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December 23, 2016

False News By Omission Misinforms - Pointing Such Out May Soon Be Censored

Some Israeli military official claim that Hizbullah is using Armored Personal Carriers in Syria, a correct claim, which it received from the Lebanese Armed Forces, a lie. The carriers in question are way out of date tracked vehicles and the LAF once received some upgraded ones from the United States. Israel makes these claims every once a while.

But as was reported when these claims were made on earlier occasions Hizbullah actually took such APCs from the Southern Lebanese Army which was an Israeli proxy force used during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. When in 2000 Hizbullah finally kicked Israel out of Lebanon, the SLA dissolved and all the weapons Israel had delivered to it were taken into Hizbullah's stocks. They have since been used to fight Israel and various Gulf states proxy Jihadis in Lebanon and Syria.

But you would not learn that from the main Israeli news organization in the United States, the New York Times. Its report makes no mention of the original source of the APCs:

TEL AVIV — A senior Israeli military official said on Wednesday that Hezbollah militants fighting in Syria were using American-made armored personnel carriers that were originally supplied to the Lebanese Army.
If the A.P.C.s passed to Hezbollah from the United States-assisted Lebanese Army, that might point to a broader leakage of weapons to hostile groups, and to cooperation between the Lebanese armed forces and Hezbollah.
The Israeli military official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity under army rules, showed a photograph of a number of military vehicles, including what he said were the American-supplied A.P.C.s, during an intelligence briefing for reporters at military headquarters in Tel Aviv. He said that Israel had shared this information with American officials a few weeks ago.

The official did not say how many of the A.P.C.s might have fallen into Hezbollah’s hands or when or how it had happened, but he said he believed they might have been “part of a deal” between the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah.

This is obviously an Israeli smear attack against the LAF and the bits of material support with outdated weapons it gets from the U.S. It is a petty smear. Just last week Israel received two F-35 fighter planes from the U.S. and dozens more will come be delivered all paid for by the U.S. taxpayers. Meanwhile one Cessna crop duster with a minimum of military equipment was delivered to the badly equipped Lebanese Armed Forces. It is in no way a threat to Israel.

The U.S. pushed back a bit against the Israeli assertions:

John Kirby, the State Department spokesman, said on Wednesday: “When this allegation was raised in November, the Department of Defense did a structural analysis of the armored personnel carriers in question at that time and concluded that these vehicles were not from the Lebanese armed forces. Our assessment remains the same now.”

That is quoted in the NYT but there is zero mention that Israel is the real source of the APCs. Now compare that to this paragraph from an AFP report which was published at about the same time:

[L]ast month some officials noted that Hezbollah is thought to have captured armored vehicles from the defunct South Lebanon Army, an Israeli-backed Christian militia that collapsed in 2000.

A later report repeats that point:

US officials privately told Defense News that the APCs now deployed by Hizbollah in Syria were very old and could very well have come from Israeli war stocks via their former ally in Lebanon, the South Lebanese Army (SLA). When Israel abruptly withdrew its forces from its security zone in southern Lebanon in 2000, Hizbollah seized a spectrum of vehicles and weaponry left behind by Israel and its SLA proxy force.

Israel blames the LAF for alleged weapon transfers when those weapons were actually coming from an Israeli proxy force after its failed occupation of Lebanon. That is classic chutzpah or rather petty malicious smearing.

But the so called prime newspaper with the motto "all the news that's fit to print" does not find it newsworthy that Israeli officials are making obviously false claims and sees no need to set the record straight. The "news" it prints is consciously false by omission. It is not "faked" news - none of the facts printed are outright wrong, but it is false news which misinforms the readers by leaving out relevant facts.

There is a lot of recent talk about "fake news". Most of what U.S. government proxies claim of its various "enemies" are such. Pretty much all of the NYT's reports about the war on Syria were and are if not "fake" then false news. But there are more sources in easy reach now for people to get informed.

The current attempts to smear such alternative sources as conspiracies or Russian propaganda peddlers is a last line fight to stop the flood of reality that will wash away the NYT, other such outlets and the "senior official" liars they serve. I expect that fight to become more vicious over the next year or two. Too much money is at risk, too much self esteem of people who love to feel important is threatened with deflation.

The question now is how these alternative and hopefully more truthful and realistic news sources will be able to protect themselves from the obviously coming attacks. Big Internet companies (which are all also Defense Department contractors) are starting to downgrade blogs and alternative news sources because they, allegedly, peddle "fake news". Outright (cyber-)attacks are coming up.  What can be done to counter such moves?

Ideas are welcome.

Posted by b on December 23, 2016 at 20:28 UTC | Permalink

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b: "...What can be done to counter such moves?

You've been doing it here for years. It's called the truth - healthy humans recognize it on contact. There is no other more elaborate solution needed to psychopaths' deception, lies and spin.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 23 2016 20:42 utc | 1

I should probably qualify that with the ability to discern truth and/or detect lies by using a healthy skepticism and critical thinking skills when one cannot know the absolute truth at a given time. That is what you also do here on a nearly daily basis, b.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 23 2016 20:48 utc | 2

The first thing that needs to happen is rolling back the change to the law that now allows the government to out right lie to the American public. A lot of news agencies rely on that idiot Kirby for their info and if he is talking non-sense then that is what the papers report.

The next thing that needs to happen is a voluntary registration of "news" sites. Any company that registers as a news site must follow a strict ethical standard and in return will continue to receive court protections that have been set up for the press. Any one else would lose them. It make no sense to retain court protections for organizations that do hit pieces, infomercials or other trash that aren't news.

As for Israel. I see the Donald has assumed the most important job a US president has. Sucking the dick of the Israeli Prime Minister.

Posted by: BraveNewWorld | Dec 23 2016 21:00 utc | 3

When people aren't prepared to pay for journalists they get paid propaganda. It is as simple as that.

Posted by: somebody | Dec 23 2016 21:02 utc | 4

The vote happened! 4 countries pushed for it.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 23 2016 21:04 utc | 5


MSM has a code word they use when they are lying: unpredictable. It means that any false information they give on the subject is totally useless in predicting its future behavior. "Unpredictable" topics include Trump, Assad, Putin, and North Korea.

Mainstream news on "unpredictable" topics consists of four ingredients in varying proportions:

  1. Outright lies: In the Syrian context this often takes the form of accusing "Assad" for crimes committed by "rebels".
  2. Half truths: lying by omission
  3. Factoids: small pieces of falsehoods and lies that have already been shown to be lies but that are repeated by the media so often that they sheeple believe them to be true. "Assad, who last year gassed his own people, denied..."
  4. Facts: the most useful fact are the time and place of alleged events. Sometime the article may contain useful pieces of eyewitness testimony.

The factual parts of the article however do little to help the reader form a coherent picture of events. They are chosen in the same way photo mosaic collages are made. First a narrative is created, that the writers and articles must follow. Suitable pieces of factual content are chosen, so that taken together they produce something that resembles the predetermined narrative.


A former editor and correspondent of the The New York Times​, Michael Cieply describes how the newspaper works:

Stunned By Trump, The New York Times Finds Time For Some Soul-Searching

It was a shock on arriving at the New York Times in 2004, as the paper’s movie editor, to realize that its editorial dynamic was essentially the reverse. By and large, talented reporters scrambled to match stories with what internally was often called “the narrative.” We were occasionally asked to map a narrative for our various beats a year in advance, square the plan with editors, then generate stories that fit the pre-designated line.

Reality usually had a way of intervening. But I knew one senior reporter who would play solitaire on his computer in the mornings, waiting for his editors to come through with marching orders. Once, in the Los Angeles bureau, I listened to a visiting National staff reporter tell a contact, more or less: “My editor needs someone to say such-and-such, could you say that?”

The bigger shock came on being told, at least twice, by Times editors who were describing the paper’s daily Page One meeting: “We set the agenda for the country in that room.”

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Dec 23 2016 21:27 utc | 6

@ PavewayIV | Dec 23, 2016 3:42:27 PM | 1/2

Would second your comments. Also append exposure to multiple sources for news NOT having similar political agendas or expectations, let alone news service sources. Much is based upon experiencing an integrity in news reporting over time. When that integrity is violated, automatic trust becomes ephemeral until it disappears altogether as it has for myself when BBC or The Guardian infringe on justifiable journalism standards. Neither Pravda on the Hudson (NYT) nor Izvestia on the Potomac ( - showing dyslexia can be fun) - sincere apologies tendered to the original Pravda and Izvestia for sullying their reputations by associating with their US ersatz knockoffs - have the gravitas to overcome their unhappy reputations as sycophantic journalistic black holes more attuned for propaganda than for trustworthy information.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Dec 23 2016 21:30 utc | 7

Grow your own internet:

Posted by: jsn | Dec 23 2016 21:44 utc | 8

b, you might consider relocating your website servers to Iceland. Wikileaks and The Saker cannot be wrong.

Posted by: LXV | Dec 23 2016 22:16 utc | 9

From b's article.." It is not "faked" news - none of the facts printed are outright wrong, but it is false news which misinforms the readers by leaving out relevant facts."

b, almost everything the American people receive as "news" from the corporate media, is the kind of "information" cited above. "leaving out relevant facts" is an epidemic in the U$A.

Posted by: ben | Dec 23 2016 22:40 utc | 10

EU turning into a dictatorship fast now, how are these measures even legal?

German gov. create propagandaministry

Or this; US to demand social media accounts for foreign visitors:

Rest assured, EU is governed by psychopaths.

Posted by: Lionshare | Dec 23 2016 22:49 utc | 11

@ b

Fully concur with PavewayIV & LXV.

Forewarned is forearmed

There is a clearly foretold storm of determined censorship coming down the pipe and it will be backed by State resources and Da Law !

Earnestly recommend you consider creating at least a mirror site/s, with special consideration given to avoiding reliance on ANY for profit commercial host and with special consideration given to the State jurisdiction. Five eyes and its outer partners have long reach, not to mention payment processing services which act promptly without regard to Da law, on direction from the Empire. If nothing else, as a proactive contingency/backup ?. Heads of the Hydra ...

Iceland, indeed. The country of Fire & Ice !

The MOA community is resourceful and skilled, if you chose to do so, I for one would promptly host a mirror site.

Peer-to-peer web hosting ? ZeroNet ?

As of 2016 there is no way to take down a ZeroNet page which still has seeders,[1] thus making such pages immune to DMCA takedown notices (for example).

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 23 2016 22:54 utc | 12

The real crisis is that an ever increasing majority of people residing within the Outlaw US Empire no longer believe what they're being told by the federal government and the elaborate Propaganda System it's spent decades designing, and similar crises exist throughout what might be termed the Liberal World. The type of example b cites has existed for well over a century and will continue as long as there're gullible humans. Truth is the #1 Enemy of Power; one only need to look at the Soviet and Maoist attempts to negate Truth to see that such a task is impossible. But then, those directing Outlaw US Empire policy are well known to ignore the lessons of history being vain sociopaths. Their attempt at erecting a virtual Berlin Wall will fail just as the real one did, and for similar reasons of fundamental humanity.

Posted by: karlof1 | Dec 23 2016 23:01 utc | 13

I've seen the approaches to this censorship in german news. One scenario that immediately came to my mind was the estimation of e.g. immigration numbers. Say a german newspaper or ministry publishes some numbers like 50k immigrants this year. Some blog says, that's bollocks, it can't be, because reason x and reason y. That would be deemed as fake news. But the point, like you mentioned, and I'm glad that I'm not alone in that, is, that if you just leave out the numbers, i.e. not publish anything about some issue, every debate about it is fake news.
So if theres a number, one might discuss it: that's too low an estimation, or maybe that's too high an estimation. But if there's no number or data, no alternative news source may publish their own numbers for a debate.
Censorship by omission, that's exactly what's going to happen. And, especially if one takes into account that the german censors want to have their fake-news-jurisdiction applied to fit the german election next year, my guess is that immigration numbers will be the very issue they're going to bury with this means.

Posted by: radiator | Dec 23 2016 23:05 utc | 14

@LXV | Dec 23, 2016 5:16:57 PM | 9

b, you might consider relocating your website servers to Iceland. Wikileaks and The Saker cannot be wrong.

b, be yourself and be honest. if you need help, MoAs will surely help. I'm poor but willing to donate!

Spell bounded by Saker (religious manic) when Ukraine debacles started 2013/14. After endless bible bullshit, quoting chapters and verses, decided to get the fuck out! Anyone doesn't buy his god is a religion hater? Further begging supporters for donations - he and wife vacation, blah, blah..... Saker everything pro bono.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Dec 23 2016 23:09 utc | 15

How does Zeronet work ?
(Googledocs slides/summary/overview)

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 23 2016 23:09 utc | 16

I worry less about outright, government censorship than lies by omission, repetitions of known falsehoods, and slanted coverage to favor the powers that be as practiced by the mainstream media. As b correctly points out, reality is steadily washing away the reputation of the NYT--however, many (including people I know) still take it as gospel, despite its many proven lies that they were against, such as its false narrative peddling during the second invasion of Iraq.

Because the NYT is viewed as part of the good liberal establishment by these people, and they agree that Hillary is/was a wonderful candidate as compared to the 'awful' Trump, they willfully believe the lies of the NYT such as on Russian supposed hacking or the pro-Pentagon Syria narrative.

Repetition of the truth is the only antidote. The Emperor indeed has no clothes, but in the town of the US this truth needs to be heard hundreds of times for it to sink in. I wonder if it will take a calamitous event such as another economic meltdown (which is likely not far away given the extreme and risky leverage practiced by Wall Street and corporate America) for reality to pierce the veil of lies. The more America's position fades in relation to China and Russia, the more the propagandists cry that America has never been stronger.

Posted by: WorldBLee | Dec 23 2016 23:09 utc | 17

It will be fascinating to see how NYT spins the UNSC Resolution 2334 debacle. Here is the sequence. We’ll see what NYT says it was.

~ Palestinians draft a resolution, get Egypt, who is currently a SC member, to sponsor it.

~ A vote on the draft resolution announced for Dec23|16

~ Obama admin signals they won’t veto this one. After all, Barry no longer needs the shekels.

~ Bibi flips out. Calls DTDuck and orders him to do something.

~ DTDuck gets Sisi on the line and tells him to postpone the draft until DTDuck takes office and controls the US vote.

~ 4 other SC members bravely front up and say if Sisi postpones the vote, they will put it back on the agenda: New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal, Venezuela, stand up and take your bows.

~ Egypt cancels the postponement, the vote goes ahead today at 2pm EST.

~ Bibi bites the big one – the resolution passes 14-0, no veto.

Full text of UNSC Resolution 2334:

Posted by: Denis | Dec 23 2016 23:19 utc | 18

@ Denis | Dec 23, 2016 6:19:04 PM | 19

Excellent, succint summation and thank you for the direct link.

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 23 2016 23:22 utc | 19


Obama is such a pathetic loser, cant even condemn israel one single time in the UN, what the heck is wrong with this man. Appaprently he supports annexation when it fits him.

Posted by: Lionshare | Dec 23 2016 23:28 utc | 20

This bit from the end of the NY Slimes article you pasted is telling.

"The official did not say how many of the A.P.C.s might have fallen into Hezbollah’s hands or when or how it had happened, but he said he believed they might have been “part of a deal” between the Lebanese Army and Hezbollah."

They have no knowledge of how many, when, or how it happened. But they're sure. And then you have the weasel word "believed." We might call this faith-based journalism except in many cases they - as well as we - know they're lying.

Posted by: Curtis | Dec 23 2016 23:43 utc | 21

amazing, Denis 19
Obama/Power won't do the traditional US veto. The Right/GOP would normally be up in arms about the Demoncraps' "hatred" of Israel for pretending to be fair and balanced for the Palestinians. It can go through, but look to future US actions to undermine or remove it. BraveNewWorld's right about the incoming President.

Posted by: Curtis | Dec 24 2016 0:05 utc | 22

What can be done to counter such moves?

First of all, can we start by identifying the culprit correctly? It's not the Israeli News Organization; it's the Zionist New York Times. Never mind Israeli - that's a misnomer.

In order to put an end to propaganda and fake news we must rid Washington of Zionism starting with shaming it for what it really is: the ideological seed of its Nazi precursor. Zionism controls all fake news outlets, cable news and press etc. and Zionist goebbel hasbara is all over the web. Zionism is the root of all news deception and misinformation.

We should also, lose the rose-colored glasses, and identify the new defender of Zionism:

already fellating the Zionist donkey with his latest move to sabotage the U.N. Resolution condemning illegal settlement expansion and twittering in shades of Israel first to come.

Expect a war against free speech under Trump and against all activism condemning Zionist Apartheid; expect NSA and military censorship like Israel has, and expect a thick fog of propaganda and deception. Only Trump and his fascist minions won't be censored in their threatening epithets.

Oh, and of course his new bestie, Netanyahu, is already putting the screws on New Zealand and Senegal with financial tyranny for taking the Resolution away from the Zionist collaborator, al-Sissi, and from Zionist Saudi/Wahhabi-ruled Arab League review to delay, and putting it straight to the Security Council.

Good on Russia and China too for voting Yes. Israel is too chicken-shit to mess with you except covertly with its newly-installed American protector. As for the rest of the SC members who voted, Yes, watch out for Zionist political vindictiveness and maybe false flags in the guise of Islamic Terror.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 24 2016 0:14 utc | 23

And we are surprised?

Just how? The US has always been a propaganda machine. To expect it to be otherwise is a pipe dream, or worse. The current noise is little more than the same old same old.

B is, as always, spot on. Alas, those who contribute to MoA vary from reasonable to cracked pot insane.

Which includes me, doncha know?

Posted by: rg the lg | Dec 24 2016 0:37 utc | 24

Move to Syria,iran or Russia or even china!

Posted by: Nur Adlina | Dec 24 2016 0:47 utc | 25

b: "...What can be done to counter such moves?

It really depends on what the moves are. I see a large potential for a bifurcated internet before there are potentially two or more internet backbones and associated DNS (Domain Name Servers) setups. DNS machines are what are used to translate MoA to a specific IP address for access. Organizations are already limiting or denying access to some domains (MoA for example) and I expect to see this increase. The counter is alternative DNS systems for those wanting to get to "alternative" web sites. Currently most computer systems provide for a primary and secondary DNS and so once the alternative DNS systems are available, if needed, the users can just add the IP address for the alternative sites as their primary or secondary DNS resolver.

If the internet becomes totally bifurcated I expect there will be agreed upon or backdoor links between the 2, 3 or more backbones but expect further that these will have bandwith and other limitations to slow or curtail access.

I would not throw any money at the problem util it is seen what transpires. That said, from what I have read about Trump's intentions, he sees the internet as not a public utility but a revenue generator for business and a controlled source of "information". Whether the public will let that happen at all or for long is yet to be seen. I would encourage you to work with your hosting provider to share your concerns and listen to what they will do for you if someone tries to trash your site or do Dedicated Denial of Service (DDoS) activities.

AND, all that said, there is already major cyber "war" going on which is not apparent to the common user and little on no information about the "battles". I believe that as tensions escalate there may be significant disruptions of service that may appear to be attacks on your site that are not specifically....again, your web hosting service is probably your best contact for information about the status of the overall internet when you perceive a problem.

We are living in interesting times. Us readers of MoA need to ask ourselves what we are willing and prepared to do if MoA and other alternative web sites becomes unavailable.....make a BIG STINK!

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 24 2016 0:54 utc | 26

thanks b.. i agree with @9 lxv... big corp /mil are going to go after anyone who offers an alternative story-line, especially one that more resembles the truth.. they will definitely be going after you.. i don't know how 'mirror' sites to a website work..

@1/2 paveway.. of course this is true, but it doesn't address what i view as b's central question here regarding the upcoming attacks that will be taken against sites like b's..

leaving out information is a key feature of (more sophisticated) propaganda.. they may tell a number of truths, while leaving out a critical piece of info that will throw it in a very different light - just as you describe in your post.. the 'omissions' are intentional..

Posted by: james | Dec 24 2016 0:59 utc | 27

Kerry receives the French Legion of Honor Medal while letting Netanyahu sink like a stone, as the French newscast predicts Clinton will be impossible to defeat if she runs again!

Say a prayer for New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal and Venezuela international air passengers. Bibi doesn't like losing, and it's so easy to slip a קוקה-קולה can on board during galley change.

AFA internet bifurcation, if you want to see the future of internet, bookmark Sun UK and Hollywood Reporter, Amazon and Alibaba. That's your internet 2018, so what's the point?

What . is . the . point? The internet is no more useful now than a tin cup in a prison cell, and probably, by reposting your independent leakers, you'll lead the Deep State right to them.

Make a promise to yourself to walk 4 miles a day next year, out of time wasted on the Net. You'll need those walking legs for the Trail of Tears the Exceptionals have planned.

Posted by: chipnik | Dec 24 2016 1:26 utc | 28

@ rg the lg | Dec 23, 2016 7:37:08 PM | 25

The current noise is little more than the same old same old. Bullshit.

Anyone with basic critical thinking and observation skills will have observed an incrementally steady growth over the last fifteen years of ever more laws in the 'Democratic West(?)' which have subverted human rights, protections, privacy and moved the Empire and its vassal states ever closer to authoritarian rule whilst sustaining a delusion/illusion of so called democracy.

The worldwide, sustained, co-ordinated campaign of propaganda re Syria, for years now, is blatant. It has been across all MSM outlets and it has NOT occurred by accident.

Literally Billions$ have been spent on the co-ordinated propaganda manufacture and distribution. Such propaganda is observed to be simultaneously(!) released throughout the west consistently. Consistently with no ability by the public to 'comment' on said articles. Consistently across Media corporations with diverse ownership, reader bases, nationalities ...

The trend is Clear.

All this Fake News, is leading up to a return to the worst abuses of the McCarthy era, only this time not targeting Communists/Reds under the bed, but any dissent or challenge to the daily hate and the daily propaganda served up as journalism and news by stenographers.

This report was first published 4 days ago ...


Having tracked from the first report since, the only other 'Democratic West(?)' media that reported it were the, and, the latter two outlets with very heavy Ommisions and no context whatsoever ...

Now why is that ? hm ?

egypt-arrests-five-over-faked-syria-propaganda-images International Business Times, UK

In a separate investigation earlier this year, The Bureau of Investigative Journalists revealed that British PR firm Bell Pottinger was paid $540m (£417m) by the US Department of Defense to make fake terror and news-style videos.
... just for starters ...

I say again:

The current noise is little more than the same old same old. Bullshit.


Point of Order! is a 1964 documentary film by Emile de Antonio, about the Senate Army–McCarthy hearings of 1954.

Joseph McCarthy Congressional Hearings - Point of Order! - YouTube

Point of Order! (1964) - IMDb

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 24 2016 1:29 utc | 29

@27 psycho, ' [tee-rump] sees the internet as not a public utility but a revenue generator for business and a controlled source of "information". Whether the public will let that happen at all or for long is yet to be seen. '

the public has been 'letting things happen' forever. the announcement that google was going to read every mail that passed through its network on day one was 'let happen' ... it's now being used by the NSA to justify its own reading of every mail sent through the yahoo mail network ... on an accepted practice status. the public are not part of the program ... rather the public has been programmed as the victims and have let it all happen since day one. what leverage do all the spiPhone addicted millennials have over google, apple, the isps, the nsa? they're going to stop using the internet? unlikely. tee-rump is, as you point out, certainly no improvement.

i think its just another blindman's view of the elephant. unless and until we takeover the government, make it our government, we will continue to be mere spectators of its latest outrages. 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024 ... start now.

Posted by: jfl | Dec 24 2016 1:41 utc | 30

@18 wblee

' Because the NYT is viewed as part of the good liberal establishment by these people ... they willfully believe the lies of the NYT ...

' I wonder if it will take a calamitous event such as another economic meltdown ... for reality to pierce the veil of lies. '

there it is.

1) it has nothing to do with 'truth', it is all about the gang agreeing on the narrative and pushing it, a la Michael Cieply's description quoted by Petri Krohn @6. No one believes any of it. It is an act of self-hypnosis. MoA and other more nearly truth-driven outlets ... 'reporter-driven, bottom-up' outlets ... will never ever prevail, will never convince the gang who read the NYTimes that the truth matters. They 'know' what matters: that their narrative is developed by the editors of the NYTimes and delivered via its oracle.

2) it will take a calamitous event such as another economic meltdown ... the gang will have to be hurt and realize that they were hurt for following the 'wrong' narrative for the NYTimes, Bezos' Blog, et al. to lose their adherents. But then they will all look for another narrative, they will still be uninterested in empiricism. It's all a game, the fix is in, you have to be in with - go along with - the right gang to get along in this world. That's what motivates the scum at the top. Knowing what is really going on so that society's affairs can be measured against what people think 'ought' to be, and applying corrections in that direction is alien to them. What they feel 'ought' to be is unequal and iniquitous to begin with, which is what necessitates the creation of contemporaneous 'narratives'.

Posted by: jfl | Dec 24 2016 1:47 utc | 31

The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public
May 21, 2012 - The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will by repealing the Smith-Mundt Act allow ...

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, who released a highly critical report regarding the distortion of truth by senior military officials in Iraq and Afghanistan, dedicated a section of his report to Information Operations (IO) and states that after Desert Storm the military wanted to transform IO “into a core military competency on a par with air, ground, maritime and special operations.”

Davis defines IO as “the integrated employment of electronic warfare (EW), computer network operations (CNO), psychological operations (PSYOP), military deception (MILDEC), and operations security (OPSEC), in concert with specified supporting and related capabilities, to influence, disrupt, corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decision making while protecting our own.”

IO are primarily used to target foreign audiences, but Davis cites numerous senior leaders who want to “protect a key friendly centre of gravity, to wit US national will” by repealing the Smith-Mundt Act to allow the direct deployment of these tactics on the American public.

Davis quotes Brigadier General Ralph O. Baker — the Pentagon officer responsible for the Department of defence’s Joint Force Development (i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines) — who defines IO as activities undertaken to “shape the essential narrative of a conflict or situation and thus affect the attitudes and behaviours of the targeted audience” and equates descriptions of combat operations with standard marketing strategies:

For years, commercial advertisers have based their advertisement strategies on the premise that there is a positive correlation between the number of times a consumer is exposed to product advertisement and that consumer’s inclination to sample the new product. The very same principle applies to how we influence our target audiences when we conduct COIN.

Davis subsequently explains the “cumulative failure of our nation’s major media in every category” as they continually interviewed only those senior U.S. officials who had top-level access, even as the officials given that clearance were required to stick to “talking points” given to them by Secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld.

If the NDAA goes into effect in its current form (it did), the State Department and Pentagon can bypass manipulating mainstream media outlets and directly disseminate campaigns of misinformation to the U.S. public.

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 24 2016 1:57 utc | 32

I think you're on point here b. But might you already "b" the answer to your question?

Iranian/Canadian Hossein Derakhshan, imprisoned in Iran from 2008-2014, for "fake news" presumably, was quite shocked on his release to discover the internet had devolved into Facebook and Twitter. He's written some quite interesting articles about the rise of socnets and the death of the web/blogs. Here's one from late last year:Iran's blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web

Personally I left Facebook years ago once I realised who/what they were. I still use Twitter, but I'm noticing they're monkeying with that to make it as useless as possible as quickly as possible also. And how many people have put in hours, years on FB or Twitter only to have their profiles disabled and all their content evaporate? Ugh. It's certainly not us that has the power on any of these platforms.

Personally I've got my own blog and domain name, but I'm a reader not a writer & don't really use it. Only costs a few dollars a year though(for domain), so mad not to have one I reckon. Good luck disabling that Zuck!(Me & him don't see eye to eye)

Another thing we can do(speaking as non-journo member of public) is to support journalists who are doing a good job, make sure we show them(the news orgs) what we want(truth) and what we don't. It's not really helpful to write off Fox or CNN etc totally, they're not going anywhere in a hurry. As Ex CNN journo Amber Lyon says(As 11:30 in this video): "I think the best advice is to follow the journalist, not the entity"

Posted by: D. Barnes | Dec 24 2016 2:07 utc | 33

The (Jewish land theft) vote happened! 4 countries pushed for it.
Posted by: Mina | Dec 23, 2016 4:04:07 PM | 5

Yep! Another win/win play by Trump.
The pro-Israel Lobby's simpletons hear him making all the right appeasement noises, but the net effect of those noises is still a big fat Zero...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 24 2016 2:18 utc | 34

b, What can be done to counter such moves?

people suggest moving to a host in a more reasonable country ... can you do that? you're stuck with typepad, right?

to move you'd have to change not only providers but software as well ...

zeronet looks interesting ... thanks outraged! @13, @17

@34 d barnes 'I think you're on point here b. But might you already "b" the answer to your question?'

absolutely agree. the question is how to persevere in the face of an effort to crush from above.

Posted by: jfl | Dec 24 2016 3:15 utc | 35

@35 hoarse,

yep. another win/win for free for tee-rump. those'll end on 20 january

amazing that the only available text to unsc 2334 comes from the timesofisrael ... it's good stuff.

but it's just one more of a long string ...

242 (1967),
338 (1973),
446 (1979),
452 (1979),
465 (1980),
476 (1980),
478 (1980),
1515(2003), and
1850(2008), ... and now

will anything come of it? realistically tee-rump seems to be under the zionist thumb.

if anything is going to happen to aid the palestinians it's going to have to come from russia and china. the west is committed to doing nothing about usrael's ingestion of palestine.

russia and china acting together to make something happen would not end the turkish/saudi/gcc support for their headhunters, it would probably intensify it, but real arabs, real muslims in the street would certainly notice, and that's where the bodies come from that fill the headhunters' ranks. it would certainly 'pay off' to do the right thing for russia and china in this instance. it's become pretty clear that us/nato are going to rely upon the headhunters to destabilize central asia and southern russia and western china. bursting that bubble will be a terrible process by strength of arms alone. what's needed is a 'hearts and minds' approach and the palestinians are at ground zero there.

Posted by: jfl | Dec 24 2016 3:33 utc | 36

The neoliberals differentiated from the neocons because many of them understood at some level that overt oppression breeds insurrection. An example of this can be found in todays graun which seeks to lecture Europe generally & Germany specifically for still having sufficient liberty to permit alleged Berlin death truck driver Anis Amri to travel from Berlin to Milan via France before being shot.
The graun's attitude as revealed in statements such as

"Travelling directly from Germany to France by train, Amri would have run a considerable risk of detection. After last year’s thwarted train attack in which a 27-year-old Moroccan jihadi opened fire on a Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris, security on certain French and international train services has been stepped up, with passengers having to go through metal-detection scanners on some platforms. But not all train services or stations scan passengers before boarding."

More CCTV and searches and scans are required ignore the reality that Germany while having a large number of residents and citizens of ME and/or Islamic descent has largely been untroubled by large foreign actor organised acts of terror; that what incidents there have been are down to one or two aberrant humans who have operated unsupported by their communities.
A neocon outlet would be demanding more armed blokes in Jackboots standing on every street corner, that the issues of poverty and social dislocation that are an inevitable if temporary by product of mass migration can be sorted by projecting power and the threat of violence on the citizens. Instead the Graun wants more of what it considers soft or hidden oppression, because the neoliberals who run the Scott Trust have convinced themselves this form of intrusion doesn't provoke the targets. This is a false assumption as evidenced by the number of instances where englanders of ME and/or Islamic descent who have committed organised acts of have described being either equally or more provoked by the mealy mouthed hypocrisy of a society which claims to be tolerant of others but which intrudes using "soft" methods as have been radicalised by those instances where UK oppression has been openly accessing batons guns and rubber bullets etc.
I make this point because what happens vis a vis net censorship is dependent on whichever brand of oppression the government in power opts into.
Believe it or not this does matter - in essence because the methods of censorship will determine what we the oppressed can do to ameliorate the state's actions.

Say the new administration in amerika goes balls to the wall banning some blogs by insisting ISP's quit resolving banned sites addresses; it is highly likely that citizens will push hard against that and persuading large numbers of them to opt in to services such as Zeronet by rejecting the outrageous claims of it's use enabling the user's machine to be hacked that the media will inevitably put forward.

Other states on the other hand may choose to go the neoliberal route claiming that nasty misogynistic school boys are the driver behind beefing up the 'anti-bullying' legislation and then carefully selected (eg searching out an insane misogynist or kiddie pr0n purveyor who located his/her site on Zero Net) prosecutions under the now far more powerful and oppressive anti-bullying Acts will be supported by a media barrage of vast proportion, a shit storm of slander and half truth all carefully prepared before the arrest - this will require much more intelligent and subtle work to counter it.

Work arounds probing the inevitable loopholes that are a by product of wishywashy neolib soft oppression need to be carefully promoted to the mainstream as a way of restoring some utility to the web at the same time as an education process that alerts citizens to the creeping authoritarianism and accelerated parallel loss of liberty which has been a central component of most states' governance since 911.

Even though the neocon option is worse in the sense that the loss of liberty will be far more blatant and intrusive initially, it is likely to be 'more fixed in concrete', that is to say the legislators will push it through in the face of heated opposition but won't enjoy revisiting it continually to amend it - the patriot act was a typical example of this reluctance to be actually perceived as an oppressor. Congress had to consider that awful blight on liberty and privacy every four or five years to re-affirm what it was alleged was a purely temporary bill that would be abolished once victory had been declared on 'the global war on terror' Yeah right - that gwot is never gonna end and if it did, in the minds of the assholes that means the patriot act & its provisions are even more essential.

The solution? Abolish the Patriot Act permitting the asshole puppets of the assholes a bow to the masses, then introduce, permanently an even more oppressive Bill, the obscenely named USA Freedom Act .
The main point of the change was to reduce pols exposure to being shown as deceitful hate ridden, hubris sodden drongos of the first degree. That USA Freedom Act legislation would only, could only, be amended again after amerika suffers some huge reverse widely accepted as such.

The same will be true of any attempt by the trumpets to find a way to pass a bill that will censor the net but not conflict with established precedent on the first amendment.
Once introduced, amended and passed the painted whores on the hill won't want to go there ever again if they can manage it. So in some ways the neocon kneejerk will be less troublesome than neoliberal dissimulation.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Dec 24 2016 3:37 utc | 37

Many alt news sites are pondering the question on how they will survive if targeted. James Corbett - "Corbett Report" was also thinking on what can be done to keep truth in information accessible for the public. One thought he had was to move his site away from the universal ". com" form to one labelled ". bit." MoA needs some techie with the knowledge in this area to volunteer their expertise. The word would soon spread to other valuable real news sites on the web.

Posted by: BRF | Dec 24 2016 3:50 utc | 38

@D. Barnes | Dec 23, 2016 9:07:46 PM | 34
@jfl | Dec 23, 2016 10:15:41 PM | 36

Abby Martin still working for RT? She left RT Breaking the Set after Crimea. Occasionally In TRNN and TeleSur - Empire Files. Where is she now? She more or less leaning NeoLiberal (DNC) like Cenk Uygur.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Dec 24 2016 4:10 utc | 39

This is an excellent question. First, we need to understand that those who seek to limit debate are themselves in a state of confusion and will be for the short and medium-term. That means that alternative news organizations need to put away their considerable differences and agree to disagree in certain areas and agree on common interests. If these sources cannot do that then they don't deserve to survive when the oligarchs may decide to take concrete action. There's plenty of room right now, the mainstream media has lost its credibility and they appear to be in a state of panic until the pecking order is re-established. If the opposition on the "left" and "right" (I believe most of these distinctions are bullshit) can seize the day we will be able to preserve the internet as a source of truth or at least some versions thereof. At least more and more people are realizing where the truth is not--when it comes to a critical mass we will see major change in our political and social culture.

Posted by: Banger | Dec 24 2016 4:12 utc | 40

b: Outright (cyber-)attacks are coming up. What can be done to counter such moves?

I think PavewayIV is right. Daylight is the best disinfectant. But I'll add:

Firstly, TAKE HEART! You are NOT alone. Millions have not drank the Kool-Aid and tens of millions are deeply skeptical of TPTB. Many people and organizations that have stood fast against intimidation and coercion. Storms of protest on theGuardian, for example.

So, I'm not sure how much lee-way there is at this time for outright attacks to suppress dissent.

Secondly, KEEP THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE! Drastic measures are a sign of weakness. Cornered rats lash out. TPTB may try to increase control as systemic pressures that they have exacerbated cause a loss of control.

Such moves herald their own downfall because crack-downs are a slippery slope. The proof of this is the stuff of legend and b-movies.

Lastly, EMBRACE THE SUCK! If they want to shut a site/sites down, it will be shut down. Period. But,

1) they take a 'hit' in credibility, and

2) risk that people simply move to other forms of communication (which are difficult to track).

It is actually to their (TPTB) advantage to keep the discontented on the internet so as to track and influence them.

These negatives mean that if a crack-down happens, it would likely be a reaction to disaster/threat ('economic reset'/climate change, false-flag) or anticipatory of some action (war). In these instances, propaganda would be intense and difficult to counter.

So I think 'countering' mostly would entail preserving records through any such "emergency". IMO preventing desperate regimes from "rewriting history" so as to cover up crimes done in their name is the probably the best 'counter'.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 24 2016 4:15 utc | 41

Yep! Another win/win play by Trump. The pro-Israel Lobby's simpletons hear him making all the right appeasement noises, but the net effect of those noises is still a big fat Zero...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 23, 2016 9:18:02 PM | 35

Wow! Lay off the Kool-Aid. Trump hired a radical settlement supporter, David Friedman, as Ambassador to Israel. Trump supports settlement expansion; his son-in-law contributed financially to settlement expansion. What is it you don't get here? Quit fantasizing. He's all in with Zionism.

Move to Syria,iran or Russia or even china!

Posted by: Nur Adlina | Dec 23, 2016 7:47:04 PM | 26

They don't invade other countries or fuel proxy civil wars where hundreds of thousands of people are killed and millions displaced in each like the AngloZionist Empire does on behalf of regime change.

Posted by: Circe | Dec 24 2016 4:20 utc | 42

Would it be real news if terrorists poisoned the London city water supply? How about New York or Los Angeles' water? Now, how about Tel Aviv? Good God - we would be inundated with the human suffering 24x7 for weeks. Blood vessels in CNN anchors heads would be exploding on air while they broke down in tears at the humanity of it all. And the children! Think of the children!

Well, I've been watching the evolution of the news on the poisoning of Damascus's water supply yesterday. Yes, the entire water supply. What? Didn't hear about it? But it's real newz!

Seems U.S.-backed rebel head-choppers dumped some toxic petroleum substance (diesel maybe?) in the Barada River to poison Damascus. Barada is a spring-fed mountain river that Damascus has been using as a main water supply for about three thousand years, give or take. The head-choppers actually poisoned it near somewhere near the source: al-Fija mountain springs. So the Syrian capital and currently their largest city/metropolitan area is currently without water.

Damascus has had to shut off their water intakes on Friday and will use whatever reserves and emergency supply they have for the next few days. It's not clear if the head-choppers are still dumping stuff in the river. They hold the Barada mountain valley (Wadi Barada) territory and Syrian troops are trying to take it back from them. I guess poisoning two million Damascus-area residents over Christmas weekend seemed like a good idea. They must have gotten it from my government - the U.S. loves to attack infrastructure. Last week, fake ISIS attacked the Tadmor/Palmyra gas hub supplying Damascus. Anyone see a pattern here?

Here's how (((real news))) Reuters reported this massive terrorist attack:

Damascus water supply cut after rebels pollute it: authority

I'll copy the entirety of the article for your astonishment. Behold REAL journalists in action -

The Damascus water authority has been forced to cut supplies coming into the Syrian capital for a few days and use reserves instead after rebels polluted the water with diesel, it said on Friday.

The al-Fija spring which supplies Damascus with water is in the rebel-held Wadi Barada valley northwest of the capital in a mountainous area near the Lebanese border.

The government controls much of the surrounding territory and on Friday carried out aerial attacks and shelled the rebel-held area, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

A military news outlet run by Syrian government ally Hezbollah said the rebels in the Wadi Barada valley had refused to leave the area and as a result the Syrian Arab Army began an offensive against them on Friday morning.

Through a series of so-called settlement agreements and army offensives, the Syrian government, backed by Russian air power and Iran-backed militias, has been steadily suppressing armed opposition around the capital.

(Reporting by Lisa Barrington in Beirut and Suleiman al-Khalidi in Amman; editing by David Clarke)

Yep - that's it, folks. A simple 'pollution' incident. You can see that Reuters focused on the most important aspects of this act of terrorism: the mean Syrian government (cause it's kind of their fault). Now that's REAL journalists reporting REAL news. Few of their real newz outlets have picked up this unimportant, minor pollution event according to Google.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 24 2016 4:40 utc | 43

@ Posted by: Jack Smith | Dec 23, 2016 11:10:17 PM
I'm not Abby's spokesperson, was sharing a quite fascinating interview(from 2014) with ex CNN journo Amber Lyon(second half of video)
But as you asked, Abby Martin did eventually leave RT America in early 2015, not because "Crimea", but because she wanted to try something different after Breaking The Set. Her new show is "The Empire Files" on Telesur English.

Posted by: D. Barnes | Dec 24 2016 5:42 utc | 44

Whoops... not being a real newz journalist like the crack team at Reuters means I sometimes get it wrong. I guess Damascus only gets two-thirds of it's water supply from the Barada. They were probably able to keep the children's hospitals and kitten sanctuaries open using alternate supplies.

Here's the al Fija/Feeja/Fijeh mountain spring that feeds the Barada River. It gushes out of underground fractures in the limestone into the headwaters building shown in the video.

Head-chopper #1: [looking at the pristine mountain spring]: "Hey, let's dump some diesel fuel into the water."

Head-chopper #2: "Do it, brother. That'll teach that bastard Assad and his evil regime followers!"

Head-chopper #1: "But some of the rebels that surrendered in East Ghouta might also be poisoned if we do this."

Head-chopper #2: "Snackbar! There's no time to debate this. We have a child beheading in fifteen minutes! You know what happens to us if we're late..."

Head-chopper #1: "Yes - a curse on our harsh CIA handlers. OK - twelve drums of diesel should do it for now. Roll the whole damn drum into the spring. We'll come back after prayers with another truckload, the prophet willing.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 24 2016 5:47 utc | 45

@ PavewayIV 45

A wicked, twisted sense of humor :))

Tho sadly likely close to the truth ... SAVAK ... School of the Americas ... etc :(

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 24 2016 5:56 utc | 46

Update: Looks like I got the entire story wrong. One 'Mussa Omar' claims the regime barrel-bombed their own water supply for some unfathomable reason. The pumps and generators were damaged (even though the water flows downhill all the way to Damascus) and that was the source of the diesel fuel.

Not exactly sure how Syrian barrel bombs might have been dropped on the spring's headwaters building by mistake since it's obviously the largest building in the city. I'm having my doubts about Mussa Omar's report. I wonder if he's a trusted media activist?

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 24 2016 6:08 utc | 47

Heheheh That didn't take long. Sometime earlier in the week someone posted a quote with a link to Foreign Policy ( a site where all the fake news the imperial machine generates is published. I noticed that it ran comments from readers on every article, so I paid the 3 or 4 bucks for a months subscription and made a coupla posts to the self congratulatory russophobic threads. Within a day or so I saw that others perhaps also from following the MoA link had chimed in with their facts in the face of fake. It seemed a community of truth-seekers might develop right in the bosom of the beast.

Sadly it seems not. I went in about half an hour ago and all comments appear to have been suspended. Maybe that is just for the holiday season they don't wish to pay moderators more than the absolute minimum wage or whatever, that is possible but given that disallowing comments is a standard practice from big neolib media outlets seeking to control the message it likely a permanent change. I must cancel my subscription asap.

I doubt that I'm the only MoA reader who received a begging letter from the guardian over the past month and responded that their chances of receiving any donatons from me while they delete my posts were negligible.

Nothing illustrates the desperation of neoliberalism since the brexit vote and the rise of Trump better than the panicked 'running around like chickens with their heads cut off' craziness of neoliberals' reaction to the awful realisation that the jig is up for them.

The limited intellect of neolib 'thinkers' has been emphasized by their paucity of workable solutions to the challenges they are confronted by.
Blame the russians, call trump a facist & all brexiters racist and now censor and ban alternative points of view has been the only strategies enunciated thus far.
All of those 'plans' are exactly the type of strategies that opponents will revel in because they are exactly the type of move any sensible pol would run a zillion miles from. Take the removal of comments. Joe Blo or mr average initially won't even notive the chsange, but commenters of all political hues will and tyey will become angry, so angry that they enhage with Joe/Jo Blo to tell them of the censorship.
An inelastic political move is what this is. There is no chance of increasing support since those in favour won't notice & won't become more positive but a huge opportunity for those enraged or outraged to persuade at least some of the status quo types that their heroes are corrupt and self serving.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Dec 24 2016 6:26 utc | 48

@47 mussa omar... looks like a western based propaganda appears to have been created may 2016..

Posted by: james | Dec 24 2016 6:30 utc | 49

Debsisdead@48 - The closing bracket in your link to got included in your link code and it doesn't work. That's not to nitpick you but to inform anyone else getting a 'No DNS Entry' message. Just type it in directly or try my link above.

When I went to their site just now (I am not a subscriber) I immediately got the following message. This probably explains the missing comments for now (but we'll see):

Happy Holidays from Foreign Policy. Enjoy free access to FP through the weekend! Foreign Policy is migrating to a new data management platform. During this time, login, registration, manage my account and comments will be unavailable, but the website will be free to access.

We expect the process to be completed by Tuesday, December 27. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I suppose they don't want to scare off potential Kool-Aid drinkers over the holiday with negative comments. Let's see if they report some unfortunate data loss on the 28th. You'll have to report back because - as a non-subscriber - I probably won't have access.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 24 2016 6:49 utc | 50

@radiator | Dec 23, 2016 6:05:24 Should start discerning German media, from German-language media.

@chipnik Please stop the doom and gloom fear porn, keep searching for love.

@all Another example of the Orwellian 1984 being imposed progressively:

Google changes algorithms of hate

Search engine Google has changed its algorithms after discovering that users using search terms related to the Holocaust or ethnic minorities were being pointed to hate sites.

The new algorithms are said to prioritise high-quality information, bumping down sites associated with racial hate speech, and to remove anti-Semitic auto-fill queries...

Who are the judges to decide what's "high quality" and what's "hate site" ? Having said it one must realize that sites like Stormfront are traps set up by the AnloZio cabal employing tactics such as "poisoned well", "kiss of death" and similar. The idea is to associate real news like "IDF soldiers who killed unarmed Palestinian sentenced to community service" with a xenophobia, white-supremacy, radicalism and so forth.

Re: the main point of the post - I've predicted this and I've been warning vocally about the coming censorship for some time already, including on this site, and urged everybody, as I'm doing right now, to abandon altogether the big corporate Matrix of lies implemented by Facebook (project "Ksharim" by Mossad), Google (an InQTel investment), Youtube, Twitter, Microsoft (just took over LinkedIn, now banned in Russia - for a reason I guess ?), Apple, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amazon, and switch to viable alternatives as DuckDuckGo, Startpage, Yandex, VK, also start looking for new companies outside the imperial real that could replace those tools. Stop supporting the Evil Empire, and start helping the alternative media, including the news aggregators like WhatReallyHappened, BlackListedNews,, InformationLiberation, MoA which free us from that disgusting duty of monitoring sewers like NYT, CNN, WaPo to catch their lies, transgressions, manipulations, perfidy so we do not touch that shit ourselves.

Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2017

Posted by: ProPeace | Dec 24 2016 7:01 utc | 51

My Knee Jerk response is, of course, Peer-to-peer technology,

As b queried, neither stated nor implyied, peer to peer communication is the best form of communication in both Senses of the idea of peer to peer.

Ultimately we need to keep the channels open and keep talking.

Posted by: ~f | Dec 24 2016 7:07 utc | 52

james@49 - Hey, cut them some slack James! He's writing on a site from the Syrian Popular Movement. They sound like good guys, right?

Or maybe not...

Special Declaration to Syrian Popular Movement Concerning Killing of Russian Ambassador

I can't copy or past the text, but they basically claim responsibility for targeting the Ambassador, congratulate their 'liberal man' and their Turkish brother(?) for the killing, and suggest that it was one of many operations planned against Russians and Iranians everywhere in the world.

So, basically, this is a terrorist site. Curious that out of 17,000 results for a Google query on 'barada diesel damascus', that Google places this terrorist site at #7 from the top. It outranks the Wikipedia entry for Barda and a Reddit discussion of the poisoning, as well as the other 16,993 results.

Google: Don't be evil. <-- Change of plans, I guess. Google be evil.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 24 2016 7:14 utc | 54

@PavewayIV | Dec 24, 2016 2:14:52 "I can't copy or past the text"

You could always try to see the source of the page, i.e. the html and then try copying

Posted by: ProPeace | Dec 24 2016 7:17 utc | 56

Series of tweets with maps of Syrian Army/Rebel-held areas around Wadi Barada for anyone like me who has never heard of the place until today. I got the impression from the Reddit discussion that Wadi Barada was held by whatever name al Nusra is going by this week. I had said rebels above and assumed 'FSA'.

ProPeace: Tried that first off. They have it encoded to prevent copy/paste - there is no text in the html itself. Damn sneaky head-choppers!

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 24 2016 7:31 utc | 57

I wld be happy if u avoid misquoting.
Call it 2 states solution or 1 state solution there will still be landtheft but it s definitely not the bibi gov that has pushed Venezuela, NZ (payback for the use of fake NZ ids for an assassination?) Or Senegal.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 24 2016 7:34 utc | 58

The British Foreign Office and the Propaganda War on Syria
By Barbara McKenzie, Global Research, December 23, 2016. Barbara McKenzie 22 December 2016

On his first official visit to Turkey in September 2016, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson announced that the British government was giving about £2.3 billion in aid to Syria. Of course when Johnson said ‘aid to Syria’ he meant anything but – Britain may be contributing to the odd refugee camp outside of Syria, but most of that £2.3 billion goes to support al Qaeda and ISIS-linked groups in order to bring down the legitimate government in Syria.


Perhaps the biggest role played by the British government is that of creating propaganda designed to undermine the Syrian government and its supporters in their fight against ‘insurgents’.


These organisations by no means represent the total of British spending when it comes to creating or influencing propaganda while dressing it up as humanitarian endeavour or intellectual objectivity. The government is a major funder of a number of NGOs that are openly committed to ‘humanitarian intervention’ (regime change) in countries like Syria, such as Amnesty International. In his article Unravelling Bana, Qoppa has raised the question of the relationship of the much derided ‘research organisation’ Bellingcat with the British government, pointing out that one of the authors of Bellingcat’s own article on Bana is an ex-army officer.

Incostrat, Mayday and SOHR however have direct and undeniable links with the Foreign Office. Their function is to create, via tools such as Bana Alabed and the White Helmets, or directly in the case of the SOHR, fake news for Western consumption that bears little or no relation to the reality within Syria.

The fake news is distributed via the corporate media and the reports of the industrial human rights complex. Social media, however, is by no means forgotten. There is an incestuous relationship between the Foreign Office projects, in that Bana promotes the White Helmets, and the activists of the Civil March promote both Bana and the White Helmets. At the same time the MOD’s 77th Brigade push incessantly the general themes of Assad and Russian war crimes versus the ‘popular uprising’ on social media, but also reinforce the FCO’s major projects – such trolls are easily detected on Twitter accounts like Bana’s.

So what we have is the UK government, on behalf of the British taxpayer, openly funding multi-million dollar projects to create an assumption of war crimes by Syria and Russia against the Syrian people, while also creating a false image of a legitimate opposition, all of which the said taxpayer is then supposed to take in good faith. The purpose of all this is to garner support for a no-fly zone over Syria, imposed by the UK, the US and allied countries, as the first step to overthrowing the legitimate government.

Posted by: Outraged | Dec 24 2016 7:36 utc | 59

That was quick! The musa oumar on barada made my browser explode twice already (but not the page about russian ambassador's killing) please keep a copy!

I ve drank fija water and it tastes better than most of the famous brands of mineral is available through tap in some of the fancy areas of north west damascus...including the saudi embassy but those probably dont know anything but bottled water

Posted by: Mina | Dec 24 2016 8:07 utc | 60

That was quick! The musa oumar on barada made my browser explode twice already (but not the page about russian ambassador's killing) please keep a copy!

I ve drank fija water and it tastes better than most of the famous brands of mineral is available through tap in some of the fancy areas of north west damascus...including the saudi embassy but those probably dont know anything but bottled water

And now... funding by omission

Posted by: Mina | Dec 24 2016 8:34 utc | 61


Web Archive: here

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 24 2016 8:51 utc | 62

@PavewayIV | Dec 24, 2016 2:14:52 AM | 54

Use StartPage search and don't buy from Amazon (Jeff Bezos Washington Post). Stopped using Google since last year.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Dec 24 2016 9:35 utc | 63

@52 ~f

My initial thought was the same. Or maybe even a return to the old web stalwart, newsgroups. Thinking of ways to spread samizdat in western countries in 2016 is so absurd. How's it come to this?

Posted by: Cresty | Dec 24 2016 10:41 utc | 64

Web rings were cool back in the day and news groups of course. The act of clustering similar news sites in a ring may also serve as a buffer when the empire attacks. As TOR has people operating different endpoints news rings can operate thousands, millions of mini-servers that the empire will be unable to DDOS out or hack apart. The back-ups/root of course will have to be in Iceland or something.

Everything we see now is some sort of an attempt at chipping away the block and reestablishing the control of the narrative and agenda which they recently lost. Things cannot return to the same no matter how much they lie or omit.

Posted by: Gravatomic | Dec 24 2016 12:55 utc | 65

This is rather funny propaganda in The Telegraph, but I have seen this report in The Independent, so it makes rounds in the English press.

I have no idea if the life in North Korea is "hellish" or on a normal side. Personally, I grew up in a mildly repressive Communist state, and I know a little bit about Far East culture, and from that perspective, I skimmed through the photos with interests. And what do we learn? Photos are surprisingly normal, which is explained by the artist: he could move only where is obligatory guide allowed him to go. But the commentary to photos is as sinister as it can be, without revealing ANY understanding of the situation. One clear "horror" is that the people there use few cars. This is definitely my childhood experience, and it is not "hellish" if you have adequate and cheap public transit. From opposite perspective, traffic jams are hellish, even if they form popular pastime in many metropolitan areas outside North Korea.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 24 2016 14:27 utc | 66

Speaking of fake news and the German election, I just heard Joseph Joffe of Die Zeit predict on U.S. National Public Radio that Merkel will be re-elected to a new term. He very much downplayed the refugees as an election issue.

If AfD wins a big victory in the election, will they be allowed to participate in the government? Will their vote totals even be honestly reported?

Posted by: lysias | Dec 24 2016 15:22 utc | 67

FAKE NEWS! NEW OLD. A PICTURE TELLS THOUSANDS LIES. YES,PICTURES ARE USED AS NO 1 PROLIFERATE "FAKE NEWS" as Bana fairy tale of Ottoman princess and White Helmets Hollywood productions in Aleppo proved. It is the context and comment or caption of the picture that may or may not make the story true or fake.

In fact banning pictures/video from MSM would render them completely ineffective, unable to stir emotions, unable to shutting down rational inquiry of a viewer. Instead relying on abstract symbolic language, a human language requires a rational thought and references to individual physical experience to formulate moral judgments about information presented.

Pictures, obviously easily manipulated for almost 200 years of their history, play role of fake simulation of the physical reality we cannot experience in given story context.

What in individual interactions would have been called manipulative
deception, conning, misleading for benefit or pandering, pleasing
drawing emotional state of mental arousal also sexual to distract from
certain action or reality or to deny knowledge of events, in impersonal mass media world of MSM it is called news, the "real" news.

In this context, term "fake news" seems to stem directly from a CIA Psychological Warfare Manual and is one of those master keywords of indirect denial that are used to respond when a false narrative is discovered for what it is, a lie or misrepresentation of reality, and fact of this discovery cannot be ignored.

In other words, "fake news" term is used to discredit any news that are not consistent with "facts" and "ideas" peddled by given MSM medial organization run for profit and ruling elite propaganda purposes.

The keyword "fake news" would also be used to attack a messenger arbitrarily deemed as uninformed, gullible, mentally retarded incapable to understand the truth, unreliable, having access only to incomplete partial picture, peddling a hidden agenda even by disclosing true facts that cannot be denied.

When big media business had a near monopoly such a "fake news" appearing on fringes of society were utterly dismissed and ignored, it was easy, now Internet reach made suppression more problematic and becomes especially acute when massive economic collapse and social disintegration is ignored or peddled narratives blaming or explaining such a state of people's reality fail to fulfill its designated function to peddle manipulative deception or drawing emotional state of mental arousal to distract from undeniable reality of viewers or listeners.

Now in the realm of concentrated digital media power similarity or more concentrated as in the past, US cyber-intelligence outcrops like FB or Google "social media" controlling of information flow in the Internet are creating phony world of astro-turf communities click farms and troll armies and using this "false news" "mantra" as a tool to discredit independent information flows, to ignore sources of information deemed contradictory to their own agenda, truly Orwellian agenda of Digital Ministry of Truth as much as SV corporate oligarchs trying to vehemently deny it. It is exactly what they do.

In fact that's is exactly what they are heavily invested for and specifically designed to do. Everything else is secondary corporate perk,

FB now has implemented Digital Ministry of Truth run by a robot name Zuker and an army of fact-denying/ignoring trolls and it is just an initial attempt to familiarize us with the Orwellian future that awaits us when we will be afraid of "fake news" and we will choose anti-intellectualism, lack of intellectual curiosity or abandonment of rational thought process as a manifestation of our freedoms.

"The propaganda of "fake news" is all about new McCarthyism, new campaign of terror and blank, baseless grave accusations against anyone who dares to question supposedly official, MSM spewed stories, viscous campaign of alienation of journalists from their readership under cloud of criminality, spying and FBI investigation against those who do not peddle official narratives who are not buying utter nonsense and who do not draw absurd conclusions based on lies and innuendos without any shred of evidence.

The basic goal of provocateurs is that we accept evidence-free McCarthyite slanderous construct of "Enemy of America". Only because they say so in very emotional way calling for exigent circumstances as to circumvent the rational thought process and hard evidences.

Once we accept their lies and their arbitrary determination of who are "American Enemies" we give them credibility and accusatory power. The power to accuse anyone of anything since in our own mind anyone behavior or opinions could be consistent with what treachery of our enemy, releasing us from a rigor of rational analysis and necessity of evidence based conclusion that is a foundation of any moral judgment.

Pushed into hysteria, siege mentality, we become immoral bastards driven by primal fear of imminent enemy, we can't see or even name in, our midst aiming to harm us, a "clear" and "present" danger to our very survival or well being.

That's the real danger of this new McCarthyism, a danger capable of tearing fabric of our society apart and a direct threat to fundamental social order.

Posted by: Kalen | Dec 24 2016 15:58 utc | 68

I wld be happy if u avoid misquoting.
Call it 2 states solution or 1 state solution there will still be landtheft but it s definitely not the bibi gov that has pushed Venezuela, NZ (payback for the use of fake NZ ids for an assassination?) Or Senegal.
Posted by: Mina | Dec 24, 2016 2:34:39 AM | 59

Apologies if you feel that putting my creative misquote in brackets didn't quarantine it sufficiently for you to approve. Next time I misquote you (if there is a next time) I'll reproduce the original phrase and then construct the misquote on the line below. I remind you that I usually reproduce the footer in it's entirety when I'm citing a fellow commentator so that anyone who so desires can compare my cite with the original comment.

On the land theft UN resolution, the Bibi govt is retaliating against NZ and one other of the 4 co-sponsors - according to Al Jazeera English about an hour ago. Al Jazeera drew attention to the fact that Jews don't feel bound by UN resolutions and regard such resolutions, and the UN itself, as meaningless and irrelevant. That was their intro to a Chapter & Verse reminder of Israel's theft and mindless destruction and brutality in Jewish-Occupied Palestine. Hopefully Bibi is stupid enough to retaliate against Al Jazeera for "anti-semitism."

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 24 2016 16:05 utc | 69

Jan Egeland. Never heard of him before. But he has articles that sound somewhat balanced on Syria/Aleppo.

This is his blurb/description at guardian:
Jan Egeland is secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council. He was UN under-secretary general for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Co-ordinator (2003-06)

Is that all he's done? Nope. Before that he was a Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch. But HRW supports rebels/al Nusra/etc in Libya and Syria. So can we trust this supposedly impartial voice on Syria and Aleppo? He asked where is the outrage? He should know; the truth about who is pushing this war is not present in our media. Me? I don't really trust the UN anymore and the humanitarin NGOs who were used to push the war on Libya.

Posted by: Curtis | Dec 24 2016 16:22 utc | 70

Since RT has been caught red hands stealing from this very website (i mean HERE) could someone tell the bloody programmers of their website that all these buttons and script popping up are a nuisance and that they are misunderstood by MANY browsers and not adapted for anything but 19¨screens?

Posted by: Mina | Dec 24 2016 16:25 utc | 71

Thank u pIV much appreciated

Posted by: Mina | Dec 24 2016 16:27 utc | 72

...but i meant the page about the poisoned water

Posted by: Mina | Dec 24 2016 16:30 utc | 73

Credible internet websites - like this one - should cross-promote each other more (for example, the blogroll should be far more prominent, and certainly on the main page), while the legacy MSM must be invariably prefaced with the universal FNOKA (fake news outlet known as) designation. FNOKA NYT, FNOKA WaPo, FNOKA Bloomberg, etc.

Posted by: telescope | Dec 24 2016 16:30 utc | 74

@ Curtis | 73

Jan Egeland isnt really objective, he is just pushing current UN agenda "both sides are equally bad, terrorists and brutal regime." While he also mentions foreign sponsors and that support from them should stop, but he doesnt mention names, I guess he means Russia/Iran, maybe even Saudis, but God forbid not US and other "beacons of democracy."

Posted by: Harry | Dec 24 2016 16:38 utc | 75

The myth called American History, as taught in schools and colleges, totally ignores the reality of the 'exceptional nation' and the genocide of the native american. From the beginning the idea was simple: Europeans = good guys; Native peoples = savages. Thanksgiving is a myth ... the Pocahantas story is euro-centric and not based on reality. In every case, American History drums home the idea that we (anglo, white, American as defined) are THE GOOD GUYS! That has not changed ... it is simple 'exceptionalism.'

The so-called free press has always been a white washing operation ... whether by self-interest or by pressure from 'those who matter.' The only thing that has changed is that we are now becoming aware of the fact we are being lied to ... but we are still oblivious to the fact that this has been the case since the beginning. Most of American History is little more than propaganda ... and when a historian steps out of line, as Charles Beard did regarding WWII and tries to state the truth, they are destroyed by other alleged historians.

If you want to see what a truth-teller has to say, may I suggest: Pay especial attention to the reality of what we did to those 'little brown brothers.' Now it is the 'rag-heads' of the Middle East ... and the horrible Ruskies who are only saying 'no' to the american way of pillage.

So, sure I'm full of bullshit! But I'm neither ignorant of our past, nor am I willing to pretend that the current situation deviates from that past.

The difference between you and I is simple: I am more than willing to be told I'm full of it. The question is: Are You?

Posted by: rg the lg | Dec 24 2016 16:50 utc | 76

@55 paveway.. thanks. that was my impression before i read your link @55.. that just confirms it.

google is what it is... snoople google, the great purveyors of the best propaganda available today to further a particular agenda over another one, when they aren't busy collecting information on everyone..

Posted by: james | Dec 24 2016 17:54 utc | 77

@58 paveway

I had no trouble copying the text ... then i looked to see what the no-script plugin had blocked from the site, noticed that it had blocked javascript from the domain itself, enabled same, and was then unable to copy the text.

no-script does cause 'trouble' with some sites ... actually some sites rely on too-much javascript to 'inadvertently' or purposefully thwart, track, or otherwise abuse visitors ... but i can usually live without such sites. if i feel i just 'must have' whatever it is that's unavailable without their demon code, i can always temporarily enable it. you'd be amazed at the amount of third-party software you download with nearly every page. i try to make it a point to use ctrl-shift-delete to clear as much of the spyware as possible from my browser after such unclean encounters with the tracking kind. no way to stay clean, but i still try what i can to thwart them all.

no-script works with firefox. don't know about other browsers. they say google's chrome is now the number one browser (tracking app) on the web now, it probably doesn't work with that. you have to enable javascript to see anything at all at google's blogger sites.

Posted by: jfl | Dec 24 2016 20:57 utc | 78

we will wait ...

Posted by: طراحی سایت | Dec 24 2016 22:08 utc | 79

jfl@81 - That sounds about right. I just don't care about javascript or other malicious code - in fact, I intentionally leave everything enabled to see what kind of crap a site will load on my machine or who tries to 'visit'. I run all my browsers (actually, all networked apps) in logged, throw-away Windows VMs and expect them to be trashed, infected, probed or whatever. Same reason I use Google for searches and use Twitter and Facebook. Likewise, I don't care who tracks me or why and I don't use VPNs or Tor. This is all for professional reasons - I don't recommend 'running naked' as it were for normal people or burning through dozens of VMs a week.

If I had some compelling reason to anonymize myself or lock everything down for safety, I suppose I could. I'm just to old and tired to give a damn anymore. The government (U.S. in our case) is obsessed with knowing every conversation we have, every post we make and every web site we visit.

It's because they are are paranoid - they are afraid of their own citizens. We are a potential existential threat to them. I like it like that - that's exactly the way it should be.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 24 2016 22:15 utc | 80

@83 pwiv, ' I'm just to old and tired to give a damn anymore. '

i know that feeling well. they're relying on us to feel that way. go with the flow. resistance is futile. it certainly is if we continue to allow them the power they're exercising now and continue their unlimited funding. our only hope is to organize ... web or no web ... seize power, and defeat them, unambiguously, to put ourselves in charge for good. that's my thought at any rate.

Posted by: jfl | Dec 24 2016 22:57 utc | 81

Start using and promoting ZeroNet, Freenet or other alternatives next to your existing web site and make sure they are known before the ProPornOt filter is materialized in a full blown censorship wall (UK, AUS, and many other western countries are making efforts in this and the ruling that past in the EU parlement speaks for itself) where the sites are blocked just like the Pirate Bay is.

For the MSM news factories, it's not really about the money but more about controlling setting the mindset of the people.

Posted by: xor | Dec 24 2016 23:54 utc | 82

1. Start referencing your posts so that what could one day become your alleged 'lies' are fully referenced and can't be misconstrued or portrayed as lies. References provide you with credibility, not that you don't have that already, without them. Yet they'll help in a variety of ways.

2. Maintain 3 or 4 blogs, or more, that are all identical, making it more difficult to mount denial of service and other web attacks.

3. Eat organic, you'll live longer and healthier—every year is worth at least 365 posts.

Posted by: Jeff Prager | Dec 25 2016 2:39 utc | 83

Mina @74:

The art of webpage design is steadily advancing, and this is just us old foggies who find the new trends annoying. In fact, I suspect that in universities and/or training centers are classes like "Annoying web deign I", "Annoying web design II", "Annoying Web design III", "Super Advanced Totally Annoying Web Design" (the latter for grad students or very talented younger student. In the same time, browser technology and operating systems keep advancing as well to enable particularly perverse effects and to improve hackability of your hardware.

Software and hardware development is for sadists, and web browsing for masochists.

I should bless b for running a totally obsolete outfit.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Dec 25 2016 3:25 utc | 84

@PavewayIV | Dec 23, 2016 11:40:49 What else is new? Israel’s Water Genocide

Israeli Settlers Poison Palestinian Water Tank

Israel’s use of biological weapons in 1948 - Poisoning of Acre

Posted by: ProPeace | Dec 25 2016 6:52 utc | 86

@PavewayIV | Dec 24, 2016 2:14:52 Here you go:

From us, to hold our promises that we have provided to the Syrian people, to preserve the vows that we made, and to embodiment of the victories of the great Syrian people, we declare our responsibility for targeting the Russian ambassador in Ankara, and we congratulate our people to accomplish this mission successfully which carried out by one of our liberal men accompanied by a hero of our Turkish brothers. Free Syria will stay free, through its free people.

We are announcing here that the killing of the Russian ambassador in Ankara will be just the beginning of upcoming operations of a list to target all Iranian and Russian interests in any part of the world.

We renew today our pledge to Syrian people to avenge the martyrs’ blood and revenge for all Syrians from the criminal “Assad” , and who were allies subsidy, and stood next to him in his criminality.

Glory to the Syrian people and shame of Assad regime and the regulations of the Russian and Iranian aggression and their supporters.

Exclusive to Syrian Popular Movement

“The Military Wing of the External Independent Syrian Revolution”

I hope the crash of the Russian jet today heading with those musicians to Latakia is not a realization of this threat. [*] R.I.P

EVERYBODY must realize that "rebels", AQ, IS/IL = NATO, MoSSad, CIA, MI6

Posted by: ProPeace | Dec 25 2016 7:09 utc | 87

@ ProPeace,

I may rail on about religions in comments here but the only one I really want to eliminate entirely is the God of Mammon/private finance one.

My gut also wants to stay focused on the institution of private finance, including the City of London and not transfer that focus to spite of their treatment of the Palestinians.....I want to take away the tool of private finance from ANY that would use it to control/enslave others.

I want to see humanity evolve. In the critical/humanitarian ways we have not done so since the Enlightenment period, IMO.

Thanks for the "live in interesting times" links......What can pond scum like us do but watch whatever happens? I can only think/know to speak truth to power about the evil of private finance....which I continue to do.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Dec 25 2016 7:32 utc | 88

Thanks Piotr, but the main trend i see at the moment is that all commercial websites are being re designed for tablets only. Writing will soon be seen as subversive.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 25 2016 11:41 utc | 89

i think you're absolutely right, mina. a few pictures that fill the screen separated by twitterish spoonsful of bytes ... sites like this will disappear. hosts like typepad will disappear. maybe zero-net - if it's not a googlish trojan horse - or something like it will become 'popular' ... but popular as a cult phenomenon. tee-rump was just elected potus, for chrissakes. we'll become gnomes, talking to ourselves, and even that will be illegal. the equivalent of thought crimes. they'll probably ignore us, we're so few. our 'crime' will only be prosecuted as its equivalent is now in thailand : 'kill the chicken to scare the monkey'. they might even have to create their own fake conspirators to prosecute, convict, imprison, and execute, our crimes having fallen completely beneath the societal radar.

Posted by: jfl | Dec 25 2016 12:32 utc | 90

No!! Sites like this won't disappear. The iconoclast crew is bigger than one may think!
If buttons and more pics start to show up, I'll stop visiting, but I trust our host.

More on White Helmets terrorist connections:

Zeronet seems perfectly safe. I wouldn't go for darknet and I find anonymity too naive in our days, as long as you're not using a satellite connection.

Posted by: Mina | Dec 25 2016 13:59 utc | 91

This is orwellian. Fake news, newspeak & memory holes. It will only get worse - they even want a memory of truth.

Posted by: rawdawgbugfalo | Dec 25 2016 14:17 utc | 92

Facebook is the Walmart of blogs. Why support Walmart and then be trespassed over a complaint and have to drive 30 miles to a Target?

Get your own FREE blog at

Set up "Post By Email".

Get a cheap ($10 ~ $12) forwarding/white-listing email account:

(Pricing --> One (1) Basic account.) (Make sure they still feature white listing and forwarding. This will allow you to control your own site.)

Set up forwarding and white-listing, and give your friends random addresses that will automatically be forwarded into your private WordPress blog (".com" or ".org" version) via its post-by email feature so they can post front-page articles -- Privately! No Facebook needed! And you could in turn post at all of their many sites!

EVERYONE can have and gather at such Affinity Sites!

Posted by: blues | Dec 25 2016 17:17 utc | 93

Bana is getting tired of interviews

Posted by: Mina | Dec 25 2016 20:18 utc | 94


"A truth that's told with ill intent,
Beats all the lies you can invent."

William Blake

Posted by: Roger Milbrandt | Dec 25 2016 20:20 utc | 95

What people forget is that the World-Wide Web (thanks Tim Berners-Lee) was set up with socialistic/anarchistic intentions. That everyone should have equal access to the internet. It was a remarkable achievement, and the bosses have been trying to shut it down ever since. There was a pre-internet in France called minitel (I had it), where you paid every minute. Much as I appreciate the efforts of France Telecom (it didn't exist elsewhere), evidently the free internet is more interesting.

Any time people complain about restrictions on the internet, think about the free gift you received from Berners-Lee, and how the internet could have been paying, as the minitel was.

Posted by: Laguerre | Dec 25 2016 22:21 utc | 96

Posted by: jfl | Dec 25, 2016 7:32:13 AM | 93

Why so gloomy?
Megalomaniacs (who believe too much of their own bs) make much bigger mistakes than Humans.
Did you forget?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Dec 26 2016 5:59 utc | 97

User zorg on SyPer linked to a great Ollie Richardson article on

Ten Social Media Accounts That Dealt the Strongest Blows to the Western Syria Propaganda Machine

Whether you follow anything on Twitter or not, Ollie's article describes some of the most notable accounts and their influence on countering Western pro-head-chopper propaganda. The names are all familiar to me, but I don't follow anyone on Twitter and I've never seen anyone put together a list like this.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Dec 26 2016 8:46 utc | 98

Not sure I share Laguerre's optimism about the www
Excellent article, sorry if already posted here, I can't remember where i found it

Posted by: Mina | Dec 26 2016 10:45 utc | 99

Hoarsewhisperer @100:

Megalomaniacs (who believe too much of their own bs) make much bigger mistakes than Humans.
Yes. A move to censorship begs the question: What are they trying to hide?

Every good journalist and activist will be asking that question.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Dec 26 2016 15:35 utc | 100

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