well informed believed that warning.
I would have been skeptical (nervous, but skeptical) based on the alternative media I read; things with NK have definitely cooled off making this a very unlikely event.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jan 15 2018 9:30 utc | 55

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jan 15, 2018 4:30:49 AM | 56

What if Hawaiians, like Japanese, S Koreans & Germans, not yo mention Iraqis, Afghanis and Syrians, know from (unpleasant) first-hand experience that the US Military is populated mostly with fuckwits, murderers, rapists and cretins?
If that's the case then their first thought would surely have been...

"Uh oh, I knew it! Those dumbass self-obsessed morons have done something stupid AGAIN and provoked North Korea into launching Nukes in retaliation."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15 2018 9:57 utc | 56

Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15, 2018 4:57:44 AM | 57

Well, obviously, I hadn't thought of that; shame on me; you're correct.
And all too likely to boot...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jan 15 2018 10:19 utc | 57

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jan 15, 2018 5:19:43 AM | 58

Don't be too hard on yourself. It was, after all, merely a spontaneous reaction to your invitation to embark on a thought experiment.. :-)

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15 2018 10:35 utc | 58

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15, 2018 4:57:44 AM | 57

In that case North Korea would have lots of targets to chose from.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2018 10:43 utc | 59

Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15, 2018 5:35:02 AM | 59
No worries; you brought up a salient point.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jan 15 2018 11:23 utc | 60

In that case North Korea would have lots of targets to chose from.
Posted by: somebody | Jan 15, 2018 5:43:22 AM | 60

Yes, interesting point reinforced, somewhat, by this extract from SST's January 13 post about domestic US Military base closures...

"What's more, at the same time that the domestic base closings are proceeding, the U.S. military footprint abroad is expanding. According to American University professor David Vine, there are presently 800 American military bases abroad, in 70 countries, with an annual cost of $160-200 billion, including American theaters of combat--Iraq and Afghanistan. Recent Pentagon studies of the need to devise a "third offset strategy" to address the increased vulnerabilities of American military bases around the globe raise further questions about the viability of the current military posture."

Unfortunately for the Yankees, Kim (correctly) regards the US Homeland as the top priority target for NK retaliation to US Military violence inflicted on North Korea. Why Nuke Hawaii, or some other island outpost, when he can Nuke Washington, New York, Boston, plus the 5 biggest US freight ports and airports - at the same time on the same day? He only has to convince the Yankees that it's "do-able" and NK will be AmeriKKKa-proof.
And let's not forget that China has said that if NK is attacked, China will respond on NK's behalf.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15 2018 11:33 utc | 61

@54 nottheonly1

"The threat by North Korea is a psychological projection by the only people to ever have dropped nuclear bombs."

This reminds me of a famous expression out of 16th century Poland:

"The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you"

The evidence here clearly indicates that by signalling this alarm, which automatically sent it out to IPAWS/HEMA/FEMA/PACCOM/NORAD/[who knows else where], someone was trying to provoke a missile exchange and start a war.

Some miracle or god prevented this war that the MIC is so horny for from getting started and the US nuking North Korea. It must be the same god that in 1967 prevented the Zionists from sinking the Liberty after 2 hours of bombs and torpedoes, which would have directly pulled the US into Israel's war against her Arab neighbors.

Posted by: Heros | Jan 15 2018 11:58 utc | 62

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15, 2018 6:33:15 AM | 62

NK has been America-proof since the last war. The difference being that they have convinced the US now that they can act on their own - without Chinese or Russian support. That means the US will have to talk to North Korea directly.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2018 12:04 utc | 63">Meeting in Canada on North Korea

"Rex Tillerson has been advocating for a diplomatic approach to this crisis, that is a point of view that Canada shares, and so the purpose of this meeting is to talk about economic and diplomatic ways of getting North Korea to the table," Paris said.

"I think it's the main purpose of this meeting," said Shin Maeng-ho, South Korea's Ambassador to Canada, who is attending the meeting.

During an interview on CBC's The House with guest host Alison Crawford, Shin added: "I think diplomacy is the only option left to us. War on the Korean peninsula means death of millions of people."

"All foreign ministers in Vancouver will seek all the ways and means for diplomatic solution," Shin said.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2018 12:20 utc | 64

PavewayIV @ 33 says:

Should provide plenty of lucrative U.S. tax-dollar theft by the corrupt Rojava 'government' (as it were), dishonest Border Guard commanders and (of course) thieving U.S. defense contractors and their CENTCOM collaborators. Small potatoes compared to the fortunes made in Iraq and Afghanistan, but hey - times are tough

not to worry, i see the DoD is gonna audit itself concerning the 21 trillion in Mysterious Items, improperly recorded, or outright missing.

the audit's just gotten underway, with the disclosure that in 2018 it's gonna cost 367 million, and another 551 million to fix the problems.

these goobers NEVER give up.

Posted by: john | Jan 15 2018 12:22 utc | 65

Wondering, if again we will be seeing this awesome Trump "Just reaching the Opposite Effect"?
Maybe the Peace-Movement in the States will start to wake up?

Posted by: maningi | Jan 15 2018 12:24 utc | 66

somebody @ #64.

Good point.
If Trump can pull a half-plausible excuse for direct US-NK talks out of his ass, it'll be interesting to see which members of The (war-mongering) Swamp decide to blow their cover by opposing engagement.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 15 2018 12:30 utc | 67

In reply to Grieved | Jan 14, 2018 2:30:45 PM | 20

Interesting points there. I thought on a similar vein in consideration of the multiple drone strikes against Russian bases. NASA is purportedly testing out its TCL 3 system, and no better way than a live scenario.
NASA tests drone traffic management

These latest tests demonstrate the power and flexibility of NASA’s traffic management research platform, according to Tom Prevot, NASA’s UTM project lead. “The UTM platform is capable of coordinating and analyzing inputs from dozens of sources, making valid and reliable assessments of the local airspace environment, and communicating safe flight opportunities to pilots in the area,” he said.

“The flight tests also demonstrated that the concepts and ideas behind UTM TCL2 will work, but there's still a need for a common operating picture where everyone gets more airspace awareness,” Prevot said. “Implementing a UTM system will foster coordination and education on how to safely share the airspace.”

Later this year, NASA expects to launch testing for Technical Capability Level 3, which will fly drones over more-populated areas and in the presence of larger, piloted aircraft.

“The TCL3 team will need to assess ground-based airborne surveillance systems and how to safely fly in higher density airspace,” NASA officials said. “Vehicle-to-vehicle communications also will be evaluated to permit suburban delivery activities.”

Posted by: Stryker | Jan 15 2018 12:58 utc | 68

@47 Don Bacon

The recent release of Kennedy assassination documents includes lots of new information on MLK.

The Truth About Martin Luther King, Jr

" The major knocks against him are that he plagiarized his doctoral thesis in systematic theology at Boston University in the mid-1950s, that he frequently engaged in extramarital sex, and that he was closely linked to the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA). The FBI file addresses these last two issues, in some cases down to niggling detail, and leads one to conclude that Martin Luther King was little more than a sex addict and a shill for the Communist Party.
... whitewashing of King’s prodigious sexual appetites goes on to this day.
... The So what did the FBI disclose? ... King hired prostitutes with funds from the Ford Foundation. He then engaged in binge drinking and group sex acts which the FBI describes as “deviating from the normal.” The FBI also relates how King participated in another “drunken sex orgy” in Washington, DC back in 1964. The sex acts were both “natural and unnatural” according to the FBI and were performed “for the entertainment of onlookers.
... sired a baby girl out of wedlock with the wife of a “prominent Negro dentist in Los Angeles".
... Note how King’s defenders refer to all this as King’s “personal life” or, when forced to, admit his excesses only in the most anodyne terms, such as “affairs.” No, King didn’t just have “affairs.” He had sex parties. "

That the "progressive" left refuses to remove King from their jewel encrusted pedestal no matter what is discovered is no surprise, they are still clinging to Clinton even today.

Here is one last relevant quote that illustrates the false gods of progressivism:

"As an icon of the Left, Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered today in two major ways: as a paragon of the egalitarian ethos championed by current Western elites, and as proof of the moral superiority of the Left over the Right."

Posted by: Heros | Jan 15 2018 12:59 utc | 69

I rather like this expression by the Colonel:

I see that a spokesman for the Kurdish SDF/YPG says that Kurdish forces will enter Idlib to participate in the destruction of HTS and friends. It seems clear to me that the Kurds will fight on the government side if they enter the fight in Idlib. This must really be a disppointment to CENTCOM. pl
Things going the way one might expect.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 15 2018 13:01 utc | 70

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 15, 2018 8:01:53 AM | 70

Idlib Turkish proxies would be the ones used to fight SDP, as Turkey threatens?

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2018 13:45 utc | 71

Another unsurprising event.

Erdoğan accuses US of planning to form 'terror army' in Syria

He doesn't like the idea of a Rojavan army armed by the US. Not quite the way things are supposed to go.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 15 2018 13:48 utc | 72

add to 71

Turkish government press seem to think they have a deal with Russia.

Kurds seem to hedge with the Syrian government and Russia.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2018 14:05 utc | 73

@somebody 60
>Regarding North Korean US military targets, the Guardian failed to include what might its primary target. Camp Humphreys which is 57 miles from the DMZ, in DPRK 300mm rocket range, and currently houses 12,000 Americans and is growing. So DPRK can't be attacked unless those Americans are evacuated first, and that won't happen. The host country would no permit it, and go crazy if they did. It would be mass mayhem.
>In fact the whole concept of forward basing actually puts a damper on any Pentagon aggression. Another example is the 40,000 Americans at various bases in the western Persian Gulf, well within Iran rocket and missile range. That means no attack against Iran.
>Finally, these bases are financially supported by host countries. In South Korea the current Camp Humphreys $10 billion expansion is reportedly being funded by ROK.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 15 2018 15:08 utc | 75

@Heros 69
The establishment intelligence community, CIA & FBI, was against MLK (and the Kennedys) from the beginning, just like they are against Trump now. It's nothing new.
Martin Luther King Jr was a great man, not question about it, the spooks notwithstanding. The effect of the man was dynamic and much needed in the sixties. Perhaps you didn't live through it but I did, both his battle against racism and his anti-war stance.
That's The Truth About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 15 2018 15:29 utc | 76

74 - Pearl Harbour?

It would be news that military buildup will not lead to some miscalculation somewhere.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2018 15:31 utc | 77

The locals aren't too happy with the US "Border Security Force" on Syrian territory, including Russia, Turkey and Syria. (Iran hasn't said, yet.)

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 15 2018 15:39 utc | 78

@ somebody 76
I was providing information on the US locating bases near US enemies, sometimes called "forward basing," a practice which blunts the chance of the US attacking those countries because of the ease of counter-attack. Pearl Harbor is 3800 miles from Tokyo and dosn't fit into that category.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 15 2018 15:51 utc | 79


Iran sounds ominous.

Larijani said Iran accepted Turkish people as a "brotherly nation".

"We may have differences on certain issues, but we find solutions to the differences through dialogue," he said.

Referring to the Astana talks held between Russia, Turkey, and Iran over Syria crisis, Larijani said the cooperation was "successful" and that the Astana process should continue.

He also promised that neither PKK nor its wings "could breathe in Iran."

"We do not have the slightest relation with them."

About PYD being a threat to Syrian integrity, Larijani said they had the same opinion as Turkey and that they were open to discuss possible scenarios to eliminate them.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2018 16:23 utc | 80

@ v Arnold, hoarse whisperer and others

About thoughts in regards to the events
from Saturday:

Yes, first and foremost I presented an
account of personal experience with this
so called "false alarm".

But it has been a terrorists attack in
my opinion. The reason for this assessment
stems from the mindset that is so widespread
in Hawai'i. Allow me to call it the "mainlander
mindset". It includes, but is not limited to
the propaganda people from the mainland bring
with them. It's their mental luggage so to speak.

There are still a number of 'Kanaka Maole' left
in Hawai'i. These are also called Hawai'ians by
people that have come since the overthrow of the
Kingdom of Hawai'i and are still flocking to the

These remaining majority indigenous blood line
folks despise 'Haoles' - a term born at the time
of first contact with the 'white man'. While there
are strict interpretations of the meaning, the common
view is that of 'breathless man' - a person that
is unable to exchange 'Ha' - breath. It is the
essential part in the word 'Alo - Ha'.

Like the indigenous native North American Indian
population/Nations, Hawai'ians have been treated
like shit since the overthrow. Their culture was
subjected to destruction, their language prohibited
and their lives subdued to the capitalist mentality.

With the exception of opportunists that we're converted
into model 'American-Hawaiians', Kanaka Maole dislike
Americans up to what constitutes hate, but there is
genuinely no such emotion present in the original
Hawai'ian culture. 'Ho'opono'pono' would prevent that.
But it is a foreign concept to those people with the
largest nuclear arms arsenal on Earth.

For Kanaka Maole, people like Ige et Al are puppets
of the occupiers. These people never receive the
benefit of a Hawai'ian doubt. They are despised
as those who make Hawai'ians life hell.

When it is noted that Hawai'i has the highest
rate of homelessness, who do people think are
those? Chinese, Filipino, or Japanese folks?
Americans? Even though Americans come here,
because it is the best place to be homeless.
From the airport to the SNAP issuing office.

There is the notion of "Eddie Would Go" that
is dedicated to Eddie Aikau - one of the greatest
surfers and Human Beings in the Hawai'ian culture.
It means "No Fear". Eddie was fearless and many
of the Kanaka Maole that I have had the pleasure
to befriend in over twenty years were just that -
When the terror alert was issued, they did not
hide in storm drains, or run around like chicken
whose heads were just chopped off. The hysteria
was wholly owned by people who live the American
way. Fearful people that are brainwashed into
helplessness. Hypocrites that don't even trust
their good they run to worship every Sunday.
No wonder that the churches were packed on
The fearless, to which I count myself due to
my dedication to Quantum Philosophy, did not
buy into this terror attack. Common sense
made that impossible. Why would North Korea
go to the length of arming itself with ICBM's,
if their first use would mean total annihilation?

It is the U.S. regime that is unwilling to part
from its 'first strike' doctrine. Brainwashed
Americans are unable to see it that way. It is
the exact same people that believed and still
believe every lie about Saddam Hussein, Colonel
Gaddafi, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Patrice
Lumumba, while they never had a problem with
the Shah, Pinochet, or countless other Fascist
dictators. The native Hawai'ian people are aware
of that. They do not trust the Americans. Only
those who fell for shiny stuff and fast 'food'
succumbed to fear. Not for one moment did my
native Hawai'ian friends buy into the so called
"ballistic missile attack". They also reject the
entire official story as printed in all propaganda
outlets all over Hawai'i and the Western hemisphere.

"Fabricating Consent" comes to mind. "To stop Rocket
Man's aggression" a nuclear war has to be started.
By deranged psychopaths that belong into a mental
institution and not into all life on Earth threatening
Like one of You said:
Let this be the trigger for the largest ever
push to dismantle the Doomsday machine. Let
there be a Streisand effect the likes the
world has never seen before.

Let the terror attack of Hawai'i be the last of its
kind. Read the new book by Daniel Ellsberg. Talk about
'Nuclear Winter'. Expose the fearful and take away their
genocidal 'toys'.

Cut the funding for the fearful military to zero and
use the freed funds to remedy inequality, injustice
and man-made terracide.

For if people don't stop the Doomsday machine now,
there will be a response to the American terror.

Are people really that stupid to believe a nuclear
conflagration would not effect them? That a false
flag terror attack would not effect them? It does
not matter where on this planet one lives. If the
U.S. regime is allowed to resort to a nuclear first
strike, the 'game' will be over for all life on Earth.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jan 15 2018 16:31 utc | 81

Dangerous Idiot Category: "It’s Time to Bomb North Korea" says neocon writer.

Posted by: test | Jan 15 2018 16:42 utc | 82

It's a drone world, and we just live in it.
Drones keep entering no-fly zones over Washington, raising security concerns

The evolution of guided missiles has revolutionized warfare, obsoleting many military systems such as aircraft carries (the Pentagon of course has not gotten the message) and economizing threats.
Now come the cheap and virtually unstoppable drones, like in the recent attack on the Russian air base. In the Washington area:

In the middle of a federal no-fly zone for drones, in some of the most sensitive and restricted airspace in the United States, technicians working with Duggan recorded nearly 100 drone sightings over two months last summer. And that was just around two Army posts he oversees. . . .“Are they bad guys? Well, we don’t know,” Duggan said. “It’s a technology that can be used to attack us at home. Why? Because we are not as prepared as we need to be.”

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 15 2018 16:46 utc | 83

When I read about Iran's victories over the US in the Middle East e.g. Iraq and Syria), I think of Ali's rope-a-dope, a boxing tactic of pretending to be trapped against the ropes, goading an opponent to throw tiring ineffective punches and then winning. Or Timex watches: They take a licking and keep on ticking.

Iran has taken a licking from the US for fifty years, being pounded by economic sanctions, sabotage, hacking, assassinations, and anything else the US (with Israel) could think of. Yet Iran has survived, and served as an example to the the big guys (Russia and China) and small nations too that a nation doing the right things may suffer but then they can not only survive but prosper, which Iran will.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 15 2018 16:55 utc | 84

@Don Bacon 75

Clearly you cannot stand the truth since you cannot even discuss REAL FBI intelligence (as opposed to fake Clinton funded Fusion GPS/MI6 "dossiers").

By far the worst charge against King is that he was a communist, so it is no surprise that he was "anti-war". He was certainly no hero here. There are plenty of pictures of him attending communist party meetings too. To me, communists are the scum of the earth. Far, far, worse than Nazi's, and they killed more jews too.

This "Japans Schindler" is a case in point. The article bends over backwards to make the reader think that this Japanese ambassador saved 6000 jews from Hitler, when in fact he saved them from Stalin. They had fled Poland to Lithuania because of the Soviet invasion of Poland, but when Stalin subsequently invaded Lithuania they had to flee to Japan. This is reminiscent of Katyn, where for decades the murder by jewish bolschevics of tens of thousands of Polish intelligensia had been blamed on Hitler and was used as evidence at Nuremburg. Also, since the Berlin wall came down, we have learned about the full extent of Polish and Soviet gulags that worked thousands of Poles, including jews, to death after the war, but was covered up by the left. Just like how Duranty covered up the Holdomord in the New York Times in 1930-33.

So now that we have established that King was an active member of a genocidal totalitarian jewish revolutionary movement, we can talk about racism.

Racism today is far worse in the US than it was in King's day. Every day across the US black thugs are sucker punching whites in a game that they call "polar bearing" and "knock-out". They are also robbing and murdering whites in acts that the MSM refuses to label racism, but which clearly are. This black violence far exceeds anything that happened to blacks in "Jim Crow", and the statistics back that up.

But even if we ignore this massive black racist aggression against whites since "saint" MLK, it still doesn't exonerate King of his role in the destruction of the black family. Sure, as a lying, cheating husband posing as a pure and innocent priest, no one really had to know but his wife. But all the women he assaulted and all his bastard children knew.

And that is King's real legacy: Racist, white hating, black neighborhoods ethnically cleansed of whites, devoid of fathers for all the bastard children living off of welfare and growing up to be drug dealers and gangsters. That is one hell of a legacy. Lenin would be proud.

Posted by: Heros | Jan 15 2018 17:00 utc | 85

Nuclear war an ergodic event? Yes, i think so! Had the Big Bang strike deaf all gods? Either that or gods don't exist! Bible says no one is good; i just add to it that we ?all are fearful; for gods or nature made all of us fallible and priests gullible.

Posted by: bozhidar balkas | Jan 15 2018 17:15 utc | 86

Posted by: Heros | Jan 15, 2018 12:00:00 PM | 84

But even if we ignore this massive black racist aggression against whites since "saint" MLK, it still doesn't exonerate King of his role in the destruction of the black family. Sure, as a lying, cheating husband posing as a pure and innocent priest, no one really had to know but his wife. But all the women he assaulted and all his bastard children knew.

Ever heard of slavery? It certainly was not Martin Luther King who destroyed the black family. Slave owners bred slaves like cattle.

The scandal, by the way, is not what Martin Luther King allegedly did - noone complained and the FBI description is very abstract - the scandal is the FBI listening in which they should not be allowed to do to any US citizen without a court order.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2018 17:19 utc | 87

add to 84

This here is the real scandal.

Garrow said that the FBI at that time had "an organizational culture of surveillance and of political control," and that it wasn't limited to the FBI's founding director J. Edgar Hoover, who remained its head until his death in 1972 and is notorious for his abuses of power. There were attempts at blackmail and encouragement of suicide. "There is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is," wrote an FBI agent in a letter to King that detailed knowledge of his extramarital sexual activity. The FBI also leaked the gossip to the press, but it declined to report it.

Posted by: somebody | Jan 15 2018 17:23 utc | 88

Here we go again,
dumbjock neocon molly mckew say whistleblower Chelsea Manning is a russian agent

Posted by: Anon | Jan 15 2018 17:26 utc | 89

@80 nottheonly1

Nice diatribe. I agree with most of it. When my wife and I visited Kauai for our honeymoon (my first and only visit to Hawaii), it was impossible not to notice the dichotomy of the native, working-class enclaves on the southern part of the island with that of the settlers along the north east coastline with their golfing communities and Hiltons on the bluffs. I didn't sense a native anger under the surface, but perhaps you must befriend and earn their trust for them to reveal their plight and ire.

What an unspeakably beautiful island, with Waimea Canyon being the highlight. Hopefully the island spirit will live on and on.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Jan 15 2018 17:28 utc | 90

@80 nottheonly1.. thanks for that overview and for the posters you addressed who were discussing this topic.. i see it much the same as you, but don't have the knowledge on hawaii that you obviously do..

@don bacon / somebody.. agree with your views taken up by heros.. heros - are you affiliated with the kkk?

Posted by: james | Jan 15 2018 18:06 utc | 91

@NemesisCalling #89

Yes, it is one of the most beautiful locations
on Earth. And yes, the Hawai'ian Mana is stronger
than everything thrown at it. While Ho'opono'pono
is still alive, the Hawai'ian culture is struggling
more than ever before.

The Hawai'ian elders are reminding the younger ones
that Tutu Pele always has the last word. She created
these islands and she can take them away - each one
at any time. Scientists would call side 'flank collapses'
and on Kauai and Moloka'i the enormous cliffs bear
witness to that.

I live in lava zone 1 close to the volcano, which is
split into Halema'uma'u and Pu'u O'o, its south eastern
cinder, where the lava flows of the last 30+ years
originated - are originating. Some of my elderly Auntie
and Uncle friends told me already that Tutu Pele
will respond to the terror the children were made
to experience. I believe them, since all of their
predictions have come true so far.

The Southern flank of Mauna Loa will go soon. The
word is that the military has not much time left
to stop their aggression. Either they leave, or
they will be made leave. The Aloha spirit is
incompatible with nuclear terror.

Posted by: nottheonly1 | Jan 15 2018 18:20 utc | 92

12;everything is pro-zionist on the graun,the nyt,wapo,cnn,nbc,cbs,abc,fox,and other news.Wake up.

Posted by: dahoit | Jan 15 2018 19:23 utc | 93

nottheonly1 @93--

"The Aloha spirit is incompatible with nuclear terror."

Yes, most certainly! It's also incompatible with most everything the European developed in its attempt to conquer the planet. To "Live Aloha," one must be a communitarian first and foremost, which you know of course. But for the vast majority of haoles, such a concept is far outside the box. Becoming a true kamaaina means transforming oneself to the point that haoleness disappears and aloha truly, deeply takes over. A great number of people after gaining fame have avered that Love is the answer, but their message always seems to get paved over. That's not to be confused with those who say the answer lies with loving their god, like the Methodists who did more to undermine native Hawaiian culture than British rum. It's good to hear Hawaiian culture continues its "rebirth" since I removed to the mainland in '96 from Waianae.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 15 2018 20:16 utc | 94

nottheonly1@54 - The details surrounding the total lack of response on the military side and nuances of civilian air traffic management in Hawaii at the time tell me everything I need to know about this 'exercise': DHS planned this in advance, and the people that needed to know this was fake already knew.

The intent, I imagine, was to observe the little people's response (indifference, panic, riots, etc.) specifically to a nuclear missile attack. If things would have gone south with their 'test' on Hawaii, you can bet the error message would have gone out sooner. I suppose the results pleased the DHS psychopaths - uncertain belief in the message, but terrified compliance with authority for the most part. No self-immolations, mass shootings or burning down cities. The people have been sufficiently conditioned for future false flags.

Tin-foil hat types that monitor government 'management' of social media were remarking how Hawaii was mostly walled off right after the bogus alert - there were few internal (to Hawaii) tweets visible anywhere else outside. Everyone was wondering what the hell was going on there. It was - to us on the outside - almost like nobody in Hawaii even noticed. What are the chances of that? Much of the social media content in Hawaii was filtered/scrubbed damn near in real-time, implying that the censorship was carefully planned ahead of time and not reactive. 'Conspiracy theory' type commentary from Hawaii on Saturday is mostly missing from Google's indexing. The only garbage indexed and presented are official MSM reports that also used the event as a teachable moment (for how terrified you should be of the NK madman). That and the few 'Aliens did it' sites to discredit any skepticism.

There were people trying to determine if the WEA alert was selectively disseminated (or not) among the islands/population centers/tourist areas. Something like HEMA agreed to the DHS terror exercise, but didn't want to freak out the tourists to whatever extent possible. All inbound tourists should have got the alert on their cell phones as soon as they got off the aircraft and turned them on - that's how WEA works. That supposedly didn't happen. Other areas insist they never got the WEA message at all. A missile alert should have gone to every cell phone customer, but it looks like HEMA might have only targeted certain places/neighborhoods - IPAWS and WEA have that capability by design. Love to hear Miyagi explain that one if true. The beauty of censorship though (to the government) is that you can make online skeptics discussions disappear and most people will never ask about it.

Besides, think how bad that poor HEMA guy feels about accidentally pressing the button. Have some compassion here!

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 15 2018 21:22 utc | 95

@V.Arnold #48:

I'd like to counter... It's a good sign that the 'calm thinkers' were not immediately rounded up and jailed, or worse, lynched.

Posted by: Dr. Wellington Yueh | Jan 15 2018 23:43 utc | 96

@PavewayIV 96

Could it also have had something to do with diminishing Tulsi Gabbard as a public war critic? I don't know, Yes ostensibly Hawai'i is the first line of contact in a nuclear exchange, but even in the cold war days there was never any "duck and cover" exercise like this. This is new.

Posted by: ritzl | Jan 16 2018 6:57 utc | 97

@PavewayIV 96

Thank you once again for providing us a glance behind the curtain.

Most historians accept that the Tsar and Russia deserve a certain degree of blame for WWI for being the first empire to mobilize in 1914.

In a world of hyper sonic missiles and megaton nuclear warheads, sending off an alarm for your populace to seek bomb shelters, in a period of extremely heightened tensions, as exists currently between North Korea and the US, could be construed by your enemy as a nuclear-age form of mobilization.

One must also consider that Russia and China have also been threatened repeatedly by the US over the last year, and both have sent extra troops to their respective North Korean borders.

For the TSA/PACCOM/? to decide to fake a Nuclear missile attack would not only be exceedingly reckless, it could also be suicidal. Unless:

1. The enemy had been informed before hand and there was no risk.
2. The risk of a nuclear exchange had already been baked into the cake, and the possibility of this kicking off a war was not a bug, but a feature.

Posted by: Heros | Jan 16 2018 9:49 utc | 98

PavewayIV @ 33 says:

Should provide plenty of lucrative U.S. tax-dollar theft by the corrupt Rojava 'government' (as it were), dishonest Border Guard commanders and (of course) thieving U.S. defense contractors and their CENTCOM collaborators. Small potatoes compared to the fortunes made in Iraq and Afghanistan, but hey - times are tough!

not to worry, i see DoD is gonna audit itself concerning $21 trillion in mysterious items, improperly recorded, or outright missing.

the audit's just gotten underway, with the disclosure that in 2018 it's gonna cost $367 million, and another $551 million to fix the problems.

pigs to the trough.

Posted by: john | Jan 16 2018 11:55 utc | 99

Drive by shooting in Afghanistan of truck, full video over 3 minutes

Okay, the segment with the shooting through the truck window is still only 5 seconds but I'd argue that the fact that it is part of a 3 minute montage 'our guys are kicking ass in Afghanistan' actually gives it a much worse context. If this was some innocent procedural, 'we had to reluctantly do it' incident, no one in their right mind would have popped it into such a sequence.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Jan 16 2018 13:48 utc | 100

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