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October 31, 2016

The FBI's Clinton Investigation Is Wider Than Assumed

The Washington Post editors today added to their hypocrisy with three additional anti-Comey op-eds:

I interpret that as naked fear that their candidate Hillary Clinton may now loose. That fear is justified.

The Wall Street Journal today added to its so far excellent reporting on the Clinton issues by revealing the much bigger story behind it: FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe - Laptop may contain thousands of messages sent to or from Mrs. Clinton’s private server (open copy here).

According to the reporting, based on FBI sources, FBI agents in New York and elsewhere have been looking into the Clinton Foundation for several months. They suspect that this "charity" was selling political favors by then Secretary of State Clinton in exchange for donations that personally benefited the Clinton family.

The Justice Department blocked further aggressive investigations into the issue, allegedly because of the ongoing election. A high FBI official, Andrew McCabe, also showed disinterest in a further pursuit of the issue. McCabe's wife had just tried to get elected as state senator and had receive a campaign donation of nearly $500,000 from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton friend and at times board member of the Clinton Foundation. The FBI agents pursuing the investigation into the Clinton Foundation were not amused.

The separate investigation into former Congressman Weiner for sexual contacts with minors was looking for pedophile stuff on Weiner's electronic devices. It didn't find any as far as we can tell, but found some 650,000 emails archived on a laptop.

Several thousand of these emails were sent or received by Weiner's spouse, the intimate Clinton aide Huma Abedin. They came through Clinton's private email server. At least some of these thousands of emails are likely copies of those that were deleted from Clinton's server when the (separate) investigation into it started. They may be evidence that Clinton sent and received classified documents through her unsecured system. Some of these emails may also contain serious dirt related to the Clinton Foundation. (It is highly likely that at least some FBI agents know "unofficially" what these emails contain. Legally they could not look at them without a warrant which they only got today.)

Thus we have three ongoing FBI investigations:

  • into Clinton's private email-server used illegally for official State Department business;
  • into the Clinton Foundation and its role in peddling political influence in exchange for donations;
  • into the personal conduct of Anthony Weiner.

Additional investigations that may come up are on:

  • the mixing of donations to the Clinton Foundation and personal compensation for Bill Clinton for holding highly paid speeches;
  • for profit activities by the group of people running Bill Clinton's businesses as well as the Clinton Foundation financing;
  • inappropriate hindering of the FBI investigations by the Justice Department and/or by McCabe.

With such a list of potentially very serious scandals pending it is highly understandable that FBI director Comey went public and did not follow the advice from the Justice Department to pursue these issues only on a reduced level. It would have been political suicide to try to keep this silent. Way too many FBI agents eager to pursue these case were in the known and would have talked, as they do now, to the media.

If Clinton gets elected she will be hampered by these scandals for the next two years. The Republicans in Congress will jump on these issues as soon as possible. There will be endless hearings with large media coverage. The only question is when the first attempts at an impeachment process will be made - before or after she moves back into the White House. She and her family may be better off with her losing the campaign.

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zico @3

The electorate only gets to vote on the pre-selected candidates. Normally candidates are screened to ensure that they are 'acceptable', namely candidates on both sides preserve that status quo (apart from superficial details of the same scale that are used to distinguish different brands of soap powder all made in the same factory). Trump seems to have skewered the system this year.

Posted by: Yonatan | Nov 1 2016 19:25 utc | 101

h@ 89 - I was ignoring this latest Comey twist as much as possible and would have generally agreed with the thoughts you have laid out, but there was a nagging feeling that something just wasn't right. It ties in with (what seems to me) a seriously-ignored legal impediment to using Abadin's emails: the idea of Marital/Spousal Privilege. I've seen people much more knowledgeable about the law discuss this. Their are two aspects of marital priviledge: one spouse can't be forced to testify against the other, and any kind of comminications between the spouses can't forcefully be used as evidence against either one. Spouses may certainly consent to offer testimony/communications against the other - they don't have to invoke spousal priveledge rights, they just have the option of chosing to do so if they want.

Bottom line: If Weiner objected, the FBI couldn't use anything on his laptop as evidence against Abadin/Clinton, period. The FBI couldn't get a warrant for, nor could they gather evidence for anything NOT directly related to the investigation of Weiner's underage predation regardless of how damning it may be to Abadin/Clinton.

Weiner would almost assuredly invoke spousal privilege - he has no particular reason to stir up trouble with the Clintons, lest he be suicided. This is just standard weasel self-preservation practice. Here's where the light bulb came on for me. This is an article by one of my favorite muckrakers Ken Silverstein who has gone rogue with his blog Washington Babylon: Shocking True Stories and Political Sleeze

What the F* is Going On? A Theory

His point is that Weiner was potentially facing some serious time in the big house. And that's not the big [White] house, but big house as in federal prison. Weiner rolled on Abadin and offered up the dirt (sans spousal privilege) in exchange for some kind of deal with federal and New York state law enforcement/prosecutors. I doubt they are going to let him off entirely, but he probably weaseled his way out of some hard time.

As for Comey, I'm not seeing any kind of moral hero that many have suddenly discovered. You said, "...had Comey and et al taken the email investigation seriously from the beginning..." Well, that's kind of the point. Why on earth would he? Comey knew that Lynch would never prosecute Hillary, no matter how damning the FBI evidence (which we don't and would never have the privilege of seeing). He put on appearances, conducted an investigation that found nothing and would go nowhere even if the FBI did find anything, and ended it. He was set for life in a Clinton administration. So some FBI 'little people' got upset and quit at the injustice [yawn...]. If Comey threw himself under the bus too, it wouldn't have mattered one damn bit in the end. The DOJ was (and is) never going to prosecute Hillary.

The Weiner deal involved too many people outside of the FBI/DOJ/Clinton protection racket. There's no way Comey could just ignore Weiner's lawyers if they suggested there was material evidence to a prior investigation to be had. So the big 'hero' Comey goes through the useless motions of re-opening the case. Big deal. Like either Comey will present anything that damning this time around or the DOJ's Kadzik and boss Lynch will ever prosecute. That's a fantasy. Comey's hand was forced by the Weiner deal, but that is still meaningless in the end no matter what they find. It's a bump in the road for the Clintons - they own the DOJ, and so do most of their Clinton Foundation donors. A few more FBI little people who want to do their job will quit in disgust and Weiner avoids hard time - that will be the only result.

The Clinton camp can act all disgusted and call Comey a betrayer, but they all understand he just did what had to be done. So does the White House. It would have looked worse if he did nothing considering Weiner's 'deal' was going to become public knowledge regardless of what Comey did or didn't do. This actually works out great for Comey, too. He looks like a hero to the Trump camp for finally 'doing his job' [gag] even though he was forced to do it. He will still be a trusted ally of Queen Hillary because she knows he's not going to 'do his job' or offer anything of substance to the DOJ, and they're not going to prosecute anyway.

There is no real danger to the Clintons or Abadein because nobody will ever know what the FBI found. Well - at least until Wikileaks announces that they already have all of Abadin's emails from a previously unknown hack and releases them. They don't AFIK, but one can always hope...

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 1 2016 19:27 utc | 102

Another aspect. (Panic within the PTB taken for granted.)

The Clinton Foundation is a totally corrupt scheme involving bribery, pay to play, direct acceptance for favors for cash, insider trading (for sure!, wonder if something about that will arise) not to mention endless fraud, IRS dodging, as well as perhaps more sinister and frightening elements. (imho.)

The very existence, and tolerance of, the CF, testifies to a complete break-down of law plus the circumscribed, accepted, controlled and undercover, dirty dealing in the US.

Those who invested huge sums (specially foreign contribs.) into the ‘candidate’ did so because that was the only venue for ‘getting the agenda on board’ via mafia-type financial corruption.

Once the ‘contributors’ see the candidate as stumbling or under serious attack they freak out and support to the hilt. When the situation degrades, they begin to consider their losses, gingerly at first, then angrily. At some point one or another withdraws support (eat the loss, forgg-ed about it), others quickly follow, a cascade, and the ‘stock’ becomes a doldrums penny stock, and the ‘candidate’ is finished.

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 1 2016 19:40 utc | 103

Perhaps spousal privilege protects Abedin, but I don't see how it protects Hillary.

Posted by: lysias | Nov 1 2016 20:08 utc | 104

Posted by: Noirette | Nov 1, 2016 3:40:57 PM | 103
The genuine fortunes and years of connections with powerful people shield "real" oligarchs like Soros and Gates, even Zuckerberg ... because there is 20-30-40 years of track record and entre-nous assurances and gossip.

The Clinton's are so nouveau riche the paint is not dry on the poolside cabana ... So "dependent on the generosity of others" (and now we learn the arm-twisting of surrogates) .. and so ambitious, greedy, and willing to compromise ...

The Clintons think they've reached third base ... and the folks they assume to be peers know better. I suspect Bill Clinton knows that "the end is near" wrt to the foundation ... that it will never be un-shuttered (at least in his lifetime).

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Nov 1 2016 20:53 utc | 105

EnglishOutsider --

No, it's not just you, guv.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 1 2016 22:18 utc | 106

Quite an entertaining read going through all the comments on b's article. From the inane to the sharp observation it's good to see an unfiltered exchange.

Posted by: WorldBLee | Nov 1 2016 23:23 utc | 107

#106 Roofus

Spot on.

English Patient, you got me and Roofus to completely agree on something - you being an idiot. Not a small feat mate, not a small feat.

Posted by: Quadriad | Nov 1 2016 23:58 utc | 108

By the way Roofus, coming from a guy that's part Jewish and has had paternal grandpa nearly die fighting the mother*cking real fasctists on the Ebro front in 1938, YOU mon ami are neither an anti-fascist nor a pro-Jew, but an ordinary Blairite camp co*k sucker, a mental slave to ADL/AIPAC/Neocons and that whole despicable Kapo pseudo-hebe false progressive Anglo-Zio lot.

You are a MSM narrative victim, a "Fabian Socialist". Replace "B" with "G" and you get closer to the crux of the matter.

BUT you do seem to have a functioning brain, unlike that English Rose ****tard so there's still some hypothetical hope for ya and yer redemption.

Posted by: Quadriad | Nov 2 2016 0:06 utc | 109

Clinton foundation should be investigated under RICO :
quote :
"The former head of the FBI’s New York office tells The American Spectator that the Department of Justice quashed an investigation of the Clinton Foundation, an outfit that he says rates an investigation under the same statutes used to prosecute the mafia.

“They are a crime family,” James Kallstrom tells The American Spectator of Bill and Hillary Clinton. “The Clinton Foundation is an absolute scam. It should be investigated under the RICO statutes.” /end quote

From an american spectator article at -

" Kallstrom says that although some agents leaked information regarding Clinton investigations in response to the Justice Department plugging up information, the prospect of convincing any agent to go on the record remains a nonstarter because of career repercussions and a general distrust of protections offered by whistleblower statutes or Congress. For now, former officials at the bureau, including onetime assistant director Kallstrom, address unrest among rank-and-file agents. Kallstrom describes agents as angry at attempts by the administration to impede their investigation into one of its most high-profile former members."

Anger by aganets who are impeded from doing their duties ?

Are not the details of the Foundation to be found within the email correspondence of participating Foundation mebers and associates ?
A previous article titled :
"A sampler from one of the most brazen scams going."

And theose examples of corruption are only a few too !

Posted by: Fíréan | Nov 2 2016 0:16 utc | 110

Just three months after the war had ended, Roosevelt was elected Governor of New York State. He had campaigned vigorously on his puffed-up war record, winning the election by just 1%. Then, as now, dumb Americans loved their "war heroes".

The following year, 1899, McKinley's Vice President, the equally conservative and pro-"hard money" Garret Hobart, conveniently died of a "heart ailment" (or poison?) at age 55. The same warmonger / "progressive" faction that had imposed the Spanish-American War upon McKinley, would now impose Roosevelt upon the reluctant President McKinley. In 1900, after an astonishingly rapid climb up the political ladder, the fiendishly ambitious TR was just "a heartbeat away" from the Presidency.

September of 1901, President McKinley was assassinated byLeon Czolgosz, a Red terrorist-anarchist and devotee of the New York Anarchist-Communist Jew, Emma Goldman. How convenient! Pinko-Progressive Teddy Roosevelt became President and immediately began accelerating the process of converting America towards socialism at home and imperialism(New World Order) abroad.

The Above indicates that all manner of scheme and trickery unto the Whitehouse is old news as they say.
Numerous outcomes possible with damaged goods Clinton.
Trump is ahead in the polls....will they* allow him to win?
Is Hillary concrete shoes?
Joe Biden?? In the Whitehouse?

Posted by: Brad | Nov 2 2016 0:54 utc | 111


Teddy Roosevelt was hardly a "pinko". He was a nature loving conservative and a dyed-in-the-wool imperialist (like McKinley). He had a couple of virtues, namely hating monopolies and appreciating the treasure of the nation's wilderness places. He was tightly-wrapped emotionally; and he was a physically vigorous man who believed that others should live the vigorous, outdoor life. Teddy may have always been a click or two off; but he became even wackier during World War I, after his son was killed.

Once, after a Roosevelt public speaking engagement, attended by Mark Twain, the famous writer was asked what he thought of the president's performance, by a member of the press. Twain very succinctly replied, "The president is insane in several interesting ways."

Posted by: Copeland | Nov 2 2016 1:19 utc | 112

108 -- No, you're an idiot. "No it's not you" rather implies "yes, you're right." Quality here went downhill some time age.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 2 2016 2:21 utc | 113

@lysias | Nov 1, 2016 4:08:59 PM | 104 Exactly.

@all She's done.

The lame-scream media has clearly lifted its protective shield around Hitlary making her unelectable at this point. The question is why, what's plan B?

1) Trump's been the Empire's candidate all along (see The Simpsons)

2) HRC withdraws "because of health, stress, ...", (s)elections are cancelled, Obama

3) The "tie" is announced, so the POTUS is selected by the Congress dominated now by the War Party, this causes riots, state of emergency, extraordinary measures, constitution suspended, gun privileges revoked

4) fake assassination attempt on Hildabeast (either "injured" or "killed" - changed identity), her troubles and herself go away, commoners forget about her, new candidate appears to save the empire's agenda

Or in the secret negotiations that have been taking place all that time the Empire, facing "the hard facts on the ground", admits defeat to Russia and makes a deal for peaceful "soft landing" that the honest current elections in the US are part of (Trump wins)...?

Let's not forget about Slick Willy trips to the Pedophile Island on Epstein's "Lolita Express".

Posted by: ProPeace | Nov 2 2016 2:30 utc | 114

TV Interview with former US House Majority leader Tom Delay on why FBI Director Comey reopened agency’s investigation into HRC’s emails:

"almost 100" agents threatened to resign before next week's election. [.] It's taken them this long, a few months, to get to this point. They didn't stop working.[.]
"The investigation, he said it was closed, but as far as those FBI agents were concerned, it wasn't closed. ,,

~ ~ ~

Delay also responded to question what happens if she wins?

Impeachment proceedings immediately

= = = = =
Is it mutiny or soft coup?
Not wise to attack the FBI. They are holstered up.

The irony: Hillary asked the FBI give us what you got. They obliged.

Clinton Foundation and the Marc Rich files

FBI Unexpectedly Releases Documents Related To 2001 Probe Into Clinton Foundation

Clinton Campaign Questions Release Of FBI's Marc Rich Pardon Records

Posted by: likklemore | Nov 2 2016 2:45 utc | 116

Boycott Google (and Youtube, Disqus, Facebook,...) if you want to preserve an honest Internet.


Posted by: ProPeace | Nov 2 2016 2:51 utc | 117

Your red-spotting is as bad as your humor and spelling. You'll need two "g's" for "Faggian." And I'm Trotskyist, not a social democrat. Saunders is OK, as far as he goes, which is not to the point of workers' control over the means of production.

Posted by: rufus magister | Nov 2 2016 2:51 utc | 118

Another take: Pepe Escobar - The real November surprise -- Puppet Masters --

"As bad as it is the folks above the President make the decisions. They may have decided on Trump. These things do not happen by accident."

Thus spoke a high-level US business mover and shaker with secure transit in rarified Masters of the Universe-related circles, amidst the utter political chaos provoked by head of the FBI James Comey's latest bombshell.

It's virtually established by now that US Attorney General Loretta Lynch told Comey not to release his letter to Congress. But Comey did it anyway. If he had not, and a scandal would - inevitably - spring up after the US presidential election, Lynch would be perfectly positioned to deny she knew anything, and Comey would be on the firing line.

Posted by: ProPeace | Nov 2 2016 2:57 utc | 119

Escobar's last piece pretty much echo's Noirette''s post @103.. A turning of the tide against the establishments candidate?

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 2 2016 6:11 utc | 120

Has anyone managed to ID waldo from among our quadrennial visitation by the dembots?
I dunno how many remember waldo he last showed up here just prior to oblamblam's election - he had appeared at least twice before; both times during the amerikan prez kabukis after disappearing for the 3 years 9 months in between.
He would turn up here at MoA, and immediately spew out dnc talking points along with a chaser of "this is the big one - if the conservatives win this one were all screwed" same old, same old, everytime.

Most of the posters here were humanists what dems like to call lefty - right before they attempt to claim us all as natural supporters of their neoliberal tosh. The way they assume that because MoA posters generally put humans ahead of $$$'s means they have some sort of god given hegemony over us never ceases to make me feel angry & disgusted.
Anyway after oblamblam got up waldo was challenged to come back here the following march and then we could discuss whether the oblammer had truly brought hope or was it just the same old same old screw the dummies while we help the rich get richer garbage the democrat party has been vomiting out for at least 60 years (I cannot remember back any further than that - truth be told probably that has been their line of deceit since they first set up shop).
By the time waldo was due to come back Oblamblam had pardoned the cia torturers & their bosses, announced guantanamo would stay open & stymied any chance of a decent single payer health scheme to allow the insurance corporations to continue to get hand over fist rich from amerikans being ill.

So waldo never fronted - gutless wonder.
I got to thinking about him after the posts of the last few days when dem hacks have taken to filling up threads with his style of total hogwash.

Put simply the democrat party has only ever done the minimum for the millions of deluded dem voters that they believe they can get away with and too often not even that.
They will never change as long as citizens keep voting for them - why should they? No one changes a winning strategy they only modify behaviour because they have no other choice.
A vote for ClintonInc is a vote for more poverty, more homeless and more rapacious corporations screwing their workers. However if Clinton gets beat like the dusrty old rag she is, dems will have no choice but to move to the voters rather than continually expecting voters to shift further into bed with corporatism where 99% of dem pols hang out.

These ninnies who imagine that "their team must win" never stop and think about the fact that the best sports teams only ever got good after things went so bad for them that they had to sack the coach, cut out the dead wood and try something different.
If they truly care about 'their team' altho god only knows why they would, and genuinely do want to help it, they must vote for someone other thab Hillary Clinton because if she wins she will destroy any hope of a decent humanist administration for decades.
Her prezdency will be one scandal after another and not just because the rethuhs will still control the house. The rethugs will have her stressing over impeachment from day one because she is so corrupt and self serving DC is awash with her poorly thought through, petty scams.

The difference between Clinton & Trump?
Well I hate ignorant racist pigs like trump about as much as I loathe mealy mouthed hypocrites like Clinton but from where I sit there is one major point that divides them & means that while a trump victory wont fo the rethugs any good, it won't destroy that bunch of scum sucking dirtbags nearly as badly as a Clinton victory will fuck the dems.

The reason is simple most boters see Trump as something seperate from the rethug machine - if trump wins and gets caught screwing up, which is highly likely, the rethug core will see that as purely down to Trump - the mud won't stick to many other hacks a lot of whom have been distancing themselves from trump.

Clinton is the opposite - as the Podesta emails show Clinton is a product of the ugly & mendacious DNC culture - it isn't just her it is the entire senior dem machine which lies & obsfuscates and voters know this.
If Clinton wins and gets caught out as she inevitably will she will bring the whole dem edifice dowm around her - worse any survivors will tell themselves "well she won she was on the correct track but had too much baggage". There will be no attempts to develop policies apart from the corporate sponsors because they won't perceive a need to.

If she loses to a no hoper such as trump the dem hacks will have no choice other than to "reprioritise the party's objectives" because they will have to accept that amerika was so determined not to put up with any more lies while citizens were living in a hole in the road, that they gave an obviously incompetent asshole the nod ahead of the clinton schtick.

Posted by: Debsisdead | Nov 2 2016 12:37 utc | 121

Comey is a tool of the .001% and a 'dirty' cop. Ditto the Attorney Fenerals Holder and Kynch If he is reopening the investigation into the dirty deeds of the Clintons it is because he was ordered to by the Apex Elites. The trick will be to bring Hillary to a stop without enraging her enough that she takes everyone else down with her. The backroom is a buzzing with deals as we read here

Posted by: BRF | Nov 2 2016 13:12 utc | 122

@ Debsisdead | Nov 2, 2016 8:37:55 AM | 121

Forgive for asking, you seem well enough informed, but just what is there in information coming from the media that raises the emotional ire about D. Trump? Trump has the 'gift' of responding to what he thinks people want to hear and is very, very good at it. But some decade old locker room banter is supposed to somehow be a character flaw? It would more likely seem an attempt of someone so far removed from the lads trying to fit in with the lads. Who were the lads there with him at the time? I would hazard a guess Bubba Billy Clinton was among the number doing his conquest banter. What is criminal about touching another person, assumed in full public, another matter if done in private, if that is what it amounted to? No one claimed rape at any time or not until some signal was given to come forth with their tales. In the entire history of the country has there ever been the suggestion of its occurrence that the top 100 most influential news providing sources would ever be found backing only a single candidate for political office. And yet, we have not a stir of sound from Penelope of the hyperactive pattern-recognition senses of a conspiracy at hand. What indeed gives, have you any idea?

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Nov 2 2016 13:20 utc | 123

The Weiner deal involved too many people outside of the FBI/DOJ/Clinton protection racket
Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 1, 2016 3:27:31 PM | 102

Could be as you say according to this. 17 state agencies involved. A coup and counter coup. Lots of patriots standing up perhaps in a Fight Club scenario...?

Does anyone know anything about Steve Piecznik outside of his Wikipedia page...? Seems to acting as some sort of agent on behalf.

The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States
Published on Nov 1, 2016Hillary and Bill Clinton are attempting a takeover of the United States and will stop at nothing. A coup d'état of this magnitude has never been affected in such a subtly calculated way.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Nov 2 2016 13:26 utc | 124

102 Paveway IV - spousal privilege appears to have been waved by Weiner prior to the FBI securing a subpeona -

Chris Wallace/Fox News - "And the news is breaking while we’re on the air. Our colleague Bret Baier has just sent us an e-mail saying he has two sources who say that Anthony Weiner, who also had co-ownership of that laptop with his estranged wife Huma Abedin, is cooperating with the FBI investigation, had given them the laptop, so therefore they didn’t need a warrant to get in to see the contents of said laptop. Pretty interesting development."

Limbaugh stated on yesterday's show that the hard drive was removed from the pc yesterday and is now in FBI's custody. I can't find a citation for that.


116 #likklemore - said

"Is it mutiny or soft coup?
Not wise to attack the FBI. They are holstered up.

The irony: Hillary asked the FBI give us what you got. They obliged."

Delicious irony. Looks like the agents and maybe even some in leadership have had enough of the crime families crap.

Clinton Foundation and the Marc Rich files

Posted by: h | Nov 2 2016 13:31 utc | 125

123 - Piezcenik. Alex Jones used to have him on pretty frequently starting shortly after the 2008 election. He has his own blog and writes regularly. He was the black ops writer for several of the Tom Clancy thrillers, is a self proclaimed international hostage negotiator/crisis guy.

He's articulate. Smart as a whip. Uses very colorful language. Says what's on his mind but appears to be one of those fellas who likes the sound of his own voice, embellishes story lines--especially his role in them--and leaves ya feeling like 'can I believe what I just heard'.

Here's the link to his blog site -

I don't know if Jones has him on anymore but at one time, he was a huge fan of all things Piezcenik...

Posted by: h | Nov 2 2016 13:43 utc | 126

rup. this 'Clinton Foundation and the Marc Rich files' quote should have been with likklemore's quote.

Posted by: h | Nov 2 2016 13:46 utc | 127

123 - I guess I should have watched the vid before commenting. This is classic Pieczenik.

He also posted this short vid that talks about Weiner, Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' and more...

Can this shit get any crazier?

Posted by: h | Nov 2 2016 14:00 utc | 128

Is anyone else suspicious that this is all a big ruse ? That it's all part of the script ? Comey lined up as one of many fall guys preceding an unprecedented exoneration. In a sweeping show of smug arrogance, Clinton will come out of this not only unscathed, but buoyed by the fallacy that the American people were duped by the evil that tried to derail her campaign. I have little trouble picturing her in all her cocky grandeur, much like her pride in announcing the murder of the innocent Gaddafi. Lecturing the peon American people that she is not to be questioned and to leave the matters of social and civil justice, foreign policy and all the other shit that her handlers demand of her, up to people in the know. Surely to be followed by a routing out of dissenters, and sweeping changes to freedom of information laws.
The government didn't land in the position it has held by accident, they've always been one step ahead of society. Watch your backs and buckle up, one way or another, this is going to get weirder.

Posted by: TrueNorth | Nov 2 2016 14:24 utc | 129

27;But those were different times of honorable men.Never put anything past zion,as this election is all about them being sheltered by our power.Their absolute resistance to Trump and America first proves it.
56;Yes,good call,and i believe Muslims,in the long run,will benefit from a Trump POTUS.
81;Pessimist much?
82;They don't have to use mass transit to vote,aren't they near polls in local schools?Sounds false flag illiberal divide and conquer.The Ts or WAPO said there was depressed numbers of black early voters.No one likes her.
Deathly silence from the web about her right?TD,TO,even the Intercept and GG.The fix is in there too.
121;Springsteenand trump;I bet the Boss grabbed a hell of a lot of pussy.sheesh.
How the f*ck does one grab pussy anyway?A figure of speech about getting pussy,most likely a very normal heterosexual males good day.

Posted by: dahoit | Nov 2 2016 19:40 utc | 130

lysias@104 - "...Perhaps spousal privilege protects Abedin, but I don't see how it protects Hillary..."

It's a matter (according to the lawyerly-types discussing it) of Abadin's emails on the computer - which was claimed as communal property - and if they could ever be used as evidence for anything. The fact that they might implicate Hillary means they might implicate Abadin. Weiner (if he wanted to) could invoke spousal privilege and prevent the FBI from examining the contents of her emails and/or using them as evidence.

The investigation against *him* is limited to looking for evidence of his 'picadillos'. The question is whether the FBI or other law enforcement can snoop around for evidence of other unrelated 'crimes' either committed by or evidence by his spouse's unrelated emails.

This seems to be a contentious issue among the lawyers discussing it, but they seem to agree that it's risky. A judge could potentially throw out anything related to information in the Abadin emails for a number of technical reasons - (possibly) spousal privilege among them.

This still doesn't prevent a Clinton-friendly federal judge from throwing them out as evidence for *other* reasons at some later date, despite the government's possession of the drive/computer, Weiner's explicit consent and the current warrant obtained to search those emails. Seems crazy, but that's the law in the U.S. The FBI is wading through a legal minefield to retrieve, read and potentially use those emails against Clinton. The warrant from last weekend does not clear the minefield despite the public's impression of such. It removed one, know mine.

Given the DOJ and FBI's desire to make the Clinton scandals go away, lawyers figure there's plenty of other hidden landmines along the way. The devil is in the details. Ultimately, after a thorough FBI investigation of the emails implicating Hillary for all manner of crimes and a solid case against her, the DOJ *could* decide not to prosecute anyway citing various technicalities in the evidence-gathering that make it inadmissible in court. That's what some lawyers think, anyway. And who is going to argue with a DOJ federal prosecutor's decision? Since nobody on earth except the FBI and the federal prosecutor will know what's specifically in the case ('ongoing investigation' and all), then nobody can say whether the prosecutor was right to drop the case.

It was pointed out that this actually works for Clinton in a way. Case reopened = nobody can discuss anything. Even new, unrelated evidence is now protected from the public's prying eyes by the re-opened investigation. There's no way they'll 'finish' their investigation before elections. And the DOJ's disposition of the FBI's case at that time will undoubtedly be decided by who their boss will be next year.

The only personal observation I have is that if there's any single possible way to weasel out of prosecuting Hillary, then the FBI/DOJ will employ it. Fact is there are dozens and dozens of ways, and Comey (despite some people's favorable impression) and the DOJ are both still very deep in Hillary's pocket. Nothing will come of this. Someone said that if Hillary killed and ate a baby - live on CNN - she still wouldn't be prosecuted. I'm inclined to believe that now more than ever. The U.S. government is systemically infested with the psychopathic Clinton regime. There is an organizational desire to protect them/the Clinton Foundation that extends well beyond any individuals protecting them out of feasance/loyalty. Comey and Lynch are useful, but not crucial.

The entire Washington D.C. 'machine' lives on guaranteeing its own survival and amassing more control. The Clinton regime is an integral part of that (just like the Cheney/Bush regime was/is). Washington getting rid of the Clinton regime is as preposterous as expecting a person to do self-surgery to remove a cancerous liver in a futile attempt to save themselves. It doesn't work like that. That's exactly why I won't vote - nobody at the top is going to perform that surgery or perform it successfully. The patient can't fix themselves no matter what clothes I put on it or what name I chose to call it.

Elections are a pathetic attempt to renew hope that the patient will miraculously get better by themselves. I'm tired of being a sucker in that charade. Deep down inside, we - Americans and everyone else - all know what has to be done but nobody will say it (besides Snordelhans). I'm pissed off it had to come to this - I was brought up to expect something a little more functional considering the cost in little people's lives. It doesn't matter if U.S. citizens were cleverly sold a bill of goods or if we are collectively just to stupid/naive to realize how we were being screwed. I'm tired of bitching about it. It is what it is.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 2 2016 19:52 utc | 131

100;WTF does DTs hair have to do with anything?In fact,it looks much more toned down and normal colored lately,so I guess fashion police notices were effective.
And yes,Trump is and has been ahead,why else would they commit credibility suicide as they are,the Zionist News Network.
The Russians.jeez.
118;True confession day?Like we didn't know.
121;Racist?No more than you or I or any human on the planet,unless you don't believe in mans commonality,which I thought rational discourse?
I mean the black southern vote for HRC was either electoral fraud,antisemitism and or racism,take your pick.Or possibly,the black disenfranchisement of males because of the HBs predator legislation.And the poor because of Bent Dicks Nafta Cafta and every other race to the bottom neocapital crap.

Posted by: dahoit | Nov 2 2016 19:53 utc | 132

Oh, hell... When it rains, it pours. From the True Pundit site:

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury

True Pundit obviously thrives on the sensational, but if ANY small part of that article is true, then it's lights-out for Hillary. One thing (among many) that caught my attention is a remark about how BOTH Abedin and Weiner are shopping for deals from the feds. Abedin is like Hillary's Mini-Me; if she rolls on Hillary for a deal then Hillary is finished. Time to put Abedin on Clinton-style suicide watch. The Clintons never did suffer rats or betrayers much. They prefer to have their problems 'disappear', and Abedin is a colossal one if she rolls.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Nov 3 2016 4:44 utc | 133

@133 Damn! If true this is it..

Posted by: Lozion | Nov 3 2016 5:14 utc | 134

@ 133

Look at all those sources, all named Source, how quaint. While I don't have a hard time believing all those allegations, when delivered in such a manner, that's exactly all they appear to be.

Posted by: TrueNorth | Nov 3 2016 13:24 utc | 135

If elected, HRC will need a war, a big one and right quick, to keep the wolves form her door.

Posted by: John | Nov 3 2016 15:39 utc | 136

Guns n butter interview, audio podcast , Bonnie Faulkner interviews Michel Chausudovsky of globalresearch...header 'the political turmoil in USA'....some emphasis on money's taken by McCabe....also mentions Steve Pieceznik and his intel background (at about :25)

Posted by: Bluemot5 | Nov 3 2016 15:57 utc | 137

@Truenorth 129, I really don't know what to make of the august 2015 (over a year ago) tweet:
It came out that Huma Abedin knows all about Hillary’s private illegal emails. Huma’s PR husband, Anthony Weiner, will tell the world."

But it does make me wonder just how much of all this bs is scripted....

Jill Stein looks like the only candidate for peace and a new path

Posted by: Bluemot5 | Nov 3 2016 16:19 utc | 138

Weiner, with his mental disorders, is definitely the type of guy who would have kept on his computer anything embarrasing for the Clintons, to be used in the future in case of big problem. This probably include pictures.

Posted by: Mina | Nov 3 2016 16:35 utc | 139

I love the picture attached to this RT tweet on the 26th batch of the Podesta emails.
+ latest Pepe in bonus

Posted by: Mina | Nov 3 2016 18:09 utc | 140

@75 The whole problem with Putin - and the reason you've been metaprogrammed to hate him - is that, unlike his predecessor Yeltsin, he's not the White House's puppet.

Posted by: Gene Poole | Nov 4 2016 5:25 utc | 141

"Secret Recordings Fueled Mutinous FBI Investigation of Clintons Despite DOJ Orders To "Stand Down""


Posted by: Willy2 | Nov 4 2016 18:22 utc | 142

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