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December 07, 2016

As Regime Change By Takifiris Fails - GCC Lobbyists Call For U.S. Occupation of Upper Mesopotamia

The Aleppo battle is ending. Syria will win the war against foreign supported Takfiris as will Iraq. That requires new plans to implement the original aims of the war's instigators and sponsors.

This is a map of the east-Aleppo cauldron 2 days ago.

Map by @NatDefFor - bigger

This is the map as of this morning.

Map by @NatDefFor - bigger

Since this morning another part of the "rebel" held area in the south east of the cauldron, the Sheik Sa'ed quarters, has been liberated by Syrian government forces.

It is expected that the whole al-Qaeda "rebel" held area will be liberated and cleared of Takfiris as early as this weekend. Militants still there are offered to leave or to be - inevitably - killed.

You can compare those maps to the map (big) we posted in our last Aleppo piece. In total some 90% of the area held by the "rebels" just two weeks ago is now back in government hands. All "rebel" held areas north and north-east of the Citadel of Aleppo that yesterday were still held by al-Qaeda aligned Takfiris  are now in Syrian government hands. The last progress was possible when a group of local "rebels" gave up the fight and surrendered to Syrian government forces. For the first time in 5 years the Citadel's main entrance can now be reached from the government held west-Aleppo.

In total 28,700 civilians were found in and have left those formerly "rebel" held areas. That is a bit higher than our old estimate of some 25,000 max in total in east Aleppo but way lower than the 250,000, 300,000, 500,000 or 1,000,000 civilians that the UN and opposition media claimed.

After winning the Aleppo battle the Syrian government will have some 35,000 aligned troops freely available to liberate those other areas of Syria which are currently still held by foreign paid Takfiris, This is a quite huge, experienced force and one can expect that most of the work still needed to be done to liberate all of Syria will be finished within a few months.

In Iraq the government forces are fighting the last Islamic State remnants which hold the city of Mosul in a slightly similar siege situation as it was in Aleppo. But the fight in Mosul is more difficult because up to one million civilians are still in the city and the ISIS fighter there are fanatics who do not shy away from sending hundreds of schoolkids as suicide bombers against the approaching Iraqi forces. Should such resistance continue it might take months to retake the whole city.

Luckily for Syria the city of Mosul is now completely enclosed. The original U.S. plan was to let the western area of Mosul open so that ISIS fighters could escape to Syria. The Iraqi prime minister Abadi stopped those plans by sending Popular Mobilization Forces to close the wide western gap.

The U.S. had already prepared the field for retreating ISIS troops to eventually take the city of Deir Ezzor in east-Syria which is held by ISIS encircled Syrian government troops. It would have thereby created the "Salafist principality" that it envisioned since at least 2012. The Iraqi move to close off Mosul, supported by Iran and Russia, has finally sabotaged this plan.

As that plan for handing the eastern Syrian and western Iraqi areas to some "moderate ISIS" has now failed, the usual "expert" suspects, starting with Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan, now argue for the U.S. to occupy the whole area and to set up permanent military U.S. bases to control the oil-rich Syrian east and western Iraq. The U.S. special forces working with Kurdish YPG units in the north-eastern area of Syria have already set up several small air-fields.

Write those permanent war lobbyists:

Developing these sites as solid anchors in the region will give the U.S. a badly needed intelligence-gathering capability in the Jazira, or Upper Mesopotamia, encompassing the arid plain that stretches across northwestern Iraq, northeastern Syria and southeastern Turkey.
Keeping contingents of U.S. forces in the region, meanwhile, will provide a credible deterrent helping to defend trusted and capable anti-ISIS fighters and deterring the Assad regime from any effort at reconquest.

Upper Mesopotamia, al Jazera ca. 80 BC - Map via Wikimedia

Such a U.S. occupation entity in Jazera would:

  • Block any traffic between Shia Iran and Iraq with the Syrian and Lebanese areas towards the Mediterranean coast. The so called Shia crescent would be interrupted by a U.S. controlled entity of mostly Sunni tribal inhabitants.
  • Create space for an envisioned Qatar-Turkey-Europe natural gas pipeline while blocking a potential Iran-Mediterranean-Europe natural gas pipeline through the same area.
  • Fulfill another step of the Yinon plan which calls for the disassembly of all Arab states into smaller entities to secure Israel's realm.

Expect more well bribed think tank "experts" to soon argue for such a lunatic new "mission" for U.S. forces.

President elect Donald Trump repeated yesterday that he will have none of such adventures:

[Trump] promised to make the military stronger than it has ever been, but said that under his leadership, the country would “stop racing to topple foreign regimes that we know nothing about.”

“This destructive cycle of intervention and chaos must finally come to an end,” he said.

We can hope that Trump will stick to this reasonable position and stays away from any further interference with the local affairs of the people of the Middle East and elsewhere.

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@ Mike K. #25: "does the consistent heavy over representation of Jews amongst the neocon 'hawks' merit some discussion?"

No. Call them "ultra-right wing Zionist Jews" or you walk straight into the inevitable counter-charge of anti-semitism with no good defense. See generally Wikipedia on Zionism.

Posted by: Paul E. Merrell, J.D. | Dec 9 2016 3:35 utc | 101

A nice summary of the developments:
In other words, game over.

Posted by: GoraDiva | Dec 9 2016 3:54 utc | 102

@ Gravatomic 62: "Also interesting that a UK, France think tank came up with the plan to use jPADS to loft 'aid' supplies into E. Aleppo."

jPAD description.

Posted by: Paul E. Merrell, J.D. | Dec 9 2016 4:07 utc | 103

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate slash Liar, Murderer, War Criminal hoists the jolly roger and goes out with his flag flying ...

Obama grants waiver for military support of foreign fighters in Syria – White House

“I hereby determine that the transaction, encompassing the provision of defense articles and services to foreign forces, irregular forces, groups, or individuals engaged in supporting or facilitating ongoing U.S. military operations to counter terrorism in Syria, is essential to the national security interests of the United States,” President Obama affirmed in the presidential determination and waiver.

The order delegates responsibility to the US secretary of state to work with and report to Congress on weapons export proposals, requiring 15 days of notice before they are authorized.

Obama announced a similar waiver of the Arms Export Control Act in September 2013, following the Ghouta chemical attack in August of that year. That order facilitated the transfer of US military weaponry to "select vetted members" of opposition forces battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Thursday's order appears less narrow in scope.

Last year, Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2016, which allocated nearly $500 million to arm and train "moderate rebels" in Syria, despite a failed Pentagon program abandoned earlier in 2015.

Posted by: jfl | Dec 9 2016 4:39 utc | 104

re 95 Mina

The EU is so weak at the moment + elections coming next year in France, Germany and Netherlands (+ Italy any time) that they may actually consider as a Turko-Syro-Russian attack the very prospect of having thousands of their own desperate youth come back home.
You never know, Putin might be the saviour of the EU, if along with the Syrians, he manages to put an end to the war in Syria, and the refugee flow slows down. Well, I don't expect it to happen straight off, but Putin will be quite likely the saviour of Europe (as opposed to the Yanks, who are constantly claiming they are).

Posted by: Laguerre | Dec 9 2016 5:40 utc | 105


Yup. Looks like I was right @38. Wasn't hard to guess what was up, though. This has been a pattern with Obama: getting cover for his actions via right-wing criticism.

And so, Obama's REAL legacy is once again revealed: devious, two-faced stooge for powerful neolibcon oligarchs and foreign interests.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 9 2016 6:20 utc | 107

that's not really the tone of the french msm today. Just listen to the 7h o clock news of France culture today.. It opens with syria. Plus now o'bomber and the waiver. Eu sticks to the Gulfies.
I've asked u about mosuleye a couple of days ago. What to u think of his great plan for the niniwah plain? And why does he point at the yazidi militia accusing them of genocide against the arabs?

Posted by: mina | Dec 9 2016 9:02 utc | 108

Mina, it sounds like French media agree with Laguerre

En Syrie la Russie prepare deja l'apres Alep

By the way, I hardly meet Syrians/Iraqis here in Germany. I do meet Indian programmers, Pakistani cooks, many generations of Afghan taxi drivers, people from all parts of the former Austria-Hungary in all types of profession, and a new wave of migration from Turkey.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 9 2016 9:40 utc | 109

re 108 mina

I was thinking more about the long term, than the immediate reaction of the French MSM, which like the government are still in thrall to Syrian intellectuals' opposition to Asad.

On Mosul, I'll get back to you this evening, when I've got a bit more time.

Posted by: Laguerre | Dec 9 2016 9:55 utc | 110

Wow... See, here's what happens when foreign sponsors stop paying rebels, abandon them and then throw them under the bus. Right away, the infighting and finger-pointing! This is why I was never a jihadi - it always ends up like this (even the salty language):

I hope this guy doesn't end up in Germany - too many anger issues. He would be trouble.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 9 2016 10:02 utc | 111

Piv ref long links
i think it is also related to what material and what browser you use; i have all sort of problems with the screens and their size (mainly using a phone and a 10")
so i often have to use the "zoom" function of my browser and it helps
otherwise i believe some simple scripts help to transform any link into a generic one (a blog i read ould change any into "linktobbc")
my pb with tinyurl is that you don't know what you click for. someone mentioned an add-on for ffx but i've lost it

somebody: not sure where in germany you hang out! many it's just that you don't recognize the accents?
in just a couple of days in Sachsen and in Hesse recently I ve heard a lot of newcomers.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 9 2016 12:14 utc | 112

I don't know if you're familiar with ancient history, b.

It struck me a while ago that in the Bronze Age, the very same area of 'upper Mesopotamia' was also pivotal for the geopolitical stability of the known world. Whichever of the three major powers (Egypt, Babylonia, Hethite) controlled this region would be hegemonic, since it meant control of vital trade routes and thus power over the other two. Same as today: There's either a strategic axis (and pipeline?) from Lebanon to Iran, or from Turkey to Saudi Arabia - never both.

Any power that becomes 'too powerful' invites others to ally against it. The ancient Middle East could only be in stable equilibrium for a while thanks to the existence of a fourth power in between the three: Mitanni. With the decline of Mitanni and the expansion of the Hethite empire towards the south and the west (think Troy's strategic position), the stage was set for a 'World War' of 'everybody against Hattusa'. What followed after 1290 BC were five or six centuries of 'dark age'...

Posted by: smuks | Dec 10 2016 0:25 utc | 113

smuks@117 = "...There's either a strategic axis (and pipeline?) from Lebanon to Iran, or from Turkey to Saudi Arabia - never both..."

If I were a betting man, I would bet on Turkey to Saudi Arabia. The U.S. neocons have already scheduled Iran for destruction, and Israel will move on Lebanon as soon as the long-schemed U.S. war with Iran goes hot. Simply add Russia to the mix for WWIII.

US Hawks Lay Out Plan For War With Iran At Adelson Backed Conference

I'm still hesitantly (and sadly) sticking to my WWIII in the first three months of 2017 prediction, but the timing may be a bit ambitious. The bloodthirsty old men in the U.S. that will start this war don't move as fast as they use to. It may take until this summer before we start seeing aluminum coffins filled with our children.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 10 2016 1:05 utc | 114

@ 117 smuks and 118 paveway... while the neo cons have had a lot of say and created a lot of murder and mayhem, i think they've been temporarily upended here too. as for history repeating here - i know the way a chess board works, where one needs to control the center in order to have an upper hand.. i suspect you're right with the historical description smuks, but it remains to be seen just how stable saudi arabia is at this point, among other things.. it's funny to see how the usa/israel/uk sides with the most undemocratic and anti western place - saudi arabia /qatar, until one realizes western values have put money at the top of it's values, with pretty well everything else much lower. if the neo-cons need to support dictators, so be it as long as they are subservient.. to hell with pretty well everything else.

as for ww3 - sure looks like it to me too paveway.. hard to see this ending any other way then badly.. the status quo is in the process of being overturned here or not.. wishful thinking on my part perhaps, but sure wish things looked differently then they do at present..

Posted by: james | Dec 10 2016 1:38 utc | 115

@ james & PavewayIV who write about the potential of WWIII

I don't want to believe that humanity will end this way but looking at the longevity of private finance control over Western society it is hard to come up with any other way out of that level of control except the nuke route......sad as it may be. It certainly says poor things about our species from a anthropological view...but then we already know that.

I hope that the Cosmological energy that is running this "failed" experiment is getting what they are looking for......

Onward, into the breech!!! May the self-inflicted pain and suffering end sooner rather than later.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 10 2016 1:54 utc | 116

@118 pwiv

from a link in your link Nuclear Deal Opponents Urge Military Confrontation with Iran

Ros-Lehtinen, whose former Chief-of-Staff is leading the Trump Transition Team’s approach to Iran, forecasted “a flurry of Iran-related activities early in the New Year” and looked forward to the “opportunity to undo a lot of the problematic concessions that we have seen over the last few years,” adding an enthusiastic “I can’t wait!”

has Trump actually picked these people? or have they just surrounded him? doesn't make much difference, does it?

i hope we hear 'you're fired' many times before inauguration day ... but i don't have much hope of that. i think Trump is going to be another Obama, just one with a different style, playing to a different faction. not a dime's worth of difference.

Posted by: jfl | Dec 10 2016 2:35 utc | 117

OT, but connected.. emptywheel has an interesting article up today - here - Unpacking the New CIA Leak: Don’t Ignore the Aluminum Tube Footnote

also, i happened to read john helmers article from this past wednesday on bezos ownership of wapo.. the leak from the cia was being published tonight in the wapo which is one of the many connections to the 2 articles posted here..

Posted by: james | Dec 10 2016 3:18 utc | 118

james@119 "...while the neo cons have had a lot of say and created a lot of murder and mayhem, i think they've been temporarily upended here too..."

I had meant to use my new favorite term for Trump's emerging war-mongering hive: unicons, instead of the previous dominant species called neocons.

The Cult of Neocon and the Borg they rode in on has been kicked to the curb by Trump. While he despises the personalities and spineless leaders, Trump (and his cabinet) DO exhibit certain elements of warped neocon thinking, while dispensing with other neocon ideas in favor of traditional Republican paleo-conservative thought. Trans-cons or bi-cons might be more accurate, but uni-cons just rolls off the tounge so nicely.

Given Washington D.C. hive mentality and their predilection for groupthink, my guess is that we'll be subject to Borg v2.0 - the unicons rallying around Trump. Unfortunately, it looks like the worst of both neo- and paleo-conservatism will be patched together into a schizophrenic domestic and foreign policy. I don't know how to explain it adequately. Less 'state' (laws and regulations) for corporations, but a bigger jackboot on the neck of the little guy. More bridges and roads, but less social welfare. Less meddling in the affairs of foreign nations, but more direct, aggressive actions if Israeli/Saudi interests are at stake.

The last one is, of course, why we'll be at war with Iran. Old-school paleoconservatives had little desire to serve the interests of any foreign nation, much less Israel. Trump and his cabinet retain the strong Israeli-firster R2P bias mandated in past neocon policy. They will not attack Iran because it's a threat to the U.S., but because 'our friend' Israel claims Iran is a nuclear threat to everybody on earth.

Trump's administration will not seek regime-change in Iran as a primary goal - it will only seek to destroy Iran economically and militarily, destroy it's infrastructure and probably partition it into weaker, adversarial factions - states too small to embark on nuclear weapons programs to rival Israel's existing 'secret' one. If that sounds a lot like Lybia, Iraq and Syria, it's because it is. The Cult of Neocon is being replaced by the Cult of Unicon. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

I can't help but read this from Jason Ditz's AntiWar article:

"...This call, pushed by Lieberman and Foundation for Defense of Democracies head Mark Dubowitz, who sought to parlay those intermittent events in which the US warships parked off Iran’s coast complain Iran’s boats, inside Iran’s territorial waters, are “too close” by simply attacking and sinking those boats at every opportunity..."

...and think that this would be so perfectly Trump. He wouldn't resort to a neo-conish elaborate false flag as casus belli for a war with Iran. He won't support covert operations. He would provoke them into a war very openly and exactly in this kind of manner, daring them to respond to the 'Great Bully: America'. While his methods and sensibilities may differ from the previous neocon Borg, the effect will be exactly the same. Whatever passed for the neocon's self-proclaimed moral and intellectual authority will simply be replaced with 'Trump Sez' and a Stepford Wives kind of obedience from his unicon Borg v2.0

Americans are easy - create a cartoonish enemy that they are terrified of and compelled to fight 'for their freedom'. You can loot their bank accounts, plunder the wealth of their nation, burn their houses to the ground, rape their women and children, starve them to death and enslave every last one of them as long as you can dangle a shiny, scary threat in front of their eyes and keep them fixated on it. That's why 'they' need to eliminate all alternative media - it ruins the whole mesmerization scheme.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 10 2016 4:07 utc | 119

@123 paveway.. thanks..

what i don't, or can't understand is how a country can be so beholden to another country - the usa to israel in this case..

i have some faith in the american public, in that they voted for trump.

i agree with your view on trump - a frontal attack kinda guy, not prone to covert actions.. that is the way he strikes me too..

at what point does the usa disengage itself from israel, or do they go to www3 over them? i get it that so much of the american political class can be bought.. it goes with the veneration for the almighty $, which replaced the big guy in the sky a long time ago..going to church and wearing suits is just standard procedure for politicians and bankers - 2 groups of people i never did trust..maybe it is like my friend says - folks go to church on sunday to wash their hands of all the bad shit they do the other 6 days of the week. i guess i am getting off course here in my comments.. i will stick to my main question.. why does the usa continue to support these fanatical countries - israel and saudi arabia? all i can see is it's about money - the God of these people.. nothing else makes sense.. these folks shadow is the real threat, even if they want to project it onto iran 24/7... these folks are scary folks indeed for the hubris and hidden nature of their own shadow self that they are unwilling or unable to recognize..

Posted by: james | Dec 10 2016 7:19 utc | 120

@ james that may be getting that it is all about money/finance

The US Fed is a PRIVATE/public entity that is run by the global plutocratic families that have been in control of money and empires for centuries.

I am not trying to denigrate you or your contributions to MoA but just continuing my attempt to educate folks to how the world we live in its cancerous and anti-humanistic way.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 10 2016 7:52 utc | 121

I just cannot see the political class letting go of israel until they are absolutely forced to do so.
Israel makes such a top little laundry for washing amerikan taxpayers' dough. Send the gelt off to israel in all sorts of disparate packages and it comes back laundered, pressed and packaged for instant use. Biggest chunk goes to the old boys in bendix/raytheon/boeing etc, then the nice legal PAC n super PAC dosh that keeps everyone going on the hill plus a decent amount to the think tanks for those in between hill gigs or who're planning their run at a district or senate seat - what could be better.? Coming from overseas (well seeming to) removes the corporate taint and Israel is the only 'foreign nation' from where accepting bribes is considered ok. No other country gets that pass.

There is no doubt the average amerikan is considerably more skeptical about Israel now than ever before but that hasn't translated into a sea change by pols because playing with the zionists is so convenient for the pols.
The media don't help - the owners like the idea of the cost of political class bribes coming out of taxes - I mean to say its not as if they pay any taxes despite protestations to the contrary.
Joe/Jo citizen needs to be wised up - how come they pay taxes n get sfa for it but Israel takes the dough from amerikans' taxes n gives full healthcare (including abortions) affordable higher education, housing subsidies well kept roads (My sister just got back from visiting kids n grankids in LA & was whinging about the state of footpaths etc in amerika)

Why should israelis be better off than amerikans when amerikans are paying to support the zionist lifestyle?

There is no point in trying to reach amerikans using ethics - the trump victory has demonstrated the best way is to rile already pissed amerikans about the injustices they believe they are copping.
If free healthcare, decent public education, full employment etc can be susteained in Israel outta amerikan taxes why can't it be done in amerika?

Posted by: Debsisdead | Dec 10 2016 8:32 utc | 122

@ PavewayIV | Dec 9, 2016 8:05:51 PM | 118

Many people have been predicting this for more than 10 years. At some point, rather than postponing a prediction into the future time and again, maybe it's worth considering the possibility that it was too pessimistic in the first place?

Mind you, I'm not saying in any way that WW is 'impossible', but as time passes, it becomes less and less likely imo. The US has lost its dominant position in the ME, there would be no international support whatsoever for a major war, China would not sit idly by and frankly, I don't see it happening.

Fatalism rarely yields positive results, though of course it comes with the chance of being positively surprised. The 'Ankara-Riyadh axis' is increasingly falling apart, and my only question is what will replace it: A Russo-Persian hegemony, or some form of multi-vectoral equilibrium?

The real difficulty is to pretend there's 'continuity' and allow everyone to 'save face'...

Posted by: smuks | Dec 10 2016 16:43 utc | 123

@119 james
"it remains to be seen just how stable saudi arabia is at this point"
- absolutely.
Though I dare predict that my previous prediction was wrong. ;-) While Riyadh will lose influence in the region, I don't think that KSA will collapse since this would lead to far-reaching consequences worldwide (oilprice up, takfiris running wild), so *all* major powers (esp. China, Russia, EU) have a genuine interest in preventing such an outcome. Of course, with the 'Empire of Chaos' hypothesis...

Historical parallels, I quoted the Bronze Age since it's the most obvious imo, but you can find a number of further instances where this region was equally important and contested between e.g. Rome and the Parthians or Byzantium and the Caliphate.

@jfl, PavewayIV
"Sometimes governments have to change for policies to remain the same."
The interests of America's 1% haven't changed just because there was an election, so why should US foreign policy? Israel is just a pawn in their game. An important one, though.

Posted by: smuks | Dec 10 2016 17:31 utc | 124

@125 psychohistorian.. thanks. i read 'creature from jekyll island' too ya know! i have maintained that the financial corporations have an undue say in the direction of things.. obviously the imf, and various international banking institutions which were set up in the usa's favour, thanks the bretton woods agreement, factors into all this too. keep on preaching, but i am a part of the choir..

@126 debsisdead.. thanks.. i think you are absolutely right "the best way is to rile already pissed amerikans about the injustices they" are living with and how israel is doing fine thanks all the handouts from the usa.. that ought to piss off any thinking person, but i guess that is why tv, hollywood and internet gadgetry has helped numb many of them into a place of docility.

@127/128 smuks.. thanks for your comments.. you are right about making predictions and how hard it is.. i have been a hobbyist astrologer most of my life. it ain't easy, lol..i would say there is astro to back up a major shift going into 2020. 2020 has 2 important conjunctions - jupiter/saturn - which happens approximately every 20 years, and saturn/pluto which happens every 45 years or so. i think this is especially important on an international scale, but more specifically to saudi arabia. i am on record predicting a major change in and around saudi arabia come 2020.. i think we have been seeing this the past few years already and it will continue into 2020.. obviously i can't know the shape of it, but the headchopper cult and whacked out wahabbi religion can't continue, even if it is a good source of mercenary forces for the usual suspects..

thanks for your historical perspective and your comments. as for the 1% changing - it seems to me this was a made for clinton win by the 1% and they didn't get it. now, i could be wrong, but i mostly see the msm as bought and paid for by the same interests.. i see jeff bezo bought the wapo recently.. what is up with that? just another reason for me to never use amazon.

Posted by: james | Dec 10 2016 17:57 utc | 125

fwiw - the breakup of the ussr and etc coincided with the saturn/uranus/neptune conjunction of 1989. maybe it was just a coincidence.. i see a similar thing taking place here with regard to saudi arabia.

Posted by: james | Dec 10 2016 17:59 utc | 126

I feel that the result of the Italian referendum and its (from the banks point of view) catastrophic consequences on the EU economy have had this result of the elite speeding up with an B plan. The answer is more war economy, since this has brilliantly bailed us out since 2008.
Maybe it is time again to take to the streets and ask both the US and the EU to STOP SUPPORTING THESE BIGOTS IN THE GULF. LET THEY GET THEIR LONG DESERVED FATE.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 10 2016 18:39 utc | 127

@ james 125 / 126

Thanks for your thoughts.
I like looking at the stars and planets at night, sometimes reading about them, but so far I don't believe that they'd influence our lives on earth. 2020 Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto, what would their connection to KSA be? There's major changes happening all around the world, and they're sure to continue for a couple more years...but the downfall of the Saudis would be a really messy affair, so esp. China and Europe will do all they can to prevent it by investing b/trillions of Dollars to build the ME economy.

I did hear about this 'fourth blood moon' thing last year, realized that the 'big three's' speeches at UNGA the same day marked the official end of global western hegemony... but it's still just coincidence to me.

The 1%, they tend to adapt quite smoothly to new administrations and even political systems. Looking at Trump's cabinet picks, I find it quite hard to believe they have anything to fear from him. Also I wonder - wasn't the MSM opposition what helped him win the election? The Neocons are smart enough to know that their endorsing Clinton probably cost her a lot of votes...

Posted by: smuks | Dec 12 2016 22:29 utc | 128

@128 smuks.. thanks.. it is not so much they 'influence' as there is a connection.. why do certain animals hunt at night? would it be different if someone was born at night verses day? generally people don't ask questions.. they just accept what they are told..

4th blood moon - sounds like a bunch of baloney.. regardless - coincidence / connection - do they exist on nature and in the universe? i think they do. i gave the example @126 as one.. can an astrologer get ahead of these cycles and make a prediction on the outcome of future cycles? i think they can.. andre barbault

regarding saudi arabia - 2020 and jupiter/saturn/pluto cycles and why 2020? it has to do with historic connections with saudi arabia viewed from an astro level.if you are really interested, read barbaults prediction on the ussr for a better understanding of how as anstrologer might suggest this.. a few years ago saudi arabia was not on a lot of folks radar as a possible candidate for break up.. i think it is worthy of consideration.. while i can't foresee the future, i do believe saudi arabia is in store for big changes.. some of them have already manifest the past couple of years.. it is an ongoing topic of interest to me for these reasons and more..

regarding your last paragraph, i agree with your view on all that.. thanks..

Posted by: james | Dec 12 2016 22:49 utc | 129

my 2nd paragraph got cut off.. barbault did in the history of ussr.. see the link if you are interested..

Posted by: james | Dec 12 2016 22:51 utc | 130

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