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November 09, 2017

Priti Patel Resigns - Israel Lobby Mourns The Loss Of A Valuable British Asset

A British Minister of Hindu heritage was fired after it emerged that she secretly met Israeli officials in Israel and elsewhere without informing the Foreign Office. Back in Britain she then tried to arrange additional finances for Israel's arming of al-Qaeda in the Golan heights. The affair shines light on the nefarious influence of the Israel lobby on British politics.

Priti Patel was International Development Secretary, responsible for British aid to various countries and organizations. She is a Thatcherite Conservative, a vocal supporter of Britain's exit from the European Union and of Hindu fascism in India:

She has been a strong cheerleader of the Narendra Modi government, publicly praising a number of its policies including demonetisation.

In August Patel went on a "family holiday" to Israel. Instead of enjoying the beach she met dozens of Israeli officials from Prime Minister Netanyahoo down to the heads of Zionist aid organizations. She was shepherded by one Lord Polak, a long time Israel lobbyist in British politics. Polak accompanied her to every meeting. None of these were disclosed to the British Embassy, the Foreign Office or Downing Street. Cabinet rules demand that all such meetings are coordinated and briefed through these official channels.

Stuart Polak is a major character in Zionist lobbying in Britain:

Ennobled by David Cameron two years ago, Lord Polak is a veteran of Westminster’s corridors of power. He has taken literally hundreds of Tory MPs to Israel over the years, educating them about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and securing their support in parliamentary votes and the public arena.

Under his guidance, CFI became the biggest lobbying group in Westminster, holding lunches for 700 guests, making countless Downing Street visits, and developing contacts throughout Israel and the Middle East.

Polak fled when the media tried to question him about his Israel visit arrangements for Patel.

One of Patel's meetings was at an army hospital in the Israel occupied Syrian Golan heights where the Israeli military patches up al-Qaeda Jihadis which were wounded while fighting the Syrian government. Only last week the Israeli army in the occupied Golan supported a murderous attack of al-Qaeda Jihadis on the Syrian Druze village of Hader in the Quneitra area. The Jihadis in the Golan are surrounded by Syrian government forces. Their only supply line is through Israel occupied land. Druze in Israel who protested against the attack were arrested.

Back in Britain Priti Patel asked her department to move British aid money from Palestinian causes to the Israeli military operation in the occupied Golan. (Funny how the Guardian in its wrap-up fails to mention that point ...)

Additionally to her busy holiday, Priti Patel had two other meetings with Israeli officials which she similarly did not disclose.

When it became clear yesterday that Priti Patel's behavior would cost her her job, the British Zionist lobby launched a rescue attempt. Based on anonymous sources  the Jewish Chronicle claimed that Prime Minister May had been informed about two of the meetings and had ordered Patel to not disclose them:

Number 10 instructed Development Secretary Priti Patel not to include her meeting with the Israel foreign ministry official Yuval Rotem in New York on 18 September in her list of undisclosed meetings with Israelis which was published on Monday, the JC has learned.

Downing Street immediately denied the claim and no other source backed it up. The blackmail attempt failed. The Jewish Chronicle also was at the forefront of the slander campaign that tried to smear the British labor leader Corbyn as anti-semite.

The Independent notes about the Patel affair:

[T]here is another point about all those meetings which Patel helpfully, if belatedly, detailed in her apologetic statement on Monday: their remarkable one-sidedness. Patel heads a department which has a long history of humanitarian and development funding for Palestinians. Indeed she has taken a close interest in that funding, going so far as to announce a review last year which has already resulted in notable cuts of some £17m. This includes, to the widespread dismay of NGOs, cuts in funding to Gaza, where humanitarian and economic conditions are generally agreed to be at their direst ever.

Cutting aid money to a devastated Gaza while handing it to the Israeli occupation army that supports Takfiris fighting Syria is beyond the already extreme British Zionist sculduggeries.

Prime Minister May is herself a strong Zionist. She recently celebrated the Balfour declaration in which, a hundred years ago, the British empire promised land it did not own to a people that did not exit at the cost of the owners and inhabitants of that very land. That promise, handed to a very influential Jewish banker, opened new credit lines for the British war against Germany. It also reinforced lobbying efforts in the U.S. for entering the war on the British side. May asked the British people to feel "pride" for the treacherous paper and completely ignored the devastation it caused for the Palestinian people:

The Israelis will be celebrating – and why not, for it set Britain’s seal on the future Israeli state in Palestine. Perhaps Israel would not have been created without it. But the fearful suffering and tragedy of the Palestinian refugees which was to follow in the coming years suggest that the Balfour letter – through its very wording – was certain to create a terrible wrongdoing which to this day curses the place we used to call the Holy Land.

In January AlJazeera broadcasted an in depth investigation on the Zionist lobby in Britain. It proved that the lobby is directed by and its slander campaigns run from Israel's embassy in London.

Peter Oborne and James Jones just published a long paper on The pro-Israel lobby in Britain. They find:

The Friends of Israel groups in the House of Commons have firmly established themselves in the interstices of British political life. Their heavy presence at party conferences is taken for granted, their lunches and dinners an ingrained part of the Westminster social scene, the donations a vital part of the political financing. An environment now exists where MPs and ministers feel cautious about criticizing the foreign policy of the Israeli state, wary of opening themselves to criticism on the home front.
While this pro-Israel lobbying is lawful, it is emphatically not transparent. We have shown in this pamphlet that journalists very rarely declare their [Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre] funded trips to Israel. We have also shown how patterns of donations from [Conservative Friends of Israel] members to Tory candidates are sometimes opaque.

Indeed, the financial structure of the CFI as a whole is obscure.
A similar observation applies to other pro-Israel pressure groups. While BICOM’s work is entirely legitimate, it is by no means transparent. They never declare, for example, which journalists go on trips and who they meet.

Oborne and Jones also find that the Israel lobby does not reflect the opinion and values of British Jews. It is an extremely right-wing syndicate arranged to disguise its sources of money and the foreign interests involved in it.

The Zionist lobby in Britain is vicious. It operates in the dark and hides its financing. This affair removes the curtain it uses to hide its malicious influence. It does not welcome the disinfecting sunlight this affair shines on it and is mourning the loss of its valuable asset.

Priti Patel has been removed as a minister but is still a conservative Member of Parliament. The new revelations about her and the sinister powers influencing her will hopefully convince the British voters to finally kick her out.

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How Britain did Gaddafi’s dirty work

Secret papers show how far MI6 went to please Libya’s ruthless intelligence agents – including helping to kidnap the dictator’s enemies. By Ian Cobain

"As the CIA and MI6 built relationships with Libya, the two agencies assisted Libyan spies in the kidnapping of Gaddafi’s enemies. Two leading figures in the Libyan opposition who had fled the country were kidnapped, one from Hong Kong, one from Thailand, and flown back to Tripoli along with their wives and children. Both men were tortured. MI6 gave their Libyan counterparts questions for the prisoners, who, under extreme duress, led them to other Libyan dissidents in exile.

Opponents of the Gaddafi regime who had been living legally in the UK for years were detained by British police, and the British government made a determined attempt to have them deported to Tripoli. Asylum seekers and British-Libyan nationals in Manchester and London were menaced by Gaddafi’s agents, who were invited into the UK and permitted to operate on the streets of Britain alongside MI5. British intelligence handed over details of the targets’ telephone calls to the ESO, and their relatives and friends in Libya were arrested and threatened."

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 9 2017 11:49 utc | 1

Indeed a very influential lobbyist group ..... now having convinced governments about the world that criticism of Palestinian genocide is hate speech. They are actively seeking to make any negative comment about Zionism a crime. The only comfort I can find is: Not all Morons live in America.

Posted by: ger | Nov 9 2017 12:13 utc | 2

This line gave me a chill:

"Lord Polak is a veteran of Westminster’s corridors of power. He has taken literally hundreds of Tory MPs to Israel over the years"

Once in Israel they are subjected to hypnosis and/or subliminal indoctrination.

Posted by: librul | Nov 9 2017 12:16 utc | 3

US Budgetary Costs of Post-9/11 Wars Through FY2018: $5.6 Trillion

Neta C. Crawford (2017)

Paper (pdf)

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 9 2017 12:22 utc | 4

mauisurfer--it's called extradition, and practiced the world over.

Posted by: scottindallas | Nov 9 2017 12:30 utc | 5

>>>> mauisurfer | Nov 9, 2017 6:49:39 AM | 1

I really don't see that what the British government did for Qaddafi has to do with Priti Patel.

Two leading figures in the Libyan opposition

Ah, the Libyan "opposition", the Guardian is up to it's usual trick of being economical with the truth. In this case the Libyan "opposition" was the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG or Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya), a salafi jihadist group that was at the time classified as a terrorist group because of its associations with Al Qaeda, the same Al Qaeda that the Israeli government is supporting in Syria by providing medical aid and artillery support to its terrorists.

Oh, now I see the connection, Priti Patel wants the UK to provide support to salafi jihadists just as it did the LIFG during the overthrow of Qaddafi.

...who had been living legally in the UK for years

The Guardian just showed that the UK government is a state-sponsor of terrorism if it allowed LIFG terrorists to openly reside in the UK and given the love affair that the Guardian has going with various salafi jihadists, the Guardian is an organ of terrorist propaganda, which was obvious from the way it took pride in naming Ahrar al-Sham as a source for much of its reporting on Syria.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 9 2017 12:45 utc | 6

>>>> scottindallas | Nov 9, 2017 7:30:15 AM | 5

mauisurfer--it's called extradition, and practiced the world over.

Since it was extrajudicial, I believe it's called extraordinary rendition but that doesn't mean it isn't practised world wide.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 9 2017 12:50 utc | 7

I am not a Jew, much less a Zionist, but I am an ardent student of history who never ceases to be amazed by the hypocritical arguments expounded by the so-called anti-Zionist lobby. For that is what it is - a lobby. Just as the pro-Israel, pro-Russian, anti-Brexit, pro-gay marriage, etc. are all lobbies courting influence in Western power centres, so too does Israel seek, if not support, at least understanding of it's position. I dare to say that if the state of Israel were not established (democratic and liberal for its own citizens) the arabic middle-east would be an everlasting battlefield of races and sects. What united the arabic states was their loathing for Israel. Now that this has waned, we observe all the old rivalries and hatreds manifesting themselves. Apart from the sensitivity shown by Israel to all things related to their security and defence (and justifiably so), does anyone believe that even a nuclear Israel poses a larger threat to peace, than the myriad of sectarian, racial, and political parties of the Muslim world? Where are the liberal bleeding hearts when political, social, and personal liberties are violated daily in the police states of the greater middle-east? If the state of Israel did not exist, we should have invented it....for the sake of European and world peace.

Posted by: SPYRIDON POLITIS | Nov 9 2017 12:57 utc | 8

"If the state of Israel did not exist, we should have invented it....for the sake of European and world peace."

Are you serious? Then I guess you should invent a new Palestinian state in Europe for the Arab citizens who were kicked out to make that artificial Jewish country.

Posted by: virgile | Nov 9 2017 13:04 utc | 9

Priti Pathetic is out as minister, but not out of power. Zionists just might put her back in when time is right, she is still young and useful sellout. She was elected by Brits, but not representing them, nor Britain itself, rather foreign interests and Al Qaeda. Any actually democratic country would have her on trial for treason and terrorism support, but UK isnt one of those countries.

Posted by: Harry | Nov 9 2017 13:06 utc | 10


Oh look, Zionist shill showed up to spread more lies and demagogy to muddy the waters.

Posted by: Harry | Nov 9 2017 13:10 utc | 11

@8 Wow, just WOW!! A student of history indeed.

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Nov 9 2017 13:12 utc | 12


You said, "I am an ardent student of history".

Prove it with this test:

1) Did the State of Israel, with full knowledge that it was a US ship, deliberately attempt to sink the USS Liberty
and kill all Americans on board?

Posted by: librul | Nov 9 2017 13:18 utc | 13

Eschatalogical imperatives require Damascus to be a smoking ruin.

Posted by: gut bugs galore | Nov 9 2017 13:33 utc | 14

"Peter Oborne and James Jones just published a long paper"

Actually it is from 2009.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 9 2017 13:39 utc | 15

gut bugs galore says:

Eschatalogical imperatives require Damascus to be a smoking ruin

eschatalogical imperatives tell us, too, that Jonah lived in a whale.

Posted by: john | Nov 9 2017 13:46 utc | 16


Don't be a retard. One cannot understand Western history without understanding the Jewish role. The international Jewish financiers were active in both Britain and the U.S. before WWII and even before WWI.

[long blubber taken from deleted]
[Make your own argument, don't just copy stuff from elsewhere - b.]

Posted by: Lourenzo | Nov 9 2017 14:02 utc | 17


or they just had a nice introduction into some of the recorded data about their life and specially shown some samples of their 'not heart and soul winning' behaviour from drug use to criminal activities to sexual hobbys, etc....

shouldn't be surprising that the same prefered zionist 'powertool' called blackmailing is used against anyone of the current so called 'leaders' anywhere...

Posted by: youss | Nov 9 2017 14:11 utc | 18

@SPYRIDON POLITIS : Says is not a Jew much less a Zionist ??? That is a weird statement when you state political propaganda straight from the Manual of Nazi-Zionism !! Daily Transgresions of Human Rights in the Puerto Rico of the Middle East : The Nazi-Zionist nation called Israel !! Democracy for only the European Jews !! All others, Sephardic Jews and Arabs....does not apply !! Zionism = Nationalisc Movement of Socialist Philosophy, with an Expansion Policy (Lebensraum) and pretensions of racial superiority !! Same Shit as German National Socialism !! Correct Name : Nazi-Zionism !! For the good of Europeans and Humans in General, ISRAEL SHOULD BE DISOLVED and the lands given to anybody but European Jews !!

Posted by: opereta | Nov 9 2017 14:15 utc | 19

While the crazed Israeli plans go amuk in the Golan and need foreign government rescue (the Patel Affair), their worst dread happens at Abu Kamal. ISIS is routed by combined forces of Syria and Iraq at the border, with Hezbollah playing a prominent role.

This symbolized the corridor of Iranian influence from Tehran, through Iraq, through the width of Syria to Lebanon.

Photos show the flags of Hezbollah at the joining of triumphant forces.

It was a double-bad day for Bibi and the US command. The entire Eastern border is now completely in the hands of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is routed from all its command posts and its depots are destroyed.

Any fighters left for the CIA, CENTCOM and the Mossad and Saudis to use will be insurgents. No insurgency can survive without civil support. What tribes or villages will go on with more war, death and destruction just to get the dirty money from the destroyers of nations?

The enemies of the enemies of mankind and civilization have won the big Syrian War.
They turn next to clean out Idlib and then will face off with whatever the Tel Aviv schemers can assemble in the Golan. Hezbollah is probably thrice the power of 2006. The actions of the IDF and Mossad are indicative of the fear and trepidation they feel at the thought of the last of their invincibility being shattered in direct combat with the Shiites.

They ought to. They will be across their border into a foreign land and defeated wholesale, not unlike what happened to South Africa in Angola at Cuito Cuanavale . It ultimately shattered the racist South African hold on the government. 1987-88. (Castro's Cubans played a huge role in Angola's victory. And Israeli proxies for US lost the air war over Angola due to Cuban and North Vietnam pilots flying for Angola. The facts have been washed on the Internet, but the history can't be whitewashed. Racist governments lost. It was one of Castrol's greatest achievements and it was the battle that made the reputation of the great Cuban General Ochoa.)

Posted by: Red Ryder | Nov 9 2017 14:21 utc | 20

Great article b... and a good springboard to excellent comments thus far... thanks!

@17 Lourenzo - great summary... thanks

@8 SP - you may or may not be a jew, but you most certainly are a Zionist by virtue of the content of your rant

Posted by: xLemming | Nov 9 2017 14:23 utc | 21

Judging by the footage of her leaving Downing Street, Patel seemed unconcerned. As another poster stated, she probably knows she will be away from the front bench only temporarily. Liam Fox didn't spend too much time on the back benches. Zionists can deny having influence as much as they like, the facts speak for themselves. Pro Israeli politicians bending over backwards for Israel at the expense of their own country rarely spend too much time away from the corridors of power. Patel will be no different. The general public don't see Israel as a threat. If Patel had been meeting up with Russian government officials, she would have been arrested.

Posted by: duplicitousdemocracy | Nov 9 2017 15:18 utc | 22

@17 Lourenzo

Your theory about the connection between the Zionists and the Bolsheviks are simply insane. The USSR imported fordist-taylorist method through Ford engineers. Ford was an open anti-Semite and continued to fund Nazi Germany even through Switzerland after FDR forbade American business from investing there.

Who let Lenin cross Germany to Finland? Kaiser Wilhelm II. His argument: Lenin would destroy the Russian Empire from within. WWI as first and foremost an imperial war, a war to see who would be the ultimate empire. Germany, make no mistake, wanted to destroy Russia.

Your theory that Hitler wanted to ally with the West in order to destroy communism because communism was a Zionist proxy also makes no sense whatsoever: as you stated yourself, the UK is the cradle of Zionism. To say Hitler would make an alliance with the UK in order to fight against Zionism is insane. It is a known, well documented fact that what Hitler wanted was to create an eastern empire that could mirror the British Empire in the west. That's why he respected the UK, but considered the USA inefficient (because, he said, it was a democracy).

Speaking of the USA, who begun the anti-communist propaganda campaign (the Red Scare)? Woodrow Wilson, the same POTUS you said was blackmailed by the Zionists so he would do what they wanted through his whole presidential term.

I don't know from where you got that the bolsheviks were financed by Zionists. Maybe you can find isolated sources of financing from isolated individuals, but the Zionist movement as a whole was (and is) staunchly anti-communist -- that's why there's active and passive suppression of the Israel Communsit Party.

The fake news you spread has the root in one argument you make: that the bolsheviks parasitised Russia after the Zionists put them in power. This argument quickly collapse under the weight of the facts, because the reason the bolsheviks did forced collectivization of land was to build the base of the Soviet industrialization. This happened precisely because they just came from a brutal civil war, where the enemy (White Army) was funded by the other imperial powers, the peasantry wanted to crush the revolution during the NEP (by hoarding and exporting their surplus and thus starving the Russian proletariat to death)and there was an international embargo. No money flew to the Soviets, let alone money from Zionists. Your argument that the bolsheviks were "parasites" is vulgar, because it presupposes the existance of good and evil -- an anti-realist (and very Christian) assumption.


Your argument is equally insane. 1) Saudi Arabia -- the cradle of Muslim extremism -- is an ally of Israel. 2) as stated in the post by b, Israel is funding al-Qaeda in Syria -- an extremist Muslim terrorist group. 3) Assad may be a tyrant -- but he's a secular tyrant, and Israel wants to topple his regime in a country where the material conditions for a western-sytle democracy doesn't exist (therefore, it wants to replace Assad with a Muslim extremist version). 4) Israel itself is not a secular and democratic country.

Posted by: VK | Nov 9 2017 15:24 utc | 23

@maurisurfer is trying his/her best to immediately move the discussion away from the Israel lobby. "Look elsewhere!"
@SPYRIDON POLITIS is also an obviously Zionist tool - "Don't point to Israel! Look elsewhere!"
@Lourenzo is trying to spread anti-semitism by quoting at length from the cesspools of the Internets.

@all - don't fall for manipulators like the above. Let's talk about the Israel lobby in Britain and ignore the trolls who try divert from it.

Posted by: b | Nov 9 2017 15:32 utc | 24

"I am not a Jew, much less a Zionist"

Totally, I believe you.

Posted by: Altai | Nov 9 2017 15:42 utc | 25

Lourenzo @ 17

Interesting historical account, but this:

"It was the Federal Reserve that then allowed bank money creation to fund America's entry into WWI…" illuminates the widely-held erroneous belief wrt who has the power to create money.

In what way does a (central) bank have the power to create money (loans) that the state does not?

Article I Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the sole power to create $. The Fed is a subcontractor with no real power (it cannot say no). The Fed turns every penny it earns less expenses over to Treasury.

It's just accounting and law. The central bank (in this case the Fed) does not sit above the state (Congress) in the hierarchy of power. The Fed exercises it's "power" through control of interest rates and selective inaction…failing (on purpose) to punish insolvent bankers while holding the rest of us accountable for our debts.

Congress has the power to change this in any way imaginable if it so chooses.

Congress created the law that created the central bank. One lone bookkeeper in Treasury with a pencil could have done the accounting necessary to fund WWI (and WWII).

Posted by: paulmeli | Nov 9 2017 15:48 utc | 26

Thanks b for shining the light.

There’s also the twin sister on the other side of the Atlantic, AIPAC.

The 70 year plan of the ZIO-Khazarian in plain sight - set up power centers in all capitals so as to prevent that which shall not be denied or off to jail you go.

Khazarians are racists. Few USEU MSM have reported on the protests and oppression in Israhell:

this. Scroll down for article.
repeating Mengle?

Sharona Eliahu Chai, a lawyer for the Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), said: “Findings from investigations into the use of Depo Provera are extremely worrisome, raising concerns of harmful health policies with racist implications in violation of medical ethics.

And here.

~ ~ ~ ~

BTW, SPYRIDON POLITIS | Nov 9, 2017 7:57:28 AM | 8I

I am not a Jew, much less a Zionist, but I am an ardent student of history who never ceases to be amazed by the hypocritical arguments expounded by the so-called anti-Zionist lobby.


If the state of Israel did not exist, we should have invented it....for the sake of European and world peace.

Obvious you are one of those students of history who does not comprehend very much. Or are you a Sustein warrior?

I am Shephardic. Sadly, Khazarians are deplorable pretenders; a stain on humanity.

You cannot steal a people’s land, fund weapons to a state that practices apartheid, aid the oppressor and expect world peace.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

@ Lourenzo 17 and all other commenters

Thank you for helping to educate SPYRIDON POLITIS @ 8

Posted by: likklemore | Nov 9 2017 15:59 utc | 27

I find it funny that Patel is being taken down and rightly so, but somehow Conan O'Brien's (A supposed 'progressive') video propaganda about Israeli army hospitals on the Syrian border has got a like to dislike ratio in the 100:1 range. Do Americans really love Israel so much? Cause everywhere else in the West it's not so popular.

Posted by: Altai | Nov 9 2017 16:07 utc | 28

re 20 red ryder

Photos show the flags of Hezbollah at the joining of triumphant forces.
Are you sure it is not Kata'ib Hizbullah, the Iraqi militia which has nothing to do with Lebanese Hizbullah? They're active in the area, certainly at Kirkuk. The mention of flags makes one think of an Iraqi militia. Leb Hizb wouldn't go that far east.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 9 2017 16:10 utc | 29

Awhile back, Craig Murray tried to make similar instances of corruption known to the Foreign Office--"He linked Matthew Gould, the then British ambassador to Israel, with the Fox-Werritty scandal and raised questions about meetings between Gould, Liam Fox and Fox’s strange friend Adam Werritty."

The scandal prompted Murray to write "Matthew Gould and the Plot to Attack Iran,"

A search of Murray's blog provides a link to the series of posts he made regarding the scandal and his attempts to get it into the public eye, And although that scandal occurred in 2011, it clearly set the stage for the scandal surrounding Patel, which I trust Murray will eventually write about now that he's free from his recent legal issues. IOW, the Patel scandal isn't the first nor will it be the last and signals the very real need to scupper May's government and install Corbyn.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 9 2017 16:15 utc | 30

@30 Laguerre,

Yes, I'm looking at Hezbollah flags in the photos on Col.Cassad. All the reports indicate they were Lebanese Hezbollah. The flags are clear evidence.

The Kata'ib Hizbullah flag is different. It has a green triangle in the Yellow field.'ib_Hezbollah

Posted by: Red Ryder | Nov 9 2017 16:34 utc | 31

spyridon #8: the so-called anti-Zionist lobby. For that is what it is - a lobby.

Most certainly wrong. A lobby, at least here in the US, is registered with the government and is regulated by federal law. There might be an anti-zionist lobby in the US but I am not aware of one. Anti-zionism is a mass political movement organized into many different organizations that do not require official recognition from or registration by the government. Their autonomy is protected from government control by the constitution of the US.

Posted by: ToivoS | Nov 9 2017 16:36 utc | 32

thank you b and thanks also for your post @24 WHICH EVERYONE OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T READ...

why is it always politicians serving israel that get caught with their pants or skirts down on shit like this? why couldn't it be some other country that was trying to subvert the uk,usa or any of the poodles? it's so predictable... so many politicians seem only capable of taking money or patronage typically from israel, as opposed to representing their riding and the people who voted for them..

this same kind of bullshit happens here in canada unfortunately.. fealty to israel... meanwhile the citizens of these countries are not in agreement with any of it..

now i realize the balfour declaration was a huge mistake that many are still trying to uphold, but it ain't working so well for that shitty little country israel at this point.. it was a bad idea for an experiment as we can see here now..

Posted by: james | Nov 9 2017 17:26 utc | 33

Hezbollah give no recognition to the balfor declaration. Their interactive map is interesting. Shows the occupied areas of Palistine and also Hatay. mid=18SR1C6ndDz5d0qzT2qYQ34FaQJ0

Russian military maps leave no doubts as to who owns the Golan Heights
Most maps of the area place dotted line around it to give the appearance of disputed territory.
The Abbot government, who stated we are part of the anglosphere insisted on Golan heights being called disputed territory rather than occupied territory.

Patel.. Hindutva fanatics would fit well with the US touring freak show of wahhabi's, zionists and nazi's.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 9 2017 17:31 utc | 34

Posted by: john | Nov 9, 2017 8:46:12 AM | 16

"eschatalogical imperatives tell us, too, that Jonah lived in a whale."

Learn some etymology before showing your ignorance and making an atheist ass out of yourself.

By the way, did you know that all of your purported leaders are millennialists?

Posted by: LXV | Nov 9 2017 17:40 utc | 35

Ah, come on now?
Havent we been arguing the opposite when GOP politicians have talked with russians?
Why is Preti wrong to be fired then? A bit of double standard here now..

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 9 2017 17:42 utc | 36

@37 anonymous... good point!!! i think that was a switch and bait move myself.... now, if the usa has spent 1/100th the time on russia towards the role israel has played on usa politicians, it would be game over for israel... but alas - all the usa politicians can do is fall over themselves in fealty to israel... it is quite sickening really... hey - maybe israel doesn't want any competition, or the possible threat of competition coming from russia? i never thought of that!

Posted by: james | Nov 9 2017 17:53 utc | 37

To really understand the political background of the „Balfour Declaration“ it is necessary to pay attention to what the British government was really up in the ME before WW I:

British imperial strategists were increasingly alarmed with the growing “Arab Awakening” emerging in the context of Arab indigenous nationalism. These fears of a growing and developing Arab nationalism informed British Prime Minister CAMPBELL BANNERMAN when he stated at the 1907 Colonial Conference:

„Empires are formed, enlarged and stabilized so very little before they disintegrate and disappear… Do we have the means of preventing this fall, this crumbling, is it possible for us to put a halt to the destiny of European colonialism which at present is at a critical stage?“

The answer Bannerman received from the commission he established to look at the question, was that it was necessary to prevent any „Union of popular masses in the Arab region or the establishment of any intellectual, spiritual or historical link between them“. To achieve this one could „construct a powerful, human ‘barrier’ foreign to the region, a force FRIENDLY TOWARDS IMPERIALISM and hostile towards the inhabitants of the region.“

The report submitted to Prime Minister Henry Campbell-Bannerman recommended the following actions:

1) To promote disintegration, division and separation in the region.
2) To establish artificial political entities that would be under the authority of the imperialist countries. [MB, KSA]
3) To fight any kind of unity – whether intellectual, religious or historical – and taking practical measures to divide the region’s inhabitants.
4) To achieve this, it was proposed that a “buffer state” be established in Palestine, populated by a strong, foreign presence which would be hostile to its neighbors and friendly to European countries and their interests. [5]

Read more here:

The British rulers [and later the USG] thought they could use „Zionism“ for their dirty geo-political,Machiavellian games but the Zionists soon outwitted them (the British had deceived Zionists and Arabs with false promises):

Sir John Munro Troutbeck (fmr. head of the British Middle East Office in Cairo) writing to Churchill in May 1948:

“It is difficult not to see that Zionist policy is anything else than unashamed aggression carried out by methods of deceit and brutality not unworthy of Hitler”

On June 2, 1948, Sir Troutbeck sent another diplomatic message, this time to the British foreign secretary, Ernest Bevin. He complains that “the Americans are responsible for the creation of a gangster state“ headed by "an utterly unscrupulous set of leaders".

Albert EINSTEIN (who fled to the US from Nazi-Germany in 1933) concurred some months later:

“It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world (if correctly informed about Mr.Begins political record) could lend their names and support to the movements he represents. Before irreparable damage [..] is done,... and the creation in Palestine of the impression that a large segment of America support fascist elements in Israel, the American public must be informed as to the record and objective of Mr. Begin and his government.

The public avowels of Mr. Begin’s party are no guide whatever to its actual character.
Today they speak of freedom, democracy and anti-imperialism, whereas until recently they openly preached the doctrine of the Fascist state.
It is in its actions that the terrorist party betrays its real character; from its past actions we can judge what it may be expected to do in the future.”

Source: Letter to the NYT by Albert Einstein (and other prominent Jews) published in December 1948, after the DEIR YASSIN massacre to which it also refers:

„The Deir Yassin incident exemplifies the character and actions of the „Freedom“ Party.
Within the Jewish community they have preached an admixture of ultranationalism, religious mysticism, and racial superiority. Like other Fascist parties they have been used to break strikes, and have themselves pressed for the destruction of free trade unions. In their stead they have proposed corporate unions on the Italian Fascist model.
During the last years of sporadic anti-British violence, the IZL and Stern groups inaugurated a reign of terror in the Palestine JEWISH] community
Teachers were beaten up for speaking against them, adults were shot for not letting their children join them.
By gangster methods, beatings, window-smashing, and wide-spread robberies, the terrorists intimidated the population and exacted a heavy tribute.” . [to say nothing of the Arabs – see Ilan Pappe/ Ethnic Cleansing]

Read the whole letter here:

(OVERCOMING ZIONISM, a book by Dr. Joel Kovel : perhaps the best analysis of the psychopathology of Zionism ...which goes hand in hand with the psychopathology of “American exceptionalism” (moral absolutism)

Posted by: Cassandra | Nov 9 2017 17:55 utc | 38

Congratulations to those posters who had the good sense to ignore the diversionary tactics of the zionist shill. Those who chose to respond would be wise to consider the motives of rather than the rather obvious lies which zionists post. When these scumsuckers aren't posting racist garbage on pro humanist threads in a weak arsed attempt to bring sites into disrepute, they try to push discussion of the egregious acts of the zionist lobby to one side by distracting naifs thru posts of extended tirades composed entirely of deceits about the genocidal campaign of rape murder and theft which israel's thugs have been conducting upon the indigenous people of the Jordan Valley. Of course they don't even believe the shite themselves, but the purpose is to shift the discussion away from zionism's hateful activities onto a never ending rehash of old stories, thereby distracting from accurate discussion and assessment of zionism's latest crimes.

The thread is about a particularly nasty piece of Gujarati gash, fortunately atypical - most of the men & women of that culture who I am familiar with are honest empathetic and like the rest of us more interested in the well being of their families than seeking profit by advancing the interests of arseholes looking for pay to play pols.

Priti Patel will get up on her hind legs and spout lies about anything as long as two basic preconditions are met. 1) The subject must be controversial and not a point of view one would expect to hear from a woman who likes to cast herself as 'the voice of the minority' - she is desperate to lead the tories and wants to appeal to the typical tory - a grumpy old whitefella who constantly moans about 'england going to the dogs'.

2) The gig must pay extremely well Patel has an expensive wardrobe and jewellery collection to maintain - not mention her jones for thousand pound handbags, so she is always on the lookout for rich arseholes desperate to sell fridges to Eskimos and that is the zionist lobby in a nutshell. They specialise in persuading racist old pricks to increase their level of hate towards young unwhite humans & in doing so ensure that lots more people die every year.

A classic example would be the horror show Israel has cooked up with KSA; from now on all shipments of medicines to Yemen a nation which Israel and Saudi have destroyed by bombing and shelling of all major population centers, will be blocked. So what if 800,000 Yemen citizens have cholera because all water reticulation infrastructure has been destroyed by bombing? All the better! Blocking the supply of all medicines will guarantee those cholera sufferers - most of em children, will die.
Not even the nazis tried that one on but that is just another part of the plan for greater israel so as per usual the end justifies the means for zionists.
Priti will be pissed she is unlikely to get the contract to sell that to englanders - not to worry the zionist lobby has a queue of greedy sociopaths eager to do the job. Maybe the arsehole who dropped by MoA fancies his chances and this post is part of his portfolio for the gig. Who cares the grumpy old pr1cks are dying out and in another decade they will be gone completely and the Jordan Valley will be returned to its owners not long after that. The enablers of zionism have backed a loser, they know it which is why their crimes get worse and more obvious each year - flailing about prior to drowning.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 9 2017 18:11 utc | 39

LXV says:

Learn some etymology before showing your ignorance and making an atheist ass out of yourself



The Book of Jonah is one of the Prophets in the Bible. It tells of a Hebrew prophet named Jonah son of Amittai who is sent by God to prophesy the destruction of Nineveh but tries to escape the divine mission(Wiki)

i know what the fucking word means, asswipe. you ever heard of artistic license?

go learn a book

Posted by: john | Nov 9 2017 18:15 utc | 40

@39 said,

1) To promote disintegration, division and separation in the region.
2) To establish artificial political entities that would be under the authority of the imperialist countries. [MB, KSA]
3) To fight any kind of unity – whether intellectual, religious or historical – and taking practical measures to divide the region’s inhabitants.
4) To achieve this, it was proposed that a “buffer state” be established in Palestine, populated by a strong, foreign presence which would be hostile to its neighbors and friendly to European countries and their interests. [5]

Familiar sounding, reminds one of the recent attempt to balkanize Syria, and the recent 2014 coup in Ukraine...and, heck, the modus operandi of the CIA in general...

Posted by: librul | Nov 9 2017 18:25 utc | 41

Bilad al-Sham

Magnier mentioned this place a number of times in his articles on the Sunni jihad groups of Syria. I also noticed many of these groups with ties to AQ had al Sham or Sham in their name.

The Shia Hezbolla interactive map also covers most of the Bilad al-Sham area.
Syria itself has been a steadfast opponent of the imposed state of Israel.

Strong historical ties throught the former Bilad al-Sham region -(Greater Syria? Historical Syria)- although the Sunni jihadists seem to have now sided with the Israelis?

The nasty little state of Israel is totaly relient on US (plus five eyes) protection at the UN, but like a parasite, sucking the life out of its host.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 9 2017 18:26 utc | 42

Weirder even more is the entertainment of Rapture-Ready Christians. Certainly happy with Israel now, but looking forward to The End. Should the duplicity of Pope Pius X onwards be revealed and the mopes get angry (and not in a Christian way) then Kingdom Come comes to " a bunch of white people pretending to be Jewish protected by a bunch of white people pretending to be Christian" (Malcolm X) quicker than prophecy. More alcoholic-overreach, doubling-down on losing games (demographics). Samson suit-case nukes can't be that bad. They may even scare the Arabs out of Europe.
Actually, wishing good health and thanks all

Posted by: failure of imagination | Nov 9 2017 18:30 utc | 43

@24 Txs b for the necessary bit of policing..

@14 Scatalogical imperatives? I shit you If you refer to Islamic eschatology then by those terms Dabiq should’ve seen a great battle of the nations which hasnt come (yet) to pass. Scripts are not made to be followed to the letter as mankind has the will and capacity to direct its destiny..

@28 likklemore interesting views coming from a Sefardi. Many Hassidim are against the (Zionist) policies of Israel as well and believe the state to not be “holy” enough to make Aliyah. Indeed, Israel has since its inception been under control of descendants of Central Asian Turkic converts. Never as it seen a Sefardi PM..

Full disclosure: My handle is a play on word of my family name and a reference to Rastafarian views on Zion, a place and/or mental state where peace and unity thrives, certainly not that Eastern Med coastal area..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 9 2017 18:35 utc | 44

Britain's 260,000 Jews are a tiny fraction of 1% of the British population -- the amount of polltical influence that this miniscule propoertion is able to employ is so grossly beyond disproportionate as to be laughable.
So what is the answer?

Posted by: chet380 | Nov 9 2017 19:25 utc | 45

Henry Ford and his ant- Semitism often pops up in discussions of Fascisn and Zionism . Ford's involvements did not end merely with support for Nazi Germany.
E H carr points out correctly that Ford engineers were active in the building and design of Soviet industry .

Posted by: ashley albanese | Nov 9 2017 19:35 utc | 46

If you guys consider Priti Patel some kind of agent, do you guys support the latest, that Russian RT sign up to be considered a "foreign agent"?

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 9 2017 19:42 utc | 47

Debs @ 39 said:"Who cares the grumpy old pr1cks are dying out and in another decade they will be gone completely and the Jordan Valley will be returned to its owners not long after that. The enablers of zionism have backed a loser, they know it which is why their crimes get worse and more obvious each year - flailing about prior to drowning."

Great wrap-up Debs. One of your most salient rants, and if that scenario plays out, the world will be better off..

Posted by: ben | Nov 9 2017 20:10 utc | 48

b Perhaps now i see why you have been called "anti-semitic."

What is your reading of the history of British colonialism?

Of the famines? (Eire, Bharat)

Can you imagine why a Hindu might refer to her travel to Israel as a "family vacation"?

Posted by: jwco | Nov 9 2017 20:25 utc | 49

"British war against Germany"? Which British?

Posted by: Hi again | Nov 9 2017 20:40 utc | 50

Politus...another example of the Israeli 'lobby'. Zionists publicly brag about stove piping what they consider to be anti Zionist comments to their army of social media trolls. He probably gets paid by the word. Don't encourage him. Reason will not prevail.

Posted by: CD Waller | Nov 9 2017 20:41 utc | 51

Student of history. . . As far as Britain and the Balfour Declaration (2 November 1917), this can only be understood in the context of British ambitions for the Middle East after the discovery of oil in Persia in 1908 by D'Arcy, and the formation of the Anglo-Persian oil company in 1909. Britain, having transitioned its navy from coal to faster, more efficient oil-powered ships, wanted complete control over all Persian Gulf oil to ensure it would retain control of the seas.

Fun historical questions: What role did the German effort to build a Berlin-to-Baghdad rail line to access Middle Eastern oil have on the outbreak of World War I? What part did Germany's alliance with the Ottoman Empire have in (1) Britain's decision to issue the Balfour Declaration(1917) and (2) Britains support for the Levant Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule (1916)?

Controlling the oil was a huge factor, and the Berlin-to-Baghdad rail line was a major threat to British interests. Oil was also the subject of secret treaties between Britain and Russia over post-war control of Central Asian and the Middle East. To get to the point, the establishment of Israel was part of the British Empire program:

The Arabs were also opposed to a separate Israeli state, claiming that instead a larger Arab state would be a better fit for the region. In a 1919 petition, the General Syrian Congress asserted that a key principle of their government would be “safeguarding the rights of minorities” and that instead of a separate nation, “[o]ur Jewish compatriots shall enjoy our common rights and assume the common responsibilities.” Instead, the British were openly committed to the creation of a Palestinian mandate for Jews. Three of the reasons offered for UK control over the Palestinian mandate, at a 1919 meeting, were that the mandate would provide the UK with “great prestige”, to give access to the Hedjaz railway, and to provide a defensive buffer against possible French threats towards Egypt and the Suez Canal. The Palestinian mandate and the resulting state of Israel would long remain a symbol of the power and true priorities of foreign, European interests in the Middle East.

Thes were standard British practices - establishing a client state (Israel) that would support British imperial agendas and be reliant on British support for its long-term survival (hence, would be obedient to British directives). However, the Zionists themselves eventually turned on their British client state right after WW2. The United States eventually took over the British role in the relationship with Israel as the Cold War ignited in the 1950s. This also initiated a long period of U.S. support for Wahhabist Islam, which Israel supported (they created Hamas) both as a proxy force against the Soviet Union, as well as against the secular PLO which wanted Palestinian land returned.

Zionists are more like Wahhabists than anything else - complete merger of religious doctrine with state government, intolerance for any other religious groups, (kind of like certain groups of evangelical Christians), a real tendency towards fascist organization and authoritarian repression - hence the 'natural alliance' between groups like these:

"Patel.. Hindutva fanatics would fit well with the US touring freak show of wahhabi's, zionists and nazi's."

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 9, 2017 12:31:34 PM | 34

As far as the British deal today? Israel, relying so heavily on external support for its economic health, trys hard to influence British and American politics, i.e. it spends millions to influence elections and government policy for its own interests. Funny how this is viewed as acceptable behavior for Israel (and Saudi Arabia). Some law about having to register as a foreign agent is being violated in Congress, the State Department and the associated cloud of lobbyists, isn't it?

Posted by: nonsense factory | Nov 9 2017 20:42 utc | 52

"Havent we been arguing the opposite when GOP politicians have talked with russians?
Why is Preti wrong to be fired then? A bit of double standard here now.."Anonymous 36

There is no comparison between what Patel did and the unsubstantiated allegations made against Americans who are far from being cabinet members.

To talk of 'double standards' in this matter is nonsensical unless you are drawing attention to the incredible laxity with which Patel has been treated.

Posted by: bevin | Nov 9 2017 20:46 utc | 53

>>>> chet380 | Nov 9, 2017 2:25:04 PM | 45

Britain's 260,000 Jews are a tiny fraction of 1% of the British population -- the amount of polltical influence that this miniscule propoertion is able to employ is so grossly beyond disproportionate as to be laughable.

I'm not so sure British Jews as British citizens have much political power. It's more that many politicians in the UK have their noses so far up Washington's arse for some reason that when the Israelis tell them to do something they do it immediately and without question because they want to get their noses even further up Washington's arse. Why this happens I can only guess. Perhaps they're all on massive backhanders from the CIA. Perhaps the NSA and CIA have embarrassing information about them. Perhaps they're worried that the CIA will organise a colour revolution. Perhaps they believe the CIA/DoS BS that Putin is coming to murder them in their beds. Washington exerts massive influence on British as well as European politicians but what it is is not obvious. Also most of the media, including supposedly left-wing newspapers like The Guardian are strongly Zionist.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 9 2017 20:50 utc | 54

54 "Why this happens I can only guess."

UK= King Salman and US= MBS? That's the way I am starting to look at it with Canada, Australia and NZ the tag along siblings.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 9 2017 21:06 utc | 55

@52 Spot on, txs.

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 9 2017 21:13 utc | 56

@53 bevin.. i think they were drawing attention to the double standards where israel gets a free ride all the time in the usa and everywhere else, but any contact with russia is a huge no no, as witness the insanity in the usa at present.. that was how i read it..

Posted by: james | Nov 9 2017 21:30 utc | 57

concerned about "the jewish lobby"?
it is far worse than you know unless you have read
"Samson Option" by Seymour Hersh?
free copy here:

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 9 2017 21:41 utc | 58

I thought that there were American uneducated morons who beat up Hindu taxi drivers after 9/11.
Now I see in their anti intellectual stupidity there was a method, unlikely but a Hindu could be Islamo fascist.

Posted by: Kalen | Nov 9 2017 21:46 utc | 59

@ Lozion 44

Thank you. The 2nd oldest synagogue in the western hemisphere is in my country of birth.
My handle is also a play on word - a reference to the Rastafarian brethren yardie talk. Respect. Lion of Judah.

Posted by: likklemore | Nov 9 2017 22:09 utc | 60

A moral victory, I feel, for Craig Murray in his battle with Zionist elements:

Posted by: Shakesvshav | Nov 9 2017 22:28 utc | 61

A documentary by Peter Oborne for the UK's Channel 4 on the Israel lobby:

Posted by: Lochearn | Nov 9 2017 22:37 utc | 62

@60 Ah so that would make you a Bajan of portuguese descent? Fascinating..
Guidance & love Ras.

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 9 2017 22:40 utc | 63

There is only one solution to "The Jewish Problem." Dialogue is not part of the solution.

Posted by: SFC Steven M Barry USA RET | Nov 9 2017 23:32 utc | 64

With the US and EU coming out Wednesday supporting Lebanon, doesn't seem the moar woar brigade is pulling the strings.

First Qatar survives its legislated doom, now Lebanon has still not yet been freedomed.

Could this be yet another crack in the anglozionist machine? What possibly could be going on with the borg?

Posted by: TSP | Nov 9 2017 23:45 utc | 65

re Saudi

Angry Arab says MbS king in 36 hours

I'd say, assassination. serious money is involved. However well defended MbS is, the price for suborning a guard, however high, would be worth it.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 9 2017 23:48 utc | 66

VK @23

"Saudi Arabia -- the cradle of Muslim extremism -- is an ally of Israel."

Israel has no allies. It uses other countries to do its dirty work for them. If that dirty work can also destroy the 'ally' so much the better. For example, Turkey was 'allied' in the early days with the destruction of Syria - supposedly Turkey had something against Assad. The quid pro quo was to be Israel's influence in getting Turkey into the EU. However, it was clear that destruction of Syria would empower the Kurds, which would be a real existential threat to Turkey, as o[posed to the imagined acts of Assad.

The supposed 'Turkish caliphate' had the same likelihood of happening as the supposed 'Qatar pipeline' which would come online shortly after the supposed UNOCAL pipeline through Afghanistan (hint try running major construction works through areas held by unstable tribal/ethnic/religious groups. Groups would blow stuff up just to spite their opponents. Those bought off would not stay bought off)

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 10 2017 0:13 utc | 67

@3 librul

Once in Israel they are subjected to hypnosis and/or subliminal indoctrination.

They don't need to employ extreme measures like these. For one thing the people they are influencing are already on their side, and run-of-the-mill overt peer group pressure to conform puts the human psyche under enormous strain to conform to group demands.

An experiment that has been repeated probably thousands of times in various forms goes as follows: In a rigged group discussion or "lesson" one person is the "mark" and the other members are part of the experimenters team. In a very simple version of the experiment two lines are drawn on a whiteboard. One line is, say, 20" long and the other one, drawn right beneath it, is 15" long - very obviously shorter than the one above it. The mark is engaged in a discussion and asked if he sees any difference between the two lines. Yes, the bottom line is shorter than the top one he will invariably say. The other group members then vociferously disagree with the mark and tell him no, he's wrong and both lines are exactly the same length. The mark will protest no, that's crazy...just look at them! (The "teacher" will say the group needs to reach a consensus before they can continue with the "lesson" or break for lunch.) The fake students will continue to deny the mark's very true observation and continue to pressure him to admit his "error." About 3 out of 4 the "marks" in these experiments capitulate and "go with the group" even when it is blatantly obvious he is right and they are wrong. (I don't have the exact number on hand...but it is very high.)

So, no, Zionist Israelis do not need to brainwash and "subliminally" mind fuck visiting Zionist allies to get them to go along with their hosts want. Boring old group pressure is usually sufficient to get dissenters on board. It is the same dynamic that makes hold outs go along with gang rapes and gives rise to mob mentality where even mild mannered people can become violent and kill. It can be observed in groups of all kinds including internet forums. Kids do this all the time to their friends. It is a very common human behavior.

Not every nefarious goal is achieved via a calculated and carefully planned conspiracy to secretly trick or use deeply subversive tactics to gain compliance. Anyone who thinks so does not understand human social psychology.

Posted by: Temporarily Sane | Nov 10 2017 0:18 utc | 68

"What possibly could be going on with the borg?"

"Sponsors" locked up at the Ritz?
Trump prasing the Saudi "crackdown on corruption" and the borg axiously wondering where there next paycheck will come from?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 10 2017 0:18 utc | 69

@66 Laguerre

It's been close to 24 hrs since he posted that. If the rumors he heard come to pass that will be very interesting indeed. I wonder how the "international community" will react?

Posted by: Temporarily Sane | Nov 10 2017 0:21 utc | 70

@ Lozion 63

Not to detract the thread but no, the one in Bdos was sold and is not the oldest. It's further west in Jah, proudly of spanish- portuguese decent. Peace.

@ Laguerre 66

Indira Ghandi was well protected. MbS may be handed the throne but he is done. The purge was pre-emptive. In the doing, he has notched up too many enemies. Billionaires need certainty.

Fear in the air.
Saudi Billionaires Scramble To Move Cash Offshore, Escape Asset Freeze
also at ZH
Following KSA, "Kuwait orders citizens to Leave Lebanon Immediately - against any negative impact that may take place"

Posted by: likklemore | Nov 10 2017 0:22 utc | 71

The Saudi-Lebanon 'war' stuff is bullshit as was the was Saudi-Qatar 'war' on the recent past. The Saudis can't handle the khat-chewing flip-flop, dishdasha and sports jacket-wearing Houthis, let alone battle hardened Hezbollah. Saudi itself is in dire financial straits witnessed by the dismal attempts to sell of ARAMCO to get a lump sum now rather than decling sums over time. It is also attempting to diversify away from oil dependency with the NEOM bs.

This whole thing is an last ditch attempt by Israel to raise a distraction allowing it to grab the areas of Syria/Lebanon it covets in the name of 'national security'. It is already showing its concern for the Druze in the Occupied Golan, offering to protect them from its ISIS proxy force. If Lebanon and Saudi get destroyed in the process, so much the better (from Israel's viewpoint).

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 10 2017 0:22 utc | 72

Anonymous | Nov 9, 2017 7:22:53 PM | 72

Well, Bibi could use some distraction. He is in the police hot seat as his former chief of staff and close confidant turned state’s witness on corruption - allegations of “suspected bribery, fraud and breach of trust.”

JPost, November 9, 2017

According to Army Radio, Netanyahu is expected to be confronted during the investigation with testimony from Ari Harrow, his former aide who has turned state's witness.

Police interrogators from the Lahav 433 unit arrived at the official residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday evening to question him over his involvement in police cases 1000 and 2000.[.]

How shocking. Isn't this the norm - taking gifts in exchange for favours?

Posted by: likklemore | Nov 10 2017 1:28 utc | 73

Lochearn @62: Thanks for the link. Sounds like a carbon copy of AIPAC, The U$A's version of Israeli buy-offs for politicians.

Posted by: ben | Nov 10 2017 1:30 utc | 74

@71 Ah Spanish Town, seen..
@73 The Heathen dem a fall soon come mi bredren..


Posted by: Lozion | Nov 10 2017 2:08 utc | 75

Once again, great article and wonderful, insightful (almost universally) comments. I LOVE this site.

Anonymous @47. I’ll take a stab at what I see as three different situations encompassed by your query.

Patel’s wrongdoing stemmed from being a state official conducting state business without the knowledge of the state she ostensibly serves. It’s ironic because the British State would likely have been just fine with what she negotiated, acquiesced to, promised or whatever - but since she did this covertly, and was outed by journalists, she was bumped from one office, though not otherwise sanctioned.

The issue of government officials overtly or covertly putting the interests of foreign powers above those of the citizens and interests of their own country should be of great concern, but serving certain "allies" seems to have no boundaries in both the US and Britain.

When a private person or group that is not part of the home country government lobbies on behalf of a foreign government, they are required to register as agents of that foreign government. Hence, I say the “Friends of Israel” in Britain and AIPAC in the U.S. should be registered as foreign agents.

That is one of the things Paul Manafort was charged with as regards Ukraine, Michael Flynn got in some trouble over as regards Turkey, and is why Tony Podesta resigned from his lobbying organization as regards RUSSIA!!!.

JFK/RFK tried to get the precursor to AIPAC, the American Zionist Council, (AZC) to register as foreign agents. Of course, he also insisted that Israel allow inspectors into Israel’s nuclear weapons producing facility. I forget what the resolution of those issues was. ;-)

News media are a different situation completely. BBC in the US clearly promotes British political and economic agendas. So even if RT was promoting Russian ideology, it would be no different. In my observations of RT America, they are more honest and unbiased than most news sources. They endeavor to present both “liberal” and “conservative” viewpoints, and their news presenters like Abby Martin, Thom Harmann and Ed Schultz have all stated that the network never once tried to interfere with their editorial independence, which is something I doubt any Western corporate or state-backed news presenter/editor can say. Well, except for those who share the official ideology so much that they would never imagine presenting anything contrary to or questioning of that ideology.

Where I see bias in RT America is more in what news they choose not to cover, or to simply report as having happened with no context. The other problem I have with RT is that they report the Global War OF Terror and various false flag or hoax appearing events with the same assumptions as the Western MSM.

Posted by: Daniel | Nov 10 2017 2:19 utc | 76

@75 I apologise to all for being off topic but I just found out & find it absolutely striking that 4 members of Bob Marley’s Wailers band had Sephardi names and heritage. The king of reggae who would inspire generations to denounce injustice himself had sephardi/mizrahi roots..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 10 2017 2:48 utc | 77

Sorry to disappoint you but that s probably the name of their owner or seller at some stage in their ascendency.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 10 2017 3:44 utc | 78

reply to:Familiar sounding, reminds one of the recent attempt to balkanize Syria, and the recent 2014 coup in Ukraine...and, heck, the modus operandi of the CIA in general...
Posted by: librul | Nov 9, 2017 1:25:05 PM | 41

You are right and I think it also sounds like what is happening in the US today.

Posted by: frances | Nov 10 2017 4:04 utc | 79

reply to "With the US and EU coming out Wednesday supporting Lebanon, doesn't seem the moar woar brigade is pulling the strings.First Qatar survives its legislated doom, now Lebanon has still not yet been freedomed.Could this be yet another crack in the anglozionist machine? What possibly could be going on with the borg?
Posted by: TSP | Nov 9, 2017 6:45:18 PM | 65

Keep in mind the US spoken support came from the State Dept, however we haven't heard from Trump yet and as his son-in-law is "best friends ever" with the SA Clown Prince, Tillerson may once again be left to eat his words.

Posted by: frances | Nov 10 2017 4:25 utc | 80

@78 Possibly, though Marley’s father was white. Plus, intermarriage of marranos and other immigrants must’ve happened. Jamaica is a small island but a veritable melting pot of people of different origins..

Likklemore, thanks to you I have elucidated a great mystery. I had my doubts but according to research I just made, my patronym Lauzon is almost assuredly of marrano (crypto) Sephardi origins from Iberia to Normandy to Nouvelle-France circa 1650..

Am a bit in shock right now..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 10 2017 4:41 utc | 81

Article explaining how the Balfour Declaration had been in process over two years and was part of Zionist efforts to get America into WW1:

Posted by: Shakesvshav | Nov 10 2017 9:56 utc | 82


b wrote: @Lourenzo is trying to spread anti-semitism...

b is actively helping the Israel lobby here, in their ceaseless efforts to establish anti-semitism, worldwide!

Have a deep think about it!

Posted by: nudge | Nov 10 2017 10:13 utc | 83

Allowed to 'resign'? Arrested and charged with treason surely?

Posted by: Ross | Nov 10 2017 10:26 utc | 84

Temporarily Sane says:

Boring old group pressure is usually sufficient to get dissenters on board

well, jfk was assassinated about a month after he demanded that the American Zionist Council register as a foreign agent. the American Zionist Council was then shut down and AIPAC was resurrected in its place. AIPAC, of course, is still not registered as a foreign agent.

today there is no dissent 'cause if you don't sign their pledge, you're run out of town.

Posted by: john | Nov 10 2017 10:34 utc | 85

At least May isn't such a prozzie as Macron who has just sold himself to Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh over the Iran issue:

Macron wants to amend Iran nuclear deal to avoid Tehran’s ‘hegemony’ in Middle East
French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed to amend the nuclear deal with Iran to cover ballistic missile development to avoid a “North Korean” scenario in the Middle East.


The Iranian nuclear agreement “must be preserved” but “complemented with two pillars,” Macron said during his visit to the United Arab Emirates. In particular, the French leader wants to renegotiate the question of the “ballistic activity of Iran” – not covered under the current accord – “with sanctions if necessary.” He further wants discussions about “Iranian hegemony throughout the region.”

I bet she's really annoyed that Macron got there first what with the "special relaionship" and all.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 10 2017 11:01 utc | 86

Why are you anonymous "b"?

Posted by: Annonymousb | Nov 10 2017 11:46 utc | 87

Interesting perspective from Tom Luongo



""It was announced today that the Saudis have lifted the embargo of the Yemeni port at Aden. It remains to be seen what this is a prelude to, but if it is the first step towards ending the disastrous war there then it is very interesting.""

""With the U.S. on one side ensuring the behavior of the wayward Saudis and Israelis and Russia on the other guaranteeing that Iran and Hezbollah don’t take advantage of their weakened positions that forms the framework for a substantive and lasting peace process in the region.""

Posted by: financial matters | Nov 10 2017 12:03 utc | 88

Interesting news.I hope Germany will not follow Macron.The Iran deal is a great achievement and a sign to the majority of Iranian voters who voted for the moderate alternative in the last election.

Posted by: Theo | Nov 10 2017 12:28 utc | 89

>>>> financial matters | Nov 10, 2017 7:03:28 AM | 88

Thankyou for wasting my time.

Interesting perspective from Tom Luongo ........
With the U.S. on one side ensuring the behavior of the wayward Saudis and Israelis and Russia on the other guaranteeing that Iran and Hezbollah don’t take advantage of their weakened positions that forms the framework for a substantive and lasting peace process in the region.

Not even remotely interesting perspective since it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of Hezbollah's policies, and Iran and Israel's foreign policies. I've seen better from JINSA and WINEP.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 10 2017 12:50 utc | 90

There are some fantastic comments on this thread. but as always we are talking about who done it.. or who perpetrated a crime or violated a rule or engaged in some kind of weird behavior, or who infringed on another's rights.. That splits the opinion and allows those wanting to cover up something or change the direction of something etc. to intercept developing lines of thought so that nothing collective ever gets decided or agreed upon.
Around the globe;total force vs overwhelming force(OWF) is the issue. who is in charge of the overwhelming, controlling dictatorial forces of one's society. What is needed is to recognize the difference between the total force, OWF and the authority to use/abuse the overwhelming force and to develop a global common understanding that allows discourse to achieve some progress..

A model so to speak.. Think See Saw.. a single balancing point.
at first 1 person straddles the fulcrum to keep it balanced.. along comes a second and each must adjust position to balance.. and then a nation of people, and then a government that occupies on side of the fulcrum and the people on the other, with "unbiased politicians [if there is such a thing] inter-mediating the balance at the center of the fulcrum.. The sum of the forces that balance is different from the Overwhelming force that controls. and it is here that I leave it to your mind to think.. how can a model be developed that can keep in line the arguments, so that after each person is heard, all can agree what should be accepted into the model. ?? I believe as soon as a model can be developed, that many problems that keep peace from happening will be revealed.. and can be made fixable.

Posted by: fudmier | Nov 10 2017 13:06 utc | 91

It's déjà vu all over again - Yogi Berra

UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl - Jonathan Cook

The episode has troubling parallels with events from 2011 when Liam Fox, Britain’s defence minister, resigned after his own murky dealings with Israel. The official grounds for Fox’s departure were that he had broken ministerial protocol …


Craig Murray, a former British ambassador turned whistleblower, has argued that the official story about Fox was used to deflect attention from far more serious violations of government protocol.
Fox and Werritty were active in a shadowy group called Atlantic Bridge that had close ties to the neoconservatives who were deeply embedded in the administration of George W Bush…


Unnamed government officials told the Guardian Fox had been pursuing an “alternative” government policy. Murray, more directly, suggested that Fox, Werritty and Gould had conspired in a “rogue” foreign policy towards Iran, against Britain’s stated aims.

Although Fox was forced to resign over his links to Werritty, he was quickly rehabilitated once May became prime minister. He was appointed secretary of state for international trade last year.


Patel is a prominent member of Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), a pro-Israel lobby group to which 80 per cent of the ruling Conservative party’s members of parliament, including most government ministers, belong. They and a similarly entrenched group of opposition Labour MPs belonging to Labour Friends of Israel (LFI)...

Its not enough for Israel that it already has the British government in its back pocket: no it has to push the envelope. And why not. With no fear of consequential blowback for its actions and a compliant media to frame the issue (before it is quickly dropped down the memory hole), this latest incident will have exactly zero effect on British/Israeli relations and will not change Israel’s modus operandi one iota.

The only real threat Israel faces in regard to its relations with England is the election of a Corbyn government. This could usher in a balanced approach to the Palestinian conflict and have geopolitical ramifications globally, all to the detriment of Israel’s present position.

The last smear campaign against Corbyn failed miserably. Does anyone seriously think that is the end of it. At the very least a Black Cube type operation can be anticipated. At worst…who knows, but if I were Corbyn I’d seriously watch my back.

Posted by: pantaraxia | Nov 10 2017 13:27 utc | 92

Us Brits really are paying the price for having arrogant fuckwits like Patel and Johnson as goverment ministers. Over at the UN it looks like the lower orders really are revolting:

UK humiliated as international court election goes to runoff
International court of justice would be without British judge for first time since 1946 if Sir Christopher Greenwood loses

The UK’s candidate for the international court of justice (ICJ), Sir Christopher Greenwood, has been forced into a run-off election for the final remaining place on the court, in a humiliating blow to British diplomatic prestige at the United Nations.

After five rounds of simultaneous voting in the security council and the general assembly in New York, four other judges from Brazil, Lebanon, France and Somalia were all elected to what is known as the “world court” in The Hague.

Greenwood, who has already served one nine-year term on the court, now faces an Indian candidate, Dalveer Bhandari, in a battle for the last place on the ICJ when voting resumes late on Monday. There will be a weekend of intense lobbying by diplomats at the UN to secure their candidate’s position.
Greenwood, who is in his early 60s, was previously professor of international law at the London School of Economics. His most controversial public role was in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. He was instructed by the then attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, to examine the arguments over the legality of using force against Saddam Hussein and concluded that the use of force was justified.

Perhaps we should get rid of Johnson and not put up a candidate who has justified an obvious war of aggression.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 10 2017 14:24 utc | 93

As usual, thanks MoA for this kind of article.

Posted by: Paul | Nov 10 2017 15:46 utc | 94

John @85. There was more time than months involved. Eisenhower first demanded an explanation for the construction of Israel’s nuclear weapons facility at Dimona in 1960. He was told it was a textile plant, and requests for a US inspection were rejected. Ike flew U2s over it, and the photos showed Israel was lying, but Israel remained mum.

JFK began requesting, then demanding inspections within months of getting into office. The archive of the Israel Lobby had all the documents back and forth, which I accessed just weeks ago, but now I cannot find that page even doing a search of their site.

But this site has most of them:

The Jerusalem Post spins it in a typically “clever” way:

“Finally, Kennedy had enough, and in a personal letter dated May 18, 1963, the president warned that unless American inspectors were allowed into Dimona (meaning the end of any military activities), Israel would find itself totally isolated. Rather than answering, Ben-Gurion abruptly resigned. Kennedy’s repeated emphasis on America’s “deep commitment to the security of Israel” was all well and good, but, as seen after Egypt’s sudden expulsion of UN peacekeepers in 1967, Israel could not depend on anyone – even the US.”

Yeah, after Israel steals both military secrets and weapons-grade plutonium, lies and covers up the truth, the US is the unreliable actor!

The Israel Lobby Archive still has the communications regarding JFK trying to get the American Zionist Council registered as foreign agents.

Posted by: Daniel | Nov 10 2017 21:12 utc | 95

The Jewish Israel India deal goes back more than a decade.
Israel the Lobby have only one thing of value to sell to countries they wish to cultivate- their control of the US congress.

Israel went to India with a deal—the Jewish Lobby in the US would take them by the hand and help them build a India Lobby to get congress to aid India with nuclear energy and US corporate investment and locations in India and so forth—-in exchange for India allying with Israel. The AIPAC Board of Directors even journeyed there to meet with India’s national leaders to discuss ways the United States, Israel and India can work more closely together to confront the gravest dangers in today’s world

”Ackerman helped coordinate the links between AIPAC and the AJ Committee and the USINPAC. Israel, he said, is “surrounded by 120 million Muslims” whereas “India has 120 million” Muslims within. In 1999, Ackerman was in Atlanta at an Indian American event, where he celebrated the “ancient civilizations” of Hindus and Jews, pointing out that “Strong India-Israel relations is very critical to ensuring peace and stability in a part of the world that is characterized by instability, fundamentalist religious bigotry, hatred toward the West and its values and murder and mayhem spawned by acts of cross-border terrorism.”
Ackerman is not only one of those who believes that Israel is the 51st state of the United States, but he is also one of the major proponents of the Indo-US nuclear deal.
In 2001, Ackerman’s legislative aide, Narayan Keshavan (who was otherwise a journalist, and who died very young, at 53, in 2003), said, “There are scores of congressmen and dozens of senators who clearly equate the growing Indian American political influence to the ‘Hindu Lobby’ – very much akin to the famed ‘Jewish Lobby.’” The aspiration to become like AIPAC and to move India in the direction of Israel is strong among many of those who want to build this India (or Hindu) Lobby, geared as it is against Pakistan and without deference to the fact that the 120 Indian Muslims are Indians too and not simply Muslims. A senior Democratic Senator said in 2003, “All of us here are members of Likud now.” In 2009, if USINPAC succeeds, they’d say, “We’re also members of the Hindu Right now.''

So now in addition to having to watch the Zionist Fifth Column in the US we have to also watch their India partners in the US.

Posted by: renfro | Nov 11 2017 6:42 utc | 96

Beware Tulsi Gabbard, Hindu congresswoman. She makes all the right noises an ambitious politician would make to further her career and agenda.
But she not what she seems.

''Described last October by the Washington Post as “the Democrat that Republicans love and the DNC can’t control,” Gabbard offered a sample of her independent streak a year ago, when she spoke out of sync with her fellow Democrats and criticized US president Barack Obama’s handling of Islamic extremism—specifically over his unwillingness to brand ISIL an “Islamic” group. “[Obama] is completely missing the point of this radical Islamic ideology that’s fueling these people,” Gabbard told Fox News last February.''
Gabbard was among the few to criticize the US government’s decision to deny a visa to Modi before he was prime minister, in the wake of accusations that his government in the state of Gujarat did not do enough to save Muslims during the horrific communal violence carried out there in 2002. The Gujarat riots claimed more than 1,000 people, including close to 800 Muslims. Gabbard had called the no-visa decision a “great blunder.”
And in November 2013, five months before Modi would win election as prime minister, Gabbard opposed a House resolution that called for “religious freedom and related human rights to be included in the United States-India Strategic Dialogue and for such issues to be raised directly with federal and state Indian government officials,” saying it would weaken the friendship between India and US''
Critiques of her stance, like this one published on the American social-justice site, accused her of putting politics before policy:
Rather than review the litany of abuses that have occurred in the country, Gabbard mused she did “not believe that the timing of this hearing is a coincidence….I am concerned that the goal of this hearing is to influence the outcome of India’s national elections.” She went on to state that even holding a hearing on the issue was “an attempt to foment fear and loathing purely for political purposes.” In other words, her concern was that Modi’s electoral chances would be hurt by an honest look at religious persecution in India
For all that and more, Gabbard was treated as royalty on her visit to India last year. As she hobnobbed with the Indian prime minister and foreign minister among others, The Telegraph, a Kolkata-based newspaper, called her “the Sangh’s mascot” in the US. The Sangh, a moniker for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), is a right-wing hindutva organisation and the ideological guardian of the BJP party that rules India now.
QZ: A report in The Telegraph, an Indian newspaper, referred to you as the mascot for the right-wing RSS in India. How do you respond to that? Do you think that is true and would you like to be associated with the RSS?
TG: Both in India and here in the US, I have held meetings with members of both the BJP and the Congress Party. As a member of the US Congress, my interest is in helping produce a closer relationship between the United States and India, not just between the United States and one political party of India.

Like many of the zionist in our congress whose interest in the US congress is soley for the purpose of supporting Israel , Gabbard interest is the same..'' As a member of the US Congress, my interest is in helping produce a closer relationship between the United States and India''

You want to know what is wrong with America? Its not America any more, its an international shopping mall where anyone can set up their push carts to hawk their agendas and anyone with the required 30 pieces of silver can buy themselves a politician or even a war.

Posted by: renfro | Nov 11 2017 7:16 utc | 97

Father of Invention: Media Portrayed Grief Stricken Dad Turns Out To Be al-Nusra Front Terrorist

Massive White Helmets Photo Cache Proves Hollywood Gave Oscar to Terrorist Group

“Now You See Me” – Over 100 White Helmet Self-Posted Facebook Images Expose Fake Humanitarian Group as FSA Terrorists Linked with Al-Qaeda

False Flagger: Al-Nusra Front Terrorist ‘Reporter’ Hadi Abdallah First Responder to Chemical Massacre in Idlib, Syria on April 4th, 2017

Posted by: Liam | Nov 11 2017 13:16 utc | 98

It also reinforced lobbying efforts in the U.S. for entering the war on the British side.
Minor correction: Balfour did not reinforce lobbying efforts. Those efforts had already been successful. Some regard the Balfour declaration as payment for Zionist lobbying to get the US to declare war on Germany. There is some truth to this, but a Jewish buffer state allied with the British Empire had been a goal of British Foreign policy since the 1840s. It's just as likely that the British deliberately delayed such a declaration, which they wanted anyway, until after US entry for fear that antisemitic tendencies in the US might obstruct US entry into the war. In any case, Zionists lobbied Wilson diligently to get him to bring the US into the war, expecting a British declaration in return. Afterward, Zionists bragged that this had been the case, leading to antisemitic feelings in Germany and the foolish persecution of Jews in general, who had largely remained loyal during WW I.

Posted by: William Rood | Nov 13 2017 21:30 utc | 99

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