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October 20, 2017

Emma Sky - British 'Mother of Daesh' Wants To Reoccupy Iraq

While the Iraqi government forces sweep Kirkuk clean of the Kurdish occupation, one writer strongly pushed pro-Kurdish/anti-Iranian views. Three pieces by Emma Sky appeared in three prestigious imperial outlets within just four days. They are noticeable for the slander and lies. Obviously they are part of a well prepared lobbying campaign.

The author is not an neutral observer or academic specialist. Emma Sky is the person most responsible for messing up Kirkuk. She is also a 'Mother of ISIS'.

On October 16 Emma Sky published in Foreign Affairs: Mission Still Not Accomplished in Iraq - Why the United States Should Not Leave.

On October 18 she plants the same notion in The Atlantic: America Has Become Dispensable in Iraq. The subtitle reveals what it is really about:

The conflict in Kirkuk offers further evidence of Iran’s steady rise.

Sky pushes hard to implant a sectarian, anti-Iran meme. Consider this howler:

Once more, Iran is playing the key role, helping to broker a deal between the PUK and the Iraqi government and guiding the Shia militias supporting the Iraqis.

What nationality please to the "Shia militia" in Iraq have? Are they from Mars?

When ISIS rose in 2014 U.S. President Obama held back support for the Iraqi government to get rid of the just reelected Prime Minister Maliki:

The reason, the president added, “that we did not just start taking a bunch of airstrikes all across Iraq as soon as ISIL came in was because that would have taken the pressure off of [Prime Minister Nuri Kamal] al-Maliki.

Iran with its Revolutionary Guards jumped in and hastily trained and equipped volunteers into Popular Mobilization Units. These groups managed to stop ISIS from taking Baghdad. The PMU  are under the exclusive command of the Iraqi government. They are official Iraqi government forces, not exclusively Shia and no longer accompanied by Iranian advisors. No Iranian troops or advisers were involved in the liberation of Kirkuk. Sky's claim is all wrong. Sky has a hobby horse:

A compromise of some sort could be reached on confederation for Kurdistan and a special status for Kirkuk.

On October 19 Emma Sky appears in The Guardian: Iraq’s Kurds have overplayed their hand. Now both sides must talk. Within that piece she claims:

When the Iraqi security forces fled in the face of Isis in 2014 it was the Kurds, with support from the US-led coalition, who fought back and pushed them out of Kirkuk.

That was definitely not the case. ISIS never touched Kirkuk. Indeed the piece Emma Sky links to as reference never says so. It mentions that Iraqi army deserters were fleeing from ISIS in Mosul towards Kirkuk. In June 2014 the Kurdish Peshmerga invaded Kirkuk, threw out disoriented Iraqi government forces and occupied the city. This was at the very same time as ISIS took Mosul. ISIS and Peshmerga fighters delineated their borders and had their checkpoints only a few meters apart. Video showed them inviting each other for dinner. Sky's core point in the piece is that the Kurds, for their falsely claimed "rescue" of Kirkuk from ISIS, now deserve some part of it:

It is time to revisit the idea of a special status for Kirkuk, with power-sharing between the different communities

A "special status" for Kirkuk is not reasonable. It is a normal Iraqi city and, like many others, has a religiously and ethnic diverse population. That Sky tries to justify a special status for Kurds in Kirkuk with a fight against ISIS that never happened demonstrates how dishonest the claim is.

The "special status" idea for Kirkuk came up in 2003 when an ignorant British governor of Kirkuk, imposed by the U.S./UK occupation, was lost in internecine claims to the oil rich province between Kurdish expansionists and local Arabs. That governor was one Emma Sky.

Like other imperial freaks Sky later found a warm place at Yale.

An extensive discussion of Emma Sky's prior misdeeds in Iraq was published in June 2016 by Maniza Naqvi. The author summarized:

Emma Sky—the woman who assisted in the unraveling of Iraq and the region, who became the right hand of General Odierno in Iraq—and the architect of the ‘Sunni Awakening'---is perhaps, the Mother of Daesh, the word for terror in Iraq and Syria and the entire region or as the West calls it, ISIS.

The piece follows Sky's way as imperial overlord throughout the U.S. occupation. It quotes from her questioning in front of the the British Iraq Inquiry Committee. The transcripts reflect how completely unprepared the U.S. and its British stooges were when they arrogantly imposed themselves onto the country.

Emma Sky first messed up Kirkuk. She later worked for the U.S. top commanders in the country and was instrumental in creating the ISIS predecessor "Sunni  Awakening". She had a main role in imposing it onto the Iraqi government.

Sky was parachuted into Iraq only days after the U.S. and UK invaded. By mere chance she was set up as the occupation governor of Kirkuk. She had no prior knowledge of the city, the country, or its issues and zero experience on the ground. She was 36 years old and single. In Kirkuk she fell for the siren songs of the Iraqi exiles mafia and Kurdish separatists. She, like the rest of the occupation force, ruled by looting Iraqi money. From her testimony to the Inquiry Committee:

MS EMMA SKY: We had done all this stuff. We had promised people all of these things. You know, construction was going on and we were bankrupt. Then we would go down to Baghdad. We would try to raid the banks which had Ba'ath funds. So there was always money and then we kept spending because we thought we had more. Then we would run out and we would have to go back and get more.

The situation in Kirkuk, which the Iraqi government just rescued from the Kurdish annexation attempt, is rooted in Sky's misdeeds.

It was Emma Sky who stoked the flames in Kirkuk for the political purpose of the occupiers:

[T]he Arab-Kurdish disputes are being played up, because ganging up on the Kurds would bring the Sunnis and the Shias together, or so think the likes of Maliki, Mutlag and [Emma] Sky.

She accepted Kurdish claims of a "right" to Kirkuk and pushed that claim as "special status" Article 140 into the U.S. written Iraqi constitution:

MS EMMA SKY: We tried very hard -- this was by August 2003 -- to get Kirkuk recognised with special status, that it was something different, because what was driving the insecurity was the final status of Kirkuk. Should it be part of Kurdistan or should it be part of the centre? What we tried to do right from the beginning is to say, "Look, this place is different. It has always been different. Could we have special status?"

When the Brits finally gave up and left Iraq, Emma Sky was hired as 'political advisor' to the U.S. overlords General Petraeus and then General Odierno:

Everywhere he went, every meeting he went to I went with him. ... My reporting line was purely to the General. All I had to look at was the General.

She was part of the small inner circle that initiated the "surge" and the relabeling of al-Qaeda insurgents into the "Sunni Awakening". While the cadre of al-Qaeda leaders (later the elite of the Islamic State) were groomed in U.S. prisons in Iraq, its past and future fighters were trained as "Sunni Awakening" by U.S. special forces.

From Sky's testimony:

So the [Iraqi] government is much, much more nervous of these people who one day are Al Qaeda and the next day take off the patch, put on another patch and say, "Now we are Sa'hwa, Sons of Iraq". So we worked very hard to get the government to come with us and meet these guys and get a sense of who they are. Sa'hwa then spread from Abu Ghraib into Amriya, so right into Baghdad, and we then started going round to other areas and working with the local community and said, "Look, don't you want to set up a Sa'hwa too?"

In 2015 Sky wrote a snobbish piece in The Atlantic, 'Iraq Is Finished', where she handed out guilty verdicts for the rise of the Islamic State against everyone - except of course to herself.

But it was she, personally, who helped to get al-Qaeda fighters under U.S. control and trained. She had a defining role in it.

As Maniza Naqvi concludes:

Draw a straight line from the bodies washing up on beaches in Turkey and Greece—the baby Aylan, his tiny body lying face down—a direct connection between drowned babies, whole families tragedies and the US military enterprise in Iraq and Syria and all who were and are involved with it and morphing it to more monstrous waves—draw a straight line from the likes of Emma Sky to Daesh known as ISIS.

Someone coughed up a quite decent sum of money to have Emmy Sky write three current piece to be launched in three well-known outlets within just four days. Someone who wants the Kurds to take Kirkuk's oil, the U.S. to reoccupy Iraq and to strangulate Iran. Who could have an interest in doing so?

Emma Sky is corrupt imperial scum. I recommend to read Naqvi's whole piece on her and especially the inquiry protocols attached to it.

Posted by b on October 20, 2017 at 19:43 UTC | Permalink


Thanks for this bit of education and enlightenment, b. It would appear the swamp's directly connected to the sewer with a revolving door through which the slime swim.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 20 2017 20:14 utc | 1

The US and all its operatives involved in "Operation Iraqi Freedom" have never been able to recognize and admit the obvious, that OIF resulted in the conversion of Iraq from an enemy of Iran to an Iran (Shia) ally. Not only that, but the violence, destruction and killing made the US unwelcome and led to a US-supported Sunni counter-offensive which is now being put down.

And now Sky wants the US to return to Iraq? Better ask the Iraqis. From Sky's book "The Unraveling":

When I arrived, one of the questions put to me was ‘What do we need to do to be loved?’ I told them that people who invaded other people’s countries, and killed people who were no threat to them, would never be loved.” . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 20 2017 20:33 utc | 2

Interesting piece.

For the moment Wikipedia states about this trash of US empire: "Sky primarily lived and worked in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, managing projects for the British Council to help build up the capacity of Palestinian institutions, and to promote co-existence between Israelis and Palestinians." 'Promoting co-existence' the Blair way is newspeak for subduing Palestinian resistance to eviction from their home land and rendition to the biggest open air prison, Gaza, identical to the Warsaw ghetto.

A little further: "Although opposed to the invasion of Iraq, Sky volunteered to join the Coalition Provisional Authority and served as the Governorate Coordinator of Kirkuk from 2003 to 2004." How can someone write this. There is no better way of showing how much you support something then by becoming an integral part of it.

Posted by: xor | Oct 20 2017 21:12 utc | 3

From her wiki, she worked for the British Council in Israel, Jerusalem and Gaza, supposedly involved in the Israel-Palestine issue. She also studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She was definitely not on the Rachel Corrie side of the Israeli-Palestinian problem. She then gets a mysterious phone call about volunteering for Iraq resulting in her being accepted and seconded to the Foreign Office. She turns up in Basra, expecting to be met, but makes her way on her own to Baghdad when no one turns up. She has no staff yet deals directly with Kirkukis (no translator?). There is piles of money, but not to get things done. She was just a private citizen in Iraq, chummy with all the top US military, no questions asked. Then after all she gets placed into Yale as a reward.

This all seems a little spooky to me, with a liberal dose of 'hidden hand' dealings.

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 20 2017 21:12 utc | 4

Yeah, good piece. Sky is hardly disinterested.

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 20 2017 21:17 utc | 5

and the relabeling of al-Qaeda aligned insurgents into the "Sunni Awakening".
This is not right. There was a genuine Sunni movement, led by the tribal leaders, who had had to choose between al-Qa'ida and the Americans. If they chose the Americans at one moment, it didn't mean permanent commitment. They were doing what they could to save their people.

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 20 2017 21:28 utc | 6

I'm not sure that Sky's views are of that much importance. The Iraqis took Kirkuk, and in my view are not likely to be booted out again. Given all the Peshmerga retreats that have happened, there must have been some kind of deal between Talebani's people and Baghdad, intended, on the Kurdish side, I suppose, to undercut Barzani. Note that the specific orders from Baghdad are not to pass the Iraq/KRG border.

I wonder whether there's not a Talebani coup d'état in Erbil in the offing.

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 20 2017 21:51 utc | 7

Has the writer inadvertently sinned and said "Kurdish occupation" instead of the right word "Iranian occupation"?
Why is Iranian master terrorist Qassem Soleimani distributing photos of himself in Iraq?

Posted by: ALAN | Oct 20 2017 21:52 utc | 8

I think she's absolutely right about needing a 'negotiated political settlement'.

Something tells me the US will be excluded from the negotiations.

Posted by: dh | Oct 20 2017 21:53 utc | 9

Great piece b, as usual your knowledge in connecting stuffs has no par today, and without bias for any or against any part involved, truth as it is, raw and bitter. Congrats.

Posted by: Canthama | Oct 20 2017 21:56 utc | 10

@alan @8

The headline of the piece you link is nonsense. Suleiman doe not distribute photos. People are eager to photograph him wherever he is a round. He is a celebrity.

Suleiman and Iran generally had little influence in the Kirkuk issue.

That meme was planted (in the U.S.) by a Filkins piece in the New Yorker. Filkins got spun by Khalizad who has monetary interests in Kurdish oil.

For the details see this thread by Kirk Sowell

Main and well proven point:

- The PUK position on the (referendum, independence and Kirkuk issue) was taken and communicated since September 28
- Soleiman visited on October 15
- The PUK position did not change

Posted by: b | Oct 20 2017 22:17 utc | 11


I stumbled upon your twitter account purely by accident. It would be great if your daily Syrian bullet point summaries were posted there too. Having to dig through hundreds of spam and garbage/troll comments on Syrian Perspective to find your info is tedious.

Would be even better if you got hooked up with this site or South Front to get your highly accurate and concise information seen by a wider audience. Syrian Perspecive has been an invaluable resource but I don't think anyone considers it ideal with its sporadic updates and mess of a comment system.

Posted by: Paste-Pot Pete | Oct 20 2017 22:18 utc | 12

@12 Seconded.

Posted by: Bill | Oct 20 2017 22:31 utc | 13

thanks b.. great article highlighting another sycophant working directly for the evil empire.. why is it these types always have direct access like that to pretty well everything?

@3 xor / $4anonymous... thanks for those additional insights..

Posted by: james | Oct 20 2017 23:05 utc | 14

@12 Great idea.

Posted by: Lozion | Oct 20 2017 23:06 utc | 15

Mma Sky is the Dean of what is called "Christian Zionism", that started in England in th 1800s as that nation fought agaisnt the Ottoman Empire. One of the aims was to promote an European Nation as a Spine in the Back of the Ottomas. A europan nation composed of Jewish Canon Fodder. I read this somewhere.

Posted by: opereta | Oct 21 2017 0:18 utc | 16

ALAN | Oct 20, 2017 5:52:10 PM | 8

The Iranians are there at the invitation of the Iraqi government so they are not occupiers.

All you can dredge up was an article by that neocon fuckwit, Michael Rubin. His Wikipedia entry states:

Rubin currently teaches senior U.S. Army, U.S. Marine, and U.S. Navy leadership prior to their deployment to Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan.

No wonder US policy in those regions is such a humongous clusterfuck.

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 21 2017 0:26 utc | 17

Thanks, I had not come across this historic fact before - they seem to stem from the times of the Puritans.

Emma Sky sounds more like a Peacenik converted to realpolitik.

Emma Sky was at a loss for words when asked by a member of the British Iraq Inquiry in January 2011 what training she should have undergone before leaving for Iraq eight years earlier.

“I was trying to think what one-week course you could go on that would equip you to occupy somebody else’s country,” she said. “This was a crazy question, but I thought that my ten years in Israel/Palestine had given me such enormous experiences that helped me develop my instincts on how to approach things in Iraq.”
Once, a visiting US Treasury official wondered aloud in Sky’s presence why Iraqis hated the Americans so much despite the massive American financial investment in their well-being.

“I remembered Israelis saying: ‘the Palestinians have a high standard of living, they’ve got fridges, they’ve got electricity, they should be grateful.’ They’re not grateful because they don’t like being occupied; they want to run their own affairs.”

She makes it an accident in the Chilcot enquiry that she ended up coordinating Kirkuk - that almost certainly was not the case. The British Royal Family went to the boarding school she attended and her parents worked for, she must be incredibly well connected.

Posted by: somebody | Oct 21 2017 1:12 utc | 18

The gist of the Atlantic piece is this

A compromise of some sort could be reached on confederation for Kurdistan and a special status for Kirkuk. But that would require mediation. And it is unlikely to be from Americans.

Why should this matter? Because the Iranian settlement will not bring stability to the region. It will endure long enough to defeat U.S. interests and allies. But left unchecked, Iran and its allies will sooner or later come into collision with Israel. And then the U.S. will be forced to take action.

It seems Russia is going to mediate.

Posted by: somebody | Oct 21 2017 1:34 utc | 19

She was affiliated with the CPA in Iraq in 2003-2004 - but hasn't written hardly anything about Paul Bremmer, the CPA's 100 Orders (that did more than anything else to touch off the Iraqi populist insurgency), and certainly nothing about BearingPoint (now Deloitte Consulting), the private contractor who worked with the CPA to develop those 100 Orders and to install the Puppet Council to implement it.

The best discussion of what went wrong in Iraq isn't in Emma Sky's memoir, it's in this blog called Baghdad Burning that was active from about 2003-2013. For example, this bit:

The nine dancing puppets- excuse me, rotating presidents- were exclusively selected from the “Governing Council”, an interim council chosen by the CPA. The first thing the 25-member Governing Council did to alienate itself from the people was the fatal decision to make April 9 the new Iraqi National Day. People were incredulous when Bahr Ul Iloom (one of the nine puppets), read out the announcement.

April 9, 2003 was a nightmare beyond anyone’s power to describe. Baghdad was up in smoke that day- explosions everywhere, American troops crawling all over the city, fires, looting, fighting, and killing. Civilians were being evacuated from one area to the other, houses were being shot at by tanks, cars were being burned by Apache helicopters… Baghdad was full of death and destruction on April 9. Seeing tanks in your city, under any circumstance, is perturbing. Seeing foreign tanks in your capital is devastating.

But back to rotating presidents... Insiders say that all 9 members of the council hate each other. Meetings sometimes end in shouting, name-calling and insults. The one thing they do agree on is that Bremer is God. His word is Scripture.

So she was part of the team bent on turning Iraq into a colonial outpost of London and Washington, with oil exports and electricity and agriculture and telecoms to be run out of Wall Street based on a plan cooked up by Bush-era neocons and their shady consulting outfits, which was a complete disaster, equal parts arrogance, incompetence and corruption - and now wants to tell anyone anything about "what went wrong in Iraq"?

Reviving people from this era seems to be the new game - hoping people have forgotten? They've even trotted out GW Bush and Tony Blair to tell everyone how bad Trump is. . . Counting on people's amnesia, maybe?

Posted by: nonsense factory | Oct 21 2017 2:39 utc | 20

From Dept of Do what we say don't do what we do:

"Iran-Qaeda talking point. At Thursday’s FDD event, Pompeo spoke mainly about Iran, and reinforced a talking point in Trump’s speech last week about alleged links between the Tehran regime and Al Qaeda. The CIA director said his agency within a “handful” of days would be releasing documents seized in the Abottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden which he said would shed more light on dealings between Iran and the terror network.

“At the very least they’ve cut deals so as not to come after each other, that is, they view the West as a greater threat than the fight between the two along their ideological lines,” Pompeo said. Expect more to come about this as the administration seeks to push Democrats in Congress to support tougher action against Iran with proposed legislation that would effectively revise the nuclear deal, De Luce reports."

Posted by: Debsisdead | Oct 21 2017 2:58 utc | 21


I don't see anything by Bush or Blair compkaining about Trump's now $3/4TRILLION Wehrmacht, or his now Two-Front New American Century Warpigarchy. Neithrr did they complain about Trump's $1.5TRILKION cuts to health and human services funding, nor the likely end to capital gains and estate taxes, creating New American Century Royal Dynasties, and signaling a return to Pharaoic

Posted by: Chipnik | Oct 21 2017 3:45 utc | 22

@ Debs
You know how it works.

First comes the policy--
Trump speech -- "Our policy is based on a clear-eyed assessment of the Iranian dictatorship, its sponsorship of terrorism, and its continuing aggression in the Middle East and all around the world."

--which is a clarion call for The Company to come up with the proof--
Pompeo statement -- The CIA director said his agency within a “handful” of days would be releasing documents seized in the Abottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden which he said would shed more light on dealings between Iran and the terror network.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 21 2017 3:52 utc | 23

Kirkuk is lost to the Kurds as part of a notional Iraqi kurdistan & Sky knew that when she wrote her piece. What we are witnessing is something else altogether, something which is best conflated with the groundwork done in amerika prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq - not that I think the plan of Sky's zionist masters is to invade Iraq, they want to create a situation where Iran is manouvered into some action which many amerikans will see as 'over the top'.
Hence the CIA bulldust about Iran/al Qaeda stepping around each other while they focus on "enemy number one" I.E. amerika.

I guess it is superfuous to point out that even if Iranians and al Qaeda members did consciously avoid stepping on each others; toes, there are many sensible motives for that apart from them sharing an 'enemy'.
If I don't hurl a brick through the window of the bloke down the road from me, a bloke who seems to delight in tearing up the road surface outside my gate, it doesn't mean that I'm colluding with him to rob the rip offs who have a monopoly on getting supplies out here, it just means I cannot be bothered in getting into such a small-minded & petty conflict.
I reckon that if Iran had decided to ignore al Qaeda their motivation would have been somewhat similar - they are never gonna get AQ on side no matter what, but on the other hand there is nothing to gain from heel tapping em when they walk past either, so best to let sleeping arseholes lie.

That seems sort of simple, but to idjit redneck hawks it is far too 'nuanced' to run out at the idjits when their blood is running hot & they are desperate for a distraction from the tweezers and magnifying glass that is a prerequisite for a even a fast fap. Of course this is the strategy that has been used for millennia to get dingbats to kill each other.

When the ptb of the 16th century became concerned at the rapidly developing problem Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the printing press had created, it is true that some greedies decided to try destroying, then regulating information flows by licensing printing shops. Simultaneously the more astute greedheads quietly funded looney catholics to print long tracts about lutherans being possessed by the devil. Meanwhile englander & dutch aristos underwrote the first printed comic Foxe's Book of Martyrs"

The graphic illustrations of good protestants being mercilessly tortured and killed by 'evil papists' took everyone's mind off of any thoughts of holding the ptb to account and replaced them instead with the much easier (and more rewarding) suggestion of slicing and dicing the catholic next door and gazumping 'the catholic's land' as a reparation.
Dyed in the wool god botherers are celebrating the quincentenary of 'The Reformation' right now, thinking people should be considering exactly how easy it was for the greedies to take the pressure off of themselves by encouraging lunatic religious fundamentalism to take hold of the popular consciousness.

It is possible to draw a line straight from Agent Orange's tweets or Hill the shill's TV appearances to John Foxe's graphic propaganda, instead of coming over all misty eyed about 'the good old days' or 'how foolish we all were back then' we should be considering the best ways to identify and negate such dangerous attempts to divert us all away from unity into fratricide.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Oct 21 2017 4:34 utc | 24


Actually, Emma Sky sounds more like a Mossad plant. From Palestine to the Hebrew University to the the future second Israel, Kurdistan, and Israel's source of Kirkuk oil. One should take her words as a good cover. Too much coincidence here.

Posted by: Blue | Oct 21 2017 7:08 utc | 25

Thanks b for another mighty informative analysis, and thanks to the commenters for their enlightened responses. This moon gives off a great light to the mind.

On Emma Sky I would have to say that she is a stooge for the establishment of the day. Her Palestinian works were those of a human terrain mapping form. She is, and manages advance spy networks that identify links and collaborations within communities so that some authority she reports to can determine who to execute or bribe.

The Emma Sky's of the world are many, they are the living alternative/augmentation to facebook.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Oct 21 2017 7:36 utc | 26

Seeds of a new narrative are being planted in the news after the attack on a Shiite mosque in Afghanistan yesterday by the so-called Islamic State "since IS implanted in Afghanistan, they have started to attack the Shiites ". As if the life of the Hazara had been just normal with the Talibans and al Qaida.

Posted by: Mina | Oct 21 2017 8:30 utc | 27

Emma Sky says, 'Who, little me? I spent the whole day only looking at Odierno, there's nothing else to see.'

Posted by: Quentin | Oct 21 2017 8:47 utc | 28


There used to be considerable British backing for Barzani/Kurdistan

A Conservative MP will receive a payout of nearly £1.5m if the sale completes of the Kurdistan-based oil company for which he has worked since July 2015 alongside representing his constituents in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Nadhim Zahawi, who acts as chief strategy officer for Gulf Keystone, was granted “performance units” on Monday shortly before it emerged that China’s state-owned oil company Sinopec was in talks to buy the company, which is currently valued at about £350m.


hroughout his time in parliament, Zahawi has strongly promoted the Kurdistan region, which has been campaigning for independence for decades.

He was a member of the foreign affairs select committee when it published a report last year that stated: “We sense that, for the politicians and perhaps also the people of the Kurdistan region, management of the oil and gas fields also fulfils an important psychological and symbolic need: to demonstrate, after decades, if not centuries, of political marginalisation and neglect, that Kurds in Iraq can finally be masters of their own destiny.”


As well as sitting on the select committee, Zahawi is also the co-chair of the all-party parliamentary group on Kurdistan.

After the foreign affairs select committee published its report calling for the Kurds to take control of their own destiny, the APPG put out a pamphlet saying it accepted the report as “a major intellectual counterweight to the inertial force of the One Iraq policy”. The APPG also added that the UK “should stand ready to help ensure that any clear expression of will in favour of independence, and on reasonable terms, is accepted and respected.”


A freedom of information release from the Foreign Office revealed that Zahawi was key in organising the trip to Kurdistan for Johnson last January. In one email, one of Johnson’s aides noted: “Nadhim Zahawi has recommended a programme.”

Another email from a foreign office official states: “I was unsighted until 3 weeks ago myself, it was cooked up by Nadhim Zahawi.” Zahawi, Johnson and their teams flew to Kurdistan together, on a private plane.

In what was regarded as a major public relations coup for the Kurdistan government, Johnson was photographed with a Kalashnikov on a visit to see Kurdish Peshmerga troops training.

However, a key element of the trip was “a select event for c.50 Kurdish/UK business leaders”. A foreign office official involved with the trip wrote that for local businessmen, “being seen in the room with the mayor and [the British ambassador] is an explicit endorsement of our backing.”

Posted by: somebody | Oct 21 2017 9:34 utc | 29

b @ 11
You did not explain the most important word: (Kurdish occupation)!I did not talk about oil interests or something else. I am talking about the Kurdish people in their territories.
just take a look to ancient Kordene in the anabasis greatly described by Herodotus, Xenophon.Kurdistan are older than these fabricated states combined.
It is ironic to demonize the nations components according to the geopolitical conditions, because in the end there will be no one left.
Are you seeking to merge into the chronic failure of central governments to attract the constituents of their people (including Kurds) to the national ranks?

Posted by: ALAN | Oct 21 2017 10:54 utc | 30

>>>> Debsisdead | Oct 20, 2017 10:58:17 PM | 21

...Pompeo spoke mainly about Iran, and reinforced a talking point in Trump’s speech last week about alleged links between the Tehran regime and Al Qaeda. The CIA director said his agency within a “handful” of days would be releasing documents seized in the Abottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden which he said would shed more light on dealings between Iran and the terror network.

As of the day that article was published, 20th October, 2017, it was 2,364 days since the "Abottabad raid that killed Osama bin Laden". Why does the CIA need a "handful of days" more to publish the documents? Is it so they can complete their forgery? Are FP Sitrep authors morons?

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 21 2017 12:01 utc | 31

>>>> ALAN | Oct 21, 2017 6:54:28 AM | 30

the Kurdish people in their territories

Unfortunately a people's territories are what they can grab and hold onto at a particular moment in time. If they can't hang on to and control them then tough. There is no inherent right to have and control territories.
BTW, are you for the removal of Israel? Because the historic claims are largely based on a work of fiction. How about the United States? Perhaps you believe the territorial rights of the original native Americans should be fully respected? Perhaps you believe the Lithuanians are somehow entitled to the territory once occupied by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or Poland and Lithuania are entitled to the lands of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 21 2017 12:15 utc | 32

ALAN | Oct 21, 2017 6:54:28 AM | 30

the Kurdish people

What's with this Kurdish people nonsense? The 'Kurdish people' I know refer to themselves as Kurds.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Oct 21 2017 13:09 utc | 33

The question is not directed to you. Your objectionable intervention will not excuse the writer to explain.

Posted by: ALAN | Oct 21 2017 13:16 utc | 34

The new Gertrude Bell!

Posted by: Virgile | Oct 21 2017 14:08 utc | 35

>>>> Debsisdead | Oct 21, 2017 9:09:55 AM | 33

What's with this Kurdish people nonsense? The 'Kurdish people' I know refer to themselves as Kurds.


I think ALAN is trying to make the Kurds appear like a homogeneous religious group implying that they have some God-given right for their "territory" to be an independent state. It worked back in 1948, so why shouldn't it work now? And I can see the aftermath of the creation of a state for all Kurds being the same as after 1948. Slow ethnic cleansing and state terrorism of any ethnicities who dare to remain. I wonder where they learnt that from?

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 21 2017 14:09 utc | 36

review of Emma Sky's "The Unraveling"

. . .Still, the real villain of this book is not Hill nor, for that matter, Maliki. It’s Qassim Suleimani, the head of Iran’s Quds Force, the section of the Revolutionary Guards responsible for covert and overt operations in Lebanon, Syria and, above all, Iraq. By the middle of the last decade, Suleimani was effectively Tehran’s proconsul in Baghdad, and so he remains today. He had — and has — the depth of knowledge, breadth of connections and staying power to bend the course of Iraq’s history to Iran’s will, as long as sectarian Shiite politicians like Maliki and key cabinet members in the present government continue in office.. .here

Reuters, Oct 21

A senior Iranian military commander repeatedly warned Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq to withdraw from the oil city of Kirkuk or face an onslaught by Iraqi forces and allied Iranian-backed fighters, Kurdish officials briefed on the meetings said. . .Major-General Qassem Soleimani, commander of foreign operations for Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards, traveled to Iraq’s Kurdistan region to meet Kurdish leaders at least three times this month before the Baghdad government’s lightning campaign to recapture territory across the north. The presence of Soleimani on the frontlines highlights Tehran’s heavy sway over policy in Iraq, and comes as Shi‘ite Iran seeks to win a proxy war in the Middle East with its regional rival and U.S. ally, Sunni Saudi Arabia. . .here

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 21 2017 14:11 utc | 37

@ALAN - Read up on Assyrians. They were in the region before Kurds even existed. Yesterday the Kurds fought the Iraqi army over Alton Kubri, an Assyrian village south of Erbil that the Kurds had occupied and ethnically cleansed. At least two Iraqi soldiers died.

As of Kirkuk - who says that it has been Kurdish? It was always a mixed city like many others in Iraq.

Iraq currently has a constitution to which the Kurds have agreed (it contains lots of goodies for them). According to that constitution Kirkuk is not part of the Kurdish area. There is no argument for them to occupy it.

Posted by: b | Oct 21 2017 14:22 utc | 38

Maestro and his choir
the above comments are classic Shaytanic tricks to falsify the subject.
It will not be possible to block the sun. Bonaparte was more severe than all of you. His richness, with his strength, did not exceed a pit of one human size. Consider it.

Posted by: ALAN | Oct 21 2017 14:27 utc | 39

@ #37
The Reuters piece above was from "SULAIMANIA/BAGHDAD (Reuters)" -- cute.

Posted by: Don Bacon | Oct 21 2017 14:28 utc | 40

@ 39 alan... spoken like a true shaytanic nutjob... your isis membership is waiting should you decide to go to iraq..

Posted by: james | Oct 21 2017 15:11 utc | 41

Debate is always possible in details. We can agree or disagree. We the Kurdish people are not occupiers in our republics. But the picture reflects the reality of the failure of the Iraqi and Syrian armies /governments/ to carry out their duty in those areas, which the Kurds narrated with blood in defeating the Islamic State. So we are the victorious part of the Syrian and Iraqi people. The trumpets of those failed governments must stop demonizing, exaggerating, and vanishing with a triumphant ecstasy that could not have been achieved without the participation of external powers, whether Eastern or Western.

Posted by: ALAN | Oct 21 2017 15:13 utc | 42

A meditation on the moon and sun.

The moon has no desire to block the sun, and when it happens it serves to show us the sun, which we can otherwise never look at directly.

The moon is the reflection of the sun and is the feminine principle, Wisdom, the reflection on things.

The sun is the masculine principle, Energy, which presents the challenge none can withstand, except through reflection.

Energy, unguided by wisdom, describes well the recent millennia on this Earth of patriarchic rule and warfare. The anthropological record shows that matrilineal times were times of no such violence.

Sometimes, on a perfect night, we humans can actually feel the warmth of the sun in the touch of moonlight.

This world is better served without challenge and aggression, and by reflection on its many wonders.

Posted by: Grieved | Oct 21 2017 15:15 utc | 43

Sounds to me like Sky, and her backers, are simply working the Yinon Plan:

Posted by: Jonesy | Oct 21 2017 15:57 utc | 44

@Blue, 25

Sounds like she works for MI6

Posted by: cirsium | Oct 21 2017 16:22 utc | 45

Interview with son of Talebani

He claims that there was an American offer and several Iraqi offers Kurdish leaders could not agree to take.

Posted by: somebody | Oct 21 2017 16:31 utc | 46

@42 alan.. ditto kurdish reliance on the usa / israel / ksa too, but you skipped over that part...

Posted by: james | Oct 21 2017 16:32 utc | 47

'ALAN' is totally ignorant of history. As recently as the end of the 19th century, the Kurds were nomads moving through various territories as seasonal herders.

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 21 2017 17:02 utc | 48

Kurds also played a key role in the Armenian genocide. They did the actual killing for the Turks. They were also allowed to keep the most attractive Armenian women as their reward.

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 21 2017 17:04 utc | 49

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson states US neocons will do *anything*, including fabricating intelligence again, in order to trick the US into going to war with Iran:

Posted by: Jonesy | Oct 21 2017 17:43 utc | 50

What do or can you expect from a Zionist ASHKENAZI?

Oddly when I was a child and into my early teens my Doctor was a Dr.Sky. "Sky" is a typical type of "anglicized" name which they choose to deceive Goy

Her Husband, also a Doctor, was "Shykof"(an "in-your-face take on "Shylock" ???).He didn't hide his "Jewishness" ( Ashkenazi)name

I recall one particular diagnosis,from "Sky and her husband,at my age of about 14,for a strange but mild "condition" I had, which when I got older,I learned THEIR diagnosis was pure B.S. I still have the condition, but it is not a danger to my Health nor more than very mildly and only occasionally, for a few moments, at a time, troublesome, so I live with it.It seems to be Genetic as MY Mother had it also, which they never even bothered to inquire about.If they had, they could have diagnosed me properly ...........or, maybe not :-)

The more troublesome in life,is having to Live and Deal with their "BRETHREN"in Israel, as those 2 Docs.are probably in Zionist "Heaven" or "Hell" now :-)

Par for the course.

Posted by: Freespirit | Oct 21 2017 17:56 utc | 51

20: "Reviving people from this era seems to be the new game - hoping people have forgotten? They've even trotted out GW Bush and Tony Blair to tell everyone how bad Trump is. . . "

And the other day they trotted out Condi Rice and the Albright woman to prep Nikki Haley to be Secretary of State.

Posted by: Bart in VA | Oct 21 2017 18:11 utc | 53

@52 Judging by the comments on the Times of Israel article Ms. Sky is seen as a naive, Arab-loving Marxist.

Posted by: dh | Oct 21 2017 19:27 utc | 54

Reading through the comments here, I suspect the person who calls himself / herself ALAN is a troll working on behalf of a neocon agenda. We should not try to debate with this troll. Whatever we say will be twisted or ignored.

Posted by: Jen | Oct 21 2017 19:53 utc | 55

It's rather someone who has usurpated ALAN's name and maybe his email

Posted by: Mina | Oct 21 2017 19:58 utc | 56

My take on Emma Sky..Just another literate concubine working at serving the empire. A alternative career might be at Fox "news"

Posted by: ben | Oct 21 2017 20:16 utc | 57

@55 jen... absolutely... i meant to say that in my comments, but that is exactly how i see it.. could be as mina states as well... oh well.

Posted by: james | Oct 21 2017 20:18 utc | 58

Mina @ 56
You have to prepare to hear in this forum that the Copts are (occupiers) of Egypt, and I will not be surprised to see you align with me in this context.

Posted by: ALAN | Oct 21 2017 20:27 utc | 59

Emma Sky is director of Yale's Maurice R. Greenberg saturnus coruptus World Fellows Program
not of the family of rabbi rupurt murdochs sky butt close
sweet butt emma
kind of like emma peel
without the kinky boots
still zion empire of the city of london spooky indeed.
it is infact a man
or was originally
like leon britain,lord greville janner on and on they all change the names some like 2 hide
the cohens like being out in the open as become the rabbi class.
skys jerusalem in englands grey and over developed barbera lerner spectored rita katz terrorised psy op lands.
chatham house the royal united services institute like the beatles,adolph hitler sky spent much tavistock brain programming time in liverpool.

this thing man or woman can be read quite well what what.
no kinky boots here for this fella just humter wellington boots and a standard issue interbred oxbridge trans face.

billion dollar brain harry palmer
just a well connected scripted low level rothshield
more emma demon below
than lord sky above

Posted by: charles de drake | Oct 22 2017 0:10 utc | 60

lol charles.... after @43 grieved, i feel better..

Posted by: james | Oct 22 2017 0:19 utc | 61

lol indeed
bot jane bot
it may be funny ha ha or not
but what of liverpool sky
it not a scouser
du yer nose wat a meen like
agent agents everywhere
very much a genetic breeding programme
this khazarian sky is not the mother of daesh
just a distant cousin rachel

probably more a benjamin or maybe a james
or a faul

Posted by: charles de drake | Oct 22 2017 2:19 utc | 62

lol charles... not enough poetry in the world my friend...

Posted by: james | Oct 22 2017 3:39 utc | 63

That would be, by the way, Emma Sky, O.B.E.

Posted by: Shyaku | Oct 22 2017 5:04 utc | 64

Irish Times has the best description of her book (and role) in Iraq A war selfie

Posted by: somebody | Oct 22 2017 8:40 utc | 65

re 64

The fact that she has a low-level honour from the British government is of no great significance.

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 22 2017 11:59 utc | 66

even low level honour are 33
or 666
all gifted for ritual or sacrifice payment given.
like lord greville janner sky is kosher
you can take that to the chabad bank in tel aviv.
whats good for little emma
will be super for the oded yinon
plan mappa

Posted by: charles de drake | Oct 22 2017 16:19 utc | 67

This wench will get away scot free with all her crimes. Just like Judith Miller did. In fact, 'Jewdy' Miller has been making a come back on alot of fronts- Fox TV, UN... Not only will these vicious shrews roles in the destruction of Iraq and the region be forgotten; they will never see a second of prosecution or persecution for their war crimes.

Posted by: milos | Oct 23 2017 10:11 utc | 68

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