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May 22, 2017

The Orb - Wahhabis And Zionists Urge Trump To Regime-Change Syria To Fight Iran

There is something deeply wrong with what you do when even Satan feels the need to distance himself from you:

The picture is cropped but the original is even worse - the Wahhabi orb rules them all:


This swearing of an oath to the Wahhabi death star was part of the opening of the potemkinesk "Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology" in Riyadh.


It is likely that all those flat-screens have by now been packed up again and the extras sent home.

The Saudis arranged the whole theater to flatter Trump into fighting Iran for them. The hope to have bought Washington's obedience. For Trump the whole visit to Saudi Arabia was just a show that enabled the weapon deal which allows him to keep one of his election promises. He knows such artificial backdrops from his TV experiences. He is used to superficial flattery. He uses it himself to convince others into a deal. I doubt that he will fall for it.

The Saudis and their Wahhabi brethren in Qatar are the root of extremist Takfiri terrorism all over the world. They finance the most radical and brutal groups of conservative Muslim head-choppers. This includes the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the culprits of 9/11, al-Qaeda, ISIS and whatever may be their next incarnation.

The U.S. knows this. Trump knows this. An email Hillary Clinton sent to her election campaign manager John Podesta correctly noted:

[...] the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, [..] are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.

Trump prostitutes the U.S. and himself to the Saudi Wahhabi nuts to sell them more weapons. He hopes this will help him to fulfill his "jobs, jobs, jobs" promise to his voters. But half of the announced $110 billion deal is supposed to flow into "local content" of those weapons. It will have to be produced in Saudi Arabia. It is a way for the Saudis to build their own independent weapon industry with U.S. know-how. Over a decade or two the country will have achieved some independent production capabilities and will thereby be harder to control by potential weapon embargoes. It will proliferate its products to its terrorist proxies. The weapon deal is shortsighted and bad long-term policy.

The Saudi family dictatorship fears the Iranian example of a democratic political system within a Muslim constitutional framework. Iran's example threatens the justification of al-Saud family rule. Soon after the revolution in Iran the Sauds started a war by proxies against the country. The Iraqi-Iranian war was instigated and financed by Saudi money with the help of the U.S. and British oil interests. When that war failed to defeat Iran the Saudis moved their fight into a sectarian framework. They depict the Iranians as Shia unbelievers who are not real Muslims. They claim that their own Sunni-Wahhabi sect represents a majority view in the Muslim world. This is far from the truth even though Saudi money is doing its best to convert mainstream Sufi-Muslims societies like Indonesia into Wahhabi protectorates. It is funny how "western" analysts repeat the "Sunni majority" claptrap but never point out that Shia Muslims are actually the majority in the relevant Persian Gulf region.

The only sectarian forces in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other places in the Middle East are ISIS and other Saudi financed "rebels". The Saudis claim that the Iranians are "terrorists" and "sectarians" only to divert from their own misdeeds. If the Saudis would really want to "combat extremist ideology" they would have to commit suicide. That indeed would solve the problem.

The east-European colonists in Palestine do their best to promote and amplify the Saudi view of the Saudi-Iranian fight. As longs as Arabs and Persians are busy with each other they will have no time to evict the Zionist occupiers. Their mouthpieces in the U.S. are now trying to convert the U.S. fight against the terrorists of ISIS into a fight against Iran. Witness the neoconservative propagandist Josh Rogin in today's Washington Post:

[T]he United States now finds itself in the middle of an escalating battle in the [Syrian] south that last week led to a clash between the U.S. military and Iranian-backed pro-government forces. If he can seize the opportunity, Trump could deal a blow to Iranian regional influence and help save Syria in the process.
Perhaps by accident, Trump is moving toward a Syria policy that is tougher on Iran and the Assad regime, and it’s having real effects on the ground.

“The United States has two major adversaries in Syria, that is Iran and ISIS. Both represent huge risks to U.S. national security and interests in the region,” said Mouaz Moustafa, executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force.

The battle for Syria’s south is on, and the Trump team must decide if the United States will play a decisive role. Trump could fulfill his promises to thwart Iran and bring greater stability to Syria — if he acts fast.

It is pure propaganda to depict the fight against ISIS Takfirs as a chance for a fight against Iran. Mouaz Moustafa is a Muslim Brotherhood stooge on the Saudi's pay-role, not a legitimate representative of Syrian opinion. Iran supports the Syrian government because Syria is an old ally. It was the only Arab country that supported Iran in the war with Iraq. There would be little if any Iranian influence in Syria if the country were not under attack by foreign supported radicals. Syria is a Sunni majority country. Most of its Sunnis support their legitimate government, not the Saudi paid radical "rebels". The Syrian government is fighting ISIS, the purported number one enemy of the U.S., with the help of Russia, Iraq and Iran. While Iran supports Iraqi and Lebanese militia fighting on the side of the Syrian government there are no Iranian soldiers there.

If the U.S., as it claims, wants to fight ISIS in Syria it can not fight "Iran in Syria". No Iranian force is there in any recognizable number. To propagandize such is merely a new push for regime change in Syria which would install Saudi proxy terrorists as the new rulers in Damascus. How that is supposed to bring "greater stability to Syria" is a Zionist mystery.

We can hope that the Trump administration will not fall for such claptrap. Trump is a salesman. He prostituted himself to the Wahhabi Orb to close a deal. I doubt that it will influence his mind with regard to any other deal he wants to make. Trump is still aiming for detente with Russia. If he launches a fight in south-east Syria against Russian supported Syrian forces under the disguise of a fight against Iran any deal with Moscow will be off. That is not in his nor in the wider "western" interest.

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some of the 'extremists' being eliminated by the rump/saudi axis ...

Al-Awamiya: City of Resistance

As the United States prepared to sign a multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia, royal forces laid siege to al-Awamiya, a restive town of approximately 30,000 in the Qatif district of the country’s Eastern Province. Bulldozers, backed by armored tanks and helicopter gunships, systemically leveled homes and put entire families on the street in the historic Mosawara neighborhood. This came under the guise of a development and “renovation” project for the long-neglected and impoverished city although the regime saw fit to post doctored images of allegedly captured weapons to imply was also a security operation.

Saudi regime forces continue siege of Shiite city amid international silence

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:30 A.M.) – The Saudi regime forces continued their two week long siege of Al-Awamiya, Tuesday, as intense shelling and gunfire rips through this densely populated Shiite city in the eastern part of the country.

Saudi regime forces resumed their shelling campaign on the residential neighborhoods in the Musawarah District, forcing many civilians to frantically abandon their homes in order to avoid the indiscriminate attacks.

For the 40,000+ people living inside Al-Awamiya, there are not many places to seek refuge from the swarming Saudi regime forces; this aggression has even prompted some people to take up arms and fight off the soldiers besieging their neighborhoods.

The Saudi regime has accused people in Al-Awamiya of starting the violence and claim many ‘terrorists’ are armed with Soviet-era AK-47s.

... adding an internal component to their genocide in yemen, the salafists enlarge their terminal madness.

with luck this will be the beginning of the end of the israeli/saudi/gcc/us axis.

Posted by: jfl | May 24 2017 6:17 utc | 101

As usual the MSM red lines are revealing: I've heard experts discussing the choice of teenagers as a target explaining 1) that it is an attack on the Western way of life or 2) that it is uncommon because IS supposedly condemns it because not in shari'a etc. Of course no comment on the revenge mobile and on the fact Western clean wars clean children too and that this is a top theme in the anti-Western propaganda (as on al Jazeera for example... call it schizophrenia...)
Also we've learned that the guy's father was himself 'against djihad' but how come no one at the press conference in Riyadh has had the courage to ask the KSA gov if they still support jihad, as their officially endorsed religious books and school books do.

Posted by: Mina | May 24 2017 7:46 utc | 102

Excellent link of Alan
on Sissi's speech blaming Trump (who likes like Donald more day by day... what happens when he will understand he was a casting error?) for his support to Israel
Also for the decorum of the conference... total sick...

Posted by: Mina | May 24 2017 7:53 utc | 103

While Trump was playing withb The wahhabi Kings orb, US military was hitting AQ/Saudi proxies in Yemen. As per usual for the US it seems they hit AQ fighters and non fighters/civilians alike. From what I can make of it the area they hit is similar to Idlib in Syria.
Nothing came of the Cruise missile strikes on Syria, nothing came of the war talk on North Korea. The opposite happened with more communication between Russia/US and more negotiation/communication between US and NK from what I can make of it.
Trumps war of words against Iran? Long standing. I have no idea what will come of that. What it is doing is putting a spanner in the works for the Obama/Clinton types in Europe and elsewhere.
If nothing else, Trump is a spanner in the works - sand in the gears for the globalist/neo-con/US establishment crowd.

Posted by: Peter AU | May 24 2017 9:02 utc | 104

@104 p au, 'If nothing else, Trump is a spanner in the works - sand in the gears for the globalist/neo-con/US establishment crowd'

it was hoped he might be ... but they've worn the edges off of him now. and with his characteristic delight in contrarianism, he's now more catholic than the pope since his 'conversion'.

Posted by: jfl | May 24 2017 9:53 utc | 105

Trump, as an American, a bizness man, a huckster sans pareil, an older gent, rich, cosmopolitan in an insular, arrogant way, is totally uncaring about glowing orbs, cracked walls that absorb prayer slips, kneeling in a church, or whatever.

To him such rituals are merely customs that have to be respected, and ‘holiness’ can be found in whatever way of comportment - place, others invest in. The respect of course doesn’t stretch far, though it can be genuinely heartfelt via a kind of sympathy. Ergo, Trump is refreshingly honest (imho at least.) Heh, he’d say:

Buddha is a great guy - wonderful figure - love to err meet met him - so many great men in the past - Hindis Hindus very humble very honest India is the biggest yugest democracy - great people - a special spirituality Ivanka… - a long history….

From the few things I saw / read, it seems to me that Melania is more up on international etiquette than he is, what you’d expect.

In short, it is the hard, murderous, deadly geo-politics that count, and all these signs of ‘belonging’ or ‘approval’ are pretty meaningless. DT has turned them into a ‘spectacle’ (Guy Debord, Huxley, others, DT’s own attack on MSM) — the willingness to trivially accept, adhere, to some kind of hoopla, behaviors, is now to be considered independently from the serious, aka, war, arms, finance, dismembered kiddos, etc. Not that previous were genuine; now the slippage, the chasm, widens..

Posted by: Noirette | May 24 2017 16:23 utc | 106

His wife was wearing what any Saudi woman would see as ultimate fashion, a black abaya with a golden belt; for Rome she wore a black mantle on her head during the visit to the pope. It must be for him a little bit like acting as a model or an actor. The crash will be violent when he lands.

Posted by: Mina | May 24 2017 16:59 utc | 107

You're right, Mina, she didn't refuse to wear an abaya for visiting the Pope. She was dressed up just like an obedient Muslim.

Posted by: Laguerre | May 24 2017 17:15 utc | 108

In a way it is a satanic ritual. For one thing it was a ceremony which is sort of a ritual. Satanic? That depends on what you think of how evil their actions are (and have been).

Posted by: Curtis | May 24 2017 22:13 utc | 109

seems like an iranian initiative, and erdogan's perfunctory response ...

Rouhani, Erdogan seeking new chapter in Iran-Turkey ties

For his part, Erdogan once again congratulated Rouhani on his re-election and voiced Turkey’s willingness to boost ties with Iran in all sectors.

... but erdogan has continued to feed his turkmen in syria in their fight against al-CIA-duh there. always playing both sides. i do think the us/nato have thrown him over now though. although neither they nor anyone else has thrownout turkey - the baby - with the bathwater. the russians and iranians seem to think he might yet be useful.

Posted by: jfl | May 25 2017 1:25 utc | 110

The rift is real. Egypt blocks access to 21 MB websited including al jazeera

Posted by: Mina | May 25 2017 4:40 utc | 111

LIBERAL MEDIA IN PANIC! Latest #FakeNews Accuses Kim Dotcom of Hacking Into Seth Rich’s Gmail …Kim DotCom Responds

Posted by: Anonn | May 25 2017 7:24 utc | 112

mina, yes. DT tries to fit in like a ‘good guy who plays the part!’ Melania is far more distant, astute, and clued in. Of course she speaks several languages etc. I feel sorry for her in a way. DT was someone in his milieu, and her position was relatively well-defined and comfortable. As President he is preposterous, and under relentless attack as a disjointed interloper. She has lost her privacy, agency, comfort. Not to mention that all this is disastrous for the little boy (forgotten his name.) Heh who wants to live in the White House? It doesn’t even have a swimming pool or a sauna (I presume?) and used to be occupied by black trash. Who smoked !!

It is interesting though that DT’s first foreign visits all concern places that can be read as marked in a religious sense: KSA first, then Israel, where he met with Abbas also, and then ROME. So from wahabism to jewish ‘orthodoxy’, to root catholicism. The first only exists to export home troubles and present a sort of underground eruptive menace everywhere — about religious branding in Isr. I need not elaborate — Rome…well…Catholicism is a major religion world-wide still and the Vatican, etc..

Then DT went to Brussels where he again met with a ‘patriach’ type - the King of Brussels!

I can’t figure out if this represents weakness, sort of easy stuff where you just shake the hands and pretend to agree, or a sign of the times, or Trump being clever, or what. Maybe there is nothing to interpret.

Posted by: Noirette | May 25 2017 12:45 utc | 113

@113 noirette, 'Maybe there is nothing to interpret'

gets my vote. this is all just tv. might as well interpret the commercials. i know ... it can be done.

Posted by: jfl | May 25 2017 13:02 utc | 114

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