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November 10, 2016

Next Steps: Clean Up The Democratic Party, Oppose Trump

People have now learned and accepted that Trump is inevitably the new president of the United States. They try to figure out what that means. We do not know, neither does anyone else. A lot of rumors and speculation are circling of who will take up this or that job in a Trump administration. These rumors are mostly created by those who would like that job, or their personal lobbies. They should be ignored.

The mainstream media is barely able to issue a mea culpa for their extreme pro-Clinton campaign and total failure of reporting the real state of the union. It is now looking for obfuscations like claiming no one could have gotten it right. That is a cheap excuse for incompetence.

It is astonishing that THE media outlet that did the most to shine lights on Clinton is ignored in any of the main stream after-election reporting. I am talking of Wikileaks and Julian Assange who did their very best, under high personal risk, to report the truth about Clinton's and the DNC's utter corruption. A big thank you to them!

Clinton in her very late concession speech, found no words for her culpability or that of the campaign she ran. But the loss of the running is her personal failure. The "bernie bros" and "deplorables" thanked her hostility by not showing up to vote. She had 6 million votes less than Obama while Trump got about the same number as Romney! Instead of focusing on Trump's disastrous economic program she ran a warmongering "blame Putin" campaign. Her economic program was tinkering on the margins of the neoliberal status quo. Certainly not what voters in difficult financial situations, and there are a lots of those in today's U.S., needed to hear. There are now attempts to get Clinton pardoned for breaking classification laws and rules with her private email server as well as for her tax cheating, private slush fund "charity", the Clinton Foundation. If the Democrats want to keep at least some appearance of uprightness they should fight all such attempts. Let her pay a very heft penalty for her shenanigans.

The Democratic party apparatus is corrupt and was completely on Clinton's side. It cost the party the presidency as well as the House and any progress in the Senate. I find it very likely that Sanders would have won the primaries if the party apparatus had acted as neutral as it should have. He had a much better chance of beating Trump. With Sanders as candidate in the general election House and Senate seats would have been easier to keep or to win. There is an urgent and thorough cleanup needed in the party from top to bottom. Sanders should be given the lead of the party and be tasked to again win a majority in the House and/or Senate in the 2018 midterm election.

Trumps true program will now come to the fore. A lot of stuff he said during the campaign will soon be forgotten. His economic program is a repeat of Reaganomics with a dose of isolationism in trade. How that is going to work out with the pivot to Asia and countering China is a mystery. His stand against Muslims was fake, as he let the embassies of the Gulf states know early on.

The military will get more money for lots of funny programs. That is nothing new. It just build some $7.5 billion a piece battleships solely for their new, very special guns which now will not be used because their special ammunition is, at $800,000 a shot, too expensive. A total waste of money but at least it paid for some good jobs. (More jobs could have been created with that money in more important, non-military programs.)

Trump will cut taxes for big enterprises and the rich. He will cut social programs. The general budget will go deep into red. In a few years he will have to, just like Reagan, increase taxes to regain some budget balance.

His campaign unleashed a new wave of racism. Racism had not vanished - indeed it was very much in the open during Obama's time. But open hostile incidents against "the other" will probably increase. It will be difficult and take some time to reign it in again.

It will be important to oppose Trump as much as possible. He is a somewhat megalomaniac and he currently has party majorities in both houses. He will have to be taught that not everything he tries is good or even possible. Trump will want a reelection and another four years as president. He can face opposition on the ground, from people who voted for him, if those people can see a plausible alternative. Clintonian tinkering on the edges of the status quo is no such alternative. There needs to be broad stroke economic policy, plausible and explainable, that offers a better world to them. If the Democrats, or a third party, can develop and present such a program there is good chance that the era of Trump will be a short unremarkable chapter in the history books.

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#153 Dahoit

Sorry mon vieil, I do take some offense at people calling Jill Stein witch. You can disagree with large fragments of her policy, but I sincerely believe she's an honest albeit a tad deluded person who entirely believes what she's fighting for.

Even more so her running mate Ajamu Baraka. Please read some of his interviews. With his humility, genuine activist life experience (as opposed to the Alinskite Trotskyist Anglo-Zionist septic-tank pseudoleft White Supremacism), as well as the depth as well as breadth of understanding that guy has on global matters, he comes across as completely un-American. He's about as far from an "ersatz intellectual idiot" and who Mr Taleb eloquently speaks about as one can get.

Posted by: Quadriad | Nov 13 2016 21:53 utc | 201

@ Perimetr who said he disagreed with me but I am not sure about what exactly. I certainly hope your last statement is true: "The system is coming apart and this fraud will not stand much longer."

I have not disclosed that all (less than $100K) of my IRA/401k is in ETFs of gold and palladium and has been since I saw the writing on the wall in 2008. So I have a personal interest in seeing the demise of the dollar beside for humanities sake.....but I do wonder what my ETF paper will be worth when the sky falls....will we still have some semblance of rule-of-law or total breakdown and I won't have anything to show for my prudence.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 13 2016 22:15 utc | 202

Google banking magnate Rothschild, Woolsey, Cheney, Israel together. They sit on the board of Genie Energy. Zionists want the Golan Heights in Syria to become permanent Israeli territory for a reason.

James Woolsey and Cheney have ties going way back. James Woolsey was instrumental in the invasion of Iraq.

I believe that at the top of the Zionist Neoconservative echelon will be found: Woolsey, Cheney, Netanyahu and Rothschild to name some. Woolsey got together with Trump in September 2016. Why would Trump recruit him as an adviser when Woolsey was one of the architects of the Iraq War?

Ron Paul warned about Trump becoming involved with the Shadow Government or Deep State, which is really the Zionist Neoconservative Organization, not sure what they call themselves but this best describes them. Trump’s already involved; he's their candidate.

This organization probably has a Board that dispenses only certain information to the Zionist Neoconservative community, but not specific strategic planning so that in essence the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and vice-versa but the narrative is disseminated through various think-tanks on which some of the top echelon of the ZNO sit or advise in some capacity to ensure cohesion is sustained to push their plan forward without making it appear like every Zionist Neoconservative is in on this manipulation. In other words, they steer the ship but the deck hands are not really aware of the planned course they only understand that the destination is desirable to all. So the narrative is dropped here and there where they want among the Zionist Neoconservative community while the Neolib counterpart of the equation is encouraged, but only as insurance in case they need to make a course correction to satisfy the more liberal public they want to manipulate. And no doubt this ZNO, or whatever they call it, something close to that, study changing demographics, the political landscape and a bunch of other issues that could effect their ultimate goal and act accordingly. And of course there are board members who advise Zionist Neolib think tanks as well. I believe the Lobby is not the shadow government but is probably the most strategically placed to do this board's bidding having the greatest power within the Zionist community and valuable political, corporate and media connections many of which are assets of the board.

So through these various think tanks and community organizations that these board members separately advise and direct in some capacity, the narrative is distributed ending up with the media and other important outlets to ensure that the course is being steered, but again, with operatives not fully informed of the upcoming strategic objective so as to make it appear that the political or policy outcome just happened for reasons other than manipulation by a shadow governing board. They provide as much information as is needed to coalesce the elements that will lead to the goal; in this case a Trump victory.

Therefore Zionist Neoconservatives on the Left and the Right are oblivious to the strategy or rather the CHOICE or candidate of the board but equipped with the evolving narrative that will result in the chosen outcome.

Another Neoconservative among now several that Trump has surrounded himself with is General Mike Flynn. Both Woolsey and Flynn are rabid in their pursuit of war with Iran. Their goal is to tear up the Iran deal and put Iran in a defensive position from which it try will launch or re-launch a weaponized nuclear program to protect itself creating the perfect casus belli for Israel and the U.S. So if Hillary might have instigated premature war with Russia; Trump will start instead with Iran and that in itself can lead to world war.

Trump has already promised to tear up the Iran deal and he's got Woolsey and Flynn advising him on what to expect next and how to handle it.

Regarding Russia. Think of Russia’s role right now as the role the Soviet Union played in WWII. Russia and Iran are both fighting ISIS which is the short-term common enemy they have with the U.S. Once ISIS is eliminated, Trump will convince Putin not to interfere in the invasion of Iran with the illusion of once again resetting relations and/or through some kind of attractive incentive maybe energy-based, who knows. Once Iran is neutralized, however, Russia will become the target. How Russia will be neutralized whether through the CIA and Mossad instigating revolution there, through the Zionist oligarchy there, or civil conflict against Putin, like was done in Syria against Assad or some other means is yet to be determined, but Russia will always remain a serious threat to the Zio/Anglo Empire as long as it pursues an ambition to rise to the level of a world power again.

Trump is all in with Zionist Neoconservatives.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 13 2016 22:17 utc | 203


Wow. What a compendium of half-truths and misdirection. You Hasbara guys sure like to poor it on thick.

Let me break it down for anyone that might be inclined to give Circe musings any credence:

Circe: ergo the FBI tried to influence the result to preserve and enhance its operations
The Obama Administration tried to keep Comey silent. I know of no plan by Hillary that would have reduced FBI operations.

Circe: ... minorities ... are a growing demographic and their political influence is a threat to the Zio-neocon establishment and their agenda.
The 'Third-way' DLC Democrats use minorities to divide the country. The bulk of neocon support went to Hillary because they thought she would win - largely due to minority support.

Circe: ... the suppression he has alluded to is inflaming people and rallying them to protest...
It has been shown that the protestors are led by activists and agitators that are organized and being paid.

Circe: Trump has promised to expand the military two-fold.
Source? I have not heard of such a specific plan for expansion. Furthermore, every candidate for President was for a strong defense. Trump is the only one that I know of that demands that allies pay their fair share for defense.

Circe: Trump has already hinted he will operate with a heavy hand by indiscriminately siding with the police... police state ambitions..
Trump has said that he is for law and order - a welcome change compared to the crony criminality of the Clintons and Obama's use of the IRS to target political opponents.

And the police state seems to be a bi-partisan effort. Have you forgotton Obama's: "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear"?

Circe: ... Trump is also bringing back torture
You have a crystal ball? Trump did say that we should show no mercy to terrorists that reject modern civilization. But I don't believe that he will be too quick to bring back torture. Mostly because: 1) it doesn't work, 2) it's an embarrassment to the US, and 3) the US 'outsources' it to third countries already.

Also, the Obama Administration let the torturers off the hook. And still allows torture by delivering prisoners to countries that torture. If this is a big issue for you, why not take Obama to task for these things?

Circe: ... the people he has surrounded himself with and his allusions to suppression, and his plans to enhance the tools of fascism together with his lack of transparency are strong indicators that he will be govern like an uber Zio-neocon
For a guy that says that he opposed Hillary, you sure are getting worked up against Trump - just days after the election!

In fact, you are attacking him at the same time that Democratic Party affiliated organizations are paying people to protest and riot. It find that to be very telling.

Your over-the-top accusations of Trump as a "Zio-fascist" are clearly meant to incite. You cite no real evidence of such a connection.

LOL! Your moniker is certainly appropriate. But your magic BS won't work here.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 14 2016 1:39 utc | 204

@Quadriad 200

Dahoit uses a style that lacks proper punctuation. He wasn't referring to Stein or her supporters as witches. Rather, he was referring (correctly, in my estimation) to the critical and projecting assumptions of a Trump presidency by many here who he suspects are plants for the Hellbitch.

Got the link from zerohedge, but Scott Adams (and to an extent Alex Jones) has done a great job deconstructing the post-election strategem of the "left" (which, btw, can we just drop these bs labels: they mean absolutely dick when we are talking about the globalist cabal) and how many sheep being led into these pro-Hillary demonstrations (please don't tell me they would have occurred had Hillary been elected) are hallucinating, seeing the election results as a KKK ascendency. If you are thinking this a healthy democracy in action, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 14 2016 3:04 utc | 205

Well, there is this from ZH about the first couple of appointments by Trump:

Those saying that white supremacists are on the rise globally now have another data point. Does this make Amerikkka great again?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 14 2016 5:19 utc | 206

Read my post at 204.

Exhibit A: @psychohistorian 205

Once again, you are guilty of racism if a racist agrees with you. Please provide me with an itemized page of examples of Bannon's overt racism. Something tells me however that you will only find off-the-cuff headlines at that don't cater to the liberal intelligentsia snowflakes. Read this and tell me if you can spot any examples of racism and not just the last wisp of journalistic integrity evaporating from that shill-rag. You gotta do better than the establishment memes, my friend.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 14 2016 6:02 utc | 207

@ psychohistorian 205

You know it's funny cause I was immediately worried about the establishment Preibus, unlike you. I guess it just shows what a "different" opinion you got there, my man.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 14 2016 6:11 utc | 208

@201 psycho

Exchange-traded fund

The earliest commodity ETFs, such as SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE Arca: GLD) and iShares Silver Trust (NYSE Arca: SLV), actually owned the physical commodity (e.g., gold and silver bars). Similar to these are ETFS Physical Palladium (NYSE Arca: PALL) and ETFS Physical Platinum (NYSE Arca: PPLT). However, most ETCs implement a futures trading strategy, which may produce quite different results from owning the commodity.

Commodity ETFs trade just like shares, are simple and efficient and provide exposure to an ever-increasing range of commodities and commodity indices, including energy, metals, softs and agriculture. However, it is important for an investor to realize that there are often other factors that affect the price of a commodity ETF that might not be immediately apparent. For example, buyers of an oil ETF such as USO might think that as long as oil goes up, they will profit roughly linearly. What isn't clear to the novice investor is the method by which these funds gain exposure to their underlying commodities. In the case of many commodity funds, they simply roll so-called front-month futures contracts from month to month. This does give exposure to the commodity, but subjects the investor to risks involved in different prices along the term structure, such as a high cost to roll.[37][38]

[37] Tom Lauricella (November 2, 2009). "Gold Mutual Funds Vs. Gold ETFs: It Depends on the Goal". Retrieved October 3, 2011.
[38] "The Future of Commodity ETFs". August 25, 2009. Retrieved October 3, 2011.

Looks like it needs some looking into to me. Prudence is defined in hindsight. But I'm no expert. I have no money, so have lost interest in it myself.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 14 2016 6:20 utc | 209

@207 NC

I imagine there will be quite a few more like Preibus coming on board. I think that Trump will quickly prove to be a white Obama. Talking to the faithful, explaining away all the things 'his' administration does to them.

Maybe I'm wrong. I'll wait till he's at least inaugurated to give up on him completely ... but I have had and have now very low expectations of Trump. Maybe I'm wrong.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 14 2016 6:29 utc | 210

Article on slate about two stars of hbos show silicon Valley getting confronted at bar because of their criticism of Trump on twitter. The two white guys apparently came up, said they were fans of the show, then said they (silicon Valley dudes) were wrong about Trump. At this point, silicon Valley guys say "they don't wanna talk about it," and the two guys get annoyed by this and start calling them cucks. Brief physical spat and the confrontation ends.

To me it is so telling that many, whether in these demonstrations, leveling accusations on twitter, or even commenting on boards do not want to engage in dialogue, even though they are the ones that instigated the discussion. "Hey, we don't want to talk about it man," even though a bar offers a perfect venue for loose discussion. They really are "cucks." Maybe the alt-right is on to something big? Meanwhile, I just lost a lot of love for Silicon Valley. Fuckin' racists tryin' to make America great again.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 14 2016 6:46 utc | 211

@ NemesisCalling

So where did I say anything about Preibus? I call BS on you. And then you go on to accuse me of singling out Bannon as a racist when I wrote specifically about white supremacists...more obfuscating BS.

I think Bush/Cheney Obama/Bide and yes, Hillary should be tried for war crimes.
I want to end private finance and unfettered inheritance.

So lets end my comment with a chunk of an article about Brannon

From Mother Jones:
Trump's new campaign chief denies that the alt-right is inherently racist. He describes its ideology as "nationalist," though not necessarily white nationalist. Likening its approach to that of European nationalist parties such as France's National Front, he says, "If you look at the identity movements over there in Europe, I think a lot of [them] are really 'Polish identity' or 'German identity,' not racial identity. It's more identity toward a nation-state or their people as a nation." (Never mind that National Front founder Jean Marie Le Pen has been fined in France for "inciting racial hatred.")

Bannon dismisses the alt-right's appeal to racists as happenstance. "Look, are there some people that are white nationalists that are attracted to some of the philosophies of the alt-right? Maybe," he says. "Are there some people that are anti-Semitic that are attracted? Maybe. Right? Maybe some people are attracted to the alt-right that are homophobes, right? But that's just like, there are certain elements of the progressive left and the hard left that attract certain elements."
A Twitter analysis conducted by The Investigative Fund using Little Bird software found that these "elements" are more deeply connected to Breitbart News than more traditional conservative outlets. While only 5 percent of key influencers using the supremacist hashtag #whitegenocide follow the National Review, and 10 percent follow the Daily Caller, 31 percent follow Breitbart. The disparities are even starker for the anti-Muslim hashtag #counterjihad: National Review, 26 percent; the Daily Caller, 37 percent; Breitbart News, 62 percent.

Bannon's views often echo those of his devoted followers. He describes Islam as "a political ideology" and Sharia law as "like Nazism, fascism, and communism." On his Sirius XM radio show, he heaped praise on Pamela Geller, whose American Freedom Defense Initiative has been labeled an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Bannon called her "one of the leading experts in the country, if not the world," on Islam. And he basically endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan's primary challenger, businessman Paul Nehlen, who floated the idea of deporting all Muslims from the United States.
During our interview, Bannon took credit for fomenting "this populist nationalist movement" long before Trump came on the scene. He credited Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.)—a Trump endorser and confidant who has suggested that civil rights advocacy groups were "un-American" and "Communist-inspired"—with laying the movement's groundwork. Bannon also pointed to his own films, which include a Sarah Palin biopic and an "exposé" of the Occupy movement, as "very nationalistic films." Trump, he said, "is very late to this party."
At Breitbart News, one of the most strident voices for the alt-right has been Yiannapolous, who was banned by Twitter during the RNC for inciting a racist pile-on of Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones. Published back in March, his "Establishment Conservative's Guide to the Alt Right" featured an illustration of a frog taunting an elephant—the frog image being a meme white supremacists had popularized on social media. The piece praised the anti-immigrant site VDare, the white nationalist site American Renaissance, and white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, as the alt-right's "dangerously bright" intellectual core.

On the RNC's opening day, Yiannapolous spoke at a "Citizens for Trump" rally. He also co-hosted a party featuring anti-Muslim activist Geller and the Dutch far-right nationalist politician Geert Wilders. Yiannopolous has proved to be Breitbart's most vitriolic anti-Muslim presence, erasing the distinction many conservatives draw between Islam and "radical Islam." After the Orlando shootings, Yiannopolous told Bannon on his weekly radio show that "there is a structural problem with this religion that is preventing its followers from assimilating properly into Western culture. There is something profoundly antithetical to our values about this particular religion."
Bannon has stoked racist themes himself, notably in a lengthy July post accusing the "Left" of a "plot to take down America" by fixating on police shootings of black citizens. He argued that the five police officers slain in Dallas were murdered "by a #BlackLivesMatter-type activist-turned-sniper." And he accused the mainstream media of an Orwellian "bait-and-switch as reporters and their Democratic allies and mentors seek to twist the subject from topics they don't like to discuss—murderers with evil motives—to topics they do like to discuss, such as gun control." Bannon added, "[H]ere's a thought: What if the people getting shot by the cops did things to deserve it? There are, after all, in this world, some people who are naturally aggressive and violent."

Maybe it is just me but I read Nationalist as a dog whistle for white supremacy. Again I am not using the term racist, as others might.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 14 2016 7:01 utc | 212

@211 psycho @207 NC

I think that the post Bannon holds was created for him by Trump, so he can have some company in 'his' administration. Preibus and the RNC will be running the show. Trump and Bannon will be "'splainin'" to the faithful that it's really not as bad as it seems.

Who knows? That's what it seems to me.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 14 2016 7:14 utc | 213

@ NemesisCalling

I want to suggest that you read my comment #190 and tell me what the agenda is of Bannon. I don't see Breibart news as being anymore fair and balanced than the media they rail against.....none of which I pay any attention to...haven't "watched" TV in 30 years and don't own one.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 14 2016 7:22 utc | 214

@ NemesisCalling

And while you are at it, please tell me what establishment memes I have ever supported in comments at MoA...since you accuse me of such.

Is returning the motto of the US to E Pluribus Unum, which I have commented about an establishment meme?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 14 2016 7:31 utc | 215

@211 psycho @207 NC

The AP headline picked up in Thailand, Trump Puts Flame-Throwing Outsider on the Inside.

Simultaneously red-meat to supporters and detractors alike.

Supporters are not supposed to notice that Donald's Chief of Staff is the Chairman of the Republican Party, but that Donald brought his 'flame-throwing' soul-brother in from the cold.

His detractors are supposed to brand Brannon and the Donald as racists.

The show rolls on. Not so much death yet, but political devastation and destruction, division and deceit have hit the Homeland, big time, just as in the outlying provinces of the Empire.

1876, Tilden-Hayes :
4,288,546 - 4,034,311 = 254,235, 3.05%
1888, Cleveland-Harrison :
5,534,488 - 5,443,892 = 90,596, 0.83%
2000, Gore-Bush
50,999,897 - 50,456,002 = 543,895, 0.54%
2016, Clinton-Trump :
60,981,118 - 60,350,241 = 630,877, 0.52%

Plenty of room for trouble and strife. Nearly 5 million votes to be counted in CA.

Meanwhile Soros and he Clintons are wearing Imperial Purple.

Waiting to see the appointment of anyone who might make a difference to Trump's cabinet/administration.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 14 2016 8:23 utc | 216

Donald Trump and the Equilibrium to Come

This whole article is about how Clinton and cronies are going to get theirs when Donald prosecutes them for their crimes ...

Trump not going to ‘hurt’ Clinton

This one is about that prosecuation ... ha, ha, only kidding!

Will it be followed by a series of other such retreats? Is the Pope a Catholic? Is Donald Trump a lying demagogue who's already been elected? Still, we knew that. We await the resolution of his one and only position that seemed possible he might fulfill ... no more regime change operations, no more plans for war with Russia ... he can do those things and make a buck on them.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 14 2016 13:26 utc | 217

@211 psychohistorian

First off, sorry to misread you there. My honest mistake and I saw what I wanted to see there. I need to be a better reader.

With that said, I suppose I am suspicious of those that parrot msm tropes of "white supremecy affiliation," even if you are just passing a link off without judgement. Forgive me for that, but what did THEY expect for Donald to do, completely alienate Bannon even though he did more to get him elected than anyone else? This may not be your intention, but it sounds like you have bought into this narrative of the KKK ascendency.
I see a lot of projection in your source regarding Bannon. No smoking gun, no pants down.

Furthermore, that yanniopolis guy, he has a dog in the fight and is considerably more reactionary towards the left. Do you know why? He is gay. He finds the lefts defense of muslims and gays as a supreme form of cognitive dissonance, especially with regards to the Hillary campaign receiving massive funds from GCC and KSA. Seems like a legit midwife of realizing the outright lunacy of our zionist left.

The ascendency of Breitbart which has been nurtured by Bannon is the direct result of the lefts attempt at neoliberal social engineering. It is a logical outcome. My hope is that Donald can find the sweet spot between establishment and reactionary. Otherwise...

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 14 2016 15:41 utc | 218

@Jackrabbit 203

First of all, I’m not hasbara, and if you check my posts PRIOR to the election result you will see that I was encouraging everyone to vote for anyone BUT Clinton, and especially to vote for Trump, because he's the catalyst that will anger the masses to a point where they mobilize to fight the political system that has been taken over by Zionist Neocons. And I believe Zionist Neocons cover both the Republican and the Democratic party so right there you’re way off on me buddy.

You really seem hot and bothered with what I wrote and did a whole lot of spinning of the truth with certain parts of what I wrote, but curiously, you stayed away from the parts where I demonstrate how Trump is all in with the Zionist Neocon shadow government. Why don’t you explain then what James Woolsey, who is no doubt a top tier member of the Zionist Neocon cabal, is doing as Trump’s advisor since September 2016? And furthermore, aside from the fact that Trump has surrounded himself with Neocons (Pence, Gingrich, Giuliani, Flynn...), why did Trump speak with Netanyahu before any other leader and why is yahu the first leader invited to the Trump White House? Explain that, before you go off all half-cocked trying to discredit me with all that spun diversion!

You conveniently stayed away from all my comments regarding the Zionist Neocon cabal like it was kryptonite that would expose your real intention and wrote all that diversionary spin to discredit me so the other parts you didn't touch would be discredited as well. Seems to me you went to a whole lot of trouble to distract from the fact that Trump is all in with the Zionist Neocon cabal and that the preferred candidate (and I stress preferred) that will do the most damage they require for their plan (i.e to destroy Iran first) is headed for the White House. This is not to say that Hillary’s not in with them too but they preferred Trump over her because he will accelerate their plan. From the moment James Woolsey, that stinking Zio-neocon ex CIA Chief operative, appeared at Trump's side, it was a done deal.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 14 2016 18:21 utc | 219

@ Circe

I would encourage you to not attack the "Zionist Neocon cabal" and instead private finance and unfettered inheritance that are the tools of those that oppress those of us who are not the "elite". I see attacking people as a fools game but attacking the institutions/laws of oppression as the focus we all should have.

I agree with you that Trump is the "don't throw me in the briar patch" tool and now we are in the briar patch.....hopefully waking up the complacent, ignorant and brainwashed.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 14 2016 19:29 utc | 220

@psychohistorian 190

Noble, but deluded. I'm afraid that this election has taught me two things: 1) journalism is cheap, and 2) caveat emptor. It is on us to vet our sources. We have the whole interweb at our disposal. I am amazed, for instance, at the reddit and 4chan investigations of the bleachbit guy from the Hillary campaign and the ongoing pizzagatedc tragedy, respectively.

To enact a law and enable some "non-partisan watchdog agency" to police the Internet sounds a lot like something the North Koreans would deal with. Government should not wade into this misty realm of semantics and is it any wonder how TPTB have honed their Orwellian vocabulary? #1 focus: eliminate the culture of death abroad so we can end the culture of death at home.

I have not read Heidegger for quite some time (perhaps I should as his writings were unfairly pigeonholed and associated with the darker manifestations of far-right nationalism), but I remember him writing about how a nationalist movement would be assailed on all sides (he was speaking about Germany being in the pincers between America and Russia both technocratic bullies). The movement must stand up, unwavering, and in the light, and this "great" question must disclose itself at every juncture to remain "unconcealed." Forgive me if this is nonsensical. I agree that it is easy for a movement to succumb to darker passions, but I believe the jury is still out. It is an uphill battle and I respect the dismissals here as prudent but also tainted by the disappointment of living in the death grip of globalism. I am holding out hope that it may be time for all of us to come in from the cold.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 14 2016 19:40 utc | 221


I discount what you say about "Zio-neocons!!" because it is essentially hearsay and speculation at this point. It is unclear what role Woolsey, Bolton, or any other neocon might have.

There appears to be an effort to use murky associations, Trump bluster, and other innuendo to smear Trump as a "Zio-neocon". This is classic Hasbara. And its not just you. These hysterical efforts are eerily similar to when a dozen women appeared from nowhere to say that Trump had molested them weeks before the election.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 14 2016 19:58 utc | 222

@ NemesisCalling who wrote that I am deluded.....

I have been watching this shit for 40+ years and only suggest the reintroduction of the Fairness doctrine as an incrementalist approach instead of eliminating private finance and unfettered inheritance which would change all the motivational narratives in our world away form the God of Mammon....which I post here incessantly.

Like I wrote to Circe above, please focus on the institutions/laws of private finance and inheritance instead of the current individuals that you think are at the top of the heap. I believe we will make more progress that way.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 14 2016 19:59 utc | 223

@Jackrabbit 224

I discount what you say about "Zio-neocons!!

I'll bet you do.

I disagree with anyone, who thinks the cabal, the Zionist Neocon cabal should be discounted. This is a dangerous group for whom Americans and others fight perpetual war. When Obama got in in 2009 I got the exact same response on another site geared toward Democrats, denying with the same kind of hostility as you display that the Lobby and its owners own the Democratic party as of course they own the Republican party whatever President comes to power.

And @225 I disagree with those who try to steer the focus away from the Zionist Neocon cabal. This cabal ensures perpetual war in the Middle East on behalf of Zionism and a foreign country. This cabal doesn't care that the sons and daughters of the little working people of America are sent to die in their wars with the objective of expanding the Anglo/Zio empire. This cabal doesn't care that it costs the American people trillions of dollars to satisfy their bloodthirsty agenda that also displaces millions, destroyed millions of lives and livelihoods and you think I'm going to focus on the institutions and so on and so forth?

Please, get your priorities straight.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 14 2016 21:11 utc | 224

@225 psycho

As Trump explained of Hillary: "yes, you have experience. But it is bad experience."

Trump just wrecked that 7-10 split to unseat the Clintons...Yes, the same Clintons that undid the Glas-Steagall act. And Trump has said he wants it reenacted. Seems like a blow against high-finance, but please keep telling us to look elsewhere.

To a hungry-man: "here is a cookbook." Your approach follows the same logic.

Dethroning the Clintons us a feast for the deplorables. My compliments to the chef.

Posted by: NemesisCalling | Nov 14 2016 21:25 utc | 225

@ Circe and NemesisCalling

Maybe more to Circe but I challenge you to name specifically the people/families in the cabal. I haven't got a list I would encourage myself and others to KILL in over 40 years.

But, what I do know are the tools they use to maintain and extend their power. And, if you have read any history, here we are again at the threshold of "the french revolution" which didn't fix the institutional problem but shed a lot of blood.

I wan't the F*****G problem fixed permanently this time!!!!

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 14 2016 21:55 utc | 226

@202 Psychohistorian

You know better. I read you at ZH and you know better. For your own sake, read the small print in your etf's and act accordingly.

I keep my metals in a fish bowl, use your imagination. 100k in gold does not take up much space.

Don't respond, because there is no excuse or reasonable explanation for owning paper gold. Handle your business. I did my part, you do yours.


Posted by: b4real | Nov 15 2016 0:17 utc | 227

@ b4real who wrote "I read you at ZH and you know better"

I have never commented at ZH. What do I know better about? You told me not to respond so don't read this but maybe others will.

I don't own physical gold because then you go down the rabbit hole of trying to protect it if/when TSHTF. I have no desire to live in another Wild West.

If/when TSHTF I expect to be in the same boat as the rest fairly quickly and that is ok with me. I would rather be down with the pond scum than having some illusion of being a petite bourgeois riding above the fray. YMMV I have jetsomed my petite bourgeois friends that believe that a little tweaking of our world will fix everything and the inheritance they got from their parents will help them survive through rough times. These folks also believe that because their parents left them some money then they must know more then those without.

We all walk a different path. I rejected consumerism long ago and try to live simply but am still an over consumer in relation to the rest of the world.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 15 2016 1:23 utc | 228

I wan't the F*****G problem fixed permanently this time!!!!
You do??? You could have fooled me.
So in other words you don’t think this Zionist Neocon cabal created an impenetrable system from which they could exert and retain this power? You're gonna crack it, right?
So you want me to name the architects of PNAC and Clean Break and every Prime Minister and President of Israel since JFK was U.S. President, which is the watershed moment from which Zionist power took off exponentially, and you want me to name the Zionist heads of the top financial institutions? Why, it's not obvious to you?
Okay so millions of people died and are still dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya combined not to mention those in Palestine still dying and the crimes against humanity committed there, and those dying in Yemen while I write this and soon to be followed by Iran that has 70+ million and let's say a million or more are set to be slaughtered there and I think I’m being real modest since Israel has considered using nukes there.
So while a f…king holocaust against Muslims is going on in the Middle East, because we’re talking death in the millions, displacement of millions, and you think there's the luxury of time to address and change the laws of oppression (whatever that means; you’re the vague one on that), institutions, private finance and unfettered inheritance. All sounds pretty vague to me requiring who knows how much time to change this...and how are you going to convince the capitalist masses of all this?
Let me tell you something, as the Irish say: it's a long way to Tipperary before all that’s accomplished, and meanwhile to hell with the millions of people more than that are going to be slaughtered and ethnically cleansed and displaced in the name of Zionism in the next several years!
I’m not saying you don’t have a point, but instead of all that bullshet to digress from the crime, why don’t you start by spelling out the crime that needs to be stopped now, urgently? ZIONISM!
There's only one thing that must be condemned and shattered, right now and that's f.......king ZIONISM, a supremacist garbage ideology, that’s leaving a trail of war crimes and bloodshed from here to the wazoo, f.....king supremacy as bad as the Nazis could ever dream of; millions squashed by thousand pound bombs while these Zionist Neocons hide behind religious myth, religious entitlement; milking the previous holocaust and guilting everyone into submission with the biggest misnomer of the late 20th and early 21st century : anti-semitism; the blackmail muzzle, censoring the truth about Zionism.
So start by identifying it: ZIONISM! There aren’t ten things to fix at this moment that will save the millions of lives hanging in the balance; there’s only one. ZIONISM, a supremacist ideology that needs so much protection to exist, the entire Middle East must be thrown into chaos and re-arranged to accommodate such blatant supremacy and the miserable Zionist racist protectorate, a trivial state that continues committing war crimes with impunity every day.
Zionism is a crime generating a holocaust in the Middle East! And the Zionist Neocon cabal are using the most powerful nation in the world, the U.S., to commit this holocaust. So don’t give me that your priorities are so f….king urgent, when the lives of millions hinge on just declaring one f…king ideology a crime. What do those millions about to be slaughtered and displaced care about your unfettered inheritance and private banking? Why don’t you start by spelling it out: Zionism is a crime. That’s all that’s needed; for everyone around the world to spell it out. Zionism is a f…king crime….period, and the Zionist Neocon cabal are tantamount to war criminals that should be rounded up and brought before a Nuremburg-type War Crimes Tribunal.
ZIONISM is a crime against humanity and the Zionist Neocon cabal are war criminals committing a holocaust with impunity. Once it’s pronounced a crime by everyone around the world; the cabal is history! Then there’s time to address those issues you think will stop this from ever happening again. Listen, I agree, that whatever reins in unfettered power is good, but we have to do something right now, and it starts with everyone protesting the crime right at this very moment and condemning it worldwide and it starts with you, me, and everyone to follow; it’s not rocket science and quit making it so damn complicated. We need the short-term solution to save those all those lives not a long, drawn out process.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 15 2016 1:35 utc | 229

It’s Worse Than You Think

Trump is emblematic of what anthropologists call “crisis cults.” A society in terminal decline often retreats into magical thinking. Reality is too much to bear. It places its faith in the fantastic and impossible promises of a demagogue or charlatan who promises the return of a lost golden age. The good jobs will come back. The nation will again be prosperous. The decrepit cities will be rebuilt. America will be great again. These promises, impossible to achieve, are no different from those peddled to Native Americans in the 1880s by the self-styled religious prophet Wovoka. He called on followers to carry out five-day dance ceremonies called the Ghost Dance. Native Americans donned shirts they were told protected them from bullets. They were assured that the buffalo herds would return, the dead warriors and chiefs would rise from the earth and the white men would disappear. None of his promises was realized. Many of his followers were gunned down like sheep by the U.S. army.

I can agree with that, but I think Chris Hedges has gone overboard in this essay "... he [Trump] unleashes the fossil fuel industry and the war industry to degrade and most probably extinguish life on earth."

Life on earth will survive of course. Human life may or may not, and life in general will be degraded, but it will survive. The fossil-fuelers don't have the power to 'extinguish life on earth', neither do the fusiliers ... and the financiers don't have the power to enslave us all.

One consequence of their 'globalization' and homogenization of the world economy and of the human 'outlook' is that when it crumbles anywhere it is felt everywhere. And globalization - the Washington Consensus - is going down outside the USA. Even if we American do nothing to defeat it, the rest of the world will bring it down.

It's 'just' a question of how much more death, devastation, destruction, and deceit on its way down.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 15 2016 2:38 utc | 230

Sanders still in solidarity with Hillary.

Proud of campaigning for her in 12 states. Denounces any attempt to indict her for a "difference of opinion".

Even now, what many thought to be a visionary and principled leader of the Party can't find a way to break from the cursed Clinton-Obama 'Third-Way' dead-end.

And Hillary's disgraced DNC puppet Donna Brazile still hasn't resigned.

Hey look! Trump is picking his cabinet!

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 15 2016 3:01 utc | 231

@ Circe,

I am sorry you don't seem to think I feel humanities pain. I believe you are wrong and am a bit offended.

Zionism is a concept/ideology like capitalism, socialism, communism, etc. and I think you will be hard pressed to fight it. Private finance and unfettered inheritance exist in our real world and, IMO are the institutions/laws we need to eliminate/change.

I refuse to fight a concept/ideology but am happy to identify something real that if dealt with would change our social incentives.

YMMV I can only try to educate and share what I know and have learned through my life. I am sorry if it does not resonate with you.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 15 2016 3:34 utc | 232

@234, psycho, 'Private finance and unfettered inheritance exist in our real world and, IMO are the institutions/laws we need to eliminate/change'

I think we've all got that those are your main concerns. Got any means, any course of action, that will accomplish your aim in our real world? Or do we all just wish real hard? Maybe all at the same time? Maybe in conjunction with some propitious planetary alignment?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 15 2016 3:47 utc | 233

@ jfl who asked in general, how do we get there from here?

So lets say you write your Congresscritters and say "End Zionism!" WTF do you expect them to say in response? Good luck with that approach.

So lets say instead that lots of folks write their Congresscritters and say "End Private finance and unfettered inheritance!" Since they created the Fed in 1913, they can uncreate it and replace it with totally sovereign about MMT. Same with unfettered inheritance, they created the laws and can change them.

I believe that this needs to be done in all nations of the "West", not just America so, of course that is impossible so lets go back to screaming about "...isms" until we are all dead or utter slaves.

I didn't ever say that this was easy but frankly it is a piece of cake once you educate the masses to all be on the same page....which I think is quite possible because the concept crosses left/right boundaries.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 15 2016 4:25 utc | 234

@236 psycho

Yeah ... it's all a piece of cake ... if people would just let us 'educate' them. Small 'd' democracy crosses left-right borders as well, the problem is the borders to be crossed are not left/right they're top/bottom: the top are in power, and by dint of their power seem 'naturally so', to the bottom who think that enacting democracy is 'above their pay grade' - so let someone else do it. Someone from the top, maybe, someone making the 'big bucks'. Right. It's not a question of knowledge, it's a question of power, and the power to change our present arrangements lies with us people, but we run from its exercise like the plague.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 15 2016 5:06 utc | 235


Modi has been issuing gold bonds to Indian households who turn in their gold jewelry, which unlike the 10k crap stupid Americans buy, is 24k gold. Modi melted it down, and dumped it into the market, as he is confiscating all large rupee notes to prevent a massive run on the State banks. His whole nationalist Neo-Liberal platform was Rodham's, attracting foreign privatization capital by nationalizing State resources and untitled freelands Indian farmers and forest dwellers lived on for centuries. The India economy is being wracked by the massive slowdown in Western consumption. He needs the liquidity, and God-forbid if Trump kicks out 100,000s of Hindus who have 'legally' taken over Silicon Valley, all the redemptions back to the 'homeland' will dry up, then Modi will be left holding his nuts in a tin cup.

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 15 2016 5:33 utc | 236

@ jfl who wrote that it is not a question of knowledge but power

If the power is going to rise up and be exercised by us little people, I want it to be well focused. I don't think it is well focused by railing at "...isms" but better focused at real things like private finance and laws of inheritance.

You have written in the past in comments about changing the voting process. Would not you suggest we go about it in the same way I am suggesting we go about eliminating Private finance from our world?

I support your voting thoughts but believe that private finance and laws of inheritance are more the structural keys to our form of social organization than the nuances of voting.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 15 2016 5:45 utc | 237


Iran has the lowest external debt of any country on Earth, last time I checked, and the only nation outside of North Korea which does not have a Zionist central bank. The rest of the world is totally bankrupt. You get a lot of poo-poo'ers on MoA saying, "Oh, Syria couldn't possibly be about the oil pipelines," and "Oh, Iran is all about their rogue nukes," but that's pure Zionist dis-information. Syrian banks are the money launderer for the Russian oligarchs oil pipeline money, after Iceland imploded. Iran is the Big Prize, with more crown jewels than the Queen of England, huge untapped oil and natural resources in the ground and no State debt.

You can bet $50 and be sure to win 20:1 that Trump and his goat-god advisers are busy putting the GPS targeting coordinates into the ICBMs right now, for the very moment that Syria falls, NATO takes over the military bases for 'security', turns off the radars, and Israel launches their deniable 'dark alley' attack on Tehran.

They want it all, and when they get it, you and us will be left driving Uber/Lyft;
"Yes, sir, right away, sir, will that be all, sir, very good, sir."

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 15 2016 5:52 utc | 238


A social theory in terminal decline often retreats into magical thinking.

"Globalization is going down, the rest of the world will bring it down."

Mao's Little Red Book

Globalization is the future of the world, with extermination of Little People, because we cannot turn out backs on the credit-debt decrepit and lame. Then in the same way as a war general will wound as many of the enemy as possible, all the Globalists have to do is bankrupt some of us and pauperize our children, then credit-debt will mow the rest of us down like the Gatling guns at Chickamauga.

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 15 2016 6:01 utc | 239


Save your breath. Post the names of every corporation chartered in Israel, or owned by Israelis or whose principal shareholders are Israelis, it's public information, then start a global boycott with those names and the photos of all the MENA holocaust victims the Zionim have murdered.

Repost it on Breitbart comments. Repost it on Huffpost comments. Repost it on Reddit. Every day. Start a club to win repost points. First one to post each day, each thread, gets 5 points towards a bottle of Manischewitz and warm kreplach.

Mmmmm, kreplach, arghhlll....

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 15 2016 6:14 utc | 240

In spite of Obama saying the Trump will continue to support NATO those EU folks got together today and developed an outline of their next steps which are reported as follows:
BRUSSELS, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU)'s foreign and defence ministers on Monday agreed on a new plan on security and defense, EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini said.

Mogherini has proposed an implementation plan on security and defense, to turn into action the vision set out in the EU Global Strategy, which is intended to guide EU foreign and security policy in the years to come.

"Today we decided all together, all 28 EU member states on the plan on security and defense. It is not about a European army. It is not about creating a new European Union shape-style headquarter... and it is not about competition or duplication with NATO," said Mogherini.

The plan sets out three priorities for the EU's security and defence ambition: responding to external conflicts and crises, building the capacities of partners, and protecting the Union and its citizens.

It also describes a set of concrete actions to enable the EU and its member states to fulfill the intentions, in full complementarity with NATO and in the framework of the UN system, according to a statement issued after the meeting.

The plan will be presented to the EU's Heads of State and Government at the next European Council in December 2016.

Link is:

I think this is called hedging your bets.....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 15 2016 7:06 utc | 241


Good thing someone like you didn't stop to explain to the nations the Nazis occupied that Nazism is an ism not worth fighting. I'm sure all the victims who suffered that ism would beg to differ as will all the victims of Zionism across the Middle East.

If Zionism isn't real; it sure claimed a whole lot of lives so far. I'm sure the living, oppressed victims of Zionism are thanking people like you for pretending it's not a real scourge in their lives.

If everyone pretended a supremacist ism is not worth fighting then a quarter of the occupants of the planet would be slaves or killed.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 15 2016 7:29 utc | 242


I can just imagine the pillaging of Iran by Zionists and U.S. Neocons under a Trump presidency.

Guess that's why Trump is planning to boost up the military:

An active-duty Army of 540,000 soldiers,
Navy of 350 ships,
an Air Force fleet of 1,200 fighter aircraft
Marine Corps stocked with 36 battalions
plans to build a “state-of-the-art missile defense system”
and modernize the Navy’s cruisers to provide ballistic missile defense capabilities.

Now Trump wouldn't go spending a Trillion dollars without getting it back in the spoils of war.

If Trump lasts 8 years, America will end up like the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 15 2016 7:53 utc | 243

@ Circe

Please share with us how you are planning to defeat Zionism.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 15 2016 7:54 utc | 244

@ Circe,

If you defeat Zionism, what is to inhibit the folks that continuously own private finance through unfettered inheritance from continuing to have their way with the world?

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 15 2016 8:02 utc | 245

@ me

i could do with better sentence construction like not using continue twice in one to sleep for me.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 15 2016 8:04 utc | 246

@246 @247

First of all it begins with calling Zionism what is: a crime against humanity that involved and still involves military occupation, ethnic cleansing and settlement creation on illegal land and expanding settlements, aggression leading to massive death and destruction, military oppression in which protest and resistance by the occupied is crushed and demonized world-wide by the oppressor and in which men, women and children are separated, where travel from point A to B is a hardship, restricted and denied, where people must wait in cattle cages at checkpoints, just to name some examples of this oppression and then where the occupier establishes racist laws that discriminate against the occupied which solidifies a two-tier legal system, and leads to hate crimes by the squatters/occupiers upon the occupied, and where torture, illegal imprisonment even of children, and collective punishment are inflicted for decades upon the occupied. In addition, you have benefits for the occupiers that are denied to the occupied such as right of return, property purchase and education that favors the occupier and the inability of the occupier to exploit natural resources on their land and sea, and to have these stolen by the occupier; this is the short version. This is just a synopsis of the crimes that Zionism has generated. There’s more!
Then you have the war crimes that Zionism has committed against the surrounding countries like Lebanon, Syria and Egypt and even Iraq and Iran. Specifically, some constitute illegal invasion, extra-judicial assassinations, confiscation and occupation in some parts and so on.

Zionists are clearly committing multiple crimes that completely disregard International Law and the Geneva Conventions. So step number one, the most important step begins with calling Zionism exactly what it is a supremacist ideology, A CRIME against humanity and a war crime and condemning it.
Step two would be to inform and educate the wide public as to what Zionism is doing and has been doing for decades. It requires what some have already begun to do: viral communication and discussion through the internet and dissemination through education and media outlets.

Step three requires that we expose how our own governments are complicit in perpetuating Zionism’s crimes and in allowing Zionism to commit such crimes with impunity. It requires writing and calling government representatives and shaming them for this collusion with Zionism and its crimes.

Step four requires protest in the streets and activism demanding boycott, divestment and especially sanctions and participating in the boycott and divestment in colleges, universities, businesses, and cultural and sports organizations etc. And it involves protesting wars initiated for the purpose of sustaining Zionism and vigorously condemning plans for such wars and condemning PNAC and Clean Break as imperial plans designed to commit war crimes on different neighbours in the region of Israel to re-arrange the Middle East to benefit Zionism which is essentially benefitting a crime against humanity resulting in a genocide of Muslim populations in the region surrounding Israel.
Step five requires exposing how Zionists use foreign governments through influence peddling, bribery and blackmail to continue committing these crimes with impunity. It requires exposing which major financiers, corporate and media outlets contribute to the crime and ridding the system of this corrupting influence and corruption.
Step six would require implementing a War Crimes Tribunal and hauling those who were involved in the commission of crimes against humanity and war crimes before this Tribunal and top tier individuals involved in perpetuating these crimes and ensuring that justice was denied and the crime was protected.
Finally, and maybe your point could be implemented here in some way: enforcing international laws on anyone and everyone through sanctions without exception. Examining how Zionists were able to sustain their operation and implementing measures that check rogue and unfettered power and prevent shadow governments whether they have foreign components or not from gaining power over democracies and manipulating and buying politicians to do their bidding.

I want to add that I’m not Palestinian, Arab or Muslim, but just a human person sick and tired of witnessing such egregious injustice being conducted before our very eyes with impunity and having our government used and our democracy subverted to this end.

For the benefit of the victims of Zionism, the potential victims of multiple wars waged exactly in accordance with Clean Break and PNAC, which is basically a kind of imperial war manifesto that benefits Zionism and constitutes genocide, for the millions of victims and ourselves as citizens of countries involved in supporting the crimes of Zionism, I say we must put an end to this now and save the lives of the victims of the next war which will no doubt be with Iran as that is the next obsessive target in the crosshairs of Zionism, and the ultimate target mentioned in PNAC and Clean Break.

Everyone who looks the other way and ignores the tragedy and genocide unfolding in the Middle East as a result of Zionism and ignores the injustice suffered by Palestinians for decades is responsible in some way, because each of us have the moral responsibility to condemn what is happening.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 15 2016 16:58 utc | 247

Everyone who looks the other way and ignores the tragedy and genocide unfolding in the Middle East as a result of Zionism and its machinations and ignores the injustice suffered by Palestinians for decades is responsible in some way, because each of us have the moral responsibility to condemn what is happening and participate in any way we can, small or big to put an end to this.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 15 2016 17:09 utc | 248

For the next four years refrain from buying anything you can absolutely do without. Let's hit the ruling wealthy where it counts. If the 1% in this country want Republicans in office, fine, we should respond by limiting our spending. This will help us save for retirement, help slow global warming and show them what ignoring the will of the intelligent gets them.

Posted by: RGB | Nov 15 2016 18:27 utc | 249

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum?"

No ... I'd actually like to post something brief, that I think is on topic, and not to act the brat and waste b's space. A piece of conversation from Black Agenda Radio for Week of Nov 14, 2016

Glenn Ford :

Donald Trump said at various times that he was against 'regime change', although he was not quite consistent even in that, do ya think folks in Syria may be having a sigh of relief?

Cornell West :

Yeah ... I mean the problem with Donald Trump is he's out of control and in over his head so you can't take seriously hardly anything he's said. It's going to be a question of what he does. Now, he may end up being very, very pro-imperialist, pro-regime change, 'cause he doesn't know what he's doin'. He just doesn't know what he's doin'.

Glenn Ford :

And from what we know of the people who'll make up his cabinet ... well, what kind of emotions should that inspire?

Cornell West :

That's right! My hunch is he's gonna bring in some real, raw materialistic folk. And in that sense he'll be similar to Hillary. So that, at that point, all the rhetoric about tryin' to get along with Russia, and not intitiating regime change and so on ... will just go. Because when you're a novice, and you're in over your head, you can easily be used and manipulated by the 'experts'. If he brings in these neo-conservative, militaristic 'experts', then we are in deep trouble. We got more wars.

Glenn Ford :

And that would be a change without a difference.

Cornell West :

That's true. That's exactly right.

That was my first feeling as well. I felt nothing good come of this election per se, but every Christmas morning when I step on the horseshit I look for my new pony.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 16 2016 3:25 utc | 250

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