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July 21, 2016

Yemen - Impotent Men Beg: "Please Don't Move While We Rape You"

Since March 2015 Saudi Arabia, with active help of the U.S., UK and UAE, is trying to subdue Yemen by force. Using foreign and Yemeni proxy forces it attempted to march towards the Yemeni capital Sanaa. But all efforts to move from the desert and coastal plains into the mountainous heart of Yemen failed. Thousands of Saudi air strikes, planned with and supported by the U.S., destroyed much of Yemen's infrastructure and heritage but failed to change the military balance.

Followers of the Houthi movement and the Yemeni army loyal to former president Saleh defeated all incursions. At the southern coast al-Qaeda aligned fighters, with silent help from the Saudis, gained and hold some ground around Aden. But they are unable to proceed from there.

The Houthis and their allies then turned the war around by invading Saudi Arabia. This led to peace negotiations under hapless UN supervision. But after the Houthis, in a good-will gesture, stopped further attacks on Saudi Arabia the negotiations failed. The Saudis had demanded total surrender which, for some reason, the Houthis and their allies were not willing to concede. Air attacks by the Saudis increased again and they announced, for the twentieths or so time, that their proxy forces will conquer Sanaa within weeks.

The Houthis and the Yemeni army also renewed their efforts. New Uragan missiles with 100 kilometer reach suddenly came out of nowhere (video) and hit Saudi areas. Now an renewed invasion follows:

2:25 PM - 20 Jul 2016 Haykal Bafana @BaFana3

Breaking : #Yemen forces & Houthi militia surge 10km into Jizan region #Saudi & capture cement plant & army camp. 16°44'49"N 43°4'31"E

Photos : Damage in Samatah, Jizan region, #Saudi Arabia by #Yemen forces shelling 19 July. 16°35'54"N 42°56'17"E

For 200 km of the KSA-Yemen border from Red Sea to inland eastwards, Yemeni forces have invaded at 6 locations, 5-20km deep. Not incl Najran

Celebratory gunfire & fireworks in capital Sanaa. 1am local. Hear that, ya Salman? :-)

Areas in Saudi Arabia held by Yemeni forces for months now : Al Rabuah & Khoubah, Jizan. Al Shorfah, Najran.

The Saudi puppet in the war on Yemen, former vice president Hadi, confirmed and condemned the Houthi success.

The Saudi rulers are incensed. That is not the way their war was supposed to be fought. How dare those Yemenis to invade Saudi land?

The Saudis ran off to their mommies "western" allies and demanded a strong response. A response was dully given, with a silent smirk, ... in a joint statement:

The Foreign Ministers of the United Kingdom, USA, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates met on 19 July in London to review the situation in Yemen, following the resumption of UN led-peace talks in Kuwait on 16 July.
The Ministers agreed that the conflict in Yemen should not threaten Yemen’s neighbours

Read that again:

The Ministers agreed that the conflict in Yemen should not threaten Yemen’s neighbours

This should be noted in history books as the most funny diplomatic note ever. "Please, please don't hit back while we invade your land." "Please yield to these impotent men. Please don't move while we try to rape you."

As the Saudis are unable to successfully change the balance in Yemen, and incapable of protecting their own land, the Obama administration prepares to add to the chaos by sending more U.S. troops to Yemen. But if the Saudis, with the most expensive U.S. war toys available to them, are unable to win the fight, the U.S. can't either.

Another Obama war - launched without aim, without the capability to win, but with huge profits for the U.S. military and intelligence complex. Later, some foreign ministers will agree that the U.S. war on Yemen "should not threaten" the U.S. itself.

Some Yemenis though, will disagree.

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It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. Glory to Yemen.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jul 21 2016 9:40 utc | 1

"This led to peace negotiations under hapless UN supervision."

Hapless? Yep, that's FrUKUS's hijacked UN alright...
Docile, Pointless, and as useless as tits on a bull.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 21 2016 9:42 utc | 2

On this issue, there was a couple of days ago a summit in Africa which Omar al Bashir attended. Of course the MSM were crying rivers on the complete disregard for the international mandate of arrest against him but not a word on the role of Sudan in the Great-Ksa-Coalition

Posted by: Mina | Jul 21 2016 10:27 utc | 3

b, '... the U.S. war(s) on Yemen (and everywhere else on planet earth) "should not threaten" the U.S. itself ...'

That's been the story since 9/11. Before then it was unimaginable. 'Over there' has been the story of the USA since 1812 - not counting the homegrown turf battle of the industrialist settlers with the slaver settlers 150 years ago. The USA and its populace have no idea what war is like. All they can remember about WW II is swing bands and full employment. Vietnam was hashish and Woodstock. Wars are great!

Posted by: jfl | Jul 21 2016 10:39 utc | 4

How did they get hold of the missiles? Have the Russians been clandestinely assisting them? I know they had the multiple launch system, which involves a 20 ton truck with the launch tubes, but the video shows each one being indidualy launched from a standalone tripod. Is it a different missile?

Posted by: dan | Jul 21 2016 11:34 utc | 5

Unfortunately the UN Charter, International law in general count for nothing when any of the five permanent members are involved. And equally importantly,their friends. It is the law of the jungle were only the strong will survive. I hope the Yemeni's receive some decent hardware from Iran because the Saudis will never give up their hegemonic ambitions in the region. It would be difficult, but somehow that vulnerable main Saudi port Ras Tanura has to be threatened, that could bring the Saudi perverts to heel in no time

Posted by: harrylaw | Jul 21 2016 12:10 utc | 6

The corrupt war crime supporting US regime is wondering what is happening after humiliating defeats in Afghan and Iraq. Saudis keep working for neo-cons and Zionists but no one can defeat the nomad ill equipped and poorly planned Houthis. Their missiles have destroyed Saudi bases and taught a lesson to superpowers. They would never surrender and ultimately win the war to prove that if you are right, you will be victorious. Defeat is imminent in Syria and that would close the chapter of regional power grab for wahabi ideology.

Long live freedom, long live brave fighters and long live free people!

Posted by: RedSquare | Jul 21 2016 12:47 utc | 7

Once again we are presented with utterly jaw-dropping levels of both incompetence and evil. One wonders if the main problem that the Saudis have is that they are taking too much advice from the Americans? "Another Obama war - launched without aim, without the capability to win, but with huge profits for the U.S. military and intelligence complex" - that sums it up. As many flaws as Donald Trump has, and it must be admitted that nobody can say for certain what a Donald Trump would actually do as president because he has no track record (and his pick for vice president gives pause), but Hillary Clinton's track record shows quite clearly that she will make Obama look like Gandhi. Heaven help us if we try this keystone cop routine on a real player like Russia or China.

Posted by: TG | Jul 21 2016 13:07 utc | 8

thanks b. are americans about to discover that this military we spend so much money on, that half the shit doesn't do what it's supposed to? surely over-reliance on Big Tech is part of the problem itself, and Big Gulp swilling, Double-down munching diabetes-afflicted Gomer Pyles with asses looking like 200 lbs of chewed bubble gum are, as M. Obama stated, a "national security risk," so we must rely on Big Tech instead of getting off the couch & putting down the Hostess Ding Dongs, but surely the S. Arabian populace & military personnel don't have that problem? in that heat? somebody posted a link earlier about the IDF getting tired of american shit that doesn't work. the pentagon as the biggest financial boondoggle in world history?

not taking anything away from the Yemenis, Allah bless 'em. and a timely reminder that the Yemenis will not forget whose footing the bill to destroy their country.

Posted by: jason | Jul 21 2016 13:44 utc | 9


Once again we are presented with utterly jaw-dropping levels of both incompetence and evil. One wonders if the main problem that the Saudis have is that they are taking too much advice from the Americans?

There is a general problem in Arab militaries with combined arms warfare. With some minor exceptions they are not a good material for this complex type of war. Even more so are Saudis whose expensive military is nothing more than collection of shiny toys.

Posted by: SmoothieX12 | Jul 21 2016 14:03 utc | 10

So now we are invading Yemen? Wow, Obama really working hard for that Peace Prize medal.

Re: Najran - wasn't that former Yemeni territory anyway? Go Houthis!

Posted by: Anunnaki | Jul 21 2016 15:05 utc | 11

Excellent post, b. Yemen has been banished from the pages of the NYT. So it was news to me, reading the Reuters hyperlink you include about U.S. to increase troops, that the KSA/U.S./UAE coalition took the port of Mukalla from AQAP back in April.

I assume the U.S. press blackout is because things are going so poorly for Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman's splendid little war. The anti-Houthi coalition appears to be having difficulty holding Mukalla. The boost in U.S. forces is no doubt meant to clear and hold Mukalla, something the KSA/UAE Hadi army cannot do.

Posted by: Mike Maloney | Jul 21 2016 15:47 utc | 12

thanks b for focusing on this.. the link you provided mentioning us forces 'weighing' more robust presence in yemen is based on al qaeda getting more of a foothold in the arab peninsula.. wasn't that supposed to be an obvious byproduct of saudi arabia making war on yemen? isis and al qaeda got more of a foothold in libya and have gotten one in syria too thanks the usa's role in all of this. it is hard to view the usa seriously in any of there actions.. alternatively one could view the usa as seriously working to establish isis and al qaeda in any war they help foster or support, their support for saudi arabia making war on yemen being another prime example..

Posted by: james | Jul 21 2016 16:05 utc | 13

@Dan How did they get hold of the missiles?

Many are asking that question. The Houthis say "we made them". That could be true. But the detailed plans how to make them likely came through Hizbullah in Lebanon. It may also be that the missiles were made elsewhere, though I doubt it was in Iran. That would be too obvious.

@Mike So it was news to me, ... that the KSA/U.S./UAE coalition took the port of Mukalla from AQAP back in April.

It didn't. AQ moved out of town for a short vacation so that the Saudis could claim a win. There was no fight but one small skirmish - a misunderstanding. AQ is now back. Same in Aden.

The Saudis today bombed Haradh in north Yemen near the Saudi border. They tried to conquer it but failed. The same happened in March 2015. Same outcome, but the Saudis then hit a refugee camp and killed 40 in one strike.

That they still don't manage 15 month later, with all the resources they have when the Yemenis have little, is a complete embarrassment. That deputy clown prince is in this way above his head. The public in the Gulf will wake up that and he will get that deep fall he deserves.

Posted by: b | Jul 21 2016 16:35 utc | 14

Air strike on Yemeni refugee camp by Saudi-led coalition kills at least 40

Posted by: okie farmer | Jul 21 2016 19:22 utc | 16

The evil US Empire has genocidal plans for Yemen resisters and the innocent, just like it does for the Palestinians.
It's an attempt at a total surrounding of military oppression of an entire society, and the victims supposed to take whatever criminal atrocities that they are given. And when the victims fight back, that's when the dispicable hypocriticaly absurd propaganda in appeals to law/breaking the truce/ boundaries of engagement etc come spewing out.

The evil US Empire had genocidal plans immediately when they stared the war crime blockade of Yemen.
They might have thought that there is possibly less food then guns Yemen, so it could be quicker to slaughter through starvation then through bombs. But they doubled down on immoral slaughter by doing both.

These absurd idiotic propaganda attempts show that there is zero reason to believe any of these lies about what the public are told by war criminals media re Yemen.

Posted by: tom | Jul 21 2016 20:07 utc | 17

YEMEN: Israel Has a Man Down after Officially Entering Saudi Genocidal War Against Yemen

“According to reports, the Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, general Gadi Eizenkot said on the meeting between Jordan’s ambassador and his Saudi confrere, Khalid bin Faisal bin Turki, that was held in Amman, the capital of Jordan. The general added that the situation in Yemen was discussed at this meeting. Saudi ambassador said that the war of attrition in Yemen has changed the strategy of the kingdom that is ready to use the experience of Israel now.

Israeli ambassador answered that Tel Aviv is ready for military cooperation with Saudi Arabia in Yemen. But he also noted this cooperation depends on the provision to Israel of the air base Taiz on the Red Sea.” ~ SouthFront

Unofficially both Rothshilde/"City" colonies have cooperated in Yemen long before:

The secret projects of Israël and Saudi Arabia (27 June 2015)

For the last 17 months (in other words, since the announcement of the negotiations between Washington and Teheran, which have in fact been proceeding for the last 27 months), Tel-Aviv has been engaged in secret negotiations with Saudi Arabia. Extremely high-level delegations have met five times – in India, Italy and the Czech Republic.

The cooperation between Tel-Aviv and Riyadh is part of the US plan to create a « Common Arab Defence Force », under the auspices of the Arab League, but under Israeli command. This « Force » is already effective in Yemen, where Israeli pilots fly Saudi bombers within the framework of an Arab Coalition whose headquarters have been installed by the Israelis in Somaliland, a non-recognised state situated on the other side of the the Bab el-Mandeb straits [1].

More on this Israeli-Saudi relations cemented by Red Sea deal – Middle East Monitor

Israel – Saudia relationship trail behind the scene

Israel and Saudi having no formal ties yet relish in good cooperation and a working relationship behind closed doors, contrary to the public statements which are largely designed to provide a cover for the benefit of public consumption.

An article published by The Intercept said: “In 2009, a US State Department diplomatic cable gave one of the first glimpses of a burgeoning alliance between Israel and the Arab states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The cable quoted Israeli Foreign Ministry official Yacov Hadas saying, ‘the Gulf Arabs believe in Israel’s role because of their perception of Israel’s close relationship with the United States,’ adding that GCC states ‘believe Israel can work magic’.”

According to another cable, Hadas reportedly added that the Gulf Arabs were still “not ready to do publicly what they say in private.”

However, in recent years it seems both sides have finally readied themselves to go public about their warming relationships or at least the signs are now apparent.

In an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, high-ranking former Saudi and Israeli officials not only shared the stage but revealed that the two countries had been holding a series of high-level meetings to discuss shared strategic goals, particularly around the perceived regional ascendance of Iran.

President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Dore Gold (R).

Israel’s Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold (right) and former Saudi government adviser Anwar Eshki (left) shake hands in Washington DC, as former US diplomat Elliott Abrams looks on.


Saudi Prince Turki Bin Faisal took the unprecedented step of publishing an op-ed in a major Israeli newspaper calling for peace between Israel and GCC nations, as well as for a resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The events where Mossad and Saudi officials were found collaborating in a covert intelligence contingency plan against Iran, the regular flights between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi flying through Saudi, Qatari and Bahraini airspace despite the ostensible ban on Israeli citizens entering the GCC, are some indications of the good relationship the two sides enjoy.

Speaking to Israeli Army Radio, former director of Israel’s National Security Council, Yaakov Amidror, said: “It is also clear that Saudi Arabia has many interests that are linked to Israeli interests. I would also add Jordan to this. I think that there are great common interests here which serve as a good basis for various relationships.”

U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia Military Cooperation In King Faisal Air Base | Veterans Today

 Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and Israel   :  Information Clearing House - ICH


Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 21 2016 20:07 utc | 18

In view of the 28 page release that points at members of the Saudi Royal family aiding the terrorists in 9/11, WHY did they do it to their #1 ally, USA?

-Was it revenge for American meddling?
-Was it a false flag?
-Were they infiltrated and triggered by a 3rd party?(Mossad?)
-Were they acting against their masters and for Osama instead?

Posted by: bbbb | Jul 21 2016 20:22 utc | 19

Interesting points:
World's worst kept secret: Why Saudi is following Israeli policy on sectarianism

The Muslim community should be most concerned by the parallel between Ayalon’s plan to use Muslim blood for its own cause and its ominous manifestation by Saudi foreign policy and regional alliances. The interests of the Muslim world surely do not lie in the intelligence services of Tel Aviv, or Washington for that matter, nor seemingly in Riyadh. That Saudi Arabia has aligned with Israel suggests the war on terror may soon take a lurch in an insidious and violent sectarian direction, one which may irreversibly split a billion Muslims. The people of the Middle East are being exploited by their fears and a finely choreographed war is being laid out in front of them. The Muslim world used to consider Israel as its greatest threat, yet today somehow it is its greatest ally. Syria has all but lost its sovereignty with gangs, armies, a dozen countries feeding it arms for self destruction and laying waste to it through airstrikes, all under the sanitised language of ‘coalitions’ and ‘fighting terrorism’. If Saudi Arabia and Israel have their way, Iran will be next.

Background of the Saudi-Israeli Alliance | Al Akhbar English

By As'ad AbuKhalil - Tue, 2013-11-12 16:29- Angry Corner

The history of Saudi-Israeli relations is not recent. There is now much attention paid to the close relationship (still not fully officially declared or publicly celebrated by the House of Saud) between the Israeli state and the state that derives its legitimacy (according to its rulers) from its ostensible protection of the Muslim holy sites. That the House of Saud and the Israeli state should be this close on the political front should not be surprising at all. In fact, Israel has always enjoyed the closest relationships with right-wing dictators around the world: from apartheid South Africa to the Shah of Iran, to Mobuto in Zaire, to the various right-wing dictatorships in Latin America, which Israel provided with security and military expertise and assistance to kill their leftist dissidents. Similarly, one should be surprised if the House of Saud and the Jewish state were not close.

From the very beginning of the Zionist movement, the Saudi royal family (in the person of the founder to his sons-successors) took a practically indifferent, if not outright sympathetic, look at the project of the Jewish state. King Abdul-Aziz was after all a mere puppet of the British colonial powers, and he did not lose time to prove his credentials (as an obedient puppet) to his masters. Once oil revenues started rolling in (much to the coffers of the American and British oil companies), the Saudi king used his financial wherewithal to influence Arab politics in a manner that suited the interests of his Western sponsors. In the Palestinian revolt of 1936-1939, the king was one of the Arab leaders who exerted much pressures on Hajj Amin Husayni to end the revolt and to allow the British government to prove its good will. The truce that ended the first phase of the revolt in 1937 was crucial in allowing the Zionists and the British to gain momentum and to put an end to Palestinian aspirations by instigating intra-Palestinian feuds: the revolt quickly degenerated into a mini-Palestinian civil war. The role of the Hashemites and of the Nashshashibi family (both of whom were on the payroll of the Zionists) was crucial in those schemes.

Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 21 2016 20:41 utc | 20

...New Uragan missiles with 100 kilometer reach suddenly came out of nowhere (video) and hit Saudi areas.

But the detailed plans how to make them likely came through Hizbullah in Lebanon. It may also be that the missiles were made elsewhere, though I doubt it was in Iran.
Posted by: b | Jul 21, 2016 12:35:04 PM | 14

Rockets with a range of 100km in Houthi hands reminds me that Nasrallah has told the Jews that no part of Israel will be safe from Hezbollah's retaliation if Bibi is stupid enough to bomb Lebanon again. Whilst the Saudis may be playing down the risk of bombing people who can whack Saudi Barbaria, I'd bet a few wishful thinks that Bibi is pondering the wisdom of calling Nasrallah's bluff.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 21 2016 20:51 utc | 21

This is OT, re Syria:

All the fools who asked for ( Putin for one ), or supported direct US involvement in Syria, how do you feel now about the US slaughter of at least 100 civilians in Syria recently ? You ask, but others received death from above.

Everyone politically self honest enough knows how evil the US is, so what is Putin and others excuse for inviting the US horror show into Syria ?
After this slaughter yesterday, where is the immediate demands for the US to get out, and for Putin to shut out the US in Syria. RUssia and Putin should slam close any more invitations.

Posted by: tom | Jul 21 2016 20:55 utc | 22

@19 b4

Of your ...

1. Was it revenge for American meddling?
2. Was it a false flag?
3. Were they infiltrated and triggered by a 3rd party?(Mossad?)
4. Were they acting against their masters and for Osama instead?

... I've always liked door number 3. It opens onto the CIA connection, the planned demolition of the WTC, Bibi's "I think it's good for Israel", and the billion-dollar Silverstein payoff. But it probably had a mixture of 1, 2, and 4 as well. The synergy of the operation was astounding. We're still riding the shockwaves 15 years later.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 21 2016 21:18 utc | 23

@14 b, 'That deputy clown prince is in this way above his head. The public in the Gulf will wake up that and he will get that deep fall he deserves.'

I hope sooner rather than later. And the shockwaves from that might just trap Turkey and lock it in position with Syria, Iraq, and Iran on the Russian-Chinese craton. I am sure there are long knives all along the GCC littoral ready to slit the royal's throats.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 21 2016 21:30 utc | 24

ProPeace @18 nd 20 Thanks for those links. "a Common Arab Defence Force, under the auspices of the Arab League, but under Israeli command". For years the Arab league, so useless was it, its members couldn't decide what colour curtains to use in its HQ.
Some time before 9/11, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, once the powerful Saudi ambassador in Washington and head of Saudi intelligence until a few months ago, had a revealing and ominous conversation with the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. Prince Bandar told him: “The time is not far off in the Middle East, Richard, when it will be literally ‘God help the Shia’. More than a billion Sunnis have simply had enough of them.” Say's it all really, the Saudis want to foment a sectarian war, and hope they come out on top.

Posted by: harrylaw | Jul 21 2016 21:30 utc | 25

@25 hl, @20pp

Yes. Thanks for those links and the excerpts from them. Interesting how all the disparate "us's" and "them's" quietly killing each other, utilizing “a strategy of annihilation unto unconditional surrender.”, tend to amalgamate, joining together with other "others", nurturing one 'lucky', central dichotomy, wrapping up everyone's personal feud into a universal war of extinction. 'Interesting'. Right.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 21 2016 21:49 utc | 26

@hl, jfl You are welcome.

Ponce Bandar's quote is very revealing, especially him being a Wahhabi, i.e. fake Sunni.

It's all very clear when you realize that SA, Israel have been always tentacles of the City of London octopus.

Sadly those conflicts in the ME/Ukraine and nearby are being prolonged desperately to buy much needed time for the Crown Corporation before it is ready for its nuclear strike against Russia.

The UK just increased again number of troops being sent to the ME, by 100% (250->500).

Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 21 2016 22:00 utc | 27

ProPeace @27

"It's all very clear when you realize that SA, Israel have been always tentacles of the City of London octopus."

The British Empire left India in 1947. Israel is created May 14, 1948. As far as 'The City' is concerned Israel is a 'Free Crime Zone.' In other words like Hong Kong and Singapore where 'The City' can launder their massive drug profits free of any interference from law enforcement and civil authority.

What is happening in the U.S. is an epidemic of heroin overdoses. Mainly young men and women in their late teens and early twenties. HSBC, one of the main money laundering apparatuses of 'The City' is exposing itself as one of the main actors representing Opium War II, the main victims being the young people of the U.S. What with the head of the FBI being a

Posted by: ALberto | Jul 21 2016 22:58 utc | 28

accidentally hit enter ...

What with the head of the FBI being an HSBC board member and U.S Attorney General having a resume that includes a decision to basically not prosecute HSBC in New York State, it is becoming patently clear that 'The City' has purchased the entire U.S. government.

I do not know know much longer this vast criminal conspiracy can continue to operate, right out in the open before our eyes, but I am of the opinion that the pushback here in the U.S. will be forceful, violent and sustained.

Just my opinion

Posted by: ALberto | Jul 21 2016 23:07 utc | 29

Alberto, some context [Population and Area]

EU Pop. ------ 742,000,000 AREA 1,710,000
USA Pop. ------ 324,000,000 AREA 3,797,000
China Pop. =-----1,377,000,000 AREA 3,705,000
Russia Pop. ------ 147,000,000 AREA 6,612,000
India Pop. ------1,300,000,000 AREA 1,270,000
Commonwealth Pop.--2,300,000,000 AREA 11,567,000
of Nations

The Commonwealth Of Nations is 53 countries, including UK. Queen Elizabeth is the elected head of the Commonwealth, and is the Sovereign of 16 members.

It's been kept rather quiet. No?

Posted by: chu teh | Jul 22 2016 0:29 utc | 30

Repeat for clarity
Alberto, some context [Population and Area]

EU Pop. --------742,000,000.....AREA 1,710,000 Sq.Mi.
USA Pop. --------324,000,000.....AREA 3,797,000
China Pop. =-----1,377,000,000.....AREA 3,705,000
Russia Pop. --------147,000,000.....AREA 6,612,000
India Pop. ------1,300,000,000.....AREA 1,270,000
Commonwealth Pop.--2,300,000,000.....AREA 11,567,000
of Nations

The Commonwealth Of Nations is 53 countries, including UK. Queen Elizabeth is the elected head of the Commonwealth, and is the Sovereign of 16 members.

It's been kept rather quiet. No?

Posted by: chu teh | Jul 22 2016 0:32 utc | 31

What a wealth of commentary. The Israeli's tying the knot to the Sauds ever closer is reminiscent of how it went down with the Shah in Iran. Can it be long before SA has its own revolution?

Posted by: Lawrence Smith | Jul 22 2016 0:39 utc | 32

Some background on Houthis of Yemen:

Can't vouch for the author

Posted by: ben | Jul 22 2016 0:41 utc | 33

@ALberto "pushback" you say? Hmmm...

Atlanta mayor rejects demand to end Israel police training | The Electronic Intifada

“There was a demand that I stop allowing the Atlanta Police Department to train with the Israeli police department,” Mayor Reed acknowledged at a press conference (video above). “I’m not going to do that,” he told reporters.

“I happen to believe that the Israeli police department has some of the best counterterrorism techniques in the world,” Reed insisted. “And it benefits our police department from that longstanding relationship.”

It was an interesting choice of words considering that Israeli, Palestinian and international human rights organizations, as well as the UN, have repeatedly condemned Israeli forces, including the police, for a range of human rights violations, particularly for their frequent extrajudicial executions of Palestinians.

It was also recently revealed that Israeli police are authorized to use lethal force as a first resort against Palestinians they suspect might throw rocks, including minors.

An internal police report exposed by the Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz this month, revealed that Israeli Border Police in Jerusalem “deliberately provoke Palestinians” in order to get a violent response.

One such manufactured provocation in Issawiyeh, in January, led to a confrontation in which Israeli forces shot 12-year-old Ahmad Abu Hummus in the head, causing severe brain damage.

Reed’s office did not respond to The Electronic Intifada’s inquiries about how Atlanta police benefit from training with forces who are effectively authorized to summarily execute children.

As for India - The Empire never "leaves". If does, then only to come back under disguise... See e.g. Pakistan

When Britain withdrew a number of British officers remained behind to help shepherd (and control) the emerging Pakistani Army. One of these was Major General Walter Joseph Cawthorn who, as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army established Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in 1948. Cawthorn was an Australian-born British Intelligence (MI-6) agent who had directed operations in the Middle East, Indian, and Southeast Asian bureaus from 1939-1945. He became Sir Cawthorn in 1958 when he was knighted by the British Crown, and later he served in Australia as head of their Secret Intelligence Service (2). Pakistan's ISI was originally a military intelligence agency created to help defend Pakistan in the early wars against India over Kashmir and other border issues, but over the years it has grown to become Pakistan's version of the CIA, and it has continually maintained close ties with British Intelligence.

The power of the ISI increased for its first twenty years until the emergence of Pakistan's first popularly elected civilian leader, the socialist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1971. Bhutto immediately displayed the same nationalistic characteristics as Nasser, Mossadegh and the Shah and his regime fell out of favor with the British government and the West. In 1972 Bhutto withdrew his country from the British Commonwealth of Nations and he pursued closer relations with Russia, China and the Arab states.

In 1977 the inevitable coup took place, and President Bhutto was overthrown by General Zia Ul-Haq, who had been appointed to Chief of the Army Staff by Bhutto in 1976 at the insistence of Gulam Jilani Khan, the longstanding Director General of the ISI. Bhutto comments at great length on his constant struggles with, and betrayal by, the ISI in his book If I Am Assassinated, penned from his Pakistani prison cell. He also relates how Kissinger threatened him for pushing forward on Pakistan's nuclear power program, telling him, "We will make an example of you!" He was. Bhutto was executed in 1978 after being subjected to a sham trial, despite the objections of heads of state from around the globe. (3)

A favorite saying of mine:
"The greatest trick the British Empire ever pulled was convincing the world it ceased to exist. That's been it's power".

Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 22 2016 1:10 utc | 34

Chu Teh @31

Apparently there is no Canada in your world?

Posted by: ALberto | Jul 22 2016 3:07 utc | 35


The greatest coup is the one nobody overtly acknowledges:


Some $20T transferred from the US Treasury to offshore coffers, and another $45T in looted unfunded pensions.

Oh, look, a Poke Go!

Posted by: Cho Nyawinh | Jul 22 2016 3:08 utc | 36

Rather "Oh, look, Deutsche Bank going belly up, it's all over 2008 again!" :-)

This will be most probably the first domino piece in couple of months...

Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 22 2016 3:18 utc | 37

I am your Voice.
(Ich bin seine Stimme)

I am With You, I will fight for you, and I will win for you.
(Ich bin mit Euch , Ich werde für Dich kämpfen , und Ich werde für Dich gewinnen, und so weider...)

To all Americans tonight, I make this promise:
(An alle Deutschen heute Abend , mache Ich dieses Versprechen):

We Will Make America Strong Again.
($T Pentagon)

We Will Make America Proud Again.
(Code Word JBS-KKK)

We Will Make America Safe Again.

And We Will Make America Great Again.
(For Ubers Only)

"Wir Wollen Deutschland Wieder Groß Machen!!!"
Adolf Hitler, 1939


Hey, what happened to 'Make America Work Again'!?
Guess the idea of work is too stressful for The Takers.

Bwahhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha!

And you thought when They said 'Exceptional',
that They were talking about you!

Posted by: Cho Nyawinh | Jul 22 2016 3:27 utc | 38

Albert6o@35 Canada, of course, is included in the C'weal of Nations, along w India n 51 others. Didn't mean to slight its fine citizens.

Great Britain and its C'weal can heal any Brexit wounds, while the 53 members can rejoice over agreement to resist any foreign occupation.

Posted by: chu teh | Jul 22 2016 3:36 utc | 39

I am of the opinion that the pushback here in the U.S. will be late-rising, hung-over, STDd and Oxy80d to the gills.

Nearly 60% of humans live in rude hovels, scratch for a subsistence and cook over stick-and-dung fires. That number will soon increase by ~300,000,000.

Yes, you can eat bugs with Ramen. Kinda like chicken. Fiverr Uber Alles!

Posted by: Cho Nyawinh | Jul 22 2016 3:42 utc | 40

@32 can't agree wth such an opinion. I think USA/Israel would probably defend the Saudi Royal family against an invader force. They are very important strategically. I think what will happen is coercion such that a 'moderate' member of the family ends up with the power

Posted by: bbbb | Jul 22 2016 4:56 utc | 41

Cho Nyawinh,

I wonder what comes after the atomization of the self?--the sub-atomic particles of the self? A cubicle where you have the illusion of solitude, but can hear your neighbors breathe?

I watched the Trump speech on TV tonight from RNC, where he accepted the nomination for president. His daughter, Ivanka, delivered a speech prior to introducing him: an articulate tour de force, in which she portrayed him as an epic hero of the people,--a testimonial-- in which he seemed to be a cross between Bernie Sanders and Hercules. An uber-macho Trump speech followed, which the PBS commentariat seemed baffled by. Trump went hard against that demon, globalization, and those sovereignty-stealing trade deals. But in contrast, it is well understood that his VP partner, Pence, is all in favor of that sort of thing.

Edible bugs?! Here in Texas, we used to have multitudes of June Bugs, that used to cluster around our porch lights, after dark. They start their life-cycle as fat white grubs, that lie dormant for a long time, under a few inches of soil. When I was a boy I was amazed to see them. Our family cat, Mon Petite, used to relish these fat bugs, whose dark exoskeletons went flying about her head. She would delicately grab them out of the air, then flip them up a couple of inches above her head, and quickly crunch down on them as they fell.

But sadly, I haven.t seen the June Bugs for decades in these parts. They have gone the way of the horny toads I used to play with, when I was a kid.

Posted by: Copeland | Jul 22 2016 5:51 utc | 42

As far as the Saudis are concerned , they are about as obdurate and clueless as their American patrons, They are equally incapable of recognizing when they have lost a war. They have waddled into a quagmire, and no one is going to pull them out.

Posted by: Copeland | Jul 22 2016 6:01 utc | 43

Here in Kampuchea, humans have gone the way of your fat June bugs, thanks to the Pol Pot kleptocracy like Trump-Clinton or Erdogan or Poroshenko. Now any surviving humans eat the fat June grubs. The favorite nibble is a split in informal polls: 20% love 'ahping', big black tarantula spiders, also 'balut', the almost-hatched duck embryos that you suck out of their shell, beak, feet, feathers and all. Crunchy! 80% like fried rice and noodles.

I've grown fond of twice-cooked rice baw-baw, with pig-blood 'tofu', slices of pig ear, and chunks of still-slightly-stenchy pig intestine, an aroma like a fine Camembert. You find your favorite vendor's spot, then meet them faithfully in this movable feast place, before returning to a manboo, e-gigging for dollars that could make you a thousand-aire.

Now imagine Exceptionals, when they can't find any gigs and Trump-Clinton burns the EBTs.
'Make America Slave Again!" Trump-Clinton will, you can make book on that. Go Blue Team!

Posted by: Roitan | Jul 22 2016 6:48 utc | 44

This gives YouTube link for MSM false report :

Re Turkey coup--
How Sybil Edmonds traced "Erdogan flees Turkey"-rumor and found the source.

Her technique to "locate source" indicated straight away the rumor as an actual false-report.

Then she arranged to confront the source. Such technology can cancel any future effectiveness of a discredited source by making the facts widely known.

Here is the YouTube link:

Here is alternate link: [The video "MSM DisInfo Machine..."]

This is OK to put in your toolbox.

Posted by: chu teh | Jul 22 2016 7:31 utc | 45

Read this article over Armenia Colorate Revolution.


Posted by: Condor96 | Jul 22 2016 11:19 utc | 46

From the children of Syria used again dept.
RFS released pix of children holding signs with Pokemon characters and messages requesting help. But who is RFS? They claim to be a platform for the "Revolutionary media" for the forces in Syria. In this case they claim to be the voice of the FSA. Unfortunately they sell the same FSA illusion/delusion as the rest - that FSA is fighting Assad's forces, IS, and other fundamentalists. They leave out the collusion and integration of FSA with fundamentalists and sell the idea that the FSA wants a pro-western Syrian democracy. The good news is seeing comments or people better informed.

Posted by: Curtis | Jul 22 2016 13:14 utc | 47

38;Saying Trump is Hitler is an exercise in ridiculousness.
His speech last night has the true enemy of mankind in a tizzy,the Zionist MSM up in a high dudgeon over every astute and correct appraisal of American decline.
And he laid it at the HBs feet,although it really should be a Zions feet,as she is their girl.
The best breath of fresh air in America since I can't remember.
I guess all your purists will let your fingers do a lot of walking the next 9 years or so.Hey,maybe we can anoint him Emperor for life.:)

Posted by: dahoit | Jul 22 2016 14:26 utc | 48

Saudi Arabia Offers Russia Economic Incentives to Drop Assad

Posted by: virgile | Jul 22 2016 15:51 utc | 49

@chu teh

Sibel Deniz Edmonds is spreading the idea that Gulen's schools teaches Islam extremism when it is well known that these schools teaches a gentle Islam. She says that this coup was made by Islamist when we all know that the army is secular and the Islamic one is Erdogan.
Now she is predicting another coup and another dictator to replace Erdogan..

I don't know who she is working for but she is totally off the track.

Posted by: virgile | Jul 22 2016 16:12 utc | 50

Newsbud- Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkey Coup Attempt: A CIA-Gulen Concocted Dry Run

Posted by: virgile | Jul 22 2016 16:12 utc | 51

virgile@50 Al Jubeir thinks that money can buy anyone and anything, he is wrong about Putin. I would like to see all those medieval, perverted Saudi leaders hanging from lamp posts.

Posted by: harrylaw | Jul 22 2016 16:36 utc | 52

@ 49 Now that's what I call frank discussion.

Posted by: dh | Jul 22 2016 17:07 utc | 53

@63 dh

The Moscow Times probably suggested the 'strategy' to the Saudis.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 23 2016 0:06 utc | 54

Houthi forces launch first ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia

For the first time during this 16 month long Yemeni War, the Houthi forces launched a ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia, causing severe damage to a crowded military camp.

According to Al-Masdar’s Yemen War correspondent, Tony Toh, the Houthi forces launched a Tochka ballistic missile towards the Ahad Al-Masarihah Military Camp, destroying several armored vehicles and killed a large number of Saudi soldiers.

The Houthi forces do not typically fire missiles into Saudi Arabia; however, due to the recent battles taking place along the vast Yemeni-Saudi border, the anti-government units have committed to an all-out war against the rich Gulf kingdom.

Meanwhile, in Riyadh, the Al-Saud regime now faces their biggest threat along the border, which will ultimately force them to deploy a large number of soldiers in order to forestall the Houthi advance in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan region.

OTR-21 Tochka

- 1994 The Yemeni government used Tochka missiles against southern forces during the 1994 Yemen civil war.[1]
- On 20 August 2015 during the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen, Yemeni Republican Guard loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh fired an OTR-21 targeting a Saudi base.[10]
- On 4 September 2015 Yemeni Republican Guard fired a Tochka at Safir base in Marib killing over 100 Saudi-led coalition personnel [11][12][13][14]
- On 14 December 2015 Yemeni Republican Guard fired a Tochka at Bab Al Mandab base killing over 150 of the Saudi-led coalition personnel [15][16][17][18]
- On 16 January 2016 Yemeni Republican Guard fired a Tochka at Al Bairaq base in Marib killing dozens of Saudi-led coalition personnel [19] [20]
- On 31 January 2016 Yemeni Republican Guard fired a Tochka at Al Anad base in Lahj killing over 140 Saudi-led coalition personnel [21][22][23][24]
- On 26 April 2016 the Syrian Army fired a Tochka at opposition forces in the Syrian Civil Defense Center in west Aleppo[25][26]
- On 14 June 2016 the Syrian Army fired a Tochka against Islamists groups Al-Rahman Legion and Jaysh Al-Fustat in Eastern Ghouta killing several fighters.[27]

[12] Toll From Yemen Rebel Attack Rises as 10 Saudi Troops Killed
[13] [1]
[14] [2]

- On 24? July 2016 during the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen, Yemeni Republican Guard loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh fired an OTR-21 targeting the Ahad Al-Masarihah Military Camp, destroying several armored vehicles and killing a large number of Saudi soldiers.[*]


Posted by: jfl | Jul 25 2016 14:04 utc | 55

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