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August 18, 2016

The "Wounded Boy In Orange Seat" - Another Staged "White Helmets" Stunt

This pic is making the rounds in "western" media together with a tearful story from "activists" in a neighborhood in al-Qaeda occupied east-Aleppo.


A boy, seemingly wounded, sits quietly in a brand new, very well equipped ambulance. At a point he touches what looks like a wound on his left temple. He shows no reaction to that touch.

The two minute video (also here), from which the pic is taken, shows the boy being handed from the dark above to some person in a rescue jacket and carried into the ambulance. There he sits quietly, unattended, while several people take videos and pictures of him. One other kids, not obviously wounded, is then carried to the ambulance.

As the story is told:

Mahmoud Raslan, a photojournalist who captured the image, told the Associated Press that emergency workers and journalists tried to help the child, identified as 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh, along with his parents and his three siblings, who are 1, 6 and 11 years old.

"We were passing them from one balcony to the other," Raslan said, adding: "We sent the younger children immediately to the ambulance, but the 11-year-old girl waited for her mother to be rescued. Her ankle was pinned beneath the rubble."

An internet search for "Mahmoud Raslan", the claimed "photojournalist", finds no other pictures or videos attributed to that name.

There are about 15 men standing around the scene and doing nothing. (Next to a "just bombed" site in a warzone? No fear of a double-tap strike?) At least two more men, besides the videographer, are taking pictures or videos.

Another kid is carried into the ambulance. In the background there is someone with a white helmet wearing a shirt of the U.S./UK financed "White Helmets" propaganda group.

An animated wounded man is walked towards the ambulance.


Like the boy, the man seems to have a wound at the upper head. But like the boy he is not bleeding at all. There is some red colored substance on his face but no blood is flowing. That is astonishing. When I rode ambulances as a first-responder, people with head wounds always bled like stuck pigs (they often messed up the car which I then had to clean). As WebMD notes:

Minor cuts on the head often bleed heavily because the face and scalp have many blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. Although this amount of bleeding may be alarming, many times the injury is not severe ...

The amount of red colored substance on the boy and the man do not correspond to the amount one would expect from even a minor head wound. There are also no bandages applied or anything else that could have been used to stop an actual head wound from bleeding.

Compare the above to this recent picture from a boy in west-Aleppo. (No "western" media showed this boy and his suffering. He is not on "our side".) The boy suffered a head wound after an improvised missile from al-Qaeda and its associates hit his neighborhood. He is in care, the bleeding has been stopped. The amount of blood on his body and soaked into his cloth is a multiple of that seen in the above pictures. The blood is also mixed with the other dirt on his face, not painted over. This looks like those patients in my ambulance. This looks real.


All attributes of the "boy on orange seat" scene and of the video are the same that can be found in dozens of "White Helmets" videos. It is the same theme that occurs over and over again in our picture collection Dramatic Rescue! Man With Kid Runs Towards Camera!.

I am inclined to believe that the video above is just as staged as the other "White Helmets" videos and pictures. The look of the boy's wound is a bit more realistic than usual but the lack of bleeding, that no one attends to the boy, his non-reaction to touching the "wound" and the general setting of the video scene lets me believe that it is staged.

This new, widely distributed propaganda item comes again at a moment where al-Qaeda and its associates in Syria are in trouble. The Russian air force is hitting them in the rear area of their attack on west-Aleppo and it is hurting them badly. A "humanitarian ceasefire", which can then be used to reorganize and resupply, is urgently needed. The propaganda helps to increase the pressure for such a demand.

Some of its sponsors want the "White Helmets" nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The organization itself lobbies for it on its website. Has anyone else ever done such?


Have they no shame asking themselves for the prize? This right above another version of their main corporate brand attribute, a "Dramatic Rescue! Man With Kid Runs Towards Camera!" picture. Asking for a Nobel right above another staged scene?

But why not? Obama was nothing more than a marketed product when was handed the Peace Nobel. He then bombed people in seven Muslim dominated countries to dust. There is no good reason then to not give that prize to yet another propaganda tool which also wants more war.

Then again, I find a nomination for the Academy Awards, maybe in the category of "Best Marketed Fakes", more appropriate.

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Noirette@198- good analysis of the psyche mechanisms on display, which I also agree with. I would add that in addition to the mea culpa of collective fake grief, a sense of superiority is also reinforced...

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Aug 20 2016 17:31 utc | 201

@172, that's right. NO point arguing over the authenticity of the photos. The EU, US, Israel are responsible for this mess, fake photos or not. We knew that before the photos were published. Remember, once-upon-a-time, they told us cigarettes were medicinal!

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 20 2016 17:43 utc | 202

add #197 to F T-B.
Here is the google search upon which I based my use of the word catatonic.

adjective: catatonic

relating to or characterized by catatonia.
"catatonic schizophrenia"
of or in an immobile or unresponsive stupor.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 20 2016 17:44 utc | 203

@critics of American people

Political elites in the US/West manufacture consent, create controlled opposition, and use propaganda incessantly for a reason. Most people would not approve of what is done in their name.

And it's not the US that is behind Syria. Its a group effort: USA-KSA-Israel. See Sy Hersh's The Redirection to learn more.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 20 2016 17:48 utc | 204

They're really pushing it even more as the hours go by, google's top headline(from NY Daily News); "The Babies Are Dying In Aleppo". And the Telegraph is now reporting that the boy's 10 yr old brother has died. I certainly hope all of those cameramen who happened to be there in the instant aftermath are well. Wouldn't want them to miss the next beheading or staged beheading or Captagon desert rave or whatever perverse shit these vaudevillians are encouraged to get up to with our tax dollars.

State Dept is trying to get acceptance from the volk, because they're blitzing Syria right now and they can't hide it much longer, and it needs to be made righteous or John and Jane Doe will OD on their anti anxiety medications when or if they're shown the truth.

The Facebook generation needs, needs the feel of the day, they've been programmed to expect it. And now back to your programming. Look at this poor baby.

Posted by: sejomoje | Aug 20 2016 17:48 utc | 205

Jackrabbit | Aug 20, 2016 1:48:47 PM | 204

The problem with the USians (I'm using that term because calling "Americans" only the residents of the USA, as it was pointed out to me, is insulting to other nations dwelling both Americas, who are indeed Americans too) is that their country is used as the biggest, strongest thug in the gang managed by the City of London Crown Corporation. At the same time USians seems quite arrogant (see recent scandal with the Olympic swimmers), dim (only in the US thousands believe that WWE "fights" are not staged, but real),
and belligerent.

There is a large percentage of very good, honest, awake and aware people in the US who fight the world empire, some of them sacrificing their freedom (Susan Lindauer, Bradley Manning, Snowden), or life (Rachel Corie, sen. Paul Wellstone, Bill Cooper, Pat Tillman, Michael Hastings, JFK Junior, Beverly Eckert, Michaell Connell,...). The 9/11 truth movement, alternative media, many book authors (William Blum, John Judge, ...), third party and Sanders electorate are what makes that country great and admired.

But there is also significant portion of the society that are sell outs, bribed by the scrapes off the masters' tables, like their "American way of life" lived off the war-based economy. Some are psychopaths, some cynical opportunist, many just failed human beings. Nevertheless they are a clear and present danger not only to the rest of the world, but to other people in the US as well.

They are your neighbors, the parents at the PTA meetings, soccer mums, your golf buddies, casual church goers, "regular" people you meet and greet every day, you dine, chat and relax with. Yet their lives are drenched in blood because they are Private Military Contractors, or work for them, or are connected in other ways. They are fine with going abroad and murdering population of Yemen, Syria, Libya, Haiti, Novorussia because it pays for their loans, bills, house projects and allows them to maintain their nice standard of living.

They have to be stopped at all cost. Appeal to their conscience, to their shame - a concept almost non existent in modern society. Confront them on the street, face to face, make bumper stickers, banners, signs. Discuss in public their existence, their shameful "jobs" - what the fuck are they doing in Yemen, or Syria ? Who invited them there ? How possibly can they be doing there anything good? They have to be socially ostracized and boycotted. Their employers too.

At this point word is still mightier than sword, but if you fail to act, soon you my find yourself with your family in a private prison managed by thugs from G4S, DynCorp, Monsanto, KBR, CACI,...

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 20 2016 19:38 utc | 206

@JR Think about crisis actors who took part in that pathetic staged Sandy Hoax drama and lied to millions of people in the US and worldwide, for what? For money of course, as they were compensated with houses for almost nothing in the Newtown area. No "manufactured consent" here. Are the millions of people working for the multi-billion lame-scream media industry also "innocent" dupes not able to recognize the lies they are spreading?

Are they still humans?

Or those working for Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon - _especially_ the latter two?

And let me repeat - they are your neighbors, "innocent" people you meet every day.

What else are they capable of? And how many of them?

The time for lame excuses is running out...
When the Hell Bitch gains presidential powers, it's probably too late.

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 20 2016 19:56 utc | 207

@ Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 20, 2016 1:11:38 PM | 197

The term you were using is a medical term with specific meaning. You use the term as a political term without meaning. Greater fool you. this discussion in ended.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 20 2016 20:02 utc | 208


I think you make some good points but there are different degrees of culpability.

Some are clueless or are too poor to care or don't have hours of time to look into matters that they feel very disconnected from.

Some are young or old or otherwise easily fooled.

I blame those that KNOW or SHOULD KNOW. I blame the circle-jerk 'go along to get along' people that "do alright" for themselves. I blame the selfish, self-centered jerks and the psychopathic leaders.

To blame "Americans" or "US-ians" or "Westerners" in general is wrong and self-defeating. Many of these people would be astounded and disgusted to know what is really going on. They are natural ALLIES in the struggle against those who undermine our very humanity.

The same can be said of Jews. Many Jewish people are disturbed by the Zionsist hardliners that pretend to represent them. Attacks on "Jews" as a whole drives discontented Jews into the arms of the hardliners, wasting what could be an important voice against political elites.

IMO the best historical antecedents are the Abolitionists and the 1960's civil rights movement. Only a small portion of the population actually protested. Were the others as culpable as the slave-owners/racists? No. If they were there never would have been any change.

Lets educate people not antagonize them. Starting a conversation with "this will end badly" is much more likely to get a hearing and change minds than "Americans/US-ians are such bastards!"

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Aug 20 2016 22:14 utc | 210

RT counters Western war propaganda in Aleppo and Yemen ...

‘I was playing with friends when it hit me’: Aleppo kids injured in rebel fire tell their stories

“My arms, feet, knees, and face are injured,” 11-year-old Alaa said quietly, lying on the hospital bed, covered in bandages, while she added that it is her knee that hurts the most.

“We were just talking, and the next moment it was just like in a dream. Then, I started shouting and heard my parents shouting, too. And I realized that a missile had hit our home. Earlier, we had heard the missile flying overhead from an area near us. But this time it landed right in our house,” she added.

“I’m afraid. I don’t want to return home,” she told RT.

Alaa now says she wants to be a doctor to be able to help those suffering, just like her. She shares that dream with another girl in this same hospital, 12-year-old Faten, who was also wounded in the shelling.

“I was sitting on a balcony with my friends when I heard the sound of a missile coming,” Faten recalls. “The next thing I knew, my arm was broken, and there are still pieces of shrapnel in the other one. I was just playing with my friends when I heard something hit me, and then I realized soldiers were carrying me.”

Saudi jets strike Yemen’s capital during 100,000 strong rally in support of Houthis (VIDEO)

Fighter jets from the Saudi-led coalition hit the Yemeni capital of Sanaa during a massive rally that attracted some 100,000 pro-Houthi rebels and sympathizers of ex-President Abdullah Saleh.

Tens of thousands of people rallied in Sanaa’s central square on Saturday in a powerful display of support for the Shiite Houthi rebels and Saleh. Demonstrators cheered a recently established Supreme Political Council that includes representatives of the Houthi movement, as well as supporters of Saleh.

During the demonstration, fighter jets bombed Yemen’s capital, including the area around the Presidential palace, according to AP. The bombardment resulted in an “unknown number of casualties,” the agency reports, quoting local officials. People on Twitter said that at least three civilians were killed and a number were wounded.

“Suddenly, they started bombing and the crowd started running. I basically bolted out of the area. People started screaming... Because everybody’s very well armed, they started shooting their AK-47s and their machine guns into the sky,” Hisham al-Omeisy said, as quoted by the BBC.

It seems to me that people all over the world are waking up to just who are the bad guys, the ones who've started all this death, devastation and destruction, the ones who are feeding the furious fires beneath it, keeping alive these endless wars.

Russian MP says China’s upgrading ties with Syria can form non-NATO anti-terror coalition

Chairman of the State Duma (lower house of parliament) Defense Committee, Admiral Vladimir Komoedov, has noted that the Chinese military’s desire to upgrade ties with Syria could be the first step towards forming a military and political coalition of non-NATO countries.

“The Chinese military in Syria is the first step towards putting together a serious military-political coalition dominated by countries that are not aligned with the aggressive NATO bloc. The time has come to form such a coalition,” the lawmaker told journalists on Friday ... Komoedov added that if Russia, China, India and Iran pooled efforts in the Middle East, the problem of liquidating the illegal Islamic state and the terrorism it produces would be resolved ... “other countries could join the coalition that we are discussing. I am glad that at last there is an understanding on the issue at the highest international level.”

... the aggressive NATO block ... the Europeans are just like us Americans/USians ... they don't wanna know nothin'. Wake 'em up when it's all over and their 'way of life' has successfully been 'defended', and happy days are here again.

Posted by: jfl | Aug 20 2016 23:37 utc | 211

Wait a minute, Saudi family or house of Saud is killing many yemeni kids yet the media is calm about this. Are those kids in Yemen not kids. Triple standard. according to naija gist

Posted by: dave | Aug 21 2016 0:57 utc | 212

@Jackrabbit | Aug 20, 2016 6:14:54 PM | 210 Generally I concur.

Collective punishment is bad guys' method, used by totalitarian regimes. It's not a just thing to do, and seeking the truth and justice should be every person's life goal, including fighting evil on everyday basis.

But population in the imperial US is in a particular position now, time is running out and talk is definitely not enough. It takes much more than that to change the course of things, social action should include also boycotts and public display of support and condemnation, debating crucial issues informally on a daily basis with neighbors, colleagues, even strangers..

In Liberia it was women's "crossed legs" protests that stopped the war.

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 21 2016 1:08 utc | 213

@jfl | Aug 20, 2016 7:37:32 PM | 211 Give the Houthis MANPADs asap. What else can be said?

I talk too much. I will just pray now for those perished in the attacks [*]

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 21 2016 1:18 utc | 214

Eric Zuesse mentions this thread:

More About a U.S.-and-Allied Hoax Against Assad

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 21 2016 2:03 utc | 215

Gerald Horne, *The Counter Revolution of 1776, Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America, Chapter 3 Revolt! Africans Conspire with the French and Spanish

Early in the morning of a moonlit day on 6 April 1712, fires also illuminated the sky in lower Manhattan. What had happened was that a few dozen determined Africans armed with guns, hatchets, knives, and other purloined weapons gathered in an orchard at the rear of a house in the city’s East Ward, burst into an outhouse, set ablaze that building, and then ambushed the settlers who rushed to extinguish the fire. Preferring death to capture, a number of the rebels fled to the countryside and committed suicide before they could be detained, while others were arrested (approximately seventy) — about twenty-one were executed subsequently. Nine settlers had been murdered, but this did not arrest the continuing plotting of Africans against the authorities, at times in league with the French and Spanish and the indigenous. Since the total population of this future metropolis was reportedly a mere 6,307 at the time, of whom no fewer than 945 were Negroes, disrupting the status quo violently was not as difficult as it was to become. [1]

Understandably, Governor Robert Hunter of New York — who happened to be Scottish — was irate about the tumult of April 1712, denouncing this “bloody conspiracy” designed to “destroy as many of the inhabitants as they could.” To be fair, the chief executive had wondered if brutalizing Africans had a downside. He knew that it was undefined “hard usage” of these slave laborers — “I can find no other cause,” he confessed — which sparked this revolt, though he underlined that some of the conspirators were

“prisoners taken in a Spanish prize” and “by reason of their color which is swarthy, they were said to be slaves and as such were sold.”

But this rough racist injustice, which came to characterize these colonies and their successor states, probably swept within its ambit those who did not carry the disfavored status that was slavery, and they revolted accordingly. [2] Such crude practices could only further inflame men of color under Madrid’s rule — who played a key role in the military in this empire — to despise London and its colonies even more. Governor Hunter was not remorseful, though he had received

“petitions from several of these Spanish Indians as they are called, representing to [him] that they were free men, subjects to ye King of Spain but sold here as slaves.”

He did not apologize for the fact that among the disreputably handled detainees was “a woman with child,” nor did it ruffle his sangfroid that “some were burnt, others were hanged and broke on ye wheele.” [3]

[1] Thelma Wills Foote, Black and White Manhattan: The History of Racial Formation in Colonial New York City, New York: Oxford University Press, 2004, 132: the author maintains that eighteen were executed, but see Governor Robert Hunter to Council of Trade and Plantations, 23 June 1712, in Cecil Headlam, ed., Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, America and West Indies, July 1711–June 1712, London: HM Stationery Office, 1925, 301–306: here it is said that twenty-one were executed. See also “Minutes of Council in Assembly ... ,” New York, 1695–1713, Folder 157, Daniel Parish Slavery Transcripts, New-York Historical Society, Manhattan. Moreover, though Africans are given credit for this revolt, as suggested later in this chapter, they may have been — at least partially — of indigenous ancestry.
[2] Governor Robert Hunter to the Lords of Trade and Plantations, 23 June 1712, “Miscellaneous Papers,” Daniel Parish Slavery Transcripts. See also Kenneth Scott, “The Slave Insurrection of 1712,” New-York Historical Society Quarterly (January 1961), Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis: “all told, 39 slaves were indicted for murder or as accessories ... and of those 23 were convicted and 16 acquitted. ... the 25 slaves who were convicted were sentenced to death.”
[3] Governor Robert Hunter to Lords of Trade and Plantations, 23 June 1712.

Terrorists! Not us, them! Africans, Morenos, Spaniards alike. Stories of the "white" victims, none of the "negroes" ... no "woman and child".

One mechanism works: lamenting an individual case assuages guilt. If you pray for that small boy (or the raped little girl, and want to stop all that), killing millions is swept under the blood-weave carpet of the Church / Gvmt / etc.. Propagandists and advertising types know this.

How would Andy Cuomo 'sell' this, three hundred years later? Just the same, but more fiercely! ... no "finding of" any "cause that sparked the revolt."

Posted by: jfl | Aug 21 2016 2:44 utc | 216

From the same Gerald Horne chapter ...

On the one hand, colonists sought to limit the number of Africans, knowing full well that to do otherwise was a major threat to security; on the other hand, the lust for the profit Africans produced was so mesmerizing that it tended to override commonsensical judgment.

Three hundred years later it might be ...

On the one hand, ordinary Neolibraconians sought to limit the number of arms sold abroad and the wars they engendered and fueled, knowing full well that to do otherwise was a major threat to their own security; on the other hand, the lust for the profit arms sales produced was so mesmerizing that it tended to override commonsensical judgment.

In each case it was ordinary people who pursued/pursue the saner road and the psychopathic 1% who pursued/pursue the road to bedlam.

Posted by: jfl | Aug 21 2016 3:24 utc | 217

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 20, 2016 4:02:57 PM | 208

I still don't understand why you got so steamed up over an issue of semantics. But I agree that if you can't calm down enough to explain what offended you then this debate, which didn't really get off the ground, should end.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 21 2016 5:05 utc | 218

Posted by: jfl | Aug 20, 2016 7:37:32 PM | 211

Thanks. Good catch.
RF & Cn becoming part of an an informal, and open, "International Coalition" with a stated (temporary) objective, seems an infinitely smarter idea than swearing military allegiance. Imo, it's a game changer.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 21 2016 6:11 utc | 219

Posted by: jfl | Aug 20, 2016 1:29:24 PM | 200

Yep. The real issue is this: The UN and EU have refused to assist the evacuation of East Aleppo as it "would be helping Assad". I heard an interview of a UN spokesman when he was explicitly asked about helping to evacuate people and he responded by "people are better off where they are we should help to stabilize them in their environment". It is clear that it is in the Syrian army's, Russia's interest to get civilians out of their way.

The Jihadis/rebels, however you wish to name them, need the civilians as human shields. So the UN/EU are effectively protecting Jihadis/rebels by expecting civilians to remain where they are.

Frankly, it is the UN/EU aiding and abetting a war crime clearly prohibited by the Geneva convention.

I know what happened to part of my family on the Eastern front in World War II getting stuck between retreating German tanks and advancing Russians. That photograph from Aleppo is nothing compared to what is and will be happening in reality. If there are hardly any doctors left for East Aleppo's 300 000 civilians, they have to leave.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 21 2016 8:49 utc | 220

This story bothered me from the start. The wee boy was left alone and when he rubbed his head it looked more like he was worried about rubbing the "blood" off as if someone had put it there for the camera. It is now reported that his 10 year old brother died from the wounds sustained in this attack!

Posted by: Helen | Aug 21 2016 10:03 utc | 221

Posted by: Helen | Aug 21, 2016 6:03:11 AM | 221

Yes, and people are dying again in droves trying to flee across the Mediterranean. The photographs may be staged for effect but the situation is real and these PR photographs are not the worst that can be shown. All this does is making people feel nice because they are so concernced. Nobody does anything real to prevent the tragedies from happening.

Posted by: somebody | Aug 21 2016 10:21 utc | 222

@xyz - #209

A new star is born blaming Russian intervention for civilian deaths, especially children in Syria ... from the Channel 4 report on Aleppo and image of Omran Daqneesh:

Syrian Network for Human Rights

The Syrian Network for Human Rights is a UK-based non-governmental organization, founded in June 2011, which monitors the Syrian Civil War. The organization's chairman is Fadel Abdulghani. It has been routinely cited by news media, as well as by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on at least one occasion.

UK-based and Qatar funded?

Posted by: Oui | Aug 21 2016 10:44 utc | 223

I wonder what Arabic spelling was used in the search for Mahmoud Raslan credits? There are 30,700 hits for محمود رسلان

Posted by: RTJ | Aug 21 2016 11:21 utc | 224

You heartless ignorant twats wish that was ur child in that video would love to read your comments on that ! Like they have nothing better to do in the middle of a war zone!!
Go back to eating ur dads Cock n shagging ur mums creating more retarded inbred scum like ur selvehs! Fuck y'all !!!!!!

Posted by: Alabamashit | Aug 21 2016 11:52 utc | 225

@222 somebody

Obama's total in Syria alone is approaching a half-million. More than a million in Iraq since these serial aggressions began. Libya, Ukaine, Yemen ... I remember Bertrand Russell, Jean Paul Sartre, and others, and their Vietnam War Crimes tribunal

Bertrand Russell justified the establishment of this body as follows:

  If certain acts and violations of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them. We are not prepared to lay down a rule of criminal conduct against others which we would not be willing to have invoked against us.

  — Justice Robert H. Jackson, Chief Prosecutor, Nuremberg War Crimes Trials[1]

[1] Watling, John (1970) Bertrand Russell. Oliver & Boyd.

How can it be that there is not exactly such a tribunal now?

Posted by: jfl | Aug 21 2016 15:02 utc | 226


Well, apparently there were ... You need Bertrand Russell, Jean Paul Sartre, Julio Cortazar, et al., I suppose to carry one off ... and a whole different age as well. O tempora, o mores. Cicero was on the wrong side then, he'd be on the empire's side now. That's the side the bread is buttered on.

Posted by: jfl | Aug 21 2016 15:10 utc | 227

Helen@221- rslan mahmoud, 9/18/16:

'Thank god all of Omran's family are safe. His mother had some bad injuries in her legs. His father suffered a minor head injury. His seven year old sister went through a surgical operation this afternoon and she is doing well.'

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Aug 21 2016 16:07 utc | 228

I cannot comment. I am crying!

Posted by: Mohammed Larbi Daho Bachir | Aug 21 2016 16:39 utc | 229

Please get AIDS and die.

Posted by: Go fuck yourself | Aug 21 2016 21:10 utc | 230

Oh, wow. I did not realise that the Neo-Illuminati, Majestic 12 and the Nazis who live on the dark side of the cheesy moon actually spread their propaganda on ordinary looking websites.

Obviously this article has been fabricated entirely by them. And all these comments as well: all fabricated.

They are just helping propagate this absolute myth that there's a country called Syria. Syria, really?! Is that the best made up name you could come up with? This is all just a massive mass brainwash strategy undertaken by them.

I have been to the middle east like a hundred times, and never once have I been to syria. I mean, sure, everyone who listened to the lamestream media thought I was nuts, but I knew that I'm perfectly fine. They kept mocking me, sometimes with satire but it was just a lame attempt by a bunch of gullible fools to act smart. idiots!

Anyway, now I need to make updates to my tin-foil hat so cheerio.

Posted by: Mehfoos Yacoob | Aug 21 2016 22:20 utc | 231

The photographer is an associate of/member of the Zinki Militants, the same ones who may have beheaded the 12 year old Palestinian boy. (If that was not faked, that is.)

Posted by: Doug | Aug 22 2016 10:26 utc | 232

Dear Mohammed Harbi
I share your pain. I have friends in Syria. Two of them are girls, from Sunni families, who have studied at university and were NOT on the rebel side from day one. Some are Christians, who even if they loathed the governement knew also from day one what mayhem was in the making. I know for sure that in many families (which you know are quite large) some cousins etc have been or are on the rebel side while some other just happen to have been prevented to move out by the fighters. At least people from West Aleppo have been allowed to get out as this was coming closer. A lot of the people who took to the sea were from West Aleppo and thought it was a last chance to move out and avoid being stuck in camps or reconstruction stagnating process for years to come.
Could someone re post the link to the twitter thread where Ehsani2 gave the story of a contact of his in Eastern Aleppo who tell about 3 brothers who are all fighting on different sides?

Posted by: Mina | Aug 22 2016 11:52 utc | 234

With all the horrors of war to choose from I wonder why they bothered to stage this - clearly fake - scene?

The hammy acting - the lack of any real sympathy. Watch the body language of the rescuer - O.K. Now, where do I put him for the most effective photo op? Now let me go and get the next kid ... and the next ... (No scrabbling in rubble to get to them) Hand me another .... and another. Job done. No dealing with the "wounds".
Just stand back and let the cameras do their job.

By the way, dragged out from the rubble, with all that "blood" on his head how come the little boy doesn't have a single scratch on his legs or arms?

What happened to that little "wounded boy" is indeed tragic. Tragic because he has been subjected to the worst kind of abuse - mental abuse. He was clearly petrified and will carry the scars inflicted by his "noble rescuers" for ever. What kind of people do this to their own children? THAT is what is heart-breaking! And the reporters who colluded with this. Reminds me of the classic British series "Drop the Dead Donkey" - the unscrupulous character, Damian would have fitted right in here. Difference is - that was a comedy. This is a tragedy.

Posted by: Pamela Levene | Aug 22 2016 12:36 utc | 235

You were so right! Did you hear what RT network is saying today? It has just been found that the photographer who took this picture is a symphathiser of ISIS who took propaganda pictures of a ISIS about to execute a child!!!

Posted by: Garland | Aug 22 2016 12:52 utc | 236

I agree Pamela and am amazed all the journalists did not raise the question of this abuse.
Only music can comfort. There was a war once in Lebanon. And peace came back.

Posted by: Mina | Aug 22 2016 13:39 utc | 237

Mina@234-Ehsani2' brothers fighting-

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Aug 22 2016 13:53 utc | 238


Posted by: Mina | Aug 22 2016 14:27 utc | 239

Why is everyone doubting and trashing this? Yes, media is based on stories that attract attention, not necessarily fact. Are we not all aware of that? These are isolated pictures and situations. People complaining ought to go over there and find out the truth rather than posting such negativity and spreading doubts, which supports and encourages the bad attention (yes, and mostly $$$) but not the facts, when we need hope and love spread instead.

Posted by: Katie | Aug 22 2016 18:18 utc | 240

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