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November 23, 2016

Elijah Magnier On Fake News And Fake Analysts

While I am still knocked out somewhat by a nasty influenza let me recommend Elijah Magnier's most recent piece on the "fake news" and "fake analyst" media:

Syria and Iraq caught between the “new analysts’ and the politicised media

Some excerpts:

The wars in Syria and Iraq celebrated the unfortunate end of the “free and independent press” and the rise of the “neo-analysts”. They sit in far-off lands, with no ground knowledge of the war, collecting information and analysing the colourful bin of social networking sites.

They have even the temerity to believe they can dictate to the US administration what measures should be taken, who to support and, as if they had mastered the “art of war”, they even push for a nuclear war with Russia.

On Syria:

According to the US State Department and to the western press, over 90 hospitals were totally destroyed in eastern Aleppo in the last months at the rate of almost one destroyed hospital per day. And every day we hear “the last hospital has been totally destroyed”. The only problem with this figure is the statistic released by the Syrian Ministry of Health stating that “on the entire Syrian territory, there are only 88 hospitals”.
[W]hen jihadists and rebels start a large scale attack against Syrian Army forces and their allies, the media stand by, waiting for results. If the regime begins a military operation hospitals are destroyed and civilians are killed in the first hour of the battle. Rarely do militants die in mainstream media.

On Iraq:

“Neo-analysts” and journalists focus also on the role of the “Popular Mobilisation Units” (PMU) by giving them different titles, like the “Shiite crowd”, “sectarian crowd” and “Militia crowd” as if its members came from another world. There are more than 60% of Shiites in Iraq and the rest are Sunnis, secular Kurds, Assyrians, Shabak, Sabea and other minorities. From these same Iraqis are formed the Iraqi army units, counter-terrorism, intelligence, special forces, federal police forces, tribes, and Peshmergan as well as the PMU, which has become an integral part of the security apparatus under the leadership of the Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, the Prime Minister.

Those writing about Iraq disregard the fact that the US Army, before and during its invasion to Iraq, committed the most abominable atrocities in that country, starting with the embargo on Iraq to massacres, torture, rape and human rights abuses during the occupation of the country.

On the media:

The notion of a “free unbiased press” is finished and has been replaced by the will of politicians: investigate journalism was replaced by information or disinformation from social media.

It was obvious during the US presidential campaign that the “free press” was sharing “statistics” confirming the absence of any prospect of success of Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton as a winner by 98 to 99%. This indicates that the press was following wishful thinking rather than confirming data and facts, just as they have been doing most of the time with the war in Syria and Iraq.

Elijah has been working as a newspaper journalist for some 30 years. He was war correspondent in the Yugoslavia wars, in Lebanon, in Iraq during the U.S. invasion and in Syria. The above is based on factual knowledge and experience, not on political agendas or paid "analyst" propaganda. One hopes that younger journalists will learn from it.

Posted by b on November 23, 2016 at 18:47 UTC | Permalink


The above is based on factual knowledge and experience, not on political agendas or paid "analyst" propaganda. One hopes that younger journalists will learn from it.

The keyword here is 'paid'. If journalist is actually doing his job, he is fired. Everyone you see on the Wests mass media is a paid mouthpiece, regardless if he/she likes it or not, they have no choice, thats the reality of "independent press" nowadays.

Posted by: Harry | Nov 23 2016 18:59 utc | 1

My view: Fake News is an American Tradition. "American Blood on American Soil" was trumpeted loudly to justify the Mexican War; "Battleship Maine Sunk In Cuban Harbor" was the media call for war with the crumbling Spanish Empire; "Pearl Harbor Bombed" was the catalyst for going to war in 1941. Each of them were false flag events to justify war.
Nothing has changed


That now people do not need to have outfits like the NYTimes, NBC, CBS, CNN, et al trumpet the news to cause people to support the empire ... . Alternatives exist ... until the guv'ment of the 1% and the media they own make the alternatives hard, if not impossible, to learn from.

Yeah, despite the flu, B continues to make the world aware ...

Good job ... thanks.

Posted by: rg the lg | Nov 23 2016 19:03 utc | 2

The fake news regarding Syria and Iraq, the omission of news regarding Daesh and al-Qaeda atrocities and the complete silence as to why the Americans refuse to join with the Russians in eradicating the terrorist threat all stem from the fact that 90% of the US media is controlled by six mega-corporations, whose ownership and editorial direction are pro-Zionist,

Any journalist or opinion writer who refuses to toe the editorial line is banished and becomes a pariah.

Posted by: chet380 | Nov 23 2016 19:11 utc | 3

Pretty interesting that Trump had to go off the record to talk about how to stop the craziness in Syria, in fear of betraying some "secret" issue".
JOSEPH KAHN, managing editor: On Syria, would you mind, you said you have a very strong idea about what to do with the Syria conflict, can you describe that for us?

TRUMP: I can only say this: We have to end that craziness that’s going on in Syria. One of the things that was told to me — can I say this off the record, or is everything on the record?

SULZBERGER: No, if you want to …

TRUMP: I don’t want to violate, I don’t want to violate a …

SULZBERGER: If you want to go off the record, we have agreed you can go off the record. Ladies and gentlemen, we are off the record for this moment.

[Trump speaks off the record.]

TRUMP: Now we can go back on.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 23 2016 19:28 utc | 4

Just the idea we won't see Samantha Power anymore... what a thrill!!!

Dear B, please consider looking for "Gelomyrtol" on the internet or in a pharmacy. 2 tabs a day. It works!

Posted by: Mina | Nov 23 2016 19:51 utc | 5

thanks b! i always appreciate the articles from elijah magnier... i was looking at his site just the other day, but it was before this was posted.. it is an excellent article, but i doubt any mainstream media type will try to aspire to this level of journalism... as @1 harry points out - they would be fired if they actually reported anything other then propaganda!

@5 mina... did i miss something? has s. power been removed from her role as usa propaganda mouthpiece at the un?

Posted by: james | Nov 23 2016 19:59 utc | 6

Yep James, just check the NYT; one seems to be a nice pick (to replace Power) and the other is... Erik Prince's sister.

Not sure if the video had been posted here, this link has an embedded video of the anti-rebels protests in East Aleppo last week

Sorry. I have been posting too much. Pro-cras-ti-na-ting.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 23 2016 20:24 utc | 8

Mina@4 - "...can I say this off the record, or is everything on the record?..."

I kind of wish some journalist would act like one someday and flat out say,

"Look, you don't get to suspend reality, not even for a second. Everything your say is on the record 100% of the time - that's my damn job. If you say something to me 'off the record' and I agree, then you are making me complicit in a corruption of the public trust. I'll either be deceptive or lying by reporting only part of the truth. What idiot would ever read a news article and believe its contents if they knew that some information was being withheld from them for some unknown reason? If you need to 'adjust' the facts I present as complete with secret, off-the-record facts, then that wouldn't be journalism - it would be propaganda or tabloid garbage."

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 23 2016 20:54 utc | 9

Their problem has been that the alt news has gained more attention from the MSM goons. And with that attention has come more scrutiny of MSM and more credibility for the alt news. It's not just the MSM that has received more scrutiny but the powers behind the thrones. They don't like that and hence the attacks on the messengers.

Magnier hit the nail on the head of the coverage of Syria. No real war news and any attacks on our favored rebels are attacks on hospitals and children ... when they're not barrel bombs ... which in turn had replaced chemical weapons attacks. That last one ended with Russian/Syrian efforts to get rid of the weapons.

Posted by: Curtis | Nov 23 2016 20:54 utc | 10

More manufactured dissent for all examples than wishful thinking,but yes,they wished for their puppet dupe HRC as POTUS,their trepidation towards America First and Donald Trump seems so far well founded.
He is now announcing women and women minorities for his cabinet,further defanging the ziomonsters poison pen against him.
The snake is in the grass;Guardian says votes in 3 states troublesome.
They never sleep.
2;Stop the nonsensical America hatred huh?Yeah,its possible the Mexican War was a fraud,but would the citizens there(MN,AZ,Cal) wish to live in Mexico?I highly highly doubt that.And the evidence for or against MW causastion is very flimsy and vague(1846 was like that).
The Maine did sink,and however it was sunk is the issue,but I agree it was most definitely used as propaganda for war,a war that stared US on the road to imperial perdition.
And Pearl harbor a false flag?
No,it might have been provoked,but it was Japan who jumped headlong and perilously into the maelstrom that Yamamoto warned against.They were a warlord cult who needed to be curbed,btw,although the end result was terrible.

Posted by: dahoit | Nov 23 2016 21:13 utc | 11

"Why you fool, it’s the educated reader who CAN be gulled. All our difficulty comes with the others. When did you meet a workman who believes the papers? He takes it for granted that they’re all propaganda and skips the leading articles. He buys his paper for the football results and the little paragraphs about girls falling out of windows and corpses found in Mayfair flats. He is our problem. We have to recondition him. But the educated public, the people who read the high-brow weeklies, don’t need reconditioning. They’re all right already. They’ll believe anything." -- C.S. Lewis

Posted by: Bravo3 | Nov 23 2016 21:16 utc | 12

Watch RT

Posted by: Jack Smith | Nov 23 2016 21:22 utc | 13

There are only two kind of journalists today : the prostitute and the unemployed.

Posted by: marcel duchamp | Nov 23 2016 21:22 utc | 14

@ marcel duchamp | Nov 23, 2016 4:22:29 PM | 14

Small correction - better said: "… of journalists today: the presstitute and the unemployed." Otherwise spot on!

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 23 2016 21:34 utc | 15

And just today I read this,

EU in another attack on russian media. Just another attack on freedom of speech.

Posted by: Pw | Nov 23 2016 21:41 utc | 16


Might be an improvement but then again who knows

Posted by: jo6pac | Nov 23 2016 21:42 utc | 17

@PavewayIV 9

I was in the news business for several years, having been a newspaper reporter, editor, managing editor and publisher. Over many years I worked for five different newspapers in five different states.

I started out many, many years ago. During all that time the reporter's "creed" that you simulated was in fact the way that we were required to operate.

I constantly have difficulty believing what passes for "reporting" these days. I have not watched network news nor read newspapers for years now, and keep searching the interwebs for more and more reliable information sources. The numbers of those who do the same will grow, and as they do the power of the presstitutes will fade further and further into forgotten history.

Good riddance -- though I'm sad for the good old days when I got my start as a journalist.

Posted by: AntiSpin | Nov 23 2016 21:46 utc | 18

A big part of the problem with the MSM is that with so many newspapers and TV stations falling under the control of huge media corporation giants like News Corporation whose objectives and goals are nothing more than profit, profit and more profit, what used to be half-decent institutions like The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian - well, one assumes they were half-decent to begin with - have been under pressure to increase sales revenues and profits, and cut costs to their utmost.

The result is that good journalists, analysts and editors have been sacked and replaced by cheap stenographers, and the culture that used to exist in newsrooms that valued the pursuit of truth and facts and teaching the next generation of reporters the same and carry on with valued traditions and ethics has been destroyed. In its place is a voracious competitive pseudo-culture with no ethics and rewarding and encouraging a mercenary spirit, at once apparently submissive yet bullying and voracious.

The cost-cutting extends to removing reporters from the frontline in Lebanon and Syria or wherever else things are happening and changing rapidly, and sticking them in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem where they are fed Israeli propaganda and told to repeat it.

Posted by: Jen | Nov 23 2016 21:54 utc | 19

@8 mina.. thanks... sounds like they have the usual wonderful selection to choose from.. erik princes sister - yikes! when will the usa change it's name to blackwater or academie group as the case may be? i guess when a country is so in bed with the military industrial complex / banks - it is only a matter of time where they have to do a name change!

Posted by: james | Nov 23 2016 22:05 utc | 20

Last winter the Asian flu was *really* bad. Thought I would die. Of course, if you HAVE any thoughts with the flu, then you're not going to die. Two folks I know got the Asian flu this winter, one is on a respirator and heart-lung machine, friends. Flu shots only help spread the plague. Isolation, rest and exercise is the remedy.

The doctors say it's 'avian flu', but we know that 'flu' was really due to GMO corn dumping to Russia and Central America and Viet Nam, the GMO corn destroying the gut of chickens it was fed too, as GMO corn was DESIGNED to do, (just like it did with 'swine flu') then the chickens became host to human influenza in their weakened state, now we have a real killer. Go ahead, match the GMO corn dumping countries to their reports of avian flu. The match is a 100% correlation.

So, of course, the first announcement after the Kiev Coup by the Israeli junta leaders was a massive ag lands privatization contract to Israel's Monsanto Seed, for GMO, which means plans for the coup and lands privatization was planned well before Maidan, you don't just write a big contract like that one week after a coup. If they can plan a takeover like that, think of what they're doing now.

Probably all that Monsanto GMO corn (maize) being fed to Ukrainian chickens is migrating the avian flu into Germany for this winter's flu season, and they'll call it some 'H342X' label, so nobody puts two and two together on the back-trace genomics, and folks will get sicker than sh*t and wonder why the 'flu' is so bad, so some division of Bayer can launch another influenza vaccination program, lol.

Monsanto GMO is the cause, flu the vector, and Bayer is the for-profit 'solution'.

No laughing matter, folks. This winter protect yourself. Eat well, rest, exercise. And for gods sake, wear your rubbers when you go out, lol. An associate in China high up in the medical research establishment has found prostate and ovarian (and esophageal) cancers are all related and are probably spread by a virus. Nice. So some division of Bayer can launch another cervical warts vaccination program, neh?

They really don't give a f*ck about you, at least until next April 15th comes due.

Get well, b.

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Nov 23 2016 22:07 utc | 21

right on spot
you bet it didn't hit the news in Europe except in Germany. Must be the fault of RT and Sputnik propaganda.

Back to topic: it still amazes me than with the hundred thousands of Syrians in Europe and in Lebanon/Turkey/Jordan etc. we don't see ANY documentaries where representative number of ppl are interviewed to tell what happened in their area. It seems that this might be part of the new "Putin-makes-the-winner" effect on elections (Fillon had said he would talk with Syria/Iran/Russia to solve the conflict and he instantly jumped and won the first round). Ppl are not stupid and they know in many generations of DNA that the first think is to stop the war, because that costs and spreads.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 23 2016 22:42 utc | 22

@1 harry "regardless if he/she likes it or not, they have no choice..."

There is always a choice. There is also always a consequence. The lesson here for journalists is: if you don't respect yourself, don't expect anyone else to respect you.


If silence is complicity, what then is journalism?

Posted by: Shh | Nov 23 2016 22:56 utc | 23

TheRealDonald@21 - "...the GMO corn destroying the gut of chickens it was fed too, as GMO corn was DESIGNED to do..."

No - most GMO corn is designed to do one thing: tolerate high levels of toxic glyphosate (Roundup) herbicide. There is nothing about that genetic modification that makes it harmful to gut bacteria. It IS NOT the corn, itself, but the extraordinary amounts of glyphosate subsequently used on the crops that gets into the corn. GMO corn used without glyphosate herbicides is probably safe, but nobody uses it that way. Monsanto does not make money on the GMO seeds, they make money on the glyphosate that you subsequently shower on your corn crops because they can tolerate it. Banning GMO corn will not stop the overuse of glyphosate - it's in most North American wheat and flour because they use it intentionally to kill/dry the wheat just prior to harvest. It's in a lot of other crops that are naturally tolerant to glyphosate. Unfortunately, even minute amounts of glyphosate kill 'good' gut bacteria but not 'bad' gut bacteria. That's in poultry, pigs, cattle and humans.

Glyphosate and Roundup negatively affect gut bacteria

...An in vitro study carried out to investigate the rise in botulism disease in cattle in the past 10–15 years found that glyphosate and Roundup were toxic to beneficial gut bacteria that inhibit the growth of the botulism-causing bacterium Clostridium botulinum, but non-toxic to the botulism-causing bacteria themselves. In short, glyphosate and Roundup favoured the growth of botulism-causing Clostridium botulinum bacteria. The authors concluded that ingestion of Roundup residues in cattle feed could predispose cattle to falling ill with botulism.1

In a separate in vitro study on strains of bacteria found in the gut of poultry, most of the pathogenic bacteria tested were highly resistant to Roundup, but most of the beneficial gut bacteria tested were found to be moderately to highly susceptible. The researchers documented the antibiotic damage done to beneficial bacteria in the gut by very low concentrations of Roundup, which allowed the overgrowth of serious pathogens such as Clostridium botulinum, Salmonella spp, and E. coli. These would otherwise be kept in check by the beneficial bacteria that were wiped out by the Roundup residues in feed.2

The authors concluded that the ingestion of Roundup-contaminated feed could be a significant factor predisposing poultry to diseases caused by Clostridium botulinum. It could also explain the now widespread contamination of poultry products with pathogenic Salmonella and E. coli strains of bacteria, which can make human consumers ill.2

It is possible that glyphosate and Roundup’s negative impacts on gut bacteria could contribute to other toxic effects seen in animal and human epidemiological studies on these substances. In humans, disturbed gut bacteria is found in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, and malnutrition, as well as in a subset of autistic people. It may play a role in multisystem organ failure and colon cancer.

There are probably other problems with ingesting GMO-anything, but that threat pales (or is far less understood) in comparison to the direct, known, well-documented threat that toxic herbicides like glyphosate cause. Every person in the U.S. has measureable amounts of glyphosate in their bodies today - that's how prevalent the problem is.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 23 2016 23:13 utc | 24

I think a lot of what we see and read are the spastic outbursts from members of a once credible institution that knows its mostly lost its credibility--and lacking credibility, "news" is reduced to propaganda. Honest writers, such as Ted Rall in this very critical and brutally honest piece, won't get such items published even by sites where their work has long been aired, such as Common Dreams, and now have their own blogs, where being totally censored can be overcome.

I'd like to see if an honest media outlet can survive within the Outlaw US Empire in either print or electronic format. Any suggestions?

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 23 2016 23:28 utc | 25

Funny stuff this new war on fake news, and in signature zionist fashion as well...attack others for that which you are guilty.

Hard to manage the narrative with a free internet it seems. Sadly, many may be happy enough to have their social platforms filtered, censored, sterilised of any meaningful counter argument.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Nov 24 2016 0:05 utc | 26

Finian Cunningham goes on the attack against Fake News: "You really know that masses of people are living within a mind-control matrix when the greatest, most pervasive purveyors of fake news denounce others for the practice.... But now, it seems, Western corporate media giants are calling for Facebook and other social networking sites to weed out "fake news". Given how wrong the US media called the election and also their rabid bias against Trump, the hunt for a scapegoat is understandable."

Angry Arab chimes in with this gem: "Obama's fake news scares me far more than other fake news. Obama's attempt to "correct" the news scare me far more than fake news."

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 24 2016 0:33 utc | 27

I hope you get well soon b.

Yinchiao has helped me for years now stay working through the seasonal crud.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 24 2016 0:37 utc | 28

@12 bravo3

Great quote.

@24 PWIV

No one even tests for glyphosate levels in food ... the Monsanto PR section said that glyphosate only kills bacteria - it interrupts the shikimate pathway in microbials, and therefore cannot harm humans ... and their stooges at the FDA clicked their high heels and said right! No need to test for glyphosate or residues in food products. There are at least as many microbial cells in the human body as there are human cells.

The biochemists are so corrupted by corporate money that it took a linguist working in her 'sparetime' to dig out and publicize the facts on glyphosate.

It's not only fake journalists and fake news we have to worry about, it's fake scientists and fake regulators, and fake economists and fake economics. It's the absolute corruption of everything the TNCs touch. Reductionist corporate culture is the modern plague.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 24 2016 1:27 utc | 29

25 karlof, 'Honest writers ... won't get such items published even by sites where their work has long been aired ... and now have their own blogs, where being totally censored can be overcome.

'I'd like to see if an honest media outlet can survive within the Outlaw US Empire in either print or electronic format. Any suggestions?'

Disintermediation. No men-in-the-middle, like Cloudflare. I realize there are great fans of the men-in-the-middle on this blog. I cannot agree that it is a 'good thing' to have an agent between myself and every information source I interact with.

Most of us have experienced problems posting here at MoA => typepad => Cloudflare.

Whether its the financiers carving out rentier positions on our economic lives or cloudfare and the others over the internet or hybrids like google, facebook, twitter ... the intermediaries have to go.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 24 2016 1:55 utc | 30

What's happened to Western Free press?

Here is an inverted Churchill’s warning of cold war 1.0 IRON CURTAIN of propaganda which adequately describe the suppression liberties and free press and speech in Western Europe today, making the war and mayhem possible:

From majestic fiords of Norway’s polar circle to golden beaches of Island of Cyprus a Black Propaganda curtain has descended over Europe. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Western and Central Europe. Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Geneva, Dublin, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Tirana, Athens and Nicosia; all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the American sphere of oppression, and all are subject, in one form or another, not only to brutal American power but to a very high and in some cases increasing measure of direct totalitarian control from Washington D.C.

Posted by: Kalen | Nov 24 2016 2:37 utc | 31

Most of us have experienced problems posting here at MoA => typepad => Cloudflare.
Posted by: jfl | Nov 23, 2016 8:55:05 PM | 30

Rubbish. The comment system here works perfectly.
I first arrived at MoA a few months before Steve Jobs died in 2011. During my time here EVERY glitch I've encountered with posting comments at MoA can be directly attributed to my own forgetfulness, carelessness or impatience.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 24 2016 2:53 utc | 32

Speaking of fake news:


In a series of explosions and fires this evening across several US swing stages, a large number of electoral college members meeting to cast their votes for the US Presidential and Vice Presidential election campaigns appear to have been injured or killed in those conflagrations.

Reports from medical treatment centers suggest that there were multiple gun-shot wounds to the head of many of the victims, however no official spokesperson would confirm that rumor. As spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security stated that the explosions appear highly-coordinated, and are likely a terrorist event. Senior officials at the Pentagon, speaking off the record, said sigint over the last several weeks had showed a spike in activity between Russia and Iran.

The outcome of this attack (sic) represents a Constitutional crisis for the US, and in the absence of electoral college voting completion, the SCOTUS has been asked to rule on whether the popular vote will decide the winner. Attorney General Loretta Lynch's office has been investigating voting irregularities that would have shown a Clinton victory by over 10,000,000 votes, had they not occurred.

President Obama has issued a request for calm while the SCOTUS meets in emergency session to decide the Clinton (sic) candidacy. The Most High Court is expected to announce Her ascension (sicker) as soon as this weekend. President-elect Trump could not be reached for comment. His family is bunkered down in Mar-a-Lago under heavy security, and is being held incommunicado by agents of the Clinton Bolshevikim, as Alt-R terrorists sympathetic to Russia fight in the streets of West Palm Beach against armored police and military battalions.

Supreme-Commander-for-Greater-Israel Bibi Netanyahu is scheduled to fly in from Hebron on Thursday to oversee the final count and direct the High Court's ruling, as the US military goes to DEFCON 1, readying a pre-emptive ICBM attack on the millions of terrorists seen massing in the streets of Tehran and Moscow.

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Nov 24 2016 3:00 utc | 33

OT @24 paveway quote "GMO corn used without glyphosate herbicides is probably safe, but nobody uses it that way." and where does the run off go, but into the rivers and on out to the ocean, poisoning our land and water, making it unsafe to swin, drink or enjoy nature as the previous generation were able to? what we had has been taken away thanks to agribusiness and while there is a strong cry over climate change, i see no one talking about how the land is being polluted to the point of destruction.. we are destroying the planet and we can make changes to alter this if we recognized the severity of it.. most people don't know, let alone care.

Posted by: james | Nov 24 2016 3:09 utc | 34


You are thinking of GMO wheat, which Brits call corn, not GMO corn, which Brits call maize.

GMO corn has a BT-bacteria infused genome largely against silkworms, and works at the cellular and genetic levels by destroying the gut of early larval in-stars, so as the worm molts, it grows progressively smaller and weaker, and never matures to winged adulthood. That BT-bacterial genome has exactly the same effect on the gut of small animals in husbandry. The only testing BT-bacterial infused GMO corn (maize) received was some fool college volunteers were asked to huff BT spores and they didn't die, (with no followup). However the test footnote states that the test rabbits had a 50% mortality. Whether BT-bacterial infused GMO corn (maize) has an appreciable effect on humans depends on how many bags of Doritos they stuff down every night, with HFCS gut bacteria destroying soda. However, all processed food leaves humans in a weakened state, just as BT-bacterial infused GMO corn (maize) leaves poultry and pigs in a susceptible state, to be infected by influenza virus, especially given their crowded multiple-to-each caged conditions, and close blood and body fluids contact to their human handlers and slaughterers.

Across millions of farm animals, the potential for a BT-bacterial induced GMO corn (maize) viral infection and mutation are extremely high, as demonstrated by the close correlation between those foreign states that purchased the dumped Monsanto GMO corn (maize) BT-bacteria infused grains, and those foreign states which saw catastrophic avian and swine flu epidemics.

I hope that clarifies your misunderstanding. I've spoken to a researcher in this field who said no causation studies are underway, and nobody would be fool enough to do one, their career in the medical research field would be immediately terminated, if not themselves. He agreed with me on the close correlation.

GMO corn (wheat) has, as you say, only a genetic pre-disposition to survive RoundUp saturation, however, farmers now routinely soak the grain (and ripe grain heads) in RoundUp at harvest time to speed death and drying in the field, to save on grain elevator drying expense. There is no testing for glycophosphate residues, and it is not listed by FDA as an adulterant. Whether it's a danger to me is moot. The real danger is the BT-bacterial infused GMO corn (maize) and deadly avian flu, which can become pandemic. Whether you ate any Doritos or not, you're gonna die.

The prophylaxis remains, rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat well and exercise. That won't, of course, protect our children or our elderly, but we can probably soldier on when they're gone in any case. We can always make more two-headed babies, lol.

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Nov 24 2016 3:27 utc | 35

james@34: "...and where does the run off go, but into the rivers and on out to the ocean, poisoning our land and water...

Well, some of glyphsate/insecticide-tainted runoff goes into the primary aquifers. It will show up in significant quantities in the Ogallala (Great Plains) aquifer in about five years. The aquifer is supposedly showing trace contamination now, but the government is hiding that evidence.

This is the same aquifer that the DAPL protesters are trying to prevent from future contamination by a crude oil spill. While I sympathize with the protesters cause, I have to shake my head at how easy the public is to deceive.

By the time a solid, scientific connection is finally made between autism/development disorders and glyphosate (maybe ten or fifteen years), the incidence of Autistic Spectrum Disorder might be 10% of total U.S. births. It's incidence rate was .5% in the 80's, crossed 1% in 2007 and is over 2% today (1 in 45). They tried to hide the growth rate in 2012 by shifting some classifications around. The total reported rate of developmental delayed (includes ASD) children is 6% of the children born in the U.S. today.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 24 2016 3:42 utc | 36

@32 hoarse

I'm referring to comments silently being rejected due to links which are deemed 'undesirable'. It happens.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 24 2016 5:01 utc | 37

If you eat processed foods with any regularity, it’s highly likely that, you do have Bt toxin in your body. Farmers have used Bt-toxin from soil bacteria as a natural pesticide for many years, and biotech companies have therefore claimed that Bt-toxin has a "history of safe use in agriculture." But there's a major difference between spraying it on plants, where it biodegrades in sunlight and can be carefully washed off, and genetically altering the plant to produce it internally.

Remember this: the GMO Bt toxin is not sprayed on the plant, the plant is genetically altered to produce it in EVERY cell in the plant. It is simply impossible to wash off. And if you eat any GMO Bt crops, such as corn or cottonseed oil, you will most definitely have this toxin enter your body. Remember, it was never designed to be in your body and there have been no studies performed that confirm its safety in this setting.

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 24 2016 5:12 utc | 38

Bt crops have the Bt-toxin gene built-in, so the toxin cannot be washed off. You simply cannot avoid consuming it. Furthermore, the plant-produced version of the poison is thousands of times more concentrated than the spray. If Bt genes are indeed capable of transferring horizontally to the bacteria colonizing the human digestive tract, scientists believe it could reasonably result in:

Gastrointestinal problems
Autoimmune diseases
Food allergies
Childhood learning disorders

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 24 2016 5:13 utc | 39

Already, there's plenty of other evidence showing that the Bt toxin produced in GM corn (and cotton plants) is toxic to humans and mammals and triggers immune system responses.

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 24 2016 5:14 utc | 40

@31 Kalen

That's a great piece of work on Churchill's speech ... the link is Murder in Nice, Coup d’Sultan or Genie out of the Imperial Bottle. of 25 July 2016... although yours is to the very good post, The First Enemy And Victim Of War Is Truth. The Truth In Western Media Is Dying of 16 October 2016.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 24 2016 5:14 utc | 41

re: corn, maize, wheat
Maize (/ˈmeɪz/ MAYZ; Zea mays subsp. mays, from Spanish: maíz after Taíno mahiz), also known as corn, is a large grain plant first domesticated by indigenous peoples in Mexico[1] about 10,000 years ago. The six major types of corn are dent corn, flint corn, pod corn, popcorn, flour corn, and sweet corn.[2]
Wheat (Triticum spp., most commonly T. aestivum)[1][2] is a cereal grain (botanically, a type of fruit called a caryopsis),[3] originally from the Levant region but now cultivated worldwide. In 2013, world production of wheat was 713 million tons, making it the third most-produced cereal after maize (1,016 million tons) and rice (745 million tons).

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 24 2016 6:01 utc | 42

re : corn laws
"Corn" included any grain that requires grinding, especially wheat.
In 1689, traders were provided bounties for exporting rye, malt and wheat (all classified as corn at the time), and the same commodities were taxed when imported into England

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 24 2016 6:05 utc | 43

B, could we have your though on that very disturbing PIZZAGATE ?

Seems like the scandal of the centuries involving the Clinton's and other elite US politics.

Posted by: Curious | Nov 24 2016 9:34 utc | 44

getting around the fake news is, for the most part, childs play(no, literally, you start by ignoring most of it). getting around the fake food requires a lot more energy and creativity.

fortunately, i live in the vortex.

Posted by: john | Nov 24 2016 9:58 utc | 45

@32 hoarse
I'm referring to comments silently being rejected due to links which are deemed 'undesirable'. It happens.
Posted by: jfl | Nov 24, 2016 12:01:34 AM | 37

That is not what you said in the non-specific, over-generalised, criticism of typepad to which I responded. Had you bothered to say what you actually meant in the first place, I'd have said nothing because I've never encountered the problem you "forgot" to mention. I hope your thinking isn't as sloppily undisciplined as your writing...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 24 2016 12:07 utc | 46

@36 PWIV

I guess the NIH was 'embarrassed' to be caught-out as Monsanto's bitch - from Febraury of this year ...

Concerns over use of glyphosate-based herbicides and risks associated with exposures: a consensus statement

We conclude that:

(1) Glyphosate-based-herbicides are the most heavily applied herbicide in the world and usage continues to rise;
(2) Worldwide, glyphosate-based-herbicides often contaminate drinking water sources, precipitation, and air, especially in agricultural regions;
(3) The half-life of glyphosate in water and soil is longer than previously recognized;
(4) Glyphosate and its metabolites are widely present in the global soybean supply;
(5) Human exposures to glyphosate-based-herbicides are rising;
(6) Glyphosate is now authoritatively classified as a probable human carcinogen;
(7) Regulatory estimates of tolerable daily intakes for glyphosate in the United States and European Union are based on outdated science.

We offer a series of recommendations related to the need for new investments in epidemiological studies, biomonitoring, and toxicology studies that draw on the principles of endocrinology to determine whether the effects of glyphosate-based-herbicides are due to endocrine disrupting activities.

Interesting article on Phylosymbiosis: Relationships and Functional Effects of Microbial Communities across Host Evolutionary History at PLOS. Not directly related to 'endocrine disrupting activities', but a blow to the whole willfully-blind, reductionist thrust of TNC fake 'science', and the religion of endless externalization. Corporate externalization of untoward effects of mindless monetization = complete alienation of humans from the environment we evolved in and depend upon. It's suicide, hidden in plain sight. See Bravo3's quote from C.S. Lewis on the other thread.

The Frankenstein GMOs are a whole 'nother anthropogenic nightmare.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 24 2016 12:24 utc | 47

@46 hoarse

Well nasty today, aren't we?

Posted by: jfl | Nov 24 2016 12:33 utc | 48

james | Nov 23, 2016 5:05:19 PM | 20

A multi-billion dollar contract to Lockheed-CACI to facilitate a USA name change - A few ideas:

United States of Altria
United States of Asbestos
DC Farben
OMG We R Awesome
- just a long string of emoji's

PavewayIV | Nov 23, 2016 6:13:27 PM | 24

The potential dangers of GMO maize have been dramatically reduced in the USA due to the atrophy of the average Americans' brains and guts in the last 70 years. If there is evidence of Roundup causing disease in bodyfat, that would be cause for alarm.

Posted by: Enrico Malatesta | Nov 24 2016 12:47 utc | 49

Fake tan or not, this development must be giving the apartheid state of Israel some shivers down the spine. ISIS today for target practice on terrorist entities. Who knows, tomorrow -- another unwanted terrorist entity in the reformed ME?

Posted by: x | Nov 24 2016 13:19 utc | 50

@TheRealDonald and jfl

I have read somewhere that glyphosate is used in the processing of sugar. Do you know if that is going on?

Posted by: Copeland | Nov 24 2016 13:35 utc | 51

Well, this is interesting isn't it.

Trying to scupper the Russia-US rapprochement before it has a real chance to happen?

Posted by: Jules | Nov 24 2016 13:55 utc | 52

Imho many journalists have simply lost any idea or will to be ‘journalists.’ They consider their jobs to be necessary money-makers. The Big Boss, aka Ed-in-Chief, lays out the agenda, distributes tasks in a micro-managing style (all to be time-logged on computer), and censors or re-arranges.

/—> From France, Switz, the ground, no experience of the US./

They see themselves as minions, though as they don’t like to admit that, so look for, and find, confirmation bias, self-approval justifications, and so on. They are scribes, like the court secretary who types up Judge’s rulings while she may not personally agree with the rulings, they are part of a system that she serves, and adheres to.

As earnings by MSM media have been plumetting and are of prime, perhaps unique, importance, any ‘scandal’, click-bait, exaggeration or outragenousness is lucrative, anybody who goes there is rewarded, maybe only in the long run, still, the alarmists may do better than others. An internal competition and ‘favoritism’ sets in, which is often influenced by the owners, down to the temp. time camera-man, the secretary, etc. A gossipy, in-groupy, drug drink-n-sex-oriented ambiance grips, because, hey!, what else.

Those willing to cross dodgy bridges are kept on, the good guys who have other career oppos leave in disgust, or are fired.

These ‘journos’ (anyone working for an MSM outlet) are also kept very busy with BS / unimportant tasks and are over-loaded with assignments that they have great trouble fulfilling. So copy paste it is, shoddy prose it is, camera footage of unknown place, confusion.

In one way, these are symptoms of an underground rebellion.… “Serve up the sh•t what do I care”…(quote from one woman i know), typical of low on the pole men/women who are ambitious, or trapped, while valiantly hanging on to the edges of the PTB by their fingernails.

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 24 2016 15:48 utc | 53

@ Bravo3 12.
I'll see your CS Lewis quote and add a couple:
“The American press is a shame and a reproach to a civilized people. When a man is too lazy to work and too cowardly to steal, he becomes an editor and manufactures public opinion.” - Tecumseh Sherman
“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” - Mark Twain

Posted by: Curtis | Nov 24 2016 16:44 utc | 54

@35 therealdonald... definitely scientists and the government are in bed with agribusiness.. they are like the journalists who have to tow a particular line or they lose there job or worse as you note.. sounds like a totalitarian system to me at present.. good post. thanks!

@36 paveway... that is all pretty disturbing.. if it was only that, it would be bad, but there is a lot more going on with agribusiness grip on the land that makes it a lot worse. we can all forget about idealizing about 'farmers', as it has been taken over by big business.. the small farmers were told to go big or go elsewhere a long time ago.. people need to realize the choices they make.. penned animals that never see a pasture and where there manure doesn't go back to the land, but instead down our water systems and etc. etc. i don't know what makes it into an aquifer, but nothing is really safe as i see it, thanks agribusiness and the farmers who tend the corporate agenda as laid out by agribusiness.. increasing rates of autism is just a part of it.. we are killing ourselves by ignoring and being removed from the land we traditionally always had a close connection with..

@51 copeland.. i wonder what is involved in the production of sugar cane and whether it has been taken over by some form of monsanto-ization of the food supply? i read this below from an article here..U

"Glyphosate Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) or tolerances can be checked through registering and checking the US EPA and USDA databases. We found the following information about MRLs on the US Government Publishing Office website.

With different MPLs set for individual groups of foods, it appears to be much less about safety, and much more about the levels being set to accommodate and reflect what actually is. There has been much criticism of this. When a breach of the MRLs is threatened, the remedy appears to be to simply increase the allowed MRLs. GMO soy in the USA is a case in point. As weed resistance to Roundup increased, heavier doses of the herbicide have been applied, leading to higher residues being detected in crops, soil and groundwater. Following US EPA simply announced in 2013 that they would increase the permitted amounts of glyphosate residue in certain crops."

Posted by: james | Nov 24 2016 16:50 utc | 55

mauisurfer. thanks for your posts..

@49 Enrico Malatesta.. i like the 'OMG We R Awesome' one, lol..

Posted by: james | Nov 24 2016 16:54 utc | 56

Fake news has become a buzzword. Looking at today's events (the EU vote to equate RT & Sputnik news with that of Daesh, fake news is the root of loss of Clinton, fake news this, fake news that, ...) it would rather seem that MSM newsfactories together with the Atlanticist govs are on the verge of implementing a major wall of censorship targetting everything beyond their reach which are all alt news site including this one and probably all news outlets of countries they are are already waging information war on.

Posted by: Berry | Nov 24 2016 17:51 utc | 57

re: sugar
Here on Maui the last sugar crop is being harvested, no more being planted
As far as i know, there is no gmo sugarcane here or elsewhere.
Roundup is used on weeds when sugar is planted
but not used to "dry" the crop, rather it is burned to get rid of the "leaves" (we call it "opala" = trash) and then harvested by machinery, cleaned at the mill. In Brasil, sugarcane is NOT burned, it is too valuable as mulch.
Sugar is usually planted only once every 3 years or so, so not very much roundup is needed, the roots regrow very strongly without much help.
Roundup replaced another chemical weedkiller, called "Dowpan" as I recall, and it was probably more harmful.
I am glad to see the end of sugar in Hawaii, but I regret the loss of skilled jobs (machinists, mechanics, welders etc), these people made Maui.

Posted by: mauisurfer | Nov 24 2016 19:34 utc | 58

Our analysis confirms that the mainstream media are routinely involved in distorting the facts and turning realities upside down.

They are the unspoken architects of “Fake News”.

One area of routine distortion is the use of fake videos and images by the mainstream media.

Posted by: ALberto | Nov 24 2016 20:15 utc | 59

Aleppo, not exactly De Mistura's version,-Russia,-Syria-yet-to.aspx

Posted by: Mina | Nov 24 2016 20:48 utc | 60

more OT

"In the Florida case, polluted runoff from sugar cane farms and other agriculture operations flows into Lake Okeechobee, the largest freshwater lake in the state. When water levels of the lake rise too high and it risks flooding, state officials will flush waters from the lake into rivers, like the St. Lucie River that flows from the middle of the state into the ocean by passing through Martin County." full article here...

Posted by: james | Nov 24 2016 20:53 utc | 61

There was an excellent programme on the effect of pesticides which led many in the wine business and agricultural business to think twice. But it is in French. The Quebecois will be happy!
They sent to Hawai and California and mention autism. They also deal with the malformations in animals and kids and show exemples from cattles in Europe and kids in South America near to the places where the pesticides are used.

another issue, not fake alas,

Posted by: Mina | Nov 24 2016 20:58 utc | 62

@ mauisurfer 58.
What crops will replace sugar or will the fields go fallow until they figure out which crop? Maybe grapes?

PS wish I was there ...

Posted by: Curtis | Nov 24 2016 22:28 utc | 63

The Washington Post came out and blasted "Pizzagate" as fake news. Reddit deleted and banned the thread on it.
But is it fake? Do you just accept the MSM statement that it is nutty conspiracy?

I ask anyone to watch the YouTube documentaries and read the Podesta emails.
Either the elites in DC have a fetish about fast food and write emails that make no sense contextually or grammatically.
And link their fast food fetish with bizarre art and pictures of children...
Just because....

But if you can't find an answer to "just because..." then join the club.
This looks like the Jimmy Saville London elite pedophiles scandal all over again.
But make up your own minds or accept mainstream censorship- nothing to see here, all fake, don't worry about any little children and move along...

Posted by: Anoncommenter | Nov 24 2016 22:48 utc | 64

@35 Posted by: TheRealDonald | Nov 23, 2016 10:27:18 PM |

GMO Maize may have 'unintended' downstream effects

Bacillus anthracis, B. cereus, and B. thuringiensis are genetically very closely related B. cereus is frequently isolated as a contaminant of various foods and can occasionally be an opportunistic human pathogen (9, 15). B. thuringiensis has been widely exploited in agriculture as an insecticide by virtue of the presence of plasmid-borne crystal toxin genes (34). B. anthracis is a virulent pathogen of mammals and is the causative agent of anthrax. All three species are readily isolated from soil environments (38). (Snipped)

The three bacteria readily mate with one another and exchange plasmids (circular pieces of DNA) carrying specific toxin and virulence genes. They share very similar viruses (phages) that can integrate into the bacterial genome as ‘prophage’ [2], and can hence also move toxin and virulence genes among them, many of them reside in the bacterial chromosome.

Anthrax is an acute fatal disease among mammals and B. anthracis became widely known as a biological weapon soon after September 11, 2001. It has two plasmids: pXO1 carrying the lethal toxin complex (edema factor, lethal factor and protective antigen), and pXO2 carrying the glutamic acid polymer that inhibits white blood cells from engulfing and digesting the bacterium. Until a few years ago, B. anthracis was thought to be distinct from B. cereus, because they look different and causes different diseases.

It turns out that the culprit strain of B. cereus G9241 had acquired a plasmid very similar to the pXO1 of B. anthracis. In addition, analysis of seven other metabolic genes showed that the strain is closely related to, albeit distinct from B. anthracis.

When injected into mice, B. cereus G9241 proved to be 100% lethal, as was B. anthracis, but it killed the mice almost twice as fast. All the mice injected with an ordinary B. cereus strain survived the experiment. (Snipped)
Funnily enough there are strong pressures NOT to distinctly label GMO Maize /Corn..
I understand MONSANTO et al would have be able to sue national Governments that
acted for the benefit of their people, under the now defunct TTP legislation

Posted by: DavidKNZ | Nov 24 2016 23:33 utc | 65

@37 Posted by: jfl | Nov 24, 2016 12:01:34 AM

I too have had posts that were still borne..
They involved a reference to a site b o o k z z dot o r g
which contains a lot of useful reference material.

People upload; if there are copyright issues, that upload is deleted.

Just like You Tube.
Except that its not American and thus not covered by the privileges of exceptionalism

Posted by: DavidKNZ | Nov 24 2016 23:41 utc | 66

@37 Posted by: jfl | Nov 24, 2016 12:01:34 AM

No, it would seem that there is active moderation afoot.
Censorship without reason it would appear.
Pity. Would have expected better from B

Posted by: DavidKNZ | Nov 24 2016 23:45 utc | 67

@4 Mina
Interesting The Don giving the NYTimes some quality time here. He must respect it's history or perceived prestige or something. They probably deserved the biggest grilling of all..instead it was the other MSM outlets that copped a spray. Looks as though he's going to try to use the NYT to attempt to shift the narrative and hope te others follow suit somewhat - knowing, as we do now, that the NYT builds the narrative first, stories to suit second.

But yes, poor form that the most interesting part of the meeting was taken off the record.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Nov 25 2016 1:20 utc | 68

Talking about fakery, has anyone figured out what, if anything, the so-called Alt-right Movement is about?
BBC World News (Radio) broadcast an interview a couple of days ago with a bloke who was attempting to explain it. It left the impression that the Alt-right is more notable for what it isn't than for what it is. Not one positive policy position emerged from the long-ish discussion, leading me to believe that Lunatic Fringe would be a flattering description of its role on the world stage.

According to Wikipedia The Alt-right has no formal ideology...

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 25 2016 1:34 utc | 69

@ Horsewhisperer who asked what alt-right means

Here is some text from a Guardian article that quotes the person who coined the term
Richard Spencer, who coined the term “alt-right” in 2008, says he intended the term to describe a diverse, heterodox group whose members were “deeply alienated, intellectually, even emotionally and spiritually, from American conservatism”.

They were disillusioned at the end of the Bush presidency by Republican policies on war and immigration. They sought to draw on currents like the European New Right to transform what they saw as a moribund conservative movement. He and others connected with the succession of websites he edited – such as Taki magazine and – wrote extensively, focusing the alt-right into a more definite ideology, with increasingly hardline ideas about race.

The alt-right has been involved in fleeting street protests, but its online activities are well-organised and relentless
Spencer says that the term is still flexible, but affiliation has some minimum requirements. “Someone who is really alt-right recognises the reality of race, and the fact that race matters, and that race is an essential component of identity.”
The link:

Evidently Richard Spencer has not read any science recently or he would know that race does not exist in the sense he wants it to. If you look at our DNA we are such an mix of everyone that Richard Spencer is probably more genetically related to other than "white folk" than his cohorts........manufactured ignorance on full display here.....agnotology it is called.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 25 2016 2:04 utc | 70

@ Horsewhisperer who asked what alt-right means

Let me add that alt right is a manufactured, IMO, distinction of us/them instead the real us/them of top/bottom in a financial sense.

One of the purposes of Fake News is to continue the obfuscation of top/bottom into all sorts of other distinctions that provide an outlet for anger and frustration not focused on the TOP of the financial top/bottom that controls Western society

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 25 2016 2:30 utc | 71


IDK anything about glyphosate.

I do know that I became hooked on SEAsia sodas because it's so blitheringly hot, and they still use cane sugar and real fruit flavors. But I was able to kick the sauce by returning to the US of HFCS Products, for soda which tastes to me, no matter what brand or flavor, like watered-down floor cleaner. Can I get an amen?

Another spooky one, in SEAsia they make hot-dog pizzas with hot-dogs rolled in the crust edge too. I swore I wouldn't touch one, but guest courtesy prevailed, and it was damn good, made from scratch (even the hotdogs). Really picks you up.

When I got back to US of GMO Products, I had just one slice of awful industrial cheese-substance tombstone with a can of floor cleaner soda, and passed out moments later, sleeping right through the alarm until almost 10AM. Anyone else ever notice that feeling of comatose?

What if you ate a half of a US of GMO Products tombstone pizza and two or three cans of industrial floor cleaner soda, and woke up three days later in hospice care, unable to move your arms or legs? There is a huge surge of Americans in semi-comatose hospice care now, by far the most profitable form of MIC Medical. Coincidence.

Maybe that's why they call it Tombstone? All I know is I'll never put on a life jacket again. Anyway ...we delivered the bomb!

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 25 2016 4:20 utc | 72


Coincidence you mention it, there is apparently a third genome out there, the Tootleeoos, I don't remember the scientific name, but thr Neanderthals were probably still banging the Homos and then the Tooleeoos were banging everyone, it appears they came up out of MENA and moved East down the far distant future Silk Road to end up, by mitochondrial DNA analysis, among the Abos and Pac Isls.

So maybe the Homos killed off the Neanderthals because they were banging their women, then drove off the Tootleeoos because the Homos were all blue-bloods. Never did buy that hog-swallop about Aryans gradually becoming whiter in N Europe and Abos gradually becoming darker in W AU, unless it helped the Homos hide out in the snow, and ambush the Neanderthals, lol.

Your boy Spence will find if he has his mitochondrial DNA tested, he's part Homo and part Tootleeoo, ha,ha,ha.
He's such a terrible public speaker, the poor Homo. Those weren't Nazi salutes at his speeches, those were zippernecks asking to be excused, lol.

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 25 2016 4:40 utc | 73


Thou shalt not discriminate against a person by race, religion or creed {append} or sexual preferences, ...and we all have our preferences, don't we, darling. (shudder)

Women and children remain chattel within the District of Columbia of the United States Corporation, and the reason that the Brits returned to England in 1813, having burned down the White House and incorporated the Colonies, then in 1913 installing the Private Fed Bank executor, together with an income tax to feed back to the Queen, a Fed Bank whose charter was automatically renewed in 2013 by Congress, without debate, so that you would have to worship Ba'al and Moloch and Great Satan all of them in a threesome to keep from going insane inside the Beltway.

All I know is I spent a summer there as a contractor to a department of the Cabinet working with Congress developing legislation, and every night had to take a long, soapy shower to stop my skin crawling. And why not? Absolute power and absolute wealth within the Queen's New World Corporation, overseen by an addle-brained prince who wants to be Camill's tampon!

How do you explain that to your kid? 'Well the man lays down next to the woman and they take their clothes off, then he inserts his tampon in her pie hole." Understand? The United States of Woo-Woo.

Posted by: chipnik | Nov 25 2016 4:56 utc | 74

TheRealDonald @ 21, I was struck by your proposition that avian flu is caused by GMO maize destroying the gut of chickens making them vulnerable to sickness transferable to people:
" An associate in China high up in the medical research establishment has found prostate and ovarian (and esophageal) cancers are all related and are probably spread by a virus. Nice. So some division of Bayer can launch another cervical warts vaccination program, neh?"

A recent WApo article says throat and tongue cancers have increased by 60% in men between 2011 and 2015! They blithely "explained" this as due to a change in sexual habits causing transmission of HPV human papillowhatever virus. And of course they informed us that they have a wonderful vaccine for HPV.

I shouldn't fly off the handle w/o researching it, but my first thought was "Do they really know that the cancer's caused by HPV? And the source of it? Reportedly 3/4 of the increased cancers are in men.

Posted by: Penelope | Nov 25 2016 5:45 utc | 75


I love it when people talk dirt bacteria. Quick sidenote... Was gardening in the tropics with a wide-open laceration on my finger, just lazy or else inured to pain, and didn't notice it was getting packed with dirt right to the quick. I'd been grinding away with that open cut in that tropical dirt for a couple hours.

At first I kind of freaked, then had this plan I've been going on, so tried it. Flushed the dirt, soaped and scrubbed, like you would, then packed the wound with Korean sea salt. That's the trick. The sea salt lyses the bacterial membranes and they instantly die. It also sucks moisture (and dead bacteria) out of the wound like a poultice. The wound dried nicely and sucked tight overnight. Next day I brushed the salt off, and Povodine'd it, with some powdered tumeric. The tumeric and Povodine makes a nice tight dry scab. No inflammation, no soreness, nothing!

Then you have to read TRD's comments above about GMO BT-processed foods and HFCS sodas. They really are toxic, and if BT can cross with anthrax, and FDA allows a certain percentage of sawdust, cardboard, insect parts, rotten food, floor sweeps and a measure of ergot and aflatoxin, then what does 'public health' even mean?

Back a few years I followed an email exchange between the pet food manufacturers and the FDA, responding to an unusually wet moldy harvest, where the FDA allowed three times higher levels of corn (maize) mold to be processed into denatured and poisoned corn by-products, supposed to be kept apart for livestock only, not pets or humans, but all manufactured by the same food companies. No tracking.

And here's where it really gets all pizza-gated. OK, so we know processed food is literally killing us by degrees, we know FDA is in the bag to Big Ag / Big Pharma, now here comes Obama with government funded medical care. Do you see the issue?
If Big Ag / Big Pharma is freed to kill us all by degree, that's self-limiting. Families with an average savings of $2500 can't afford to save their sickened kid or sickened elder. Think from a public health aspect. If Big Ag / Big Pharma is the vector, but the victim dies before it can spread, the disease self-limits.

But when ObamaCare offers taxpayer-funded medical care (sic), now you have an avenue for a pandemic. Big Ag / Big Pharma is freed to kill everyone by degree, BT-gene segments become part of people's own genomes when ingested, they're eating poison, they're getting sick and kept alive on MIC Medical or MIC Hospice for treatment, funded by the government (taxed from us), then the cycle perpetuates.

This is the patent for a perpetual disease-for-profit money machine.

Before, only people who ate the processed food were victims, their families went broke, the end, even with 'organic' now a meaningless phrase, and food labeling eliminated. But ObamaCare comes along, bleeding out the entire Nation to extend the lives of Big Ag / Big Pharma's victims, so they can infect others with flu and viruses, plus now they can literally bring down the entire Nation in credit-debt.

It's chilling when you look at public Healthcare (sic) from the viewpoint of the metastasis of Defense (sicker). Once you link any Federal funding to any Death culture, it begins to metastasize and will not just kill those that it touches, but will kill the entire organism, oddly, in much the same was BT-toxin (and the others) slowly kills the organism that ingests it, then flu virus therefrom causes the pandemic death of millions, like the Spanish flu among the WW1 starvation-weakened victims.

The propylaxis remains eat good food, get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, avoid stress, ...binge drinking, pot heads and crack smokers. But they're still going to get everyone, eventually, in credit-debt, at $3,400,000,000,000 a year on those twin goat horns of MIC Healthcare (sic) and MIC Defense (sicker).

What would The Donald do?

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Nov 25 2016 5:46 utc | 76

PavewayIV @ 36 re AUTISM:
The strongest evidence I've seen links it to MMR vaccine, though I spose there cd be other causes too.
There is fairly strong evidence that both cause & effective treatment of most autism has been found & is being blocked.

Summary: 59 research papers have been written about GcMAF, Macrophage Activating Factor, a protein made by the immune system which binds Vit D. Viruses and cancer cells emit Nagalase, which blocks its production. Children with autism have increased nagalase, the higher the level the greater the dysfunction, manifesting as digestive disorders, sensory overload, and numerous types of processing dysfunction in the brain. Some have digestive viruses, some don't.

A CDC scientist testified that they'd had a meeting to destroy all record of a study which showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet spoke before House twice about the connection between vaccines and autism. He performed clinical experiments and published the results in medical journals.

May 2015 Autism Conference, he asked his audience, "How many of you [meaning their kids] were GcMAF responders and thought it was amazing? How many of you are really pissed off that it is no longer available? I have a little announcement about that coming too."

June 16, FDA raided his offices confiscating all records to do w GcMAF treatment.
June 19 Dr. Bradford is found shot in the chest floating in the river. This was officially found to be suicide although he was on his way to meet his wife for a romantic getaway, had stopped on the way to buy a few groceries and wine.

July 21 Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, 67, drops dead of an apparent heart attack although seemingly healthy. He'd told interviewers that he'd been told Big Pharma knew of his work but hoped he'd get hit by a bus. In addition to using GcMAF, he was also sucessfully treating cancer by an alternative means, an enzymatic protocol.

In the month between these two deaths 8 other naturopathic doctors die and 5 are missing. All are in the Florida area and some are known to have been working w Dr. Bradford .

February, 2016 (8 months after his death) a total of 32 naturopathic doctors had died, plus 1 nondoctor-- his assistant. All doctors were with some success treating cancer and autism using methods related to the now unavailable GcMAF. Most were obviously murdered. A few died under merely suspicious circumstances. The European manufacturer of GcMAF was shut down just before the killing of the doctors began.

GcMAF had shown promise in the treatment of terminal cancer patients. In the 1940s cancer incidence was 1 in 16; now it's 1 in 3. US treatment is $129 B annually, and R & D runs to $6 B. It appears it is once more available. Wikipedia page for GcMAF accepts research studies from the American National Library of Medicine, but they are taken down within minutes. There's now 120 studies on GcMAF, so maybe it'll break out.

Posted by: Penelope | Nov 25 2016 5:49 utc | 77

Curious @44, You ask about Pizzagate. On the last open comments Noirette demolished the idea that the Podesta brothers were involved in grabbing that little girl.

Here's what the citizen researchers are coming up with, based on the e-mails and the stuff found on the facebook pages of the various people mentioned. I recommend viewing it on an empty stomach.

Posted by: Penelope | Nov 25 2016 5:58 utc | 78


That's all I know about it.

Prostate, ovarian, esophageal cancers are all interrelated and probably a virus. Haven't heard from the guy since he sent me those research findings. They probably have him waterboarded by Big Pharm in Gitmo, while the MSM pours out soft porn, even Huffpost runs soft porn on their right rail. The Millenials don't have two nickels to rub together, so they're sitting around licking each other in serial relationships, you would really want to own stock in ObamaCare, and maybe a few shares of Hot Lip Gloss, LLC. Now Feds are creating a metastatic MIC Healthcare that's fiat deficit-funded by taxpayers.

"The rest of the loop, it's a DO LOOP!" Do { While | Until } ...forever.

If you spend a few minutes on Pizzagate, this kind of sociopathic thinking extends into Mil.Gov.Fed.Biz boardrooms, it's not too much of a stretch to see their plan is to build another MIC profit-engine out of healthcare. I know that sounds like Agenda 21, but they wrote it, I didn't, and 'on the whole, I think it was worth it.'

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Nov 25 2016 6:04 utc | 79

@ PavewayIV who wrote about autism

I suggest you purchase and read Restoring the Brain, a 2016 book that just might shake your tree. I am 39 sessions into it while they fix the Vets in 20 but then I am/was a real hurt old fart.

@ chipnik who wrote about DNA roots......thanks for the update.

@ The Real Donald who wrote about a big DO LOOP

Since they lost getting the Xtians to go along with birth control they decided to play the other end of the loop...and of course it is under control just like Fukushima.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 25 2016 6:25 utc | 80

Penelope@76 - I'm a skeptical kind of guy. I think MMR might cause autism. I think glyphosate might cause autism. I might be wrong about one or the other or a thousand other chemicals someone is trying to put in my family's body, but I don't care. It's up to those bastards to prove their chemicals are safe and harmless to my satisfaction. So far: fail. They've only proved they're safe and harmless to the government's satisfaction, and I don't trust those stupid, lying bastards one bit to protect anybody except themselves. Can I absolutely prove those chemicals are harmful? No, and I don't care if I can. I simply chose not to put them in my family's bodies until I'm satisfied they're not harmful and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Screw their junk corporate-sponsored science - the onus isn't on me to prove their poisons are harmful, it's up to independent researchers doing real science to prove they are harmless.

Re: Podesta - Someone claims they can place the Podesta brothers in the same resort on the same day the girl was abducted. Exactly how did Noirette 'demolish' the idea they were involved? The only thing I saw on the other thread is some doubts about the sketches, so if that was the only piece of evidence, I would have some serious doubts. I have no idea if the information is accurate about the Podesta brothers being there, but if that's the case, it wouldn't matter to me if they had a chimp draw the sketches - too much of a coincidence. The most interesting thing about the whole 4chan/Reddit saga isn't the sketchy evidence that keeps accumulating (which is getting interesting in it's own right) but how aggressive the censorship campaign is against this particular conspiracy theory - it calls attention to itself. You never see TPTB go bonkers to discredit UFO sightings and censor any public discussion of it. The Podestas are public figures with powerful connections. I say let the 4chan conspiratards go at it and let the chips fall where they may. To learn who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 25 2016 6:26 utc | 81

psychohistorian@79 - I use to help a lot of clinicians with neurofeedback equipment a few years back. I think I was one of the first people to see the commercial version of BioExplorer when they released it. Neurofeedback always fascinated me. I heard about Othmer and ILF. Trouble is that every six months, someone has a new and improved neurofeedback method that is always claimed to be better than everyone else's that came before it and they're always accompanied by glowing testimonials. FWIW, Othmer's approach is novel and makes a lot of sense considering what is known today - it seems to be effective in cases where a lot of the older methods proved weak. I wish I could catch someone just starting ILF and have them journal or blog about it from day one rather than relying on testimonials from Bee. In any case, I wish you the best. The brain is an amazing thing - too bad we're still in the Neanderthal stage of understanding it. Five hundred years from now, people will laugh at our chimp-like knowledge.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 25 2016 6:59 utc | 82

I'm obsessed with chimps today for some reason.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 25 2016 7:00 utc | 83

@ PavewayIV who wrote: "I wish I could catch someone just starting ILF and have them journal or blog about it from day one rather than relying on testimonials from Bee."

I am working on it, but darn if this technology just defies communication with our current language base.

Are you familiar with The Polyvagal Theory?....gnarly medical textbook read. I am "unfasciating" my nucleus ambiguus after some unknown early/pre childhood trauma along with taking the mirror off an SUV with that back of my bicycle helmeted head at highway speed 10 years ago.

I hope there are folks laughing at us five hundred years from now......

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 25 2016 7:13 utc | 84

As the parent of an autistic human I get kinda upset, when in 2016 long after the fallacious research which claimed a link has been disproven, people are still claiming a link between the mumps, measles & rubella vaccine & autism.
My bloke didn't have the MMR vaccine, something I discovered long after I learned he had an ASD, he came down with measles after he started school and I was surprised to say the least as I had been led to believe he had all his shots and kinda wondered if by chance the two were related, so I sent away for his medical records from when he was in the charge of his mother. There were copies of correspondence from the pediatrician to his mother begging her to bring him in for an MMA course but she didn't do it.
When I quizzed her about it afterward, she told me that "she never got around to it".
Anyway the fact that he caught measles at school pretty much says it all. In the 1990's a chunk of bourgeois moms decided to play new age roulette with their children. Right now that is beginning to have a major cost in instances of sensory disability, particularly eyesight & hearing losses uncovered at birth caused, by pregnant women catching rubella. Not to mention terminations when parents decide not to take the chance.
Read lancet scandal get a feel for how that item of fake news occurred. Of course I appreciate many will dismiss it out of hand since the original investigation into Wakefield was published in the Sunday Times, a murdoch fishwrap, but the lesson to be drawn from that, aside from claiming a link between ASD & MMA is the equivalent to being a climate change denier - the science disproving the link is very strong and has been replicated, published & reviewed numerous times, we need to take from that is news outlets such as Murdochs creepy piles of steaming dross, do publish many factually correct articles - if they didn't they wouldn't be so effective when publishing their factually incorrect pieces.

That sort of fits in with the next point - if you spend a lot of time around those who regard themselves as 'serious journalists' you will discover, that these, in the main are not cynical deceivers olivetting up stories out of thin air; the journos themselves believe what they write and even worse, they are usually subscribers to the opinions which they twist their facts to match.
That for me is the most interesting part of all this - the talking heads on 60 minutes, BBC 1, MSNBC, WAPO & the grauniad or whatever strongly believed that ClintonInc was the only viable option for amerika - they weren't knocking the bullshit out for $100 per word or whatever, they actually believed their tosh.
I make to point because, speaking from my own experiences of having had fallings out with friends/family whatever, who happen to be journos, bailing them up & haranguing them about "why the hell did you decide to write that delusional drivel?" isn't well received. (2016 thanksgiving tip #1)

The nature of contemporary journalism, that most 'big time' journos are celebrities in their own right is one of the biggest causes of the problem. Journos are much more isolated from the people they write about/for. Gone are the days of the chap who wrote the editorial or opinion piece actually being the crumpled nondescript with the whisky nose propping the corner of the bar by the ladies toilets.
Journos tend to congregate together and reinforce each other's unreal belief set nowadays. Worse it becomes apparent that those who don't openly support the shared delusion probably don't belong - the fame and fat wallets can be snatched if a journo doesn't subscribe to the neoliberal world view that rewards them. I doubt if many consciously decide that they need to be supportive to keep their gig; humans don't normally work that way. People unconsciously develop a rational explanation for whatever call they have made emotionally.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 25 2016 7:56 utc | 85

@ Debsisdead who is a parent of an autistic child.

Sorry to read that and encourage you to learn about neurofeedback. It is healing me in amazing ways at 68 and from what I have read, the younger you are the less therapy it takes.....depending on kind of "hurt".

It bothers me that neurofeedback is struggling to get press/research traction in our Big Pharma world....mostly I believe it represents a big threat to it/profit. Again, IMO, it goes back to having the wrong social incentives because of the global plutocrats running our world with private finance (aka God of Mammon).

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 25 2016 8:08 utc | 86

DebisDead, MMR isn't the only vaccine that can cause autism. Further, ANY injection to which nagalase has been added can cause autism or -- eventually, cancer. You're correct that measles are dangerous for a fetus during pregnancy. That's why it's better for kids to purposely get mesles while they are kids. Measles confer an excellent lifelong immune boost, and even confer immunity to shingles. The number of complications from children catching measles is lower than the number of DEATHS resulting from measles vaccination.

Your imprssion that the MMR vaccination connection to autism has been debunked is mistaken. You must have been reading big pharma propaganda. They're not killing all of those naturopathic doctors cuz there's nothing to hide. If you want to help an autistic child take him to a naturopath that will treat with GcMAF-- if you can find one they haven't killed.

Posted by: Penelope | Nov 25 2016 8:57 utc | 87

PavewayIV, Absolutely, they haven't demonstrated the safety of any of their bug or weed killers, or fungicides or GMOs. They don't have to; they've got the whip hand cuz we don't control our govt. Glyphosate is so terrible that a pregnant woman should avoid coming into contact even with a lawn that has been treated w it, as a precaution against miscarriage or defect. Some researcher in Sweden discovered his newborn has it in his bloodstream. GMOs are just a way to control the food supply, since the seed is "intellectual property".

Babies now get their first vaccinations before leaving the hospital-- barbaric & nonsensical.
But wireless phones & computers may be the most dangerous of all. Global Research has some good articles on it. Women who store their phones in their bra get tumors exactly under the phone. Men who carry them in their pockets get prostatic cancer or testicular. Brain cancers among heavy cell phone users. Tumor is on the side where they hold the phone. The risk is even higher for kids, cuz the skull bone is less thick, so the ELF penetrate the brain more deeply.

Posted by: Penelope | Nov 25 2016 9:19 utc | 88

@ Shh | 23

@1 harry "regardless if he/she likes it or not, they have no choice..."

There is always a choice. There is also always a consequence. The lesson here for journalists is: if you don't respect yourself, don't expect anyone else to respect you.


If silence is complicity, what then is journalism?

My point is, if they work for West's MSM, they have no choice. The choice however is not to work for them.

As for consequences for them, its more than just losing respect, for promoting wars and terrorism they became war criminals themselves.

Posted by: Harry | Nov 25 2016 9:27 utc | 89

PavewayIV, the Podestas are guilty all right-- if not that little girl another one, but there's no basis for prosecution in the evidence provided that night.

But did you SEE that link I posted at 77? I studied what makes this ubermenschen class tick decades ago, and it's entirely consistent w what's coming out now. But people won't look and revel in their anger & insist on getting rid of these pigmy monsters. It's too unpleasant; they prefer not to look, to continue to tell themselves that they're superior to conspiracy theorists. But the citizen investigators are doing a fine job. Wonder what accounts for some peoples' confronting evil while others turn away? The hideous art of little children hanging on Podesta's walls that he posts for the world to see. The tortured headless statue. No, no-- no need to look. That Penelope's just a conspiracy theorist. But oh the tiny babies, the tiny months' old babies-- who can look at them and not be overcome with pity and rage?

Posted by: Penelope | Nov 25 2016 9:37 utc | 90

TheRealDonald @ 75
"Back a few years I followed an email exchange between the pet food manufacturers and the FDA, responding to an unusually wet moldy harvest, where the FDA allowed three times higher levels of corn (maize) mold to be processed into denatured and poisoned corn by-products, supposed to be kept apart for livestock only, not pets or humans, but all manufactured by the same food companies. No tracking."

Observed a neighboring field of moldy peas get combined a few days after airplane spray of some sort. When I inquired I was told that they plan to rehydrate the peas for baby food.

Posted by: wisco hillbilly | Nov 25 2016 13:12 utc | 92

The #FakeNews scare was actually created to stop reporting on #Pizzagate.

How Fake News Articles Fabricated A Child Trafficking Story And Led To Death Threats For A Pizzeria - Media Matters For America, November 22, 2016

After Media Matters launched a petition asking Facebook to take action to address the rampant problem of fake news circulated via its service, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly committed to working on the problem at the social media giant.

The founder of Media Matters is David Brock, the former boyfriend of Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis.

The connection is evident also in the The New York Times article from November 22, 2016: This Pizzeria Is Not a Child-Trafficking Site. NYT may be stretching journalistic rules by not fully disclosing the connections between Alefantis, David Brock, Media Matters and the fake news scare, while discussing all four.

Posted by: Petri Krohn | Nov 25 2016 13:52 utc | 93

@ Petri Krohn, thanks for connecting the dots. Note that , as Reddit has banned pizza gate discussions and there is heavy censorship elsewhere re same, Corbett Report has started open investigation :

Posted by: Bluemot5 | Nov 25 2016 15:15 utc | 94

This censorship story is not entirely true, just type "wikileaks pizza" or "pizzagat" and you'll find plenty of websites.
But frankly, apart than for people who spend less than 5 sec. on a webpage, there is nothing in the 3-4 emails about pizzas, a handkerchief, or Hillary's hair. That does not say of course that some DC ppl are not monsters, but the pseudo proofs advanced by conspiracist ultra right websites are just... BS.
There are laws against diffamation. If indeed laws were applied, ppl should simply sue the ppl behind the diffamation. What is odd is that no one started to sue.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 25 2016 17:53 utc | 95

Hoarse (@ 69), there are historical precedents, see psychohistorian, others? ...

Alt - Right (US) became a publically accepted or touted or ‘memed’ appellation, description, in the MSM, following this HRC speech, on 25 August 2016.

It is quite an extraordinary speech, as it was a campaigning one, 30 mins. Imho a kind of landmark.

Anyway that is my take fwiw. No doubt many details, underpinnings, missing.

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 25 2016 18:11 utc | 96

Twitter will have a hard time deciding what is fake. For now they stick to their line: let's ban messengers and keep the dirt, because it makes more cash

Posted by: Mina | Nov 25 2016 18:19 utc | 97

Mina, if you only found 3-4 pizza e-mails on Wikileaks, you need to look again. There are hundreds.

Posted by: Penelope | Nov 30 2016 7:51 utc | 98

Repost from the Trump thread regarding #pizzagate

Going down the rabbit hole one finds more clues and connections.. 2 unrelated deaths last week:

Max Speirs who was about to give a conference in Germany about the elites occultism and Monica Petersen in Haiti who was investigating child trafficking and possible links to the Clintons.

How many people have died since the email scandal erupted?

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 30 2016 20:27 utc | 99

Strange that Podesta hasnt Twitted since Nov 7th..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 30 2016 22:02 utc | 100

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