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October 04, 2016

Under U.S. Proxy Attack Russia Readies For Full War In Syria

U.S. State Department Daily Press Briefing September 28 2016 - Spokesperson John Kirby

QUESTION: But what I don’t think we have heard here is, so what are the consequences for Russia if this agreement falls through beyond some interagency discussions about options that have not yet been chosen? What are the consequences for Russia other than Secretary Kerry won’t talk to them on this particular issue going forward?

MR KIRBY: The consequences are that the civil war will continue in Syria, that extremists and extremists groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which will include, no question, attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities, and Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and they will continue to lose resources – even, perhaps, more aircraft.

The Russian Federation interpreted that not as a prediction or warning, but as a direct threat.

Monument to defense of Sevastopol in the second world war 1941-1942 - bigger

The ceasefire agreement fell through. The U.S. essentially blocked it by NOT pushing its proxy forces in Syria to follow its provisions. It blamed, as usual, the Russian side which had followed the ceasefire nearly to the letter.

Then this happened:

Al-Nusra Front Shells Russian Embassy in Damascus

The Russian embassy in Damascus was shelled from the areas controlled by al-Nusra Front and Faylaq al-Rahman militants, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"The Russian diplomatic mission came under mortar shelling on October 3. One of the mines exploded on the embassy area near its residential department. Fortunately, no one was wounded. The diplomatic mission sustained material damage. Another two mines went off next to the embassy." The Ministry said the shelling was conducted from the Jobar municipality controlled by al-Nusra Front and Faylaq al-Rahman terrorists. "We view this shelling of the Russian embassy as a consequence of actions of those who, like the US and its allies, provoke the violent conflict in Syria, flirting with militants and extremists of different sorts."

Russia has deployed a number of additional bombers to Syria. We do not yet know how many. But as soon as these are operational the "rebels" will face a significant larger amount of air attacks. A few weeks of intense attacks and their abilities, logistics and command and control will have been degrade to a point where they can no longer wage an organized fight.

Also deployed was a battery of S-300 air-defense systems. The specific type is said to be S-300VM, also known as Antey-2500. These are specially designed for defending against ballistic- and cruise missiles. The system will be stationed near Tartus harbor and will protect the Syrian east coast as well as the Russian fleet in the eastern Mediterranean. These also have good capabilities against attacking planes. A volley cruise missile attack by the U.S. against the Syrian and Russian airports and air forces in Syria, discussed in various U.S. papers as the start of a "no-fly zone" war, will be severely hampered by this.

Then there is this:

Elijah J. Magnier @EjmAlrai

#Damascus agreed & #Russia is ready to send several thousands of special forces & other various units officers this month to #Syria.

9:57 AM - 4 Oct 2016

The final decision for this was, I believe, made after the U.S. attack on  Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzor which opened the besieged city to the Islamic State. That, and the current U.S. bombing of bridges in Deir Ezzor, will allow for an isolated area in which the Islamic State can survive. Russia can and will not condone that.

The U.S. wants, for lack of better ideas, play hardball with Russia. But it does not want to go to war. Russia will go along with the hardball game. It makes sure that the U.S. understands that it will indeed have to fight a full fledged war with Russia and its allies if it wants to get its way in Syria. Further arming its al-Qaeda proxy-Jihadis, as Washington is currently doing, will not change that.

Russia will not give in to U.S. demands without a very severe fight. It bets that Obama, the members of his administration and the generals in the Pentagon are, in the end, pampered cowards. It has, in my estimate, a very high chance to win that bet.

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Wow...just wow.

The Chosen Exceptionalism is strong in this one! Hey, schlomo, the Gazans are Semites too, while the Israelis, especially the radical right Likudniks, are former-Soviet Tartars, not Semitic at all. The last real Semites surviving in Israel under the former-Soviet super-minority power elite of Netanyahu have been marginalized to the ghettos, and have even applied to Spain for political refugee status.

Wait, there's more!

Foxtrot Alpha - Omega Mike Golf!:

The level of celebratory 'On To Sevastopol' jibber-jabber by the illegal Israeli junta coup in Kiev is astounding. There can be no doubt that the CITIZENS of Ukraine, you know, the LEGAL RESIDENTS, are now in the same boat as the GAZANS: their Treasury looted of its bullion to NYC banksters, and their farmlands and industries consolidated and privatized by the Israeli junta coup IMF-backed junk bonds, that are defaulting, but $50 BILLION was looted by US Congress in 2015 to 'backstop the verticals' on Kiev's Israeli junta coup, to backstop the WB to rebuild E Ukraine roads and bridges to war capacity, and who knows how many $B to fund domestic psyop by propagandists Foxtrot Alpha and Menechem Golani?

Trump-Hillary (makes no matter Red or Blue they are Owned by the Exceptionalist Chosen) is going to launch another, "We came, we saw, he died, haww, haww, haww" on Syria and Crimea, for a $T Pentagon. The only thing that stands in their way is the de-Zionized and now Orthodox Christian Russian State.

Would you like to play a nice Game of Thrones?

Posted by: chipnik | Oct 5 2016 17:22 utc | 101


Is there such a thing as an "innocent jew"?

Posted by: CarlD | Oct 5 2016 17:40 utc | 102

From Le Figaro:

and the Google translation:">">

FIGAROVOX / MAINTENANCE - As the humanitarian crisis worsens, the Syrian regime supported by the Russians and the Iranians resumed the field. Fabrice Balanche, the rebels are more than ever linked to al Qaeda and Moscow can not be solely responsible for the chaos.

Posted by: Yul | Oct 5 2016 17:51 utc | 103


I guess I can see why Russia did the COH, but it's inviting in USA, who can currently afford to be as bullying as 'she' wants to be, in the hopes of roping 'her' into conformity with International Law. Well again, I think Washington planners (maybe Israel as well?) don't appreciate the nuances of Russia's message.

1. Who can afford to be as bullying as she wants? USA? Nothing can be further from the truth--US can not afford to be bullying "as she wants" for a simple reason of lacking resources for a serious geopolitical play against Russia whose positions are very strong including, see pp.2 below;

2. There is no denial that D.C. is packed with pampered arrogant morons but even they do get a sense that this game is different and vastly at that. As I already stated not for once, unlike all US military opponents in the post-WW II period, Russia has full ability, both nuclear and conventional, to rearrange the stones anywhere on the planet, US proper included--this is the foundation of Russia's "nuance" of her message. This is a different paradigm. US also can not win Russia conventionally in her vicinity, Ukraine included. Make irresistible and warranted obvious conclusions from here. As per Israel--all Israel's military history is written by fighting a supremely inept and backward Arab opponents. So, if Israeli "planners" with their "expertise" of fighting opponents who, in the words of Colonel MacGregor, have not "a modicum of military capability", are really consulting US (which could be the case), well, it just shows then why US can not win a single war since Korea.

3. In continuation with Israel. Bibi maybe a despicable human but he certainly is not stupid and there is a reason why he spends more time in Moscow than in D.C. Israel will need some guarantor instead of US and the only one fitting is Russia, who, BTW, as Soviet Union was the father of the state of Israel. Another matter, that neoconservatism of American variety is absolutely impossible in Russia. Guess from three times why?

Posted by: SmoothieX12 | Oct 5 2016 17:55 utc | 104


who has the friends strong loyal true.
who came to bid obediance loyalty and faith.
who came to make plans
for are protection.
shimon and ariel and golda and netanyahoo said never again.
it will be so.
shimon understood sacrifice in his fight against the arab and the nazi.
it is time for europe and the usa to show proofs and commitment to the battle

World leaders gather for funeral of Nobel laureate Peres - A "great man of the world" at funeral

Posted by: menechem golani | Oct 5 2016 18:29 utc | 105

Syria has some 60 capable aircraft via the Su24mk. .Mig 29m.
These could be moved to Russian airbase with their Su24mk...and to Airbases
Near the Russian with Pantsir and TOR M1 to cover.
Syria has units to create this coverage.
The old Mig 23s and Su 22 Mig 21 ...luck it out as they say.
The above as per the US not cruise missile or stand off air attack the Russian
Airbase or near it.
If the US does hit the Russian airbase....Russia should sink/damage US carrier and the
Aegis cans with it.
Burning sinking Carrier on CNN after covert strike would roil America against
Obama and Hitlery.
Putin vowed Russia would retaliate to any threat on its military in Syria.

Hopefully Putin keeps his word. ...Sinking ships might win Trump the Election.

Posted by: Brad | Oct 5 2016 18:43 utc | 106

All this for the greater good of the apartheid state of Israhell. You must ask yourself why these militant groups have not attacked that khazarian invested country if these so called Islamice terrorists groups hate them so much. If you're a christian zionists (fools for that criminal aparthied state) or usefull idiots as Benjamin Nuttyahoo has called you; you're response would be "God" is protecting her not realizing your ignorance of the scriptures. The U.S. is nothing more than a Khazar invested lap dog for Israhell invested with all those hooked nose devils.

Posted by: Lerch | Oct 5 2016 19:40 utc | 107

Regarding this threat of possible (domestic) terrorist attacks on Russian persons and interests, Konachenkov, speaker of the Russian DOJ delivered the following message (roughly translated from French from Russian):
"Russia actually knows exactly who and how many "unofficial" specialists are to be found in Syria, more specifically in the province of Aleppo, who operationnally supervise the organization and direction of fighting parties activities. And should the threats against Russia and Russian servicemen in Syria materialize, then it may so happen that those fighting parties might run short of time and bags to collect all the body parts".
It sounds like the Russians have already made up their mind about a possible retaliation.
Original link here :

Posted by: Bluetonga | Oct 5 2016 19:41 utc | 108

@ Brad #104:

Don't be dismayed if the US tries a heavy dose of their patented 'less-than-lethal' force. Military grade runways are at a premium in Syria due to any concrete poured back in the 60's is starting to crumble. Not taking life would also make for some gooey PR if the Russians retaliated.

Posted by: Wwinsti | Oct 5 2016 19:55 utc | 109

Ah the joy of being a big enough bully to threaten who and whenever you like. Lately the contrast between how the US and Russia respond to threats is growing. The US threatens Russian cities, the Russians hold a civil defence drill with 40 million people going to their bunkers. How many people can the US bunkers hold? Do you need to be on a special list to get in one?
The US closes the noose around Russia and their Military industrial complex cranks out modern and potent equipment. The US supposedly sees Russia as an existential threat, their response, warships with engines that crap out in their first year of service and aircrapt that are years behind delivery schedule and exponentially more expensive than budgeted. Just like their banks, the US military feels too big to fail and perhaps they are! Maybe it will come down to the motivation of the personnel.
Sitting on your border with pudgy foreigners poised across where your comrades used to be, or in a country who's people you despise, ten thousand miles from home, where, by the way, your family could use some protection. Ah, but then the Russians have their non-gmo food to contend with. Of course all the unity in the two different command structures could come into play. I'm sure the troops in the trenches have a clear sense of who to trust just based on how carefully the leadership handles classified information! It's got to inspire confidence when instead of saying, in your face rag heads, your leadership admits to yet another blunder and apologizes. Oops all this sophisticated gear is just a bit much for the boys to figure out sometimes. Feigned sneeze with mumbled bs sound.
But the problem is these folks have been invaded before! They have been very polite, that hq in the mountains is just a teaser, don't say you didn't have it coming. Same for the catamaran. Seems like getting bad guys to do our dirty work for us is backfiring, not only have they failed in the mission, more and more people see them for what they are, our best and more and more, only buddies. The really sad thing about that is if we can't pay them, they are gone, quicker than the warranty on our gear!

Posted by: frankly | Oct 5 2016 20:58 utc | 110

@89 dh 'Some additional logic that might appeal to some minds.....when dealing with bad guys there's no need to use the rule book.'

That's chapter and verse from the Universal Military Handbook ...

'We should never send our soldiers, airmen, sailors or marines into a fair fight.'

James E. Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

... in 1947 the CIA adopted that model for 'diplomacy', 'foreign relations', 'statecraft' when the Dulles brothers took over State and moved its 'operations' to CIA. Such are the times that some things have been moved back again: NED/USAID, the 51 dancing diplomats, the Nulands ... in fact it seems that State is now shared/fought-over by the CIA and Pentagon. There is no real State Department ... and when you think about it, it makes 'sense' because there is no State. The neo-cons drowned it in the bathtub. All that's left are the three service bureaus for the financiers, the fusiliers, and the fossil-fuelers.

Posted by: jfl | Oct 5 2016 21:15 utc | 111

@95 g

Putin's ultimatum will be 'sold' in the US ... if it's even acknowledged ... as Putin beating his shoe at the UN. The effect of propaganda is dependent upon the receptivity of its audience. I think Putin's audience was the Russians. If his ultimatum is sold in the US we Americans will eat it up as empty Russian threats that none the less merit a punch in the nose. We are the Hatfields and the Russians are the McCoys. It's been that way for seventy years, and before that for twenty more, and carefully nurtured all the while by the US' state organs.

It's good to have a guy who sees a silver lining in everything the Russians do though, and you're right most of the time. I think its the audience that has to change before the message can ever get through, though. But you are right most of the time, so maybe progress is being made at the mindless, macro scale in the US, where everything is gut reaction.

I think it will take a change at the top. Can't see one happening for a decade ... and that's if we all agree that it's absolutely necessary and start working for it now.

Posted by: jfl | Oct 5 2016 21:31 utc | 112

Wwinsti @ 107

Aren't there any military air bases in KSA that might serve as a suitable retaliation for USA bombing of Syrian airbases? That's just one option off the top 'o my head.

Posted by: Enrico Malatesta | Oct 5 2016 21:35 utc | 113

On menachem golani, NobodysayBoo and the rest ... I keep a bookmark to hambaconeggs, The Double Identity of an "Anti-Semitic" Commenter, to remind me of the twisted minds trying to twist our forum by twisting our guts ... ignore 'em. They're poison.

Posted by: jfl | Oct 5 2016 21:37 utc | 114

i agree with james and ask him to sort out remove the anti semetic comments and you call me anti semetic?
you are the pollution jfl probably german,russian or arab maybe iranian
a fool
crack smoker

Posted by: menechem golani | Oct 5 2016 21:48 utc | 115

re brad 106. Good idea: the Syrians should move their aircraft to Russian airfields.

Posted by: Laguerre | Oct 5 2016 22:04 utc | 116

@ 114 JFL
Well spotted; your link as an explanation of recent "post degradation"
is well worth the read.
And maybe a backhanded compliment to our Host - that his blog has become
influential enough to target

Posted by: DavidKNZ | Oct 5 2016 22:29 utc | 117

@117 well then all barflies should order rounds upon rounds until all those trolls pass out.. drink 'em out, dont feed them.. ;)

Posted by: Lozion | Oct 5 2016 23:46 utc | 118

i frankly think crisis initiation is tough...
the washington insitutes position is correct
we need to increase the pressure
we are in the game people

getting us to war with iran and russia is just as much to do with perception management, shaping and framing via the tv news as it is statecraft blackmail and death threat.

but it can be done
false flags or hoax is normal route to country take down escalation,
sometimes it 911 works sometimes the uss liberty it does not.

Washington Institute for Near East Studies history lesson in less than 2 mins

Posted by: charle drake | Oct 6 2016 0:52 utc | 119


Either that, or get Volodya to send a few more Pantsirs and S-300 bttys and for the SAAFs' airfields. Even preloved should do.

In fact, if there was no current deal with Bibi, Volodya would have probably already sent em.

Posted by: Quadriad | Oct 6 2016 2:04 utc | 120

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