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November 09, 2016

First Thoughts On The "Not-Hillary" Election Results

So I just woke up and found that the world has changed. World War III was called off. Trump won, Clinton conceded. His victory speech is fair and integrating.

My "not Hillary" hunch for the election was right. That is, I believe, how Trump won. No so much by gaining genuine votes but by taking them from the crappiest candidate the Democrats could send into the race. This was not a "white vote". Trump did better with black (+5) and latino (+2) voters than Romney. Racism does not explain that. Clinton promised more wars. Those who would have to fight them on the ground rejected that position.

The people voted against corruption, against international warmongering, against attacks of the culture of their life and against Zionist and Arab potentate manipulation. In short - they voted against Hillary.

The media with their outright and widespread manipulation and one sided reporting against Trump and for Clinton lost too. People did not believe the partisan crap that fact-checked Trump on every minor issue but hardly reported on the huge, huge scandals and corruption Wikileaks revealed about the Clintons. Fact-checkers ain't a good weapon in a culture war. The people want authenticity - lying is not seen as bad - if it is fairy open and authentic. Clinton is not authentic even when she tells the truth. The polls, but the one of the LA Times, turned out to be systematic manipulation.

The leading politicians in Europe will crap their pants. Nearly all but Putin bet heavily on Clinton. The European media were also strongly pro Clinton, even more so than in the U.S. There was zero reporting about Trump's real political positions and support. Only tiny bits about Clinton's corruption were revealed on the back pages. They always believe what the NYT writes is the essence of U.S. thinking. It is far from it. No one but a few east-coast party goers and the NYT cares about some 16 year old girl, who thinks she is "transsexual" and wants to use a men's public toilet. The average people think that such craziness deserves zero attention if not a hefty kick in the ass. Pro-migration and other political correctness movements in Europe will have a difficult stand now. They can no longer work against the instincts of the people by pointing to the soothing, fake words of an Obama or Clinton.

The Democratic party failed. The outright corruption of the party heads, who pushed Sanders out to move Clinton in by manipulating the primaries, blocked the natural development that went on at the base. They even wanted Trump as a candidate because they though Clinton could easily beat him. They were totally detached from real life. I am sure that post-mortem analysis will show that many, many potential pro-democratic voters were just disgusted and stayed at home or voted for a third party. The establishment of the Republican party were no better. They failed their voters just as much by shunning Trump and working for Clinton. All the neo-cons that flocked to Clinton will now scramble to get back to Trump. They will have little chance.

But the election also created huge new dangers. People around Trump, including his vice-president, are not sane realist but fairly extreme ideologues. Trump himself isn't. He is, in my estimate, fairly pragmatic. The Republicans also won the Senate and House. There is a danger that extreme policies will be implemented with huge and terrible long-term consequences. But remember that Obama had the same chance in his first two years of his Presidency. He never used it. From a progressive view he blew it.

Winning back the House and Senate in two years is a must for anyone with some middle-of-the-road thinking.

I believe that this result is good for Syria and the non-Jihadi and non-Zonist Middle East. Al-Qaeda in Syria will have a sad. Their main supporters leave the stage. The result is likely good for Europe including for Russia. It is bad for economic equality and other important issues in the United States and elsewhere. But would Clinton have been really better on these?

I for one feel mightily eased (with a not-so-small dose of Schadenfreude).  The U.S. voters knocked over a chessboard that brought war and misery to many people. We do not know how the new game will look, but I think there is a fair chance now that it, in total, will be somewhat less devastating for the global good.

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The fat lady sings when Trump is actually sworn in as president. From now until 20th Jan gives plenty of time for mischief.

Posted by: Peter AU | Nov 9 2016 8:10 utc | 1

Thank God that the US elected the candidate that openly said he wanted to work with Putin and Russia.
Let us hope that in the interim before Trump takes office that Ash Carter doesn't manage to start a shooting war with Russia in Syria, Ukraine, etc. A couple days after the NY Times noted that the Pentagon might not comply with the ceasefire, Obama allowed Carter to destroy the agreement with Russia with the attack on the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor. As far as I can tell, the Pentagon is still calling the shots.

Posted by: Perimetr | Nov 9 2016 8:14 utc | 2

Pay-to-play bribesters into the Clintons for several hundred million just got a hard, swift kick in the nuts. I guess there is a god in heaven after all. Sorry, Sheik: all sales are final. No refunds, sucker.

Posted by: Ghost of Hillary | Nov 9 2016 8:16 utc | 3

It must be said that here in Australia just about everyone was supporting Clinton to win. The corporate media here also followed the New York Propaganda Crimes like the faithful lapdogs they are, reporting on each and every Trump peccadillo while ignoring the Wikileaks dumps.

At this point in time, the Syrians, Russians and possibly the Iranians and Yemenis must be breathing sighs of relief while the wailing and gnashing of teeth in Ukraine (bar the Donbass region) are beginning.

Posted by: Jen | Nov 9 2016 8:25 utc | 4

Prediction - trump orders special persecution into Clinton foundation etc and Hillary unable to stand trail Ernest Saunders style. Only she really is ill.

Posted by: Pvp | Nov 9 2016 8:32 utc | 5

Repost from the last 'election thread'.

Told you so. I remember way back when saying that Killary could not win. b agreed with me (I remember that because as the owner his opinion counts) as did several other ppl. Soon after Trump was solidly on the scene, I said he would win by a landslide. (I once conceded that is was marginally possible that if it was a closish call rigging would throw it to Killary, with dire and unpredictable results.) And I posted all kinds of indicators. I held back on some (e.g. the expat vote, there are 6 million or more expats after all, the hispanic vote, the never-voted-befores, the Berniebro switchers, etc.) because I felt I was getting tiresome.


so what happens next?

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 9 2016 8:32 utc | 6

Just the same here in New Zealand. I never really understood the term cognitive dissonance untilI I listened to the TV and radio hosts trying to reconcile the Trump win with what their own media partners had been feeding them

Posted by: Ike | Nov 9 2016 8:33 utc | 7

Two points spring to mind:
1) All those millions paid to the Clinton's as "speaking fees" were wasted. All the vast amounts of money poured into the Clinton Foundation may as well have been flushed down the toilet.

Hahahahahahahah!!!!! Ya' gotta love it.

I wonder if the oligarchs will now ask for their money back?

2) There has to be a total cleanout of the Democratic Party Machine. It is oh-so-clear that they torpedoed Sanders because they were tone-deaf to the level of anger out there amongst those who aren't in the 1%. Because if they had any clue at all they would have realized that a status-quo-on-steroids candidate would be toxic, whereas Sanders would have been a shoe-in.

Dunces. Arrogant, stupid dunces.

Sanders should move now to take over the Democratic Party and rid it of all traces of Clintonism.

He won't, but he should. If only to exact revenge.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 9 2016 8:36 utc | 8

@pvp 5 above,

not going to happen. Trump just did an Obama on Clinton; let's look forward and not back, while praising her 30 years of service. On the whole tho' his victory speech was promising for the future, if he sticks to it. Time will tell.

Posted by: Razor Edge | Nov 9 2016 8:37 utc | 9

If Trump's leadership, in addition to promoting peace on earth and good will between nations, enables the major rebuilding of US infrastructure that he has talked about, 'economic equality' may not be achieved, but millions of good paying jobs may be, as well as a world class infrastructure.

His energy displayed during his extremely demanding campaign was quite amazing: This is no dozy old fellow.

One very bright light in my opinion is the extent to which many Americans repudiated the relentless MSM propaganda/demonization effort vs Trump. And amusing will it be to witness the day after for the legions of scripted media marionettes, who have had their recent political presstitute posturing trumped by reality, and who will once again assemble, after all, it's a paycheck, but with the opportunity to be less glibly disengenuous.

Posted by: canuck | Nov 9 2016 8:42 utc | 10

Whatever actual changes may follow, if any, from a purely german point of view, one encouraging thing that this "election" emanates is: that the reality that the mass media has constructed is not as unbreakably solid as they'd like it to be. These days I often get the impression that the plain and heavyhanded lying and distortion of reality from "the media" is not just stupid and flawed, but that it's meant to actively discourage anyone from leaning against it. Like "whatever you want to think or believe does not matter, what we say is true IS true and you can't do anything about it". This assumption might have been shaken a little bit, regardless of what actual change will or will not take place in the midterm future. So maybe some people in the us or elsewhere will snap out of a fatalist "there is no alternative" thinking to some degree. That would surely not be a bad thing.

Posted by: radiator | Nov 9 2016 8:43 utc | 11

At least the odds are better for the US to ease back from the brink.

Posted by: AriusArmenian | Nov 9 2016 8:44 utc | 12

Wow he won, never thought that, however I am quite worried that we will see false-flag incidents now, the neocon wont accept a Trump presidency.

"Such an attack – involving widespread internet and power outage – would have nothing to do with Russia or any other foreign state. It would be furnished by agencies of the US Deep State in a classic “false flag” covert manner. But the resulting chaos and “assault on American democracy” will be conveniently blamed on Russia"

Read more:

Posted by: Rob | Nov 9 2016 8:47 utc | 13

..also DO NOT bet too high on Trump that he will change the status quo, he might even get worse, we dont know yet.

Posted by: Rob | Nov 9 2016 8:51 utc | 14

Yes Trump garnered more minority votes, but he also consolidated and expanded the white vote. The Historic American Nation does not want to be resolved.

I'm an unapologetic rightist, but of the old school which is deeply suspicious of capitalism. I hope we can work with the old pro-nation state left to attack the global oligarchy and their insane plans. Yes, Trump adheres to some GOP orthodoxies on economic issues, but that's why you are needed - to constitute the element of a new unifying civic nationalism that directly addresses the neoliberal and market fundamentalist cluster-fuck.

Posted by: lemur | Nov 9 2016 8:55 utc | 15

*does not want to be DISSOLVED

Posted by: lemur | Nov 9 2016 8:56 utc | 16

Just read the NYTimes editorial, which ended with this:
"Misogyny and racism played their part in his rise, but so did a fierce and even heedless desire for change.
That change has now placed the United States on a precipice."

What better example of cluelessness.

It was the "fierce and even heedless" desire of the oligarchs to take more, and more, and more, and still more until they had it all in their greedy little hands that drove that desperate vote for change.

It was that greed - that all-consuming greed - that has placed the United States on that precipice.

Not today's vote, which is merely a reaction to that greed.

What was heedless was the inability of those oligarchs to hear that anger and attempt to manage it by advancing someone like, well, like Sanders who might just have managed a soft-landing.

But, no, they had to put all their chips on an uber-status-quo candidate, and that gave the voters little choice but to tip the whole thing over the precipice.

After all, what else was there to do? Vote for the shrew?

At least with The Donald nobody knows what he'll do, but with Hillary you **know** she's gonna' screw ya' over.

When the history of this moment is written the one stark conclusion will be that the oligarchs doomed themselves when they shafted poor ol' Sanders.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 9 2016 8:56 utc | 17

My dear American siblings, it is now up to you. We learnt during the Obama years that capturing the Presidency is not enough. That seat in the end is only one centre of power among many in the States; and not the most powerful. What your President needs is their own centre of power; you.

Democracy is not five minutes every four years, but every day of our lives. We have been asleep too long, we've gotten fat and lazy, and we have left the running of our communities to the wrong people. It is time for the Silent Majority to find it's voice.

I thought I might be too world-weary to ever feel hope again, but I do today.  I had given up on the American people ever rising up against the Masters of the Universe. We have seen so many false dawns before, but they still retain their beauty. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. So have at it!

Posted by: Earthrise | Nov 9 2016 8:56 utc | 18

Western MSM is in bitter shock, haha, cant anyone compile a list of the "I am going to move if Trump wins"-people? Hilarious.

Posted by: Rob | Nov 9 2016 9:00 utc | 19

While I'm encouraged by this result, and for many of the same reasons mentioned in the comments above, I have been "Hope n Changed" once before. I didn't like the end result.

The first litmus test will be the choices that he makes for this cabinet. If he departs from the status quo, I will be less apprehensive.

But, well done to President-elect Trump and Americans in general for the move towards a more compassionate world.

Posted by: Dean | Nov 9 2016 9:05 utc | 20

So Trump has now been elected by the American people to be their next US President, no thanks to all the naysayers here that refused to get off their self-righteous backsides and lift a finger to vote insane warmonger Hillary out.

Posted by: RayB | Nov 9 2016 9:06 utc | 21

What annoys me and worries me most is not Trump, but GOP in control of both houses of the Congress. Indeed, b, I hope they'll lose at least one of these next time.
2nd worry for me is who Trump will have in his cabinet and as advisers. He might be more pragmatic than Clinton, but he's even more a newbie than W Bush and will have to rely on staff and government top guys. Which means GOP people according to odds, and a high potential of ideological ones, including a few loonies; let's hope Trump the businessman has a very acute "no bullshit" 6th sense, otherwise we might be all in trouble.

The biggest win so far, on the other hand, is that, after Brexit, it seems that the mainstream media is on its way to extinction - at least when it comes to influencing the majority of voters. This is sorely needed and it's high time it happens at long last.

Posted by: Clueless Joe | Nov 9 2016 9:16 utc | 22

I'd rather be sodomized by a Trump presidency than have to face another 4-8 years with that witch. She is so phony, it oozes out of her like sweat. Toss in the treason, lies, thefts, and mass murders, and you have a seriously flawed candidate who's biggest asset was her plumbing.

But Hillary can still serve the public by serving the rest of her foul life in prison.

Posted by: Greg Bacon | Nov 9 2016 9:16 utc | 23

Our lives, lived in interesting times, just got a lot more interesting...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Nov 9 2016 9:24 utc | 24

Peter AU | Nov 9, 2016 3:10:04 AM | 1

There is that...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Nov 9 2016 9:26 utc | 25

About the only image that has gone missing is the one where Harry Truman was holding up the headline announcing the election victor. First time is tragedy, followed by farce - an adage.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 9 2016 9:33 utc | 26

It looks like Roofus and his Blarite-Brzezinskite-Kissengerian War Criminal supporter lot just got ripped open a big new one, by a guy who also took a big dump on Clintonian Neocon friends of the Bush Crime Gang, too.

I gotta retract my criticism of the US Plebs. They still have the spirit of the winners, even when repeatedly getting served a losing hand by the establishment. Nice FU's.

Next step - lets see which bits Trumpo does. The "punish the Iran" ones, or the "rebuild the US political system and stop mindless interventionism" ones. Or, at least, "Make America Great Again" kinds of bits. Even those would do. Even if he only fulfills 1/4 o'em.

Posted by: Quadriad | Nov 9 2016 9:36 utc | 27

Oh, yes, THANK YOU AMERICA AND THANK YOU MISTER TRUMP for making Quadriad $1500 richer.

And thank you Paddy Power for enabling these fine legal transactions. At 5:1 odds or greater, the orange guy has been a stellar betting opportunity.

Posted by: Quadriad | Nov 9 2016 9:38 utc | 28

Having watched a few of the talking heads still in disbelief of what just happened; they can't seem to grasp the concept that since they were distorting and manipulating all the information to have a pro Clinton bias in the first place, that it wasn't factual, ie reality.

They then started believing the myth they created themselves, and now that reality rears its "undistorted" head, they reel in horror at the sight. LOL.

It appears like the masses have also figured this out, so is this the end of MSM attempts at population manipulation via propaganda? Let us hope.

Posted by: Dean | Nov 9 2016 9:39 utc | 29

Excellent roundup, b.

"We do not know how the new game will look but I think there is a fair chance now that it, in total, will be somewhat less devastating for the global good."

Yep. We're definitely in Que Será, Será Territory now.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 9 2016 9:39 utc | 30

F T-bear @26

Yes I'm waiting for one of those "pre-printed" Newsweek "Clinton president" issues to get to Trump. I guess they are now working overtime to get the Trump President issue printed and out to the news stands.

They say it was a "business" decision. I guess it will now be called a "bad" business decision.

Posted by: Dean | Nov 9 2016 9:48 utc | 31

@ Noirette | Nov 9, 2016 3:32:39 AM | 6

What happens next?

President-elect Donald Trump will put together his administration between now and January. Watch the movements going on behind the curtain, who is up, who is down. Interesting times for political wonks.

@ Yeah, Right | Nov 9, 2016 3:36:16 AM | 8

If you had not noticed the $1.8 Billion Clinton Foundation has already been transferred to one of the Gulf States - by some reports. Whether true or not, that is to bee seen.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 9 2016 9:48 utc | 32

Some counterpoints:

b: "People around Trump, including his vice-president, are not sane realist but fairly extreme ideologues. Trump himself isn't. He is, in my estimate, fairly pragmatic." Meaning, utter opportunist with a history of profound flip-flopping? He already promised the fire-breathers of GOP almost everything, except for: potential improvement in relationship with Russia and pragmatism on Syria, mass deportations of illegals and protectionist trade policies. It can be "fairly pragmatic" for him to abandon those positions after a short struggle, if any.

Greg Bacon: [HRC] " is so phony, it oozes out of her like sweat." IMHO, I think that men are better liars, in part because lies in baritone sound better than in tenor, alto or soprano. Thus no "oozing" in the case of Trump.

"I am going to move if Trump wins" -- I guess, there is always Russia.

"Hillary can still serve the public by serving the rest of her foul life in prison." I doubt it. What Clinton's did (as a family, as opposed to personal peccadilloes) was not always pretty, but AFAIK, legal. Except for violations of international laws that Americans simply do not view as crimes.


That said, Democrats now have a good chance to recognize why various policies and practices were nonsensical, while GOP probably lacks such capacity.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 9 2016 9:51 utc | 33

Kudos and congrats to the great USmen and women who voted against the Clinton criminal cabal!

What now? Some Russian fireworks will be on display soon in the ME to celebrate...

And maybe this? Tunneling Under the Bering Strait: Russia Wants a Rail Link to North America

Oh yeah, and a big "fu.k you!" to doofus mongrel, Gordon Duff, Webster Tarpley, ...

Posted by: ProPeace | Nov 9 2016 9:54 utc | 34

BTW When I said in previous post a couple of days ago that "the US will be contained" I meant of course Trump winning the presidency. Let's see now how the rest of my predictions fulfill... ;-)

Posted by: ProPeace | Nov 9 2016 9:59 utc | 35

It must be said that here in Australia just about everyone was supporting Clinton to win. The corporate media here also followed the New York Propaganda Crimes like the faithful lapdogs they are, reporting on each and every Trump peccadillo while ignoring the Wikileaks dumps.
Posted by: Jen | Nov 9, 2016 3:25:45 AM | 4

Yeah, News just wasted some airtime to let sleep-walking wanker Kim (Karl Rove) Beazley deny reality from his Alice In Wonderland ivory tower.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 9 2016 10:03 utc | 36

Wonderful article. A wonderful moment. How are your news outlets responding?

Our BBC was just sad. They chose to interview people who almost to a man were using words like "catastrophe" and "danger". Trump's going to destroy Free Trade and make us all less prosperous. He's going to dismantle NATO and leave us at the mercy of the Russians - and look what they did to the Ukraine with their invasion. And of course he's going to be divisive and lead us down the populist path.

It was as if all the horror of Brexit - something the BBC couldn't mourn too openly since they're supposed to be impartial - could finally all come out. And it did. I hope your media do better.

But the immediate effect must be on what happens in the killing zones. I'm going to be optimistic for once and predict the shells will stop falling on Donetsk and the weapons stop flowing to Al-Qaeda. And in all those countries whose names we scarcely know, the killing will let up.

A man can dream.

Posted by: EnglishOutsider | Nov 9 2016 10:05 utc | 37

Hoarsewhisperer 36
You still read the Aust MSM? Oz being a state of the US, I just look at what is happening at head office.

Posted by: Peter AU | Nov 9 2016 10:16 utc | 38

So despicable, so truly deeply vicious to turn this into an attack on transsexuals. How creepy.

The importance of today's result is that there is a global populist wave. Both Sanders and Trump represent this wave, however inadequately. They also sketch out the danger that faces us: the elites would like nothing more than to keep that wave split by a toxic internecine war between left and right. As one well known gas bag used to declare regularly - correctly - we must transcend the left vs. right paradigm. It's mostly smoke and mirrors. Most people largely agree about most issues. Left vs right is mostly an illusion - deeply habituated however - the real opposition is 1% vs 99%.

WW3 and horrific trade deals took a step back today. But the populist wave must rise far higher than either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

Posted by: paul | Nov 9 2016 10:23 utc | 39

Obviously they will try real hard to off Trump.

What do they now have to lose?

Posted by: blues | Nov 9 2016 10:27 utc | 40

as a non-voter the only interest i could garner for this election was to view it as a referendum on the American people. that they outright rejected the lying psychopathic warmonger is a positive sign.

but, actually, my first thought was that Trump, the poor sod, and even more so, Melania, will have to move out of their plush digs up above the world in Manhattan to that shitty little neo-classical villa on Pennsylvania Avenue.

i'd feel a lot safer in the penthouse.

Posted by: john | Nov 9 2016 10:39 utc | 41

Congrats Mr. president, that is actually a well deserved win considering the media, celebs & obama support for clinton. 55m vs 54m votes though is a bit worrying. Also, I wonder how knowledgeable is Trump over middle east matters. He had a good argument that day with al waleed bin talal on Twitter with some interesting statements.
@b Honest question, is this the first step to .. you know ... Saudi? From what i know many aren't happy with the new generation of saud family. It seems a very clear "to be continued" plot. @blues well yeah will be very easy to shake things up, you can easily pull the muslims card on trump and get things out of control and clearly blame him for it.

Posted by: Mohammed | Nov 9 2016 10:56 utc | 42

On Trump,
I think there will be no difference really, he will meet and greet Nato leader, sending war-ships to the Gulf etc. I have a bad feeling also that EVERYONE will work against him, media, military etc.

Posted by: Rob | Nov 9 2016 10:57 utc | 43

It’s the curse of old hopey changey yes we can no we didn’t, innit.

Oboma came to the UK and told us to Bremain and we Brexited.
He told his own folk to vote for Shillary and they’ve Trump’d.

It’s said that Trump decided to run after a comedian at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011 made unpleasant personal jokes about him and all, including Obama, laughed.

He showed them alright. They’re defo not laughing now.

BBC R4 news at 8 this morning was like something out of the 1930’s, just two items.
1. A nobody had won the US presidency.
2. A tram had overturned in Croydon.

I look forward to hearing President Duterte of the Phillipines message of congratulation.

Posted by: Stubbs | Nov 9 2016 11:08 utc | 44

Yeah, Right @8

Not necessarily. Wait to see who Trump appoints as his official 'advisors'. Trump may not be buyable, but what about his 'advisors'?

Posted by: Yonatan | Nov 9 2016 11:11 utc | 45

It looks like this poster needs an update. One more for the list.

Posted by: Yonatan | Nov 9 2016 11:16 utc | 46

EnglishOutsider @37

"[The BBC] ... And of course he's going to be divisive and lead us down the populist path."

The irony of extreme advocates of identity politics claiming that others are divisive.

Posted by: Yonatan | Nov 9 2016 11:17 utc | 47

I wonder if the oligarchs will now ask for their money back? Yeah Right at 8.

They started writing off their losses, imho, about 2 months ago, when it became evident to anybody with some insider knowledge / connections / good intuitions that DT would win.

But it is far far worse for them than just having paid staggering amounts for speeches and not getting any return. I hope, like to expect, that the Clinton Foundation (and the myriad of other connected charities and organisations) is shut down. They are involved in much more than pay-to-play, which is bad enough in itself. (I will quote just two of my suspicions as I can’t ‘accuse’: insider trading and money laundering, but there is more.)

Ortel has done a bit of serious digging.

Sanders was put up as a ‘fake’ opponent (he may not have realised this fully and imho was not really complicit) to galvanise the ‘lefter wing’ and ‘bring in more ppl to the dem party’, specially young first-time voters. The primaries were rigged so that he would loose, and Killary would nevertheless, then, gather in - as the endorsed dem - a majority of Sanders-type voters. (As she would be running against Trump, which was also planned.) Sanders was only allowed to run under the condition that he would ‘endorse’ her once he lost the primaries. Which he promised to do - he said so publically very early on. He kept that promise.

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 9 2016 11:22 utc | 48

all of you white ppriveledged males are the reason Trump won. He can openly be racist and sexist, lie and admit that he avoided paying taxes, no less have no experience in politics, and still win. Hillary? oh corrupt sure but because she's female, she doesn't smile enough.....he loses. it speaks volumes

Posted by: Nothappy | Nov 9 2016 11:29 utc | 49

Apart from the big questions, having bet on Trump for President sixteen months ago at 25-1 it was a nervous ride with the NYT results meter flickering over early on to a likely Clinton win. Then around 9pm(EST)it started moving inexorably towards Trump.

I believe he will be a strong President and unlike Obama he knows how to hire and fire. America and the rest of the world desperately needed this change. It could only be led by someone outside the political class the vast majority of whom are compromised if not corrupt. It could only be led by someone who has achieved wealth and fame and therefore is not easily corruptible ie. it is not his driving ambition any more.

The problems run deeper than outsourcing to low-wage countries. When America has the finest aircraft engineers on the planet Boeing decided to outsource their entire wing-making operation for the 787 to Japan, where wage rates are similar to Seattle. They gave away decades of technolgical know-how but for what? Perhaps its the same destructive current that has smashed up the Middle East. It's not the Empire of Chaos; it's the Empire of Destruction.

Posted by: Lochearn | Nov 9 2016 11:29 utc | 50

Hoarsewhisperer 36
You still read the Aust MSM? Oz being a state of the US, I just look at what is happening at head office.
Posted by: Peter AU | Nov 9, 2016 5:16:28 AM | 38

No. When I was a kid, and The Argus shut down, my parents switched to The Sun (which had great daily comic strips, and a multi-page supplement for kids on Saturday) but after a few years they switched to The Age which became 'my' newspaper as I was growing up. As a grown-up I was delighted with The Age (and they with me) and regularly published 'my' letters and phone-in quips.

However, at the beginning of the Fake War on Terror, I became very, very pissed off with their habit of airing Thomas L Friedman et al's Moral Equivalence bullshit and sent the Editor several not-for-publication letters of complaint (to which he sometimes responded) culminating in an ultimatum containing a red line which they crossed 3 or 4 weeks later obliging me to become a Never Again reader or purchaser of the Age.
As I pointed out to him during our letter-fest, If I wanted to read bullshit I could make up better bullshit myself and read it for free, so why would I, or anyone else, willingly pay for The Age's 2nd-rate bs (which turned out to be more prophetic than either of us ever imagined)?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 9 2016 11:30 utc | 51

Looks like the 'other' vote was just a bit less than three times what it was in 2012 ... 4.7%. I guess three times is an improvement, but under 5% still seems disgraceful to me. The two-party, single poll election sure has a solid hold on the USA.

I share everyone's relief at Hillary's defeat, and even the election night enthusiasm for Donald Trump. But I am afraid ... I feel sure, actually ... that Trump was the lessor evil ... that is, still evil ... that the difference between Clinton and Trump will turnout to be less than a dime's worth. But for now let the good times roll! Just as they did after Obama's election in 2008.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 9 2016 11:31 utc | 52

Assad's curse strikes again!:-),can the lady say ,''we came we saw we tried killing him but we failed!''...we r done here Qatar here we come,where's my burgha!

Posted by: Nur Adlina | Nov 9 2016 11:40 utc | 53

The evident turn away from the build-up to an ever-hotter W3 is, naturally, good. But there is a war now, W3, ongoing. Whither NATO, whither all those bases. Whither the MIC? Restructuring an economy takes time - and people need jobs now. When I see things change, people working and unions growing and the bridges getting re-built and fixed, then I will breath. It's not over.

There are shoal waters under the keel. And Barky the trained seal remains...power has not transitioned yet...and the dark forces are still unspeakably powerful and wealthy.

And I remember Dallas. We voted for Jack. We cheered for the American University speech, and cried after Dallas.

Trump is one man, and things remain very dangerous.

Let's see if the DoJ goes after the criminal gang.

Lets see if the stables are cleaned as "La partie continue". Power concedes nothing except to power. There can be no question of Justice except between equals in power.

Bless Humanity, we are still at the edge of the abyss.

Posted by: Delmar | Nov 9 2016 11:42 utc | 54

@45 You can't expect him to run an Administration without appointing people with political experience into positions of real authority.

I mean, get real. He has zero experience at government, so he has to appoint people who do.

And that's going to mean political whores, knaves and carpetbaggers because those are the only political insiders who will agree to work for him.

But they'll work *for* *him*, and he won't have a master.

Unlike Hillary, who would have been merely a gatekeeper for those who had bankrolled her into the Presidency.

Posted by: Yeah, Right | Nov 9 2016 11:49 utc | 55

Hillary the war witch is dead. The Clinton's are over. That is good. Trump likes Zionist Warmonger John Bolton. That is not good.

Ppl saw what Obama did for them. He did nothing for them. We got our $200 monthly increase in Obamacare premiums, just a few days before the election. That was poor timing for the Dimmocrats.

Trump's VP is a bad guy.

Posted by: fast freddy | Nov 9 2016 11:54 utc | 56

The ex-US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFoul put out a tweet declaring -

"Putin intervened in our elections and succeeded. Молодец" [= Good]

He quickly deleted it

Now he says:

"Trump is right. The US needs electoral reform."

Wot a twanker.

Yeah, Right @54

Get Real? I did not say anything about him taking on people with no experience. The reality is that taking in neocons means no change. There are plenty on non-neocons with government experience.

There also government departments that ignore US government policy in favor of policies favorable to Israel. The Office of Foreign Asset Control ignored and still ignores ISIS oil looting, yet it still sanctions companies dealing with Iran as though the US-Iran deal had never happened. That is reality.

Posted by: Yonatan | Nov 9 2016 12:11 utc | 57

We are now to ruled by a cabal in the FBI, it seems. Thanks, Mr. Comey. Trump's Congressional majority will pass Our Fearless Leaders decrees on Gleichschaltung, immediately the newly fascist Supreme Court will approve, and the arrests will start. Bubba gets revenge on the modern world.

Will there a be a world in two years....

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 9 2016 12:11 utc | 58

I wonder, assuming that nothing drastic towards the opposite happens, if
much of the rotten tissue that assumed to be reality by "public consensus"
will now start fast to unravel (like it was in Sov So in the second half of
the 1980s). Say, if the boor will have temerity to start an inquiry about
the reasons of the last 25 years of wars (and then, say, it happens that the
US authorities were simply paid all the time by the Saudis to destroy their
enemies in the Middle East).
Suddenly we are in the interesting time - strange, is not it?

Posted by: sasha | Nov 9 2016 12:14 utc | 59

Trump’s victory and the debacle of American democracy

The most significant Trump upsets came in states where Sanders defeated Clinton by large margins in the Democratic Party primaries.

If that's true it explains where all the burned out Sanders supporters went - not to Johnson and not to Stein, but to Trump.

Who'd a thunk it?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 9 2016 12:30 utc | 60

This is an indelible moment in Modern History. I've been watching the late News roundups and a financial pundit, in the Business roundup, when asked "What's going to happen next?" responded "Nobody knows."

And, like it or not, that's where we are. i.e the world (as we knew it) has ground to a halt waiting for Trump's first move.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 9 2016 12:37 utc | 61

yeah right@
"All those millions paid to the Clinton's..."

It was OtherPeoples'Money; typical ingredient of fraud.

Posted by: chu teh | Nov 9 2016 12:54 utc | 62

By Trump's victory , the top echelon of the 'super elitists ' ( I mean people way above soros & co ) got their way and everything is on track and in best order.
The GIGANTIC financial reset and the planned collapse of the 'usd' by this group of selected leaders could not happen under the globalist agenda of hillary ( or globalists as a whole ) , the blame MUST go to liberty , conservative and nationalistic movements , like those who supported Trump , as the elitists need them as scapegoats for the forthcoming collapse.
The first step of this scenario was the implementation of Brexit and Trump's win is the second step of this sinister agenda , thus Brexit and Trump's victory are ' planned ' by the same group and in direct connection to each other. ( Just compare Pre-Brexit to Pre-Trump victory )
The blame for the forthcoming Grand Reset with the replacement of the usd with a new global currency , SDR or anything , must happen under a 'non-globalist' Trump with antecedence of Brexit , think about it.....

Posted by: Sufi | Nov 9 2016 12:56 utc | 63

Two points? First, the media gave Trump billions in free publicity, and didn't turn on him until the very end, when it was too late. I think the turning point was when in his speech to the military, Trump dismissed the generals as destroyed and obliquely threatened to fire them until he got a winning general. The media could no more reverse their buildup of Trump than they could reverse their decades long demonization of Clinton.

Second, Trump is not a peace candidate. When Putin finds that Trump's idea of doing business with Russia is the same as when he does business, i.e., Trump will stiff Putin like he stiffed his contractors, he will find that Trump will be even more likely to resort to violence, including tactical nukes. Good luck with that.

God knows I had no use for Hilary Clinton. But electing Trump is like electing Richard Nixon instead of Hubert Humphrey. It's a vote for more war.

Posted by: s | Nov 9 2016 12:57 utc | 64

I'm relieved, but I still want to see the Clintons, Podesta, Soros, Bill Maher et al swinging from the gallows

Posted by: TrueNorth | Nov 9 2016 13:03 utc | 65

An op-ed on YESTERDAY's WaPo funny pages: Farewell, dear Donald Trump: An ode to the media’s frenemy

The media pushed Trump but with the intent of making him impossible. They didn't even understand that they were carrying his message and that it was the message that worked. Presumptuous idiots. Unfortunately they will only learn from it when their last readers are gone.

Posted by: b | Nov 9 2016 13:10 utc | 66

$50 says the Trump administration does not indict the Clinton Foundation out of professional courtesy. After all sharks don't eat sharks. April 15th is still the same day as before.

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 9 2016 13:18 utc | 67

I wonder if the oligarchs will now ask for their money back? Yeah Right at 8.

They started writing off their losses, imho, about 2 months ago, when it became evident to anybody (with stakes) with some insider knolwdege / connections that DT would win.

But it is far far worse for them than just having paid staggering amounts for speeches and not getting any return. I hope, like to expect, that the Clinton Foundation (and the myriad of other connected charities and organisations) is shut down. They are involved in much more than pay-to-play, which is bad enough in itself. (I will quote just two of my suspicions as I can’t ‘accuse’: insider trading and money laundering, but there is more.)

Ortel has done a bit of serious digging.

Sanders was put up as a ‘fake’ opponent (he may not have realised this fully and imho was not really complicit) to galvanise the ‘lefter wing’ and ‘bring in more ppl to the dem party’, specially young first-time voters. The primaries were rigged so that he would loose, and Killary would nevertheless, then, gather in - as the endorsed dem - a majority of Sanders-type voters. (As she would be running against Trump, which was also planned.) Sanders was only allowed to run under the condition that he would ‘endorse’ her once he lost the primaries. Which he promised to do - he said so publically very early on. He kept that promise.

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 9 2016 13:23 utc | 68

Agree completely b.

Unfortunately average income and poor Americans will suffer from a Trump presidency as they would've under Clinton. For example, I expect that at some point over the next four years an excuse/'crisis' will be found to cut Social Security and Medicare ...

However, on the positive side, and for the world, the Great Game chessboard has been trashed. The Trump disruption even if it lasts only four years ... well, 2017 to 2021 are huge, critical years in the transition toward what we hope is a multipolar, non-militarist/imperialist world that will lean more and more toward China and its "let's just do business" sensibilities.

Posted by: fairleft | Nov 9 2016 13:25 utc | 69


All America did was short-circuit the feckless Clinton-as-Gorbechev glasnost and peristroika phase, and plunge directly into the New Wall and oligarchy cartels phase, under Pence as Putin.

Anyone who thinks they 'won' is sorely deluded, the -$24,000,000,000,000 interest only bleedout of health and human services will only advance more rapidly now. Ask any Russian. Ask any Ukrainian, for that matter.

'I can't tell you where all the money went.' Benhamin

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 9 2016 13:26 utc | 70

@45 You can't expect him to run an Administration without appointing people with political experience into positions of real authority.

Well, to me it seems that Trump is a very experienced and hard-nosed "Bankrotteur". Thus, he has exactly the competences the US is in urgent need since quite a while...

Posted by: Kassandra | Nov 9 2016 13:32 utc | 71

Putin reacts to Trump victory as he speaks at ceremony to welcome new ambassadors

Posted by: okie farmer | Nov 9 2016 13:36 utc | 72

Well said as usual.

It's funny though - while I am incredibly cheered that the utterly despicable Hillary Clinton lost, I feel no great urge to celebrate. I have switched from a mood of hopelessness and despair to one of nervous anxiety for the future. A change for the better but not, yet, nirvana.

As much as HRC was a known evil, let's not forget that Trump is a political cypher, and talk is cheap.

Suggestion: as much as the (non-billionaire) American public has little influence, polite and clear phone messages (email is too easy) to senators and congressmen do have an impact. Not just negative, but also positive. If Trump looks to do something really bad - or really good - I hope this site will help keep us informed, and that the readers who are US citizens will react accordingly.

Posted by: TG | Nov 9 2016 13:50 utc | 73

Молодец" [= Good] More precisely, this word means a successful or stalwart person, like a winner, someone who passed etc. and as an expression, "Well done!"

NYT continues "Putin derangement cycle" with article What Russia after Putin?. It is about a gathering of political emigrants, and I imagine that if I were a Russian, I would breath with relief that they are not in Russia anymore.


About indicting Clinton's for whatever. I just do not see any chance of them getting a guilty sentence. But it reminds me of "It is worse than a crime. It is a mistake." Bill and Hillary should stay in position of influence, but they had to choose: cool cash or electability. Concerning the suffering of Americans, (fairlefttt), either you and I are wrong or issue, or it will be an extra spur for an internal revolution in Democratic party.

On domestic policies, incremental "realistic" changes either outright stopped working or they do not inspire. On foreign policies, valiant exclamations about standing up to Putin and other strongmen flew like paper airplanes that mistakenly were made of rolled lead. There is a disturbance in the force. Perhaps it will get worse before it will get better, in particular, GOP will pack federal courts an SCOTUS with the sludge from Federalist Society.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 9 2016 13:52 utc | 74

chipnik says:

After all sharks don't eat sharks

oh, really?

Posted by: john | Nov 9 2016 13:54 utc | 75


Speaking casually with reporters after his stunning victory, Trump insinuated how he would address America's massive immigration crisis, by adding to the US Green Card visa process a banjo playing requirement. Haww, haww, haww.

"E pluribus still April 15th"

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 9 2016 14:16 utc | 76

Piotr @72: It would be nice to see the Sanders and Warren folks take over the Democratic Party and lead strong resistance to the inevitable Republican Congress + Trump attacks on the bottom 90%. But that won't happen, and half the Democrats in Congress will go along with those attacks, or offer only fake resistance.

I'd guess Elizabeth Warren will be the new 'left' standard bearer to run against Trump in 2020. Hopefully she won't be cheated out of the Dem Party nomination like Sanders was. On the other hand, I think she has less credibility as an authentic leftist than Sanders did ...

Posted by: fairleft | Nov 9 2016 14:17 utc | 77

Well said b.

Posted by: beq | Nov 9 2016 14:18 utc | 78

AS someone said above, remember this folks:

It's funny though - while I am incredibly cheered that the utterly despicable Hillary Clinton lost, I feel no great urge to celebrate. I have switched from a mood of hopelessness and despair to one of nervous anxiety for the future. A change for the better but not, yet, nirvana.

Posted by: LM2 | Nov 9 2016 14:26 utc | 79

@chipnik 66 All those Clinton foundation employees will be bashing out resumes this morning . that outfit is roadkill now.
fairleft. 75 the wreck of the democratic party will be fought over by the obamaists, the clinton rump, the sanders/warren clique, Bidenistas, (Donna) Brazilians, perhaps even zombies like John Edwards After all like the British Labour Party it has no idea of what it is about now.

Posted by: heath | Nov 9 2016 14:56 utc | 80

The biggest winners from Trump's election are the Syrian people.

The War in Syria is now over.


If not in practice yet, in reality it will soon be.

There is no need for Russia to continue this war - in Aleppo in particular.

The jihadis there will now lose their support lines and lose hope and if they don't leave the city soon - they will lose their lives with nothing to show.

When Trump cleans out the military and severs ties with Saudi Arabia - which he will. The new investigation into 9-11 will ensure Saudi Arabia becomes pariahs - Russia & the USA can work talk to each other, and come up with a plan to finish the war in Syria and destroy the jihadis - whether they be ISIS or al-Qaeda or whoever.

Erdogan, the wily fella, well, he will live to fight another day - though he can now forget about the return of his Ottoman Empire - though he may get to keep bits of Northern Syria.

I'm sorry Mr. Assad, your position is very weak and dependent on outside forces. There is no reason for a country like Russia to fight your war for you if that war is now all but over bar the shouting.

There may well be a defacto partition of Syria between a Turkish slice in the north, wedged between two Kurdish slices, and the rump of Syria.

That will include all of Eastern Syria returning to the control of the Assad Government. They will have to fight for Idlib, and obviously Russia and other allies will help in this fight - from the air.

The most worried folks today should be the Saudi Royal Family.

You are now Target No. 1.

You will be found guilty for September 11.

You will be blamed.

You will be scapegoated.

I'm sorry to any who would wish to destroy the so-called "Zio-Nazis" of Israel. Trump will not go after them to any great degree.

He simply won't.

Iran is an interesting question. I expect harsh rhetoric from Trump, but little "kinetic" action, and little prospect of any kinetic action.

But Saudi Arabia. You have too much oil and we're coming for it.

Afterall - you did September 11 in league with the Bushes. It'll be interesting to see exactly how he handles answering September 11. I've no idea how far he'll go - but he'll definitely go after the Saudis.

That will also have the Yuuuuge added benefit of saving the American oil and energy industries and making jobs jobs jobs available back at home in the US.

If you want to make some money - start investing in distressed fracking companies tomorrow.

Posted by: Jules | Nov 9 2016 14:56 utc | 81

@51 & 59 jfl

I suspect many people who voted for Trump felt they WERE voting for the "third party". I suspect they had no more use for the GOP than the Democrats.

My first instinct is to be sad that so many people still believe in the two-party system, and that Stein didn't get her 5%. But on reflection, I suspect that many people are quite angry and wanted to swing a punch that the more nuanced vote for Green or Libertarian simply couldn't pack.

Out of all the news on display this morning, I was happiest to see the face of Putin. I remain overjoyed that Russia is run well, is rising every day in "strength and honor" and will achieve much good for this world. The Hegemon is crumbling and to me this whole election has shown the disintegration to be at major tipping points. The US will sink to her knees, I suspect, with a whimper rather than a bang.

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 9 2016 15:00 utc | 82

Damn b, that was was great analysis.

I went to bed early and pointedly refused to watch or listen to the msm. I went to bed confident that the American people would come to their senses and send the Clintons and the neocons packing.

But the former sheeple might want to consider going out and buying a few pitchforks just in case the Donald needs a little help mucking out the stable in DC.

Posted by: Morongobill | Nov 9 2016 15:00 utc | 83

- Don't be fooled by Trump. Trump doesn't want to cut military spending by one dollar.
- I knew the odds were much better for Traump than for Clinton.

Posted by: Willy2 | Nov 9 2016 15:02 utc | 84

Re: Posted by: Ike | Nov 9, 2016 3:33:46 AM | 7

"Cognitive Dissonance".

Listen to the wailing of those who claim that the only reason Clinton wasn't elected was because she's a Woman.

100% wrong of course.

100% wrong.

And yet - there are already plenty of articles out there claiming just that - from Hillary Clinton supporters of course.

And yet.

The people who actually voted for Trump have explicitly stated - EXPLICITLY STATED - many many times they were voting for Trump for Reasons A, B & C, and not voting for Clinton for reasons D, E & F etc. etc. etc.

And yet. From not one person expressing these reasons has Clinton's apparent gender ever come into it.

And yet - these people ignore what people tell them and turn around and tell them what they actually mean!!

These people simply never learn!

None are so blind as those who will not see!!!

Now that is "Cognitive Dissonance".

Posted by: Jules | Nov 9 2016 15:03 utc | 85

fairleft @75

Sanders and Warren have discredited themselves. They joined with the corrupt Democratic Party establishment to support a flawed candidate.

Progressives would be better off starting fresh by:

1) building a movement that is independent of party;

2) jettisoning DNC for the Green Party.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Nov 9 2016 15:10 utc | 86

Great take b, I agree completely.

The challenge, as always, is the same. Can people live up to the rhetoric they profess to believe in? Most presidents cannot. The powers behind the scenes won't let them. The ball is in Trump's corner. With the House and Senate, no excuses. We'll see.

Should be an interesting 4 yrs.

Posted by: ben | Nov 9 2016 15:26 utc | 87

in France, "Liberation" went hysterical and started a new Trump=Hitler cycle the second Trump won with an insane cover/slogan :

Nobody buys that toilet paper anymore outside libraries/institutions, but they don't get discouraged easily ^^

Posted by: ratatat | Nov 9 2016 15:29 utc | 88

Trump doesn't have the time, nor is it his responsibility to "go after" HRC. That's for FBI, DOJ (ugh), police and courts. Those institutions have just been handed a mandate from American voters TO DO THEIR JOB. If they don't "get her". They'll get some of her worst minions. Starting with the child-trafficking rings. The Pedo-esta bros. It's called "Broken Window Policing". Fix and clean up the worst offenders. And the rest of the hood falls in line. If the FBI (what's left of it) can arrest and enable the prosecution of 10% of the worst of 'em. Starting with the Clinton Foundation. It will change the behavior of the rest of 'em. You can't get 'em all. But you can get enuf of 'em to make a REAL difference in ones community and society writ large.

HRC is a YUUUGE liability. She knows too much. She has enabled too much evil. I wouldn't want to be her for ALL her millions and billions of blood money. THIS is how divine JUSTICE works. Let IT do its work.

Posted by: Take Me | Nov 9 2016 15:34 utc | 89

Some home that Trump the Wise or Trump the Just will abandon alliance with Gulfies, KSA and sidekicks who purchase a lot of arms, invest a lot in USA and get American support for they favorite goals like wars in Yemen and Syria. I am less sure:

"Ivanka Trump, the business tycoon's daughter and executive vice president of development & acquisitions for the Trump Organization, told the Hotelier Middle East that the company's luxury line of hotels, Trump Hotel Collection, plans to build hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in an exclusive interview in May."

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Nov 9 2016 15:36 utc | 90

The 'tell' will be with who Trump surrounds himself with as advisers and whether he is able to move against his enemies to neutralize their attack which will surely come. Any far right wing ideologies will be a negative to getting the nation back on track as these ideologies will mainly benefit those who already have. Good luck America.

Posted by: BRF | Nov 9 2016 15:41 utc | 91

The Democratic Party has failed the common people in spades. Worse than the R Party, in that they pretend to want to help the commons while they stab us in the back. Lame Duck Obama is trying desperately to foist the TPP upon us. We must pay close attention to this.

Resistance to GMO labeling is directly linked to the TPP.

Currently, Obama is screwing the Native Americans with the pipeline.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Nov 9 2016 15:45 utc | 92

Eliz Warren is a Zionist shitbird. Interesting that most of the dual Israelis (granted honorarily) in congress are Democrats.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Nov 9 2016 15:47 utc | 93

she ran. they voted. she lost.

Posted by: b real | Nov 9 2016 15:50 utc | 94

President Donald Trump!And he did it his f*cking way!Hallelujah.
Transgender bathrooms;Tempest in a teapot,as women's bathrooms all have stalls,and no transgender female can use the urinal,and will use the stall in the men's room.Jeez.and do you think calling for a boycott of NC citizens helped her in NC?What a moron,and the reason she lost,a divide and conquer pos whose support was America haters and bubbleheaded women.And 53 % of white American women went Trump.(CP)
It was a late night checking out county votes and percentages,but about 2AM I figured he'd won.But of course the ZNN wouldn't call it.
And then she wouldn't concede.What a loser.Goodbye to bad rubbish.
I don't think Trump will prosecute the HB,as it would be seen as piling on the poor sick old bag.
I do see revelations ahead though,as he defeated the rethugs and the demoncrats,and Obomba stepped over the political line when he said(hillaryously)that Trump was unfit for POTUS.

Posted by: dahoit | Nov 9 2016 15:51 utc | 95

I am just up and thought I would see the market had hit the circuit breakers form so much down volume but it seems to not be reflecting the same angst as last night. That said, the global plutocrats can make the market do anything they want, given their riches w/o losing any control.....they own private finance.

I initially said that the global plutocrats would see Trump as the "don't throw me in the briar patch" candidate and that may still hold. After all, Trump is a wannabe one of them with a chip on his shoulder. I think he can be manipulated to their agenda.

From what I have seen it is still a very brainwashed world that is holding on to the BS memes of left/right. lib/conserv...yadda, yadda, yadda instead of waking up to the reality of the global plutocrats with their private finance and unfettered inheritance against the rest of us.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 9 2016 15:51 utc | 96

I hope Trump starts firing people, like Comey, who haven't been doing their jobs, and prosecuting them, too.

If he doesn't prosecute the government employees who've been "on the take" from the Clinton Gang, then it affirms many people's belief that "corruption of biblical proportion" will continue to be tolerated with no consequences other than potential loss of re-election.

Posted by: dumbass | Nov 9 2016 15:53 utc | 97

Jules 79 No. If Trump destroys the Saudi Monarchy, parts of Arabia will fall into the hands of Isis or Al Quaeda and parts under the influence of Iran and that ain't happening.

If Assad's Rump Syria is 'safe' then ISIS becomes a fact because I can't see Trump throwing hundreds of billions at Sunnistan for very little return

Posted by: heath | Nov 9 2016 15:54 utc | 98

I am from Uruguay -some many know where this country is. I have been following this election closely for months -as well as international headlines & news, including MofA- and you would be surprised to know how much I have the exact same feeling this morning (it´s not yet noon here yet) just an hour after finding out about the election result, this kind of let's-wait-and-see sense of relief. A sense that, in general, common sense has prevailed when it comes to Trump winning over HRC, and a reluctance to abandon the idea -in fact, a call for its fertilisation- that unforeseen events may ultimately take things into unforeseen tragic outcomes, based on the neocons-on-the-shadow persistence in the House and military and drug and trade and stocks and, ultimately, religious and civilizational interests overtaking whatever it takes to overtake to attain their intents. History is not devoid of examples. I might just look at my big neighbor's recent fate, where the vicepresident -I am wondering now how he got there on the first place- arrived at the presidency after Dilma Rousseff was ousted by what can technically be described as a parlamentiary coup. There you have yet another example of the mainstream press lending a hand for a far from democratic political change: during those months, president Dilma was always presented as "having said" such and such things in her defense while Congress was preparing her indictment, but her actual voice could not be heard on TV, no new footage of her was presented to the public, no graphic depiction seemed possible except grainy old-looking pictures of her, as though she was an outlaw speaking from hiding and not the president speaking from palace itself. The move was succesful. And yet in light of this historic result of the US election, it makes one more hopeful that the days when extreme views are implemented with the help of the press and the blinding of the masses are over, but no less forgetful that this marks the birth of another chessboard beginning to build itself up. But I think it´s safe to say that Hillary and the establishment she represented had believed their own lies and thought the result we are now seeing was impossible. How could they ever predict it? Even the FBI seemed to have worked in their favour, reopening her case five or seven days before the election and clearing her of any suspicions of wrongdoing in a record time for the second time this year alone. But the results of the election are not a lie. There´s this feeling of fresh air entering, sweeping all over one´s lungs for the first time for a long time. Trump's win gives an impassionate observer some reason to reaffirm hope in mankind and its destiny for peace and learning and coexistence. One might as well remember the 11-M 2004 terrorist attacks in Madrid and its consequence on Election Day (14-M-2014) as an example where the fog of intent of political gain & the work of the mainstream media was rapidly outdone by the clarity of truth brought to citizens thanks to the outreach of sms (whatsapp did not exist on those days yet) and the internet. What a blow in the face for fearmongers. Let´s hope history talks as it only knows how to talk -with facts- about this being the bending time for a more just relationship of humans towards each other.

Posted by: fateinhumanity | Nov 9 2016 15:56 utc | 99

Voters free access to INFORMATION via the www won 'The Donald' the Presidency of the United States. The pundits and the controlled medias and their owner/controllers believed that they could shape and mold a reality that obviously existed in their minds only. Alec Baldwin proved, as I have long suspected that he is an Olympic class out of touch Douche' Bag. The anti family values anti US Constitution forces have lost. Is this a New Day? We shall soon see.


Just me opinion

Posted by: ALberto | Nov 9 2016 16:10 utc | 100

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