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November 04, 2016

Open Thread 2016-37

News & views NOT related to the U.S. election ...

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Posted by b on November 4, 2016 at 18:58 UTC | Permalink

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I found this you tube program interesting. I doubt if the people of the west, and those oligarchs under its sway would find this possible, much less support it ... but, it is worth cussing. Maybe even discussing ...

Posted by: rg the lg | Nov 4 2016 19:15 utc | 1

I very strange car bombing happened in Hurriyah neighborhood in Baghdad on October 30, 2016. The attack was mentioned by Western mainstream media, including Associated Press, New York Times, Daily Mail, and Al-Jazeera. Photos and video was shown of the aftermath. Allegedly 10 people died.

But it seems no attack ever happened. A viral CCTV video on Arabic language shows what really happened. Two men drive away after setting up the bomb. Immediately after the explosion about 20 "crisis actor" wannabees rush to the scene and stage a White Helmets style rescue performance.

I still do what happened. The Shia trying to make the Sunnis look bad? Or was the false even itself a hoax staged by ISIS to make the Shia look bad? Or the U.S. trying to incite sectarian violence?

Our initial investigation is here on ACLOS: Alleged car bombing in Hurriyah, Baghdad, October 30, 2016

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Nov 4 2016 19:36 utc | 2

Massive changes are still possible come this Tuesday, a revolution without loss of life but plenty of loss of face. This miracle will only happen should the voter, upon entering the voting booth and draw the curtain behind themselves and cast not a single ballot for any incumbent for return to office. This for national, state, county and local offices. There should be only one exception, when a candidate posses an unquestioned reputation for integrity, they you return, on provision of continued good behaviour.
Obtaining a judges order prohibiting all phone and other electronic devises within 1000 feet of a polling place, enforced by police confiscating all electronic devises while voting and return upon exiting the polling station and enforcing complete isolation of all polling stations until the count is complete would reduce the possibility of vote rigging. In effect, putting the polling station into a Faraday cage during voting hours until the count is completed within. No external influences allowed at voting sites.
Don't be duped by supporters of minor and third parties into self voter suppression for any form of stool pigeon no matter how elegantly they present themselves. The election will be won by only one of the two main political parties. The question is not that of evil (as the brain dead moralists insist), it is a question of better in meeting the public good as well as the voter's interests. There is a difference but that difference will not be found in any media supported by corporate interests; assume everything you have heard from those sources as being adverse propaganda designed to persuade you to vote their interests rather than your own. Don't be fooled; don't be a fool - there are way too many of them as it is.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 4 2016 20:00 utc | 3

What part of "For election comments please use the previous thread" doesn't Formerly T-Bear understand?

Posted by: prez | Nov 4 2016 20:03 utc | 4

@prez | Nov 4, 2016 4:03:52 PM | 4

He's an exceptional!

Posted by: Jack Smith | Nov 4 2016 20:18 utc | 5

When I posted you jerks, those instructions were not there. Feck off.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 4 2016 20:22 utc | 6

Turkey PKK fingered in terror attack

Six civilians and two police officers were killed and around 100 people were injured when a blast struck a police building in Turkey's south-eastern city of Diyarbakir on Friday morning, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said.

Turkey once again proves itself to be anal pore of the Asia/Middle East/Europe sewer system.

Just my opinion

Posted by: ALberto | Nov 4 2016 20:25 utc | 7

@7 alberto.. turkey has a civil war on it's hands, while sultan erdogan fantasizes about capturing the land part of the ottoman empire, prior to 1923... sad situation continues to unfold with a number of parliamentarians arrested just the other day too.. no one is immune from erdogans dreams of grandeur..

Posted by: james | Nov 4 2016 20:28 utc | 8

I am struggling with all my might to not mention the e...e...el...elec...

This torture violates the Geneva Conventions dammit!

Posted by: blues | Nov 4 2016 20:52 utc | 9

It's propaganda for local consumption (mainly but not only). Many in the ME believe that IS is just "the West", i.e. Israelis, CIA, etc agitating some ppl to take advantage and conquer more land/soil. So it was probably made by ppl who want to discredit the anti-IS forces in saying that what the MSM or Iraqi gov says about IS attacks is not true, that they are not so bad as portrayed, and that anyway when it comes to fake vids it's normal practice from both sides.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 4 2016 21:21 utc | 11

B should be thanked for the open thread: non-Americans were starting to suffocate.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 4 2016 21:22 utc | 12

From Syrper:

"Syria-Egypt-Iraq Rapprochement

Much has been said about the Egyptian shift to Russia, Iraq, Syria and Libya’s LNA Government. Concrete steps were observed in the past month that attest to it:

1) Egypt supported the last Russian UNSC resolution concerning Syria.

2) Egypt refused to participate in the murderous and criminal Saudi “coalition” bombing of Yemen.

3) KSA cut oil/gas supply to Egypt which was immediately replaced by Iraq’s government. The deal was closed between Iraqi PM Haydar Al-‘Abbaadi and President Al-Sisi with Russian and Iranian intercession.

4) Russia and Egypt executed a massive joint military drill during October. An historical first.

5) There are unconfirmed rumors floating of a possible airbase for RuAF by the Egyptian Med Sea.

6) Unconfirmed rumors of Russian delivery of tons of weapons and ammo, through Egypt, to Libya’s National Army-Tobruk Government.

7) Confirmed Syria-Egypt Intel officers meeting in Cairo during October with Syrian Presidential Security Advisor Maj. Gen. ‘Ali Mamlook at the head of the Syrian delegation.

8) Egyptian soldiers have arrived in Damascus in early November for, most likely, experience-sharing in urban warfare, counter-terrorism training and for facilitating deeper Intel exchanges.


Posted by: Lozion | Nov 4 2016 21:25 utc | 13

We just need 2 more denials to add to 3 to make it official.

The French defense minister lashed at his Polish counterpart for claiming that Egypt had resold French-built amphibious assault ships initially intended for Russia to the Russian Navy. Franco-Polish relations have soured over a failed defense deal.

Polish Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz has claimed that the two Mistral ships that France sold to Egypt after it broke a deal with Russia under pressure from its NATO allies were secretly resold to Russia for a token price of €1.

Posted by: schlub | Nov 4 2016 21:43 utc | 14

schlub @14

Wait until he finds out about the Russian helicopters that are coming with the deal. Ahh, now I understand why Russia wants to reopen their old base there.

Posted by: Dean | Nov 4 2016 21:54 utc | 15

This is a excellent interview covering many topics discussed here regarding ME, USA, geopolitics, Turkeys mission, etc. Its from the Bulgarian perspective.

"Interview conducted by Antoinette Kiselincheva with Boyan Chukov, former adviser on Foreign Policy and National Security in two governments of the Republic of Bulgaria, former diplomat in Paris and Madrid, foreign intelligence officer."

"...Q: Does the US seriously they want to deal with DAESH or is it just a show? Because it is funny to observe how a country which claims to have the most powerful army in the world, lost so much time in a hopeless effort to chase away a handful of jihadis.

BC: The attack on Mosul can be seen through the prism of globalization. There is another hypothesis. Do not forget that in June 2014, the city was handed over to the jihadists without a fight. The special forces of the United States left to the terrorists heavy military equipment, armor, ammunition, some very badly guarded bases for supply, and half a billion dollars in cash in several banks in Mosul. So DAESH procured modern weapons and considerable financial resources. Now they are looking for a decorative victory in Mosul to maintain globalism and Pan-Americanism in the face of Hillary Clinton. This is the reason to believe information that about 1.2 billion dollars is offered to bribe the leaders of the jihadists to leave Mosul.

Analysts believe that the goal is not primarily to transfer jihadists from Mosul to Aleppo and Rakka, but for DAESH fighters to be transferred to northern Afghanistan, where weapons are stored in seven (again) poorly protected US bases. There are serious suspicions that the US special forces will once more try to play in Afghanistan, the elegant scheme of June 2014 in Mosul, with the transfer of weapons in a theatrical way. The placement of DAESH in Afghanistan will allow the jihadists to deploy an offensive line on Herat-Mara with the task to reaching the port of Turkmenbashi (Krasnovodsk) in Turkmenistan and to continue their offensive along the Caspian Sea toward Kazakhstan and the Russian Volga region."

Posted by: Dean | Nov 4 2016 22:01 utc | 16

@14-15 Awesome news! Send them to Tartous ASAP :)

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 4 2016 22:17 utc | 17

I wonder if King Playstation has wet himself or is he on the way to his Swiss mega chalet?

Three US troops killed in shooting at Jordan airbase

Posted by: ALberto | Nov 4 2016 22:19 utc | 18

Hey! Whatever happened to that Kerry guy?

Posted by: ALberto | Nov 4 2016 22:20 utc | 19

@ Lozion | 13

Thanks for bringing our attention to the Egypt-Iraq-Syria(-Russia-Iran) rapprochement.
I've been expecting the set-up of a Russian military base in eastern Libya for a while, but why not Egypt instead? It's at the centre of the region anyway, and they seem to be taking care of Russia's Mistrals quite nicely. Or, they need airforce and navy bases, so why not one in each country?

Russian weapons for Tobruk - don't they have more than enough already?

Posted by: smuks | Nov 4 2016 22:27 utc | 20

ALberto @18

Colonel Cassad's take is that they didn't stop when order as they were approaching the gate. "Therefore, assuming that the incident would try to hush, and not stir up too much scandal, although if this story gets in the millstones of the election campaign, it may be, it will have consequences."

Posted by: Dean | Nov 4 2016 22:27 utc | 21

Another point:

Lot of stuff going on in Korea.
'Someone' is trying to unseat president Park, at the same time more and more talk about possible military action against the north. Mounting pressure, while secretly offering safe exile and political transition?

Posted by: smuks | Nov 4 2016 22:29 utc | 22

Fri Nov 04, 2016 4:53
Kurdish-Led SDF: No Turkish Partnership in Imminent Offensive on ISIL Capital in Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces announced that they have a plan to carry out a major assault on Raqqa to take back the city from the ISIL without any assistance from Turkey.

SDF's Spokesman Talal Sallo asserted that his forces do not plan on coordinating with the Turkish Army to liberate the city of Raqqa.

“The issue of Turkey’s partnership came under discussion with the (US-led) coalition and resolved definitively. There will be no Turkish participation in the Raqqa operation,” he said.

Posted by: schlub | Nov 4 2016 23:10 utc | 23

Every time there is a fire, whether it is a forest fire or house fire, think about the misallocated BILLIONS on the military industrial complex. The billions wasted on it when we could use that to create rapid response fire fighting equipment and systems. Think about hi-tech machines, aircraft and other things that could rapidly be deployed to put out a fire. We could keep the employment numbers just as high or higher from the military while focusing on a productive solution.

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Nov 4 2016 23:16 utc | 24

Big mystery all along this south border war is why is Yemen putting all this expertise & resources into these missiles only 1 every month or more, when what they need all along is many SAM missiles to go merely a few miles.

Fri Nov 04, 2016 5:21
Analyst: Yemeni Missiles Changing Power Balance

Noting that continued war in Yemen will further complicate the situation of the Saudis and make the Yemeni forces stronger, he said, "The range of the army and popular committees' missiles has increased to hit targets in Jeddah, meaning that they are likely to hit targets in Riyadh and beyond as well as Dubai and other sensitive regions soon in future."

Sharafi expressed confidence that the balance of power is changing and the Saudis' failure is imminent, and said, "The Saudis are moving towards full collapse, while the Yemeni nation is going towards victory and gaining more power in the military and defense fields."

Posted by: schlub | Nov 4 2016 23:20 utc | 25

Am hearing rumors of a massing of Turkish troops and equipement around Silopi.. Is Erdo planning an invasion of Iraq or Syria? Hababi has been clear on the matter, the ISF will respond..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 4 2016 23:45 utc | 26

Grr should read El Habadi..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 4 2016 23:46 utc | 27

@13 Lozion, '3) KSA cut oil/gas supply to Egypt which was immediately replaced by Iraq’s government. The deal was closed between Iraqi PM Haydar Al-‘Abbaadi and President Al-Sisi with Russian and Iranian intercession.'

Yes, indeed, thanks for bringing up the Russia/Egypt connection ... and the counterpoint to KSA. I was aware of KSA's action above, but somehow I missed the significance of the second part, Iraq's act ... 'Russian and Iranian intercession'.

Egypt in Libya makes much more sense than Russia in Libya. Iraq opposing KSA/IS/USA with Russian-Iranaian support is very good indeed. I still remember the UAR, really caught my attention as an 11 year-old ... a non-contiguous nation/country. The CIA undoubtedly had a hand in the 1961 coup that broke it up.

Egypt and the so-called Shia arc as an alternative to IS ... interesting. More likely to bear fruit than Russia's efforts with Turkey, in my opinion. Could act as a counter point to KSA/IS/USA along the Russian border in the 'stans as well. Great boost for Iran's standing.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 4 2016 23:52 utc | 28

@26 lozion

ISF = Internal Security Forces, of Lebanon? Sorry, I guess the 'I' stands for Iraq? and the 'F' for forces?

I get confused by all the acronyms.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 4 2016 23:56 utc | 29

@26 Lozion

and El Habadi = Haider al-Abadi?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 4 2016 23:59 utc | 30

@26 Lozion

And from Silopi if could be both/either Syria and/or Iraq. Which sounds 'supremely' Erdoganian.

The thing to do to counter Erdo's moves would be for those attacked to support the Kurds in Turkey ... wouldn't it? They could each then export their 'Kurd problem'. Iran, too. Cut Kurdistan out of Turkey.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 5 2016 0:07 utc | 31

Re: schlub | Nov 4, 2016 5:43:29 PM | 14

Polish minister of defense, Macierewicz, is the least trusted politician in a recent poll. The story of Mistrals sold to Russia for one dollar, "according to credible sources", compounded that opinion. In some ways, his policies are sensible, cutting the expensive import of Western arms. He also is a fire breathing fear monger specializing in Russian threat, and he plans to double the size of the military in a VERY CHEAP WAY. The ruling party has so-called "hard electorate" that can accept almost anything from their leaders, but at election time this party carefully hides Mr. Macierewicz in an undisclosed location.

Poland is a very instructive example in politics, because it shows that politics can be crazy in ways that are hard to categorize in "Western nomenclature". At least these guys are still mostly harmless (note the idea of cheap military expansion), unlike much more dangerously insane leadership of Turkey. This is one reason why I am very sceptical of grand conspiracy theories that posit some extremely intelligent and rational dark forces that execute some diabolical plans.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 5 2016 0:26 utc | 32

Fear Mongering about Russia is an American prescription. "Don't forget Poland." - Dubya.

Posted by: fast freddy | Nov 5 2016 0:33 utc | 33

OK, so at face value do we accept the possibility that fighters flushed out of Syria and No. Iraq are going after Turkey itself? Great strategy. Tie Turkey up on its own soil so they don't interfere with the master plan, whatever that is.

Posted by: stumpy | Nov 5 2016 0:39 utc | 34

@32 PB 'The story of Mistrals sold to Russia for one dollar, "according to credible sources", compounded that opinion'

He read it here first! Russia To Buy *Used* Mistral Helicopter Carriers From Egypt.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 5 2016 0:43 utc | 35

Major General John Rossi commits suicide

Last week it was reported by the U.S. Army that Major General John Rossi had committed suicide. Rossi had been slated to take over as the Commander of U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, and the Army Forces Strategic Command. General Rossi was about to complete 33 years of service and was only 55 years old. He was “found” at Redstone Arsenal, and the Army just ruled it a suicide. The Daily Mail on reported that a U.S. government official told USA Today: “It seemed that Rossi was overwhelmed by his responsibilities” as a potential reason for his suicide.

The problem is, he committed suicide on July 31, 2016…and it’s taken two months for the Army to rule it as being a suicide?

Posted by: Tobin Paz | Nov 5 2016 0:49 utc | 36

Egyptian developments are quite interesting. Al-Sisi is somewhat boofonish fascist leader, but apparently, with some intelligence. Initially he had to prop the economy with copious subsidies from the Gulf that he got on the account that Gulfies detest Muslim Brotherhood. Not that they are "anti-Islamist", but in the Gulf the "republicans" (anti-monarchists) gravitate to Muslim Brotherhood, thus all Gulfies, except for Qatar, attempt to undermine the Brotherhood in anyway they can, and everywhere they can. But Egypt also has severe problems with other types of Sunni extremism, and ideologically, rather fond of the government in Syria. Note however that initially Egypt joined the KSA-lead coalition to "restore the legitimate authorities in Yemen", and contributed, allegedly, 800 troops. A bit underwhelming, Latvia could match it if it wanted.

But now with oil being cheap and Gulfies reaching for financial reserves to pay the bills, cash from the Gulf is sparser and not plentiful enough to paper over substantial differences of interest. For example, in Yemen the main anti-Houthi party is close to Muslim Brotherhood. On the ground, Southern separatists are probably stronger, but to proceed beyond the Southern Yemen you got to support the Brothers. Egypt surely does not want that, and Gulfies seem ambivalent: living the the shadow of Iran gives them sever allergy to Shiism, something that Egypt does not share. This allergy may lead them to support "even" Muslim Brotherhood, but somehow they cannot bite that bullet either. Which explains the morass in Yemen: the intervention has no support whatsoever in "North Yemen" where 80% of the population lives. In the same time, non-Yemeni fighters have very bad historical record in Yemen. Like in Afghanistan, a lot of mountains and a lot of fighters. And the "old military" has quite deep reserves of good old Soviet (or Soviet-like) weapons, so the fighters have both the will to fight and the weapons.

Yemen should be left to the Yemenis to sort out, and they are capable of doing exactly that. But not Libyans, and they share ca. 1000 km (600 miles) of border with Egypt. Some weapons from that chaos may reach Egyptian Islamists, so Egypt has keen interest in resolving the situation so some force would unite the country, and that force would not include any kind of "dangerous Islamists" (there are also "tame Islamist, like the guys allowed to write commentaries in tightly controlled Egyptian press. It seems that al-Sisi bets on Gen. Haider.

Bets are good, but you need to put something on the table, and Egypt is always tottering close to bankruptcy. And now we can see a "no-cash" axis. Iran and Iraq have little cash to share, but they can make gifts of oil. And Russia has no significant cash to offer either (Putin is too much of a miser), but it is rather liberal with credits for weapon purchases, and prices are attractive too.

Mind you, Egypt also gets cash from USA, but this is rather secure because Zionist lobby likes to see a strongman in Egypt that hates Hamas. So the only bad consequence of breaking with KSA is losing THEIR subsidies, but Egypt can survive on oil alone. With weapons obtained for credit, Egypt can make a material bet on Haider, and since the latter seems to be a very much FORMER CIA asset, Putin does not mind him. He even supplied Heider with paper money (some of you may recall this very convoluted story).

I guess, it is rather futile to commit troops to Libyan intervention, but with weapons and paper money, Tobruk government can realistically get full control of eastern Libya where most of oil is. That would give control over oil, but the West has tools to prevent selling that oil. But Egypt can import that oil and sell the oil received as a gift. Perhaps in the near future American consulate in Benghazi will be more secure than ever, if rather forlorn as the natives will forsake its influence.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 5 2016 1:19 utc | 37

@36 TP

US Army: two-star major general committed suicide at Alabama base

According to the country’s Centers for Disease Control, the US Army had a suicide rate of nearly 30 suicides per 100,000 service members. By comparison, the national rate in 2014 was about 13 per 100,000 citizens.

The USA eats its young ... and those who grow old in its 'service'.

Major General John Rossi’s suicide

Rossi himself talked in March about suicide at a conference on preventing troops from killing themselves.

He held up a card from his wallet with photos of 10 soldiers who had died under his command at Fort Sill, Okla. Four of them had committed suicide.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 5 2016 1:26 utc | 38


United States Armed Forces

The projected active duty end strength in the armed forces for FY 2017 was 1,281,900 people,[4] with an additional 801,200 people in the seven reserve components.[4]

[4] "Department of Defense (DoD) Releases Fiscal Year 2017 President's Budget Proposal". U.S. Department of Defense. 9 February 2016. Retrieved 11 February 2016.

Incarceration in the United States

According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), 2,220,300 adults were incarcerated in US federal and state prisons, and county jails in 2013 – about 0.91% of adults (1 in 110) in the U.S. resident population.[2] Additionally, 4,751,400 adults in 2013 (1 in 51) were on probation or on parole.[2] In total, 6,899,000 adults were under correctional supervision (probation, parole, jail, or prison) in 2013 – about 2.8% of adults (1 in 35) in the U.S. resident population.[2]

[2] Correctional Populations in the United States, 2013 (NCJ 248479). Published December 2014 by U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

... and those who survive, survive in the belly of the beast.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 5 2016 1:35 utc | 39

@29-30 Jfl, ISF: Iraqi Security Forces or Iraq's regular army. Iraqi premier is Al Habbadi indeed. Arabic names have multiple phonologies.. sorry for the confusion.

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 5 2016 1:37 utc | 40

@39 Let's see ...

1,281,900 people
  801,200 people
2,220,300 adults
4,751,400 adults
9,054,800 people

9,054,800 people / 313,000,000 = 2.8, or 3% of the US population

The United States has the world's largest military budget. In the fiscal year 2016, $580.3 billion in funding were enacted for the Department of Defense (DoD) and for "Overseas Contingency Operations" in the War on Terrorism.[4] Outside of direct DoD spending, the United States spends another $218 to $262 billion each year on other defense-related programs, such as Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, nuclear weapons maintenance, and the State Department.

[4] "Department of Defense (DoD) Releases Fiscal Year 2017 President's Budget Proposal". U.S. Department of Defense. 9 February 2016. Retrieved 11 February 2016.

That's 798.3 - 842.3 billion for the armed services.

Judicial, police, and corrections costs totaled $212 billion in 2011 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.[192] In 2007, around $74 billion was spent on corrections according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.[190][191]

[190] Direct expenditures by justice function, 1982–2007 (billions of dollars). Inflation adjusted to 2007 dollars. U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). Retrieved January 1, 2012 by the Internet Archive. See BJS timeline graph based on the data.
[191] Justice Expenditures and Employment, FY 1982–2007 - Statistical Tables (NCJ 236218). Published December 2011. U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). By Tracey Kyckelhahn, Ph.D., BJS statistician. See table 2 of the PDF. "Total justice expenditures, by justice function, FY 1982–2007 (real dollars)". A total of around $74 billion for corrections in 2007.
[192] As Arrest Records Rise, Americans Find Consequences Can Last a Lifetime. August 18, 2014. Wall Street Journal.

Expense nearly tripled in 5 years, let's say it only doubled over the next 4, to be safe ...

That's 424 billion for the jail services.

Together that's 1,222.3 - 1,266.3 billion to the 'GDP' generated by just 3% of the population (say a billion even if you keep the 'production' of those jailed constant). That's $135-140,000 per capita ($110,000/capita). The US GDP/capita was $53,041.98 in 2013. The engine of the most productive part of the US economy by far are mercenaries('volunteers')/cannon fodder(more than twice as likely to end as suicides) or in jail! Twice the average! Who says slavery ended in the USA?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 5 2016 2:20 utc | 41

Mina @ 12

I feel your pain. I'm American and I too am about to suffocate. So are most of the people I know. The bread's stale and so are the circuses.

Posted by: Ken Nari | Nov 5 2016 2:39 utc | 42


How about a Peace Department? Retube nuclear submarines to launch emergency aid telecomm 'missiles' where Global Hawk bases are too remote, and satellites can only watch. Convert nuclear aircraft carriers to medivac centers and Super Stalkions into portable hospitals. Redeploy Caterpillars and John Deeres to our 800 foreign bases to rebuild washed out roads and bridges and retool VTOL fighters to 'drop' 500 lbs of diesel fuel air lifts. Everyone keeps their jobs, except the munitions manufacturers and especially the nuclear and ICBM groups. Future Warriors can still provide security and decimate (instead of arming and funding) radical insurgent groups and land grab militias. Instead of squandering $750B a year creating wars, the Peace Department's goal would be Zero Hotspots. No butcher would dare leave his enclave for fear of hellfire. No peasant working in their fields, no school children on their way to class, would have to worry about white phosphorous or napalm horrible death. Six Sigma Peace.

No more 'missing and unaccounted for' $6,500,000,000,000 in American last life savings. No more $4.4B destroyers that a single Silkworm can defeat. No more $1,500B F35s that can be painted with multiphase radar then destroyed by superior Russian or soon Chinese fighters. No more bunkerbusters, no more WMDs, just medivacs, reconstruction, food aid and area security.

Hoo-ahh. Yeah, and that'll happen. Big fish eat little fish, then get so full of themselves, they enjoy torturing little fish until the next chow call. Big fish get so Exceptional, they have to outdo each other in torture and mayhem, just to get a hard-on. And that's why the Bush-Cheney Presidential Annex movie room had it's only fire in history,and the Abu Ghraib video tapes were the only thing destroyed by thatvfire. The Exceptionals love torture pron.

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Nov 5 2016 3:02 utc | 43

Guy Fawkes-1605

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Nov 5 2016 3:10 utc | 44


WTF would you post on MoA such Juvenile Jibberish as his post about an 'EMP Hit to the Hub' and 'Obama Takeover by the UN', from the deluded cracker Preppers who refer to Memphis as 'Memfrica crowded with porch monkeys', and sell overpriced dogkibble on the site as 'survival food'?
Go post on InfoWars or The Daily Sovereigntist, that's Cracker Landt.

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Nov 5 2016 3:54 utc | 45

I would just like to thank HRC for giving us these words:

"Deplorables" and "Flyover Country"

I don't think one can be more succinct in describing the 1% attitude to the rest of us.

I found this quote from "Jesse's Cafe Americain" in this article describing the 1%:

"“Not all sociopaths wield knives and knotted cords. Some wear suits, and are exceptionally intelligent and articulate, obsessively driven, and are able to use and undermine the law and the rules for their advantage, like weapons. It is never about the win, never about the money. It is about the kill, the expression of their hatred, about elevating themselves with the suffering of others. Bind, torture, kill. Not only with ropes and knives, but also with power and money, and the subversion of law. Lawlessness is their addiction, their will to power.

When societies become lax and complacent, these sociopaths can possess great political power through great amounts of unprincipled money. And over time they become almost anti-human, destroyers of all that is good, all that is life, all that offends their insatiable sickness with its goodness. They twist the public against itself, and turn a broad sweep of society into their killing grounds. This is the undeniable lesson of the last century. There are monsters, and they walk among us.”"

"Killing for power", that sounds about right.

Posted by: Dean | Nov 5 2016 5:17 utc | 46

ALberto @ #19

He's on a super secret mission to New Zealand. Probably trying to get our dickhead prime minister to declare war on Russia after Russias escalation to our PMs verbal attack. His diatribe about Russian involvement in Syria & a further attack of a personal nature on Putin got $100 million worth of NZ meat & fish tied up on the docks due to listeria, etc for the fore see able future. Our media down here, despite prompting, seem to not want to mention the Russians response to our pipsqueaks attack The original story is at John Helmers "Dancing With Bears"

Posted by: KiwiCris | Nov 5 2016 6:32 utc | 47

@47 : KiwiCris | Nov 5, 2016 2:32:13 AM

When John Helmer - an Australian - first broke this story, and it was
reposted in 'Off-Guardian' - I sent up writeups of both to
Winston Peters, head of NZ First. He's about the only NZ politician
that will take on the current (increasingly pro american) government.
NO sign of him using it yet, tho

Posted by: DavidKNZ | Nov 5 2016 8:08 utc | 48

I'm surprised that people, even here, see entities such as Saudi Barbaria, Israel, UAE, Bahrein, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, Canada (Wikileks just revealed Clinton helped Trudeao win the elections), Japan, North Korea (yes, them) as sovereign countries whereas they all are just outposts, tentacles as you will, of The British Empire of the City of London Crown Corporation run mainly by the Rothshilds.

Of course the lame-scream media subservient shill deliberately create this confusion, misrepresenting that one evil organization (cemented also via pedophilia, sodomy, satanic ritual human sacrifice, as in the Bohemian Grove, that's why so many children have been missing in the West every year, also from Ukraine and other conquered lands, most recent glimpse into this dark circle are the Podesta leaked emails about "spiritual dinners" with Marina Abramovic) as a set of independent actors, but this should not fool anybody. Using Qatar or Saudia for money transfers to the Clinton crime syndicate is only for "plausible deniability", for distraction and avoiding accountability. In reality these countries do not exist, e.g. Thierry Meyssan rightly calls Qatar just "a BP/Amoco fuel plant".

Everything points to the next year as the time when the hot war between London (with its colonies) and Moscow will break out. I've already cited in other thread British press headlines about preparation for war that would start in two years, and of course it means it will be sooner. "Perfidious Albion" has been deploying more and more forces to the Eastern Europe, most likely to start the hostilities against Russia via its usual tactic of a false flag provocation sometime during late Summer 2017 - that's when the newly created "private army" of the Polish Defense Minister Maciarewicz is expected to be ready (30 000 strong, paid 500 zlotys monthly).

In the meantime The Brutish Empire has been desperately sending more weapons to its outposts in the ME masqueraded as "sales" with the main purpose to buy itself more time, by entangling Russian Federation in the Syrian quagmire, before being ready for the nuclear first strike against Russia. The Saudi, Qatari, Bahreini, UAE Brutish puppets are between the rock and hard place. From one end enormous pressure of its London masters to send more terrorists with equipment, money, drugs into Syria and Iraq to keep the Russians and their allies busy, from the other end the Russians make it clearer and clear that if these regimes keep listening to London's order they soon will be annihilated (including Israel) - that naval force parked in the Med for a reason.

Crown Corporation plans to keep the EU subdued through NATO and further waves of terrorists attacks via the barbarians (trained in the ME by the British SF sent there in a few batches officially to "train the moderate rebels against ISIS") sponsored by their wahabbi puppets - that was just announced by some British scum official "warning" against new ISIS attacks in Europe coming. It's fair for him to warn since it's him and his criminal, anti-human cabal of MI5/6, CIA, DGSE that organize these attacks. Why such statements like his are not investigated by the public and such guys publicly interrogated with all means necessary to confess what he knew, and how he knew it - is beyond. Such statements are like public admission of guilt. What would you do if a policeman tells you that "you know, our intelligence sources tell us your house will be attack next week". You would shout "and the police is doing nothing knowing this?!!!!" Same here - how can he announce knowledge about the coming attacks with being grilled about that knowledge and not preventing it, especially with billions spent so far on the (phony) "war on terror". Why is the public so inert, so pliable, why are they getting away with such shit?

Other means to terrorize the EU into further submission before attacking Russia will be using bio-weapons attacks. The bioweapon laboratories are in Georgia, nearby Ukraine and in Poland. The scheme will be similar like those with Ebola that whore ALISA SWIDLER should be watched closely.

Alisa Swidler is a Trustee of Sabin Vaccine Institute.
Alisa and her son Ash took first-aid kits to a remote area of Liberia.
'The village was hit by Ebola a week after they departed.'

And of course CETA is another tool to colonize the EU more, apart from NATO, through economic and financial terrorism, after Russia is defeated.

I'm not worried about the US involvement because there is no way now that London's puppet Hitlary Killton is elected. The US will be contained within next few days and either will stay neutral or join Russia.

Then the hell will break loose in the ME, where London's puppets will be annihilated (and also those hundreds of SAS commandos on the ground including Aleppo), with help from Yemen (incessant barrage of missiles raining on Saudi Barbaria), Egypt, Lebanon (new president) and others...

China, with Phillipines and others switching sides, will take care of the Asian theater.

In Spring The City of London will be given an ultimatum by Russia and her allies - surrender or be flattened by dozens of neutron bombs.

That's the shape of the things to come in the next half a year, so brace yourself for a wild ride...

I hope some British citizens are reading this because they can stop the hostilities by declaring massive, 20 million+ strong, civil disobedience, general strike demanding to stop the war of conquest, and justice for those millions of murdered, maimed, tortured, expelled, raped, ritually sacrificed by the London angloziomasonic elites.

Posted by: ProPeace | Nov 5 2016 10:18 utc | 49

On MSM propaganda techniques:

doublespeak (noun): deliberately ambiguous or obscure language designed to mislead, for example the military expression collateral damage instead of civilian deaths and injuries

Learn more at:

Posted by: Molin | Nov 5 2016 10:23 utc | 50

@Lozian, etc, Re: Egypt & Russia, Russia has wheat and oil, al Sisi gets the wheat, he doesn't need the Saudi cash to buy it, he can just owe Russia, cut out the middle man.

I believe this has much to do with Putin's popularity in the ME.

Posted by: bemildred | Nov 5 2016 10:40 utc | 51

Obama hack Russia openly,

"Russia expects Washington to provide an explanation after a report claimed that Pentagon cyber-offensive specialists have hacked into Russia’s power grids, telecommunications networks, and the Kremlin's command systems for a possible sabotage."

Posted by: Molin | Nov 5 2016 11:21 utc | 52

@Dean | 16
Thanks for the link.
Very insightful piece. especially hits the right tone regarding the Moscow-Ankara balance/ imbalance.
Am not as confident as he appears regarding Turkey's ability to take what it wants though.

Posted by: AtaBrit | Nov 5 2016 13:54 utc | 53

I've been mulling over the possibility that there may be some link between the Jackyl Island sexcapades and the hundreds of missing indigenous women in Canada. In fact, missing women everywhere, but the indigenous women issue is finally starting to come into a more mainstream light north of the border, so the potential is there.

Posted by: TrueNorth | Nov 5 2016 14:34 utc | 54

Like the "Boy who cried Wolf!" it appears that the Holocau$t narrative has worn a bit thin

Posted by: ALberto | Nov 5 2016 15:22 utc | 55

@ jfl | Nov 4, 2016 7:52:35 PM | 28

"Great boost for Iran's standing." - indeed, as everything happening in the region lately.

About time Russia and Egypt remember their old ties.
Yes, Egypt desperately needs food for it huge population. What Russia may soon need is soldiers to fight its Middle Eastern wars (think stabilizing Libya, Yemen, maybe help out in Syria?), so there's a chance Egypt will get a very good deal on those wheat deliveries.

KSA promised to finance a bridge and tons of investment, but al-Sisi knows they are bigmouths.

Interesting times ahead - the big danger is that if KSA collapses, they won't go down quietly. It might need cooperation of Russia and US (and EU and China?) to keep the situation under control.

Turkey, Erdogan is trying to play both (or all four) sides. The natural thing to do in his position, politically and geographically. Firmly choosing one side and abandoning the other would lead to disaster, so it's better not to force him.

Posted by: smuks | Nov 5 2016 15:31 utc | 56

Re: Molin | Nov 5, 2016 7:21:49 AM | 52

as NBC News reports today, that has not stopped the Obama administration from implicitly declaring war on Russia...

U.S. military hackers have penetrated Russia's electric grid, telecommunications networks and the Kremlin's command systems, making them vulnerable to attack by secret American cyber weapons should the U.S. deem it necessary, according to a senior intelligence official and top-secret documents reviewed by NBC News.

American officials have long said publicly that Russia, China and other nations have probed and left hidden malware on parts of U.S critical infrastructure, "preparing the battlefield," in military parlance, for cyber attacks that could turn out the lights or turn off the internet across major cities.

It's been widely assumed that the U.S. has done the same thing to its adversaries. The documents reviewed by NBC News — along with remarks by a senior U.S. intelligence official — confirm that, in the case of Russia.
U.S. officials continue to express concern that Russia will use its cyber capabilities to try to disrupt next week's presidential election. U.S. intelligence officials do not expect Russia to attack critical infrastructure — which many believe would be an act of war — but they do anticipate so-called cyber mischief, including the possible release of fake documents and the proliferation of bogus social media accounts designed to spread misinformation.

On Friday the hacker known as "Guccifer 2.0" — which U.S. officials say is a front for Russian intelligence — tweeted a threat to monitor the U.S. elections "from inside the system."

The senior U.S. intelligence official said that, if Russia initiated a significant cyber attack against critical infrastructure, the U.S. could take action to shut down some Russian systems — a sort of active defense.
So last week we had VP Joe Biden proclaiming publicly that "we are sending a message to Putin" and now NBC confirms the US military has undertaken cyberattacks on Russia's infrastructure.

One problem, officials say, is that the doctrine around cyber conflict - what is espionage, what is theft, what is war - is not well developed.

"Cyber war is undefined," Brown said. "There are norms of behavior that we try to encourage, but people violate those."
Well judging from where we started - with NATO's declaration that a cyberattack is equivalent to a kinetic attack and thus an act of war, one can only wonder how the Russians will view this admission of 'action' by the Americans.

U.S. Govt. Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election

Posted by: Perimetr | Nov 5 2016 15:47 utc | 57

Another 'Red Line' is (conveniently) crossed?

Turkey's new 'Erdogan Doctrine'

[Erdogan:] “After today we won’t wait for border problems to break out. We won’t wait until the last minute, until we fully sink into a morass. From now on, we will confront problems. Is there a problem with terror? We won’t wait for terror outfits to strike us. Wherever they are, we will go find them and hit them hard.”

Turkey Steps Up Security Measures After Baghdadi's Threats

Al-Baghdadi said that the terror group’s militants will “unleash the fire of their anger” on Ankara, apparently referring to Turkish troops stationed at a base outside Mosul ...

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 5 2016 15:48 utc | 58

Before a dictatorial regimes takes unpopular action, there is often a crackdown on opposition and independent press and one or more false flag attacks. Is this what we are seeing in Turkey?

Turkey orders arrest of nine newspaper staff, detains more pro-Kurdish officials

Hours after the detentions on Friday, a car bomb killed 10 people and wounded more than 100 near a police station in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir where some of the lawmakers were being held.

[How would such an attack help the detained lawmakers? It would only add to the government's case that they have ties to terrorists.]

Islamic State jihadists later claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the militant group's Amaq news agency.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 5 2016 16:29 utc | 59

Is this what all the fuss is about?

Iraq, Turkey Tensions Escalate Over Flashpoint City

The Western approaches to Mosul were left open. Ostensibly to allow ISIS jihadis to escape (and thereby reducing the hardship on the population of Mosul). However, this also allowed for resupply of Mosul. IMO ISIS has no intention of giving up Mosul because their sponsors have promised it to Turkey.

But Shiite brigades have moved to occupy areas west of Mosul. And they have had some success in doing so. Erdogan seems to be preparing for an intervention to counter this.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 5 2016 16:41 utc | 60

Last Stand For ISIS?
Mon, Oct 31, 2016


As a former soldier and war correspondent who has covered 14 conflicts, I look at all the media hoopla over tightening siege of Mosul, Iraq and shake my head. This western-organized “liberation” of Mosul is one of the bigger pieces of political-military theater that I’ve seen.
Islamic State(IS), the defender of Mosul, is a paper tiger, blown out of all proportion by western media. IS is, as this writer has been saying for years, an armed mob made up of 20-something malcontents, religious fanatics, and modern-day anarchists. At its top is a cadre of former Iraqi Army officers with military experience.
These former officers of Saddam Hussain are bent on revenge for the US destruction of their nation and the lynching of its late leader. But IS rank and file has no military training, little discipline, degraded communications, and ragged logistics.
In fact, today’s Islamic State is what the Ottoman Empire used to term, ‘bashi-bazouks,” a collection of irregular cut-throats and scum of the gutter sent to punish and terrorize enemies by means of torture, rapine, looting and arson.
What has amazed me about the faux western war against ISIS is its leisurely nature, lack of élan, and hesitancy. In my view, ISIS was mostly created by the US and its allies as a weapon to be used against Syria’s government – just as the Afghan mujahadin were used by the US and the Saudis to overthrow the Soviet-backed Afghan government. Israel tried the same tactics by helping create Hamas in Palestine and Hezbullah in Lebanon. Both were cultivated to split the PLO.
ISIS is an ad hoc movement that wants to punish the West and the Saudis for the gross carnage they have inflicted on the Arab world.
Western and Kudish auxiliary forces have been sitting 1.5 hours drive from Mosul and the IS town of Raqqa for over a year. Instead, western – mainly US – warplanes have been gingerly bombing around these targets in what may be an effort to convince breakaway ISIS to rejoin US-led forces fight the Damascus regime.
Note that ISIS does not appear to have ever attacked Israel though it is playing an important role in the destruction of Syria. Some reports say Israel is providing logistic and medical support for IS.

Posted by: okie farmer | Nov 5 2016 16:49 utc | 61

re. smucks @ 22.

South Korea, huge scandal. Gvmt. melt-down.

‘Ms. Park’ (…) teetering on a political precipice as allegations not only of corruption and influence-peddling, but also shamanistic rituals and links to the occult, threaten her position.


Choi Soon-sil, her long-time confidant, and Ahn Chong-bum have been by the side of Park Geun-hye for decades, offering counsel and advice.  Prosecutors are investigating claims that Ms Choi and Mr Ahn, senior presidential secretary for policy co-ordination, used their influence to coerce big conglomerates, including Samsung, Hyundai, SK Group and LG Group, into making multimillion-dollar donations into two non-profit foundations. 

FT bis.

(could view both from ch but officially they are pay-walled?)

Nov 1, 2016. Slate is on the case!

Choi Soon-sil, a close friend of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, was jailed on Tuesday over allegations that she manipulated government affairs and used her influence to extort nearly $70 million from various businesses. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of a political scandal that includes allegations over occult rituals, Rasputin-esque mind control, extramarital sex, and dressage, and has many calling for Park’s resignation.


—> and that is the MSM! (goog for more.)

Why does all this sound so eerily familiar, a few days before HRC is supposed to be enthroned?

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 5 2016 16:53 utc | 62


add this to your list of planned turmoil, FFs, etc coming.
happened this past summer very few noticed it.

Large Group of MKO Terrorists Leave Iraq for Albania: Report
August, 25, 2016 - 13:40

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – 155 members of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) are believed to have flown from Iraq to Albania on a civil aircraft, according to reports suggesting that the transfer was in coordination with American military forces and Saudis.

The MKO members had been residing in Camp Liberty near the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, and are said to be among the highest-ranking members of the terrorist group, including some of the aides and closest assistants of the group’s ringleader, Massoud Rajavi.

Posted by: schlub | Nov 5 2016 17:04 utc | 63

I don't know who the person or persons that made this thread but it is the best piece I have ever came across linking all the corruption linked to the DNC .

Posted by: terry | Nov 5 2016 17:17 utc | 64

Blame game is now on, while they plan to carry on doing more of same.

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A former British business minister said Saturday he was seriously misled by the Ministry of Defense over a missiles deal with Saudi Arabia, which is spearheading airstrikes in Yemen.

Vince Cable said that he was given specific assurances about the checks that would be carried out on the use of British-made missiles.

Cable, who was in office from 2010 to 2015 and responsible for authorizing export licenses, said he blocked a deal for a consignment of laser-guided Paveway IV missiles as he was concerned about civilian deaths.

Posted by: schlub | Nov 5 2016 17:18 utc | 65


"...a few days before Rodham will be enthroned."

There, fixed it for you. CLINTON 65% TRUMP 35%

And now back to the Park PACs, so eerily familiar because ALL of the Western governments and their 3W puppet states, especially the Catholic states, are replete with this grifting bunko artist Exceptionalist sleeze. ASEAN is not immune either. Look at Park. Look at Abe. Look at Xi. The Khmer PM-for-Life is a former Pol Pot leader and lives in a hallucinatingly-venal grift bunko artist bubble. Same with Thailand. Leaders of the Philippines, until Duterte, were massive grift bunko artists, once you get past the faux public persona and look at their mafia familias. The Karzai Mob? Come on! Name one Central Asia state that's not corrupted. How much grift and bunko do you suppose Benhamin's Likud supports in 'America's Best Hope in the Middle East'? How much grift and bunko do you suppose The Other Benhamin's Fed supports, globally free grifting? "I can't tell you where all the money went," could have been Angela Merkel's statement.

It's hideous and heinous, it's onerous and usurious. But One Party will keep bamboozling their publics to wear the paper flags, and march to the drummers and waterboard each other with the Red or the Blue Koolaid, while they "remain blissfully unaware of the big red, white and blue (a rainbow of flags) d*ck shoved up their ass every day" by the One Party.

Same as it ever was.

Same as it ever was.

Oh, look, moar war pron!!

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 5 2016 17:19 utc | 66

What a slimeball he is,

Obama’s humility: ‘We really are an indispensable nation’

Posted by: Molin | Nov 5 2016 17:26 utc | 67

Lord O just renewed the other day that 10-year trade restriction "agreement" against Iran, started by Bubba 1996, then renewed under the

Posted by: schlub | Nov 5 2016 17:37 utc | 68

Coal's share of electricity generation dropped from 53% in 2000 to 34% in 2015, and it will be phased out by 2020, per Obama's Clean Air Act. In the winter of 2014 90% of the coal-fired plants slated for shutdown ran overtime to meet demand. Clearly, new power generation must be built.

In the US in 2015 wind & solar accounted for 67% of new power generation capacity, while new natural gas power capacity accounted for 33%. Yet natural gas increased actual power generation by ~200,000 kwh vs. an increase of 20,000 kwh in utility-scale solar/wind power.
Two factors explain the paradox:

--Existing gas-fired plants increased power generation from 35% of their capacity in 2005 to 56% in 2015. And these plants are able to increase power generation further.

--Especially regarding wind & solar "capacity" and "deliverability" are different. In 2015 average deliverability of wind-generated power was 32.5% of capacity, but within the limits of present tecnology is maxed out at this level. Solar photo-voltaic 28.6%. Solar thermal 22.7%. To increase wind/solar generation it is necessary to build new plants.

Posted by: Penelope | Nov 5 2016 18:03 utc | 69

Last chance for Regime Change in the USA.

Posted by: From The Hague | Nov 5 2016 18:20 utc | 70

but they are going to help, honest!
Lord O just said to sent 1700 troops from Fort Bragg to Iraq today.

Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:18
Kurdish Politician: US Blocking Syrian Army Advances in Raqqa

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Kurdish politician blasted the US for impeding ISIL's defeat in Iraq and Syria through its support for Turkish intervention.

"The fight against the ISIL, specially in Northern Syria, is not only a battle against the Takfiri terrorist group, but a battle against the Turkish army that are disguised as terrorists," Jamal Mullah Mahmoud, Kurdish politician and member of the presiding board of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said on Saturday.

He reiterated that the SDF is in its final phase of preparatory measures to initiate the Raqqa liberation operation, and said, "The only concern of the SDF is the unclear stance of the US, specially concerning the ongoing military operation there."

Posted by: schlub | Nov 5 2016 22:10 utc | 71

@61, OKF 'Note that ISIS does not appear to have ever attacked Israel though it is playing an important role in the destruction of Syria. Some reports say Israel is providing logistic and medical support for IS.'

This is 9/11 all over again, I suspect. There and then Israeli hum-int provided the Saudi 'pilots' and the CIA provided the demolition, just to get the snowball rolling down the Hill.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 5 2016 22:28 utc | 72

@58 JR, 'Al-Baghdadi said that the terror group’s militants will “unleash the fire of their anger” on Ankara ...'

Sounds like IS got the go-ahead from AC/DC. If the coup don't work, let the vandals pump the handle. I wonder if they'll let Iraq, Syria, and Iran move their respective 'Kurd problems' into Turkey proper?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 5 2016 22:34 utc | 73

But what about the report that US military hacked Russia?

Posted by: bbbb | Nov 5 2016 22:42 utc | 74

@56, smuks, 'Yes, Egypt desperately needs food for it huge population.'

Interesting to see food rising up to parity with energy in terms of real international currencies. Maybe terrifying is a better word.

'Firmly choosing one side and abandoning the other would lead to disaster, so it's better not to force him.'

It looks as though he's pissed off both sides he's 'played off' enough that the one side is going whack him while the other holds its coat.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 5 2016 22:42 utc | 75

interesting stuff here

Posted by: bbbb | Nov 5 2016 23:03 utc | 76

I have commented in previous threads that WWIII has already started but we just aren't all dead yet. Here is an admitted example that this is true.

Will the US do a false flag on its own infrastructure to escalate the war?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 5 2016 23:19 utc | 77

Canada is obviously up to something in Latvia...

Expected Russian Smear Campaign in Latvia 'Beyond Wrong' - Sajjan

Smells like a set-up to me. Sajjan is a former NATO officer in Afghanistan, a specialist in 'counter-insurgency' tactics. Provocations planned?

Posted by: John Gilberts | Nov 6 2016 0:04 utc | 78

Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

Posted by: virgile | Nov 6 2016 0:18 utc | 79

from @16 Dean's link ...

Why cant the US and Russia Reach an Agreement in Syria?

US national interest automatically receive a soteriological status (Soteriology – the notion of salvation through Christ), US universality and value system becomes a sacred and religious complex,”spiritual obviousness” and a “moral imperative.”

I see this 'Christian' emphasis in most all Russian propaganda. Katehon is only the most obvious of them all. Soteriology is the notion of the salvation of society through religion, and it was perfected in India, if not invented there, and was adapted to Thailand, as Christine Gray detailed in Thailand: The Soteriological State in the 1970s, in order to enable the exploitation of the people by the apparatchiks in Bangkok and AC/DC for their distinct purposes.

Why cant the US and Russia Reach an Agreement in Syria?

The collapse of the Syrian state is required by the US to finally trigger chaos in the Middle East, which the Caliphate will then bring across Eurasia and Europe. This will allow Washington to eliminate alternative military, political and economic centers, primarily Russia and China. Consequently by wreaking havoc in Asia and Africa, and as a result of structures organized by Soros, Europe fell into a very difficult migrant situation (because of the betrayal of European elites). Further terrorist acts by jihadists in major European countries, worsened the economic attractiveness of the European economy. The dollar system in the world, is in critical condition and can not withstand the debt overload. A war in Syria is a handy tool to destabilize the American competitors in the economic race. This is why Beijing out of the role of a neutral observer in the Syrian crisis. In Syria there are 1000 fighters of the Chinese special forces, pursuing and destroying jihadists of Uighur origin. An agreement was signed between Damascus and Beijing. Chinese presence on Syrian territory like that of the Russians and Iranians is in line with international law.

Stark as it is ... if it looks like a duck ... the peoples of the individual European nations need to get hold of themselves and exit, or destroy an re-create the EU. It has been suborned by the USA and they are in the USA'a sights as clearly as are Russia and China.

No matter which of the 'effective' candidates is elected on Tuesday ... the only thing that will be communicated by his/her election is the impotence of the US populace when it comes to reigning in the neo-con putsch there that has brought all this death, devastation, destruction, and deceit about.

And certainly it is no reach to envision the US destroying Erdogan at this point, and adding Turkey to it's list of states destroyed in the name of 'democracy and freedom'.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 6 2016 0:18 utc | 80

@77, psycho, 'Will the US do a false flag on its own infrastructure to escalate the war?'

They already did ... well the NSA tested out the apparatus and oiled up the machinery ... about a week ago, remember?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 6 2016 0:23 utc | 81

bbbb@76 - "...interesting stuff here

Twitter has gone ballistic - anyone posting anything reasonably credible related to Clintons/Pedophilia/Lolita Express/Epstein have their accounts deleted. 0HOUR1___ was blown away minutes after posting Bill Clinton's Secret Service agent's connection to pedophilia/human trafficking. Any hashtags that associate the Clintons with their circle of occult friends or pedophilia are removed from the 'Trending' statistics, e.g., #spiritcooking

@0HOUR1__'s re-tweets can still be found (for now) using this Twitter search.

And @0HOUR1__ has created yet another account and is posting again under . 2,200 followers for an account 38 minutes old. His/her recently deleted account had 15k followers. I don't care if this person is just making stuff up or not - CENSORSHIP = EVIL.

Whether the Clintons have real connections to Satanism/pedophilia or not can't be determined with what little information has come out so far. What IS interesting is how aggressively Twitter and Facebook are censoring rumors and innuendo based on a growing number of verifiable connections. I have never seen them delete accounts as fast as they are now. So instead of allowing the conversations to develop and the facts to unfold (or reason and critical thinking come into play), the message Twitter and Facebook are sending to U.S. citizens is that you are not allowed to think for yourselves. You must be protected from 'dangerous' thoughts. The MSM will decide if something is newsworthy or not. You should go out and vote, but you are not allowed to base that decision on anything but MSM-approved opinions. No 'little-people opinions' are welcome or permitted (unless they're anti-Trump).

And, oh yeah... the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Stazi warnings about Al Qaeda attacks next week are rumors and innuendo based on 'secret information' they have that has constantly proven to be wrong (unless DHS/FBI were the ones behind the fake attacks). So any re-reporting of DHS terrorizing the population to 'keep them safe' is OK - you should heed their warnings. But any information/rumors that the peons have that they could use to keep from electing a not-so-safe Satanist/pedophile/child-trafficker should be censored. You must not have this opinion because it is not approved.

No Independent Thoughts - Obey - Believe - Consume - Conform - Vote

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 6 2016 5:25 utc | 82

@ PavewayIV

Thanks for reporting on Twitter repression because I don't use that tool and can only handle so much bandwidth at a time.

It surely seems we are coming to a historical inflection point. Which way will the scales tip? Toward evolution of our species or devolution/ extinction of us pond scum even get to have a say?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 6 2016 5:41 utc | 83

@Posted virgile | Nov 5, 2016 8:18:16 PM | 79


BTW vid interview Serbian newspaper Politika, President al-Assad: "United States and its Western allies are to blame for failure of latest ceasefire"

Posted by: Jack Smith | Nov 6 2016 6:48 utc | 84

New political structure should appear in Syria, with or without Assad: Medvedev

During his previous talks with Israeli top officials, Medvedev got a notion "they were not sympathetic to Bashar al-Assad. But to have a person who manages the situation and controls the country is better that to have an uncontrolled process when the country falls apart and enclaves controlled by terrorists emerge."

"As far as I remember, that was the Israeli leadership’s position and in my view, it is a correct position," he emphasized.

Of course he knows that to be utterly false. The Israelis are on record as preferring chaos in Syria. to prefer having "an uncontrolled process" wherein "the country falls apart and enclaves [are] controlled by terrorists".

So what is Mevedev doing here, offering the Israelis cover for their lie? They'll lie, straight-faced, and he'll believe them? The Russian Duma will believe them, straight-face?

And what of this "new political structure" which "should appear"? Will it be the result of an election ... or of "warring sides" sitting "at one table"?

I've never trusted Medvedev. I'm sorry that he's still in the Russian government.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 6 2016 9:16 utc | 85

@ deletion of twitter / Facebook messages.

Oh, I am sure Obama has OK'd a White Paper allowing this censorship... OK'd in a secret court that no citizen journalists have access to. But it has legal right to do so.

Ladies and gentlemen... The Fascist Left.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Nov 6 2016 10:55 utc | 86

This is just disgusting,
Western MSM twist the word of a 5-yr old girl!

WATCH! What a 5 Year Old Called Hillary Clinton NOT Trump!

Posted by: Lenovaza | Nov 6 2016 11:41 utc | 87

Penelope at 69, this vid (by Abby Martin) exposes some of the connections between the Dems, the Podesta 'groups', Big Corps, and Obama’s clean energy subsisides. (See second half or so.) I recommend this vid. anyway - and will refrain for now from taking on the topic of 'clean / renewable / etc.' energy.

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 6 2016 14:33 utc | 88

jfl @85

He is one of the 5th column "Atlanticists" that want Russia in the western orbit and that can only happen with it on its knees groveling.

Here is an article that explains the internal politics better:

"...when Putin came to power in 1999-2000 he inherited a system completely designed and controlled by the USA. During the Eltsin years, Russian ministers had much less power than western ‘advisers’ who turned Russia into a US colony. In fact, during the 1990s, Russia was at least as controlled by the USA as Europe and the Ukraine are today. And the results were truly catastrophic: Russia was plundered from her natural wealth, billions of dollars were stolen and hidden in western offshore accounts, the Russian industry was destroyed, a unprecedented wave of violence, corruption and poverty drowned the entire country in misery and the Russian Federation almost broke up into many small statelets. It was, by any measure, an absolute nightmare, a horror comparable to a major war. Russia was about to explode and something had to be done.

Two remaining centers of power, the oligarchs and the ex-KGB, were forced to seek a solution to this crisis and they came up with the idea of sharing power: the former would be represented by Anatolii Medvedev and the latter by Vladimir Putin. Both sides believed that they would keep the other side in check and that this combination of big money and big muscle would yield a sufficient degree of stability.

I call the group behind Medvedev the “Atlantic Integrationists” and the people behind Putin the “Eurasian Sovereignists”. The former wants Russia to be accepted by the West as an equal partner and fully integrate Russia into the AngloZionist Empire, while the latter want to fully “sovereignize” Russia and then create a multi-polar international system with the help of China and the other BRICS countries.

What the Atlantic Integrationists did not expect is that Putin would slowly but surely begin to squeeze them out of power: first he cracked down on the most notorious oligarchs such as Berezovskii and Khodorkovskii, then he began cracking down on the local oligarchs, gubernatorial mafias, ethnic mobsters, corrupt industry officials, etc. Putin restored the “vertical [axis]of power” and crushed the Wahabi insurgents in Chechnia. Putin even carefully set up the circumstances needed to get rid of some of the worst ministers such as Serdiukov and Kudrin. But what Putin has so far failed to do is to

Reform the Russian political system
Replace the 5th columnists in and around the Kremlin
Reform the Russian economy"

Posted by: Dean | Nov 6 2016 16:06 utc | 89

US Military Forces Deployed in Seventy Percent of World’s Nations

Posted by: DedY10s | Nov 6 2016 16:38 utc | 90

erdogan flying off the rails in this article - 'i don't care if they call me a dictator' and etc... this is from the leading news source for turkey and region - hurriyet daily news..

Posted by: james | Nov 6 2016 16:58 utc | 91

interesting coincidence that Twitter announced a week ago out of the blue it's shutting down the Vines video.
Their "business model" seems to have finally been exposed as nothing.
Looking for a buyer, etc.

They appear to have passed out of vogue...I always thought Tweets were an absolutely worthless waste of time, not even around not needed at all just 10-12 years ago.

Recall their direct involvement in the failed orchestrated "Twitter takedown" of IRAN just 5 years ago.

Posted by: schlub | Nov 6 2016 18:27 utc | 92

Twitter like twitbook and instatwit are social engineering and data mining services. Can't see Twitter being of much value however. Facebook on the other hand has much potential if it can successfully re-domain itself as the entry point of the Internet

Posted by: bbbb | Nov 6 2016 18:51 utc | 93


Wouldn't it be awesome if, the same as Hitler attacked Poland after claiming a (false flag) provocation, if Russia attacked Poland for a real (but stealthed up) provocation, then the USUK-NATO Axis of Evil invades Russia, like Eisenhower storming the beaches at Normandy, whoo-hoo imagine the Stars & Stripes splashed across the NY Times banner headline 'Evil Empire Falls!' then Obiwama shuts in all that free-flowing Russian oil and gas that's been spoiling huge Western oil cartel profits for his fait accompli glory, as Darth Mal Rodham disappears $10sBs in high-grade diamonds away to her secret Rothchilds bunker in Antwerp?

Win-win, baby!!

The whole map of the world is about to be re-written in 3 - 2 - ...

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 6 2016 19:07 utc | 94

@49 propeace.. not a bad post.. thanks and for chipnik @94 for drawing my attention to it..

@92/93 schlub and bbbb.. agree with you both very strongly..

Posted by: james | Nov 6 2016 19:50 utc | 95

@85 dean

Yes. I'm a little shy of the Saker, though. He has his own enthusiasms. I agree that the Russian Central Bank is a knot that needs to be untied ... but what central bank isn't?

Somebody - the poster by that 'original' name - posted a link to How Harvard Lost Russia, detailing the corruption of the Harvard team sent to Russia to 'help' after the collapse. I view Medvedev and 'Atlanticist' cronies as of the same ilk.

There was an amazing 'report' by Medvedev, printed at the Kremlin site, of the corruption entailed in the last Russian election, all against his party, of course. I wonder if that isn't how Medvedev himself didn't get his seat?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 6 2016 20:37 utc | 96

[VIDEO] Bernie Sanders Supporter Bashes Hillary Clinton from Her Own Stage: ‘Trapped in World of Elite,’ ‘Lost Grip of Average Person’ Life, GETS KICKED OUT BY HILLARY'S GUARD!

Posted by: Jamo | Nov 6 2016 20:48 utc | 97

@82 PW4. Check out this latest twitter feed. Strange things for sure..


Posted by: Lozion | Nov 6 2016 21:11 utc | 98

@96 Putin has restored Russia, but he's pretty damn neoliberal in his own right. Afterall, he allegedly has many billions of dollars in wealth if you are to believe Western press.

Seems like he's set the horizon line for his Syrian adventure. Russia and 'Syria' take what they've taken, while Raqqa will be taken by USA's coalition to become.. whatever USA protectorate that it becomes.

Posted by: bbbb | Nov 6 2016 21:44 utc | 99

The Anti-Empire Report #146

“The Plan is for the United States to rule the world. The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage. It calls for dominion over friends and enemies alike. It says not that the United States must be more powerful, or most powerful, but that it must be absolutely powerful.” Vice-President Dick Cheney – West Point lecture, June 2002

Still on course ...

@99 b4

I think that Putin is not so much a neo-liberal - you cannot be serious ... 'if you are to believe Western press' - as buried under the snow-job of Western 'economics'. They give Nobel Prizes for Western economic snow, and he's not the only one intimidated by it, the only one who still believes 'There Is No Alternative'. The Chinese are on the same page ... they seem to be enjoying it, though.

Raqqa is in dispute. Mike Whitney agrees with you. I wait to see ...

Posted by: jfl | Nov 6 2016 22:56 utc | 100

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