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October 05, 2017

Syria - Russia Issues Third Warning Against U.S. Cooperation With Terrorists

The Syrian Army was on its way across the Euphrates river to liberate the oil- and gas-fields east of Deir Ezzor city. The U.S. countered the move. It sent a small forces of Arab tribal mercenaries who were earlier allied with the Islamic State (ISIS). These proxy forces came from a northern direction and moved through Islamic State held areas without fighting and casualties up to the walls of Deir Ezzor city.

Map by Weekend Warrior - bigger

The Syrian army was about to win the race when it started to cross the Euphrates. But it suddenly was surprised by a large al-Qaeda attack in southern Idleb province. That area had been quiet for months. 29 Russian troops who were supervising a deescalation zone there were nearly encircled by al-Qaeda forces. They only escape after an emergency relief operation had cut through al-Qaeda lines. The Russian Ministry of Defense accused the U.S. of having communicated the position of the Russian platoon to al-Qaeda.

Shortly thereafter a Russian general, visiting Deir Ezzor city to supervise the Euphrates bridge crossing, came under extremely well aimed mortar fire by the Islamic State. The general and two other high ranking officers were killed. During years of fighting around Deir Ezzor ISIS had never shown the capability for such a precise strike. Someone must have communicated with the terrorists and transferred the exact position of the local headquarter, as well as the time of the Russian general's visit.

A week later a concentrated ISIS attack on the main supply road between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor was attacked by a large number of ISIS forces. It is trying to retake al-Suknah in the middle between the two cities. The Russian Defense Ministry claims that the attacking ISIS forces came from southern areas of al-Tanf near the Jordan border which are under control of U.S. forces. Should ISIS take al-Suknah the Syrian-Russian contingent in Deir Ezzor would gain be cutoff.

Due to those three attacks the Syrian-Russian move towards the eastern oil-fields came to a near standstill. U.S. proxy forces are now slowly taking the area.

It seems obvious that the U.S. military is again cooperating with terrorist groups in Syria. There must be at least some information flow between U.S. intelligence and al-Qaeda and ISIS. It seems that deconflicition data the Syrian-Russian alliance is sharing with U.S. forces in Syria is ending up in the hands of the extremists. This explains how al-Qaeda and ISIS can suddenly and very precisely attack critical Syrian and Russian positions which are known to only very few people.

The Russian have protested several times and had warned the U.S. not to continue with their nefarious scheming. The third severe warning came yesterday with statements by the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and direct accusation against the U.S. military by the spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry.

In an interview with the semi-official Saudi paper Asharq al-Awsat Foreign Minister Lavrov was extraordinary frank (the full interview was covered only in the Arabic edition). Interfax recapitulates:

"The US-led forces' activities in Syria cause many questions. In some cases these forces mount allegedly accidental strikes against the Syrian Armed Forces, after which the Islamic State counterattacks, in other cases they inspire other terrorists to attack strategic locations over which official Damascus has restored its legitimate authority, or stage fatal provocations against our military personnel. I would also mention numerous "accidental" strikes against civilian infrastructure that have taken hundreds of civilian lives," Lavrov said in an interview with the Asharq Al-Awsat pan-Arab newspaper ahead of the Russian visit of Saudi King Salman al-Saud.

These accusations, from a very high level of the Russian Federation hierarchy, should not be ignored. But the "western" media were silent over Lavrov's accusations. Only AFP picked up some bits but missed the central point.

The Russian Defense Ministry was even more direct:

A spokesman for Russia's Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that a series of attacks launched by Islamic State in Syria on government forces had come from an area near the border with Jordan where a US military mission was located.

The spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said in a statement the attackers had the precise coordinates of the Syrian government forces, which could only have been obtained through aerial reconnaissance.

Konashenkov accused the U.S. of "flirtation" with the terrorists and warned that, should similar happen again, Russia will take severe countermeasures.

While these accusations fly, and the relation between U.S and Russian contingents in Syria further deteriorate, Russian diplomacy is winning the day.

Last week the Russian President Putin visited Turkey. (At about the same time the Egyptian chief of intelligence was also in Ankara. He allegedly met his Turkish colleague. A few days later he visited Damascus.) Yesterday the Saudi King arrived in Moscow for an unprecedented visit. Meanwhile the Turkish president Erdogan touched down in Tehran in an unusual amikal atmosphere.

Instead of reporting on diplomacy and the increasing chances of a military conflict between super powers in Syria, U.S. media asks if Secretary of State Tillerson called President Trump a "moron" or a "fucking moron". (For the record - the NBC journalist who overheard Tillerson's outburst says it was "fucking moron".)

There have now been three significant incidents against the Russian-Syrian alliance in which, according to Russia, U.S. malignancy played a role. Each time Russian officials warned of consequences. To some extend the U.S. hostility is incited by Israeli nagging. But the record shows that CentCom, the U.S. military command in the Middle East, is overtly aggressive and not always following Washington's line. It is high time for the White House to get the situation under control.

The bear is a docile animal. But it should not be provoked. There is reason to believe that the Russian forces and their allies in the Middle East have the ability to surprise the U.S. military with unforeseen and deadly moves.

Should these U.S. provocations continue Moscow will have no choice but to order harsh retaliations.

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6 year conflict that has cost syria and its allies huge losses with no gains.this stratetgy has prepared the ground for the next phase of the war which will be the takeover of syrian oil and water resources

Posted by: mcohen | Oct 5 2017 7:55 utc | 1

When Lavrov has a chance, maybe he could ask the Saudis to give their one year accumulated salaries to the Yemeni civil servants who are now waiting in Aden for that?

Posted by: Mina | Oct 5 2017 7:58 utc | 2

Talking about "western media" betrayail. I think a well-placed fifth column is embedded in the Sputniknews! Difference of opinion is no longer tolerated on the site. For example using the word Zionist in any context would make your comment to be deleted for hate speech! I have also had my comment deleted because I said as b, correctly says in this piece that, the US misbehavior in Syria is directed by Israel. I think Sputniknews (International) has been compromised.

Posted by: Steve | Oct 5 2017 8:05 utc | 3

How many warnings will Russia give?

Where do ISIS and Al Qaeda recruit, and train these thousands of soldiers? How are they funded?

Posted by: ab initio | Oct 5 2017 8:07 utc | 4

"Should these U.S. provocations continue Moscow will have no choice but to order harsh retaliations."

Oh please.

Posted by: Terscich | Oct 5 2017 8:24 utc | 5

If it weren't so deadly it would be pure comedy:

Russia: "I don't want to hear another peep from you"
US regime: "peep"
Russia: "That's it! I am really serious now. Not another peep"
US regime: "peep"
Russia: "I warned you! Now I am really, really serious. Not a single peep more"
US regime: "peep"

Queue the local Moon of Alabama brain trust and their lectures about how "Putin isn't going to risk blah blah blah" "Putin is playing the long game" and all the other tired old blather.

It's like listening to Trump fans still rationalizing his complete and utter failure as some sort of secret master plan that no one is smart enough to understand.

The US regime is making a complete fool out of Russia.

Posted by: Terscich | Oct 5 2017 8:33 utc | 6

Protesting the Americans is useless and they will see that as a sign of weakness , trusting the Americans with anything is a foolish gesture. Just bomb them and their hordes .

Posted by: Brian | Oct 5 2017 8:38 utc | 7

Lavrov gave his third "stern" warning to the U.S.. I suspect that was the last, and action will soon follow.
The Russians are excellent chess players (strategic planners); the U.S.? Not so much.
Russia's military has had time to observe its adversary and carefully consider its next move.
There is also a score to settle, having had a general and two colonels intentionally targeted and killed by the U.S..
I do not believe that will be allowed to pass.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
Sun Tzu

Posted by: V. Arnold | Oct 5 2017 8:41 utc | 8

But the Russians are retaliating for every provocation. Al Qaeda's leadership with most likely embedded USOF is being pummelled by RUAF:
Langley needs to put up more "Help Wanted" posters in Jihadistan.

Posted by: Madmen | Oct 5 2017 9:04 utc | 9

During years of fighting around Deir Ezzor ISIS had never shown the capability for such a precise strike. Someone must have communicated with the terrorists and transferred the exact position of the local headquarter, as well as the time of the Russian general's visit.

What's "so precise" about the strike? One just needs a pair of good binoculars to see the movement of the target. And 24/7 surveillance solves the problem of knowing "the time of the visit". It would be interesting to know from what distance the shelling came.

So no surprises here. The only surprising part is that the Russians and their allies were surprised. Not expecting the worst from your mortal enemy is gross negligence.

Thanks for nice synopsis.

[*] for the fallen heroes.

Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 5 2017 9:05 utc | 10

Steve | Oct 5, 2017 4:05 I think that's a deliberate provocation and "smokes and mirrors".

Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 5 2017 9:10 utc | 11

Very interesting piece connecting the dots: From Syria to Burma?, by Thierry Meyssan

I also subscribe to the theory that the Las Vegas "false flag" operations was not only aimed at removing/limiting the right to bear arms (just as it was done in previous "false flags" in Australia's Port Arthur, and any attempts in the US most blatant being the Sandy Hook newton Elementary hoax) but also - by linking it to Daesh - at forcing Trump to send troops to Syria and restart the war there in full swing.

Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 5 2017 9:17 utc | 12

from the link at madmen #9. thanks, MM

perhaps the russians aren't taking their pound of flesh exactly and directly from the americans in Syria.... yet.... but the fact that (NATO ally)Turkey has flipped and is giving intelligence support to Russia, something entirely unthinkable only a short year ago, is significant.

the Russians by diplomacy are gaining much more than the US did, is or will ever gain by military force, or treachery or the use of proxies

....Various sources have it that during the September 28 meeting between Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the two spoke at length about the need for military action against rebel groups that refuse to join the de-escalation agreement. To that end, Turkey reportedly agreed to give military intel and even coordinates of anti-ceasefire rebel groups and bases to Moscow.

The cooperation between Russia and Turkey was completed by the fact that several of the Russian raids against HTS took place right along the Turkish border. During their flights, the Russian fighter bombers were even allowed to fly into Turkish airspace unhindered in order to complete their mission

Posted by: michaelj72 | Oct 5 2017 10:08 utc | 13

Thierry Meyssan latest updates to the ME should be taken seriously . He exposed the Syrian war and the British and French hands behind Daesh and Al Nusra. He also exposed the whole charade with the Barzani Kurds in 2014 when Mosul fell they were dealing with the Takfiri's and smuggling Syrian Oil into Turkey. The new proxy army in the ME will be the Kurds under the lies and deception of Nation Hood and right to self determination. Seeing their first plan failed they move on. These events are all connected in trying to re write Sykes_Picot. Thierry lays it out in a dozen articles since 2013. Remember By Deception you may wage war. Anglo-zionist have been doing this shit since the war of 1812 in North America the civil war etc. They have their hands in the murder of Lincoln and Mickinnley They have form and they have verifiable historical facts that lead all to them .

Posted by: falcemartello | Oct 5 2017 10:23 utc | 14

It might seem, at face value, like the Syrians are facing a handful of setbacks in their goal to reach the iraqi boarder; Al-Qaeda's attempt to capture russian observers in Idlib, ISIS contesting parts of the strategic highway to Deir Ezzor and recently with "ISIS" sleeper cells emerging inside of Qarayatayn causing a ruckus there.

It might have been one thing had Al-Qaeda succeeded in capturing a few dozen russians, but they didn't and the blowback was astronomical. I'm aware that militants did successfully capture two russian volunteers in the east, but those weren't russian servicemen and can't be considered of high value.

I can't help but wonder what, besides that, the other side hopes to gain considering how much they will lose in return? Surely they don't believe that it's still possible to reverse the gains of the SAA? The uprising in Qarayatayn will be put down. The highway between palmyra and deir ezzor will eventually be restored and despite all of that; the SAA is marching towards the iraqi boarder.

At best, it could be considered a distraction in order to slow down the momentum of the SAA at the behest of the SDF and their international backers. That's right; these islamic militants are willingly marching, by the numbers, into certain death so that the kurds can secure as much land as they can for their future state.

They embody the term 'useful idiots'.

And, unfortunately, the kurds must be delirious if they think that their kurdistan project will actually materialize outside of a federalized Syria. The US has never been known to be a reliable partner and the only opinion that matters are that of the regional players; Syria, Turkey and Iraq (and to a lesser degree Iran). It'll happen right after the birth of an independent Iraqi Kurdistan happens.

Posted by: never mind | Oct 5 2017 11:44 utc | 15

never mind | Oct 5, 2017 7:44:59 AM | 16

I wish you had said; "high PROPAGANDA value; rather than high value.
You demean the value of the life of a person.
I would hope it was a careless choice of wording.
I do not believe Syria will be federalized; not going to happen...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Oct 5 2017 12:15 utc | 16

>>>> never mind | Oct 5, 2017 7:44:59 AM | 16

Wouldn't surprise me if "ISIS" in al-Qarayatayn and around As-Sukhnah turned out to be American-backed NSA group Maghawir a-Thawra from Al-tanf.

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 5 2017 12:25 utc | 17

Perhaps yesterday's warning by the Russian military was a tad more than verbal:

via The Guardian:

Three US special forces among eight dead in Niger ambush

Thursday 5 October 2017 14.42 AEDT

Five soldiers from Niger and three US Army special forces troops were killed and two wounded in an ambush on a joint patrol in southwest Niger on Wednesday, according to Nigerien and US officials.

The five Green Berets were attacked while on a routine patrol in an area known to have a presence of insurgents, including from al-Qaida in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and Islamic State, a US official told Reuters.

It was unclear who fired on the US and US-backed forces, the official said. Those forces were not patrolling the area with any specific objective, such as a high-value target or rescuing a hostage, the official added. [...]

No small feat, killing 3 US special ops troops and badly injuring two more, and then getting away without being identified.

One would have to assume that across the many countries the US has chosen as its enemies there are countless filing cabinets full with up-to-date mission plans for making US forces feel some love, missions designed so the US administration deep down knows who was responsible but unable to point the finger. Every wink, smirk or subtle reference by those countries officials when talking to their US counterparts will convey this unmentioned but well understood reality.

What is the Russian analogue to 'what comes around goes around'?

Posted by: Juan Moment | Oct 5 2017 12:28 utc | 18

@Steve:You said that using the word "Zionist" leads sputniknews to delete your comment; Are you using facebook to post or their own (sputnik) account? FB is doing a lot of automatic censorship. Yes,sometimes RT & sputniknews seem eager to ignore the elephant in the room, but I also see comments (and even more rarely articles) that are hostile to Israel in the comment section:
In both the comments via FB & Sputnik. Sometimes they censor some, but certanly not all.

Posted by: jfb | Oct 5 2017 12:29 utc | 19


They are trying to stretch them out along a line extending west to east. They have half a dozen teams set up to bite deep along that line. Stretch...bite deeply...force a contraction...collapse.

Posted by: gut bugs galore | Oct 5 2017 12:37 utc | 20

My comment to NYT (to an editorial lamenting Trumpian foreign policy) that will probably not appear.

Piotr Berman State College Pending Approval

The quality of actual decisions in foreign policy under Obama was not measurably better, but it was articulated in a more polished way and announced in well modulated voice. The only hope that I can see is a decrease in the deference of American allies to US behavior. Thus I see more hope now. Botching stuff that should not work may be a good think.

For example, on North Korea issue, there only resolution would be a compromise that offers something to both sides. Something that Obama quietly refused to articulate, and Trump refuses with shouts and tweets. The only change may originate in South Korea, and that requires a dose of healthy independence from its hegemonic ally. Other critical issues give a similar picture. [Some self censorship + I tried to keep it brief.]

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 5 2017 13:13 utc | 21

Nice update b, thanks.

I think Tillerson is more in line with the deep state than Trump. Tillerson went pretty rabid pretty fast.

Who controls CentCom is a good question.

Posted by: financial matters | Oct 5 2017 14:29 utc | 22

>>>> gut bugs galore | Oct 5, 2017 8:37:47 AM | 21

They are trying to stretch them out along a line extending west to east.

Who are "they"?

Which line is that?

They have half a dozen teams set up to bite deep along that line.

Is this the same "they"?

What do these "teams" consist of?

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 5 2017 14:30 utc | 23

Hhmmm -- little to no coverage of the US actions against Russia and of Russia's statements to the US warning about continuing to work with ISIS and its ilk....

Seems to me to be typical of the Mainstream Corporate Media (MCM) as a way of preparing the US public for increased US military actions, in this case attacks on Russian and its allies' forces. And the blame will be on "aggressive" Russia.

I do hope I'm wrong on this, but US presidents can be somewhat easily pushed into secret and/or open wars...or they like to lead into war as it raises their approval ratings among the populace.

Yes, the truth will get some small coverage, by the few actual journalists who cover foreign affairs, and in some few papers and broadcasters. Or toward the end of long articles. But it is so easy to distract the American public, keep them thinking about "morons," say, keep them distracted by bright photos of explosions and whatever name/actions may end up replacing "Shock and Awe."

BBC World Newshour today mentioned spikes of violence in Syria and that much was coming from de-escalation zones. No mention of who was doing exactly what to whom, but great concern for civilians. "Worst violence since Aleppo."

Posted by: jawbone | Oct 5 2017 14:47 utc | 24

In Moscow for the first time Saudi King and foreign minister meeting with Putin, earlier Putin meet with Erdogan in Turkey and elsewhere with other players. Something BIG cooking with players: fren, foe and fuck making deals. My main concern will Syria chops up with three new Israel's puppet States and possible Qatar's gas pipeline to EU?

The three new States one in the south Syria-Goland Height-Jordan (SDF) and two north Turkey-Syria (Kurdistan Turkey base) and Syria-Iraq-Turkey (Kurdistan US base)? All three new States are oil and/or gas rich.

Posted by: OJS | Oct 5 2017 14:59 utc | 25

I believe Lavrov is barking at the wrong tree. Israel is probably more to blame
for these schemes as raising hostilities between the US and RU in the Syrian
theater accomplishes their objective of debilitating Syria and warranting that
Syria will not be able to turn their attention to the matter of the Golan Heights

Israel has certainly more intel gathering facilities in Syria than the US does
via all these pseudo rocks, spies, drones augmented by the generous addenda
from its operatives in the CIA and other US intel agencies.

What would be more fruitful for RU would be some kind of important retaliation
against Israel like sinking one of their ships or subs or placing a Kalibr in a
Mossad's HQ.

That would get Netanyahu to take notice.

Posted by: CarlD | Oct 5 2017 15:20 utc | 26

Will Russia. Iran and Syria continue to suffer the DUPLICITY of the Bullies, UNITED STATES and ISRAEL, or will it finally do what ALWAYS NEEDS to be done to Bullies?

There is no REAL difference between the School Yard bully and the Nation Military bully , except in SIZE and COSTS, both in lives and dollars

BOTH of them respond to being FOUGHT BACK against, which in the end, is the only ACTION which works against Psychopaths.

Russia can fight back, NOW or LATER, but FIGHT BACK it will need to do against Imperialist UNITED STATES and its Zionist MASTER,Israel

The BEST Defense is OFFENSE

Time and Circumstance are the only arbiters

Posted by: Freespirit | Oct 5 2017 16:06 utc | 27

>>>> OJS | Oct 5, 2017 10:59:17 AM | 26

Don't worry, Putin has made it very plain that among his handful of objectives for this war is maintaining the sovereignty and integrity of Syria, so if the Saudis are blabbering about independent states then you can put it down to King Salman's dementia and/or MbS' ignorance, arrogance and general stupidity.

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 5 2017 16:20 utc | 28

thanks b... i ponder the conversation between putin and the saudi king.. what comes of that remains an intrigue..

@19 juan moment.. interesting conjecture..

interesting poster dynamic today at moa, beginning with @1... i guess the zionists are getting anxious..

Posted by: james | Oct 5 2017 16:31 utc | 29

CarlD | Oct 5, 2017 11:20:07 AM | 27

Israel is probably more to blame for these schemes as raising hostilities between the US and RU in the Syrian theater accomplishes their objective of debilitating Syria and warranting that Syria will not be able to turn their attention to the matter of the Golan Heights occupation.

Nah, that might have been true back in the last century but not now. The only thing that keeps Israel safe is the IAF and how long will they be able to do that with F-35s. As for the navy, they're only good for machine gunning Palestinian fishermen of Gaza, and Mossad and the army are not much better.
What would be more fruitful for RU would be some kind of important retaliation against Israel like sinking one of their ships or subs or placing a Kalibr in a Mossad's HQ.

As they did to the Turkish (confound Erdogan's neo-Ottoman wet dreams) so they will do to Netanyahu by leaving behind a solid block of Iran, Iraq, Syria and probably Turkey and Lebanon as stable states able to resist Israel's plans for the Middle East. All perfectly legal with little risk. At some point the Russians might decide to down an Israeli jet to show that even the IAF is vulnerable now but probably not in the immediate future as they'll let Netanyahu make a real arse of himself first.

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 5 2017 16:34 utc | 30

CarlD | Oct 5, 2017 11:20:07 AM | 27

Israel is probably more to blame for these schemes as raising hostilities between the US and RU in the Syrian theater accomplishes their objective of debilitating Syria and warranting that Syria will not be able to turn their attention to the matter of the Golan Heights occupation.

Nah, that might have been true back in the last century but not now. The only thing that keeps Israel safe is the IAF and how long will they be able to do that with F-35s. As for the navy, they're only good for machine gunning Palestinian fishermen of Gaza, and Mossad and the army are not much better.
What would be more fruitful for RU would be some kind of important retaliation against Israel like sinking one of their ships or subs or placing a Kalibr in a Mossad's HQ.

As they did to the Turkish (confound Erdogan's neo-Ottoman wet dreams) so they will do to Netanyahu by leaving behind a solid block of Iran, Iraq, Syria and probably Turkey and Lebanon as stable states able to resist Israel's plans for the Middle East. All perfectly legal with little risk. At some point the Russians might decide to down an Israeli jet to show that even the IAF is vulnerable now but probably not in the immediate future as they'll let Netanyahu make a real arse of himself first.

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 5 2017 16:34 utc | 31

Am still waiting for a paradrop to the main oil fields area with proper air cover, shouldnt be to hard to hold a perimeter until armor moves in..

Posted by: Lozion | Oct 5 2017 16:47 utc | 32

Gullibility stupidity or just playing games?

Since already 2015 on Russian intervention, hundreds of documented cases of Russia sharing operational info with US caused deaths or injuries of hundreds of Syrians and tens of Russians , one of the cases was precise attack on, just hours before established by Russians, field hospital in Aleppo to serve injured from newly at that time liberated areas. There were just few patients there, and Russia gave coordinates to US operating aircraft there to avoid bombing it

And many many more cases.

They are complaining again when their generals are being slaughtered, unbelievable sign of weakness,
encouragement for more aggression not less.

Do they know old tactics, put in charge of general near retirement let them hit hard Americans than dismiss him, even jail, giving strong massage fuck off, pretending to be mistake for media.

Method used repeatedly over the history of wars.

Posted by: Kalen | Oct 5 2017 16:48 utc | 33

I can imagine Tillerson calling Trump a fucking moron after he double crossed him on North Korea by again twittering inflammatory statements. It's not unusual for that kind of discord between a minister of foreign affairs and the top leader to be discussed in the media. Trump in fact truly is a moron who's only good at making enemies. Better someone like that in the US presidential seat than a more effective whoring sanctimonious career politician.

As Russia is increasing its involvement in Syria it treads carefully as to avoid another Afghanistan scenario where the US was never shy of arming to the teeth all the radical nihilist terrorist groups it could find. In Syria (and Iraq) the cooperation between US-Daesh-Al Qaeda-SDF-Israel-KSA is only missed by those who refuse to see it.

Posted by: xor | Oct 5 2017 16:49 utc | 34

Thinking some more:

al-Qarayatayn - if ISIS had stay-behinds in place why use them now? With the events in Las Vegas it's unlikely they'll get much publicity as they lose a valuable resource. Perhaps the SAA knew what ISIS were up to, tricked them into activating the stay behinds and then gave them a whiff of victory so that ISIS would go all in with the stay behinds so that the SAA can clean them out.

As-Sukhnah - the thinly defended road from Palmyra to Deir Ez-zor was a carrot to draw ISIS forces into an attack on As-Suknah. Once ISIS took the bait, give ISIS the possibility of a victory/miracle and they'll go all in. Meanwhile, the SAA forces in have moved to within four km of Al-Mayadin. ISIS are like the IJA in World War 2, they barely learn anything from their mistakes.

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 5 2017 16:52 utc | 35

@Ghostship | Oct 5, 2017 12:20:29 PM | 29

Nope, you dun get my points. Referring the two maps posted been stalking it since SAA liberated part of Dia Er-Zour. The stalemates seem years. Somehow miraculously SDF or the "moderate" lighting speed advancing into the vast oilfield all the while SAA got stuck and still stuck in West bank of Euphrates river and unable to completely capture the island nearby. It's really pathetic. Once the USA puppet SDF got hold of the vast oilfield there is no way anyone can pry it away from them!

Posted by: OJS | Oct 5 2017 17:10 utc | 36

@Kalen | Oct 5, 2017 12:48:54 PM | 32

"Gullibility stupidity or just playing games?"

My guess is stupidity. Amerika and Russia are predictable. Amerika you can't trust and will do anything including stabbing in the back and Russia is predictable too continue stupidity!

Posted by: OJS | Oct 5 2017 17:16 utc | 37

Trump went to Saudi Arabia, they made a big show for him, but did not buy any additional weapons (the big numbers were all propaganda, not signed contracts.)

Salman goes to Russia and buys S-400 air defense systems.

Unlike the U.S Patriots the Saudis have, these S-400 can not be switched off by U.S. electronic warfare systems. Said differently: The Saudis (and Turkey) are now buying an air-defense system designed to defend against the U.S. (and the Israelis).
Hmmm ....

Posted by: b | Oct 5 2017 17:23 utc | 38

Directed to Post #3

I agree about Sputnik. They have been steadily increasing Global Warming BS,,, and have been particularly 'polite' to Western memes.
I just skim their headlines now and move on. The Russia Insider seems pretty good. russia-insider dot com.

Posted by: ken | Oct 5 2017 17:26 utc | 39


Yea, Putin and Russia militarily industries complex making a killing with so many countries buying S400, other weapons and aircraft. Did you know TASS reported "Russia Says Deal to Sell the UAE SU-35 Fighters Is Just Months Away" and military cooperation with Qatar?

You gotta rethink what going on in Putin mind about Syria!

Posted by: OJS | Oct 5 2017 17:32 utc | 40

b @37

Will the Russians be operating them or the Pakistanis?

If they Saudis are gonna be responsible it is just another pretty toy!

Posted by: ab initio | Oct 5 2017 17:33 utc | 41

Somewhat related - stupid move by Russia,

Saudi Arabia agrees to buy Russian S-400 air defense system

Posted by: Anon | Oct 5 2017 17:36 utc | 42

@ab initio | Oct 5, 2017 1:33:22 PM | 40

Nope, neither. But the Amerika special forces will be operation the S400 against the Russian and it's allies.
Brilliants Putin, grand chessmaster.

Posted by: OJS | Oct 5 2017 17:41 utc | 43

I'm not sure which Soviet leaders said "we will sell the ropes to the West and hang themselves"

Anyone remember?

Posted by: OJS | Oct 5 2017 17:46 utc | 44

Why fighting the Syrian Kurds is pretty useless for the Syrian coalition:

The Kurds in Syria are Syrians. The aim of Assad's Government is to reunify all
Syrians. If the Syrian coalition attacks them, it will generate hatred towards the
Syrian Government and make things more complicated after the war.

Therefore, Assads forces have to thread very lightly and must be able to sever
the supply links to the Kurds without hurting the reunification cause. So Assad
must eliminate Isis and disarm the Kurds via cutting their umbilical cords to the

Kurds must be considered hostages to the manipulating forces and these must
be controlled.

Even if the Kurds sit on the oil fields, they are totally landlocked and cannot deliver
fuel to any buyer without the consent of either Syria, Turkey or Iraq.

They can be milked of any profits through transit tariffs so, to own the oil fields
would be a Pyrrhic victory for the eventual Kurdistan.

Of course, some fingers, Israel's and the US's must be smashed so they keep away
from the marshmallows.

Posted by: CarlD | Oct 5 2017 17:47 utc | 45

One wonders whether Russian behaviour is due to cowardice or masochism. There's no point in threatening. When the other party does what it does, one must act.

Posted by: Pnyx | Oct 5 2017 18:15 utc | 46

b 2 38: Mmmmmm,the plot thickens..Thanks.

I can't envision the U$ giving any oil rich territory, to a Sovereign Syria. For the empire and it's minions,it's STILL about regime change, or at the very least, an on the ground presence in Syria.

Posted by: ben | Oct 5 2017 18:18 utc | 47

@38 b

Good call on the Saudi S-400 purchase. One can almost watch the map of the ME being color-coded with Russian colors. Israel and the US are being progressively flanked. By my limited military knowledge, a successful flanking action can turn into a cauldron at will.

And people think Russia is not fighting back against the tactical diversions, when massive strategic realignment is in play - even now including the Saudis, something practically unthinkable a year or two ago.

@15 never mind - "...the other side hopes to gain considering how much they will lose in return?"

Further to my response to b above, I only see tactical spoiling actions from the US, in any theater actually, but dramatically so in the hot zone of Syria. Everyone else is working strategy, while the US (and Israel) have no workable strategy left. Tactical tantrums are what we're seeing, I suggest, nothing more than this.

@29 james - "interesting poster dynamic today at moa"

Military matters always seem to see the embedded force augmented by additional shifts of workers. I'm impressed by the nuances of the forum that they've picked up, like matching the speed of a moving train in order to board it. Usually they come in ridiculously heavy handed, as if they have someone looking over their shoulder and have to perform with gusto. But today it's much more sotto voce, perhaps the better to spread the pessimism.

It's useless against the songbird voice of victory that fills the air across the theater, but when did that ever stop them? Tactical spoiling again, as their strategy sinks to the ground.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 5 2017 18:26 utc | 48

Russia Insider crossposted a good 'empire' summary by Chris Hedges at TruthDig

It seems that it is the steady unrelenting pace of Russia and China that is facilitating this downfall. They seem to be the ones most capable of 'wresting power from those who rule the corporate state'.

"Empires in decay embrace an almost willful suicide. Blinded by their hubris and unable to face the reality of their diminishing power, they retreat into a fantasy world where hard and unpleasant facts no longer intrude. They replace diplomacy, multilateralism and politics with unilateral threats and the blunt instrument of war."

"A discredited elite, suspicious and even paranoid in an age of decline, will see enemies everywhere. The array of instruments created for global dominance—wholesale surveillance, the evisceration of civil liberties, sophisticated torture techniques, militarized police, the massive prison system, the thousands of militarized drones and satellites—will be employed in the homeland. The empire will collapse and the nation will consume itself within our lifetimes if we do not wrest power from those who rule the corporate state."

Posted by: financial matters | Oct 5 2017 18:43 utc | 49

While the immediate focus is on Syria, the real meat of the matter remains within Iraq, Iraq having enormous hydrocarbon resources versus Syria. In a related matter, Maduro is in Moscow urging Putin to price oil in Ruble and Yuan, the better to more swiftly sink the Petrodollar. Will Iraq soon show enough independence to once again sell its oil for anything other than dollars. I know the Chinese are pressuring Saudi to accept Yuan for payment now that the gold-backed yuan oil exchange is open for business. It's possible that before year-end @40 million barrels of oil/day will be sold using a currency other than dollars--approximately 45% of global sales. Strategic? You Bet! And that's why Saudi is buying S-400. Add in global non-dollar NatGas sales, and dollar dominance can be seen sinking into the sea by 2020 never to arise again.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2017 19:19 utc | 50

Tactical spoiling while strategy sinks to the ground.”

Spot on Grieved..

Posted by: Lozion | Oct 5 2017 19:36 utc | 51

Thanks for the posting and update b

With the House of Saud buying defense gear from Russia the sides of the new multi-polar world continue to shift.

When are the new Defense group of the EU going to make the same purchase?

To address the issue of the posting, IMO, Syria needs to ask the US to leave at some point and have the request/demand backed by China.......I continue to see China taking a visible position at some time when things come to an inflection point.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 5 2017 19:50 utc | 52

@Steve #3 and #jtf --- It is possible SputnickNews is trying to dampen the use of the word "zionist"in comments though I doubt it's due to any "fifth column". More likely, they know what and who is behind the push to tar anything Russia and are being careful not to give more ammunition to those who pull the strings. As the case may be, the very word "zionist" has become something of a dirty word. Say that to some jewish person (someone whose views you are not familiar with" and they may take it as if it was a curse. Say it to an israeli (ditto re views) and they might react like they were fighting words. That even as some Jewish public figures describe themselves as "proud zionists", but see, if it comes from them who are know to back israel in anything it does, that's OK. But if it's part of someone's general, even generic critique, the whole comment will be interpreted as "anti-semitic".

Sputnick, which is under vicious attack and may even be banished (like RT) are being careful, IMO. And perhaps that's wise under the current hysterics climate.

If I were you, I would use some other terminology. Try, say "settler colonialist state", or just be creative and use some different descriptor each time. I know I do, and my comments which are often plenty harsh, have all seen the light of day.

PS no, this won't work with the NYT. There, one has to be more "nuanced" - deliver a blow with a feather, though that requires probably more work than most commenters would be willing to put in.

Posted by: Merlin2 | Oct 5 2017 20:05 utc | 53

Slightly off subject but still pertinent.

Why would the Russians sell s400 systems to Turkey and Saudi Arabia and not to Iran? Certainly the
Russians and Iranians are on a similar wavelength.

Would it have to do with some objection from Netanyahu? And why not sell them to Syria?
Again is it due to the same considerations? These are purely defensive systems so they
cannot be hindered by the UN resolution.

Iran can certainly pay for them and would need them to thwart off Israels and US threats.

That would certainly be a good way to hand some payback to America and Israel over their
treasonous ways.

Posted by: CarlD | Oct 5 2017 20:19 utc | 54

There seems to be a ton of commenters here who seem to think that Russians should think and react exactly as Americans or other westerners.
Suggest all take a close look at the present situation in Syria and compare that to what they saw a year ago.
Then consider the simple fact that everything the so-called "coalition" (mostly U.S./Israeli/Brit) has done from day one in Syria has been against every law ever heard of while Russia has done nothing that is not lawful and continues to be lawful. More than lawful. Russia has given much help to the suffering citizens of Syria whereas the "coalition" is intent on mass murder of civilians at every opportunity.
Then understand that Syria is in Russia's back yard, not the U.S. back yard. Do you really think that the Russians will allow the criminals to chop up Syria after this much investment?
Something else you may have missed. When was the last time the U.S., or anyone else, gave the head choppers going against the Syrian army any air support? That's correct, not since the Russians told them they would be treated as the enemy.

Posted by: Tony B. | Oct 5 2017 20:26 utc | 55

It's all theatre folks. The same that control the USA , control Russia. These comings and goings are just preparing the masses( on both sides) for the war to come.Although a few can see them...generally they know they must remain hidden to the masses.... eventually they will reveal themselves to the hoards ..but not yet...a few pieces yet to be moved into their positions. All wars are banker wars....and who are the bankers ?

Posted by: Da Mith | Oct 5 2017 20:38 utc | 56

@50 karlof1

That's one powerful paragraph, summarizing as it does the shift to oil pricing in currencies other than US dollars, in a volume that could reach 45 percent of global sales within a few months.


It doesn't seem off-topic to continue with oil in this discussion, it being about the Middle East. To get an idea of how influential Russia is in the multi-polar world, and to consider how greatly strategy is eclipsing the knee-jerk tactics of the failing US, a statement coming out of Russia's Energy Week Forum may be impressive.

The forum kicked off on Tuesday and a transcript of Putin's address and other statements is here: Russian Energy Week Forum plenary session

Personally I was struck by this statement by OPEC Secretary General Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo, who essentially illustrates Russia's prowess at taking over the high ground from the US in that most unforgiving of commodities, oil:

I would like to use this opportunity, on behalf of OPEC, to really thank the President and his Government and his very able Minister Alexander Novak for the role they played in the run-up to these historic decisions that we reached last year. The declaration of cooperation that we agreed on December 10 last year, which the President just referred to, was very historic, and the work that went into each was very strenuous, very challenging. But thanks to Alexander Novak and his colleagues in OPEC, the president of the conference Mohammed Sada of Qatar, who is here with us today, and Bijan Zangeneh, del Pino for Venezuela – we all rallied together despite the fact that Russia is not a bona fide member of OPEC. But they took a leadership role in ensuring that we had this consensus not only within OPEC, but between OPEC and non-OPEC in order to restore stability to this market.

While some armchair observers proclaim their wish for Russia to shoot a plane out of the sky to prove its gumption, Russia gets on with addressing - and defeating - a Wall Street attack on the oil price by rallying the world into concerted action, against all former allegiances.

Some don't see this. But the smart money gets the message.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 5 2017 20:43 utc | 57

From where comes this fatalistic notion that whomever grabs Syria's oil fields shall have ownership chiseled in stone forever? The oil belongs to the Syrian government. Do you really think they will give it to whomever, not take it back? How long could the Kurds fight a war on their own?
Besides, everyone there knows that if the Kurds hold the oil it really belongs to the Israelis who have been promising the Kurds forever that they will give them their own nation - at the expense of Sryia and Iraq. It's absolutely amazing that the Israelis can always find another group that will believe their lies.

Posted by: Tony B. | Oct 5 2017 20:53 utc | 58

Grieved @57--

Thanks for your recognition and contribution. There are many influential events ongoing not covered/ignored by the Propaganda System, but they happen just the same--The Witch's been doused with water, which is slowly doing its work of dissolving its evil. OPEC's discussions of accepting a basket of currencies as payment for its products over the past 2 years seem to be close to reality. It isn't necessary for all hydrocarbon sales to abandon the dollar for Dollar Hegemony to be broken, although the exact tipping point isn't well defined either. If 45 million barrels of oil are not sold for dollars at $50/bbl, then $2.250 billion is removed from dollar recycling daily or over $820 billion yearly--and oil price is likely to rise along with dedollarizing of sales back to an equilibrium point of @$120/bbl, or about its price prior to its manic manipulation. Of course, the higher the price, the more dollars don't get recycled, and the swifter the evil dissolves.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2017 21:22 utc | 59

Joan Moment @18,
"missions designed so the US administration deep down knows who was responsible but unable to point the finger" sounds a lot like Obama's threat to Russia on his way out the door, "at a time and place of our choosing" or something like that.

OJS @44,
Lenin was actually mocking the thinking of some of his comrades.

Tony B. @58,
American Exceptionalists believe that their own next move concludes the game. It's an example of their depth of thinking in such mundane matters as career and relationships as well.

Posted by: Jonathan | Oct 5 2017 21:37 utc | 60

karlof1 @ 50:"And that's why Saudi is buying S-400. Add in global non-dollar NatGas sales, and dollar dominance can be seen sinking into the sea by 2020 never to arise again."

Good take, hope you're right.

Posted by: ben | Oct 5 2017 21:44 utc | 61

I would add to Tony B's excellent comment @ 55 that the US-led coalition seems hell-bent on provoking Moscow into making an impulsive move that would lead to war and justify an open invasion of Syria. This would help explain continuing US-Israeli collaboration with ISIS forces and how the jihadis are able to target Syrian and even Russian forces using information known only to a very few people.

The Russians need not react against US-Israeli provocations as long as their overall long-term military strategy in Syria is sound. Any retaliation they decide on must be part of this strategy.

Posted by: Jen | Oct 5 2017 21:58 utc | 62

If there was ever any doubt that USA cannot be relied upon to keep their International Agreements then this should clear up the thinking. German France UK China Russia +1

The Iran Deal

Trump Expected To "Decertify" Iran Nuclear Deal Next Thursday

Update: Confirming our note from earlier this morning, the Washington Post has just confirmed that President Trump will deliver a speech next Thursday to officially announce plans to "decertify" the international nuclear deal with Iran. According to WaPo, Trump is expected to lay out a broader strategy with respect to Iran but will stop short of reimposing sanctions that would nullify the agreement.[.]

And what goes around comes around – U.S. violated Diplomat codes when it seized the RF Consul Offices in San Fran and NYC:

Turkey Arrests US Embassy Employee

Posted by: likklemore | Oct 5 2017 22:02 utc | 63

This is a good article, and some very good feedback from readers...

Let's step back for a moment and get a timeline of events...

The Russians responded almost immediately to General Asapov's demise on the battlefield with air-launched cruise missile strikes on ISIS in Deir Ezzor...Tu95 heavy bombers delivered several Kh-101s, which are nearly twice the weight of a tomahawk...

How do we know that some US personnel who happened to accidentally be in ISIS areas did not get hurt...?

If they did, the US would certainly do everything possible to keep this from coming out...

Russian cruise missiles have hit Nusra 'ops rooms' before, especially during the Aleppo operation last year, and it is a near certainty that some US and other 'coalition' personnel were wiped out...whether CIA or special ops, or otherwise...

Just this morning we have news that 10 Kalibrs were launched against 'ISIS' in DE, from two Russian subs...

Sputnik's priceless cartoonist has a good one up today...

Just two days ago, Russian jets took out a dozen Nusra commanders at a meeting and and put the terror group's leader in a coma...

Again...there wouldn't have been any US personnel in the wrong place at the wrong time...?

Point is that we do not know precisely what is going on behind the scenes...have some US deaths resulted from heavy Russian bombardment in recent days...?

We can only guess, but we have reason to believe that this may be so...

Let's consider the information strategies of the two sides...Russia has been very vocal recently about US collaboration with both ISIS and Nusra...

If the US were to have suffered casualties at the hands of the Russian strikes, the last thing they would do is to confirm the Russian accusations because it would amount to admitting collusion with terrorists...

And think of the timing of these very serious Russian allegations and the accompanying missile bombardment...coincidence...?

I think a lot of people are frustrated by the seeming fact that the US continues to make dangerous provocations...they want to see Russia go ballistic and start shooting down US planes or bombing US bases in Syria...

That's not going to fact the US has not overtly attacked Russian personnel with its own aircraft or ground fire, which would be the only conceivable situation in which a proportionate Russian response would be delivered...

Also should point out that while the SDF-ISIS tag team on the east bank has made all kinds of trouble for SAA advance towards the oil fields...the Tiger forces are now within a couple of kilometers from ISIS stronghold Mayadin...southfront has the latest info...

The SAA is now in control of the west bank, right across the river from the massive Omar field...we should not be surprised if they move across here soon, perhaps in conjunctions with airborne forces...

Bottom line is that the US is losing badly in every way...their mosquito bites of treachery will not deter the Bear from finishing the job...

And of course the article and many comments have highlighted the tectonic diplomatic shift that is occurring...

Posted by: flankerbandit | Oct 5 2017 22:21 utc | 64

likklemore @63--

Thanks for bringing the Iran Deal into the thread as I was about to. That is likely another topic being discussed between Salman and Putin. Here's another article musing about Trump's decertifying the deal; please take note of the reason given: "President Donald Trump is reportedly gearing up to officially 'decertify' the Iran nuclear deal next week on the grounds that it is 'not in the national interest of the United States.'"

The only logical reason it's "not in the national interest" is for that interest to be something unspoken--at least by the Propaganda System--yet assumed by the Deep State, and the only logical item I can discern is Dollar Hegemony. Yet, it appears that will be lost regardless of how the Iran Deal evolves. Of course, the grounds given above aren't actually legitimate grounds whatsoever as with all negotiated treaties, all parties cede some aspect of their national interest to arrive at the Deal.

It seems that Admiral Trump at the helm of the Ship of State's heading full speed for a massive shoal known as Reality upon which he will smash it asunder in less than one year in charge. Maybe that's how the Swamp will finally be destroyed--via a Banzai Charge into the many mines, pitfalls and iron maidens its created over the years.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2017 22:34 utc | 65

To accompany the discussion about the demise of Dollar Hegemony, I offer this essay--the second of three--by Federico Pieraccini, "Challenging the Dollar: China and Russia's Plan from Petroyuan to Gold,"

Important excerpt:

"In recent years, it has become clear to many nations opposing Washington that the only way to adequately contain the fallout from the collapsing US empire is to progressively abandon the dollar. This serves to limit Washington’s capacity for military spending by creating the necessary alternative tools in the financial and economic realms that will eliminate Washington's dominance. This is essential in the Russo-Sino-Iranian strategy to unite Eurasia and thereby render the US irrelevant.

"De-dollarization for Beijing, Moscow and Tehran has become a strategic priority. Eliminating the unlimited spending capacity of the FED and the American economy means limiting US imperialist expansion and diminishing global destabilization. Without the usual US military power to strengthen and impose the use of US dollars, China, Russia and Iran have paved the way for important shifts in the global order."

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 5 2017 23:44 utc | 66

A karlof1 65

Thanks. May I suggest a correction to the author of that piece on Trump's planned decertification of the Iran deal:

"On the grounds that it is not in the national interest of the United States"

should have been truthfully posited as "is not in the national interest of master Israel.

KSA has turned during this visit with Putin and, in December, the bypassing of the USD will become officially sealed by China's petro-gold-yuan.

Posted by: likklemore | Oct 5 2017 23:47 utc | 67

To state "the U.S. military is again cooperating with terrorist groups in Syria" and "Konashenkov accused the U.S. of "flirtation" with the terrorists.." in both cases, shows a remarkable restraint.

It would be more appropriate and by precedent, more accurate, to say the "terrorist groups in Syria ARE the US Military. A covert, mercenary, proxy.
And that it is less a USAMO 'Flirtation' with terrorist groups in Syria, than it is USAMO being 'fully-engaged, balls deep' in terrorist muff !
As the odious Britprop/troupe WhiteHelmets® attest.

leading me to understand these understatements as diplomatic requirement.

Posted by: rm | Oct 6 2017 0:27 utc | 68

Thanks for that excellent treatise on de-dollarization.

re: "KSA has turned during this visit with Putin"
Do you have a link to that?

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 6 2017 0:28 utc | 69


"Why would the Russians sell s400 systems to Turkey and Saudi Arabia and not to Iran?"

Because they are snakes?

Posted by: bits | Oct 6 2017 0:51 utc | 70

Al Mayadin is under heavy bombardment from SAA artillery and six Kalibr hits. Things are moving very rapidly.

Posted by: Thirdeye | Oct 6 2017 0:54 utc | 71

From Business Insider -

The FBI is currently investigating whether Sputnik is "an undeclared propaganda arm of the Kremlin," and so their reports should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Whereas, the US Congress legalized state propaganda so you can be assured that American Media requires no salt or other seasonings. It's Pure Bullshit.

Posted by: fast freddy | Oct 6 2017 0:58 utc | 72

@38 b... thanks... do the saudis and turks get the full meal deal s-400, or do they get a watered down version? just curious... the lower tier players have a more difficult game going as i see it and there will always be a lot of subterfuge to it all, especially with them... they have to watch out for the bigger players and play both sides of the aisle..

@48 grieved.. i agree! we'll see how it continues to unfold.

@50 karlof1.. i agree with your comments and think that is a ball worth watching..

@55 tonyb.. good comments. thanks.

@56 da mith... that is true to a good extent.. however, i think it is more complicated then that too.. either way, it looks like a shift is under way.. i honestly don't think the planet / ecology of the planet can handle much more in the way of wars... either the world, or this financial system that favours the rich is coming to an end sometime sooner then later, or we are all screwed on ship earth.

@58 tonyb... i agree, however that kurdish wedge will be used by the usa/israel/ksa for as long as needed, in syria and iraq.

@70 bits... asking questions is good!

Posted by: james | Oct 6 2017 1:13 utc | 73


The gun nut penis heads and arms merchants always screw up the strategy analysis. Let's review:

Trump's fiasco 'Fire and Fury' line-in-the-sand absolute FAIL. He couldnot have fracked that any worse if he was wearing $2500 snakeskin stilettoes in drag.

Trump's fiasco 'Fire theBums!' make-them-stand anbsolute

Posted by: Chipnik | Oct 6 2017 1:26 utc | 74

FAIL. . He could not have fracked that any worse if he was riding a unicorn and wearing a Howdie Dootie costume. The owners were in revokt.

Trump's fiasco 'Fuck Puerto Rico' cold'hearted-bitch absokute FAIL, after DHS-FEMA no-shows at Harvey and Irma.

It was OBVIOUS the country was in revolt. He cracked down. I told all my friends avoid public places.

Posted by: Chipnik | Oct 6 2017 1:30 utc | 75

Sure enough, false flag mass shooting. Everyone goes quiet. Trump gets accolades! The compassionate hero!

Wait untilmthey see his Immigration and Tax Plan.

Posted by: Chipnik | Oct 6 2017 1:32 utc | 76

...China's petro-tungsten-yuan!

Is there anything more pathetic than a gun nut waving his open carry, than a BTC-PM goldbuggerer, I sure don't know what it is! Countries don't buy-and-sell in PMs. Companies buy-and-seller in currency. China is awash in dollars, $100Bs of them, far more than the $100Ms they spend for gas and oil imports.

Now go out and buy all the BRIC you can!! Ha,ha,ha,ha.

Posted by: Chipnik | Oct 6 2017 1:43 utc | 77


Just use the word 'Katamits' to describe the Molochian Khazarim. OK, probably not wholely accurate, 'Very Short Katamits, But Just As Evil':

Posted by: Chipnik | Oct 6 2017 1:58 utc | 78

flankerbandit @64:Nice synopsis..

karlof1 @ 66 posted:"In recent years, it has become clear to many nations opposing Washington that the only way to adequately contain the fallout from the collapsing US empire is to progressively abandon the dollar."

IMO, this is the only viable option. I don't think direct military action on a large scale is beneficial, although some in the Trump regime probably would like that.

Posted by: ben | Oct 6 2017 2:23 utc | 79

Well Don Bacon, I note you are always asking for links. Yes, I wrote KSA has turned. For a country awash in U.S. military might what could you make of this announcement, why would they need S-400s?

Russia, Saudi Arabia Announce Billons In Energy, Military Deals, During Historic King Salman Visit

In addition to importing Russian nuclear technology, the Saudis also appear ready to expand food imports from Russia, which is set to remain the world's biggest wheat exporter this year. Food security is a major concern for Saudi Arabia, which stopped local production of livestock feed and wheat due to water scarcity.

Novak said that for the first time a substantial delegation from Saudi Arabia, including about 200 representatives and 85 CEOs of large companies has come to Russia. "Eighty-five heads of the largest companies flew to Russia to establish links with Russian businesses and expand ties in all areas," the minister said.

Just as notably, Novak said that relations between the two countries have reached a “fundamentally new level recently,” Novak said. “Parliamentary contacts show good dynamics and the two countries business circles maintain intensive dialogue," he said, adding that that significant progress has been made. Novak added that work is underway on a roadmap for the mid-term development of trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation between Moscow and Riyadh.[.]

In a dramatic announcement as part of today's meeting, Saudi Arabia also announced it has agreed to buy Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile systems, according to Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television reported on Thursday. The countries also signed a memorandum of understanding to help the kingdom in its efforts to develop its own military industries, a statement from state-owned Saudi Arabian Military Industries said.

According to Reuters, SAMI said the MoU with Russian state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport came in the context of contracts signed to procure the S-400, the Kornet-EM system, the TOS-1A, the AGS-30 and the Kalashnikov AK-103.
While SAMI did not specify the number of each system or the value of the procurement deal, it said the procurement was “based on the assurance of the Russian party to transfer the technology and localize the manufacturing and sustainment of these armament systems in the Kingdom”, but provided no timeframe.

Another take:

Saudis Rock US Alliance, Say They’ll Buy Russia’s Top Plane Killer, S-400

WASHINGTON: That rumble under your feet you sensed this morning was the earthquake caused by the decision of one of America’s closest allies, Saudis Arabia, to join Turkey in buying Russia’s vaunted S-400 surface to air missile system.
The announcement carried extra diplomatic weight as Saudi King Salman was visiting Russia when the Saudis made the announcement.
Former NATO and European Command leader, retired Adm. James Stavridis, called the sale “a step backwards in US foreign and defense policy.” Since World War II, when President Roosevelt agreed with King Faisal that we would guarantee Saudi sovereignty in return for access to their oil, the kingdom has been one of our closest allies, notwithstanding the 911 attacks led by Saudi citizens.[.]

One of America’s top experts on arms sales was surprised by the Saudi’s announcement, as he suspects was the US government. “[.]

And it certainly raises interesting questions about the purported $110 billion arms sales President Donald Trump announced during his recent visit to the oil-rich kingdom. Given how much of that sale is, to say the least, fuzzy, the S-400 decision also raises questions about how committed the Saudis are[.]

Recall the Congress Bill that allowed family of 9/11 victims to take legal action against KSA?
Unintended consequences; The Saudis warned there would be consequences. All in due course of time.

Posted by: likklemore | Oct 6 2017 3:11 utc | 80

@67 likklemore « should have been truthfully posited as "is not in the national interest of master Israel. « 

I propose: should have been truthfully posited as "is not in the interest of a clique of trans-national banksters and oligarchs themselves pawns of an upper tier of anonymous Elite »

Posted by: Lozion | Oct 6 2017 3:33 utc | 81

It was all about the Dollar - always. China cannot, however, have an uncontrolled demise of that currency without having contingencies in place,(We all know how many Treasuries it still holds), which is gold. It's anybody's guess how far along they are in this regard, certainly much further than what we know and as Putin and Xi talk frequently, it is to be assumed that their efforts are concerted when it comes to the middle-east. (Salman was in Beijing not so long ago, remember). I don't know about that Pieraccini guy, he rarely ever contributes anything substantial in his articles, just summarizes well-known facts, not too keen of him.

As for Saudi-Arabia the Salman's had better watch out, bin-Nayef was the CIA's man according to Pepe and he has been bypassed, the US will not stand idle by and watch Saudi-Arabia fold to new geopolitical realities in the mid-east and greater Eurasia region. The symbiosis that Washington and Riyad created some 70 years ago only works for as long as both play by the book. This here will be perceived as a serious breach and is probably a wake-up call at Langley's and the Pentagon for action. If the gulf stops selling its energy in USD then the hegemon will fall to its knees. North Korea was about containing China, the middle east is about the survival of the USD as reserve currency.

Posted by: Alexander P | Oct 6 2017 3:55 utc | 82

If we grant the premise that is obvious to some, namely, that with the control of the prostitutes in Congress and the House, and with control of the media (not to mention academia and Hollywood), and the Neocon coup at the beginning of the century, Pax Americana (Bretton Woods to 9/11) has turned into Pax Judaica. And so, it is unquestionably a case of the Tail wagging the Dog when it comes to US foreign policy in the Middle East. Now the Tail is an atavism from the colonial age (18th and 19th centuries), grafted onto the Middle East in the middle of the 20th. In other words, it jumped on board a moving train as it was leaving the platform - a move it should never have made; it was all wrong and discombobulated ab initio. Put another way, the reasons that forced the British and the French to make the excruciating decisions ever so reluctantly to pull out of India and Algiers obtain for the Zionist state as well: political, economic, military LoC, logistics, public relations, and not least, moral (such theft was not frowned upon in the colonial heyday). In sum, the "Thieves in the Night" (as Arthur Koestler referred to them in his book of the same title which, incidentally, was a eulogy to the theft) are living in a glass house; the Tail controls the Dog, but it rightly feels vulnerable.

Now. I would like to focus on the military aspect of this vulnerability. My thinking is that the Zionist entity is in a race against time. CarlD@54 opened the discussion concerning the S-400 system, wondering why Russia would not sell it to Iran, and stating that it is a "purely defensive" system. This is not the case. Because of the long range of its missiles and radar array (about 300 km horizontal, if memory serves), the placement of such a system, say, in the Golan or in southern Lebanon can, if and when necessary, turn Ben Gurion Airport into a no-fly zone. So much for the Tails's LoC to the Dog and the world at large. So, one question is: will the S-400's remain in Syria after war's end and the Shi'a Crescent's consolidation of its own LoC from Tehran to Hezbollahistan? The answer is, probably, but that ultimately it does not matter, because Iran has nativized the S-300 technology with improvements in range in its Bavar-373 analogue. And as if that was not enough to deprive the Tail of its much needed sleep (its acting more squirrely of late), Iran's missile technology transfer to Syria and Hezbollah, as well as the transfer of its armed drones, makes the future scenario faced by the Tail truly nightmarish. A colony (or an "Outpost of Progress" as Conrad sardonically titled one of his short stories) can only survive if it has unquestionable military superiority. That superiority is going, going, gone. Thus, now that victory is at hand, and we are not witnessing the first agony throes of the death spasms of Pax Judaica in a war it cannot afford to lose, what this tells me is that the weapons of last resort that it has in store in its arsenal will likely come into play before too long, be this the "tactical" theatre nuclear weapons in Uncle Scam's pockets (which is the more likely play), or the Samson Option. Don't touch that Moon of Alabama dial!

Nuff Sed.

Posted by: Nuff Sed | Oct 6 2017 4:41 utc | 83

@Nuff Sed, This still does not explain why Russia choses to sell S-400 to both Turkey and Saudi-Arabia but not to Iran? I know Russia's strategy it to be the power balancer in the region, similarly to what Britain tried in the European theater in the 19th century. Does Russia feel by helping Syria and strengthening the Shia Crescent Iran would become too strong? This needs to be counter-balanced by strengthening both Turkey and Saudi-Arabia?

Very interesting times ahead indeed, maybe also why Trump was inclined to make such ominous statements at the military dinner.

Posted by: Alexander P | Oct 6 2017 4:51 utc | 84

Alexander P:

You asked:

Does Russia feel by helping Syria and strengthening the Shia Crescent Iran would become too strong? This needs to be counter-balanced by strengthening both Turkey and Saudi-Arabia?

In my opinion, Putin is not concerned about a strong Iran. Russia has tens of millions of Moslems (hundreds if you include the 17 former Soviet Socialist Republics; the "Stans" in particular, of course), and she is very concerned about these falling victim to the corrosive Wahhabite poison; and her only chance is that the only viable alternative which is the civilized Shi'a Islam of Iran, which is both religious and democratic at the same time, prevails as their dominant mindset. But what Putin is faced with is a whole chorus of Westoxicated bureaucrats and politicians and businessmen who are still enamored with the West and cannot see a Zombie when it up and bites them in the a$$ thanks to their occimanic obsession (kinda like Zarif and Rowhani, bless their hearts). It is these secondary considerations of soft power and public perception of Iran being the Big Bad Wolf of the whole world that prevents the three little Russian piggies from expanding their relationship with us. Putin lives in a brick house, but the other piggies don't and think that Iran is the wolf, whereas of course the wolf is none other than Uncle Scam in sheep's clothing.

Alexander Dugin and his team have worked wonders in that department, and I dare say, if it weren't for his influence and the influence of his Eurasianist movement, Moscow would still be debating whether or not to send their air force to Syria, and Syria would already have been lost.

Posted by: Nuff Sed | Oct 6 2017 5:45 utc | 85

@ Alexander P who is asking about selling military equip to Iran.

I am not steeped in the particulars but doesn't the existing US deal with Iran preclude Russia selling any military gear, defensive or otherwise to them?

I agree with and thank you for your comment about the potential Dollar/Reserve Currency future

Thanks to Nuff Sed for the Tail wagging the dog analogy and contextualization of its squirrely nature of late......lets hope they love their children......

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 6 2017 6:02 utc | 86

likklemore@ 80

I got the impression that the Saudi visit was a recognition that Saudi Arabia has lost the Syrian war. The recent interview of Prince Turki al-Faisal on Cooperation Between Moscow and Riyadh was and interesting attempt by the Saudi regime to deflect blame on everyone but the Saudi leadership.

Turki al-Faisal did, however, try to win politically and diplomatically to save face from the failure of their reported support of HTS and ISIL. He actually stated that "I believe that we should deny them the opportunity to call themselves Muslims. That’s why I call them Fahesh, not Daesh. This is obscene. They are not a state and they are not Islamic." The interview is an amazing diplomatic dance worth reading and seemed to set the stage for the Russia-Saudi Arabia meeting.

A YouTube video of the official joint meeting between Russia and Saudi Arabia with translation into French is also instructive:

The King proposes a military coalition of 41 Saudi allied Islamic countries to counter extremism ( is he trying to imply that there is Shia extremism ) @16:56

Saudia Arabia deplores the suffering of the Syrian people ans seemed to propose a return to Geneva 2 (The French translator in error translated it to Geneva 1 which deals with the Korean War in 1954) @17:16

Proposed an independent Palestinian state with a capital in Jerusalem @17:34

Notice that the King went off script and provoked a troubled response by Putin and Lavrov but not sure what to make of it @18:15

Interesting that Kadyrov seemed to confuse/shakeup some members of the Saudi delegation by showing up in battle fatigues. Given that his MP in Syria were attacked by HTS recently may explain his symbolic gesture to the Saudi leaders.

The recent interview of Prince Turki al-Faisal on Cooperation Between Moscow and Riyadh was and interesting attempt by the Saudi regime to deflect blame on everyone but the Saudi leadership.

I hope this English translation of the French translation of Arabic is close enough.

Posted by: Krollchem | Oct 6 2017 6:04 utc | 87

He once said here about Kadirov ...
No one believed and was right about the Chechens in Syria ...
Now I say to you:
The US will attack as soon as the economy starts to break.
If you start in North Korea, you will see interesting things ...
Some "nortecorean" missiles with incredible accuracy!

Posted by: Proftel | Oct 6 2017 6:06 utc | 88

Are they white helmets at 4:05..?

Posted by: BillyWhizz | Oct 6 2017 6:54 utc | 89

From a Robert Frisk piece..
Lawrence even wrote that “the printing press is the greatest weapon in the armoury of the modern [guerrilla] commander”. Today – still, despite its defeats and its false claims – the internet is the greatest weapon in the armoury of Isis. theories-killed-syria-isis-truth-a7984391.html

Amaq - Hosted by US company Cloudflare on a server in Hong Kong. ISIS telegram.
Telegram where most ISIS statements reach the media -
Pavel Valeryevich Durov (Russian: Па́вел Вале́рьевич Ду́ров; born 10 October 1984) is a Russian entrepreneur who is best known for being the founder of the social networking site VK, and later the Telegram Messenger.[2] He is the younger brother of Nikolai Durov. Since being dismissed as CEO of VK in 2014,[3] the Durov brothers have traveled the world in self-imposed exile[4] as citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis.[5] In 2017 Pavel joined the World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leaders as a representative of Finland.[6][7]
David "Axel" Neff (born 10 October 1984) an American businessman, best known for his role as the former Assistant Director of International Operations of the Russian social network Vkontakte [1] and as a co-founder of mobile messaging platform Digital Fortress, used to create the instant messaging application Telegram. Neff was a co-founder of the US based Telegram LLC, which was responsible for the creation of Telegram Messenger. He served as the head of subsidiaries for both companies, Durov LLC[2] and Digital Fortress LLC[3] respectively. Neff was also the director of Pictograph LLC[4] and Telegram LLC.[5]

... Sanfrancisco based Cloudflare are free to host ISIS propaganda, Durov based in Berlin and partner US businessman Neff are also free to host ISIS propaganda through Telegram.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 6 2017 7:46 utc | 90

@michaelj72 | Oct 5, 2017 6:08

"During their flights, the Russian fighter bombers were even allowed to fly into Turkish airspace unhindered in order to complete their mission"

Thanks for that important info. I see it as a clear confirmation of my assessment of the nature of the "pre-emptive coup", as I called it, in Turkey. I was right when I said right after the coup that it meant Turkey had switched sides.

@all I also see in the current news confirmation of my thesis above, based on some Internet rumors, that recent LV false flag massacre was also aimed at forcing Trump to re-engage in Syria. That's how desperate the Daesh AngloZio handlers are facing now total obliteration by the Russians and their allies.

Blame the massacre on Daesh -> force Trump to send troops to Syria to retaliate

ISIS Triples Down On Vegas Shooter Claims: Claims Paddock "Converted Six Months Ago"

Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 6 2017 8:01 utc | 91

I'm very disappointed after having read in latest Meyssan geopolitical piece about Iran's very dark role in Yugoslavia war. I've always supported their cause against Israel, but knowing that Iran supported, along Saudi wahhabi savages, that cruel, inhumane, barbaric bestiality of the mujaheddin in Yugoslavia against Slavs and elsewhere, and that they now support the mujaheddin in Burma conducting massacres, I'm starting to realize why the Russian have never trusted Iranians 100%...

Also Iranians helped Bush to get Reagan elected by prolonging the embassy crisis, and traded with Israel on some occasions, including the Iran-Contras affair...

Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 6 2017 8:12 utc | 92

Will the syrian white helemts get the peace prize today? Perhaps obama again for the nuclear deal with Iran? Netanyahu?

Posted by: Ano | Oct 6 2017 8:13 utc | 93

One more thing - now I think I understand Trump's anti-Iranian position: it's a pressure being exerted on Iran to make them shed that fanatical Islam shell. That country cannot be trusted until they get rid of that backward, extremist, expansionist, religious mentality still present in some very influential Iranian circles of power.

Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 6 2017 8:24 utc | 94


Things are not nearly as simple as Thierry makes them out to be. Moslems were being massacred, and we went to their aid. It so happened that this was in the interest of NATO. So what. In Chechnya, Moslems were not being massacred. Extremist Wahhabist heretics were. And so we did not go to their aid. As good as Thierry is at keeping the focus on the big picture, he misses the trees for the forest sometimes (whereas most analysts err in the opposite direction). And no, you can rest assured that we are not about to fall for the NATO hokey-doke in Burma. We have all that LNG to sell to our Chinese friends. All you have to do is read the last paragraph of Thierry's piece:

If the Pentagon’s scenario continues to play out as we may anticipate, the war against Syria should soon end due to the lack of combatants, who will have gone overseas to serve the « American Empire » in a new theatre of operations.

And compare it to the very last piece he wrote previous to it, which is a complete contradiction of his summation paragraph as its main thesis is that now that Daesh has been vanquished, the Kurds are being stoked up to take their place.

The problem with Thierry, bless his heart, is that his penchant for sodomy has him all cross-eyed so that he cannot distinguish between the political Islam of Shi'a Iran and that of the heretics of Wahhabistan.

And on another note: in order to attain to peace, one must fight for justice, as without that, there can be no peace. Now each civilization's visioning of justice will by definition be different (as that is what defined different civilizational orders). So you cannot go and condemn a different civilization's values as being "backward, extremist, expansionist, religious mentality" based on your own value set.

Every civilization is "expansionist" in so far as they naturally (and again, by definition) believe their own way of life to be superior to that of others. That is not the issue. It is a question of the *means* that are employed that is the crux of the biscuit.

The West no longer "believes" in anything, having gone down the path of relativism and anti-foundationalism thanks to Kant and Hume, mainly; but also thanks to Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Niebuhr, Tillich, etc. You sound like you are a "progressive" which means that you ultimately believe in cultural relativism. If so, you don't even have an epistemic foundation to stand on before you go condemning a whole civilization which you know nothing about. Without a trans-temporal entity, one cannot logically have a foothold to provide purchase for any position, let alone a purpose. Once you find yourself a logical foothold, let me know and we can continue this conversation. I'm sorry, but there it is. Nuff Sed.

Posted by: Nuff Sed | Oct 6 2017 9:05 utc | 95

@Nuff Sed, I like your overall reasoning. I do disagree on Iran's role in Yugoslavia though. Claiming it was a genocide against Muslim Slavs is falling prey to NATO propaganda. Massacres and atrocities were committed in the name of Allah on a lot of innocent Christians as well. The way Iran intervened in a country far away were definitely not justifiable.
The whole war in that region only broke out due to Neo-liberal shock doctrine and imposition of western neo-liberalism, leading to sky high unemployment, creating an environment for an illegal secession and break-down of a once rather prosperous state. Iran's role in that conflict should rightfully be questioned. Especially considering how little it stood to gain from it.
Russia is completely right in both supporting Iran from the onslaught of the Zionist controlled US but at the same time keeping Teheran on a short leash, which in my opinion is part of the reason Russia has not been more vocal on Yemen and is now even selling S-400 to Saudi-Arabia. Both Russia and Iran need each other but are equally wary of one another as their spheres of interest overlap in a region that has always been crucial and that will only gain in importance as China's OBOR initiative and Eurasian integration projects accelerate.

Posted by: Alexander P | Oct 6 2017 10:15 utc | 96

Number 12
You are a Fucking Moron

Posted by: col | Oct 6 2017 12:15 utc | 97

col | Oct 6, 2017 8:15:13 AM | 97

Oh, thank you so much; agreed!

Posted by: V. Arnold | Oct 6 2017 12:26 utc | 98

Trump made comment yesterday that seems to threaten war...and he had been talking about how the US should have taken care of several difficult situations in the world.

I heard the tape of his comments on Democracy Now! this morning. Made my skin crawl.

,,,Trump warned of "the calm before the storm" while posing with a group of military leaders at the White House Thursday. "You guys know what this represents?" Trump said to a group of reporters while photos were being taken, according a pool report. "Maybe it's the calm before the storm."

When asked what he meant, Trump replied, "You'll find out."


"Recently, we have had challenges that we really should have taken care of a long time ago, like North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, ISIS and the revisionist powers that threaten our interests all around the world," Trump said. "Tremendous progress has been made with respect to ISIS, and I guess the media is going to be finding out about that over the next short period of time."

In true Trumpian manner he refused to clarify what his vague threats meant and which nation(s) he would be going after.

Posted by: jawbone | Oct 6 2017 13:12 utc | 99

Yeah, it is plausable deniability in reverse. Trump plays the bad guy and his cabinet goes "oh no, no, we are the good guys".

Nikki Haley is an exception. I wonder where she takes her script from.

Posted by: somebody | Oct 6 2017 14:12 utc | 100

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