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February 11, 2017

CIA Honors Major Terrorist Financier For Successful Cooperation

Seymour Hersh - The Redirection:

[T]he Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.

Former Vice President Biden explaining who finances Takfiri terrorism (video):

Mr Biden said that "our biggest problem is our allies" who are engaged in a proxy Sunni-Shiite war against Syrian President Bashar Assad. He specifically named Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

"What did they do? They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad – except that the people who were being supplied were (Jabhat) Al-Nusra and al-Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world," Mr Biden said.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explaining who finances Takfiri terrorism (original):

… we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.

ISIS, Iraq, and the Lessons of Blowback:

Qatar’s military and economic largesse has made its way to Jabhat al-Nusra, to the point that a senior Qatari official told me he can identify al-Nusra commanders by the blocks they control in various Syrian cities. But ISIS is another matter. As one senior Qatari official stated, “ISIS has been a Saudi project.”

CIA honors Saudi Crown Prince for efforts against terrorism

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, received a medal on Friday from the CIA for his distinct intelligence-related counter-terrorism work and his contributions to ensure international peace and security.

The medal, named after George Tenet, was handed to him by CIA Director Micheal Pompeo after the Crown Prince received him in Riyadh on Friday in the presence of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman al-Saud, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

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Brings to mind questions I raised a few weeks ago: Saudi/ISIS sleeper cells in USA? Was the Orlando nightclub attack meant to help Hillary?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 11 2017 16:32 utc | 1

@1 Correct link

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 11 2017 16:47 utc | 2

The medal, named after George Tenet, was handed to him by CIA Director Micheal Pompeo after the Crown Prince received him in Riyadh on Friday in the presence of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman al-Saud, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

Meet Trump's CIA same as Obama's CIA. Did they talk about Trump's proposed safe zones for Syria and Yemen and bombing Iran next? NO DOUBT.

Scumbags! I keep telling you nothing has changed.

Oh yeah, Russia, Russia, Russia. Did you all know that Russia is thinking of gifting Snowden to Trump justice in return for concessions? No? Well read away:

Trump stated during the campaign that Snowden should be executed, and wrote an angry tweet to Manning calling him a TRAITOR. Despite the fact that Snowden believes in principle it's a good thing because it proves he's not a spy, Snowden also conceded, however, that actually being turned over to U.S. authorities was definitely not something he wanted to occur. “That would obviously be something that would be a threat to my liberty and to my life,”

Snowden shouldn't be naïve about how Trump's justice would interpret this return. It definitely won't be as Snowden interprets it.

What a price to pay for so-called detente with Russia! Will Putin betray Iran as well for sanctions relief?

Posted by: Circe | Feb 11 2017 16:49 utc | 3

It's like the Rethugs now blaming the intel for the "mistake" of Iraq but they can't explain how the chief of intel - George Tenet - was rewarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Usually awards are for successes not failures, right? Then again, Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Posted by: Curtis | Feb 11 2017 17:06 utc | 4

Another for the bulging at the seams "You Could Not Make This Up" file.

Posted by: Felicity | Feb 11 2017 17:11 utc | 5


Yeah, really disgusting that Trump excluded Saudi Arabia from his Muslim ban, and now he's even awarding the terrorism enablers and dictator monarchs a medal, but he included countries in the ban where people are suffering drought, famine and war besides including Iran that never attacked the U.S. but is the perennial target of his Zionist friends. Really disgusting acts that speak louder than words!

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, received a medal on Friday from the CIA for his distinct intelligence-related counter-terrorism work and his contributions to ensure international peace and security.

...contributions to peace and security, my ass! Only in the upside-down Trump world would the Saudis be lauded for their evil and destruction against Syria and Yemen and their espionage in Iran and for assisting Zionists with sabotage acts against Iranians.

Real nice.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 11 2017 17:15 utc | 6

@1 @2


Orlando shooters father attends Hillary Clinton rally.

Posted by: ALberto | Feb 11 2017 17:17 utc | 7


" NBC based its report on U.S. intelligence community sources. One told the network that Putin believes it would be a way to “curry favor” with Trump, who has said he thinks Snowden should be executed."

Do you honestly believe "U.S intelligence community sources" telling the media "that Putin believes..."( whatever they want the world to believe), is the truth?

Of course, I don't know, what's true here. But I certainly hope, Snowden's lawyer ist right:

""At no level - be it economic or political - the topic of Snowden could be a subject of trade," the lawyer said."


Posted by: venice12 | Feb 11 2017 17:19 utc | 8

If memory serves, he also received the Legion d'Honneur in France last spring for, ostensibly, exactly the same reasons... Then again... when we are in the habit of giving away Nobel prizes for no reasons whatsoever or nominating Mugabe as International Tourism Ambassador... what do you expect.
Incidentally, Saudi Arabia also chairs the panel that is charged with appointing UNHCR investigators of human rights abuses...
O' Tempora, O' Mores....

Posted by: guidoamm | Feb 11 2017 17:26 utc | 9

Well, Micheal Pompeo is Trump's nominee. He wouldn't be in KSA kissing ass if it wasn't approved by the boss. Could this possibly mean Trump's not going to be the swamp-draining white knight so often portrayed on here? What a bummer. Such a surprise.

American vets are once again congregating on Sioux land in North Dakota to keep militarized police from attacking indigenous protesters to the pipeline under the Missouri River. Even the rednecks will be pissed if they get beaten or shot. The white knight had better tread carefully there.

The nighttime raids have started, mostly in the southwest. Apologists are saying it's just a continuation of policies of earlier administrations but there's clearly more enthusiasm than before. The white knight assumes that Americans are okay with doors getting kicked down and families being torn apart. Clearly some are, my gut tells me most are not.

It's not been a good week for Sir Galahad. He's been bitch-slapped by the courts and had to do a 180 on his China policy. His top advisors have been flogging Trump business interests and caught lying about discussions with Russia about sanctions when it was illegal. His press secretary maintains that if the Donald says the Yemen raid was a success then, dammit, it was a success. I guess the bright spot was that bankers no longer have to be bothered by pesky rules that offered a modicum of protection to investors.

Other than a few snags it's been pretty smooth sailing draining the swamp. Front loading the cabinet with Goldman types is just Sir Galahad's way of keeping Wall Street on its toes. They know that he's gunning for them.

Posted by: peter | Feb 11 2017 17:29 utc | 10

Hey, that's what 'exceptional' people can and do; murder, rape, starve, bomb, terrorize and kill nations that refuse to be our bitch, after all, we're exceptional and they ain't, so tough tittie, after all, we're America!
You can see it in our flag's colors; red, the color of blood; blue and white, the colors of a rotting corpse that happened to get on our bad side.

So genuflect before our might, which is right or we'll send some Tomahawk cruise missiles and B-2's to bring you liberty and democracy, whether you want it or not. After all, we're America!

Posted by: Greg Bacon | Feb 11 2017 17:32 utc | 11

@4 curtis... yeah, and this medal is right in line with those one's too.. it would be nice to believe the thinking here is keep your friends close and your enemies closer..thus this is just ''keeping up appearances''..

alternatively, cia's role for however long seems like they're the enemy in alliance with countries that support terrorism.. without terrorism, where would the cia be? as jackrabbit points out - manufacturing it perhaps??

Posted by: james | Feb 11 2017 17:38 utc | 12


Oh puhleez - he understands perfectly who's underwriting terrorism. Come on! He just pushes the Zionist lie that Iran is the biggest source of terrorism when in fact Saudi Arabia is getting the medal...for exactly that!

Posted by: Circe | Feb 11 2017 17:44 utc | 13

More and more you just have to turn the meaning of those headlines around and you're very close to the truth. Like "Fight against Terrorism" means fight for Terrorism. Try it yourself. Either they're falsly accusing the other side of the things they're doing themselves or they use those up-side-down framework. Mr Orwell has been quite precise in seeing this coming.

Posted by: felix | Feb 11 2017 17:47 utc | 14


alternatively, cia's role for however long seems like they're the enemy in alliance with countries that support terrorism.. without terrorism, where would the cia be? as jackrabbit points out - manufacturing it perhaps??

Jackrabbit don't know jack! He's a Trump-tool pushing the Trump man-god line from day one. Trump has done plenty already to prove he's more of the same. Pompeo is his man at the CIA! He answers to Trump and went bearing medals for criminal Saudis because that's what Trump wanted. Quit with the spinning already.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 11 2017 17:48 utc | 15

Operation Timber Sycamore

Posted by: Les | Feb 11 2017 17:50 utc | 16

Everyone who pays attention, knows the truth about Saudi Arabia, yet, the vast masses in America know nothing. The 4th estate is doing a wonderful job for the elites. Like mushrooms, keeping folks in the dark, and feeding them manure. The American public will be well deserving of any misfortune coming their way through inattention and lack of curiosity
about the world we live in.

And unfortunately, it should be clear to all, Mr. Trump and his cabal is not the answer.

Posted by: ben | Feb 11 2017 17:51 utc | 17

@16 circe.. has anyone told you to fuck off lately?

Posted by: james | Feb 11 2017 18:00 utc | 18

james @19


Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 11 2017 18:15 utc | 19

Greg Bacon @ 11: I like your synopsis of the U$A today, short and to the point. And, given the history our foreign policies, not too over the top.

Posted by: ben | Feb 11 2017 18:30 utc | 20

James @ 19 said: "@16 circe.. has anyone told you to fuck off lately?"

Answer.. Probably, but that fact wouldn't make Circe's comments less relevant:)

Posted by: ben | Feb 11 2017 18:37 utc | 21

Two possibilities. Either Trump is reconciled to a Jew World Order or he's gaming this. If he is gaming it, what are the lines he will not cross? Where it's all verbal, there probably are no limits, since he's already advocated torturing the families of terrorists. That goes way beyond civilized.

Posted by: sarz | Feb 11 2017 18:54 utc | 22

No mention of the award at CIA blog, CIA statements press releases, or CIA twitter.

Rather secretive about such a prestigious award, aren't they?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 11 2017 19:12 utc | 23

Circe @3

Russia does not trade in people.

"The recent increase in speculation about Edward Snowden. Someone's wishful thinking. They all refer to some sources in the CIA and the NSA. This topic for some reason lately very actively discussed. I have repeatedly said that Russia does not trade people. Russia does not trade human rights" Anatoly Kucherena, Snowden's lawyer.

Circe @6

The 'Muslim ban' applied to people of all faiths from 7 countries listed by Obama. It may also apply to people who have merely visited those countries, irrespective of faiths. The Muslim component amounted to about 11% of the world's Muslim population. The remaining 89% of Muslims are not affected. The term 'Muslim ban' is pure bs.

Jackrabbit @20

Circe has to be the dumbest poster seen here for a while.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 11 2017 19:19 utc | 24

Fuck, are you annoying Circe! Get lost..

Posted by: Lozion | Feb 11 2017 19:44 utc | 25

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, received a medal on Friday from the CIA [called the George Tenet medal] for his distinct intelligence-related counter-terrorism work and his contributions to ensure international peace and security. Unfortunately this is no joke.
Tenet who produced all those lies in the run up to the Iraq war should be in prison. This award could be like receiving a medal for good governance from PolPot.

Posted by: harrylaw | Feb 11 2017 20:12 utc | 26

The recipient, like the aptly named award share the same distinction...

your hands are defiled with blood
your fingers with iniquity
your lips speak lies
and your tongue mutters wickedness.

their feet run to evil
they hasten to shed innocent blood
their thoughts are perverse
devastation and destruction are their highway

Posted by: les7 | Feb 11 2017 20:35 utc | 27

Disgusting. Truly orwellian.

However, from an objective perspective, wouldn't necessarily read too much into it ... an agency awards the 'Prince' a tin medal in a low key largely unreported ceremony ? This is a 'trinket', big deal. Apart from stroking the recipients ego ? Could even possibly be a good sign ...

This has ZERO coverage outside the ME press or predominantly Islamic nations. In fact, would expect this would be considered on the 'Arab Street' something along the lines of ... 'Al-Saud Crown Prince awarded medal by the worlds leading terrorist organization for outstanding support of terrorism, ie ISIS/Al-Qeada' ;)

Hm ...

Now, if it was from the President, ie the 'Medal of Freedom', or the 'Congressional Gold Medal' from Congress, that would be 'significant' ...

Posted by: Outraged | Feb 11 2017 20:37 utc | 28


Posted by: ProPeace | Feb 11 2017 20:47 utc | 29

@23 Trump's 'game' could end up being a total waterloo for his agenda. He is quickly isolating himself from any majority support, and he hasn't managed to intimidate the press, who sense blood in the water.

Posted by: aaaa | Feb 11 2017 20:54 utc | 30

RE: Circe

I do not agree with Circe. But the attacks on an opinion you do not agree with could be civil. And this from one of the MOST UNCIVIL poster on this blog.

RE: the US
According to the Hare formula (cf: Hare psychopathy checklist - the US is a psychopath. May I suggest that everyone writing to this blog take the test and find out why this blog can be so nasty.

Now that was mean in a rather civil way. See, it can be done.

Posted by: rg the lg | Feb 11 2017 21:11 utc | 31

I see the Trump tools have their knickers all soiled because their man-god isn't who they pretend he is and what we have here is yet one more INCONVENIENT FACT to add to the list of so many they just can't spin and look ridiculous trying to. It's obvious that when they start personally attacking with the 4-letter insults their illusion has yet one more giant crack in it and they want to vent against the person who sticks to the facts and reality. Just quit blaming the messenger; I had him pegged all along. I told ya he's a con; so quit dumping on me. Suck it up.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 11 2017 21:20 utc | 32

Not taking sides but it would be real nice not to have to see so many f--- off comments.

Posted by: Morongobill | Feb 11 2017 21:33 utc | 33

'CIA honors Saudi Crown Prince for efforts against terrorism'

so, efffectively speaking, what's the difference between this little factoid and fake news?

Posted by: john | Feb 11 2017 21:36 utc | 34

ZH now has posted this story.

A couple of their more "comely" comments:


If Trump does not clean out the CIA, FBI, DOJ and DOS, and lets GS write the rules for Wall St., then we've been had, and played for Useful Fools. It will mean that the Banksters, the MIC and Deep State got their way once again -- and that we were suckered by the old "Law & Order & Patriotism" shtick.


Trump, you go girl

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 11 2017 21:41 utc | 35

There's a medal named after George Tenet of all people? I guess the CIA doesn't have the best pool to choose from in that regard after all.

Anybody looking for a riveting read, check out Tim Weiner's 'Legacy of Ashes.' Very comprehensive history of CIA by former employee. Interesting to read about the CIAs blunders in Iran and Syria post WWII and relate that to current events today. People really underestimate how much those actions reverberate. Americans have short memories it seems.

Really can't recommend it enough to people interested in this kind of thing. Does a good job showing what a madhouse/shitshow it was and still is. Even their claimed successes, like crippling Iranian nationalism and installing the shah, seem like such blunders initially. I swear every page of that 500+ page book reveals unbelievable levels of incompetence. 100s of major disasters for each small success surely. Even those of us critical of their actions and policies often lose sight of just how much they fuck up and get in over their head w.o realising it.

You'd think these incredibly well funded and powerful agencies, accountable to so few, would be much more able to effectively 'pull the strings.' I swear its unbelievable that they still wield so much influence despite being staffed by such dolts.

...George tenet was one such dolt if anyone wonders why I'm rambling.

For those fearful of the unaccountable private power concentrated in these institutions this book was somewhat comforting in a dismal way. Makes them seem a little less omnipotent if you will.

Posted by: FecklessLeft | Feb 11 2017 21:48 utc | 36


It's Trump's choice for the CIA. You really think Pompeo went over there to kiss Saudi ass without Trump approving this medal business. Everything official (and underhanded as in the case of Flynn) his hand-picked department heads carry out is on Trump with his blessing! The buck stops with him. His cabinet represents the MIC, Wall Street, Big Oil and Zionism and he's already taken steps and issued executive orders that benefit each of these in some way.

So he's not gonna clean up anything. The swamp is more filthy than ever since he's in charge.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 11 2017 22:01 utc | 37

@ Circe

You seem to even attack folks that are more radical than you. Get a grip because you have become worse than the enemy if everyone is your enemy.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Feb 11 2017 22:20 utc | 38

@ben no. 18

Everyone who pays attention, knows the truth about Saudi Arabia, yet, the vast masses in America know nothing

I believe the majority of Americans know that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11 and would like nothing more than to cut ties to that kingdom.

Posted by: sleepy | Feb 11 2017 22:24 utc | 39

the idea of the cia making awards in the name of the usa doesn't pass the laugh/puke test. could there be a more obvious tell as to who is running us 'foreign policy', aka us terrorist policy: death, devastation, and destruction for all who dare oppose the 'washington consensus'? or who just have something washington wants? the idea that tee-rump is running any of these guys is absurd. they're running him. just as brennan ran obomba.

the us' new american century axis of terrorism: frukus+deutschland and the gcc, and our/their miscellaneous terrorist hirelings. building up uniformed forces in now-occupied lithuania, missiles in poland and romania, and terrorist forces in ukraine, syria and the mena in general. all over control of the gas/oil that is destroying life as we knew it on earth, the monetization/financialization of every transaction of the everyday lives of everyone on earth, with all of our communications of misgivings about same collected, analysed, and stored forever by google the 'good cop' and the bad cop nsa.

transnational corporate terrorism, the new world 'order'. we can organize to oppose it anytime we're ready. we won't be ready as long as it's still seen to be happening 'over there'. as long as they can keep us transnational corporate slaves - us legionnaires - in line the campaigns and the 'narrative' won't change. it's us billions on the bottom who are going to have to seize power. the action, as they say, will be ignored not televised. the cia will be on tv, handing out medals to their terrorist 'heroes'.

There are 164 days between Sunday 12 February 2017 and Wednesday 26 July 2017. still time to kill the cia before it's seventieth birthday. demanding the corporate execution of the cia makes a good, unifying diversion and rallying point to us billions on the bottom against the billionaires on our backs. death to the vile, criminal cia!

hey, hey, dee-jay-tee
  kill the see-eye-aye!
go down in his-to-ry,
  as the man who saved hu-man-ity
from our lives as slaves
  of the tee-en-cees!

Posted by: jfl | Feb 11 2017 22:45 utc | 40

@40 sleepy

israel and saudia arabia ... and of course the rogue government of the usa. everyone on earth knows who the bad guys are. it will not be televised - or printed in sulzberger's blog, the nytimes, or in bezo's blog, the wapo. they've taken the fifth ... and drunk it.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 11 2017 22:50 utc | 41

I agree with Outraged @29. Flattery is not fellatio.

Adding: All the news articles I see only quote the Saudis lauding their receipt of this medal. IMO the lack of back patting from Pompeo or anyone in the Trump Administration significantly lessens the value/prestige of the award.

My guess is that the Saudis pushed for the award from the new Administration OR that the medal was awarded by Brennan but presented by Pompeo (at Saudi request). Hopefully we will learn more over the coming days.

Interesting also that this awarding/presentation comes so soon after the fouled-up US attack in Yemen. I imagine that defeat (Aleppo) makes herding the extremist cats more difficult.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 11 2017 22:53 utc | 42

The award/presentation is disgusting (as I wrote @1), but I'm not convinced that it proves that Trump is a fraud or that Pompeo = Brennan.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 11 2017 23:03 utc | 43

Well, Circe has a relentless "missionary" style that annoys me a little. There have been times when I questioned his (he's male, right?) sincerity. And worst of all, he simply posts too many comments. But, most unfortunately, a lot of what he says about Trump is looking more and more likely. I've struggled with "civility issues" myself lately.

Regarding the medal awarded to the Saudi thug, yeah, Trump had to approve of it. Trump does a lot of things that make no sense to me. One thing for sure -- If the CIA handed me such a thing, I would loose it in an unfortunate boating accident. Who knows what might be in there?

Posted by: blues | Feb 11 2017 23:55 utc | 44

@45 blues, '... worst of all, he simply posts too many comments ... what he says about Trump is looking more and more likely'

criticizing trump is like shooting fish in a barrel. the inordinate amount of time and energy and its exclusive focus makes me think that yeah, he's on a 'mission' all right ... trying to bring the mainstream media full-court press yo moa on behalf of ... whom or what exactly ... making sure that the real issues are obscured by the tee-rump outrage du jour ...

scroll-over territory as far as i'm concerned.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 12 2017 0:23 utc | 45


All the news articles I see only quote the Saudis lauding their receipt of this medal.

That's because all the articles so far are either Gulf press or based on the statement put out by the Saudi Royals' press office. The mainstream here has yet to cover it.

You're so dishonest.

My guess is that the Saudis pushed for the award... blah, blah. More spin and presumptuous, unsupported bull trying to put lipstick on the pig.

Your guess - exactly! And you have zero credibility at this point.

@44 but I'm not convinced that it proves that Trump is a fraud.

That's because you're a Trump-tool who does nothing but spin and try to whitewash INCONVENIENT FACTS about Trump into your own baseless, unsupported presumptions to make him look all innocent; i.e. deceptive trumpster propaganda.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 12 2017 0:33 utc | 46

The sooner Trump supporters have their personal tantrums that Trump is completely in bed with the US banking class and the Israeli and Saudia Arabian regimes the better for everyone. Until that happens all discussions are going to be derailed by the petulant outbursts and attacks we are seeing over the completely unsurprising fact that God Emperor 'Clean teh Swamp' Trump is going to be mostly more of the same US single ruling party foreign policy that we have had for decades.

It is nice that WW3 has been postponed for the time being and that absolute piece of garbage Hillary Clinton will live out her hopefully short amount of days left in seething bitter anger over getting beaten by a clown.

Regardless of what Trump's real intentions were before he took office, the reality of Trump is:

* He is completely in bed with the Israeli and Saudi Arabia regimes
* Looks to be setting in motion war with Iran due to the above
* Flailing around all over the place on China
* Surrounded himself with Washington and banking insiders

Maybe Trump was just simply lying to get elected. Or maybe he was sat down and had things explained to him. Doesn't really matter.

So, please, go have a good cry in your MAGA jammies into your pillows. And then lets all move beyond the God Emperor Trump is going to dismantle the murderous American global empire and clean the Washington insider swamp and make the government 'run like a business'.

You and your children won't be incinerated in a US-Russia nuclear war but thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinian and Yemenese(and possibly Iranian) people are going to be killed by your tax dollars thanks to your 'God Emperor'.

Posted by: VaginaHat | Feb 12 2017 1:08 utc | 47

What becomes clear when you read the Trump-hating comments at MoA and other sites is:

1) They have been wrong about a number of things but that doesn't dissuade them - there is always a reason to hate Trump NOW;

2) They maintain a complete and utter focus on TRUMP - almost never recognizing the forces arrayed against him, nor do they contemplate what might come after Trump;

3) They portray anyone that is not fully on-board the Trump-hating bandwagon as a worshiper/devotee of Trump.

4) Often they are new or recent members.

What Trump is up to is complex and will take time. I'd rather give Trump a chance than see Pence (Hillary-lite) take over via impeachment or Hillary herself via a color revolution. The overall 'America First' direction is a good one.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 12 2017 1:30 utc | 48

I propose MoA bans uber troll member Circe for his constant thread hi-jacking and continual redirect of the discussion in an anti-Trump manner. I for one, am not a pro-Trump fan but what I despise is trolling under the guise of pseudo-argumentative obsession.. Enough.

Posted by: Lozion | Feb 12 2017 1:48 utc | 49


And worst of all, he simply posts too many comments. But, most unfortunately, a lot of what he says about Trump is looking more and more likely.

Well, gee thanks...I think. I can list at least 10 individuals here who post way, way more than me, but at least you're admitting I tell it like it is and not wishing or guessing.


he's on a 'mission' all right ... trying to bring the mainstream media full-court press yo moa on behalf of ... whom or what exactly ... making sure that the real issues are obscured by the tee-rump outrage du jour ...

First of all, my only mission is to target deception, and Trump is pants on fire - Pinocchio material, so there's a whole lot of bullshit to cover there. Secondly, care to list those real issues that according to you I'm trying to obscure?

BTW, Don't let the crickets beat you to it.

FYI, regarding the rest, the feeling is so mutual. For starters your teeeeeeeeee-rump tic is so annoying, I too tend to scroll over your pearls of wisdom.

@49 Please do all realists a favor. Read @48!

Posted by: Circe | Feb 12 2017 1:53 utc | 50

B has said he doesn't want posters asking for people to be banned on the blog. If you want to request that, you are asked to send b an email. The email address is on the "About" page which is accessible from a link at the top of the main page.

I am not ready to ask for that yet.

The problem we have here is that one poster is doing two things that do not work together. He compulsively posts about just one specific issue. And he tends to make far too many posts about this one issue. I think an occasional post about one issue would be much less problematic. And multiple posts that address different aspects would be much less problematic. This is really beginning to look like an OCD problem.

Posted by: blues | Feb 12 2017 2:15 utc | 51

"I'd rather give Trump a chance than see Pence (Hillary-lite) take over via impeachment or Hillary herself via a color revolution."

Too late; Pence got his man Pompeo into the CIA slot and from that point on it was game over. In all likelihood it was Pompeo/Pence's apparatchiks who got the the whole "never been used, but it's really important now" Logan act rolling on Flynn.

Pence is the new Cheney...and like before, Democrats are politely applauding as the constitution is used as toilet paper. Indiana Republicans were delighted to see Pence leave the state as he was known as a power hungry backstabber.

The plot is pretty clear, Pence, using his boy Pompeo at CIA will peel off all Trump's trusted advisors [who share his views] and replace them with his handpicked neoliberal/neocon-neocolonials negating the will of the people with the iron fist of a failed set of ideologies...all to the polite applause of like-minded Democrats.

Posted by: S Brennan | Feb 12 2017 2:17 utc | 52

@22 ben, i'm not into dismissing relevant comments others make.. offering the same message on every thread multiple times gets tiring though.. mis-characterizing what i said is what i jumped on here. constantly characterizing others posts as 'spinning', 'dishonest', 'trump tools', and etc - essentially attacking others on the belief they are ignorant and need to be told this 'same message' endlessly is not something i'm down with.. i don't need to use the f word, but jesus if i'm an un-politically correct canuck with the language, i apologize for that! pardon the lack of capitals and spelling errors from time to time too and i will do the same. thanks..

Posted by: james | Feb 12 2017 2:22 utc | 53

@ S Brennan | Feb 11, 2017 9:17:21 PM | 53

I think you are perhaps on to something. Maybe Trump needs to fire Pompeo.

Posted by: blues | Feb 12 2017 2:26 utc | 54

"B has said he doesn't want posters asking for people to be banned on the blog. If you want to request that, you are asked to send b an email. The email address is on the "About" page which is accessible from a link at the top of the main page.

I am not ready to ask for that yet."

No one cares.

Posted by: VaginaHat | Feb 12 2017 2:33 utc | 55

@ VaginaHat | Feb 11, 2017 9:33:26 PM | 56

It's possible this person has a problem that is difficult to control. I would at least give him a chance to try.

Posted by: blues | Feb 12 2017 2:40 utc | 56

The Hersh piece is absolutely vital to understanding the big picture of what has happened in the last eight years in Syria. I read it several years ago and it was one of those "ah ha" brilliant pieces of journalism.

BTW, is there some reason that Hersh is now publishing in UK rather than America?

Posted by: Erelis | Feb 12 2017 3:02 utc | 57

Fair enough blues. Let b decide the right course of action..
My take is Circe is ruining the discussion at MoA and imho that should not stand..

Posted by: Lozion | Feb 12 2017 3:12 utc | 58

George Tenat award, good to see a Pompeo get down in the weeds with the ragheads. Woops.

Posted by: Jay M | Feb 12 2017 3:19 utc | 59

@Erelis | Feb 11, 2017 10:02:52 PM | 58

..BTW, is there some reason that Hersh is now publishing in UK rather than America?

Banned for "fake news" NeoLiberals and NeoCons hate him being honest.

Here vids - Maxine Waters "Putin continuing to advance into… Korea" and Nancy Pelosi named "Bush" instead Trump.

Posted by: OSJ | Feb 12 2017 3:28 utc | 60


Pence is no Cheney. He is an empty-suit, an ex-Governor of Indiana! That doesn't scream world-conquering psychopath to me. However, that is not to say that he could not be, as others have said, a danger to the Trump project if the president is impeached. Pence was chosen as a running mate to balance Trump's excesses, his bloviating, his fast presentation. Pence is everything Trump is not, and it follows that if Pence is lacking any of the potential good qualities of Trump, then he is indeed a danger.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Feb 12 2017 3:33 utc | 61


plot is pretty clear, Pence, using his boy Pompeo at CIA will peel off all Trump's trusted advisors [who share his views] and replace them with his handpicked neoliberal/neocon-neocolonials negating the will of the people with the iron fist of a failed set of ideologies

Plot? Only in your active imagination. FYI, Jared and Bannon have way more influence on Trump than Pence so Pompeo is all Trump's doing. First of all Jared, Priebus and Tillerson suggested Abrams for Secretary of State and Trump didn't want him because he was very critical of him in the primaries; so Trump made that decision. Trump did want Bolton, but some Republicans warned they would not confirm him so he went with Tillerson; again, his decision. And again, Trump selected Pence; too bad for him. Trump's a big boy with big boy pants; and he usually gets his way; so he's to blame for that blunder, except maybe Jared had some influence there as he hated Christie for putting his daddy away for fraud, and advised Trump to choose Pence instead. However Trump made the final decision. So he chose his successor - how ironic. Maybe Trump's demise is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Pence BTW is more like Bush than Cheney. I'd say the way Trump is going after Iran and the whole Muslim ban - Trump is Cheney.

The plot is pretty clear, Pence, using his boy Pompeo at CIA will peel off all Trump's trusted advisors

What? That's ridiculous. Jared and Bannon ain't going anywhere, believe me.


I think you are perhaps on to something. Maybe Trump needs to fire Pompeo.

Your conspiracy fantasies ain't gonna happen either. Trump is singing Pompeo's praises. Trump might fire himself though, because he's acting like a school-yard bully, because he's screwed up so much in 3 weeks alone. Whoever primaries him; whoever campaigns against him in future has a bonanza of screw-ups already to choose from. Trump will never get a second term. If Trump gets to a second term, because his conflicts of interest and whatever he's hiding in his taxes that he's so afraid to reveal might catch up and bring down his Presidency before that, unless of course he pulls something really stupid first or he's hiding something else. He's going to be the sole architect of his downfall; and that's as it should be. I for one wouldn't want it any other way. That way no one can say - poor Trump everyone was out to get him. No. Trump is his own worst enemy.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 12 2017 3:46 utc | 62

Fantasies? I provide a link [53] to back up my claim, you make dozens of assertions without any evidence whatsoever.

Trump didn't know Pompeo until Pence whispered it in Trump's ear. Pompeo ^ Pence two are neo-cons who have opposed Flynn in congress when Flynn served Obama. Put up some evidence for your ridiculous claims!

Posted by: S Brennan | Feb 12 2017 4:14 utc | 63

james @ 54: No need for you to apologize for ANYTHING you post here:) Not all posters are alike, and I believe much latitude should be given when their messages are full of passion and relevant material. But, as always, b will decide that.

The debate between Trump believers, and non-believers, will be settled by actions, not rhetoric. And, as long as real facts are presented by both factions, and not just ad hominems, I think folks should have at it. And, as I said before, that's b's call.

Posted by: ben | Feb 12 2017 4:24 utc | 64


Agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. I like the variety of opinions on here even though I don't agree with most. Its obvious Circe is just passionate about what he writes. Maybe I think he goes overboard sometimes but I'm never compelled to read any given post. No one else here is either. I feel he'd post less if people didn't openly mock what he had to say either. Guy is defensive but so what?

The people who rile him/her up are worse IMHO. A few posts back someone was giving him shit for 'being so far off B's narrative' and that really made me cringe. I don't come here everyday to listen to 100+ people agree with the OP. Since the election circus ended I feel the majority of posters here add something to the discussion in one way or another.

I won't derail this thread anymore but I feel as long as people aren't engaging in petty personal attacks let em say what they will. Say what you will about the guy, one thing he definitely isn't is disingenuous. He says what he feels and I respect that. Especially in the face of people mocking him. It takes balls even when anonymous. Even when he's angry it's painfully obvious he's just passionate about sharing his opinion. I can sympathise with that. Imagine how many posters here would feel if some journalist from the NYT looked down their nose at b himself. We all have an agenda to some degree whether we admit it or not.

I like hearing his POV fwiy. I don't always agree but who wants an echo chamber anyway? I almost feel embarrassed I gotta defend the guy. Places like this I had assumed were a little more tolerant. Maybe I'm off base but I never felt like the guy 'ruined' anything for me.

Posted by: FecklessLeft | Feb 12 2017 5:30 utc | 65

So James, you're a Canuck? How special, so am I. What the fuck do you think a Trump type government can do for us? Are you tired of our healthcare or do you think there are too many brown people in the picture?

I hear you about how the hoi polloi has it so bad. My neighbour showed up with his new Ram today but couldn't afford the extendicab or hemi. I mean, how fucked is that? I'm about ready to take to the streets but maybe I'll wait till spring.

Sweetheart, be strong. Things are tough but trump and Putin are sure to fix us up. It's a bitch trying to live like this. Hang in there chum.

Posted by: peter | Feb 12 2017 6:22 utc | 66


That article only confirms that Pence is as bat-shit crazy as Trump - birds of a feather.

As for the Hill article. I don't see a conspiracy there. What I see is a bastard who lied about a phone call with the Russian Ambassador and when he got caught on intelligence intercepts, he walked back his lie stating on Thursday, through his spokesman, that while he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, he couldn’t be certain that the topic never came up. When questioned by the press at the time, both Spicer and Pence stated that Flynn said he only spoke about Trump’s victory and arranging a call with Putin.

That's not a conspiracy against Trump. That's a Trump cabinet pick who screwed up and naturally, he's going to have to answer for his screw up. But I believe there's more to this than just the phone call.

A month ago, precisely January 14, 2017, I wrote a comment on another site that many here are familiar with but that we're not supposed to promote and tacked on the end of it in brackets a bad feeling I had at the time regarding Flynn. I wrote this on January 14th BEFORE Trump took the Oath of Office.

(Note: This is just my gut feeling but could Flynn pose a threat to Trump’s Presidency? Is Russia holding a card to play at a later date that involves Flynn? If so, Flynn won’t make it past the Senate; Zionists will make sure of that. He’ll be the fall guy and Trump will still become President. I feel there’s something off lurking with Flynn; I could be wrong; we’ll see.)

Note that I mistakenly believed that Flynn had to go through the confirmation process, but, strangely his position doesn't require confirmation by the Senate. Regardless, Flynn is in hot water for that phone call through fault of his own - no conspiracy. Again, I believe there's more to the story than just the phone call, and if there is and someone gets to the bottom of it; he will be asked to resign. Not sure if we’re going to get all the truth. They may want to keep the truth hidden. The deep-state rulers will never allow Flynn to bring down Trump's Presidency. Flynn is in hot water; but it's because of what he did and what he may be hiding.

Flynn lied about not discussing the sanctions Obama tacked on for the alleged Russian interference in the elections. I'm telling you, as much as I loathe Pence, Flynn lied. There's something very shady about Flynn.

Flynn is a problem. I believe I was right about Flynn and you are wrong that this is part of some conspiracy behind Trump's back. Trump is the choice of the deep state; there is no conspiracy to pick-off Trump advisors. Jared and Bannon are Trump's closest advisors and they’re not going anywhere. You're absolutely wrong on this.

Maybe Flynn will be the fall guy for Trump should there be more to the dossier the British ex-spy submitted to the FBI but maybe Flynn is the one who's hiding something the Russians have on him; not Trump. I'm not sure but either Flynn or Trump is hiding something big or both. We'll see. I just get the feeling something's not right.

However, the point is, that I felt something off with Flynn and I was partially right. He did lie and I still think there's more to this. So my instincts are better than you think.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 12 2017 6:55 utc | 67

@66 Why should you feel embarrassed about being honest?

I want to defer to a quote from Chris Hedges for why I feel so passionately against Trump's Presidency.

Hedges, who once characterized the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as between neoliberalism and fascism, expands on the ideological forces at play behind Trump’s popularity.

Americans who voted for Trump “picked a faux populist,” Hedges says. “They picked a figure who’s a con artist, who told them what they wanted to hear.”

As for the incoming Trump administration, Hedges believes it will be “a naked kleptocracy.”

Hedges, referencing his Truthdig column “Con vs. Con,” notes that Trump is a con man—but his way of deceiving the American public is more “naked” than that of the political establishment.

It is naked, for now, but at the same time so immersed in deception that it's scary. How far will that deception go?

I wanna make sure it doesn't go far at all.

Posted by: Circe | Feb 12 2017 7:18 utc | 68

Proposed massive military buildup

Embarrassing himself on the phone with Russia because he doesn't have a clue about the relevant nuclear treaties.

Sending arms to murderous gulf dictatorships like Saudi Arabia.

Every indication he will do the same with with the equally murderous Israelis.

No one has a clue what the hell Trump's policy is on China.

Filled his cabinet with Goldman Sachs.

Mindbogglingly suggested something similar to batshit crazy neocon Hillary Clinton's no fly/safe zones for the foreign terrorists attacking Syria.

Still not quite as scary as the Pure Evil neocon wackjob Hillary but he is getting there very quickly.

Posted by: BigFatty | Feb 12 2017 7:26 utc | 69

I think a reason for the juvenile calls to ban someone like Circe are an example of a much more serious and larger scale problem.

1. The mainstream press colluded with the DNC to try to ram that vile piece of garbage Hillary Clinton down the throats of first the Democratic base and then once again with the general electorate.

2. The amount of lying by the mainstream press about Trump was absolutely absurd. There were no limits to how far the press went in trashing Trump. I say this as someone who has never voted for a Republican in my life. The coverage of Trump was sickening.

3. That repugnant abusive of all journalistic ethical standards has created a mindset in Trump supporters of going on the defensive at ANY criticism of Trump and angrily lashing out.

I don't like most Trump supporters and they most likely feel the same about me. But I do not blame them.

The blame lies entirely with the mainstream media in the US for utterly failing to even put a semblance of impartiality in their coverage and instead unabashedly picking sides in a presidential race.

I have to imagine that many Trump supporters want to cry out that supporting brutal Middle East countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia, war with Iran, massive military buildups, etc. is not 'making America great again'. But they know if they show even the slightest doubt or criticism of Trump that everyone is going to immediately jump on be seized up on by the mainstream media as 'Trump supporters already turning on him.'

Posted by: BigFatty | Feb 12 2017 7:49 utc | 70

@21 bf

but you've got the whole thing down to perceptions, and perceptions of perceptions. there's a world out there, one in which yemenis, syrians, the people of donbass ... palestinians, all are being murdered and dispossessed every day as a direct result of the actions of the usa/eu/gcc/il. the mindset of supporters of this or that american politician are irrelevant to any of that. long before this last election it was apparent that, as ralph nader - a man who should have been elected president on any of three occasions - said: there's practically speaking not a dime's worth of difference between any of the elephant/jackass troupe. to see so many column inches consumed arguing about this or that american politician is a measure of the sickness of american politics. the death, devastation, destruction, and deceit proceed along all fronts. the only meaningful political action now has got to be outside of the fake political structure and its sideshow of freaks. nothing is possible in us politics without ignoring the fake 'controversies' promoted by the transnational corporate mainstream media and working, organizing bottom-up to sweep all these frauds off the table and to replace them with real people chosen from among ourselves and ending the ddd&d.

Posted by: jfl | Feb 12 2017 8:56 utc | 71

Dear Circe:

If the Trump regime turns into another neoliberal/neocon shitfest, we on this blog will be among the very first to detect that. Is that not totally 100% obvious?

So back the hell off and give us a few weeks to do the analysis.

You must have come up with something other than "Trump sucks". Really. You don't want to be just another one-hit wonder.

Posted by: blues | Feb 12 2017 9:17 utc | 72

Well, Circe has a relentless "missionary" style that annoys me a little. There have been times when I questioned his (he's male, right?) sincerity.
Posted by: blues | Feb 11, 2017 6:55:04 PM | 45

The Circe is a goddess of magic, or sometimes a nymph, witch, enchantress or sorceress in Greek mythology (wiki).
MoA's Circe is, as jfl says, a bloke.
L'il Abner works for me.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 12 2017 13:55 utc | 73

@73 Another Trump fan. You need to get your head out of your arse before the gestapo comes for you. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

dh (filling in for Circe)

Posted by: dh | Feb 12 2017 14:22 utc | 74

dh (filling in for Circe)
Posted by: dh | Feb 12, 2017 9:22:26 AM | 75

With 11 comments in a 75 Comment thread, filling in for Circe seems a lot like carting coals to Newcastle, or oil to Saudi Barbaria.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 12 2017 14:56 utc | 75

Passionate disagreement on issues is a source of intellectual advancement, something that will become more and more necessary as the next four years play out.

Blues makes good points, as does Circe and some of those in opposed response to Circe. Those reflexively responding with ad homs and calling for Circe's banning should themselves be banned.

Having known and enjoyed the perpective of Blues for many years at other sites, I would advise listening when Blues speaks. He is often the source of perceptive meta and non-meta commentary. That is not to say listen in either blanket agreement or disagreement

There has always been an interesting frisson at MoA between alt right and far left viewpoints. Many times we see convergance of attitudes and ideas where one might expect divergence

Ban nobody IMHO. Put the ad hommers calling for bannings on warning and even timeout if you feel the need.

The ideological battles over Trump are only just beginning. His direction is already the most important debate for humanity of our age.

Please treat each other with respect and have at it.

Posted by: ASAFP | Feb 12 2017 15:11 utc | 76

@76 I figured she could use a rest.

Posted by: dh | Feb 12 2017 15:12 utc | 77

@29 Outraged
Yeah, this one gets tagged Orwellian. It is the base layer on canvas that confuses most...immediately denying the reality of the elephant in the room... instead rewarding the bull in the china shop.

@71 Big Fatty
Great nick, wish I'd thought of it.

Indeed, Circe is in good part a product of the MSM. Relentless, one sided and over the top. Rarely would one witness such a myopic and devoted energy, yet also possess such staying power.

Given that such tedious, repeated regurgitation is an insult towards intelligence, how might one sustain this a devoted motivation towards the darker art of disruption for such a lengthy period...? Hmm.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Feb 12 2017 15:12 utc | 78

"Those calling for bannings should NOT be banned." Correction

Posted by: ASAFP | Feb 12 2017 15:14 utc | 79

I'm with #29 Outraged on this medal joke.
A bunch of cowardly liars and facilitators of mass murder awards two medals* (which nobody's ever heard of) to a bunch of cowardly mass murderers.
*two medals = First + Last.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 12 2017 15:18 utc | 80

Fair points, nobody wants an echo chamber. However, Circe's ultra-high work rate on one subject alone deserves its own space. The characteristics of Circe's work in this blogs' comment section is very similar to that of a black hole...drawing all action to it...relentlessly.

Definitely has an peculiar odour.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Feb 12 2017 15:23 utc | 81

History tells us that the American led western imperial agenda will not end until it is given a geo-political and/or financial setback from which it is dealt a major defeat that causes its ruling class to realize they can no longer expand their dominion without risking further set backs. Imperial machinations will continue in maintenance mode but overt expansion will have come to an end while spheres of influence dictate which areas and the resources therein are under whose control. Perhaps at this point some mutual understanding and co operation might begin while the peoples might again be able to assert some control over their privileges and destiny?

Posted by: BRF | Feb 12 2017 15:24 utc | 82

FecklessLeft @66

We all have an agenda to some degree whether we admit it or not. I like hearing his POV fwiy.

I'm convinced that Circe is a Democratic Party shill. He showed up right after the Presidential election when the campaign to de-legitimize Trump began. Since then his anti-Trump comments have been obsessive and over-the-top. He attacks others (including b!) for not joining the Trump hating bandwagon.

At first, he went on and on about Trump as an uber-Zionist who, he claimed at one point took $128 million from Sheldon Adelson. But a simple google search shows that this is false. The Trump campaign got $10m from Adelson and Adelson donated another $25million to a Trump-friendly superPAC about a week before election day.

Then he tried a different tack, calling for a revolution against the two-party system. He urged MoA readers to see protesting Trump as part of this revolution. Later, he admitted that he would support a Democratic Party ticket (Kucinich - Gabbard) in the next Presidential election.

Circe's POV is just MSM/establishment at higher volume. He adds nothing except a "Trump sucks" ringing in your ear.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 12 2017 15:26 utc | 83

Is the USA trying to boost the Saudi Crown Prince MBN over MBS, the king's ambitious son?

Posted by: virgile | Feb 12 2017 15:29 utc | 84

I am NOT "another Trump fan". Before checking in here this morning, I did a little "fuzz testing" of the Internet. To do this, you pick out some random thought that maybe came to you in a nightmare or whatever and Google it to death (I rarely use actual Google). What the old magic eight ball came up with this morning was Hillary Clinton's "Scooby van". Hahaha! What's the history behind all of that? Turns out, it actually begins with an animated TV show "Scooby-Doo! {Quote} Scooby-Doo is an American animated cartoon franchise, comprising several animated television series produced from 1969 to the present day. {Unquote} -- Wikipedia. And here I was about to use one of my favorite words "unlamented"! It's still playing, and may even outlast Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign!

So to make a short story long, the Scooby-Doo (the name seems to be that of their talking dog) characters ride around sort of Ghostbusting in a "mystery machine", which is either a brown or a psychedelic painted van. So Hillary ran for New York State Senator ("The Empire State") going about in a brown van that somehow became known as the "Scooby van". So when she ran for president, she rode around the country in a ridiculously out-sized armored black van, also called the Scooby van, which was occasionally spotted by her many adoring myrmidons. Read all about it at:

The point is, if you have a $1 billion+ dollar campaign, you can afford to create a whole vast mythology about yourself -- and this whole giant piece of cultural crap is completely disposable if you happen to lose. I suppose this must leave a sizable fragmentation in the psyche of your poor myrmidons.

The thing with Trump is that this dude has been carefully building his own personal mythology for, like, half a century. At this point the myth is much bigger than the man. I think it was the well-known Internet historian Webster Tarpley who started the whole meme about Trump being a fascist (I recall Tarpley was successfully sued by Trump's wife). I don't think he's quite a fascist. He certainly is an outrageous authoritarian, and that is very dangerous. His "administration" looks largely to be turning into a giant turd, not much different than that of his two unlamented predecessors.

The choose-one, two-party "system" has not produced any presidential candidates who I would call "a normal human being" since JFK. I have been conducting an actual war with some people I call "the election methods cognoscenti", a bunch of naive mathematicians and political scientists. I have been insisting that the only election method that can bring down the two-party system is something call "strategic hedge simple score voting". (Maybe more on that battle later.)

Posted by: blues | Feb 12 2017 16:27 utc | 85

If memory serves, he also received the Legion d'Honneur in France last spring for, ostensibly, exactly the same reasons. guidoamm at 9.

Yes he did. Figaro, March 2016:


Here is Hollande in KSA being ‘decorated’ himself (for what honor idk), or at least blithely parading, pic:

In June 2015 Hollande also awared this highest French honor to the CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar el Baker.

Le Parisien, June 2015

Posted by: Noirette | Feb 12 2017 16:42 utc | 86

Circe's comment that "Trump is the choice of the deep state" has an element of truth in it but is imprecise: Trump was supported by some parts of the deep state, he likely won the legitimate popular vote. Trump certainly was the winner in the vast majority of counties in the country. The mass media and much of the so-called alternative media around the planet were foaming at the mouth against Trump.

Hillary was also supported by elements of the deep state, and the mass media overwhelmingly, not just in the US but in much of the planet. In terms of massive financial help from plutocrats, etc, Hillary was 'the choice'.

The media attack on trump was coordinated to an amazing extent; the same 'talking points' appeared everywhere. Here in Canada during and after the election it was hardly possible to listen to any radio so-called 'news' report, without hearing some disparaging remark re Trump. Sometimes the news report amounted to: Trump is an asshole, the stock market did this and that, and now the weather.

One must conclude that the jewish dominated and CIA heavily influenced mass media and alternative media very strongly feared, and worked against Trump.

Now Trump, being human, has erred and will err, and his actual and possible and fictional faults would make for long reading. Some question are, is he capable of learning the ropes? Of making sensible adjustments in his own thinking and who he surrounds himself with? And what is his basic motivation: Does he prioritize love of country and will he try to provide leadership towards a much better US, or is he inherently corrupt, will he be essentially more of the same, with a few idiosyncratic frills and deluded or deluding grand gestures thrown in?

One thing about Trump is that good bad or indifferent, he worked his ass off to get elected, and his work ethic in office sounds like at the same pace. And his capacity for forthright, blunt, succinct, and memorable pithy communication is worthy of Zero Hedge comments, err, I mean M of Alabama.

Posted by: canuck | Feb 12 2017 17:04 utc | 87

How long before the takfiri ideology turns upon itself...? Sure, some will flee to Europe, foreigners will return home perhaps, others may be ferried to Libya, or maybe even travel to feast on the carcass of Yemen.

With awards like this being handed out, it is not hard to imagine an element frowning towards the kingdom demanding purity. How long can Saudi princes shop on the high st in Tel Aviv and not need to be cleanse by the monster of their own making.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Feb 12 2017 17:06 utc | 88

@ 13-james and all of you who wander why he- DJT -awarded prince bin Nayef go to- I hope you change mind about whole thing.

Posted by: sejmon | Feb 12 2017 17:46 utc | 89

@13 Sorry- it is

Posted by: sejmon | Feb 12 2017 17:49 utc | 90

To all. Apologies for the ban calling. I retract it but my point still stands: Thread hijacking is the work of shills/trolls to stir the line of thought towards one's position which is blatant in the case of the Enchantress..

Posted by: Lozion | Feb 12 2017 17:52 utc | 91

Lozion @91

Nothing to apologize for. See @83.

Those who defend Circe haven't been following his anti-Trump campaign very closely.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

PS jfl is anti-Trump and I have no problem with that. He's been here a long time and has fundamental reasons for his position.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Feb 12 2017 18:33 utc | 92

Here is a question for ALL:

What was the original topic before all y'all went off topic to rant at each other?

Do you even have a clue?

Well, just in case you have completely forgotten in the blatant efforts at 'one-up-man-ship' ... the answer is:

CIA Honors Major Terrorist Financier For Successful Cooperation

Posted by: rg the lg | Feb 12 2017 18:41 utc | 93


Flynn lied, did he? Who cares?! Isn't it acceptable as an incoming administration to converse in hypotheticals? Maybe not to the obstructionist, witch-hunters at cnn and at the dnc. The only reason there is a hit-out on Flynn is because he is a genuine friend of like-minds in the world community who do not have a taste for regime-change and arming jihadists. The same forces rallying against Flynn were calling for the resignation of Conway for justly calling for purchasing of Ivanka Trump's clothing line after Nordstrom conveniently adopted a political conscience and has succumbed to divisiveness. I encourage all consumers to look into their purchasing habits regarding this kind of political bs. Netflix has seen 20+ million in investments from Soros, and their political coming-of-age has seen producing white-helmet propaganda documentaries as well as race-baiting shows like "Dear White People," the latter aiding the Soros-funded obstructionist movement that is calling a 3-week old administration the new reich. At least give it a month!

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Feb 12 2017 18:45 utc | 94

@ rg the lg | Feb 12, 2017 1:41:28 PM | 93

We all know about the strange "medal" that the CIA director gave to the Saudi crown prince. After b presented the story, there was very little to discuss about it. And the whole thing is a bit "spooky". So the original topic kind of died of natural causes.

Posted by: blues | Feb 12 2017 19:01 utc | 95

rg the lg @93

"CIA Honors Major Terrorist Financier For Successful Cooperation"

This was a minor medal for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz al-Saud for buying US arms and helping the "Merchants of Death" provide jobs for innocent Americans (sic). Remember that Obama's Defense Secretary Ash Carter had previously met with Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman al-Saud at the Pentagon. The medal was perhaps just a US attempt to reinforce the line of succession in Saudi Arabia.

Turns out that Mohammed bin Nayef is a more moderate terrorist backer than Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman al-Saud. bin Nayaf prefers a negotiation over the Yemen war while Mohammad bin Salman appears to be all in Yemen.

What is more strange is that the Pentagon working with the UAE and the CIA is working with Saudi Arabia and each supports a different potential leader for Yemen. It appears to be a conflict between the Pentagon and the CIA as to who has the biggest balls. This terrorist war in Yemen is a replay of Syria where the CIA and Pentagon were supporting different terrorist groups who ended up fighting each other.

Given that Eric Prince is providing support to the UAE, I would expect that Trump is not as hot on Saudi Arabia is bomb-bomb Obama was. We will have to wait to see what Trump does. Sofar Trump has been playing the Pacing game while deciding how to Lead:


Posted by: Krollchem | Feb 12 2017 19:15 utc | 96

I suspect Circe is in Panic Mode.
Bibi is due fly into Washington on Wednesday. That's a Hell of a lot of bother to go to merely to discover that his daydreams have been consigned to the Back Burner. He'll also remind Bibi that the capital of USA is Washington, not Tel Aviv, and suggest that the irritating little boofhead learns to stop talking when he should be listening.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Feb 12 2017 19:21 utc | 97

Imagine a Dali painting of this obscenity.
Another vile and disgusting act of the CIA.
The CIA is the jackal arm of Wall Street.

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Feb 12 2017 19:30 utc | 98

Leave Trump Alone!

There is no 'we' on Moon of Alabama. This is not

No one cares if your feefees are hurt by all these bad things being said about Trump.

The sole superpower in the world whose empire stretches over a large portion of the planet has a dangerously incompetent clown for a leader now. In his time in office so far Trump has demonstrated himself to be shockingly ill-prepared and dangerously lacking in the basic knowledge of both US and international law, and the major US treaties with countries like Russia. His cabinet picks are filled with the same old bankers Trump fans were literally celebrating before he even took office would be tarred and feathered and run out of Washington.

So, yeah, the US administration handing out medals to the murderous Saudi regime is relevant to Trump because it is his crappy administration that is doing it.

This is a fantastic site and we are not going to let it be turned into The Donald.

Posted by: BigFatty | Feb 12 2017 19:30 utc | 99


Flynn lied, did he? Who cares?!

WHO CARES??? I CARE!!! Using deception to manipulate is a sign of greater moral rot and corruption. You bet I care! This is the type of individual who like Wolfowitz in the case of Iraq would fabricate intelligence to create a casus belli! You better believe I care!

Yesterday, I debated S Brennan @53 & 64 because he was trying to imply that Pompeo and Pence are conspiring against Trump.

The plot is pretty clear, Pence, using his boy Pompeo at CIA will peel off all Trump's trusted advisors [who share his views] and replace them with his handpicked neoliberal/neocon-neocolonials negating the will of the people with the iron fist of a failed set of ideologies...all to the polite applause of like-minded Democrats.

I replied with 68 to that conspiracy theory stating that there is no conspiracy in that regard, as it is already getting clearer that Flynn screwed up lying about the phone call to the Russian Ambassador made at the same time Obama was imposing further sanctions on Russia for alleged interference in the election.

I also stated that I had written a post ONE MONTH AGO elsewhere to which I attached a note at the end expressing my gut feeling about Flynn and his effect on this Presidency. I quoted @68 that note I wrote on January 14 and can send you to the article I commented on which included that prediction if someone explains to me how I can link to it without breaking the rules about promoting other blogs.

This morning I read an article in The Atlantic concerning this same issue. Now, I don’t like this Zionist magazine and try to avoid it and also dislike the author of the article as much, but what’s interesting about it is that the author’s view actually coincides with the point I’m trying to make, and the gut feeling I expressed in that comment on another site. Before I post the excerpt in question that affirms my suspicions; I want to add that I’ve stated all along that I believe Trump is the choice of the deep-state although they hedge both sides. I don’t believe the Russians leaked the DNC emails. However, I believe it was done by someone on behalf of the deep state who wanted Trump to be President. Flynn is a threat to Trump’s Presidency, for reasons that I suspect go beyond that mere phone call to the Russian Ambassador. This is all coming out of left-field for the deep state. Trump may also be concealing a similar secret that might have to do with the report prepared by a British ex-spy, that the FBI is still investigating. The deep state is not going to allow for Flynn or even whatever Trump may or may not have done to bring down this Presidency, therefore, Flynn is going to be the fall guy for Trump in this mess.

Here’s the excerpt from the Zionist Atlantic that ironically coincides with my suspicions:

Flynn’s maladroitness in fact is the one thing that may have saved the administration from an even worse scandal: His reported lie was exposed so quickly that the uproar will thwart any project to lift early the sanctions on Russia for its role in the 2016 election. He has given the Trump administration an opportunity to localize what is really a much larger scandal.
They can now try to load all the blame for all the various sinister connections between the Trump campaign and Russian spy agencies onto one man, in an effort to protect everybody else implicated in the scandal, including the president himself.

There is a whole lot more to this. I felt it in January and my suspicions are being confirmed now. This week Trump and Pence will be forced to address this issue and I will be weighing every word that comes out of their mouth.

One more thing. Trump was asked about the Flynn call on Air Force One while he was on his way to Florida for the week-end and again HE LIED, stating he knew nothing about report that Flynn spoke with the Russian Ambassador about the sanctions. HE WAS LYING! Of course he was made aware of the phone call by Flynn! He may have even asked Flynn to call because maybe Flynn knows the Ambassador better than Trump!

See video as of 1:08 where he lies that he knows nothing.

I want to see how Trump handles this issue this week, because there’s much more to this story and much hidden in all this.

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