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October 12, 2016

Some Quotes

(Busy with nurturing some illness, please bear with me.)

Quotes from the Wikileaks stash of Hillary Clinton speeches and emails from her campaign chair John Podesta.

Clinton in a 2013 speech to the Jewish United Fund Advance & Major Gifts Dinner (via The Intercept):

[Arming moderates has] been complicated by the fact that the Saudis and others are shipping large amounts of weapons—and pretty indiscriminately—not at all targeted toward the people that we think would be the more moderate, least likely, to cause problems in the future, ...

Clinton also says that the no-fly zone bombing in Syria she is arguing for "would kill a lot of Syrians" - all for humanitarian reasons of course.

The following was written by Podesta, a well connected former White House Chief of Staff, in an 2014 email to Clinton. As introduction Podesta notes:"Sources include Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources in the region.":

While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.

Not new - the 2012 DIA analysis provided as much, and more, - but these email's prove that Clinton was and is well aware that U.S. allies are financing the radical Islamists in Syria and Iraq.

The Turkish President Erdogan just managed to screw up relations with ALL Iraqis, including the sectarian Sunnis he pampers as well as the Kurdish Barzani mafia with which his family does big oil deals. Erdogan wants his troops to "liberate" Mosul in Iraq from the Islamic State to incorporate it into the Turkish realm. (This goes back to the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne which had, in Turkish nationalist's interpretation, promised Aleppo and Mosul to Turkey):

Erdoğan [..] lashed out at Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, saying al-Abadi was not his counterpart.

“He is defaming me but you are not my interlocutor; you are not on my level and are not my value or quality,” Erdoğan said. “We will go our own way, everyone should know this. Who is this? Iraq’s prime minister. Know your place.”

The Turks have the illusion that the Arab's and other people the ottoman's once ruled liked their colonial occupation. That is simply wrong. The Ottoman rule was as brutal and disliked as any other colonial rule. The megalomania Erdogan shows will enrage all people of Iraq against him. They may not like Abadi but he is the Iraqi Prime Minister and as such has to be respected.

Erdogan's trouble at home and abroad are not some foreign plots against him, as he likes to believe, but the direct consequences of his behavior and talk. His plans to occupy 5,000 square kilometer of Syria and to conquer al-Bab and Raqqa is falling apart. 1,000 sqkm in his proxy groups are failing as they now finally meet real resistance. They may be able to Daqib, after the Turkish air force and artillery destroy it, but that will be it. Erdogan could send in his own army, which heavily relies on conscripts, but the public consequences within Turkey would probably be a disaster for him.

The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in a recent interview with CNN's Amanpour:

Amanpour: Russia had its own Pussy Riot moment. What do you think of Donald Trump's pussy riot moment?

Lavrov: Well, I don't know whether this would ... English is not my mother's tongue and I don't know whether - I don't know - whether I would sound - I mean - decent. There are so many pussies around your presidential campaigns on both sides that I prefer not to comment.

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1) Take care of yourself b.
The World needs your input.

2)erDOGan is expendable.
Russia/Putin and USofAIPAC/KohnKerry,NoodleladyNuland,Wookief_ckerMarshall0bambi know this.

3)Don't Worry "b" Happy.
Hope that cheered you up.
;) X-

Posted by: XuscitizenSweden | Oct 12 2016 15:48 utc | 1

EU just got fcking more Orwellian!

EU Parliament promotes democratic values by lumping russian media with terrorists

Posted by: Man | Oct 12 2016 15:57 utc | 2

thanks b.. i hope you get better soon!

i suppose you saw the exchange between kirby and a reporter on this too, but fwiw, kirby is a good soldier for the propaganda empire if nothing else..

"QUESTION: Well, we’ll find out. An email exchange recently made public of Secretary – former Secretary Clinton’s emails, she speaks in August 2014 of the need in Syria and Iraq to use diplomatic and traditional intelligence assets to put “pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.” So that’s soon after her being secretary of state; it seems like she would be informed about what’s happening. Do you – does the U.S. believe that Qatar, the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIS and other radical Sunni groups?

MR KIRBY: I can’t – I’m sure this will shock you, but I’m not going to speak about the veracity of leaked documents and whether they’re authentic or not. I just won’t do that. What I can tell you is that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are members of the counter-ISIL coalition and have been contributing members of that coalition pretty much since its founding. And we rely a great deal on their efforts to help us counter terrorism in the region, particularly counter this particular group, Daesh. And we look forward to that – those relationships continuing, and their participation as active members of the coalition continuing as well."

meanwhile from rt this morning - "The attack on a UN humanitarian aid convoy near the Syrian city of Aleppo last month, which Washington has blamed on Russia, was actually carried out by one of the terrorist groups present in the area, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

“It was one of the terrorist groups. And we know that, say, the Americans know it too, but prefer to take a different position, to falsely accuse Russia. This is not helping,” Putin said at an economic forum in Moscow."

Posted by: james | Oct 12 2016 16:02 utc | 3

Lavrov's da man!
Had me laughing like hell.

Posted by: CitizenKane123 | Oct 12 2016 16:02 utc | 4

Erdogan declares #Turkey would not consider asking a permission to go into #Syria or #Iraq with troops deployments, no need to obtain one. What is this goat fucker saying here. It seems his Ottoman Empire dreams are still there.

Posted by: harrylaw | Oct 12 2016 16:43 utc | 5

jesus...i knew amanpour was an idiot but that's a new low even for her. i guess a few holdouts still want to pretend pussy riot were something other than annoying hipsters. vulgarity mixed with identity politics seems to play well with those cable news types but i'm glad most foreign diplomatic types refuse to stoop so low.

Posted by: the pair | Oct 12 2016 17:07 utc | 7

Father John Whiteford (in Texas) says:
I feel compelled, as a Christian and as an American citizen speaking only for myself, to condemn the policy of the United States government which has been to overthrow the Syrian government by arming and funding a radical jihadist insurgency. This has fueled and exacerbated a conflict which has witnessed the deaths of nearly half of a million Syrians, produced five million refugees, seven and a half-million internally displaced people, and has brought untold misery upon many millions more who have suffered either directly or indirectly as a result of this shameful policy. [1]

I cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that our government continues, with our tax-payer dollars, to fund and arm those who are raping, murdering, and displacing Christians (who represent about ten percent of the overall population) and other religious minorities in Syria. [2]

Our government waged a phony bombing campaign against ISIS for more than a year, with the only effect being that it made it appear that we were doing something, and provided cover for what we have clearly been up to. In fact, the end result of our government’s actions was to allow these terrorists to push further west into Syria. Our government willfully "looked the other way" because it put added pressure on the legitimate Syrian government (a United Nations member). [3] Some of the foremost academic experts in the world have repeatedly confirmed this. [4] To the extent that ISIS has been “on the run” in recent months, this is primarily due to the efforts of the Syrian Army and their allies, and not to the half-hearted actions of our government.

ISIS soon overran much of Iraq and Eastern Syria, often traveling in large convoys across open desert (which would have been easy targets for a serious bombing campaign by the world’s most powerful air force), and eventually captured historic Palmyra in Syria. This has resulted not only in the immense immediate loss of human life, and the destruction of countless communities – but also the loss of priceless artifacts and documents that are lost to future generations, forever. Ancient Christian communities, many that spoke the very language of Christ, and have existed since the time of the apostles have been destroyed. [5] We have seen the revival of slave markets, which have functioned openly in the streets of cities in Syria and Iraq. And our government has not only done very little to put a stop to these things, but has in fact funneled arms and supplies to groups closely allied with the al-Nusra Front (which is a branch of Al Qaeda, lately calling itself Jabhat Fatah al-Sham) and ISIS. [6] Our own government has also continued to demonize other world powers, who at the invitation of the Syrian government, are assisting in the fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups. Our leaders continue to keep this civil war going, instead of pursuing legitimate avenues of peace, while continuing to remain closely allied with sources of terrorist ideology like Saudi Arabia. [7]

Lest anyone think that what I am saying reflects conspiracy theories or fringe views, I would note that no less than Franklin Graham, who does charitable work on the ground in Syria, and is the son of the famous evangelist Billy Graham, has been pointing out these errors in US policy in Syria for years. Like most of those who know the Christians of Syria, he opposes any attempt to overthrow the Syrian government, because this government has protected Christians and other religious minorities, and any government that would likely replace it, would see the end of Christianity in Syria. [8]

We should all call upon our leaders to stop this reckless and inhuman policy, and especially condemn any suggestion that we should bomb the Syrian Army. It is unfortunate that many civilians have suffered and died in this civil war, but the primary responsibility for that belongs to those who set this war in motion, fueled it with a steady supply of arms and supplies, and have consistently prevented efforts to bring it to a swift conclusion. [9]

We should also immediately cut off all military and financial aid to “rebel” groups, which is what fueled the rapid rise of ISIS in the first place. [10] We should end the sanctions that helped create the turmoil that laid the groundwork for this civil war. And furthermore, the US government should provide sufficient resources to rebuild the communities that have been destroyed as a result these immoral and unjust actions. We should also all continue to pray daily for the peace of Syria and for the victims of this tragic and foolish war.

Posted by: mauisurfer | Oct 12 2016 17:18 utc | 8

Get well, b.
Lavrov does it again.
I shouldn't have watched this CNN "interview", though. This is not journalism, this is some intensely hypocritic vomit-inducing chutzpah target-audience preaching.

Posted by: Manirai | Oct 12 2016 17:21 utc | 9

His plans to occupy 5,000 square kilometer of Syria and to conquer al-Bab and Raqqa is falling apart. 1,000 sqkm in his proxy groups are failing as they now finally meet real resistance. They may be able to [conquer] Daqib, after the Turkish air force and artillery destroy it, but that will be it.

Well, I think this depends on what sort of "moderate rebels" big Erdo can employ. So far it seems that only the more moderate among the "moderate rebels" prefer to be under the protection of Turkish planes and tanks, instead of being mopped up by RuAF. There is only a small contingent of Ahrar taking part in Euphrates Shield.
Dependent on the developments in Northern Syria this may change, and some less moderate "moderate rebels" may join them so as to avoid destruction. Certainly also a question of donors´ wishes and money.

Posted by: Qoppa | Oct 12 2016 17:21 utc | 10

CitizenKane123 | Oct 12, 2016 12:02:27 PM | 4
Pussies are soft, warms and comfortable. I think what Lavrov really meant was:

There are so many cunts around your presidential campaigns on both sides that I prefer not to comment.

It should be noted that British English and American English have different definitions for the C word, and I suspect Lavrov understands that. From Wikipedia:
Reflecting different national usages, cunt is described as "an unpleasant or stupid person" in the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, whereas Merriam-Webster indicates that it is a "usually disparaging and obscene" term for a woman[1] or an "offensive way to refer to a woman" in the United States.

Although I would suggest that the OED does understate the strength of the word somewhat.

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 12 2016 17:22 utc | 11

PS I really start liking Lavrov. He has class!

Posted by: Qoppa | Oct 12 2016 17:23 utc | 12


THIS needs to be Trumps NEW slogan.


Posted by: Take Me | Oct 12 2016 17:24 utc | 13

I still have friends who follow and vote in elections so out of a desire to understand why people are willing to vote for their undoing I actually watched most of the last debate.

The reason democracy is such a good cloak for the oligarchy is people will never buy or vote for something but are practised at saying no No NO! to everything. You may
not be willing to vote for anything Trump supports but you sure as heck will vote against madsickwoman Hillary Clinton which means you get a massively increased Military Industrial Complex because that's what both candidates have promised -- meaning the CFR crowd and plutocrats already agree that even as the US Empire implodes they will take a larger and larger chunk of GDP for themselves.

On topics candidates Trump and Clinton pretend to disagree on, such as the approach to Russia, you will not get one or the other but both approaches since this is what the CFR Zionists disagree on so like John Kerry always does both positions will be represented simultaneously.

We have to grow smarter faster if we are ever to stop being jerked around by plutocrat psyops and the CIA culture minions who convince participating voters that their opinion counts when in fact it has been confirmed countless times your opinion is completely irrelevant to how we will proceed on any issue.

Posted by: C I eh? | Oct 12 2016 17:44 utc | 14

Protest outside Russian Embassy would increase hysteria against Russia – Stop the War leader

Posted by: Man | Oct 12 2016 17:45 utc | 15

The idea of Boris Johnson to demonstrate in front of embassy of Russian Federation is catching on rather slowly. There were prominent voices that USA should also be held responsible for fresh war crimes. One can combine the two in one demonstration, with a half-an-hour walk through the Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, good places for a picnic and for speeches. Nevertheless, Russian ambassador already requested police protection.

To those who want to camp and wait, I would recommend to find some discarded newspapers, wrap yourself and wait in bushes in the nearby Hyde Park. Of course, as a person of means you may find better attire for a chilly night.

Seriously, the request for embassy protection is not outlandish. While the native Britons do not seem to be inclined to wreck havoc on that issue, there were cases of embassies attacked by exiles, refugees etc. I do not recall anything like that in England

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 12 2016 17:50 utc | 16

Maybe its just me. Cuz Lavrov always had me at hello. Are the wily Russians tryna win American hearts and minds these days? Cuz I've been fangurling big-time. I KNOW they'll dump me. And break my heart. One day. But I can't help it. Truth-telling is irresistible.

Posted by: Take Me | Oct 12 2016 17:56 utc | 17

I suspect the British public are well aware of the huge propaganda exercise taking place against Syria/Russia. Just look in the comments sections when some Journalist [singing for their supper]denigrates them, like this one In my opinion and I hope I am right, these stenographers are out of touch with public opinion, will they regret it, I doubt it?

Posted by: harrylaw | Oct 12 2016 18:15 utc | 18

"There are so many pussies around your presidential campaigns on both sides that I prefer not to comment."

So Lavrov's not only a diplomat, he knows a little comedy too. :) He's one of the most interesting people in government today.

Posted by: JethroZeppelin | Oct 12 2016 18:18 utc | 19

@16 I guess you weren't in London in 1968 PB. That was quite a demo. But we were so much younger then....

Posted by: dh | Oct 12 2016 18:19 utc | 20

today's pithy quote:

Erdo issues state security alert: "Beware that other evil forked tongued horned beeste!".
Is is he jealous, or is he a secret admirer of the size of that thing's horns?

Erdogan: Clinton Comments on Arming Kurds ‘Politically Inept’
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday blasted US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “unfortunate” comments that she would consider arming Syrian Kurdish fighters, branding her proposal “politically inept.”

“It is a very unfortunate statement,” Erdogan said in a televised speech at the presidential palace in Ankara. “To be honest I see it as politically inept.”

Posted by: schlub | Oct 12 2016 18:21 utc | 21

Podesta - what a clown! Is there some rulebook about Presidents having to be protestant, while all the shady puppetmasters are zionist catholics or zionist zionists?

Posted by: bbbb | Oct 12 2016 18:35 utc | 22

Great quote james @3. The Russian-Turkish rapprochement on Turkish Stream is a big problem for the U.S., as is Erdogan's lust for Mosul, which b outlines. In the latest Monthly Review there is an article by Samir Amin on the Kurdish question. Amin argues that Kurdish nationalism is a product of U.S. imperialism, and there is little hope for a one large pan-Kurdish state because there is not one Kurdish language, let alone ideology:

The new Kurdish question is the product of recent U.S. strategy, which has given itself the goal of destroying the state and society in Iraq and Syria, while waiting to attack Iran. Washington demagogy, unrelated to the invoked alleged democracy, has given the highest priority to the exercise of the “right of communities.” Discourses defending “human rights” that do the same and to which I referred in this article, are thus very relevant. The Iraqi central government was thus destroyed (by Gauleiter Bremer in the first year of the occupation of the country) and its attributes vested in four pseudo-states, two of them based on restricted and fanatical interpretations of Shiite and Sunni versions of Islam, the other two on the alleged particularities of the “Kurdish tribes” of Iraq! The intervention of Gulf countries, supporting—behind the United States—the reactionary political Islam that gave rise to the so-called Caliphate of Daesh contributed to the success of Washington’s project. It is almost amusing to observe that the United States supported the Iraqi Kurds in the name of “democracy,” but not those of Turkey, an important NATO ally. Double standards, as usual.

Are the two political parties exercising power over different parcels of Iraqi Kurdistan territory “democratic,” or is one better than the other? It would be naive to believe this Washington propaganda. It is only a question of cliques of politicians or warlords who know how to enrich themselves in this way. Their alleged “nationalism” is not anti-imperialist; anti-imperialism requires fighting the U.S. presence in Iraq, and not being part of it for personal gain.

The foregoing analysis perhaps better explains the nature of the Kurdish nationalisms at work today, the limits that they impose by ignoring the requirements of anti-imperialist resistance in the region, and the radical social reforms that must accompany this struggle, as well as the need to build unity of all the peoples concerned—Kurds, Arabs, Iranians—against their common enemy: the United States and its local allies, whether Islamists or others.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Oct 12 2016 18:47 utc | 23

I'm waiting got Comcast to cut off RT... Out of patriotism and anti-terrorist fervor. A mercy that Orwell can't see us now...

Posted by: chuckvw | Oct 12 2016 18:48 utc | 24

Ottoman rule was actually very good for a very long time. In fact, one of the complaints Martin Luther had was that Christians were fleeing to it for religious freedom from the Pope.

Ottoman rule started to go badly once they started using railroads and the telegraph. Two technologies that allowed centralization of power.

Posted by: P Walker | Oct 12 2016 18:59 utc | 25

hope you feel better soon b
All this shit is enough to make anyone sick

Posted by: Perimetr | Oct 12 2016 19:05 utc | 26

Lavrov as the master comedian (or, a good example of Russian humour)!
We need a bit of humour in this crazy world
Have always liked him (just wish he'd stop smoking!... to live longer)...

Posted by: GoraDiva | Oct 12 2016 19:08 utc | 27

To#22 bbbb: Honestly. When was the last REAL protestant in the WH? Cuz zionized-protestants are Xians. Infiltrated and co-opted by judeo-Xians-carpetbaggers. I stopped going to church. Not cuz I don't believe. Just dog-tired of the fucking zionist propaganda that poses as American Xianity. Don't get me started on the gawd-damn jesuits. Causistry-preaching-pedos. Christ wouldn't recognize 'em. T'aint HIS.

Posted by: Take Me | Oct 12 2016 19:17 utc | 28

I'm not sure if this is true, original says 404 now:

SIS TV (Египет): «Cairo resell "Mistral" to Russia for $ 1»

"The Egyptian billionaire Nassef Onsi Sawiris (Nassef Onsi Sawiris), which allocated to the country of purchase of French helicopter carriers" Mistral "and actually is the owner, decided to re-sell them to Russia for a symbolic price of $ 1. The question of the sale of two Russian ships agreed with Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Khalil Al-Sisi "- conveys the leading Egyptian TV channel SIS TV.

"This is an important step towards rapprochement between the two great countries - Egypt and Russia strengthen their cooperation and great friendship" - presenter notes.

Posted by: ProPeace | Oct 12 2016 19:20 utc | 29

b,do not quote Nizar Nayouf the "historian"or quote him at your own risks as this is your blog as you might loose the enormous credibility your site has acquired.I have been following him for the last 8 years and he is definitely a fraud,stealing news from other media and then making them his investigative research.2 items from these last 7 days:1/Firas Achoofi from Al-akhbar had a research piece on the intention of the Saudis to recruit thousand of fighters actually jobless from the south of Syria to fight the Houthis in Yemen and less than 24h Nayouf tweeted about it as his own news relied to him per his brother in law professor at Al Muta university in Jordan.2/the news you mentioned above comes from Ria Novosti and I don't think considering what is at stake here that they stole it from mr.Nayouf..I could go on and on about his behavior and his sneaky methods but I stop at this

Posted by: BH | Oct 12 2016 19:22 utc | 30

I have a second hand report on Russians telling jokes. I have a Russian speaking friend (not from Russia itself) who decided to drive from Virginia to Vermont where there was a meeting, and my acquaintance joined him in Pennsylvania. It is a bit of a distance, but the Russian was telling jokes with no interruption, no repetitions and all funny (according to a native born American). What flower arrangement or tea ceremony is to Japan, telling jokes to Russia.

Beware the Russian trolls typing jokes.

I understand that European Parliament considered the issue of threats from the propaganda by Russia and terrorist organizations. The trolls were mentioned. I wonder if they can be connected to the threat stemming from creepy clowns . Actually, there is a connections between the two problems, namely, how a legislation could address those problems without penalizing ordinary behavior that we see all over the place, including politics and the commentariat.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 12 2016 19:29 utc | 31


Take care and be back stronger than before. ;-)

Posted by: Oui | Oct 12 2016 19:43 utc | 32

Thanks for pointing out the 'gulfies are to blame' as old news from Hillary B.

The liability wall around the US gets bigger and bigger. I wonder what else the Saudis can be sued for.

Posted by: wwinsti | Oct 12 2016 20:06 utc | 33

@Chuckw #24

You will be waiting a long time for Comcast to cut off RT since it is CIA approved and was created to play the role of Gatekeeper for Consensus Reality, a role formerly played by the mainstream Left. Now that Left media has lost all credibility RT tells you what is 'realistic' since discombobulated Leftists still need others to do their thinking for them, I'm sorry to say.

Posted by: C I eh? | Oct 12 2016 21:11 utc | 34

To 35: Yeah. About a year ago I stopped following RT as a go-to site. Still check in. Their journos are better than USSA alphabets. I began to FEEL manipulated. Not at first. More and more over time. And they tend to employ or use as "experts" known "gate-keepers". It's good to know what they're pushing. Same with all the other establishment outlets. There's more REAL truth on TW. Sad to say.

Posted by: Take Me | Oct 12 2016 21:51 utc | 35

Here's a fun quote from a US State official excusing Saudi killing of Yemen civilians:
Responding to the concerns of private human rights groups, a State Department specialist told them in an October 2015 meeting that the Saudis do not deliberately kill civilians.

"The strikes are not intentionally indiscriminate but rather result from a lack of Saudi experience with dropping munitions and firing missiles," the specialist said, according to a State Department account of the meeting.

"The lack of Saudi experience is compounded by the asymmetric situation on the ground where enemy militants are not wearing uniforms and are mixed with civilian populations," he said. "Weak intelligence likely further compounds the problem."
(I know it's RT but they're quoting US State excusing the Saudis but those same excuses could apply to the Syrians. It's a hypocrisy and double standard.)

Posted by: Curtis | Oct 12 2016 21:56 utc | 36

Get well b.

Posted by: likklemore | Oct 12 2016 22:06 utc | 37

every day a well informed person must appear more and more insane to the mass of people who don't care or don't have the time to seek out any independent information on these matters.

Posted by: pA | Oct 12 2016 23:34 utc | 38

pA @ 39, Most people select their beliefs by identity politics, or by celebrity worship of Putin. There aren't so many who actively challenge their own beliefs through exposing themselves to conflicting data. That actually surprises me. If you had told me as a little girl that most people choose their beliefs with little concern for the truth, but only to make themselves feel more comfortable I would not have believed it. So terribly sad.

Posted by: Penelope | Oct 13 2016 0:40 utc | 39

C I eh? said: " You will be waiting a long time for Comcast to cut off RT since it is CIA approved and was created to play the role of Gatekeeper for Consensus Reality, a role formerly played by the mainstream Left."
Yeah, the way you pevent a true alternative is to have a well-funded entity occupy its place. Christof Lehmann , the Dane who heads up nsnbc international, sits in on some of RT's editorial board meetings. He says RT doesn't tell more of the truth cuz they're concerned about creating cognitive dissonance. Sure. The fate of the world depends upon people maturing enough to look reality in the face and they're concerned about cognitive dissonance.

Posted by: Penelope | Oct 13 2016 0:40 utc | 40

Please keep up us updated on how you are.

Posted by: Glorious Bach | Oct 13 2016 0:50 utc | 41

I kept thinking Lavrov is a bit of a neoliberal brown-noser and an apologist for ALQAIDANATO politically correct scum, but after a comment like that, he has redeemed himself in my eyes, both as a man and as a human being with a spine and a decent perception.

Posted by: Quadriad | Oct 13 2016 2:29 utc | 42

Ghost, I agree.

But the Americans still have a thing, that fundamental reservation about the "c*nt" word which is thankfully not present in more British environments.

I blame their Mayflower profile puritanical phallic demon worshipping ancestors subconsciously in love with Divine/Demiurgic cock (Shiva Linga / Membrum Diaboli) and profoundly hating vagina. The Divine Mother's vagina (equivalent to the Shekinah/Yin) was so hated by them that they ended up hating even its most down to Earth avatar, exemplified by the inherently beautiful word "c*nt".

I am talking about militant archetypical poofters, older than the physical universe itself.

Posted by: Quadriad | Oct 13 2016 2:38 utc | 43

mauisurfer @ 8

Thanks for posting Father Whiteford's commentary. I am totally in agreement until he brings the reverend Franklin Graham to his support. I remember 2003, when Graham could hardly wait for his Christian soldiers to tear into that unfortunate, prostrate land of Iraq. He was as big of a loudmouthed, raving neocon war monger as General Wayne Downey, Michael Ledeen, or Ahmed Chalebi in those days. He mentioned no peril posed to Iraq's Christians by the overthrow of Iraqi society - perils which were evident to anyone with even a modicum of knowledge about Iraq and a bit of sympathy toward secular Arabism.

Maybe Graham has seen the light on the road to Damascus, but it is far likelier that the change in his attitude reflects narrow political partisanship rather than Christian compassion. He has been a pillar of the Republican "Moral Majority" for 30+ years. I guess that we Americans who oppose this deceitful aggression against the SAR should be thankful for any prominent allies we have, but it is also a Christian duty to decry the hypocrisy of the clergy.

Posted by: Fish & Cip | Oct 13 2016 3:46 utc | 44

Great blog its difficult trying to find like minded people

Posted by: Shylo | Oct 14 2016 0:35 utc | 45


Same for Afghans must have got it from the Soviets. Rode the Highway of Death with an unarmored SUV full of Afghans, and they told non-stop sardonic jokes the whole way, except when we passed bombed-out vehicles, then they pushed it up to 140 kph, in silence for awhile.

Then the laughing would start again. When a group of ANP renegade police pulled us over with AKs at a roadblock, we were held hostage briefly until a government Land Cruiser roared up with a machine gun and RPGs over the cab and search lights shining in the ANP faces. Oh Jeez. The sight of those ANP rogues fallen on the ground begging for forgiveness got everyone laughing so hard, they let them all go.

Funny folks. More here.

One trillion bucks down the rabbit hole. Red pill, Blue pill, same Pentagon Soviet. Now that's funny.

Posted by: chipnik | Oct 14 2016 1:48 utc | 46


Or as Graham's father Billy, 'America's Preacher' famously exorted at the Cambodian War protests at the Lincoln Memorial, "Bomb the gooks for Jesus!!" Then he bugged out in his white Caddie limo, while a flight of Huey's dropped hundreds of little American flags on tiny parachutes onto the enraged crowd. Then the Hueys made another pass and shot tear gas at everyone, as the DC police on horseback drove in, clubbing everyone who hadn't fallen under the horses' hooves. Then the riots started.

Ahh, some funny times back in the day. Kent State, what a laugh riot!

Posted by: chipnik | Oct 14 2016 1:58 utc | 47

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