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June 27, 2017

White House Says It Will Fake "Chemical Weapon Attack" In Syria

The White House claims that the Syrian government is preparing "chemical weapon attacks". This is clearly not the case. Syria is winning the war against the country. Any such attack would clearly be to its disadvantage. The White House announcement must thereby be understood as preparation for another U.S. attack on Syria in "retaliation" for an upcoming staged "chemical weapon attack" which will be blamed on the Syrian government.

In August 2013 Syria invited inspectors of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to investigate chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian army. As soon as the inspectors arrived in Damascus a "chemical attack" was staged in Ghouta near Damascus. Lots of Jihadist video coverage of killed children was published and the "western" media blamed the incident on the Syrian government. It never explained why targeting a militarily irrelevant area with chemical weapons at the same time as inspectors arrived would have been a rational decision for a Syrian government that was just regaining control and international standing.

The "attack" was clearly staged by the opposition of the Syrian government and its foreign supporters. The Obama administration had planned to use it to launch U.S. attacks on the Syrian government but refrained from this when Russia arranged to remove Syria's strategic chemical weapons, aimed at Israel, instead.

In early 2017 the new U.S. president Trump made positive comments about the Syrian government. Assad can stay, he said. The Syrian military and its allies had gained the upper hand and were victorious on all fronts. Two days later another "chemical attack" was staged in the al-Qaeda held town of Khan Sheikhun. Lots of Jihadi video coverage of killed children, likely prepared in advance, was spilled onto the "western" public. U.S. intelligence knew that no chemical attack by the Syrian government had taken place. But the Trump administration used the incident to launch a volley of cruise missiles against a Syrian military airport. The neoconservatives were delighted. They finally had Trump where they wanted him. The media coverage changed from damming Trump for his alleged "Russian connections" to lauding his decisiveness in response to the faked attack.

Late May the new French president Macron ostensibly changed his position towards the Syrian government. The hostile position of France (and other EU countries) against the Syrian president Assad that had been eminent throughout the last six years changed on a dime:

Macron said that on Syria: “My profound conviction is that we need a political and diplomatic roadmap. We won’t solve the question only with military force. That is a collective error we have made. The real change I’ve made on this question, is that I haven’t said the deposing of Bashar al-Assad is a prerequisite for everything. Because no one has introduced me to his legitimate successor!

But Macron also added:

"I have red lines on chemical weapons and humanitarian corridors. I said it very clearly to Vladimir Putin. I will be uncompromising on that. So the use of chemical weapons will be met with a response, and even if France acts alone.”

This immediately set off my warning lights:

Moon of Alabama @MoonofA - 4:28 PM - 29 May 2017
You like fakes? Tune in to Macron announcing the next False Flag chemical weapon attack in Syria.

Like all "red lines" this one Macron set was an invitation to the Takfiris to launch more fake incidents. Others had a similar reaction to Macron's (fake) turnaround.

The end of the war on Syria is in sight. One can start to tabulate the winners and losers. The U.S. military conceded that it had lost the race to occupy south-east Syria. All these turns in favor of Syria show that the war is practically won unless some of the outside sponsors of the Takfiri "rebels" again escalate.

Such an escalation is now happening. The White House claims to have information that the Syrian government is preparing a chemical weapon attack to kill "innocent children":

In an ominous statement issued with no supporting evidence or further explanation, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the U.S. had “identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children.”

He said the activities were similar to preparations taken before an April 2017 attack that killed dozens of men, women and children, and warned that if “Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.”

Several State Department officials typically involved in coordinating such announcements said they were caught completely off guard by the warning, which didn’t appear to be discussed in advance with other national security agencies. Typically, the State Department, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies would all be consulted before the White House issued a declaration sure to ricochet across foreign capitals.

The White House claim is of course nonsense and not supported by any evidence or logic at all. No one but the White House, not the State Department nor the Defense Department, seems to be informed about this (though that could be a ruse):

Five US defense officials said they did not know where the potential chemical attack would come from and were unaware the White House was planning a statement.

The lunatic U.S. ambassador to the UN jumped in to make it clear that it does not matter who commits whatever crime in Syria, Takfiris, the U.S. or Israel, it will be the Syrian, Russian and Iranian governments who will held guilty of it:

Nikki Haley‏ @nikkihaley - 2:36 AM - 27 Jun 2017
Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people.

A U.S. bomb attack on an Islamic State used building in Mayadin, Syria, just killed 57 prisoners of the Islamic State. Will Nikki Halley hold the Syrian government responsible for this?

Take note of Trump's schedule today:

Laura Rozen‏ @lrozen 8:56 AM - 27 Jun 2017
Trump has call with France's Macron first thing this morning, before intel brief. Then meeting w Nat. Sec. adviser McMaster

Intense U.S. military reconnaissances takes place along the Syrian coast.

The UK Defense Minister just announced that his government is "in full agreement" with any U.S. "retaliation" for a chemical attack in Syria.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis announced that the U.S. will continue to arm its Kurdish proxies in Syria even after ISIS is defeated.

During the last three days Al-Qaeda attacks on Syrian army position near the Israeli occupied Golan heights were supported by Israeli air attacks.

This all is clearly a coordinated operation by the "western" supporters of the Takfiris in Syria. Their aim is to prevent the victory of Syria and its allies. The U.S. wants to split up the country.

The announced fake "chemical attack" and the "retaliation" it is supposed to justify will likely happen in the south-west of Syria around Deraa where all recent attempts by Israel and the U.S. supported Takfiris to dislodge the Syrian government forces have failed. The provocation, now prepared and announced by Macron and the White House and supported by the UK, is probably planned to happen shortly before or during the upcoming G-20 meeting in Hamburg:

President Trump and members of his administration are requesting a full bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit in Germany next month.
While some administration officials have pressed for a quick "pull-aside" meeting at the Group of 20 summit or lower officials talking privately instead of the heads of state, Trump wants an event that includes the media and time for work sessions, according to one government official.

Trump has to make a deal (or war) with Russia and the announced fake "chemical attack" will be the pressure point against Putin. The neoconservatives in his administration want to break up Syria and Trump is tasked to get the Russian agreement for that (... or else.)

Syria insists that its has no chemical weapons nor any intention to use any indiscriminate weapon. Russia warns of any further military aggression and calls such U.S. threats unacceptable.

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Don't you think that if the Americans really intended to make a false flag, they would never issue this warning? For me, looks like the White House, knowing of the possibility of a Pentagon faction to provoke a false flag, issued this warning as an alert to Russians and Syrians and as a vaccin, to avoid this operation.

just impressions, ideas, ideas...

Posted by: Dario | Jun 27 2017 11:56 utc | 1

Intresting b,- on the France connection, perhaps France are the ones feeding the false info to bomb Syria, the sleazy Macron needs a war to get some support?

Anyway, check EU, Western nations, Media these days and see the ugly propaganda being played out, once again the west plan, threat with illegal wars and their media is right there to help them.

Russia is quite uninterested in defending Syria it seems, I think atlteast they could have shipped Syria S300 and put them right in Damascus by know.

Because, after Syria, Russia like Iran and North Korea will also sooner or later be bombed. Be sure about that. These are sick lunatics ruling the american military.
Remember who rule America these days, its not Trump:

Bannon: Trump’s strategy is ‘let the warfighters fight the war’

Posted by: Anon | Jun 27 2017 12:01 utc | 2

the sleazy Macron needs a war to get some support
Really? He's just won the elections massively. What sort of support does he need?

Posted by: Laguerre | Jun 27 2017 12:15 utc | 3

The US Regime is obviously in panic mode.

The SAA is rapidly advancing on three fronts:

1. Raqqa - The SAA is quickly moving around the hapless Kurds and moving to the area south of Raqqa. Ensuring IS is unable to execute their agreement with the US Regime to evacuate towards Deir ez-Zur.

2. Deir ez-Zur - Huge numbers of SAA are quickly approaching the defenders in Deir ez-Zur. Once Deir ez-Zur is secure, the SAA will move north to link up with the SAA forces in al Hasakah.

3. al Bukamal - The SAA and Iraq PMU are working as a unified force on both sides of the border and are preparing to surround the border city.

What this means is:

1. The US Regime partion dreams are dead. There is no viable Kurdish 'state' other than a bunch of clowns pretending to be a new 'government' in Raqqa.

2. The Iraq PMU are increasingly working side by side with the SAA. Any attack by the US Regime puts their bases in Iraq open to attack.

3. The absurd threats from Saudi Arabia towards Qatar now have the various terror groups still alive in Syria attacking each other.

4. Syria is close to a decisive military victory against the foregin terrorists. Once the SAA secures the bulk of the Eurphrates only Idlib and Daraa remain as security problems.

5. Every day the SAA advances and IS or terrorist pockets are cleared, more and more troops are freed up and being moved to the major fronts in either Daraa or the Eurphrates.

6. Turkey and Russia are in complete agreement on preventing any sort of Kurdish state in the north of Syria. Any attempts by the US Regime to establish some sort of giant military base backed by Kurds is going to have to fight Turkey, the SAA, Russia, and quite possibly Iraq.

7. The sucess of the de-escalation zone means that the US Regime is greatly hamstrung in coming up with further faked chemical attacks. The only real options now are Idlib and Daraa.

IS is being wiped out in the eastern Syrian desert by the SAA and in the western desert of Iraq by the PMU. Those giant grey IS areas on battle maps are evaporating and at the same time the entire pretext for the US Regime to be attacking Syria.

Posted by: R Winner | Jun 27 2017 12:17 utc | 4

Right after Khan Sheikhoun preparations were being made in the media for another false flag. Several embarrassingly weak "think" pieces were published in the NYT attempting to rationalize why Syria would use chemical weapons when it weakened the country's defenses.

Now almost three months later the White House is actually staging a roll out of the false flag. Incredible. Legacy media can't raise a ruckus because their complicit in previous false flags.

Russia on the other hand can't back down this time. To do so would be to invite perpetual rape and plunder by the U.S. and its various clients. Russia needs to make a very clear statement right now -- paratroopers dropped around Deraa -- to prevent the false flag from going forward.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Jun 27 2017 12:23 utc | 5

The US military generals got caught with their pants down. They are losing the war -- everything but the wastelands. For the military/intel, losing is FAILURE. They basically get fired. So they will pull any stunt to not "fail".

Of course, the Russians are going to make them fail despite all their "valiant" efforts. Trump better wake up and smell the coffee, or he will wake up to a brilliant flash.

Posted by: blues | Jun 27 2017 12:24 utc | 6

@1 d

i'd look to the cia for false flags, not the pentagon. the pentagon sees itself on the receiving end of the cia's 'fun and games'.

@2 a, 'Russia is quite uninterested in defending Syria it seems, I think at least they could have shipped Syria S300 and put them right in Damascus by know'

i think so too, every time. but i've been wrong everytime so far. it's finally occurred to me that there's more going on than what i know about, and that the russians are dealing with a fuller deck than i am. and that they've spent their lifetimes at this kind of high pressure stuff and have a far better understanding of it all than i do. but don't take my word for it ... look at the results they've gotten.

it is trump, and his direct handlers, who have the bit in their teeth now. no one else - state, nor defense, nor the 'analysis' false-front at the cia - wants to go near this. trump wants to watch himself evolve as something bigger-than-life on tv, and whatever happens in what we quaintly call 'the real world' has no place in his 'thinking'.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 27 2017 12:26 utc | 7


Massivly won? Sleazy Macron won an election where huge part of France didnt even vote not only in the prez. election but in the parliamentary election.
Or please tell us why this sleazy Macron threat Syria with war all of a sudden? For what reason? This guy is globalist 101% this is what people like himself do to get support.
This guy for crying out loud just warned some weeks ago that France will respond to a chemical attack! What more proof do you need?

Posted by: Anon | Jun 27 2017 12:33 utc | 8

Mattis: US arms for Syrian Kurds will continue after Raqqa

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Tuesday that America will continue to provide weapons to Syrian Kurdish fighters after the battle to oust Islamic State militants from Raqqa, Syria, is over.

Mattis said the de-confliction talks continue and are happening at several military levels, to insure that aircraft and ground forces are safe.

what is in maddog's peace pipe? i guess he didn't get the memo on the upcoming retaliation for the - so far, virtual - new 'sarin attack' - which is known to be aimed at babies? not entirely clear which comes first, the attack or the 'retaliation' for it.

the russians are not interested in 'deconflicting' with a lying/out-of-the-loop bunch such as the american general command.

and those same generals are pushing the turks into russia's lap ... i guess when you have a crack outfit - outfit on crack? - like the saudis for allies you don't need anyone else.

the kurds have sold ALL their bona fides down the euphrates with their us/saudi no-matter-what alliance.

it's hard to believe the us wehrmacht is in such obvious disarray. if the russians wait it out, the americans will defeat themselves in syria. looks like in short order, too.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 27 2017 12:48 utc | 9

Ah, that old chestnut again...typical Zionist Hollywood formula...the good cop, bad cop routine. Trump is actually perfect for this shit, his background in shithouse primetime T.V. makes for the perfect dummy agent.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jun 27 2017 12:59 utc | 10

Trump does not need a chemical weapons attack to actually take place in Syria. He may be planning to preempt such an incident. This way there will be no phony White Helmets video footage to dissect. Listen to what the British Defense Minister has to say:

British Defense Minister Michael Fallon said London would support U.S. action to prevent a chemical weapons attack but that it had not seen the intelligence on which Washington based Monday's statement.
according to Reuters here

Posted by: mls | Jun 27 2017 13:07 utc | 11

I guess this is why Sy Hersh's most recent effort didn't get published in the US or just didn't suit the upcoming singular MSM narrative.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jun 27 2017 13:11 utc | 12

Moon is precisely right.

The implied assumption of WH/intel Junta is that Ivan is coward and will not stand.

The implied action is that WH/intel intends attack RuF/Sy?Ir/+ forces.

Assumes Iran etc will not stand.

Is incorrect assumption set.

Failure of WH strategy is thus proximate.

Posted by: Peter Bolshi | Jun 27 2017 13:13 utc | 13

Trump is even more of a idiot than I previously thought. Now he plays patsy for the neo con's hegemonic Empire agenda in taking the blame for the Syrian air base strike on information the intelligence community now claims they had that was inconclusive that Assad did it. Hersh is again the go to mouth piece on this one for the neo cons. If the neo cons narrative on their story of the Assad forces having used gas AGAIN hadn't fallen apart so quickly,even after their MSM backed the story to the hilt, they wouldn't be back tracking with this new line of bovine by product that Trump ordered the strike against the spy agencies best advice. This whole show is a cock and bull offering. The neo cons are getting desperate, like a scene from Hitler's last days in the bunker when the illusion is dissolved that any further military ability is all but crushed. So desperate they US neo con brain trust is willing to go to the poison gas well again and again with their 'tell the big lie often' meme....after all it is only the Syrian civilian population and innocent beautiful babies that will have to die this time around again.I'll give the Israelis some credit for at least having the better excuse for their aggression against the Syrian nation and people.

Posted by: BRF | Jun 27 2017 13:19 utc | 14

After Seymour Hersh ridiculed the White House for having 'punished'
Bashar al Assad, for a crime he has not committed, it was necessary for the White House to show how 'intelligent' they are in preventing 'another' attacks.
Fake face saving!

Posted by: virgile | Jun 27 2017 13:24 utc | 15

Mattis is clearly working secretly with the White House on a plan to counter the steady progress of the SAA. He seems strangely unprepared for recent developments aon the ground. There is still a good possibility he will try something foolhardy like sending his militia at al Tanf north thru SAA lines to join the fight at Deir Ezzor.
The SAA probably won't take Raqqa, but will focus on Deir Ezzor which is only 75 miles away.

Expect the chemical attack to be in the vicinity of deir ezzor.

Posted by: plantman | Jun 27 2017 13:26 utc | 16

Surely this Assad prepares killer tomatoes fairytale is a feint...more likely the spark comes from the Balts or the much kindling.

Posted by: Amanita Amanita | Jun 27 2017 13:33 utc | 17

The recent series of failures of the US in Syria, together with a shift of Turkey on the side of Bashar al Assad's army and France's u-turn on Bashar Assad necessitated a big noise: The threat of a 'new' chemical attack that would united the "friends of Syria" again.
Another infantile drama from desperate Pentagon to show the US relevance in the region!
France will not buy it and Russia will make sure that false flag wont happen again.

Posted by: virgile | Jun 27 2017 13:33 utc | 18

Russia, Iran and Syria need to rain some lead on Al Tanf in an urgent matter.

Only way for the US to acknowledge Ivan et al will not back down.

Posted by: CarlD | Jun 27 2017 13:33 utc | 19

@15 virgile

yeah, but they have to pose in their photo-ops themselves. no one else wants to be seen in pictures with them in the imagined future. the rump loves it ... 'larger than life'.

well, if they shut up now and wait a bit, they can announce that they were successful in preventing the dastardly attack on the babies by 'assad' ...

on the other hand, they may well have to figure out what to do after al-cia-duh 'surprises' them with some dead babies ... they'll be shocked! never imagined that might happen! wasn't in their copy of the script ... it's all a sit-com to them ...

Posted by: jfl | Jun 27 2017 13:34 utc | 20

Looks like Assad is taking a "tour" of Russia's airbase...

Looks like the time frame has been moved up dramatically since b's report... AP also running stories about the US military seeing indications of a chemical weapon being prepared.

Posted by: Out of Istanbul | Jun 27 2017 13:54 utc | 21

I've got a quibble with the intro to this post. It should say...

The White House claims that the Syrian government is preparing "another chemical weapon attack".

"another" is the presumptuous, Hollywood-ish weasel word intended to pre-emptively legitimise the false and unproven Yankee allegations that the Syrian Govt has conducted ANY chemical attacks.
In fact, one could go farther and point out the measures taken by the Christian Colonial Clowns to AVOID producing evidence to support their past claims.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 27 2017 14:12 utc | 22

G20 G20 G20.

If Putin wants to avoid WW3 he must get the leaders of countries like China, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Indonesia, Korea, who else? to stand up behind him and condemn this rush to war.

The time has come for Merkel to make a decision - and it happens to be at her home G20 Summit.

Does Mutti have the cojones???

Posted by: Julian | Jun 27 2017 14:21 utc | 23

I agree with the posters of 15 and 22.

This wreaks of propaganda that is designed to counter the Sy Hersh story and leaks that just came out regarding trump ignoring Intel and attacking Syria anyway. The White House changed the narrative from did trump Le to watch out for a cutout chemo attack and its statement about future chemical strikes claims there was a first strike - it seeks to make a fallacy assumed as true.

It's the same tactc he is using regarding Russian interference. He is redirected there as well to Obama. "Why didn't Obama do anything about the leaks."

That said you can't put anything beyond the empire. SAA, Russia and friends need to be ready.

Posted by: Alaric | Jun 27 2017 14:32 utc | 24

I go along with comments 14 and 15 and see it actually as a response intended to defend against the inference from the Hersh piece that Trump revealed himself to be a moron for succumbing despite the evidence to media propaganda. I think that the problem is that Trump is less than fully in control of elements of his government, possibly even Spicer, as evidenced by the failure to inform the state dept, military and others of the statement, which may not have been fully vetted. I wouldn't be surprised if Spicer's time as press secretary is limited.
The fact that the Hersh piece was published in one of Germany's ueber-establishment organs, Die Welt, is significant. It means that Germany is no longer on board, and I don't see Macron, though he is an empty suit, doing a 180 like some fear, since he takes many of his orders from Merkel. It is seriously disconcerting that the neocons still seem to be able to rule the roost. If any "chemical" attack occurs within a few days or longer away, it will be extremely suspect. Meanwhile, the Russia conspiracy stories in the US seem to be in the early stages of blowing up, with a CNN official being exposed as admitting it was all propaganda, and Loretta Lynch, the ex-Justice Minister, appearing to be becoming a target based on her defence of the Harpy from criminal liability for the email server during the 2016 campaign.
In light of these facts, I think the whole thing more likely shows weakness and disarray, not a serious conspiratorial threat of armageddon, though it could end up blowing up in that direction.

Posted by: exiled off mainstreet | Jun 27 2017 14:33 utc | 25

In pointing to the G20 my expectation is that if there are any US attacks directed at Syrian Government forces in the run-up to the G20 meeting next week there will be no kinetic Russian response at all but howls of outrage and a call for the G20 to condemn the action and rally other G20 nations behind this condemnation.

Posted by: Julian | Jun 27 2017 14:34 utc | 26


Hmmm. If the preemptive strike against an alleged chemical attack preparation takes out Assad? Just serendipity, icing on the cake? Any chance that the message is that these uSA has intelligence on Assad's movements?

Posted by: JaimeInTexas | Jun 27 2017 14:38 utc | 27

And when this same old gas story loses traction it will be back to 'Barrel Bombs'...

Posted by: x | Jun 27 2017 14:45 utc | 28

If Putin wants to avoid WW3 he must ...
Posted by: Julian | Jun 27, 2017 10:21:28 AM | 23

Putin has already decided that WW3 is inevitable.
In a recent MoA thread, someone posted the link to a YouTube of Putin telling the audience at an International Summit recently that Russia has abandoned Missile Defense in favour of the much cheaper option of upgrading its Offensive Nuclear Capability.
Also, Putin alludes to "rougher measures" in the Oliver Stone/ Putin interviews.
And logic, alone, says that it's IMPOSSIBLE to protect everything with a missile shield, so why bother wasting time taking pot shots at incoming missiles, when one can cross one's fingers and launch one's own missiles and annihilate the attackers?
If people in the West don't want WW3 they're going to have to do something about the people who bribe, and own, their politicians.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 27 2017 14:51 utc | 29

I suppose now that CNN has fired three journalists that Special Council Mueller will give notice to his investigators to pack it in and go home. Yep, nothing to see here folks. Sorry for wasting your time. Fat fucking chance. This cat's on a mission and won't be deterred.

It's got to be a bitch for all the former Trumpsters around here who have seen their main man morph from a swamp-draining non-interventionist into a world class warmonger with a cabinet full of world class swamp creatures.

Things certainly didn't work out as planned. Assad is in the cross hairs as is Iran and Hezbollah. It's maybe time to hope that Mueller gets enough dirt, and fast, to dethrone this dangerous president even if it leaves some egg on the face of certain Russian officials and businessmen.

Posted by: peter | Jun 27 2017 15:04 utc | 30

US has seen chemical weapons activity at Syrian airbase: Pentagon

The U.S. regime has recently seen chemical weapons activity at the Shay’rat Airbase in the Homs Governorate, the Pentagon claimed, as reported by Matt Lee of the Associated Press.

this seems pretty whack. the syrians will say hey, come have a look? the us will go and say ... oops, our mistake? what's going on here?

i guess it's the pentagon giving the rump a way to climb down? he can say he 'forced' an inspection? or something?

Posted by: jfl | Jun 27 2017 15:27 utc | 31

@29 HW

A good start would be hanging all those responsible for war crimes...

But until that happens, evil will proceed unabated

Posted by: XLemming | Jun 27 2017 15:27 utc | 32

Posted by: Yinon Pete | Jun 27, 2017 11:04:14 AM | 30

You wish...
Trump hasn't gone beyond tokenism and comedy sketches so far.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 27 2017 15:36 utc | 33

Since we know that Trump gets his info from his favorite cable TV programs and a select few websites and doesn't use the vast resources of the U.S. Intel community, has anyone found the original source for the new Assad allegation?

It would be interesting to see what The Donald is reading nowadays.

Posted by: Christian Chuba | Jun 27 2017 15:44 utc | 34

thanks b.. no proof needed with the west... lies and insinuation of responsibility is all that is needed...

ditto many comments here..

@ 22 Hoarsewhisperer.. yeah - 'another' when they haven't verified any previously... more lies and insinuation of responsibility absent any facts... who needs facts when you want to destroy another country? @29 quote "If people in the West don't want WW3 they're going to have to do something about the people who bribe, and own, their politicians." but hoarsewhisperer - that is what all these lies and deception are meant to do - keep the people in the west completely ignorant of the facts and reality.. dontcha know that lying to your people in the msm regularly keeps the sheeple quiet and passive? us freaks here at moa are in a real minority..

Posted by: james | Jun 27 2017 15:49 utc | 35

@34 chuba - they just make this shit up man... the first source i saw was from yesterday spicer idiot..

Posted by: james | Jun 27 2017 15:51 utc | 36

from al masdar - BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:55 P.M.) – The U.S. regime has recently seen chemical weapons activity at the Shay’rat Airbase in the Homs Governorate, the Pentagon claimed, as reported by Matt Lee of the Associated Press.

This latest claim by the Pentagon comes just hours after the U.S. State Department issued a warning to the Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, about carrying out a chemical weapons attack.

No further details were released.

The Shay’rat Airbase was the military installation the U.S. attacked in early April after the Trump regime accused the Syrian government of carrying out a chemical weapons attack on the city of Khan Sheikhoun in southern Idlib.

Posted by: james | Jun 27 2017 16:16 utc | 37

Laguerre 8:15:03 AM | 3
"He's [Macron] just won the elections massively."
Bullshit, Macron won about 16 % of the total of the french electorate. His majority is due to the electoral system. And you certainly know that. Macron wants to introduce neoliberal 'reforms' and therefore badly needs a distracting war.
I only hope that for one time Putin will act uncompromising. Even if he is a neoliberal idiot too he is on the relatively right side of the history.

Posted by: Pnyx | Jun 27 2017 16:18 utc | 38

This is where the lack of any institutional or grassroots antiwar movement in the United States is a big problem. Yes, there are no checks and balances -- not Congress, not the courts, not the press. But where are the hundreds of thousands in the streets like in the run up to the invasion of Iraq? Too bad the Orangemen allowed the Tory's to cobble together a majority. Corbyn could have been counted on to call bullshit on Trump.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Jun 27 2017 16:27 utc | 39

US global image plummets under Trump, survey shows...therefore I Donald Trump must bomb Syria because thats what my friends in EU, Nato, MSM loves. War.

Posted by: Anon | Jun 27 2017 16:31 utc | 40

Elijah J. Magnier‏

Talking 2decision makers in #Baghdad, I can tell u: differences btw PM Abadi & PMU is huge. Abadi stopping PMU from taking borders w/ #Syria

PM Abadi office says (in private) that #USA is putting pressure to prevent PMU from meeting #Syria/n forces on the other side of the borders

This is the real news.

Everyone should have known this was coming. Iraq PM Abadi is folding under US Regime pressure to stop the PMU from securing the border.

This act of sabotage by the US Regime is most likley derail the SAA being able to move forward with their Euphrates battle plans.

Posted by: R Winner | Jun 27 2017 16:37 utc | 41

There exist plentiful historical examples of media complicity in trumping up lies for warmongers.

Remember Cheney's "stovepipe". Story gets planted by an unnamed government official (Scooter Libby), story then written (Miller) and published (Sultzberger) in the paper of record, story is then cited by government official(s) (Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, et al) as factual because it derived from the vaunted NYT as it was spread further in other print media, tv and radio.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Jun 27 2017 16:40 utc | 42

Great posts here, along with them I must comment. There are still some dumb fucks that maintain Trump is in charge of this and impeaching him would somehow stop the march to war in Syria with Iran and Russia.

Get this through your fucking thick skulls!! The agenda doesn't waver, it stays the same whether Clinton or Trump or whoever else if you impeach them. Get your heads out of your asses!!

Apologies to those just waking up.

Posted by: Gravtomic | Jun 27 2017 17:04 utc | 43

jfl @31 - odd, Matt Lee of the AP is a State Department journo NOT the Pentagon/DoD, that is he was during the Zero years.

I realize I'm going out on a limb here with what I'm about to write, but somebody's gotta do it.

When a master persuader announces to the world 'We are watching you XYZ' backed by a threat, aren't we really just witnessing a power play of some kind here? The claim is easy enough to refute with Syria inviting U.S. command to visit the air base pronto, right? The next logical question, at least for me, is what's at the air base the US wants to learn about?

Secondly, if the WH has indeed caught wind of a chemical false flag attack in the works and they want to remove suspicions of the Syrian military as being the responsible party, what better way to thwart such a diabolical attack than by clearing the air base of lacking any kind of chemical weapons after getting an all clear from a quick US military inspection?

And going out even further on that there limb, what if such an inspection served as cover for an off the record tarmac kind of discussion b/w who knows who? Maybe about the upcoming G-20 talks? We all know the WH has many, many ears listening and leaking. What better cover to pass on key info b/w the negotiating parties for the meeting than to meet at the Syrian airport?

If there is nothing else I've learned since Trump came into office it's that you never take any of his wording at face value. There are always layered agendas we only learn about as weeks go by. His strategy skills are totally different from any ever seen on the national stage. Trying to use 'connect the dots' skills from yore simply do not apply when trying to figure out what in world he's really up to.

I know my thinking aloud theories here are out of the box. I think we all need to learn to think outside of the norms we've all grown accustomed to in the world of politic b/c Trump is on a different playing field. Not that it's better or worse, just different.

Posted by: h | Jun 27 2017 17:19 utc | 44

3...Really, Macron won by around 27% of the vote. Parliamentary systems can so misleading. Problem is the fact other French parties are just neoliberal mirror images like the duopoly of America.

Posted by: ger | Jun 27 2017 17:20 utc | 45

In the article referenced by B, Magnier claims Israel is a major winner of the Syrian crisis. I beg to differ. Israel sought to hurt Iran and Hezbollah. The latter has sustained casualties but it is battle hardened and in possession of more and better weapons.

Iran now has a direct military presence on the Israeli border and troops throughout Syria. Syria's air defenses have been strengthened. Russia has a large presence in Syria. ISIS and AQ are out of control and is just a matter of time before they screw with Israel. The Sunni anti Iran alliance is fragmenting and no one knows what side Turkey is on. Egypt is closer to Russia than its been in a long time and information showing Israel is supporting terrorists is leaking in the MSM.

This is a huge fiasco for Israel for all the reasons mentioned but especially because Iran is emerging from this stronger and her enemies are weaker and divided.

Posted by: Alaric | Jun 27 2017 17:24 utc | 46

All the discussions about Macron - whether he has won the majority or not or he decides w/o being influenced: Remember who is the Ambassador of France in DC and who were the Ambassador issuing those Blue draft at the UNSC in 2011/2012/2013 against Assad when Sarko and Hollande were President (Samantha Power knew she could count on him.)

Macron is taking orders from Quai d'Orsay and there is a couple of larrons there who are in bed with the Americans to ensure that Assad should GO. Ambassador Araud , now in DC will make sure to influence Macron since he was working hard to ensure that he wins the Presidential election.

Posted by: Yul | Jun 27 2017 17:29 utc | 47

Going on on the number of players like Macron that were talking nicely of Syria, at the same time giving out warnings, an attack was planned and co-ordinated involving a lot of players.
The announcement by Spicer seems to have taken these players by surprise?? A definite heads up to everyone, not just the takfiri's that a false flag attack was in the planning. Empty headed Haley, quick to jump on the wagon and post some crap on twitter - but take a look at the response. 99% of comments under her post said straight up US was planning a false flag attack.
Trump understands social media. It is how he won the election. Why advertise to the whole world what is being planned?

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 27 2017 17:34 utc | 48

Get your heads out of your asses!!
Apologies to those just waking up.
Posted by: Gravtomic | Jun 27, 2017 1:04:17 PM | 43

Two questions...
1. Who do you propose should replace Trump?
2. Why would that person be better than Trump?

Please list 10 guaranteed improvements...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 27 2017 17:41 utc | 49

Its easy to see that another US attack on Syria was inevitable as soon as one recognizes that Trump is a Clinton protege. Consider:

>> Trump supported Clinton in 2008. So much so that he took up the 'birther' nonsense that Clinton started;

>> Ivanka and Chelsea are good friends;

>> Trump's quickness to announce that he will not prosecute Clinton;

>> Trump's attack on Syria and cozying up to Saudis - broke his 'America First' campaign pledges AND went against his own advice to Obama in 2013 (not to attack Syria).

The talk of Trump's being forced FORCED! by the 'Deep State' to bomb Syria for political reasons is nonsense. Faux populist Presidents are tools of the 'Deep State'. Citizens United means no true populist will ever be elected.

Those who make excuses for faux populist Presidents are apologists responding to bogus allegations from a deliberately crazed opposition. Forcing the public to focus on 'Fake News' and partisan bullshit keeps them from questioning what is really going on.

The next attack will also target Assad.

PS I've written about of all of this at

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jun 27 2017 17:43 utc | 50

#29 HW
If people in the West don't want WW3 they're going to have to do something about the people who bribe, and own, their politicians.

Which people do you mean? Soros? Rothschild?
Come on, the politicians themselves are guilty as hell and must be brought for war tribunals.
Bush jr., Blair, Sarkozy, Obama, Hillary and so on.

Posted by: From The Hague | Jun 27 2017 17:55 utc | 51

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 27, 2017 1:41:21 PM | 48

It doesn't matter, that was my point, name anyone and he or she will be bombing Syria, attacking Iran as the supporter of terrorism, warning and sanctioning Russia and so on, within months probably weeks into his or her term.

Posted by: Gravtomic | Jun 27 2017 18:10 utc | 52

@41 R Winner.. yeah, that is real news.. and do you like i, believe that russia and iran are also privy to it? i think everyone can see where this is going.. it is the same agenda for many years... the usa and their headchopping friends haven't strayed from it one bit..

Posted by: james | Jun 27 2017 18:16 utc | 53

fwiw here is elijah j. m. article - (fairly long one) up for today..

Posted by: james | Jun 27 2017 18:19 utc | 54

Excellent reporting and analysis by b. There's also a decent piece by Mercouris, who holds that this is just a White House eruption of hubris. It may cause a false flag but it doesn't foretell one.

What all this means is that almost certainly no US attack on Syrian forces is being planned. The media is mistaking a blundering attempt at news management for a real threat.

Unfortunately that does not mean that a US attack on Syria will not take place. The risk with making wild threats of the kind the White House has just made is that there are any number of dangerous people in Syria who will seize on them and try to make them a reality. The risk of another staged ‘chemical attack’ intended to put pressure Trump to act on his ‘warning’ is now very real.
-- White House ‘warning’ of ‘imminent threat of chemical attack in Syria’ is phoney. Here’s why

And if the timing does have to do with the upcoming G20 - don't I recall that Putin used one of the previous ones to show the real evidence of some event (sorry, I forget which) to the leaders of the nations present? This could be an interesting meeting.

Posted by: Grieved | Jun 27 2017 18:44 utc | 55

Everyone goes batshit crazy about the use of chemical weapons while other kinds of weapons seem entirely acceptable. I suppose chemical weapons have special status because of their use in WW 1, shocking the world, resulting in a treaty banning them. Some others, like cluster bombs and white phosphorous, have been prohibited by individual countries , but all others seem to be acceptable, including nuclear weapons. Chemical weapons kill babies, none of the other kinds do. P.S. Macron to craft by half.

Posted by: Quentin | Jun 27 2017 18:48 utc | 56

International law is dead, so is the UN. Law is dictated by the barrel of the gun. US tyranny only goes after soft targets. The North Korean dynasty made the absolute right choice in procuring their nuclear deterrent.

Posted by: xor | Jun 27 2017 18:54 utc | 57

The assertion that "they" know the pre-victims already is damning. Pre-blame* has been assigned.

It doesn't get anymore obviously bogus than that. Hopefully sane ppl (voters AND policy makers) see that these pronouncements/pronouncers are vaudeville slapstick laughingstock objects of ridicule, raise a stink and/or get serious.

*brilliant phrasing h/t Eva Bartlett

Posted by: ritzl | Jun 27 2017 18:59 utc | 58

@53 James

Thanks for link...

Posted by: crone | Jun 27 2017 18:59 utc | 59

A recent at AMN

The twitter acc the article links to here
Some interesting stuff there if correct. Much US air activity in the last few hours off the coast of Syria including three recon flights.

Carrier George HW Bush has just entered the mediterranean.

The other thing of interest is that Russian aircraft now fly directly to Syria across Turkey rather than taking the long way via Caspian/Iraq.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 27 2017 19:01 utc | 60

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 27, 2017 1:41:21 PM | 48

It doesn't matter, that was my point, name anyone and he or she will be bombing Syria, attacking Iran as the supporter of terrorism, warning and sanctioning Russia and so on, within months probably weeks into his or her term.
Posted by: Gravtomic | Jun 27, 2017 2:10:51 PM | 51

I think you just disappointed both of us. Are you American?
They love headless chook frenzies.
Xymphora summed it up beautifully a year or so ago...

"Let's do SOMETHING, even if it's stupid."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 27 2017 19:42 utc | 61

Tel call to Macron this AM, Carrier entering Mediterranean, Navy and USAF reconnaissances along Syria's coast
are ominous events after the WH announcements and the Brits tagging along.

The writing is on the wall. Assad should take shelter somewhere.

The US will want to overwhelm air defenses with a swarm of F-18s and cruise missiles or the threat thereof to keep
the Russians quiet while they preempt the "heinous Assad'd attack on babies" by bombing the $!&% out of Syria
and Iranian elements in Syria.

All based on the assumption that the Bear will stay mum while they chastise Syria and Assad and the Iranians if they show an overwhelming array of forces.

Dangerous gamble. Will the carrier be whithin range of Ivan's cruise missiles and Iran's rockets?

Will it happen while Putin is at the G20? This is a summit Putin should forego. He would not be in the best position to take a decision.

Time to kiss our ^$$#2 good bye or move to the Amazon

Posted by: CarlD | Jun 27 2017 19:56 utc | 62

KSA's ultimatum to Qatar expires on July 3rd, just agead of the G20 summit on July 7/8th..

Posted by: Lozion | Jun 27 2017 20:02 utc | 63

For me, this "pre blame" statement is meant to act as a blanket covering up numerous bad news erupting: Trump Care being proven to be Death Care as thousands will die prematurely when their mediocre heath care insurance gets cancelled and Medicare gets gutted, "The best estimate based on scientific studies is that about 29,000 Americans would die each year as a result,"

New Pew International Study shows 74% have No Confidence in Trump, which would likely be even more if the survey were taken today,

The recent admission covered here that the Outlaw US Empire has lost in Syria and is making the alt-media rounds.

A new study shows global carbon sinks are filled and essentially backing-up with CO2 concentrations still rapidly rising despite the leveling of emissions,

And a host of other bad news could be listed as well, one being that CNN has finally admitted that Russiagate was totally contrived to increase "ratings," with 3 key staff members either resigning or fired. It's hard to gauge how deep domestic resistance to the Republican agenda is currently given Trump's entire set of campaign points are now proven lies faster than any previous president's.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 27 2017 20:04 utc | 64

Q @ 55

Chemical weapons kill babies, none of the other kinds do. P.S. Macron to craft by half.

Funny how the emphasis on children is a common thread -- yes, the media needs to shock the reader and violence against children is clearly the lever of choice. The WH statement almost sounds like a threat.

Posted by: stumpy | Jun 27 2017 20:19 utc | 65

@ 43 gravtomic

I was sad the way you broke the news about the president having no power to stop all-out war. Here I was thinking that he did. I suppose they should take those nuclear briefcases away from him and give them to somebody that can use them.

Where was the deep state when Obama elected not to pull the fucking trigger on Syria? Time wasn't right? His instructions were different?

Trump, on the other hand, has thrown down the gauntlet. Fired the diplomats and put the generals in charge. Maybe because he's besties with the folks Obama kept at arm's length. Different prez comes with different deep state?

Why were most posters so fervently pro-Trump before the election if it meant absolutely fuck-all? I guess they are just as stupid as I am. That's comforting.

Anyhow, keep us up to date on what's really going on.

Posted by: peter | Jun 27 2017 20:26 utc | 66

Note the coincidence with the 3 CNN dipshits resigning over, of all things, fake news. Hopefully it spreads to the WaPo and PBS and their global equivalents.

Trump has some domestic victories under his belt, the Supreme Court upholding his travel ban, the CNN 3 little pigs, Modi's cameo, Obama administration under fire for allowing alleged Russian hacking to go unpunished, booming stock market, et alia...

So, thinking sideways, suppose all this good news for Trump are gifts from the PTB in advance of another retaliatory strike against the Syrian windmill? If State and DOD are not parties to the new chemical strike project, then the source is exclusive to the WH? Or is Trump's team looking for a PR surge by attacking Syria in its typical symbolic whilst inneffective way?

Looks like their game is lost in Syria. Unless ally Israel wants to push across the Golan and take Damascus on its own, I smell desperation too.

Not only in the US -- UK needs a distraction from the burning tower/£1BN bribe to Irish MPs, France has a new pretty boy who needs to prove himself a badass -- all in the face of the Qatari divorce that appears to solidify the R+6 (7?) platform for the new silk road.

Posted by: stumpy | Jun 27 2017 20:38 utc | 67

peter @ 65

Things get more partisan during elections, sanity partially returns after. Hillary not elected, mission accomplished. We'll never know if this clusterfuck is worse than what could have been. I don't think the term "snowflake" has been used here for weeks.

Posted by: stumpy | Jun 27 2017 20:46 utc | 68

@55 quentin / @64 stumpy... i agree quentin.. it has ran thru my mind many times before.. why make this special status for chemical weapons.. all of the shit that kills people is bad.. and yeah - the combo of chemical attack murdering innocent children - that one two punch that the usa and it's headchopping friends in the west trot out gets very tiring... if any of them actually cared, they would put a stop to all their war making and leave syria alone.. alas, they are too into making war to stop.. one day this will stop but the lying msm will be long gone by then...

Posted by: james | Jun 27 2017 20:47 utc | 69

Which people do you mean? Soros? Rothschild?
Come on, the politicians themselves are guilty as hell and must be brought for war tribunals.
Bush jr., Blair, Sarkozy, Obama, Hillary and so on.
Posted by: From The Hague | Jun 27, 2017 1:55:50 PM | 50

I'm not fussy. I mean every person/entity which "donates" to political parties in the West. No exceptions.
Allowing donations to political parties should be illegal because it facilitates the privateisation (Private ownership) of the parties. It has led to the delegitimisation, in the eyes of The Public, by the MSM skunks & weasels, of candidates who have not been nominated by a large, corrupt, Privately Owned, political party.
In the interim, donations to political parties should be made through a single Central Clearing House, with Rules.
1. No anonymous donations.
2. Every donor must have a valid name, address & 24/7 phone number.
3. A donor making multiple, frequent, small donations, shall be prosecuted for devious humbuggery and banned from ANY political activity for 3years and get 2 years in the jug if caught cheating on the ban.
4. The Central Clearing House shall keep a Publicly Accessible, searchable Register of each and every donation. The Register will be updated each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and sworn to be fully up to date in the first week of every month.

etc, etc.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 27 2017 20:51 utc | 70

69 have a read through this recent article. I have often thought about the legalised corruption that is called sponsorship and consultancies, but this article stunned me as to how open the US is to all this shit.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 27 2017 21:01 utc | 71

From @21 -- AP also running stories about the US military seeing indications of a chemical weapon being prepared.

How would the US military "see" such preparations? Are there 3 witches around a boiling kettle?

Would not anyone preparing poison attacks do it out of sight?

Posted by: jawbone | Jun 27 2017 21:04 utc | 72

The article I linked to @70 is about the Koch organisation putting its people into the Trump government to influence policy. What stunned me is how they are openly proud of their achievement in getting their people into the admin after Trump won and how open they are on doing this purely for the purpose of influencing government policy.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 27 2017 21:07 utc | 73

james @68--

Thanks for all your replies; they're nice to read! As for chemical weapons, I once argued that all weapons are chemical in their makeup and ought to be banned--isn't that what the Periodic Table qualifies, that all elements are chemical in their nature? The onset of life is now understood as a series of chemical processes (still ongoing) that allowed for complete replication and thus regeneration, which is why chemical pollutants are such a threat to life's structure. And as usual, the greatest abuser/user of chemical weapons is the accuser itself--The Outlaw US Empire.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 27 2017 21:17 utc | 74

"This little game has been going on for 68 years. Specifically, the U.S.government has been trying to replace the Syrian government with folks who will be
subservient to America since 1949 … 3 years after Syria became an independent nation. The CIA succeeded in carrying out a coup in Syria 1949. In 1957, the American president and British prime minister agreed to launch regime change again in Syria using a false flag. (False flags are not only historically documented, but presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, generals, spooks, soldiers and police have ADMITTED to planning and carrying out false flag attacks).In 1983, 1986, 1991, 2001, 2009 and 2012, American officials again schemed about regime change in Syria." from Zerohedge.

Posted by: frances | Jun 27 2017 22:03 utc | 75

According to a few news articles, Pentagon spokesman Naval Captain Jeff Davis has also made a statement to the press. Nothing Showing at the DOD website so I tried the US navy website.
At the moment the US navy seems pre-occupied with LGBT events.
Three latest US navy news articles...

Naval Intelligence Commander Keynotes LGBT Pride Event (27 June 2017)
Rear Adm. Robert Sharp, director of the National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office and commander of Office of Naval Intelligence, jumped at the opportunity to speak at this year's Sixth Annual Intelligence Community (IC) Pride Summit held at FBI Headquarters.

Truxtun Sailors Celebrate Pride Month (26 June 2017)
The Cultural Diversity Education Team (CDET) aboard USS Truxtun (DDG 103) hosted a program on the ship's mess decks to celebrate Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month, June 23.

NAVSUP Headquarters Celebrates LGBT Pride Month 2017 (26 June 2017)
Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Headquarters recognized Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month during an event with Nicole Miller, director, TransCentralPa Family, June 26.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 27 2017 22:18 utc | 76

So, what's happening on the battlefront to provoke this extremely clumsy false flag threat? Well, it's not good for the Outlaw US Empire and its terrorist proxies. Here's the very latest from Canthama:

"News that you won’t hear before few days from the two key battle fields at the moment:

"1) Ithriyah-Resafa – The situation is the following:

– ISIS defending fiercely the last 10 kms of road, the use of TOWs and VBIEDs has been huge, way higher than ISIS using at Raqqa city.
– The amount of mines and IEDs has been also a key reason for the delay in closing the gap.
– The pocket in eastern Khanaser is not defended by a large amount of ISIS terrorists, though they do have the fire power to deliver unnecessary KIA for the SAA and allies.
– Not surprisingly the final showdown is at the Ithriyah oil & gas field and the Zakia crossroad, last

"In few days we will hear from the MoD that the road is 100% safe, with that, the whole pocket will be ISIS free, and the battle for Northeastern Hama and Central Homs will seriously kick off, everything is timed and coordinated at this point, event the Desert Hawks are moving to the NE Hama area, this offensive will happen as soon as the MoD declares the road safe.;380056571;354423513;0;0;1155281;241908

"2) T3-T2 road and the shortest way to Der ez Zor

"The Syrian desert is seeing a classic warfare in the past few weeks, tanks battling tanks, impressive CAS and the incredible amount of TOWs use. So far the SAA and its allies have done an amazing job.

"As reported in the last few days, the Syrian High Command made the call to go for the kill on T3-T2 without clearing Bir al Jafeef pocket that was somehow slowing the advance down.

"Once the decision was made, the SAA advanced 70-90 kms and basically took control of the road up to Hamaymah village, leaving the pocket to be dealt latter, which happened today in fact. The whole area around T3 is now 100% safe, and the implications are many:
– The SAA is about to declare 100% liberated the Hail gas field.
– The SAA has now control of part of a desert road that can lead to Der ez Zor;389245605;345190041;0;0;10025024;3534076;12387084;6761296

"The current situation around T3-T2 is as following:
– Humaymah is reported safe, though we wont hear from MoD.
– Fight is around T2, but the critical aspect is the cut off on many desert roads from al Bukamal to T2, Iraq border and to Mayaden.

"Future battle will toward the desert village of Faydat Bin Muwaynah.;397869873;344796749;0;0;1977539;2108582

"The next key component of the offensive to Der ez Zor will be inside the red triangle below, the T2 is a key corner, Faydat Bin Muwaynah is a frontline against crazy suicidal ISIS coming from Mayaden, al Hail and Doubayat gas fields are another important component, as well as the possibility to control multiple roads that reach Der ez Zor, from the busy highway bypassing al Sukhanah or desert roads.;389163208;343593089;13815307;0;7717895;7055401;0;3586021

"With all the above plus the real unreported progress by the SAA, there is good reason to hope for the SAA and allies to reach Der ez Zor in very few weeks and not months.

"There is no doubt that the US is struggling to adapt to this new situation, minimum to zero control of the Iraq border, the loss of initiative to control al Bukamal, the loss of initiative to delay the SAA to reach Der ez Zor.

"There is no doubt that the last possible alternative for the US to delay the SAA and allies is to use another murderous false flag in Syria so the use of cruise missiles and air attacks are wide spread on all fronts, but then they may find it harder to face AAs and RuAF/SAAF, the allied force is indeed waiting for the US to make another bad decision.

"The SAA and allies can not and will not be distracted with what the US may try to do, they will continue to press forward at high speed toward Der ez Zor while killing as many as US backed ISIS as possible."

At this juncture, I don't know of anything the Evil Empire can do to thwart defeat of its plans.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 27 2017 22:19 utc | 77

#25 off mainstreet

That second paragraph about the Welt allowing this to come out mirrors my own thoughts. Furthermore, what if Macron's main assigned role is to simply keep an eye on Merkel and on her successor?

Posted by: Quadriad | Jun 27 2017 22:19 utc | 78

Melville's, Moby Dick , understood well that the United States was a mslignant enttity.

Posted by: Giap | Jun 27 2017 22:36 utc | 79

Chemicals - White Phosphorus can be used "legally" according to the doctrine of assholes whom deem it so - for ILLUMINATION purposes.

Of course, Israel and the US have blasted human beings (civilians, of course, including women and children) with it in any case using the bullshit ILLUMINATION fig leaf cover story.

It is horribly disfiguring and often deadly when it lands on someone.

Posted by: fast freddy | Jun 27 2017 22:44 utc | 80

Thank you for the comments and thought-provoking analysis, all. My 2 cents:

I am still not sure whether the spat between KSA/Qatar is all it seems, especially now. We know that Turkey has moved troops and F-16s towards Qatar, under the pretext of defending against any KSA aggression towards Qatar. There are also several reports of Israel moving its jets to the KSA, under the pretext of defending against a possible coup (if these reports are to be believed).

My gut instinct at the time was that this was a ruse, designed to give approprite cover for moving these chess pieces towards the Persian Gulf. Erdogan flips on a dime, and I wouldn't rule out the possibility of the US giving him something he couldn't possibly refuse in exchange for some ground/air support. Qatar's opinion on that matter would be irrelevant, I think - Turkey can be either an ally or an enemy, depending on who makes the best offer.

With this recent WH announcement, I am reminded of a commentator here from a thread way back (maybe 2-3 months ago), who suggested that Trump's style involved utilizing "asymmetrical leadership to wage asymmetrical warfare". Who's behind this most recent announcement? Is the US going after Syria? Or is it Iran? Syria again? It could very well be both.

Apologies if I am ill-informed on some of my statements/assumptions here; please feel free to correct me. I am short on time these days and generally do not go outside MoA/Facebook/Reddit for news anymore.

Bless you all for doing God's work. The oft-unwritten history of the world both fascinates and terrifies me.

Posted by: ragehead | Jun 27 2017 23:17 utc | 81

you wil find that US also orhestrated GHOUTA attack, as it used that as an excuse to attack damascus..but such planning to manouvre the navy takes time

Posted by: brian | Jun 27 2017 23:22 utc | 82

The United States saw what appeared to be active Syrian preparations for a possible chemical weapons attack at Shayrat airfield, the same Syrian airfield the United States struck in April, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said on Tuesday.

"This involved specific aircraft in a specific hangar, both of which we know to be associated with chemical weapons use," Davis said, speaking by phone from Washington.


CBS Evening News also said US military reported heavy activity at air field bombed in April and overheard communications to SAA chemical weapons group.

Posted by: jawbone | Jun 27 2017 23:34 utc | 83

I asked Canthama about al-Bukamal and Iraq's PMU being hindered by Iraq PM. What follows is his answer:

"Al Bukamal-al Qaim has been US point to exchange weapons, money and goods with ISIS for a long time. This is the place where most of the US/UK/Israhell weapons supply came to ISIS, visually checked by hundreds of Iraqis and widely reported since 2014. The US has also abused its luck with dozens of Helis landing and taking off near al Bukamal, all reported as covert ops but they were not.

"Iraq has a delicate situation, it curved to the US regime back in 2014, to hold ISIS in Iraq. By them US decided to push ISIS to Syria while reducing ISIS footprint in Iraq, a lot of things went wrong and ISIS became bigger than initially intended.

"Abadi has been navigating under tremendous pressure, the financial State of Iraq has difficulties due to the lower oil prices, the US manipulates weapons/hardware deliveries and last but not least the US has a strong influence in the Iraq Army.

"Having said that, the PMU has a strong influence of Iran and Hizballah, while now it belongs to the Iraq Army influence, it has no to minimum relationship with the US inside Iraq, it has been targeted by the USAF many times, the last major one near al Qaim/al Bukamal, interesting coincidence right ?

"The situation with the PMU is excellent, it is getting more power, like the IRGC in Iran, and Abadi is doing that, besides, it has so many branches that people simply can not follow it as a whole unit, several of the PMU branches are heavily present in Syria, many thousands are in fact in the Syrian desert and is supporting the border clean up process from the Syrian side, and the US can not do a thing about that.

"Abadi knows it has to balance the US pressure with the Iranian one, but it is Iraq that has a C&C in Baghdad with Syria, Russia, Iran and Hizballah.

"So, yes, Abadi says thing to calm the US down, but the PMU has life of its own, the US can not stop the PMU in cleaning up all the the Syrian-Iraqi border, it will happen in the next months for sure, up to Sinja.

"Keep in mind Mosul will be ISIS free in few days, Tal Afar will be also liberated in a month or so, than there is Hawija pocket, it will be held by the Iraqi Army, mostly, so the PMU will have the Iraq desert to play wilth, meaning Nineveh and Anbar.

"Folks are wrong to think the PMU is only a Shia force, it is primarily Shia due to the larger population in Iraq, but is has a lot of Sunnis, Yazidis, Kurds and Christians. They have turned into a formidable force, and will be used in easing down the situation with the Kurds up north later on."

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 27 2017 23:35 utc | 84

When a long campaign is about to be concluded is when the danger is the most high.. (pseudo) Sun Tzu

Posted by: Lozion | Jun 27 2017 23:36 utc | 85

Great headline, b! White House says it will fake Syrian chemattack. What else could any halfway informed person possibly conclude? The incredible evil of the oligarchs who have control of the US and her military and the media. But still some will say that there are no conspiracies.

Posted by: Penelope | Jun 28 2017 0:01 utc | 86

France seems to have it in for some of its former colonies. Will it also go after Algeria and Lebanon? Israel would love that for the latter. Getting the US to join in or even lead the way would be even better ... for them.
The latest announcement from the US seems to be to keep the drums beating even while claiming to not be at war with Syria. The USG must be disappointed at the lack of success at regime change while being successful at destroying most of the country.

Posted by: Curtis | Jun 28 2017 0:17 utc | 87

@41 regarding pressure on PM Abadi.

Good catch, but even if Abadi wanted to comply with US demands, what exactly could he do? I don't think ANY is directly under his control and I doubt the Iraqi army will follow any orders to attack them. I'm sure he can drag his feet and try to complicate things, but he is at least as vulnerable to Iranian pressure, not to mention domestic public opinion and the numerous armed militias.

Posted by: lysander | Jun 28 2017 0:18 utc | 88

Peter AU@59 - I'm watching the recent gaggle of recon and EW birds off the Lebanese coast with great interest. No idea what it means specifically, but in general: something bad.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jun 28 2017 0:23 utc | 89

I'm with b on this one.

So just "coincidentally" all these "coincidences" are playing out a week after the US military was forced to admit humiliating defeat in Syria AND Seymour Hersh's piece detailing the appalling thuggish buffoonery and incompetence of the Trump administration was published for all to read? No way. The USG is in damage control mode and as usual many innocent people are going to die violent deaths in the name of upholding western delusions.

Posted by: Temporarily Sane | Jun 28 2017 0:34 utc | 90

I missed this one earlier.

#NOTAM & navigation warnings in force around #Cyprus tomorrow - Russian Navy exercise area off the #Syria coast.

As you say Paveway, looks like something not good brewing. Makes me wonder why the white house took it upon themselves to announce it, catching the other players with their pants down.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 28 2017 0:42 utc | 91

Well, more or less asking the rebels to do some false-flag soon enough is the most obvious and probable explanation.
That said, I'm wondering if it couldn't be the other way around. A few people in intelligence agencies and US administration got wind that some rebels/group was considering a false-flag chemical attack in the near future. Having US going so public just before would make it kind of hard to convince the world, even US people, that it was really Assad who was suicidal enough to do such an attack right after getting warned. Basically, a way to tell that group to rethink its plan because it would be a far harder sell and many people would begin to doubt SAA's guilt.
That's a bit far-fetched and based on the possible presence of sane agents in US administration. So I give this hypothesis still a low probability.

About the US recon flights, could they be mostly monitoring that incoming Russian navy exercise? Or could they be related to the growing Turkish pressure on Afrin?

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jun 28 2017 0:58 utc | 92

One desperate move the US and allies could try to make vis a vis the alleged chemical attack is to kill Assad, as they couldn't stop the SAA's advance on DAYR EL-ZOR.

Posted by: Sektion 2B | Jun 28 2017 1:09 utc | 93

@73 karlof1..thanks! and thanks for the excellent overview @76/83.. much appreciation for your many fine posts..thanks.

add to it all @79 fast freddys comments... unfortunate for the folks on the receiving end of usa-israel continued use of white phosphorous - these fuckers who continue to play everyone for fools thru the management of the msm, are doing a piss poor job on anyone who actually pays attention to who is doing what in all this..

@84 lozion... true.. unfortunately it can also turn into something different, which i am sure the warmongers are working on at the moment, with the compliant us armed forces in tow... it seems these military freaks don't know much other then blowing up and killing... stepping back isn't in the usa vocabulary as far as i can tell...

@86 curtis... france is a total stooge for the empire, especially now with macron leading...i got a kick out of his recent comment about assad can stay... i read that shit upside down.. the next day or so he talks about chemical attack is a red line.. these folks are all talking off the same warmongering script and fooling no one.. i hope the banksters he represents rot in hell..

Posted by: james | Jun 28 2017 1:34 utc | 94

no shortage of possible '''desperate moves''' on the part of the west with headchopping cult in two... that seems to be mostly all they have at this point..

Posted by: james | Jun 28 2017 1:36 utc | 95

@78 Giap

Moby Dick, chapter 1

Call me Ishmael. Some years ago - never mind how long precisely - having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. ...

I always go to sea as a sailor, because of the wholesome exercise and pure air of the fore-castle deck. For as in this world, head winds are far more prevalent than winds from astern (that is, if you never violate the Pythagorean maxim), so for the most part the Commodore on the quarter-deck gets his atmosphere at second hand from the sailors on the forecastle. He thinks he breathes it first; but not so. In much the same way do the commonalty lead their leaders in many other things, at the same time that the leaders little suspect it. But wherefore it was that after having repeatedly smelt the sea as a merchant sailor, I should now take it into my head to go on a whaling voyage; this the invisible police officer of the Fates, who has the constant surveillance of me, and secretly dogs me, and influences me in some unaccountable way - he can better answer than any one else. And, doubtless, my going on this whaling voyage, formed part of the grand programme of Providence that was drawn up a long time ago. It came in as a sort of brief interlude and solo between more extensive performances. I take it that this part of the bill must have run something like this:




the great white whale was too much for ahab ... and ahab was tougher by far than any of the men or women in charge now. this is just 'a sort of brief interlude and solo between more extensive performances'.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 28 2017 1:37 utc | 96

Here is an interesting analysis of this.

Posted by: Kilroy | Jun 28 2017 1:40 utc | 97

Here is another interesting analysis

Posted by: Kilroy | Jun 28 2017 1:42 utc | 98

Thanks to b for the posting and others for updates.....sigh

karlof1 only missed the UK issue with multi-story housing building's facing catching fire and killing so many people they are hiding the truth from the public at this time....and getting others out of similarly clad buildings........another graphic example of what homage to the God of Mammon/Private finance gets society, IMO

Folks are writing like we are on the way to war with ??? to cover for past failures.........what could go wrong?....grin

Trump wants to be a player in the elite of our sick social structure and will do whatever it takes to move his family into that case folks haven't noticed. Will he get his war to put many of the threats to his status at bay? Ah, the sick soap opera of our species demise.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 28 2017 1:59 utc | 99

@hoarsewhisperer 69
Thanks for your post. I like most of those elements but I cannot agree with point three outlawing multiple small political donations on multiple occasions. That would have eliminated the Sanders campaign and others like it who rely solely on cash from low income people who can budget small amounts fortnightly or so.

Posted by: uncle tungsten | Jun 28 2017 2:22 utc | 100

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