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August 18, 2016

The "Wounded Boy In Orange Seat" - Another Staged "White Helmets" Stunt

This pic is making the rounds in "western" media together with a tearful story from "activists" in a neighborhood in al-Qaeda occupied east-Aleppo.


A boy, seemingly wounded, sits quietly in a brand new, very well equipped ambulance. At a point he touches what looks like a wound on his left temple. He shows no reaction to that touch.

The two minute video (also here), from which the pic is taken, shows the boy being handed from the dark above to some person in a rescue jacket and carried into the ambulance. There he sits quietly, unattended, while several people take videos and pictures of him. One other kids, not obviously wounded, is then carried to the ambulance.

As the story is told:

Mahmoud Raslan, a photojournalist who captured the image, told the Associated Press that emergency workers and journalists tried to help the child, identified as 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh, along with his parents and his three siblings, who are 1, 6 and 11 years old.

"We were passing them from one balcony to the other," Raslan said, adding: "We sent the younger children immediately to the ambulance, but the 11-year-old girl waited for her mother to be rescued. Her ankle was pinned beneath the rubble."

An internet search for "Mahmoud Raslan", the claimed "photojournalist", finds no other pictures or videos attributed to that name.

There are about 15 men standing around the scene and doing nothing. (Next to a "just bombed" site in a warzone? No fear of a double-tap strike?) At least two more men, besides the videographer, are taking pictures or videos.

Another kid is carried into the ambulance. In the background there is someone with a white helmet wearing a shirt of the U.S./UK financed "White Helmets" propaganda group.

An animated wounded man is walked towards the ambulance.


Like the boy, the man seems to have a wound at the upper head. But like the boy he is not bleeding at all. There is some red colored substance on his face but no blood is flowing. That is astonishing. When I rode ambulances as a first-responder, people with head wounds always bled like stuck pigs (they often messed up the car which I then had to clean). As WebMD notes:

Minor cuts on the head often bleed heavily because the face and scalp have many blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. Although this amount of bleeding may be alarming, many times the injury is not severe ...

The amount of red colored substance on the boy and the man do not correspond to the amount one would expect from even a minor head wound. There are also no bandages applied or anything else that could have been used to stop an actual head wound from bleeding.

Compare the above to this recent picture from a boy in west-Aleppo. (No "western" media showed this boy and his suffering. He is not on "our side".) The boy suffered a head wound after an improvised missile from al-Qaeda and its associates hit his neighborhood. He is in care, the bleeding has been stopped. The amount of blood on his body and soaked into his cloth is a multiple of that seen in the above pictures. The blood is also mixed with the other dirt on his face, not painted over. This looks like those patients in my ambulance. This looks real.


All attributes of the "boy on orange seat" scene and of the video are the same that can be found in dozens of "White Helmets" videos. It is the same theme that occurs over and over again in our picture collection Dramatic Rescue! Man With Kid Runs Towards Camera!.

I am inclined to believe that the video above is just as staged as the other "White Helmets" videos and pictures. The look of the boy's wound is a bit more realistic than usual but the lack of bleeding, that no one attends to the boy, his non-reaction to touching the "wound" and the general setting of the video scene lets me believe that it is staged.

This new, widely distributed propaganda item comes again at a moment where al-Qaeda and its associates in Syria are in trouble. The Russian air force is hitting them in the rear area of their attack on west-Aleppo and it is hurting them badly. A "humanitarian ceasefire", which can then be used to reorganize and resupply, is urgently needed. The propaganda helps to increase the pressure for such a demand.

Some of its sponsors want the "White Helmets" nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The organization itself lobbies for it on its website. Has anyone else ever done such?


Have they no shame asking themselves for the prize? This right above another version of their main corporate brand attribute, a "Dramatic Rescue! Man With Kid Runs Towards Camera!" picture. Asking for a Nobel right above another staged scene?

But why not? Obama was nothing more than a marketed product when was handed the Peace Nobel. He then bombed people in seven Muslim dominated countries to dust. There is no good reason then to not give that prize to yet another propaganda tool which also wants more war.

Then again, I find a nomination for the Academy Awards, maybe in the category of "Best Marketed Fakes", more appropriate.

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What, they didn't have any babies in incubators available?

Posted by: Greg Bacon | Aug 19 2016 13:25 utc | 101

And a bit later he was followed by "Aylan Kurdi". Good article, guys!

Posted by: xyz | Aug 19 2016 13:36 utc | 102

@harrylaw | Aug 19, 2016 9:49:28 AM | 104 Words fail me.

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 19 2016 13:55 utc | 104

The comment and links above came from 'the Thylacine' @ Syriaperspective today.

Posted by: harrylaw | Aug 19 2016 13:55 utc | 105

@98 "I really don't think Americans care about these people,unfortunately,and the concern is faux."

Right. And the more propaganda they dump on people the less people care. Maybe the objective is to make everybody feel numb and powerless?

Posted by: dh | Aug 19 2016 13:57 utc | 106

I think it's not Raslan but Rslan.

Posted by: sto | Aug 19 2016 13:57 utc | 107

Wounded or dead kids with a some esthetical background is what works better on the readers these days. The war is a bonanza for photographers: blood sells.

Orange color setup, a quiet kid covered with dust and blood and the reassuring First aid sign... A hit!

Posted by: virgile | Aug 19 2016 14:21 utc | 108

jfl @91

It does not look like a cluster bomb container to me. It has the text 'ar plas sa' embossed on one side and a serial number embossed on another. This is not normal style for military labelling whish is normally stencilled onto the surface. It also does not look to be metallic. It looks like an adjustable foot for something like a scaffold pole. The scaffold pole would insert into the large hole in the sqare cross section end and the extendable foot adjusted to take up variation in height on uneven ground.

Posted by: Yonatan | Aug 19 2016 14:28 utc | 109

sto@108 The Guardian opinion yesterday Elle Hunt said its Raslan.
Rescue workers and journalists arrived in Qaterji shortly after the strike and began pulling victims from the rubble. “We were passing them from one balcony to the other,” said Mahmoud Raslan, a photojournalist who captured the footage. He told the Associated Press he had passed along three lifeless bodies before receiving the wounded boy.

Posted by: harrylaw | Aug 19 2016 14:37 utc | 110

@111-Rescue workers and journalists arrived in Qaterji shortly after the strike and began pulling victims from the rubble

Horseshit. Photo/video could have been taken at anytime, anywhere. Sprinkle factual references on a completely staged event, et voila-realite.

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Aug 19 2016 14:48 utc | 111

b: Excellent focus on the blood that should be evident from even a minor head wound. I banged into something and cut my head a few months ago, 4 stitches. Blood immediately spurted, really spurted, into my hand and the wound bled unstoppably all over my hand, shirt and coat for 4-6 minutes. I explained to people who helped me out that I was actually otherwise fine, that it was not nearly as big a deal as the gore implied.

Posted by: fairleft | Aug 19 2016 14:55 utc | 112

hejiminy cricket @112. Who knows? The Photo of Mahmoud Rslan/Raslan could have been photo shopped??? I am just pointing out the names appear to be the same person.Is the person in the second link the same as the inset photo?? A person with better investigative skills than me is required here.

Posted by: harrylaw | Aug 19 2016 15:01 utc | 113

@114- you've got eyes n your head, no? You can draw your own conclusions, yes?
No, you need an expert witness. Until then all reality will be provisional and speculative.

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Aug 19 2016 15:05 utc | 114

hejiminy cricket @115 you've got eyes n your head, no? Yes I have but not the computing ability to enlarge the inset photo. You have a tongue in your head and it is extremely nasty. This may or may not have legs, I an just drawing attention to it

Posted by: harrylaw | Aug 19 2016 15:17 utc | 115

One presumes that this "false flag" photo was just the excuse the USA needed to start its "regime change" agenda in Syria, right?

(From Omar Sabbour's FB page
BREAKING - Al-Jazeera Arabic via Syrian opposition sources: The US coalition airforce has committed a massacre of civilians in the city of Aleppo, targeting a bridge on which refugees were escaping from ongoing bombardment by the Syrian regime and Russian airforces. Dozens of refugees have been reported killed. Both the bridge and the tunnel underneath it were collapsed, crushing several civilian cars in the process.

The targeted bridge was in an area recently taken by rebels from the regime during their recent campaign to break the siege of Aleppo, between the village of Khan Touman and the neighbourhood of Ramousa in South Aleppo. The regime and Russian airplanes had been repeatedly trying to destroy the bridge but had failed due to its "well-cemented structure" - however the bridge was finally destroyed by "high explosive missiles" launched from airplanes belonging to the US-led coalition, according to the Al-Jazeera report.

The report continues that this is not the first time the US coalition has targeted opposition factions inside Aleppo, having done so already in such neighbourhoods as Al-Sha'ar and Al-Sakhour. Rebel targets did not only include Jabhat al-Nusra but also moderate factions inside the city, the report goes on.
The US is bombing refugees already fleeing Assad's bombing. Syrians expected the US would not help them against Assad, but the US has gone far further and actively joined in Assad's war against them.

Clear Syria's skies NOW

From Al Jazeera Channel (Arabic)

The report says "this is not the first time the US coalition has targeted opposition factions inside Aleppo." Far from it.
But just recently, during the current truly apocalyptic Assadist/Russian imperialist slaughter, just in case they needed extra help, we have the above report, and a couple of others:

1. #Syria|Did IC participate to Aleppo blockade ?
Media Activist Majed Abdel Nur revealed on Orient News that International Coalition aircrafts have taken part to the battle of the siege of the city of Aleppo.
He indicated that they have spotted a heavy bombing, believed to be carried out by F-16 warplanes, targeting vehicles, and which resulted in direct casualties

2. US planes join Putins planes to stop rebels breaking the siege of Aleppo.
According to "Halab today" yesterday there were 4 sorties over Aleppo by the US-led coalition aircrafts to strike the rebels:
“Counting about 125 aircraft raided the City yesterday, including a Russian warplane, 72 Syrian and four Alliance”

Also, from Idlib, we had this report:

Idlib blasts near Bab al-Hawa, on the Turkish border , after a Jaysh al-Islam rebels ' ammunition warehouses was targeted, probably by a US airstrike
(the article says local activists blamed the US airforce):

Posted by: Louis Proyect | Aug 19 2016 15:35 utc | 116

CNN anchor breaks down while reporting on injured Syrian boy.

I had a job transcribing CNN at the time of the Kosovo War. I couldn't help nothing that, whenever the on-air talent talked about the U.S. bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, they always called it the "accidental bombing". Without fail.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 19 2016 15:56 utc | 117

Couldn't help noting, I meant.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 19 2016 15:58 utc | 118

I'm outraged by this post. You are ill informed. You have to be sick to post such an twisted report that has no illegal standing or finding what so ever. THIS IS WAR, CHILDREN GET HURT. WHO CARES IF THEY FILMED THIS LITTLE BOY TO GRAB PEOPLE ATTENTION OF THE ILLEGAL BARREL BOMBING THAT IS CURRENTLY BEING SPRINKLED ON ALLEPO . No body cares in the west that hundred little babes die a day in Syria. Your statements feel very familiar to how Germany was speaking in world war two but in the 21st Century. By writing this disgraceful post(mind you not even an article)you are on hitlers side. I hope you can sleep at time with such awful and spiteful thoughts. You are the propaganda!

Posted by: Jasmin | Aug 19 2016 16:04 utc | 119

I don't care if it's staged... and so what. this is really happening and it's a good thing people are starting to become aware, probably shouldn't have been by a lie but finally attention is being brought to those who need it

Posted by: nope | Aug 19 2016 16:06 utc | 120

@104 harrylaw:

AFAIK the credit for the research into the Rslan "rebel" photographer goes to LinaArabii on twitter. I've uploaded her composite to our wiki where I also linked to additional material:

Posted by: CE | Aug 19 2016 16:09 utc | 121

Jasmine@121- like Palmolive- 'it works while you're soaking in it!' Thanks.

nope@122- 'I don't care if it's staged. And so what.'Thanks nope for the response. No doubt you speak for untold millions of peeved nudniks.

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Aug 19 2016 16:20 utc | 122

My daughter has just come in and she is a computer wizard and she thinks the photo is the same person as it is posted on his own facebook account.

You can view the account yourself as long as you have a facebook login:

For those without Facebook - this particular comment caught my attention (link to screenshot):

Posted by: harrylaw | Aug 19 2016 16:20 utc | 123

every syrian would like to live in besieged rebel zone to get as fat as this boy ! ha ha ha

Posted by: stranger | Aug 19 2016 16:47 utc | 124

Rslan is a Turkish name isn't it, as in Seljuk sultan Alp Arslan

Posted by: Miok | Aug 19 2016 17:07 utc | 125

lol. all of you guys retarded. manipulation? lol. you guys been manipulated by this article and your fucking government

Posted by: white nigga | Aug 19 2016 17:19 utc | 126

Yonatan@109 - "It looks like an adjustable foot for something like a scaffold pole."

Ding ding! Yonatan wins. Thiqa News Agency has discovered some adjustable abs plastic leveling feet used for equipment legs. Kind of a small flange for scaffolding, though. Maybe something like prep tables in a commercial kitchen. AR(abian) PLAS(tics), SA appears to be the arms maker. No catalog available online or I could look up the actual sub-munition part number. Bellingcat should be all over this one!

That's right: Russia is now cluster-bombing Aleppo with used restaurant equipment. Those bastards!

Posted by: PavewayIV | Aug 19 2016 17:24 utc | 127

@126, ooh, you're so edgy

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 19 2016 17:31 utc | 128

jasmin meet white nigga

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 19 2016 17:32 utc | 129

Jasmine etc
And u dont care that ur photographer hero is friend with guys who behead a kid on camera? And that so many white helmets videos show same kids or make up scenes ?

Posted by: Mina | Aug 19 2016 17:33 utc | 130

SHOULDN'T THERE BE BLOOD ON THE LITTLE BOYS HANDS??? First thing any child would do is hold their head, face or wound wherever the pain is. Also no drops of blood anywhere else when enlarged. Least it was still footage this time the shaky camera syndrome on the rebel/western made video chemicals attacks was getting boring using the same crisis actors again from earlier propaganda

Posted by: Steve | Aug 19 2016 17:37 utc | 131

@propeace 21

Robert Stuart has proved, to anyone who cares to check his facts, that the BiBiCi is lying about the 'documentary' that they produced, Saving Syria's Children. Strangely, he fails to gain much traction in the MSM? Here he writes to Jeremy Corbyn...

Regards Fred

Posted by: fredjc | Aug 19 2016 17:43 utc | 132

Anyone who has suffered a head gash is familiar with the copious amount of blood expelled. Cognitive dissonance and the desire to believe customary traditional mainstream western news sources; and further - to WANT to believe that they wouldn't lie to you....

Makes people forget to look at and evaluate evidence.

Head and face wounds will literally soak a person's upper body with blood.

Posted by: fastfreddy | Aug 19 2016 17:44 utc | 133

@CE #121

Lina got it from Walid who has a very informative twitter a/c

Posted by: Yul | Aug 19 2016 17:48 utc | 134

This bunch of Soros' scoundrels in white helmets make me sick.
Just a minute. I'm going to throw up there and I'll be back...maybe.

Posted by: Penelope | Aug 19 2016 18:09 utc | 135


One other kids
...should read

One other kid

Posted by: Ronald | Aug 19 2016 18:28 utc | 136

tsk, tsk nope, you ought to care

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 19 2016 18:35 utc | 137

Yeah it's almost like people don't like the idea that a war funded by their country messes up little kids, but it's alright cause any pictures are actually fake propaganda

Posted by: Get a life | Aug 19 2016 18:47 utc | 139

harrylaw@123 - Tell your daughter there's no need to speculate. Walid points out that Raslan is wearing the exact same blue shirt while filming Omar in the ambulance that he was when filming his head-chopper pals in Zinki doing the child beheading video. Walid posted this last night.

I have not seen the video where he faces the camera in the ambulance scene, but you can see his back and camera strap as he leans into the ambulance.

Note to Promise, Inc.: Your social media campaign for the Nobel Prize for the White Helmets will be much more successful if you get your Zinki head-chopper videographers to change their shirts. Haven't we learned anything from filming ISIS beheadings with head-choppers wearing SAS-issue dessert boots? It's missing little details like this that make you look like the propaganda hacks you are. Are you letting the interns put these things together?

Posted by: PavewayIV | Aug 19 2016 18:53 utc | 140

You're an idiot. I could systemically knock down each of your points without any medical training whatsoever.

Posted by: Marina Jones | Aug 19 2016 18:56 utc | 141

@138, true, we know they're capable of mass murder without a qualm, is making shit up too far a reach?

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 19 2016 18:56 utc | 142

@132, can confirm. Doesn't even have to be particularly painful or dangerous. Black blood gushes forth!

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 19 2016 19:10 utc | 143

b - "...An internet search for "Mahmoud Raslan", the claimed "photojournalist", finds no other pictures or videos attributed to that name..." The transliteration of our head-chopper cinematographer's name is also Mahmoud Rslan/Rislan.

Here's Rislan's heart-touching account of Omran's picture in the Sun.

"..Rislan said: "Today when I woke up to see the whole world using the photo and talking about it. I thought to myself, I hope all photos of children and attacks in Syria go viral so the world know what is life like here..."

Well, your video of 12-year-old Abdullah Issa's beheading by your al Zenki monkeys certainly went viral, Rislan!

"If people knew what it was like maybe the war will stop the bombing will stop. "Maybe Omran and my daughter Amal can live normally like all children in the world."

Omran and his daughter Amal, but not Abdullah Issa because he (supposedly) supported Assad. Sanckbar! Some children just need beheading...

Posted by: PavewayIV | Aug 19 2016 19:18 utc | 144

@fredjc | Aug 19, 2016 1:43:52 PM | 131

Thanks. This from your link above is especially chilling:

[..] Hand in Hand for Syria co-founder and chairman Faddy Sahloul has expressed the following bloodthirsty sentiment in an image posted on Facebook:


The image was “liked” on Facebook by Hand in Hand for Syria co-founder, executive team member and trustee, Fadi Al-Dairi. [..]

That shows true face of the psychopaths behind such scams.

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 19 2016 19:25 utc | 145

@Marina Jones | Aug 19, 2016 2:56:11 PM | 140

Whereas you seem to have been systematically knocked down by the "White Helmets" boys.

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 19 2016 19:32 utc | 146

harry law, ce, yul and paveway.. thanks for the posts on the topic of the photographer for these pics..

hejiminy cricket is an asshole/troll that plagues moa under different names from time to time.. ignore the piece of shit..

Posted by: james | Aug 19 2016 19:43 utc | 147

@147- real classy James...pinhead.

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Aug 19 2016 19:48 utc | 148


James is the passive aggressive Canadian hall monitor. Continue to ignore this nonentity.

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Aug 19 2016 19:51 utc | 149

harrylaw | Aug 19, 2016 9:49:28 AM | 103

Looks to me like you’ve been punked, Harry.

1. That is an obvious photoshop putting “Raslan” in the photo. Completely different lighting intensity. Look at the line around his right cheek/ear. And he sticks out like a Bill Clinton stain on a blue dress. The Lina Arabi tweet of him taking the shots into the ambulance don’t even look like this guy. The fact that the shirt is the same doesn’t mean anything. If you were going to PS this, of course you’d find a similar shirt.

2. The midget is not the same. In the truck he is wearing a black watch, his eyebrows are different, and his hair is brown, not black.

3. The big guy is not the same either. In fact, the guy in green fatigues and an ammo sholder-holster looks more like the guy in the truck than the bald guy with the black ammo belt.

Here is a Sun photo of a different angle of the truck group.

There is a lot more than reasonable doubt that these are the same people. I’d say: no way.

If I’m right, it might be possible to find that group photo w/out the photoshopping. Still looking.

At my comment at #10 I said: Only goes to show: you cannot believe a word these Syrian bloggers/tweeters print on either side. I'm stickin' with that.

Posted by: Denis | Aug 19 2016 20:41 utc | 150

@119 @120

Yeah, this war, and every war, is horrid. One of the most grievous insults of this war, added to all the injuries, is this war's instigator, this war's maintainer, this Nobel Peace Prize Laureate's attempts to draw attention from himself, without whom this war would be over and Syria healing, to attempt to shift attention and responsibility for this war to those whom he forces to defend themselves from his mercenary berserkers. Every war, I suppose, has its own hallmarks, and that is this war's hallmark. the crudest insult added to the unrelenting injury. All for its own sake, he has no real interest in those he deigns destroy. And to cap it off, literally, he hires you two to come around screaming his insulting lines in capital letters.

Posted by: jfl | Aug 19 2016 20:42 utc | 151

The world would be better off without you. The boy is clearly in shock. You disgust me.

Posted by: Matt | Aug 19 2016 21:09 utc | 152

Aslan, the current Turkish word for "lion", is derived from the Old Turkic arslan, with the same meaning.

Ruslan is a given name in Russian and other Slavic languages which is derived from the Turkic/Persian name Aslan/Arslan.

Ruslan and Ludmila (Руслан и Людмила) is a poem by Alexander Pushkin.

Posted by: lysias | Aug 19 2016 21:13 utc | 153


'... this Nobel Peace Prize Laureate's attempts to draw attention from himself, without whom this war would be over and Syria healing ...'

Posted by: jfl | Aug 19 2016 21:46 utc | 154

Guardian posts the following now:Fighting raged across the embattled city of Aleppo on Friday, a day after the harrowing image of a child rescued from the rubble of his house in an opposition-held district sparked global condemnation and outrage over the plight of civilians there.

The renewed violence continued despite assurances from Russia, the primary ally of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, that it was ready to observe 48-hour humanitarian pauses in the fighting to allow aid to trickle into the besieged city.

Posted by: Jocelyn Braddell | Aug 19 2016 22:02 utc | 155

@150 Denis: "If I’m right, it might be possible to find that group photo w/out the photoshopping. Still looking."

You aren't right. The picture is from his own facebook account, here's another one from the same series with the Zanki freaks. Another day, another "report", another color of headband. Video of Mr. Rslan with his buddies obsessing in a backyard ("high on captagon", not unlikely true). The two freaks from the chopping video are known by name, Omar Salkhu is the short one, Muhammed Ma'yuf the long one. The most meticulous chronist of their adventures is urs1798 at this blog (German language) where I also got the two pictures from.

Posted by: CE | Aug 19 2016 22:14 utc | 156

@156 messed up video link, here:

Posted by: CE | Aug 19 2016 22:20 utc | 157

much anti semetic comments here i must say.
the site intel group have verified this story for sky tv uk and the times rita katz has at least 5 sources for this sad tale.
i do not understand why some of you folks cannot get with the programme.
robert fisk,jon snow at channel 4 and even patrick cockburn believe so what makes you goy special?
rupurt murdoch will seek compensation from the assad family over the state sponsored terror operation against the innocent marie colvin.
i bet you guys would support hitler if he was around today

Posted by: menechem golani | Aug 19 2016 22:24 utc | 158

\denis@150 Don't know Denis, Mahmoud Rslan/Raslan has a face book where he is posing with those child head choppers and other freaks. also catch him in this what looks like a captagon fueled rant

Posted by: harrylaw | Aug 19 2016 22:26 utc | 159

anyone remember syrian danny cohen boy

Caught: Staged CNN Syria Interviews Faked By Activist Danny

Syria Danny Staged News Reports Compilation

Posted by: charles drake | Aug 19 2016 22:36 utc | 160

CE@156and157. Thanks for that, your comments were not there when I was researching and sorting out my comment.

Posted by: harrylaw | Aug 19 2016 22:42 utc | 161

@all Thank you for great comments.

(apart from regular hasbara and other trolls pushing blatantly "white helmet" lies)

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 19 2016 22:43 utc | 162

"ever seen a 5 year old see himself bleeding? They bawl and wail, and scream, and it's all you can do to convince them that they aren't going to die, while trying to calm them down, so they hold still, so you can stop the bleeding and pop a band-aid on the poor thing."

I don't know if this is true for all of them but I know that when I was that age, I might be fine about an injury one minute but as soon as I found out I was bleeding, I would freak out.

(Reminds me of the time my older brother came to pick me up at school (literally I guess) because of a flood. I was laughing and enjoying us walking through the deep water until my brother said it was a flood and then I was terrified. Sorry for the digression.)

Posted by: RudyM | Aug 20 2016 0:49 utc | 163

Not disputing the general thrust of the article, but having had some grave head injuries (twice broken nose, scars above eye, on chin), they do bleed profusely, but don't hurt more to the touch than untouched. Surprising to me at the time, maybe it's the adrenalin? So I can't find the kids non-reaction to touching the wound to be indicative of anything either way. PS: the best time to reset a broken nose it RIGHT AWAY, before the swelling starts and interferes with the manipulation. Even 10 minutes later, it hurts a lot more.

Posted by: dk | Aug 20 2016 0:54 utc | 164

Others see through this coordinated msm onslaught as well ...

Is the Man Who Took Viral Syrian Boy Photo Linked with Killers?

In the photo currently circulating online, Raslan is seen posing with the very same militant group who captured and beheaded the 12-year-old Palestinian boy in Aleppo.

The alleged connection between the photojournalist and the Salafist fighters has led to claims by those supportive of the embattled Syrian government that the material depicting the shell-shocked and wounded Syrian boy was staged in an attempt to implement a "humanitarian ceasefire" in which rebels would be resupplied, presumably by backers such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S.

“Human rights” propaganda campaign paves way for military escalation in Syria

Photographs and video of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh have rapidly become ubiquitous in the media in the US and Western Europe after being distributed by a group aligned with the CIA-backed Islamist “rebels” in Syria.

CNN proclaimed the child “the face of Syria’s civil war,” while the anchor-woman theatrically burst into tears recounting his story. The New York Times called him “a symbol of Aleppo’s suffering,” while USA Today published a short editor’s note reading, “This Syrian boy is Omran. Will you pay attention now?”

More direct in its approach was the British daily Telegraph, which headlined an article: “For the sake of Aleppo’s children, we must try again to impose a no-fly zone in Syria.”

Among the most obscene pieces was one penned, predictably, by Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, who conflated the plight of Syria’s children with the death of his family dog. ...

What we are witnessing is a carefully orchestrated war propaganda campaign, designed to appeal to the humanitarian sentiments of the population in order to corral it behind a new escalation of imperialist violence in the Middle East. Whether the incident with Omran was itself staged by the “rebels” and their CIA handlers, or Washington and the corporate media are cynically exploiting the real suffering of an innocent child, is an open question.

What is indisputable is that the feigned concern over this one child is being foisted upon the public with very definite and undeclared political and geo-strategic motives that have nothing to do with protecting the lives of innocent children. They have died by the hundreds of thousands over the last quarter century of US-led invasions, bombings and proxy wars throughout the region.

Posted by: jfl | Aug 20 2016 1:45 utc | 165

@158, take it to, Golani. No hasbara here.

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 20 2016 1:53 utc | 166

Speaking of Hitler, one looks back on his era and asks: How could anybody fall for that blather? Well, look around.

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 20 2016 2:00 utc | 167

Talk Show producer Kathy Malloy has posted an agit prop on this over at OpEdNews.
"His name is Omran and He is Alive"

Fortunately most of the commentors have called Malloy out for spreading obviously staged propaganda.

Still, Moon, I would encourage you to submit your articles or links to them at OEN, it isn't alot of trouble to get signed up.
I used to submit articles back in the day on other issues.

Posted by: Laura Roslin | Aug 20 2016 2:54 utc | 168

CE (156/157) & Harry (159) – thanks for the additional photos.

I’m still doubtful that these are al-Zinki head-choppers. Look at the pic at CE’s link “another report”. They are on a street lined with Syrian flags. There is also a Syrian flag in the vid, but I can’t tell whether they are displaying it or dissing it. IOW, these people are not acting anti-Assad.

I don’t dispute that the head-choppers are properly named, I just don’t know that those names go with the people in the Raslan (or Rslan) selfies. There are lots of photos of this gang, but connecting them to the idiots in the pick-up truck is far from conclusive. I’ve searched and cannot find any clothes or gear or watches etc. that are common to the beheading vid and the selfies. I’ve seen quite a few photos of the tall, bald guy and the guy in the blue checked shirt. With enough time you could perhaps link all of these photos/vids by people and backgrounds in common. There’s quite a bit to work with here.

Harry, above you said “my daughter has just come in.” Does that mean you’re no longer in Gaza? Love your work, but have not followed your story since Protective Edge, or was it Pillar of Shit? Can’t keep them separate anymore.

Posted by: Denis | Aug 20 2016 3:38 utc | 169

@169 Denis:

I’m still doubtful that these are al-Zinki head-choppers. Look at the pic at CE’s link “another report”. They are on a street lined with Syrian flags.

Those aren't flags, those are fences painted in flag colors, and Rslan and the other guy are quite obviously celebrating some advance on the front line. See the vehicle?

There is also a Syrian flag in the vid, but I can’t tell whether they are displaying it or dissing it. IOW, these people are not acting anti-Assad.

These people are not acting anti-Assad posing with a riven poster of him, standing on it and shouting curses to "Bashar"? You must be kidding. Is this really Denis O'Brien?

Posted by: CE | Aug 20 2016 3:50 utc | 170

state dept bozo at 3 minutes in, promoting this pic in his talk hoping to evoke a knee jerk response..

Posted by: james | Aug 20 2016 4:58 utc | 171

Everybody can blah-blah-blah about the photo, its photographer and its circumstances, but there is only one major point to be made, which is what PCR said.

USA is who caused the circumstances for this photo to occur. Before 2011 Syria was dysfunctional but safe and together. Hillary/Obama/Washington's project mayhem ended that reality

Posted by: bbbb | Aug 20 2016 5:02 utc | 172
It is clearly propaganda and the news it generated was far out of wack to what got generated by something like Obama bombing kids in doctors without borders hospitals nevertheless I believe it to be propaganda generated from a real event. Other posters pointed out that the ambulance was impossibly clean for the situation. If you watch the complete video you will see that the seat had already what appears to be blood on it. The building does genuinely seem to be damaged and there are rather more participants than you would expect from an area with out a history of crisis actors.

Posted by: Meh | Aug 20 2016 5:19 utc | 173

The world would be better off without you. The boy is clearly in shock. You disgust me.
Posted by: Matt | Aug 19, 2016 5:09:05 PM | 152

Shock is about becoming catatonic and oblivious to one's surroundings. The boy is behaving like a dog, or a little kid, that's been told to STAY THERE and don't move 'til I tell you to move!!! He is doing what he was told, BUT, looks furtively around before touching the stuff daubed on his head. He checks out the stuff on his hand and wipes in on the seat beside him. That suggests to me that he..
- Doesn't like it, or understand why he has to tolerate the muck and grubbiness.
- He knows it's not blood because he isn't panicking.
- He's bored but doesn't want to get into trouble.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 20 2016 5:47 utc | 174

Smart article, thank you.
This is a free press, I suppose.
Maybe we used to have an expectation of a shred of truth amidst all the fiction,
but seeing that page from the "white helmets," and the 44 pictures...
Man, nothing is off limits. I am prepared to read the most disturbing "facts" in years to come.
There's no way anyone of us can predict a future that has to be written.
This reads like Wag the Dog, which is on iTunes (but kinda hard to stream to Apple TV...) youtube?
Oh yea, typing on the iPad I get to "white helm" which autocorrects to add "ets"; "white helmets".
Since I didn't know of that nobel organization until tonight, either lots of people do, or?
Oh - here's some trashy nonsense on ... so now they're terrorists...
Who the fuck isn't labeled terrorists? Remember he who smelt it dealt it?

Posted by: Moe | Aug 20 2016 6:05 utc | 175

vanessa beeley ‏@VanessaBeeley · Aug 17

WHITE HELMETS donations. Your money is being weaponized, crowd funding for terrorism, you are killing Syrian people by funding Al Qaeda.

Posted by: okie farmer | Aug 20 2016 6:11 utc | 176

To everyone who has commented with their own version of the situation in Syria, I would humbly ask for you to do your little part in aiding in what can only be described as a devastating human tragedy. It is always easier to comment far removed from tragedy. Having worked myself over 15 years in the Middle East including Syria, Jordan, etc. with NGOs, I know how easy it is to pass judgement when the essence of the situation is maybe overseen - It's not a matter of political or cultural opinion, it's purely a matter of saving innocent human lives of those affected who are in the middle of this conflict.

Posted by: Roman | Aug 20 2016 7:03 utc | 177

@ Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 20, 2016 1:47:41 AM | 173

On what fact do you base your statement:

Shock is about becoming catatonic and oblivious to one's surroundings.

Please refresh your awareness of 'shock' at the reference source of your choice e.g. wikipedia, Encyclopaedia Britannia, etc. Yours is the Hollywood version it appears. Shock you will find is a spectrum of conditions. This marks the first time I have ever encountered fault with your pen on these pages. It is such misstatement that the spread of ignorance happens; that is not like your usual trove of information and perspective.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 20 2016 7:12 utc | 178

YourMom @99 - I think you may be correct. Fortunately the plucky little guy recovered from those horrendous earlier injuries in time to dance along to Chumbawumba's "I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again."

Yonatan and others also seem to be on the right track about the "ordnance" - the travel stabilisers for my new washing machine look very similar.

Posted by: Cortes | Aug 20 2016 7:34 utc | 179

Yes, the man in the gray striped shirt who is handling the "injured man" in the white tee shirt, escorting him in front of the camera and towards (but not into) the ambulance is clearly speaking English to him. Quite strange... Inexplicable really.

Posted by: Frisco Kid | Aug 20 2016 9:29 utc | 180

This article is at least a horryfying thing of anti-propaganda.
A single helmet, wherever it can be from is NO sign of where the the man who wears it, comes from
What would you write, if there would be shown a german orange firearms-helmet? That the germans are involved?

Posted by: Anna Murks | Aug 20 2016 10:22 utc | 182

Yemen: 'Ten children killed' in attack on school

At least 10 children have been killed and about 30 injured in an air strike on a school in the stronghold of Yemen's Houthi rebels, according to a medical aid group.

United States Cuts Military Advisers to Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen

An anonymous US official meanwhile told the news outlet that US will still provide limited support and intelligence sharing for the coalition, as the Saudi-led forces continue to rely on US military for an average of two refueling sorties a day.

So the US' shameless PR continues. The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is running away from his droogie, Saudi Defense Secretaary Salman, because Obama wants to try to paint the Russians the same color as himself, that would be red, white, and blue.

Checkout the Children killed by Obama's drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen during his 1st term

Pakistan 97, Yemen 25.

All the deaths of men, women, and children in Syria are ultimately due to the US' ongoing, worldwide program of death, devastation, destruction, and - as illustrated here so clearly - deceit.

Posted by: jfl | Aug 20 2016 11:13 utc | 183


I would go one step further, not only do they not care, not only do Americans 'not know', but they willfully and cognitively live in a state of abject Exceptionalist denial, and become furius when I send covert cell videos of military attacks and shooting on civilians, saying, 'You might choose to believe this staged crap, but I don't, so stop sending it to me!" Then they really go overboard. "Donald Trump will build a wall to end all this crap."

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Aug 20 2016 11:15 utc | 184


That probably explains why interest in either Trump or Clinton has cratered, and everyone is just waiting for the October Surprise repeat of 2000 and 2008. They have to do something really onerous and odious to hide the rampant looting of SS, VA and MC Disability, passing looted $10Bs to their Globalist cronies, passing it off as public 'debt'. $5B in 2009 to Karzai, then $50B in 2015 to Poroshenko, then $500B in 2021, ... and who will the lucky oil cartel franchisee be? Netanyahu?
Allepo is just Leviathan and Qatari gas wars to secure the EU market for when North Sea gas fades, along with Israel's successful recapture of the best farmlands in E Europe with sacking of Kiev, then everyone goes all party political and completely ignores the underlying nexus. Glass Hebron.

Posted by: TheRealDonald | Aug 20 2016 11:37 utc | 185

The presence of English inside the ambulance is not out of the ordinary. The unit was probably a donation from Europe, probably shipped to Syria right alongside the TOW missiles destined for al-Nusra.

I don't buy this photo-op as well which just goes to show how much trust has eroded with regards to "professional journalism." I don't trust RT because I know full well that our own MSM lies through their teeth and expecting RT ultimately isn't much different.

Posted by: P Walker | Aug 20 2016 12:15 utc | 186

100;I don't doubt that many are still in the dark re Syria and the ME in America,what can one expect with complete domination of zion on our MSM and web sites?
But the tide has turned re intervention for zion in the ME.
Trump will win the race for POTUS and rescue US from the ziomonsters.
And after their total demonization pogrom,could anyone doubt his revenge?
The Graun made that photo the pick of the week.sheesh.

Posted by: dahoit | Aug 20 2016 12:34 utc | 187

Nasty cunts, I'll make sure the twat who runs this page pays

Posted by: You Cunts | Aug 20 2016 12:36 utc | 188

184;Well the other candidate,the Hell Bitch,promises more and more of this borders and trade steals aplenty,so who are you gonna call,the female ghostbusters?
And don't believe the hype,as serial liars lie serially,and graphs with 86% chance of HB electoral success are an example.
For the first time,the MSM are talking Ms Stein,but attacking the doctor as an anti vax nut(Harvard trained and worked there-which of course sets my alarm bell ringing,as the poison ivy league is the source of every one of our traitors.),just displays their fear of her stealing the HBs votes,because she won't steal Trumps.

Posted by: dahoit | Aug 20 2016 12:57 utc | 189

Another Psy-op by the same gang
Fake Turkey coup 2016, fake Maidan revolution 2014, ALL ACTORS, from Gulen to Yanukovich, from coup soldiers being dragged out of tanks in Istanbul to Berkut police being hit by protesters in Kiev.
Only difference: Maidan was scripted to succeed, Turkey to fail.

HEADLINES: ALL THEATER, from fake Turkey coup to these fake wars:
Jaish Al-Islam vs Assad in East Ghouta = First Coastal Division v Assad in Latakia mountains = YPG & US v ISIS in Manjib = Assad & Russia v ISIS in Palmyra = YPG v Assad in Hasakah.

Hasakah, NE Syria: Assad v Kurds - FAKE war for dummies:
THEATER using treasonous kurd "leaders" of PYD/YPG. scripted by the same gang that used CGI to serve fake airliners crashing on 9/11 2001.
Hasakah fake war launched Aug 15 2016, one month after the fake Turkey coup: no wonder, it's part of the same script.
Unlike the theater "Turkey v Russia", staged after "Putin" started non-stop bombing, it didn't require any fake air force crashes until now.

Hasakah theater Assad v YPG Kurds: part of same script as fake Turkey coup
Goal: to set the stage for this chapter: "Erdogan sends ground troops to help Assad fight ISIS and prevent Kurds from creating a separate state".
This is the cover-up to have Erdogan officially enter the war by terror against civilians and syrian freedom fighters (a move timed in sync with the China puppets), to join:
- Assad/Iran/Hezbollah/YPG (as well as in reality also ISIS) on the ground
- Russia/US led coalition in the air.

Syria: Illuminati repeat the Novorussia script, Erdogan plays same role as "Putin"
More than 80% of the population in Donetsk and Lugansk are ethnic russians, more than 90% of turks are sunnis, same as 90% of the syrian rebels fighting the shock troops sent by the IV Reich to "protect the shiia shrines".
In yet another proof of the reduction of people to cattle, illuminati were able to use:
1. - agent "Putin" to first try to suppress the armed revolt in Novorussia, one month after the start, calling rebels to disram and to cancel the independence referendum.
The attempt was successful in taking control of the rebel leadership but failed in its ultimate goal.
"Putin" was then used to prevent the defeat of the nazi regime (the two Minsk truces). Since Feb 2015 (nazi total defeat at Debaltseve) "Putin" is at the second attempt to terminate the revolt.
2. - agent Erdogan since 2011 to supply fake rebels, from ISIS to the First Coastal Division.
As nazis attempts to take Aleppo failed again and again, Erdogan will now be used to go beyond "Putin": officially sending ground troops, with the mission of attacking the rebels.


Posted by: Matt Marr | Aug 20 2016 14:38 utc | 191

It's the weakness (moral, psychological, intelectual) of the masses that causes that mayhem.

Thousands of dupes come to the US, Canada from the South to become slaves of the people who destroyed their countries through carefully planned wars ("on drugs", or through NAFTA and similar "free trade agreements", a trademark of the Brutish Empire).

The same scheme is applied to the MENA region - turn countries into hell-holes to grab the resources, force populations into slavery in northern territories (EU), and use them to terrorize current population of the EU into absolute submission to the ruling class.

Instead of fighting against the invaders at high places and their terrorist armies on the ground politically, socially, and militarly in their own countries - masses of allegedly "good people" willfuly let them divide and conquer their society. So called "refugees" in EU, the US are for the most part just traitors, cowards, hypocrites, cynical smartasses, freeloaders, disgrace to patriots who stayed behind to fight for their countries. And how blatant, outrageous those crude brutes are - many healthy, young males in fancy new denims, shirts and expensive smartphones that left behind their women in war-torn country. Weak, pathetic, whining, barking, uncultured, sexually depraved wussies, greedy for Soros money enticing them to come to EU and become his weapon against the European population. I hope they will be all deported soon. They will get what they deserve.

The fate of immigrants,"refugees" is a reflection of their lack of strong will to resist evil on a wider scale, to care about foreigners, to question the UN agendas worldwide, to sacrifice own standard of living for common human goals. They want "nice things" like in the Western countries, to stroll the big malls, to watch exhillarating Hollyweird shows, to have "good life like in a America"that's shown on TV. Stupid Ukrainians supported Maidan so it could be there "like in Poland". Idiots do not realize it's all just an illusion, and an expensive one in that - state debt of Poland has reached catastrophic, historical proporations undercurrent government of London puppets, just like in the US (relatively). Global master social engineers usually after having inflated debt, go to the next phase - war.

There is no good without evil. Global criminal elite is just a test of how good we are. They are a tiny minority, yet billions fail on a daily basis to stand up to them. So much can be done to fight that evil cabal of secret societies, multinational corporations and their puppets - politicians, the media, clergy. Boycott their products, services, information, members. It's the only way. Elections are just held every 2-4 years. Why wait so long and count on some miracles?

Yet people still buy gas on BP, Chevron, Shell, eat food at Mcdonalds, KFC, drink Coca Cola, Pepsi, use Iphones, Chrome, Google, Fecesbook, Twatter, Paypale, Visa, Mastercanard, other banking products, Roundup, go to see idiotic, mind damaging, war mongering, CIA-scripted movies.

These are the companies who are, along with the Military-Intelligence-Industrial-Comples WHO ARE BEHIND the wars we see before our eyes. Haven't you read "War is a racket" by general Smedley Butler? Nothing has changed, except for technology since his conquests in South and Central America for markets for the AngloAmZio corporations. Haven't you seen president Eisenhower warning in his farewell address?

Why haven't I heard about "boycott Facebook day", or "boycott cable news day"? Hit them where it hurts. This is the only language they understand.

The sad truth is people have become slaves of the small global elite at their own wish.

What's happened to "And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil" ?

World criminal oligarchy has a plan B Syria after the war - one for economic colonization, just like it's had for Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela...

War by Another Name in Syria by Franklin Lamb

Citizens of North America, EU should force their top politicians to fully support Assad's government in Syria in its fight against the international terrorism, and once basic security is restored, help the real refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan to safely return to their homeland and start rebuilding their communities and lifes. In the meantime no money should be spared to make lives of the refugees in those camps not only bareble, but safe, healthy and to bring the criminal gangs exploting the plight of the children, women, elderly to justice.

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 20 2016 14:46 utc | 192

And where were the good peoples from MENA when NATO was bombing Serbia into oblivion...?

Pastor Niemoeller when imprisoned in Dachau wrote:

"First, they came for the communists,
and I did not speak out because I wasn't a communist...
When they came for me there was no one to speak out"

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 20 2016 14:55 utc | 193

@Matt Marr | Aug 20, 2016 10:38:32 AM | 191 So you troll here by suggesting that:

"Berkut police being hit by protesters in Kiev." was fake.

I want you to go to the families of those brave Berkut officers burned alive, mutilated, murdered by the Maidan mob, and repeat to them face to face what you just ejaculated in your post.

Then come back here, if you manage, and tell us about their reply.

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 20 2016 15:08 utc | 194

dahoit | Aug 20, 2016 8:57:40 AM | 189 This is more like it

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 20 2016 15:16 utc | 195

@You Cunts | Aug 20, 2016 8:36:56 AM | 188 Bite me! And I _will_ find you, no worries.

Comments from trolls like that excrement just show how badly they are loosing. Good sign.

Posted by: ProPeace | Aug 20 2016 15:22 utc | 196

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Aug 20, 2016 3:12:42 AM | 178

Sorry you don't like my amateur 'diagnosis'. But I'm not retracting what I said. I've observed the early reaction of young children to psychological trauma/fear and they freeze. The boy in the vid is functioning, albeit, with caution.
Please feel free to point out the elements in the boys behaviour/ actions which persuaded you that he is, indeed, in a state of "shock" which is the 'diagnosis' I was disputing.
(If you can do so with out starting a brawl about semantics).

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Aug 20 2016 17:11 utc | 197

thx b for the exposé. I’ve been bashing such fakery for 10 years so now I can stop. Recall the ‘Saddamites’ throwing babies out of incubators following the false testimony of Nariya, the ex. that springs to mind (others above...) Such garbage has become a staple of the MSM to provide clicks, ad. sales, revenues / whip up public outrage, sympathy.

The PTB = media-corp-oligarch-gvmt-MIC combo - imagine that they control ppl thru cynically provoked emotional responses. Yesss up to a point, but their control is more direct, far more coercitive and violent, and is located elsewhere (e.g. jobs, health care, repression, security, imprisonement, etc.) — so the Prop. stuff serves as a distractive move, smart camouflage.

Propaganda is traditionally considered soft power and doesn’t kill anyone, i.e. it is just games with cameras, actors, proper lighting, fakey TV news, never comparable to bombing a country to smithereens.

Therefore it expands and flowers (and is taken up all over the world as a necessary to win thing, everybody imitiates the Hegemon..with one fake vid / story after another..) The producers involved accept doing it gleefully as their actions are not directly experienced as murderous, rather as being rewarded for being superb professionals.

Emotion-opinion-bubbles are similar in a shorter time scale to asset bubbles. They pop quick. Ppl are less and less fooled. That cute little boy the horror sob (i got an e-mail along that line from a VERY concerned US citizen) also realise their neigbor boy is dying of leukemia without any help, and the children down the road ain’t eating healthy… Ppl comply, offer up and display their PC social persona - coerced to pay lip-service to some staged stuff designed to fit their feelings, say, as parents, while sub rosa some of the implications are understood.

One mechanism works: lamenting an individual case assuages guilt. If you pray for that small boy (or the raped little girl, and want to stop all that), killing millions is swept under the blood-weave carpet of the Church / Gvmt / etc.. Propagandists and advertising types know this.

Posted by: Noirette | Aug 20 2016 17:16 utc | 198

@196, Nazis make threats expecting to be exonerated in the aftermath. But he could be right, if the Coalition of the Sensible fails, we're all screwed.

Posted by: ruralito | Aug 20 2016 17:26 utc | 199

@198 noirette, 'One mechanism works: lamenting an individual case assuages guilt. If you pray for that small boy (or the raped little girl, and want to stop all that), killing millions is swept under the blood-weave carpet of the Church / Gvmt / etc.. Propagandists and advertising types know this.'

Literally the bottom line.

Posted by: jfl | Aug 20 2016 17:29 utc | 200

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