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July 03, 2016

Baghdad, Brexit And The Chicken Coup

A few issues I meant to write about (but from which family issues keep me away):

Last night two bombs by Islamic State terrorists killed 172 and wounded some 200 people in Baghdad. At the same time the New York Times had a piece up, with zero evidence for its thesis, which was headlined Appealing to Its Base, ISIS Tempers Its Violence in Muslim Countries. (The headline was since changed.) The people in Turkey, Bangladesh, Yemen, Iraq and Syria - all place where IS committed mass murder last week, likely have a different view than the NYT expressed.

Will there be a Je Suis Baghdad campaign tonight? Will the colors of the Iraqi flag be projected onto the Eiffel Tower, the Berlin Gate or the White House? No? Why not? Are the mostly Shia kids, women and men killed in Baghdad the wrong kind of people?

I strongly agree with this paragraph: Brexit Is Just The First Earthquake Of Its Kind

People want a new order in which a sense of belonging and a sense of security, nationalism and economics, go together. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this democratic desire. At base, this is what this vote is about. The British people are of course not alone in this search. In searching for a vision in which nations can be economically strong in a connected world, some opportunists will pair up with genuinely racist elements to make political capital. But to see this as merely the resurgence of some archaic, parochial, provincial populism is to miss the wood for the trees.

The Canary has an excellent series on the long planned but failed Chicken Coup in the British Labour party.Tony Blair’s crony elite want to snatch Labour back from the working class, How a PR company manufactured the Labour coup – Part I, Senior Labour Party insider reveals plan to oust Corbyn was in play 10 months ago (EXCLUSIVE). The coup was publicly announced in The Telegraph ten days before it happened: Labour rebels hope to topple Jeremy Corbyn in 24-hour blitz after EU referendum. This coup attempt was an embarrassment. The Blairite masters of spin have obviously lost their abilities.

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but economics, communication, travel/migration...the human spirit and imagination are already global. the desire that this nation, this city, this 'hood, this family, this person can attain xyz good w/o it being attained universally is already completely misguided and is a great source of manipulation of the populace. how is laredo to have good jobs & schools when across this arbitrary, and now drying, boundary called the rio grande, ciudad juarez has maquiladora sweat shops and murderous drug cartels (who are in association w/the gang running el paso, natch)? so the provincialism of brexit is not above suspicion or reproach.

Posted by: jason | Jul 3 2016 18:27 utc | 1

As if human characteristics and qualities are not the most important. Still we have simpleminded and idiotic political, economic and ideological analysis on what's the most important to humans without the human characteristics really being involved.

On the political economic and ideological dominated world views - even Those that strongly see themselves in those groups can still easily be: unprincipled, immoral or amoral, politically unconscious, self interested, self aggrandising, bias towards their worldview, inconsiderate of others, greedy....... Well I could go on forever.

All these human characteristics can undermine and hold back whatever identity, morality and world view that individuals or people hold. Or is that fake identity, fake morality and fake world view.

Posted by: tom | Jul 3 2016 19:11 utc | 2

We are all human. The moment we forget that, we all fucked... you have a choice.either behave like a human being , dont behave like a degenerate.its not worth it. it is not a difficult choice. make it.

Posted by: dan | Jul 3 2016 19:22 utc | 3

If Corbyn is going to out Blair over Iraq, he should also out Cameron over Libya and Syria, over the SAS/MI6 involvement in the creation and arming of the 'carfefully vetted' 'moderate' head-choppers.

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 3 2016 19:29 utc | 4

Many US Americans and others like the idea of anti-interventionism. Trump (and Ron Paul before him) found that the idea resonates with common people.

Allowing the citizens of other countries to attend to their own trade and political affairs without outside interference (such as bombing them and stealing their resources) seems like a good start. Practical or not, it is an appealing and hopeful concept.

With that, the beginning of solving one's own domestic problems is a natural extension.

Down the road, perhaps working together in a friendly way (no rapacious winner-loser capitalism?) with neighbors across borders might be possible.

Posted by: fast freddy | Jul 3 2016 19:37 utc | 5

thanks b, for the post with links and pointing out the ongoing hypocrisy on display.. Ramadan - an opportunity to murder innocent muslims.. the beauty of isis and what the money from saudi arabia can do..

@3 dan - see if you can get the 1% to make that choice.. they haven't yet..

@4 yonatan - i agree with you.. may as well go down swinging, lol..

@5 ff.. you think all those female fans of clinton are anti-interventionist? i doubt it, but maybe it is more prevalent than i feel..

Posted by: james | Jul 3 2016 20:00 utc | 6

yesterday, CNN crowed the the proverbial sources close to the investigation say there will be no charges against Clinton ...
Today the Guardian also citing sources close to Chilcot say Blair with face no charges (that headline now apparently scrubbed from Guardian -- it was inside under "world" heading)

Sun ~Blair faces no charges, but soldiers may.

Apparently in favor of this:
~~Blair may face impeachment.

money graft inside

The likelihood of Blair being tried for war crimes remains remote, according to reports. In an official statement to the Telegraph, the international criminal court (ICC) indicated that the decision to go to war remained outside its remit. Chilcot inquiry must restore trust in government, says top lawyer It means individual soldiers could be prosecuted for war crimes but not Blair.

Also today, 4 of Clinton's in-the-running for VP candidates did the talk-show circuit "defend her over e-mails" -- because of course they would know ... or something (no Warren and Franklin weren't among the 4)

As if those individuals know the in's and out's of the particulars and the "law" ... as if -- as always -- evading transparency weren't the bigger issue (being lost in an avalanche of legalities)

Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Jul 3 2016 20:07 utc | 7

There is a falling out... of sorts over Brexit.
Is it because he has more than just a cognac for breakfast?

The Telegraph online has this header on Page 1

Angela Merkel “to oust Jean-Claude Juncker” as EU splits deepen over Brexit response

Angela Merkel could move to oust Europe’s federalist chief Jean-Claude Juncker 'within the next year', a Germany government minister has said, in a sign of deepening European divisions over how to respond to Britain’s Brexit vote.
The German chancellor’s frustration with the European Commission chief came as Europe split over whether to use the Brexit negotiations as a trigger to deepen European integration or take a more pragmatic approach to Britain as it heads for the exit door.

Mr Juncker’s constant and unabashed calls for “more Europe”, has led to several of Europe other dissenting members – including Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic – to lay some of the blame for Brexit at his door.

Even before he was appointed President of the European Commission - against the wishes of David Cameron - concerns were raised about Mr Juncker's alchohol consumption which were dismissed as a "smear campaign" by his officials.
At the time The Telegraph and several other newspapers reported officials worrying about Mr Juncker having "cognac for breakfast" and rolling through long negotiations fortified with large quantities of claret and brandy.

Posted by: likklemore | Jul 3 2016 20:30 utc | 8

After a referendum or even after elections it is common practice to give an interpretation of something usually called 'people's will'. This is utterly nonsense. There is no such thing. 'The people' is not a subject, not even a political one. Obviously commentators tend to interpret along the lines of there own views. So the commentator with best access to the media will possibly hammer his / her interpretation through. Some voters would agree perhaps.
The Brexit referendum resulted in 51,9 % voting yes - and that's all. If one ist interested in details one has to ask each and every voter about his / her motives.

Posted by: Pnyx | Jul 3 2016 20:31 utc | 9

SS @7--

And Sputnik lets Clinton have it:

"For those who have followed the case at home with even a modest degree of attention it is becoming all too clear that a rural prosecutor in the backwoods of flyover country would have enough evidence to not only indict, but convict and imprison anybody who engaged in the acts of malfeasance that document releases establish that Hillary Clinton did."

Posted by: karlof1 | Jul 3 2016 20:39 utc | 10

Posted by: Pnyx | Jul 3, 2016 4:31:02 PM | 9

Agree. It also depends on the way the question is asked. A surprisingly large number of people have a problem to think and to say "no".

In Bavaria referenda (that can be forced by a certain number of signatures)have to be asked in a way that the people asking for the referendum get a "yes", which makes for sometimes very strange questions like "do you agree that this building should not be built".

However, the strangest part is that the people who fought for this referendum now don#

Posted by: somebody | Jul 3 2016 20:42 utc | 11

OK, posting was too fast.

The strangest part of BREXIT is that the people fighting for the "yes,exit" vote now don't lay out a plan how to achieve it, and are not really vocal on doing the act as fast as possible so that some 60 percent of British people say that there will not be a BREXIT.

Posted by: somebody | Jul 3 2016 20:49 utc | 12

"The Blairite masters of spin have obviously lost their abilities"

It's very possible they were always this incompetent. Pat Lang keeps trying to convince us that the US govt and the "Borg" are just as incompetent.

And these people are leading the free world, making decisions that affect billions of people.

Well maybe they're not really running things anyway. Shadow govts or deep states along with their corporate partners do that. In any case, somehow the curtain is being pulled back on these people and man, it's not pretty.

Posted by: Joanne Leon | Jul 3 2016 21:11 utc | 13

Posted by: Joanne Leon | Jul 3, 2016 5:11:05 PM | 13

Frankly, I think that the job of being a politician is not that attractive nowadays ...

Posted by: somebody | Jul 3 2016 21:28 utc | 14

james 6

IMHO, Hillary fans generally haven't a clue about anti-interventionism. For the most part, they're wholly ignoring US Foreign Policy vis a vis Hillary/Obama, PNAC/Yinon Plan in favor of other factors. These factors are superficial - part and parcel of the horserace/personality game which the MSM foists upon them. It is important to note that these voters and many others of indeterminate opinion regard the MSM as credible. It is not credible, of course.

Posted by: fast freddy | Jul 3 2016 21:32 utc | 15

Brexit: how about a plan?
seventeen shortlisted entrants invited to submit a full submission to the Institute of Economic Affairs's 2013 Brexit Prize competition. Entrants were asked to imagine an 'out' vote in a proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union and asked to compose a blueprint for the process of withdrawal, taking account of Britain's relationship to global governance and trade [13]

Iain Mansfield 9 Apr 2014
The winner of the IEA Brexit Prize
The IEA Brexit Prize: A Blueprint for Britain - Openness not Isolation

Posted by: c | Jul 3 2016 21:51 utc | 16

Brexit: the art of the possible

Posted by: c | Jul 3 2016 21:58 utc | 17

Ok. Here we go again.

I appreciate B as usual ... making issues more or less transparent rather than obscured.

Fast Freddy makes a reasonable suggestion or three, all for the good.

Alas, there is a VERY naive assumption being made: that the Killary-ites are ignoring foreign policy. They aren't ... they are simply in the great long tradition of what Europe is all about: colonizing. In a previous thread, I made a comment to which Rufus Magister made a long and mostly un-wrong correction: the European world is based on the 'extraction of wealth from other places for use by Europeans. This includes the US from its colonial roots to the present (and on into the future) because we (the US or us) has become used to having the wealth of others for our disposal.

That the oligarchs, the malignant overlords, the 1% or what ever you choose to call them is busy reducing the share of the little person is only a change by degree not intent or purpose. If they (the oligarchs, the malignant overlords, the 1% or what ever you choose to call them) decide to share a little of their ill gotten gains with the 99% the anger will dissipate. It isn't now, nor has it ever been an issue of fairness and right (correct, moral) behavior ... it has always been an article of faith that the (mostly) white world deserves what others (brown, black, non-white) have because --- well, "THEY" aren't worthy because "THEY" aren't white like US/us.

Killary supporters support Killary because ... well: She's white like me! Trump suggests that maybe the rest of the world IS NOT to be exploited nearly so much, though the WHITE GUY left behind should be allowed to pretend to catch up.

Yeah, I know ... another rant. Sigh ...

Posted by: rg the lg | Jul 3 2016 22:27 utc | 18

The Killary supporter ignores US Foreign Policy or believes it to be just and necessary - or the best we can do under the circumstances - for whatever manufactured reason (ie: the prosecution of the GWOT, to protect US from Terra, and etc.). They are incapable of seeing the true face (colonial conquest for private multinational corporations) behind the mask. It's a team sport and their quarterback is Killary.

Their peer groups and the MSM tells them that Killary is the Progressive/Liberal/Educated Person's Candidate. Ergo, that's good enough for them.

Trump is a troglodyte. "Scary", they say.

Of course, Killary is the real "scary" one.

Posted by: fast freddy | Jul 3 2016 22:53 utc | 19

Aside from Saudi Arabia being the father (ideologically)of ISIS, we must never forget that ISIS does have a nurturing mother. It's called Israel. The Mossad,hasbara-dual citizens living in the west, and it's bastardy brother CIA , have unleashed this monster on the Islamic World. But also, being that Arab, Muslim countries do not have democratic, representative governments(besides Iran; good for them); instead they have 'installed' governments that are subordinate to the West, they were sleeping at the wheel and never took the threat and influence of radical, insane Wahabbism seriously and stamp it out. So here we are. In the medium to long term, the disaster that is ISIS, is waking up the Islamic World, most particularly the Arab World; and will cause an alignment if you will to reject all forms and interpretations of fanaticism to a more pragmatic , moderate Islam, which is really the core of what Islam is.

Posted by: bored muslim | Jul 3 2016 23:21 utc | 20

@18 rg the lg and @19 fast freddy

geez, but i thought hillary supporters and bills before her, were largely black folks..

@20 bored muslim..

lets hope so.. it won't happen with saudi arabia, the usa or israels help..

Posted by: james | Jul 4 2016 0:10 utc | 21

The Islamic Faith has little to do with ISIS which was (like Al Qaida) created by The West.

Islam makes a convenient theme, cover story and scapegoat. Blame for ISIS is pointed at Muslims which feeds the entire Trillion dollar Global War On Terror narrative. This Islam Terror narrative is the same one Israel has used for many years vis a vis Palestine. Since 911, the US has adopted this narrative as its own in total. Nutanyahoo was notably thrilled by the direct incorporation of the US into Israel's political hornet's nest via the events of 911 and the bullshit 911 story.

It may well be that the US is the dog and Israel is the tail wagger or visa versa. Any case, the US and Israel now maintain an "irrevocable bond" as written and ordered by the US Congress (majority of the house and IIRC, 85 of 100 Senators).

Why would any sovereign nation declare that it maintains an irrevocable bond with any other nation state?

Does the US have an irrevocable bond with any other nation?

The idea is ludicrous and anti-American.

Posted by: fast freddy | Jul 4 2016 0:28 utc | 22

I agree with b about the obvious hypocrisy the recent deaths in Baghdad have received in the world media machine that is spinning empire stories instead.

The other parts of the posting support my observation that we are in the "pieces flying off" phase of the great Wurlitzer meltdown.

While I am not a believer in putting the globalization genie back in the bottle, I understand the desire to reduce the contagion of crazy to nation states that can be isolated and managed. Unfortunately the global plutocrats that rule private finance and our world also control most of the inter-nation exchange rates, loans and transactions which they continue to manipulate countries against each other. Since the slaves of the West don't seem to be able to throw off the jackboot of private finance, my only hope is in China, Russia and others combining to do so for all of us......but then I smoke a lot of hopium.....

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 4 2016 2:18 utc | 23

An interesting and hard-hitting post, as usual. But here is another angle. Yes, the people killed in Baghdad by Islamic nutjobs did not get the same level of sympathy in the western press as the French or Belgium or American victims of Islamic nut jobs, true. And on the surface this surely seems hypocritical - or at least parochial (I imagine the turks will spend more press on the turks killed in their own country than on the Americans killed in Orlando - and why not? The turks live in Turkey, not Florida).

But also: when a rat attacks a human we are shocked. When rats attack rats, we are unmoved. Fundamentalist wahhabist islam is simply vile: they preach hatred of everyone and everything, they demand that women breed like cattle, they overpopulate and create a screaming hell of poverty, they deny all those unemployed futureless young men even the outlet of beer or music or flirting with women, then insist that the only appropriate outlet for their rage and frustration is to kill other people - and when the other people they kill are also fundamentalist muslims, well, perhaps it is not inappropriate that our sympathy be limited.

There is not a single majority sharia-law muslim country that is not a screaming hell where the only dream of very man is to leave (Turkey is still mostly secular, and Saudi Arabia had been buffered by all that oil money - but not for very much longer!) Whatsoever shall ye sow, therefore shall ye deserve to reap.

Posted by: TG | Jul 4 2016 3:36 utc | 24

I read a reply about the conflating of fascist with vile. Interesting reply to the accusation of not understanding a view that is simply contrary to ones own. Alas, no matter what the 'disambiguation,' words and the meaning matter.

Andre and I happen to agree about the role of the west in current events. We disagree vehemently when it comes to an understanding of what needs to happen. He still has faith in humanity to do the 'right' (as in correct, moral) thing. I don't. In that sense, almost everyone who posts to this blog agree that there is salvation through human agency. Or, that somehow good will triumph.

My take is that only a willingness to violent, bloody revolution, is likely to change things for the better. As it is, better is a word bandied about meaning more sharing and less direct exploitation of ones 'own' peoples. Exploiting the 'other' (brown, black, not white) will remain on the table. That is why I said, continue to say, and no doubt will say in the future that a nuclear holocaust may leave radically different descendants (due to radiations affects on the genome) of humans who may not be so greedy; or the rise of another species (cock roaches, anyone) who may be sentient enough to not use home sapiens as the epitome of what intelligent behavior means.

And, finally 'blues' ... I am a male.

An aside: my grandkids enjoyed the fireworks ... I am certain that in the future they will well indoctrinated to believe that the indispensable nation has, is, and always be on the same side as gawd, god, or gods. I'll stick with the noodly-ness of the flying spaghetti monster ... er nothing.

Posted by: rg the lg | Jul 4 2016 3:58 utc | 25

@ 22, fast freddy,

Thank you. I couldn't have said it better myself. Spot on. The United States of America as a subordinate of Israel and its racist, destructive policies is no less than obscene,immoral and simply not practical as Israel is increasingly moving in the opposite direction as the rest of the World. 1-The most guarded embassies in the World? U.S and Israel 2-Israel is building walls and barriers(while the rest of the World is or has taken such measures down; and now we have Presidential hopefuls exploring this archaic insanity, to say the least. We cant say the Founding Fathers didn't warn us about this obscenity.How did this happen, how did this country, the U.S.A get hijacked and continues to be looted and disintegrated?Its laws and finances under the boot of very nefarious 'chosen' people who will not and have never ceased and desisted from their atrocious behavior. This has been going on throughout history since Babylon or before. Anyways, happy 4th of July, for what it used to mean.

Posted by: bored muslim | Jul 4 2016 4:14 utc | 26

@ 24, TG,

Yes, what you say is unfortunately true. Its safe to say that the Islamic World (not mainstream Islam-the one and only true Islam) is sick and needs to rid itself of the virus of fanaticism. Saudi Arabia has spent approx. 500 billion to spread their bastardized version of Islam(Wahhabism and Salafism)since the 80's when the CIA and Co. found it to be useful is indoctrinating emotional, not very sophisticated individuals to fight the Soviets. Same story all over again.

I will say it now, the single most destructive thing that has happened to progress of the Islamic(and particularly Arab)World since the sacking of Baghdad by the Mongol hordes was the coming about of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans set back the Muslim World at least a couple of centuries. Its simply too deep of a discussion to get into now, but trust me on this. One of the illustrious things the Ottomans did was attack knowledge by burning down libraries in the hope that ignorant subjects are easier to control than educated ones. Anyways, there is hope. The first thing of priority for Muslims is to give back Constantinople to its rightful people, the Eastern Orthodox Church, particularly Russia. The conquest of that city will remain a black spot on Islamic history as a war of aggression and Islam forbids such. Muslims need to correct this, and also solidify their alliance with the Eastern Orthodox and Russia. Oh my, have I gotten carried away..he he

Posted by: bored muslim | Jul 4 2016 4:35 utc | 27

When b's post ranges from Baghdad to Brexit, it's hard to know what's off-topic.

So, here's hoping this fits into the mix, a short interview just published of Pepe Escobar by the English edition of the website of Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader:

Israel-Turkey's "diplomatic victory" leads to incremental genocide: Pepe Escobar

The questions focused on the rapprochement of Turkey with Israel. What and why? To what end?

[Escobar] It’s all about gas, gas, gas [...] In the near future, Ankara will not only buy Israeli gas for internal consumption; but crucially will position itself as the prime East-West energy hub towards the EU, while Israel strengthens its producer status with buyers such as Egypt and the EU.

[] Turkish leaders describe it as a "diplomatic victory", and announced 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid is being shipped to Gaza on Friday; what's your take on that?

[Escobar] Whatever deal has been struck still leaves Palestine under a horrendous, medieval siege. Israeli historian Ilan Pappe was not far off the mark when he qualified it as "incremental genocide." It’s like this was a post-modern normalization of relations with apartheid South Africa.

Gaza's stolen gas as an alternative to Turk Stream? A compelling vision. Enough to give up Syria for, especially with the Bear sitting in the way.

A great tagline might be "Business - it's worth apologizing for."

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 4 2016 5:42 utc | 28

To STOP panicked tyrants & their depopulation mania, the ULTIMATE Damocles sword to REPEL* is deadly space super-storms that may blow up all nukes, as the near-miss extinction event of July 2012:

Posted by: Repel space Damocles swords | Jul 4 2016 5:52 utc | 29

There is a pic online of Corbyn going home on a train, he looks very tired.
That's right he uses public transport, no limo.

Posted by: sinbad | Jul 4 2016 7:36 utc | 30

It says Brexit at the top of the thread ...

German leaders call for reforms in EU after Brexit

According to a scheme leaked to Polish news channel TVP Info, EU members would be morphed into a single superstate based on three crucial areas -- internal and external security, the refugee crisis and economic cooperation.

Under the plan, the rights to have army, criminal law, central bank and taxation system would be taken from the member states and transferred to Brussels.

The member states would also lose what few controls they have left over their own borders for admitting and relocating refugees, according to the plan.

Sounds to me that the EU bureaucrats (the Germans?) are living in fantasyland.

But maybe it's me that's living in fantasyland. Maybe I've woken up after a 16 year sleep and discovered that fascism is applauded all across Europe, and that the EU's plan is widely supported?

Or is this the actual end of the EU? May something decent rise from its ashes!

Posted by: jfl | Jul 4 2016 9:39 utc | 31

@24 TG

The past 25 years of death, devastation, and destruction in the MENA are due to opportunistic aggression by the US/UK/EU, and their ratlines of losers from Chechnya, Dagestan, Xiliang and elsewhere in Central Asia.

Also, b, thanks very much for your links to the inside baseball talk at the I can't tell the players without a programme, but it seems to me that although the amalgamated Politico-Media are blowing the whistles and beating the gongs for all they're worth, yet day be day their bankruptcy is growing more and more apparent. I hope the British people get a chance to vote them all out and to go with Corbyn, or whomever they choose, and start methodically to make sense of the horrid mess bequeathed to them by the lords and ladies of Neolibraconia, as British Neolibriconia itself slides beneath the waves.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 4 2016 10:01 utc | 32

The suicide attack on Baghdad's Karrada yesterday is the responsibility Bush and B;air's actions, as indeed every such horror, as much as every bomb that fell from US-UK planes. Indeed, as you have said, no Eifel Tower lit up in Iraqi colours for them. As General Taguba was told "They are only Iraqis." The enormity of the crime committed in our name sometimes overwhelms totally.

Karrada was a special place, there was "Karrada In" and "Karrada Out" - one was the posher end, the other the poorer end. Markets, shops, residential areas with balconies above the shops, everything sold from fruit and veg, to fridges and phones, musical instruments, oud makers and artists' studios, barbers, hairdressers, take aways Iraqi style, juice bars, cloth, cottons, tailors shops, shops selling the birds and the beautiful ornamental cages, feed and nuts for them. Iraqis keep birds as we do dogs or cats - Karrada was Baghdad's bustling, beating heart.

Neither was Karrada "Shia" as reported, no one mentioned Shia, Sunni, Christian etc., that came in with the US/Bush jargon - classic divide and rule. Iraqis would have been appalled had they been asked of their background, they would have replied "I am Iraqi."

Iraqi, Syrian, Afghan, Libyan lives and hearts continue to be broken by US-UK sponsored "liberation." Here in the West there are many hearts who break with them - and know with certainty that it is actually possible to die of shame.

As the long awaited Chilcot Inquiry is published on Wednesday (6th July) it can only be hope that Tony Blair at least finds himself skewered - and facing legal challenges of enormity.

Posted by: Felicity | Jul 4 2016 12:05 utc | 33

Karrada (Arabic: كرّادة‎‎) is an upper middle class district of the city of Baghdad, Iraq. It has a mixed population with a Shia majority and a significant Christian minority. It is one of the most religiously diverse areas of the city, and is one of the two major districts of the Christian community in Baghdad, along with Dora. All of the Christians of the district congregate in Inner Karrada,

Posted by: okie farmer | Jul 4 2016 12:33 utc | 34

Nigel Farage resignation speech

Posted by: okie farmer | Jul 4 2016 12:47 utc | 35

Happy Fourth of July ...

The differences between me and the author? Only tiny in retrospect: he an officer in combat security / me an enlisted man; he a friend of a native American / me, descended from native Americans; he a lawyer and peace advocate / me a historian and librarian. Maybe the biggest difference is that he evidently believes that we (US) are redeemable / me? I see no hope for the planet as a consequence of what he wrote regarding the propensity of the species to destroy for gain: people, planet, ourselves.

Hope you are happy, America/the West.

Posted by: rg the lg | Jul 4 2016 13:12 utc | 36

Nigel Farage, seeing the writing on the crypt wall, stepped down to 'get his life back' so he wouldn't, in Clintonesque street parlance, 'sleep with the fishes', because, really, at this point, what difference does it make? It will be a forever impossible dream for White People to have a Color Revolution, anyway. They be already sleep'n wid the fishes, homes. Fahged abahd et, HRH HRC 13 Cryps.

Posted by: Uk Tahder | Jul 4 2016 13:49 utc | 37

24;There was no wahabbism before 1948,or at least that we cared to note.
How some can blame people for being pissed off and not blame the pissers reveals much.
I thought I saw an opposite meme today in the lying times,saying they are attacking during Ramadan,I guess reality forced a rewrite for the serial liars.

Posted by: dahoit | Jul 4 2016 14:47 utc | 38

33;Of course,but you won't see a mea culpa from the Zionists.
All this is on our heads,the complete destruction of the ME,and American prosperity, for Zion.

Posted by: dahoit | Jul 4 2016 14:49 utc | 39

lg @18 "Alas, there is a VERY naive assumption being made: that the Killary-ites are ignoring foreign policy. They aren't ... they are simply in the great long tradition of what Europe is all about: colonizing."

I am not so sure. From that perspective, Afghanistan could allow to build some lucrative pipelines, except it did not, and Iraq could give control over oil, except it did not. So-called "neocolonialism" extracts wealth using financial supremacy, which in these days means chiefly control over institutions that administer money etc. China accumulated a lot of money using inelegant method of trade surpluses based on manufacturing, but it is quite short of credible institution build to (a) control money from other nations (b) impose policies over unwilling nations. Financial supremacy does not require much in terms of military interventions.

Militarism has different objectives which are much less rational than colonialism. If you compare early dynamic feudal system and the late phases, the objectives of private armies changed from accumulation of estate by force to sheer vanity. Some nobles would impressed their peers with their most up-to-date residences, others with their private regiments, and of course, it was most impressive if you could afford both.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jul 4 2016 15:05 utc | 40

@24 tg... some of what you say is relevant, but it is too broad a brush.. mayalsia is a sharia law country and it doesn't apply there as you suggest.. unfortunately stereo types and generalizations have limitations..

@33 felicity.. i agree with you. so much of the mess of iraq can be laid directly on bush and blairs doorstep.. i wouldn't get your hopes up on the chilcot report too much.. if these 2 have evaded responsibility for 13 years, they can continue to evade for a longer period of time.

Posted by: james | Jul 4 2016 15:27 utc | 41

Brexit news: UK is very strange in having no constitution but some accumulations of law and precedences interpreted by lawyers with various degree of authority. Apparently, there exists decisions that a Prime Minister can make by himself/herself, and decisions that have to be voted by the Parliament. Like in USA, the executive can make decision that should be made by legislative if (a) they wish to do so and (b) the legislative does not object, or objects tepidly.

And an opinion was circulated that Brexit requires an act of Parliament in which it lacks a majority. Even if Cameron could ignore that opinion, he is obviously interested to believe in that. And the next prime minister may also prefer to defer to new elections, especially given profound disarray in Labour Party.

On the other hand, this disarray could be beneficial to Labour. If one uses The Guardian as a weathervane, getting rid of Corbyn turned to be no easier than getting rid of EU. The prevalence of stories "who will get rid of this meddlesome LP leader" decreased, and the occurrences of reports from places where Corbyn is more popular than his wrathful fellows from PLP increased. Activists in places like Liverpool talk about de-selection (changing the party candidate by the causes of LP in the respective constituency). And again, there is a legal opinion that could be ignored, but that would be very awkward, that Corbyn automatically has the right to run for his re-election rather than finding 50 supportive MPs and ME. Ignoring that opinion because Corbyn would assuredly win the election.

One can start betting: will we have NATO in 2021? Will we have EU in 2021?

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Jul 4 2016 15:31 utc | 42

My take on how the Brits will get out of Brexit: they will have to hold new elections before anyone in Parliament will dare act on Article 50.

They will turn the elections into a "second referendum" on Brexit, and if enough stay supporters win, a majority of Parliament can then ignore the results of the referendum without risking their political careers.

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jul 4 2016 16:24 utc | 43

If they don't allow Corbyn to run in the leadership election, can party members cast write-in votes for him?

Posted by: lysias | Jul 4 2016 16:44 utc | 44

I think Alexander Mercouris is calling Brexit correctly:
Why Britain is Definitely Leaving the European Union

Brexit is a sea change. It's the clear expression of the will of the English people - overwhelmingly so those living outside of the culturally insulated world of London. British politicians know there is a huge crisis waiting to happen if this expression of will is not followed.

European politicians know that the best thing is to get Britain out of the EU quickly, before the rot spreads:

In fact the impossibility of reversing the British referendum result is so well understood within the rest of the EU that only marginal players like Poland’s Jaroslaw Kaczynsky are reported to have even suggested it. On the contrary the consensus within the EU appears to be that they want to end the uncertainty by getting Britain to leave the EU as quickly as possible and that they want that to happen by having the British initiate the process by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty with the least possible delay.

Brexit said a lot of things. Its overarching message to everyone in the world is: What part of "Brexit" do you not understand?

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 4 2016 16:49 utc | 45

as for brexit, not sure how nigel farage's position today changes any of it..

i find reading craig murray gives me a bit more insight into uk political affairs.. his latest article
Theresa May, Your New Islamophobic Prime Minister?

Posted by: james | Jul 4 2016 17:00 utc | 46

@grieved no 45

"Its overarching message to everyone in the world is: What part of "Brexit" do you not understand?"

A lot of people did not seem to understand what they had just voted for ("What is the EU" being one of the top search engine questions in the UK the day after the vote) And if you had asked them about a serious negotiating strategy for maintaining some sort of trade relationship with the rest of Europe, I am sure that a lot of people would not have understood what that meant, either...

Posted by: ralphieboy | Jul 4 2016 17:41 utc | 47

“With Brexit, Israel Loses a Major Asset in the European Union"
Funny vid

Posted by: okie farmer | Jul 4 2016 17:58 utc | 48

Hitler finds out about Britain Leaving the EU !!!

Posted by: okie farmer | Jul 4 2016 18:03 utc | 49

re 44

If they don't allow Corbyn to run in the leadership election,
As far as I understand it, the legal position is in question as to whether Corbyn, if he remained in post, would need the 50 MPs to nominate him. Some say one thing, some another. Sounds like something that would need to go before a court. The coup plotters ceratinly seem to be hesitating.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jul 4 2016 19:14 utc | 50

Iraq Christians baffled why US can't find ISIS Toyota trucks when they're everywhere

“My people, they [ask why] NASA can find water on Mars but they were not able to find the Islamic State [when] they were just in the middle of desert by hundreds, [with] Toyota cars everywhere,” Bazi explained. [They were] just in the middle of the desert and [the U.S.] was not able to find them by satellite. This is a disappointment.”

Posted by: Les | Jul 4 2016 19:26 utc | 51

re 46

as for brexit, not sure how nigel farage's position today changes any of it..
Well, it shows that the right-wing chaos is not over yet. There was an article yesterday by Rawnsley in the Guardian/Observer saying he thought that Tory peak chaos was past. Now not so (OK Farage is not officially a Tory, but in spirit he is). A good half of the preceding Tory leadership have resigned now, unable to cope with settling the problems they've created. Great fun to set the cat among the pigeons, but cleaning up the mess afterwards is much more difficult. Indeed I would say most British politicians are incapable of it. It's going to need a steady hand, which is not in evidence in most of the western countries. All quite unnecessary, a self-inflicted wound.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jul 4 2016 19:36 utc | 52

@49 - thanks! Poor old Hitler. So many people upset at the change of plan.

Thierry Meyssan points out the value of Britain's pivot to the Yuan: The new British Foreign Policy

...the fall in the Pound could be an advantage within the Commonwealth, which is a far greater family than the Union, and present on all six continents. Famous for its pragmatism, the City could quickly become the international centre for the yuan and implant the Chinese currency in the very heart of the Union.

Just one more positive result of Brexit. I've seen other commentary on the Commonwealth also. New Zealand's exports of wonderful food to the UK were killed by the UK's EU entry. Those exports stand ready to resume the trade.

Britain can only gain from Brexit. The various minor objections and quibbles we see raised here and everywhere - most of which are already summarized and refuted in the latest Mercouris piece I linked earlier - are nothing compared with the positive move forward. Viva Brexit!

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 4 2016 19:55 utc | 53

Anyone wonder why there is a concerted effort to de-populate the middle east? Via Soros' incentives?

And what exactly is the "global" initiative?

Posted by: shadyl | Jul 4 2016 22:01 utc | 54


a greater ysrael includes first ethnic cleansing much of Syria

Posted by: Cahaba | Jul 4 2016 22:40 utc | 55

@52 laguerre.. thanks.

Posted by: james | Jul 4 2016 23:30 utc | 56

@53 grieved, 'Just one more positive result of Brexit.'

I cannot agree that The City of London's plans to dominate the predatory financial world - at least to prosper as the Plutocrats' Republic agent in that endeavor - is at all positive, but I certainly do agree that that its predatory financial instinct is the reason Brexit was allowed and why it is embraced - in the closet - by the Tory elite, who've been thrown into the briarpatch by the vote of the 'racist, nationalist' people of England.

Having seen and survived the decline of their own Empire the wiseguys of the globalized financial 'elite' of the commonwealth are proactively filling the financial vacuum created by neocon regime change, financial sanctions, and bellicose 'pivots East'.

As WWII - the past is never dead, it's not even past - heats up again, with fascism resurgent worldwide, the people on one-side and the 1% on the other, marvelously fused in artful obfuscation - British Neolibraconia has seen its chances and took 'em.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 5 2016 1:28 utc | 57

The bombings in Baghdad were AngloZio immediate response to the anihillation of the ISIS armed car column (550+ terrorists killed 700+ vehicles destroyed) by the Iraqis in Russian helis near Fallujah, just like the nuking of TianJin happened right after sudden devaluation of yuan, which cost the pedo-satanist cabal huge losses on financial derivatives...

WW3 in progress...

Deepest condolences to the close ones of the massacred. [*]

Posted by: ProPeace | Jul 5 2016 2:08 utc | 58

From an Anthropological perspective , one can find a common trait between USSA or AngloZioniste Regimes , Wahabi KSA and Israel :

Cultural Destruction of the lands they brought chaos to :

Hiroshima , Dresden , Bagdad , Palmyra , American indians ( canada included ), Aborigenes , Africa ( wholesale cleansing ) , Destruction by the Wahhabi of tombs _ mosques _ Ancient Artefacts _ Sana'a in Yemen

and all Three Nations are considerably young Historically speaking as compared to say : India , China , Russia etc....

now unto Anthropological Linguistics :

The USSA Z is at war with illiteracy , at war with poverty , at war with inequality , at war with corruption , at war with Racism , at war with Guns ( go figure ) , at war with Recession ... the lucrative War on Drugs ( not the ones made by pharma ... they pay "taxes" ),and the beautiful War on Climate Changes ( lol )

see where this is leading up to for a society at war with pretty much everything under the sun ( also a terrorist with all its solar flares ... what's up with that :p)

Posted by: M | Jul 5 2016 2:17 utc | 59

Since we're talking about Brexit, it may help to understand what the people of Britain who most resemble us - in that they were concerned to know the truth and to fight corruption and tyranny - were up against.

What is the true nature of the European Union that people of the United Kingdom have finally accumulated a critical mass of awareness and disgust with? Give yourself 40 minutes, download to watch at your convenience or whatever is comfortable, but please take a look at this documentary that explains in very British terms what is so repugnant about the EU:

The Real Face of the European Union

This video is being republished all over YouTube right now because it showed a few years ago what Britain was up against. There's not one reader of Moon of Alabama who would not be appalled at the new world order being ushered in with the EU. The British people voted for a Common Market. Suddenly, without votes, it was the European Economic Community - Nazi Germany's old name for the same plan of unification. Then, also without votes, it became the European Union. Anyone see a trend here?

As this documentary shows, for the first time in all their history the British people found themselves ruled by people that they couldn't sack.

There are many layers to most things. But the principal push of Britain to vote to Leave was the desire to remain a sovereign nation, and not to give this sovereignty up to the elites of this world, as represented through their corrupt officials in Brussels. I confess humbly that I didn't know the scale of the problem until now, when the solution is at hand. If I had known, you could only have found me at the barricades, fighting against the EU, and in favor of the sovereignty of a people who wanted their country back.

There is only one principle at the core of Brexit, the principle of the sovereignty of people.

Posted by: Grieved | Jul 5 2016 4:40 utc | 60

@ Grieved - 60

Pray tell me how the British people are going to attain/retain their sovereignty with the City of London still part owners of the Pound?

I agree with your criticisms of the EU and its evolving purpose to kill the social safety net of European countries.....aka The Shock Doctrine.

Please understand that people will never be sovereign as long as private finance exists as it does now.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jul 5 2016 5:15 utc | 61

I was walking slowly down the back street of this dreary 3W gulag and noticed a gate open to a front-entry garage. Very odd. Usually razor-wired. Inside the garage was no vehicle. Instead, there were ancient wooden benches and rickety frame holding a small white-board.

Smiling, I imagined street urchins struggling at night after work, by candle light, to learn the Language of the Ubers, so that they could serve them one day as tourist guides perhaps, or tuktuk drivers. So quaint, you know, a real NatGeo moment. My heart throbbed.

As my eyes adjusted to darkness, and focused on the whiteboard scribbles, my jaw fell. The white board was covered with geometric-series fractions and differential equations~! Someone was teaching higher-math to students who don't have two nickels to rub together.

Then rage filled me to think neither Trump nor Clinton could even spell the word 'math'. And even more rage filled me that on this day, the Ubers are celebrating their triumph. They've taken over and destroyed the greatest empire ever known, and now they own US.

Vote 'NYET' in November. Some calculus students in some 3W hellhole will love you for it.

Posted by: Roitan | Jul 5 2016 6:15 utc | 62

in re 58 --

Couldn't be centuries of Shia/Sunni antagonism and the struggle for power between Iraqi factions amongst the ruins that intervention left. Must be the "ZioNazis."

Was it from this mythical "true Islam" that we drew our "moderate jihadis"? How odd, that tons of petrodollars and control of the sacred sites would give Wahabism what some think to be undue heft. Go figure....

Let us know when the Islamic Reformation and Enlightenment start. We atheists wouldn't mind losing the targets y'all have on our backs. But we ain't backing off, either -- there are no sky-people, so they can't tell you to tell us what to do.

I had hope for Ataturk's Turkey, but alas, thanks to Erdogan, no more.

Posted by: rufus magister | Jul 5 2016 13:02 utc | 63

re 63

Couldn't be centuries of Shia/Sunni antagonism
No more significant than Catho/Prod antagonism, and I haven't seen you writing about. The only difference is that we had the US provoking it deliberately, and saudi interests now demand persecution of the Shi'a or they will lose their income.

Posted by: Laguerre | Jul 5 2016 13:55 utc | 64


Couldn't be over a deposed Irani president CIA-IL Shah puppet of the ZioNazim State, with 100,000s disappeared by the Shaa's SS? Couldn't be a 10-year 1,000,000s dead war fueled and armed by a Zionazim Wehrmacht of England, Germany and USA-IL? Couldn't be the wholly illegal Iraq War 3 by Bush Bosch and the Zionazim Likudniks, who only hold onto mafia power by 28% of the IL vote? Nahhh....

Posted by: Uk Tahder | Jul 5 2016 14:38 utc | 65

re 63:

Couldn't be centuries of Shia/Sunni antagonism

Enjoying the Kool-Aid?

Now spiked with Shia/Sunni antagonism(tm).

Stir well.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jul 5 2016 14:45 utc | 66

in re 64 --

Well, the Orangemen and the IRA have been pretty quiet since the peace-settlement and power sharing. So not a lot of demand for such rhetoric.

The Catholic/Protestant split had serious consequences; the religious wars are thought to have retarded German economic development, permitting the Dutch and English to pioneer capitalism.

BTW, Orthodox/Catholic split is the better analogy; Shia/Sunni is over leaderhip, not theology. Cf. role of descendents of Mohammed vs. the role of the Bishop of Rome under the Patriarch of Constantinople.

It was due to the growing distaste for this pointless but lethal theological we our our Enlightenment, in which these hostilities were ratcheted down, but not suppressed.

Anti-Catholicism was always a great part of American Nativism (though of course Maryland was founded as a Catholic colony). I was a small child, but I recall the great pride we Catholics took in Kennedy's election (I lapsed long ago).

There is still a substantial "anti-popery" wing in evangelicalism. But Catholic and Protestant fundamentalists all hate abortion and its providers, so they and and The Church have snuggled up.

Trust me, if it flares up again, I'll get right on denouncing the renewed religious wars. But they're not offing the heads of apostates right now, unlike say folks in Syria, Bangladesh or Pakistan.

Posted by: rufus magister | Jul 5 2016 14:55 utc | 67

James @46 Theresa 'The Mad Cat Woman' May in action:

Are the police there to protect her or us?

An explanation of BrExit the the Americans:

From which I learn that jolly nice chap Boris' full name is:

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

de Pfeffel!

Posted by: Yonatan | Jul 5 2016 15:44 utc | 68


it's unusual for you to chime in on any thread other then the open threads.. was it the anglozio catchphrase that set you off? do you think finances and the need to continue to rape and pillage the planet while using religion to divide people, isn't a valid analysis? or is it the term anglo-zio is factually incorrect in summing up much of this?

Posted by: james | Jul 5 2016 15:51 utc | 69

@68 yonatan.. good question! i missed your post while i was pondering a response to rufus!

Posted by: james | Jul 5 2016 15:52 utc | 70

Julian Assange about Brexit and Hillary

Posted by: virgile | Jul 5 2016 15:57 utc | 71

Posted by: rufus magister | Jul 5, 2016 9:02:37 AM | 63

Are you using MoA to test-drive drivel from your How To Lead With Your Chin handbook?

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jul 5 2016 16:50 utc | 72

b…, b… and the chicken coup - a-coming home to roost.

It should not be necessary to suggest wikipedia search for 'star of David' and take careful note of the following: shape, colour, adornments of the subject. Then, with similar attention to those details the item in question. About the only obvious similarity is that of shape, of two inverted triangles, one centred atop the other, nothing else is remotely the same and therefore the image is NOT congruous with a 'star of David' except in the brain dead minds if idiots and wanton fools.

The immature mind has imagined that whatever occurs within its own precincts, others are required to accord such imaginings the status of revealed reality, disagreement is tantamount to apostasy, all too often making immediate connection with emotional centres e.g. hate, anger which manage further behaviour. This process is what has taken place in the current Trump twitter imbroglio. Public discourse has been hijacked by jejune adolescents who haven't the capacity to rationally think. If this is the case, that world is lost, likely for the better. That the political administration of a country depends on such infantile thought does not bode well for any extended future - maybe for the best for all concerned.

The original layout of the graphics, the original 'sherif's star' allowed a field for information as well as full exposure of the identifying face and maximised the impact of the background. The circle replacing of necessary size for the information field obscured significant additional background as well as partially hiding the identity of the face from immediate recognition. The degenerate political necessity to conform to ill conceived political correctness acts only to mute the necessary public discourse of public affairs. The insane are running the asylum now - doG help us all.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jul 6 2016 17:27 utc | 73


UK Conservative leadership doubles down on Brexit as pound resumes plunge

“The weakness of the Labour party and the resolution of the EU question have created a unique political opportunity to drive through a wide-ranging… revolution on a scale similar to that of the 1980s … This must include removing unnecessary regulatory burdens on businesses, such as those related to climate directives and investment fund[s].”

Born and bred in the briarpatch.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 6 2016 22:38 utc | 74


Ordinary people in Britain need to force early elections and to order BRexit along democratic lines. Otherwise it will be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 6 2016 22:41 utc | 75

Turkey, Europe ignored Russia's warnings: Kremlin

A high-ranking Russian official has criticized Turkish and European security services over the recent deadly attack in Istanbul, stating that Moscow had earlier warned them about the threat.

“Over the past many years, the Russian side ... has informed our Turkish and European colleagues that persons suspected of being linked to terrorism ... find shelter both in Turkey and in a number of other European countries,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday.

“In most cases, such signals from the Russian side have not been given proper attention or any reaction by our colleagues. To our regret, these (Istanbul attacks) can be a consequence of such disregard,” he added.

Turkish authorities have identified the bombers as a Russian, an Uzbek and a Kyrgyz national. According to the conservative Turkish daily newspaper Yeni Safak, the Russian attacker was from the troubled North Caucasus region of Dagestan.

The daily identified the organizer of the Istanbul airport carnage as Akhmed Chatayev, noting that the Chechen man is believed to be responsible for training Russian-speaking Daesh militants.

It wasn't long after this attack that Erdogan decided that he needed to apologize to Putin and to Russia.

Who turns Chechen, Dagestani, Uzbek, and Kyrgyz nationals into trained terrorists, arms them, funds them, transports them all over the world to spread death, devastation, and destruction?

The CIA does.

When Russia identifies the upcoming attack as CIA ... no one listens. "The CIA is on 'our' side."

Turns out to have been a big mistake. A 'misunderstanding'. Russia had the goods.

Gosh!, maybe the USA/CIA is our real Terrorist Enemy Number 1!?

Bingo. You got it, baby. Worldwide. Lower Manhattan to Afghanistan, to Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine ... Turkey ... the EU? ... the US' 21st Century Trail of Tears. And get ready for Hillary and eight more years.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 7 2016 11:54 utc | 76

Imagining a Different Europe: Brexit and the Future of NATO
NATO Marches Toward Destruction
NATO convenes summit in Warsaw to make war preparations against Russia

The first two accentuate the obvious European case : theirs will be the states destroyed by another great war.

The third accentuates the American case : wouldn't it be 'nice' if everyone else were flat on their backs again, victims of American death, devastation, and destruction? Just like after the last great war.

The choice is up to Europe. The USA is surely marching toward war if Hillary wins the election and only marginally less certainly if Trump wins.

Americans are ready to roll over and die, even Noam Chomsky is voting for Hillary.

It's time now for something completely different, as the pythoins used to say.

Posted by: jfl | Jul 8 2016 11:33 utc | 77

Leadsom In Pockets of Alec, the Koch Bros

Neocons linked to Tea Party paid for Andrea Leadsom’s flights to US | The Guardian |

Posted by: Oui | Jul 9 2016 23:52 utc | 78

EU: Barroso II Commission - Corporate Agenda – Goldman Sachs

A personification of what is wrong in the European Union ... corporate capitalism, globalization and military policy outlined from Washington DC in NATO. Wall Street laughing at Main Street ans all peoples of democracies around the globe ...

Posted by: Oui | Jul 11 2016 2:17 utc | 79

BREAKING; Next UK PM Is Theresa May!!

Breaking: It's Theresa May!! Leadsom Quits Tory PM Race

Posted by: Oui | Jul 11 2016 12:25 utc | 80

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