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January 11, 2017

The Deep State Versus Donald Trump - New Smears And The Ukrainian Connection

UPDATED (3x) (at end of original)

As remarked on January 6:

When Hillary Clinton was defeated in the U.S. presidential election the relevant powers launched a campaign to delegitimize the President elect Donald Trump.

The ultimate aim of the cabal is to kick him out of office and have a reliable replacement, like the Vice-President elect Pence, take over. Should that not be possible it is hoped that the delegitimization will make it impossible for Trump to change major policy trajectories especially in foreign policy. A main issue here is the reorientation of the U.S. military complex and its NATO proxies from the war of terror towards a direct confrontation with main powers like Russia and China.

The deep state campaign against Trump opened new grounds today with the publication of completely fake and thereby unverifiable anonymous assertions which include the smear that Trump had some fun in a Moscow hotel and that Russian secret services is using that to manipulate him.

Like many smears against Trump via proxies of the Clinton presidential campaign these new ones seem to origin from Ukraine related sources and Ukrainian "nationalist" (aka fascist) putsch supporters.

The new assertions about Trump come in 35 pages of "reports" by an anonymous (claimed) former British intelligence operator working for a private U.S. company with dates ranging from June 20 2016 to December 13 2016. They say that Russia has some tapes of Trump watching sex games in 2013, they claim that Trump campaign officials coordinated the Clinton campaign leaks with Russia and that the Russian President Putin was highly involved in all of this.

Here is how the claimed former intelligence operator typically describes his sources in these "reports":

Speaking to a trusted compatriot in June 2016 sources A and B, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin respectively, the Russian authorities had been cultivating and supporting U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Donald TRUMP for at least five years. Source B asserted that the TRUMP operation was both supported and directed by Russian President Vladimir PUTIN.

The anonymous former British operator hears from an anonymous asserted compatriot what two anonymous sources, asserted to have access to inner Russian circles, claim to have heard somewhere that something happened in the Kremlin.

They assert that Trump was supported and directed by Putin himself five years ago while even a year ago no one would have bet a penny on Trump gaining any political significant position or even the presidency.

There is a lot more of such nonsense in these new Hitler diaries. It is bonkers from a to z.

Neocon senator John McCain, friend of Ukrainian fascists and Trump enemy, passed (<-details) the "report" to the FBI and thereby made it into an official document.

Even as they are obvious fake the FBI tried to use these "reports" to get a wide warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance (FISA) court to listen in on Trump campaign officials. The court thankfully denied or at least narrowed down the request.

The first "reports" were created as part of the opposition research paid by a Republican candidate running in the primaries against Trump. They were later produced for and paid by the Democratic campaign. They have been shopped around in Washington for several month. The NYT, the WSJ, CNN and the FBI all investigated the assertions in them. Despite those considerable combined capacities they could verify none of them. All publications refrained from publishing the claims during the campaign because there was no evidence at all that supported them. Buzzfeed now pushed these out despite also saying that they have found nothing verifiable in them.

Even worse, the Director of National Intelligence Clapper (who once claimed Saddam's non-existing WMDs were shipped to Syria) presented these to Congress and the president elect Trump as "annex" to his baseless U.S. Intelligence report of "Russian hacking".

A murky preview of the assertions had been given by David Corn in a Mother Jones piece in October. He talked with the said-to-be author of the "reports":

"It started off as a fairly general inquiry," says the former spook, who asks not to be identified. But when he dug into Trump, he notes, he came across troubling information indicating connections between Trump and the Russian government. According to his sources, he says, "there was an established exchange of information between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin of mutual benefit."

The current publication of this full barrel of bullshit comes a day after members of the Trump cabinet have been successfully confirmed by Congress and hours before his long expected press conference. It is thereby destined to overshadow a successful start of the Trump presidency.

There are signs that the "reports" were written with some Ukrainian nationalist and anti-semitic background. Just consider this passage from the July 26 "report":

In terms of the FSB's recruitment of capable cyber operatives to carry out its, ideally deniable, offensive cyber operations, a Russian IT specialist with direct knowledge reported in June 2016 that this was often done using coercion and blackmail. In terms of 'foreign' agents, the FSB was approaching U.S. citizens of Russian (Jewish) origin on business trips in Russia.

Such tropes are typical of the anti-semitic Ukrainian "nationalist" (aka Nazi) narrative. ("All Soviet/Communist ideologues/functionaries are Jews.") Russian services would, unlike Mossad, not recruit IT hackers conditioned on "Jewish" ethnic relations or believe. They would hire anyone competent who they think they could trust.

We have seen more Ukrainian "nationalists" involved in the "Russian hacks" propaganda claims. A July 2016 Yahoo piece by (Clinton campaign mouthpiece) Michael Isikoff wrote:

Just weeks after she started preparing opposition research files on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort last spring, Democratic National Committee consultant Alexandra Chalupa got an alarming message when she logged into her personal Yahoo email account.
Chalupa — who had been drafting memos and writing emails about Manafort’s connection to pro-Russian political leaders in Ukraine — quickly alerted top DNC officials.
“I was freaked out,” Chalupa, who serves as director of “ethnic engagement” for the DNC, told Yahoo News in an interview, noting that she had been in close touch with sources in Kiev, Ukraine, including a number of investigative journalists, who had been providing her with information about Manafort’s political and business dealings in that country and Russia.

Chalupa is also somewhat involved with the ProPornOT list, promoted by the Washington Post, of alleged pro-Russian propaganda websites. This website, Moon of Alabama, is also on that list :-) (see at end of piece). (Unfortunately though we have never received a penny, or anything else, from Russian sources, are critical of Putin's neoliberal economic policies and have been plagiarized by the Russian government financed Russia Today without any compensation.) The ProPornOT Twitter account says it is “Ukrainian-American” and it used the Ukrainian fascist salute of the OUN-Bandera killer gangs "Heroiam Slava!" to hail Ukrainian hackers attacking Russia. The ProPornOT list is designed after a Ukrainian model used to smear Ukrainian anti-fascist media and journalists.

Chalupa is a main promoter of the "Russia hacked the Democratic campaign" allegations based on thin if any evidence. She was named by the same Isikoff of Yahoo as one of 16 people who shaped the 2016 election.

Chalupa is also:

founder and president of the Ukrainian lobby group “US United With Ukraine Coalition”, which lobbied hard to pass a 2014 bill increasing loans and military aid to Ukraine, imposing sanctions on Russians, and tightly aligning US and Ukraine geostrategic interests.

Moreover Chalupa coordinated her anti-Trump/anti-Russian campaign with the Ukrainian embassy in Washington DC:

Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found.

A Ukrainian-American operative[, Alexandra Chalupa,] who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee met with top officials in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington in an effort to expose ties between Trump, top campaign aide Paul Manafort and Russia, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation.

One must thereby categorize Chalupa as a Ukrainian agent or at least as naive manipulated by the Ukrainian government and read her accordingly.

The foreign influence on the presidential race through the Ukrainian (fascist) connection to the Clinton campaign is thereby much more grounded in reality than the alleged but completely unproven Russian connections to the Trump campaign.

We have a Ukrainian-American nationalist Democratic campaign operator promoting anti-Russian and anti-Trump claims in cooperation with the Ukrainian government, a Ukrainian-American ProPornOT blacklist for smearing random website of being "Russian propaganda" and Ukrainian fascist tropes used in fact-less "reports" intended to smear Trump as a Russian puppet. Above all of this we have a U.S intelligence community that is feverishly fighting against a Trump presidency which is likely to cut back its many excrescences and excesses.

The CIA, the MI-6 and the German BND (a CIA controlled service) have pampered and promoted the again very active anti-Russian Ukrainian fascist circles since (at least) the late 1940s. A U.S. National Archive book about Hitler's Shadows - Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence and the Cold War (PDF) notes:

British operations through Bandera expanded. An early 1954 MI6 summary noted that, “the operational aspect of this [British] collaboration [with Bandera] was developing satisfactorily. Gradually a more complete control was obtained over infiltration operations and although the intelligence dividend was low it was considered worthwhile to proceed....”
In June 1985 the General Accounting Office mentioned Lebed’s name in a public report on Nazis and collaborators who settled in the United States with help from U.S. intelligence agencies. The Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in the Department of Justice began investigating Lebed that year. The CIA worried that public scrutiny of Lebed would compromise QRPLUMB and that failure to protect Lebed would trigger outrage in the Ukrainian émigré community. It thus shielded Lebed by denying any connection between Lebed and the Nazis and by arguing that he was a Ukrainian freedom fighter. The truth, of course, was more complicated. As late as 1991 the CIA tried to dissuade OSI from approaching the German, Polish, and Soviet governments for war-related records related to the OUN. OSI eventually gave up the case, unable to procure definitive documents on Lebed. Mykola Lebed, Bandera’s wartime chief in Ukraine, died in 1998. He is buried in New Jersey, and his papers are located at the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University.

There is no open evidence yet of a direct connection between the three anti-Russian/anti-Trump items above, the Ukrainian-fascist movement and John Brennan's deep-state CIA. There are consistencies in tone and message, some common history including the 2014 putsch in Ukraine and a connecting Ukrainian-American person in bowels of the Clinton campaign.

But even that is more than the baseless assertions of "Russian hacking" in the DNI intelligence reports and the now published MI-6 smears. Seen from a distance the "Intelligence Community" is more compromised by these "leaks" than the President elect Trump.

It is not predictable who will win this fight, the "deep state" cabal that wants to keep the U.S. on an anti-Russian course or the somewhat outsider isolationist Trump. My bet is on the bullshit artist Trump.

In the bigger international picture the fight itself, and the publicity it gets, lets the U.S. look like the Banana republic it is destined to become.


The BBC Washington reporter Paul Wood on BBC radio today:

  • has seen the "report" in October
  • was told in August by U.S. intelligence that East-European(!) intelligence head claimed Russia had kompromat on Trump
  • there are allegedly audio and video tapes made in Moscow and Petersberg which nobody has seen

We are left to guess what "east-European intelligence" service he was talking about ...


There are claims that the Trump sex story involved in the 35 pages originates from alt-right or 4chan circles.

That does not fit the timeline.

The "reports" have circulated since August. The sex claim is an July part of the report. The 4chan story originated in November (as far as I can tell) and was pushed from 4chan to one political actor aligned with the Democratic party. But that was old news by then and everyone relevant was already aware of the story. It is very likely that the 4chan story was just a rehash of the already known "report" story and has no additional validity.


BBC's Paul Wood has more on the issue: Trump 'compromising' claims: How and why did we get here?

  • Nothing in the 35 pages has been shown to be true
  • There are additional claims of Russian (bank) payments to someone (not Trump directly but probably related) in the U.S.
  • The payment claims were used to get FISA warrants which were twice rejected(!) but in October signed by a new judge
  • The payment claims come from the secret service of "a Baltic State"

Other news services seem to mix up these payment claims with those in the 35 pages. But they are different issues.

Yesterday evening DNI Clapper had a talk with Trump - it is unclear from Clapper's statement what issues exactly were talked about. He seems to allude to the payment claims, not the 35 pages.

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Seems that the mighty CIA has fallen for "fake" news originating from 4Chan.

Posted by: Cochore | Jan 11 2017 13:01 utc | 1

What would be Trump's biggest mistake

Posted by: nmb | Jan 11 2017 13:08 utc | 2

Although I may get kicked in the ass for it, I've referenced this story at Sic Semper in the blog "Dangerous Memes". I'm afraid this will be the main story for awhile in the bleating echo chamber that we call the Main Street press. It's good to see you on top of it.

Posted by: Anonymouse | Jan 11 2017 13:08 utc | 3

Thanks, b.

There's a typo: you wrote "late 1040s" instead of "late 1940s" regarding Banderites.

Posted by: Manirai | Jan 11 2017 13:16 utc | 4

Well chickens do come home to roost!..happy 2017 to 'proud' and 'exceptional' deserved everything thats happening and the guess is more juicer it will get!

Posted by: Nur Adlina | Jan 11 2017 13:24 utc | 5

One aspect to follow is the controversy over Buzzfeed's decision to publish the actual documents, wikileak's style -- the source documents are available so that what is written ABOUT these documents can be verified ... without Buzzfeed's brave act (which is being second-guessed and criticized) we'd have to take CNN's word. I'm not certain that CNN would have had a monopoly / "exclusive" on the story and/or how Buzzfeed got their copy (one leak / one leaker or two).
Atlantic harrumphs.

Atlantic says that Buzzfeed "violated a fundamental principle" by publishing unverified documents -- however, the other argument is that these documents ARE the story.... in fact, that they are reportedly unverifiable (the poor sourcing provided BY the documents being part of the story) is a large part of the story ... by making them public, the details can be directly addressed -- corroborated or refuted -- in ways otherwise impossible if kept discretely "for authorized eyes only" ...

(so far, no one seems very interested in exactly who actually leaked to CNN)

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jan 11 2017 13:26 utc | 6

Having reached my limit w/ Clapper's BS about Putin hacking DNC/JPod emails, I put up petitions on and the WH's WeThePeople, requesting that Putin be awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor for educating the American voters. The petitions could use a few signatures.

I won't take up space here w/ the complete text, but here's the bottom line:

We the undersigned therefore petition the President of the United States of America to award to said Vladimir Putin the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition of the great service he has done in assisting the American public to make a better informed -- and therefore a more intelligent -- decision in the election of their leader than they would have been able to make had The Emails not been released.

We have to ram Clapper's crap back down his throat. If Putin was responsible for giving Americans information they needed to make an informed decision, as Clapper claims, then Putin needs to be recognized as a hero.

More on the petition and links to and WeThePeople at:

Posted by: Denis | Jan 11 2017 13:26 utc | 7

Small correction: the medal is not the Medal of Honor (!!!). Presidential Medal of Freedom. Not that it makes that much difference in this context.

Posted by: Denis | Jan 11 2017 13:29 utc | 8

"It is not predictable who will win this fight, the "deep state" cabal that wants to keep the U.S. on an anti-Russian course or the somewhat outsider isolationist Trump. My bet is on the bullshit artist Trump."

IMHO the ‘deep state’ already has a tentative victory. If nothing else they have succeeded in moving the goal-posts. Any future moves Trump makes re Russia will now be viewed with suspicion, through the prism of “Trump is Putin’s agent”. In a political world where perception is reality Trump may have been effectively knee-capped.

Posted by: pantaraxia | Jan 11 2017 13:38 utc | 9

This is an interesting case of the use of fake information campaign backfiring. "Bullshit artist" Trump was an enthused supporter of the smear claim claiming that Obama was not born in the Usa. The fact he is now a victim of this strategy does not imply he did not use it himself until now.
The competitors in this struggle are Darth Vader against emperor Palpatine...

Posted by: Giovanni Dall'Orto | Jan 11 2017 13:38 utc | 10

excrescences ==> excesses

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 13:43 utc | 11

On the bright side, some hack wrote it with his own hand rather than using chapters from some badly researched doctoral dissertation, as British intelligence has done with the past. The material seems rather original, so we are not talking about plagiarism.

It boils down to imitation of what they think Putin is doing. Or more precisely, what GOP smear-sphere was doing for decades. The "leak" does not seem remotely plausible in its content, but such stuff actually works in many situations.

OTOH, objections like "no one can corroborate" or "no one could predict that Trump has any chance of becoming Presidents" can be easily rebutted: it just further documents sinister mental powers of Vladimir Vladimirovich. Resistance is futile.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jan 11 2017 13:44 utc | 12

Love your work, b ! Was praying to the FSM, she would have your run with it ;)

There is a timeline sequence of various articles in the current Open Thread, further links/references and key quotes re the event. A summation of them was posted just prior to b's new thread, should any be interested.

Apologies for my somewhat obsessive posting in the Open Thread, should anyone be annoyed ... just get very excited about the possibility of an actual coup or counter-election coup in the dear Old US of A. Such events as these may lead to troubled times though possible substantive or structural change, for good or bad. The ultimate consequences of cumulative poor policies/decisions, as well as Blowback, and possibly karma(?), can be hard and difficult lessons to learn.


1. What comes next after the inevitable fallout from the news conference and it's further flood of bad press ?

2. What will happen next, regards of the inauguration ?

3. Will being the POTUS be enough for Trump to effectively push back ?

4. What must his, faction, do to survive ?

5. Can he obtain, secure and wield sufficient 'real' power (not just legal office) to overcome this inevitably ongoing campaign ?

6. Will his personal private security details be sufficient to keep him alive ?

7. Has the Deep State and their Corporate(owners)/Oligarchic masters committed fully against Trumps faction, no matter the cost ?

8. Is there a word or phrase that would describe these sequence of events overall ?

9. what will Trump's faction's supporters do ? Will they take to the streets ? If so, What then ?

10. What further provocations towards and escalation re conflict Russia (not just covertly ?) ?

11. Will trump seek to break up the demonstrably suborned, willingly complicit and partisan MSM corporate monopolies as a consequence of these events ? If he attempted to, could he succeed ?

My 2c is up & I'm all outta change ;)

Cheers, time for more brewed coffee.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 13:45 utc | 13

25th Amendment in play?

What else to make of smearing Trump as compromised after the weeks long campaign to deligitimize him?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 13:54 utc | 14

This is horrifically funny and sad at the same time.
Manirai 4
You're right. We Americans are going to have enough headaches with IRS tax form 1040s soon enough.

And yes, medals are cheap compared to real reqrds for real effort. The military learned that long ago. And we'll give them for the worst reasons. Ultimately Team Bush/media/etc fell back on the excuse of bad intelligence for the destruction of Iraq. Was anyone punished? Nope. The govt investigated itself and said not guilty. And the head man of intelligence himself, George Tenet. He was award a medal - the Presidential Medal of Freedom for a job well done.

Posted by: Curtis | Jan 11 2017 13:59 utc | 15

rewards not reqrds

Posted by: Curtis | Jan 11 2017 13:59 utc | 16

I am in a state of total bullshit overload! Here are some of the links I am working on.

Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him

Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN. The allegations were presented in a two-page synopsis that was appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The allegations came, in part, from memos compiled by a former British intelligence operative, whose past work US intelligence officials consider credible. The FBI is investigating the credibility and accuracy of these allegations, which are based primarily on information from Russian sources, but has not confirmed many essential details in the memos about Mr. Trump."

Buzzfeed releases the full 35 page memo:

These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia

A dossier, compiled by a person who has claimed to be a former British intelligence official, alleges Russia has compromising information on Trump. The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors.

4Chan reveals the golden showers story is a fan fiction. ZeroHedge has the full story:

4Chan Claims To Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax

>/pol/acks mailed fanfiction to anti-trump pundit Rick Wilson about trump making people piss on a bed obama slept in
>he thought it was real and gave it to the CIA
>the central intelligence agency of the united states of america put this in their official classified intelligence report on russian involvement in the election
>donald trump and obama have both read this pol/acks fanfiction
>the cia has concluded that the russian plans to blackmail trump with this story we made up
just let that sink in what we have become.

I have collected links on Facebook here.


George Eliason has more on the Ukrainian connections:

Why Crowdstrike’s Russian Hacking Story Fell Apart 2 The DNI Report Faked Sources

The DNI report uses of information obtained by self-identifying Ukrainian neo-nazis (Pravy Sektor members). For US Intel to offer this proof of Russian involvement is really bizarre. While heading 17 Intel agencies, the DNI was not concerned enough about Russia hacking or influencing the 2016 election to look into. Why is it that during the 10 days following the election, James Clapper knew so little about the subject?

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Jan 11 2017 14:01 utc | 17

From the NYT:

Trump on Compromising Dossier Leak: ‘Are We Living in Nazi Germany?’

- President-elect Donald J. Trump continued his war with intelligence agencies, asking if leaks of a dossier of dirt meant “we are living in Nazi Germany.”

- Democrats are already seeking classified briefings on the dossier’s conclusions and validity and demanding the formation of an independent investigative panel.

Trumps most recent tweets:

12:19 PM - 11 Jan 2017

Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to "leak" into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?
11:48 PM - 11 Jan 2017

Russia just said the unverified report paid for by political opponents is "A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE." Very unfair!
11:13 PM - 11 Jan 2017

I win an election easily, a great "movement" is verified, and crooked opponents try to belittle our victory with FAKE NEWS. A sorry state!
11:44 PM - 11 Jan 2017

Will his tweets be enough, when ~95% of the MSM is demonstrably partisan and collaborating against his faction ?

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 14:02 utc | 18


These people know once Trump is in power, their goose is cooked. That's why the allegations are so pathetic-v they're desperate. The system of control is one where indirect methods were employed to shield free agents from taking positions of direct legal power. Trump has breached that barrier, something they never believed possible. In the wake of this Black Swan Event, they have no real defences left.

Posted by: lemur | Jan 11 2017 14:03 utc | 19

IMO it is wrong to characterize this as Trump vs. Deep State.

Trump has had the help of a faction of the Deep State. People like Mike Flynn and some retired Generals.

I'd say it is one Deep State faction vs. another. In that sense, for those who believe that 911 was a coup, Trump & Co. represents a counter-coup.

The neocon/establishment faction will not want to give Trump the opportunity to establish his Presidency. Thus, IMO a quick 25th Amendment action is much more likely than impeachment (which some are now mooting) which could take months.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 14:07 utc | 20

This is just getting absurd, what do we got to hear tommorow? That Donald Trump is actually Adolf Hitler?

Seriously. This is pure defamation, his team better file defamation law suits against these sick people. These accusations could be nowhere legal.

It is obvious that the problem is that he wanted peace with Russia. That triggered these perverted warmongers over the lid.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11 2017 14:09 utc | 21


"Will his tweets be enough, when ~95% of the MSM is demonstrably partisan and collaborating against his faction ?"

There is a possibility that he could be impeached, I assume thats what atleast one goal is of this hysterical attacks on him would be.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11 2017 14:12 utc | 22

If a 25th Amendment action is planned, in the next 10 days we'll likely see something like:

Increasing tensions with Russia LEADING TO media's wringing of hands over Trump-Putin LEADING TO something-must-be-done chatter LEADING TO VP Pence voicing 'concerns' just before inauguration ...

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 14:15 utc | 23

Anonymous @22:

There is a possibility that he could be impeached ...
What would he be impeached for? He hasn't done anything that would constitute "high crimes and misdemeanors". Wanting peace with Russia is not a crime.

However, claims that he is 'compromised' and conflicted (via business interests), sets up a 25th Amendment action.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 14:20 utc | 24

Impeachment takes weeks, if not months.

Trump would be President during that time. And he would be able to use that position to communicate with the public - defending himself and attacking his opponents.

25th Amendment would remove him quickly.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 14:23 utc | 25


I am no expert but taking in regard how absurd and hysterical the situation is and the likely fact that we probably havent heard the last of this anti-trump reporting, an impeachment that somehow frame it that Trump work with another country against his own.
There are plenty of people in the united states elite groups that would work 24/7 to create such a case against him I believe.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11 2017 14:26 utc | 26

@ lemur | Jan 11, 2017 9:03:01 AM | 19

Concur with all prior to:

In the wake of this Black Swan Event, they have no real defences left.

Au contraire. If these forces, and it is clear and apparent it may well not be the entire Intelligence community & Security agencies in apparent revolt in support of only what could be described as, only so far, a soft Reactionary coup attempt germinating. Just yet.

What about officials at State and County level who identify with the Democrat front ? or State and County Police and other services ? What of Federal officials in the middle and lower levels and throughout Federal Agencies who decide Trump's faction is Illegitimate in an ongoing campaign ? What of the massive financial and covert resources able to be utilized against the new Administration. It only takes less than 10% of the population willing to support opponents of Trump's faction/administration actively or by enabling support and/or obstruction, including passive, and we have moved beyond only 'soft responses' to maintain effective Federal Government control and administration.

All our techniques, methods and resources previously used to overthrow countless other governments ... are they now to be used against our own ? Apparently it may now be so. Will trump's opponents FULLY commit, no matter the possible consequences ? There will literally be $billions in covert and black funds unknown, available should even just elements of the CIA go rogue ?

None of the preceding are now theoretical or notional ... we must face hard facts and rapidly adjust perception and outlook ... one fears.

We are now beyond the previous facade of faux two party politics. How many 5th columnists are against trump in his own supposed party, the GOP, who openly, and not, side with opponents ?

The election is past ... this is moving into coup and counter-coup reality. This is unlikely to be limited to congressional hearings re merely impeachment, given actions and decisions already taken, so far.

Critically. Will the public be able to understand what is actually going down ? Given the position of the MSM ?

Many questions, few answers ...

Yours with utmost respect.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 14:31 utc | 27

Thanks to b for this post.

Now fellow barflies, let’s get up-to-date with the new accurate descriptor for the continued campaign to delegitimize Trump.

Fake News is no longer an apt descriptor. "FanFiction" it is;

Outraged picked up the best comment found in my 4Chan /ZH link @237 – Open Thread 2017-01:

"Priceless comment on 4chan ('That's senior senator McCain to you, punk! OMG LOL!:

Hook, line aaaaand sinker, bitchez!

I'm dying from laughter here! 4chan trolls an establishment insider, who then peddles it to McCain, who then bites down hard. McCain swallows the hook so deeply into his gut that it passes through his digestive system intact. With the hook, line and sinker dangling from McCain's anus, he comes into view of the bottom-feeding CIA. The CIA can't resist, bites down even harder and runs with it, and doesn't slow down until most of the line has spooled off the reel.

It'll make a hell of a photo back at the boat dock.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From the Exceptional ones.!!!! This was picked up by the Queen’s own favorite The
The editors went with the FanFiction -“Russia has damaging info on Donald Trump” is now scrubbed and replaced on the online front page.:

Live Donald Trump and Kremlin blast 'fabricated' report over Russian ties as
FBI investigates

In a year of Sundays, you can’t make this stuff up.

Posted by: likklemore | Jan 11 2017 14:36 utc | 28

This campaign against Trump reminds me of another instance of manufacturing of consent: The Fiscal Cliff.

For months before the bi-partisan(!) deal to make (most of) the Bush tax cuts permanent we heard about the dangers of high deficits and the difficulties of negotiating an agreement. It started out low key and built into a crescendo of angst.

When the dust settled, the wealthy got their tax cut and post-Iraq War military cutbacks THAT HAD TO BE MADE ANYWAY were matched by social spending cuts (austerity).

Obama ends office with a deficit of 20 Trillion dollars, up 70% from where he started. And much of that burden on future generations can be attributed to the Bush tax cuts.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 14:36 utc | 29

Buzzfeed: We know this is #fakenews but "this is how we see reporting in 2017". Has this smear reached climax now or is this the future...? This bit of bullshit is cause for libel no doubt, Trump's lawyers could put Buzzfeed out of business.

Looking across the playing field though, its a dangerous game to be playing vs a US President who is about to inherit a more Emperor-like set of powers than any predecessor.

It was ok when Obama was waving his ever-growing executive stick around like the mad man he is, but just watch these fakeleft libtard pussies squeal after Jan 20.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jan 11 2017 14:43 utc | 30

@ all, did hard yards reviewing all media worldwide on a rolling basis, for last 8 hours continuous, up until about an hour ago. If you're not up to speed, you can quickly review the unique quotes in sequence, without numbing repetition ... it's like providing a formal briefing, prior to b's post, ya'll welcome ;)


Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 14:46 utc | 31

@6 Susan Sunflower: Well, at least some in the MSM aren't totally braindead and can see that this ridiculous episode will just convince even more people that mainstream media is just as quick to peddle genuine "fake news" as those they've been accusing. It's bordering suicidal for the press.
I'd expect Trump to push his GOP-backed Congress to slightly alter the current protection of the press, so that they can be sued more easily for crap libellous stories...

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jan 11 2017 14:47 utc | 32

@ MadMax2 | Jan 11, 2017 9:43:40 AM | 30

They already did riots, with hired professionals and agent provocateurs, and that was only immediately after the election result was known ... the villification and deligitamization of Trumps faction has only been increasing ever since ... Look at the twitter feeds ... they're calling him TREASONOUS ... solely based on a fabricated tissue of lies.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 14:51 utc | 33

b, it appears there are two branches in the Deep State.
The Rockefeller branch of the Cabal and this 93-year old man behind the curtain

In the last 2 weeks, I linked to a post by Paul Craig Roberts –
What is Henry Kissinger up to?

F. William Engdahl (New Eastern Outlook) has joined PCR.
He posits Trump is Kissinger’s “Back Door Man” from the Rockefeller branch.
While media gave Clinton a 95% chance of winning the presidency, Kissinger was busy visiting Moscow, had meeting with Putin and others.

A disquieting read for those hoping for a new dawn on world Affairs

Billionaires to Key Cabinet Positions: Is Donald Trump the “Back Door Man” for Henry A. Kissinger & Co?

[Long] forgotten is Trump’s campaign rhetoric about draining the swamp. In October during his campaign candidate Trump issued a press release stating, “Decades of special interest dealing must come to an end. We have to break the cycle of corruption…It is time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C…That is why I am proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again.”[.]

So far, the President-elect has already named more billionaires to cabinet and other top posts than any other president in US history–Betsy DeVos of the AmWay fortune as Education Secretary, Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary, Linda McMahon as Small Business Administrator, and Vincent Viola, as Army Secretary. That’s not including Trump himself as a putative billionaire.

Then in terms of the vested special interests of Wall Street, Goldman Sachs has a huge power in the new Administration. Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin is Trump’s nominee for US Treasury Secretary. Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn will be his top White House Economic Adviser. Anthony Scaramucci, Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee member, is a former Goldman Sachs banker as well as Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist and Senior Counselor.
We add to that assemblage no fewer than four US military generals representing the most corrupt military industrial complex in world history: as Secretary of Defense retired General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, Board member since retiring of major defense contractor General Dynamics; retired Lt. General Mike Flynn, with his own consulting firm, as his National Security Adviser and retired General John F. Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Add to this collection the naming of Rex Tillerson the CEO of ExxonMobil, the largest oil multinational of the United States, as Secretary of State; the ex-Governor of Texas, America’s largest oil producing state, Rick Perry, as Secretary of Energy, along with pro-shale energy Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt to be head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and certain dramatic economic policy flips begin to emerge compared with the previous hapless Presidency.
What emerges is not pretty and, sadly, more than confirms my earlier piece on the Trump Deception.
However, all this misses in my view one essential component, namely the shadowy role of former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, who is emerging as the unofficial and key foreign policy adviser of the Trump Administration. If we follow Kissinger’s tracks in recent months we find a highly interesting series of meetings.

On December 26, 2016 the German daily Bild Zeitung published what it said was a copy of an analysis by members of the Trump Transition Team which revealed that as President Trump will seek “constructive cooperation” with the Kremlin, a dramatic contrast to Obama confrontation and sanctions policies. The newspaper went on to discuss the role of 93-year-old former Secretary of State, Henry A. Kissinger as Trump’s leading, if unofficial, foreign policy adviser. The report stated that Kissinger is drafting a plan to bring Putin’s Russia and Trump’s Washington to more “harmonious” relations that includes US official recognition of Crimea as part of Russia and lifting of US economic sanctions that Obama imposed in retribution for the Crimea annexation in 2014, among other steps.

The kicker in this otherwise sensible-sounding US policy change is Kissinger’s sly geopolitical aim in “gettin’ Putin back in the (NATO) tent,” as late Texan President Lyndon Baines Johnson might have elegantly put it.

What is the aim of Kissinger? Not any “multi-polar world” that respects national sovereignty as he claims, of that you can be certain. Kissinger’s aim is to subtly erode the growing bilateral axis between China and Russia that threatens US global hegemony.

The trend of the last several years since Obama’s ill-fated coup d’etat in Ukraine in early 2014, threatened to jeopardize Kissinger’s lifetime project, otherwise called David Rockefeller’s “march towards a World Government,” a World Government in which “supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries,” to use Rockefeller’s words to one of his select groups during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Bild Zeitung Trump-Kissinger memo states that the idea of warming up to Russia is aimed at offsetting China’s military buildup. In other words, a different game from Obama’s, but a game of power nonetheless.

Real Balance of Power


Read more at link.

Posted by: likklemore | Jan 11 2017 14:51 utc | 34

@ 34 great catch & post

Be prepared. Always have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
- Incoming Secretary of Defense retired General James “Mad Dog” Mattis

What is the aim of Kissinger? Not any “multi-polar world” that respects national sovereignty as he claims, of that you can be certain. Kissinger’s aim is to subtly erode the growing bilateral axis between China and Russia that threatens US global hegemony.

Hah ! Good luck to them with that 'Master Plan', they'll need it ! Almost delusional, IMHO. Where are realists when we need them ?

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 15:02 utc | 35

according to Slate, all sorts of folks had seen (and possibly had copies of) the Dossier

The dossier was not new. BuzzFeed and multiple other news organizations had obtained it well before Tuesday and had been investigating its various claims. Mother Jones wrote about it prior to the election, on Oct. 31, and published a handful of quotes from it. Key figures in Congress had also seen it and even publicly alluded to it, and the Guardian reported on Tuesday that Sen. John McCain had passed it to FBI Director James Comey last month. But no one had published its entire, stunning contents before Tuesday—partly because, as my colleague Joshua Keating put it, “nothing in the memos has been confirmed, and even their provenance is murky.”


oh, and Greenwald is up with an essay: intercept

I think publishing the dossier was essential, particularly if you read the Atlantic's first offering on the subject about what the CNN report did and didn't say ... CNN -- by withholding in the original documents -- acting as a already notoriously untrustworthy "gatekeeper" was adding yet another layer of confusion, "plausible deniability" ... much as the wide prior dissemination makes the identity of the actual "leaker" not only likely impossible, but also conveniently (again) moot

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jan 11 2017 15:08 utc | 36

NYT had defected from Left-CIA Front. Trying to save themselves.

Posted by: fnn | Jan 11 2017 15:08 utc | 37

Thanks b and commenters. I heard a snippet about some new wild 'n crazy big reveal about Trump 'n Putin, but I just shrugged my shoulders and went to bed. First thing today is to come here, and it's pretty much as I figured: bullshit all "trumped" up to "trump" Trump. Geez louise. These f*ckers really hate Trump, don't they? And they're not letting up.

Of course, as one prior commenter pointed out, Trump, himself, engaged in this exact same type of execrable behavior vis Obama being the Kenyan Muslim. Trump was way out in front on the ridiculous - and frankly expensive to US taxpayers who had to foot the bill for numerous stupid law suits - assertion that Obama was born in Kenya. No love lost on my part vis Obama, but that whole birther crap really stuck in my craw. So I can't help but think in terms of this nonsense: Hey, Trump: Karma's a bitch, brah.

OTOH, frankly I really can't believe my eyes and ears. I agree with another prior commenter that I think (based solely on my observations over the years) that this some sort of epic battle of Spy v Spy - one faction of the Oligarchs/Deep State and another faction of Oligarchs/Deep State. A prior commenter refers to that bastard sh*thead, Henry the K, and I was aware that he was busy scurrying around Russia during the campaign. That man is poison to all concerned, but he's powerful. Of course, Clinton was ever so proud of her "endorsement" by Kissinger and many Democratic voters fell all over themselves to be thrilled with this news. Yeah, the man responsible for at least 10s of thousands of deaths in South America (just to name one continent on the globe) has endorsed our candidate!!! Hip Hip Hooray.

Of course, I'm sure Kissinger has figured out how to insulate himself no matter what happens.

A 25th Amendment "solution" wouldn't surprise me bc it's clear that the PTB on the side who hate Trump are really not taking this lying down. They're going to fight it tooth and nail. At this point, frankly, it has less and less to do with the incredible horrible campaign that Clinton ran and rightfully lost. Now we're really talking turkey, and the Big Boys Do. Not. Agree. with what the US citizens voted for.

Banana Republic?? It's been that here for a very loooooong time. And don't y'all worry. We have also achieved third world status, as well. Friends from overseas cannot believe how bad it is here these days. And it's only gonna get worse.

Egad. Thanks for the good post. I rely on this site for real news, albeit, in this case, I knew it was all bullshit from the get go. Sadly, though, the vast majority of US citizens will buy it.

Posted by: RUKidding | Jan 11 2017 15:18 utc | 38

"When Hillary Clinton was defeated in the U.S. presidential election the relevant powers launched a campaign to delegitimize the President elect Donald Trump."

You were wrong then and you are wrong now. Trump, himself, makes it easy to discredit the name. He makes it easy for those who oppose him, as well as comedians everywhere.

Posted by: Bardi | Jan 11 2017 15:21 utc | 39

I should have made a bet with Susan Sunflower in Open Thread 2017-01 @ 240. “this story isn't even going to last until morning ...”

ROFLMAO. More on the FanFiction. Very damning.

“McCain admits his “senior moment”

It was me

It was me: Sworn Trump enemy John McCain admits HE handed smear dossier to FBI - as details surface of document's bizarre journey from Moscow

• John McCain sent an emissary to meet the former British spy in December
• Mr McCain handed over the dossier to FBI Director James Comey in December
• However, the FBI already had a copy of the explosive dossier since August
Both the Kremlin and Donald Trump have strongly denied the allegations

Sworn Donald Trump enemy John McCain admitted Wednesday that he passed the dossier of claims of a Russian blackmail plot against the president-elect.
The Arizona senator issued a public statement amid mounting questions of his exact role in the affair - and how a document riddled with errors and unverifiable claims came to be published.
'Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public,' he said.

The chain of how the document reached the FBI is not officially known.

However Carl Bernstein, the Watergate reporter who contributed to the first story about its existence, published by CNN on Tuesday afternoon, suggested that McCain was handed it by a former British ambassador to Moscow.

Bernstein told CNN: 'It came from a former British MI6 agent who was hired from a political opposition research firm in Washington who was doing work about Donald Trump for both republican and democratic candidates opposed to Trump.

'They were looking at Trumps business ties, they saw some questionable things about Russians, about his businesses in Russia, they in turn hired this MI6 former investigator, he then came up with additional information from his Russian sources, he was very concerned by the implications of it, he then took it to an FBI colleague that he had known in his undercover work for years, he took it to this FBI man in Rome who turned it over to the bureau in Washington in August.

'And then, a former British ambassador to Russia independently was made aware of these findings and he took the information to John McCain – Senator John McCain of Arizona – in the period just after the election, and showed it to McCain – additional findings. [.]

[.]According to reports, the former MI6 man had been hired to conduct 'opposition research' on the Trump campaign by first Republican enemies of Trump, then Democratic ones[.]
~ ~ ~ ~
The warmonger with his southern belle, Graham, just took a dirt nap. McCain needs to be assisted with long term ALZcare in the nearest facility. STAT.

Posted by: likklemore | Jan 11 2017 15:21 utc | 40

@ fnn | Jan 11, 2017 10:08:34 AM | 37

I'd assess it as the:

Ukrainian OUN deep assets & influence(not just USA, also CAN, AUS, NZ)/DNC/Democrats/Neocons(virtually all)/compromised & conflicted Republicans (primarily known neocons, though not only)/soon to be EX-Administration 'officials'/~ 95% of MSM (worldwide) & at least a significant element of the CIA(majority ?)/deluded-leftists/deluded-Identity-politics adherents ... plus unknown financial/corporate backers ... as well as, not to be overlooked, foreign entities and lobbyists who demand a return on their investments on 'the sure thing bet/backing' of Clinton/DNC ...

A not insignificant collection by any means ... where do possibly compromised foreign governments stand re the opposing factions ?

Can we distill that down to a catchier shorter 'Label' ? Enemies of the Republic (hm too purely legalistic ?)

Am not a Trump fan, FYI ! ;)

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 15:27 utc | 41

Orgy plane is good enough for the Clintons, this is good enough for Trump.

The theory that the "deep state" is trying to delegitimize Trump so that Pence can take over fails for two reasons. First, losing the vote delegitimizes Trump, Electoral College notwithstanding. The desire of the non-friends to majority rule to pretend the Electors are sovereign doesn't really make his legitimate, it just identifies the anti-democrats. (Small d democrats, not the partisan big D Democrats.) Second, it's the superficial state of Republican majorities in Senate and House and state governors, not the deep state, but most of all, it's Donald Trump that threaten to give Mike Pence so much power. As a billionaire, Trump is one of the rulers in a way Pence isn't, and as such he is a constituent of the deep state in a way no Pence isn't, much less ordinary people like me.

People are trying to keep Trump from making a deal with Russia to go after China. But this is a strategic squabble from people who don't think Russia can offer enough to be worth the cost, so that the effective strategy against China is to remove their strongest friend. There is no isolationism, there is no industrial policy, there is no peace on offer from Trump. Never was, never will be. The claim otherwise is on a par with the claim the biggest liar and crook in the campaign was Clinton. Trump was always the biggest liar and biggest crook. It was the titanic level of support from the mass media, from the owners who supported one of their own, against a stinking politician using the rabble to extort them, that made Trump a viable candidate at all.

Posted by: s | Jan 11 2017 15:29 utc | 42

@ likklemore | Jan 11, 2017 10:21:43 AM | 40

Highly desirable, yet don't forget McCain and Graham with others, are committed to & fully invested in & control an incredibly powerful faction within the GOP, that appears to be treasonously(?)(sic) fully aligned with DNC&all-others against the Lawful soon to be POTUS, leader of the GOP.

For FSM's sake, ya couldn't make this shit up. I can't believe what I just wrote ?!

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 15:36 utc | 43

The problems wrt the "credibility"of the 35-page dossier I think is widely accepted ... so media attention has turned (but of course) to castigating Buzzfeed ... Tillerson is being mocked -- by Rubio -- for saying he needs more informaiton before calling Putin a War Criminal ... and equivocates ... an evolving "Pence for President" coup seems possible as Trump's nominees are discrediting him (he also affirmed "Russian hacking election" meme) .. Said he and Trump have not yet discussed Russia -- gasps of incredulity in the room

Guardian live feed: confirmation hearings / news / press conference soonish.

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jan 11 2017 15:42 utc | 44

@33 Outraged
The fake realities that are STILL spellbinding many of 'what used to be the left' clearly demonstrate where these crazy f..kers were taking the US - more fear, more guns, more ammo. The MSM, Intelligence and any rogue nation with some dirty cash to spare... pretty much all of them in the pocket. Unprecedented scale.

There has hardly been a voice of reason to be found after the loss - just the blame game and paid civil disobedience as you say (and even tried to pin that on Trump supporters haha, the same style they pull on Assad re: Wadi Barada, Chemical attacks). If Trump destroyed the GOP on his way to nomination, Hillary and those controlling the unfolding events after Nov 9 have also gutted the Dems - they haven't been allowed to move on and are looking pretty twisted right about now. I'm not a tank, but if you ask me there is a lot of room for a splinter party or new political party to form in the US at this moment. Massive disillusionment.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jan 11 2017 15:45 utc | 45

New accusations sigh:

Russia hacked Republican emails: : FBI chief

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11 2017 15:50 utc | 46

@ MadMax2 | Jan 11, 2017 10:45:48 AM | 45

Fully concur. Yet, massive disillusionment, or massive entrenched apathy and fatalism ? Does it even matter if there is political apathy in any case ... this situation is the result of disconnecting the majority from civics and political awareness and engagement, one thinks, and that's very dangerous ...

Though a new or splinter 'party' has no existing resources/organization/financial backing/patrons/media voice ... nor recognition, in amongst a maelstrom

If any faction can get 10% plus ready to get off their asses and hit the streets, we're all in big, big trouble ... Again, what do the majority actually know about what's going down ? How readily can a significant majority of the non-apathetic, non-fatalist, non-offline/disconnected, partisan or not be roused and by whom, the compromised MSM ? And what's their frame/context and view of 'reality' ... very troubling ...

The anti-Trump faction HATE posts/comments/twits are HUGE ... is it just pixels, passing bye, or could they be roused ?

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 16:07 utc | 47

Posted by: s | Jan 11, 2017 10:29:33 AM | 42

Trump was always the biggest liar and biggest crook. It was the titanic level of support from the mass media ... that made Trump a viable candidate at all.
I might agree with you if not for the utter public relations disaster that we see playing out.

IIRC, it was revealled that Hillary/DNC strategists wanted Trump to succeed because they thought they could easily beat him. (Maybe that is disinfo? I question everything.) So the 'support' from media might be attributed (in part) to that.

The relationship between Trump and Clintons has been noted and discussed many times. Trump supported Clinton for President in 2008. For that reason, some (including myself) has pondered whether Trump was recruited by the Clintons to disrupt the Republican Party.

FWIW, I now believe that Trump was recruited by Mike Flynn (not the Clintons) who I see as a prominent member of a Deep State faction.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 16:10 utc | 48

Looks to me like the cabal is unleashing the regime-change model used for years and years against so many countries on the US. We get to see it up close and personal.

If you listen to Charles Ortel and the ongoing investigation of the Clinton Foundation Machine it becomes pretty obvious that a whole raft of people who have benefited from this fraud are fighting to their last breath against being outed and exposed.

Wow. I feel like I am living in an insane asylum but as a native US citizen, I probably deserve all of this as penance for the acts of my country's representatives.

Posted by: linda amick | Jan 11 2017 16:13 utc | 49

major refutation of the claim that the "dossier" or 2 page summary was shared with trump
tweet with link to nbc report.

(The annex apparently was considered "disinformation" -- ouch)

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jan 11 2017 16:14 utc | 50

@ s 42

First, losing the vote delegitimizes Trump, Electoral College notwithstanding. The desire of the non-friends to majority rule to pretend the Electors are sovereign doesn't really make his legitimate, it just identifies the anti-democrats.

With great respect, I suggest you revisit the Federalist Papers, the construct of the “Republic of the United States of America” and the rationale for the Electoral College.
The election is held to select electors of each state -who then vote in their State Capitals for the President and Vice-President on the date set - in 2016, December 13- following state certification of the electors. Votes are then counted by the joint Congress and certified.

Recall Bush-Gore 2000?

2017: The votes in California awarded Clinton the overall “national” popular vote. Imho, the Jill Stein recount efforts should have been undertaken there – the illegal votes of illegal aliens nullified.
Tabulate the counties won nationwide by the candidates; Trump won by a landslide. Look up the IBD/TIPP ‘s national polling numbers. They were consistent; Trump wins.
Presidential campaign strategy is crafted around winning the states to amass the required 270 electoral votes. Clinton sat out the last 3 weeks of her campaign!! The ballot stuffing on her behalf was a failure. Not enough to carry the day.
The recount in Detroit, Michigan, where Clinton won handily demonstrated the fraud and the recount was closed down. Sealed ballot boxes marked “Count 306 votes” when unsealed had only 50.

~ ~ ~ ~
Btw, on your posit Trump was always the biggest liar and biggest crook.[.]

NO. When placed in the police station line-up with Hillary, Trump is a novice. The investigations of the CCF Foundation will continue.

Disclaimer. Not carrying a bucket for Trump. His MAGA is deceptive.

It is MIAGA: Make Israel’s America Great Again

Posted by: likklemore | Jan 11 2017 16:16 utc | 51

The alphabet agencies must feel they have the #pedogate revelations under wraps to be casting these stones. I guess when you have been made to look the fool you may as well go all in in trying to side track an election which has had a result for better or worse. I might find these latest Manchurian candidate fables amusing instead of very annoying if their portent wasn't so bleak. That is by exposing themselves, the CIA et al, as manipulators of the American election process the American people must come to realize that their body politic as regards any democracy has been pretty much extinguished.Then again if we look back into history powerful interests have always played a decisive part in who gets the top managerial job as President.Lincoln, Garfield and the Kennedy brothers and others are examples to what ends these interests will act if they feel they are at an impasse with elected officials. They are so pissed (pun intended) that they blew the election that their thinking has become so jumbled that they are now resorting to self mockery in the extension of their latest efforts to side line the election results that were never supposed to have happened

Posted by: BRF | Jan 11 2017 16:17 utc | 52

Headlines like this, only REINFORCE the pre-existing long-running Anti-Trump (Traitor!) Psyop narrative, regardless of content:

Donald Trump and Kremlin blast 'fabricated' report over Russian ties as FBI investigates

The above does NOT help. All the average Joe/Betty will recall is the association, re-inforced, DONALD TRUMP & KREMLIN.

Hm, Kremlin = Evil demon-head PUTIN, hence, therefore = DONALD TRUMP & PUTIN ...

and, the trigger that ... the FBI wouldn't be investigating if their wasn't something to investigate, would they ?


Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 16:19 utc | 53

Al-buraq is not sane

Posted by: pubumwei | Jan 11 2017 16:21 utc | 54

According to media reports, you have to conclude that Trump is the new Saddaam Hussein. Only question is how the war will be prosecuted.

Posted by: JohnH | Jan 11 2017 16:23 utc | 55

Trump hints that the 'intelligence' has created that smear report.
The CIA and FBI are going to be cleaned up soon and they many dread that.

Posted by: virgile | Jan 11 2017 16:25 utc | 56

Did the CIA just get seriously trolled with that golden shower?

Also, Buzzfeed lives 100% off of branded content, which is even more sinister than corporate media.

Posted by: persiflo | Jan 11 2017 16:27 utc | 57

Lol, this story came from fascists, not but not the fascists moon of alabama thinks. Here's the comment I just posed to the Saker blog: "This whole story is much more hilarious than even the Saker realizes. The origin of the “Trump compromised by Russians” narrative started as an independent Alt-Right counter-intelligence operation by /pol/ anons back in October 2016. Some of the /pol/ guys were able to credibly pose as antifa and feed Rick Wilson the story about Trump, prostitutes, golden showers, etc. The plan was to have the MSM come out with it as an October surprise (and thus discredit/humiliate them), and Wilson tried to shop it around, but no one would run with it. Eventually – from what I am hearing – Rick Wilson passed the “dossier” on to Evan McMullin who then vouched for it to John McCain who then passed it to CIA. The CIA actually published this /pol/ fanfiction as a real intelligence! Anonymous teenage fascist anime fans were able to troll the US intelligence services to blatantly disinforming the president and totally discrediting them in the process. Anyone who says the Alt Right are the enemies of Russian interests or multipolarity is uninformed or an outright liar. The reason that that the Alt Right is de facto aligned with Russia is because both Russia and the Alt Right are aligned with the Truth."

Posted by: Old Ez | Jan 11 2017 16:30 utc | 58

likklemore@51 The Federalist Papers are not the Scriptures of the Founding Fathers. Most of those gentlemen were alive and well and quite capable of explaining how Alexander Hamilton's attempt to get the Electoral College to choose a Pinckney over John Adams was exactly the sort of thing the Electoral College was meant to do. Namely, choose a better candidate despite the popular vote. (And yes, John Adams was way too crank to be a good president, just as he was a terrible vice-president.) They most certainly did not. The Electoral College was part of the protection of slavery. The real tradition of politics is revolutionary, majority rule by universal suffrage. The Electoral College remains precisely because it remains as a bulwark against democracy, favored by the deep state. The only person who really pretended the Electoral College victor was as legitimate as the real winner was Al Gore. But the fact he did so is proof of how shitty a human being he is.

I am not surprise thought that you are a fellow enemy of democracy, given your nonsense about "MAIGA." The tail does not wag the dog. It is not Israel's America, it is America's Israel. The fact that Israel is a hideous colonialist enterprise should be unsurprising, given the US state is imperialist.

Posted by: s | Jan 11 2017 16:35 utc | 59

I fully agree, except the last words. The usa already is a banana republic. No change at all. Just read Zinn and watch Stone.

Posted by: Pnyx | Jan 11 2017 16:39 utc | 60

The reason that that the Alt Right is de facto aligned with Russia is because both Russia and the Alt Right are aligned with the Truth.

Now that, right there!, is comedy rolled-GOLD! LOL.

Is there even a monolithic entity with a geopolitical ideological common/majority position in your imaginary alt-right, one thinks not! LOL

@ all FYI: Concurrent, current news article have now peaked above ~2200+

(Am not a Trump, fan. FWIW)

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 16:40 utc | 61

Well, if this is eventually proven to be a big bag of shit, I'll gladly welcome Buzzfeed going the bankrupt way of Gawker. They deserve it.

That said, with all the talk about 25th Amendment - and seriously, Section 4 was strictly meant to address disabilities preventing the President of holding his office, not of the President acting un-presidentially or not being good enough to do the job, so it would be blatantly treasonous to use it -, and with the riled up anti-Trump masses/protests, there's something many people pushing for them or taking part in them don't realize: the NRA guys, those with real guns and who actually know how to use them, voted Trump. If you think you've seen public unrest with anti-Trump crowd, just try to oust him in the next months, and you'll what it's really like.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Jan 11 2017 16:47 utc | 62

@34 and 35 - It is hard to believe that Russians and Chinese would not be aware of such attempts (or Iranians). Maybe they have their own 'balance of power' project. All three countries - by virtue of their long histories - have a VERY long strategic horizon and so can afford to play this cat-and-mouse game (somewhat at least). If one just considers China and all its characteristics realistically (e.g., 1.4 billion population, innovation, etc.) - there is no way US can maintain world hegemony long term. Simply no way - common sense ought to tell you that. That there could be lots of blood spilled on the way to losing this hegemony is a given. The only question is - do we lose the Earth in the process...

Posted by: GoraDiva | Jan 11 2017 16:49 utc | 63

25th Amendment would remove him quickly.
Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11, 2017 9:23:14 AM | 25

Now, to my mind that is an obvious incitement to assassinate a president. I wonder if the SecretService sees it the same way.

For your own good, I hope you've got a handle on where the 1st Amendment ends and where federal prosecution under Jeff Sessions begins. If you do, you're the only one who does.

Posted by: Denis | Jan 11 2017 16:55 utc | 64

@ Clueless Joe | Jan 11, 2017 11:47:06 AM | 61

Indeed, valid observations.

@ GoraDiva | Jan 11, 2017 11:49:44 AM | 62

Came to a very similar viewpoint around, oh, roughly 16 years ago ... all good. Cheers.

(Am not a Trump, fan. FWIW)

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 17:04 utc | 65

Denis @63:

that is an obvious incitement
You are taking this waaaaay out of context. I think it was clear that I was contrasting 25th Amendment removal vs. impeachment.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 17:07 utc | 66

@ all FYI: During Trump Press Conference, concurrent, current news articles have now almost doubled to new peak of ~3800+

(Am not a Trump, fan. FWIW)

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 17:14 utc | 67

I know the US thinks that it creates its own reality, but why create a Ukro-delusion?

All I can think of is Spaceballs. We've gone beyond ludicrous all the way to plaid!!!

Somebody hit the brakes, please!!!

Posted by: woogs | Jan 11 2017 17:17 utc | 68

Clueless Joe @61

Section 4 was strictly meant to address disabilities preventing the President of holding his office
"strictly meant"? The wording is very broad such that it applies to any inability to execute the office.

It would be incredible if the 25th Amendment is invoked and would create some unrest. But we have already seen incredible acts like official reports with little or no basis.

Also, I don't think impeachment is realistic.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 17:18 utc | 69

This just published headline, from Rupert Murdock (the Morlock) UK, the Sun

Donald Trump denies 'perverted prostitute sex romp' claims by saying he's obsessed by cleanliness
The Sun

LOL! What a headline ... *shakes head*

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 17:27 utc | 70

Trump press conference is over, here's the WSJ blog recap:

So, to recap.

First — Trump detailed how he’ll handle conflicts of interests. His adult sons will run the Trump Organization. There won’t be any blind trust because, his lawyer says, that’s impractical. Selling his holdings would entail more conflicts.

Second – He hotly denied the allegations that Russia is blackmailing him.

Third – An Obamacare replacement bill will be introduced after his nominee for HHS secretary is confirmed. But Trump didn’t give even a hint at how that will work.

Fourth – Drug stocks felt pressure because he called it “murder” that the government didn’t negotiate prices. (The reason they don’t, incidentally, is that Congressional Republicans passed a law forbidding it.)

Also slammed CNN & BBC coverage of the 'Dossier' as Fake News, Buzzfeed 'Dossier' 'false'.

Won't be releasing his tax returns, and Mexico will pay for 'The Wall' within 18 months ... potential Supreme Court nominees, Trump says it will take two weeks ...

The issue of companies selling products back into the U.S. “Not going to happen,” Trump says. “There will be a major border tax on these companies that are leaving and getting away with murder.”

That's it.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 17:35 utc | 71


"(Am not a Trump, fan. FWIW)"

Ok. Why is this so important to tell? Isnt this what the MSM-anti-trump crowd want to achive - to distance oneself from Trump?

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11 2017 17:36 utc | 72

@ 71 Not a fan of Killary either(in fact, at all), and absolutely NOT the neocons ... we were given no valid choices, IMV ... ultimately a throwaway tagline to head-off/avoid accusatory trolls ... FWIW ... irrelevant past partisan stuff, all water under the bridge now ... he'll be our new 4 year pseudo-king, POTUS, soon enough. not thinkng very clearly ... very fatigued ... I'll drop it ... catch y'all later. Cheers

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 17:52 utc | 73

Amazing News Conference

NYTimes: For the first time, President-elect Donald J. Trump concedes Russia likely meddled in the election.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 11 2017 17:55 utc | 74

The Fake News or Konstantin Kosachev hype

Why the hype about Kosachev ... there is so much fake news and official US State propaganda, don't react so forcefully on the breaking news headlines. Wait and see what the facts are and in what context the allegations are to be seen.

How often have US Senators crossed the line to subvert their own President Obama on foreign policy during these eight years?? Talking to adversarries, leaders [!!] of those states ... then we call it democracy at work. Even inviting representatives or the PM himself to speak before US Congress. Joining Nazi sympathizers in protest at Maidan in Kiev before toppling democratically elected Yanukovich. Meeting head-choppers of Al Qaeda across the Turkish border inside Syria.

See my earlier opinion: Putin's beef was with George Soros, not Hillary Clinton as individual – here.

Opinions about the former Soviet Union and later Russia from George Soros or one of his NGOs ...

Soros and His CIA Friends Targeted USSR/Russia in 1987

Declassified Central Intelligence Agency documents clearly describe how international hedge fund mogul George Soros targeted the Soviet government of Mikhail Gorbachev as early as 1987. Soros, who was already quite wealthy, worked closely with a CIA-linked non-governmental organization (NGO), the Institute for East-West Security Studies (IEWSS), to take advantage of Gorbachev’s policies of «perestroika» and «glasnost» to infiltrate the Soviet economic and political systems to hasten their demise.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered two Soros organizations – the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – to cease their operations in Russia after being deemed undesirable by the Russian government because of their threat to the Russian state.

Soros, the Open Society Foundations, and the Continued Political Hacks

Posted by: Oui | Jan 11 2017 18:02 utc | 75


So when Trump and Putin engage in gay sex which is the pitcher and which is the catcher? Also when engaging in golden shower activity which the the showerer and which is the showeree?

Posted by: ALberto | Jan 11 2017 18:03 utc | 76

I don't believe Putin had anything to do with this. Instead I blame it all on the government of San Escobar

Posted by: Ghostship | Jan 11 2017 18:20 utc | 77

Truly disturbing. ..

Posted by: Brad | Jan 11 2017 18:23 utc | 78

This article from Slavyangrad is relevant (brief):

The British Government & the Waffen-SS Galitsia Division.

Everyone knows that ‘Ukranians’ immigrated massively to Canada.

Chrystia Freeland (heh look at the name) has just been appointed new FM by Trudeau.

(first typed Turdeau, heh..) > see MSM news.

"to tackle Trump, Russia Challenges..." (second headline on my Goog.)

wiki: Chrystia = One of the most influential (amongst 50 in Toronto..), heh, well mind you she worked for FT, the Globe and Mail, Reuters, yes she wrote that book: “Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else” see her here with the e.warren-type tropes (link 2)

Dodgy appeals awarding creds, that aren’t working too well anymore. Just for show, imho.

Here, in her own words her Ukr. roots (imho from Galicia but others might dig in?)

quote: Today, Canada's Ukrainian community, which is 1.25 million-strong, is significantly larger as a percentage of total population than the one in the United States, which is why it is also a far more significant political force. ++ following other BS standard boiler-plate..

Posted by: Noirette | Jan 11 2017 18:26 utc | 79

To my mind the people who operate the US levers of power, CIA, NSA, FBI, CFR, etc., are out of touch with reality. They live in a world of Hollywood innuendo, unsubstantiated personal attacks and outright fictions framed to further their particular agendas. What is most telling is that to a person none are military.

Trumps victory was achieved with 'MILITARY PRECISION'. The popular vote was basically ignored and the Electoral College (see 12th Amendment) was used to insure victory. The KKKlintonistas and their sponsors never saw it coming. This childish display of anger does nothing but reinforce the absolute folly of their agenda. Impeach Trump before he is sworn in? Really?

The PTB are playing with fire. If they were to move on Trump without due process I believe that the whole mess will explode in their faces. US Verterans and active military personnel are not amused by the tantrums of those who would work around the US Constitution to suit their own beliefs.

Bad Moon Rising

Just me opinion

@74 'the the' = is the


Posted by: ALberto | Jan 11 2017 18:36 utc | 80

One other thingie

200 Retired Admirals and Generals asked Trump to run for office

Posted by: ALberto | Jan 11 2017 18:40 utc | 81

ALberto@78,79 The officer caste is not the incarnation of patriotism. Nor are they the guardians of democracy, no matter how many "Freedom isn't free" stickers you see. Our freedoms have nothing to do with the wars the military endlessly fights. The US military is perilously close to being a mercenary force, as in the military contractors so important in the real world but unreported in the media. And where it's not merely mercenary, it's too much of a closed corporation dominated by Christians of a certain kind. The officer caste also is highly partisan, Republican, which is not conducive to ordinary politics. The officer caste in particular is highly partisan. And culturally they are still a part of the West Point tradition. The thing is, so very many of the graduates of West Point turned on their own country we should call it a school of treason. Really the kind of military revolt covertly wished for by the Trumpists would signal the final destruction of American democracy. It would be a step back from the Indian-killing slave power America of the nineteenth century, which still has altogether too many supporters.

Posted by: s | Jan 11 2017 18:53 utc | 82

Good god the Trudeau government is fully and totally in the thrall of the "forces of evil" with this appointment. That said - let's see if Ms. Freeland is willing to apply the moral standard voiced in her 2014 G&M op-ed to the present Ukrainian government. With respect to the Yanukovich government she stated "leaders who kill their people and revoke their civil rights should not be able to take luxury weekend breaks from the dark world to which they have consigned their people, nor should they be able to safely hold in the west the wealth they have looted at home."

I wait with baited breath for Canadian sanctions against the Poroshenko government for THESE EXACT ACTIONS in Donbass....

Posted by: bigmango | Jan 11 2017 19:13 utc | 83

It's pretty clear to me that this bizarre attack on the president elect is totally unprecedented.

I have slowly accumulated an attitude of certainty that at least 95% of D.C. politicians could kill innocent Americans "in cold blood" as they say; that this would be no problem for them. This makes them very different from most of the rest of us. Now, I certainly could be wrong about this, but something tells me Trump would not casually kill people. However, Trump has certainly mingled with some of the most dangerous mobsters and terrifying individuals (e.g. Roy Cohn). (Trump is the only president, I think, to have his own private body guards alongside the Secret Service detail.)

I find it hard to imagine that many people will take the notion of Trump having some strange association with Putin.

Posted by: blues | Jan 11 2017 19:21 utc | 84

Trump now comes out and say he think it was Russia after all,

Will the attacks cease or will it just accelerate and push even harder?

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11 2017 19:23 utc | 85

Noirette @77

Even better she has been on the Russian sanctions list since 2014, so she will not be able to serve at her official post.

Comment by Mark Knesop:

I would be willing to bet the Ukrainian expat community in Canada – which is a significant voting bloc despite its numbers, since they know how to leverage their vote, a sort of Canadian AIPAC – lobbied hard for her appointment. Canadian activists such as Oksana Bashuk-Hepburn, herself a former executive in the Canadian government (finance, I believe) and the dreadful smarmy ‘Inna Thorn’, who is actually a west-Ukrainian-descended troublemaker named Inna Platonova, will be delighted to learn of this highly-political appointment.


I'm surprised the Canadians haven't brought in this Ukrainian lovely, and FEMEN member, seen at Odessa in 2014, as Minister for Women's Rights.

Posted by: Yonatan | Jan 11 2017 19:26 utc | 86

guardian has an attempted tick-tock on the dossier Guardian: The story of the Trump dossier: secret sources, an airport rendezvous, and John McCain
What began as opposition research during the Republican primary slowly grew from a covert investigation into an extraordinary but unverified global story

I think it's supposed to suggest that McCain somehow only learned about the dossier in October and then immediately -- responsible elected official that he is -- turned it over to the FBI ... which I doubt ..

Focus still on Buzzfeed "breaking the rules" publishing the documents, with CNN for the most part spared ridicule for being the first to publish the allegations (while posturing bout how unseemly it would be to publish the dossier)

The actual contents of the dossier is in large part what's debunking it ... the "golden showers" anecdote is much more popular than the other (much more serious, if only they were true or could be verified) stories on ongoing collaboration which are being largely ignored.

TeeVee is -- of course -- making this all a "story about a story" ... ignoring the pesky parts ... and distracted by -- oh look, shiny!!! -- the press conference and combative interrogation of cabinet nominee confirmation hearings ... it's a fucking circus ... or should be say a spectacle ... when will all these tough-talkers notice that they've achieved very very little ...

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jan 11 2017 19:30 utc | 87

Urine: a scent until proven guilty

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jan 11 2017 19:32 utc | 88


Adobe VoCo which changes speech content using original speakers voice by simply typing new content.

So when, how can one determine if the audio you are hearing is original content of altered content?


Posted by: ALberto | Jan 11 2017 19:34 utc | 89 is hoped that the delegitimization will make it impossible for Trump to change major policy trajectories especially in foreign policy. A main issue here is the reorientation of the U.S. military complex and its NATO proxies from the war of terror towards a direct confrontation with main powers like Russia and China.

The US MIA and military wants
confrontation with Russia?

Uh, no.

They want the appearance of confrontation, another falsified cold war standoff, to justify the sale of their wares.

Do not worry about Trump. He will be fine. The dog and pony show is for your and my benefit. The deep state gets what it wants and will continue to do so until 'journalists' have the courage to tell truth #1 --

Nothing presented in MK media is real. Not official mainstream media and not controled opposition alt right media.

You and I are all being had.

Posted by: C I eh? | Jan 11 2017 19:41 utc | 90

It is my belief that the reason Trump is using Twitter rather than traditional video medias is that Adobe VoCo can be used to insert words and sentences in Trumps own voice which were never spoken or uttered.

Just me opinion

Posted by: ALberto | Jan 11 2017 19:42 utc | 91

Wow, have you guys seen these paragraphs from the dossier? This lying is crazy:

Trump dresses up in pyjamas, watching anime porn in Russia

Trump taking a dump, meanwhile yell out "i hate black people"

Pure hogwash.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11 2017 19:45 utc | 92

US intelligence had VoCo-like technology (maybe even better quality one) decade ago. The only difference, now even amateur trolls can imitate anyone (lets say Trump), and "leak incriminating" stuff about them (Trump: "that golden shower was great, and sex with Putin was awesome!"). Then CIA will follow with "see! We told you so."

Posted by: Harry | Jan 11 2017 19:49 utc | 93

yes, I realized after we "offed" bin Laden that we will never be able ask about all those Bin Laden videos that were so heatedly debated ...

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jan 11 2017 19:56 utc | 94

The 4chan alt-right claims have no validity.

The 4chan claim came out in November. The "reports" circulated since August. 4chan was trolled with stuff from the "reports" and used that to troll others.

Posted by: b | Jan 11 2017 19:59 utc | 95

can't be too sad to see 4Chan hoisted on their own petard ... or to see their false claims to be exposed an bully-boy fake news ... ymmv.
Realizing how few outlets have bother with the intelligence report confirmation that NONE of the clinton e-mails were fake or altered ... off to troll some sites by pointing that out (in defense of Buzzfeed) ... Team Clinton owes everyone a bit of an apology for endlessly fibbing on that subject ...

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jan 11 2017 20:07 utc | 96

You guys remember this?

Hillary Clinton:

" Al Jazeera is winning, the Chinese have opened a global multi-language television network, the Russians have opened up an English-language network. I've seen it in a few countries, and it is quite instructive,"

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11 2017 20:18 utc | 97

Thanks b, for the 2nd update. It is confirmed 4Chan claim has no validity.

I need help getting up off the floor.

WSJ via ZH link: the Identity of " Former Intelligence Officer who prepared the doggy "Trump dossier" has been revealed:

{(Caution: Do not Google his name (my emphasis intended to alert.)}

While we learned earlier that John McCain was responsible for handing over the 35-page "dossier" of compromising, if arguably fake, revelations about Trump's connections to Russia over to the FBI, the identity of the actual creator, who was said to be an ex-British intelligence service, remained a mystery.

No longer.

Courtesy of the WSJ, we now know his name: the former MI-6 officer, now working for a private security-and-investigations firm "who produced the dossier of unverified allegations about President-elect Donald Trump’s activities and connections in Russia" is Christopher Steele, a director of London-based Orbis Business Intelligence.... and before readers google him, beware, there is a male gay porn star with the same name, who may or may not be into "golden showers."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Is this more FanFiction? Going on 24 Hrs. Please make it stop.

Posted by: likklemore | Jan 11 2017 20:30 utc | 98

Consider the US deployment of 4,200 troops, 250 tanks and howitzers, military equipment and 1,700 additional vehicles being sent to Eastern Europe. According to the Bundeswehr, 900 railroad cars will be required for the transportation with a total length of 14 kilometers.

Battalion tactical groups have the infrastructure for rapid deployment. Personnel can be airlifted and equipment is already in stock. This will be the most capable team of the West in Europe, plus they will support the Polish army, which is quite an impressive effect - taking into account that the aircraft can be quickly deployed from Germany and even from the United States. As a result, the United States will be able to in two weeks to create the most powerful striking force on the borders of the Kaliningrad region.

On the Russian side, there are only three divisions, plus the Baltic Fleet. However, NATO members could delay Russian fleet forces by bringing additional naval groups in the Baltic, where, incidentally, there is also the German Navy, and Polish. In other words, the West is really able to quickly establish superiority of forces in the region of Kaliningrad. This means that if NATO decided to strike first, Russian troops will for the most part be destroyed.

See Obama sends hundreds of tanks to Russian border
January 8th, 2016 - Fort Russ News -

Again, the purpose of this deployment is to threaten the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which NATO as a serious threat, see and

The US/NATO recent Anaconda war games were essentially a rehearsal for the invasion of Kaliningrad. Anaconda was NATO’s largest field exercise in Europe east of the current German-Polish border since 1992; it included 31,000 soldiers from 24 countries exercising for 10 days with 14,000 American troops participating.

“The U.S. Army Europe map of Anaconda 2016 is very likely an act of information war that supports NATO political goals. Note phase three on the U.S. Army Europe exercise map. Phase three is scheduled for execution on June 10. Alliance troops and vehicles will cross the Vistula River and enter Lithuania. Come one, come all. Lithuania is a NATO member.

However, the maneuver explicitly cuts off Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast. Kaliningrad was once the Prussian city of Konigsberg. Russia kept the city and its environs as a special Kremlin reward for winning World War II.

Anaconda 2016’s conclusive fictional thrust isolates and surrounds Kaliningrad.” [from ]

Russia may respond to these NATO actions and troop build-up by positioning two tank armies on the borders of Lithuania and Latvia. This response would be to ensure that Russia will not have to rely upon nuclear weapons to crush a NATO attack upon Kaliningrad. However, this build-up of forces is highly destabilizing and creates a situation where even an accident could lead to a direct military conflict between the US/NATO and Russia. Worse, the crazies in Washington or Poland could create a false flag event here designed to produce a US/NATO-Russian conflict.

Such a confrontation is being made even more likely by US and Israeli sales of military equipment to Poland, see After the US presidential election, the US approved the sale of 70 AGM-158B JASSM-ER missiles (Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff missiles with extended range) for Poland. This missile has a range of 575-620 miles and can carry a 992 lb penetrating warhead; an effective stealth weapon to knock out key stationary infrastructure sites located deep in Russia’s territory.

Poland has been implementing the plans to form a 50,000 strong paramilitary territorial defense force, a planned military reserve component of the regular military, since 2015. Roughly, 20,000 guards will join the ranks of the new force in 2017. Warsaw plans to increase the size of the army by at least 50 percent in the coming years (from about 95,000 to 150,000), including the creation of three brigades for the territorial defense of the country on the eastern flank. According to NATO plans, Poland will host rapid response troops starting this year. Warsaw has demanded a full-scale permanent base of the alliance on its territory.

A NATO Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense site to be positioned in Poland in 2018 [a dual-use facility that can launch both interceptors and nuclear-armed cruise missiles] and the AGM-158B are two destabilizing factors that also undermine security in Europe and obstruct prospects for arms control.

Posted by: Perimetr | Jan 11 2017 20:58 utc | 99

My theory this morning:

What we are being fed now is opposition research most probably coming out of the DNC, specifically Alexandra Chalupa's ethnic heritage unit, coordinated with Ukrainian fascists here and abroad.

I suspect that this stuff was originally created and held back to help president-elect Clinton whip up anti-Russian feelings for her next war. The biggest mistake, apparently, was the Clinton camp not recognizing how despised she is. After Trump won the remaining propaganda was turned against the Trump/Putin target to force Trump or his successor onto the path to war. This would have been more effective if Clinton had won (maybe the golden shower would have pushed her over the top) but is effective enough to disrupt things.

Someone needs to pull together all the Ukrainian fingerprints. When the stories mention that Russia = Jews and WWII Ukrainian salutes are hidden in information I'm pretty sure we can pinpoint the heavy lifters in this psyop construction.

Posted by: Bob In Portland | Jan 11 2017 20:58 utc | 100

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