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November 02, 2017

Neocons Push Dubious Paper To Allege Iran - Al-Qaeda Connection

The anti-Iran powers in the U.S. again try to smear Iran as allied with al-Qaeda. The accusations will be used to justify further hostilities against the country.

Suddenly an anonymous, and likely fake, document appears and is prominently launched into the public circulation. To provide plausibility for the publishing the new CIA director Mike Pompeo ordered his staff to release additional data allegedly found in Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan.

These "new" papers were first released to the neoconservative anti-Iran lobby Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Among the "hundred thousands" of pages a mysterious 19 page document is claimed to prove Iranian collaboration with al-Qaeda. The way the release was handled and the prominence put on this one specific paper indicates that the now released stash was "spiked" with this document to initiate hostilities against Iran.

We have been here before. Fake documents produced by the CIA and neo-conservative think-tanks were used to allege that Saddam Hussein was buying Uranium in Niger (copy below). False claims were made that Saddam had contacts with the perpetrators of the 9/11 attack in New York.

Former CIA Career Analyst Ned Price explains the politics behind the new release:

Ned Price‏ @nedprice - 6:30 PM - 1 Nov 2017
  • @CIA released what it claims are the final public files from Bin Laden’s lair. I’m all for transparency, but this isn’t about that.
  • In Jan, DNI, which led the declassification effort, released what it said was the final tranche of Bin Laden files. Link
  • The DNI-led review was overseen by career intel officials, who concluded that, w the Jan files, all those of public interest were released.
  • But a funny thing happened when CIA Director Pompeo came into office. I’m told he re-launched a review of the files.
  • In doing so, he took officers away from important missions to pore—and re-pore—over the millions of documents.
  • How can we be sure this was a CIA effort? Unlike previous releases, today’s files are hosted on, not the DNI site.
  • He said as much at the gathering of a conservative group, @FDD, opposed to the Iran deal in September. Link
  • As luck would have it, CIA provided an advance copy of today’s files to @LongWarJournal, this group’s publication. Link
  • The ploy is transparent despite the fact that the newly-released documents don’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.
  • What’s not as transparent are the motives of Pompeo, the administration’s leading and most influential Iran hawk.
  • Remember Cheney on @MeetThePress, pointing to Atta’s supposed Prague meeting w Iraqi officials? It was a key element of the march to war.
  • History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme. Need to remain vigilant to ensure Pompeo isn’t able to write it.

The CIA's outlet for these papers, the FDD, writes about the cache:

The CIA is releasing hundreds of thousands of documents, images, and computer files recovered during the May 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
The CIA provided FDD’s Long War Journal with an advance copy of many of the files. It will take years for experts and researchers to comb through this treasure trove of information. However, we offer some preliminary observations below.

It is astonishing, and quite suspicious, that the FDD immediately 'found' one very specific document out of "hundreds of thousands which will take years to comb through". This one specific document allegedly 'proves' that Iran is in cahoots with al-Qaeda:

The files provide new details concerning al Qaeda’s relationship with Iran.

One never-before-seen 19-page document contains a senior jihadist’s assessment of the group’s relationship with Iran. The author explains that Iran offered some “Saudi brothers” in al Qaeda “everything they needed,” including “money, arms” and “training in Hezbollah camps in Lebanon, in exchange for striking American interests in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.” Iranian intelligence facilitated the travel of some operatives with visas, while sheltering others. Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, an influential ideologue prior to 9/11, helped negotiate a safe haven for his jihadi comrades inside Iran. But the author of the file, who is clearly well-connected, indicates that al Qaeda’s men violated the terms of the agreement and Iran eventually cracked down on the Sunni jihadists’ network, detaining some personnel. Still, the author explains that al Qaeda is not at war with Iran and some of their “interests intersect,” especially when it comes to being an “enemy of America.”

This very document is the sole one in the stash FDD now uses to insinuate cooperation between Iran and al-Qaeda. Other Bin Laden documents that were included in earlier releases provided the exact opposite. In 2012 Reuters headlined: Documents show tense al Qaeda-Iran relationship:

Al Qaeda’s relationship with Iran’s government has been fractious at best and openly antagonistic at worst, according to documents confiscated from Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan and made public on Thursday.

The one new document that now changes the old assessment by 180 degree is of course the one the right-wing Telegraph and other outlets immediately point out: Trove of Bin Laden documents reveal Iran's secret dealings with al-Qaeda.

But how come that an assessment from a "senior jihadist" received by Bin Laden is anonymous? How does FDD know that the author is "senior"? Why doesn't he have a name?

The alleged "senior jihadist" paper wants us to believe that Iran offered al-Qaeda “training in Hezbollah camps in Lebanon"? That is ludicrous. Al-Qaeda always had an anti-Shia ideology and agenda. It is not plausible that the Shia majority Iran would ask the Shia organization Hizbullah to train the anti-Shia killer gangs of al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda is an enemy of Iran. After the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001 some al-Qaeda members and their families fled towards Iran. They had no other place to go. All of them were immediately detained or put under house arrest. A deal was likely made in which al-Qaeda promised to refrain from attacking Iran while Iran would keep these hostages unharmed. The al-Qaeda members were not "guests" in Iran. In its yearly Country Reports on Terrorism the U.S. State Department notes:

Iran remained unwilling to bring to justice senior al-Qa’ida (AQ) members it continued to detain, and refused to publicly identify those senior members in its custody.

In 2015 Iran released some al-Qaeda members in exchange for an Iranian diplomat al-Qaeda had taken hostage in Yemen. That is not the record of a friendly relation.

The 19-pages document is not plausible. It was obviously produced and prominently launched for a specific political purpose. It contradicts earlier released papers as well as the historic record.

Professor Max Abrams notes:

Max Abrahms @MaxAbrahms - 4:05 AM - 2 Nov 2017
  • The regime change playbook plays on American fears of Salafist terrorists by claiming the target-leadership supports them.
  • For Saddam it was that he supported Al Qaeda. For Assad it was that he supported ISIS. For Iran it will increasingly stress Al Qaeda ties.

Add to that the equally implausible claims that Russia is supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. (With what? Rusty AK-47s?)

It seems likely that the "never-before-seen 19-page document" with "a senior jihadist’s assessment" was written up in Langley or Tel Aviv. It was then put into the stash of the now released Bin Laden files to give it a somewhat plausible origin. FDD was specifically pointed to that very document to bring it into public circulation.

This is clearly reminiscent of the Bush/Cheney regime's campaign against Iraq in which faked documents claimed that Saddam was buying Uranium from Niger and that he had contacts with the perpetrators of 9/11. The release of this document is primitive warmongering propaganda.

So primitive indeed that many will fall for it. 

Others are equally suspicious of this release.

Ankit Panda at The Diplomat asks: Was the bulk release of Osama Bin Laden’s Abbottabad data trove an act of transparency or something else?

Professor As'ad AbuKhalil, the Angry Arab, notes a lot of auspicious issue in a released document the CIA called the Bin Laden journal. Of the document discussed above he writes:

Then there is that 19-page document (unsigned) and it is ostensibly is a document showing ties between Iran and Al-Qa`idah. This one is the hardest to believe. The document does not make sense: at several points it talks about Iranian regime being very pragmatic and another point it talks that the enmity between US and Iran is very real and not fake. But this last contention is totally against all the beliefs of Islamists (of the various kind) who are convinced that the US and Iran are allies under the table. The paper also alleges that Iran offered to send Al-Qa`idah members to train at Hizbullah camps in Lebanon. This is clearly a fabrication and shows a clumsy effort to implicate Iran in a relations with Al-Qa`idah. But why would Iran need to send Al-Qa`dish fighters who are allegedly in Iran already to Lebanon to train? Why not train them there in Iran? Also, the document itself then says: that Iranian governments arrested all of them and they had to go into hiding. This document in particular clearly is fabricated--I venture--and I don't know who wrote it. It also struck me as less religious in tone than what we normally read form those quarters.

Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif jumps in:

Javad Zarif‏ @JZarif - 7:29 PM - 2 Nov 2017

A record low for the reach of petrodollars: CIA & FDD fake news w/ selective AlQaeda docs re: Iran can't whitewash role of US allies in 9/11

Posted by b on November 2, 2017 at 11:36 UTC | Permalink


Since the raid on Entebbe it is known that Persia a.k.a Iran and the German Terrorist "Antifa" org that is funded by Globalists and emerged through militant ideologues from latin America like "PABLO" that were partly influenced by Hitler himself and his entourage while hiding in Colombia Argentina and Braxil, iran and the german globalist left which you "b" are part off are joined at the heep.

Posted by: Birdie | Nov 2 2017 11:57 utc | 1

Bin Laden was a gift that kept on giving.

Perhaps the greatest ROI for a psyop ever?

Posted by: david | Nov 2 2017 12:08 utc | 2

The conspiracy theorists are out early today.

@1 - genetic testing showed that Hitler died in Berlin
BTW, the raid on Entebbe was in 1976, three years before the Iranian Revolution. Have the IRGC developed time machines?

@2 - Bin Laden was not a CIA psyop which doesn't mean that the CIA hasn't run salafist psyops but just not with Bin Laden who hated the West as much as he hated the Soviet Union.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 2 2017 12:36 utc | 3

This yet again demonstrates yet again that the CIA is involved in enough gormless conspiracies that there is no need to invent conspiracies that are too clever for the intellectual minnows at the CIA.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 2 2017 12:39 utc | 4

Of course if rabid Neocons abandoned their habit of misspelling Al-CIA-duh then the silliness of their porkies would be self-evident.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 2 2017 12:40 utc | 5

@ 1

Those German Terrorist Globalist Hitlerian Militant Ideologues sound like bad dudes, Birdie, but I'm confident that our bartender is too heep to join them at the hip.

Posted by: Captain Cook | Nov 2 2017 12:41 utc | 6

Since so many in my country are devout Christians ...

6:12 A troublemaker and a villain, who goes about with a corrupt mouth,...
who plots evil with deceit in his heart he always stirs up conflict.

5:5 You hate all who do wrong; you destroy those who tell lies. The bloodthirsty and deceitful you, Lord, detest.
19:5 A false witness will not go unpunished, and whoever pours out lies will not go free.
26:27 Whoever digs a pit will fall into it

29:10 The bloodthirsty hate a person of integrity and seek to kill the upright.

The last one I threw in because it explains why so many in our foreign policy establishment hate those who oppose them such as Putin.

But the question remains, with a firmly compliant press, when will the troublemakers be tripped up by their own lies?

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Nov 2 2017 12:42 utc | 7

The sheeple in Amerika will fall for it for sure. The so-called free press will promote it as the truth.

Posted by: jo6pac | Nov 2 2017 13:14 utc | 8

Thanks. I have a nagging question, though. The Taliban have justifiably been at war with the invaders from the US for the last 16 years. Their weapons must come from somewhere.

Posted by: Lea | Nov 2 2017 13:18 utc | 9

No problem, al Qaeda are the good guys now:

US Govt-Funded Think Tank Praises “Moderate” Al Qaeda

With al Qaeda now seen by the U.S. as likely the only group in Syria “militarily capable of challenging the Assad regime’s grip on power, the U.S. is in the uncomfortable position of having to rehabilitate 9/11 and current terrorists into supportable “moderates.”

Posted by: Tobin Paz | Nov 2 2017 13:25 utc | 10

The warmongers reveal fake documents (and their motive, their target),
but hide real evidence:

After the raid at Abbottabad they:

Immediately threw the body overboard to the bottom of the ocean.
The pictures of the body were ordered destroyed or locked away in CIA vaults.
The witnesses, the Seals, were ordered to be silent forever.
The helmet cameras, "never existed".
The DNA was handled guessed it....the CIA.

Posted by: librul | Nov 2 2017 13:40 utc | 11

LOL if such lies weren't so serious. The American Bald Face Lying agencies always accuse their adversaries of the crimes they themselves are committing as a transference mechanism which their vassals immediately proclaim as the truth incarnate. WHAT? Iran supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, Yemen or anywhere else...get a fucking grip! The very sad part is one false flag event has the rubes within the western cabal's domain completely on board with the lies and clamouring for something to be done like sanctions, bombing or outright war.

Posted by: BRF | Nov 2 2017 13:53 utc | 12

Attempts to show a collusion between Iran and Al QAeda shows that the USA is desperate about pinning down Iran and Hezbollah whose power against the USA allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia is growing.
The disastrous Iraq war followed by the disastrous 2006 Israel-Lebanon war and the latest disastrous Syria war have only made Iran and its allies in the region even more united and powerful.
The Iran-Iraq-Syria-Russia block is the new USA and Israel's nightmare.
We will see a flurry of fake news aimed to demonize this axis..
As usual it will fail lamentably after causing more death and destruction. The USA is not the defender of the world democracies, it has a become a desperate and ruthless predator.
Ultimately it may contribute to its fall.

Posted by: virgile | Nov 2 2017 14:21 utc | 13

Were they able to shuttle the guilty Saudis out of the states after the Vegas shooting?

Posted by: Trumped@Casino | Nov 2 2017 14:28 utc | 14

So, what's the game here? Cheney and Company's lies set up Iraq as fall guy for the big false flag. Does this mean Pompeo is setting up Iran as fall guy for a new, large-scale false flag?

Posted by: JC | Nov 2 2017 14:33 utc | 15

Let's look on the bright side. The further the US gets to the right on this issue the more it gets separated from the rest of the world (sans Israel), plus it detracts from Korea, and while this sort of malarkey led to an invasion if Iraq there will be non such in Iran, it's too powerful.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 2 2017 14:53 utc | 16

@JC 15

I would say trying but these antics seem to have run their course. The results seem to be just more exposure of the true nature of the deep state. Plus the proposed enemy is too powerful and has too many friends.

Posted by: financial matters | Nov 2 2017 14:55 utc | 17

Nine-eleven is the everlasting gift for the MIC.
headlines: CIA release of bin Laden files renews interest in Iran links -- The CIA's release of documents seized during the 2011 raid that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has again raised questions about Iran's support of the extremist network leading up to the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Tying Iran to 9/11 via bin Laden is a biggy. But actually bin Laden has never been tied to 9/11 by the FBI, which helps explain reasons for his assassination.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 2 2017 15:15 utc | 18

these statements (in the document) are so ludicrous, stupid and far-fetched that no more than 85% of the Americans will believe it.

Posted by: jfb | Nov 2 2017 15:18 utc | 19

The doc statements, because they won't be read, aren't as important as the headlines.
The Congress is currently working on changes to the JOINT agreement plus adding some other anti-Iran garbage so the headlines will boost this effort (as intended) with "Iran contributed to 9/11."

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 2 2017 15:28 utc | 20

@11 - norman wisdom jr

What's the weather like in Tel Aviv this time of the year?

@15 - JC

That's counter-intuitive. If they wanted to frame Iran by the same script (((they))) used on Iraq, then the FF would come first and the fabricated "evidence" later on. In this case it is clear Ziocons are going straight to phase 2, finding entanglements where there are none (reminded me of Aesop's The Wolf and The Lamb). They must be counting on the utter ignorance and stupidity of the majority of "Western" debt slaves, which isn't far from the truth.

The only relevant question that nobody dares to ask is how far are these FishHead ready to go this time 'round?

Posted by: LXV | Nov 2 2017 15:31 utc | 21

I wonder if the release of the JFK docs played a part in this.

Also, it seemed strange that that they would hold back 200 or so JFK docs. It only fuels more suspicion so it seemed counterproductive. So imagine my surprise (NOT) when a few days later, Trump announced that all JFK docs had been released. LOL.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 2 2017 15:35 utc | 22

@22 clarifying

"played a part" as in helped to further the notion that CIA is undertaking efforts to be more transparent.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 2 2017 15:43 utc | 23

The Operation Iraqi Freedom was long justified by 9/11, with motivational statements to the troops by the president and defense secretary that they were avenging 9/11. What else could they do? What other important reason did they have? None. So the fact that the Iraq invasion reasons were phony was a quick news story and died, the victim of ongoing pro-war propaganda. Again, 9/11 is huge in the U.S. and no major US news organ would ever diminish its sanctity.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 2 2017 15:43 utc | 24

The bit I liked was the Bin Laden journal, which was not merely not found on site, but actually bought off a bookseller in Abbottabad. Even if not a CIA confection, the chances of it being genuine are rather less than zero, I would guess. A poor imitation of the Hitler Diaries. But it is still described in some detail in a Guardian article on the release.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 2 2017 15:52 utc | 25

This simplistic propaganda can only be effective for people who have no understanding of Wahhabist ideology vis a vis Shias.

Posted by: WorldBLee | Nov 2 2017 15:53 utc | 26

So primitive indeed that many will fall for it

yeah, in fact, even granting a furlough to Bin Laden's reincarnation pretty well describes gullibility, the crux of mindfuckery.

Posted by: john | Nov 2 2017 15:59 utc | 27

19-page document is obviously done on a word processor. Are the fonts typical of documents in the bin Laden archive?

Posted by: Steve | Nov 2 2017 16:11 utc | 28

Well,"Qui veut tuer son chien l'accuse de la rage".

Russia is accused of meddling in US affairs when in reality, the US congress is
in fact an overseas Knesset, more attuned to Israel's diktats than the Knesset

The dog is firmly in the hands of the tail and wags to its tune.

So Israel has decided to start hostilities towards Iran and, as the war in Syria
winds down, wants its enemy taken care of by the obedient Goyims at its service.

With Iraq soon ISIS free and Syria on the road to recovery, Israel is afraid that
Iran will have unfettered access to Lebanon and Hezbollah whom they will be able
to supply at ease and at whim.

We must now await some false flag to precipitate events and trigger the war Israel
roots for. And with pressure mounting on Trump via Mueller et al, the temptation
is almost irresistible to start a war that will have the virtue of saving Trump,
even if only for a time.

What will that false flag be? Anything. We'll know pretty soon.

Posted by: CarlD | Nov 2 2017 16:14 utc | 29

Iran, spelled Saudi Arabia, USA, Qatar, UAE and Israel?

Posted by: CD Waller | Nov 2 2017 16:17 utc | 30

We're going into Iran no matter who is against it. get ready.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Nov 2 2017 16:30 utc | 31

I must admire Iran's leader's response to the latest propaganda pulse pushed out by the Outlaw US Empire:

"The United States is truly the major malignant enemy… I say this not based on prejudice or pessimism, but based on experience, correct analysis of situations, and observation of the realities within the field,...

"These immature remarks prove that the Americans are not only the enemies of the Iranian government and its leadership, but they also reveal their hatred and hostility towards the Iranian nation, a nation that has bravely stood up to them!"

The Outlaw US Empire's been playing the same game for decades now, and its threats no longer intimidate smaller nations--particularly nations that have been targeted for so long, like Iran and DPRK. Solidarity is proving to be effective despite nations not sharing geographical connectivity since other forms of connectivity are proving just as or perhaps even more viable.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2 2017 16:31 utc | 32

How do we remove the Zionist menace and its death grip from our political and media apparatuses? When is enough enough? At what point do people in this country actually fight for what they believe in?

Posted by: SlapHappy | Nov 2 2017 17:24 utc | 33

My own hubris at our zionist monsters given me a stroke which makes me helpless.goddam.

Posted by: dahoit | Nov 2 2017 18:08 utc | 34

This is shaping up to be a combined attack by US, Israel and the wahabbi's on Iran, Syria and Lebanon. US attacking Iran and Israeli's and wahabbi's concentrating on Syria/Lebanon?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 2 2017 18:11 utc | 35

According to the last stash he read Chomsky and 9/11 conspiracy books. Utterly laughable.

Posted by: Bob | Nov 2 2017 18:23 utc | 36

" I have a nagging question, though. The Taliban have justifiably been at war with the invaders from the US for the last 16 years. Their weapons must come from somewhere.
Where? "

At least half, if not more, of what the Taliban use is from the U.S. equipped Afghan troops and militia. The Talib's now drive Humvee's and no, they did not buy these at the factory.
Afghan troops regularly sell their stuff or simply change sides for a while. Small caliber ammunition is self-made in the Pashtun areas of Pakistan. There have been TV reports about these mini-factories. What else is needed comes from Pakistani intelligence services, money comes from the Gulf.

Some U.S. general claimed that Russia provided machine guns (duschka's). But these can be found nearly everywhere in the area for a few hundred dollars. If the Talibs suddenly had brand new anti-tank missiles in large numbers the U.S. claim would be more plausible.

Posted by: b | Nov 2 2017 18:23 utc | 37

@ #18 financial matters

Yeah, I do believe that the CIA ops started going down hill on 9/11. The CIA rogue killers these days are mainly focused on ending Trumpism.

Posted by: Trumped@Casino | Nov 2 2017 18:50 utc | 38

@b 39
"If the Talibs suddenly had brand new anti-tank missiles in large numbers the U.S. claim would be more plausible."

...and yet would still be a fabrication because those brand new anti-tank missiles would be either American, or Eastern European in origin, and in both cases supplied by the Americans themselves.
As displayed within Hollywoods range of movies in the last decade, the USA as a whole has completely run out of ideas and is just rehashing the parts of their tattered playbook that have worked in the past.

Posted by: hubris | Nov 2 2017 18:57 utc | 39

Thanks for continuing to shout out truth to the Big Lie technique b

Unfortunately it has proven to be successful for quite some time. Can efforts like MoA and others kill/neuter the Big Lie technique?....don't know if we don't try.

Here is to hoping these are death rattles of empire....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 2 2017 19:14 utc | 40

"Imagine the Book of Genesis describing the Garden of Eden, but leaving out the bit about Eve and the Serpent."

Bacevich reviews State Department publication on Iran.

A Prize from Fairyland
Andrew Bacevich

Foreign Relations of the US, 1952-54, Iran, 1951-54 edited by James Van Hook
for the Department of State, Washington DC. Chiron Academic Press, 970 pp, £20.00, September, ISBN 978 91 7637 496 2

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 2 2017 19:23 utc | 41

I want that central bank privatized and i want it done now!

Posted by: jezabeel | Nov 2 2017 19:28 utc | 42

thanks b.. this is what neo cons do... when will it ever stop?

@14 virgile.. i agree with you..

@don bacon.. i agree with a lot of what you say as well..

@37 peter au... sort of looks like that to me, but then it kinda of always has.. not too much has changed.. just the justification for a continuation of it all..

Posted by: james | Nov 2 2017 19:36 utc | 43

If the neo-cons and neo-libs believe that they can do as they did in 2003, well the end of the empire and its Israeli spoilt-kid has arrived. The world has changed and any attempt to replay Iraqi 2003 will prove suicidal.

Posted by: Steve | Nov 2 2017 19:42 utc | 44

so...the same CIA that has spent the past few years rehabilitating AQ as "rebels" in syria (where they've killed or helped kill both iranians and members of hezbollah) suddenly wants to scare us with AQ again.

also, as you mentioned, "anonymous sources" in the NYT or wapo are a sure sign of bullsh_t; in a document like this they're downright insulting to the intelligence of a toddler. we're also supposed to believe that a ton of AQ fighters were running around iran and lebanon and not ONE of them staged a notable terrorist attack (like, say, killing nuclear scientists)?

it seems the spooks see credibility as a terrorist entity. maybe because it's the only thing they're good at destroying.

Posted by: the pair | Nov 2 2017 19:56 utc | 45

Not at all OT: Just when you thought you'd seen it all, something else comes along as this item details: "Gitmo War Court Orders US General Jailed For Supporting Detainee’s Legal Rights,"

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2 2017 20:23 utc | 46

Angry arab in b's update also points that this release is NOT a journal written by bin Laden in the sense that there are multiple authors (based on hand writing differences) and that some of the notes are in first person and others in third person. No way to know where those 19 pages fit in.

Posted by: ToivoS | Nov 2 2017 20:41 utc | 47

Nobody can predict the future but IMO the chances of an attack on Iran are slim because Iran can and will counterattack.
Here's an opinion from Harry J. Kazianis, who is so conservative he won't publish my comments on his National Interest site. Published Oct 26, excerpt:
I fought a war against Iran — and it ended badly
by Harry J. Kazianis

. . .Then Iran decides such an action cannot be allowed to stand, and decides to make a statement that not only is its military powerful, but it can cause serious damage to U.S. naval assets in the region. They counterattack with a massive volley of anti-ship missiles pointed at the ultimate symbol of U.S. military might: America’s only aircraft carrier operating in the region. Firing over 100 missiles, the carrier’s defenses are overwhelmed and the 100,000-ton vessel is destroyed, with over 2,000 sailors and airmen lost.

Iran doesn’t stop there. To make clear that it won’t tolerate any further U.S. military operations against its forces, Iranian conventional attack submarines—purchased from Russia—launch a series of attacks on U.S. surface combatants in the Persian Gulf. While Tehran loses two of its prized subs, one American Littoral Combat Vessel is sunk, with over 62 sailors killed. . .here

Plus there are 40,000 US troops on Gulf bases and Hezbollah has thousands of missiles pointed at Israeli cities. Iran has other options as well.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Nov 2 2017 20:55 utc | 48

One of Obama's last actions as president was to remove the restriction against U.S. government domestic propaganda.

Posted by: Edward | Nov 2 2017 20:57 utc | 49

Imho the rethoric doesnt matter much now, we are not at the same place as we were at the turn of the millenia.
The lies dont work anymore..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 2 2017 21:03 utc | 50

OT, but germane: SAA close to 100% liberation of Deir Ezzor,

Massive convoy about to arrive at T-2 pumping station for push to al-Bukamal, while the big push toward Idlib has begun from Western Aleppo. Look for Daesh/SDF to get rolled back North well before mid-November as SAA patience has run past its limit.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2 2017 21:20 utc | 51

@47 the pair.. nice summation and probably how many here at moa see it as i understand it...

Posted by: james | Nov 2 2017 21:46 utc | 52

@54 Concurrent with Al Qaim being stormed this is the final coup de grâce in the making..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 2 2017 22:07 utc | 53

Oups sorry meant @53..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 2 2017 22:08 utc | 54

Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan just concluded a trilateral conference as well as bilateral talks in Tehran; much is happening between the three nations and within the greater region as well. The following link will link you to the 3 leaders's statements to the press, as well as Putin's speech, This link will give you The Duran's analysis of the event, The rapidity of development between the three is commendable and gives one an idea of the potential dynamism within Southwest Asia that will soar further once peace gets established.

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 2 2017 22:13 utc | 55

"Russia is accused of meddling in US affairs when in reality, the US congress is in fact an overseas Knesset, more attuned to Israel's diktats than the Knesset itself."

Equally well one can say that Knesset is run by Americans. Not American hoi polloi, of course, but by people of means, say, gazillions, who collect politicians like little boys collect action figures. Usually they live in USA, but it can also be South Africa, England and even Israel.

So-called Jewish or Israeli Lobby is populated by Americans and subsists by collecting money from Americans, including Indian tribes (google "moolah lobby indian tribes" and you will get "Abramoff"). As well known specialists, they hire their services also to Malaysians, Gulfies and what not.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 2 2017 22:21 utc | 56

Re: Deir-ez-Zor almost liberated

While our politicians are collected like action figures and behave like action figures (sometimes they even transform), the real action seems elsewhere. And the value of fake papers is far lower than in good old days, it is almost like trying to entertain the public by plying vinyl records.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 2 2017 22:26 utc | 57

@Lozion 52

"The lies dont work anymore.."'

have you ever heard of russia-gate?

Posted by: pB | Nov 2 2017 22:34 utc | 58

it's not just the neocons pushing this iran agenda. this link is a long read (for which i apologise) but it provides an eye-opening example of how 9/11 is used to further the agenda. and frankly, as a 9/11 widow-->i'm getting tired of it. i hope you will all take the time to read the link(and click on all the links within the article), it truly explains a lot:

Posted by: kdb | Nov 2 2017 23:39 utc | 59

Neocons Push Dubious Paper To Allege Iran - Al-Qaeda Connection

alqaeda mantra is alawaites to the grave christians to beirut

Posted by: brian | Nov 2 2017 23:52 utc | 60

It is really pathetic how little imagination the morons of the CIA have. They are unbelievably stupid - and they think everyone else is like them.

Posted by: Alfred | Nov 3 2017 0:21 utc | 61

To contain the US Killing Machine Monster, other "first world" aka "rich" nations ("partners") must now call them out. NOW as in immediately.

It seems that the US has naked pictures of all the world's leaders.

Posted by: fast freddy | Nov 3 2017 0:30 utc | 62

Posted by: Alfred | Nov 2, 2017 8:21:25 PM | 63

I fully agree.

The paper also alleges that Iran offered to send Al-Qa`idah members to train at Hizbullah camps in Lebanon. This is clearly a fabrication and shows a clumsy effort to implicate Iran in a relations with Al-Qa`idah.

After reading this from the Angry Arab, how can anybody take the pathetic morons of the CIA seriously ever again. They might be able to drone or torture people but that's about it and they, collectively, are so stupid and fucked up that they couldn't even organise a piss-up in a brewery, let alone most of the fake conspiracies that are attributed to them.

Posted by: Ghostship | Nov 3 2017 0:54 utc | 63

I doubt this will achieve anything. No one beyond some Hillary followers is going to believe this and I doubt that even the spineless Europeans will change policy towards Iran. There is little the US can do to Iran that is not being done already beyond war. Trump does not have the balls to try to attack Iran and I doubt his generals would let him. I suspect Russia and China would support Iran if the US even floats the idea of an attack.

So where does that leave us? More funding for the CIA.

Posted by: Alaric | Nov 3 2017 1:24 utc | 64

jfb@19 +1 Deliciously sublime.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 3 2017 4:23 utc | 65

Sharmine Narwani just now published her latest piece in the American Conservative: Hezbollah is Not a Threat to America - ‘Trumped’ up charges to get at Iran won’t work

This comes a day late for b's piece on Hezbollah in his previous article, but that thread seems ended so I'll drop the link here.

I read Narwani for perspective and narrative but this piece is dense with links - it's a forceful deconstruction of 2 decades of lies against Hezbollah, and more than anything shows the flimsiness of lies used by the US and Israel. It actually reads like one of b's great deconstructive articles.

Narwani cleans up a lot of false narratives in this piece - there's a lot of useful history in her article.

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 3 2017 5:04 utc | 66


I think jfb is exaggerating a little. Looking at it realistically, and taking into account the well researched US special forces manual on unconventional warfare, the figure would be closer to 80%.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 3 2017 6:24 utc | 67

Since sending al Queda to Hizbullah camps for training strains credulity and can assume that the CIA has analysts that know Iran and ME affairs enough to avoid such a goof-up, we can surmise that:

1. some higher-up bypassed knowledgeable analysts (because of their refusal to go along?); or

2. a knowledgeable analyst wanted to defeat the intent of his superior's order so they added something that doesn't make sense; or

3. the document came from someone that wanted to embarrass the CIA.

I think #3 makes the least sense: why include this document in a release of info that is otherwise insignificant? Wouldn't that just reveal the presence of a mole?

The other question is: when was this document created? I think there was an effort during Bush's time to tie Iran to al Queda. Some junior analyst tasked with reviewing the record might've thought that they stumbled upon something, without realizing that it was disinfo that would be embarrassing if released.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 3 2017 6:51 utc | 68

Grieved | Nov 3, 2017 1:04:25 AM | 66

Re: Sharmine Narwani
What a great and informative read; thanks.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Nov 3 2017 7:56 utc | 69

USA,is nothing but a great murderer who specializes in Propaganda and double standard,can they approve to the world that documents are really from Osama Awadh Muhammad ibn Laden?Why they are so since since the death of our brother
Osama? We know very well they creates a falsely evidence to invade the Islamic Republic of Iran

Posted by: Mr Mangi Mfunga Mangi | Nov 3 2017 8:08 utc | 70

Mr Mangi Mfunga Mangi | Nov 3, 2017 4:08:46 AM | 70

"Why they are so since since the death of our brother" ?

Charles D Drake or similar alias?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 3 2017 8:21 utc | 71

From Grieved's link..

"What was the U.S. reaction to the Beirut bombings in 1982? Did it retaliate against this phantom Hezbollah or its “precursor” organizations? No. In what was the heaviest shore bombardment by a U.S. naval vessel since the Korean war, the Americans retreating from Lebanon launched 300 missiles inland, killing hundreds of Druze and Shia non-combatants. In their book Best Laid Plans: The Inside Story of America’s War Against Terrorism, David C. Martin and John Walcott write about the incident:

In a nine-hour period, the U.S.S. New Jersey fired 288 16-inch rounds, each one weighing as much as a Volkswagen Beetle. In those nine-hours, the ship consumed 40 percent of the 16-inch ammunition available in the entire European theater…in one burst of wretched excess."

The mighty empire... and those people over there only hate the US because of its freedoms ...

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 3 2017 8:35 utc | 72
As'ad Abu Khalil's take on the subject

Posted by: Mina | Nov 3 2017 8:36 utc | 73

BL is a US "freedom Fighter". AQ is a US creation that keeps on giving. but I guess such links are valuable information for the youyng and innocent... mmm I seemed to have aged quickly.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 3 2017 9:21 utc | 74

Looking at the wording of this, Zionist pilots may, in the not too distant future, start running into Russian brick doors?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Nov 3 2017 9:31 utc | 75

A hezbollah or hamas patsy car attack in the US would be enough to attack libanon and parts of Syria. A war with iran is to expensive, thats not the issue. Saudies and Sisi need a excuse to work with the usraeli without fighting alongside, this needs more pr domestically and qatar/erdogan is messing things up. The puppets are not in the right place yet but a FF in america is evident, all its take is some accident.

Posted by: Mark2 | Nov 3 2017 10:07 utc | 76

@ 76 mark2... spoken like someone from the cia working on the next war plan... i agree with you.. this hair brained shit to support the military and financial complex is ongoing...

Posted by: james | Nov 3 2017 17:14 utc | 77

Didn't Bin Laden deny to have orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.I think it was on TV about 24 hours after the attacks.Weren't the Taliban fed up with this troublemaker and wanted to get rid of him?One has to consider he housed in a cave in a secluded place in the mountains.No way he had the necessary access to modern communication facilities.Some say he had long lost his influence and authority.He was a man on the run hiding in a cave on the Taliban's mercy.That's not what you expect from strong leader.I think it's still a mystery.The ones who really know might never tell us.

Posted by: Theo | Nov 3 2017 20:42 utc | 78

The ben Laden fake was too gross

Posted by: Mina | Nov 3 2017 21:53 utc | 79

We're going into Iran no matter who is against it. get ready.

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Nov 2, 2017 12:30:39 PM | 31

Nonsense. Complete and utter nonsense. The US is not "going into Iran", nor will it any time soon.

You have either never looked at a topographic map of the region, or you did but were unable to understand any of what appeared there.

Either way, non-hysterics would probably appreciate it if you would cease making definitive-sounding pronouncements about matters which you are clearly not qualified to pronounce upon.

Thanks in advance

Posted by: Just Sayin' | Nov 3 2017 22:33 utc | 80

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