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October 08, 2016

A Desperate Obama Administration Resorts To Lying And Maybe More

On September 28 the French mission to the UN claimed that two hospitals in east-Aleppo had been bombed. It documented this in a tweet with a picture of destroyed buildings in Gaza. The French later deleted that tweet.

It is not the first time such false claims and willful obfuscations were made by "western" officials. But usually they shy away from outright lies.

Not so the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. In a press event yesterday, before talks with the French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault about a new UN resolution, he said (vid @1:00) about Syria:

Last night, the regime attacked yet another hospital, and 20 people were killed and 100 people were wounded. And Russia and the regime owe the world more than an explanation about why they keep hitting hospitals and medical facilities and children and women. These are acts that beg for an appropriate investigation of war crimes. And those who commit these would and should be held accountable for these actions.

No opposition group has claimed that such an extremely grave event happened. None. No press agency has a record of it. The MI-6 disinformation outlet SOHR in Britain, which quite reliably notes every claimed casualty and is frequently cited in "western" media", has not said anything about such an event anywhere in Syria.

The grave incident Kerry claimed did not happen. Kerry made it up. (Was it supposed to happen, got canceled and Kerry missed the memo?) Kerry used the lie to call for war crime investigations and punishment. This in front of cameras, at an official event with a foreign guest in the context of a United Nations Security Council resolution.

This is grave. This is nearly as grave as Colin Powell's false claims of WMD in Iraq in front of the UN Security Council.

Early reports, like this one at CBSNEWS, repeat the Kerry claim:

Kerry said Syrian forces hit a hospital overnight, killing 20 people and wounding 100, describing what would be the latest strike by Moscow or its ally in Damascus on a civilian target.

But the New York Times write up of the event, which includes Kerry's demand for war crime investigations, does not mention the hospital bombing claim. Not at all. For the self-acclaimed "paper of record", Kerry's lie did not happen. Likewise the Washington Post which in its own write up makes no mention of the false Kerry claim.

The latest AP write up by Matthew Lee also omits the lie. This is curious as Matt Lee is obviously aware of it. The State Departments daily press briefing yesterday had a whole section on it. Video (@3:30) shows that it is Matt who asks these questions:

QUESTION: Okay. On to Syria and the Secretary’s comments earlier this morning, one is: Do you know what strike he was talking about in his comments overnight on a hospital in Aleppo?

MR KIRBY: I think the Secretary’s referring actually to a strike that we saw happen yesterday on a field hospital in the Rif Dimashq Governorate. I’m not exactly positive that that’s what he was referring to, but I think he was referring to actually one that was --

QUESTION: Not one in Aleppo?

MR KIRBY: I believe it was – I think it was – I think he – my guess is – I’m guessing here that he was a bit mistaken on location and referring to one --
QUESTION: But you don’t have certainty, though?

MR KIRBY: I don’t. Best I got, best information I got, is that he was most likely referring to one yesterday in this governorate, but it could just be an honest mistake.

QUESTION: If we could – if we can nail that down with certainty what he was talking about --

MR KIRBY: I’ll do the best I can, Matt.

This goes on for a while. But there was no hospital attack in Rif Dimashq nor in Aleppo. Later on DoS spokesman Kirby basically admits that Kerry lied: "I can’t corroborate that."

It also turns out that Kerry has no evidence for any war crimes and no plausible way to initiate any official international procedure about such. And for what? To bully Russia? Fat chance, that would be a hopeless endeavor and Kerry should know that.

Kerry is desperate. He completely lost the plot on Syria. Russia is in the lead and will do whatever needs to be done. The Obama administration has, apart from starting a World War, no longer any way to significantly influence that.

Kerry is only one tool of the Obama administration. Later that day the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, made other accusations against Russia:

The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations. The recent disclosures of alleged hacked e-mails on sites like and WikiLeaks and by the Guccifer 2.0 online persona are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts. These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process. Such activity is not new to Moscow—the Russians have used similar tactics and techniques across Europe and Eurasia, for example, to influence public opinion there. We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.

Translation: "WE DO NOT KNOW at all ("we are confident", "we believe", "directed") who did these hacks and WE DO NOT HAVE the slightest evidence ("consistent with","based on the scope and sensitivity") that Russia is involved, so let me throw some chaff and try to bamboozle you all."

The former British ambassador Craig Murray calls it a blatant neocon lie. It was obviously the DNC that manipulated the U.S. election by, contrary to its mandate, promoting Clinton over Sanders. The hackers only proved that. It is also easy to see why these accusations are made now. Murray:

That the Obama administration has made a formal accusation of Russia based on no evidence is, on one level, astonishing. But it is motivated by desperation. WikiLeaks have already announced that they have a huge cache of other material relating to Hillary’s shenanigans. The White House is simply seeking to discredit it in advance by a completely false association with Russian intelligence.

The Obama administration is losing it. On Syria as well as on the election it can no longer assert its will. Trump, despite all dirty boy's club talk he may do, has a significant chance to catch the presidency. He (-44%) and Clinton (-41%) are more disliked by the U.S electorate, than Putin (-38%). Any solution in Syria will be more in Russia's than the Washington's favor.

Such desperation can be dangerous. Kerry is gasping at straws when he lies about Russia. The president and his colleagues at the Pentagon and the CIA have more kinetic means to express themselves. Could they order up something really stupid?

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My guess is that highlighting attacks on women, children, and hospitals is meant to spur Jihadi recruitment.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 8 2016 13:59 utc | 1

And justify Jihadi attacks on Russia: al Nusra as the new mujaheddin.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 8 2016 14:04 utc | 2

This sucker could go down. George Bush

Posted by: LindaJ | Oct 8 2016 14:20 utc | 3

Jackrabbit | Oct 8, 2016 10:04:44 AM | 2
Are the Saudis so stupid as to fund and support such activity - back in the nineties and the noughties, Russia was too weak to respond to proxy attacks. Nowadays I suspect any such attacks will be met with a far more robust response particularly with the opportunities available in Yemen.

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 8 2016 14:49 utc | 4

This is more about controlling the narrative, in other words the perceptions of the masses and gaining their support, similar to the Assad = Barrel Bombs, Chemical weapons subconscious association. There has to be a point where these people (JK and Co) start believing their own BS in a downward spiraling feedback loop that feeds upon itself. "Parallel universes" are born during this process.

A few posts back this link was in the comments section (nmb - thanks) about propaganda. There is an excellent Abby Martin video interview with Dr. Mark Crispin Miller about its history and use.

"The widespread phenomenon of modern Propaganda
With thousands of advertisements seen by Americans everyday, and a corporate media that reinforces the needs of Empire, propaganda in the U.S. is more pervasive and effective than ever before. The manipulation of public opinion through suggestion can be traced back to the father of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays, who discovered that preying on the subconscious mind was the best way to sell products people don't need, and wars people don't want."

Posted by: Dean | Oct 8 2016 15:18 utc | 5

The US is so arrogant after having gotten away with lies for years and years that it has no worry about getting caught out in its lies. The press will never call it to account--even Matt Lee, who asks good questions in State Department briefings on occasion, knows how the game is played and keeps his doubts out of his articles.

The absolute gall of the US invoking accusations of war crimes while it is simultaneously committing war crimes by threatening illegal attacks inside Syria on Syrian and Russian forces (the threat of violence against another state is a war crime even if you don't follow through on the threat) calls to mind the worst propaganda memes of 1984. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

Posted by: WorldBLee | Oct 8 2016 15:24 utc | 6

Jackrabbit | Oct 8, 2016 10:04:44 AM | 2
Are the Saudis so stupid as to fund and support such activity -

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 8, 2016 10:49:41 AM | 4

It is not a question of "stupidity" because The Saudi's must do as they are told, they have no choice.

The Al Saudi clan exists purely at the whim of the Empire.

So if the US-Zio Empire-of-Chaos tells em "do it!",

then do it is what they will do.

Posted by: Killary PAC | Oct 8 2016 15:25 utc | 7

You're right b. They're connected -- the war crimes push by Kerry, blaming Russia for the DNC hack that caught Wasserman-Schultz carrying Hillary's spear, and the presidential race. What is surprising is the assumption by ruling elites in the U.S. that after November the old Washington Consensus will just snap back to normal. It won't. Those days are over. We are back to the future of great power conflict. Russia is considering reopening bases in Vietnam and Cuba. The U.S. has fucked it all up and it is freaking out.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Oct 8 2016 15:33 utc | 8

What I want to know, as we all do, is if the rabid elite are going to use nukes to "protect/defend" themselves and their war criminal puppets?

And how long will this end game continue before we know? Hopefully not years.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Oct 8 2016 15:34 utc | 9

Matt Lee is, IMO, one of the few 'good guys' in the western press. It's almost always Matt that is asking the important and logical questions at State Department briefings.

That something gets omitted in one of his write-ups I would attribute more to an editor than Matt.

Posted by: woogs | Oct 8 2016 15:37 utc | 10

In the leaked #PodestaEmails, Hillary Clinton admits that the "No Fly Zone" in Syria-that she supports-would "kill a lot of Syrians"

See P66

Posted by: Laura Roslin | Oct 8 2016 15:37 utc | 11

PS: the proof of my statement

    So if the US-Zio Empire-of-Chaos tells em "do it!", then do it is what they will do.

can be seen in the actions of the al Saud clan ramping up their Oil production and flooding the market, reducing the price, and thus the profits, available to Oil producers for their product.

Clearly, profit-wise, it was a somewhat suicidal action, yet they did it nonetheless.


Because they were ordered to do so, by the Empire-of-Chaos.

The E-o-C wanted to put a dent in the coffers of the the worlds biggest producer of Hydro-carbon, the Russians.

It didn't work.

In the end it did much more damage to the Saudi Balance sheet than it did to the Russian balance sheet, but the Al Saud clan had hit themselves in the head with fiscal hammer and to keep doing it long past the time it was obvious that it was not having the desired effect on the Russian balance sheet, because they were ordered to do so by their Imperial Masters

Posted by: Killary PAC | Oct 8 2016 15:38 utc | 12

How can Sergie Lavrov--who exudes class and dignity-- be friends with a serial liar like Kerry?
It doesn't make any sense to me.

Posted by: plantman | Oct 8 2016 15:41 utc | 13

The desperate tactics are an indication that military force is off the table. These are tactics America uses when it can't invade or CIA places any more. That is a good sign on some levels. Kerry/Obama are going to do a full run of the dirty tricks handbook now. I hope they don't do anything too stupid...the danger.

My guess is they'll trying pulling some false flag (as B posted about yesterday), call it a humanitarian tragedy and then blame it on Russia to garner international support against Russia/Syria. The Syrian people will definitely suffer more.

Russia/china/Iran/Syria need to declare a no fly over Syria ASAP because the Neocons are going to do absolutely horrible things to the Syrian people to get their way.

Posted by: Alaric | Oct 8 2016 15:45 utc | 14

I wonder how long the American public are going to tolerate this downright insult to their collective intelligence by a shameless administration that has lost all sense of decency. And for the French government, well what does one expect?

Posted by: Steve | Oct 8 2016 15:59 utc | 15

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton says Washington wants to see the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi captured or killed. Professor Paul Sheldon Foote says that the Obama administration believes this killing would be a justified one.

The statement came during her surprise visit to Libya at a meeting with senior members of the country's National Transitional Council.

That was 18 Oct, 2011
On 20 Oct, 2011 Gaddaffi was slaughtered.

It seems American Authorities are Crazy/Insane/Sadistic or something.
What happened with Gadaffi so easily, they want to repeat with Assad.

And with Putin:

Carl Gershman, who has headed NED since its founding in 1983, doesn’t cite any evidence that Putin was responsible for the death of Anna Politkovskaya but uses a full column in The Washington Post on Friday to create that impression, calling her death “a window to Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin autocrat whom Americans are looking at for the first time.”

Gershman wraps up his article by writing: “Politkovskaya saw the danger [of Putin], but she and other liberals in Russia were not strong enough to stop it. The United States has the power to contain and defeat this danger. The issue is whether we can summon the will to do so. Remembering Politkovskaya can help us rise to this challenge.”

That Gershman would so directly call for the ouster of Russia’s clearly popular president represents further proof that NED is a neocon-driven vehicle that seeks to create the political circumstances for “regime change” even when that means removing leaders who are elected by a country’s citizenry.

Posted by: From The Hague | Oct 8 2016 16:14 utc | 16

thanks b... yeah, john kirby had a hard time dodging that comment from kerry on another hospital bombing..

i see it much like @ 6 worldblee... since when has the usa ever shown any accountability on the war crimes it has committed? kerry is out of his depth and nothing but a stupid shill for more of the same nonsense.. meanwhile saudi's bombed a funeral in sanaa and took out 45+... i bet we won't be hearing anything from these pompous asses over any of that any time soon..

watching this all defies logic.

@10 woogs.. i agree with you... the editor in chief left it out sounds more like it.

Posted by: james | Oct 8 2016 16:17 utc | 17


Thanks for the video link to the Kirby press conference, this is pure comedy!
What you actually see is the press doing their job, they rip the claim of Russian war crimes to pieces, they expose this claim as pure rhetoric.
Unfortunately this will likely not be reflected in the main articles and opinion pieces ...

Also, very good questions (19:20) about Nusra and the US obligation to push for separation of the "moderates". Kirby has absolutely zero to offer on this crucial point.

As for Clapper saying
Such activity is not new to Moscow — the Russians have used similar tactics and techniques across Europe and Eurasia, for example, to influence public opinion there.
.... it is worth reminding what these "devious" tactics were. For instance, putting on youtube the phone conversations of Nuland and Catherine Ashton. Which proved, beyond doubt, to those who listened that
a) the Majdan events were a coup directed by Washington ("Yats is the guy")

b) that the EU (and by implication the US) was well aware of who the snipers were.

The Western public should be very grateful to Russia for being informed about these background machinations!

Posted by: Qoppa | Oct 8 2016 16:19 utc | 18

psychohistorian @9 - I share in your concern, especially after learning the AF is testing fake nuke bomb drops in the Nevada desert according to Sputnik -

Given the recent 40M Russian nuke drill and the strong rhetoric coming from various spokespersons out of Russia, they appear to be preparing their citizens for some possible incident. I lack any sense of how all of the heated rhetoric over the last several weeks is weighing on the psyche of citizens of Russia, and wish we'd hear more from them rather than 'official' Russia.

I'd also like to believe that neither powers want war, let alone nuclear war, but I've lost all faith in U.S. national security leadership to act responsibly. It is obvious to me, as an American, the U.S. national security state is so far removed from its citizenry and appears to only answer now to their client states, Wall Street and International Gazillionaires. They no longer serve American interests. They now only serve DC's global interests, just as DC no longer serves the citizenry's interests.

Unhinged is the word that comes to mind when thinking about DC and the national security state. That is, all screws, nuts and bolts that once tethered the national security state to hometown America is gone.

Obama and friends have made certain that all of those nuts, bolts and screws have been destroyed never to be seen again, at least not in my lifetime.

b - it's so sad to see Kerry demean himself and his country by out-and-out lying to all who bother to listen to him anymore. The same holds true for Obama, Biden, Carter, Dunsford, hell the whole lot of them.

I'm sure you watched the Kirby press briefing to the end, but if you didn't, the one journalist was trying to get Kirby to go on record that the US supported Steffan's offer - escort al Nusra out of Aleppo. The journo pointed out that this would resolve the separation issue demanded by Russia. Kirby's mouth was moving but the words spewing forth reminded me of a little boy who just got caught lying. Shameful. Just shameful.

Posted by: h | Oct 8 2016 16:22 utc | 19

Killary PAC | Oct 8, 2016 11:25:50 AM | 7
The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, well, it's complicated.

It is not a question of "stupidity" because The Saudi's must do as they are told, they have no choice.

No, they don't have to do what they're told. For example, I doubt the conflagration in Yemen was the result of a policy choice in Washington. It seems to have been made in Riyadh. There are two threats that the Saudis take seriously - the internal one from the religious fundamentalists and the external one they perceive from Iran, and these are what drives most of their actions. Previously the regarded the modernising movements throughout the Arab world as the major threat to their continued rule, but by pushing Wahhabist political Islamism out into the Middle East they have neutered that threat and radicalised many in the Muslim community. And that was done with the connivance of the United States as they to regarded to nationalist modernising movements as a threat to their hegemony in the region.
The Al Saudi clan exists purely at the whim of the Empire.

No, it's at the whim of the Wahhabists. If the Wahhabist establshment turns on the al Saud family, it'll be gone in days.
So if the US-Zio Empire-of-Chaos tells em "do it!", then do it is what they will do.

Not nessesarily, the Saudis like the Israelis will often do what they want, but they'll always consider the impact on their relationship the United States before they go to wild.

Killary PAC | Oct 8, 2016 11:38:16 AM | 12

The Saudi pump-n-dump operation had three objectives:
1. Mess up the Iranians by dropping the price of oil before US sanctions were supposed to be lifted so that they wouldn't be able to sell all the crude oil they'd already extracted and had sitting around in oil tankers at a decent price.
2. Mess up the "alternative" oil industries in the United States such as fracking and oil shale, which because of the high price of crude had become economically viable and a threat to the Saudi oil industry. Large chunks of the independent sector of that industry were made bankrupt and the Saudis were able to buy it up for cents on the dollar.
3. Mess with the Russians as you suggest to persuade them to dump Assad.

The Saudis were happy to oblige the United States because they were allowed a free run at all their objectives - it shows how fucked up the USG is being willing to see part of a major industry messed up for another country - I suspect the major oil companies were told of what was happening and made efforts to protect their investments.
Looking back at Chechnya, it was the Saudis who were prepared to fund the jihadis and that was seen as a benefit by the Americans which meant they didn't have to do. Were the Saudis ordered to do it? No, but it fitted in with their plans for the future of Islam with them at the heart of it, so they just did it and kept the Americans happy.

Posted by: Ghostship | Oct 8 2016 16:32 utc | 20

American Generals Talked about the Inevitable War with Russia, China

Oct 7 war conference
According to him, this is due to massive automation of weapons systems and the development of artificial intelligence. The General added that the success of Russian and Chinese military industrial complexes has forced Washington to start preparing for war on such a scale that the US army had not seen since the conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

Posted by: schlub | Oct 8 2016 16:35 utc | 21

addendum to post 20 today here.
don't know if this basic board has can't find a reply button.
See, they'll just print up squillions out of thin air & buy it all, no sweat, literally!

oct 8
The world’s biggest oil company is planning to sell shares in the entire business and not just in its refining or distribution operations, Bloomberg reported.

The New York-based media outlet quoted Aramco’s chief executive officer as saying that the company will announce “very soon” a list of investment banks and consultants advising it on the initial public offering.

Posted by: schlub | Oct 8 2016 16:44 utc | 22

@h #19:

I lack any sense of how all of the heated rhetoric over the last several weeks is weighing on the psyche of citizens of Russia, and wish we'd hear more from them rather than 'official' Russia.

I am Russian, although I was born in and live in the US, and consider myself to be bicultural. I did live and work in Russia for one year though, during the Yeltsin period.

I hadn't thought about Russia for years, until the Ukraine crisis started. When that was happening, I listened to a few speeches by Putin. Eventually, I stopped listening to his speeches, because he just says what I think.

This makes me believe that the citizens of Russia are on the same "wavelength" and on the same page as official Russia, and that the latter speaks for the former, and does so legitimately.

In case you are interested, Israel Shamir has written recently about how the citizens of Russia diverge from official Russia. The citizens of Russia want Russia to be a social democracy, not a neoliberal state, and the wealth of the oligarchs to be reappropriated.

Posted by: Demian | Oct 8 2016 17:16 utc | 23

The desperation by the zionists and their lackeys is palpable.
The HB calls for open borders and one world(or at least hemispheric),nation.
She is toast.
And Trumps payback will be the real bitch.

Posted by: dahoit | Oct 8 2016 17:27 utc | 24

Desperate people will do Desperate things to achieve their objectives, one, hundreds, thousands or millions in Aleppo, Gaza, Afghanistan or anywhere.

Regime changes must proceed regardless. In God We Trust, for Humanity, Freedom and Democracy.

make me puke sick bastards!

Posted by: Jack Smith | Oct 8 2016 17:39 utc | 25

This has been a good week for Russia and Syria:

Wednesday: US leaks talks saying, "We're going to bomb Syria.:

Thursday: Russia puts out a direct statement: Anyone who attacks Syrian or Russian assets WILL be shot down - including all so-called "invisible jets".

Friday: US says: "We're not going to bomb Syria."


Putin once again made a total FOOL out of Obama - just like when he got Assad to get rid of his chemical weapons, and when he entered the conflict last fall. The hits just keep coming.

This, of course, is why the charge that Russian is hacking the US election was made. Obama is clearly furious that he's been made a fool yet again.

Posted by: Richard Steven Hack | Oct 8 2016 17:53 utc | 26

"If Obama had a pair he would come out on the steps and tell the people the whole fucking truth about everything. Everything. Same can be said about Bubba and Dubya. We are accustomed to presidents who are murderers and traitors. And people object to Trump because he is vulgar?"

comment #19 on:

Posted by: From The Hague | Oct 8 2016 18:13 utc | 27

The WSJ/NBC poll linked near the end of the article showing that both Trump and Clinton are viewed "very negatively" by higher percentages of Americans than Putin, who has been relentlessly demonized for two years, is very revealing of the state of things outside the Beltway-MSM bubble.

Posted by: jayc | Oct 8 2016 18:24 utc | 28

As an IT professional, I know very well that Clapper's talking out his ass. Kerry's been lying since he suckled his momma's teats so no surprise there.

There is only one motive for this behavior. War. Those who wield power in the west are powerless to alter the very foreseeable consequence of unchecked Capitalism and so they utterly abandon all pretense of truth in pursuit of war. Truly, violence is the first refuge of the incompetent.

There are two things (at least) behind the curtain.
1) global resource depletion. Gold, water, arable land, food stocks, lumber, boron, and oil are all almost entirely used up - at least at a level that justifies the cost of further extraction - yet demand continues to grow. There can be only losers until the paradigm shifts.

2) Ideological immaturity and psychic imbalance. Too long a topic to do justice here, but suffice to say people, not just "leaders", but people (me too) are just too limited in our perception to make good choices under these circumstances. We simply do not have the intellectual or emotional capacity to act otherwise, and so we all suffer - some more, much more, than others.

I predict terrible, terrible things and can only hope that I'm as wrong about this as I am most things.

Posted by: Shh | Oct 8 2016 18:24 utc | 29

Thank you Demain @23 - I sense the same, or at least similar, 'wavelength' when 'Official Russia' is speaking, that is they speak for the majority.

You say - "The citizens of Russia want Russia to be a social democracy, not a neoliberal state, and the wealth of the oligarchs to be reappropriated."

What I find fascinating about your assessment is that the entire construct of 'neoliberal' is new to a great many of Americans. It's always been there, in plain sight, in word and deed. Neoliberalism was injected into the U.S. Democratic Party in the early 90's with the Clinton win and likely introduced into the U.S. Republican Party under Bush Sr.

But it was the Clinton's and cabal who wrote and advocated the Third Way policy platform, which is neoliberalism at its finest, and it is/was the DNC leadership who adopted many of its tenets.

The only Americans I can think of who advocate for neoliberal based US government are those who would derive the financial benefit - members of congress, courts, Wall Street, corporations, etc. Afterall, Hillary articulated the neolib vision so succinctly in this round of Podesta File leaks when saying -

"My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere."

As for Main Street America, I think I'm pretty safe in saying the majority of us want nothing to do with such an extreme political/policy platform as she envisions, and we sure as hell don't want our tax dollars contributing to building such a monster.

But I digress. The thread is about Lying DC with this weeks spotlight squarely on Kerry.

Posted by: h | Oct 8 2016 18:28 utc | 30

George Carlin said once so fittingly:

"I live by very simple rules. Rule number one: I never believe ANYTHING the government says."

Whoever is not able to figure this out is truly lost. There is nothing that can be done for those who still believe even a fraction of the lies that are churned out like cheap, runny soft ice cream.

Let's recap.

"The Commies are coming to rape your wives and
kill your children".

"Milosevic is the new Hitler".

"Saddam has weapons of mass destruction".

"Qaddafi is killing his own people"

"Syria/Russia are using cluster bombs, barrel
bombs, are destroying hospitals (and again)
killing innocent women and children".

The West is suffering from psychological projection.
Everything the West is accusing Russia/Syria of -
the West is doing it with impunity. The West is like
a cop that just shot an unarmed African-American
teenager in the back, claiming that he acted in self
defense, because he feared for his life.

So the West fears for its life and that means that
everybody else has to die? The time where these people
are brought to justice - all of the plutocrats' sock
puppets, the bushes, the clintons, the kerrys, the
neo-con-artists, the judges and lobbyists - in short
the entire corrupt, filthy, lying and deceiving pack
of elitist criminals against humanity, is long over due.

It may very well be anchored in this grave delusion of
the U.S. specifically to be 'exceptional' (which it is -
just for the opposite reasons the liars will tell you)
and the population backing that up shouting "USA!USA!USA!"

If anything, the U.S. is perfectly resembling the population
under Hitler. At one point, when the lies were the thickest
and the actions the most vile, the Germans stood behind their
Fuehrer - not all of them, but enough to enable the downfall.

Same goes on right now right here. Those who still support liars
like clinton/obama and the criminal military/'law' enforcement
do not have the majority in the U.S. - but they're enough to
destroy the U.S. the same way Germany was turned into rubble.

The U.S. is over. Even without a nuclear exchange with Russia/China,
its days are over. Because you CAN fool most people for a very long
time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. The
rebuilding efforts in the U.S. will start as soon as the U.S. has
compensated those Nations it illegally invaded/overran - paying for
every penny of destruction and death wrought, cleaning up the DU they
used since the 1990's - in other words, U.S. people will have to wait
in line to get a functioning Democracy with intact infrastructure and
no more military/'law' enforcement.

Posted by: Stillnottheonly1 | Oct 8 2016 18:38 utc | 31

Saudi's decimation of Yemen barely makes it to the radar of US media attention. It's actually reached HuffPo which normally goes along with the rest:
Obama could end the slaughter in Yemen in Hours

There are many other things the US could do about the Saudis - or the Israelis for that matter - but won't. It's a protected status among cronies. The US might "show some displeasure" as in tongue lashing but the cronies don't mind. And why can't HuffPo point to the hypocrisy of coverage of Syria versus Yemen?

Posted by: Curtis | Oct 8 2016 18:40 utc | 32

the Hague 16.
The official US policy/laws are against directly taking out foreign leaders. (of course, criminals do not care about laws). But to save face, the US will get others to do the dirty work and pretend to have clean hands. Then again the second Gulf War was started with a "decapitation strike" directly targeting Saddam.

EO 12333
No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.
Ford and Carter had done the same thing. But according to wikipedia this was relaxed to go after those connected to terrorism. Even former CIA members say there's no real rule or law forbidding assassination:
(ha ha ha on that one. Of course, the CIA doesn't have a problem. It's been part of their job for years.)

Posted by: Curtis | Oct 8 2016 18:51 utc | 33

In contrast to the made-up story of the supposed hospital attack in Syria, it seems the Saudis have just carried out a massive bombing attack in residential Sanaa, with over 450 reported killed and wounded. This will not be reported by the western MSM.

Colonel Cassad has a report.

First there is a relatively tame video showing a classic double-tap bomb strike from afar.

Then there are are photographs of the aftermath below the cut. These are totally NSFW as Colonel Cassad warns - 'Only open the link after thinking 3 times and if you have a strong stomach'

They show numerous domstic vehicles in the rubble, along with numerous badly burnt and partly dismembered (there is no other word, sorry) survivors.

Bastards, bastards, bastards.

Posted by: Yonatan | Oct 8 2016 18:54 utc | 34

As a lifelong historian of the Outlaw US Empire, I learned long ago that the government lies most of the time, particularly from the time it began expanding its territory through warfare in 1846, although going back to Adams and Jefferson you'll find further evidence of such behavior. Ironically, it was Reagan who said "trust, but verify." The rule for the global citizenry now ought to be distrust until verified. In 1966, Senator Fulbright published a small book, The Arrogance of Power, that ought to be read by every student of history and geopolitics for it describes precisely what we're observing daily.

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 8 2016 18:55 utc | 35

The Desperate belief that trump as president would not be hostile to Russia is as ludicrous as the morons who believe that the Pentagon killed Syrian soldiers last week without John Kerrys approval/support.

And the leaked audiotapes coming out a few days after exposing Kerry as a military "solution" to Syria, shows that he was hostile all along.

It's John Kerry ! As Diplomat ! Only slightly less insane then Samantha power

Posted by: tom | Oct 8 2016 19:00 utc | 36

Wow, I just listened to France respond to the Russian veto at the UN and their behaviour is embarrassing. The number of lies contained in it must approach a new record: barrel bombs, chemical weapons, moderate secular society if only Assad would leave, etc etc.

Diplomacy now seems to require you simply do everything the western governments want, any negotiation or compromise is 'beyond the pale' and inexcusable.

Anyone else remember when France had a somewhat independent foreign policy? Those days are long gone now.

Posted by: WG | Oct 8 2016 19:16 utc | 37

psychohistorian 9

The US as far as I know still has old ICBMs that travel in a ballistic trajectory and as such can be stopped with missile defence systems. Russia has started deploying the S-500 which can have multiple warheads on each missile, each capable of targeting and ICBM.

Russia has deployed maneuvering ICBMs with multiple independently manoeuvring warheads. This is why the US has to try and get them in their launch phase.

I would not like to see it put to the test, but nuke war may at the moment be surviveable for Russia, whereas the US has no defence. If this is correct, then it may help prevent the US from going to war.

Posted by: Peter AU | Oct 8 2016 19:19 utc | 38


I would not like to see it put to the test, but nuke war may at the moment be surviveable for Russia, whereas the US has no defence. If this is correct, then it may help prevent the US from going to war.

If this is correct, then let's hope Russia attacks US.

Posted by: From The Hague | Oct 8 2016 19:29 utc | 39

Especially to Dean, Item 5, but really relevant to the whole Syrian massacre operation. Vanessa Beeley is a powerful VIDEO commentator whose sharp insight surprised me. In this 1+ hour YouTube, she delves into the role of NGO's and the psychological propaganda tricks used by the deep state---what I usually call the "global elite"---to pave the way for violent regime change and military intervention in Syria, but also in Palestine, Yemen, Libya and Haiti.

Posted by: Karl Pomeroy | Oct 8 2016 19:31 utc | 40

Saudi Arabia just massacred hundreds of civilians in Sanaa today. I'm just amazed by the amount of influence the Saudis have on their Western partners in crime. Due to weapons contracts etc etc, nobody in the West dares questions them.

The fake humanitarian interventionists have all gone quiet on Yemen. You don't hear their fake "concerns" and NOONE is calling for a nfz. Yet, they're quick to call a UNSC meeting on Aleppo and pretend they care.

One thing for sure, the Saudis and their tag-alongs have sealed their fate with this latest massacre. It won't go unpunished!

Posted by: Zico | Oct 8 2016 19:33 utc | 41

Steve said: "I wonder how long the American public are going to tolerate this downright insult to their collective intelligence by a shameless administration that has lost all sense of decency."

The American public have always 'tolerated' the actions of the EoC when those actions are perceived as maintaining the status quo ... besides which at least 95% of the American public probably agrees with the OldBomber, the McCainiac, and the Queen of Chaos. Remember, it is the American people who put these ass-pipes in power.

Frankly, the only hope for real change is to nuke the American people off the face of the earth. Maybe you can convince them to blow themselves to hell and leave the rest of the world to try to make what's left livable?

Well, there is this thin hope ...

Posted by: Rg the Lg | Oct 8 2016 19:37 utc | 42

Not to mention George Soros's hand-over-heart declaration, in his gritty appeal directly to the Russian people, that all the hospitals in Aleppo had been destroyed.

That was posted on the 5th, two days before Kerry's...ummm....what do they call it, again, when a politician tells a lie? Oh, yes; misspeaking.

Posted by: Mark | Oct 8 2016 19:52 utc | 43

I can only speculate what might be on Russia's mind in acting so slowly that it allowed NAZO to almost completely destroy Syria, kill hundreds of thousands, and create millions of refugees who leave behind their shelled homes, their burnt businesses, and the dead. But, since I, a lurking dumbass, have an a**hole and therefore an opinion, "speculate"* I shall...

Here's what's happened as a result of the absence of a quick decisive effort in Syria:

(1) As NAZO continually tramples on internal/international laws and destroys lives in the process, it provokes more worldwide "outrage" in ordinary people and "fear" in ordinary governments that they might be next (if they don't comply with round 11 of whatever extortion scheme they're already fallen prey to). NAZO is wholly destroying its brand.

(1.a.) What might that mean, in practical terms? Those two emotions ("outrage" and "fear") promote change. If the ordinary governments want to use "fear of the NAZO's" to justify joining the emerging Russo-Sino faction, host Russo-Sino bases (maybe Cuba and Venezuela?), or evict potentially "the enemy within" NAZO-related items (bases, ngo's, corporate offices), the outraged citizens are more inclined to support it.

(1.b.) Perhaps some of NAZO's own citizens will wake up and protest their Leaders' actions. (I won't hold my breath.)

(2) Drawing out the conflict increases stress in relationships. That helps clarify who's on which team. Tests whether the UN can be counted on for anything. (Better-informed readers probably already know the answer.)

(3) Readers have mentioned that the West is delighting in observing Russian military capabilities. I have not heard anyone suggest "vice versa".

(3) NAZO has continued to "pour good money/blood after bad", because the prospect of "winning" hasn't faded. (Indeed, who considers it wholly implausible they can't still "win"?) This, too, has practical significance.

(3.a.) It delays NAZO from moving or opening up the next front.

(3.b.) "Two can play the oil-price war." With its own shaky finances, is the KSA regime itself on the ropes? Is the oil-price war over, with Russia intact? (Temer/Brazil and Venezuela are certainly not intact. I'm tempted to count them as NAZO victories. If they announce long-term business deals at extremely preferential terms to NAZO's, then I'll take that as confirmation.)

(* Credit to this website -- commentariat included -- for all ideas.)

Posted by: dumbass | Oct 8 2016 19:57 utc | 44

I'm reposting karlof1 | Oct 8, 2016 2:55:33 PM | 35 comment here in case you skimmed past it:

"As a lifelong historian of the Outlaw US Empire, I learned long ago that the government lies most of the time, particularly from the time it began expanding its territory through warfare in 1846, although going back to Adams and Jefferson you'll find further evidence of such behavior. Ironically, it was Reagan who said "trust, but verify." The rule for the global citizenry now ought to be distrust until verified. In 1966, Senator Fulbright published a small book, The Arrogance of Power, that ought to be read by every student of history and geopolitics for it describes precisely what we're observing daily."

Posted by: Rg the Lg | Oct 8 2016 19:59 utc | 45

You just have to hope and pray that there are intelligent and moral people in the US military and secret agencies - who know all this madness and don't want themselves and their loved ones blown to Kingdom Come.

Posted by: anonymous | Oct 8 2016 20:00 utc | 46

Here is a summation of Fulbright ... referenced above:

Enjoy ...

Posted by: Rg the Lg | Oct 8 2016 20:02 utc | 47

Here's an article worth the read:

Mike Whitney and B must have much the same sources? Or, is it possible that a wide variety of sources are picking up and sharing much the same thing? Now that is scary.

Another thought ... this is October ... a traditionally weak time for the stock markets in the US and US denominated west ... just saying ...

Posted by: Rg the Lg | Oct 8 2016 20:17 utc | 48

Charles Lister ‏@Charles_Lister 4h4 hours ago

#pts: Finally - and most significantly - at least two shipments of MANPADS have arrived into northern #Syria, to “vetted” FSA groups.
Al Nusra will have them within hours, look out civilian aircraft all over the middle east.

Posted by: harrylaw | Oct 8 2016 20:22 utc | 49

Anyone wishing to watch UN Security Council meeting live streaming now.
With Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin as President and now Syria Arab Republic speaking.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Oct 8 2016 20:29 utc | 50

Regarding comment 11, it actually eased my mind about a Clinton presidency just a little. Clinton has made it clear from her leaked speech transcripts that she believes in maintaining a private policy which is different from her public policy. What she says publicly may not have any bearing on what she believes or plans to do. This is similar to how Obama operates, but is in stark contrast to Putin. She may advocate publicly for a US enforced no-fly zone over Syria, but as the transcript shows, she was much more cautious in private about its ramifications and possible loss of Syrian lives. This was before Russia intervened in Syria. If Clinton wins the election, as I expect she will, let us hope that she carefully considers all the consequences of her decisions, despite her public bellicosity. She certainly has the knowledge and experience to do that, if not the compassion and morality.

Posted by: tx_progressive | Oct 8 2016 20:44 utc | 51

@ 48

I have the highest regard for both b. and Mike Whitney and it comes as no surprise to me if they reach similar conclusions. Beyond being brilliant analysts I think they have a developed intuitive sense. As I will never tire of repeating Mike predicted a major false flag in the offing 8 days before MH-17 was downed by a Ukrainian fighter. Having missed last night's MOA I was going to write tonight about a false flag being imminent, but I discovered b. had already done so. This is not scary, it's eh... marvellous.

Posted by: Lochearn | Oct 8 2016 20:54 utc | 52

tx_progressive @51 - I hope I read your post correctly, so feel free to tell me if I didn't.

Are you suggesting that saying one thing in the public square while stating something different privately, on the same topic, is acceptable to you? Where I come from we call that lying, two-faced, being duplicitous. Whatever happened to 'no comment'.

Who in the world accepts being lied to, ever, by anyone, especially when lives are at stake--hundreds of thousands. Your acceptance of such an act takes my breath away. Please tell me I am reading your post wrong. I just can't imagine...

Posted by: h | Oct 8 2016 21:14 utc | 53

>> In 1966, Senator Fulbright published a small book, The Arrogance of Power, that ought to be read by every student of history and geopolitics for it describes precisely what we're observing daily.

Partly. IMO, in that excerpt Fulbright comes across as arrogant himself. Examples:

"...undeveloped Asian nation and create stability where there is chaos, the will to fight where there is defeatism, democracy where there is no tradition of it and honest government where corruption is almost a way of life. "

"our very strength is a reproach to their weakness, our wealth a mockery of their poverty, our success a reminder of their failures. "

That's a patronizing, hypocritical, arrogant, and just plain clueless.

For me, the good news is: now that I've read a little bit of his work, I know not to bother pursuing any more of it in my quest to understand reality.

Posted by: dumbass | Oct 8 2016 21:27 utc | 54

Lots of turmoil in ones ENERGY the past few days. Practicing empaths have had alot with which to deal. And today the attack and deaths in Yemen have been particularly excruciating. Whilst the MSM's are flooding the zone with pussy grabbing headlines and chatter. Humanity FEELS the mounting moral outrage against USG wanton mendacity and murdering ZIOthug psychopaths. As horrific as these events in Syria and Yemen. It will do GREAT damage to the ZIOthug regime in DC, London and Tel Aviv. "Fear thou not...they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and a thing of naught."

In terms of Trump's pussy grab. At least he didn't shove a cigar in one. Then smoke it.

This entire spectacle FEELS well-orchestrated. With each and every instrument chiming-in on cue. Whilst the fake outrage is being flogged by the ZIO-MSM shills. Tryna make it seem disastrous for Trump. It's the opposite. Its his salvation. Cuz during the past month he was taking-on some VERY bad neocon actors. Republican ZIO-thug operative bullshit. Now they're all turning on him. Pence. McCain. Ryan. All the hasbara and sayanam riff-raff. This means Trump becomes UNCHAINED to them. Unshackled. In HIS element. And MORE attractive to those "FU Deep State" voters who were earliest and strongest supporters. Here's hoping Donald replaces the slimy, traitorous Neo-con Pence.


Posted by: Take Me | Oct 8 2016 21:37 utc | 55

P.S. I'll be voting for Trump via paper ballot. Using a sharpie. And then vote straight Independent or Democrat for everything down ballot. Sending a message that treachery has a cost. BDS my friends. It's not just for Israeli scumbags.

Posted by: Take Me | Oct 8 2016 21:59 utc | 56

Response to #55.
I'd forgotten about that specific past Clingon 'habit' till you mentioned it.
Probably all this hubbub is leaked exactly timed by $hitlary to cover up this latest datadump & another of the Clingon's peccadillos, accepting bribes.
Jim Stone site today 8th where we find he accepted a $1M bribe about that Keystone pipeline.
Et tu, Bubba? LOL.

Posted by: schlub | Oct 8 2016 22:03 utc | 57

Hey schlub, do you have a link for the Jim Stone story?

Posted by: h | Oct 8 2016 22:20 utc | 58

This might be the response (past the un) the us hinted about. Capable manpads to hit syrian and russian af.
No way the us will risk direct militairy conflict with russia. This will end a proxy war.
How will russia answer?

Posted by: Slekkus | Oct 8 2016 22:34 utc | 59

This IP should work for Jim S.
He claims to get hacked & DNS'd a lot, & he says just a few days ago he's distributed his servers & paid up for 3-5 years scattered all over the world.
Call him nutty; just don't call him Jim Stoned!

Posted by: schlub | Oct 8 2016 22:40 utc | 60

Russian re-entry into the Syrian war after the phoney ceasefire was based on the understanding that nusra & co had recieved a good supply of manpads, the reason why so few SU-25s and ground attack heli's are now being used against Nusra. Nusra receiving a few more now will make no difference to the course of the war. Only more powerfull SAM systems would change that.
A supply of manpads to ISIS would change the war against ISIS, as I believe attack heli's are still used against them.

Posted by: Peter AU | Oct 8 2016 22:42 utc | 61

dumbass @54--

To not read Fulbright and ilk is to violate one of Sun Tzu's maxims about knowing your enemy, and is a great sin for historians seeking Truth. Yes, he was part of the Imperial Elite, but he also knew overreach and the problems it invited, which is why he coined the term a "higher form of patriotism," and is precisely why it's always important to try and speak Truth to Power. Kapernick's protestations and OWS are two such examples, as is the battle against fracking.

One of the reasons I enjoy reading Pepe Escobar is he keeps us abreast of the ongoing global reality of the current hybrid war, competition or other relevant descriptive term. Here's a link to his latest, As he notes, along with Putin's vision there's the ongoing escalating Chinese reality made possible by the "Globalization Game"--: "The heart of the matter is that China has made an outstanding bet on infrastructure building – which translates into first-class connectivity to everyone – as the real global 21st century commons, way more important than “security”. After all a large part of global infrastructure still needs to be built. While China turbo-charges its role as the top global infrastructure exporter – from high-speed rail to low-cost telecom - the “indispensable” nation is stuck with a “pivoting”, perplexed, bloated military obsessed with containment." And in case you don't know what is meant by "Globalization Game," then I suggest this great explanation by Pepe is required reading,

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 8 2016 22:50 utc | 62

How can Sergie Lavrov be friends with a serial liar like Kerry?

My job is not about being happy or unhappy

Said Lavrov at his recent BBC interview... I suppose it's neither about making friends or enemies ;)

Posted by: Mad Marx | Oct 8 2016 22:52 utc | 63

Hat-tip to Brushhog post on Zero-hedge. His comment brought tears to my eyes:

"I cant help but dream that there is someplace on earth where a man could escape all this. A place where his labor could be stored in some manner for his future use, and not stolen by racketeers with offices or bandits with tall hats. A place where he might have a piece of land to himself and earn his bread honestly by the sweat of his brow without being harried and harassed from pillar to post. A place where he might trade freely with his neighbor. A place where he is safe from grasping hands and falling bombs. I believe its out there somewhere. Somewhere, there is a better way."

Posted by: Take Me | Oct 8 2016 23:14 utc | 64

Yes, he was part of the Imperial Elite, but he also knew overreach .... karlof1 | 62

There is nothing wrong per se in Imperial Elite. Like when they build very neat pyramids that are awesome even after 4000 years, although some peasants were probably worse off. But it could be a very early precursor of Keynesian economics. Whether you have democracy or despotism, you need professionals, hence, the elite. It gets worse if for some reason policies are wrong but energetically promoted. Then people who understand the situation better complain, that obstructs swift or steady execution of the "necessary policy", so they are eliminated. We get inverted meritocracy: good memorization of bullshit and sophistry becomes the "proof of competence".

Then the populous or the despot may become totally disenchanted with experts who incontrovertibly prove that something would work but it does not and they are replaced with morons. With luck, morons stumble upon some good ideas (e.g. the sensible thing that Trump said do not require Einstein-like subtlety of mind*) that may attract people with brains to their inner circle and so on.


* Some point out that the recent infamous remarks may lack decorum, but are probably based on valid empirical observation. You can learn how bitches should be treated in theory, but there is also empirical approach. From that point of view, Trump fits the archetype of BAD RULER according to Confucianism: many talents and huge ambition, to the detriment of harmony, rites and "humanity" (no exact English equivalent).

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 8 2016 23:30 utc | 65

Posted by: Lochearn | Oct 8, 2016 4:54:52 PM | 52

Predicting that wasn't too difficult since Poro had basically announced it.

'False flag'...yes, it's always a possibility, and now would be a good moment. But maybe it would be just _too_ logical and expected. Of course everyone would scream and shout, but would any govt actually believe it? I tend to wonder whether diplomats talk about these things and say like 'Listen, it wouldn't surprise us and we won't fall for it if...'. Like that "bombing" of a UN convoy - actually quite a huge story, but it disappeared from the headlines fairly quickly without any major consequences. Guess why.

On a lighter note, rumour has it that US intel has top secret construction workers in Aleppo, working day and night to build a new hospital every week.

Posted by: smuks | Oct 9 2016 0:16 utc | 66

Who take french serious even it US ally don't. Surprised me how a WW2 defeated and occcupied country (France) by the Germans have UNSC veto power. Is not fair.

Posted by: Nick | Oct 9 2016 0:29 utc | 67

How can Sergie Lavrov--who exudes class and dignity-- be friends with a serial liar like Kerry?
It doesn't make any sense to me.

Posted by: plantman @ 13.

Same way Putin is friends w Kissinger, who's a serial killer. He made the decision to bomb Cambodia knowing it
would bring Pol Pot to power. I think the genocide was 3 million human souls.

Posted by: Penelope | Oct 9 2016 0:30 utc | 68

karlof1 @62

>> To not read Fulbright and ilk is to violate one of Sun Tzu's maxims about knowing your enemy...

Oh, then I sit corrected. :-)

Posted by: dumbass | Oct 9 2016 0:32 utc | 69

The Chosen of NPR have upped the stakes, after noting the 'brutal attacks by Russia on Syria and Ukraine" (sic), they claim Russia is "hacking the US election system", even though they admit the voting machines are not connected to the internet, and forgetting to mention that Corporations own the machines, that the votes are tabulated by the political machines, that the vote doesn't matter anyway, it's decided by delegated and the electoral college, and this time, with the death of the SCOTUS tie-breaker Scolia, there won't be any way to stop the inevitable media-driven civil war, launched to hide the further fiscal depradations of The zChisen and the One Party, as they drive 325,000,000 Americans over the fraudulent synthetic collateral crddit-debt cliff, from which no nation has survived, but many billionaire Hapsburgs have done quite well.

First it was a haircut, then a shearing, 9/11 brought the neutering, QEn the fattening, and apres all that tagging and livestocking, comes The Slaughter.

On to Sevastopol for the One Party of Citizens United! Lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu....

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Oct 9 2016 0:34 utc | 70

Piotr @ 65, I don't think hired professionals are "elites" in the sense of oligarchs. Nor are they dangerous.
There's been a bit of talk about how we need "the most competent" to run the govt. I think we've greater need of
men of morality. Failing that, decentralized govt, decentralized power. It's not incompetence that's gotten us
where we are, but conniving immorality that seeks power. Nor is govt rocket science. Most people know enough to
want peace, privacy, national sovereignty, immigration policy set according to citizens' wishes, and an honest
national currency run right here.

Posted by: Penelope | Oct 9 2016 0:43 utc | 71

Dumbass @68--

Thanks for your remark; it fits your moniker.

Piotr Berman @65--

Hierarchies are a natural formation, thus elites are a product of Nature and cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, Altruistic Philosopher Kings are a rarity and historically seem to have occurred mostly in the East than West. As the two items by Escobar I provided display, the Outlaw US Empire is NOT concerned about the wellbeing of its citizenry except for how much blood, sweat, and money it can wring from it, whereas the ideas/ideals forwarded by Putin and Xi are the polar opposite--very important points only slowly beginning to be understood by "Westerners."

Posted by: karlof1 | Oct 9 2016 1:03 utc | 72

If you read the science magazines, it eventually becomes clear (at least to me) that a fair amount of science that can be weaponized is published from "western" facilities. You hardly ever encounter such science published from Russian or Chinese sources.

I also hear that Russia and China are fabricating their own CPU chips, developing their own operating systems, etc.

By the way, all new "western" CPU chips have "rings (of trust)" in a hierarchy. Ring "3", If I recall correctly is the one you can use. There is a ring "0" that you will never see. Below that are "(-1)", "(-2)", and finally "(-3)". The "(-3) level is totally hidden, and since is runs on proprietary firmware that is 100% owned by the chip makers, you can't really know what it does. But some security engineers say it runs on 32 bits, even on a 64 bit machine, can contact and take instructions from "someone" on the Internet, and read and control everything that is done on the higher levels (and those higher level rings cannot possibly detect that it exists). Since the CPU makers retain control and actual ownership of the hidden invisible firmware, it is like if Ford sells you a car, but retains ownership of the engine. So if you say something negative about the lemon they sold you, they can come and repossess "your" engine.

You might suspect that if I think about these kinds of things, I'm not "SHOCKED" when Kerry lies and the private media system covers it up. A conspiracy student is not surprised by these things, does not believe anything without proof. Of course the rest of the flock probably just soaks it up like gospel.

Posted by: blues | Oct 9 2016 1:04 utc | 73

War of words so far only, on the topic of 'can they as opposed to will they' shoot down anything suspicious:
Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:43
Could Russia Really Shoot Down an F-22, F-35 or B-2 Stealth Bomber in Syria?

Posted by: schlub | Oct 9 2016 1:06 utc | 74

@17 james @32 curtis @34 yonatan @41 zico

Perhaps this bona fide war crime - this week's - committed by the USaudi alliance in Yemen was the real target of Kerry's whopper?

It worked, apparently, in that this post is about Kerry and the Russians and not about the USaudis' continuous warcrime in Yemen.

The real, unequivocally war-criminal nation in the 21st Century is my dear old USofA, and its on track for endlessly more of the same.

This anti-Russian, anti-Trump, Clinton-is-your-only-chance hysteria is just more of the same, the amplitude just increase with each oscillation.

Will my fellow countrymen and women all march into voting booths across the US on 8 November and, once again, pin the tail on the elephant/jackass as they've been conditioned to do from childhood? Or will they do something different this time. I just voted a straight Green ticket in Texas, will mail it tomorrow. Not that I have any great confidence in the Greens - although certainly I have no 'less' in them than I do in the menagerie - but to register a vote for something other than hopelessness - which, it turns out, was what Obama was really selling. I hope a majority of My Fellow Americans do the same.

End the wars. Stop the killing. Try the war criminals in the USA. That's my personal platform.

Posted by: jfl | Oct 9 2016 1:26 utc | 75

Here's another blatant lie recently to add to this week's cache: Mark Milley, US Head of Army, in threatening Russia with annihilation, stated that the Russian Ambassador to the UK, 'a high ranking Russian official', recently stated that Russia had the power to overrun Europe. I searched and searched the internet, there is no mention of such a speech, letter or any other communication. Are we expected to believe that the UK press would NOT PICK THIS UP AND RUN WITH IT? I believe the US administration has always resorted to lies: the desperation is shown in the fact that the most recent ones are so easily fact-checked.

Posted by: Judy | Oct 9 2016 1:31 utc | 76

re: schlub | Oct 8, 2016 9:06:13 PM | 73

The basic physics of radar and stealth are certainly not new. If you have a satellite TV setup, it has a plain "parabolic" dish antenna. If you need to install a professional microwave link (I once worked as a "frequency coordinator") You might have to strictly avoid interference from/to other microwave links, so you would consider putting the dish in a "drum" -- it looks a lot like a drum, and you have probably seen them. The insides of the "drums" are actually coated with a "semi-resistive" material, and this material must be "tuned" to the frequency that needs to be attenuated.

Modern stealth aircraft are coated with a (presumably much more advanced) "semi-resistive" material, but the word is they too must, to some extent, be "tuned" to the radar frequency the wish to hide from. Modern radar operates at a significantly higher frequency that the old WW-II radar. This is better because it allows for a tighter "beam" (main lobe), thus more accurate detection. However, the canny Russians know that stealth coatings cannot be tuned to the old lower frequencies (this is what they all say), so they use both the high and the old low frequency radar.

However, it must be hard for the Kerrys of this world (not to mention the Clintons!) to understand these rather shallow subtleties.

Posted by: blues | Oct 9 2016 1:34 utc | 77

Here you go Judy @75 - Hope this is helpful.

Posted by: h | Oct 9 2016 1:48 utc | 78

re: jfl | Oct 8, 2016 9:26:06 PM | 74

I can't understand why you will vote early by mail and "shoot your wad". Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks?

Actually I presumably won't vote green. After all I am a proponent of the "strategic hedge simple score" election method (which certainly would allow you to safely vote Green), but we do not have that -- We have the rotten old choose-one method.

But I would at least be strategic and wait.

Posted by: blues | Oct 9 2016 2:04 utc | 79

@blues | Oct 8, 2016 9:04:15 PM | 72

"I also hear that Russia and China are fabricating their own CPU chips, developing their own operating systems, etc.

China is moving ahead, while the regime changer continue to spend trillion for endless wars. Below recent events of China achievement shadowed by Syria civil wars.

As of June 2016 the world faster supercomputer, Sunway TaihuLight 93 petaflops 3 times faster than Tianhe-2, at 34 petaflops. TaihuLight uses SW26010 manycore 64-bit RISC (CPU) processor developed by China. 3rd world fastest supercomputer, Cray - 17.6 petaflops, 4th fastest supercomputer, Sequoia, IBM Blue Gene design. Sequoia deliver 17.17 petaflops.

Space Station:
Tiangong-2 space station launched 15 September 2016, is not designed nor planned to be a permanent orbital station. Shenzhou 11 manned space flight scheduled for 17 October 2016, will dock with the Tiangong-2 space laboratory.

Qian Xuesen Chinese father of China rocket scientist, in Nov. 1943, Qian was one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the Caltech (California Institute of Technology). The laboratory, early pioneers of rocketry and ballistic missile technology in the United States. Qian Xuesen was deported in 1955.

Radio Telescope:
China launches world’s largest radio telescope, 500m in diameter. Published time: 25 Sep, 2016 10:19

High Speed Railway Station:
China to build 'world’s largest' high-speed railway station under Great Wall

Posted by: Jack Smith | Oct 9 2016 2:59 utc | 80

REPLY TO #79---Parallel event buildup going on since August in pacific theater to contain those evil 'N. Koreans':
B-1, B-2 and B-52 Bombers All Descend on Guam in a Massive Show of Force

Posted by: schlub | Oct 9 2016 3:31 utc | 81

Schlub 73

Public submissions to the Australian government re F-35

Submission 35 at this page by Lt.Col Anker Sorensen (Rtd) (download PDF)

...In this connection I repeatedly took part in simulated flights with Joint Strike Fighter at Wright PattersonAFB in the United States and also in England.
To make the simulations as realistic a as possible, we participated with operational pilots.
On one of these simulations, I had a Danish test pilot with me. In addition, there were participants from anumber of other countries.
We also simulated Joint Strike Fighter against Russian fighter aircraft where we flew two against two.
In the forenoon I and the Danish test pilot was flying Joint Strike Fighters against two Russian fighters. In the afternoon we swapped, so we flew Russian fighter aircraft against the Joint Strike Fighter.
In the afternoon the first thing the test pilot and I noticed was that the Russian fighters was not loaded with the best air-to-air missiles as the Russians have in real life. We therefore asked about getting some better.
It was denied us. We two pilots complained but it was not changed.
My test pilot and I decided in our simulated Russian combat aircraft to fly “line abreast”, but with 25 nautical miles distance. Then at least one of us could with radar look into the side of the Joint Strike Fighter and thus view it at long distance. The one who “saw” the Joint Strike Fighter could then link the radar image to the other. Then missiles could be fired at long distance at the Joint Strike Fighter.
It was also denied us, although we protested this incomprehensible disposition...

What is the distance between the Russian systems in Syria? 70 - 80 k's?
In the real world stealth is a myth. In the US fantasy world they dream of attacking one stand alone system that will not get a side view of the stealth aircraft. The flying wing bomber may fare better?

Posted by: Peter AU | Oct 9 2016 3:34 utc | 82

There are obvious problems with well-meaning imperial perspective when it is not matched with deeper understanding. Let me re-write him a bit:

What they resent is the disruptive effect of our strong culture upon their fragile one, an effect which we can no more avoid than a man can help being bigger than a child. What they fear, I think rightly, is that traditional Ukrainian society cannot survive the Russian economic and cultural impact. (One can put other pairings here.) I do not know the rest of the book, but basically, an unequal relationship starts with arrogance-resentment, and either one can develop a sufficient understanding to overcome it, or give it up.

For example, Vietnam was not as strong, rich and developed as USA, but nevertheless, it had more than 2000 years of history that had many interesting aspects. Number one, most of that time they were Confucian, with subsequent addition of Buddhism, but that tradition was heavily disrupted by the French. Number two, they had national ethos/myths built on episodes of direct Chinese rule that were overcome with national rebellions. Number three, for a long period Vietnamese were like Prussians of South-East Asia, expanding and annihilating/absorbing "lesser cultures". Thus it was almost irresistible to take advantage of a minority of Vietnamese who rejected Confucian-Buddhist tradition and national myths and accepted the West: mostly, the Catholics. Alas, that very fact made that minority unpopular among the rest of the folks. And they lacked a military tradition. A perfect prescription for creating an "obedient" but very unpopular government and a very ineffective military.

And worst of all, the "traditional natives" had a strong military tradition as "Prussians", and I guess that their traditional agrarian organization could be more compatible with Communism than capitalism. I really do not know American perspective on those issues, and it is possible that there was no such perspective. Simple, the more obedient were rewarded and promoted, and it went downhill from there, with scant understanding on the American side what is really going on.

Posted by: Piotr Berman |

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 9 2016 3:56 utc | 83

Sept/2016 report
F-35 May Never Be Ready for Combat
Testing Report Contradicts Air Force Leadership’s Rosy Pronouncements

The Air Force’s current configuration can only carry two long range air-to-air missiles (but no dogfighting short-range heat-seeking missiles) and two bombs to attack targets on the ground. This very limited weapons load-out is the result of ongoing software deficiencies, not of any potential (though untested) ability of the plane to carry more types of weapons. Larger numbers of weapons would have to be carried externally, however, which compromises the aircraft’s range and stealth.

Posted by: schlub | Oct 9 2016 4:04 utc | 84

plantman @ 13, you ask how Lavrov can speak with the serial liar Kerry. He can do so because he is a gentleman and gentlemen will go to extraordinary lengths in hopes of achieving honorable goals. For anyone paying attention, both he and Mr. Putin are giving a lesson to barbarians in how civilization works.

Posted by: Macon Richardson | Oct 9 2016 5:06 utc | 85

Detail Interviewed with subtitle, Youtube NTV-Interview with Lavrov US and coalition of the willing killed Syrian government forces and humanitarian convey days later.

Published on Sep 26, 2016
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Interview to "Pozdnyakov" program on NTV, Moscow, Russia.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Oct 9 2016 5:52 utc | 86

Re: #84 Schlub

Not to worry, they're getting around the weapons loadout problem by grounding aircraft due to fuel line insulation problems (about 50 aircraft) and a second F35 just caught on fire before takeoff a few weeks ago ;)

Posted by: WG | Oct 9 2016 5:56 utc | 87

According to this (, Russians are in Yemen, too.
If that is true, things are indeed serious, and it may explain US' recent hysteria, with the possibility of a direct confrontation between US and Russia. Would Mr. O really agree to that in the waning days of his presidency... A black prez, who not only helped destroy the most developed African country, but also one who started wwiii...? Who knows...

Posted by: GoraDiva | Oct 9 2016 6:15 utc | 88

angry arab - working from original reporting in arabic at and using some basic math - makes quick work of the "100 hospitals out of 60 have been bombed" western nonsense.

as i mentioned in a previous comment, i did see a few semi-verifiable reports of bombing in khan al-shih where the numbers looked similar (21ish killed, 100ish injured) but even if that is all accurate, "moving" it to aleppo is beyond crass and cynical. typical of kerry and samantha "r2p" power types.

all this faux outrage and concern trolling makes me think of "WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?!?!?" every time.

Posted by: the pair | Oct 9 2016 6:33 utc | 89

All Yemen needs right now is some "white helmets" PR groupies and all their problems will be solved.

It's just so shameful and evil that a gang of very rich/stupid countries have ganged up against the poorest country in the region. I guess it makes them feel a little better after their defeat in Syria.

Posted by: Zico | Oct 9 2016 7:46 utc | 90

GoraDiva 88

The "north wind" that blew through eastern Ukraine is blowing all the way to Yemen. Invisible polite people with high tech weapons.

Posted by: Peter AU | Oct 9 2016 8:22 utc | 91

Russia knows that if they allow the US Oligarchs to partition Syria (i.e. win) to put in the gas pipeline from Qatar and Saudi (yes it is about Oligarch Greed) in order to cut the Russian Gas to Europe, or to eliminate Assad completely, then the next task of the CIA's IS and Al Queda is to attack Russia through Chechnya and destroy the Russians - and for what? So they can AGAIN stripmine Russia for fun and profit. They did it once in the drunk Yeltsin years, and they want it back SO BAD. They will start WWIII through their greed. In self defense, we should take all the top Pentagon brass to the rank of Major or Commander plus all the 1% and use Guantanamo for a good purpose. These people are the true terrorists in this world.

Posted by: Nick | Oct 9 2016 8:32 utc | 92

Poking The Bear: Dems & Reps Court War With Russia By Supporting Syrian No-Fly Zone

Posted by: Repz | Oct 9 2016 9:02 utc | 93

@Jack Smith #80

Thank you for this information.
Never heard of Qian Xuesen.
Now I know (You can't make this stuff up)

In August 1950, Qian had a conversation on the subject with the then Under Secretary of the Navy Dan A. Kimball, whom Qian knew on a personal basis. After Qian told him of the allegations, Kimball responded, "Hell, I don't think you're a Communist", at which point Qian indicated that he still intended to leave the country, saying "I'm Chinese. I don't want to build weapons to kill my countrymen. It's that simple." Kimball then said, "I won't let you out of the country."

The travel ban on Qian was lifted on 4 August 1955 and he resigned from Caltech shortly thereafter. Qian departed from Los Angeles aboard the SS President Cleveland in September 1955 amidst rumors that this was a swap for 11 U.S. airmen held captive by China since the end of the Korean War.
Under Secretary Kimball, who had tried for several years to keep Qian in the U.S., commented on his treatment:
"It was the stupidest thing this country ever did. He was no more a Communist than I was, and we forced him to go."
Immediately upon his return, Qian began a remarkably successful career in rocket science, boosted by the reputation he garnered for his past achievements as well as Chinese state support for his nuclear research. He led and eventually became the father of the Chinese missile program, which constructed the Dongfeng ballistic missiles and the Long March space rockets.

Posted by: From The Hague | Oct 9 2016 9:12 utc | 94

Over 140 dead and 530 injured in Yemen. Saudis response: "it wasnt us" and "we dont hit mass gathering of people". Sure, like wedding procession in 2015 (131 civilian dead), market place in 2016 March (119 civilian, including 24 children).

Posted by: Harry | Oct 9 2016 9:55 utc | 95

Still waiting till Russia will be blamed for Sana's bombing, Saudis made the first step "it wasnt us", and since there is no one else who bombs in Yemen, I guess the next logical step is to blame Putin. Why not? Russia constantly does non-existent bombing of hospitals, why not funeral homes? /sarcasm off

Posted by: Harry | Oct 9 2016 10:01 utc | 96

The Wahhabi ISIS now claimed responsibility for the funeral air strike in Yemen.

One can clearly hear the sound of the ISIS jet as it delivers the second of the double tap strikes in this video

Posted by: b | Oct 9 2016 10:59 utc | 97

b | Oct 9, 2016 6:59:38 AM | 96
LOL; the Wahhabi ISIS Airforce jets...
The truth is not to be found from NATO or its allies.
The best news I've heard in the last few days is Russia's resolve to shoot down anything flying and attacking Syrian or Russian positions.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Oct 9 2016 12:54 utc | 98

(6;Isis;But we have no jets!:)
At least our own,daddy won't let us have them.
Todays MSM;Trump should drop out!One voice from one source,Zion.
These evil clowns are f*cking with the wrong people.
We aint helpless Palestinians.

Posted by: dahoit | Oct 9 2016 13:15 utc | 99

How is NYT packaging news that include important and unimportant wars. Front web page: nothing on Yemen. Front of World page: Yemen made it to number 3 in the Middle East, after historical analysis of American use of torture and "2 people called in Jerusalem". But at least, while 140 dead are below 2, they are visible: Saudi-Led Airstrikes Blamed for Massacre at Funeral in Yemen. There is a little mystery "who did it", NYT does not comment who but puts quotes blaming the Saudis on top.

Interesting, in Polish (German owned) web media there was a delay in posting those news, but with a tidbit that did not make it to NYT:

USA, "deeply moved" by the air strikes, announced "immediate investigation" of American support for Riyad-lead coalition. Security cooperation between USA and KSA in not a blank check -- said Ned Price, press spokesman of the National Security Council.

As in the case of Deir-ez-Zor attack on Syrian soldiers, it was not an attack in the context of on-going battle (more precisely, American-lead coalition was not providing combat support to the regime, it was not supposed to provide combat support to ISIS), with "split second decisions" and confusion. It was a well executed and well planned attack on a funeral reception for a father of a minister of "the rebel government". Presumably, the time of the reception was known to the public, and the timing of the attack was "perfect". First a precise missile damaged the roof of the hall, and the next spilled incendiaries so they would drop from the roof and apply a rain of flames on the folks underneath. Textbook application of intelligence and smart weapons. (Witnesses are invariably confused when they observe explosions etc., so accounts differ a bit).

I assume that American investigators have their hands full, a large shipment of white wash is already ordered. A year from now there will be reports to the effect "We have no idea what happened", and that will be that.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Oct 9 2016 14:28 utc | 100

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