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July 21, 2017

Murder, Spies And Weapons - Three Fascinating 'Deep State' Stories

350 "diplomatic" flights transporting weapons for terrorists - Trud

Azerbaijan's Silk Way Airlines transported hundreds of tons of weapons under diplomatic cover to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan Congo

  • the weapons and ammunition are usual from east Europe (Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine ...)
  • the contracts are with U.S. companies themselves hired by the CIA and/or Pentagon as well as with Saudi and Israeli companies
  • offloading during unusual "fueling stops" allowed to disguise the real addressee of the loads

With lots of details from obtained emails.

Ten thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition to al-Qaeda and other Takfiris in Syria also came first from Libya by ship, then on at least 160 big cargo flights via Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Turkey and during the last years by various ships under U.S. contracts from mostly east-European countries.


With all the Trump-Russia nonsense flowing around one person's involvement in the creation of the issue deserves more scrutiny:

McCain and the Trump-Russia Dossier: What Did He Know, and When? - Reason

A British spy. An Arizona senator. And one inflammatory dossier on Donald Trump. The connection between them is starting to unravel...

  • there are indications that McCain was the one who hired the company which created the infamous Steele dossier.
  • there is evidences that he distributed it to the CIA, FBI and to the media.
  • the issue is now in front of a British court.


Another Scorpene Submarine Scandal - Asia Sentinel (a bit older but it was new to me)

Document hack could imperil subs in Oz, India, other countries

  • a commercial cyber-crime case but likely with state involvement
  • French submarine sales usually include the payment of various "commissions" with kickbacks to French politicians
  • sometimes people involved in the business end up dead


Posted by b on July 21, 2017 at 16:22 UTC | Permalink


The first story is a muti-billion dollar illegal business network that potentially encompasses not only the CIA, but also several governments, the Clinton Foundation, David Patreus, investors (many of whom hold government positions) and God knows what else. It's possibly the greatest scam the world has ever seen.

Posted by: Musburger | Jul 21 2017 16:41 utc | 1

I'm pretty sure MCain's "tumor" is fake to allow him to avoid prosecution and induce compassion.

Not a first (soon to be) "dead" suspect in a crucial investigation into the crimes of the global evil cabal, see e.g. some lords in the UK involved in pedophile scandals...

Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 21 2017 16:43 utc | 2

It would be nice to have a comprehensive list of sponsors of those fake lucrative speeches such front persons and puppets as Clintons, Saakashvili, Kwaśniewski, ... have been giving.

The Business Round Tables that Quigley and Sutton wrote about that live off wars and misery.

Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 21 2017 16:48 utc | 3

There is an amazing amount of detailed information from reliable sources on the U.S. sponsored, Saudi paid arms deliveries to terrorist in Syria, originating from the eastern parts of the European Union. I have collected some of the best sources here:

US covert war on Syria -> Weapon deliveries

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jul 21 2017 16:55 utc | 4

McCain and the Trump-Russia Dossier

The third time is the Charm.

I am reminded

McCain can do no wrong:

His service to his country (it’s alleged, by aiding the enemy);
The Keating Five; (I dindu nuttin wrong)
The Trump-Russia Dossier (by political treason stabbing the nominee of his own Party; ignoring the words of Reagan)

McCain, once again, will be excused and forgiven. His actions were due illness – the most aggressive cancer of the brain. How is that so?

Posted by: likklemore | Jul 21 2017 16:56 utc | 5

thanks b.. the first part of your post reaffirms my comment in the previous thread about the usa, saudi arabia/gccs and israel being the terrorists that the world would be a lot better place without... "the contracts are with U.S. companies themselves hired by the CIA and/or Pentagon as well as with Saudi and Israeli companies.."

Posted by: james | Jul 21 2017 16:58 utc | 6

Here is a link to The Dilyana Files – 1403 Email Attachments Posted

Posted by: terry | Jul 21 2017 17:00 utc | 7

@5 likklemore ... in an exceptional country, there is no accountability... according to obama, you have to move on and not dwell on the past, lol...

Posted by: james | Jul 21 2017 17:00 utc | 8

Thanks b, the mountain of evidence you provide daily, as proof of the corporate empire's malignancy, is therapeutic and empowering, but, until this information reaches the bulk of the U$A's masses we're all just treading water here.

Posted by: ben | Jul 21 2017 17:07 utc | 9

@2: The last thing McCain has to worry about is prosecution or even criticism for fomenting war crimes. The cancer is real and he will be lauded for his courage and lionized if he dies. But should he survive he will carry on as usual with no apologies and no criticism.

Posted by: WorldBLee | Jul 21 2017 17:11 utc | 10

BBC News has a great little expose on tracking ISIS weapons captured in Mosul to their sources in Eastern Europe:

"The team has carried out painstaking research cataloging serial numbers and tracing the routes. They found crates of ammunition and rockets manufactured in factories in eastern Europe. These were bought by the governments of the US and Saudi Arabia."

Whether or not the arming and financing of ISIS groups was "accidental" or "deliberate" remains something of an open question; most likely the actual US policy from c.2011-2012 onwards was to give support to anyone trying to overthrow Assad's government regardless of affiliation. The architects of this plan? Clinton & McCain seem to be right at the center of it, with plenty of neocon/neolib supporters in Congress & the State Department/CIA/Pentagon (Nuland/Morrell/Carter etc.)

Posted by: nonsense factory | Jul 21 2017 17:54 utc | 11

Sorry b .... the "Reason" article is complete nonsense. I've covered the details the last two weeks. The "dodgy dossier" was shared by Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, with the British MI6 and the FBI starting in August 2016. That's why I claim it's not RussiaGate but IC-Gate. A complot by the Intelligence Community of the UK and US. McCain is just a distraction of the true effort to dump Trump.

McCain and the Trump-Russia Dossier: What Did He Know, and When? - Reason

A British spy. An Arizona senator. And one inflammatory dossier on Donald Trump. The connection between them is starting to unravel...

  • there are indications that McCain was the one who hired the company which created the infamous Steele dossier.
  • there is evidences that he distributed it to the CIA, FBI and to the media.
  • the issue is now in front of a British court.

Christopher Steele and Sir Andrew Wood worked in a British spy nest in Moscow during the Yeltsin years of the 90s.

  • Is RussiaGate Really IC-Gate
  • Did MI6/CIA Collude with Chris Steele to Entrap Trump?
  • 'Sir' Andrew Wood as spy chief in Moscow
  • Fusion GPS linked to UAE Sheikh and Rubio Donor

    Peter W. Smith Tapped Alt-Right to Access Dark Net for Clinton emails – linked to Charles C. Johnson – Stephen Bannon - Andrew Auernheimer, a hacker who goes by the alias 'Weev', "exiled" to the Ukraine

    Posted by: Oui | Jul 21 2017 18:29 utc | 12

  • Thanks, b. Love the lede...
    350 "diplomatic" flights transporting weapons for ter'rists - Trud

    What a slimy little cur John McCain (Satan's Mini-Me) turns out to be. Guess how surprised I'm not that the little skunk is up to his eyeballs in weapons proliferation & profiteering, not to mention that old Yankee favourite Gun-barrel "Diplomacy".

    I suspected during the Prez Campaign that Trump had McCain well and truly scoped when he said (of Satan's Mini-Me) "I like my war "heroes" not to get captured."

    This story says a lot for China & Russia's approach to long-term Strategic Diplomacy. I imagine that they both know all this stuff and a helluva lot more, but they go to all the summits, prattle about Our AmeriKKKan Friends, and then presumably laugh their asses off when the summit is over. Xi & Putin seem to truly believe that the blowback from all this Yankee Duplicity will eventually do as much harm to the American Dream as an Ru/Cn Military Solution.

    Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 21 2017 19:02 utc | 13

    Thanks again for the excellent journalism b even though it reads like the trash on the rags in the grocery stores they make you look at while you check out.

    I just hold out hope that the great unraveling continues and quickens its pace.

    Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 21 2017 19:12 utc | 14

    Criminal activity under diplomatic cover should be prosecuted. They can pretend they didn't find out until it was too late. Or they can claim that they were letting it happen in order to track the players. Those excuses have been used for all kinds of cover for nefarious activites like Pakistan's AQ Khan NukeMart to distribute nuclear technology and materials. (See Deception and United States and the Islamc Bomb books) And there's Fast & Furious. In the end the cover comes from the political top of the trash heap.

    The Dem/anti-Trump attempts to get dirt on Trump via Russians doesn't get play in the MSM. Nor does the content of the emails. They call the tune and the media plays on.

    Posted by: Curtis | Jul 21 2017 19:32 utc | 15

    nonsense factory 11
    Thnx for the vid link. That evidence won't get to US MSM either. It makes the case for Tulsi Gabbard's efforts.

    Posted by: Curtis | Jul 21 2017 19:38 utc | 16

    @likklemore #5
    ... just a malignant 'moderate' tumour to a moderately aggressive cerebral model.

    Posted by: kpax | Jul 21 2017 19:46 utc | 17

    @james 8
    [Reported by, New York Post and the] McCain admitted he handed the dossier to Comey."

    NYPost: McCain "I gave Russia blackmail dossier on Trump to the FBI"

    Senator John McCain passed documents to the FBI director, James Comey, last month alleging secret contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow and that Russian intelligence had personally compromising material on the president-elect himself

    New York Post


    Yes, there will be no accountability in the U.S. for the exceptional ones. However, the British courts setting aside “special relationships” … may take a different view that McCain has a case to answer.

    @kpax 17

    Did I mis-read? McCain’s cerebral?

    Posted by: likklemore | Jul 21 2017 20:52 utc | 18

    The link suggests that the subs involved in the scandal are perhaps OK, and no hack compromised their worthiness in a possible military conflict. Neither there were any fatal accidents. The only losses in manpower (but quite a few) are among people engaged in the financial transactions that delivered them to various fleets.

    Although there are possible danger to security, because bribery is used to blackmail involved in recruitment of spies.

    Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jul 21 2017 21:46 utc | 19

    I hope the conspiracy theories are wrong, and that McInsane will soon suffer a well-deserved painful death.
    BTW, I'm a long-time Arizonan, and I'm proud to say I've never voted for this traitor and have also signed the recall petitions against him.

    Posted by: Fidelios Automata | Jul 21 2017 22:03 utc | 20

    I apologize for never contributing anything substantial but just emanating verbal support.
    I hope this site has some mirrored archives. This is in its entirety a work of contemporary history (sorry my english's not good enough... mirror this site and give it some dumb ancestor of ours to read in 20, 50, 100 years, y'know).
    I'm a broke lowlife but next time around I'll send some money.

    Posted by: radiator | Jul 21 2017 22:16 utc | 21

    damn I regret every cent I've spent on mainstream newspapers, although the last time I've done so has been years ago and maybe back then, they weren't so bad, but then again, they probably were and I just didn't notice.

    Posted by: radiator | Jul 21 2017 22:19 utc | 22

    The dog that didn't bark in the arms shipment story is the absense of Qatar in the list of recipient countries. It also seems that, whilst most (80%) were shipped through SA/UAE, more arms were shipped through Jordan (11%) than through Turkey (7%).

    Bulgaria may also have been the location of military level training sites for foreigners. An intriguing report from June 2015 noted that an American was killed along with 2 foreigners (German and Canadian) in a grenade launcher accident of a PMC training center at Anevo, Bulgaria. The site was run by an company Algans (or Alguns).

    There are links to the infamous US military $500 million training program in which an unknown number of 'carefully vetted moderate rebels' were trained and all but 5 of them 'defected' to al Qaeda.

    Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 21 2017 23:01 utc | 23

    "This story says a lot for China & Russia's approach to long-term Strategic Diplomacy. I imagine that they both know all this stuff and a helluva lot more" Hoarsewhisperer @13

    The docs indicate the Balkans arm supply route took off in 2012. It will have brought in many billions of USD to the relatively poor east European countries. Before the Gulenist(?) shoot down of the Russian Su-24, Russia had been trying to get Turkey and Bulgaria interested in South Stream. I suspect Russia did indeed know the details of the arms shipment, and certainly knew about Turkey's cut of the ISIS oil sales. I suspect this deal may have been an attempt to wean the two off the terrorism funding spigot. This failed as the Bulgarian government is totally owned by the US. Erdogan's ego was manipulated by his Zionist handlers and eventually his stalling killed interest at theat time. The Russians would know this background too, but the deal had to be tried. If it had worked, then the Bulgarian arms train would possibly have been stopped and the Turkish border closed several years ago. This would have greatly cramped the capabilities of ISIS, simplifying the task of eliminating them. I suspect the Russians also knew it wouldn't pan out but it was certainly worth a shot whilst they was busily obtaining intelligence on the terrorists, and secretly negotiating the logistics, overflight access etc for what was to become its base at Hymeim.

    Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 21 2017 23:14 utc | 24

    23 also

    Russia Hopes to Sign Agreement on Arms Re-Export From Bulgaria

    The statement was followed by a publication of the Bulgarian Trud newspaper that mentioned the Arcus arms company as the producer of some arms produced in Bulgaria under Russian licenses, which were found by journalists in eastern Aleppo.

    Posted by: somebody | Jul 21 2017 23:15 utc | 25

    Somewhat OT, but since many think Putin is part of Russia's Deep State, then perhaps we should look in on how he interacts with kids--yes, children. Along with his annual Direct Line Q&A where he takes questions from all over Russia and from around the world, he also has an annual meet with children at one of the many special centers Russia has dedicated to them in education, sport, music, and art, where he takes their questions, and we often learn new things about the rather remarkable Russian President. This year, he's at the Sirius Educational Centre for Talented Children in Sochi. It's quite an interesting conversation and provides some comic relief.

    Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 21 2017 23:40 utc | 26

    BBC News has a great little expose

    Posted by: nonsense factory | Jul 21, 2017 1:54:32 PM | 11

    Tillerson. Exxon. Petrodollar. Rockefellers.

    BBC. MI6. BIS. Rothschilds.

    That's a good question.

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 21 2017 23:49 utc | 27

    Craven McCain has been teflon for his entire political career and he was teflon when he wrecked airplanes in the navy. McCain is just a teflon guy. Untouchable. Probably has "dossiers" on anybody that can damage him.

    Posted by: fast freddy | Jul 22 2017 0:20 utc | 29

    I always wondered which of USA's "allies" could have been responsible for this nasty business. The French were rather vocal in their expression of "concern" regarding the "hyperpower" in 1999, but given the necessary degree of inside information -- war games on 9/11 -- it really had to be one of the "allies" that are joined at the hip in the pentagram.

    That is the Brits and the Zionazi entity. So that's the Rotten children of Satan, the "Red" R.

    Finally it all makes sense.

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 22 2017 0:24 utc | 30

    Sure, it's tempting to think this:

    But we do know that Islamic Republic is a creature of the British. (Longstanding history between the worldly priests of Iran and the defunct British Empire. Read up.)

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 22 2017 0:34 utc | 31

    karlof1 @ 26: Thanks for the link. Can you picture Trump fielding questions like Putin does on a regular basis? I can't.

    The more I listen to Putin, the more I believe he has REAL character, something most of our politicians DON'T have...

    Posted by: ben | Jul 22 2017 0:49 utc | 32

    No one will regret McCain... The next in line should be Erdogan...

    Posted by: virgile | Jul 22 2017 2:15 utc | 33">">

    Trully, who but the ignorant make war against ALLAH?

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 22 2017 2:26 utc | 34

    ben @31--

    Putin casts a shadow over many men, often without really trying; rare, but not unique. Some are described as Teflon, implying they're slippery, nothing sticks, bullets glance-off. Contrastingly, Putin seems to absorb everything and feeds on it, making him stronger and resilient simultaneously, like the judo master he is. It's easy to understand why Russians have the high degree of confidence they share in Putin, something I think even the opposition would concede.

    Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 22 2017 5:01 utc | 35

    They throw a hissy fit Neocon madness: We can't have peace in Syria, that would be giving in to Russia!

    This is huge. An absolute outrage. The first real Trump concession to Putin that undermines U.S. security directly.
    — Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) July 19, 2017

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 22 2017 5:06 utc | 36

    karlof1, Ben

    A short video of Putin I run onto when researching him and current Russia some time ago
    Touches the kid on the shoulder, more like a father than an elite, and stands beside him for the national anthem. Perhaps I read it the wrong way, but gives some insight into Putin.

    Posted by: Peter AU | Jul 22 2017 5:54 utc | 37

    Cancer vs McCain's brain? Don't like the cancers chances. It is trying to feed on a very toxic substance. With luck, it will be a drawn out battle with cancer winning.

    Posted by: Peter AU | Jul 22 2017 6:15 utc | 38

    I urge you all to follow this man at youtube.
    He and the viewers together show daily what a rotten gang of sociopates are worldwide at work.

    Posted by: Mattose | Jul 22 2017 8:32 utc | 39

    Most suprised McCains brain has a tumour - I thought it went missing a number of decades ago.

    Posted by: Giap | Jul 22 2017 8:32 utc | 40

    karlof1 | Jul 22, 2017 1:01:01 AM | 34

    Couldn't agree more; Putin's a man of genuine character.
    Oh, so lacking in the west.
    The Usian's have been relegated to prisoner's of war.

    Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 22 2017 9:07 utc | 41

    Peter AU | Jul 22, 2017 1:54:13 AM | 36

    In one question the president vid, a student asked the reason Putin didn't use an umbrella in an outside ceremony, during a pouring down rain; he replied; "I'm not made of sugar, I won't melt."

    Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 22 2017 9:23 utc | 42

    nice article, thank you for sharing

    Posted by: طراحی سایت | Jul 22 2017 9:42 utc | 43

    :)) :)

    Posted by: طراحی وب سایت | Jul 22 2017 9:43 utc | 44

    @ #42 and #43

    The hosting server for is located in Iran.
    Created March 30, 2017, registrant name Hamid Dastani in Tehran.
    Seems to be a commercial troll.

    Posted by: Oui | Jul 22 2017 9:57 utc | 45

    @2 I have no doubt that McCain's medical condition is real. I well remember the news stories in early June when McCain put up a bizarre performance during testimony by James Comey - asking questions that simply didn't make any sense whatsoever and leaving everyone utterly gob-smacked regarding McCain's mental state.

    So, yeah, brain tumour.

    Posted by: Yeah, Right | Jul 22 2017 10:40 utc | 46

    @34, 36, 40
    Re: Putin, I've seen plenty of Putin footage, and never once seen him dodge or deflect a question - it's obvious he has a firm mental grasp on almost all issues from technology, to war, to social issues, to the political mechanics of foreign states...just an incredibly broad spectrum of understanding, always displaying respect to history. What's not to admire?? The guy is more statesman than politician, hence his domestic popularity.

    All that is out there, known to the west...ready to be discovered by all who are curious enough. Alas, the acute attention deficit issues of the common westerner coupled with the dumbing down of successive generations and the destruction of critical thought make Putin somehow easy propaganda fodder.

    I have to come to MofA for a does of sanity, because to converse with my fellow westerners on a like subject in my surrounding environment is... fucking retarded.

    Posted by: MadMax2 | Jul 22 2017 10:54 utc | 47

    MadMax2 | Jul 22, 2017 6:54:34 AM | 46
    I have to come to MofA for a does of sanity, because to converse with my fellow westerners on a like subject in my surrounding environment is... fucking retarded.

    Mercy me, ain't it so?
    Even over at Ian's (Welsh), he has to start every post about Russia's Putin with how evil he is; I've called him out on that crap; to no avail.
    But, I do think the world is waking up to the vile Usaian policies across the planet. One can only hope, yes?
    Just to be clear; I have no illusions regarding Pres. Putin; however; his reality based leadership is a wake up call to the planet.
    It's also infinitely clear, Russia is NOT the aggresor in our present reality; but rather it's the U.S.A.!
    Putin's cool hand Luke, is probably the only reason the nukes are not flying...

    Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 22 2017 11:34 utc | 48

    Posted by: Oui | Jul 22, 2017 5:57:32 AM | 44

    A not so subtle ping from the monitors of this site in the land of the collectively "minor and orphan" Muslims, with expectation of a click on their link to determine IP of moi. (خر خودتی)

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 22 2017 14:21 utc | 49

    nobody 28
    My image of Master-Blaster from Beyond Thunderdome has Israel in the Master position riding the US as Blaster. (sometimes he lets others ride, too)

    Posted by: Curtis | Jul 22 2017 15:59 utc | 50

    Posted by: Curtis | Jul 22, 2017 11:59:46 AM | 49

    The entity began and remains a Rothschild project. They (R) are still upset about how the Yank franchise scooped up their assets after WWII. Now that oceans no longer protect America from adversaries they have their window of opportunity to take back control of the global olive oil business.

    AIPAC's control over US is a fairly recent phenomena and the result, as we can all see, is the patently self-destructive path that they set the Superpower on in the past 20 years. This was obvious even in 2002 that the actual goal was to take US off the pedestal and cut it down to size. When the dust settles, US (well the poor under educated and over medicated and propagandized Americans) will be holding a 20, 30?, Trillion dollar DEBT to the blood suckers that run "global finance". And what we see now is that apparently (rather late in the game I am afraid) some subset of the "elite" elements in Yankistan -- the OIL money families -- have finally figured out just what sort of a mess they have gotten themselves into, having trusted their dual-citizen ashke-Nazi "sages". That is why we see all these entirely bizzare political fights break out between nominal allies, such as EU and US, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, etc.

    This is the reason. The rest is ladida to keep us plebes entertained.

    This is my opinion.

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 22 2017 16:27 utc | 51

    I heard the The hosting server for is located in Iran.
    Registrant name Hamid Dastani in Tehran.
    Seems to be a commercial troll.

    Posted by: Peter AU. | Jul 22 2017 18:47 utc | 52

    "They (R) are still upset about how the Yank franchise scooped up their assets after WWII."

    Not true. The US was promoted after WW2 to the role of the clout, or the "muscle man" of the global evil cabal of the Brutish Empire run by City of London Crown Corporation, whereas the British Empire went off the radars under the guise of the "Commonwealth". It's just a matter of efficiency of management of occupied territories, does not irritate or provoke the local tribes in Europe, US, Canada, Australia, NZ... "Happy slaves" believing they are free...

    This is somewhat touched upon in the marvelous Ken Loach movie "The Wind That Shakes the Barley" I mentioned before - one sober character reminds others that withdrawing British troops ends official brutal occupation, but negotiated deal puts Ireland into tight economical and political dependence on the Crown.

    Besides how do you fight enemy that "does not exist" ? ;-)

    As I said times before:

    "The greatest trick The British Empire ever pulled was convincing the world it ceased to exist. That's been its power"

    Promoting the US as the official "global empire" and going underground, in the shadows, were one of the main goals of the AngloZio cabal in their plans to start WW2. Other being establishing the state of Israel in Palestine with the help of Nazi terror, and destroying German ambitions to challenge UK's global hegemony by pushing it into the Nazi crazed "bubble", aka "pump and dump", or "boom and bust" scheme. Hitler acted in the best interests of the British imperial elite (fuck the commoners, they never really mattered). He would've never attacked Poland without being sure that the British would give him free hand to do it. He sought alliance with the British - Hitler writes about in "Mein Kampf", you can check it by yourself. After baiting Germans into Hitler's trap, the City of London performed a "switch", (arrested Rudolf Hess who landed in Britain for further instructions) and confronted Germany allied with the US and Russia to achieve what one of the first of British NATO chiefs (Hastings Ismay) admitted:

    "To keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down."

    That plan has been hugely successful until 2012 when Obama showed, by refusing to forfeit the run for the 2nd term, which camp he's been in.

    "The pump and dump" scheme allowed amazing acceleration of the technological progress on the world wide scale, with enormous resources assigned for some crucial projects, impossible under peaceful circumstances. Of course later "scooped" by the AngloZios:

    Theft of German Scientific Research Fueled Post-War Technology Boom

    By Daniel W. Michaels:

    "TO THE VICTORS BELONG THE SPOILS" is an American saying (attributed to Andrew Jackson) and, regrettably, an occasional American practice as it was in the case of "the Great Patent Heist of 1946." It was made official policy in World War II by President Harry Truman's Executive Order 9604, also known as the "License to Steal," which permitted agents of the U.S. government to execute the greatest robbery in world history: the theft of German intellectual (scientific) property. What technology the Americans and Soviets stole has, in fact, fueled some of the greatest scientific advances of the modern era.

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 22 2017 19:21 utc | 53

    Post 51 is not mine.

    Posted by: Peter AU | Jul 22 2017 19:30 utc | 54

    Not true. The US was promoted after WW2 to the role of the clout, or the "muscle man" of the global evil cabal of the Brutish Empire run by City of London Crown Corporation, whereas the British Empire went off the radars under the guise of the "Commonwealth".

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 22, 2017 3:21:06 PM | 52

    "On 15 August 1971, the United States unilaterally terminated convertibility of the US dollar to gold, effectively bringing the Bretton Woods system to an end and rendering the dollar a fiat currency.[3] This action, referred to as the Nixon shock, created the situation in which the US dollar became a reserve currency used by many states. At the same time, many fixed currencies (such as the pound sterling, for example) also became free-floating."

    Richard Nixon's genius (along with his _Rockefeller_ advisor, Henry Kissinger) devisied the three pronged platform for US supramacy in the early 70s.

    The termination of Bretton Woods by United States, in conjunction with the creation of the Petrodollar mechanism, and the integration of Communist China into the West's establishment, was a master stroke of genius by Nixon that rendered null and void the historic blunder of that fool Wilson that made Americans debt slaves to the Barter Town of London.

    The result was that United States of America was free to accumulate effectively free debt instruments backed by US Navy and Oil. And there was nothing the Brits could do about it.

    Of course the Brits had already shown themselves ready to help the Soviets in confict with Uncle Sam, as perfectly illustrated in the episode of England giving Soviet Union a working RollsRoyce jet engine. A piece of technology the Russians could not master.

    So having taken care of the monatary and enegry aspects, Nixon faced the possibility of future monkey wrenches thrown in America's imperial ambitions by the Brits via the Soviet Union.

    So he turned to China, made kissy face with the Chairman, and set into motion the historic agreement to realign CCP with United States as a bulwark against the Soviets. That was brilliant.

    He also engineered the exit of the British Navy from the Persian Gulf and designated the Shah of Iran as the new "policeman of the Persian Gulf".

    That is why poor "tricky dick" became a target of a coup by the British aligned fraternal "agency" of skull and bones and misguided elements of Naval Intelligence.


    Today, the AIPAC directed United States has systematically pursued a course to dismantle the historic strategic achievements of Richard Nixon.

    Petrodollar is about to become history (and thus the debt becomes a real generational liability) and CCP has been thoroughly provoked and has been driven into the arms of their historic adversary Russia.

    And in a way that no doubt is very pleasing to the Barter Town monsters, this time it will be the other players across the pond that will "scoop" and take over the global mechanisms (IMF, WorldBank, UN) that US had created to manage its empire.

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 22 2017 20:24 utc | 55

    All what you wrote about has been devised for the US by the masters in City of London, who control e.g. the FED, thus the Petrodollar (Saudi Barbaria was set up with the British intelligence help).

    You can trace all leaders of the world terrorism to London, been there at least for soe period of their terrorist quest (instructions, training, refuge).

    I highly recommend reading Dean Henderson on the topic.

    The US is known for supporting the Soviet Union, GE built power plants and lines (Lenin: "Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country"), Ford car factories.

    I also recommend reading Anthony Sutton's WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION to see how the masters of puppets played both sides.

    Ideologies like Communism, Nazism, Zionism, and also religions as well as world conflicts, societal rich vs poor, queer vs hetero, conservative vs liberal, traditional vs progressive, ) and political (2 party monopoly basically in all British colonies - US, Eastern Europe, ..., freemasonic black-white checkered motive comes to mind) division lines (implementing old imperial "divide et impera" stratgy) are devised just as means to achieve far reaching goal of total global control by the same degenerate "elite".

    BTW CIA overthrew Mossadegh in Iran at the British request, and the butcher of Iraq gen. Schwartzkopf was knighted for a reason... (Interesting to see who else received order of the British Empire...) Recent news confirm that was actually Tony Bliar pushing Bush for the Iraq war, not the other way round...

    Slightly different take 3 Corporations Run the World: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City

    It's worth noting that Switzerland is a "very special place" too...

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 22 2017 21:58 utc | 56

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 22, 2017 5:58:27 PM | 55

    You are being obtuse.

    Poor Lawrence got buggered by a Turk in service of King and country to setup the tribal leaders from Najd as kings in Arabia and then it was FDR who hosted Abdul Aziz ibn Saud on US Navy ships floating on the "Great Bitter Lake" (get it?):

    "You can trace all leaders of the world terrorism to London, been there at least for soe period of their terrorist quest (instructions, training, refuge)."

    That's their specialty. How does that contradict the narrative that Richard Nixon as servent of Rockefellers engineered the take over of Barter Town from below using energy as weapon to let the financiers know who is the New Boss?

    "BTW CIA overthrew Mossadegh in Iran at the British request"

    CIA did not overthrow Dr. Mossadegh. CIA participated in the counter coup against him. Do you recognize how condescending it is to assert that some wasp flunky with a bag full of dollars can come and overthrow a leader that according to his own "democratic" referandum had obtained "99%" of the Iranians' vote?

    Dr. Mossadegh himself, due to his erratic behaviour, assumption of dictatorial power, violation of Iran's constitution, and the growing fear of the clerics of a Tudeh take over, managed to alienate a large segment of his own constituency, and the Americans decided to take the British advice and support those factions that were against him. And the result for Britain was that US managed to peel Iran from the British orbit. And yes, the Shah was grateful to the Americans. What did you expect the young king to do? Ask Soviets to help?

    Until the day that you have actually studied Iran's history during 1945-1952, kindly resist the urge to throw around the "1953" propaganda.

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 22 2017 22:44 utc | 57

    You got it ProPeace. It actually goes further back to Cecil Rhodes plan to recover America, the establishment of political Zionism in 1897 and its offspring Bolshevism 20 years later getting America to develop a taste for imperialism with the Spanish American War that was promoted by Hearst, then thevassassination of McKinley to get its puppet Teddy in office, getting the US to adopt the BOE model with the Fed Reserve effectively allowing the money masters in London to control money creation and finance future wars, and of course the Balfour Declaration (an agreement reached long before it was declared) which allowed the pro-German faction on Wall Street to support the war against Germany and get the US in the war, and of course the income tax to insure the Fed would be able to collect on the debt interest and then following WWII the CFR which was a creation of Rhodes Round Table to recruit members to execute the Empire Building.

    Today of course there are no borders for the wanna be global ruling masters. London, the City, Wall Street, DC , Israel are all one and the same as are the BOE/Fed through BIS, the various intelligence agencies and military through NATO.

    The US top Presidents, Generals and Fed Reserve Chairmen get knighted by the Queen. The US is a defacto commonwealth nation and perhaps Israels colony

    One may consider the possibility that this was the plan all along and led the Founding Fathers, a number of which were Masons and perhaps even Illuminati broke from England without much resistance from the King. After all, why not allow them to break free to eliminate the financial burden and recover them when they become profitable. They still needed to trade with them after all and they had their agents inside the US which they could control. When the US strayed a bit and refused to extend the ban charters they invaded as in 1812, or resorted to asassination (Attempt on Jackson) , started a Civil War and then knocked off Lincoln for printing Greenbacks. But it wasnt until the end of the 19th century with oil replacing coal that America and the Middle East were deemed essential in order to maintain and build their Empire because Britain had none of that Black Gold and was running short of the yellow Gold, and the US had plenty of both and the ME plenty of the former

    Posted by: Pft | Jul 22 2017 23:12 utc | 58

    @ Pft, Propeace and nobody that are off topic but right on target for sharing their scenarios about how the elite have controlled our world for centuries.


    It is good to read others confirmation of my understanding about the sick tenets of our form of social organization.....private money and ongoing private ownership of property maintained by unfettered inheritance......It is not people that need to be eliminated but the tools that they use to exert power and control over the rest of us.

    Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 22 2017 23:35 utc | 59

    @Pft | Jul 22, 2017 7:12:38 Right on, could not say it better myself.

    Promoting the US colony to world imperial status after WW2 was a natural step in maintaining global hegemony. Also the term "thalassocracy" comes to mind - you can observe that the Thalassocracy, I still believe with the main HQ in City of London, has been maintaining control of the global waterway choke points and thus control on global trade, through supervising "percolating violence" status in those areas.

    And as I said before - with exposing the US to blowbacks, anti-imperial activities, rage of the oppressed peoples, London could stay in the shadows (much more comfortable situation), working tirelessly behind the curtains to expand its empire. Of course organizing false flags like in 2007, or recently in the last couple of years, is necessary to keep the British population in check, scared, easier to control, confused, distracted from the real perps and to implement gradually totalitarian measures.

    Although I see some signals from the UK that some fractures are starting to appear and some factions of the establishment begin to align themselves with the future winners.

    The same with Israel...

    I believe there is gonna be some huge global events at the end of Summer that will reshape the geopolitical scene dramatically. The UK (the Russians have been testing their response times quite regularly) and Israel seem to be easier to contain (the rest of the ME seems to be in check now), but with the US and its massive network of sayanim, saboteurs, corrupted officials, "manchurian candidates", secret societies, lodges, posh ranches (where truly unspeakable things happen), Israeli trained law enforcement, and with absolutely stupid large parts of the population, it will require some drastic measures.

    Let's hope the "soft landing" of the US from its imperial status in the next couple of months will be peaceful...

    [Apologies for many typos in my above posts]

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 23 2017 0:36 utc | 60

    @nobody | Jul 22, 2017 6:44:08 I beg to differ Nazis, Assassins & Operation Ajax

    ...Prior to WWII British Petroleum dominated the Iranian oil patch. Following the war Britain dumped its puppet Shah in favor of his yet more pliable son Shah Reza Pahlevi, whose Nazi sympathies were less overt. By 1943 the US had established a military command in Iran and signed the Tehran Agreement, cutting the US half of the Four Horsemen a generous slice of the Iranian oil pie.

    Iran was coveted for its expansive reserves of crude and remains the most geopolitically strategic Middle Eastern nation, bordering both the unprecedented Persian Gulf oilfields to the south and the vast, largely untapped Caspian Sea crude reserves to the north.

    After World War II the Iranian people became increasingly hostile towards Big Oil and their puppet Shah. Anger was especially prevalent among oilfield workers of the Khuzistan region who formed the main constituency of the Tudeh (Masses) Party. In 1951 Tudeh formed a coalition with the National Front Party and elected Mohammed Mossadegh Prime Minister of Iran. Mossadegh, who first campaigned against Soviet occupation of northern Iran, became a vocal critic of Four Horsemen control over Iranian oil. He soon announced plans to nationalize BP interests in Iran. BP responded by organizing an international boycott of Iranian crude and called on two long-time associates for more drastic measures.

    US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his brother, CIA Director Allen Dulles, both worked for the Washington law firm Sullivan & Cromwell before joining the State Department. The firm represented BP in the US. It had also served as legal counsel to J. Henry Schroeder Bank, the Warburg family-controlled Hamburg bank that financed Adolph Hitler’s rise to power in Nazi Germany. Allen Dulles had been a lawyer for Nazi combine I. G. Farben and headed the CIA-predecessor Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during WWII. The Dulles brothers are cousins of the Rockefellers.

    After WWII, Allen Dulles was OSS Station Chief in Berne, Switzerland, where he helped Swiss Nazi Francois Genoud transfer Hitler and Goebel trusts into Swiss bank accounts. In 1952 Dulles founded Banque Commerciale Arabe in Lausanne, Switzerland. The bank represented a pact between the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood-Benoist-Mechin, which is comprised of Saudi royal family members. Dulles was cutting a deal with Islamic fundamentalists.

    Part of this Faustian bargain may have involved the House of Saud chieftains providing information to US intelligence on how to create mind-controlled assassins. The Muslim Brotherhood claims to have first perfected this technique during the 11th century Crusades when it launched a brutal parallel secret society known as the Assassins, who employed mind-controlled “lone gunmen” to carry out political assassinations of Muslim Saracen nationalists. The Assassins worked in concert with Knights Templar Christian invaders in their attacks on progressive Arabs, but were repelled...

    After failed negotiation attempts in Tehran with the populist Mossadegh led by Averell Harriman and Vernon Walters, the Dulles Brothers took charge of a joint CIA/MI6 smear campaign painting the Iranian leader in the most brilliant colors of Red. When this anticommunist rhetoric failed to convince the Iranian people to turn on their popular leader, a military expedition was organized.

    Financing for the CIA coup, code named Operation Ajax, came from Deak & Company, founded by OSS operative Nicholas Deak. The company was the largest currency and gold bullion trader in the US after WWII and financed CIA adventures in Vietnam and the Belgian Congo through their Hong Kong gold monopoly.

    Operation Ajax was led by H. Norman Schwartzkopf, father of the Gulf War General of same name, and Kermit Roosevelt, grandson of President Teddy Roosevelt. A palace coup led by Shah loyalist General Fazlollah Zahedi was organized in 1954. Mossadegh was deposed and the Shah flew into Tehran from exile in Rome seated next to Allen Dulles. The Four Horsemen had their puppet back in the National Palace. Kermit Roosevelt stayed in Tehran, his CIA Deputy Director of Plans income soon augmented by a new job as salesman of military aircraft for Northrop Corporation...

    I also recommend reading John Perkins, aka "Economic Hitman", especially wrt to your claims

    "Do you recognize how condescending it is to assert that some wasp flunky with a bag full of dollars can come and overthrow a leader..."

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 23 2017 0:43 utc | 61

    Following the war Britain dumped its puppet Shah in favor of his yet more pliable son Shah Reza Pahlevi, whose Nazi sympathies were less overt.

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 22, 2017 8:43:58 PM | 60

    Does that sentence actually map to a coherent thought in your brain? A "puppet" Shah of English that was a Nazi sympathizer at the same time?

    The above site will have your browser "warn" your about an insecure cert (since the link is https). Use the cache version from google if you are concerned.

    Full title of the document to read is: "The Imperial Bank of Iran" by Geoffrey Jones, London School of Economics.

    The foundation of the new Pahlavi dynasty by Reza Shah in the mid-1920s was followed by a campaign to modernize Iran, and to challenge foreign business. A central bank -- Bank Melli [means: National Bank] -- was founded in 1928. The Imperial Bank lost its role as state bank, and in 1933 had to relinquish its note-issuing powers. In the 1930s exchange controls and barter agreements destroyed the Bank's business in financing foreign trade. Foreign exchange business became increasingly centralized on Tehran, leaving the Bank's extensive provincial branch network to waste away. Opportunities to participate in Iranian industrialization were spurned as the Bank went into a corporate sulk. In 1936 the 7 Board members had an average age of 71, and an 83-year old Chairman who had become a director in 1913 after retiring from the Indian Civil Service.

    The directors resembled a collection of Old Testament prophets: they certainly had no sympathy for the NEW IRAN.

    Oy vey.

    During the time that the Britain and Russia had divided Iran into two zones of influence, the only rail line permitted to be constructed in Iran was a short line from Tehran to a nearby shrine.

    As noted earlier, any effort at industrialization by the Pahlavi Kings, was consistently viewed as a threat by the West.

    It was Reza Shah the Great that built the first Iranian Railroad.

    Do have a tiny bit of clue what a basket case of a country Iran was after the Qajars were done with their disasterous rule over Iran?

    Here is the April 1921 issue of National Geographic on Iran. Good luck getting either NG or Google turning up this gem for you! National Geographic has even excised this issue from their collection of issues on Iran. Thank God for the Internet.

    That basket case of a "country" was what Reza Shah the Great inherited. By the time he was exiled by the INVADERS of Iran, Iran had a functional central government, a National Bank not run by the Empire, secure borders, a fledgeling Airforce, universities, Women's rights, hospitals, schools, ..., and it goes on.

    Do you now have a tiny clue as to what Reza Shah'e Kabir [means: Great] did for Iran and why he was promptly exiled by the invaders of Iran?

    And they also miscalculated about his son, our beloved Shanshah Aryamehr. But they do love their Mullahs. Guess why.

    So let me repeat: We will write our history. Not poorly informed useful idiots of anti-Iranian Western propagandist.

    (We learned that lesson from the Herodotus episode, you see.)

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 23 2017 3:08 utc | 62

    OMG. the Washington Borg's house newspaper has woken up to Trump's surrender to Putin on Syria.

    Trump’s breathtaking surrender to Russia

    But once again, President Trump — after extended personal contact with Vladimir Putin and the complete surrender to Russian interests in Syria — acts precisely as though he has been bought and sold by a strategic rival. The ignoble cutoff of aid to American proxies means that “Putin won in Syria,” as an administration official was quoted by The Post. Concessions without reciprocation, made against the better judgment of foreign policy advisers, smack more of payoff than outreach. If this is what Trump’s version of “winning” looks like, what might further victory entail? The re- creation of the Warsaw Pact? The reversion of Alaska to Russian control?

    Although this opinion article was posted a couple of days ago, there been no shitstorm near Trump about it since suggesting that Trump's one-man distraction/disinformation smokescreen is firing successfully on all cylinders.
    Meanwhile, some in the US Army at least understand that once the battle to liquidate the ISIS Caliphate is other, they'll have problems remaining in Syria.
    'We’re bad day away from Russians asking, ‘Why are you still in Syria?’ – top US commander

    A US special operations commander has admitted that an extended US stay in Syria runs contrary to international law and that Russia would be entirely justified in questioning its presence there.
    At the Aspen Security Forum on Friday, Special Operations Command chief Army General, Raymond Thomas was asked whether American forces will remain in Syria, after Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is defeated, possibly, to support the Kurdish forces in the north of the country.
    Thomas acknowledged that American forces are fighting in a sovereign Syria, where they will likely “have no ability to stay” if that presence is questioned “in terms of international law,” Thomas said, replying to the Washington Post journalist’s question.

    Although I'm sure that the State Department/Pentagon lawyers are looking for a reason to stay.

    Posted by: ghostship | Jul 23 2017 10:03 utc | 63

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 22, 2017 11:08:41 PM | 61

    Yep. Made in the USA.

    By the time of Richard Nixon’s arrival in office in January 1969, Iran was already America’s single-largest arms purchaser. Whilst this is notable in and of itself, it is vastly overshadowed by what followed. By late 1972 Nixon leveraged U.S. Middle Eastern regional policy primarily around the focal point of a militarily strong, pro-American Iran.

    Sounds familiar?

    Iranian industrialization and westernization happened during the Shah. That is part of above story.

    Same story in Saudi Arabia.

    In Saudi Arabia, the 1960s, and especially the 1970s, had been years of explosive development, liberal experimentation, and openness to the West. A reversal of this trend came about abruptly in 1979, the year in which the Grand Mosque in Mecca came under attack by religiously motivated critics of the monarchy, and the Islamic Republic of Iran was established.

    My suspicion is that this "reversal" was also made in the USA as a consequence of the strategy to use Islam as a "green belt" against the Soviet Union.

    Same "reversal" from Atatürk happened in Turkey.

    Posted by: somebody | Jul 23 2017 10:40 utc | 64

    Posted by: somebody | Jul 23, 2017 6:40:48 AM | 63

    " ... to restore the Shah’s autocracy ..."

    I'll get back to you on your OP but just wanted to note that little bit of misinformation from your first source.

    The fact is that the young Shah was not an "autocrat" before 1953. Per his own claims he was watchful of the chaotic events in Iran but did not wish to overstep the constitutional bounds placed on the monarchy. Per other critical points of view, he was a playboy king who neglected his duties and was doing the Riviera chacha and living up the La Dolce Vita scene. A middle of the road view would summize that there was some truth to both points of view, but would add that he was in no position to assume "autocratic" rule.


    It is good to read others confirmation of my understanding about the sick tenets of our form of social organization.....private money and ongoing private ownership of property maintained by unfettered inheritance......It is not people that need to be eliminated but the tools that they use to exert power and control over the rest of us.

    Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 22, 2017 7:35:30 PM | 58


    It is of critical importance for the Resistance to respect the integrity of the language you use to think and reason about the world.

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 23 2017 12:02 utc | 65

    No matter how great or small the Shah was - autocracy/monarchy is no model for any country.

    The context of what happened in 1978/79 is here.

    In the May 1979 meeting of the Bilderberg Group, Bernard Lewis, a British historian of great influence (hence, the Bilderberg membership), presented a British-American strategy which, “endorsed the radical Muslim Brotherhood movement behind Khomeini, in order to promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines. Lewis argued that the West should encourage autonomous groups such as the Kurds, Armenians, Lebanese Maronites, Ethiopian Copts, Azerbaijani Turks, and so forth. The chaos would spread in what he termed an ‘Arc of Crisis,’ which would spill over into the Muslim regions of the Soviet Union.”[13] Further, it would prevent Soviet influence from entering the Middle East, as the Soviet Union was viewed as an empire of atheism and godlessness: essentially a secular and immoral empire, which would seek to impose secularism across Muslim countries. So supporting radical Islamic groups would mean that the Soviet Union would be less likely to have any influence or relations with Middle Eastern countries, making the US a more acceptable candidate for developing relations.

    A 1979 article in Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, described the Arc of Crisis, saying that, “The Middle East constitutes its central core. Its strategic position is unequalled: it is the last major region of the Free World directly adjacent to the Soviet Union, it holds in its subsoil about three-fourths of the proven and estimated world oil reserves, and it is the locus of one of the most intractable conflicts of the twentieth century: that of Zionism versus Arab nationalism.” It went on to explain that post-war US policy in the region was focused on “containment” of the Soviet Union, as well as access to the regions oil.[14] The article continued, explaining that the most “obvious division” within the Middle East is, “that which separates the Northern Tier (Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan) from the Arab core,” and that, “After World War II, Turkey and Iran were the two countries most immediately threatened by Soviet territorial expansionism and political subversion.”[15] Ultimately, “the Northern Tier was assured of a serious and sustained American commitment to save it from sharing the fate of Eastern Europe.”[16]

    This here is a view from Pakistan on the purposeful islamization of the region.

    Posted by: somebody | Jul 23 2017 12:23 utc | 66

    64) It does not matter how small or great the Shah was, monarchy is not a viable option for modern governance.

    Political Islam was and is supported by US geopolitical rationale.

    Often overlooked in retelling the story of this particular Afghan war is the fact that the insurgency was pan-Islamic: there were eight Shi‘i groups, trained and funded by Iran.

    Posted by: somebody | Jul 23 2017 13:29 utc | 67

    nobody 50
    About those "bizarre political fights." It sounds a lot like divide and conquer with all the fighters on the losing end expending themselves and resources while one group gets rich in the meantime. US MSM does not discuss the debt or what it really means or how to address it. During the Geithner/Bernanke protect the Fed tour, Geithner said it was most important that the US keep paying interest on the debt with no mention of paying the debt itself.

    Posted by: Curtis | Jul 23 2017 13:42 utc | 68

    nobody 61
    Thanks for that link/story. I lived there from 70 to 72 as a young boy. Modernization vs the islamists vs student protests was going on. Even now there is a virtual divide of the capital north and south. My brother climbed Tochal (Tehran) and wanted to climb Demavand. During any religious holidy we were told to keep a very low profile and my father told me to avoid buildings with the black flag (with arabic writing) hanging. Shahanshah did good in spite of himself.

    Posted by: Curtis | Jul 23 2017 13:51 utc | 69

    took some time to dig up but, as noted earlier, any effort at industrialization by the Pahlavi Kings, was alway viewed as a threat by the West.

    It was Reza Shah that built the first Iranian Railroad:

    Posted by: Peter AU. | Jul 23 2017 14:03 utc | 70

    My family once traveled the route from Tehran to the Caspian that ran along the rail route for a while. Desert east of Tehran but once in the mountains it's very lush and green. There are lots of tunnels and switchbacks along the rail route.
    Veresk Bridge
    Austrian designed the bridge. But Germany was partners in the rail effort. The wiki version of the legend says the engineers were under the bridge for the first crossing. The legend we heard was that they rode the train across to prove its sturdiness.

    Posted by: Curtis | Jul 23 2017 14:55 utc | 71

    64) It does not matter how small or great the Shah was, monarchy is not a viable option for modern governance.

    Political Islam was and is supported by US geopolitical rationale.

    Posted by: somebody | Jul 23, 2017 9:29:18 AM | 65

    I do not have access to a methodology that would determine the suitability of 'system x' vs 'system y' for "modern governance". That very formulation in quotes itself presents problems for me. What do you mean by modern? And if you think I am advocating a return of Kings in Iran, I would not wish the throne of Iran on my worst enemy. Clearly it is a thankless job.

    I also used to hold the view that the architecture of the system was the determinant of its viability. Spending 4 decades in the West has disabused me of such notions. Consider the United States of America, with a (relatively) robust consitution, seperation of powers, elections, etc. Indeed, consider the depth to which that Republic has fallen and the progressively diminishing stature of "Presidents" of the Americans with the current vulgarian as the exclamation mark.

    Now I am convinced that foundational principles (equal treatment before law, transparency, inalienable rights, ..) and a continually renewed generational allegiance to these principles is what really matters. It makes no difference if you possess even a sublime consitution, if the society is corrupt, duplicity and deception are the social norm, and the minds of the populace are 'backdoored' by propaganda, idle amusements, and excitation of the Triune brain designed to suppress the higher mind functions, all is lost regardless of the nominal political 'system'.

    In principle, I reject ideology as a sound basis for thought, speech, or action (collectively or personally). I am Human, not a soul-less Machine, and reject formalism as a governing principle for my thoughts.

    I am an empiricist. It is, all things considered, the most practical and sensible approach to mapping a space of possibilities. Empiricism does not place a straight jacket on your mental processes, does not lead you to dead ends you can not back out off, and it does not appeal to sentiment, nor does it agitate the excitable youth.

    It may be that Monarchy is better suited to the psychological disposition of some people. Or maybe it is not. Review and compare note. (Today the Islamic Republic has been in power for 38 years. The Shah of Iran reigned for 37 years. Which Iran would you prefer to live in?)

    That said, as Pft and ProPeace have noted, when the controlling component of a society is occult, oy vey to the subjects who have no idea to whom they must address the grievances. At least with a king, you know whose head need to be cut off.


    Political Islam in modern Iran:

    That last event, which I applaud, must have underlined the importance of getting in bed with the priests to the British. << "alleged terrorist organization" Wikipedia cracks me up << the "alleged" terrorist

    Political Islam was and is supported by US geopolitical rationale.

    (Remember Nixon.)

    The problem with the American thinking set, in my opinion, is that they suffer from a sense of civilizational and intellectual inferiority relative to their European "cousins" and consistently undervalue the indigenous mind products. Let's just leave it at that.

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 23 2017 15:37 utc | 72

    Posted by: Curtis | Jul 23, 2017 9:51:59 AM | 67
    Posted by: Curtis | Jul 23, 2017 10:55:39 AM | 69

    How cool. My vivid memories of Iran are in the 74-79 range. Best days of my life. Those were the golden years. And of course, going to Shomaal ("North") for vacation by the Caspian was always a treat. Driving on that road could get hairy at times but it was a really fun drive.

    Of course I recognize that as a member of the (meritocratic) middle class that the Pahlavi dynasty was creating to cement their rule and counter the extant Qajar princelings that formed the covertly hostile 'court' in Iran, the Iran that I experienced was distinct from the (self-admittadly) "confused" and "frustrated" intelligentsia that the clerics of Iran spawned. But as a thought experiment, I would love to ressurect the following gents and sincerely ask them: Are you pleased with your handy work?

    Posted by: nobody | Jul 23 2017 16:00 utc | 73

    73 - Iranians seem to be doing something right

    Increase of life expectancy in Iran

    Posted by: somebody | Jul 23 2017 17:55 utc | 75

    And this, great Iranian achievements;

    Posted by: Peter AU. | Jul 23 2017 18:28 utc | 76

    73 is not me.

    Posted by: nobody, | Jul 23 2017 18:30 utc | 77


    List of countries by incarceration rate

    United States double of Iran
    Death penalty per million people

    If Iran abolished the death penalty they would have the moral high ground.

    Posted by: somebody | Jul 23 2017 18:52 utc | 78

    @nobody | Jul 23, 2017 11:37:25 et. al thanks for your input, appreciate sharing your views.

    No doubt the greatest challenge Iran will face soon is self-determination, it's clear the rule of ayatollahs is coming to an end and the people in Iran will have to carefully transition to some better model.

    I'm not worried about possibility of Iran being attacked, we (the world) are from that point now. Although it was very close during Bush 43 when luckily he made one sober crucial decision as the POTUS:

    Gwyneth Todd Against the New World Order—A Dialogue (Part I)

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 24 2017 3:16 utc | 79

    "...we (the world) are FAR from...", "...during Bush 43 but luckily..."

    Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 24 2017 3:18 utc | 80

    I say this recent interview of Iran's Foreign Minister and thought it relevant here

    Iran’s Foreign Minister quoted as saying Saudi Arabia is behind 94% of terrorist events

    Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 24 2017 5:14 utc | 81

    say/ least my quote doesn't break the format.....grin

    Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 24 2017 5:18 utc | 82

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