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November 13, 2017

Yemen - Having Lost The War Saudis Try Genocide - Media Complicit


From the last link:

Saudi Arabia reacting to UN famine warnings says ports in Yemen it controls will reopen for aid deliveries. Riyadh shut them down last week after a missile attack blamed on Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

The above headlines are false. The Saudi government announced the re-opening of some Yemeni ports and airports. All of these are in the south and under control of Saudi proxy forces who are fighting the Houthi-Saleh alliance in north-west Yemen. Some 70% of the population lives in the north-western areas which will continue to be under an extreme blockade. The most important port in their area is Hodeida which will stay closed. Back in March the U.S. Pentagon tried to get control of the port. But fighting for it would have destroyed the piers and thereby the supply route for some 20 million people. The most important airport is in Sanaa. The Saudi/U.S./UK alliance blocks even UN flights with medical supplies from using it.

The Saudis now "request" the UN to send an expert commission to Riyadh to "discuss" procedures for future control of the ports that are not held by its proxies. Such a process will take weeks if not months. The Saudis will, like the Pentagon earlier, demand total control over the ports which their opponents will of course not give. Any such fighting will only worsen the situation.

Thanks to local smugglers some food and other goods will still be able to pass through the blockade. But these will be way too few and too expensive for the vast majority of Yemenis. When the recent blockade was announced, food and gas prices in Yemen doubled overnight. Public service employees have not been paid for more than 15 months. People simply can no longer afford to keep their children alive:

In Sana’a, Nor Rashid sold her family’s cow to pay for the transport costs to get her four year-old daughter, who weighs 16lbs, to the city’s feeding centre in Al-Sabaeen hospital. She has other children who are also sick but she cannot afford to pay for the medical care if she brings them in for treatment too. “It’s because of the lack of government wages,” she said. “Usually we go to the person in the village with a wage to ask for help and borrow money if someone needs to go to the hospital. But since the wages stopped we have no support.”

The UN warns, rightly, that the blockade is causing a mass famine. This famine is not a side effect of the war - it is a weapon:

To starve Yemeni civilians is an overt act by Riyadh, enraged by a humiliating failure to achieve a Saudi military victory.

The media claim that only 10,000 civilians have been killed in the two and a half years of the war. The number is laughable. Neither the UN nor others have published any detailed account. The 10,000 number seems to be plugged from hot air.  Compare, for example, the dates and content of these two reports:

Al Jazeerah - 31 Aug 2016: UN: At least 10,000 killed in Yemen conflict

The United Nations has significantly revised the estimated death toll from Yemen's 18-month civil war to up to 10,000 people
Speaking from the capital Sanaa on Tuesday, Jamie McGoldrick, the UN humanitarian coordinator, said the new figure was based on official information from medical facilities in Yemen.

Al Jazeerah - 17 Jan 2017: Death toll in Yemen conflict passes 10,000

The United Nations' humanitarian aid official in Yemen has said that the civilian death toll in the nearly two-year conflict has reached 10,000, with 40,000 others wounded.

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs' Jamie McGoldrick said that the figure is based on lists of victims gathered by health facilities ...

The same low number is claimed by the same official in August and in January while a devastating war has been ongoing throughout that time frame. That does not make sense. To provide a cynic laugh attack, or out of stupidity, the later Al Jazeerah report says:

The announcement marks the first time a UN official has confirmed such a high death toll in Yemen

Up to July 2017 the U.S.-Saudi coalition had flown more than 90,000 air-sorties over Yemen. Most of those will have involved weapon releases. Are we to believe that only 10,000 civilians have been killed by all these bombs and the additional artillery, sharpshooters and suicide attacks? That would be inconsistent even with western reports of the  known mass incidents during the war. 100,000 dead civilians caused by the war so far is a more likely number than the never changing 10,000.

On November 1 a Saudi bomb attack killed at least 29 people in a busy market in Saada. The Yemeni missile launch against the airport of Riyadh on November 4 was in response to that deadly Saudi attack. The Saudis claim that these Yemeni missiles are from Iran and the U.S. military is, without providing evidence, supporting that fairy tale:

[R]emnants of [the missile] bore “Iranian markings,” the top U.S. Air Force official in the Mideast said Friday.

"The Saudis found a sticker on the wreckage. It said Made in Iran."

In a video message the former Yemeni president explained that these missiles were from the large stash he bought before the ongoing war broke out.  According to IHS Janes these missiles are of North Korean origin (pdf) and were modified by the experienced Yemeni army missile forces.

In concert with Saudi propaganda's curious claims now pop up in U.S. media. Suddenly Afghan Shia fighters (Fatemiyoun) or Hizbullah from Lebanon are said to be fighting in Yemen. These claims make no sense. Explain, for example, the geography in this recent New York Times piece:

Not only did Iran send smaller units of the Fatemiyoun to cross Syrian borders and fight in Yemen, ...

How and why would Afghan Shia, who do not speak Arabic, enter the blockaded Yemen? There are millions of unemployed Yemenis in the besieged areas. They hate the Saudis. The Houthi surely have no lack of foot-soldiers.

In yesterday's TV interview the kidnapped Lebanese Premier Saad Hariri insinuated that he would be released by the Saudis if Hizbullah ends operations in Yemen. AP summarized:

[Hariri] singled out Hezbollah’s involvement in Yemen as the main cause of the kingdom’s ire.

But there is no reasonable evidence at all that any Hizbullah are in Yemen. In 2015 a Saudi diplomat claimed to "have reports" of Hizbullah trainers in Yemen without providing any of them. In 2016 the Saudi state owned Al Arabia TV posted a short video of which it claims that it shows a Hizbullah trainer teaching Houthis. No date or place or other information about the recording was released. In the two and a half years of the war on Yemen no reports from the ground emerged of any Hizbullah involvement or of wounded or killed Lebanese or Iranian or Afghan fighters.

The Houthis are no Hezbollah and they are not stooges of the Iranian government. Their alliance with Yemeni army troops loyal to former President Saleh gives them tactical and technical capabilities. Their weapons are either from old stocks or purchased from the large weapon markets in Yemen. The dealers buy these weapons from the groups the Saudi employ and generously equip and supply. Those Saudi controlled forces are the main suppliers of their designated enemies.

The Saudis are starving a whole country - with avid support of the "humanitarian" western world. The UN bureaucracy and leadership was bought off and is complicit. The Saudi tyrant kidnaps and blackmails the Prime Minister of a third country. All this because he fails to overcome the barefooted Houthi fighters in Yemen against which he started a senseless war. The Saudis invent Iranian involvement and the media avidly repeat their claims without any evidentiary support.

Literally millions are in imminent danger of dying. Meanwhile greedy "western" politicians are ass-kissing the Saudi freak of a clown prince and his senile father. They support whatever lunatic claim the Saudis make about their perceived enemies.

The next time you see one these creatures please punch its face.

Posted by b on November 13, 2017 at 14:32 UTC | Permalink


Despicable but let's be fair for a second, even China and Russia are cozying up to the scum in Riyadh to further their geopolitical agenda, let's be critical of all the powers that be that could pressure Saudi-Arabia into doing the only right thing, lift the blockade. I'm not seeing any pressure at all. Nobody cares about a few thousand starving Yemeni and that is what is frightening me most.

Posted by: Alexander P | Nov 13 2017 14:40 utc | 1

Where are the German, French, British, Polish, Swedish media and humanitarians on this?

Don't say they're castrated entities with no will of their own, since they make claims against several countries for violating human rights.

Posted by: ab initio | Nov 13 2017 15:16 utc | 2

Swedish MSM avoids it. All important political parties avoids it. All in the hand of USA and Nato

Posted by: OldWolf | Nov 13 2017 15:32 utc | 3


Some 70% of the population lives in the north-western areas which will continue to be under an extreme blockade.

The Saudis are starving a whole country ...

This is inconsistent b. It seems the Saudis are starving the 70% of the country that won't submit to them.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 13 2017 15:44 utc | 4

>>>> ab initio | Nov 13, 2017 10:16:24 AM | 2

Where are the German, French, British, Polish, Swedish media and humanitarians on this?

Interesting you should ask. The Guardian and Amnesty International are today indulging in a blatant piece of whataboutery with The Guardian reporting that Amnesty International is about to issue a report alleging that Assad in Syria is following the same practice that MbS is actually using in Yemen:

Assad regime's starve or surrender strategy 'a crime against humanity'

Amnesty report examining sieges and evacuation deals published weeks after images of starving baby in Ghouta brought plight of trapped Syrians into focus

Forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad in Syria have committed crimes against humanity through their “starve or surrender” strategy and sieges that have devastated areas controlled by the opposition, a report by human rights watchdog Amnesty International has concluded.

The report, to be released on Monday, examines four “reconciliation” deals between the Assad regime and the opposition in Aleppo, Homs and Darayya as well as an agreement that included four besieged towns, two by the government and two by the rebels, and which led to the displacement of tens of thousands of civilians after years-long sieges and indiscriminate bombardment.

While the report concludes that all sides in the conflict had violated international law, it says the regime’s strategy of systematically preventing crucial food and medicine supplies from entering civilian areas while mounting bombing campaigns amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So The Guardian demonstrates it's nothing more than a propaganda organ for MbS and Amnesty International that it's a tool of American imperialism.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 13 2017 16:09 utc | 5

>>>> Ghostship | Nov 13, 2017 11:09:05 AM | 5

The Guardian article about the Amnesty International report (download as pdf).

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 13 2017 16:14 utc | 6

#5 @Ghostship - Thanks for sharing that bit from the Guardian.

The deliberate falsification of every meaningful foreign policy, economic, and political topic by the western media is an ongoing travesty. It has negative effects on two sides. First, the unsuspecting people who read the Guardian, NYT, Washington Post, etc. actually think they're getting the 'real' news and information, leaving them unable to make good decisions. Second, those who disbelieve the false stories often disbelieve everything else, true or not--"The mainstream media said there was a moon landing, therefore it must not have happened."

Posted by: WorldBLee | Nov 13 2017 16:32 utc | 7

Can somebody explain me why every country in the world can supply KSA with state of the art weaponry and even millitary aid to attack another country and iran is forbidden to support yemen to deffend their country.

Posted by: bg | Nov 13 2017 16:34 utc | 8

Yemen is now divided in "occupied zones" (Houthi control) and "free zones" (KSA control)
Civil servants in Houthi controled zones do not get their salaries (unlike... Mosul... Syrian cities...)
Only the ports of the "free zones" will be reopened; elsewhere, prices are skyrocketting and there is no gas for cars anymore.,-s.aspx

Posted by: Mina | Nov 13 2017 16:43 utc | 9

Let's not forget UAE.
>CAIRO — Saudi Arabia has barred Yemen’s president, along with his sons, ministers and military officials, from returning home for months, Yemeni officials tell The Associated Press, a sign of how much the leader-in-exile has been deeply weakened in a war fought in his name by the Saudi-led coalition against rebels in his country. The officials said the ban was prompted by the bitter enmity between President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the United Arab Emirates, which is part of the coalition and has come to dominate southern Yemen, the portion of the country not under rebel control. Hadi and much of his government have been in the Saudi capital Riyadh for most of the war.
>For the first time in over a decade, the U.S. Air Force is publicly acknowledging it runs an air war out of Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates
>UAE agrees $1.6 billion deal with Lockheed Martin to upgrade F-16 fighters
> The UAE will not remain idle under the shadow of Iran's threat, Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, State Minister for Foreign Affairs said.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 13 2017 16:53 utc | 10

the rich part of Yemen is the north-west, which gets rain from a double monsoon
the rest is starving anyway; very little roads; goods have to come from somewhere and not necessarly by sea (far too expensive for the average yemeni)

Posted by: Mina | Nov 13 2017 17:31 utc | 11

the west is complicit in this travesty... and yes - it is all about money.. saudi arabia and united arab emirates have lots of it... what they don't have is a shred of compassion or intelligence... the same can now be said for the west... all bow down at the alter of money... we appear to not care about people so much...

@ alexander p.. i agree.. russia and china are also complicit in this..

Posted by: james | Nov 13 2017 17:58 utc | 12

If they counted 'starvation related deaths', the number would easily push that towards 100,000.
The number of deaths from Cholera is already over 2,000.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Nov 13 2017 17:59 utc | 13

Hehe -
MoA scooped BBC by a full month

MoA Oct 14 - Free Passage Deal For ISIS In Raqqa - U.S. Denies Involvement - Video Proves It Lies

The BBC now comes out with a sensational report on how the U.S. let ISIS go from Raqqa. Duh!

They have lots of details about various fighters (I am sure MI6 help researching) but the essential take is the one we had here a month ago.

BBC: Raqqa’s dirty secret

Posted by: b | Nov 13 2017 18:01 utc | 14

congrats on that b! most of the media outlets are bought and paid for by the same corrupt countries and forces bringing us all this war.. saudi arabia must have full ownership of the guardian by now.. qatar wouldn't sell them al jazeera..

Posted by: james | Nov 13 2017 18:04 utc | 15

This video, taken by a resident of Raqqa, shows the SDF taking ISIS fighters out of Raqqa northwards towards Tal Abyad at the border with Turkey.

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 13 2017 18:32 utc | 16

Jackrabbit #4. Your comment is at best pedantic and approaches arguably wrong. The country of North Yemen is being blockaded. It existed as an independent entity from the fall of the ottoman empire until 1993 when the state of Yemen was agreed to by the North and South. A brief civil war broke out in 1994 and the first national election under the current constitution didn't happen until 1999.

Posted by: ToivoS | Nov 13 2017 18:37 utc | 17

The critters of the presstitute media (BBC, Guardian, New York Times, AFP, AP, ...) as well those of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other insidious institutions like them equallty deserve punches to their faces.

Posted by: xor | Nov 13 2017 18:37 utc | 18

Saudi death by a thousand cuts...went on a video watching binge a short while ago and concluded the Yemeni fighters are as tough as they come. Pack their jaws chock full of Katt then run across the desert barefoot blowing Saudi stuff up using only rifles and bic lighters. Truth be told, the Saudis wounds seem to be festering.

Posted by: str8arrow62 | Nov 13 2017 19:19 utc | 19

One day people will wake up and understand that the declaration of certain countries belonging to an "Axis of Evil" was nothing but psychological projection.

The true axis of evil sounds like this: USUKAUSCANILKSADEFRJNZ

It can no longer be a secret that these countries are perpetrating genocide on countries of color on a large scale. This is about a future planet, in which these countries are calling the shots. All others will be assimilated. It is just a matter of time, if the Universe doesn't gift the planet with some divine intervention.

Furthermore, any country that resembled a true and open Democracy has been corrupted. Information is propaganda at best and if you were not there when it happened, the likelihood is you will never be told the truth about it.

Humanity is forced and also voluntarily marching towards a global Fascist dictatorship in which the individual means absolutely nothing.

The question has to be:

How many rich people have been bombed today? How many rich people have been blown up today? How many rich people are starving to death?

When I was much younger I read a book about the future of the planet. It predicted mass migrations and the transformation of global conflicts based on political ideologies into the war between the rich and the poor.

As long as people do not start to reject their own Fascist regimes, the march will continue and end in extinction. Extinction might be the only way how this corrupt and Fascist global elite will come to an end.

Maybe I am especially disgusted about what happens to Yemen while in the U.S. the military machine is glorified, celebrated and worshiped as the beacon of freedom and democracy. The young Yemeni that I had befriended 35 years ago was very well educated and would tell me about Yemen and he had invited me to come and travel his country of which he said was most amazing and very beautiful.

The emphasis here is on "was most amazing" and "was very beautiful".

I am once more ashamed to be a member of the Western world with their more and more Fascist values.

Good Night.

Posted by: notheonly1 | Nov 13 2017 19:36 utc | 20

Thank you, b, thanks ever so much for tirelessly dissecting all the sh*t that's going on, Yemen this time. Please keep it up, I check this site a couple of times a day for new posts and the many comments, too.

I was surprised to learn that in their most recent article on Yemen, state-run German states head-on what you stress in your post. The blockade will only be lifted for the Saudi-backed parts of the country. Wow, it seems like they've begun to sort of hedge their bets regarding the Psychopathic Kingdom. Usually, they just ruminate whatever wild claims the Saudis make, Hezbollah, Iran, Iran, Iran.

Now regarding UN complicity, it's a sad truth for sure, but I don't think people like this guy Jamie McGoldrick or any of the others were bought. I just don't see the need for it, since the UN's "Department of Political Affairs" is running the show anyway. It's a kind of UN within the UN, and it's headed by faithful CIA rat Jeffrey 'Cunt' Feltman. That post really turned out to be the jackpot for the US Deep State. So many other UN bodies are depending on the DPA to some degree, be it the Security Council, this recent chemical weapons JIM, or the various envoys. People like McGoldrick, de Mistura (Syria envoy) or those aunties on the JIM are just hapless dupes, unwittingly doing the Deep State's work.

Great feat to dig up those ridiculous articles on the death toll! I think that's exactly the way to get at these f*ckers. Imagine they would have given an even lower number in a later article instead of 'just' the exact same one...

Posted by: Scotch Bingeington | Nov 13 2017 19:48 utc | 21

Typically whatever death and casualty numbers the Hegemon puts forth should be multiplied by ten.

Posted by: paul | Nov 13 2017 20:07 utc | 22

Posted by b on November 13, 2017 at 09:32 AM

"The next time you see one these creatures please punch its face."

A sign of desperation, but I quiet agree......

Posted by: notlurking | Nov 13 2017 20:24 utc | 23

Saudis are being blowhards. I think all efforts of Israel/US/Saudi are now being directed to avoiding fallout from failed policies. They are making defensive moves - all the bluster looking like offensive actions are just a cover for their deflating hubris.

Posted by: Andy | Nov 13 2017 21:02 utc | 24

bg @8:

It's called politics. Any SOB that have a benefactor with the most resources, wins.

Posted by: Ian | Nov 13 2017 21:07 utc | 25

As the barbarians have just rounded up the elite's bank accounts (I think something similar recently happened in Cyprus?) so too I think that may be a prelude for the FUKUS corporation governments shortly. When the printing press loses some punch, the seizure of assets seems somewhat inevitable. I mean first we need Sharon Brown to offer up the treasury to pay out bloated pensions (almost done), then the expenditures to continue unchecked (inevitable).

The clown prince maybe poorly scripted, but I think he is a pretty good preview of western fiscal management circa 2025?

Mercouris at the Durant just posted a really long yet outstanding piece on this subject.

Posted by: TSP | Nov 13 2017 21:15 utc | 26

Yemen, and more specifically the Houthi struggle for existence, is a real-life metaphor for the multiple crises afflicting humanity--all of which are self-induced--except that a large portion of humanity is ignorant of both the crises themselves and their proximate causes. And as with all things of importance, Corporate Media outright lie or at best obfuscate both reality and Truth. On one hand, we can read the ambitious and promising joint declaration issued by the nations involved with the recent APEC summit at Da Nang, Vietnam, But what sort of credibility do such Declarations have when those issuing them are doing the exact opposite by colluding/abetting several crises, not just Yemen's, but Somalia's, Sudan's, Kashmir's and Myanmar's, to name several examples?

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 13 2017 21:30 utc | 27

@ paul 22

Yes, except for a certain group that they always say 6 million dead.

Posted by: talmud | Nov 13 2017 21:32 utc | 28


The man who founded Amnesty became convinced (and indignant) in later life that the charity he had created with the best of intentions, was infiltrated and controlled by the CIA.

Posted by: NeoGrouchist | Nov 13 2017 21:39 utc | 29

Punching them in the face is too good for them.
They need to be the guest of honor at a lamp post and rope party.

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Nov 13 2017 22:15 utc | 30

@Alexander P

I doubt Russia and China are 'cosy' with the KSA !
World 'geopolitics' is a very sensitive strategy - Putin would not be doing deals with the KSA without 'concessions'
The outcome based on the strategy will take time to emerge.

I would suggest those 'concessions' include - giving up the war on Yemen !

Posted by: Jack Oliver | Nov 13 2017 22:38 utc | 31

Righteous outrage, b, well done.

Posted by: Forest | Nov 13 2017 22:50 utc | 32

US/Saudi actions are to kill the patient in order to cure the patient.

PBS World recently re-ran a show called The Reluctant Revolutionary which follows a Yemeni tour guide in 2011 losing business during the "Arab Spring." He changes from supporting Saleh to supporting the protesters after violence erupts. Of course, Saleh's successor, his deputy Hadi showed himself to be a Saudi stooge whose idea of democracy was a ballot with only himself as the candidate.

The Reluctant Revolutionary

Posted by: Curtis | Nov 14 2017 1:12 utc | 33

A link from @BaFana3 to a Yemen news article.
Follow Up November 12 Al-Masri Net: Navy, coastal defense and Coast Guard commanders confirmed that the battleships and oil tankers of the aggression and its movements will not be immune from the fire of Yemeni naval forces if directed by the senior leadership.
The commander of the Fifth Military Region, Maj. Gen. Yousef al-Madani, met on Saturday with the leaders of the naval, coastal defense and coast guard forces to discuss the measures and measures necessary to respond to the aggression countries against the continued closure of Yemeni ports

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 14 2017 1:49 utc | 34

The Gulf Monarchs and their clans are incredibly disgusting. What they are doing to Yemen is appalling. Just as bad are the Western and pro israeli (really one and the same) governments and media who are helping cover this up. "Liberals" are just as bad. They care more about mocking Donald Trump's hair than US-Saudi-UAE-Israeli mass murder in Yemen or anywhere else.

Posted by: alaric | Nov 14 2017 2:48 utc | 35

Putin and China will tolerate SA and MbS in order to defang the bigger tgreat, the US by moving away from the petrodollar. MbS is small fry once you remove the US's printing press.

Posted by: Sorghum | Nov 14 2017 2:49 utc | 36

I've not very many friends to share this with, but I've sent it to those I can. Thanks, b, please keep writing.

Posted by: Jim S | Nov 14 2017 3:03 utc | 37

@ 35
re: Just as bad are the Western and pro israeli (really one and the same) governments and media who are helping cover this up.
Not to diminish the present Yemen atrocities, but the US has been involved in this sort of activity TIMES TEN for the last few decades and most of it has been covered up by the US and its coalitions. . . or co-criminals, and media. So covering up this latest is SOP (standard operating procedure) for Team USA.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 14 2017 3:20 utc | 38

Thoughts on BBC 'discovery' of 'secret' deal between US/Kurdish forces and Daesh? What was the rationale? To transfer militants to areas occupied by Syrian forces? Why would the BBC reveal something like this?

Posted by: Ninel | Nov 14 2017 3:54 utc | 39

@31 & 36 I also see the rational behind Russia and China's action that does not make it morally less reprehensible. I do think the west is primarily responsible for the disaster in Yemen of course. I just disagree when some users in here argue Putin or Xi always have the moral high ground in their foreign policy. It's about power in the end, not morals.

@39 The BBC and other MSM outlets always reveal when the news is already too far spread and they are no longer able to cover it up. What do you think happened when the US atrocities in Iraqi prisons were 'uncovered'? Do you think they did not know about it beforehand?
It's all about retaining a shred of credibility with the sheep and making it appear like the media just didn't know any better all this time until now. But you can be damn sure that the Raqqa story won't be followed up on in the media or how this could have happened? Critically questioning these occurrences is not part of the scheme.

Posted by: Alexander P | Nov 14 2017 4:28 utc | 40

40 "It's about power in the end, not morals."

Putin has stated bluntly "I am not anybody's friend. I am the president of the Russian Federation." Watching the current Russian leadership, they would probably make better "world policemen" than the US but they have no interest nor the assets for that role.
For Russia and China, in the current climate, their priority has to be defending against the US, and if possible destroying the hedgemon.
A few S-400 and Bastion systems popping up in north Yemen would be nice though.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 14 2017 4:48 utc | 41

Yemen now lays claim to the largest outbreak of cholera the world has seen since records were being kept (1949). The outbreak is entirely man-made and caused by the war. 910,000 infected since the outbreak in April, 2,200 known deaths. At this rate, more will have died by next summer from cholera than all the civilian deaths as a result of bombing. Young are most vulnerable, 25% of victims are/will be under five years old.

Most victims in Houthi/Northern areas:

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 14 2017 6:51 utc | 42

The more I observe the way things are going, the more I realize that the Zionists have finally brought down the Western empire and their own as well. Islam can never be a unifying force any more, just as Christianity has long ceased to be. Two days ago, the whole of Western MSM was screaming about Prince Charles saying, in a letter in 1986, that the European Jews are the main cause of the Middle East problems, as if what the prince said was not true. Well, it's about time. Let get new players on the field and hope that they have learned some lessons from the downfall of the West.

Posted by: Steve | Nov 14 2017 9:26 utc | 44

Posted by: Ninel | Nov 13, 2017 10:54:50 PM | 39

Noone wants to get killed in a war. Noone wants to fight to death. Probably the fighters had civilian hostages/family with them and were underground.

So, yes. It makes sense. It also makes sense because Raqqa SDF fighters were needed to occupy the oil wells.

The obvious question though is who these Daesh fighters are or were and where they went to. You can brainwash maybe a few hundred people but not thousands of skilled fighters. And skilled mercenaries are valuable.

Why would the BBC come out ? Maybe because of this

Only option is to kill British Isis fighters in Syria, says minister

What became of the British justice system? Why not let them talk in a British court?

Posted by: somebody | Nov 14 2017 10:09 utc | 45

I haven't seen any list of the clerics arrested in September. Is it like the ISIS guys being rehabilitated in a 5 Stars hotel?
Rumours say they are mainly related to the Muslim Brothers, so it would seem that Wahhabism is alive and kicking...
Has anyone seen a list somewhere? Is Ar'ur in it?

Posted by: Mina | Nov 14 2017 10:15 utc | 46

the Guardian article quoted above is sadly funny and revealing in its own way:

Stewart, a former diplomat, continued: “These are people who are executing people in the back of their heads, who have held women and children hostage, who are torturing and murdering, trying by violence to impose their will. Our response has to be, when somebody does that, I’m afraid, to deal with that.”

Stewart said British authorities had made it clear that people should not be volunteering with militia groups to fight Isis.

“If you wish to serve your country and you wish to fight terrorism, then please apply to join the military or join the police or join our intelligence services, we’ll train you, we’ll work with you to do it in a legal and controlled fashion,” he said.

He confirmed that it remained British policy to remove the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. “I don’t think anyone should be in any doubt that the control that he has is brutal and ultimately fragile,” Stewart said.

“The policy of the British government is that Bashar al-Assad needs to step aside and we need transition to a new government, because so long as that man is in power it is going to be impossible to have a long-term, stable, sustainable future for Syria.”

So the obvious question is what is Britain doing in a "legal and controlled fashion" to remove Assad.

Posted by: somebody | Nov 14 2017 10:16 utc | 47

Add to the British problem this Middle East Eye article

Sorted' by MI5: How UK government sent British-Libyans to fight Gaddafi

Fighters say government operated 'open door' policy allowing them to join rebels, as authorities investigate background of Manchester bomber
Another British citizen with experience of fighting in both Libya and in Syria with rebel groups also told MEE that he had been able to travel to and from the UK without disruption.

"No questions were asked," he said.

No, they don't want these people to talk in a British court.

Posted by: somebody | Nov 14 2017 10:42 utc | 48

Mina@46 - I've been looking all along, and found nothing aside from the Muslim Brotherhood purge angle mentioned by bin Salman. At this point, I'm not sure I would believe any future reports about this. The information is tightly controlled within KSA and anything we hear now on the outside is for a reason. This wouldn't be the first purge of MB-influenced clerics, but that is hardly anything that would result in the emergence of any kind of 'moderate' Wahhabism.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 14 2017 18:38 utc | 49

i don't believe any report about this either; KSA has hired the 4 biggest PR agencies in Paris (including Havas) to promote their image, after the Qatar clash; so anything we read written by half-brained non-specialized journalist on this issue is a bunch of lies.
Thx for checking. i d love to make a toast when Ar'ur's head rolls.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 14 2017 20:26 utc | 50

Is this incessant push for war with Iran facilitated, in part, by how Israel manages to siphon off billions of $$ from the U.S. taxpayer?

"How Israel gets money from the United States Treasury is actually quite complex and not very transparent to the American public, going well beyond the check for $3.8 billion handed over at the beginning of the fiscal year on October 1st. Even that check, uniquely given to aid recipient Israel as one lump sum on the first day of the year, is manipulated to produce extra revenue. It is normally immediately redeposited with the U.S. Treasury, which then, because it operates on a deficit, borrows the money to pay interest on it as the Israelis draw it down. That interest payment costs the American taxpayer an estimated $100 million more per year. Israel has also been adept at using “loan guarantees,” an issue that may have contributed to the downfall of President George H.W. Bush. The reality is that the loans, totaling $42 billion, are never repaid by Israel, meaning that the United States Treasury picks up the tab on principle and interest, a form of additional assistance. The Bush-era loan amounted to $10 billion"

"Department of Defense co-production projects, preferential contracting, “scrapping” or “surplusing” of usable equipment that is then turned over to the IDF, as well as the forward deployment of military hardware to an Israeli base, are considerable benefits to Tel Aviv’s bottom line. Much of this assistance is hidden from view."

"In September 2012, Israel’s former commander-in-chief, Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, admitted at a conference that between 2009 and 2012 American taxpayers had paid for more of his country’s defense budget than had Israeli taxpayers. Those numbers have been disputed, but the fact remains that a considerable portion of the Israeli military spending comes from the United States. It currently is more than 20 percent of the total $16 billion budget, not counting special appropriations."

Posted by: Tacitus | Nov 14 2017 23:12 utc | 51

reply to who are the arrested SA clerics question:Posted by: Mina | Nov 14, 2017 5:15:39 AM | 46
I read that there are 200 plus arrested clerics who strongly opposed the prince's declaration of a few weeks (month's?) ago that music and stage performances would now be allowed and that women could attend soccer events. They also opposed his ruling that henceforward the roving clerics (al la the Inquisition)that would whip people particularity women for behavior/clothing infractions other failure are now stripped of their right to arrest people. I believe the clerics will stay under arrest until they agree to the Prince's new policies, so my guess is they will be released when hell freezes over.

Posted by: frances | Nov 14 2017 23:30 utc | 52

in reply to @14 b's post on him scooping bbc by a couple of months or so - it is interesting how that bbc story is impacting turkey...
here is their view on that US-YPG deal has pushed Turkey toward Syria via Russia

Posted by: james | Nov 14 2017 23:46 utc | 53

I didn't see this reported above so thought I would share the latest war crimes

Saudis Bomb Yemen's International Airport

The takeaway quote
A Houthi statement said that the attack “is an explicit violation of international covenants and treaties, which stipulate that civilian airports are not targeted.”

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 15 2017 2:26 utc | 54

@53 psycho... more horror from the headchopping death cult that the usa/uk and the west are in bed with.. it's sickening..

Posted by: james | Nov 15 2017 3:16 utc | 55

The article was quite revealing about Sunni-Israeli intentions and yes, yes, all of the comments are relevant, true, possible, likely, or whatever,, but they prove that the real issues are hidden by discussions about, religion, education, corruption, intrigue, etc.
The real underlying cause is economic, it takes a lot of energy, money and where with all to conduct a war or a series of wars and no one does that merely for politics or religious presence.. Here the only pressing issue is: the oil and liquefied natural Gas LNG (OLNG) business , which is financed from the pocket of the dupes who believed retirement money to be safe in pension plans, stock market ponzis, etcs. and who also pay the taxes and bleed the blood that support the cost of wars.
The OLNG businesses are owned by those who control the banks, the political spheres, their respective militarises, the media and the educational structures where media and education system input process and output psycho engineered scope and view attenuated, propaganda-enriched contents and where the national courts keep everyone in line and the PCP purpose on track. The business cause is hidden from the public by psycho /culture /purposed designed_histo-propaganda educational and media products (PCPs are the biggest contributors to wrongful war). It is these never talked PCPs that provide the access to content which establishes and maintains everyone's mental state:every experience with media, culture, society and education takes place in a controlled environment.. The never mentioned PCP industry dims the truths that allow to conduct the wars that enable economic and legal control over OLNG. Why are we not revealing the cause, instead of making an industry out of reporting on animated expressions of people's behaviors resulting from the cause?

Posted by: mickey's mouse | Nov 20 2017 11:57 utc | 56

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