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February 14, 2017

The Flynn Defenestration Will Hamper Trump's Foreign Policy

Trump's National Security Advisor Flynn resigned after only three weeks in office. While I am certainly no fan of Flynn or of Trump I find this defenestration a dangerous event. It will hamper any big change in U.S. foreign policy that Trump may envision.

The resignation followed a highly orchestrated campaign against Flynn by intelligence officials, the media and some people within the White House.

After the election and Trump's unexpected win the Obama administration slapped sanctions on Russia and sent Russian embassy officials back to Moscow. This move was intended to blockade a Trump policy of better relations with Russia. Flynn talked with the Russian ambassador and, as a direct result, the Russian's did not respond tit for tat for the sanctions and expulsions. This was an absolutely positive move and in full accordance with announced Trump policies. Henry Kissinger made a similar move and visited the Russian embassy weeks before he became Nixon's NSC. During the 2012 election Obama made a similar "deal" with the Russians in a comparable situation:

President Barack Obama was caught on camera on Monday assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have "more flexibility" to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.

Despite tens or hundreds of claimed White House leaks in the media I am still not sure what really happened next. Trump's enemies and some intelligence officials accused Flynn of lying about the phone calls with the Russian ambassador. It is unclear what the alleged lies really are and especially why they should matter. Obfuscation is part of any White House business. If Flynn had secretly talked with the Israeli ambassador (which he probably did) no one would have attacked him.

So why was Flynn really under pressure and why didn't Trump back him? It would have been easy for Trump to say: "I ordered Flynn to do that. Obama did similar. In both cases it was a GREAT success. USA! USA! USA!" Nobody would have been able to further attack Flynn over the issue after such a protective move.

But Trump, completely against his style, held his mouth and did nothing. What else happened in the White House that let him refrain from backing Flynn?

Sure, the real beef other people have with Flynn is not about Russia but other issues, like his plans to reform the intelligence services. But by throwing Flynn out like this Trump opened himself to further attacks.

As it looks now a rather small gang of current and former intelligence officials - with the help of the anti-Trump media - leaked Flynn out of his office. They will not stop there.

Now blood is in the street and the hyenas will lust for more. The Trump magic is broken. He has shown vulnerability. Now they will go after their next target within the Trump administration and then the next and the next until they have Trump isolated and by the balls. He just invited them to proceed. All major foreign policy moves he planned will be hampered. The detente with Russia has probably ended before it even started.

There is another, overlooked country where Flynn's position as NSC influenced policy decisions. Flynn had at times lobbied for Turkey and good relations with the Erdogan government. Even on the very day of the presidential election an op-ed of his damning Erdogan's enemy Gülen and lauding Turkey was published.

After Trump was inaugurated and again talked of no-fly-zones the Turkish president Erdogan made another of his famous 180 degree turns.

Erdogan had wanted a no-fly-zones (aka a Turkish protectorate) in Syria from the very beginning of the war. The Obama administration would not give him one and in the later years shunned him. Erdogan turned to Russia but was told that he would have to limit his ambitions in Syria: no no-fly-zone, no Turkish march to Manbij or Raqqa. Erdogan agreed. But after Trump talked of new sanctions  and Flynn was installed as NSC Erdogan again changed his position. He is now again calling for a no-fly-zone and is again promising to conquer Manbij (held by Kurds) and Raqqa (held by the Islamic State). (Any such attempt would be hopeless. The Turkish army and its Islamist proxy forces have tried to conquer the much smaller Al-Bab, held by the Islamic State, for over four month now and still fail at it.)

The Russian's will have taken note of such unreliable behavior. One wonders how Erdogan now feels as his lobbyist in a top position of the Trump administration is gone. If the Trump administration now acts against his plans will he creep back to Putin and ask for forgiveness? Would that be accepted?

Flynn is no big loss for the world, the U.S. or the Trump administration. But Trump has now lost the initiative. He long managed to set the media agenda for the day by this or that "outrageous" tweet or remark. Now this advantage has been taken away from him over some nonsense allegations and his lack of backing for one of his top people.

He will soon rue the day he let this happen.

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@85 hoarse, 'Trump will eat them alive...'

looks to me that tee-rump has been defanged. the choice was kill the cia or wait for them to kill you ... he didn't have to wait long.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 15 2017 12:17 utc | 101

Hmm. Personally, I believe Trump is a lot smarter than we give him credit for. Flynn was a throw-away and was already a life-long Democrat and 4 times member of the Obama administration. Yes, he was a retired general and very hawkish and was contributing well to the Trump transition. Personally, none of this comes as any great surprise. The sharks have been circling around Trump since the election and the Flynn non-"scandal" began back in December. It is non-news yet somehow has snowballed into some kind of major event. I believe it is possible that Trump was using Flynn as a target deflecting a lot of this bizarre anti-Russian propaganda and election tampering for which there is not one shred of evidence. One thing this does is to give impetus to finding the leaks. Perhaps there are some encapsulated information provided to different areas in government allowing a winnowing down to the leakers? It is hard to say what is really going on here and anything said is speculation. The same thing is true about the Crimea and sanctions re-affirmation. Remember Trump's deals always begin with an outrageous proposal and he scales back from there so I don't give any of this any particular credence. We will know more after Lavrov meets with Tillerson this week. We can glean a bit from the conversation with Poroshenko though which basically failed to give permission to escalate anything in the Donbass. The same for all the rest of the recent fake news regarding missile treaty violations (as usual without evidence).

I believe the largest problem Trump has are all the apparatchiks remaining in place and working as enemies of Trump. Winnowing them out is going to be long and hard and appears to be moving to the highest priority. We are also still seeing rumors of impending arrests (72) of pedophiles on the East coast and could involve many of the agents working against Trump. Reading through the Pizzagate stuff is hair raising and it is extremely hard to come to any other conclusions. If so, then a lot may change soon. This is like a very deep chess match with moves and countermoves. Obama is the first President in American history who didn't go away after his term. The funding from people like Soros and the somewhat brilliant use of professional protestors who seem to be able to be deployed very effectively is making this an all out war. I am finding it very fascinating.

Posted by: Old Microbiologist | Feb 15 2017 12:46 utc | 102

I have nevr had any truck with trump altho I still reckon he was the lesser of two really evil picks, however there appears to be a lot of naivety about politics how they work and the deals which are essential to stay in the game.
No one is actually omnipotent - that applies to Kim il-Sung, Henry the viii or donald trump.
Trump had no choive but to pick Pence or someone worse (less stupid & pliable but more in the back pocket of the hacks at the GOP). Getting the nomination is essential yeah, but generally in the nomination is the implicit understanding that the candidate takes on board what the party heavy-hitters ask them to, then they, the heavy-hitters set up the machinery across each of the states to turn out the vote, chase away blackfella voters, stuff ballot boxes make sure 'suitable' judges are onside & lined up for any emergency and whatever other ploys the rethugs have developed over the last couple of hundred years.
Without the rethug machine trump would have been screwed so he came to the same roadblock that Obama did back in 2008 - to cut a deal with the machine by taking the VP recommended, and agree to some cabinet picks.
If trump went without the machine he couldn't have won.
I'm surprised actually that so many don't know this stuff - how do ya think LBJ ended up on JFK's ticket? They loathed each other but LBJ knew where every dem senator & congressman had stashed every body and he was determined to quit the senate with a decent gold watch - being Veep, so LBJ manipulated the party into pushing him forward onto the Kennedy ticket.
Nothing new in any of this - somehow I doubt that FDR and Truman were drinking buddies FDR knew Truman was a crook and had always been a crook. Did Eisenhower & Nixon seem like besties?

Nevertheless trumpet will do as he sees fit.
Any other pol would sling Russia under the nearest bus but that doesn't fit with trump. Even if the deal with Russia was totally Flynn's thing trump won't let go of it now especially not with the muslim ban likely to go south.
It isn't about honour or blackmail it is about not letting some smarmy shiny ass beat ya, trump regards defeat and failure as inextricably intertwined and I reckon he will still go for some sort of Russia deal.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Feb 15 2017 13:08 utc | 103

Posted by: Debsisdead | Feb 15, 2017 8:08:31 AM | 103
there appears to be a lot of naivety about politics how they work and the deals which are essential to stay in the game.

In other words: In his campaign Trump was telling fairy tales to the crowds.

Posted by: From The Hague | Feb 15 2017 13:37 utc | 104

@102. Old Microbiologist

Trap and flush scenario is plausible, imo.

Flynn may or may not have 'lied' to Pence, and what he allegedly did with Russians may or may not have infringed laws etc.

However, what is now 100% fact-on-the-ground is that certain Praetorian Guard agencies (or staff therein) have willfully leaked and challenged the new Commander-in-Chief before even before the 1st month is up. Perhaps Trump is keeping Gitmo Bay open for a whole new class of state-level criminal?

Interesting times. What is less clear is whether Trump has the horsepower to clean out DC's Augean Stables.

Posted by: x | Feb 15 2017 14:00 utc | 105

Five-Eyes 'Collect it All - Process it All' is now on open display re how that 'collection' is used beyond the supposed justification of National Security. Ie. Political control & blackmail as well as directly in aid of economic/financial dominance. And the CIA is only one amongst 25+ agencies in only the first tier ...

The Intel agencies must be gutted & brought to heel or Trump faction will fail. Flynn, for all his failings, was the best asset as former director DIA to possibly see that through ... that is IMV why he had obviously been the highest priority target ...

On Glenn Greenwald, the constitutionalism/rights/liberty champion ... his latest indicates a fascist strain, since he now opines the Law is not actually supreme ... crimes committed (illegal wire taps/interceptions, et al) to achieve political aims, can be overlooked as long as it achieves/serves some sort of highly subjective 'Greater Good' ... yeah, right. Not.

@ Posted by: VietnamVet | Feb 14, 2017 9:45:05 PM | 72

Donald Trump was elected as an Anti-Globalist, Anti-War and Nationalist American President

Trump factions platform, indeed.

The intelligence community coup has nullified the 2016 election

It has been blatantly obvious, including foreign leaders/governments reactions/conduct, that the 'fix' was not in re the election/s intended/telegraphed result, and the 'wrong' candidate/faction won.

There was/is no honeymoon, not even for a moment. The multi-faceted campaign to undermine & deligitimize continues relentlessly, without loss of momentum. WH aids/appointments will be targeted & picked off one by one, ideally replaced with more 'malleable' individuals from the Deep State perspective. The Russia 'hacked'/'spies' meme has now progressed to Trump='Traitor for Russia', leading into potentially wide ranging muck-raking investigations by congress ... stories are now appearing seeking to confirm elements of the #Fake 35 page 'Dossier' ... simultaneously with all the reporting re Flynn/Russia/Traitors there is an uptick in articles published re Russian spy ships off the coast, Russian planes buzzing US Navy ships in the Black Sea, potential breaches of an arms treaty by, you guessed it - Russia, supposedly fitting nuclear warheads on cruise missiles ... not co-incidental ...

Still early days, though looking more probable than ever the Trump faction will be neutered/emasculated ...

@ Posted by: somebody | Feb 15, 2017 5:53:15 AM | 99

... confronted with a Chinese Russian alliance. Chinese production and Russian resources are complementary.


These events will only further cement that situation.

What trust can there be or faith in any current/proposed/future agreement/s with the US if the perspective is there appears to be no functioning executive government truly in control/dominance ... only a facade atop a slew of competing warmongering, robber baron, ideological cliques/interests ... in truth, as opposed to previously merely always assumed.

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 15 2017 14:26 utc | 107

Reading through the comments above, there is a lot of confusion about Flynn's departure. The knee-jerk assumption is that Trump chose not to defend Flynn so the neocons have won. Meanwhile, anti-Trumpets are making hay with "where there's smoke there's fire" innuendo.

1. Flynn MAY have violated the law when he talked to the Russian Ambassador on Dec. 29. Whether he violated the law or not, his conversation is being made out to be treasonous.

2. The wiretaps may not be admissible in court BUT Obama issued an executive order that allowed NSA to share info with other agencies. This sneaking move opened the door to the FBI to question Flynn about the call. Flynn was apparently evasive or untruthful.

3. Trump was told about this soon after taking office (two weeks ago). It's likely that Trump did what he could to save Flynn.

And so:

>> Trump had little choice but to let Flynn go. The more he fought for Flynn, the more Trump would be smeared as a pro-Russian stooge and the more likely it would be that he is removed via impeachment or 25th Amendment (incapacity).

>> Trump's need to secure his Administration from threats means that it is pre-mature AT BEST to think that Trump's foreign policy goals are different after Flynn's departure.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 15 2017 14:38 utc | 108

How can you prosecute Flynn for lying to the FBI if the intercept transcripts are not admissible in court?

Posted by: lysias | Feb 15 2017 14:59 utc | 109

I heard on the PBC News Hour last night that it was the NSA that did the eavesdropping on Flynn's phone call(s).

I presume that's also true of the pre-election communications that are being reported on today.

Posted by: lysias | Feb 15 2017 15:05 utc | 110

@ lysias | Feb 15, 2017 10:05:27 AM | 110

Yeah, it was the NSA. Funny how they were unable to keep track of Hillary Clinton's illegal emails, don'cha think?

@ Jackrabbit | Feb 15, 2017 9:38:33 AM | 108

Hit the bullseye. I always thought you were a smart rabbit.

Posted by: blues | Feb 15 2017 15:16 utc | 111

First Trump says this:

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump · 4 u
This Russian connection non-sense is merely an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton's losing campaign.

In his following tweet he himself uses "This Russian connection non-sense":

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump · 4 u
Information is being illegally given to the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost by the intelligence community (NSA and FBI?).Just like Russia

In his next tweet he seems to regret that Obama didn't bomb Russia.

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump · 3 u
Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?

Posted by: From The Hague | Feb 15 2017 16:06 utc | 113

In answer to the question. What is the real threat from Russia?

somebody @ 98 replied.."It is a competitor with valuable real estate. We are ruled by robber barons."

Totally succinct and truthful statement.

And that simple statement is the answer to most of the world's problems.

Greedy and Avarice ridden Mega-businesses who dictate to the latest Empire, who, and what countries we need to hate today.

Three names that head the list are.. The Koch bros., Sheldon Adelson, George Soros.

Until the accumulation of individual wealth is controlled, "We the people" are screwed.

Posted by: ben | Feb 15 2017 16:18 utc | 114

Its friggin ugly to see these attacks.

What we have is like 1 person (trump) wants peace and on other side is refusing to have any peace with russia.

Its such a bizarre, unreal world. I applaude Trump still standing against this psyops against him on russia.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 15 2017 16:19 utc | 115

Probably means nothing, and what I know about digital TV would get lost in a thimble but, Deep State & Zionist-infested News 24 went off the air two minutes into Al Jaz News Hour, and stayed off until 10 minutes after the program finishes / 10 minutes into BBC Global (total 70 minutes off air).
The TV was displaying a NO DATA message, and, flicking between channels throws up a STATUS screen (as it locks onto each new channel) which includes a 5 bar signal strength icon which showed a signal strength of 4 bars (more than adequate for clear reception). So the transmitter was on but ABC weren't broadcasting anything. Funnily enough, Al Jaz was about to talk about Bibi's US visit.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 15 2017 16:24 utc | 116

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 15, 2017 9:26:31 AM | 107

Great post Outraged.

Solid summation on this particular episode of the same game that's been running since Trump started demolishing his (R) opponents in the primaries - getting pretty serious now the 5 I's are so obviously employed. We're all getting a good look at how the superbeast operates in a fight between the Corporate Dictator you know, and the ones you dont.

Looking more and more as if it could flare up domestically. Plenty of misinformed libtard zombies out there to throw rocks at.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Feb 15 2017 16:27 utc | 117


To add to your posts (hopefully not repeating a link here)

"...It's possible that Flynn has more ties to Russia that he had kept from the public and his colleagues. It's also possible that a group of national security bureaucrats and former Obama officials are selectively leaking highly sensitive law enforcement information to undermine the elected government...."

I retrieved this link from an RT article this morning featuring a video (which, sorry, I can't access) and story about Trump
tweeting in apparent approval of this article. I am wondering if there will be pushback on this matter. It would seem vital
to do so, as the article frames the matter in dire terms for Trump himself.

Posted by: juliania | Feb 15 2017 16:32 utc | 118

Posted by: jfl | Feb 15, 2017 7:17:50 AM | 101

LoL. If you're trying to make me feel sorry for you, it's not working, Just For Laughs.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 15 2017 16:42 utc | 119

Outraged - your observation of an uptick in 'Russia spy ship' 'Russia buzzing naval ship' etc is where we need to focus at this point. Not b/c Morrell et al aren't doing their damndest to either undermine or subordinate the WH to their agenda - New Cold War with Russia - but b/c of the NATO build up occurring all around Russia's borders.

Obviously, the coup in Ukraine was to secure Sevastapool/Crimea under NATOs control thereby cutting off Russia's naval access. This has been discussed ad nauseum here as well as other alt sites who are students of the chessboard. But NATO lost the first, second and third round but that doesn't mean they aren't hellbent on yanking it away from Russia come hell or high water, b/c those driving this underground policy are determined. Damn the costs.

Trump's move to suggest Crimea belongs to Ukraine is once again, his way of going high to end up somewhere in the middle, BUT that is not, obviously, what the MICs/NATO is after. They could care less about the man in the WH. They want Crimea. Period. And they don't give a damn about Trump's negotiating crap nor Flynn's pushback.

MICs/deep state ultimate goal is, has been and will remain globalization. To think otherwise is a fools journey. To expect these globalists to stand down after decades of marching toward their goal and damn near achieving it is sheer folly. They have invested gazillions into building their global shadow machine to achieve their familial generational wet dreams - Dominance over all - people, natural resources, wealth, water you name it they want to own and control it all.

What Kucinich said again and again in the vid from this morning's Fox and Friends IS what all of this is about - billions if not trillions of dollars are at stake of winning or losing, and the shadow machine is flexing its muscle, openly.

To expect one man, two or three or battalions can crush these globalists is the height of naivete. It will take every man, woman and child on planet earth to drive a stake into the heart of this monster. It matters not one iota what Party one aligns with at this late stage b/c all are convenient constructs designed to distract. Rather, it only matters if you align with full global dominance over your lives vs sovereignty/nationalism.

Crimea is NATO's target and Putin and company know it. Remember, none of the U.S. heli's, tanks and boots on the ground were ordered by the Trump team. These orders were signed off on by the Obama administration. It takes months of planning to move such military equipment and personnel. Trump and team have inherited this buildup. By removing Flynn, they have one less obstacle to have to manage so as to re enter the inner sanctum of the NSC, which is where all of these military decisions are made.

Posted by: h | Feb 15 2017 16:49 utc | 120

From your link, Anonymous@112:

"...WikiLeaks head Julian Assange also tweeted Wednesday morning from his newly activated personal account, framing the battle between Trump and the intelligence community. Assange and his anti-secrecy organization played a pivotal role during the presidential election, with WikiLeaks releasing a trove of emails that proved politically damaging to Clinton.

'Amazing battle for dominance is playing out between the elected US govt & the IC who consider themselves to be the 'permanent government',' Assange wrote.

Fox News puts the messages of Trump into the same category as does Assange, that is, the category of a line in the sand having been crossed (my interpretation.) The resignation may have cleared the way forward. Hopefully, the battle has been anticipated and prepared for.

Posted by: juliania | Feb 15 2017 16:49 utc | 121


Sorry, should have end of quotation marks at the end of "Assange wrote." Final paragraph is my own thoughts.

Posted by: juliania | Feb 15 2017 16:51 utc | 122


Got 'em by the short and curlies, imo.

They took the bait and now we're going to see some juicy Big Commission Reality TV and "You're Jailed!" presstitute snowflake 'journalists' looking real worried.

Trump needs some blood on the floor and they got plenty.

Posted by: x | Feb 15 2017 16:56 utc | 123

Actually, I have since a year or a couple years ago concluded that the real power is not Wall Street, the Pentagon, the Israel lobby, etc. The real dominating force seems to be centered on the "intelligence" "community". They seem to feel that they are entitled to rule the whole earth.

Posted by: blues | Feb 15 2017 17:02 utc | 124

Wall Street seems unperturbed by the news. The markets continue to rise (substantially) for something like the 10th straight market day. DJIA may well break 20,600 today. Before Trump was elected, it was at something like 18,000. That's like a 14.5% rise.

Posted by: lysias | Feb 15 2017 17:09 utc | 125

Perhaps a "Yalta 2.0" with Trump in the Churchill rooms?

Trump's vanity could not say "no".

Link to Yalta_Conference

Posted by: x | Feb 15 2017 17:20 utc | 126

h @ 120 said: "To expect one man, two or three or battalions can crush these globalists is the height of naivete."

Great post h.

The world is not threatened by a small group of individuals, it's threatened by a conglomerate of corporate behemoths who's ambitions are global, and their lust is insatiable.

Wall St/western banking

Through mergers and interlocking boards of directors these people ARE the enemies of humanity.

National sovereignty is the only remedy.

Posted by: ben | Feb 15 2017 17:36 utc | 127

Make the last entry read "Big-Media".

Posted by: ben | Feb 15 2017 17:37 utc | 128

I watched the Bibi & Trump press con.
Trump was asked about Flynn and settlements. On Flynn He said F's treatment was "terribly unfair" and pointed the finger at illegal leaks by the intel agencies.
On squattlements He said he hopes we can reach agreement on a formula for Peace and that he hopes he can persuade Israel to reduce squattlement activity.

I might be jumping the gun, but the post-election era is shaping up to be a pre-election redux. i.e. Trump is still the sharpest knife in the drawer and the spin tank crowd is looking desperate, impotent, painfully slow, and stupid.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 15 2017 17:45 utc | 129

@ Posted by: h | Feb 15, 2017 11:49:18 AM | 120

... none of the U.S. heli's, tanks and boots on the ground were ordered by the Trump team. These orders were signed off on by the Obama administration. It takes months of planning to move such military equipment and personnel. Trump and team have inherited this buildup.

100% correct. Immediately upon the election/s 'unforeseen' loss (polls 90% likelihood of a Clinton win), actions were taken by the previous administration across the board to attempt to force/steer conduct/policies, lay landmines and set poison pills come Jan 20th & beyond.

Even though the Trump faction effectively conducted a party coup and seized the GOP from within, the leadership and key senior congressmen apparently have not aligned with the Trump factions supposed objectives ...

The GOP won the Presidency, the House & the Senate, yet there is zero recognition of this supposed political primacy, certainly not by the Dems, the MSM and absolutely not by the 5-Eyes ... most senior GOP congressmen seem to be non-committal/neutral, taking a 'wait & see' approach ... cannot recall any similar situation in the past ... the chickens have come home to roost ... and even if the Trump faction is torn down or neutered, politics will very unlikely be able to return to the previous status quo ... the wildcard is the 'Deplorables', their will subverted & voices denied ?

@ Posted by: blues | Feb 15, 2017 12:02:01 PM | 124

CIA is only one agency and always gets way too much time in the spotlight as the generic catch-all boogeyman, whilst the rest continue on undisturbed.

5-Eyes, protecting 'National Security ?(Pfft!)', since inception has been the supra-national/supra-legal collective entities and tools of globalization and dominance, and it has always served multi-national, not sovereign nation State, Deep State corporate interests. Interwined and overlapping corporations which have morphed into the United Fruit Company of the 21st century, yet multiplied by 10,000% and after more than 70 years of daily steroid injections ...

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 15 2017 18:00 utc | 130

The Russians have certainly contributed grandly to the "defenestration" of Flynn.
They have many good reasons:
1)Flynn has been pushing Erdogan away from Russia by making promises that the USA would be partner with the Turkish army in liberating Al Raqqa. The day after Pompeio visit's Erdogan pompously declared that the Turkish army will not stop at al Bab but will move to Al Raqqa and free 5,000 kms.
Erdogan's plan is now off and he is in total confusion about what will happen next. Russia is winning him back
2) Any destabilization and delays in the Trump's admin plays in favor of Russia. It allow Russia to increase its influence in the Middle east, specifically Syria, Egypt and Libya.
3) Flynn is a staunch critic of Iran and has been working to break Iran-Russia-Turkey alliance by threatening Iran and luring Turkey away.
4) Flynn caricatural Islamophobia is not well received in Russia and the Middle east.

Overall Flynn removal is an excellent event for Syria, Iran and Russia. For the Trump admin, a neo-con agent haven been eliminated

Posted by: virgile | Feb 15 2017 18:03 utc | 131


Are you joking?

Flynn and Trump not only wanted peace with russia, they wanted to change neocons war on syria just by no longer working against assad but against isis and that along russia. You have completly read this issue all wrong.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 15 2017 18:16 utc | 132

At the Israel/U.S. press conference, Trump pukes the enhanced Zionist script before his Masters.

Iran rinse repeat, Iran rinse repeat Iran, rinse repeat, Iran.

Netanyahu intends to confiscate the entire Palestinians state and enforce Apartheid.

Netanyahu keeps alluding to new-found Arab partners, the Saudi traitors who are no doubt going to help Zionists pull off the heist of the Century.

Trump is gonna wash his hands like Pontius Pilate and let his Masters have at it with Palestinians while the Zio-zaudis encourage and applaud the theater of oppression.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 15 2017 18:19 utc | 133

The two states solution is a fallacy, it's obsolete. No one believes in it anymore including the Palestinians, several Arab countries and Iran.
It seems that the USA wants to push Israel to annex the 'occupied territory" and the West bank to create one entity, thus either changing the demography of the 'jewish state' or create an apartheid state.
Like the blacks in South Africa, the Palestinians who are there won't disappear. Israel will have to accomodate them
Trump's position may trigger a new situation in the region with different potential but not without dangers.

Posted by: virgile | Feb 15 2017 18:24 utc | 134

@ Posted by: virgile | Feb 15, 2017 1:24:23 PM | 134

The two states solution is a fallacy, it's obsolete. No one believes in it anymore including the Palestinians...

Really ? Hm, well these attributed quoted statements would suggest otherwise ...

Abandoning two-state solution is 'no joke', Palestinian officials say

... Calling on the wider international community to “stand shoulder to shoulder” with Palestinians to protect the two-state solution, Saeb Erekat, senior Palestinian negotiator, warned that undermining the long-standing strategy was no joke.

“We want to tell those who want to bury and destroy the two-state solution that the real alternative to a Palestinian state living alongside an Israeli one on the 1967 lines is a democratic, secular state where Jews, Christians and Muslims can live together,” he said.

Emerging from a meeting with the speaker of the UK parliament, John Bercow, in Jericho, he added: “Those who believe they can leave the two-state solution and replace it with one state and two systems, I don’t believe they can get away with it. It is impossible. I believe undermining the two-state solution is not a joke and that would be a disaster and tragedy for Israelis and Palestinians.”

Referring to far-right Israeli ministers who have called for an end to the two-state solution and an annexation, Erekat added: “People can hallucinate and believe they can create one state with two systems but this this is not sustainable.”

Husam Zomlot, strategic affairs adviser to the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, also noted that Palestinian statehood had long been at the heart of international peace efforts.

The two-state solution is not something we just came up with. It is an international consensus and decision after decades of Israel’s rejection of the one-state democratic formula,” Zomlot told Reuters in Jerusalem by telephone from the West Bank city of Ramallah.

“If the Trump administration rejects this policy it would be destroying the chances for peace and undermining American interests, standing and credibility abroad,” said Hanan Ashrawi, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation...

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 15 2017 19:06 utc | 135

Trump just said at his press conference with Netanyahu that Flynn is a "wonderful man" who has has "been treated very, very unfairly by the media."

Posted by: lysias | Feb 15 2017 19:15 utc | 136

@132 anon

Adding to anon, I believe, along with the saker, that this is indeed about alpha primacy. Not about Flynn. How could it be? There is nothing there that warrants dismisal. Empty speculation at this point and it will stay that way perhaps until the transcripts are released. But, indeed, no worse than Obama.

But on to the point. Is it beyond belief that Trump could be on the crusade for popular appeal? We all know that wall-to-wall hit pieces and msm brainwashing has taken it's toll and a Trump presidency is in danger of losing it's innate appeal of outsider status which drove it to win the race. We all knew that TPTB would double-down and they have...but perhaps orchestrated loses might allow some empathy from the masses and this little wiggle room could be all that is needed for Trump to come down hard on his detractors and saboteurs, without the fear of being construed as an autocrat who unjustly eliminates dissenters. I mean...I think that is why we are reading even here on MOA the crap about Flynn being a traitor and Yada Yada yada. It is not enough that he had to go, but thet are using his dismisal as a launching point for further attacks. Enter Trump's iron fist, which will rely on prosecuting the hit-men who orchestrated this attack.

In my mind, Flynn was the fucking man who knew that changing the cornerstone of current empire policy of arming jidahists was No. 1 on the docket. If we look at the past decade, we will see that useful terrorism has indeed dominated, right around the time that the MIC realized that fighting insurgencies was a no-win for our armed forces. And in walked the IC with their plan.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Feb 15 2017 19:19 utc | 137

With all of the political/ideology ego rasslin going on the name Alvin Toffler comes to mind.

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

"Knowledge is the most democratic source of power."

"You've got to think about big things while you're doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction."

Alvin Toffler always an interesting read.

Posted by: ALberto | Feb 15 2017 19:25 utc | 138

@ virgile | Feb 15, 2017 1:24:23 PM | 134

The 'two-state solution' has been dead for many years, but nobody dared to publicly admit it.
Will be interesting to see what comes out of Trump's de facto dropping it - of course there'll be an outcry, and a lot of violence if Israel (i.e. the govt) doesn't offer a just alternative.

In the longer run, the only hope is to give the Palestinians equal rights in a single state, just as in South Africa. Won't solve all problems over night, but at least offers some perspective.

As things stand, the US is withdrawing from the Middle East - if this continues, Israel will have little choice in the medium run.

Posted by: smuks | Feb 15 2017 19:57 utc | 139

blues@124. "The real dominating force seems to be centered on the "intelligence" "community". They seem to feel that they are entitled to rule the whole earth". Could be why J Edgar Hoover was so feared by US politicians, even Hoover could not intercept all communications 24/7 like today's Intelligence community can. They know where 'all' the bodies are buried.

Posted by: harrylaw | Feb 15 2017 20:17 utc | 140


"China is much more powerful than Russia!"

That's patently absurd. What China has is large amounts of hot capital from their nearly flat societal pyramid, too many people, too much pollution, and an intelligence armed mostly focused on industrial espionage, like the Soviets were 50 years ago. China has a 2,000,000 army, but no navy and no air force and no icbm deterrent, relatively speaking.

Russia, on the other hand has crude oil, strategic minerals, 50 years of military and financial espionage, their expatriates took over Israel following the Soviet demise, and turned Israel into a War God pariah, flames engulfing all the MENA oil states, thus engorging the State oil treasury. They have a huge army, navy, air force and icbms. They are also deeply hacked into US intel, they are all over Wall Street, and running incredible scams that you only hear about rarely, because they are a Mafia.

Together with their hacking buddies in Israel, which the media never, ever mentions, Russia and Israel independently manipulate the Congress and the Executive every single day. China does not.

China is focused on China, and on control of ASEAN. They're all over the Philippines, they own Cambodia, they control the Viet Nam and Thailand economies, who knows about Myanmar? They control retail in Sumatra, and have investment in Africa, but haven't followed those areas enough to know how high they go. Their sphere and US/UK sphere only collide in the SCS oil region, eerily, 65 years leter, Eisenhower's Domino Theory of WW2 (and Viet Nam).

It's all about the oil and the intel. Russia has it, China doesn't. Russia is much more powerful than China! Then Trump has made nice to Xi, but "Trump Made It Clear Russia Must 'Return Crimea' To Ukraine."

It's 100% Goldman-MIC $ trillion bleedout 'No Fiduciary Duty' Cold War 2, to keep the bleeting sheep stress-positioned and hypnotized, while Wall Street vampire squid's all the managed union and public employee pension funds that are just sitting there!

The largest pool of unencumbered wealth in human history is the pension systems, and it is just sitting there, a couple 1s and 0s click-strokes away from disappearing into Goldman's offshore private bank depositories, along with all the looted bullion.

E pluribus I can't tell you where all the money went!

Monstrous Amalgamated Greedfest Apocalypse

Posted by: The Real Donald | Feb 15 2017 20:44 utc | 141


One word.


One word, are you listening, Lysias?

Yes, sir.

No Fiduciary Duty.

That's three words, sir.

Party like it's 1999!! Oh ..., wait...

Posted by: The Real Donald | Feb 15 2017 20:54 utc | 142

So why is chipnik changing his handle for the real donald?

Posted by: Lozion | Feb 15 2017 21:04 utc | 143

Alvin Toffler always an interesting read.
Posted by: ALberto | Feb 15, 2017 2:25:37 PM | 139

Thanks for the reminder. I just googled him and 3rd item in the Search Results is a 2016 BBC hit-piece/obituary "What Toffler Got Right - and wrong."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 16 2017 6:30 utc | 144

An opposite view about Flynn dismissal

A highly informed US source I previously called “X”, who detailed to Sputnik how the Trump presidency will play out, is adamant “this decision makes Trump look independent. It is all going according to script.”

“X” stresses how “the NSA can penetrate any telephone system in the world that is not secure. Flynn was a man of very limited abilities who talked too much. You never hear from the real powers in intelligence nor do you know their names. You can see that in Flynn’s approach to Iran. He was disrupting a peace deal in the Middle East relating to Russia, Iran and Turkey in Syria. So he had to go.”

“X” adds, “the Russians are not stupid to talk among themselves on unsecured lines, they assumed that Flynn controlled his own lines. Flynn was removed not because of his Russian calls but for other reasons, some of which have to do with Iran and the Middle East. He was a loose cannon even from the intelligence perspective. This is a case of misdirection away from the true cause.”

In direct opposition to “X”, an analytical strand now rules there’s blood on the tracks; the hyenas are circling; a vulnerable Trump has lost his mojo; and he also lost his foreign policy. Not yet.

The swamp strikes back
by Pepe Escobar for Sputnik International

Posted by: virgile | Feb 16 2017 18:37 utc | 145

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