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February 19, 2017

Open Thread 2017-07

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elijah j m article from today... Hezbollah and Syria will find themselves partnered in any future war against Israel

Posted by: james | Feb 21 2017 4:27 utc | 101

The main issues in our economy and internationally could have been handled by the current Congress and a savvy diplomat, rather than the wackiness of the POTUS. If he lasts for four years, Trump will end up being known as 1) "the pen", because he mostly will sign the work of Congress into law, 2) the "fake news" guy, because he both condemned it and created it, 3) the "Twitter troll" for his inflammatory remarks on social media, 4) the "great boor" for his rudeness and social aggressiveness in the US and abroad, and the 5) "poor little rich boy" because he is the son of wealth who got in over his head and didn't want to acknowledge he doesn't own the world and therefore, is unable to control it. Ivy League business success is one type of accomplishment and can be appreciated but it is not translating into a great America - we should pay attention to Congress and Tillerson as things unfold and move away from great expectation from POTUS.

Posted by: Alestra | Feb 21 2017 7:24 utc | 102


I am only speculating based on public although obscure information out of the US which is at least thirty years old and which I have no chance of finding a (dead wood, haven't seen it anywhere on the net except from me) reference for but I personally consider it plausible that this was not an accident and also not a nuclear bomb in the normal sense.

If none of the given alternatives fit then one needs to discard them.

If we do nothing but plainly accept your assumption on a common direct cause for the effects you mention then the result immediately becomes "a moderately radioactive iodine-releasing, highly energetic, and intensely electromagnetically inducing weapon", that's simply by tying together the effects.

There was a kind of weapon that was talked about in the eighties and which the Soviets supposedly had which seems like it might be related to or be a technological precursor to such a weapon. However and while it's a potentially large family of different weapons (including present-day well-known/documented examples such as microwave weapons and non-nuclear EMP-generating missiles, both found in US inventories as well as in other countries) the weapon I'm referring to was a "wide beam" electromagnetic/radio/anti-immunology weapon so it obviously isn't a precise fit.

Still together with your post it leads me to think that the most plausible explanation until any other information becomes available is that Russia (yet again, if you ask me) rolled out one of their "post-nuclear" weapons, aimed it at the the polar star or similar, and gave the ELINT and SIGINT and NRO, NOAA, NSA, NASA, and whoever else noticed, a good scare by shooting a shot across the bow of any belligerent fantasies.

Perhaps sending a message along the lines of "any fired US nukes will detonate immediately above their launch sites".

A lot of people seem to think everything "stopped" with nukes, there's no reason to do that and much reason to think the opposite. Physics didn't stop, instead it exploded and accelerated at speeds much higher than anything during the second world war. Beyond the technological electronic avalanche perhaps the prime example is that we have now repeatedly been able to detect gravitational waves, something Einstein thought would never be possible. Never! A very big word in the first place and much more so when from someone like Einstein.

Anyway that's what I think might be going on but I'm kind of "crazy" anyway (either for thinking these things or for writing about them, it's a no-win situation right?). Just as I think the Russians did something similar during one of their inland exercises last year when they might have actually used a non-nuclear EMP area denial weapon against themselves (it's a solid test if they did, training doesn't get any more real than that), and just as I think they might be prepared to break a very specific secret tri-partite US-Russian-Chinese ...embargo... about something which makes no sense at all (I've never been able to figure out what it might be because nothing seems to fit but it sure is something; a very specific missing piece which is undeniable and it wasn't me that found it but I've confirmed it). If I'm anywhere close to the truth of the existence of such a ...treaty?... and they do then they really will do anything/everything to avoid another world war.

Sorry for speaking in riddles but there isn't much more meat to the bone than that (I'm not going to hand out coordinates and it wouldn't help much anyway). There are people out there who probably understand what I'm saying and some of them again ought to be getting busy if they weren't already. "Deep state" my ass, I dislike to use it as a derogative but they're nothing but "wankers" XD (the world would be much better off if that was what they did, the internet is for porn etc.).

Posted by: Outsider | Feb 21 2017 13:09 utc | 103

From what country does Saudi A need to protect itself?
Posted by: fast freddy | Feb 19, 2017 4:06:35 PM | 15

Their greatest fear is popular revolt within their own country; chief suspects are the tribal groups on the Yemen border (such as Houthis) and the Shia population in the region closest to Iran. It would look very similar to the downfall of the Shah of Iran in the late 1970s. This is why Saudi Arabia maintains a massive domestic military presence, has over 30,000 political prisoners, and hires Israeli spy corporations to keep tabs on all communications inside the country (as does the UAE).

In addition, almost completely unreported in the US press, protests to mark the Arab Spring anniversary have been sweeping across Bahrain recently.

Tensions have risen in the country since the 15 January execution of three men after a grossly unfair trial, says Amnesty. In response, protests erupted in 20 Bahraini villages, a number of which turned violent, with government armoured vehicles charging at protesters, as well as the security forces using tear gas and shotguns to fire birdshot directly at protesters.

The only reason these Gulf Arab countries haven't had their ruling monarchies replaced by parliamentary democracies is the active support of the U.S. and Israel; who knows how long that can continue?

Posted by: nonsense factory | Feb 21 2017 18:39 utc | 104

@109 nf... yes to your last sentence.. how long can that continue? 64,000 question...

Posted by: james | Feb 21 2017 19:26 utc | 105

#66 Steve

He's gone waay too "Protocols of Zion" for me to taken him seriously anymore.

To me, that's a gateway to spam. And not just that; If I wanted to read this kind of stuff, I'd be on stormfront or some other garthering of useful GLADIO whiteboy idiots.

I am saying this as a fan of Hezbollah and dismantling of the Zionist entity.

I don't need anti-semitism to tell me why Medinat Yisrael, and everything it has actually stood for since its inception, is utterly wrong, and why it's conscious supporters are generally rotten people.

ps: if he was being ultrasarcastic, it lost its punch a long time ago.

Posted by: Quadriad | Feb 21 2017 21:27 utc | 106

How to handle an inconvenient audit...

"911 Pentagon Footage with missile: Never Before Seen"

Posted by: x | Feb 22 2017 0:08 utc | 107

Long way to scroll to end to reply:
Posted by: les7 | Feb 19, 2017 8:16:14 PM | 31
Les, have you considered fuck-u-shima as a source of heat. Can't find link but saved a pic of the huge heat in North Pacific due to the farcical "accident" at Fukushima.
I am obviously no thermo-nuclear scientist. But what I do know is we aren't being told 1/trillionth of what's going on there.

Posted by: Don Bass | Feb 22 2017 4:16 utc | 108

Hi les @ 31.
Re the iodine and other issues you raise. I found something interesting.
I KNOW the source is not recognised as a credible website. Bit like an old-style national enquirer or supermarket trash mag.
BUT. Occasionally, occasionally, occasionally they surprise with something valid. I think the site is used to get stuff "out there" that some want released, but of course can be discredited simply because of the source site.
So with that huge proviso, have a look at this:

<<< On 23 December (2016), this report details, Statoil notified the MoD that it was beginning their Iodine-131 leak tests that they “expected/estimated” would take 3-4 weeks—and that corresponds with US Air Force reports showing that during week 2 of January 2017, this radioactive pipeline tracer was being detected in northern Norway.

On 18 January (2017), however, this report notes, a series of 4 major earthquakes hit Italy—and that joined that EU nations previous major earthquakes over this past year that have killed hundreds and whose recovery cost is over €23billion (£19.5billion, $24.3billion).

Immediately after the 18 January earthquakes in Italy, this report continues, Federation energy giant Gazprom reported that all “normal/usual” natural gas pipeline use in the European Union had ceased for reasons “unknown/unspecified”—and that caused Gazprom to report that its natural gas flow to the EU during the month hit all-time historic records.>>>>

<<<< With the US Air Force confirming that Iodine-131 was detected in Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain, until the end of January, this report concludes, what remains mysterious to Ministry of Health officials is why the EU didn’t just simply notify their citizens of these natural gas pipeline tests being conducted—unless, of course, and as always, they are using this type of normal pipeline maintenance to whip up anti-Russian hysteria—and as evidenced by Western propaganda headlines saying “FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE? Dangerous Radioactive Particles Have Been Detected Across Europe And No-One Knows Where They Came From”—that would be impossible to have been generated in Russia due to the fact that winds and weather patterns go from the EU to Russia, not the other way around—with the only exception being if radiation from Russia (like Chernobyl) circulated the entire globe, but with Iodine-131 would be impossible to occur during its half life of 8 days. >>>>

Posted by: Don Bass | Feb 22 2017 6:49 utc | 109

fast freddy @ 100. yes..

BO, Obama, deported about 2.5 million ‘illegals’ (undocumented workers, etc.) 400,000 last year, about. BO went after those with convictions as well, just as Trump says he is/will.

BO had a two-tier scheme: serious crimes (rape..) and ‘other’ less serious (e.g. domestic violence, drugs, traffic violations, false papers, driving without a license, etc.) aka a cat. 2, as open to leniency.

DT has annuled this distinction, it is replaced with vague language about ‘risk’, and more decisionary powers to agents.

Last year, 2016, BO -- 59% of expelled had ‘serious crime’ profiles, 30% cat 2.

Concurrently, BO instored DACA, - a flagship pro-immig. move - see wiki, about 750 K fall under it (Trump first said he would repeal and then changed his mind) which more or less prevented those who had arrived as children in the US from being deported.

Two days ago news reports the DT admin arrested one, Daniel Ramirez (by mistake or not? - idk.) This has defenders up in arms (rightly.)

Last week 680 ‘illegals’ were arrested (what happens next to them is not known). The NYT recalls that under BO, averaged out = 675 per week. Exactly the same, but one quiet under the radar, the other with trumpets (sic) and huge hysteria upsets.

> All cobbled together from various news and USgvmt sites, please correct if.

What is hidden is what blanket term deported really means.

-- The US public is not informed either of the laws, the actions of ICE, and what actually happens to these ppl.

Deported sounds somewhat innocuous, but the truth of the matter is that many go to prison and stay there for a long time. (Prison industry.) Under Obama, only those entering at the frontier that were immediately caught, or those apprehended in the US at close distance (not far from the border with Mex) after a presence that was judged to be 14 days or less, were immediately sent back, manu militari. What happened to all the others!?

Recall, "the Fence" was a Bush initiative (2006), and close on say, a third of it has already been built.

some video shows/docs, eng / spanish w. subtitles. (selection, not that it’s all great..)

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 22 2017 19:12 utc | 110

Louay Hussein interview in Le Monde, not given any space elsewhere
but still means that France is turning the Qatari page

Posted by: Mina | Feb 23 2017 11:31 utc | 111

An elderly neighbour asked me about the terrors, and I mentioned Gladio history, Mussolini's conversion to City Banking weekend-fashions after being maybe good before, and the need for a strategy of tension ( the suspense of belief is killing me). I mentioned that the dirty tricksters only create them occasionally and knew better than to over use them.

The recent report of an ex-gitmo mad bomber made me recall some info on the programs at gitmo being about mind-control (Manichean candidate? al-Wallooni Golem?), but I thought of the prison ships with many thousands and what was being done . Zombie Army (maybe). Blowback being a Noble Law, I thought of prisoner mutiny with couplet poems protecting from the demented CIA parlour games, first port to get qat, and then swarms of Femen and Fremen stream into Medina and Mecca for all of that Haj gold trade. Another rabbit hole, or tunnel vision in the wire rabbit run, Escher style?

One last thing concerns solar radiation deflecting cosmic waves, and both affecting health which last week was open to the omniverse for over three days. T'was the universe what killed Vitaly Churkin, and also having too big of a heart. Thanks to Mr. Churkin. Thanks b and all

Posted by: failure of imagination | Feb 24 2017 3:54 utc | 112

flushed down into memory hole,
DU in iraq.

'Terrible history repeated

"American forces admit to using over 300 tonnes of depleted uranium weapons in 1991. The actual figure is closer to 800.

"This has caused a health crisis that has affected almost a third of a million people. As if that was not enough, America went on and used 200 tonnes more in Baghdad alone this April. I don't know about other parts of Iraq, it will take me years to document that."

Hardan is particularly angry because he says there is no need for this type of weapon US conventional weapons are quite capable of destroying tanks and buildings. '

field testing their new 'toy' ?
but The Fallujah fighters didnt even have tanks.
its their ak47 against murkkan brabhams, A10, apache gunships, f16, artillery.....DU shells !

Posted by: denk | Feb 24 2017 4:09 utc | 113

@118 denk
It's horrific. The pictures tell us of the grotesque abuse, now repeated. Women giving birth to deformed infants which will know little else but pain. Tiny monsters of DU.

What sort of entity tattoos a landscape with such barbarity...? Understandable Saudi bedfellows in this form.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Feb 24 2017 17:28 utc | 114

MadMax2 119

DU is banned by the Geneva convention.
But thats not all.

the invasions of Iraq , Libya, Syria...are
Supreme International Crimes as per the Nuremberg trial.

chief American prosecutor, Robert Jackson at the Nuremberg trial
'A war of aggression "is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

'the tribunals would certainly be a farce if the United States failed to apply the Nuremberg standards to itself in the future. '

do you think the 'world cop' would police itself ?
it has been getting away with Supreme international Crime since ww2.
it still using DU in Syria......

they say reagan was a 'teflon' prez,
'nuthin sticks', he could get away with anything cuz he's such an 'affable' guy !
then murkka must be the teflon country. !

Posted by: denk | Feb 25 2017 2:32 utc | 115

reagan's baby , that 'star war' thingee is getting a second life under trump, that affable old fart must be grinning in his grave.

Posted by: denk | Feb 25 2017 2:57 utc | 116

Posted by: denk | Feb 24, 2017 9:57:02 PM | 121
(Ronny Raygun's Star Wars)

Considering the advantages/countermeasures equation of orbital weaponry, it's hard to envisage a cost-benefit outcome which would render land-based weaponry obsolete.

The 100% NATO-funded CERN (Large Hadron Collider) project, on the other hand, has its feet much closer to the ground and is equally eerie, if not more so. Finding a Higgs Boson sounds a lot more benign than the creation and storage of militarily-useful quantities of anti-matter - the ultimate Nuke...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 25 2017 7:29 utc | 117

While I'm in Coincidence Theory mode, the assassination of Kim Jong Nam has a decidedly Yankee stench to it. Early reports of his death mentioned that North Korean citizens enjoy visa-free travel to Malaysia. That decisively and inconveniently contradicts the Yankee bullshit about the "Oppressive NK Regime" and "NKians can't leave NK."

So by far the biggest beneficiaries of this who dunnit are the Yankees and other Christian Colonial Overlords who decided to lie about, sanction and smear NK as one of their Phantom Menaces/ fake enemies-of-convenience.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 25 2017 17:34 utc | 118

Hoarsewhisperer 123

cui bono ?
not kim jong un,
certainly not china, every time kim pull some stunts,beijing gets the blame.
standard murkkan m.o.

'back to the 'terrarist' file you kim'
says the world's no 1 'terrarist' uncle scam.
oh, of course its china's fault to condone nk 'terrarisim' sez the GWH.

now please put on your tin foil hat .....

Posted by: denk | Feb 26 2017 2:25 utc | 119

'Among recommendations being prepared for Trump is a .........
lifting of restrictions on rules of engagement supposedly designed to limit civilian casualties.' [sic]

Referring to the increasingly desperate plight of civilians in western Mosul, the International Committee of the Red Cross’s field coordinator in Erbil, Dany Merhy, said: “Supply routes have been cut from that side of the city and people have been facing shortages of food, water, fuel and medicine. We can only imagine the state people will be in.”

As in previous US-backed offensives against Fallujah and Ramadi, Mosul faces the prospect of being reduced to rubble. It is in this city where the proposed changes in the “rules of engagement” will find their first expression in the elevated slaughter of Iraqi civilians.' [1]

These !@#$%^& say they had been 'rather restrained' when reducing Fallujah to shards. !!!

Rules of Engagement III [2]
coming to a cinema near you !

this time we wont pull no punch,
satisfaction gauranteed !



"Waste the motherfuckers!" screamed across the screen in the outrageous and hateful film "Rules of Engagement" (2000), and into the streets and neighborhoods of Fallujah in November 2004. The film is a Samuel L. Jackson military vehicle that celebrates US war crimes from Vietnam to the Middle East, the US slaughter of Muslim civilians, young children included, and Arab bloodletting in general. It is, of course, one film, among many, that prepares US audiences for real manifestations of US aggression and war crimes: torture, slaughter of civilians, children included, and Iraqi bloodletting, as was the case in the "wasting" of Fallujah.

Posted by: denk | Feb 26 2017 3:10 utc | 120

US border agents to Muhammad Ali's son: Are you a Muslim?

“Where did you get your name from? Are you a Muslim?” American immigration agents asked 44-year-old Muhammad Ali Jr. -- a US citizen born in the city of Philadelphia – when he landed at a Florida airport earlier this month, local and British news outlets reported Saturday quoting his attorney.

it's not going to 'get better' by itself. it will only get worse, and worse, and worse ... not even reported in the usofa.

lights're on in the white house ... nobody's home.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 26 2017 5:19 utc | 121

Posted by: denk | Feb 25, 2017 9:25:51 PM | 124
(tinfoil hat/link to intellihub re CERN)

My CERN concerns are inspired by it's NATO funding
the irritating stream of horseshit from "cosmologists" et al, obliquely used via CGA mockumentaries to justify CERN's existence. Typical (ultimately redundant and delightfully vague and variable) components of the stream have over time included String Theory, The Multiverse, Everything From Nothing and lately Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

The entire foundation of the Dark Matter/Energy meme is an observation by a female astronomer (in the 1970s if memory serves) that Galaxies don't behave like solar systems i.e. the outer components of a Galaxy rotate about the centre at the same velocity as the inner components, whereas the outer planets in a solar system rotate around the sun at a much lower velocity than the inner planets. But this assertion begs the question "Why would a densely packed rotating disc full of stars behave like a solar system?"

Considering the sloth-like pace of stars in the Heavens (Libra, Taurus, The Saucepan and Sagittarius, and the Pole Star, can all be found where depicted in ancient star charts) it seems a bit over enthusiastic to claim that a few decades of measuring the relative movements of stars within Galaxies has been calculated with precision.
End of Lecture.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 26 2017 6:56 utc | 122

Pentagon prepares for bigger, bloodier war in Iraq and Syria

Speaking before the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institution in Washington on Thursday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Joseph Dunford, said that the Pentagon would be presenting Trump with a “political-military plan” to deal not only with ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but to “advance our long-term interests in the region.”

watch what they do. ignore what they say.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 26 2017 10:45 utc | 123

This morning's AJ news was full of the totally unsurprising news that the establishment last minute applicant Tom Perez had defeated Keith Ellison 235 votes to 200 votes for chair of the DNC.
AJ news surprised me a little when they denigrated Perez by pointing out he was the liferaft for all the dem funded NGOs & Think Tanks so his election would ensure everybody that mattered would keep their gold plated troughs of seven figure NGO & Think Tank gigs funded outta democrat PACs.

I wasn't surprised about his sponsors but I was kinda back-footed that AJ News would be so open about it.

Then I read Greenwald's piece on it - the AJ News hacks must have been so pissed at this latest AIPAC stroke they went behind their boss's back. According to Greenwald:

"Minnesota Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison lost his bid to become the chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Saturday after a scorched-earth smear campaign targeting his religious faith, his affinity for the Nation of Islam in his youth, and his support for Palestinian rights alongside a secure Israel. . . SNIP
. . .

Perez was widely perceived as being brought into the race by allies of President Obama, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and other members of the party establishment. One of the speakers who introduced his nomination, South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jamie Harrison, also works as a corporate lobbyist for the D.C.-based Podesta Group. After neither candidate reached a majority of votes in the first round of voting, Harrison was on the floor, whipping votes for Perez.

Ellison — a black man, a Bernie Sanders supporter, and the first Muslim elected to Congress — earned initial support from many Democrats until a strong backlash from the Obama and Clinton camps and prominent pro-Israeli activists.

Haim Saban, the entertainment tycoon who is one of the Democratic Party’s largest donors, called Ellison both “anti-Israel” and anti-Semitic. The Anti-Defamation League called on Democrats to reject him. On the eve of the vote, prominent Democrat Alan Dershowitz proclaimed that he would leave the party if Ellison were elected chair; Jack Rosen, who leads the American Jewish Congress, emailed DNC members the day before the vote decrying Ellison’s views on the Middle East, concluding that he threatened the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Perez, on the other hand, courted pro-Israel activists during the course of the contest. . .

It makes ya want to puke doesn't it? I can hear the assholes thinking.
"Hey fuck this angry ME lets keep stiffing the Arabs, there's a dollar in that - Who cares if we never win another election, I'm alright."

that is they only silver lining they won't be alright because a couple more big losses and corporate amerika will decide there is no point in throwing money at such determined losers.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Feb 26 2017 11:38 utc | 124

In a world of plenty (for some) and where ultra-privileged individuals are wealthier than entire nations ...

Four famines mean 20 million may starve in the next six months

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A lack of funds is putting millions of Yemenis at risk of disease and malnutrition as the country's collapsing health system faces shortages of medicines, fuel and specialist staff, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

Nearly two years of war between a Western-backed(US/UK) Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Iran-allied Houthi movement has left more than half of Yemen's 28 million people facing hunger, its economy in ruins and food supplies disrupted.

Earlier this month the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) warned that more than 20 million people may starve in the next six months in four separate famines in Yemen, Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia.

In Yemen alone, an estimated 7.3 million people are in need of immediate food aid, WFP said.

Worried that polio could reappear in the war-ravaged nation, Yemen on Tuesday launched a major vaccination campaign...

Highly specialized medical staff, including intensive care doctors, psychiatrists and foreign nurses, have left the country (Yemen), and the health workers that have remained have not received regular salaries since September, the agency said.

Lack of money has forced Al-Tharwa hospital in the Red Sea port of Hodeidah - the main functioning health facility in the region - to stop providing food to its patients...

WHO said nearly 4.5 million Yemenis, including 2 million children, need assistance in treating or preventing malnutrition - a 150 percent increase since late 2014...

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 26 2017 12:40 utc | 125

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