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December 06, 2017

Trump Settles Debt With Zionists - Confirms That Iran's Struggle Is Righteous

U.S. President Trump announced today a change in the official U.S. view of the city of Jerusalem in Palestine:

President Trump on Wednesday formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reversing nearly seven decades of American foreign policy and setting in motion a plan to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to the fiercely contested Holy City.

“It is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” said Mr. Trump.

This is not Trump's lone doing. The position has long had support of both parties in Congress:

The Senate’s top Democrat, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, told THE WEEKLY STANDARD Tuesday that he had advised Trump to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital.
A 1995 law declares that Jerusalem should “remain an undivided city” and “be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel,” but allows the president to issue waivers every six months delaying the move of the embassy for national security reasons. The Senate reaffirmed that law in June.
Maryland senator Ben Cardin, the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, reiterated his support for recognizing Jerusalem when asked Monday about the president’s potential announcement.

“I believe that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, so to me, that’s not news,” he told TWS.

In 2008 then presidential candidate Obama pandered to the Zionist Lobby in the U.S.:

Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided.

Obama though left it at that speech and never made it official policy. Officially declaring Jerusalem an "undivided city" and capital of the Zionist entity means that there is no room for a Palestinian capital in east-Jerusalem. It buries the (fairy-)tale of a sovereign Palestinian state.

But that idea had been dead all along. The only reasons for U.S. presidents to circumvent the 22 year old law by issuing waivers was to pretend that the U.S. would be a neutral broker towards some peace between the (east-)European colonists and Palestinians. That was from start to end a deception. Congress and U.S. presidents are under control of the Zionist Lobby which can marshal enormous amounts of money to make or defeat candidates for legislative or executive offices. The Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who also sponsors the fascist Israel Prime Minister Netanyahoo, donated more then $100 million to the Trump campaign and tens of millions to Congress races. Today was time for Trump to settle some of that debt.

With the increasing buildup of Zionist settlements in the Palestinian West Bank areas under Netanyahoo, the two state solution had long been killed. The Palestinian dictator Mahmoud Abbas, who let this happen without resistance, is just a kapo used by the Israelis to keep the Palestinians down. The Palestinians in Gaza which defied the Zionist occupation were bombed whenever an Israeli Premier needed some diversion from domestic political trouble.

The U.S. is alone in its move. The global consensus and international legal status is that the issue of Jerusalem must be decided through negotiations. A city divided into of two capitals is the most expected outcome. The EU nations and other countries rejected the move. The Pope and other dignitaries spoke out against it.

The Trump declaration only reveals the true long-standing U.S. position but it still matters. It provides without doubt that the U.S. is the enemy of the people on the Middle East. It exposes those Arab rulers that seek to ally with the U.S. It elevates all those who have been fighting the U.S. all along.

The tyrant of Saudi Arabia and his clown prince son have agreed to Trumps move. Instead of declaring retaliatory measures they only issued pro-forma condemnations. Other Arab rulers which depend on Saudi money, like the Jordan King "Playstation" Abdullah, will likewise stay mostly quiet.

There will likely be only little violence in the immediate aftermath of the Trump declaration. The long term effects though will be significant. The Arab public, which gets little coverage in the "western" press, is seething. Professor Assad AbuKhalil reports:

Fury on Arab social media over Jerusalem
There is such a fury on Arab social media over Jerusalem but I am confident that none of the Western correspondents in Beirut or Cairo will notice in their dispatches.


This in Saudi Arabia
Hashtag "Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine" #1 trending right now in #KSA #Saudi #القدس_عاصمه_فلسطين_الابديه
PS It also is in Iraq and Algeria.
PS and in Syria.

This is today's front page of the Beirut Daily Star, a newspaper which is on most issues solidly in the "western" camp.


The Professor Amal Saad of the Lebanon University predicts:

Amal Saad @amalsaad_lb - 6:29 PM - 6 Dec 2017

Trump has no idea how his declaration will backfire. In violating Int'l law & legitimizing Israel's apartheid rule in Jerusalem, Int'l law will no longer serve as a framework for securing Palestinian rights- "from river to sea Palestine will be free" will be normalized discourse

Those parties that have resisted and continue to resist U.S. hegemony and the Zionists, will win in the public opinion of the Middle East. Those who cooperate with and enable the U.S. and its Zionist pendant will lose.

On the winning side are Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas (one can now also include the Houthi?) They have all long resisted imperialism despite enormous pressure and furious wars waged against them. Trump's move fits neatly into their narrative that the U.S. always was and continues to be an enemy of people of the Middle East. The public support for them will grow.

The other "winners" are the terrorists group which pretend to be against the U.S. and the Zionists but which have done little to fight them. These are al-Qaeda, ISIS and other Wahhabi/Takfiri groups. They use the issue as a recruiting tool but their paymasters keep them away from fighting the declared enemies.

Trump's move will increase the internal instability of those countries U.S. imperialism in the Middle East depends on. The Gulf States are the most endangered. Their pliant leaders will come under increased pressure from their own people. At some point that pressure will violently relief itself. I find it likely that the U.S. will be the first to be hurt by it.

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I do not believe this is about settling a debt with zionism whatever that means this will just give the arabs a reason to run amock again.
we need a solution once and for all and this should involve the transportation of the remaining arabs out of these contested areas.
many would love the chance to travel to germany,paris and london also the many large cities of canada the gay primeminister seems to like foreigners.
we need a big push the international community could help pay compensations for a legal transfer arrangement payments could be based on yearly salary or if a householder funds and legal help to get a new mortgage in the west.these people can not live in peace and movements have to be restricted because they are so violent.the west bank and gaza have cost the world community billions.
why not have a compensation scheme for the arab dwellers of say a trillion dollars.this would be simply arranged between newyork and tel aviv.
cash monies would help sooth the natural angers that would be felt transfer to a more democratic multicultural less violent musselim environment would shirley be in the best interests for all us who dwell in peace

Posted by: daniel finkelstein | Dec 7, 2017 8:36:12 AM | 101

@ 50
Harry is right mostly, but wrong about no single state solution.
Apartheid is an unsustainable anomaly and it will end. Israel as "Jewish State" is doomed by history. The eventual end of American support will leave them twisting in the wind and they'll be obliged to cave and grant citizenship status to their currently disenfranchised captive population.
It won't happen next year, nor in 20 years, but it will happen inside of 50.

Posted by: erik | Dec 7, 2017 8:36:50 AM | 102

Posted by: erik | Dec 7, 2017 8:36:50 AM | 102

Development has become very fast recently.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 7, 2017 8:39:28 AM | 103

@101 And it's not as if the arabs have any emotional attachment to Palestine. They would probably enjoy being rootless. Perhaps Adelson would help out with the compensation.

Posted by: dh | Dec 7, 2017 8:44:37 AM | 104

@ daniel finkelstein | Dec 7, 2017 8:36:12 AM | 101
Or the opposite way around: buy out those who adhere to this conflictive political setting called Israel? Just look at the numbers involved. And second, not important for you but for other people: who should leave? Those that came later or those who can claim it is their home ground? Sorry, makes not much sense what you propose.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Dec 7, 2017 8:47:27 AM | 105

Only hope is collapse and/or extinction of the world reserve currency - dollar. That will be pivotal event in world's affairs.

Now “deranged US dotard” can and they do print endless amount of money for own purposes and somebody else's one (military aid!),

By that moment than the Bible might be rewritten with true exodus of Jews, not mythological one.

Posted by: Partisan | Dec 7, 2017 8:51:16 AM | 106

101 sounds like an interesting cost effective final solution would the arrangement be along the lines of the of the 1933 transfer agreement?

1933: Zionists ashkanazi signed a deal with Hitler it was called The Transfer Agreement.

The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine is a book written by author Edwin Black, documenting the agreement between Zionist Jews and Adolf Hitler to help create a Jewish state in Palestine, in return for an end of a global boycott of Nazi Germany that had threatened to bring it down in its first days of power.

Posted by: simon | Dec 7, 2017 9:06:54 AM | 107

Not even a Nazi had the power of that "transfer".

True Nazis are the British and their successor the US.

Posted by: Partisan | Dec 7, 2017 9:12:29 AM | 108

I do not believe this is about settling a debt with zionism whatever that means this will just give the khazarians a reason to run amock again.
we need a solution once and for all and this should involve the transportation of the remaining khazarians out of these contested areas.
many would love the chance to travel to germany,paris and london also the many large cities of canada the gay primeminister seems to like foreigners.
we need a big push the international community could help pay compensations for a legal transfer arrangement payments could be based on yearly salary or if a householder funds and legal help to get a new mortgage in the west.these people can not live in peace and movements have to be restricted because they are so violent.the zionist entity has cost the world community billions.
why not have a compensation scheme for the khazarian dwellers of say a trillion dollars.this would be simply arranged between newyork and casablanca.
cash monies would help sooth the natural angers that would be felt transfer to a more democratic multicultural less violent jewelish environment would shirley be in the best interests for all us who dwell in peace

Posted by: blues | Dec 7, 2017 9:29:46 AM | 109

For such a presumably "the sky is falling" event, has anyone else noticed that other than oil taking it on the chin for 200 pips, global markets are yawning and the Nikkei is actually up a bunch.... ?
Just sayn'...

Posted by: guidoamm | Dec 7, 2017 9:36:35 AM | 110

@110 Gold is down and bitcoin hit $15,000. Must mean something.

Posted by: dh | Dec 7, 2017 9:43:47 AM | 111


Excellent solution.

Posted by: CarlD | Dec 7, 2017 9:50:27 AM | 112

Exactly my point.

Gold is the investment of choice when trust in government is shaken.

From another perspective, all Trump did was to end the hypocrisy. He merely formalised what, for all intents and purposes, has been US and European policy for the past 60 years.

Posted by: guidoamm | Dec 7, 2017 9:51:39 AM | 113

It is just getting better in country of “deranged US dotard”

"House approves GOP gun law, making it easier to carry concealed weapons between states"

Posted by: Partisan | Dec 7, 2017 9:54:30 AM | 114

My point may have been missed.

The oil market does not seem to think that this is such a game changer. So far, other than bluster, it would appear that nobody fears a dislocation in the Middle East.

Posted by: guidoamm | Dec 7, 2017 9:59:04 AM | 115

@guidoamm | Dec 7, 2017 9:51:39 AM | 113

Please do open my eyes and tell me what "hypocrisy" “deranged US dotard”ended.h

Posted by: Partisan | Dec 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM | 116

@113 Not exactly correct. Israel effectively annexed East Jerusalem in 1980 and changed the municipal borders. In a unanimous resolution the UN declared the measures trying to change the status of the city invalid.

Posted by: dh | Dec 7, 2017 10:04:07 AM | 117


Since 1948, for whatever reason, both the USA and Europe have clearly come down on the side of Israel. This is evinced by the preferential treatment Israel enjoys both politically and economically. Suffice it to mention the sheer number of UN resolutions that Israel is allowed to disregard without consequence or the conspicuous absence of their signature on the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

For the rest, both Europe and the USA make token efforts to appear impartial and concerned. Hundreds of millions of Dollars are spent on various NGOs and UN agencies to go and carry out humanitarian work in Palestine and Ghazza (money that always ends up in the pockets of the usual suspects most of whom are Palestinians) but, other than that, Israel enjoys immunity and support.

Trump finally called a spade a spade and, apparently, despite some token words of protest, global actors do not appear to be overly exercised about this "juncture".

Posted by: guidoamm | Dec 7, 2017 10:11:00 AM | 118

@118 You make a good point about the hypocrisy. But I'm not sure Trump has ended it. Israel is still stuck with a lot of unwanted Arabs.

Posted by: dh | Dec 7, 2017 10:14:37 AM | 119


East Jerusalem was annexed in 1967

That not withstanding, what is another flouted UN resolution amongst friends?

As a corollary to the above and only tangentially related to what we are dicussing, the UN is clearly partial. May I remind you that the 2016 report commissioned by UNICEF about the war in Yemen that identified Saudi Arabia as guilty of indiscriminate bombing, was quickly redacted upon Saudi Arabia threatening to pull funding... thank you Mr. Moon...

Posted by: guidoamm | Dec 7, 2017 10:16:39 AM | 120

And, at any rate, East Jerusalem was conquered by the Arab Legion in 1948 when Europe and the USA gave Israel its boarders.

Posted by: guidoamm | Dec 7, 2017 10:18:56 AM | 121

@120 East Jerusalem was captured by Israel in 1967. It was officially annexed with the Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel passed by the Knesset on 30 July 1980

Posted by: dh | Dec 7, 2017 10:23:20 AM | 122

An interesting choice of words. Fancy words. Annexed, Basic Law.

Sounds like the theory of American settler fascist, the Natives did not have property right so the land was up to grab. Whoever come first it is their regardless of that land was inhabited for 50.000 years.

I as a commoner call that steal, theft of somebody else land and natural resources. Yet as if that not enough they prevent original owners of fishing and other means of livelihood.

So "deranged US dotard" ended hypocrisy? Really?

Posted by: Partisan | Dec 7, 2017 10:35:30 AM | 123

@123 'Official' is another interesting word. Unless you believe in some sort of supreme arbiter.

Posted by: dh | Dec 7, 2017 10:43:27 AM | 124

Today irony meets a bag over the head.

What were there, something like 10 crusades from the Roman church? All failed to permanently hold Jerusalem or establish a long-term Judaeo-Christian presence there. Each attempt was met with Muslim forces that won control back over to the Muslims. Short-term gains only resulted in long-term losses.

And here we are. In my book - the 12th crusade. Counting WWII as #11 - though not its expressed original purpose, we saw fit to redraw the map with the spoils of victory and take back the lands of Paletine and re-establish a nation that had long-since been scattered to the winds.

Counting the Wars on Terror as #12. And now "we" think that we've got them where we want them, and its time to take back the Holy city, its Temple and continue with the status quo of more Paramilitary adventures.

I have a hammer that is at least 50 years old that I inherited from my dad. Though still functional, I use it sparingly and opt for newer ones to preserve the inheritance. If abused, it would surely break at the aging handle.

Likewise, when we abuse a people and take away their rights and their land, sooner or later the piper comes to call. That piper is assuredly playing his tune on this day. Something will break as a result.

It would seem, History is in need of listening students.

Posted by: Antithesis | Dec 7, 2017 10:50:15 AM | 125

Probably the most interesting side-effect is that this "choice" will push America even more into irrelevancy. Until now there has always been the thought that the US would act as "broker" and the Arabic states leaders could then pay lip-service to an eventual treaty - which would allow them to continue to do nothing.

The US has no longer the support of the "Arabic" Street to find a solution. The Leaders of the ME countries cannot now abandon the Palestinians, unless they want their own legitimacy to be shredded.
101 solution,(?) The EU is planning to bill Netanyahu €1.2 million for razed humanitarian aid-buildings(Haaretz title). About time too. Your inflationary "cash" solution in devaluing dollars would only appeal to those who have been already dispossessed. A trillion? About the same as the Pentagon war budget if all those "secret" forces and military kickbacks are taken into account. ie. Ask the US for the money and use the Pentagon budget to pay for it.

Posted by: stonebird | Dec 7, 2017 10:52:47 AM | 126

Posted by: dh | Dec 7, 2017 10:43:27 AM | 124

Jews have always been part of Palestine. As Christians and Muslims. It was European imperialists, nationalists and zionists that "made Israel".

No one should have the right to kill because of a historic narrative. The thought that because of the stupidity of a far away dotard people will lose their lives is disgusting.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 7, 2017 11:08:43 AM | 127

Ian@85, @all:

I apologize; I was not aware that it is common knowledge here as a I am newer reader to this publication.


I know this is your forum and you call the shots here. While I appreciate your no-nonsense informative reporting and would like to contribute. I've even linked your pieces on other sites.

I am new here and trying to get a sense of the commentators here ,as well as you. If you prefer that I leave this forum do let me know.

Posted by: Tacitus | Dec 7, 2017 11:09:31 AM | 128

@128 tacitus.. stick around.. there are round for all kinds... folks here are not going hold back and they don't agree with another viewpoint..

Posted by: james | Dec 7, 2017 11:15:49 AM | 129


Posted by: james | Dec 7, 2017 11:16:16 AM | 130

karlof1, I hope you will not be discouraged from posting links. Your reading list is a good one, and your links are a very valuable contribution.

For what it's worth, your link wrapped for me, and as Stoidi @97 points out, this is a browser issue. In Firefox there are at least two other ways to workaround the problem if a long link does break the page - and some discredit must fall on b's platform, which should have protected its own page width from this event, as most other platforms did 1 or 2 decades ago. It's only a one-liner of code in the css stylesheet, as I recall.

It's unfortunate that your link caused trouble for some - it was still a very useful link by the way, that some of us were able to follow out to the original Arabic (which caused all the substitute English characters) - but the over-reaction reminds me again of trying to cover the world with leather, rather than simply adding a couple of pieces to your own feet.

Posted by: Grieved | Dec 7, 2017 11:16:51 AM | 131


I like the lively discussions here; I'm still trying to get a feel for all of you here. Thx.

Posted by: Tacitus | Dec 7, 2017 11:34:47 AM | 132

My point may have been missed. The oil market does not seem to think that this is such a game changer. So far, other than bluster, it would appear that nobody fears a dislocation in the Middle East.
Why should the oil market understand public sentiment in the Middle East? Those guys hang around with the Gulf Shaykhs, who have no knowledge of and no interest in public sentiment. The Shaykhs think their alliance with Israel is fine, not understanding public feeling is strong on this.

Posted by: Laguerre | Dec 7, 2017 12:00:13 PM | 133

Аll Americans, friends and opponents: immediately correct the catastrophically huge mistake of your president, otherwise your taboos will be violated. be vigilant in this. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine and Muslims.

Posted by: ALAN | Dec 7, 2017 12:02:27 PM | 134

133 Oil markets sure would react were there a direct confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Trump's stupidity has now started a competition of being "pro Palestinian" - no oil involved there.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 7, 2017 12:19:43 PM | 135

The only reason for this move on Trumps behalf is for it to serve as a provocation. There is no other reason that fits the narrative. Everybody understands fully well that it would enrage the Palestinians, indeed all the ME nations,and especially Iran. Iran long being a staunch supporter of the palestinians.
I think it is an intentionally move in order to provoke the Iranians to do something rash, so either the nuclear deal can be scrapped or that they can attack Iran as a terrorist state.
One can only hope the Iranians see through the guise, and just keep on doing what they have been doing recently, because THAT obviously hurts badly!
I suspect though, that the Iranians and Russians have seen the trap.

Posted by: Den Lille Abe | Dec 7, 2017 12:36:25 PM | 136

Jews are getting beat around the ears as the white supremacist Israel is unmasked. They've parsed racism for decades in a quest for righteousness of cleansing. Something that can never be accomplished no matter how many fine words are expended.
Where are the peaceful Jews? I would embrace them as brothers and friends. Their main friends now are right wing, racist, intolerant Christians, Breitbart News, Alex Jones, Trump and Harvey Weinstein, Saudis. (Using MOSAD to cover sex affairs? 100 Rabbis should be preaching against this behavior that trashes Jewish reputation as fair people.)
Add Reform Jews to Black Jews as enemies of Zionism.
I remember not so long ago when almost everybody was a friend of Israel. Now Israel vies with Saudi to see which can be the most evil. They deserve each other and the X Wing Xtians too.

Posted by: Rabbit.Marshall | Dec 7, 2017 12:44:16 PM | 137

Daniel Ellsberg has just published a new book
The Doomsday Machine
A chapter is excerpted here:

Posted by: mauisurfer | Dec 7, 2017 12:45:13 PM | 138

Trump’s error on Jerusalem is a disaster for the Arab world … and the US too
by Rashid Khalidi

Posted by: mauisurfer | Dec 7, 2017 12:46:38 PM | 139

Besides the damage Israel has done to Palestine and the ME there is the damage the Jewish Fifth Column has done to America. They have been dragging us into the gutter for decades and destroyed whatever principles and good reputation the US ever had or aspired to.

Never before in the history of the world has a small client state ruled over its more powerful benefactor state. So here is no history to indicate how this will end.

Regardless, I am done with all the traitors to my nation.

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius

Posted by: renfro | Dec 7, 2017 1:09:22 PM | 140

"There has been a reunification deal between Hamas and the PLO. After elections Israel would have been faced with a legitimate internationally recognized negotiation partner.If Hamas (or the PLO) can be goaded into terrorist acts the US can "fight terrorism" and Israel does not have to negotiate.
Posted by: somebody | Dec 6, 2017 7:25:34 PM | 64"
Yes! Now this move makes sense.

Posted by: frances | Dec 7, 2017 1:43:02 PM | 141

Rockets Fired From Gaza

Posted by: Antithesis | Dec 7, 2017 1:48:42 PM | 142

@101 Every human being aspires for happiness and health. If the people of Gaza are violent I'd wager it's the watchtowers taking potshots at their farmers that have something to do with their radicalization. I don't know who you are but I feel that you shouldn't be around animals and if you have children, they will do everything in their power to escape you

Posted by: jezabeel | Dec 7, 2017 1:54:53 PM | 143

Acts 7:43 KJV.

43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

Remphan is Saturn, whose symbol is a cube, or six-sided object, or the perimeter of the hexagonal star that appears on “Israel’s” flag.

As soon as Stephen bought this up, the Jews in attendance stoned him to death. We should therefore point this out as often as we can. (They) hate it.

The Zionist Elephant In The Room

The political creed of Zionism has big ears and a long trunk and I think it’s time that was pointed out. It also stampedes through our lives at every level and that needs to be said, too.

It has created a pincer-movement on the human mind by hijacking staggering amounts of political, corporate, banking and media power on one side and by using the fear of being called ‘anti-Semitic’ if you dare to state the bloody obvious.

They have been able to do this by equating in public perception that Zionism = Jewish people. It does not. Zionism is a political creed introduced by the House of Rothschild to advance the goals of the Illuminati families that are largely controlled by the Rothschilds.

When people think of Zionism they think of Jewish people. When they think of Israel they think of Jewish people. That’s understandable given the propaganda, but it is seriously misleading and those instant connections need to be broken if we are going to understand what’s going on here.

Zionism means Rothschild just as Israel means Rothschild. When we see the extraordinary number of Zionists in key positions around the world we are looking not at ‘manipulating Jews’, but manipulating Zionists representing the interests and demands of the Rothschilds.

Significant numbers of Jewish people are not Zionists and oppose that appalling creed while many Zionists are not Jewish. These include the Christian Zionists and Obama’s vice-president, Joe Biden, who told Israeli television ‘I’m a Zionist’. If, as Biden rightly says, you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, how can it be a racial rather than a political movement? It can’t. It’s just made to appear like that to manipulate public perception because opposing Zionism then becomes opposing Jewish people as a whole and the ‘you’re a racist’ card can be played over and over.

Far from protecting and advancing the interests of the mass of Jewish people it has often been devastating for them and caused millions to be labelled unfairly by the actions of the Zionist elite. On the Jews Against Zionism website one feature highlights how Rothschild Zionism targeted Jews who had lived for generations in Palestine side-by-side with Arabs in peace and harmony:

‘The religious Jews who by virtue of their faith, clearly contradicted Zionist nationalism, and who had lived peacefully with their Arab neighbors for generations, became unwillingly identified with the Zionist cause and their struggle with the Arabs.

They requested the United Nations that Jerusalem be designated as a defacto international city. They appealed to the diplomatic corps assigned to Jerusalem — but to no avail. They were hence confronted with the choice of either becoming a part of the Zionist State, which diametrically opposed the interests of Jews as a religion, or abandoning the land of which their forefathers were the first Jewish settlers.

Let’s get this straight. Zionism doesn’t give a damn about Jewish people. To the Rothschilds and their Zionist gofers and thugs the Jewish people as a whole are merely cattle to be used and abused as necessary – just like the rest of the human population.

The networks of the House of Rothschild were behind Hitler and the rise of the Nazi Party in the Rothschild heartland of Germany where they had changed their name from Bauer in 18th century Frankfurt and launched the dynasty that was to control global finance.

After the war the Rothschilds used public sympathy for Jewish people targeted by the Nazis to press for a homeland in Palestine. This was the alleged reason for the founding of Zionism, but that is only part of it.

The campaign to impose a Rothschild fiefdom in Palestine goes back at least to the earlier part of the 19th century and probably long before. It was given a massive boost with the Balfour Declaration in 1917 when the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour declared in a letter his government’s support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

This letter was sent by Balfour, an inner-circle member of an elite secret society called the Round Table, to Baron (Walter) Rothschild who funded the Round Table.

Today, Rothschild fronts like the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs,chatham house , and others, still answer to the Round Table which string-pulls and coordinates from the shadows. This is why Zionists in government are invariably connected with these Rothschild-controlled organisations.

The Rothschilds funded the early settlers from Europe to relocate in post-war Palestine and they also funded and armed the terrorist groups, like Irgun, which bombed and terrorised Israel into existence in 1948, a campaign which forced 800,000 Palestinians to leave the land of their birth.

Israel is simply the State of Rothschild and how appropriate that they paid for the construction of the Israeli parliament building, the Knesset, and the Israel Supreme Court. The name Rothschild means Red-shield and it originates with the red shield ‘Star of David’ symbol (not a Jewish symbol before the Rothschilds) which they displayed on their house in Frankfurt .

Posted by: stefan | Dec 7, 2017 2:22:02 PM | 144

Excellent assessment and summary, b.
When I first heard Trump's Jerusalem declaration I wondered, for the umpteenth time, if he knew what he was doing? But that query was answered immediately when NATO's White Christian Supremacists, aka The International Community, united to vociferously condemn him for stating the truth out loud. The Big Lie is no longer ambiguous and the Jewish Occupied Palestine genie can't can't be put back in the bottle.
Trump is crazy like a fox.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 7, 2017 2:28:10 PM | 145

Tacitus @ 49

Please stick around and do not get discouraged by the lack of responses. Keep posting good content and eventually you will receive comments that either support or oppose the point of view you are presenting - call it ongoing education. You have already likely noticed that those who focus on formatting issues and minor grammar issues do not add to the learning experience. A good rule is to comment on content but not engage in personal attacks as some posters do.

More background support for your link that goes into the Trump/Kushner/Netanyahu love fest see:

Posted by: Krollchem | Dec 7, 2017 2:41:07 PM | 146

@144 stefan

Yes. And as Alison Weir has documented in her book on Zionism and the creation of Israel, "Against Our Better Judgment", Zionists engineered plenty of terror, oppression and propaganda against the Jews of Europe, in order to frighten them into emigrating to Israel. In Iraq, they mounted a deadly terror campaign against Iraqi Jews (who were completely opposed to Zionism) to get them to move. And their collaboration with the Nazis is well known. Propaganda chief Goebbels actually created a medal with the swastika on one side and the Star of David on the other.

The Israel project found it very difficult to populate its land. Jews were happy where they were, and had no desire to move to Israel. It took some muscle to make it happen.

Posted by: Grieved | Dec 7, 2017 2:50:14 PM | 147

A win win for Trump. US congress, senate, and a good part of US voted wanted this law acted on. At the same time, it makes it harder for the neo-cons to scrape up allies for various coalition of the killing crusades where they need an international coalition for diplomatic cover.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 7, 2017 3:01:35 PM | 148


I appreciate the feedback; perhaps these are the growing pains one encounters when one is relatively new to a forum. Once again, my apologies for one of my comments....

Yes, I've read that peace you linked previously. Perhaps, Trump's links to organized crime, New York real estate mobs and financiers along with his Zionist connections were too easily skimmed over prematurely. All candidates make the obligatory overtures to the Israeli lobby interest groups, in return for their largesse, but one would assume that they are just that, superficial platitudes. Being that Trump is in a domestic imbroglio--with the Deep State trying to scalp him--why would he chose this occasion for such an opaque conciliation to the Zionist agenda--in the face of such international opposition to the idea?; this reeks of quid-pro-quo.

Here are some links another user provided in another site which people should examine as these are some experts within the US government--including Jews--who have soured to this "special relationship":

~~taken from 2014 National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israeli "Special Relationship"~~

Gareth Porter: (manufactured evidence against Iran)

Philip Giraldi:

Ray McGovern:

Mark Perry:

Stephen Walt:

Paul Pillar:

Karen Kwiatowski:

Alison Weir:

Ernie Gallo:

Jeffery Blankfort:

Stephen Siegorski:

Paul Findley:

Scott McConnell:

Justin Raimondo:

Philip Weiss:

Delinda Hanley:

Posted by: Tacitus | Dec 7, 2017 3:34:08 PM | 149


Monsieur, do not despair if we do not answer you. From my part, my time is very limited and so, in the little available, I just take the opportunity to add information or another point of view.
I am also new here, and for what I have seen, this forum ( I do not know whether beause of overwhelmed by US users ) suffers from the same sickness than all the rest of so called "alt-media", the presence of a group of generally poorly educated people who are not able to cope with dissent ( or have the job to combat it, that well could be ). These always act like trolls trying to provoke or discourage the commenter whose opinion they do not like and react with rudeness and even plain insults to everyone who could articulate a more or less well reasoned argument against Trump and general US policies. These people usually come from Breitbart, 4chan and so on. From my experience in the "alt-media",put on your raincoat and go accustomed to this, it is not generally place for exquisiteness.

For what I have seen, you seem a very cultivated person ( may be a historian? ), thus do not get surprised if many people can not follow you in your arguments, consider that it could happen that they simply do not understand what you are saying....Stick around, and give your opinion on the events.


Man, loved your descriptions of The Donald, far better than mine ( I usually call him "Orange Agent" too and loved the word "Dotard" since Kim Jong-un brought it to our knowledge ), but you nailed it, I laughed a lot and I must say that you made my day. Your comments are not only witty but also very funny. Keep it coming.

@daniel finkelstein, 101,

You, man, have never known what shame is, have you? Another troll.

Posted by: elsi | Dec 7, 2017 3:50:49 PM | 150

@ Tacticus with focus on individuals instead of the tools that give individuals power

Welcome to MoA where not all will agree with yo but we attempt to remain civil in our disagreements

I disagree with your focus on individuals and suggest that our efforts are better spent trying to eliminate the tools that give people power over us.

And if you read enough here you will find that my focus is on educating folks about the difference between private finance, which we have and public finance which is only existent now in places like NK, Iran, Cuba....

I will continue to assert that we are far better off focusing our efforts on the tools that enslave us and not the people that may be currently holding some of the reins.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 7, 2017 3:55:56 PM | 151

Nazanin Armanian, an Iranian journalist based in Spain, is telling in his last article that with this move, both, Netanyahu and Trump, are trying, amongst other goals, to overcome their popularity levels, on the lowest right now. Trump, by pleasing its hordes of Evagelists voters and Netanyahu to make forget the dozens of thousand who demonstrated these last days in main israeli cities asking for his resigantion about his, as well, thousands of corruption charges. The article is written in Spanish, try to translate with a translator.

16 reasons and implications of the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem

Posted by: elsi | Dec 7, 2017 4:14:06 PM | 152

In the article linked above by Nazanín Aramanian, in case you are not going to take the trouble to translate it, there is a hyperlink under the words- "oxygen ball for Netanyahu"- to this other interesting article on the most probably unknown outrages and abject ways of genocide the Palestinians are submitted to right now and which you will never found published at your country, the US.
If you are a honest and good person, may be you will want to write your representatives asking for reasons for their suport for this "policies"....

Is Israel carrying out a new 'experiment' with human beings in Gaza?

Posted by: elsi | Dec 7, 2017 4:27:04 PM | 153

Dear Tacitus,

Most people who visit comments forums (including MoA's forums) are not interested in debate and discussion. They are often only keen on spouting their own ill-informed opinions or derailing and undermining discussions.

Please feel free to hang in here - you need time and patience to see who consistently make good comments here. I can make one suggestion though: do take the time to follow PavewayIV's comments whenever they appear - PavewayIV has a military background and his comments are always well informed even if I don't always agree with them.

Posted by: Jen | Dec 7, 2017 4:48:10 PM | 154

elsi@150, psychohistorian@151, Jen@154

Thank you all for gracious welcome and your input. I've also noticed, in my short time here, PavewayIV's comments, but was unaware of his military background.

PsyHis, while I'm generally in agreement with your stance, one can no longer ignore the clear loyalties on display (for many decades one can argue) of the various Isreal lobbies and their skewed aims at all levels of our discourse and clout, the disproportionate number of dual-citizens (again Loyalty) within senior ranks of government, policy boards, media outlets (and their one-sided "reporting/non-reporting"), financial mega-powers, educational institutions, corporate ranks, etc.

At what point does one not challenge this omnipresent Colossus whose blagger is no longer disguised under a velvet cloak, but is, through its blunt arrogance, flaunting its grip on the systems it intends to control?

Since this article references Sheldon Adelson, let's hear it straight from the horse's mouth, shall we?:

@(5:08)"The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform; it was an American two little boys, our two little boys one of whom will be Bar Mitzvah...his hobby is shooting and he'll come back and be a sniper for the IDF"

@(7:21)"all we care about is being good Zionists"

Posted by: Tacitus | Dec 7, 2017 5:23:23 PM | 156

@ Tacitus who asked
At what point does one not challenge this omnipresent Colossus whose blagger is no longer disguised under a velvet cloak, but is, through its blunt arrogance, flaunting its grip on the systems it intends to control?

I would suggest your read about the art of war. The minute you focus on the people instead of the institutions they use to suppress you your efforts are doomed to failure

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 7, 2017 5:27:33 PM | 157


What do you mean "there is no history to indicate how this will end"? It ends the same way every time. Jews overreach, then they get expelled, pogrommed, or worse. There's only so much shit people can take.

Posted by: Keith Moon | Dec 7, 2017 6:08:32 PM | 158

No art in the deal. For all Trump's bluster about others making shitty deals for America, Trump has just given Israel the territory of Jerusalem for nothing. Not one penny. In fact, "We" will still give them many billions of dollars this year just like every year. For nothing.

The Fart of the Deal.

Posted by: fast freddy | Dec 7, 2017 7:33:38 PM | 159

This has to be viewed in the light of the Syrian war. The US has lost that war in a comprehensive way, having lost Turkey and solidified the alliance between Russia and Iran at the same time that, in Ukraine and their demented sanctions policies, they were driving Russia and China together into a eurasian alliance which makes the US increasingly close to irrelevance in geopolitical terms.

Don Bacon makes the point that Trump is simply following the instructions of the Senate which voted 95-3 that Jerusalem, conquered in 1967, should be recognised as Israel's capital. Don misses the point: it does not matter what the US Senate says about important international questions. Except of course to the Solomon Islands, Canada and two other 'countries.'

The US is armed and dangerous but it is incapable of acting rationally on the international stage. For many years this didn't matter very much.Its economic domination and its alliances allowed it to be insane-to deny the existence of the Chinese People's Republic, for example and to support every fascist dictatorship on the planet while claiming to promote democracy.
Those days are ended now. In quick succession since 2001 it has demonstrated that it is (a) crudely deceitful and criminal (b) incapable of conquering a country which it has occupied and (c) easily outmanouevred in the pursuit of its strategic plans.
As to Israel, its days as a new Rhodesia are numbered. Its doom has been pronounced. Thanks to the USA it did exactly what it chose, becoming ever more arrogant, relying on military strength and the US alliance and refusing to make peace even when the most generous terms, close to surrender, were offered it. Thanks now to the US it finds itself dependent on a power exposed as being weak and utterly unreliable, a country with which, according to chastened Russian diplomats is incapable of keeping its word.
Israel is going to regret the opportunities it has missed to compromise. Its people are going to regret having handed over power to a fascist cult-the revisionist zionists.
Like all fascists Netanyahu's mob have an instinctive death wish, a craving for annihilation. It is another thing that they have in common with Southern Baptists and other fundamentalist evangelicals.
For Palestine the dawn is coming.

Posted by: bevin | Dec 7, 2017 7:54:59 PM | 160

What is weird is this; that 2000 years ago, there were no people even resembling Jews in the middle-east at all.

Turns out that there is not a single ancient Jewish city in what is now called Israel. There is not a single city where the Hebrew script is used on the statues and buildings. There is not a single city where the buildings are in the ancient Jewish architectural style. In fact, there is not even a category of "ancient Jewish architectural style".

If you check out all the ancient cities in Israel, they are all Greek, and their ruins are still there for you to visit. Their inscriptions are in the Greek script and the buildings are in the ancient Greek architectural styles.

Here is a list of some of the known ancient Greek cities in (and near) Israel; Ecdippa, Seleucia, Ptolemais, Taricheia Arbela, Asochis, Sepphoris, Hippos, Dion, Sycaminum, Bucolon Polis, Itabyrium, Gadara, Abila, Dora, Comus, Gephrus, Crocodilion Polis, Caesarea, Straton's Tower, Narbata, Scythopolis, Pella, Samaria, Amathus, Ragaba, Gerasa, Apollonia, Sicima, Pegae, Joppa, Arimathea, Jamnia, Port of Jamnia, Lydda, Modiin, Aphaerema, Philadelphia, Birtha, Gazara, Beth Horon, Dok, Jericho, Samaga, Esbus, Medaba, Ladder of Tyre, Azotus, Port of Azotus, Accaron, Jerusalem, Ascalon, Anthedon, Gaza, Marissa, Beth Zur, Hebron, Adora, Engeddi.

The ancient Jewish cities in Israel are,.... well there aren't any. Not even one.

Here's an interesting example of a first century BC Greek inscription (i.e., in Greek letters) from Jerusalem's Temple Mount forbidding the entry of Gentiles (i.e., non-Greeks) to the Temple precinct....

Posted by: jack | Dec 7, 2017 9:02:03 PM | 161

Here is a list of some of the known ancient Greek cities in (and near) Israel.... Posted by: jack | Dec 7, 2017 9:02:03 PM | 161

The list is highly inaccurate. Jews are not a linguistic category. Initially the spoke a Levantine Semitic language described as "Hebrew" which was a dialect of the language also spoken in Lebanon, Phoenician. Then Aramaic spread over the Fertile Crescent, and Jews spoke Aramaic. After Alexander the Great, the political classes from south Italy to Afghanistan were using Greek, somewhat analogous to French being used by European aristocracy in 18/19 centuries.

Over time, cities and villages are destroyed or damaged, then new ones are created or old ones are "reorganized" and renamed, and the cities and villages of Palestine that were affected by such processes between 300 BC and 600 AD would often have Greek names, while the population was not. The list of jack has some "proper Greek names", like Philadelphia, Greek names that refer to non-Greek ethnic group or religions, like Scythopolis or Crocodilion, and a bunch of very ancient names that date back to the time of Jewish/Israeli ethnogenis, if not earlier, like Hebron, Jericho or Gaza (Gaza was Philistine). Ceasarea is of course Latin.

A major point which is often lost is that the idea of restoring status quo ante of the year 0 AD (or earlier) is quite absurd. Say, we would need to separate Franks from Gauls and push the Franks back to Belgium and Rhineland. Angles and Saxons would be expelled from the southern Britania and the Welch diaspora would return to their homeland. Vandals and Goths would re-occupy what is now Poland... Rather few nations reside in the same place as in 0 AD, and most were formed quite a bit later.

Zionist have a bunch of arguments why they are special. First of all, Jews are special, unlike you, unclean devours of shrimps and pork. They preserved a book, and only recently it was realized how garbled the narrative in that book is, in part due to the efforts of Israeli archaeologists, but in my view, even if the Bible were accurate, it is not a real estate contract with eternal validity.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 7, 2017 10:52:17 PM | 162


Please take some time and review the evidence I presented vis-a-vis all the links--please draw your own conclusions, whatever they may be, but at the very least indulge your mind with what I have presented--and we can then have I lively and spirited debate, if you so chose, on the material presented.

Yes, I realize that I am new on this board, and most commentators are weary of my "motivations"--and rightfully so--but as you will undoubtedly learn, in due time, and hopefilly without b's objections, that I simply, honestly, independently, with no-nonsense (tm) would like my fellow beings to see the state of affairs. I would only hope to add some insight in this forum to the benefit of those here. Whether I succeed in this endeavor is entirely in your hands (perhaps eyes and ears would have been a more apt metaphor) ....

All I ask is that you review what I present, in its entirety--and in near parallel with how b does, although b having the gravitas and showing the scars to attest for its prominence--and perhaps learn a lot or merely a nugget or so ...

Thank you for those who have extended a warm welcome and the opportunity to present ideashere--a collegium of sorts perhaps ....

Posted by: Tacitus | Dec 7, 2017 11:29:05 PM | 163


It seems that you were animated (agitated) last night (not arguing the merits thereof methods) and had, as a result, a reactionary response.

In whatever time left for you to moderate this forum, a direct response would be appreciated. Looking at it from a divergent POV, I would expect silence as a result, however you are the final arbiter of such a supposition.

I hope to provide this forum with a plethora of view points ... What say you?

Posted by: Tacitus | Dec 7, 2017 11:54:06 PM | 164

Canada FM is what CFR considers an Expert to be at the do do they do. Me oh. My, oh. A direct line to the marionette finger. I saw "Keith Moon" in the list. Did you know Ron Wood is our PM bio-daddy? The Important part is where the Jesuits bond with the Sinclair/ St.Claire and get Canadinoids paying their traditional emnities usury surcharges and small, large fees. Untied Snakes wishes to export plenty of petro products; and Wesley Clarke's shit-list of producers( plus VZ and Nigeria, Russia) have no great 'dollar-demand' impacts for their puny wars and rumours of wars. Somebody has to lose big and Canada pays 20 bucks per barrel play today. Suckers. I don't know who is next, but some-one gets throttled for the Almighty Buck. Swamp Fox leans onto Brere ( Ret. ) Bear , and scratches the now dried shit of his paws with a sand wedge. "It don't smear when it's dried. Time for a little soft-shoe Bear, my Brother..."

Jump in Joe , we got to go.
Me, oh. My, oh.
I pull the fish and you pole the pirogue down the Bayou.
My Melanne- the sweetest one.
Me, oh. My, oh...
--Jumbalaya by Hank ,of course
Thanks and good health b., and alles. May you live through interesting times.

Posted by: failure of imagination | Dec 8, 2017 12:16:42 AM | 165

@122 " It was officially annexed with the Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel passed by the Knesset on 30 July 1980 "

Actually, if you want to be pedantic then the Basic Law: Jerusalem is not a declaration of annexation.

It is a declaratory statement of what-has-always-been (i.e. "Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel."), therefore it is not a statement that henceforth-it-shall-be-so (i.e. I've seized East Jerusalem, so I'm now claiming it).

And since it is merely a declaratory statement of what-has-always-been then the Basic Law: Jerusalem doesn't actually change anything, legally-speaking i.e. the Israelis have always insisted that Jerusalem is Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! and that has been their claim since the formation of the state.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Dec 8, 2017 12:42:30 AM | 166

@169 I don't want to be pedantic. The Israeli Knesset officially annexed East Jerusalem in 1980. I don't see why you have a problem with that.

Of course they think it has been theirs since Yahweh gave it to Moses or whatever.

Posted by: dh | Dec 8, 2017 1:01:28 AM | 167

@144 & @147 Well put but rejoice in the knowledge the usurpers are being exposed for what they are and shall soon diminish..


Posted by: Lozion | Dec 8, 2017 1:24:37 AM | 168

Does anyone have a link to Nasrallah's speech?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 8, 2017 1:28:06 AM | 169

Trumps move may well be intended to provoke a reaction from Hezbollah and Iran - a suitable incident - to enable a US attack on Iran and Hezbollah?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 8, 2017 3:57:32 AM | 170


It does not matter, as it is going to be one state now anyway.

The US have just defunded the Palestinian authority in an attempt to blackmail them into accepting any "peace plan".

This is the first test if that strategy works.

They have also tried to squeeze Hamas financially which might well have been the reason for the Saudi Qatar rift.

The policy by "Western" countries to defund the Palestinian authority had a long fuse.

My guess is that others will step in.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 8, 2017 4:19:58 AM | 171

Does anyone have a link to Nasrallah's speech?

@ Peter AU 1 | Dec 8, 2017 1:28:06 AM | 172

I have a link to an Spanish translation of the main points of his speech by Spanish Al Manar, Lebanese communication group linked to Hezbollah.... Contrary to what US and Israeli stoogs would have desired, he is calling for a unified response by all the Arab and Muslim world and for non-violent demonstrations and sits against this clumsy move by the bully-regimes of US and Israel at every city of Israel, Palestine, the whole Middle East and the restof the world, including the West, while at the same time to overflood the net and social networks with messages in support of Al Quds as ethernal capital of Palestine to show the US and Israel that this warmongering move has the rejection of the whole planet:

He is calling for all, women, children, elders and whoever to go out in demonstrations...

Posted by: elsi | Dec 8, 2017 7:18:41 AM | 172

Mike Pence "persona non grata" in Palestine

President Donald Trump's aggressive decision to recognize Al Quds as the capital of the Israeli regime continues to elicit responses.

On Thursday, a member of the Palestinian Fatah party said that US Vice President Mike Pence was not "welcome in Palestine."

A visit by Pence to the Zionist entity and to the occupied Palestinian territories is scheduled for the second half of December.

"The US vice president is not welcome in Palestine," Yibril Rayub told AFP. "President Abbas will not receive it because of President Donald Trump's announcement."

"How are we going to sit down in front of those people who impose on me the future of Al Quds as the capital of Israel?" Said, on the other hand, the Palestinian chief negotiator, Said Erekat.

The White House estimated on Thursday that a possible annulment of the meeting between Mike Pence and Abbas will be "counterproductive."

For the Palestinians, including President Abbas, Washington can no longer play a historic mediating role after Trump's declaration. "With these deplorable decisions, the US has ruined all peace efforts," Abbas said on Wednesday.

Posted by: elsi | Dec 8, 2017 7:29:20 AM | 173

Posted by: elsi | Dec 8, 2017 7:18:41 AM | 175

There are different translations depending on the agendas of people translating.

He did say "support for the intifada and strenghtening the resistance" in all translations but most of the actions he recommended from "protesting in Social Media" to Arab States recalling their ambassadors from Washington were peaceful.

As is Washington/Israel are completely isolated, it would be madness for Palestinians to risk their life for Trump's signature. It was an own goal apart from Trump's popularity with evangelicals.

I doubt it helped Netanyahu politically.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 8, 2017 7:38:06 AM | 174

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 8, 2017 3:57:32 AM | 173

A most likely desire....

Posted by: notlurking | Dec 8, 2017 7:38:44 AM | 175

@ Tacitus | Dec 7, 2017 3:34:08 PM | 149

You cited or recommended to view Philip Giraldi:
I am not living in the USA. The border between anti-zionism and anti-semitism is often enough a tiny fragile line. How serious, reputable is this guy according to what you know? Any comments about this? Other opinions welcome.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Dec 8, 2017 8:06:54 AM | 176

General strike in Occupied Palestine against the American decision to denominate Jerusalem capital of the Zionist entity. #Jerusalem_CapitalOfPalestine #AlQudsCapitalPalestina #FreePalestine

Thousands of Yemenis have packed the streets of Sa'ada in support of the Palestinian people, despite the deaths, famine and diseases they suffer from the Saudi aggression. #AlQudsCapitalPalestina

The Al Aqsa Mosque after the Friday prayer. #Jerusalem_CapitalOfPalestine #AlQudsCapitalPalestina Long live the Palestinian resistance!

Jordan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Yemen, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia ... Demonstrations around the world in support of the Palestinian people. Where is #SaudiArabia? #Jerusalem_CapitalOfPalestine #AlQudsCapitalPalestina

Posted by: elsi | Dec 8, 2017 8:28:43 AM | 177

Posted by: Hausmeister | Dec 8, 2017 8:06:54 AM | 179

According to his Wikipedia entry, the guy is reputable enough, if you can call an ex-CIA guy that.

What he does not talk about is that Israel and Saudi Arabia have been used to outsource US intelligence work to hide from congress.

So when he criticizes Israel he should talk about Washington factions acting illegally.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 8, 2017 8:33:35 AM | 178

@Hausmeister | Dec 8, 2017 8:06:54 AM | 179

As a norm, I do not trust any person claiming to be "former CIA agent", since from what I have understood it does not exist such a thing as a "former CIA whatever"....

You only have not but to see that during the last US election campaign we had some of those supposed "former CIA -wistleblowers", happily living in the US, trying to put The Donald through our eyes as the only "hope of the world"....

Why simple citizens like me could see through the evident lack of ethics and moral of The Donald and what could be waiting for us with him at the helms, and so "intelligent people" as them and the "outstanding analysts" from the so called "US alt-media" with such "superb qualities for analisis" couldn´t?

I will told you, because they plotted together to bring in this warmonger Dotard Orange Agent by lying to their nationals and the world. Why the Rusian officials also fell under such incantation is beyond me....

Posted by: elsi | Dec 8, 2017 8:44:43 AM | 179

add to 181

Mark Perry on the same issue

Posted by: somebody | Dec 8, 2017 9:09:58 AM | 180

Tacitus @149
I wonder if this move, apart from being a campaign promise and something he actually wanted to do, isn't also a deliberate way for Trump to silence - at least for a time - some of his Democratic critics. After all, his decision about Jerusalem is basically supported by 90% of Dem Congressmen; they agitate about him being a bad president and one that Americans should get rid of, but it'll be harder to argue that he's a complete and constant trainwreck when he just did what they wanted for the last decades, but none of their own presidents actually dared to do.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Dec 8, 2017 9:37:32 AM | 181

@Hausmeister 179

Giraldi is one of the very few voices left in America willing to speak ‘truth to power‘ His elucidations on the malevolent influence of jewish power on the U.S. government are highly recommended. He continually exposes the machinations of both the neocons and the jewish lobby in their subversion of U.S. interests. He was recently fired by The American Conservative (pressured by the jewish lobby) for one such article. What he most assuredly is not is some anti-semitic raver. Giraldi offers you a glimpse ‘behind the curtain’ (as Natan Sharansky put it), exposing the intrigues, corruption and manoeuvrings in a concrete manner.
Again, highly recommended.

Posted by: pantaraxia | Dec 8, 2017 9:50:55 AM | 182

@ somebody @ elsi @ pantaxia
Thanks so far for the answers. They fit to what I read and to what has happened in his case until now. What I saw was anti-zionistic, but please understand that for good reasons anti-semitism is a kind of taboo issue in Germany. This accepted one must not like war mongering, a new Cold War against Russia, secret help to head choppers, public financing of terrrorist (White Helmets) etc. - But in many comments to his articles there is a lot of straight anti-semitism visible.

Posted by: Hausmeister | Dec 8, 2017 10:02:22 AM | 183

Does anyone have a link to Nasrallah's speech?

@ Peter AU 1 | Dec 8, 2017 1:28:06 AM | 172

Here is one and here is another both in English>

Posted by: Tacitus | Dec 8, 2017 10:41:40 AM | 184

@ 186 Hausmeister

As Gilead Atzmon put it: “Jewish power is the power to silence criticism of Jewish Power” The truth of this statement is seen in various manifestations from the virtual silence of the MSM over the atrocities visited upon the Palestinians by the Israelis to the jewish influence on numerous western governments. Now anti-zionism is being redefined as anti-semitism to further silence criticism of the zionist project. It was only some fifty years ago that the United Nations condemned zionism as a racist ideology. What has changed since then and why? The reality on the ground or the definition? Here’s a short video (< 2 minutes) which may provide some insight.

Israeli Minister "We always use the anti-Semitism trick…

Posted by: pantaraxia | Dec 8, 2017 10:55:51 AM | 185

@ 186 Hausmeister

As Gilead Atzmon put it: “Jewish power is the power to silence criticism of Jewish Power” The truth of this statement is seen in various manifestations from the virtual silence of the MSM over the atrocities visited upon the Palestinians by the Israelis to the jewish influence on numerous western governments. Now anti-zionism is being redefined as anti-semitism to further silence criticism of the zionist project. It was only some fifty years ago that the United Nations condemned zionism as a racist ideology. What has changed since then and why? The reality on the ground or the definition? Here’s a short video (< 2 minutes) which may provide some insight.

Israeli Minister "We always use the anti-Semitism trick…

Posted by: pantaraxia | Dec 8, 2017 10:55:51 AM | 186

Apologies for double posting.

Posted by: pantaraxia | Dec 8, 2017 10:59:20 AM | 187

Hausmeister @179

I'll add this to what others have already stated:

Check out some of the youtube interviews I've linked @76

@149 you'll notice Philip Giraldi is one of the speakers at that conference (second one listed) listen for more on his background (I urge you all when you have a couple of hours to listen to all of the videos I've linked @149 and make up your own mind

As I stated previously he was fired from the American Conservative Magazine (one that we wrote for from almost its inception), but he still contributes for a variety of outlets; you can follow his writings on unz

If you want some more background on Philip Giraldi (here is one and another)

Posted by: Tacitus | Dec 8, 2017 11:06:44 AM | 188

@ Tacitus,

I commend your grasp of the English language and the extension
of your culture/vocabulary. Sine dubito you must have spent years
in reclusion perusing manuscripts and fishing idoneous words, intent
on demonstrating your vastly superior erudition to the unsuspecting

You are a Samurai of the words slashing the vulgus in a diagonal arc
and trampling of the enfeebled minds of us commoners.

But in the endeavour, you might not be fully understood and you could
be even misinterpreted by those of scant lexicons.

So please, make an effort and instead of addressing us from the loftier
perch of your tower, please hover a little closer to ground so we might
easier understand you.

You will be richly rewarded by a warm welcome of understanding.

Posted by: CarlD |

Posted by: CarlD | Dec 8, 2017 11:28:33 AM | 189

Kudos b. The variety of commenters, new and old, oh so enlightening.

@ Daniel Finkelstein, 101

At least the U.S. pretense is made bare. U.S. an honest mediator NOT and that role is over. The WH occupant and son-in-law have confirmed our worst fears; it’s always been Israel first. There is a not-so-nice Yiddish term for the DJT’s announcement setting aside 1500 years of history. We tear down statutes, why not! The demolition magnate.

I endorse Blues @ 109
The usurpers, the once oppressed, but now the oppressors and practitioners of Apartheid, should be the ones to leave and be paid in cyrptokitties currently priced at $118,000 each.

Indeed the final solution to this conflict. There will be peace. Soon – to - come.

Posted by: likklemore | Dec 8, 2017 11:37:44 AM | 190

@167 tacitus... b rarely if ever responds.. this is not the same as pat langs site... btw - are you the same publius tacitus that periodically posts at sst? i was thinking you are...

Posted by: james | Dec 8, 2017 12:18:50 PM | 191

Trump is very much into symbolic actions (bombing an airstrip in Syria and reportedly letting the Russians know in advance), into hyperbolic speech (“I will build a great great great wall”), threats and the like (“fire and fury” to North Korea), as well as statements or twitter sallies that may seem socially outrageous (Barack’s birth cert. is a fraud) but are quite meaningless.

DT is also a champion of the failed performative. (P = linguistic term referring to occasions where pronoucing, speaking, some phrase(s) has effects in the real world: “I pronounce Jo and Jill man and wife”, “I hereby declare war on Xanadu”, “Your contract is terminated as of today.”) All this is inherited from a certain section of the Noo Yawk business world, a climate where self-aggrandisement, posturing, wordiness and symbolism (“I’ll burn your f*** building down and..”) are part of the game and serve a purpose.

I read that moving the US embassy is put off sine die. No matter, perhaps, as it is the symbol and the intent that counts. As b wrote, various US pol. bodies have voted on this issue, many times, trumpeting (sic) Jerusalem as the capital. Basically the US heralded J. as the capital but perpetually held off actually impementing that, officially / concretely - forked-tongue hypocrisy, another version of ‘failed performatives.’

I’m not trying to trivialize or deny the desperate plight of the Palestinians, the *xxxx* cruelty of Zion, as most must realise, etc. but going hysterical about everything DT says, does, or does not, is playing right into his game, and doesn’t help the oppressed…

Also, as pointed out, the US is here alone in the “W”, there is no ‘coalition’ ..(footnotes skipped.. KSA…) which is unusual and perhaps good news.

Laguerre said it at 6: The issue will be: how strong the Muslim reaction. My guess: weak to nil.

Posted by: Noirette | Dec 8, 2017 1:25:39 PM | 192

Anybody betting, that this will blow over, lost.

It will be interesting to see if Israel has the stomach for another Gaza war.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 8, 2017 1:26:11 PM | 193

@ Noirette | Dec 8, 2017 1:25:39 PM | 195
I just saw this:
Article in TheAmercianConservative
This is kind of an answer or a kind of reaction, no?

Posted by: Hausmeister | Dec 8, 2017 1:53:02 PM | 194

Hausmeister at 197, yes, it is.

Posted by: Noirette | Dec 8, 2017 2:37:30 PM | 195

For those interested in the archaeological evidence for ancient Israel (spoiler alert: not much) PBS's Nova did a very good documentary some years ago. It was quite up-to-date, and not much has changed. They try not to step too harshly on the toes of believers, but it doesn't shrink from stating there is near-zero evidence for any of the Foundational Bible Legends.

Posted by: Daniel | Dec 8, 2017 8:58:30 PM | 196

when some mention that the legal status of Jerusalem is something that has to be settled by negotiation between the Palestinians and Israel people do not understand that the Jerusalem that is discussed is the Eastern part which was occupied by Israel in 1967.This part of Jerusalem should not be subjected to any "negotiations" at all since the United Nations and in particular its Security Council regards this as an occupied territory. To agree on negotiating on its future means simply that we are giving legitimacy to the occupation and to the Jewish settlements that has been built after 1967 with the aim of changing the demography and geography of East Jerusalem. Again the Jewish settlements build on the occupied land is regarded as illegal. No one mentions that West Jerusalem has been under the Israeli control since the creation of the Zionist entity. If one believes in what is called the international legitimacy Israel should be kicked off all the land occupied in 1967 including East Jerusalem. East Jerusalem should not be put on the negotiating table at all in any "peace process" if there will be any because so far there has not been one.

Posted by: Bahij Sakakini | Dec 9, 2017 7:14:45 AM | 197

@200 "If one believes in what is called the international legitimacy....."

The UN position on East Jerusalem hasn't changed.....yet. Nicki Haley is doing her best to make the UN look irrelevant.

Posted by: dh | Dec 9, 2017 8:35:38 AM | 198

Video of sections of Nasrallah's speech. English subtitles.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Dec 9, 2017 10:15:52 AM | 200

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