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August 28, 2016

German Pro-Atlantic Paper Admits: Ghouta Sarin Attack Committed By Al-Qaeda

The German paper Die Welt is staunchly pro-NATO and pro-U.S. It always follows the official, conservative propaganda lines up to the dot on the last i. But in today's Sunday edition one of its well-connected journalists and department head argues for a change of direction on Syria. Assad is not going to go away and "the west" needs to accept that to prevent a Salafist take-over of that country.

Buried in the German language piece is this version of events of the 2013 Sarin attack in Ghouta and the "lack of response" by the Obama administration (my translation):

When on August 21 2013 the nerve gas Sarin was used in Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, [Obama] had to make a decision. He ordered to prepare an attack by sea-launched cruise missiles. But the British secret service was in possession of a sampling of the used Sarin. An analysis showed it not to be Sarin from the Syrian regime, but from the inventory of al-Nusra. Obama dropped his plan.

There are several problems with this line of events. The British parliament had rejected an attack on Syria. The U.S. congress refused to authorize one. If Obama would have attacked, the Republicans would have, without doubt, started impeachment procedures against him. The domestic policy implications, not the origin of the Sarin,  stopped Obama's attack plans.

The explanation of Die Welt reporter, that al-Nusra Sarin's was different from Syrian government Sarin, is also dubious. According to a recent extensive report based on interviews with an al-Qaeda aligned "rebel" in Syria, al-Qaeda acquired the Sarin from a storage facility of the Syrian regime when it conquered the Syrian base of Regiment 111 in late 2012. This was before the split of al-Nusra and the Islamic State. There would thus be no difference between "regime Sarin" and "al-Qaeda Sarin".

But even completely independent of the origin of the Sarin, U.S. missile experts had long concluded that the missiles which carried the Sarin in the attack could not have been fired from government held areas. Their range was simply too short. Thus the event must have been a false flag attack.

Nonetheless, the German newspaper analysis is a sign that the tide has turned and that the official "regime change" storm is calming down. The dismantling of a major official propaganda item, like the Sarin attack, points to the introduction of a new narrative. How that will develop further is yet to be seen.

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@100 If insults and innuendo are the best you can come up with I'd say you've lost the plot. Good luck getting Dr. Assad into the ICC.

Posted by: dh | Sep 1 2016 4:37 utc | 101


I think the Syrians can judge Dr Gas Attack without the help of Eurotrash and a long fall with a short rope would be a just end for this madman.

Posted by: wayoutwest | Sep 1 2016 14:27 utc | 102

dh | Aug 31, 2016 7:24:28 PM | 99

You need more than allegations. What you need is conclusive evidence that Assad or some high-ranking Syrian officer ordered the gas attacks.

You are so right. It has now been three years and there is no such evidence. If there was any convincing evidence that the Ghouta Massacre was perpetrated by Assad and his gang, the USG, UK, FR, KSA, TU, and (especially) GoI with their billions of dollars invested in intelligence assets would have convinced the world to take him out. But not a shred of reliable evidence has been published, and that includes the Sellstrom Report. Even Obama and Kerry have stopped with their “he gassed his own people” bullshit, with respect to Ghouta at least. That tells you everything you need to know.

The sort of “evidence” we got at the time was GoI cretins spinning a story about having intercepted a phone call between a battle commander and his wife, or something stupid like that. Bogus horseshit. Just like the UN’s failed attempt to implicitly nail Assad, idiot reports from HRW and NYT proved nothing more than that their writers are dumb as dildos. Recall the laughable HRW/NYT “reports” of sarin-laden missiles sailing over the presidential palace. All the Chivers, Higgins, and Kaszetas in the world were not able to concoct a case that held water, no matter who was feeding their monkey.

If any of these reports had had any merit, they would have become bricks in the wall of a case against Assad. But three years later there is no wall and the bricks turn out to be nothing more than disconnected nuggets of superfluous stupidity. But as we can see in the comments here, the Zionist pikers will do everything they can to try and keep the myth alive. They have no valid evidence, the data they do have are contradictory and incomprehensible, and the video evidence proves beyond any doubt that al-Nusra and/or other Sunni/Salafist terrorists were responsible for exterminating those people in Ghouta.

Posted by: Denis | Sep 1 2016 19:15 utc | 103

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