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August 20, 2017

Open Thread 2017-32

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my comment to krollchem and somebody on the previous thread was basically ot, so i am sharing it here too..

"@123 krollchem.. thanks... obviously there is a need for other words to describe the uniqueness of the situation at present.. maybe it is not all that unique, but terms like fascism and nazi seem outdated, however much they still might apply and i think something different is happening.. i have enjoyed fast freddys thoughts on this, although i think ff is trying to use the term fascism in a new way.

@124 somebody.. it is hard to know how to separate all of that.. as an example - is it bill gates, or is it microsoft or is it a bit of both? i think the stock market, people relying on rrsps ( here in canada ) or what ever folks have in other countries where pension plans and all sorts of retirement plans are intimately tied to the stock market, makes the world financial markets pivotal to our way of moving forward here, or not... as naomi klein mentions in her latest book, it is hard to support goldman sachs and solar powered whatever living in the same universe.. people in the west want a continuation of all of this, but it is built up on a world where finances - world finance - has to be examined and altered.. at present the world financial systems favour some nations over others.. those same nations would like to keep it this way.. now, whether it is nations, or powerful financial interests that are dictating all this - we still seem to be in a place where war to control the system at present, is the default position for it all..

sorry for the slight rant.. there is no easy way forward as i see it.. something has to break in order for a new system to come into place.. for me, the usa as the leader of the western world since the 1st or 2nd world war - is falling apart.. trump is further proof of it.. now, it might take some time for it to completely fall apart, but the world is changing and in ways that are unpredictable too at this moment in time. it would be nice to have a smooth transition, but it doesn't look like it is in the cards at present... trump is just a figurehead for a later stage in the falling apart of a system that is no longer working for many people... whether that is called 'neoliberalism' run amok, or whatever - things ain't working here as i see it..

Posted by: james | Aug 20 2017 18:57 utc | 1


The 1648 Treaty of Westphalia dissolved the Holy Roman Empire. (H.R.E.) Including all its institutions. Replacing it with a different model.
Replacing parts was solve anything. It's a systemic problem.
Revolution, the process of turning over is required.

I believe the new model will come from Eurasia.

Posted by: @Madderhatter67 | Aug 20 2017 20:46 utc | 4

@ # 2 & 3: Thanks for both links. Utterly cogent and relevant articles.

Posted by: ben | Aug 20 2017 21:26 utc | 5

Wikipedia: The Holy Roman Empire (Latin: Sacrum Imperium Romanum; German: Heiliges Römisches Reich) was a multi-ethnic complex of territories in central Europe that developed during the Early Middle Ages and continued until its dissolution in 1806.
The largest territory of the empire after 962 was the Kingdom of Germany, though it also came to include the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Kingdom of Burgundy, the Kingdom of Italy, and numerous other territories.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 20 2017 21:39 utc | 6

I have used Simone Weil's "On the Abolition of All Political Parties" in a philosophy class. Her argument, as I'll try to summarize: the impetus to grow and gain size and influence is essential to any political party, and sustaining this inertia overrides the thinking and living of the individual in favor of the coherence of the party itself as a mass; thus, we must eliminate the political party.

My students found this "contradictory" or "stupid." People, they tell me, will naturally form groups, and because of this the group will operate just like she's claiming parties do, so she's not really saying how to get rid of this. I point out that she's very deliberate to talk about fluids versus crystals, between how things form associations that are fluid, and thus on some issues folks connect on on others they disconnect without the pressure to sustain these changes as a stable identity —she points to literary circles as groups that ebb and flow with members and associations that do not conform to the logic of the political party. These are distinct from associations that are crystal, where aggregation and homogeneity and stable arrangement are more important for the whole to remain itself. So, I take it my students, despite getting up in one class, walking around campus, and sitting down in another class, believe that there is little to no difference in one collection over another so long as the reason for the collection is what defines the collection. (How they take their intuition as expressed in my class and think through intersectionality as expressed in another class is something I was trying, through conversations with them, to work out, because I find it helps me when I find my own intuitions about all of this so very different from theirs.) But I think the implicit part of their reasoning was that all of this dealt with force, the force they feel inside as pressure to conform on the outside with others, who are at this point for them undeniably also undergoing these inward pressures to regulate their outward expression.

But then I point out that music, or sports, or lovemaking, or dance, or a lot of other ordinary things we do enjoyably with others, show us how to form and move through groups because we share a similar drive or interest in something outside of both of us, and they seem to get that idea. I find myself coming back to this website just to read the comments, because I find it a refreshing change of pace, a host of interesting exchanges, and a good opportunity to face the perennial challenge of sitting within conflict, finding reasonable the disagreeing voice, and owning what makes myself uncomfortable with strangers.

If enough people share the desire to talk about things from conflicting perspectives, the conversations continue, but as people move in and out, the conversation itself changes and evolves. To shut down the conversation is to lock it in place, to keep it rigid and total. To walk away from the conversation in good spirits, is to hope that it will continue, in some spirit, some form, resembling how it was going before. To walk away from the conversation in bad spirits, is to hope it will change into something that either once was —in which case it can't naturally and so only through artifice— or should be —in which case, being based on the limitations of our own perspective, won't be open for the wonderful possibility of something entirely new and inconceivable happening in a conversation.

I sometimes wish politics were just conversations. I found Hannah Arendt to be one of the few thinkers who set the terms in such a way that I was liberated. Leftist thinking taught me a lot about fashion, I didn't realize until later. Paleoconservative thinking taught me a lot about how much either gets suppressed or gathers dust in the libraries, and yet still smolders underneath the haunted foundations of our civilization. I come back to Zhuangzi over and over again. I come back to these rambling conversations under heaven, over earth, within the noosphere.

But eventually the conversation does end, and you have to hammer a nail to keep the walls up. Winter is coming. Wood needs cutting. Grains need grounding. Papers need grading.

Posted by: Charles R | Aug 20 2017 21:44 utc | 7

Mexico: AMLO, helped by Donald Trump’s victory and the demonization of a country that the man from Tabasco defends, wrapped in the national flag. AMLO, driven by a nationalist spirit that rises in response to a questioned globalization. AMLO, boosted by his defense of petroleum against an oil reform that was successful, but perhaps only for the usual people. In the face of the American bully the tropical messiah reappears; in the face of corrupted structural reforms the nationalist and populist preaching resurfaces; in the face of widespread corruption, the leader of austerity resurfaces. For some, a wolf in sheepskin. For others, salvation.

Posted by: Maracatu | Aug 20 2017 22:00 utc | 8

August 19, 2017
Will The New NAFTA Benefit Ordinary Citizens or Corporations?

From TRNN:

Posted by: ben | Aug 20 2017 23:14 utc | 9

As President Trump considers sending more troops to Afghanistan, it’s worth recalling the modern U.S. dynamic of politicians and generals making misguided judgments about war, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

By Ray McGovern

Posted by: mauisurfer | Aug 20 2017 23:58 utc | 10

Abby Martin speaks the plain truth about the Zionist regime in Palestine

Posted by: ben | Aug 21 2017 0:05 utc | 11

Empire Files: Silencing Palestine - Prison & Repression

Posted by: ben | Aug 21 2017 0:11 utc | 12

Yves Smith & Naked Capitalism, utterly clueless, join the anti-free-speech fascists:

Speech I don't like is the same as incitement to violence

Posted by: fairleft | Aug 21 2017 0:12 utc | 13

If you're Canadian, bend over and grab your ankles.

"After years without result, with days to the deadline, Canada's negotiator, Simon Reisman, who Chrystia Freeland recalls in the fond tones Hillary Clinton uses for Henry Kissinger, walked. Why? Because the U.S. wouldn't agree to a "mechanism" that superceded U.S. law. Ottawa was grim. Without a deal, we'd perish. The U.S. negotiator said: Canada needs a "face-saving gesture." President Reagan told his team to get creative.
They did. They didn't replace the U.S.'s unilateral right to impose costs on Canadian stuff with a neutral process to decide what's fair. They created a process to decide only whether the U.S. was accurately enforcing its own rules. That left everything as it was but called it dispute resolution."

Posted by: spudski | Aug 21 2017 0:25 utc | 14

@3 Thanks.

Words do matter. The Saker is about the best observer of the emerging multi-polar world. The USA has been dumped in the trash. We are witness to whether multi-national corporations and their supra-national institutions will continue to rule or if mankind will survive their break up.

Donald Trump and his family have been contained; encircled by retired military and Goldman Sachs associates. However, Globalists and Neocons can’t help themselves with their deep-seated contempt of the little people plus the need for war for profit. Tearing down the symbols that reunited the nation after the last Civil War is a sure bet way to start a new one.

Posted by: VietnamVet | Aug 21 2017 0:43 utc | 15

Re Spudski - 13 and the NAFTA reneg: Good thing Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau have the very best advising them...

Taking Summers' Advice Defies Logic

Posted by: John Gilberts | Aug 21 2017 1:30 utc | 16

The Market Ticker ® -- Karl Denninger -- The Impending Eclipse: IMPORTANT

You've probably seen various sites talking about safety issues. The issues are real, and what I'm sharing with you on this post is important. Read it, understand it, do not believe for one second that any of this can be trifled with and if you have young people around you make damn sure they understand all of this as well.

There will be thousands of people who will either damage or entirely lose their eyesight tomorrow and there is exactly zero that a doc in the ER or anywhere else will be able to do for you if you wind up screwing yourself by being ignorant, stupid or both.

Please do not be one of the people that have that happen.

Ok, here we go.

1. You have no pain receptors in your eyes. What this means is that if you destroy or damage your vision you will get no warning before the destruction occurs.

2. During the partial phases of the eclipse, all the way up to totality and when it ends -- the sun's intensity is enough to damage or destroy your eyesight in seconds or less. Worse, because the disk is partially obscured, your usual reaction to bright light which causes you to blink or avert your gaze may not protect you. Do not look at the sun during the partial phases of the eclipse, even momentarily. Your vision can be permanently impaired or you could even be blinded and the effects will probably not be instantaneous; the worst of the damage from infrared exposure takes several hours to show up after it happens. There are very cool visual effects that occur on the boundaries of totality but you are taking a considerable risk looking at them with your bare eyes. In particular there are two effects that occur right on the edge of totality -- these are safe, but the boundary between "safe" and "unsafe" is literal seconds and you're playing with the only two eyes you get.

Sadly, a lot of innocent people will get eye injuries or even go blind. This is a complex event, and a lot of the light is invisible infrared and ultraviolet. People will get hurt and not even feel the slightest pain.

You can see the sun with a pinhole "lens" -- it's just a tiny hole in, say cardboard, and it projects an image onto a piece of white paper. You must not look directly at the sun!!!

Posted by: blues | Aug 21 2017 2:10 utc | 17

Charles R@7 - Well said, Charles R. I loved this quote from Weil's book in one of the reviews of On the Abolition of All Political Parties:

“Political parties are a marvellous mechanism which, on the national scale, ensures that not a single mind can attend to the effort of perceiving, in public affairs, what is good, what is just, what is true. As a result – except for a very small number of fortuitous coincidences – nothing is decided, nothing is executed, but measures that run contrary to the public interest, to justice and to truth.”

Not sure I'm sold on eliminating them - this is another call to kill some of the existing victims in a futile effort to eliminate an infectious disease that permeates public affairs. It will irritate power- and control-seeking psychopaths temporarily. Political parties are just a convenient 'easy' button for them.

US society's problem is a child-like belief in some kind of magical innate integrity of organizations that feed us public affairs 'information' despite those organizations being obvious targets for exploitation. Part of psychopath's successful control and exploitation of the public is to obscure the fact that they are being controlled and exploited.

It's lonely here in tin-foil hat land, but I'm starting to see more visitors. I think our 'Taco Tuesday' promotion is starting to pay dividends!

Posted by: PavewayIV | Aug 21 2017 2:19 utc | 18

What the fuck is wrong with the USN?

Posted by: Ghostship | Aug 21 2017 2:35 utc | 19

@18 Overdependence on technology?

Posted by: dh | Aug 21 2017 2:44 utc | 20

@ PavewayIV with his Taco Tuesday Tin Foil Hat promotion in response to Charles R@7 comment about political parties

I am reminded of the movie "Being There" with Peter Sellers as Chauncy Gardner. Chauncy Gardner has spent enough of his life inside so that when forced out on the street he carries a TV remote control and tries to change the channel when the situation starts to get dicey......Unfortunately, I see most Americans responding like Chauncy Gardner and keep banging on their TV remotes hoping the reality they see changes.

Does Waco Wednesday follow Taco Tuesday? or are you staying with a food meme?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 21 2017 2:49 utc | 21

~~/ <== PavewayIV | Aug 20, 2017 10:19:52 PM | 17
It's lonely here in tin-foil hat land, but I'm starting to see more visitors. I think our 'Taco Tuesday' promotion is starting to pay dividends!

Now you got me thinking. How irresponsible of you!

I think I am going to make a very nice tin foil hat and wear it everywhere. It's a movement!

"Legally, "Taco Tuesday" is a trademark of Taco John’s and other restaurants are prohibited from using that term.[5]" -- Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that certain people can edit.

This trademark thing is was out of control.

Electro Deflecto Unisex "Tin" Foil Hat One Size. This tin foil hat is perfect for making a statement:

I'm sure I can make a much nicer one.

Posted by: blues | Aug 21 2017 3:03 utc | 22

@4 @Madderhatter67.. thanks... i guess we can wait and see, so long as the planet is still around!

Posted by: james | Aug 21 2017 3:38 utc | 23

I've had a thought, I wonder if someone has any ideas. We have a very in-depth understanding of how Soros and other financial criminals fund liberal/leftist causes. So who is funding the right? I don't mean the Chamber of Commerce, Koch Brothers tennis-playing types, I mean the Eurasianist/Trumpist popular right. Peter Thiel has made no secret of his support for Trump and Ron Paul. Still, it's amazing that the right-wing alternative media apparatus is seemingly so well-oiled and widely circulated. Who is their secret sugar daddy. A lot of these folks present themselves as "concernced patriots", but I'm not that naïve.

Posted by: Almand | Aug 21 2017 3:47 utc | 24

@18 ghostship.. good question.. bizarre how this has happened back to back with the fitzgerald a few months ago..

Posted by: james | Aug 21 2017 3:48 utc | 25

A good piece that gathers together the different strands of Western imperialism.

The story of Charlottesville was written in blood in the Ukraine

The only real quibble I have is with the (very loaded) term "white supremacy". I would change it to "cultural supremacy" or "Western supremacy". As Barack Obama and others have demonstrated, non-white people are welcome to join the Imperial Empire Club so long as they accept the membership terms. Pale faces who reject the Club charter or cannot afford the membership dues are deemed by the elite to be much lower than a more conformist darker skinned applicant. Cf "basket of deplorables"

Posted by: Temporarily Sane | Aug 21 2017 3:55 utc | 26

@23 almand.. you are not the only one thinking those kinds of thoughts..

i can't remember where i read it, but quite sure it was someone here at moa the past few days mentioning how growth is fairly static nowadays.. the need for shocks to the system to shake up the markets for the disaster capitalists to profit has increased.. it unrest can be fomented in the usa or where ever, there is a good chance it will show up adversely in the financial markets.. now, who would want something like that? obviously not ordinary people.. however those folks who have made it their stock and trade to capitalize on exceptional situations would very much like to see exceptional situations develop for the monetary possibilities built into them.. that would include a number of the folks you have named in your post..

Posted by: james | Aug 21 2017 3:55 utc | 27

As the crisis unfolds there will be talk about giving the UN some role in resolving international problems. My understanding of the UN is that it is the High Court of the World where fealty is paid to empire that funds most of the political circus anyway...and speaking of funding or not, read the following link and lets see what PavewayIV adds to the potential sickness we are sleep walking into.

As the UN delays talks, more industry leaders back ban on weaponized AI

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 21 2017 4:01 utc | 28

And under the list of further depths of hypocrisy there is this

Prominent U.S. religious conservatives defend Trump after Charlottesville

Would Jesus have owned slaves?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 21 2017 4:18 utc | 29

@ Ghostship @18 who asked about the USS McCain colliding with a merchant ship

The ship developed a brain tumor.....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 21 2017 4:51 utc | 30

@ me who should have prefaced the last snark with condolences for all affected by this "accident"....sorry

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 21 2017 4:52 utc | 31

Re 14:'Tearing down the symbols that reunited the nation after the last Civil War is a sure bet way to start a new one.'

Don't you mean the symbols erected by the KKK at its height in the 1920s, in order to celebrate their victory over blacks and keep the blacks in their place? What's unifying about celebrating the people who fought to protect slavery (as the secessionists make very clear)? And what was more divisive - the massacre of black churchgoers in 2015, or the backlash against confederate symbols that followed? Maybe if white nationalists could refrain from terrorism for a while the confederate symbols would seem benign, but that's not the case.

Posted by: sigil | Aug 21 2017 5:49 utc | 32

High tech vegetation and substances?

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Aug 21 2017 6:25 utc | 33

sigil | Aug 21, 2017 1:49:59 AM | 31
You're not incorrect, however it's a complex problem, food for thought;
"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered...History has stopped. Nothing exists except the endless present in which the party is always right" — George Orwell

White supremacy is at the root of the U.S. educational system; a thoroughly failed system, I might add.
Unfortunately the U.S. isn't post anything and may yet prove to be a failed 250 year project...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Aug 21 2017 6:25 utc | 34
No cargo ship crew injured.

Cargo ships are doing well. Cargo ships 17, US navy 0.

Posted by: Peter AU 1 | Aug 21 2017 6:32 utc | 35

Peter AU 1 | Aug 21, 2017 2:32:37 AM | 34
Cargo ship = 30,000 tons
Arliegh class destroyer = 9,000 tons
Some good pictures.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Aug 21 2017 6:49 utc | 36

Ref Barcelona from the Spanish papers:
the "imam" who piloted the group had been caught with 12 kg of hash in 2012 and spend 4 years in prison. When he got out, he tried to find a imam job in Belgium, but when the Volvoorde imam asked him for a clean judiciary paper, he vanished. Next thing he was imam in Spain, no problem (where he had been in jail).

Posted by: Mina | Aug 21 2017 7:42 utc | 37

2 days ago there was another USIS attack where the US air force again acted as Daesh air force and attacked Syrian government positions in Homs. One of the articles referring to the attack is "US-led Coalition Warplanes Bomb Syrian Army In Kadir Vilalge In Central Syria. ISIS Attack Follows – Reports". There hasn't been much follow up so either it's fake news (unlikely) or Russia is keeping it quite to save face after it had set a red line on USIS attacks west of the Euphrates 2 months ago (much more likely).

Posted by: xor | Aug 21 2017 9:17 utc | 38

V.Arnold @33
White supremacy is at the root of the U.S. educational system; a thoroughly failed system, I might add.

that is why Obama sent his daughters to exclusive white girls school instead of the inner city violence infected schools

Posted by: papa | Aug 21 2017 10:00 utc | 39

>>>> xor | Aug 21, 2017 5:17:56 AM | 37

Or the RuAF or SAAF made a mistake and it was a friendly fire incident. Al-Masdar News picked the story up and have now dropped it which suggests there was no story in the first place or it wasn't a story about the USAF. In mobile warfare it's often very difficult to know exactly who you're targeting and mistakes can be made.
As for the follow-up attack by ISIS, they have a history like the Wehrmacht of almost immediately launching counterattacks to hit their opponents before they can secure their gains and ISIS are probably capable enough to respond quickly to an event that weakens their opponents, if only fleetingly.

Posted by: Ghostship | Aug 21 2017 10:08 utc | 40

Well, the U.S. Navy is showing its continuing incompetence; this should not have happened, twice, in 2 months!
I worked aboard a salmon troller in the north pacific and we had both visual and radar watches; this level of incompetence is beyond belief for any military force.
The U.S.'s enemy's must be rejoicing at this level of neglect.
May the god's help the U.S.; or not...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Aug 21 2017 10:13 utc | 41

Soreass has apparently stiffed his Antifa stooges.

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 21 2017 11:10 utc | 42

Re: Posted by: V. Arnold | Aug 21, 2017 6:13:56 AM | 40

Frankly you are right, there's no way this should have happened twice in such a short space of time, even more frankly, it's actually all but impossible.

There are no such things as coincidences.

If you believe the likes of what the Fake News BBC are reporting what's happened here accurately you have rocks in your head and probably also believe a bunch of Arab numpties brought down the Twin Towers LOL.

No, because of the simple impossibility of this happening twice so quickly using Occam's Razor one has to conclude we are dealing with some sort of False Flag scenario.

Can anyone explain why the Deep State would see fit to attack their own ships and murder their own naval personnel in such a wanton manner?

Posted by: Julian | Aug 21 2017 11:19 utc | 43


It sounds like they are drinking in the Navy.

The report said that although some in Berthing 2 heard a loud noise at the time of the collision or were thrown from their beds by the force of the impact, some did not realize what had happened and remained in bed. Some remained asleep.

"At least one sailor had to be pulled from his rack and into the water before he woke up," it said.

Also, their recruiting drive might have been gone out of hand.

o reach out to younger cyber talent in the United States, the Navy is executing untraditional recruitment tactics. Instead of promoting the way and life of Navy officers, the Navy hosts multiple hackathons. Deterring from buzzed hair and bootcamps, they are hoping to capture a wider net of recruits. Potential candidates are challenged to break into the security systems of military drones and warships.

The system that is the center of these hackathons is built by contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. It is a similar copy of actual fleet systems in use. Participants get to deal with a variety of functions of nautical communication interfaces. This gives participants the opportunity to find different ways to hack into the system.

The Navy is taking this route because they recognize the need to recruit the best talent in this field. They are aware that the systems on board their ships are vulnerable and if hacked, could lead to disastrous consequences. They struggle to attract talent because at times, their appeal pales in comparison to tech companies.

Life as a sailor is not very attractive ...

Posted by: somebody | Aug 21 2017 11:34 utc | 44

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Posted by: ERIC BASILLAIS | Aug 21 2017 12:42 utc | 45

I think it was in the '90s, Esquire magazine published a calendar with every day -- every day -- commemorating a major U.S. Navy screw up.

I remember when sailors told to throw garbage bags overboard in the Pacific threw mail bags over by mistake.

I know maybe a dozen stories like that and I wasn't even in the Navy. Why they were throwing garbage overboard in the first place -- well, I guess you'd have to have been in the Navy to understand.

Wish Alberto, a retired Navy chief, would come back and recount some of the things he's surely seen.

Posted by: Ken Nari | Aug 21 2017 13:28 utc | 46

@44 ERIC BASILLAIS: what kind of virus will me computer be infected with when I open those PDFs?

Posted by: rush | Aug 21 2017 13:38 utc | 47

Life as a sailor is not very attractive ...

Posted by: somebody | Aug 21, 2017 7:34:32 AM | 43

I guess one has to use the wisdom of the ancients. Sparta was defeated by Thebes after Theban general Epaminondas created Sacred Band, 500 troop composed of pairs of lovers. Sexually compatible pairs for long missions can avoid ennui without drugs or alcohol. (They do not have to be heterosexual, especially if they use Norplant or a functional equivalent.)

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 21 2017 13:47 utc | 48

I must admit that I hastily misread that Navy is using hookathons for recruiting. Sadly, they do not. Plus they stopped making port calls in Pattaya. But there really seems to be a problem in the part of the Navy that is based in Yokosuka.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 21 2017 13:54 utc | 49

@18 -- "What the fuck is wrong with the USN?"

"U.S. Navy vs Spanish Coast Guard"

Posted by: x | Aug 21 2017 13:57 utc | 50

From good old days when the Navy had high morale:

6,000 U.S. naval forces invade Pattaya
By Vittaya Yoondorn January 12, 20120900
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The mobile ATMs and money changers did brisk business when the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser Cape St. George (CG 71), arrived in Laem Chabang for a port visit Jan. 6. Nearly 6,000 U.S. sailors invaded Pattaya for a five-day holiday.

Nearly 6,000 U.S. sailors invaded Pattaya when the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier group pulled into Laem Chabang for a five-day holiday.

“There isn’t a place better that the sailors love to come than Pattaya,” carrier Capt. John Alexander told the media Jan. 6. “They get good value for their money, there’s a lot to do, and they can stay at hotels without breaking the bank.”

[what this story does not tell is that Pattaya was famous of something more than ATMs]

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 21 2017 14:00 utc | 51


oh but they do

Navy conducts “Hack-Our-Ship” cybersecurity event

At the end of the weekend, the teams who came closest to hacking the simulated drone operation system walked away with monetary prizes, while the Navy walked away with the recognition that as a data-reliant service, it cannot advance electronic warfare and unmanned systems without the software and cyber expertise to secure them, according to the Navy’s official online commentary on the event.

In the wake of Hack-Our-Ship this past month, Booz Allen is scheduled to present its “Boat in a Box” technology at South by Southwest on March 11th.

By the way, Snowden used to work for Booz Allen.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 21 2017 14:01 utc | 52

Changing the subject.

I intend to watch closely what Brand New Congress is doing. It looks good.

If they manage to transform what they did in the Sanders and Corbyn campaigns to elect real people to Congress next year, the US electoral system has been changed.

I also like them going beyond the culture wars and supporting Republicans with the right economic and social agenda.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 21 2017 14:09 utc | 53


Kudos to her. Wonder how long before she gets the socialist label, nationalist eventually. Soon after a racist. Any bets?

Posted by: Tannenhouser | Aug 21 2017 14:52 utc | 54

If we had the ancient Athenians' system of choosing representatives and officials by lot ftom the whole citizen body, there would be no reason for political parties.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 21 2017 15:30 utc | 55

On the Navy and their problems: it may not be limited to the US.

I was recently doing service work on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship in port. Had to wait two hours to board as the crew had failed to compensate for the tide changing. The gangplank had achieved an unsafe angle and correcting this caused great confusion. Am I mistaken remembering something about the British having a maritime history?

Posted by: NotBob | Aug 21 2017 16:13 utc | 56

Re: Somebody @51

You misread my misreading. I misunderstood as "hookathons", "recruiting hook up parties". Hackathons do not help in finding crews for ships.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 21 2017 16:15 utc | 57

Almand @ 23 -- Huge funder for Trump is the Mercer family whose wealth was made by Robert Mercer as a hedge funder. They were extremely private, trying to not get too much exposure, but this article by Jane Mayer is very good. IIRC, Bannon helped Trump hook up with the Mercers.

Posted by: jawbone | Aug 21 2017 16:25 utc | 58

As expected:

America First? With Steve Bannon Out, Globalists Push for More War Abroad

Posted by: Anon | Aug 21 2017 16:35 utc | 59

Re: when Confederate Civil War monuments were installed -- interesting graphic from Southern Poverty Law Center.

Passage of the Civil Rights Act apparently stimulated quite a few such monuments. Interesting timing, eh?

Posted by: jawbone | Aug 21 2017 16:37 utc | 60

Russia's New Ambassador to the US Is an Ex-Deputy Defense Minister Sanctioned by the EU

Posted by: Anon | Aug 21 2017 17:08 utc | 61

@58 Putting America first. More wars = more weapons = more jobs.

Posted by: dh | Aug 21 2017 17:11 utc | 62

I'm wishing good health for all, and thanks b.
Words and deeds together to see bigger views. Often The Word blinds us. Eg in some shitty little country, the folks stab or stone their own tribe mistakenly thinking them for Them Others. They can't really tell how so very similar we all are, and where the cattle wear wolve's clothing they only hear dog whistles and cattle calls. The story-teller's role "is to shed light and not to master." (Terrabin Station)

The Good Book was fake news from Babylon. The Abrahamic tradition is to loot the treasury, take the long way out of town, and write a story about how they were screwed over. Surely if we add a numeric system to the bs book we'll find divine messages (value addled)! So, like , you know, right? Bang your head against a wall looking for hints, way better than the floor. God doesn't live there anymore but we'll take 20 % just the same.
What would Genghis do?

Posted by: failure of imagination | Aug 21 2017 17:23 utc | 63

Cool, total eclipse of the sun. Totally observable, but then, so is Global warming. Think some people will say the eclipse was fake news?

Posted by: ben | Aug 21 2017 19:07 utc | 64

Charles 7
That the American people should reject the current two hopelessly corrupted political parties is something I've thought of in recent years. What would replace them? No parties? or parties that have as a basic platform no money from lobbyists, no members of secretive groups, etc.

One of the things I got from Washington's Long War On Syria is the idea of the Ba'athist party as nationalist and socialist but not of the Hitler model. The idea from Assad's government (especially the 2014 election) was to allow parties but not ones divisive of the Syrian Nation State (like Islamist parties like Muslim Brotherhood).

Posted by: Curtis | Aug 21 2017 20:21 utc | 65


Oh, those times are over. They recruit women to the navy nowadays, too.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 21 2017 20:34 utc | 66

"The Pentagon has ordered a temporary halt to operations of the US Pacific fleet and a full safety review, after the second serious collision in two months involving its ships. "

The only rational explanation is the likelihood that there was a total lack of control - USS Donald Duck strikes again?

The whole of the US Navy - impotent? Directed Energy weapons?
From Wikipedia: "USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) is an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer in the United States Navy named for Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Donald Cook."

NB It's the same class of destroyer - conveniently disabled in front of an oncoming vessel?

Posted by: fredjc | Aug 21 2017 21:32 utc | 67

Sharing this video. 2.14 seconds, about the "monuments".

"The truth behind most of the Confederate monuments being torn down tells an even larger story than you'd realize

Posted by: @Madderhatter67 | Aug 21 2017 21:50 utc | 68

@51 Well PB the annual visit to Pattaya may have been fun but it could be very demoralizing for young sailors. Fortunately these young men now have female officers to keep them away from temptation.

Posted by: dh | Aug 21 2017 22:05 utc | 69

@jawbone 58
That article is quite rich, denying the Clinton cia mena cocaine connection, though then again, the press is still lying about Gary Webb.

Posted by: Johan Meyer | Aug 21 2017 22:27 utc | 70

Making America Great Again

Trump knows how to work a good hustle

While Americans who follow politics were obsessing over the latest ups and downs of the Trump Show this summer, real policy changes that are important to wealthy business interests continued to roll out of DC. In late July, for instance, the Senate confirmed David Bernhardt to serve as deputy secretary of the interior. Bernhardt was previously a lobbyist with the firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, where he represented, among other clients, Nestlé Waters. Nestlé is not particularly nationalistic, but they do enjoy selling bottled water. Luckily for them, last Thursday the Interior Department decided to reverse restrictions on bringing bottled water into national parks.

The Trump administration was also hard at work last week on making it easier for nursing homes that provide substandard care to avoid legal liability. Like Trump’s effort to let Sinclair Broadcasting violate longstanding media concentration rules, make workplaces less safe for the people who work in them, reduce workers’ overtime pay, and make it easier for financial advisers to rip off their clients, there hasn’t been a lot of tweeting about these two regulatory actions.

Instead, Trump feeds the public a steady diet of racial conflict hoping that if he punches nonwhite America hard enough, white America will be so busy gawking they won’t notice their pockets are being picked too.

This is a time-honored hustle in American politics, and Trump grasps its operation intuitively. And he also grasps in a way that Bannon may not that “economic nationalism” is useful as an extension of the hustle and no further. Adding immigrants and the Chinese to the scapegoat list alongside the traditional African-American targets makes for a more compelling narrative, and it’s let him bring the scam to parts of the urban North that have traditionally been too overwhelmingly white for the standard race hustle to seem compelling.

Posted by: Rodger | Aug 22 2017 0:43 utc | 71

The Good Book was fake news from Babylon. The Abrahamic tradition is to loot the treasury, take the long way out of town, and write a story about how they were screwed over. Surely if we add a numeric system to the bs book we'll find divine messages (value addled)! So, like , you know, right? Bang your head against a wall looking for hints, way better than the floor. God doesn't live there anymore but we'll take 20 % just the same.
What would Genghis do?
Posted by: failure of imagination | Aug 21, 2017 1:23:48 PM | 63

Value addled...
The MSM in two words...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 22 2017 1:43 utc | 72

Piotr Berman | Aug 21, 2017 10:00:03 AM | 51

Indeed, during the Vietnam war the U.S. military turned Pattaya into the festering shithole it is to this day.
Well done USA!!!

Posted by: V. Arnold | Aug 22 2017 1:53 utc | 73

Two related links from China news.

The first seems to point to China getting involved with the Palestine/Israel situation. I find this quite bold for China.

The second link is news to me and includes the same "Israel needs to return to 1967 borders" position as the other.......

Palestine welcomes China's initiatives to revive stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process: chief negotiator

Jordan, Turkey reject Israeli measures in Al-Aqsa Mosque

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 22 2017 5:15 utc | 74

Charlottesville car-attack incident, 12 Aug 2017. Not a deep, thorough examination! (Mostly from raw footage on YT.)

The basic general description is of a strange 3-vehicle accident. Doing more, going further is a huge time comittment, notably to establish a time-line which is missing here. (I found it too difficult.)

Act One. The Antifa protestors are gathering at an intersection. They are all over the street. Around them, around the main scene, the streets are quite empty. A maroon SUV drives along the street, to the middle of the intersection where it halts. Driving very slowly, yet, it is hard to judge if this was nevertheless too fast for such a situation, with so many ppl milling about on the roads.

Ppl are sprawled on the bonnet of the SUV, and ppl are rolling away ‘below it’. (Enlarge as much as poss.) It looks like the SUV plowed into the crowd. The SUV stops; one can see ppl rushing towards those who ‘might’ have been / are injured, others are running away. Chaos and ‘injured’ at the intersection are already present at this point, or that is the impression one gets.

Indeed, many TV / news outlets showed this vid (or a brief glimpse!) saying “a car plowed into protestors…”


more on demand? It is long and will clog the thread...

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 22 2017 13:15 utc | 75

Act Two with a question. We see a second car has reached right to, touching, the back of the maroon SUV. A white Toyota with a black top sun-roof, a zebra patterned steering wheel, license plates GODKPME. I could not find any vid of the moment of impact. It is hard to understand how this happened as the street was jammed with ppl and the SUV is stationary in the middle of the intersection, just after a STOP sign. See part ii, 0.55>, note fire truck in place at left (absent in 1) and car 2 in ‘crash’, after creeping up to or after impact.


Actually, it is impossible to surely decide if part ii is before the car 3 crashes, or after car 3 crashes and leaves. We do see ppl grouped about on the right side of the street (from facing the intersection), maybe grouping around ‘hurt’ ppl, and 3 men in white (medics?) approaching cars 1 and 2 on their, the car’s, right.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 22 2017 13:19 utc | 76

Act Three. Next, car 3, driving too fast, comes down the same street in the same direction and crashes into the back of car 2. It is clear that car 3 is not following car 2: car 2 was already in place. Car 3 is a Dodge, greyish, license plates GVF 1111 (Ohio) belonging to James Alex Fields. It crashes into the white Toyota and then rapidly reverses and scoots away backwards.

3. --

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 22 2017 13:40 utc | 77


While I try to adhere to a dictum of a famous man(Conclusions should come after investigation, not before) I will brashly ask, did you 'come away' with an impression as to what was going on? In USA these days everything is preplanned, intentional, even a conspiracy. Whatcha think?

Posted by: bolasete | Aug 22 2017 16:24 utc | 78

Another propaganda piece from Martin Chulov of the Guardian sourced from Reuters trying to tie Syria to North Korea.
The giveaway:

The report by a panel of independent U.N. experts, which was submitted to the U.N. Security Council earlier this month and seen by Reuters on Monday, gave no details on when or where the interdictions occurred or what the shipments contained.

So, a report compiled and submitted by God knows who to the UNSC becomes an UNSC report. Pathetic.

Posted by: Ghostship | Aug 22 2017 17:18 utc | 79

First I'm taking the liberty of copypasting this comment made by someone on ZeroHedge:

[start of quote]

shovelhead [replying to] Mustafa Kemal Aug 22, 2017 10:44 AM

You think they give a fuck about reality?

These are the original "Look, Squirrel" people.

Real Generals pushing buttons and wiping out hundreds of people aren't nearly as important than statues of dead Generals in the park.

[end of quote]

Mustafa was essentially making the same point though.

I'm starting to understand those who laugh right up in the face of anyone dying, it's starting to look sane compared to everyone else.

Is there anyone who actually cares about two tiny, insignificant, and supposedly (by their own allegiances; BLM and nazis, communism and "third way" socialism) hard left groups hurting each other?

But "The Powers That Be" somehow thinks everyone would or should. I hope this is their reaction to the alternative right, that they're so far down in their own idiotic indoctrination that they think anyone but themselves and their victims think socialists of any kind is the right pigeonhole to squeeze it all into. Then again them (TBTB) being this clueless was and is the problem in the first place.

And by the way three cheers for commercial shipping: hip hip hurray!

And also (I guess...) for the air??? :3 LOL

Don't stop now please, it has finally gotten absurd enough to be hilarious :)

Posted by: Outsider | Aug 22 2017 23:37 utc | 80

So, a report compiled and submitted by God knows who to the UNSC becomes an UNSC report. Pathetic.
Posted by: Ghostship | Aug 22, 2017 1:18:52 PM | 79

By the way of contrast, I was impressed. How to make an article out of thin air. Almost as impressive as an article behind the paywall of Daily Star (

A graceful gesture
Aug. 18, 2017 | 12:11 AM
Saudi Arabia, in its tradition of magnanimity, has refuted all the venom that has been aimed at its policies, traditions and values.
[the rest beyond the paywall, illustration shows a border crossing gate]

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Aug 23 2017 4:03 utc | 81

Keiser Report Episode 1113
Aug 22, 2017 08:34

Max and Stacy discuss the Trump administration starting some trade wars - from renegotiating Nafta to looking at China’s treatment of ‘intellectual property.’ They also discuss the trillions in unexploited mineral resources in North Korea. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins of to discuss the ‘Doklam Transgression’ and the ‘Line of Actual Control.’ The media have largely ignored the confrontation between India and China but will they notice if a hot war breaks out?

Posted by: OJS | Aug 23 2017 4:33 utc | 82

77 Noirette, I looked at those videos and the drone video.

Surely, the two cars Alex Fields smashed into were stuck within the protests and faced his car ie stopped him. The beginning of the drone "video" clearly shows this.

The first video you show under 3 shows this, too.

The Alt-Right don't claim he did not smash into the protesters. They claim it was an accident, he was threatened by them and panicked. Which obviously was not the case.

As I understand the strategy of these supremacy people - they want to start a race war in the US. Provoking university towns is part of the plan. Problem they have is that they largely provoke white people.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 23 2017 10:03 utc | 83

OJS | Aug 23, 2017 12:33:05 AM | 82
The media have largely ignored the confrontation between India and China but will they notice if a hot war breaks out?

Obviously, you're reading the U.S.-centric media.
Try Sputnik, Farsnews, Russia Insider, PressTV, Asia Times, and
The Vineyard of the Saker is an analytical blog well worth a look.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Aug 23 2017 10:42 utc | 84

Act Three cont. The force of the last crash is transmitted to the other two cars. The commentary spews Oh my God Oh my God that Nazi was…ppl were pinned between cars… - on the spot at the time nobody could have know anything about the identity of the last incompetent driver (or perhaps it was assumed, why?) + imho nobody was pinned between cars. (Vid. 5. does show a black girl in position for this but she hops away. Later footage of the front of car 3 shows no blood etc., merely damage typical of a banal fender-bender.) Car reverses and driver is arrested some time later.

There is evidence that car 3 was hit with bats well before it accelerated and crashed (but won’t review that).



Just before car 3 crashes into car 2 it appears to knock several ppl into the air, down, and round about. See from 2.04 to 2.08 in vid. 5 which is a compilation and follows no time-line. If this is ‘show’ with stunt bozos or represents some part of what took place Idk.


All the ppl ‘fall’ back into the street. The first picture in the Sun article (as an ex. of a very well-chosen collection of stills in MSM) comes from this instant, but the pic was taken from behind by a pro (not phone vid), and arranged, imho. For ex. see the two Stop Signs. Both facing the same way — there is only one stop sign at the intersection, which is easy to check. There are many other anomalies.


bigger of first pic:

Immediately after the crash of 3 into 2, several male figures approach the back of car 3 and start hitting it with bats, see vid 5 at 1.50. (Yes the time is span is long enough, if v. brief, to be congruent with other vids.)

The death. We see one smaller figure - a woman - sort of close by / holding on to the back of the car. Normal body-shape, not very tall or small, wearing tight dark pants, runner type shoes, most likely with white soles, her top is light colored, and she probably has a small backpack. (see 1.54.) At one point 1.54 she is horizontally in the air, with her head on the car, and her body straight out. She is knocked away, down, on the right side of the street (if one is facing the intersection.) A clearer view at 2.35 - 2.36 shows that she has a backpack and is wearing a cap with a visor. Later on, one can catch a glimpse of her face, at 3.05. The pic, very hard to isolate, corresponds to one of two Heather Meyers or perhaps to either. What was Heather wearing that day? Who was she with?


I was not able to find the license plate of car 1, the Maroon SUV. Two people, the presumed driver, a woman with white pants with black zig-zag design, light T-shirt top and another woman with a dark skirt with white floral design and a blue top, can be seen exiting the SUV on the right hand side. Their faces are not visible. at 0.10. Innocent ladies are spoofed by a crowd which ‘pretends’ to be attacked by crawling on bonnet etc. and thus come to a halt, having lost their way or whatever (?) Stage one of sketchy plot that is going to call in other participants (?).

The occupants of car 2, the Toyota, two sisters, are suing the Gvmt. for “serious injuries to their heads and extremities” as they were ‘shunted’ to this scene by various road-blocks. (They were indeed touching or almost touching car 1.) The driver of car 3 has been denied bail.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 23 2017 13:40 utc | 85

bolasete at 78. My general impression is that there was trouble in the air, and much was done to exaberate it. The plot of having ppl killed by car is RAD - TOP right now! The SUV occupants were either patsies (no reason for ppl in the street to jump on their bonnet etc. - so there is *that*, if patsies, the crowd, or part of it, collaborated at ‘acting’ in such a way when this car showed up) or part of a plot, but I’m with somebody at 83 here, I reckon both the SUV and the Toyota wandered in there haplessly. Next, Fields may have somehow been ‘drawn in, manipulated’ and ‘provoked’ (his defense, if he ever gets a chance at it, is right there on all the vids.), or not.

My basic description can’t answer that. What is clear is that the MSM transformed whatever happened with at least one stunning fake pic and false / partial / misleading (heh innocently muddled :) ..) etc. spin. Anyone wanting to go further, the no 1. qu. is Why was Fields driving his car around there? The other qu. is about Heather, who is she, and did she die?

In a way, what really took place doesn’t matter. The MSM just spin whatever suits them, the Gvmt., the PTB.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 23 2017 14:06 utc | 86

I know I said before that I wanted to quit posting in comment sections, but I caught this on 4chan and it's absolutely brilliant.. I recommend everybody to watch this. Whether right or wrong, the observations from Mr Atzmon are quite illuminating about zionism and modern society for that matter

Gilad Atzmon: The Cognitive Elite of Jewish History

Posted by: aaaa | Aug 24 2017 3:07 utc | 87

I thought this bit from via zerohedge was worth repeating for the humor:

This new breed of Nazis - for whom breeding doesn't seem to be in the cards - is less menacing that the originals. Instead of schmeissers they pack Tiki torches - for reasons no one seems able to explain. The old Nazis invaded Poland and wouldn't leave; these invade their moms’ basements and will never leave. But apparently these 300 or so misfits and malcontents are a potent peril to our republic. I'm not sure if they themselves are a direct threat to anything besides the bottom line at a Golden Corral all-you-can-eat buffet unlucky enough to have them as patrons. The only thing scarier to its manager would be seeing Lena Dunham waddling in on a cheat day.

They are not utterly harmless; one of these cowardly morons ran over and murdered a woman, which fulfilled the media’s long-standing dream of being able to report on a terrorist who wasn't a radical Muslim, a Black Lives Matter fan, or a Bernie bro. But the fact remains that this scraggly collection of polo-shirted dinguses numbering in the dozens is less of a threat to our society than the gleeful attempt by the establishment and its media puppets to use the looming threat of the Third Helping Reich to crush all opposition to the status quo.

@Noirette. Thanks for your observations. I'd like to point out this interview with an eye witness, if you haven't seen it:

Interviewer is a Charles Patrick. Seems to be just another small time uploader. Interviewee states among other things that both KKK and Antifa/BLM rioters arrived at once and on the same convoy of unmarked buses.

Now, interviewee could be telling the truth, could be mistaken, but if we still have a free and independent press in this country this is the kind of story they should all be jumping on to develop. I rather think that the only coverage this will get, if any, will be along the lines of "she's a lying, liar face".

Posted by: Jim S | Aug 24 2017 4:16 utc | 88

aaaa | Aug 23, 2017 11:07:34 PM | 87

Zounds; what a listen. Thanks for that gem.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Aug 24 2017 4:39 utc | 89

Sudan and Israel new friendship


Posted by: Mina | Aug 24 2017 13:05 utc | 90

Jim at 88. Yes I saw that story. It might very well be true. From here, during the Kosovo war, we had young ppl running away to fight. Under 14s could be apprehended, and were, 15-18 was very difficult. (After 18 nobody could do anything.) “We” tried. These young ppl who went off to fight — and many lost their lives and never returned — Kosovars and Serbs -- rented buses which they shared, and packed full, to save money. Once arrived at destination they changed clothes (out of civvy gear) and separated. In the bus, in CH and Italy, they were civilized ‘Swiss-type’ kids, good at singing, sharing food, etc. Once on Yougoslav territory, they belonged to different camps. True story.

From what little I saw in the vids (but was not my topic, not what I tried to analyse this is just an impression) the slogans, speech, actions, and confrontations were very ritualistic and rather empty of heart-felt content. Not violent, beyond a silly stagey skirmish, which is actually what I (not in the US so?) would expect. Both groups obviously 'paraded' for an audience (cameras but not only, friends pix, selfies, stories to tell, being questioned, interviewed, etc.)

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 24 2017 16:13 utc | 91

Another data point in the changing geo-political landscape

In Historic Move, Qatar Restores Diplomatic Relations With Iran

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 25 2017 4:58 utc | 92

@Noirette pooling your funds to hire a bus to cart you off to your own destruction at each other's hands. That's... sobering.

Thinking about the car incident, according to the interviewee the alley was full of both BLM (the very white BLM if the video is a guide) and innocent bystanders who were led out of the restaurant, and possibly other stores lining the alley as well. We ought to be reading and watching a lot of testimony from these bystanders and not having to rely on the segment of footage from this Brennan character, which seems devoid of context. If he wasn't expecting to catch footage of a crime, it's reasonable to believe he had been filming for some length of time and just got lucky that he caught the crime. In that case, the preceding footage might be able to show how the disturbance developed.

Do you follow Red Ice Radio? I caught the clip Henrik uploaded after the fact, where he talked about RIR's websites going down and his iPhone losing all its data. iPhone isn't verifiable, but the website attack is. That speaks to a serious effort on the technical side. Ironically, RIR dropped off my rotation because he had decided to focus more on the race issue and less on the wild, wacky, and weird. I don't think he's a supremacist, though.

Posted by: Jim S | Aug 25 2017 8:47 utc | 93

@ rush | Aug 21, 2017 9:38:10 ERIC BASILLAIS |44
Me : hUM... a French one... very special... ;)
You can check the rest of my blog in case of doubt

Posted by: ERIC BASILLAIS | Aug 25 2017 13:37 utc | 94

I am posting this link about India because of the last two sentences which I will quote after the link

Death toll of violence rises to 28 in India following "spiritual leader" rape conviction

Fearing mobilization of crowds and rumourmongering, authorities have snapped internet in Haryana and Punjab, reports said.
A high alert has been sounded in Punjab, Haryana and New Delhi.

Is the rest of the world ready for your government deciding if/when to "snap" the internet on you?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Aug 26 2017 2:54 utc | 95

A poignant article on the carnage, ongoing, in the M.E., specifically Syria;

Posted by: V. Arnold | Aug 26 2017 6:20 utc | 96

psychohistorian | Aug 25, 2017 10:54:33 PM | 95
Is the rest of the world ready for your government deciding if/when to "snap" the internet on you?

Hell no!
But given our collective sloth; what's to be done?
After years of watching the lies presented as truth; and activism defeated; I got the fuck out; which was exactly the correct decision.
It's worse now, due to apathy and a sense of impotence.
I see no solution; it's too late except for those willing to die; but for that, there must be hope...and I see none...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Aug 26 2017 11:13 utc | 97

Jim at 93… yes… in ww2, say in the trenches in France, a ‘trève’ - or any temporary truce or cessation of hostilities for other reasons (no transport, backups bad, Christmas, etc.) saw the F and the G being ‘mates’ of a kind for a short while. From those on the ground. Of course most of those were conscripts, poor buggers sent as cannon fodder. And btw, afaik, they shared transports to 'demob' or 'get away' after the armistice. Though that is getting in a whole chapter of history...not my forte...anyway...

Never heard of Red Ice radio I will look it up.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 26 2017 16:33 utc | 98

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