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January 09, 2017

ISIS, Al-Qaeda And The U.S. Airforce Wage War On Syria's Public Utilities

There is a campaign underway to destroy Syria's public utilities. Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the U.S. airforce are involved. Their action is coordinated.

That is an outrageous statement? No such coordination would ever happen?  Consider:

The idea of the Islamic State was "born" in the U.S. military prison camp Bucca in Iraq. Many of its future leader were interned there and had time and space to develop their philosophy and to plan their future operations.

In 2012 the Defense Intelligence Agency warned of the rise of an Islamic State entity in Syria and Iraq:


In an August 2014 NYT interview with Thomas Friedman President Obama said that the U.S. knew about the dangers of ISIS but did nothing to stop its expansion in Iraq because it could be used to oust then Prime Minister Maliki:

The reason, the president added, “that we did not just start taking a bunch of airstrikes all across Iraq as soon as ISIL came in was because that would have taken the pressure off of [Prime Minister Nuri Kamal] al-Maliki.

In a recent talk with some U.S. paid members of the Syrian opposition Secretary of State Kerry (video - 25:50) made a similar point but wuth regard to Syria:

"And we know that this was growing, we were watching, we saw that DAESH was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened" Kerry told the Syrians. "(We) thought, however," he continued. "we could probably manage that Assad might then negotiate. But instead of negotiating he got Putin to support him."

There are doubts that the U.S. was only watching from afar. The beginning and growth of ISIS was financed by U.S. Gulf "allies" which are subordinated to U.S. wishes. When the Obama administration had to start bombing ISIS after it killed a U.S. journalist the few bombs its airforce dropped were hitting an "ISIS fighting position" or an "ISIS excavator". That wasn't a serious campaign. Meanwhile thousands of Turkish tanker trucks were waiting in the deserts to load oil from ISIS controlled wells to sell it to Turkey. Only after the Russian President Putin showed satellite pictures of those huge truck columns to his colleagues at a G20 meeting did the U.S. start to attack this major source of ISIS finances.

At the end of last year the U.S. military bombed a Syrian government position in Deir Ezzor where some 100,000 Syrians are besieged by ISIS. It killed more than Syrian 100 troops and enabled ISIS to take important hill positions that may eventually help it to conquer the city. This was an intentional strike.

Currently a campaign is waged by the Takfiri forces opposing the Syrian government and by the U.S. to deprive the people under its protection of all public utilities - water, gas and electricity. After the start of the current blocking of the water supplies to Damascus and its 5-6 million inhabitants we noted:

This shut down is part of a wider, seemingly coordinated strategy to deprive all government held areas of utility supplies. Two days ago the Islamic State shut down a major water intake for Aleppo from the Euphrates. High voltage electricity masts on lines feeding Damascus have been destroyed and repair teams, unlike before, denied access. Gas supplies to parts of Damascus are also cut.

This campaign against basic infrastructure has since continued. U.S. support "rebel" groups take part in it. Al-Qaeda in Syria, aka Jabhat al Nusra, does its share in Wadi Barada. The U.S. military just bombed another Syrian power station. In 2015 it had already waged a campaign against such installations creating huge material damages. Since three days Deir Ezzor and surroundings have no electricity at all. Yesterday ISIS again joined the campaign and blew up a huge gas processing facility in Hayyan in east Homs. Hayyan is the largest such station in Syria and provided electricity, heating gas and cooking gas for all of south Syria including the capital Damascus.

This is a systematic, wide ranging campaign against Syrian infrastructure designed to deprive the people living under government protection of the basic necessities.

If you would ask the U.S. government it would of course say that such a campaign does not exist and is totally not coordinated by the U.S. and its Gulf proxies. It is just coincidence that U.S. supported "rebels", al-Qaeda, ISIS and the U.S. airforce all hit the same category of targets in Syria at the very same moment of their war against the Syrian people.

In knowledge of the top U.S. sources quoted above I would be inclined to doubt such an assertion.

The campaign is in prelude to the next stage of the war for which all involved parties currently prepare. As Obama still gives the orders we can expect it to be more vicious and with even more propaganda support than his failed "defense" of his proxy forces in east-Aleppo.

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The US and its Anglosphere and EU vassals and their proxies in the MENA are so utterly vile and despicable that I am beginning to doubt that they are members of the human race.

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Jan 10 2017 18:15 utc | 101

mischi 37
Totally par for the UN. And like the US in the b enty, the UN will claim ineptitude over corruption and then ask for more power. See also Dyncor UN actions in Bosnia. And it was UN troops who spread cholera in Haiti. Any punishment for mismanagement? Nope. Nor for wrongdoing or criminal activity. And those on the right in the US who want to dump the UN over daring to point at Israel have no problem using the UN as cover for war (Iraq) anymore than those on the left (Libya).

I second fastfreddy 98 with NATO as an action arm of the UN.

Posted by: Curtis | Jan 10 2017 18:32 utc | 102


... they were kept on hold for 27 minutes ...
On 7 October 2015 Russia launched 26 Kalibr cruise missiles into Iraq from the Caspian Sea. They were termed Putin's "birthday candles" because it was his birthday.

The Kalibr is a supersonic cruise missile one of several advanced weapons systems that constitute Moscow's military resurgence that allows them to chart an independent course.

26 years prior to the launch (November 1989) the Berlin Wall fell after Gorbachev and Bush had reached an agreement that NATO would not expand "one inch".

Was 27 minutes on hold - coming about 1 year later (and thus possibly also referencing 1989) - meant as a reply to the Russian "objection" tacitly expressed by 26 missiles? For anyone that believes that it is inconceivable that the Russian liaison would be away at this crucial time, it may well be. Then the question becomes: who thought of and approved of such a "reply"?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 10 2017 18:39 utc | 103

Correction! to rushed post @ 95:

Should read:

A participating nations air assets under US command operate at International Law and under the accepted Laws of War, under the responsibility of the Command authority, the US.

Sadly, for what little they are actually worth, yet must be at least, noted, re those which are the 'real' Rogue States, kneecapped aand suborned ICC, hollowed out UN and as designed and intended since inception, emasculated and manipulated UNSC, or not ...

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 10 2017 18:41 utc | 104

The destruction of the Syrian Arab culture is job one for the state of Israel. Why not destroy the ability for the Syrians to drink water, have electricity, etc. Always it is in their best interests. What an evil world. Have we forgotten how nato bombed Libya to destroy its vast system of irrigation that brought water to 80 per cent of the country. More evil. The United States government has proven over and over since World War 2 just how little it cares for humanity.

Posted by: charles shamey | Jan 10 2017 18:53 utc | 105

Jackrabbit | Jan 10, 2017 1:39:05 PM | 103

For anyone that believes that it is inconceivable that the Russian liaison would be away at this
crucial time, it may well be

With utmost respect, that is NOT how any military Command HQ functions in reality, and most certainly not a multinational joint operational theater command HQ, analogous to SHAEF HQ western EU in WWII. If one were to accept the Russian Liaison was absent/unavailable where was his formally delegated deputy/assistant/understudy ?!

And if not avaialble either (UNACCEPTABLE in a Command HQ!) then the communication is escalated UP to next higher Commmand officer in HQ command hierarchy and if needed to the Joint/force commander hisself, within seconds and at most few minutes in extremis ... 27 minutes on hold? Total BS! ... to present otherwise is a Hollywood cliche myth and utterly absolutely false, it is total manufactured Bullshit that does not carry water.

Phones and other comms means are NOT left unanswered, EVER, in a command HQ !!! Unless SOP & doctrine, as well as almost ingrained robotic muscle memory for HQ staff are temporarily overridden by explicit direct orders by the HQ commander or his delegate Executive Officer(deputy) who actually commands and oversees the minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour, day-today operations of the HQ itself. It is all a construct tissue of ludicrous lies and any non-partisan current/former officer from a Brigade HQ level on upwards will/can unequivocally confirm so.

Apologies for tone, these outrageous farcical lies far beyond any reality get my blood up.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 10 2017 19:08 utc | 106

Obama continues to double down on his non-legacy. I had been thinking would it not be 'nice' of him to reverse the time honored practice of giving pardons to sleazy characters as he left office, and instead to lock up a few of the war criminals, but it wouldn't even be possible to hope for this since he is one himself.

Putin's honorable restraint is going to be sorely tried these next few days. Pray if you can!

Posted by: juliania | Jan 10 2017 19:26 utc | 107

@103 jr... interesting coincidence if true!

@106 outraged... that may be true, but we heard the same line in the usa's attack on deiz ezzor from russia as well.. i don't know how it works, and i imagine anything is possible.. what happens when putin calls obama? does he get put on hold or does it go to an answering machine? lol..

Posted by: james | Jan 10 2017 19:41 utc | 108

@ Posted by: jfl | Jan 10, 2017 5:06:53 AM | 84

what's up with george washington university? it seems like a cia operation to me, heavily infiltrated at any rate. as is georgetown.

Hear you, do I. That's why my previous extensive, not so subtle posts, re Op Mockingbird and the unclassified docu on it (barf!) and 'The Family Jewels' (double barf!) from the NS archives ... clearly, false, the University and staff complicit. However, where able to be corroborated by other sources, or alternately demonstrably overwhelmingly contradicted by valid other sources, still has its uses as a reference/source, as many 'unaware' would otherwise not even entertain hearing or entering discussion re the historical/alternatively documented/lived/real facts ... so effectively indoctrinated from birth throughout their entire lives that only 'declassified' docu will temporarily penetrate through a chink in the learned and constantly re-inforced cognitive dissonance and learned memory loss, virtual armor ... YMMV. Cheers.

@ Formerly T-Bear | Jan 10, 2017 10:26:23 AM | 96

Real-Life & minor pet emergency intervenes ... will respond in open Threads in a few hours. Cheers.

@ Posted by: juliania | Jan 10, 2017 2:26:56 PM | 107

Pray if you can!

Oh, one does, so regularly my knees are shellacked. Yet even the Intelligent Flying Spaghetti Monster in the Sky (FSM), evermore fails to respond to them, either. May she benignly reign over us, and may we be so fortunate as to be touched by her Noodly appendage ! Pastafarianism rocks! ;)

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 10 2017 19:56 utc | 109

@ james | Jan 10, 2017 2:41:48 PM | 108

@106 outraged... that may be true

Cumulative rage rises when these laughable, palpable, fictions/fabrications and disingenuous deceits are let slide or swallowed whole.

@ juannie, PavewayIV, karlof1, etc do feel free to chime in & independently Confirm/Corroborate re 106, should you feel so inclined to do so.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 10 2017 20:31 utc | 110

This would mean that only a government or a government agency would have the necessary information to advise ISIS and to supply ISIS with the tools …. to hack into the actual infrastructures or the databases that support the infrastructures. …. US intelligence or the intelligence agency of some other foreign government as the advisor to ISIS. Jen at 9.

No. First, that information is very public and not at all hard to get. Second, I suspect - no strong indications / ‘proof’ - that the White Helmets (into whom I have been looking, though I haven’t posted much yet - my interest being what exactly they do) are involved. Their website(s) and the closely affiliated orgs (ARK and Mayday Rescue) are heavily into mention of repairing infrastructure. However as far as I can make out the White Helmets don’t have the training (but who knows, that is tough) but certainly not the equipment, in the sense that no pictures ever show any of it or them doing such a thing, nor do the jobs and tenders put out reflect such activity, nor as far as I can see buying stuff, though Mayday does appear to be mildly into fire-fighting. (Also, none of the publically available papers (I was going to link, but they are no longer available, since my last post) mention such activity.)

These several orgs are tied together in opaque circuits. One of the sites of “Syrian Civil Defense” (not the real Syrian Defense, that of the Syrian Gvmt. but in this case the White Helmets, who have appropriated the ‘SCD’ name illegally) is heavily (can’t find the sum) funded by a co. called Chemomics (they say so on their website) and clearly state that the foreign Gvmt. funding is thus indirect (to Chemomics and Mayday, not the WH, see my previous post which explains in part..)

Chenomics does ‘everything’ - it puts ppl first, it expands health care, it does storm warnings, it is for STEM curricula, it promotes competitiveness in Moldova, it provides tools for fighting radical extremism, and is into water management, and on and on in 60 countries… (or 150 counting all the past) it also has projects in Wash. DC and VA - all that is incredibly suspicious, it is mind-boggling… (see their job offers if interest for scope)

I’m veering OT, apologies, into my obsession of the month. Point concerning infrastructure, is that non-State (state to include SS, intelligence, etc.) opaque and dodgy actors play a YUUUGE (Trump is upping my vocab) role, which is not examined, so who knows.

(see also pundita above for other argument)

i see chipnik is in good form (55). ! :) (…not snark.)

Posted by: Noirette | Jan 10 2017 21:00 utc | 111

@ 109

Acknowledge. Time zone UT+1, will respond tomorrow after night duty over. @ 106 - absolutely correct for any command HQ, the story is completely bollocks.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jan 10 2017 21:01 utc | 112

Outraged @ 106, 110:

Are you referring to this incident?

Airstrikes on September 17 by the US-led coalition, which killed 62 and injured 100 Syrian soldiers in Deir ez-Zor, were the result of an “unintentional, regrettable error,” the US Central Command has said.

The mistake was "primarily based on human factors," Brigadier General Richard 'Tex' Coe, who headed the CENTCOM investigation, told reporters in a teleconference on Tuesday.

Russia was notified of the planned strike – for the first time – using the “de-confliction” hotline, but was given the wrong location, Coe said. The target coordinates supplied by the US coalition were 9km (6 miles) off, he said.

When Russian officers called the hotline to report the strikes were targeting Syrian positions, they were kept on hold for 27 minutes because the US officer who was the designated point of contact was not available. The bombing continued in that interval, according to Coe, and stopped once the Russian message went through.

“It was not an accident by one airplane; it was four airplanes which kept attacking the position of the Syrian troops for nearly one hour or maybe a little bit more,” Syrian President Bashar Assad told AP on September 22, adding that IS forces attacked the Syrian Army at the same time.

"The Syrian government puts all the responsibility for aggression on the US, as the facts show that it was a deliberate attack, but not a mistake – even if America says the opposite,” Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said in September at the UN General Assembly, adding that this act of “vile aggression” proved the US and its allies were “accomplices of Islamic State and other terror groups.”

The September 17 airstrikes unraveled the truce agreed to on September 9 in Switzerland by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry. The ceasefire envisioned the creation of US-Russian joint implementation centers, but the Pentagon refused to even consider the idea.

The Pentagon reiterated on Tuesday that it remains uninterested in working with Russia to identify IS targets.

"We have no plans at this point to cooperate with Russia in that way," US Department of Defense spokesman Peter Cook said in response to a question during a press briefing.

However, he noted the importance of the "de-confliction" hotline to prevent a repeat of the September 17 airstrikes.

The airstrikes targeted Syrian forces near Deir ez-Zor the airport, a vital supply conduit for the enclave besieged by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) forces. Damascus has accused the US of deliberately targeting Syrian troops in order to scuttle the ceasefire negotiated in Geneva. The Pentagon has maintained the airstrike was an accident, and that IS was the intended target.

Posted by: Jen | Jan 10 2017 21:06 utc | 113

We shouldn’t forget that depriving ppl of water, clean water or 'luxury' hot water, and basic energy requirements (electricity / FF for minimal heat in a home to heat a baby bottle or the like) is practised regularly against the ‘poor’ in some OECD countries, GB stands out (possibly because of allowed, if marginal MSM exposure, and a heavily class-society type structure, etc.)

Posted by: Noirette | Jan 10 2017 21:15 utc | 114

Noirette @ 111:

Thanks for the information. I had thought perhaps ISIS or Jabhat al Nusra were getting their information about what to hit and where from satellite data provided by a government agency. But now that I think of it, ISIS, Jabhat al Nusra or other groups could be getting that information privately and sharing it around.

Max Blumenthal had a fair bit to say about Chemonics and its history in relation to the company's role as supplier to the Syrian White Helmets and in monitoring and evaluating the group's activities:

Posted by: Jen | Jan 10 2017 21:22 utc | 115

For all the millions of words that have been written here both as articles and as comments, there is one thing you people can't explain. If you take the word of Bashar al-Assad as gospel (obviously you do), he received 97.62% of the vote in the 2007 elections. 11,199,445 approved of him and 19,653 were opposed. So how does a war drag on for 6 years that requires the intervention of the Russian air force, Hizbollah, Iraqi and Afghan mercenaries? Of course I know your answer. It is not Syrians that are the problem. It is foreign fighters. But except for ISIS that had a non-aggression pact with Assad for a couple of years at least, the militias in Syria are made of native-born people. Yes, al-Nusra has some foreign fighters but hardly enough to make a difference.

The one thing you can't accept is that he is deeply unpopular. Even someone who is much closer to you than he is to me is forced to tell the truth:

Between 1950 and 1975, nationalist leaders came to power in much of the previously colonized world. They promised to achieve national self-determination by creating powerful independent states through the concentration of whatever political, military, and economic resources were at hand. Instead, over the decades, many of these regimes transmuted into police states controlled by small numbers of staggeringly wealthy families and a coterie of businessmen dependent on their connections to such leaders as Hosni Mubarak in Egypt or Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

In recent years, such countries were also opened up to the economic whirlwind of neoliberalism, which destroyed any crude social contract that existed between rulers and ruled. Take Syria. There, rural towns and villages that had once supported the Baathist regime of the al-Assad family because it provided jobs and kept the prices of necessities low were, after 2000, abandoned to market forces skewed in favor of those in power. These places would become the backbone of the post-2011 uprising.,_an_endless_cycle_of_indecisive_wars/

Posted by: Louis Proyect | Jan 10 2017 21:36 utc | 116

@113 jen.. it is in reference to what the russian folks say as quoted in rt for both events - deiz error in sept. and the recent event in idlib january 3rd that i shared @100... apparently what the russian folks are saying and what happens here are 2 different stories..

Posted by: james | Jan 10 2017 21:36 utc | 117

@116 proyect... do you work for saudi arabia or qatar? why the bullshite?

Posted by: james | Jan 10 2017 21:37 utc | 118

Outraged @106:

With utmost respect, that is NOT how any military Command HQ functions in reality ...
Thank you for confirming what I believed to be true.

The tight operational parameters of a command HQ that you have described mean that every minute that the Russians were on hold would have been intentional. That means that 27 (the number of minutes on hold) is possibly more significant than the time it takes for a bathroom break or bombing run.

Frankly, I wouldn't have thought much of 27 minutes if not for the much-ballyhooed ("Putin's candles") 26 missiles that the Russians had fired the year before.

As Jen @113's copy-past from RT confirms, it is the Russians that have claimed that they were on hold and for how long.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 10 2017 21:53 utc | 119

for unrepentant killer clowns I'd say

Posted by: ratatat | Jan 10 2017 21:58 utc | 120

The Russians have pulled their 'reduction in forces' trick again. The Admiral Kuznetsov flotilla is on its way home. And 12 more Su-25 ground attack aircraft arrive at Hymeim, escorted by Il-76 support aircraft! I get a feeling the takfiris in Idlib (and maybe elsewhere) will be getting some close attention in the very near future.

Posted by: Yonatan | Jan 10 2017 22:26 utc | 121

Outraged @110--

Seemed like an Executive decision at the time and still seems so. The recent B-52 bombing in Idlib is of a similar substance: "The latest example of this is the January 3 airstrike, when a B-52 bomber – without warning the Russian side – hit a target in the town of Sarmada, Idlib Province, which is covered by the cessation of hostilities agreement. Over 20 civilians died as a result of the airstrike." Yet another total violation of the ceasefire--justifying attacking the village because it supposedly had al-Ciada terrorists. The blatant "Special forces" attack in Eastern Syria was an invasion of Syrian territory carried out at about the same time Powers was lecturing Churkin at the UNSC over Russia's gross violations of sovereignty while the Outlaw US Empire does the opposite!

By Executive decision, I don't mean Obama as it seems clear he doesn't control what's happening in Syria.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 10 2017 22:51 utc | 122

yes, Jen @ 115, thx for link, my point is that there is a deep, complex web of ‘humanitarian orgs’ that participate in a new form of war (incl. economic war) outside the public eye, to put it briefly. here a few link picks, amongst the ‘better’ from 'alt' sites, and some with good info (not that all is correct) but not explanatory, much.

Posted by: Noirette | Jan 10 2017 23:03 utc | 123

@ outraged.. as a few folks have chimed in here, what i think is missing is more clarity...

basically you are saying that is not 'how any military hq command functions'.. okay.. so who is lying - the russian guy (Russian Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov) quoted in rt, or the american guy? you don't say, but i take it you are implying the usa guy.. the fact is the russian guy is quoted as saying that or rt and the american guys are saying they messed up here in idlib as they did in deiz ezzor... now this may not be how it works in real life but you leave out who you are referring to who is lying.. do you see that? too many posts on this and very little clarity!

Posted by: james | Jan 10 2017 23:19 utc | 124

@122 karlof, 'By Executive decision, I don't mean Obama ...'

yes, i saw that and feel as you do ... ash carter is the 'executive decisionmaker', i imagine.

b-52s drop their bombs from great heights, and so are unlikely to be engaged by russian planes, and us planes of any sort are unlikely to be shot down by russian missle defenses.

the drop on a ceasefire village was probably an attempt to make it look like a russian operation, to disrupt the ceasefire.

murdering 20 civilians is not even worth a second thought to the usaf ... that's their job.

@123 noirette, 'there is a deep, complex web of ‘humanitarian orgs’ that participate in a new form of war (incl. economic war) outside the public eye'

i became aware of just how pervasive this is when i read USAID Launches Catalyst to Drive Cashless Payments in India ...

New Delhi: The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced today the launch of a new initiative “Catalyst: Inclusive Cashless Payment Partnership” ( ). This multi-stakeholder partnership is designed to scale digital payments systems in India, catalyzing an exponential increase in cashless payments in select geographic locations. These locations will be selected based on criteria such as smartphone penetration, the local economy, and administrative feasibility.

This launch marks the next phase of partnership between USAID and India’s Ministry of Finance to help catalyze the rapid adoption of digital payments in India as a step toward achieving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of universal financial inclusion to end “economic untouchability” in India.

As noted by the White House during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the United States in June,

“the United States and India recognize the importance of efforts to expand financial inclusion as a means to fostering inclusive economic growth.”

Housed within the Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) and supported through USAID’s Mobile Solutions Technical Assistance and Research (mSTAR) program with FHI360, Catalyst will combine new technology, business models, and institutional innovations to help merchants and consumers, in particular low-income and disadvantaged populations, participate in India’s growing digital economy.

... a link from A well-kept open secret: Washington is behind India’s brutal experiment of abolishing most cash, which details us' asymmetric, colonial warfare regime in india and around the world. africa next.

i see now that the link labeled 'mSTAR' has already been taken down ... i downloaded a couple of pdfs ... mStar_March.pdf, and FIELD_mSTAR_Bangladesh_March2014.pdf detailing their cosmodemonic function.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 11 2017 0:11 utc | 125

@124, james, 'too many posts on this and very little clarity'

i agree there. i think that outraged is saying that ... yeah, that's what they told russians - 'sorry, he's in the can right now, will you hold?' ... and that everyone involved knows that was bullshit. the us was saying f you and the russians knew it, had no choice but to follow through. a case of ash carter adding insult to injury. trying to piss them off and make them act like ... americans.

isn't it amazing that these nasty little children, playing 'games', are holding all of our lives in their hands. you'd think we'd do something about it, wouldn't you?

Posted by: jfl | Jan 11 2017 0:18 utc | 126

Outraged, #109,

I have been away and have not been following this thread but if I get the gist of what you asked me to respond to:

From my military experience, as a low level enlistee, I would confirm your #106. I never experienced a lapse in command coverage in my entire four years in the USAF. Communication channels were always intact.

And (somewhat OT) this brings to mind another incident of totally “outrageous farcical lies”. While in the USAF I had the opportunity to observe Tactical Air Command respond to possible violations of air space. The pilots were on 24 hour alert and availability (in shifts of course) and able to respond in minutes to be in their fighter jets and in the air on an intercept flight path. When 911 was taking place I had seen a news report on my computer of an aircraft crashing into the WTC tower. I immediately abandoned the news and went to work to avoid any initial bullshit hype and speculation from the news media. Later in the morning a friend stopped by with, “Wholly Shit! Are you aware that the WTC’s are being attacked” and proceeded to fill me in on what I had missed. My first and immediate response was, BULLSHIT. Where were the interceptors? It was totally inconceivable to me that NORAD had not responded and taken down whatever aircraft were on attack. In other words, from my experience in the USAF with Tack Air Command I knew the fighters had to have been stood down.

All my friends thought I was loony. Oh well. Propaganda and belief in the righteousness of our rulers runs deep into the masses' psyche.

Posted by: juannie | Jan 11 2017 0:31 utc | 127

Correction to my #127, It should have been
Outraged #110 not 109

Posted by: juannie | Jan 11 2017 0:33 utc | 128

Apparently Obama and Trump were briefed on a report that Trump was compromised by Russian intelligence.

nydailynews_compromising info on Trump

uk independent_compromising info on trump

Given some of the details involved...were they briefed, separately? More importantly, was Melania briefed? Lol!

Posted by: Circe | Jan 11 2017 0:37 utc | 129

For what it's worth, a scan of the full report regarding allegations that Russian Intelligence compromised Trump are contained here:

buzzfeed_trump has deep ties...

Besides intelligence services maybe paying Trump back; I have to wonder what's going on here and if this or any part of this is true.

I'm also reminded of the tweet exchange between Ana Navarro (I don't like her btw) and Trump (like him even less).

Posted by: Circe | Jan 11 2017 1:14 utc | 130

jfl @125--

I deal with irrationality and behavior bordering on insane/innane daily with my Alzheimer's afflicted mom, and I must say that the Obama admin and DNC's behavior mimics that closely, which is somewhat scary. But, ultimately, they don't have Alzheimer's and thus some rationality does exist within their beings. My quest for the past 30+ years has been to discover where the roots of such behavior lie since it continues throughout every administration and thus both political parties going back at least to 1945 (I think much earlier, however, 1846 perhaps or 1801) and people are indoctrinated/trained to behave as we observe--and the collective doing so is rather large. Many of the facets driving the behavior are known--Manifest Destiny, American Exceptionalism, White Male English Supremacy--and Jefferson began the Imperial Expansion policy drive with his covert operations to drive the Spanish from the Floridas.

What really gets me is the vast Moral Chasm between stated ideals and actions--it's so far beyond pornographic that I can't think of any words to describe it. It's beyond evil, which is why I've called it Borg in the past to give people an inkling. When I taught, I tried to impart the Moral Chasm's importance to my students; but, their numbers were small and I doubt the lesson went much beyond them. Before being banned at, I posted and argued for First Principles as EnemyofWar, which meant I was 100% against HRC/DNC, making me popular with the commentariate but an enemy of the Liberals (they are NOT Progressives whatsoever) running that site.

Oh well! In ten days we'll find out what sort of Chief Magistrate Trump will be.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 11 2017 1:23 utc | 131

juannie @ 127--

Thanks for confirming the testimony of so many others. Having read the operational guidelines and goals for Operation Northwoods several years before 911, I immediately saw that event as its implementation and have said so ever since.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 11 2017 1:28 utc | 132


yeah, Operation Northwoods, the PNAC document's need for a "new Pearl Harbor", and all the false flag incidents cited in too many books that I have read to even try to remember. I wonder if anyone has devoted a book to just this subject. If not it is long overdue.

Posted by: juannie | Jan 11 2017 2:00 utc | 133

@ Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 10, 2017 1:39:05 PM | 103

Was 27 minutes on hold - coming about 1 year later (and thus possibly also referencing 1989) - meant as a reply to the Russian "objection" tacitly expressed by 26 missiles? For anyone that believes that it is inconceivable that the Russian liaison would be away at this crucial time, it may well be. Then the question becomes: who thought of and approved of such a "reply"?

The number of minutes is what I'd overlooked as a key 'Indicator'. Hat-tip. It was a joke, a sad one that is embedded in a deep bitter fetid swamp of Hubris/Malice, and it's the intended punchline finale to the airstrikes.

Why exactly 27 minutes, such a precise, yet very strange/odd number ? Because the executive (Ash Carter) or the Multinational/Joint force Commander said, to the effect:

Supposed Commander or executive Officer delegate:

You damned well keep 'em on hold for 26 minutes, play 'em fuckin' elevator music if you're able for all I care. One minute on hold for each and every one of their goddamned Kalibre missiles from a year ago. 'Message' us will they. It's past due time for us to send them a little supplementary message of our own, in addition to the airstrikes, then you can process the call at your ease and discretion, Airman. Damned If I care what they have to say anyway. Fuckin' Russkies!'

Not humor.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 2:08 utc | 134

@ juannie | Jan 10, 2017 7:31:01 PM | 127

Thank you juannie. Yet, that as they say, is a whole 'nother story, yet to be told ...

@ karlof1 | Jan 10, 2017 8:23:02 PM | 131

Profound & insightful post. Thanks for sharing. Tho consider it being ever since the first landing at Plymouth Rock 1620(?) ...

My sincerest sympathies & wishes for strength & endurance to you both ... persevered through a similar trial re dementia caring, many years ago ...

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 2:27 utc | 135

@ Noirette | Jan 10, 2017 4:00:15 PM | 111

From a previous previous page, this thread:

We prepare handy, easy/ready to use, sanitized target assessment packages for the 'moderate-head-choppers' based on a wide spectrum of available sources and means, such as drones, high altitude aerial surveillance, multi-spectrum geostationary satellite surveillance, ongoing State & region infrastructure studies & reports, suborned agents, assets & sources, interrogated Syrian SAA and civilian infrastructure prisoners of the 'moderate-head-choppers', etc, just as we did on a daily basis for Saddam and the Iraqi's when they were consistently slaughtering Iranians for us in the First Gulf War, for eight whole years ... conflicts prior and since, re our proxies. (ELINT, SIGINT, HUMINT)

It's who we are and what we do.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 9, 2017 7:14:56 PM | 29

Regretfully, in a public forum, am unable to expand upon the veracity of this assertion, ... yet this is related to personal knowledge from our extensive covert military assistance operations in support of Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi Military during the eight years of mutual slaughter of the Iran-Iraq War '80-88, whilst we also secretly armed the Iranians. YMMV

It's who we are and what we do.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 2:53 utc | 136

James @ 118:

Louis Proyect is a regular MoA / troll notorious for his selective use of sources and for talking up his fake Marxist credentials. Why he visits these sites, I have no idea other than to conclude he must be an extreme masochist as he keeps coming back for more punishment.

Posted by: Jen | Jan 11 2017 3:12 utc | 137

@137 jen

maybe he gets a check for each appearance? pulls down the 'big bucks' for his work, i'm sure. not from the venues of course but from his handlers. maybe when he hasn't had a sale there in a while he comes over here, just to get enough change to keep body and soul together. i'd have to correlate postings, i'm afraid interest fails me.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 11 2017 4:15 utc | 138

All my friends thought I was loony. Oh well. Propaganda and belief in the righteousness of our rulers runs deep into the masses' psyche.
Posted by: juannie | Jan 10, 2017 7:31:01 PM | 127

Yes, it was a very obvious departure from NORAD's Standard Operating Procedure. Brushing aside Officialdom's many attempts to muddy the waters, my favourite plausible explanation for the lapse was that Rumsfeld decided that the hotlines between Air Traffic Control and NORAD should be re-routed to the Pentagon (for administrative oversight) which would then vet the request from ATC and relay it, after evaluation, to NORAD.
But the phone at the Pentagon's end of the hotline was kept in an empty, locked office. No wonder Rumsfeld was wearing a smug grin when he was lecturing the world about "unknown unknowns."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 11 2017 5:06 utc | 139

what sort of utter idiot wrote this nonsense about the USAF working with ISIS.

what sort of garbage site prints this sort of turd?

Posted by: fuster | Jan 11 2017 5:06 utc | 140

@ fuster | Jan 11, 2017 12:06:22 AM | 140

Hello Paul, Tom, etc.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 11 2017 5:35 utc | 141

What makes the "Rumsfeld did it" meme so seductive is that, post-9/11, when all non-military air traffic was grounded, Air Traffic Control had a bird's eye view of all the dodgy non-military flights which were excepted from the ban, but had been effectively silenced.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 11 2017 5:42 utc | 142

@ Outragged, hello, Dick, Hairy

Posted by: fuster | Jan 11 2017 5:57 utc | 143

Proyect is a paid troll/operative w some real connections imo. He started his online career as a "friendly" on "Marxist" websites.

Last week when MOA was down, or being attacked or whatever in the US, I googled b's most recent article to see if that link would work, and instead of the actual article appearing first on the google search, a link to Proyect's blog, trashing said article is what was #1.

Not that that's real proof, but the years and number of words he's invested, and his vast presence(not just here, Counterpunch, Guardian/OffGuardian - but countless places) make an innocent explanation unlikely.

Posted by: sejomoje | Jan 11 2017 6:10 utc | 144

juannie / karlof1 / jfl / jen and others too. thanks for the posts.. some of that i know, some of it i am still baffled about - standing down norad never made any sense to me with the rest of the crazy 9-11 story..

@144 sejomoje..interesting conjecture on yuk yuk..

Posted by: james | Jan 11 2017 7:04 utc | 145

Interesting twisting by French psy ops experts back then to distance themselves from rami abd al rahman and his news back in 2014

A bit like "isis was created by bashar al asad"

Posted by: Mina | Jan 11 2017 7:17 utc | 146

@ karlof1 | Jan 10, 2017 8:23:02 PM | 131

You might look into the 'berserker' policy that replaced MAD developed by IDF/Pentagon tactical response under "never let your opponent think you are in any manner sane, they are, you are not (and cannot be expected to respond with sanity mind games)".

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jan 11 2017 10:22 utc | 147

Obviously Tony Abbott should get some jail time too for his involvement in the missing Malaysian planes..

Abbott gets jail time.

Posted by: pubumwei | Jan 11 2017 12:30 utc | 148

Russia getting ready for the next round in Syria:

Russia Deploys 12 More Su-25 Close-Support Aircraft To Its Airbase In Syria

There is already continues bombing in Idleb and around where al-Qaeda and others prepare for the next attack on the Syrian people. The 12 planes will add considerable to that.

Posted by: b | Jan 11 2017 14:06 utc | 149

Outraged @135--

Thanks for your empathy! I'm very blessed to have an outstanding intimate partner as we attempt to navigate Alzheimer's tyranny. Much of the Moral Chasm originated in the UK, which is logical since the Outlaw US Empire is merely an extension of the British. Sir Francis Bacon in particular was very influential on English and Colonial elites, his ideas endure today. The Neoliberalcon goal of establishing Full Spectrum Dominance originates with him and his emphasis on mastering the Hydra, which he considered to be all those not members of the British elite.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jan 12 2017 21:04 utc | 150

The folks at Al Jazeera English seem to be distancing themselves from the Mainstream Reptile Pack's mawkish bs and Strategic Silence tactics. In the last hour or so they've mentioned (1)the Syrian Govt's attempts to dislodge the ter'rists responsible for the severe water problems in Damascus. (2) A touchy-feely report on Iran's first New Airbus and some background on their most famous and heroic airline pilot. (3) An "Israeli" anti-settlement activist who thinks Bibi is putting the whole "Project" in danger, and is getting too popular for Bibi's liking.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jan 12 2017 21:09 utc | 151

It is interesting that Russia has moved SU-25s back into Syria. Upgraded manpad defence?

Posted by: Peter AU | Jan 12 2017 21:23 utc | 152

The evilitude of this bitch is staggering...

Posted by: pubumwei | Jan 13 2017 2:06 utc | 153

Below is a recent ZH link to Israel bombing Syrian infrastructure.

Israeli Jets Bomb Damascus Military Airport; Syria Vows It Will Respond To "Flagrant Attack"

Where is the S400 or S300 protection? Or, why wasn't it used?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jan 13 2017 2:51 utc | 154

SMH now seems nothing more than a junk rag flogging the neo-con meme of the day.
Sometimes I scan their world news headlines to see what snake oil they are selling to the AU public.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jan 13 2017 2:54 utc | 155

Turkey, Russia sign agreement on coordinating airstrikes in Syria

“The memorandum establishes mechanisms of coordination and interaction between Russian and Turkish aircraft during airstrikes against terrorist targets, as well as measures aimed at preventing flight incidents involving aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles in Syrian airspace,” the statement read.

turks and russians cooperating in the assault on al bab?

Russia agrees to participation of US in Syria talks: Turkey

“The United States should be definitely invited, and that is what we agreed with Russia,” Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told journalists in Geneva on Thursday after an international conference on Cyprus.

The talks in Astana are expected to take place on January 23.

the proof of all the talk and hope is in the pudding.

Israel Delivers Military Strikes Against Airport Near Damascus

Israeli forces delivered military strikes against the Mezzah military air facility near the Syrian capital of Damascus early on Friday. The strikes targeted an ammunitions hub, producing an enormous explosion, according to reports.

The airport is a major logistical asset used by the Syrian government to transit troops and military supplies.

The Israeli strikes followed a suicide bombing conducted by the Jabhat Fatah al-Sham terrorist group which claimed lives of at least nine people.

the russians just watched it all go down on the s300/s400 radar screens?

Posted by: jfl | Jan 13 2017 8:03 utc | 156

the russians just watched it all go down on the s300/s400 radar screens?

Posted by: jfl | Jan 13, 2017 3:03:40 AM | 157

Wondered the same when I saw this. Latest I heard was that if wasn't a jet but a guided missile. The Russians' must be requesting a steady hand from all concerned, the gears of war are so obviously turning on a grander scale when also taking into account NATO movement in the Baltic.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jan 13 2017 13:43 utc | 157

@ Posted by: MadMax2 | Jan 13, 2017 8:43:52 AM | 158

They take the hits, and offer up no Cassus Belli excuses to Obama and his chickenhawk neocon warmongers ... until after the 20th ... to do otherwise would be to play in to their rolling provocations ... it is sound, rational, wise judgement, not a weak response as some others see it, IMHO

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 13 2017 13:53 utc | 158

158 "the gears of war are so obviously turning on a grander scale when also taking into account NATO movement in the Baltic."

The gears of war generally pick up a notch after Biden visits Ukraine. Paying a last visit there now apparently.

Posted by: Peter AU | Jan 13 2017 14:32 utc | 159

re 157, they were missiles fired from over Israel. It is not very far, you know.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jan 13 2017 14:49 utc | 160

jfl@157 - "...the russians just watched it all go down on the s300/s400 radar screens?"

Russia's air defense assets around Khmeimim Air Base are intended for Russian asset protection there, not for protection of all of Syria's airspace. The Russian S-400 network is not part of the existing Syrian S-2/300 network. If Russian S-400 operators were even looking at what Israel was doing, they figured it wasn't a threat to them. Putin made it clear a year or two ago that it was not going to get in the business of Syria's ongoing defense. It will help Assad defeat the rebels, but it will not 'run' any other aspects of Syria's protection - that was Syria's responsibility, according to Putin. A wise choice on his part, I might add.

It's unclear what parts of Syria's air defense network are still operating in the southwest, but they don't have much left. Damascus probably still has coverage of some kind against aircraft, but it is surely degraded and incapable of cruise or ballistic missile defense. They did have comprehensive coverage along the Golan border before the war. There were a string of dozens of air defense/radar sites in hills roughly between Houran Plateau and the UNDOF zone - from Mt. Hermon to al Qunaitra to al Rafeed to the Jordan border.

Israel had their fake al Nusra 'Southern Command' take those sites out (with IDF and coalition air support) one by one early in the war. That may have been lost to most observers in all the other commotion, but it was clear as day to decrepit old airmen (like me) what Israel was doing at the time. Al Nusra had zero interest on their own in systematically dismantling Syria's air defense against Israel. A S-300 is exactly zero threat to a head-chopper, and there was no reason for them to spend time/lives/ammo to take out air defense positions. Their paymasters and arms suppliers obviously gave them sufficient incentive to do exactly that. We can assume all the sites/systems have been destroyed even if the SAA has regained control of the hills/sites by now. They are unlikely to risk anything new/expensive down there for the time being.

Given that there is essentially no air defense line left along the UNDOF zone, it would be a stretch for anything Syria currently has to defend against a stand-off attack like the one on Mezzeh. Israel has a variety of air-launched stand-off weapons. The simplest is a JSOW-clone from Rafael called SPICE. It is essentially an add-on kit to turn a 1000 lb. iron 'dumb' bomb into a 100 km GPS-guided, electro-optical targeted glide bomb. They can drop those from a F-15 or F-16 from, say... the Sea of Galilee and easily hit Mezzeh (or Damascus) targets with precision. Israel used them from Lebanese airspace several times before to attack Syria. Even the decade-old ones were capable of 40+km ranges. They don't need to be anywhere near the Syrian border to hit Syrian targets. They also have several air-launched Popeye missile derivatives as well as a whole class of modern air-launched cruise missiles, capable of several hundreds of kilometer ranges. Then there's the Israeli ballistic missiles and nukes, but you're not suppose to know about them. It's a secret.

Russia's S-1 and S-400 can easily defend against such attacks - that's what they were designed for. Whatever Syria has that's modern (like the S-300V4s or whatever) are tuned and armed for anti-aircraft use, not missiles. Not even sure if Syria would waste a can against glide bombs or missiles - Israel has thousands of them to throw at Syria if it wants. Syria would run out of anti-air rockets before Israel ran out of stand-off bombs or missiles. Coincidentally, that's the exact weakness of Israeli air defense: do they really want to light up a three million dollar PAC-3 against a $1K Grad?

Assad surely wants to beef up Syrian air defenses once again, but they have bigger fish to fry right now. He really doesn't have hundreds of millions to sink into replacing the aged (and mostly destroyed) system in the southwest that previously protected them from Israel. They have enough to warn off aircraft from Damascus for the time being, and that's about it. Assad is surely pissed about Israel's attack, but he has few options to respond and can't afford any of them right now.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 14 2017 10:15 utc | 161

OT: Brilliant article on Talking Points Memo the other day (10Jan17) - Joshua Landis seems to nail it. How come I never had professors like him in college? Interested in what those closer to the Middle East think of his summation:

America's Failure — and Russia and Iran's Success — in Syria's Cataclysmic Civil War

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 14 2017 10:34 utc | 162

@ Paveway IV 162

Well said.

Posted by: Outraged | Jan 14 2017 11:06 utc | 163

Thanks Piv
I think JL has been consistant through the years. Maybe b misjudged him because at some point he said that if really the West wanted to support the 'rebels' on the ground (he had interviewed their online mentors in the preceding months and showed all the reasons why the West should not support them) this meant to give them real weapons.
When you read that the guy had to attend CIA meetings during the early months of the uprising : " I was invited to participate in a number of CIA confabulations and policy “think-out-of-the-black-box” hoedowns during the first months of the uprising. The intelligence community was unanimous in predicting that Assad would fall quickly. People were lost. Everyone was simply projecting their own interests and pet theories onto the uprisings." you get a sense of how 'democratic' the US behaves with academics. I had no doubt when I as reading JL's website that unless he would show some sort of compliance he would very easily disappear. To keep his job and not be forced in exile as a Putinist, he had to make the sort of statements he made. He's not a hero for sure, but his website remains the best archive of what actually happened. (For CIA/US military and academics, it makes me think of 'Arrival'.. a nice movie btw)

Posted by: Mina | Jan 14 2017 13:28 utc | 164

@162 pw

thanks for the rundown. i had thought it was an israeli plane that had bombed the arsenal. i didn't understand that - well it was an israeli plane, but one in israel, that in fact sent a missile into syria to blow up the arsenal. the way to deal with that would be to shoot down the plane anyway ... but cross border warfare is either on or off, isn't it, and neither russia nor, certainly syria, can afford to get involved there, can they? makes no difference which of the israeli properties is potus, if israeli planes are shot down over israel the war will quickly escalate out of control ... well, not out of israel's control. the tail wags the dog.

is that the plan? all the us carriers with all their aircraft are tied up in the usa. the us is now resorting to b52s in bombing idlib. are the carriers at home to keep them safe from russian cruise missles, in the event that russia or syria does shoot down an israeli plane? and after that happens the us responds with carpet bombing of latakia and tartus and damascus? or just damascus, to stay on the safe side. the russians haven't and won't defend damascus.

so israel can attack syria at will, and neither syria nor russia can do nothing but take it. is that it? syria has lost this war, at least with israel ... and with turkey, now that russia has apparently become turkey's airforce in syria. and in fact the ksa and qatar are going to keep funding their suicidal cannon fodder just as long as they want, if neither of them is struck either, syria has lost against them as well. there will be terrorists of one sort or another killing syrians in syria forever, with impunity.

looks like a pretty sorry 'victory' for the syrians. talk about pyrrhic. they've won the right to be bombed by the israelis and terrorized by qatar and the saudis forever more. all they can do is retaliate within their own country, making sure that there are no two bricks, one on top of the other left anywhere in syria. with no oil, no gas, no electricity, and no water.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 14 2017 15:37 utc | 165

@163 pw

america, russia ... i just skimmed the article. does he mention syrians at all?

Posted by: jfl | Jan 14 2017 15:41 utc | 166

he does in the 1/5 at least

Posted by: Mina | Jan 14 2017 18:14 utc | 167

i respect and admire both paveway and mina, so i went back to read, not skim America's Failure — and Russia and Iran's Success — in Syria's Cataclysmic Civil War. it's going to take me more than a couple of go's to do so ...


What’s your assessment of the Obama administration’s intervention in Syria. How has it gone? Is it a success or a failure?


You know, I think that in one important respect, it’s a success. That’s because he kept his foot on the brakes and resisted what he has called “the playbook” of foreign policy circles in Washington, which is to get sucked into these civil wars in the Middle East. There is no way that the United States was going to solve the Syria Problem in any constructive way – and just keeping us out of it to the extent he did was a boon. ... Obama’s statement that Assad had to step aside was an aspirational statement. He never intended to commit America to carrying it out. ... [The administration] bought into this notion that they should put their shoulder to the wheel of regime change in order to help be a midwife to this democracy movement. ... Everyone was simply projecting their own interests and pet theories onto the uprisings. It was only natural that our aspirations would overtake fact-based analysis ... It had been an enemy since opposing the United States’ decision to support the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. ... Thus, Washington supported several coup d’états in Syria beginning in 1949. When successive coup attempts in 1956 and 1957 failed ... To add insult to injury, Assad actively opposed America’s occupation of Iraq. For these reasons, Obama’s decision to demand that Assad step aside was a no-brainer. ... Syrians are deeply divided along religious, ethnic, class and regional lines. ... We were gambling that we could create a unified Syrian opposition.

1. Obama's raining death, devastation, and destruction on Syria and deceit at home was ... a success!

2. Obama was 'only kidding' when he said Assad must go.

3. Obama went to Syria to birth 'democracy' ... he went there to sow death, devastation, and destruction - and Landis is a flat out liar to say otherwise.

4. Obama projected his aspirations, a Syria reduced to ashes under the direct or indirect control of the US, without checking the facts ... because given the his evil intent and the ease with which the "world's sole remaining superpower" destroys whole nations he had no need to do so.

5. Syria had been the US' 'enemy' since it opposed the Zionist reduction of Palestine!

6. Not only did the Syrians resist US coups, but they had the nerve to oppose the US own reduction of Iraq!

7. Any country acting in such a fashion deserved destruction under the new US dispensation! Of course regime change was a 'no brainer'.

8. Syrians 'are deeply divided along religious, ethnic, class and regional lines' ... i don't believe it ... but if they were they are not any longer. They are united in their opposition to the USSA, their droogies in the EU and GCC, and in their hatred of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who murdered a half-million of them, reduced their country to ashes, and drove millions of them out of their country. Just as Israel has done to the Palestinians.

I haven't yet read any more. I'll come back to it. Josh Landis is a stinking CIA agent, just like Barack Obama. They should both be in prison. It's hard to read these self-serving lies white-washing Landis himself and Barack the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate president.

Posted by: jfl | Jan 15 2017 12:14 utc | 168

@162 PavewayIV
Many thanks again, the insight into the Isreali attack is very well received to say the least.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jan 15 2017 13:27 utc | 169

I guess this is close enough to be catalogued under War On Syrian Infrastructure... or financial terrorism.

USA imposes new sanctions on Syria

The US State Department said in a statement that the country has imposed new sanctions against the Syrian military, 18 government officials and a tech company, just on the cusps of Donald Trump entering the White House.

The reason cited was “in response to the use of chemical weapons” by the Syrian government, without any solid evidence being provided.

The military branches hit with the latest bout of sanctions are: the Syrian Arab Air Force, Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces, Syrian Arab Army, Syrian Arab Navy and Syrian Arab Republican Guard.

Funny what a difference a decade makes, the basic, undeniable fact is that the SAA - THE peoples army of Syria - is in the thick of an epic battle with a seven headed hydra, with one of those heads being owned al Qaeda (al Nusra)... Hey, wait, didn't those guys fly planes into the buildings in 2001....? Or not...?

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jan 15 2017 14:00 utc | 170

jfl@169 - You probably shouldn't bother with the rest, jfl. You will find nothing different than the themes you already described any further on in the article and your opinion of Landis will not change.

I read the article much differently - Landis is analyzing and critiquing U.S. foreign policy. He is describing what he thought the U.S. and the Obama administration were thinking at the time. He is not 'siding' with them. In fact, it's quite the opposite. If you read between the lines, he is describing their flawed/wishful thinking without saying so explicitly (he probably still needs a job). His comment about 'success' is how he thinks they would view the issues and outcomes, not how he would view them.

I will not try to distinguish Landis from his analysis any further, though. Either you see it or you don't. Maybe you're right and I'm the one misinterpreting what the article is saying.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 15 2017 15:06 utc | 171

@PavewayIV | Jan 14, 2017 Nice analysis as always.

IMHO Syria, Russia, Iran cannot react officially to such clear provocations until Jan 21...

Posted by: ProPeace | Jan 15 2017 17:06 utc | 172

@162/163 paveway.. thanks for the overview on the attack from israel on syria. why is it israel never gets called on these actions at the UN? if the reverse happened, we'd never hear the end of it!

regarding josh landis.. i never really liked the guy, mostly as i sense his biz is selling his insight to the biggest buyer - that being usa propaganda outlets that could use his fodder if he said the right thing.. the catch phrase 'arab spring' always bothers me, as it seems like it was another part of the promo package to redesign the middle east to outsiders liking as opposed to something real that was happening..

however he speaks much more candidly here then i found him to do on his own website and i agree with him in much of what he articulates here @163 article.. thanks for sharing the article...

more folks needed to be aware of this going into this syrian regime change craziness.. nassim taleb link..

Posted by: james | Jan 15 2017 17:42 utc | 173

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