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June 03, 2017

Open Thread 2017-21

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@Piotr Berman | 90
RF claim to want to retain Syrian and Iraqi territorial integrity, thereby one assumes Turkish also, so even though RF supports Kurds - as it has done for the better part of two centuries - it is the lesser of the two evils for Turkey in that it is widely perceived in Turkey that the US wants to carve out a portion of Turkey for Kurdistan.
Turkey will accept the best deal it can.
Interestingly I read that Russia and Iran have upped their interest in Barzani's clan. That would really be treading on Turkey's toes.
Anyway. If Erdogan continues as he is it is entirely possible that war comes to Turkey. After its actions over the last decade no one will come to its aid, Many in Turkey openly talk about Erdogan beimg a part of this partitioning plan. How true that is is impossible to say. I think not. Why? Because his plans to introduce islamist communities to South Turkey began 4 or 5 years ago when a convincted Al Qaeda member was the AKP MP for Van, if I remember rightly. Since then imported and domestic islamist communities have been introduced into key Kurdish areas, Kurdish politicians have been routed, extremist islam is taught in schools to radicalised Syrian refugees, extremist jihadi contingents etc. A whole string of communities is being groomed while Kurdish communities have been run out of town by 'gentrification' violence, imprisonment and shootings etc. Entire communities habe been decimated. If the war does come to Turkey Erdogan has ensured a bloody outcome where once again he will use the Turkey-Sunni faithful against native Kurds.
Maybe the walls will save Turkey the bloodshed. Maybe not.

Posted by: AtaBrit | Jun 4 2017 20:25 utc | 101

a link from b's rant on may and the tories, You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia, is a couple three years old, but asks what will happen when King Abdullah dies ... as he did in january 2015.

the article was in two parts so i put them together. Crooke sees isis coming for the house of al-saud, and that might be just what we see happening. the saudis are getting 'tough' on the shia in saudi arabia, perhaps in response to pressure from the wahabists?

and so, perhaps, that turkish base in qatar is there to help the qataris go full wahabist and overthrow the infidel house of al-saud?

there are a lot of daesh looking for anew home, ready to chop some saudi heads and 'possess' their wives, daughters, and other property?

if daesh in syriaq was a problem, wait till they take over saudi arabia.

perhaps that's what they're thinking in kuwait and dubai.

suddenly the iranians will be lookin' good indeed! to everyone, worldwide.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 4 2017 21:09 utc | 102

@jfl 102
An extreme wahabbi puritan death cult and Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous (al Saud) are not at all compatible. There is a better than good chance the monster will feed upon the rogue house that presided over the region that bore it. The House of Saud's penchant for opulence will make the use of violence against it more than acceptable.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jun 4 2017 23:00 utc | 103

And now, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have closed borders with Qatar, severed diplomatic ties, and closed off their airpsace.

For a long time, I had an inner bet with myself that the World Cup wouldn't happen in Qatar because the country would've been involved in a regional war. I always thought they would be on the GCC's side fighting against Iran, though...

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jun 5 2017 3:27 utc | 104

Not sure what this developing crisis about Qatar is about but me thinks this is related:

Posted by: Lozion | Jun 5 2017 5:17 utc | 105

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jun 4, 2017 11:27:21 PM | 104

Qatar cannot fight a war against Saudi, UAE, Egypt - without US protection they will go the way of Bahrain.

Posted by: somebody | Jun 5 2017 5:25 utc | 106

Friends of Syria seem to be all turning against each other since Russia stepped in. Qatar bought up big in Russian oil or gas some time ago. Just coincidence that it is now on the outer with the GCC? All had their own, sometimes overlapping reasons for wanting to grab chunks of Syria but soon they may be too busy fighting each other to worry about Syria.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 5 2017 5:47 utc | 107

Seems Daesh continues fulfilling it's regional role with their intention to move their capital to Deir Ezzor so US keeps having an excuse of meddling in ME and to create a corridor between Iraq and Syria (that carries a pipeline from Kurdistan to Israel via Jordan?). Fight for Raqqah will probably be small symbolic skirmishes and the units might make a nice deal as they have done on previous occasions and simply put on an SDF hat and remain. Let's hope SAA and RuAF can keep the meat grinder going and pull a Kobani in Deir Ezzor.

Syrian Army in trouble as ISIL advances in Panorama area

Posted by: xor | Jun 5 2017 8:33 utc | 108

@108 xor

yeah. looks bad.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 5 2017 10:43 utc | 109

@Peter AU | 107
"Friends of Syria seem to be all turning against each other"
My thoughts exactly.
The Sunni alliance is fracturing and it looks like the end of the muslim brotherhood and affiliates - well we can hope - Can't be a bad thing!
But as Clueless Joe implies, the aacusations that Qatar supports Houthis - Has Qatar allied itself with Iran against Saudi

Posted by: AtaBrit | Jun 5 2017 10:49 utc | 110

Posted by: james | Jun 4, 2017 12:16:47 PM | 79

put heros and any look-a-likes on ignore..

Nah, it's nice to have a twat (Brit.) like heros around as I occasionally feel like being gratuitously rude to something and I feel no compunction about insulting pond life such as it.

Posted by: Ghostship | Jun 5 2017 16:30 utc | 111


amn says the saa at deir ezzor has pulled its chestnuts out of the fire once again, Deir Ezzor update: Syrian Army holds strong amid a massive push by ISIL. you really have to admire the people of deir ezzor. if there is a 'stalingrad' in syria ... it's deir ezzor. may they keep on!

may the saa and their helpers get to them soon with what it takes to eliminate daesh there.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 5 2017 16:35 utc | 112

>>>> maningi | Jun 4, 2017 2:00:07 PM | 94
The paramedics are wearing green uniforms so there is one paramedic assisted by a policeman for each of the two casualties shown. My guess this is right at the beginning of the response to the incident when the real first responders have just arrived. There are a couple of hospitals nearby, one private which would have bare staffing at that time of the day (in the UK, always but always go to a NHS hospital in an emergency out of office hours - they will have the necessary facilities and staff to use them on duty or on call) and an NHS one. With normal incidents, doctors will only attend if there are medical complications, for instance someone trapped in a car or someone who needs serious stabilisation before he/she can be transported to hospital. In a major incident like this doctors will most likely attend but not at the beginning.

As Formerly T-Bear points out, you do not move people where there is the possibility of spinal injuries as might be the case here unless there are overriding reasons to do so which is why these people are being treated by paramedics on the road. The first priority is for the paramedics present as here to stabilize the patient and then move him/her.

British police carry a small first aid kit which includes at least sterile gloves, a CPR mask and some other items. The policemen appear to be wearing blue gloves while the paramedics are wearing white gloves which might appear like no gloves to you.

Posted by: Ghostship | Jun 5 2017 17:09 utc | 113

>>>> Posted by: somebody | Jun 5, 2017 1:25:40 AM | 106

Qatar cannot fight a war against Saudi, UAE, Egypt - without US protection they will go the way of Bahrain.

The United States is backing Saudi Arabia - the Saudis wouldn't be so bold unless the United States/Trump had green-lighted this. If Qatar has any sense it'll do a deal first with Russia or failing that with Iran, in secret of course. I'm sure Russia could make good use of the Al Udeid Air Base and all the pre-positioned kit at Camp As Sayliyah army base even if it's just for target practice or destruction derbys, and I'm sure the crews from Russia's Northern Fleet would love to work on their tans in Qatar - the drinking might be a slight problem as would any further payments to Al Qaeda and their ilk in Syria

Posted by: Ghostship | Jun 5 2017 17:28 utc | 114

An article in AMN on a Syrian plane being shot down by US proxies in the south. going by the state of the pilots body, the plane seems to have been hit by a large missile rather than cannon fire or a shoulder launched missile that targets the planes engines.
I wonder if the US has upped the stakes in the south?

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 5 2017 20:30 utc | 115

shot down, or technical problems??

either way the usa regime change agenda hasn't altered... their moderate headchopping crew are on the same mission.. keep those saudi/israel/usa/uk dollars rolling..

Posted by: james | Jun 5 2017 20:55 utc | 116

You may be right James. A bit on it in the comments at Syrian Perspective. Pilot must have been hit with something like 23mm anti aircraft cannon while in the parachute.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 5 2017 21:42 utc | 117

- Larry Wilkerson (former head of Colin Powell's staff): "Trump needs a good war and Mike Pence is waiting in the wings to lead it".

Posted by: Willy2 | Jun 5 2017 22:10 utc | 118

@117 peter au... another war crime by those 'moderate rebels' with full usa/uk/israel support...

Posted by: james | Jun 5 2017 22:34 utc | 119

Does Putin know who killed Kennedy?

Let's recall the murder of President Kennedy. There is a theory that the murder of Kennedy was carried out by US intelligence ...

i love to listen to putin. he says things.

when's the last time you heard any head of state anywhere mention that 'theory'? i cannot recall having heard it before ... certainly not on international tv ...

putin is just saying, hey - two can play this same game, you know ...

next will be 9/11. he does say things right out loud.

i wonder what percent of americans think the cia whacked jfk? that'd be an interesting poll. we ought to take that poll, now that putin's brought it up.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 5 2017 23:47 utc | 120

jfl - what is going to be interesting is the election on june 8th in the uk... putin is an independent minded leader - a rarity in the world today... he openly asks questions... that is the sign of an independent minded person, unafraid to ask questions and draw attention to the idea that things might not be as they appear... people need a constant reminder of this..

Posted by: james | Jun 5 2017 23:59 utc | 121

like i said @99 - this looks like a really good read...

Posted by: james | Jun 6 2017 0:04 utc | 122

@99 on another thread, lol.. geez..

Posted by: james | Jun 6 2017 0:05 utc | 123

I live in Portland Oregon and and personally experienced city corruption and so was not surprised by the link shinning beacon on the hill here.....

How the Portland Police racist/gang database missed white supremacist

And Portland is getting whiter because it is so popular and it is driving the existing ethnic populations out with high housing costs.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 6 2017 6:38 utc | 124

@121 james

as for 8 june ... i'm hoping for a clear decision for labour. we'll see what happens in just a couple more days.

put me down for the cia whacked jfk and that lbj - and allen dulles, the drive wheel behind all vile things cia, even after being fired by jfk - covered it up.

put me down as well for intimate cia involvement in the collapse of the three towers at the wtc on 9/11.

actually, i don't know what to say about such things. we seem to cower within ourselves, to 'believe' any outlandish 'narrative' that protects the status quo, to pay any price, bear any burden, accept any hardship rather than to confront the truth of our past and our present situation - rather than to wrestle with it, and to put things as nearly right as we can.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 6 2017 7:40 utc | 125

@ Ghostship | Jun 5, 2017 1:09:34 PM | 113

Thanks for responding to 'maningi' and looking at their link. I don't often use proffered links from anyone but very well trusted commentators and then seldom. 'Maningi' made the effort to describe the situation and posit their reaction to the video; that alone deserves a response, I can only hope mine was adequate to enlighten a little.

All too often, I find, links are either videos or sound excerpts selected by some editor to promote a specific storyline or unprofessionally made and unedited with non-existant or ambiguous stories, either designed to elicit some emotional response. Not knowing either the editor or storyline being promulgated, I shy away from entertaining whatever is being presented. Add to that the surveillance present on the medium, I find it somewhat judicious not having a record of having definite knowledge of many subjects; I try to make as large a hole possible in total awareness algorithms for no other reason than an insistence on my right to privacy. When push comes to shove, it will be unlikely I will have much allegiance toward those who violate that right, whatever the 'reason', another's emotional fear is not sufficient cause. Reliance on such material as usually presented on links to form conclusions or opinions is where reason becomes derailed. YMMV.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jun 6 2017 9:15 utc | 126

London terror suspect was known to police

Indeed the only real way of lessening the terror threat would involve closing down the Islamist networks sponsored and protected by the British state to be deployed in regime change operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

For May this is a particularly explosive question. She was home secretary in the government of Prime Minister David Cameron when, in 2011, the Abedis and many others were released from the control order restrictions on them so they could take part in fighting in Libya. So exposed is she that after she suggested the recent attacks should lead to a review of Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy, Steve Hilton, who worked for Cameron until 2012, tweeted she was “responsible for security failures of London Bridge, Manchester, Westminster Bridge.” She should “be resigning not seeking re-election. Her spin doctors attack MI5, but she was in charge of them for years.”

“We’ve got an election on Thursday and that is the best opportunity to deal with it,” Corbyn added.

Having abandoned his previous declarations of opposition to anti-democratic measures, militarism and nuclear weapons, he is now pledged to recruiting 10,000 extra police and providing more money for the army, MI5 and MI6.

If Labour does win the June 8 general election, then it will be thanks to millions of workers and young people who supported Corbyn’s claims to be opposed to Tory austerity. Now, however, Corbyn is positioning himself and Labour to be able to claim a mandate for strengthening the repressive apparatus of the state. are, of course, trotskyites : salafist communists. they hate the 'right', but they hate the 'left' even more.

so i usually skip their anti-leftist screeds. but what they say about corbyn is probably true. he seems a lot like bernie sanders.

still hoping for a labour win on thursday, though. the labour party is something that can be purged and more probably made to attend to the british people than ... the tories, certainly!

Posted by: jfl | Jun 6 2017 9:26 utc | 127

Macron’s En Marche set to win large majority in French legislative elections`_

Just under a week before the first round of the legislative elections, newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron’s party, The Republic On the March (LREM) is set to obtain a large majority in the National Assembly. According to a raft of recent polls, LREM would obtain more than 30 percent of the vote and would have a 330 to 390 seat majority in the 577-seat Assembly.

1. there's 'a raft of polls' i hope are dead wrong

2. 30% of 577 is 173. french arithmetic ... 30% of 577 = 330 to 390, say 360 ... is their version of the electoral college, i guess. 30% of the votes = 62% of the seats in parliament. but only if you're en marche ... with the micro-petain?

Posted by: jfl | Jun 6 2017 9:36 utc | 128

Interesting read:

Confrontation at Bilderberg 2017

Posted by: crone | Jun 6 2017 16:56 utc | 129

A very good article by a Chinese strategist on US financial cycles. Gives a good insight into how China has been able to defuse or deflect every attempt by the US to create instability in the Asia Pacific region as they have done in the middle east and Europe.

Reading through the article, I had the thought that the US is setting up to suck the money out of the oil kingdoms - re the Saudi orb garbage and the Saudi/Qatar spat.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jun 6 2017 20:46 utc | 130

@125 jfl... ditto.. labour would be a good switch up to t may's leadership approach.. hope they get rid of boris johnson too..

@130 peter au.. thanks for the link. i will read it over.. i agree with the headline! always have..

Posted by: james | Jun 6 2017 21:06 utc | 131

hey peter au.. that is a good overview in the link you provided.. it is what some of us here at moa have been trying to communicate how this financial system is a rigged ponzi scheme that favours a few at the expense of most everyone else...

Posted by: james | Jun 6 2017 22:43 utc | 132

@130 peter au, @132 james

yes. this is the same article that surfaced here with much discussion at the end of april, with PLA Major-General Qiao Liang identifying the us' capital pump, out-of and back-to the usofa.

with the fed raising interest rates, albeit by baby steps, it looks like, yeah, the direction of the pump is back in again. at least that's the intention. things are so out-of-whack at this point the 'tried and true' may have much different results than expected.

certainly the recently announced saudi 'investment' in us weapons will swell that component of the repatriation of 'us' capital from the middle east, if the ksa survives to make good on its promises.

on the other hand, if the us decides to openly align with ksa and to freeze (steal) the us assets of the 'terrorist' qatar, that may be the harbinger of hubris, with the us labeling other states similarly, and stealing (freezing) their us assets as well.

the wheels have come off of the usofa. anything's now possible.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 7 2017 0:52 utc | 133

@jfl... it is a house of cards, but they can keep it propped up a lot longer then one might think, as so few view it as a house of cards and continue to hold us$.. i agree with your last line though - the wheels are coming off the usa and anything is possible.. maybe the changes will happen more quickly then not.. i dunno..

Posted by: james | Jun 7 2017 3:56 utc | 134

Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland on Canada's Foreign Policy

This Banderite minister and The Atlantic Council will now effectively run Canadian foreign policy. Arms for Ukraine?

Posted by: John Gilberts | Jun 7 2017 5:38 utc | 135

this is a particular case in the usofa, but france and the uk both have 'problems' with authoritarianism as well ... and, of course, it is 'terrorism' ... 'theirs' not ours ... that is used as the excuse to ratchet it up everywhere.

Twilight of the American Courts

As the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in County of Los Angeles vs. Mendez makes clear, Americans can no longer rely on the courts to mete out justice.

Continuing its disturbing trend of siding with police in cases of excessive use of force, a unanimous Court declared that police should not be held liable for recklessly firing 15 times into a shack where a homeless couple—Angel and Jennifer Mendez—was sleeping.

Understandably, the Mendezes were startled by the intruders, so much so that Angel was holding his BB gun, which he used to shoot rats, in defense. Despite the fact that police barged into the Mendez’s backyard shack without a search warrant and without announcing their presence and fired 15 shots at the couple, who suffered significant injuries (Angel Mendez suffered numerous gunshot wounds, one of which required the amputation of his right leg below the knee, and his wife Jennifer was shot in the back), the Court once again gave the police a “get out of jail free” card.

this is the reason that i feel that all federally - at all levels actually, but the constitution deals with the federal level - elected or appointed officials must be subject to recall.

in britain tomorrow ... vote labour. in france ... repudiate en marche.

take every step possible everywhere it's still possible to fight state fascism.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 7 2017 11:39 utc | 136

Turning Cyprus Into a Protectorate

In 1789, the people of France decapitated its kings as a means of obtaining their freedom. Now, the Kingdom of Money takes its revenge by decapitating societies, through assertion of control, through buyouts, through coercion and other means, over their political elites, their media, their intellectuals, their entrepreneurs, their universities, etc.

At some point they have so much control over local leaders that they can order them to commit suicide and secure their obedience in doing so. This is happening even in larger countries, like France, where Mr. Hollande was ordered to organize the suicide of his own party and promote his own successor and did both, without objections!)

counterpunch is not what it used to be, in my opinion, but there are still good articles published there on occasion. this is one, again in my opinion.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 7 2017 13:12 utc | 137


cui bono ?

carte blanche for police state totaliterian rule.

'I’ll rip up human rights laws that impede new terror legislation'

Posted by: denk | Jun 8 2017 5:07 utc | 138


they're voting in britain today. a vote for the tories is a vote for fascism.

may has blown the dog whistle ... may ... mosley ... same thing. calling all fascist dogs ...

Posted by: jfl | Jun 8 2017 6:22 utc | 139

jfl 139

fukus ripping up 'human rights' law isnt news.

but now they'r boldly proclaiming its 'legit' to kill innocent bystanders in the pursuit of 'terrorists suspects' !

imagine , the next time when clint eastwood [1] corner a 'suspect' with his hostage,
the sheriff would no longer drop his gun as ordered by his quarry,
he'd simply empties his magnum into the 'suspect' and the victim and get it done with.
that'd be legit under the new 'rule of engagement' !

during my time.

Posted by: denk | Jun 8 2017 7:00 utc | 140

@ denk #140 News or not the discussion is largely academic. Early this morning (still the 7th UK time) I dropped $100 on May to win this is something I only do usually when a favourite sports team is likely to be crushed, but I know that Mr Corbyn's loss will leave me feeling devastated and contemptuous of my fellow humans' inability to ever get it right.
Not a healthy brain state but an extra hundred bucks can be blown on numbing brain cells with something or other while I let the acceptance of the disaster slowly take hold.

Of course if the miracle happens and Mr Corbyn is the new PM of the englanders who da fuck cares about a lousy hunnerd bucks? Humanity is on a ride back to sanity.

I got even money as the local bookie is far from an expert and probably thought even money was gaming me, but unfortunately the last minute polls (including You Gov that had been predicting a Corbyn victory or at least a hung parliament) have recorded a big shift back to the tories in the last 24 hours.
The poll thing is a deception of course but most pollsters do want to get their last calls as close as possible to the mark and I confess to forming the belief that given a choice between knocking it out of the park and jamming the bat up their ass, most humans invariably select the latter.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jun 8 2017 7:24 utc | 141

deb 141

remember Trumps new mantra of wot ?
'Either we fight to win or go home'.
[to hell with the god damned rule of engagement !]

over at Mosul [Fallujah V],
Lt Gen McFarland, now orders air strikes that are expected to kill up to ten civilians without prior approval from U.S. Central Command …” [1]

platoon cmdrs are 'entitled' for up to 10 collateral damages,
company cmdrs for up to 100,
brigade comdrs up to 1000,.....?

The “Liberation” of Mosul: Another Fallujah, Dresden – or Hiroshima?
By Felicity Arbuthnot

Posted by: denk | Jun 8 2017 8:01 utc | 142

@141, did, 'I know that Mr Corbyn's loss will leave me feeling devastated and contemptuous of my fellow humans' inability to ever get it right '

you drop a c-note to make a buck on may and the rise of fascism in britain and are contemptuous of your fellow humans' inability to ever get it right? you pompous, preposterous hypocrite. are there a lot like you in nz?

i hope you've at least sent b 'a lousy hunerd bucks' for polluting his board with your profound, cynical dysfunction.

it's only bidniz - the gambling bidniz - get over it, right.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 8 2017 8:35 utc | 143

Oh whatever john francis lee - be a grumpy asshole at least I didn't sell my soul backing the king of thailand's support for a military coup which squashed the will of thais, all just to grease up the ruling elite's asshole and sleaze around soi cowboy. I do what I do how I see it and don't change my nym after getting called out.
I like humans and don't enjoy feeling pissed at them over silly choices which is why I will get wasted tomorrow instead.
Don't be taking out yer own ill will by judging others and maybe you'll get over yer own scungy festering past.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Jun 8 2017 9:16 utc | 144

looks like moa was also under attack some minutes ago

for french speakers, a specialist of Afghanistan talking of the possible responsible of the Kabul bombing, once receiving millions from US and French NGO to build madrasas. they just took the old script and tried to make it work with the same result in Syria?

Posted by: anonymity | Jun 8 2017 17:41 utc | 145

@144 did

grumpy asshole i'll accept ... but the rest of your screed is fabrication.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 8 2017 21:38 utc | 146

- David Stockman: It's just a matter of time that Trump is "kicked out of" the White House


Posted by: Willy2 | Jun 9 2017 6:37 utc | 147

- For those who are able to read german, understand german:

"Trumps Demontage ist eingeleitet"
(The demolition has started")

Posted by: Willy2 | Jun 9 2017 7:24 utc | 148

|@ Debsisdead | Jun 8, 2017 5:16:33 AM | 144

Your nemesis here has, in the past, provided an estimated thirty-eight hours of work product in links on a daily basis to these pages - an awesome accomplishment. In addition this nemesis has developed through their work product some perspectives that are not available to those exposed to the corporate press, that too is an admirable thing. About the only negative observation is your nemesis has never 'gone native', that is give up the instilled POV of their original, early political training, and as a consequence sees their world experience through the limited cartoon images they were once exposed to, and are not about to surrender what they invested in their education. Your nemesis seems fully unaware that what they produce not only defines their object, that it also defines themselves. As a reader here, being aware of your nemesis' prodigious production, when they dropped the 'Tee' from their 'rump', inference could be made that your nemesis was a very lazy child and also demonstrated a huge lack of creative writing ability, e.g. how about referring instead of 'rump' but being direct and honest using 'a$$', a word which has so much more sizzle than 'rump'. Better still be creative, why not use 'The Card in the White House' or the 'WH Card', and leave it to the reader to determine for themselves the meaning from that ambiguity, e.g. from: the Ace, the Deuce, the King (and Queen when with family) of Diamonds, as well as the obvious Trump Card, there is also the Jack with its 'a$$' - that sizzles. But then, like most kindergarteners your nemesis will not relinquish their treasured habits and insist inflicting their views unrelentingly, or until boredom sets in.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jun 9 2017 18:45 utc | 149

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