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November 26, 2016

¡Adiós A Fidel Castro!

Rest in Peace

Fidel Castro

August 13 1926 - November 26 2016



Posted by b on November 26, 2016 at 6:44 UTC | Permalink

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Oh no did he pass on. My condolences to his family, friends, the Cuban people and the rest of all humanity. We have lost one of the worlds greatest thinkers and leaders that to the very end of his life sought nothing but social justice and world peace. May he now rest in Peace. It's for us to now pick up the mantle and realize his dreams.

Posted by: RayB | Nov 26 2016 7:13 utc | 1

Thank you for all you did, Comandante.

Posted by: Philippe | Nov 26 2016 7:51 utc | 2

Humanity lost a lot of great leaders lately. Chavez, Gaddafi, now Fidel Castro... My prayers with you, and condolences to the family.

Posted by: Harry | Nov 26 2016 8:06 utc | 3

He made it to 90. When the CIA tried to kill you for several decades, I think that's an age to be proud of.

Posted by: J.L.Seagull | Nov 26 2016 8:12 utc | 4

nice picture b. Thanks.

Posted by: jfl | Nov 26 2016 9:16 utc | 5

Many Americans will now besmirch Fidel for what he did, not realizing he did what many of them just talk about doing, taking up arms to overthrow an oppressive government.

Posted by: Mick McNulty | Nov 26 2016 9:18 utc | 6

Whether or not one liked the person or the rôle he played on the world's stage, he handled himself in the best possible way that fulfilled the adage - take care of the enemy you chose, you become like them. He chose integrity instead. Now that corner of the world's stage is emptied of his presence, and the audience is the poorer for the absence. Splendid Fidel, now others must fill your space, Rest well.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 26 2016 9:21 utc | 7

Αdiós comandante!

Posted by: nmb | Nov 26 2016 9:23 utc | 8


Posted by: Jack Smith | Nov 26 2016 10:03 utc | 9

A great loss for the people of Cuba and for all those who try to withstand the relentless power projection of the Empire of Chaos! Adiós, comandante en jefe!

Posted by: Thomas Bargatzky | Nov 26 2016 10:44 utc | 10

RIP.....Fidel....never gave an inch...

Posted by: notlurking | Nov 26 2016 11:12 utc | 11

Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Posted by: Jen | Nov 26 2016 11:14 utc | 12

Adiós A Fidel Castro indeed. RIP, pausing occasionally to roll in your grave every once in a while when recalling that you consistently outsmarted AmeriKKKa's Best & Brightest for more than half a Century.
RIP Fidel. You've earnt it!

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 26 2016 12:12 utc | 13

it's a hero for all latin america.... thank you Fidel, for everything...

Posted by: Dario | Nov 26 2016 12:27 utc | 14

What kind of legal justification has the US to occupy a piece of the Island? They bought it?

Posted by: Mina | Nov 26 2016 13:41 utc | 15

Guantanamo is the product of a perpetual treaty signed in 1898, I think, Mina. And Castro did not challenge it. Same status as Gibralta, or Ceuta and Melilla.

Posted by: Laguerre | Nov 26 2016 13:58 utc | 16

Castro and Chavez - greatest duo in history.

Posted by: paul | Nov 26 2016 14:09 utc | 17

Woke up this morning listening to the local sports station here in Northern NJ. Demonization also reaches the local nitwits via ignorant sportscasters. The world has lost a giant of a man.....

Posted by: georgeg | Nov 26 2016 14:10 utc | 18

Lots of Cuba-US relatio cables at Wikileaks (check their Twitter account for the links)
Assange is fine
gave an interview to today

Posted by: Mina | Nov 26 2016 14:17 utc | 19

OT but for some reason the 3rd thread, where it belongs, does not open for me

Posted by: Mina | Nov 26 2016 14:32 utc | 20

@20 Thanks Mina for the interesting article

Note also that Trump and Egypt's Sisi seem to get along well. Turkey ( and the GCC )may have to deal with a apparent sync between Russian-Egypt-USA and Iran on Syria.

Posted by: virgile | Nov 26 2016 14:52 utc | 21

I totally agree with jfl, b. The picture conveys , what I believe to be the true soul of Fidel after so many years of MSM propaganda picts.

RIP Fidel. Congratulations on making it to such a ripe age especially after so many attempts by the true demons to do you in. The world looses a great leader and heroic warrior.

Posted by: juannie | Nov 26 2016 15:07 utc | 22

Mina@19 - "...Assange is fine gave an interview to today..."

Actually, this so-called interview is beyond strange and calls attention to itself, Mina. Just like every other attempt since the end of October to 'prove' Assange is fine and WikiLeaks has not been compromised. There was something terribly damaging to Clinton or .gov in the final releases that never happened, and .gov was able to take over WikiLeaks and interfere with the dead-man's switch(s) that they prepared. Everyone has that 88GB dump and Assange/WikiLeaks has every reason to release the key right now - they can't.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 26 2016 15:18 utc | 23

Castro was a brave intelligent man who worked for Cuba's independence from the USA.
All well and good,but Communism is not the answer,as the Cuban people have nada,the infrastructure is poor,and dictatorship is not a winning hand,no way no how.
As an American it isn't our business or call as to the government and affairs of Cuba,and hopefully they will find their way to freedom,and not the commercial disaster of neolibcon affluenza inflicted on US.
Castro is dead!Trumps tweet is portrayed as Castro death glee by the MSM,to besmirch Trump,but you can bet the zionists cheered.sheesh.Another playground to disrupt.
Timothy Leary's dead!
Jill Stein;Her voter base was Bernie bot,not Trump.The only people who stole her votes were the demoncrats.
Strange.Sour grapes?

Posted by: dahoit | Nov 26 2016 15:21 utc | 24

Sad news. It feels empty now.

Posted by: Pnyx | Nov 26 2016 15:30 utc | 25

a true icon of popular resistance and, even though you wish he'd live always as a reminder to empires and the oppressed that there are other ways, other priorities, we also stay grounded in the recognition that he was merely mortal after all - surely there are magnitudes of people around this shrinking globe remembering this one man and feeling the loss today

Posted by: b real | Nov 26 2016 16:10 utc | 26

Sorry, I understand life in the US is making people overly paranoid, but given the number of ppl who communicate with Assange in encrypted communication i don't buy your theory. The internet access has been cut but ppl have been going around the embassy to give some hotspot so that he manages to get online if he wants. Wikileaks has released the Yemen files just yesterday. And frankly if he made it out, better for him. If some deal has been made over the non-releasing of the last batch, i also don't see a problem. Have you seen the interview to say it is weird? I don't have a FB account but from the reports here i have no doubt

Posted by: Mina | Nov 26 2016 16:26 utc | 27

re: Harry | Nov 26, 2016 3:06:30 AM | 3

Gaddafi -- great leader? OK. . . then you missed Saddam and Peres in your list of great, dead leaders. And Mubarak. Hang on . . . he's only politically dead.

Not sure I'm clear on the criteria for being a "great leader." But if raping young girls like Gaddafi was famous for and bringing down airliners gets you in the club, then I guess the doors are wide open.

Posted by: Denis | Nov 26 2016 16:28 utc | 28

@PavewayIV | Nov 26, 2016 10:18:36 AM | 23

Assange/WikiLeaks has every reason to release the key right now - they can't.

excuse me, I thought the key was released (can't remember the date) like many millions I got the key however, his associate (a German) sold him out and deleted the archive...?

BTW, what your assessment of Trump as of now? he seem to be more or less another GWbush2 and another do nothing Congress? I did NOT vote for him!

Posted by: Jack Smith | Nov 26 2016 16:29 utc | 29

anyone who says 'fuck you' to the establishment, gets my respect.. and castro had a vision i relate to as well, apart from the herd mentality so prevalent everywhere.. my condolences to the people of cuba and his family.

Posted by: james | Nov 26 2016 16:44 utc | 30

Fidel checking out is a shocker. I honestly thought the guy was immortal. Like George Burns. That Fidel should die within a few days of the anniversary of JFKs murder has to tell us something about how the cosmos works with a dark sense of humor, eh?

Anybody who can show the world what murderous cretins the CIA are, has my stamp of approval. OK, he was a little lean on civil rights, particularly free speech, and he wasn't the sharpest dresser in town, but he knew how to throw a party.

Now maybe all those trouble-makers in Miami will "go home." No, not the Debbie Schultz iJews, the Cubans.

Posted by: Denis | Nov 26 2016 16:51 utc | 31

Someone said: "Communism is not the answer,as the Cuban people have nada,the infrastructure is poor,and dictatorship is not a winning hand,no way no how."

So the Cubans have nada?

Does that mean only possessions are what makes a person happy?

The infrastructure is poor?

What would you have after 50 plus years of embargo? Does that make Cuba worse? Better? At least they are not a pariah ...

The Cubans have a dictatorship?

And what do we have? Every 4 to 8 years the US selects a new face for the dictators behind the curtain? At least the Cubans admit they have a dictatorship. So, are you part of the 1% with your winning hand?

Posted by: cabeza del toro | Nov 26 2016 17:01 utc | 32

Well said 'head of the bull' ... your shit may be from a bull, but it isn't the bullshit in #24. He is obviously a defender of the American way of rape and destruction of the planet.

It is you, my friend (#24), and those like you that Castro revolted against. What we need, instead of your crap, is a revolution that will result in a world more like Cuba than what we have.

Thank you Sr Castro! We need someone like you to come out of the mountains and kick some 1% ass and those like #24 who suck up to them!

Posted by: rg the lg | Nov 26 2016 17:08 utc | 33

Just heard the report of the French radio correspondent in Cuba. It constrasts so much with what you hear in the US that I sum up:
-ppl today not smiling as usual,
-no salsa can be heard in the streets while usually it never stops,
-9 days of mourning; the ashes will go around the country. During these 9 days, ppl will go to work but nightclubs will be close, no concerts etc.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 26 2016 17:18 utc | 34

If Castro had survived just a couple of months more,he would have seen the twelfth U.S. president in power since he came to power in Cuba.

Posted by: lysias | Nov 26 2016 17:18 utc | 35

@ Dennis, 28
You refer to the Lockerbie plane downing as if it i a fact that Ghadaffi was behind it. That is very unprobable. The Lockerbie trial was a travesty of justice, according to one UN official. The two men who organised the trial, Dr. Swire and judge Brown, both do not believe in Ghadaffi's guilt anymore. Another of his crimes: the Vienna dicotheque bombs: read ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky's book. He says the Mossad did it.
While you are at it, look at prof. Alan Kuperman: He is sure that Ghadaffi was not going to commit any genocide in 2011.

Posted by: Jan Verheul | Nov 26 2016 17:29 utc | 36

Posted by: Jan Verheul | Nov 26, 2016 12:29:03 PM | 36

Well, some people have been drinking the propaganda koolaid for so long, that their mental capacities have been severely impaired - clinging on to a world view that was created by Edward Bernays, the CIA and NSA. Whoever calls Qaddafi a dictator, or compares him to Hitler works either for the deep state, or is a lost case.

Now, celebrating a life of resilience. A life of unwavering dedication to the well being of all versus the well being of a few maggots that eat away the fat of the people's common wealth.

Fidel was always under attack. Always discredited, always in the cross hairs of a Fascist entity that was created after WWII on stolen lands. Fidel Castro managed to survive and more important, he assured the survival of his fellow Cubans in the face of sanctions by the US Fascists that always needed an enemy and always will.

That Castro was considered an enemy to the US - and along with him great leaders like Qaddafi, Mossadegh, Patrice Lumumba and many others - has more weight than any fake Nobel 'Peace' price by Orwellian word-shifters. It should be considered the greatest honor to a human being to be hated by the Fascist American Plutocrats.

Thank you, Fidel Castro for having been true to your strong principles - principles that enraged Fascist Uncle Sam for the better part of the 20th century.

Please give my regards to Che Guevara!

Posted by: Nottheonly1 | Nov 26 2016 17:53 utc | 37

I hope Raul is able to resist the temptation the Empire to the North offers, and is able to keep the best interests of the Cuban people in his heart.

RIP Fidel. Viva Cuba and the Cuban people!

Posted by: ben | Nov 26 2016 18:01 utc | 38

@Jan, 36

Yes, Gaddafi agreeing to pay a settlement for Lockerbie was just part of the 2003 Bush-Blair-Sarkozy deal that certified Gaddafi to be "WMD-free" (in reality he retained chemical weapons and yellowcake uranium, which everyone knew about; those chemical weapons, sarin, were probably transferred to Islamic terror groups in Syria and used in the famous 2013 chemical attacks). The real deal was that Gaddafi opened up his oilfields to the U.S. and British majors in 2003, which is why Condi Rice, Tony Blair, and Sarkozy and Berlusconi all rushed to embrace him. Saddam refused access, which is why he was labeled as a WMD terrorist, invaded and deposed. Throughout the rest of the Bush term and the first couple years of the Obama term, Gaddafi was "good friend" of the United States.

So why did he get overthrown in 2011? I think the best explanation of that is that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time, and unlike Morocco and Bahrain, he'd hadn't paid off the Clinton Foundation/CGI with $28-$32 million dollars; if he had, Clinton would surely have lobbied for him to stay in power as she did when the Bahrain Royal Family violently assaulted the pro-democracy opposition. There's a series of emails in the Wikileaks Clinton archive demonstrating this - she pushed for the overthrow of Gaddafi while at the same time raising hell over the U.S. embassy in Bahrain having some meeting with the opposition. That's how the Clinton crime family operated - funny how their Foundation donations are drying up now.

On Cuba, without the U.S. blockade and embargo, the average standard of living of Cuban people would be well about that of much of the United States, thanks to the free healthcare - case in point, Cuba has done a better job with the Zika outbreaks than the southern U.S. has. This isn't a narrative that the ex-landholders in Cuba who are celebrating Castro's death can handle - what, do they think they're going to get their plantations back now?

Posted by: nonsensefactory | Nov 26 2016 18:04 utc | 39

Hey what's up with this recount - is Donald wanting out? I'm suspecting it
Oh wait, this is about Castro - well RIP, although Donald called you a murderer

Posted by: aaaa | Nov 26 2016 18:24 utc | 40

Before becoming a revolutionary, succcessfully leading a guerilla insurgency on a relatively tiny island with no place to hide, and no way to smuggle in sufficient supplies to sustain an insurgency, Fidel went to Hollywood to become an actor.

Indeed he became an actor, of a sort, the kind which we should all by now understand is a standard setup for controlled opposition figures.

Until the Left learns to interpret reality as it is, instead of how they wish it to be, they will continue to be suckers for every psyop scam the CIA can invent. Real opposition to zionist plutocracy can't be 'nice' and you won't change anything cheering for this or that manufactured messiah.

Perhaps now is also a good time to compare the treatment recieved by Fidel and Putin.

Posted by: C I eh? | Nov 26 2016 18:26 utc | 41

Castro was a brave intelligent man who worked for Cuba's independence from the USA.
All well and good,but Communism is not the answer,as the Cuban people have nada,the infrastructure is poor,and dictatorship is not a winning hand,no way no how.
Posted by: dahoit | Nov 26, 2016 10:21:06 AM | 24

Uncharacteristically tinfoil hat-ish of you to 'forget' that ALL of Cuba's economic and infrastructure woes are the direct and deliberate result of US sanctions, NOT communism/socialism.

In Totalitarian Capitalist (Christian) countries Profits are Private Property but too-big-to-fail Losses are socialised by offloading them onto taxpayers as Bailouts/Public Debt.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Nov 26 2016 18:34 utc | 42

"dictatorship is not a winning hand"

Depends on who's doing the dictating.

Posted by: ruralito | Nov 26 2016 19:02 utc | 43

It was/is a blockade, not 'embargo'. 'Embargo' implies US wasn't importing Cuban machinery, car parts, computers, airplanes etc because, of course, Cuba had none of these things. And yet this word 'embargo' has wormed its way, just the like brain-destroying fungus, cordyceps and the like, into the minds of the unwary who then regurgitate it without thinking.

Posted by: ruralito | Nov 26 2016 19:14 utc | 44

Respect for El Comandante.

Posted by: WorldBLee | Nov 26 2016 19:19 utc | 45

Alexander Mercouris has a really useful retrospective on Castro's great achievements, over at the Duran today. I'm not sure if a link will work here.

Mercouris describes how the USSR supported Cuba above other regional nations because Castro's revolution truly was complete in redistributing wealth and power, unlike other revolutions that could so easily be reversed by new leadership. He relates also the importance and great skill of Castro and Cuba in southern Africa, in the struggle against apartheid.

This was a great leader who drew strength and companionship from ordinary people. RT has a nice piece on Castro's visit to USSR in Krushchev's time that illustrates this very well.

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 26 2016 19:20 utc | 46

See if these links work.

The Duran piece:
Fidel Castro – Death of a Titan

Fidel Castro’s Soviet adventures in rare photos from his first visit to USSR

Posted by: Grieved | Nov 26 2016 19:22 utc | 47

I am disappointed, MoA.

I do not have to be a suppporter of these uSA's policies towards Cuba, past or present, to forget that Fidel, and Guevara, were monsters. They shed plenty of innocent blood.

Fidel has found out there is a divine judge.

Posted by: JaimeInTexas | Nov 26 2016 19:37 utc | 48

@ Grieved | Nov 26, 2016 2:20:40 PM | 46

For an observer in the Portuguese abandonment of Angola and the horrifying result of 'civil war' (induced), Ryszard Kapuscinski "Another Day of Life", ISBN 978-0-141-18678-8 gives a superb account not found elsewhere of the confusion and chaos that Cuba sent military and economic assistance to assure Angolan independence from predations of apartheid South Africa. A harrowing read.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 26 2016 19:42 utc | 49

Do you ever wonder if your divine judge doesn't have his hands full of blood?

Posted by: Mina | Nov 26 2016 19:43 utc | 50

Speaking of divine justice, what do you think of the idea that Texas be severed from the U.S. (as it began) and given to the Zionists to get those Terrorists, Thugs and Thieves out of Occupied Palestine. Texas has plenty of space the Zionists can shoot off their guns as they do without hurting surrounding states.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 26 2016 19:53 utc | 51

@ Denis | 28

Gaddafi -- great leader? OK. . . then you missed Saddam and Peres in your list of great, dead leaders. And Mubarak. Hang on . . . he's only politically dead.

Not sure I'm clear on the criteria for being a "great leader." But if raping young girls like Gaddafi was famous for and bringing down airliners gets you in the club, then I guess the doors are wide open.

You believe too much in propaganda, none of the claims you repeated about Gaddafi have anything to do with reality. Much like 24/7 lies about Assad, or Putin, or Iranian leadership.

And yes, Gaddafi was one of the greatest leaders in Africa of the century (much greater positive impact on the continent than by Mandela, etc). There is plenty of info about it, dont be lazy and check it out. You bothered with baseless propaganda, now its turn to look what the other side says.

Speaking of Saddam, he for a change was a brutal dictator, and while he was also overthrown based on WMD lies, he was a favorite West's dictator while he played their tune (he was also installed in power by CIA). Only when he turned against his previous masters, he became a monster. Much like Al Qaeda was created by the West and were "glorious freedom fighters", until 9/11 that is. After Osama, Al Qaeda again became a favorite West's tool in Libya and Syria. Maybe this will change with Trump, or maybe not, we'll see.

Posted by: Harry | Nov 26 2016 20:19 utc | 52

This is a fake news site. right? So, brother Fidel is still alive, having a cigar, laughing at what Obama has become. If one is lucky, one has a great man alive, during one's sojourn on this zionist amusement park known as earth, like Gandhi in the 40s, Ho Chi Minh in the 60s, Mesrine in the 70s, Fidel for all those years. Fidel pointed out a secret that infuriated the US goobermint, early on, something that we all know now, and one of the reason this site is now fake news........the goobermint cannot do a god damned thing right. But Fidel could, and did it with style. A tiny country that put more doctors into needy countries than all the other countries on earth. A tiny country that put up with all our imprecations and sanctions and survived. A people that let us know we were completely full of shit with a smile. I will miss Fidel, he is a yardstick among the millimeter men of the US and their Israeli owners.

Posted by: Ruben Chandler | Nov 26 2016 20:22 utc | 53

@JaimeInTexas | Nov 26, 2016 2:37:40 PM | 48

Fidel has found out there is a divine judge.

can you provide conclusive evidences your fucking divine judge exist? itiz the same one gw bush spoke to before he starts regime changed in Iraq, destroy a secular state to fail state?

Posted by: Jack Smith | Nov 26 2016 20:48 utc | 54

Castro goes to his grave knowing that an infant has more chance of survival in Cuba than in the US. That is a legacy.

Posted by: JW | Nov 26 2016 20:50 utc | 55

Just thank you for letting me click-in to somewhere people aren't being assholes about the loss of this hero. I'm heartbroken he is gone, even though he lived a long and transcendentally full life. I wish he could have left a better world... one that appreciated him more... but I will die grateful that he lived at all.

Posted by: nines | Nov 26 2016 20:54 utc | 56

Who didn't have a little smile each time Fidel poked his finger in Uncle's eye?

Adios, El Commandante.

Posted by: chet380 | Nov 26 2016 21:24 utc | 57

@48, yep, when I came across photos of comrades blowing out the brains of Batista's torturers and spies, it was all I could do from leaping out of my chair and shouting "Huzzah!" "Justice, you gusano turd polishers!"

Posted by: ruralito | Nov 26 2016 21:25 utc | 58

"...the goobermint cannot do a god damned thing right..."

Depends on the goobermint.

Posted by: ruralito | Nov 26 2016 21:30 utc | 59

all the fucking commies are coming out of the woodwork

Posted by: lemur | Nov 26 2016 21:34 utc | 60

@ 60

And other things are crawling from beneath their rocks.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 26 2016 21:35 utc | 61

nines @ 56 says:

I wish he could have left a better world...

well, he certainly left his corner of it better.

Posted by: john | Nov 26 2016 21:38 utc | 62

I hope is not to early for Requiem for a Fidel's Dream.

Last questions to comrade Fidel:

Fidel, Please explain to your nation why did anointed leader of largest purveyor of violence in the world, MLK pointed out come to Cuba with his smirks and puppetry show?

Why did you allow for US oligarchic puppets to come to Havana to perform sorry routine of " We are disgusting oligarchs. And we are here to help you. To destroy everything of common values you work all your life for! Is this suppose to happen over your dead body and not still warm one as it did this year?

Why did US political puppets come, like an errand boys of Global Oligarchy without first extraditing US terrorists who killed hundreds in Cuba, disclosing of all clandestine operations to overthrow legitimate Cuban government and without prior apology for those acts of aggression.

Why did US political puppets come without a prior agreement about reparation for illegal embargo, denounced by UNGA many times. Why did they come even without sincere apology for the US colonial aggression and instead claiming that “folks” were hurt on both sides, so let's forget about it?

No Fidel if they forget, all you did and believed would have been for nothing.

Why did you let a messenger of the assassins who wanted you dead come to Havana to add insult to your terminal illness that ultimately took your life?

Why did US political puppets dare to come (for now only) with army of US corporate oligarchs salivating in prospect of re-enslaving Cuba people again, if Cuba does not need them or nothing else from this rotten emporium of evil?

You should have asked your brother, Quo Vadis? comrade, because it is not revolution where he is going but utter betrayal.

Unfortunately, whether he admitted it or not, the fact is that in last years Fidel was “presiding” over a funeral of his own creation, the modern nation of Cuba, before he died while American banksters began to loot his legacy and Cuban people's bodies and souls en mass as american corpse robbers would do.

For all those who are wondering what is gonna happen to Cuba. For all those Cubans and others who believed in Fidel and the Revolution I want to say something: You have been betrayed but what Fidel did and what he did not but you do not even know it yet.

I hate to break it to you, but you have been betrayed. Watch out for your beloved former "revolutionariers" who cannot be bought being shot dead or hang on lampposts soon by well armed peaceful activists of soon coming “democratic” spring revolution, bought and paid for by American “friends”.

It is ironic that, after so many years of heroic resistance, Castro brothers fell for the same silly trick as dead or almost dead anti-colonial nationalist rulers of N. African and Middle Eastern secular countries, did. They lost their legitimacy by letting in imperial capital to decimate their societies, their values and ways, which turned people against their own leaders, as traitors, all according to US plans.

Soon one or the other stooge of American Emporium of death will tell you that you were a failure and that revolution brought only misery and death to your nation.

They will tell you this gargantuan lie to suppress your self-respect, to instill guilt and sense of worthlessness when you start begging for handouts, money the bankrupt American regime does not have.

All just to draw you in a ploy to “appropriate” all the value from your culture and valued commons while destroying your dignity as human beings, exactly what unfettered capitalism does.

Do not let them deny the fact that Cuban socialist revolution succeeded in every dimension that was set out to achieve even with Castro failings.

Peoples Republic of Cuba under siege of sole world imperial power, ranks in many UN social development categories much above the US and has bettered in all those measures, including standard of living by an order of magnitude in comparison with Caribbean neighborhood that went through comparable Euro-colonial and then US-colonial atrocities over last three centuries and being unable to resist they fell into imperial capitalism system proven disastrous for 99.9% of their population.

It is depressing, but your national assets created by your own sweat and tears, under duress of 50+ years illegal American war sanctions, is about to be stolen and/or transfer to new local crony Red Oligarch Class and their American handlers for next to nothing.

You will get nothing but debt.

My condolences to the Cuban people, your nation will be no more as your grandmothers saw it. You will be divided and people you love will be corrupted by Dollar God (if there are not now) and become unrecognizable.

We all saw this type of scenario before, elsewhere in the Eastern Europe and China.

May Cuban Revolution, one of most significant civilizational events in the history of North America, since Haitian, first successful anti-slavery uprising in XIX century, rest in Peace Now while we all drift into dark ages.

Posted by: Kalen | Nov 26 2016 21:39 utc | 63

Whenever I hear Leftists speak of Castro and Cuba, I am reminded of how hippies talk about the 60's. Surely the recollections of drugged out teenagers, those who attended Woostock, would have more to do with reality than those recollections of Cuba, a place where almost none of these people have been.

Unlike these reminicences of youthful boomers, the most brainwashed generation in all human history till the present epoch, my information comes from visiting Cuba directly, where as an idealist I went with a mind to discover the reality of Cuban Socialism and if indeed the rhetoric had any baring on the reality. Unfortunately, it did not, rather I discovered that Cuban Socialism was pure zionisn in every respect, where all human meat is weighed, measured and exploited, like chattel the whole world over.

Cuba is a large Jesuit commune, made almost perfectly in the image of the great Jesuit commune of South America during the 17th and 18th centuries, only updated with modernist zionist (marxist-socialist

Posted by: C I eh? | Nov 26 2016 22:00 utc | 64

Cuba has a higher life expectancy than the US.

Posted by: somebody | Nov 26 2016 22:04 utc | 65

John @62

Yeah, thanks. Struck me right after I hit "Post" that I should have mentioned that part, too. I hope maybe his death gives the leaders of the Bolivarian Republics some renewed resolve, but it has been looking bleaker lately.

somebody @65

Cuba's people love each other more than we do in the US, too. Their relative poverty is more beautiful than many rich areas here as well. I think that happens when people are not in abjection. If we can eat and be healthy and literate, without onerous expenses for the necessities, we seem to be able to have the spirit left to make our environments pleasing instead of ugly and squalid.

Posted by: nines | Nov 26 2016 22:37 utc | 66

My consolation on the passing of Fidel: The CIA thought they owned Fidel's life. First, they thought they could corrupt him, using his prestige and popularity to sustain and intensify US hegemony; failing this, they assumed their could assert their ownership of Fidel's life by ending it when they wanted. They were unable either to corrupt or end Fidel's life. This is something. Viva Fidel.

Posted by: Roger Milbrandt | Nov 26 2016 22:53 utc | 67

@64, pure zionism or a jesuit commune. Make up your mind; it can't be both. BTW Lenin was against Jewish nationalism AKA zionism.

Posted by: ruralito | Nov 26 2016 22:53 utc | 68

addendum: when Jews complained about their lot in Soviet life, he(vladimir ilyich) urged them to assimilate, the finest advice anyone ever gave them. From a turrible commynist!

Posted by: ruralito | Nov 26 2016 22:57 utc | 69

To understand the evil pathos of the Outlaw US Empire, one need look no farther than its treatment of Cuba--both before and after Castro. Fidel was an extraordinary person with the artificial hatred engineered against him--and the degree of its success--just as extraordinarily opposite morally and ethically. Castro's treatment is what can be expected by Assange, Snowden and anyone else fighting for real freedom against the Outlaw US Empire, and they should learn from it--under no circumstances is the Empire to be trusted whatsoever.

Bravo Fidel. You shall always be an inspiration for people seeking freedom wherever they may be!

Posted by: karlof1 | Nov 26 2016 22:59 utc | 70

Fidel Castros adventures in the USSR

Posted by: brian | Nov 26 2016 23:14 utc | 71

Fidel Castro 1960 in NY. speech in english

Posted by: brian | Nov 26 2016 23:18 utc | 72

I had to search again for the poetry of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, on this occasion. This from Tyrannus Nix?:

"Nixon! Nixon! It was a long night and now
I'm flying across the swinging rock face of this
America between the stiff wings of a metal bird
still writing to you although I have a weightless feeling
you're not giving me much attention Old Flappy Tongue
Give us some sign you hear us except that so
baleful simile of a smile [...] I'm not asking you
to solve my personal hangups or pathological problems
or I'll blow up the plane or take it to Cuba's
Territorio Libre though it might be a gas to let you out
at Havana Airport where you'd have to drink Cuba Libre
and look Fidel Castro in the eye and tell him without
benefit of electronic aides that your government does
not believe in his truths while a lizard crawled out
your eye....."
Fidel Castro and his revolution rested on the determination of Cubans not to be bought off, or corrupted, by endless subversion or intrigues that can be peeled off a huge and souless roll of dollars. Despite imperfections, this society held out against enormous odds. This is Fidel's legacy. Cuba's medical infrastructure, its functional and responsible commitment to literacy, its social cohesion and political independence, and determination to outlast the US blockade,--these are all part of Fidel's legacy. All of this "while a lizard still crawled out" of the eye of US presidents.

Posted by: Copeland | Nov 27 2016 0:00 utc | 73

Ruralito @68 & 69.

Yes. A jesuit commune AND the Zionist dream. One and the same. Where human being are turned into prostitutes for zionist elites.

Jews do not assimilate to your society, they assimilate your society to their needs. Inversion is the core ideology of Westernism, Enlightenment, Zionism, Marxism, Fascism -- I could go on all night.
Next time the 'newscaster' on teevee tells you up is down, right is left or truth is a lie, remember you are listening to a zionist who, like you, probably does not understand every single one of the ideological commitments is grounded in zionist, or jesuit, inversion.

Posted by: C I eh? | Nov 27 2016 0:10 utc | 74

Just delaying the inevitable.

Cuba is 90 miles away from Great Satan. Cambodia went through a purge around 1980, a holocaust, then former Pol Pot leaders joined the Chinese Reformation into mercantilism, and today you wouldn't be able to tell aspiring Cambodians from, say, Hong Kong, except, of course, the people are as poor as church mice, but they still love their bling and chase the capitalist dream.

People are malleable, marketing is powerful, especially online auto-targeted ads. It creates a virtual cage you create by your choices, then traps you into deeper and deeper layers of consumption. The old people are moved out of the house now, and back to the villages. Their thoughts and wisdom count for nothing anymore.

It's a bygone era, like George Wallace and the Old South, or like the Kibbutz Movement and Back to the Earthers. All those people are gone a long time ago.

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Nov 27 2016 0:17 utc | 75

@75 You are right. I've been to Cuba. People there are hungry for consumer goods. One Walmart and the system will collapse.

Posted by: dh | Nov 27 2016 0:27 utc | 76

hail caesar hr5732 that is sumtin you bet yer

cuban missile crisis was nuttin
no sweats
cia gave castro exploding cigars for kicks
a walk in the park
yes sir re bob.
the point is the commies backed down yes sir.
we standed tall
the kremlin shrunk
you get my drift
putin will shrink
we are exceptionals
usa usa usa
do what we say and you donte gets beats.
thats the name of the game.
some folks are chosen the rest
donkeys dogs and mules

yes sir kleinfelt my local congressman said to me today tony
have faith in moloch he will come up trumps.
he mentioned a no fly zone
military A ok
executive action complete
an act hr nuke puff and stuff

a no fly zone

H. R. 5732
November 16, 2016


To halt the wholesale slaughter of the Syrian people, encourage a negotiated political settlement, and hold Syrian human rights abusers accountable for their crimes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

(a) Short title.—This Act may be cited as the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016”.

Posted by: tony soprano | Nov 27 2016 0:32 utc | 77

@ somebody


Cuba has a higher life expectancy than Supremistan.

Big whoop, Mr. All things are measured by the USA. The cows in one field always have a different life expectancy than the cows in another. The point is they (we) are all chattel in the eyes of our zionist overlords, however they sell it to you mate.

Since the controlled opposition Left has proven itself completely irrelevant to even most Leftists, now is a good time to think and discuss how Internet Pseudo Russians have taken up the mantle for controlled opposition to zionism.

Posted by: C I eh? | Nov 27 2016 0:53 utc | 78

charle s drake aka @77 is back! welcome... maybe you can hold hands with that religious zealot from texas...

mina - thanks for the laughs!

when i think of cuba, i think of the usa and what a shitty little country it is to be disturbed by a small little island wanting to be different from itself.. oh, the horror... an elephant disturbed by a mouse, lol... and so many brain dead americans have been swallowing the pablum for so long, they walk goose step in lock with their msm... i am surprised dahoit falls into this category too! was it that the people of cuba were cared for which a much better medical system for all it's citizens in comparison with the usa system which has a line up based on how much money one has? i am curious... why was such a little country as cuba, such a big hardship to the usa and it's ideology? did it have to go with the great sense of inferiority that is also part and parcel of it's present ideology of raping and pillaging whatever country it wants with the might of military force? americans are supposed to be proud of that?

@63 kalen.. i am afraid your conclusion will probably come true.. everything has to be eaten up by the corporate monster that has come to define our planet circa 2016..

Posted by: james | Nov 27 2016 1:06 utc | 79

Isn't it now time to close Gitmo Bay and boot the Yankees off the island?

Perhaps incoming Trump would trade a hotel chain licence for closing a torture hell hole and lease return?

Posted by: x | Nov 27 2016 1:31 utc | 80

Death of a monster. World is a brighter place today.

Posted by: Elwood | Nov 27 2016 1:44 utc | 81

Elwood | Nov 26, 2016 8:44:37 PM | 81

Oh, you poor dear; I do hope your better soon...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Nov 27 2016 1:50 utc | 82


Posted by: V. Arnold | Nov 27 2016 1:51 utc | 83

james cohen i agrees

castro was nuts a real dick tater killed millions just like hitler,hussein and gaddaffi and putin.
if only we could have more leaders like clinton bush family,tory blair,menechem begin and benji nuttyahoo men of peace
i tell yer what is the point of all them cuban teachers and doctors crazy.
castro was a cia agent that went rogue.
che was a weird one james did you know che was jewish did you know he met ariel sharon 3 times
weird world A but thats another story

what did castro give in 50 years gee wizz hilary and bill only had less than 10 years in haiti and look what the clinton foundation built.
a 10 billion dollar pay to play industry from the ground down to a hellova lot a works.
them john podesta haitian kids sure are popular in washington city state yes sir who needs and old virginian when you got a sweet young haitian.

haiti sure is paradise since the pentagram took over that tropical paradise.

haarp sure is an interesting method for country takedown yes sir.

Posted by: tony soprano | Nov 27 2016 1:53 utc | 84

Today (Sunday) is a quiet day round here; that is unusual as whatever offspring choose to hang around with their friends are normally still in party mode on a Sunday, but even they, who have been raised to feel contempt for organised religion and to use their day off selfishly, are subdued by the news that a bloke who was one of the most instrumental in ensuring the collapse of South Africa's apartheid regime, has karked it.
My own head is in a strange place as there is nothing more natural or predictable than the death of a 90 year old man - the un-natural bit was that he survived 684 attempts by amerika to murder him. Even after giving fair allowance for the innate incompetence of amerika's "intelligence" services (their incompetence is always the first stumbling block for those who claim conspiracy at every turn - those who decry amerika's cruel meddling while awarding it god like omnipotence & omniscience leave me nonplussed by the many odd shapes amerikan exceptionalism can take) 684 is rather a lot of times to toss the sausage in the general direction of the alley and miss every time - still they are amerikan ,& I suppose that is sufficient to excuse their stupidity.

anyway I cannot help but notice that some of the newer alt-right recruits to MoA's threads are currently revealing the depth of their indoctrination with claims that brave & tenacious Sr Castro was a tyrant who refused to stand for election.

That is an extremely daring claim to make by people who live under a system of government which only allows the very rich run for office. Even that isn't the end of it since, as well as being rich a successful applicant for the gig of amerika's prez must also accept bribes from corporations and other even less scrupulous entities if he/she actually wants to win.

In general I support the idea of our leaders being held answerable by those who they want to lead but when confronted with a reality where any attempt to provide that opening will see it perverted by self-interested assholes determined to ensure they grab all of that society's capital & assets; and the citizens are subjected to the most egregious oppression, it becomes blindingly obvious why it is that societies such as Cuba, China & the former Libya & the USSR try to protect their leadership contests by insisting that only those whose work is known and has been sufficiently scrutinised to reduce the risk of installing a trojan horse.
The insistence that leaders be party members isn't even that unusual if you consider that the noisiest critic of those nations' political system, Amerika, does exactly the same thing itself.
Amerika has only one political party that leaders may be chosen from - the Amerikan Empire Party whose cosmetically separated factions may paint themselves red or blue, embrace a donkey or an elephant, but only because there is no other way to differentiate between the factions.
Defining an amerikan pol's putative party allegiance on the basis of the policies he/she espouses certainly won't provide an indication of which faction of the Amerikan Empire Party he/she belongs to. I cannot think of a single major issue where all elected dems espouse one view, and all rethugs claim the opposite.

That is why so much effort & resources are put into political branding of the two factions - how else are voters gonna know? The bullshit dribbling outa the pols' mouth certainly won't tell 'em.

Fidel Castro belonged to a nearly defunct strand of politician, one whose decisions were made using ideology as a major determinant of action.
That made him appear instransigent to those who like to believe "every man has his price"; a leader who couldn't bought, bribed, blackmailed or bullied into doing as the Empire demanded was always gonna be subjected to the deceits of the amerikan indoctrination machine.

If you don't share our sense of loss today, don't blame Fidel - hold the engineerss of the propaganda machine which has colored your every thought since you could comprehend the voices of others accountable for your unfortunate failure.

Vale Sr Fidel Castro - the world is much less without you.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 27 2016 1:54 utc | 85

tony.. thanks for the hasbara update.. i am sure b will be happy..

Posted by: james | Nov 27 2016 1:54 utc | 86

Pygmies sniping ar a giant here tonight. Pygmies of a country whose hidden elite offed the last president of stature equal to Fidel.

Posted by: Cortes | Nov 27 2016 1:57 utc | 87

james @ 79 & Debs @ 85: SO many truths in those postings, thanks!

Posted by: ben | Nov 27 2016 2:11 utc | 88

Calling out a monster has no bearing or relevancy to the monsters in our own government or our own history. He was a monster. Deal with it.

Go see Cuba for yourself, and before you say it was WE (the U.S.) that caused the abject poverty in Cuba visit Venezuela, too.

Posted by: Elwood | Nov 27 2016 2:11 utc | 89

elwood, i can go see abject poverty in the inner cities of the usa, or the rural towns that have been cleared out with not much of any community or life left in them.. other then the few poor souls left behind who didn't go searching for 'job's in the cities, the rural communities ravaged by the same corporations driving everything into the ditch at present is a sight plenty visible in the usa. but thanks.. you think i need to go to cuba to see poverty? lol..

Posted by: james | Nov 27 2016 2:39 utc | 90

further to that, why was it the usa had to act like the usual dick it does towards other countries, including cuba - imposing its financial dictatorship and ban on anyone in the usa doing business with cuba? is that a sign of us strength, or a fanatical attachment to only it's own self centered agenda of making others subservient to it thru force?

Posted by: james | Nov 27 2016 2:41 utc | 91

You don't need to go to inner cities. I live in a rough neighborhood and looks peaceful, but if you let your guard down, either your car gone or you find peace forever.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Nov 27 2016 2:46 utc | 92

Maybe you're right with one monster gone, but, but, but we’re bombing six or more countries now! Get rid of more monsters and hopefully bombs out the existence the two biggest monsters’ China and Russia federation.

Maybe just maybe with China and Russia gone we will finally find peace forever. The disappearance of human species. Only Amerika can do it. An exceptional nation. You cannot make this up. I watched Obomo and Putin speeches in the UN 2015 opening secession.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Nov 27 2016 2:46 utc | 93

Harry @ 52 & Jan @ 36 – yeah, OK, I’ve been hitting on the Koolaid a bit hard. Thanks for setting me straight. Muammar was a choir boy, and wonderful pan-African sort of guy who always sent his mom roses on Mother’s Day, never tried to up-skirt his all female security force, and donated to the SPCA.

But just maybe reality suggests otherwise. For instance, after all those decades as a colonel he was never promoted to general, and that pretty well tells you what an incompetent he was. And that bayonet he got stuck up his ass pretty much tells you how much he was loathed. But that’s all probably propaganda BS, too, in spite of the multiple videos of him begging for his life. You’re gonna’ tell me the guy is still alive and feeding pigeons in Central Park. I gotta’ find a way to kick that Koolaid.


re: cabeza del toro | Nov 26, 2016 12:01:26 PM | 32

“The infrastructure is poor? What would you have after 50 plus years of embargo? Does that make Cuba worse? Better? At least they are not a pariah ...”

Bueno, dude. Excellent point.

One of the great tragedies of the 20th c. was the way the West, and particularly Americans, vilified the Russians, Chinese and Cubans, not for being Russian, Chinese, and Cuban, not for anything they had done to the West, but for their choice of an economic system.

The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and all the other capitalists exploiting of the working class just shit their panties at the thought that if any form of socialism ever succeeded anywhere on the planet, their empires would crumble around their ears because the working class would demand a fair deal, which is what socialism offers.

Growing up in the American mid-west in the 1950s, I was taught in school and at home to loath Russians and communism, and no distinction was made between the two, and no explanation of communism was ever provided. It was not until I was an adult and came to understand the enormous sacrifices the Russians made during WWII that my washed brain began to become curious and skeptical, eventually rejecting just about everything I had been taught about communism and socialism.

The reality was that after WWII Russia was on the ropes. An entire generation of men had been destroyed saving the world from the Nazis. And yet through communism Russia was able to turn itself into a feared superpower in spite of the determination of asshole “commie-haters” like the Dwight Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, Dean Acheson, Dean Rusk, Clark Clifford – may the gods piss on their graves – to destroy the entire economic paradigm and anyone who practiced it.

If the West had done the right and the smart thing in the 1950's, they would have engaged Russia’s and Cuba’s communism in the global market-place rather than try to destroy it or isolate it. This was an enormously valuable experiment, the outcome of which would have been important to the entire world. Can such a system provide a better and a more equitable standard of living for a country’s population? Defeating communism by 1) forcing Russia to bear huge military budgets to defend itself, 2) blocking the goods of communist countries from the world’s markets, and 3) preventing communist countries from importing goods and services they needed to rebuild from WWII – with such tactics the West pulled the plug on what could have been the most valuable experiment ever conducted in economics.

Maybe communism/socialism have fatal flaws that would prevent such systems from operating in global markets. It would be good to know that. OTOH maybe they would have provided a superior, sustainable alternative to the rapacious, destructive, growth-dependent, dead-end paradigm of capitalism. If the West had let the communist experiment play out, we would know by now. My guess is that Cuba would have evolved into an amazing, prosperous, sparkling gem of the Carribean. Therein lies a part of the tragedy of militant capitalism’s inanity.

Would love to get my hands on one of those ‘56 Chevys, tho’.

Posted by: Denis | Nov 27 2016 3:26 utc | 94

- He died a few years too early. If he had lived a few years longer then he could have witnessed the demise of his biggest enemy. That country that's located to the north of Cuba, across the Gulf of Mexico.

Posted by: Willy2 | Nov 27 2016 3:31 utc | 95

@85 great comment.

You'd think Miami Cubans are celebrating the death of Batista. Of course, their selective memory excludes that Batista resorted to kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, torture and all forms of political and military repression and that the upper class Cuban and American land owners were exploiting the poor, and waves of U.S. corruption were washing over Cuba.

Yes, in some ways Cuba is stuck in a 60s time capsule, but in other ways Cuba has progressed with a very high literacy rate and medical advances despite imperial tyranny. One only has to look to Haiti to understand what real misery looks like. There you have a people still enslaved in poverty and exploited by one corrupt, fascist despot after another and the corrupt influence of the empire's prior occupation that still lingers to perpetuate that misery.

The singular thing about Castro is that he resisted the Anglo/Zionist empire and its corrupting influence longer than any other leader I can think of while assailed with economic tyranny, threats and adversity; and in that sense, he deserves a freaking monument to his integrity.

Sure, I agree with @75 and @76 that Castro's Cuba could now be on the verge of capitulation and submission to the empire with the latter's material and capitalistic enticements. For this reason, I kind of view Castro's death as the death of Cuban innocence.

We live in different times calling for new means of resistance, as anyone can be bought and the masses are easily swayed with the false narratives of a media totally subservient to the imperial agenda and new world order to be cemented with a lopsided balance of power.

Now that Castro's gone who's going to expose the corruption of the Anglo/Zionist empire and rise up against its expansion and domination in Central and South America?

Castro's Cuba was the firewall. So who will stand up to imperial influence and domination? We live in times when a strong charismatic figure able to capture the attention and imagination of the consumer-addicted masses is practically non-existant. So it's up to us individually and collectively to expose, condemn, educate and mobilize against the violent force and injustice the empire inflicts on behalf of its interests and against nations who dare, like Castro did, resist.

RIP Fidel and assured that brave and outspoken resistors trampled under the corrupt injustice of imperialism, are and will be inspired by your own unyielding resistance. This will be your best and most enduring legacy to humanity.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 27 2016 3:45 utc | 96

RIP Fidel! You were no more perfect than the rest of us but stood up for a society that was not the top/bottom cancer the West represents.

The West doesn't have capitalism anymore than Cuba had communism or socialism. Those isms don't exist in reality but they represent ideas by humans about what they see as viable goals/structures of society.

Capitalism represents a God of Mammon focused world that is the opposite of the original motto of America, E Pluribus Unum.

Socialism and communism represent worlds focused on more equitable sharing of the fruits of human efforts.

I feel sorry for my fellow humans that refuse to see the societal sickness that hides behind the fig leaf of capitalism. That societal sickness is the control of finance, which currently is private and not public with the attendant top/bottom class structure and incentives.

Fidel Castro tried something else and should, IMO, be celebrated for trying to show society a more humanistic way.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Nov 27 2016 4:25 utc | 97


Perhaps incoming Trump would trade a hotel chain licence for closing a torture hell hole and lease return?

I guess you're joking! Trump would open two hell-holes for torture instead.

Here's what worries me about Trump: he's afflicted with classic American hubris, and for this reason he can't be trusted to do what's right; as America's interests no matter how evil will always trump.

Posted by: Circe | Nov 27 2016 4:31 utc | 98

@ 97

I'd like to be a fly on the wall for a conversation between Fidel and Kadafi.

Posted by: ~f | Nov 27 2016 5:34 utc | 99

@ 89 & 90

I mean really? Go to any largest intersection in America and you see one or more major brands of gas stations and fast food. Around the corner will be major big box stores.

Tell me you don't see poverty. Probably the worse poverty of our times.

Great for the share holders. Not so good for the wage slaves behind the counter or in line.

Stumble beyond there to the downtowns where after hours the addicts and street people drift.

There is so much life beyond consumerism if you can only see it.

Posted by: ~f | Nov 27 2016 5:58 utc | 100

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