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February 15, 2017

The Dangerous Precedents Of The Hunt Against Flynn ... And Trump

Kicking Flynn out of his office has hurt Trump. His standing is diminished. The efforts against Flynn, mainly by the "deep state" in the intelligence agencies, were designed to change Trump's declared foreign policy aims. They worked. Yesterday the White House spokesperson said:

President Trump has made it very clear that he expects the Russian government to deescalate violence in the Ukraine and return Crimea.

Today Trump tweeted:

Donald J. Trump Verified account @realDonaldTrump
Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?
4:42 AM - 15 Feb 2017

That is a position Trump had not preciously taken. "Return Crimea" is a no-no to any current and future Russian government. If Trump insists on this the prospective détente is already dead.

Several writers along the political spectrum point out that this show of raw power by the "intelligence community" is a great danger.

Damon Linker in The Week:

The whole episode is evidence of the precipitous and ongoing collapse of America's democratic institutions — not a sign of their resiliency. Flynn's ouster was a soft coup (or political assassination) engineered by anonymous intelligence community bureaucrats. The results might be salutary, but this isn't the way a liberal democracy is supposed to function.
In a liberal democracy, how things happen is often as important as what happens. Procedures matter. So do rules and public accountability. The chaotic, dysfunctional Trump White House is placing the entire system under enormous strain. That's bad. But the answer isn't to counter it with equally irregular acts of sabotage — or with a disinformation campaign waged by nameless civil servants toiling away in the surveillance state.

Robert Perry at Consortium News:

Flynn’s real “offense” appears to be that he favors détente with Russia rather than escalation of a new and dangerous Cold War. Trump’s idea of a rapprochement with Moscow – and a search for areas of cooperation and compromise – has been driving Official Washington’s foreign policy establishment crazy for months and the neocons, in particular, have been determined to block it.
The neocons and liberal hawks also hated Flynn because – as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency – he oversaw a prescient 2012 analysis that foresaw that their support for the Syrian insurgency would give rise to “a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria.”
Flynn’s resignation and its acceptance by Trump also prove that these tactics work and that “tough-guy” Trump is not immune to them.
The so-called permanent government of Washington and its complicit mainstream media – what some call the Deep State – have taught Trump a lesson and have learned a lesson, too. They now can be expected to redouble their march toward war and more war, ironically with progressives and leftists in tow.

Justin Raimondo at Antiwar:

Flynn was in the crosshairs of the War Party because he’s the most prominent of those around Trump who advocated for détente with Russia. Also, his somewhat loopy belief that Islam, per se, is a pernicious political ideology rather than a religion, made him a natural enemy of the pro-Saudi faction within the intelligence community, which had long worked with Riyadh to, among other things, overthrow the government of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.
The Flynn resignation is just the beginning. As one Politico writer put it, it won’t stop there. They’ll move on to new targets, and they won’t rest until they’ve bagged their real target: the President of the United States

Eli Lake for Bloomberg:

[F]or a White House that has such a casual and opportunistic relationship with the truth, it's strange that Flynn's "lie" to Pence would get him fired. It doesn't add up.
A better explanation here is that Flynn was just thrown under the bus.
Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens are some of the most tightly held government secrets. This is for good reason. Selectively disclosing details of private conversations monitored by the FBI or NSA gives the permanent state the power to destroy reputations from the cloak of anonymity. This is what police states do.
In the end, it was Trump's decision to cut Flynn loose. In doing this he caved in to his political and bureaucratic opposition. Nunes told me Monday night that this will not end well. "First it's Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then it will be Steve Bannon, then it will be Reince Priebus," he said. Put another way, Flynn is only the appetizer. Trump is the entree.

Trump will now cave in on foreign policy: on Russia, on Syria and everywhere else the borg demands it. He has been put "on notice" and will either do as he is told to do or he will be the prey in an even bigger hunt.

It is alarming that the so-called left part of the U.S. policy is lauding the "deep state" for this open attack on the elected government. They are now justifying the methods that will one day be turned against themselves. Why do they fail to see this?

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Piers Morgan: Media fueling 'crazy hysteria' against Trump

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 17 2017 9:56 utc | 201

There's at least one piece of this FLynn puzzle that isn't getting any mention: to determine that Flynn wasn't candid in what he told Pense, someone would have to compare what he said on the phone calls with what he told Pense. So how do both pieces of information wind up in the hands of someone to do the comparison? That would have tp mean that either: [i] Pense had arranged his own surveillance of Flynn via NSA and someone on his staff did the comparision; or [ii] NSA or one of other 3-letter agencies was surveilling both Flynn's communications with Russia and his communication with Pense. So was someone surveilling the VP as well as Flynn or was Pense having someone surveill Flynn? Either way, it's another scandal.

Posted by: Paul E. Merrell, J.D. | Feb 17 2017 15:23 utc | 202

virgile @ 137 and Harry @ 141 who disagrees (and further.)

Trump is playing his cards very close to his chest. Personally, I think he might surprise us nonetheless, in a positive way. (Upbeat today...) Clips from the presser with Netanyahou.

--> All paraphrase but imho the nitty-gritty.

DT: I’d like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit. (Acting just like a teacher to a high school student!) We’ll make a deal, maybe a bigger and better deal than ppl in this room understand. (= DT da boss.) N has no response except “The art of the deal!”, mildly mocking.

DT: Looking at two state and one-state I like the one the two parties like (N semi-chuckles with false humor, because this stance is unheard of.) I can live with either one. (DT = boss...) Israelis have to show flexibility. The Palestinians have to get rid of the hate they are taught at a very young age. It starts in the school room.

—> Isr. has to show flex!? Then DT brings up the one topic where Pals. actually ‘do less well’ than Isr (it’s true), the school books. (Long back-story.) That is really very clever, he argues for some ‘change’ on the other side. Re. an issue that is - not central.

DT switches to pol-correct speech, a more oratorial tone, consults notes: The security challenges faced by Isr. are enormous. The threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions! I have already put new sanctions on Iran. I will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing a nuclear weapon.

N responds, grovelling while pushing an agenda: “Challenging Iran on its violations, imposing sanctions on Hizbollah, preventing them, making them pay for their terrorism (etc.) That’s a change that’s clearly evident, I welcome that, a change that is long overdue.”

—> Iran has no nukes and isn’t developing any, as all know. There has been no change whatsoever. N grovels again, in this public discourse. (N tries to refer sub rosa to Obama being more friendly with Iran. DT did not sanction the Hezb, and isn’t making them pay for ‘terrorism.’)

Qu., audience. Anti-semitism is on the rise in the US. What do you say to Jews in the States, others, your admin plays to xenophobia and racist tones?

DT : We won the US elections (details)… We are going to have peace in this country. We are going to stop crime / long simmering racism / bad things / in this country. N: “There is no greater support of Isr. and the Jewish ppl and Jewish state than DT.”

—> DT avoids the BS qu. about anti-semitism. N (who is obviously terrified of DT) makes nice.

vid 3.58 min

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 17 2017 17:01 utc | 203

Wait. Am I to be upset because the Deep State got Flynn? Or that they are subverting and undermining Trump at every turn? No. I'm very happy about it. I'm also pleased with the spontaneous resistance to Trump which blossomed in the winter rains. And a full Special Prosecutor Investigation Televised Hearing into the perfidity of the Trump Campaign and the Putin Gang? Why not? Bring it on. Is Kellyanne Conway next? I hope so. And Steve Bannon? Definitely throw him under a bus, any bus. Will the Trump gang sit back and let it happen? I hope not. Let's watch Trump tear down what's left of the MSM credibility as well as the "intelligence" community. Go for it. Leaks, lies, payoffs, profits, the works! Did you think the end of empire was going to be dull? Pretty? Do you really think Trump is aiming for detente with Russia? And what difference will it make if that was what he has up his sleeve, or nose? Instead of cheering the Deep State or defending Trump and his henchmen, leftists are best advised to double down on efforts to organize for power. An opening like this may not come again for a while, a long while.

Posted by: Mark | Feb 17 2017 19:22 utc | 204

Deep-state civil war:

"Trump responded with a diatribe in which the media served as a stand-in for his real opponents in the US ruling elite, comprising the bulk of the permanent military-intelligence apparatus that really runs the government, regardless of which party controls the White House or majorities in Congress. He repeatedly denounced what he called “illegal leaks” to the media from sources within the intelligence agencies.

"It was remarkable that when Trump directly denounced the media as a mouthpiece for the intelligence agencies, there was no attempt to rebut him. Everyone knows it is true. Likewise, when he flatly denied any contact between his campaign and Russian intelligence agencies, not a single reporter could cite evidence to the contrary."

Posted by: Robert Beal | Feb 17 2017 20:10 utc | 205

Good cop bad cop. The oligarchy speaks with many heads but one voice. The new cold war is welfare for the corporate deep state. The greater and far more profitable objective is a war against internal enemies.

Do yourself a favour and watch the movie Brazil. Whether Trump has forgotten he's an actor is not so important. Useful idiots come in all shapes and sizes, and goodness knows Tulsi Gabbard will fix everything when she shows up on the next Democratic ticket.

Posted by: C I eh? | Feb 17 2017 21:06 utc | 206

Much ado about nothing new.

Trouble is, Trump shows no interest in 'taking on' the rich elite, of which he himself is a part. So if the oligarchs continue to demand their (huge) piece of the (shrinking) pie, there's ever less for the average population. They'll be disappointed, and Trump will redirect their anger towards some scapegoat e.g. immigrants, minorities or whatever foreign country.

In other's capitalism, stupid!

The rest of the world looks on in bewilderment and ceases to take America seriously, with China and Russia taking over the leadership role from the US.

Thanks for reminding us of this great film, though I'm not quite sure why! ;-)

Posted by: smuks | Feb 17 2017 22:03 utc | 207

DT: I’d like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit. (Acting just like a teacher to a high school student!) We’ll make a deal, maybe a bigger and better deal than ppl in this room understand. (= DT da boss.) N has no response except “The art of the deal!”, mildly mocking.
Posted by: Noirette | Feb 17, 2017 12:01:50 PM | 203

Shitty timing on Bibi's part; right in the middle of The Whole World being told about Israel "legalising illegal settlements."
In (good friends of Israel) Oz, the Deep State & Jew-controlled MSM went silent as soon as the extent of Bibi's humiliation became obvious...
Trump: +1.
Bibi: -1.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 18 2017 4:00 utc | 208

EU shows again they refuse peace between Russia and.thr US

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 18 2017 8:01 utc | 209

Bibi is planning a visit to Oz soon and AIJAC's Jews are peeing their pants, as can be seen from all the insanely irrational horseshit on their website...

Opposition (Labor) Leader, Bill Shorten, has vowed to follow Trump's lead and tell Bibi that settlements are a no-go zone for decent, moral, anti-theft & genocide, Australians.

The big question now is "Will AIJAC be able to increase the shekeling of enough Australian Politicians to neutralise Shorten's outrage before Bibi arrives?"
My guess is "Yes!"
Unfortuately for the Parasites, decent, moral, Australians won't take the (h)AIJACking of their (profitably) corrupt politicians lying down.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 21 2017 4:12 utc | 210

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