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July 24, 2016

Clinton Asserts Putin Influence On Trump - After Taking Russian Bribes

Is Putin manipulating the Clinton campaign?

Russia is weaponizing everything: Word files, federalism, finance and Jedi mind tricks - everything is transformed into a weapon if Russia or its president Putin is imagined to come near it.

But Russia is secretly plotting even more nefarious schemes. Putin is infiltrating Europe. And not only Europe.

Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, is influencing, manipulating and controlling many "western" politicians, parties and movements - in Europe AND in the United States.

Here are, thanks to Mark Sleboda, a partial list of political entities and issue Putin secretly manipulates and controls:

Putin is indeed everywhere:

9:16 PM - 23 Jul 2016 - Billmon @billmon1

Putin strikes AGAIN! "Seventeen people hurt when Hudson River ferry hits pier in New Jersey"

And now for the crown of it all.

Putin is in cahoots with the Republican presidential candidate Trump - claims the Clinton campaign. Putin is behind, it asserts, the leak of the DNC emails which prove that the Democratic National Committee has been working against Sanders to promote Hillary Clinton. The leak of the DNC emails, says the Clinton campaign, is ..:

.. further evidence the Russian government is trying to influence the outcome of the election.

The "facts" proving Russian support for Trump are mostly lies, but Putin's nefarious intentions must still be speculated about.

The Clinton campaign has not looked thoroughly enough into Putin's schemes. Reveal we can that Putin has penetrated U.S. politics even deeper than thought - right down into the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton family itself:

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million.

That money, surely, had no influence on then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's decisions? And what about her husband?

Mr. Clinton received $500,000 ... from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin

These undisputed facts demonstrate that Putin is indeed waging influence by bribing U.S. politicians. But the Clinton campaign is be a bit more hesitant in pointing these out.

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Off topic but still within context of the West's "lets bash Russia/Putin at every chance we get"..

Seems the BBC and their assorted groupies just got eggs all over their collective faces after the IOC ruled that Russian athletes can compete in the olympics. The British press are crying foul - dunno if they're afraid of losing to Russian athlete or something.

This whole doping thing stunk from day one.. All the accusers pretends they never dope before. But then, anything to humiliate Russia and Putin will do. How many American athletes have been caught doping - yet nobody called for a blanket ban on the American Olympic team. The hypocrisy is just beyond stupid!!!

Watch this space, won't be long before we see a campaign to oust the current OIC

Posted by: Zico | Jul 24 2016 14:42 utc | 1

So they've thrown Bill under the bus? Hey, that's politics, ya know how it is.

And she's still pissed about the blowjob.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 24 2016 15:03 utc | 2

Another Snowden snub! What does a guy have to do to get his proper recognition in this world? Live in Russia, for God's sake? And I do mean Godforsaken Russia.

Posted by: kafkananda | Jul 24 2016 15:54 utc | 3

what's throwing all these dimwits into a tizzy is the subconscious realization, the sluggish grasp of their listless neural tissue, that the Ruskies are actually deploying state-of-the-art intelligence capabilities. we're seeing it everywhere...

on June 16th the Russians bombed a 'secret' US base in Syria...just hours after about 20 British special forces had pulled out.


yep, just like the NSA, they can listening in on pretty much anyone anytime they so choose to.

Posted by: john | Jul 24 2016 16:04 utc | 4

thanks b... that brought out a laugh! does this mean if hillary gets elected we can also say ''putin did it!''???

Posted by: james | Jul 24 2016 16:04 utc | 5

Mr V Putin is doing right since when all the baddies say you are bad is because you are good. Blessings to all and keep calm, the world is in good hands and let the saboteurs fell under their own weight.

Posted by: Yuyo | Jul 24 2016 16:06 utc | 6

okie farmer posted this on the US election thread...

Seems Putin controls Trump and Clinton! The man is amazing.

Only Jedi Knights can stop him.

Posted by: dh | Jul 24 2016 16:07 utc | 7

Clinton/Kaine certainly confident that the MSM will not report.

For all the money given to the Clinton's it didn't prevent the Ukraine disasters. Of course, Ukraine may not have been a concern among the particular oligarchs who made these bribes.

Posted by: fast freddy | Jul 24 2016 16:10 utc | 8

HOw could this anti-russian hysteria/bashing go on, I mean the level of paranoia and disinformation against Russia and Putin is plain crazy.

Posted by: Zedew | Jul 24 2016 16:32 utc | 9

Here's another for you

When the US start worrying about Japan leaving the fold you know the paranoia is running deep.

Posted by: Bran | Jul 24 2016 16:42 utc | 10

For those who have a Twitter account, checkout #dncleak or #dncleaks on the latest over the Wikileaks release of the DNC emails.

Here's one -"Hillary Clinton is now blaming the Russians for leaking the emails. Like that makes it any better that you rigged the primary."

Sanders to Chuck Todd on the leaks -

Todd: "So just to sum up here, these leaks, these emails, it hasn't given you any pause about your support for Hillary Clinton?"

Sanders: "No, no, no. We are going to do everything that we can to protect working families in this country. And again, Chuc, I know media is not necessarily focused on these things. But what a campaign is about is not Hillary Clinton, it's not Donald Trump. It is the people of this country, blah blah blah..."

"[...] And I'm going to go around the country discussing them [issues] and making sure Hillary Clinton is elected president."

So, there you have it. The guy who suspected his campaign was being intentionally marginalized by the party apparatus learns in fact he, his campaign and most importantly, his voters were indeed intentionally marginalized by the leadership of the Democratic Party. The chairman of the Party is Barack Obama. He appoints the Director who we all know is Wasserman Schultz. Thus, the entirety of the DNC leadership knowingly and with intent marginalized Sanders and his voters. Yet, Sanders remains loyal and naively believes his voters will stay with him if he sticks with the party and their chosen candidate that screwed him and them.


His response reminds me of battered wife syndrome. He has absolutely bonded with his abusers. He is a sick man as in mentally impaired, maybe fatigued, and should seriously consider some rest.

I cannot imagine learning after years of planning, hard work and personal sacrifices being made to fulfill my lifelong ambition to get within a whisker of achieving my goals, only to learn within weeks after capitulating, that my entire life's effort was undermined from the beginning by the very apparatus I aligned with, albeit as an Indy, for decades. An apparatus that must remain neutral.

Think about his response to Todd. Think about all that man has put himself, his family, his workers, his voters through this last year. His efforts were ginormous. Yet, within less than 48 hours the man dismisses the gravity of how his life's work was deliberately, with intent, sabotaged by the DNC and goes onto say it's not important, the issues are.

If I were a Bernie supporter I'd be starting a campaign to convince that man to take some serious time off. Go fishing. Go for hikes whatever. Just get away from the bubble and clear your head and soul.

Sure the issues are important to his voters but their learning the DNC put their resources behind their chosen candidate vs remaining neutral as their Bylaws require, would seriously piss me off. Hell it does piss me off and I'm not even a Sanders supporter. And why on earth would any of Sanders voters ever believe that the same party that marginalized him and his efforts would ever give weight to the issues he's fighting for!

Posted by: h | Jul 24 2016 17:24 utc | 11

PERIES: So let’s take a look at this article by Paul Krugman. Where is he going with this analysis about the Siberian candidate?

HUDSON: Well, Krugman has joined the ranks of the neocons, as well as the neoliberals, and they’re terrified that they’re losing control of the Republican Party. For the last half-century the Republican Party has been pro-Cold War, corporatist. And Trump has actually, is reversing that. Reversing the whole traditional platform. And that really worries the neocons.

Until his speech, the whole Republican Convention, every speaker had avoided dealing with economic policy issues. No one referred to the party platform, which isn’t very good. And it was mostly an attack on Hillary. Chants of “lock her up.” And Trump children, aimed to try to humanize him and make him look like a loving man.

But finally came Trump’s speech, and this was for the first time, policy was there. And he’s making a left run around Hillary. He appealed twice to Bernie Sanders supporters, and the two major policies that he outlined in the speech broke radically from the Republican traditional right-wing stance. And that is called destroying the party by the right wing, and Trump said he’s not destroying the party, he’s building it up and appealing to labor, and appealing to the rational interest that otherwise had been backing Bernie Sanders.

So in terms of national security, he wanted to roll back NATO spending. And he made it clear, roll back military spending. We can spend it on infrastructure, we can spend it on employing American labor. And in the speech, he said, look, we don’t need foreign military bases and foreign spending to defend our allies. We can defend them from the United States, because in today’s world, the only kind of war we’re going to have is atomic war. Nobody’s going to invade another country. We’re not going to send American troops to invade Russia, if it were to attack. So nobody’s even talking about that. So let’s be realistic.

Well, being realistic has driven other people crazy.

Posted by: From The Hague | Jul 24 2016 17:30 utc | 12

The same used to be true of Iran. This reminds me of a spoof I read years ago where Jesus General writes a letter to Iran requesting that they fix a pothole in his street.

Posted by: Edward | Jul 24 2016 17:30 utc | 13

From Bloomberg - "If the Democrats can show the hidden hand of Russian intelligence agencies, they believe that voter outrage will probably outweigh any embarrassing revelations, a person familiar with the party's thinking said'

Ha! Fat chance. I'm thinking the American voter is going to start sending Thank You notes to the Kremlin! As usual, their heads are stuck so far up the arse of their donkey they incapable of gauging Main Street sentiment.

Posted by: h | Jul 24 2016 17:39 utc | 14

Hold on there, Clintonites - Both I and the World remember seeing Madame Clinton herrself hand ovee to Puting that gigantic red Reset button.

C'mon, World - you SAW that, right?

So now, of course - he's resetting EVERYTHING!

And you, dear lady, you gave it to him!

I rest my case.

Posted by: juliania | Jul 24 2016 17:49 utc | 15

July 24, 2016 - You cannot make this stuff up ...

"During his recent visit to Moscow, US Secretary of State John Kerry voiced several preconditions for US-Russia cooperation in Syria.

According to Lavrov, Kerry called for the immediate resignation of Syrian President Assad without giving any explanation of his position.

“They say that we could join our efforts in the fight against terrorism […] but first we need to agree that we remove Assad from power,” Lavrov said, speaking at a national youth educational forum."

source -

Posted by: ALberto | Jul 24 2016 17:49 utc | 16

Sanders calls for Schultz to step down.

Funny though, Schultz takes her orders from Obama, as the Chairman of the Party, the DNC Board of Directors and team Hillary. Period. If any blame should go around it should splash onto all individuals NOT just Schultz.

She is buy a symptom of the DNC disease. And yes, she'll take the fall for the team, but make no mistake, the cancer remains and will continue to metastasize.

Posted by: h | Jul 24 2016 17:58 utc | 17

Should read 'but' not 'buy'.

Posted by: h | Jul 24 2016 17:59 utc | 18


And make no mistake, Sanders knows how the Democratic Party works and supports it anyway.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 24 2016 18:04 utc | 19

ALberto @16

Exactly as expected. But that doesn't make it any less onerous.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 24 2016 18:07 utc | 20

Apologies for misspells - 'over' not 'ovee'; Putin, not Puting. Gee whiz. But obviously, that is the problem with US policy - they don't have that blankety-blank reset button any longer. Please give it back!

Posted by: juliania | Jul 24 2016 18:10 utc | 21

Yes the reset button with "peregruzka", Russian for "overcharged"

Clinton: We worked hard to get the right russian word. Do you think we got it right?

Lavrov: You've got it wrong.

Sick woman.

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Jul 24 2016 18:11 utc | 22

Neocons/Nato will at least be troubled about Trump's stand on Russia/Putin.

Maybe they are planning some faits accomplis?

Relevant dates in this dangerous situation:
November 8, 2016
January 20, 2017

And what is this?:

Posted by: From The Hague | Jul 24 2016 18:13 utc | 23

@19 yeah, and that should give said supporters great pause. I've seen suggestions made that he was running to gain the youth vote so as to deliver them in Nov to Hillary. I'm not convinced by that suggestion BUT if he was a set up, and Wikileak emails can show it, well, all bets are off.

And why Sanders is only singling out Schultz is disingenuous. Any who have engaged in electoral politics in this country learn quickly the party's hierarchy. It starts with Obama, the DNC's Board of Directors and then Wasserman Schultz in that order. Sanders knows this. Schultz didn't run a rogue party.

Posted by: h | Jul 24 2016 18:21 utc | 24

h @11:

His response reminds me of battered wife syndrome.
You are assuming that Sanders is a victim instead of a conspirator.

Why would anyone give any politician in our corrupt system the benefit of the doubt? Even one that seems to be against 'the system'?

Why didn't Bernie release more than one year of tax returns?
Especially since Hillary cited this as a reason not to release the transcripts of her speaches to Goldman Sachs.

Why didn't Bernie use the emails against Hillary after the State Department Inspector General released their report?
This official report clearly demonstrated that Hillary had consistently misled the nation about her emails.

Why didn't Bernie attack Obama's record on Black/Minority affairs?
Obama's support is part of the reason that Blacks/Minorities were voting for Hillary. Obama never went to Feruson or New York or Baltimore. Obama's weak economic stimulous and austerity policies have been very bad for blacks/minorities. Obama bailed out banks that targeted minorities for toxic loans. Etc.

Why does Bernie, at 74-years old, care more about Hillary (which he calls a friend of 25 years) and the Democratic Party than his principles?
AFAICT he got very little for his support (will he get a cabinet position for himself?). He didn't have to endorse Hillary. He doesn't have to speak at the Convention (but he will tonight).

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 24 2016 18:28 utc | 25

Why wouldn't he try to do this?

Posted by: 505thPIR | Jul 24 2016 18:33 utc | 26

Putin is god--it is well-known scientific fact. He actually controls the weather and even Earth's rotation speed. Russians always knew it, now, with the advancement of information technologies (also controlled by Putin--ah yes, he, not Al Gore, invented the internet) decadent West can witness his powers and omnipresence. Remember Katrina? Putin! Remember the water main break in NYT--also Putin. I had a constipation last week--damn Putin. Got rid of constipation and back to normal BMs--Putin's hand was definitely in it. If you look attentively at HRC for 20+ minutes you will see Putin's image surfacing on her face.

Posted by: SmoothieX12 | Jul 24 2016 18:42 utc | 27

@25 - I concur. Why should any give him the benefit of the doubt? Especially given his response to Todd.

And although we may disagree on my point about his reaction - learning all of his efforts were in fact sabotaged by his friend of 25 years - I still believe he is a victim. Victim's are blindsided by their abusers all of the time.

Even if he is a player on the 'inside' doesn't mean he can't be victimized. That's all. It doesn't give him an excuse for all of the other oddities you rightly raised.

Posted by: h | Jul 24 2016 18:51 utc | 28

So all of Hitlery's Russophobia is actually her way of showing love and support for Russia. Just when I thought I had American politics pretty much figured out, you had to drop this bomb on me, Bernhardt.

Don't get me wrong, I know you are just trying to report the truth, but please try to stay on one side of the game. It's throwing me in a permanent state of confusion!

All of this 11 dimensional chess playing here and across the globe has got me not knowing up from down, right from left, and in this case, Clinton from Putin. Perhaps I should just stick with healthcare policy. Frustrating and infuriating though it is, at least it doesn't require me to understand the game of chess beyond no more than 4 or 5 dimensions.

Posted by: Cynthia | Jul 24 2016 18:51 utc | 29

The opinion of William Blum (Author of "Rogue State"):

And Mr. Trump? Much more a critic of US foreign policy than Hillary or Bernie. He speaks of Russia and Vladimir Putin as positive forces and allies, and would be much less likely to go to war against Moscow than Clinton would. He declares that he would be “evenhanded” when it comes to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (as opposed to Clinton’s boundless support of Israel). He’s opposed to calling Senator John McCain a “hero”, because he was captured. (What other politician would dare say a thing like that?)

He calls Iraq “a complete disaster”, condemning not only George W. Bush but the neocons who surrounded him. “They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction and there were none. And they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction.” He even questions the idea that “Bush kept us safe”, and adds that “Whether you like Saddam or not, he used to kill terrorists.”

Yes, he’s personally obnoxious. I’d have a very hard time being his friend. Who cares?

Posted by: From The Hague | Jul 24 2016 18:58 utc | 30

Sorry, Bernhard, not Bernhardt. For the umteenth time, my iPad wrongly tried to correct my spelling. It's getting rather irritating to say the least.

Posted by: Cynthia | Jul 24 2016 19:00 utc | 31

@27 Putin is unbeatable. All those cartoons and late-night TV jokes wasted. Even the shirtless photos didn't get the anticipated feminist reaction. Kerry is getting nowhere with threats and blandishments.

Only one thing to do...send in Monica Lewinsky.

Posted by: dh | Jul 24 2016 19:07 utc | 32


Only one thing to do...send in Monica Lewinsky.

Come on, dude--respect Putin-god, did you see Russian women? Free willy Clinton can only dream.

Posted by: SmoothieX12 | Jul 24 2016 19:59 utc | 33

Trump will have lots of fun short-circuiting Hillary's overcharged angst.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 24 2016 20:07 utc | 34

Accusations of Russian involvement with the DNC email leak is important for one very big reason; It suggests to me that the US elites fear the exact sort of color revolution and destabilization campaign that they have set loose on so many other victims. It means they know the public hates them and that they are now facing a serious adversary now and some unfortunate 3rd world country without the means to defend itself.

Posted by: Lysander | Jul 24 2016 20:08 utc | 35

...and not some 3rd world country...

Posted by: Lysander | Jul 24 2016 20:09 utc | 36

Zico @ 1
As far as can make the only "real" evidence came from the head of the Moscow testing laboratories who was facing trial for his activities. I guess he didn't want to end up in a Russian prison so he "defected" to the United States and started making claims that would have resulted in him being found guilty if he made them in Moscow. Then a Canadian lawyer who was supposed to investigate the claims came back and said that the Russian government were guilty but that he wasn't prepared to allow them to see the evidence and that anyway he wasn't going to release the evidence for anyone to see. So while I don't know whether or not the Russian government covered up doping, I do know that the process used was extremely doubtful. Compared to the way that the Chilcot inquiry bent over backwards to be fair to Tony Blair, the doping inquiry has appeared to be a mess from start to finish.
As for Trump, I reckon he's been acting a part for most of his life and what could be better as a final act than becoming President of the United States - I reckon he's is having a whale of a time (enjoying himself very much for those not familiar with English-language idioms) running for president.

Posted by: blowback | Jul 24 2016 20:11 utc | 37

The funniest aspect of the Jew-controlled media's anti-Putin, pro-Hillary Love-in, is that Trump and Putin are both anti-IsUS, inviting the conclusion that Hillary and her "donors" are not.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 24 2016 20:20 utc | 38

In the grand tradition of "battered wives" of politics: "I [Medea Benjamin] feel like a battered wife tonight. And I feel like a battered wife because I'm right like on the outskirts of the Democratic Party. And I keep coming back to the party. I keep coming back. I keep coming back. I keep thinking, 'There's something good there. There's something good there. I'm gonna' go back, I'm gonna' find something good.'"

I think she is now endorsing Jill Stein.

Posted by: LindaJ | Jul 24 2016 20:33 utc | 39

The Hague

Trump backed down on israel

Posted by: Barbara | Jul 24 2016 20:59 utc | 40

In an interview Andrew Bacevich spoke about what he saw at various insitute, academic, etc. conferences he attended as an academic which I believe has effected his later known books. He noted among other things, that there was an inability for empathic thinking. He did not mean sympathy, but rather the act of trying to understand the actions of other people. I think the phrase is to treat people as rational actors. As horrific as Hitler was, historians dug into his motivations for example, for his invasion of the Soviet Union.

So we get with Putin not a rational understanding of what he does and why, but rather cartoon psychological and religious explanations which cannot be argued against as they defy rationality. How can one argue against people calling Putin evil as that person has not invoked a rational argument.

The propaganda demonization of Putin and the Russians is part of the same playbook republicans and the neocons used to fertilize the field of popular belief for the justification of war and invasion of Iraq to the American people (but now followed by democrats). Every one of those articles is a bit of propaganda manure which will eventually sprout the seeds of conflict and war.

Posted by: Erelis | Jul 24 2016 21:19 utc | 41

Barbara @40, No surprise as Trump nominated Israel-Firsters as his ME experts a while ago. Israel always backs both sides.

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 24 2016 22:09 utc | 42

Most honest Trump statement so far?

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 24 2016 22:18 utc | 43

Erelis @41

Putin in his own words:

"You asked me - who am I, friend or foe [to the west]?"

"I'm not your friend, I'm not your bride or your groom. I am the President of the Russian Federation. 146 million people who have certain national interests. It is my job to protect those interests. I will do so in a non-confrontational manner and understanding of international law."

There you have a true national leader. No wonder he is hated by the poxified pimples of putrescence that 'lead' western countries.

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 24 2016 22:26 utc | 44

Hyper-bizarre follow on the Nice:

The security service have asked the local council to delete all CCTV images relating the the Nice event. Offically it is to prevent use of images for propaganda purposes by the followers of Emmanuel Goldstein. OK, so what are they trying to hide?

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 24 2016 22:34 utc | 45

RE: Seems Putin controls Trump and Clinton! The man is amazing.

Only Jedi Knights can stop him.


Jedi Knight can go to the Dark Side of the force. Perhaps it is better to seek succor in narwhals? "They are Jedi of the sea, they stop Cthulhu from eating ye" (watch for 20 seconds, then it just repeats). It is simply a matter to determine who is Cthulhu: does Putin follow five-fold symmetry?

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jul 24 2016 22:36 utc | 46

@46 Well in that case all hopes rest on Cade Skywalker. I know he has personal issues but he has excellent hair. He will be just the guy to deal with Putin.

Posted by: dh | Jul 24 2016 22:50 utc | 47

What I find alarming about all of this Putin bashing and Hillary using it in her campaign is that I am seeing many of my acquaintances who identify as liberal/progressive Democrats are becoming more and more anti-Russian. By the time she becomes president there will be a majority of Democrats clamoring for war against Russia. This is something to worry about. Recall that liberal Democrat Truman got us involved in the Korean war and it was liber LBJ that led us to war in Vietnam. I recall very clearly how the liberal press in the US was advocating for and supporting war in Vietnam between 1964 and 1968. The liberalists of all liberal Democrats Hubert Humphrey was leading that charge.

Democratic Party partisans are losing their common sense in this effort to back Clinton. A year ago I could carry on rational discussion with those I know about how unwise our Ukraine policy is -- today when I try to defend Russia I am accused of backing Trump.

Posted by: ToivoS | Jul 24 2016 23:07 utc | 48

Hello Comrades,

Since the stupid secret encryption rings don't work after the last update, I have prepared our usual weekly PUTIN CONSPIRACY SITREP on the web:

We are winning! Rub it in!

Posted by: Akira | Jul 24 2016 23:09 utc | 49

Some at MOA predicted early on that Sanders was a sheepherder from the start. His latest remarks provide additional evidence that this is the case. No question about it.

Yahoo News Headline: DWS stepping down.

She wanted to confer with the Big O. Jellyroll Obama ran the bus over her as predicted. He never stood up for anyone or anything. Why would he begin to do so now?

Posted by: fast freddy | Jul 24 2016 23:28 utc | 50

12@From The Hague
Pretty accurate from Hudson. As per usual. Krugman appears more vile every time I see him. Believes in unicorns... the type of economist that sees banks as an invisible entity. And people listen. No wonder everyone is clueless. A loyal neo-lib-con though, I'll give him that... he's gonna go down with the ship by the looks of his latest. Hope his personal finance is debt free by late November. Jobs talking rubbish in the 'real economy' after the next 'correction' could be scarce by then.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jul 24 2016 23:29 utc | 51

@48 Toivo S 'Democratic Party partisans are losing their common sense in this effort to back Clinton.'

They are invested in the status quo, are smart enough to realize that their investment is fast becoming worthless, have fallen for the siren song of salvation through warfare, that old FDR tune. No more reasoning. They only ever rationalized instead anyway, and have now come to the end of their collective rope. Hope to hang the other guy. Think 'we' can fight the war 'over there' again, just as we 'always have'. The Germans, marvelous to relate, seem willing to comply. 'Cause we're both on the same side this time? Japan too, against China. Obama/Clinton and the All-Stars.

We must do all we can to prevent the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 24 2016 23:31 utc | 52

Or Donald Trump, of course.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 24 2016 23:35 utc | 53

I like a good meme as much as the next guy, but there wasn't any putin-did-it in that Reuters article about the ferry accident in NY.

Posted by: ruralito | Jul 24 2016 23:53 utc | 54

Hilary's campaign is a shooting gallery inside a train wreck. Plenty of targets on show inside a political party that is lost and now in early reform for 2020. They selected the wrong candidate and are admitting as such. The republicans (the neo-cons not so much) surrendered to The Don's reformation much earlier.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jul 25 2016 0:03 utc | 55

What's particularly confusing to me is that Clinton just gave Wasserman a top job right after she was dismissed from the DNC without a care to the optics.

Is she just that stupid, or are the elections just that rigged?

Posted by: Michael | Jul 25 2016 0:28 utc | 56

'But Russia is secretly plotting even more nefarious schemes. Putin is infiltrating Europe. And not only Europe.'

US regime would never infiltrate europe...its already there!

Posted by: brian | Jul 25 2016 0:35 utc | 57

@ Michael 56

”What's particularly confusing to me is that Clinton just gave Wasserman a top job right after she was dismissed from the DNC without a care to the optics.”

Michael, please un-confuse.

DWS was HRC’s campaign chief while sitting in the DNC chair ---working for Hillary to be the standard-bearer of the status quo.

Notice DWS’ new job title? Honorary Chair of the HRC’s Campaign.

What has changed? Not the job description; just the physical chairs - brown or grey leather in a new corner office.

In the Clinton c-family, Loyalty pays yuuuuge.

Posted by: likklemore | Jul 25 2016 1:00 utc | 58

All I can say here is ... this is Sheer Comedy Gold.

Hollywood couldn't make this stuff up.

Thank you B.

PS - anyone know what Putin does on the seventh day?

Posted by: Jen | Jul 25 2016 1:02 utc | 59

@ Jen 59

PS - anyone know what Putin does on the seventh day?

He refreshes, reboots his energy and surveys all that he has done; here, there and everywhere on planets known or yet to be discovered.

Yesterday we had severe thunderstorms. Mr. Putin made mischief.

Posted by: likklemore | Jul 25 2016 1:18 utc | 60

@54 ruralito

Yeah, I missed same too. Thought it was no-script or adblock. Looked overall uninteresting, didn't bother any further. Anyone else actually see anything there?

@56 Michael

I think she's just another deaf, dumb, and blind oligarch. I saw "Screw the progressives." attributed to herself, just after Bernie crawled in and crawled out again, knuckling his brow.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 25 2016 1:32 utc | 61

@60 He really is versatile. No sooner had he finished rigging the Brexit vote than he was off to France in a truck. Then he was spotted in Kabul. This week he has been busy making trouble in Germany and he still finds time to fake HRC's emails. The man must be stopped!

Posted by: dh | Jul 25 2016 1:45 utc | 62

SmoothieX12 | Jul 24, 2016 2:42:26 PM | 27

Yes, yes, it's all true; Vladimir Putin, master of the universe; the Whirlwind; omnipotent; everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.
I'm so glad people are waking up to reality. :-)

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 25 2016 1:53 utc | 63

@ ToivoS 48

Indeed. Democrats have become hysterical and unhinged in all things regarding Clinton. I have been reading a few Democrat partisan sites. With the DNC blaming Putin/Russians for the release of the DNC emails, the partisans are demanding what amounts to McCarthy era witch hunts, and some strong immediate NATO action against the Russians for the evil act. One supporter had a posting showing how the Russians plan to invade the Baltics with graphics showing the invasion route--good grief. It is curious to see that those not buying the propaganda are drawing comparisons to the witch hunts of the 1950s'.

When I post or talk to partisan Dems I don't get accused of supporting Trump but called a Putin lackey/stooge.

@ Relis 44

Thanks for quote-will use it . You did something readers of anti-Russian/Putin propaganda don't do. Actually listen to or read what Putin says. I am still puzzled even though I shouldn't be when I read descriptions of Putin in the Western media, and then read what he actually said or acted on: two people from two different planets. I was listening to Stephen Cohen, and he said the same thing. Nobody bothers to read what Putin says, forget his actions.

Putin should hire an agent and get a role on the TV series SHIELD as the new head of HYDRA. And then attend comic-cons giving out autographs.

Posted by: Erelis | Jul 25 2016 2:23 utc | 64

Link to Clinton cash movie...showing timing of cash donations with various Clinton-influenced state decisions effecting various donors...

Posted by: Bluemot5 | Jul 25 2016 2:42 utc | 65

Likklemore @ 60:

I thought someone might come along and say that on the seventh day, Putin takes a three-week break and all hell breaks loose as everyone tries to find out if he's gone to Switzerland with Alina Kabaeva for a love tryst or to see their baby delivered.

But yes your answer and other people's answers are just as good and plausible. One comes to the conclusion that Putin is trying to weaponise Creationism.

Posted by: Jen | Jul 25 2016 2:59 utc | 66


Putin, Putin, Putin.

Now that the NYC Mob has secured the Goldman-Trump-Clinton hat trick in November, after which a 5th Chosen Supreme Court Justice for Life assures a tie-winning Tribal 55% majority of Torahia law in the USA, with not a single Protestant Justice on the bench, and knowing now it's in the bag, fahged abahd et, now the NYC Mob has already begun the takedown of non-Tribal banks like HSBC and 1MDB, following a lull of eight years since the Lehman takedown, after which They precipitated the greatest financial piracy in human history: the wholesale transfer of adulterated synthetic CDO gambling debts, by the private Fed Bank, onto the public US Treasury, ...during which not a single Tribal member was ever indicted, ... but now the arrests are happening fast and furious among their foreign banking competition, as S&P's credit rating arm is holding a gun to Brexit.

"I can't tell you where all the money went!" Benhamin

Once the NYC Mob has Trump-Clinton in the WH and the Tribe owns the Executive, then swings the Judicial to 55% Tribal sovereignty, so that the Tribe owns Justice too, then our poor Congress-critters will have to stand and clap for Bibi until the blood literally runs down their arms, and yet still not one of them will dare to stop clapping first, because it would be career and financial suicide to 'vote your conscience' against the Trotskyim.

You know this will all come to pass in just six months from now, after which Trump-Clinton of The Chosen, Mr. Law-and-Order-Shekinah and Ms We-Came-We-Saw-He-Died-Haw-Haw-Haw, will launch their all-out attack on Russia, over the roads and bridges of Eastern Ukraine, which even now the World Bank is rapidly upgrading to combat capacity for missile launchers, troop carriers and heavy tanks. Right now. Because that's what Tribal juntas do! Look closely at the junta in Kiev that Congress in 2015 grifted $50,000M of your last life savings to, Kiev, traditional home of Ashkenazim who spawned 1998, 2001, 2008 and 2011. They're warlords.

But the Sheeple are so conditioned to live in fear, and never speak about Those Who Cannot Be Named, that the Sheeple will remain willfully ignorant while the mortgage credit-debt ring is bound through their nose, the school-debt tag punched in their ear, and 'Six-Kinds-of-Stupid' tattoed on their forearms, and their children sent off to fight in foreign wars.

Tribal historians will completely rewrite the US annals, claiming The West Was Tamed by the Chosen, that the Chosen raised up the American Heathen and taught them to Read and Write and to Pokemon Go, and that there never was an 'American Dream', ...that Xtian Kulaks were just illegal Dreamers in what was always Greater New Zion, the same as Bolshevik Chosen slaved 60,000,000 Christian Russians to death, and destroyed 20,000 churches, then wiped out 1,000 years of Russian history.

Today there is only the Now, the Dharma of the Chosen:

"We won, you lost. It's just business, get over it. Now get off my land." שלוש מאות

Putin had nothing to do with it. He was just another oligarch in Their crosshairs.

Posted by: Cho Nyawinh | Jul 25 2016 3:39 utc | 67

adding to @25:

At the crucial debate prior to the New York Primary - which Sanders was said to have a chance to win - why did Hillary challenge Bernie to name a single instance where she had changed her vote in exchange for contributions?

Hillary no doubt knew that Elizabeth Warren had described in detail how Hillary had changed a vote for the credit card companies in exchange for contributions. This example was famous and widely known because it is so clear and irrefutable.

Why give Bernie an opportunity to use that example to great effect? Unless she knew that Bernie would NOT use the example. And by NOT doing so, by NOT being able to name a single instance where money had influenced her policy-making, Bernie looked foolish and unprepared and Hillary looked to be above reproach.

Immediately AFTER the debate, a reporter (I think from CNN) asked Bernie about his inability to give an example of Hillary's changing her views for money and Bernie quickly and effortlessly recalled Warren's example and described it. Yet, AFAIK, his campaign didn't make any effort to bring Warren's example to a wider audience (e.g. via a press release).

Furthermore, in the same debate, Hillary also referred to Obama as an example of someone that took money from Wall Street but didn't change his policy. Sanders didn't challenged this obvious falsehood.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 25 2016 4:34 utc | 68

Cho Nyawinh @67

They need a majority on the Supreme Court to ensure that challenges to TPP/TTIP (aka "ObamaTrade") are turned back.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 25 2016 4:37 utc | 69

Fort-Russ has the video of 'Putin's full speech' at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum - 2016 with subtitles, I transcribed the subtitles, if any one else is interested in reading what he actually said on the subject of the US auto-missile defense in Romania and Poland.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 25 2016 5:25 utc | 70

jfl | Jul 25, 2016 1:25:28 AM | 70

Thanks for the links. I distrust almost all media; so, I listen to unedited complete speeches by Pres. Putin whenever possible. His (Putin's) talk at Valdi in 2014 was great;

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 25 2016 6:14 utc | 71

re news onTurkey coup: Just in...

Sybil Edmonds now shows s that 3 top Turk regiments that led the coup are part of NATO Rapid Deployment Forces. Here it is on YouTube:

Alternatively, this link:

Seems to demonstrate direct NATO involvement and connection with Gulencia intentions.

Posted by: chu teh | Jul 25 2016 6:17 utc | 72


As someone who worked as a Congressional subcontractor and prowled those hallowed halls and sat in those high-level meetings, you have to understand that Beltway crowd, it's a pandemic cognitive neural network disruption, all those silly mooks who gave up the best years of their lives in some manboo in Silicon Valley, working 24/7/365 so Steve Jobs could make $Bs, ...and yes, I was there too.

The problem is, the easy Alpha is gone, and there's only three money pots left: the Fifth Quintile retired pension wealth, but you have to entertain the lucre out of them, and it costs money to make money; or the SS/MC Trust Fund, but that's become a completely hollowed out Ponzi scheme; or The Chosen of NYC Mob, and there all Bernie has to do is give fiery speeches and shake his fist and deliver the Left to Clinton tied up with a pretty ribbon, then retire a multimillionare.

"The rest of the book ... it's a cookbook!" To Serve Man

Posted by: Cho Nyawinh | Jul 25 2016 7:03 utc | 73

Bernie has his final moment of doubt and pain , pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.

Posted by: Cho Nyawinh | Jul 25 2016 7:10 utc | 74

@71 VA,

Thanks for the link. I have Putin at the general assembly last year, too, if you're interested. One of my favorites :)

Posted by: jfl | Jul 25 2016 7:23 utc | 75

Detail of Turkey coup:

Here's reconstructed blow-by-blow account of coup from coup leaders' own WhatsApp communications,; source and English translations per Bellingcat:

Can note NATO insignia of regimental unit.

Posted by: chu teh | Jul 25 2016 7:39 utc | 76

jfl | Jul 25, 2016 3:23:28 AM | 75

Sure, I would like to hear it; thanks.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 25 2016 7:45 utc | 77

chu teh | Jul 25, 2016 3:39:31 AM | 76

Beware Bellingcat; he's been busted more than once publishing fraudulent information; especially re: Putin and Ukraine.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 25 2016 7:48 utc | 78

15 68

The whole selection is a carefully-staged WWE Smackdown publicity event, not an election at all.

The selection has already been made. Trump isn't supporting Labor, his 'Make America Work Again' schtick was immediately removed. The Takers grow queasy at the word 'work'. They have plenty of
people in SEAsia who work for them. Right now, I can get India(n) engineers for $12 an hour that
I can list as $125 an hour, and bill out after O&P at $275 an hour. India(n) engineers with Burj
Dubai experience on ultra high rise! The Takers have no intent of restoring the American Dream.

Trump isn't supporting any roll-back of NATO or reduction in P2A-R2P-PNAC. His main plank is to
Make America Secure Again. Make America Strong. Kick Some Muzzie Ass. Let's Roll. And the reason
he's pledging that, is the same reason Sanders carved out the Left, that Hillary can EXPAND
her Centrist-Right capture even further to the Right. Trump is placing a pick for her 3-pointer!

Bernie took the Left, so Hillary didn't have to appear weak to her base group. And Trump will
move further Right to give her more room to pick up delegates. Then BB-D and Milo-the-Gay will
explode the Rabbinicals / Evangelists with repeated cognitive-dissonant LGBTF references. Watch.
"Milo-The-Gay calls for 'refugee' status for world's Islamic gays." Ka-boom! the John Birchers!

The dissassociation is everyone is conditioned to Old School Party Politics Kennedy versus Nixon.
That was fifty years ago! We're in a GOOG-FB hyper-focus-group mind-manipulation fractal world!
Everything you see, that seems to be real, is illusory repetitive mirrors off one core equation:

Zn = (Zn-1)^2 + C, where (Zn-1)^2 are Trump-Clinton Janus faces of the same ZioQEnBankim, + C,
and where C is The Chosen's massive Corruption of the US political, judicial and financial process,
begun under Bush-Cheney and capped with Citizens United and Clinton Cash 501(c)3 Grand Larceny.

It's so over our heads...

Posted by: Cho Nyawinh | Jul 25 2016 8:21 utc | 79

This is an interesting article that explores possibilities (if only partially) of an extremely murky event: the recent coup in Turkey. One very keen observation is that this coup has one extraordinary aspect: nobody seems to blame Putin! The second observation is that it is not typical for a coup that it is not possible to trace who was running it, while indisputably, someone activated a bunch of conspirators to action. In the past, even failed coup had an identified leader.

[Tinfoil hat on] This points to a masterful hand behind the plot, perhaps a bit deficient in purely military details but very capable in conspiratorial techniques. [delete]Gulen[end delete] Putin! Putin theory could have a weak spot, namely that he is competent in purely military details, but it can be elegantly rescued by the fact that he had no interest in actually replacing Erdogan, but merely in rendering him ineffective against Russia. As Russians know only too well, the most effective way of disabling a military organization is to imbue the national leader with total paranoia. [Tinfoil hat off, malignant waves enter brain again]

Clearly, Erdogan is another person who benefits from the coup, and who has much simpler means to assure that the leadership of the coup remains unclear: his devoted stooges run the investigation after all! Moreover, Akira correctly observed that the past actions attributed to Gulen's movement lacked outright violence. In my opinion, this stems from religious principles of Gulen himself, his own interpretation of Islam (which clearly allows for intrigue and subterfuge). Gulen did not create his movement in vacuum, he became a leader of followers of Said Nursi who died in 1960. The way those movements (Nur of Nursi, Hizmet of Gulen) operated is compared to Sufi brotherhoods which may be loosely hierarchical and highly conspiratorial. Some Sufi movements may be violent, by calling to armed Jihad etc. However, Nursi was a pacifist. As I said, unlike some other Muslim movements in Turkey. Erdogan has a somewhat murky religious movement of his own, and he clearly accepts the concept of violent Jihad.

One can dwell more of it, but pretty safe conclusion is that we have two likely possibilities: Erdogan pulling the strings (in that case, using Hakan Fidan, his spy master) and going to some lengths to make the appearance that Guelen does it, or the reverse. Because of that, no single piece of evidence is conclusive, any single person can be a double/multiple agent etc. And because those possibilities are both so compelling, the true guiding master hand remains hidden (Putin!!!!).

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jul 25 2016 9:03 utc | 80

Wow, this Putin is really wise, and powerful, and manipulative and has alien powers, can be at different places at once, can't find no one able to confront him... All of the NATO all of the EU, all of the Pentagon, CIA, MI5, Mossad, they just can't stop him. It's not that I totally agree him, mostly I do, but I just can't stop admiring the most powerful man in earth, solar system and surroundings!

Hats off

Posted by: Xavier | Jul 25 2016 9:19 utc | 81

It's pathetic really. Let's make Russia/Putin enemy number on so we don't have to address the issue of violent theocratic islam chewing up the Mide East, Europe and coming to a neighborhood near you. Russia is great because they are white, so you can demonize and hate them without the you racist tag, now are you being fair, well ... Seeing past skin color to the heart of the matter has never been so important and yet so far away. I am loving how these murderers in Germany are 'deranged loners' instead of ... So transparent. Lies my State told me.

Posted by: Northern Observer | Jul 25 2016 12:03 utc | 82

Cho Nyawinh @79, 67

Pleasure, as always, to read your posts.

Minor quibble: Corruption of the US political, judicial and financial process, begun under Bush-Cheney

The corruption kicked into high gear with the election of slick Willie. The tribalists went all in to defeat Bush the elder.

As I posted previously:

As for an Israeli owned-and-operated POTUS, one needs to look no further than the Clintonite presidency. Slick Willie owed his election success to the Jewish lobby who were intent on derailing Bush’s re-election bid. Bush, after all, had the audacity to threaten to withhold U.S. guarantees of some $10 billion of Israeli debt as leverage in a proposed Arab-Israeli peace conference.

The Bush Decision Point

In May 1991, both Bush and Baker publicly called the settlements an obstacle to peace. In response, under AIPAC’s prodding, Congress began pushing Bush to release the loan guarantees on Israel’s terms, meaning Israel could use the money to build wherever it wished. On September 6th, Bush asked Congress for a 120-day delay before considering the Israeli loan request. AIPAC pushed back, flooding Capitol Hill with lobbyists. On September 12th, Bush called a press conference and denounced both Israeli West Bank settlements and the Israel lobby. He told reporters he was “up against some powerful political forces” designed to thwart him., adding that “a thousand lobbyists” were working the Hill, while he was “one lonely guy” on the opposite side. This pushback was initially very effective: rapid polls showed a large national majority in favor of the President and against the Israeli request, and Congress agreed to a delay.

This was the kiss of death for Bush 41. He blamed the Israel lobby at least partially for his defeat. The largely Jewish controlled media played a major role in “the transformation of Bush’s public image from the masterful diplomat …to the out of touch preppy of a year later.”

Bush’s failure to stand up to Jewish power marked the end of any semblance of rationality with regard to U.S. policy vis-à-vis the Mid-East. This lesson, a lesson of power politics, is reverberating in the corridors of Washington to this day. Just ask Hillary.

-Slick Willie opened the doors wide open to dual citizen infiltration of key positions in government. (ex: D. Ross appointment as Middle East envoy >> Israel‘s lawyer)

-He was also the first sitting president to openly prostrate himself at the annual Aipac convention, an event that has now become ritualized.

-The Clinton controlled Democratic party went so far as nominate that blatantly zionist lunatic Joe Lieberman for Vice President on the ticket with Al Gore in the 2000 election.

-Clinton’s notorious last act - the pardon of Marc Rich,(rumoured to have been an Israeli agent) then on the FBI’s most wanted list - “the then Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, and former prime minister Shimon Peres made personal pleas to Clinton on his behalf to secure the controversial pardon.”- Guardian (the money angle was a red herring)

- Barely scraping the surface

Posted by: pantaraxia | Jul 25 2016 12:06 utc | 83

@80 pb

Great stuff pb. I think that Erdo's 'genius' lies in his ability to react rather than act. He just waits to see his chances then takes 'em. Having plans opens one up to having one's plans divined by others and so defeated. His strength lies in his nihilism, the g-forces alone of his about faces would so distort the physique of any ordinary man that he could never survive. But Erdo is focused exclusively on his own ends - and possesses the magical ability of convincing his followers of his invincibility and hence, of theirs. His survival of his seemingly endless stream of volte faces proves this in the eyes of his followers and so confounds his more or less principled opposition that their very bones melt and they puddle.

So the CIA, who have kept Gulen bottled up in their Pennsylvania super-fortress all these years, perhaps their secret, kryptonite-like antidote to al-CIAduh, sprang him to avail Erdogan of yet another of his nine-times-nine-lives, in order to keep his ego-driven presence alive and disruptive on their geostrategic gameboard.

The terrifying thing from the CIA's/USA's point of view would be any kind of coherent coincidence of aims among Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, the Caucasus, and the stans of Central Asia. They feel that they can rely upon Erdo to keep the Caucasus and Central Asia high on its own version of the Ottoman dream, and in competition with the Sunni/IS, the Shia, and Kurdish Axes.

If the Turkmen and the Shia were to cohere rather than contend, or, worse, the Turkmen-Shia-Kurds were to do so, there would be far too much constructive activity in the Middle East for the empire of chaos to survive there let alone prevail. The opposite hand of Putin did it! is ... the CIA did it! I say the CIA did it. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

The real story will become apparent in the fullness of time.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 25 2016 12:08 utc | 84

Leave it to Hillary and the Dems to attempt to link Putin with Trump. It would be hilarious if it weren't so patently asinine. Especially since Boss Hillary is the QUEEN of graft.

Posted by: D3F1ANT | Jul 25 2016 14:29 utc | 85

To take an optimisitic view, for the moment, Putin-bashing is but a symptom of a sort of enraged helplessness from the pols / media, spurred on for a good part by the MIC, which needs funds to feed the bottomless pit of the grafters, and thus erects some menace somewhere. I mean, America needs an enemy, and Assad obviously isn’t a true one any longer (as otherwise he would have been assassinated), the drum beat of real men go to Teheran has been stilled, and who cares about North Korea?

Now that is not to deny that the enmity is very real, long-standing and brought to boiling pitch by recent events (renascent Russia, oil and gas, Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, danger of R-EU alliance, etc.)

What is the US to do? A land-war, attack R thru Ukraine, Poland..? Start a nuke war? Provoke R into into first strike? From the optimist, my hat today, the answer is no. What is left is shaming, excluding, name-calling.

World geo-politics has descended into a mix of US high-school sadistic group hysteria (1) and drug wars in a poor place —, tweeting insults and threats!

More seriously, what is left? *Economic* war, which involves legal war (strong-arming Int’l courts and arbitrage, banks, financial circuits, and forcing ‘allies’ to bow under threat on such points, see sanctions) plus endless streams of media propaganda which finds it’s own justification in positive feed-back. Bribery and so on of fifth columns is par for the course, as is the creation of strife close to borders.

1. It is interesting that in the Dem hysteria, the two main enemies, Trump and Putin, are amalgamated into one, they are practically twin evils joined at the hip. Politically speaking, total garbage and only shows how stupid and desperate the Dems are.

Flash news, true story, Telegraph: Two walruses die at Vladimir Putin-backed oceanarium.

Posted by: Noirette | Jul 25 2016 14:47 utc | 86

Noirette | Jul 25, 2016 10:47:29 AM | 86

Very nice critique and spot on.
Two walruses died; obviously the work of Vlad the Impaler Putin.
Jaysus; everything wrong in the world goes to President Vladimir Putin; long live Vladimir Putin...

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 25 2016 15:21 utc | 87

I am missing a white sock from the laundry I did over the weekend. I know Putin did it, I'm just not sure how he broke into my basement to steal it. All the other sock-stealing suspects, Hussein, Khadafy, bin Laden, they've all been killed. So it has to be Putin.

Posted by: Bob In Portland | Jul 25 2016 16:18 utc | 88

Lifelong Democrat (blah blah blah), though I have sometimes voted third party at the national level. . .

One reason I am probably going to vote for Trump is that he seems much less likely to lead us into a hot war with Russia, than Hillary. Also, he seems to have a much more reasonable view of Russia than Hillary (with her "Putin: Hitler" nonsense).

There probably aren't many American voters out there for whom Russian-American relations is a major issue, but the attempt to smear Trump with Putin associations is going to backfire with the handful of people like me. I'm not sure what the average Democrat will think. I work with a lot of reasonably intelligent liberals with one or two college degrees and many of them have ridiculous ideas about Russia and the Ukraine and so forth. They know all about media concentration and so on, but they sure keep sucking up the same propaganda.

Posted by: RudyM | Jul 25 2016 16:24 utc | 89

Yes the reset button with "peregruzka", Russian for "overcharged"

This still amazes me. The highest (visible) level of the U.S. federal government can't find one competent Russian translator?

Posted by: RudyM | Jul 25 2016 16:35 utc | 90

The whole situation with Wasserman Schultz reminds me of this incident:

The two Democratic presidential hopefuls had an unscripted moment Thursday at the conclusion of the NAACP candidate forum where they were overheard talking about how to thin out the number of candidates participating in these presidential events.

At the conclusion of the forum, Edwards approached Clinton on stage to talk, and the two expressed frustration over the number of candidates in the debate forum and the time allotted for answers.

The open microphone caught the following exchange:

Clinton: "We've got to talk, because they are just being trivialized."

Edwards: "They are not serious."

Clinton: "No."

Clinton: “I think there was an effort by our campaigns to do that. That got somehow detoured. We got to get back to it, because that's all we're going to do."

Clinton: "Our guys should talk."

While Clinton and Edwards did not specifically mention any candidate by name, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, posted a scathing statement on his website condemning his two rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“Candidates, no matter how important or influential they perceive themselves to be, do not have and should not have the power to determine who is allowed to speak to the American public and who is not,” Kucinich said. “Imperial candidates are as repugnant to the American people and to our Democracy as an imperial President.”

Posted by: RudyM | Jul 25 2016 16:50 utc | 91

RudyM@90- I don't think the mistranslation was unintentional. Remember Madeline 'read my pins' Albright and her three monkey pin in protest of Putin's Chechnya policy?

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Jul 25 2016 16:52 utc | 92

@hejiminy cricket, what do you think "overcharged" was supposed to mean then? Or is getting it wrong just a way of showing they don't give a fuck?

Posted by: RudyM | Jul 25 2016 16:59 utc | 93

@RudyM- I imagine it works on several levels, like the stickpins, as a stupid joke and an FU. Maybe a reference to CGI brokering the sale of the Uranium co., some creepy insider innuendos. Makes for good stories at dinner parties with polish friends.

Posted by: hejiminy cricket | Jul 25 2016 17:23 utc | 94

followup @68:

Correction: It wasn't Hilary that asked the question, it was one of the debate moderators/reporters.

See that part of the debate here.

Sanders gets rolled by Hillary who pretends to be tougher on Wall Street than anybody. Her proof: she supports:

> Dodd-Frank (a seriously flawed bill that critics claim was written mostly by the financial industry);

> sending executives to jail (in theory, anyway);

> expanding regulation to include 'shadow banking';

Sanders makes a good point but ultimately ties or loses the exchange.

Note: Immediately after this exchange is Hillary's obfuscation about releasing her speeches. Sanders makes a good point when he says that he doesn't have any such speeches to release.

Aside: Overall, Sanders fails to overcome Hillary's positioning as 'progressive that gets things done'. Hillary deflects criticism by referring to mostly weak/flawed initiatives from her past and attacks Sanders plans as half-baked.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 25 2016 18:01 utc | 95

It makes me think of Swordfish movie song Dark machine

He exists in a world beyond your world

What we only fantasize he does

He lives a life where nothing is beyond him nothing is beyond him

For all his charm and charisma
His wild and expensive toys he a driven
Unflynching, calculating machine

Read more: Paul Oakenfold - Dark Machine Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Posted by: G | Jul 25 2016 23:34 utc | 96

FAIR recommended this link, calling it "a fairly good debunking of the " Putin was conspiring with Trump" claim: Fact-Checking That “Trump & Putin” Thing

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Jul 25 2016 23:34 utc | 97

jfl | Jul 25, 2016 3:23:28 AM | 75

Yes, I heard that one, all 24 minutes of it.
There was something else that was noteworthy; Obama spoke for something like 40 or 43 minutes; what's noteworthy was, the allotted time was supposed to be 20 minutes.
My favorite line in Putin's speech: "Do you realize what you have done?"

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 26 2016 9:11 utc | 98

If anyone's gonna accuse Trump of being Putin's boy, they should also accuse Hillary of being Putin's girl. After all, as b's link to the New York Times indicates, she and the Clinton Foundation sealed a deal with Putin and his fellow crony oligarchs, enabling Russia to control 20% of all the uranium produced in the US. So if anyone is really worried about the Russians re-becoming an existential threat to the West, they can blame the Hildabeast, not the Donald, for providing them with the means to do so.

And why is the MSM turning a blind eye to the fact that Hillary helped the Russians purchase a huge stockpile of uranium from the US? Perhaps it is because Hillary is their girl as well. The MSM is obviously shaping the narrative, as well as generating the necessary propaganda, for a Clinton victory.

Posted by: Cynthia | Jul 26 2016 12:42 utc | 99

Cynthia | Jul 26, 2016 8:42:14 AM | 99

I sometimes wonder if this Russophobia is just part of a Potemkin Village to fool and confuse us, the unclean of the world, into thinking nuclear war is immanent.
Nah, they're not that smart...
And we're not quite that stupid.

Posted by: V. Arnold | Jul 26 2016 12:48 utc | 100

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