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January 29, 2018

Syria - Neo-Conservatives Demand "Action" - Hope For A Larger War

The U.S. polity and media now acknowledge what we reported on December 21. The U.S. announcement to build up a 30,000 strong PKK army in north-east Syria was a disaster. It prompted Turkey to initiate its attack on YPG/PKK Kurds in Afrin. It threatens do drive it out of NATO and into Russia's open arms. It gives the Syrian government new leverage against the Syrian Kurds.

Under Turkish threats to attack U.S. forces in Syria the Trump administration had to pull back - at least in its rhetoric. Independent of who rules Turkey the country will never acquiesce to an armed Kurdish entity on its southern border. The U.S. should have know this.

This failure of the Trump administration's plan has prompted a new push from neoconservative propagandists for a full U.S. war on Syria and its allies. The lobby shop of the Kagan family, the Institute For The Study of War, had its junior staff pen an op-ed for Foxnews to argue for a new study object:

It's time for Trump to face reality in Syria

The U.S. must rapidly change how it is executing policy in five key areas.
  1. Russian military bases. ...
  2. Acceptance of Bashar al-Assad. ...
  3. Syrian “de-escalation.” ...
  4. The “peace” process. ...
  5. Iran and al Qaeda. ...

The hinted at solutions, couched in vague language, are for 1. nuke them, 2. kill him, 3. stop it, 4. who cares, 5. destroy 'em all:

The U.S. must face reality in Syria. It must recognize the threat Russia poses. It must acknowledge the limits of its current partners on the ground. It cannot put faith in a diplomatic charade. It must implement a real strategy against al Qaeda and Iran. And it must recognize the value of American action over American rhetoric.
It will take a long time and a hard struggle to achieve any outcome in Syria that the U.S. should be willing to live with. It is time to focus on it, devote resources to it, and prepare to do so for a long time.

"For a long time" sounds to me like a multi decade occupation of the Syrian battlefield and the adjacent areas. I doubt that any politician who wants to be reelected will vote for that.

A second neocon op-ed, this by Josh Rogin, was posted at Jeff Bezos' blog: Team Trump must match its new rhetoric on Syria with action.

It is not useful to quote the nonsense but here are some of the rhetoric figures it uses:

... the will and leverage needed to lead a solution to the Syrian crisis - defend U.S. interests - confronting the ongoing terrorist threat - Iranian expansion - Bashar al-Assad’s brutal aggression - on-the-ground influence - herculean effort - a contingent that wants to cut and run - a real plan - fundamental flaw - a lack of sufficient leverage on the ground ...

After having set the scene for a massive U.S. occupation of Syria, Rogin claims that "nobody is advocating" a "large increase in U.S. troops". His advice then is to do more of the stuff that evidently just failed: stick to the Kurds, pay some Arab tribes (aka former ISIS), arm rebels (aka al-Qaeda) in Idleb. But then comes the real blopper:

the Trump administration should raise the pressure on Assad, Russia and Iran, including through sanctions, the credible threat of U.S. force and whatever else might persuade them.

Now what please is a "credible threat of U.S. force" against those three countries? And might they have the capability to credibly threat back? Who will win the thermonuclear war over the Tanf desert base in south-east Syria?

A year into Trump’s presidency, his administration is saying the United States has a long-term interest in Syria. The next step is to match those words with action.

I have no doubt that the two op-eds were coordinated. More of this kind will likely come. The common theme is "action" and - while not openly said - they demand a larger U.S. war over Syria. The unmentioned beneficiary of such a war, next to the weapon producing financiers of those writers, would be Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The neoconservative writers and their op-eds should be ignored. But the war on Iraq has shown that there is some serious political power behind them. Now someone in the White House will have to pick up those arguments and try to convince Trump with them. Who will that be and will s/he be successful?

Posted by b on January 29, 2018 at 19:17 UTC | Permalink


It's "blooper" not "bloper", but what you are saying is correct. Oh, and Trump is already hearing the stuff every hour of the day. The articles are to prepare the populace.

Posted by: Burt | Jan 29 2018 19:40 utc | 1

Those whom gods will kill, they first make mad. I think that saying is apt for the USA now.

Posted by: Steve | Jan 29 2018 19:44 utc | 2

the Trump administration should raise the pressure on Assad, Russia and Iran, including through sanctions, the credible threat of U.S. force and whatever else might persuade them.

This is ridiculous. Trump tried to bully N Korea and failed. How is he going to intimidate Russia?

Posted by: s | Jan 29 2018 19:45 utc | 3

In the WH it will be NSC adviser and chief lunatic McMaster. He will levitate with enthusiasm for more war.

The briefings Trump gets are packed with lies and he has grown to trust them.

The entire foreign policy is so different from his stated goals and intentions that it is clear he is fed fairy tales of success and bogus estimates of what the US can accomplish.

Last weeks piece by Thierry Meyssan indicated that Trump did not know what his planners were doing.

"The president Trump had not been informed of the plan Votel-McGurk. The secretary of Defense, James Mattis, confirmed to his men the instructions of the White House against the jihadists. However Votel and McGurk are still in place." —Thierry Meyssan

General Flynn had warned Trump during the campaign before election and afterward that CIA briefers were lying to him. Flynn took over briefing Trump himself and that ended when they got Flynn out.

We have a President misled who is told bogus results based on biased input data and reports.

Meyssan has been crazy in love with Trump for a year, so for him to report this shows he knows things are being setup for Trump to be trapped in Syria.

Posted by: Red Ryder | Jan 29 2018 19:49 utc | 4

thanks b... anything to appease israel! do these freaks get paid by israel too? sure looks like it... yeah - take the whole usa foreign policy in the middle east and turn it into a bigger gong show then it already presently is.. great idea... my friends who smoke copious amounts of ganga have nothing on these deranged talking heads... oh wait - maybe it is jared and his wife who are onside with all things zionista..

Posted by: james | Jan 29 2018 20:22 utc | 5

The Neocons have the perfect candidate to implement those mad cap schemes...
John Bolton Remains Leading Candidate to Replace H. R. McMaster

Posted by: harrylaw | Jan 29 2018 20:40 utc | 6

The neocons must expect an SAA victory in Idlib - they make such noise every time the SAA closes in on a major victory. They must also expect that the Kurds will fail them.

That is good news. Trump lacks the balls to start a war with Russia and Iran which has a Turkey which is sympathetic to their cause or at least one of them. But we should expect some deadly mischief from the neocons and their Israeli and Saudi backers that seeks to ignite a war.

Posted by: Alaric | Jan 29 2018 20:51 utc | 7

b concluded: "Now someone in the White House will have to pick up those arguments and try to convince Trump with them. Who will that be and will s/he be successful?"

Instead of guessing, it would be wise to ask Sheldon Adelson and remove all doubt.

One more thing - Trump ain't your typical Manchurian candidate. He was the perfect Zionist candidate since day 1; you do the math...

Posted by: LXV | Jan 29 2018 20:57 utc | 8

Bulgaria`s defense minister is for 3 days for a visit in Israel.

If a war is organised against Turkey, the USA has a base in besmer, Bulgaria.

Posted by: az | Jan 29 2018 21:04 utc | 9

IMO their window of opportunity will be prior to the Russian elections, as any defensive move on the part of the Russians would have to be carefully weighed, so as not to piss off the populace.

That being said, the American populace is still pretty sick of perpetual war, and especially Republicans voters, who are not buying Russia-gate. I think they would have a better chance if they could first impeach Trump, which would take way too long. Cynicism of the system have reached new heights within the US.

Posted by: Michael | Jan 29 2018 21:07 utc | 10

This is also an effort in controlling the narrative, lest anyone adopt the common sense position that it was exactly the aggressive regime-change policy in Syria which led directly to the current balance of power. Israelis may feel threatened by the presence of Iran in Syria and the renewed strength of Hezbollah, but this did not occur in a vacuum and the policy adopted by Israel's government of supporting the removal of Assad has put them in such position. Perhaps the decision-making of Israel's current government should be considered foolish and malevolent, as its policies have worsened Israel's security position and caused terrible human suffering. Instead, the neo-cons (and the Israeli government) choose to double down.

As well, the neo-conservative position is often at odds with international law. Is there any other example of paid groups publicly advocating illegal policies and propagating the application of prohibited violence? It seems criminal in and of itself.

Posted by: jayc | Jan 29 2018 21:32 utc | 11

Yep, read both op/eds and they look like they emerged from the same diseased brain give their commonalities and lies those are based upon. The threat seems to be more pointed toward Iran than Russia, which means Saudi/Zion interests are feeding the diseased mind. Both papers omit any hint of what constitutes the primary interest[s] of the Outlaw US Empire such a policy will advance. It's such convoluted thinking that brought about this crisis in the first place.

The Empire's break with and eventual exit from Iraq just got an excellent start with the termination by General Dynamics to service Iraqi Army Abrams tanks. As reported today by SouthFront: "On January 28, an unnamed Iraqi official revealed to the Iraqi news outlet al-Ghad Press that the manufacturer of M1 Abrams battle tanks, General Dynamics had halted its maintenance services for the Iraqi Army. According to the source, the company took the decision because some of Iraqi Army M1A1 Abrams battle tanks were operated by irregular Iraqi Shiite forces."

The indirect nature of the Outlaw US Empire's hybrid wars against Russia and China is running out of options and thus coming to a close leaving only direct warfare as a policy tool. Expect provocations at Seoul's Olympics and Russia's World Cup events that attempt to pin the aggression on some other actor.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 29 2018 21:34 utc | 12

Turkish army fighting in Syria is a problem for the national secular government (aka Assad.) I'm sorry but I do not see how this is driving Turkey into Russia's waiting arms.

Also, Turkey fighting in Afrin is an opening for various and sundry jihadis in Idleb to escape. As part-time pawns of the US, this is not a great problem for the US. If Turkey were clashing with the US directly in Rojava, yes, but it's not.

I don't think this is an accident. Russia just does not have that much to offer Erdogan, not in Armenia, not in Syria, not economically, not militarily, not diplomatically. Russia is friendly with Iran and Syria and really is opposed to AQ, IS etc. because it has vulnerable populations.

It's true that the US is a faithless master. It has turned on AQ, turned on IS, turned on Saddam Hussein, turned on Erdogan. But it's like the guy said when someone asked him why he'd play in a crooked game: "It's the only one in town!" Russia is not strong enough to start a new game. And despite the starry eyes, it is by no means clear that Putin wants one. A crooked game is very attractive to the sharpers who imagine they're smart enough to take it over.

Posted by: steven johnson | Jan 29 2018 21:38 utc | 13

I should be used to neocon madness by now, but it still blows me away: fighting Russia in order to crush Assad and prevent Iran having a land bridge through Syria it doesn’t need, all in order to please Israel/Saudi Arabia for some reason. And yet they think of themselves as the Serious People.

Posted by: Sigil | Jan 29 2018 21:45 utc | 14

"Expect provocations at Seoul's Olympics and Russia's World Cup events that attempt to pin the aggression on some other actor."

I have often thought of the marketing campaign it took to get the jaded US public and the public in 'allied' countries behind the US move into Syria. 24/7 snuff movies, the ultimate evil ect (ISIS).
Coming provocations will most likely be quite nasty to ensure they capture joe publics attention.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jan 29 2018 21:48 utc | 15

@ karlof1 with the speculation about triggers for the coming war

It will be a two punch event and your speculation is just part
Expect provocations at Seoul's Olympics and Russia's World Cup events that attempt to pin the aggression on some other actor.

My speculation is what will set the American public up for such.

My speculation is that today's release of the FBI complicity against Trump will create enough public cognitive dissonance over the next few weeks to let the dogs of war off their leashes.

Sad to see this charade being played by the elite (BOTH Dems and GOP) against the public of the world.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 29 2018 21:56 utc | 16

@ 9

If a war is organised against Turkey, the USA has a base in besmer, Bulgaria.

And Russia has the Black Sea Fleet..Any one who for one moment thinks that the Russia Federation will tolerate US control of the Bosphorus is deluding themselves.

Posted by: 07564111 | Jan 29 2018 22:13 utc | 17

Posted by: Mina | Jan 29 2018 22:41 utc | 18

Short of nuclear war, all the US can do is beat its chest and continue the same tactics of chaos and destruction that impede the quality of life for everyone in the region of Syria without stopping the ultimate progress of the Syrian government as it reclaims control of its own territory. In short, expect more pain and suffering for the Syrian people with a higher price tag to rebuild the country (regarded as a total plus by the US powers that be as Russia, Iran, and China will pay them rather than the US) but not the prized outcome the US seeks, i.e., the removal of President Assad.

Posted by: WorldBLee | Jan 29 2018 22:41 utc | 19

psychohistorian 16

Looks like they are just going to vote on the release of the memo. Have to see what happens. From what I read, the democrats also have a "classified memo' to release to counter Nune's. Be interesting to see what happens. Those dogs of war may well stay within the US.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jan 29 2018 23:34 utc | 20

the only solution for the US ..

.. have the CIA nuke Israel and plant clues that allow Russia to be blamed.

Posted by: mijj | Jan 29 2018 23:35 utc | 21

Looks like they have voted to release the memo. This will be interesting. I saw a short video of Nunes at the time. Looked quite shocked and not much to say to reporters.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Jan 29 2018 23:54 utc | 22

Oh, lookout, the fake news war economy needs firing up. Sales figures must be down in the last quarter of 2017. Russia bad, Assad still in the public conscience, no need to magic up any new boogeymen. Somewhere at some time someone needs a gun.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jan 30 2018 0:01 utc | 23

Very good post except for the end. The war in Iraq is finished. Baghdad has won. The US may haver, but it's objectives are lost. The Kurds are back in their canton. Reunification is the word.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 30 2018 0:19 utc | 24

Summing up points made by several people above, it is instructive how those who have been saying "Give Israel enough rope and it will hang itself" have been proved right.
Every one of the strategic problems Israel claims to be facing is the direct result of Israeli over reach, aggression and the demagogy of internal politicking.
Hezbollah for example, would never have come into being had Israel not left the Lebanese with no alternatives but to fight back or lose their land to Zionist expansion. Hezbollah's current strength comes, politically, from its successful resistance in 2006, when it became Lebanon's shield, and militarily from Israel's decision to get rid of Assad (whose regime had been quietly accommodating to Tel Aviv for years) and give Hezbollah, along with the SAA the opportunity to transform itself into a superb, seasoned field formation.
As to Iran and Russia, does Israel prefer them to ISIS and al qaeda? Probably not but it was Israel's espousal of the neo-cons Syrian policy that has now put Israel on the brink of destruction, with nothing else to sustain it but its grip on the crooks who run Washington and their miniature counterparts in Europe and the British Commonwealth that was.
Ben Gurion and Abba Eban, fanatical zionists both and war criminals to boot, must be spinning in their graves; in their days zionists were calculating and shrewd, playing their card carefully. Netanyahu and the fascists who dominate Israel today are all about boasting, threatening, bullying and, of course, fascism's inevitable, suicidal, death wish. Those who hate life urgently enough have the choice between a partisan's lamppost and a bunker dripping with petrol.
Those who live by the sword don't die of old age.

Posted by: bevin | Jan 30 2018 0:26 utc | 25

Sounds like "false flag" time once again. It won't take much for the America sheep to be on board for another military adventure. They're too busy playing with their newest cell phone trinkets to care much.

Posted by: ben | Jan 30 2018 0:29 utc | 26

steven johnson

"If Turkey were clashing with the US directly in Rojava"

Turkey and US won't clash. At least this is what the retired generals say on TVs (TAF communicate with the public via retired generals). However, both the govt. and the generals and the reps of other nationalist and patriotic bodies blame some 'dark forces' inside U.S. as the culprit. Make a wild guess as to who they are. I don't know myself. Some claim they are the neocons, some say globalists, some say oil giants, capitalists, weapons manufacturers. The Turks do openly target someone under this heading 'dark forces' though and as of today they began to say any accidental clash with US troops will lead to a bigger problem and they add a Turkish saying to it: You can't count punches in a fight (all out war? but against whom if not the U.S. armed forces then??)

There must be a real national security concern this time.

Govt. reps talk to the public "Are you willing to mobilize if you are needed in Afrin?" Well, what does that mean? A single TAF unit is enough to exterminate the entire PKK guys in Afrin. Why do you need the whole population ready on your backyard? I guess this is some psy-preparation. Yes? But against who?

Posted by: ConfusedPundit | Jan 30 2018 0:41 utc | 27

I have read the initial ZH posting about the FISA memo becoming public and it reads like a more heat than light situation with still hidden proof of wrongdoing or bad smoking gun but will it be enough to help start a war with?

Trump and Co have definitely stepped into the void left by the Ringling Bros Circus shutting down....too bad humanity's future is hooked to these clowns.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 30 2018 1:05 utc | 28

In further thinking about those two op/eds, the authors wasted their time trying to sway Trump as he's disowned being the policy leader on Syria, with Defense, State and CIA vying for leadership despite every policy move they've made ending as gross failures seriously degrading the Empire's brand which was already eroding under Obama/Kerry. With the FBI/DNC/HRC related Scandals all reaching their acme in a manner that will exonerate Trump, I don't see him needing to provoke an overseas distraction as he greatly desires to take down those that tried to do him in. Indeed, exposing the massive rot and corruption at the core of the federal government would actually give him a campaign promise victory, one I would applaud. Of the three agencies, the CIA followed by Defense would be most injured by the scandal fallout; and of the two, the CIA would be more willing and able to create an overseas provocation in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable.

Wishful thinking--perhaps. Ironically, RussiaGate Truth is on Trump's side. Both RNC and DNC are vapid and corrupt to the max and the grave awaits them both. Will a domestic political victory for Trump over RussiaGate provide him with the courage to retake control over foreign policy? Or will CIA do something more reprehensible than 911 in order to deflect the fallout? Or ?

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 30 2018 1:11 utc | 29

What has the sweetest sound? The victory. But what sound is second best? "lamentations of their think tankers"!

Isn't it sweet: "It will take a long time and a hard struggle to achieve any outcome in Syria that the U.S. should be willing to live with." To me, it brings the words of The Bard:

... that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them.

Is there an outcome in Syria that is so awful for these United States that it would be better to forgo living? Sometimes our politicians (and their hanger-ons like Kagan of ISW) forget that the material world, unlike personal visions that they are busy recording, cannot be molded to their liking in every single case. Recall dramatic words of the senior senator of New York: "Russia has stabbed us in the back, and each day that Mr. Snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife." Wonder of wonders that the good senator was seen smiling on occasion with all that unending pain. Let it be an inspiration to all of us, how to endure.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jan 30 2018 1:54 utc | 30

@ben 26
"It won't take much for the America sheep to be on board for another military adventure. They're too busy playing with their newest cell phone trinkets to care much."

Seems you've got a very low opinion of Americans, which I for one don't share. Perhaps you haven't considered that US polls show that Americans have a very low opinion of their government, and want this government to reel in its international adventures?

Perhaps you should take a fresh look at your opinion, ben, because you're wrong.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Jan 30 2018 2:17 utc | 31

@30 piotr.. nice poetic post.. thanks..

Posted by: james | Jan 30 2018 2:58 utc | 32

Does anyone remember January 28, 1986? That was the day of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Much evidence came forth that Saint Ronnie's Administration insisted that the Challenger launch that day (despite engineers calling for a delay due to probable freezing problems) because they had this brilliant idea to have a live-feed between Saint Ronnie and the Challenger crew during the State of the Union Address.

What are the Powers That Shouldn't Be willing to do to make Trump's speech tomorrow night a bang?

Posted by: Daniel | Jan 30 2018 3:07 utc | 33

BTW: Interesting story about Strava's workout-tracking "heat map" apparently exposing the location of military bases, including undeclared ones in Syria.

Their map seems to have been taken down now.

Posted by: Daniel | Jan 30 2018 3:13 utc | 34

DB @ 31 said:"Seems you've got a very low opinion of Americans, which I for one don't share."

Good for you Don. As always, differences of opinion make the world go round..

Posted by: ben | Jan 30 2018 3:19 utc | 35

Alastair Crooke reviews miscalculations of Israel and of Trump re: Saudi, Syria, Kurds, and now Turkey. A worthy read from a man who really knows.

Even Haim Saban, the strongly pro-Zionist founder of the U.S. Brookings’ Saban Center described the team to Kushner last month as “a bunch of Orthodox Jews who have no idea about anything.”

“The team has an entrepreneur — you — a real-estate lawyer, a bankruptcy lawyer. I don’t know how you’ve lasted eight months in this line-up. There’s not a Middle East macher in this group,” Saban said, using the Yiddish word for bigwig.

Posted by: mauisurfer | Jan 30 2018 5:19 utc | 36

The neocons are mad. But our Government that gave Jeff Bezos a chunk of CIA to "provide services", and make sure reports are what he wants them to be. We are screwed up.
We should not be surprised at neocon viciousness. They are the type of people who, when things are going their way, salivate at the prospect of unlimited plunder. When things do not go their way, they foam at the mouth, think of the most vile things they would do to their adversaries. There is no limit, no conscience, no obstacle in the laws of man or God. And when it all ends badly, they cannot imagine themselves at fault; how can anyone possibly blame them. Tearfully, they are blameless victims. These are folks with basically pagan ethos. What is good is defined only by benefits and pleasures it gives them. Being thwarted brings fury. Even such known bloggers, as David Goldman, aka Spengler, in a moment of his pagan fury, he actually penned an article in Asia Times, suggesting Netanyahu kills all Shia population of Lebanon, nukes Iran, and then poisons their water, to boot. When readers protested, in horror, the reaction was, what's the fuss? And he is one of the editors. There is something in this moment in American history, when all the civilizational growth and achievements -- is regressing. It is as if the power of pagan ethos, its love of self, and boundless self-pleasing, yet afraid of being denied -- have us all drowning in their demand that the world obeys their wishes. Strange times, no adults in our public life. One yearns for just one adult voice out there.

Posted by: Bianca | Jan 30 2018 6:34 utc | 37

Bianca @ 37, You deeply islander the good name of pagans. The Neocons are true, red-blooded Americans through and through, from beginning to end, to get in a nice Abrahanic touch for effect.

Posted by: Quentin | Jan 30 2018 7:35 utc | 38

Quentin @ 30 For 'islander' read 'slander'.

Posted by: Quentin | Jan 30 2018 7:37 utc | 39

- When the US has the plan to arm the Kurds in order to make Assad's "life miserable" then I don't think it will work. Because the Kurds know that Erdogan HATES the Kurds. The Kurds will hold back their weapons and use them against the turkish troops. As a matter of fact Erdogan is already experiencing that.

Posted by: Willy2 | Jan 30 2018 8:21 utc | 40

- Or perhaps the US is counting on the "bad blood" between the Kurds and Turkey in order to "weaken" Turkey.

Posted by: Willy2 | Jan 30 2018 8:23 utc | 41

In my opinion there is method to Trump's apparent madness. We must first remember he came into office faced with foes from the Deep State apparatus which has infiltrated every aspect of American government. Every government entity has been (sometime openly) hostile to anything he has wanted to do so he has been swimming against the stream all the way along. He inherited several disastrous situations and most without hope of ending. The Korean War (it is still active declared war and only in an unsigned armistice) is hopeless. The PRNK has carefully observed that the US acts as a rogue nation, reneges on all treaties and promises, and kills anyone who opposes them. Faced with that the development of nuclear weapons was necessary to survival. What can Trump do to end that after the horse has left the stable? He can scare the piss out of the South Koreans and show that we are more than willing to sacrifice their entire Peninsula for our own bizarre needs. Trump, by acting out the Deep State's wildest fantasy is actually bringing both Koreas together and likely we will be invited to leave the Peninsula.

The same thing is happening with Turkey. It will take a miracle to avoid the deaths of Americans who have illegally invaded Syria and are attempting to create a separate Kurdistan. Once this gets out of control, and that is a certainty, the Turkes will throw us out of Turkey entirely. The alternative is to leave Syria completely.

Ukraine is being ramped up for yet another confrontation and a complete break from the MInsk II agreement. Again, Trump is fulfilling the Deep State's orgasimc fantasy to challenge Russia at her doorstep. As we have seen now repeatedly the US fails to back up these gambits and walks away in disgrace. No one is taking American threats seriously. For example Trump very clearly said he doesn't like the EU. Was there any reaction at all? The European and American markets were up yete again. This is clear evidence none of this is seriously being considered.

Afghanistan is America's new tar baby and Trump is pissing off the entire Muslim world and especially Pakistan. Only a madman would do that unless there is a different motive. We cannot exist in Afghanistan without a land route in and out of the country. Russia has cut the US off from all other countries (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan) with road access and now we have pissed off the Pakistani's so they will close the roads to us. That leves Trump with no option except to pull out. Again, he does this by acting on Deep State fantasies which they are at first dazzled by and then when they realize the repercussions are horrified. He has them all running for cover now. The release of the memo today will be a game changer and the dominoes will start to fall exposing the Deep State actors for who they really are and name will be revealed. Maybe The other 95% of Snowden's material plus whatever Assange is holding back on. Maybe we will finally see Hillary's deleted emails? All bets are off now and it looks to me like Trump is going to close out all this insane business in Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, and Ukraine through his efforts. Then maybe we can finally focus on our enormous problems at home.

Posted by: Old Microbiologist | Jan 30 2018 8:39 utc | 42

A crude piece of propaganda - I think even Goebbels, if he was still alive, would be disgusted with just how crude'

Iran and al Qaeda.

Lumping Iran and Al Qaeda together as one problem when they hate each others guts and have been trying to destroy each other. Iran has done more to defeat Al Qaeda than the combined efforts of the United States, NATO,Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Turkey which have largely supported Al Qaeda

Posted by: Ghost Ship | Jan 30 2018 10:53 utc | 43

jayc says:

As well, the neo-conservative position is often at odds with international law. Is there any other example of paid groups publicly advocating illegal policies and propagating the application of prohibited violence? It seems criminal in and of itself

yeah, most definitely, and these bottom feeders tread squeamishly their little safe zone, while prosecution for incitement and conspiracy the (unlikely) event that rule-of-law should someday break out.

Posted by: john | Jan 30 2018 11:10 utc | 44

In theory, the USA could anihilate any single country it wishes to.

But that's not the problem. The problem is that you don't bomb other countries just for the sake of bombing them. You bomb them to achieve a goal.

And America's goal is to maintain its status as the sole global superpower. You can't achieve it by bombing and invading Syria only. You have to anihilate Russia and China first, and them proceed to the Middle East in order to control the Heartland -- the core of human civilization. Adolf Hitler knew that -- that's why he didn't stop in France and North Africa, instead proceeding to conquer and enslave the Soviet Union.

Posted by: VK | Jan 30 2018 11:23 utc | 45

Old Microbiologist | Jan 30, 2018 3:39:09 AM | 42

With due respect; I think you see today's realities accurately.
But I disagree with your conclusions/assumptions.
The U.S. will not give up Afghanistan easily because of China's BRI; Afghanistan is a key element of that.
If BRI is successful, it spells the end of western economic hegemon. The U.S. will go down fighting to stop it; and go down it will; one way or the other.
If I may suggest; expand your horizons; geo-politics are changing rapidly, mostly against U.S. interests; and it's only the beginning...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jan 30 2018 12:54 utc | 46

With b an A.C., no need for experts

Posted by: Mina | Jan 30 2018 13:14 utc | 47

Netanyahu lies about Iran's military threats

I saw the agitator on Fareed Zakaria's show (for as long as I could stomach) say that Iran threatens to destroy Israel as soon as possible with their military which is why they are racing to build nuclear weapons.

He repeats this accusation so often that it is accepted as fact but what is it actually based on? I read Fars and even reuters and I routinely see the IRGC quoted as saying, 'our ballistic missile program is strictly for defense'. I saw Zarif give a rather impassioned speech describing Iran's need for ballistic missiles culminating in a statement that Iran would never be the first to use ballistic missiles in an attack or for any reason other than to defend themselves

Iran has stated multiple times that they will never develop nuclear weapons, including on the agreement they signed, the one that Trump wants to tear up. All of these statements, of course, would include Israel.

So what is the basis that Netanyahu claims that Iran openly says that they are proclaiming an intent to destroy them militarily?

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Jan 30 2018 13:17 utc | 48

Such a war effort would be a vast improvement over fixing pot holes at home; unless, of course, one could put up a privately owned but publicly subsidized toll booth at every pot hole and then, rather than fix them, force people to sign a waiver or somehow get off the road then and there.

A good all round nuclear war would take care of everything at once.

Posted by: Brooklin Bridge | Jan 30 2018 14:09 utc | 49

The Kagan's, again think Victoria(free cookie$) Nuland's hubby need to rename their institute to more accurately describe their efforts...The Institute For The Study Of How To Start War. Little did one realize when he and his PNAC signer's put their missive on how to secure 'the realm', they were including the eastern part of the sovereign country of Syria.

Posted by: str8arrow62 | Jan 30 2018 14:30 utc | 50

To honor the lifetime of work by Robert Parry, RIP, here's a link to his writeup on the Kagan's and it's worth reading:

Posted by: str8arrow62 | Jan 30 2018 14:40 utc | 51

Christian Chuba @48 The statement is patly based on the authority that the likes of Fareed Zakaria give him by spreading and amplifying it. And Zakaria, in turn, has the backing of the US/western political, governmental and media machines. I can only conclude that the Israeli PM has an endless amount of of capital in the authority area to strew and share genrously with the breathlessly adoring sycophants. To continue, I'd be obliged to broach the topics of hypocrisy, racism, hate and greed: sadism in a nutshell. Hollywood knows much more about this than the any problem of harassment, sexual or otherwise.

Posted by: Quentin | Jan 30 2018 14:57 utc | 52

"So what is the basis that Netanyahu claims that Iran openly says that they are proclaiming an intent to destroy them militarily?"

Nobody would give a shit what so-called PM of that colonial outpost is saying if there is no big brother.

Hitler used refereed to marionette regimes of East and Southeast Europe as ‘dreckstaaten’ or "shit-statelets" in English. And that's exactly what zionist's entity is, which itself is based on lie, myth.

As far as the Big Brother goes (along with EU) we can talk about the Big Lie (again Hitler), the bigger the lie the more believable.

Posted by: Partisan | Jan 30 2018 15:26 utc | 53


Glenn Greenwald used to call them "The Warrior Kagan Family"

Posted by: Bart Hansen | Jan 30 2018 15:53 utc | 54

Old Microbiologist @42--

We're thinking along similar lines, but there're still policy areas that don't fit: South America, Venezuela particularly; and Africa. Perhaps Trump feels they're back-burner issues that don't need to be addressed. The Memo release ought to aide the demise of RussiaGate and finally bring about the investigation that should be occurring into DNC and Clinton Foundation corruption and related treason.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 30 2018 16:15 utc | 55

Not just op eds are coordinated. Everything is coordinated, including the circus of justifications and excuses of a centrally planned war by which Zionism accomplishes all of it's goals.

Years ago I purchased Fromkin's A Peace to End All Peace, despite knowing it's mostly a coverup operation. I finally sat down to read it this week and it's nevertheless quite illuminating, less about justifications or claims of error and more about how the invention of history proceeds. Once you have come to understand it's all a mirage there's no going back.

The war in Syria and the region will continue for decades if the Zionists at the heart of it all decide they can profit. The only possible means by which we can exercise a countervailing force of Resistance is to stop engaging their mythologies as if they have some basis in reality.

Posted by: C I eh? | Jan 30 2018 16:46 utc | 56

2 things you need to know about israel goals (and therefore the US') ,and the ME:

war by deception and
war for war's sake.

And yeah, US is the blue-collar military arm of greater israhell.

keep it simple

Posted by: rufus | Jan 30 2018 16:55 utc | 57

Hearing about stuff like this makes me almost tempted to start believing outrageous conspiracy-theorist David Eicke's ramblings about "lizard people" in positions of power. Jesus wept!

Posted by: Mister Roboto | Jan 30 2018 17:35 utc | 58

The hegemon has a chokehold on Syria. Not going to let go.

Posted by: paul | Jan 30 2018 17:53 utc | 59

@59 paul.. at some point the hegemon is going to be dead.. it is presently dying a sad death as we speak...

Posted by: james | Jan 30 2018 18:40 utc | 60

Hitler refereed to marionette regimes [...] as ‘dreckstaaten’ or "shit-statelets" in English
Posted by: Partisan | Jan 30, 2018 10:26:00 AM | 53

This is potty-mouthed translation. Dreck is dirt or trash, staat is simply "state", e.g. US = Vereinigte Staaten. Der Führer was more careful about his language than certain North American heads of state.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jan 30 2018 20:57 utc | 61

SANA--the Syrian Arab News Agency--has provided an article about the first day of the Sochi Congress focusing on its Final Statement while also linking to several other articles about other details. The following excerpt ought to provide an answer as to Syrian resolve to regain all of its territory:

"No part of the national territory can be abandoned. The Syrian people remain committed to the restoration of the Occupied Golan by all legal means in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the international law."

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 30 2018 22:12 utc | 62

"Der Führer was more careful about his language than certain North American heads of state."

He, he, is difficult to find a person to compare with the Orange dotard.

as for ‘dreckstaaten’ Klaus Umer (sounds as very Germanic name and German spoken person and the author of Let's Swallow Switzerland!: Hitler's Plans Against the Swiss Confederation) says: "What remain constant was Hitler's evil mentality. To him, Switzerland and Sweden remained two "kleine Dreckstaten," two small "muck-states"......"

Muck: dirt, rubbish, or waste matter.

It seems to me that word is tend to be rather more ugly than dirt or rubbish. Because one simply isn't saying (when insult) "dirt state" or "rubbish state". Now I am not language expert and my knowledge of German is next to nothing.

Posted by: Partisan | Jan 30 2018 22:43 utc | 63

Unfortunately, just about everyone in the U.S. buys into the argument that Iran is biding their time in their genocidal thirst to kill every living person in the state of Israel.

Netanyahu is a classic rabble rouser. He takes advantage of a few hostile remarks, ignores all counter statements, and twists the original remarks to his own advantage.
Ahmadinejad did say that Israel would disappear but he's not the Ayatollah (a favorite argument used to point out that it doesn't matter that Rouhani is a moderate). Yes, Iranians chant 'death to Israel' which if you think about it is cursing the state, not the people, and not much worse than what we do on a regular basis.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Jan 30 2018 22:57 utc | 64

1. this article is posted in entirety at veteransnewsnow MOA is cited at the bottom, but you wouldn't necessarily know it's a link back.
2. this article is front page today at whatreallyhappened and attributed to author My Catbird Seat. When you click on the link you are directed to Veterans News Now with no mention of MOA.

Posted by: mrd | Jan 31 2018 0:32 utc | 65

Christian Chuba | Jan 30, 2018 5:57:36 PM | 64

"Ahmadinejad did say that Israel would disappear"

Never happened, he said: "Israel's REGIME will vanish from the pages of history, in the same way as did Soviets and Shahs regimes."

That speech can still be found on YouTube.

Posted by: Harry | Jan 31 2018 12:10 utc | 66

The bottom line is - Trump can't properly "make a deal" with Russia until the Russia investigation - otherwise known as Mueller - is OVER.

If this memo is all its cracked up to be - that might be next week, however it is perhaps more likely to be at some point after the Mid-Terms.

I have personally no doubt Trump wants to "cut a deal" with Putin and withdraw all US troops from Syria. And in other areas.

How's the best way to achieve that?

Give Trump a win at the Mid-Terms. Trump could easily flip 6 Senate seats - I expect he will. If he holds onto his House of Reps advantage - which I also expect, the time to end the Russia investigation, and "cut a deal" with Putin will either be in early 2019 - or it won't.

Until then, we are simply "pissing in the wind" and things unfortunately will continue to drift sideways until Trump demonstrates he has real electoral authority.

Although it is said Trump has majorities in both Houses of Congress he really doesn't and never has.

52 Senate seats which include Flake, Corker & McCain (and others) is really no majority at all and never has been.

If you haven't, look at a map, the Democrats are defending up to 12 Senate seats Trump either won or were basically split in 2016 (no majority for either Trump or Clinton). The Republicans are only defending 8 seats TOTAL!

It's almost certain Trump gains (for the first time in the Senate) a majority.

Posted by: Julian | Jan 31 2018 13:43 utc | 67

By the way, Dina Habib is being replaced at NSC by Nadia Schadlow.

Unfortunately, Nadia reminds me of someone who might be familiar to the barflies, Victoria Nudelman.

Posted by: Julian | Jan 31 2018 13:46 utc | 68

Unfortunately, despite all of Russia's work in Syria, it looks like the original portioning scheme is advancing anyhow. I've got no faith that Turkey will give up territory it takes from the Kurds (they may even be doing the U.S. bidding here despite all the hand wringing by the U.S.). Israel is talking about grabbing more territory along the Golan Heights for a "security zone." And most of North and East Syria is held by the U.S. allied Kurds. Looks like the stolen gas will have its pipeline after all.

Posted by: rcentros | Jan 31 2018 18:54 utc | 69

Further analysis of the Sochi Congress by Andrew Korybko raises some good points about what to do next time.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 31 2018 21:52 utc | 70

@70 karlof1

Funny, I just came here from that very article. I read it and saw the publisher's disclaimer at the bottom, returned to the top and saw I'd been reading Andrew Korybko, and added more grains of salt to the ones I'd already taken. Korybko sometimes gets it wrong, and when he does he's often completely wrong. I don't understand it and it frustrates me because he's a great analyst and almost a visionary when he hits it right.

So I think that more comes out of Sochi than he allows. The paradigm change is more important than he calculates - that Russia can mediate the troubles of the multi-polar world, so long as they are mediated in diplomacy. This is literally a seminal reality, as it allows new arrangements to be born that were almost impossible to think of before. In this paradigm, Russia goes from strength to strength, I think.

Korybko thinks too poorly of Russians, I believe, when he judges that they acted too nicely and were taken advantage of, and will be similarly taken advantage of again. He should re-read Dmitry Orlov and the Saker for the priceless understanding that Russia's first offer is always the most generous. The terms get tougher with every successive iteration, and yet strangely this never weakens Russia's position during the reiterations.

In other words, Russia acts more generously than her position requires, but those who fail to accept her offer soon learn not to mistake graciousness for weakness. There's nothing for Russia to learn here. It's simply the next iteration.

Well, anyway. Maybe I'm being too picky. But I don't think there's any reason for gloom. The assembly did resolve that Syria will take back the Golan. That seems like a win to me.

As for rebels to be behaving irony is adequate.

Posted by: Grieved | Feb 1 2018 2:01 utc | 71

@ Greived and karlof1

The frantic actions by the US working with the Kurds says to me that much has and will be done to forestall any attempts by Syria to take back the Golan.

The pot will be boiling at that point, IMO

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 1 2018 5:50 utc | 72

Hello Grieved @71--

The SANA article I linked higher on the thread provided nice info without the numerous nuances--real and imagined. As for Korybko, me thinks he nags excessively at times. I agree with you that there appears to be little to quibble over given the resulting Final Statement. With the way the SAA's progressing, Syria's position will be even stronger when the next round convenes.

Posted by: karlof1 | Feb 1 2018 5:54 utc | 73

Assad and Putin and Trickster Iran.....have had years to organize a standing Army for Syria. 
Iran. ...they never put any of their Cobra Attack Helicopters with TOW in,..or any mechanized brigades. 
Russia obviously failed to Lead in organizing a Air mobile Tactical for Syria.
SAA can do nothing but drive up into pre set ATGM and dialed in arty kill zones.

I hope Iran has better response when the Day Empire shows up on their doorstep. 
Or it will be shooting fish in a barrel.

Assad has a charade support public who pile in by the 100,000s for street parades.

These are the same sheeple who did Nothing***...!!!... when Takfiri/ISUS occupied their cities,,..
From Raqqa to Druze trash on Golan who suck Israhell you know what ...and for nothing. 
Baathist are paid off stooge now. ..
Exactly like Iraqi who wiped their @ as with USD $$

SYRIA......Maybe they deserve the shit kicking they are getting.

Russia and Iran .....why are they even in country. .. ....Neither kicks in for the big win.

It's some Masonic/Globalist game and wink wink. ...
Putin/Lavrov talk about Syria's Sovereignty. ..
At least US stole Asia Pacific Opium racket ...from the stunned in the headlights Indochina French 
....During Vietnam war.
MIC and Corporations like Bell Helicopter made $$$Millions on the war.

Maybe Putin is in Syria. .......for Israel
No one attacks Israel. ...

Connect the dots.

Posted by: Brad | Feb 4 2018 21:42 utc | 74

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