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October 18, 2017

Saudi Money Invades Raqqa - Sowing The Seeds Of ISIS 2.0

There is dangerous news evolving from Raqqa, Syria. While ISIS is largely defeated seeds get sown for its reappearance.

The Kurdish forces under the label SDF and led by U.S. special forces have defeated ISIS in Raqqa. Cleanup operations continue. The victory came only after the the U.S. and its proxies agreed to give free passage to the last few hundreds of foreign and Syrian ISIS fighters and their families. Since these boarded buses and were moved out of Raqqa on Saturday night nothing has been heard of them.

On Monday the U.S. coordinator for the fight against ISIS, Brett McGurk, brought an unwelcome visitor to Syria.

Raqqa24 @24Raqqa - 9:49 AM - 17 Oct 2017

Brett McGurk visited Ayn Issa today with the Saudi minister Thamer al-Sabhan (former Ambassador to Iraq) & joined 3 different meetings. #R24

First meeting was with the local council of #Raqqa then with reconstruction committee at the least they met with elders of Raqqa

Picture of the visit of Brett McGurk and Thamer al-Sabhan. Source: Unknown

via Raqqa24 - bigger

The visit was confirmed by a (pro Kurd) journalist:

Wladimir‏ @vvanwilgenburg - 5:06 PM - 17 Oct 2017
Wladimir Retweeted Raqqa24

I was there. No pictures allowed. Meeting was indeed about reconstruction.

Thamer al-Sabhan is the Saudi Minister for Gulf Affairs. He is known to be extremely sectarian and anti-Shia.

In 2015 Thamer al-Sabhan was appointed as the first Saudi ambassador to Iraq since the Iraqi takeover of Kuwait in 1990. He made no friends in Baghdad when he ranted against the Popular Mobilization Units, which had stopped and fought back ISIS. He denigrated the most revered religious scholar in Iraq:

Sabhan asserted that “whoever listens to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani’s Friday sermons and Muqtada al-Sadr’s statements can feel the threat that Shiite religious authorities pose.

Al-Sistani is well know for caring for all Iraqis and for speaking out against any form of sectarianism. This was an insult and threat to a very high religious authority with a huge following.

Sabhan's loose talk did not go down well with the Iraqi population and its political circles. Immediately demands were made to kick him out of Iraq. Sabhan then claimed that an Iraqi official had told him that Shia groups directed by Iran were out to kill him. The Iraqi government denied that claim. But Sabhan continued to stir inner-Iraqi strife. The government finally asked Riyadh to call him back. In October 2016 Sabham was recalled from Iraq and appointed minister. He recently demanded "to eliminate the rogue Iranian regime."

To invite him to Syria, as Brett McGurk (on order from the White House?) did, is a dangerous provocation.

The Trump administration is not willing to spend money on the rebuilding of Raqqa which was largely destroyed (video) by thousands of U.S. air and artillery strikes. The State Department promised to "lead" efforts to restore water and power supplies in Raqqa, but it wants to put the financial burden elsewhere:

"We will assist and take, essentially, the lead in bringing back the water, electricity and all of that," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told a briefing. "But eventually the governance of the country of Syria is something that I think all nations remain very interested in."

It is a complete wrong approach. The U.S. should ask the Syrian government to immediately take responsibility of Raqqa and then leave the country.

Now Thamer al-Sabhan is asked to cough up money for "reconstruction" and "governance". But Saudi Arabia does not have humanitarian interests. Just witness the slow genocidal war it is waging on Yemen. Saudi Arabia will only support groups and populations that are willing to follow its extreme Wahhabi version of Islam.

ISIS follows largely the same creed as the Saudis do. ISIS used Saudi schoolbooks in its schools. Many of its leading members come from Saudi Arabia. It is generally assumed, with some evidence, that Saudi donors financed ISIS - at least in its early days.

The ISIS members leaving Raqqa under free passage went where? The Syrian forces fighting ISIS along the Euphrates further east report that ISIS fighters have largely vanished from the area. They either melted into the general population or moved north of the Euphrates to hand themselves over to the U.S. proxy forces. What will happen to them? Who pays to feed their families?

ISIS was born out of the Sunni resistance against the U.S, occupation of Iraq. Around 2010/11 the resistance was perceived to be a dead force. But to others it was still a valuable anti-Shia instrument and money from the Sunni gulf regimes continued to flow. The Sunni terror groups in Iraq slowly grew back. The Obama administration saw ISIS develop but intentionally let it grow for its own political purposes. The U.S. military at times supported it in its fights against the Syrian state.

ISIS is not even completely defeated, yet the seeds for its next incarnation already get sown. Thamer al-Sabhan will use the money he spends in Syria to further stir the anti-Shia pot. He will finance those who will promise him to resist the "Shia axis" of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. "Former" ISIS members will be welcome to join the "rehabilitation" work.

One hopes that the "resistance" axis in Syria will finds ways and means to kill these weeds before they grow back to size.

Posted by b on October 18, 2017 at 14:04 UTC | Permalink


It's not just Syria that will have to worry about these "seeds" being fertilized. Iraq will need to address them as well. This could be the thing that drives the final wedge between an Iraqi government and the USA.

It would be a great opportunity for Iran to step in and assist with the rebuilding of Raqqa. That would bolster their position within the area in many ways.

Posted by: Oilman2 | Oct 18 2017 14:18 utc | 1

Saudi Arabia delenda est. The only real solution here.

Posted by: JerseyJeffersonian | Oct 18 2017 14:20 utc | 2

Very interesting article.You read hardly anything in European MSM about what is really happening in Syria.

Posted by: Theo | Oct 18 2017 14:23 utc | 3

the Iraqi government has requested the replacement of the Saudi ambassador to Bagdad, Thamer Al-Subha, after the latter refused to condemn the actions of his cousin, Abdel-Salaam Al-Subhan, and after he publicly gave his support to Daesh.

It is the worst kept secret in Iraq and Syria that Saudi Arabia is Daesh’s principal funder.

The Iraqi government has confirmed that Abdel-Salaam Al-Subhan (photo) died while fighting for Daesh.

Posted by: Bertrand | Oct 18 2017 14:48 utc | 4

I guess any money is welcome. There is complete devastation.

Al Jazeera reports on Raqqa

Another contender for post-ISIL legitimacy in Raqqa is Qamishli-born Ahmed Jarba, the former SNC president and leader of Syria's Tomorrow Movement, founded in Cairo in 2016. Earlier this year, Jarba announced that his armed group, the Syrian Elite Forces, numbering 3,000 US-trained Arab fighters, would participate in the Raqqa battle. Jarba is said to have close ties with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

According to Hinnedi, the SDF is not very comfortable with the presence of Jarba's forces in Raqqa. Jarba has been trying to recruit young men from Raqqa's tribes to join his Tomorrow Movement and the Elite Forces. Although he does not currently enjoy much popularity in Raqqa, he may have a role to play in the military control over the city after ISIL, Hinnedi said.

The United States has so far thrown its weight behind the SDF-sponsored council, but according to Yezid Sayigh, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, this could prove problematic.

"The Americans don't want to have to deal with [Raqqa], but if they just hand it over to the Kurdish-led council, this may cause political difficulties. The Turks might get even more upset," Sayigh told Al Jazeera. For that reason, he said, the US may choose to delay the operation or the announcement of Raqqa's liberation.

Posted by: somebody | Oct 18 2017 14:51 utc | 5

The Imperial project in the ME has failed. Utterly failed, but there is a new war to be had in the East.

The immediate imperative of the empire is now to prevent the completion of the Silk Road project and to this end the Takafiri lunatics are going to Bangladesh, from where they will wage Jihan on Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia Malaysia Philippines. This will create utter chaos on China's borders and will block the Silk Road.

The war against civilization in the ME is lost.

The war against Buddhism begins.

Evil never rests.

Posted by: Anon | Oct 18 2017 15:02 utc | 6

dont worry guys. i got this mother fucker in my sights now. hes on my shit list and theres no survival options on that list. those who are on the wrong side of history will go down with the sinking ship. i will smoke this hashish and watch him turn to ash. maybe today, maybe tomorrow, with his passing there will be no sorrow.

Posted by: anonymous | Oct 18 2017 15:31 utc | 7

It would seem that the House of Saud in in the news in many places there days; from Vegas to Raqqa.

Doesn't history tell us about far flung kingdoms?

Posted by: Anonymouse | Oct 18 2017 15:39 utc | 8

Another thank you, b, for an intriguing story about the festering Saudi role in ongoing destabilization post-Syrian war and what it will look like.

If the Shia religious leaders are outspoken about bringing together a war torn country along post-sectarian lines, this would speak volumes as to why we rooted for the Iranian-axis and why their benevolent role in bringing peace might be legitimate. Of course, the proof is in the pudding. But I am sure they know the danger that these "melted jihadists," as you put it, pose as cells that could be switched on at the right moment. A truth and reconciliation movement, OTOH, would forestall the support that a beleaguered Sunni population would need to harbor and give quarter to those "sleeping bombs."

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Oct 18 2017 16:22 utc | 9

thanks b... what to do about the 3 countries in bed with one another-usa, saudi arabia and israel?

maybe it will quicken the demise of all 3?

it must be embarrassing being in the us armed forces having to work with terrorists while making out like you are going after terrorists.. this cant be lost on anyone involved in spite of what they say outwardly...

Posted by: james | Oct 18 2017 16:30 utc | 10

A larger role may be desirous.

Posted by: AnonYMouse | Oct 18 2017 16:49 utc | 11

My bet is on the following idea. The deal in Raqqa with IS allowed the Kurds to go south and conquer oilfields before the Syrian Governement can.

Syria is just one battlefield. A worldwar is raging and the USA are on the offense.

Posted by: DidierF | Oct 18 2017 16:50 utc | 12

#YPG launched an attack on #PMU in Rabia crossing on the Syrian -#Iraqi border, reinforcements are on its way to deal with them.

Posted by: Yul | Oct 18 2017 17:04 utc | 13

The US with their Israeli and Arab coalition are setting the stage for a long war insurgency throughout Syria.

It is clearly evident.

Also, the counter-insurgency began with Hezbollah, Russian-Chechens and PMC specialists hunting down leaders of AQ, al Nusra, and ISIS cells, liquidating them in deep penetrating strikes. Even using nighttime air drops behind the lines to wipe out leadership, supported by Russian aero forces.

The US game is to keep churning Syrian society and to prevent Iran from basing within the protective zone of Latakia and Taurus.

However, there is the Russian long game and Putin's sense of the situation. Never think that the Russians will lessen their grip on the region. They may announce equipment pullouts, and removal of some manpower, but they have no intention of every letting Syria face this new long war alone.

And soon, China will be there. They will be instrumental in reconstruction.

Posted by: Red Ryder | Oct 18 2017 17:27 utc | 14

WTF? Again?
Do these people never learn?
Will Russia leave a US puppet state inside Syria and back home?

Posted by: Anonimous | Oct 18 2017 17:35 utc | 15

It's totally absurd to think the Zionist Abomination can do anything to prevent what has already occurred--Iranian military presence within Syria. First and foremost is the Syrian-Iranian Defense Pact. As a result of that Pact, Iranian forces are already intermixed with Syrian forces along with others brought into the theatre like the large contingent of Iranian trained and led Afghans, who've performed very well. These intermixed forces are already ensconced at bases within Syria; so, Nuttyahoo says he will undo what's already done--right, like dealing with Hezbollah in 2006.

On rebuilding, the Syrian government has already made its policy on that clear--no nation that was involved in the war against it will be allowed to do anything within Syria. Essentially, Syria has already sanctioned every ally of the Outlaw US Empire since they constitute the nations aligned against Syria. So, what we see and hear is no more than bluff and bluster on the part of the criminal nations.

IMO, once Daesh is routed from Eastern Syria, SDF will be rolled back North by SAA and allies to be disarmed while Syrian state sovereignty's restored throughout its Kurdish region. Roughly simultaneously, Idlib and the remaining terrorist pockets in Western Syria will be subjected to cleansing operations, which leaves only the Golan to be reclaimed. By the end of 2018, the Outlaw US Empire will no longer be present within Syria or Iraq, IMHO.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 18 2017 18:28 utc | 16

@karlof1 That outcome would be highly desirable and righteous but I'm more skeptic. At Al Tanf you see a Guantanamo like US infestation where the Syrian authorization don't have the slightest military means to cut it out. Same in eastern Syria where the US simply needs to declare "our troops are here" to annex it. Russia (already deeply involved) nor the majority of the global population are eager for a hot WWIII so I don't see Russia or China militarely confronting the US in Syria.

IMO the current fractured zones of control in Syria (Israeli, Turkish, US/SDF and US Al Tanf) are quite final with only the eastern Syrian parts where US/SDF (including Daesh units ordered by their Saudi sugar daddies to wear SDF uniforms) is vying for the remaining parts.

Posted by: xor | Oct 18 2017 19:05 utc | 17

Maj. General Sharaf ‘Issaam Zahreddeen, who commanded the Republican Guard in Dayr El-Zor and who is credited with blunting every effort by the terrorist devil-worshipers of ISIS to breach the defensive perimeter of the Airbase died today, the victim of a land mine at Huwayjat Sakr. He was personally commanding his forces when his vehicle detonated a land mine the rodents left in order to delay the advance of the SAA.

The death of the general did not sour the zeal of our army’s vaunted Republican Guard. The RG along with elements of the Lebanese Resistance insisted on revenge and annihilated the terrorists at Mu-Hassan liberating the entire area. With the news of the general’s death, the RG did nothing to stop rampaging Shu’aytaat tribal warriors from killing every single ISIS rodent they could find.

General Zahreddeen was born in Al-Suwaydaa` in 1961 and climbed his way up the ladder to his high rank in the Syrian Army. He led the attack that liberated Al-Mayaadeen and fought difficult battles to liberate Baaba ‘Amr in Homs, Al-Tall in Damascus and, of course, Dayr El-Zor where his name became synonymous with tenacity, brilliance and toughness.

We will all miss him. He was a giant among mortals. May he rest in peace. ZAF

Posted by: SPup | Oct 18 2017 19:16 utc | 18


You consistently post quality information but your latest post is pure fantasyland.

Russia is publicly stating they are about to finish their military operations in Syria. Putin is ready to start making deals and put a quick end to the massive military spending for Russia's Syria operations.

If Putin can't get a handful of US regime clowns and their terrorist buddies out of a tiny outpost in the middle of the desert like Al Tanf, you seriously think the US regime is going to willingly leave their multiple illegal military bases in the north of Syria???


The US regime has turned Russia into a laughingstock in the eyes of the world.

Posted by: Terscich | Oct 18 2017 19:31 utc | 19

xor @17--

What boots the Outlaw US Empire had on the ground are now being turned into fertilizer. What boots it has remaining are no match for the many thousands of Syrian and allied boots. Its status is that of an aggressive invader having less than zero means of justifying its actions.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 18 2017 19:36 utc | 20

Terscich @ 19 says...

'...The US regime has turned Russia into a laughingstock in the eyes of the world...'

Wishful thinking...

The only people the world is laughing at are Dotard Trumpenstein and disneyland commentators like yourself...

Here is a good article on the Syria situation on New Eastern Outlook...

This is an insightful take that supports the idea that the Syrian conflict is close to winding down...'the beginning of the end...?'

The author brings all of the elements into the picture in what I consider a realistic the Kurds, the Iraqis, the US, Daesh... Turkey and the Nusra in Idlib...

Even posits that Daesh may have nowhere to go but to KSA...doesn't sound so unreal to me...

As per my usual beef here Erdo and Turkey...the author likewise sees this as the biggest long-term issue...

'...Turkey is therefore set to support the anti-Assad coalition in the expectation that, sooner or later, Russia will withdraw from Syria, and the task could be revisited...'

I expressed similar sentiment recently when I suggested that Putin was dealing with Erdo on the installment plan...but that the wily Erdo was doing the playing for time...

US and their Kurd proxies in Syria are least worry in his view...especially now with the huge setback to the Barzani Kurds...

He makes a coherent case...

Posted by: flankerbandit | Oct 18 2017 19:46 utc | 21

There are those who think the unimportant terrorist garrison at al-Tanf to be of greater import than Deir ez-Zor and Syria's hydrocarbon assets, that cutting it off and allowing it to wither and dry to a raisin was the wrong choice. What remains of Daesh is broken and scattered with just a few concentrated armed areas remaining; so, of course Russia is beginning to wind down its intervention--It won!! And as I wrote elsewhere, Russia has other tough nuts to crack to fulfill its Eurasian integration plan along with China, which the Outlaw US Empire will continue to try and prevent as it moves its remaining Daesh assets to Bangladesh and Afghanistan, thus ensuring the continuation of our Hybrid Third World War.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 18 2017 20:12 utc | 22

Noticed an opinion piece in NYT or Reuters a day or two ago about how the US must stay in Syria/Iraq as ISIS or its likes will rise again. McGurk looks to be ensuring that will happen.

Zahreddine - from all reports, seems he was killed doing what he did best, high risk ocupation. But then I think of the popular military leaders of donbas and also the Russians killed in Deir Ezzor. General Suheil al-Hassan will need to step carefully as the US will be after him.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 18 2017 20:28 utc | 23

'Thamer al-Sabhan is the Saudi Minister for Gulf Affairs'
is he in syria legally? how did he enter?

Posted by: brian | Oct 18 2017 20:39 utc | 24


China has around started on helping in reconstruction and so has Iran.

Posted by: jo6pac | Oct 18 2017 21:48 utc | 25

While we're correcting falsehoods, let the record continue to show that Russia's expenditure on its Syria campaign has throughout the campaign been at the level of its normal military training budget for the services and forces involved - which were themselves a very small contingent compared with the total fighting force that Russia possesses.

For this same training money, Russia has managed to test a marvelous variety of equipment, tactics, innovations and people. Soldiers around the world must be green with envy at the live-fire training that Russia received. She has displayed the results of this testing to the world, and orders for Russian-built weaponry have been rolling in - although this wasn't Russia's reason for being there.

From a modest fiscal expenditure, but with the commitment of life and blood - very little of which she had to spend - Russia has become the global guarantor of security for the Middle East, which is now coming to be seen as the southwest extension of Eurasia. She has a lawful and long-term military and naval presence on a Mediterranean shore, and she has walked her talk of international law scrupulously, as the whole world can see and can now depend on for future contracts and treaties.

The US, by contrast, has disgraced itself in the eyes of free nations around the world. It has gained nothing at all. And the vast dimension of things that it has lost can never be recovered.

Russia's gains in Syria, meanwhile, will flow and spread to all the world that seeks peace.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 18 2017 22:29 utc | 26

Hello Grieved--

FYI, Pieraccini's third installment's been published, providing a good recap of recent events reshaping geopolitics,

The Duran has spotlighted with 3 articles the resurrection of a massive scandal involving HRC, Obama, Comey, and Meuller, along with a host of other actors that may finally lead to the very welcome destruction of the Clintons, their Foundation, and numerous neoliberalcon associates. Most interesting, however, is the breakdown of Xi Jinping's marathon 19th Chinese Communist Party's National Congress speech dedicated to a detailed explanation of China's future path. All of which tends to bury the current gossip surrounding actions by Soros, which is also explored.

The Times seem to get more interesting daily!

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 18 2017 23:03 utc | 27

It's like the Kunduz airlift that allowed Taliban/al Qaeda forces to escape to Pakistan to fight another day.

Posted by: Curtis | Oct 18 2017 23:09 utc | 28

Yet another reminder of the imense damage the Outlaw US Empire has wrought globally was revealed today with the release of a secret acheive related to its Indonesian crimes,

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 18 2017 23:33 utc | 29

I'm not that impressed. I rather think the Saudis have shot their bolt in Syria, and don't necessarily want to relaunch. They've got enough on their plate as it is.

I'd be more inclined to think this was the US trying to get investment to rebuild the Raqqa they have themselves bombed flat. After all the US has already paid out for the bombs to destroy Raqqa, why should they have to pay out to rebuild?

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 19 2017 0:08 utc | 30

If the Kurds want to do something smart for a change, or maybe redeem themselves, they'll let the US rebuild Al Raqqa then make a deal with Damascus.

Posted by: dh | Oct 19 2017 0:14 utc | 31

Ah yes, unibrow al Sabhan. There must be a name for this sort of provacateur, fanning the flames of sectarianism but truthfully nothing more than a bad actor, in the same mould as Donald Trump.

Sabhan is irrelevant except insofar as those who promote him wish to keep the peasants fighting amongst themselves, even as all 'partners' continue to act in accordance with a comprehensive settlement agreement, which may or may not include a Kurdish war of independence but which will certainly continue the feeding frenzy for dogs of war.

Posted by: C I eh? | Oct 19 2017 1:06 utc | 32

saudi are donmeh jewisher always been the bagmen for the mi6 city of london zion projects.
run along with cia washingtonzion and mossadicks of tel aviv.
death and kaos is the juice for saturn infinities it is talmoo written.
james may not like it but it is so.
oded yinon never sleeps adapts and moves on

terrorism how the west can win

Christopher Bollyn

Posted by: charles de drake | Oct 19 2017 1:11 utc | 33

@33 charlesr d d - one has to agree the zio-wahabbi-usa experiment is looking pretty ify at this junction...nothing a hasbara poet couldn't alter for another edition of the washington or jerusalem post!

Posted by: james | Oct 19 2017 1:25 utc | 34

He was a giant among mortals.
Posted by: SPup | Oct 18, 2017 3:16:53 PM | 18

That he was. A very sad day.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Oct 19 2017 2:13 utc | 35

@33 charles de drake - I agree about the Saudi Donmeh.

That's an excellent link you provide. It's an 18-minute interview with investigative journalist Christoher Bollyn, who describes the creation of the US "war on terror" as an Israeli construct, first delivered to the west in a conference in 1979. Events that have followed since, including 9/11, have worked to make this construct concrete.

I offer a different YouTube link to the 2016 interview. Your link cuts the interview short by one paragraph to emphasize that "war on terror" is an Israeli construct. This link goes one minute longer and to me makes an even more harrowing ending:

Christopher Bollyn at the Open Mind Conference 2016

Here's a roughly punctuated edit from YouTube's generated transcript of the last couple of minutes. It includes your ending, and continues in the 3rd paragraph to make a point that I personally find to be a tour de force of chilling logic:

...before the towers even fell the former Israeli prime minister and chief of staff Ehud Barak was in the London studio of BBC World Television the largest english-speaking network in the world and he was giving his analysis of what we saw that day before either tower had fallen. The planes had hit but the towers had not fallen and he basically said the world will never be the same from today on he says we know who's behind this it's Osama bin Laden and we know where he is and he said now it's time to begin an operational concrete war on terror.

And that very brief analysis that Israel's highest soldier presented to the english-speaking world became the actual myth of 9/11 now of course as we know the evidence of explosives and nano-thermite and many other problems indicate that the narrative we've been given about 9/11 is false but for 15 years now that narrative has been protected by the media in a most unusual way. We supposedly live in a democratic nation in the United States but almost all the media is owned by six companies six corporations and they are all lockstep in unison supporting the 9/11 false narrative and that false narrative has been used to take us into a war - but a global war of on terror which is an Israeli construct. And all of the people who are involved in the cover-up are themselves supporters of the State of Israel at this highest level or they are Israelis themselves.

So it's like President Nixon said it's not the crime that gets you it's the cover-up because although we don't know who put nano-thermite in the World Trade Center or how they did it we know it was there and we know who's covering it up because the cover-up goes on and on and on. We now have 15 years of cover-up and so the media and the government are in unison blocking 9/11 truth from coming out to the public so that gives us an understanding of how serious our political problem is in America. Because it's obvious that the government and media are controlled by the same people who carried out 9/11 - that's a pretty serious state of affairs.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 19 2017 2:52 utc | 36

Apologies for off-topic @36, but it was an important link that some may like.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 19 2017 2:53 utc | 37

Time for the Syrian Army Tiger group, General Soleimani and the Iranian Qids, some Russian boys and their Chechen friends to go visit this Saudi and others go to Raqqa and tell the Kurds and US Spec Ops to leave.

Supposedly, Soleimani was in Tikrit in Iraq with Iraqi Army and Barzani's pirates were told to clear out and they left. No one in the Syrian govt wants anyt Saudis there or US Military. The Iraqis do not want the US there any longer and never wanted the US in Iraq. Go home.

Posted by: Boyo | Oct 19 2017 2:53 utc | 38

Grieved @37--

Agreed, it's important.

I was able to find a transcript of Xi's Party Congress Speech, and it's really something to read. The formatting has it running from page middle to top. I just hope it doesn't get sent to the spam bin,

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 19 2017 3:21 utc | 39

Mercouris at The Duran provides a recap of the Kurd debacle and details how the Outlaw US Empire's "Plan C" failed almost as soon as it began; a long, detailed appraisal,

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 19 2017 4:34 utc | 40

This is totally OT, yet it kinda fits. The last few days the two gangs of DC crooks, that is both the dem and rethug factions of the amerikan empire party have been playing twitter ping pong over which wing cares the most for the empire's paid rapists & murderers - all because 4 of the arseholes got what they deserved in Niger.
Despite all the backwards and forwards about which party cries the biggest crocodile tears when the thugs get offed, I've yet to read a single mention of WTF was amerika doing with boots on the ground in Niger.

We see why the ptb went with an unwhite prez for two terms tho, only oblam, blam blam could possibly have sold the recolonisation of Africa to amerikans. Fuck that e pluribus unim shit off of amerikan money and replace it with "have resources? - we steal"

Posted by: Debsisdead | Oct 19 2017 9:14 utc | 41

Off topic, but I would like to recommend 'The Killing of William Browder' by Alex Krainer, which Amazon refuse to sell but is available at

As Krainer says: "Bill Browder, the false crusader for justice and human rights and the self
-styled No. 1 enemy of Vladimir Putin has perpetrated a brazen and dangerous deception upon
the Western world. This book traces the anatomy of this deception, unmasking the powerful forces that are pushing the Western world toward yet another great war with Russia."

Posted by: Shakesvshav | Oct 19 2017 10:27 utc | 42

Grieved @ 36,37: Thanks for the information even though it was off-topic.

As reward and for your entertainment, you may like to read this article on the Saudi royal family and Wahhabism:

David Livingstone, "Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State"

Posted by: Jen | Oct 19 2017 10:45 utc | 43

Charles de Drake @ 33, Grieved @ 36, 37: Here's something in English translation that should interest you both - an Iraqi intel report addressed to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on the Wahhabi movement and its connection to past British governments.

"The Birth of Al-Wahabi Movement And it's [sic] Historic Roots"
Prepared by [Iraqi] Intelligence Colonel Sa'id Mahmud Najrn Al-'Amiri

Posted by: Jen | Oct 19 2017 11:01 utc | 44

to # 41. Mr/Ms Debs Yes it is an amazing and mostly unremarked outrage that there are us special forces in Niger and many other places. There was one article yesterday I think, saying that in fact Special Forces were "authorized" worldwide by some
act of Con-gress shortly after 9-11. You may have noticed the gradual but steady expansion of AFRICOM over the years. Of course Mr Gaddafi stepped on some toes there and look what happened to him. There are also various more or less disgusting deals with one or more Izzy billionaires trying to essentially seize control of natural resources in various African countries. I don't have links in front of me, but if you GoDuckGo looking for Rio Tinto and Vale in Africa you will find some.

Posted by: Miss Lacy | Oct 19 2017 11:37 utc | 45

Poor Syria. Its torture has just begun. Russia has declared that the war is over, from its point of view. That would appear to mean that the Kurdish region will stand as currently constituted, complete with ethnic cleansing and stolen oil. As if that wasn't enough, now we see that Syrian Kurdistan will also be a Saudi hotbed, Saudi Arabia being one of the prime movers behind the Syria proxy war. Another prime mover in that war, Turkey, seems permanently embedded in northern Syria. Jordan will probably get a little chunk, currently controlled by the US. Israel will get to keep it's enhanced hold on the Golan Heights, it seems. The US is, of course, deeply involved in all these areas, except the Turkish area (if one believes all the kabuki).

Meanwhile Russia has sold s-400s to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. I'll bet Putin just completed a deal with Israel to send s-400s to Israel. Guess who Putin absolutely refuses to arm with air defense? Yeah you got it in one. Syria. So the one country Putin WON'T arm is the country it claims to be defending.

Let's see, how many times has Putin met with Assad over the past few years - one time, right? How many times has he met with Erdogan? Five times? How many times has he met with Netanyahu? Ten times? If Satan were to appear on earth in human form, you can be sure that his best pal would be Putin. Putin's even in bed with Saudi Arabia now.

So, while it's true that Syria's attackers didn't get everything they wanted in the proxy war, they did get half of what they wanted and they are in PRIME position to take the rest. Putin will have to consult with his soul whether 'saving' Syria only to leave it trussed up in the hands of its attackers was somehow worth it.

Posted by: paul | Oct 19 2017 12:03 utc | 46

According to reports from Dier Ezzor , the Russian Forces have entered Koniko oil factories – witch are under SDF control – located in Eastern bank of the Euphrates River .

The Russian forces Have entered Koniko oil factories as part of a “reconnaissance mission”, those forces comes from the Russian Reconciliation Center in Hameemim .

This mission is part of an agreement being made in Qamishli between the Russians, Syrians and the Kurds , The field may be handed over to the Syrian government, reports said.

Earlier this Morning , a Russian political figure has arrived to Qamishli , and met Kurdish leaders ( According to SDF media )

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 19 2017 13:26 utc | 47

Paul, with the failure of US plan C - Kurdish "independance", Syria's torture is coming to an end. As per b's article, it looks as though the US are now moving onto plan D which is to drum up another Sunni insurgency in eastern Syria, but this will also fail. The US is on the back foot in the middle east, reacting to events with hasty poorly thought out plans.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Oct 19 2017 13:40 utc | 48

Dear b.

Eschatology as geopolitics

Posted by: gut bugs galore | Oct 19 2017 14:08 utc | 49

@Anonimous, 15; @xor, 17; @Terscich, 19:

The Russian mission is almost over because they have total victory and the rest of Dr. Assad's objective of regaining 100% of Syria is achievable at the negotiating table. Karlof1 and Grieved are correct. As Peter AU 1 posts, Kurds are ceding control of oil fields near Dier Ezzor and will retreat to the enclave Syria already promised them near Hasakah.

The Kurds see the writing on the wall. They know their security lies with Syria, not with the US. Their leaders have been treacherous, under the influence of the KDP Peshmerga and Asayish police that Barzani sent to Rojava, but they're not stupid. They know Syria will allow them to retain their culture and language, but they will have to respect the rights of other minorities.

@SPup 18, yes we will miss General Zahreddeen, but he climbed the mountain, and he saw the Promised Land. He once advised his mean to laugh at death. Well, he died a laughing death and he will be remembered for a very, very long time.

Posted by: William Rood | Oct 19 2017 14:19 utc | 50

There's an interesting note on Saudi Arabia's internal situation this morning from Ghassan Kadi:

MOHAMED BIN SALMAN'S DO OR DON'T DILEMMA By Ghassan Kadi 19 October 2017

A lot is happening in Saudi Arabia at the moment, actually on and behind the scenes. Mohamed Bin Salman seems to be desperate to give Al Saud a makeover and a new momentum.

This link goes to his site, which only gives that intro to the article, and a link to the Saker site, where the article is published in full. We can't link directly to Saker from here. So, at least it's a link.

MBS sees the downfall of the old hubris, and cash reserves, all around him and attempts to reform the country with a grass roots swell of support from the younger generation. It's easy enough to treat the man as black and white, but it seems to me he's young enough he could be changing fast. But I don't know how he's going to get himself out of Yemen, or how long he'll live before his rivals get him.

Oddly enough, from Kadi's description, conditions to me almost seem amenable to a color revolution as a coup in the future. A Saudi Spring one day? The way that the kingdom goes down will have plenty of complexities and intrigues I think.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 19 2017 14:23 utc | 51

"MBS sees the downfall of the old hubris, and cash reserves, all around him and attempts to reform the country with a grass roots swell of support from the younger generation."
So, basically, a Saudi Gorbachev? With most probably the same kind of dismal ending for his country.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Oct 19 2017 14:33 utc | 52

Debs @ 41:"Fuck that e pluribus unim shit off of amerikan money and replace it with "have resources? - we steal"

Yep, very apt, and succinct explanation of why the corporate empire is in Niger.....

Posted by: ben | Oct 19 2017 15:07 utc | 53

You continue to be the most informative and perceptive source on Syria etc. I can find online. Thank you so much.

Posted by: aniteleya | Oct 19 2017 16:56 utc | 54

@43, 44 Jen

Thank you. Thank you very much. Not at all entertainment. But worthy of celebration nonetheless.

I find it very important to understand how agents of a secular nation can create systems of belief in order to divide adherents of a religion, to divide and conquer a people who formerly lived in harmony.

We the ordinary people of the ages have never known that such a thing was possible. But we are now coming to know.

We live in a golden age, although the vile truths we uncover lead us to think otherwise. But we are able to be historians and scholars now, all of us, so easily, and we can see how our narrative has been shaped.

But it is not a tragedy that our narrative has been shaped. It is a glory that we begin to see how a narrative can be shaped. It is a glory that we can purify and shape our own narrative. And it is a glory that we can see the actions of the enemies of humanity through their distortions of our narrative - which every day now, in discussions such as this one, we see directly as their distorting actions - rather than being distorted in our own narrative by their actions.

So it is a glory that we can see the truth and that the lies are laid bare and open to the sight of all. And this will kill the enemy of humanity. So this is a glorious time, and we can celebrate this. This will kill the enemy of humanity.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 20 2017 1:24 utc | 55

@ Debsisdead with the ending comment
Fuck that e pluribus unim shit off of amerikan money and replace it with "have resources? - we steal"

The transition of the American motto from its original "Out Of Many, One", went through an interim step initiated in the early 1950's called "In God we Trust" that you missed. This suspension of reality set the stage for the current motto which you presented superbly.

They didn't tell folks in the 1950's that it was the God of Mammon that was represented on US money.....and all were to trust.......and we see where all that got us.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 20 2017 2:03 utc | 56

To Debsisdead and other re: us Special Forces in Africa. Perhaps by now many of you will have seen some of these articles, but here are some sources as offered in a recent Zero Hedge post of an article by Brian Cloughley via Strategic Culture Foundation.
Mr. Cloughley refers to other articles, for example one by Alexis Okeowo presented by the New Yorker. It's worth reading in its entirety and includes some (more) amazingly offensive remarks by Trumpstein addressed to African leaders. (And we thought that Dubya was a buffoon. Wow.) The central point of course is what happened to "protect and defend" ? Why would us special forces be in any country which has not attacked the us? The answer seems to be: "pillage and destroy." Regrettably.

This is a huge subject and perhaps should be another thread. Here's a question. What is the real purpose of the Navy's wave action energy generating bouys installed in the Indian Ocean off the Oz coast?

Posted by: Miss Lacy | Oct 20 2017 12:52 utc | 57

@Shakesvshav, 42
Thanks for posting Alex Krainer's great book on Bill Browder and the Magnitsky nonsense. I couldn't stop reading it except for sleep. Finished in less than a day.

Posted by: William Rood | Oct 21 2017 21:54 utc | 58

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