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June 18, 2016

Syria - Russian Surprise Attack Blows Up Kerry's Delaying Tactic

The U.S. is unwilling to stop the war on Syria and to settle the case at the negotiation table. It wants a 100% of its demands fulfilled, the dissolution of the Syrian government and state and the inauguration of a U.S. proxy administration in Syria.

After the ceasefire in Syria started in late February Obama broke his pledge to separate the U.S. supported "moderate rebels" from al-Qaeda. In April U.S. supported rebels, the Taliban like Ahrar al Sham and al-Qaeda joined to attack the Syrian government in south Aleppo. The U.S.proxies broke the ceasefire.

Two UN resolutions demand that al-Qaeda in Syria be fought no matter what. But the U.S. has at least twice asked Russia not to bomb al-Qaeda. It insists, falsely, that it can not separate its "moderates" from al-Qaeda and that al-Qaeda can not be attacked because that would also hit its "moderate" friends.

The Russian foreign minster Lavrov has talked wit Kerry many times about the issue. But the only response he received were requests to further withhold bombing. Meanwhile al-Qaeda and the "moderates" continued to break the ceasefire and to attack the Syrian government forces.

After nearly four month Kerry still insists that the U.S. needs even more time for the requested separation of its proxy forces from al-Qaeda. Foreign Minister Lavrov recently expressed the Russian consternation:

The Americans are now saying that they are unable to remove the 'good' opposition members from the positions held by al-Nusra Front, and that they will need another two-three months. I am under the impression that there is a game here and they may want to keep al-Nusra Front in some form and later use it to overthrow the [Assad] regime," Lavrov said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The bucket was full and Kerry's latest request for another three month pause of attacking al-Qaeda was the drop that let it overflow. Russia now responded by hitting the U.S. where it did not expect to be hit:

Russian warplanes hit Pentagon-backed Syrian fighters with a barrage of airstrikes earlier this week, disregarding several warnings from U.S. commanders in what American military officials called the most provocative act since Moscow’s air campaign in Syria began last year.

The strikes hit a base near the Jordanian border, far from areas where the Russians were previously active, and targeted U.S.-backed forces battling the Islamic State militants.
These latest strikes occurred on the other side of the country from the usual Russian operations, around Tanf, a town near where the borders of Jordan, Iraq, and Syria meet.
The Russian strike hit a small rebel base for staging forces and equipment in a desolate, unpopulated area near the border. About 180 rebels were there as part of the Pentagon's program to train and equip fighters against Islamic State.

When the first strikes hit, the rebels called a U.S. command center in Qatar, where the Pentagon orchestrates the daily air war against Islamic State.

U.S. jets came and the Russian jets went away. The U.S. jets left to refuel, the Russian jets came back and hit again. Allegedly two U.S. proxy fighters were killed and 18 were wounded.

Earlier today another such attack hit the same target.

This was no accident but a well planned operation and the Russian spokesperson's response makes the intend clear:

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov appeared to confirm the attack Friday, telling reporters it was difficult to distinguish different rebel groups from the air.

Translation: "If you can not separate your forces from al-Qaeda and differentiate and designate exclusively "moderate" zones we can not do so either."

The forces near Tanf are supported by U.S. artillery from Jordan and air power via Iraq. British and Jordan special operations forces are part of the ground component (and probably the majority of the "Syrian" fighters.) There is no al-Qaeda there. The Russians know that well. But they wanted to make the point that it is either separation everywhere or separation nowhere. From now on until the U.S. clearly separates them from AQ all U.S. supported forces will be hit indiscriminately anywhere and anytime. (The Syrian Kurds fighting the Islamic State with U.S. support are for now a different story.)

The Pentagon does not want any further engagement against the Syrian government or against Russia. It wants to fight the Islamic State and its hates the CIA for its cooperation with al-Qaeda and other Jihadi elements. But John Brennan, the Saudi operative and head of the CIA, still seems to have Obama's ear. But what can Obama do now? Shoot down a Russian jet and thereby endanger any U.S. pilot flying in Syria or near the Russian border? Risk a war with Russia? Really?

The Russian hit near Tanf was clearly a surprise. The Russians again caught Washington on the wrong foot. The message to the Obama administration is clear. "No more delays and obfuscations. You will separate your moderates NOW or all your assets in Syria will be juicy targets for the Russian air force."

The Russian hits at Tanf and the U.S. proxies there has an additional benefit. The U.S. had planned to let those forces move north towards Deir Ezzor and to defeat the Islamic State in that city. Eventually a "Sunni entity" would be established in south east Syria and west Iraq under U.S. control. Syria would be split apart.

The Syrian government and its allies will not allow that. There is a large operation planned to free Deir Ezzor from the Islamic State occupation. Several hundred Syrian government forces have held an isolated airport in Deir Ezzor against many unsuccessful Islamic State attacks. These troops get currently reinforced by additional Syrian army contingents and Hizbullah commandos.A big battle is coming. Deir Ezzor may be freed within the next few month. Any U.S. plans for some eastern Syrian entity are completely unrealistic if the Syrian government can take and hold its largest eastern city.

The Obama administration's delaying tactic will now have to end. Russia will no longer stand back and watch while the U.S. sabotages the ceasefire and supports al-Qaeda. 

What then is the next move the U.S. will make?

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@99 bored muslim.. it is my understanding that land was taken from yemen back in 1926... the headchopper cult has a lot in common with the thieves from the west, which is why the west is still in bed with them i guess..

Posted by: james | Jun 19 2016 20:00 utc | 101

@wow - no one missed your jerk off sessions here at moa, least of all me!

Posted by: james | Jun 19 2016 20:01 utc | 102


Thank you for your answer on the subject that was relevant well put and needed.I also happen to believe that we won't know much about the bases in itself whether it is proven to be a reality or not.

Posted by: lebretteurfredonnant | Jun 19 2016 20:16 utc | 103

June 19, 2016 - Today's 'you cannot make this stuff up'

Russia denies bombing on at or near the border of Jordan ...

Were those tactical nukes kosher?

Posted by: ALberto | Jun 19 2016 20:33 utc | 104

If Ben Gurion Airport is closed down, can't Israeli imports and exports go by sea?

Posted by: lysias | Jun 19 2016 20:38 utc | 105

CNN article is total bullshit.

Posted by: okie farmer | Jun 19 2016 20:48 utc | 106

@ Grieved | 97

The China's Exchange link was interesting, thanks!

400,000 contracts is 40 million ounces of gold, okay, that by being short, in a sense you're on a hook to deliver.

Now, nobody ever delivers it. The COMEX isn't a physical market at all. It's just a BS paper shell game and the only delivery process is a handful of warrants that get exchanged back and forth between the banks every other month to give up the charade, the illusion of delivery. But, but if the Chinese, recognizing this extreme leverage in the paper markets of the West, if they wanted to utterly crush the banks and in the process of rolling out their alternative currency system leave the world no alternative but to use it because all of the Western banks have been destroyed, they've got the ability to do it now. And all of that leverage, all of these schemes, all of these games that have been played with the gold price, through the financial, the futures market for the last 40 years will finally bring about the end of everything.

Again, it's impossible to say if that's going to happen next week. It could. They now have the ability to do it next week if they want but this time is coming. There's no doubt in my mind.

Interesting, I knew its happening, but not the extent of it. China got a financial nuke in their hands, and West's entire financial/banking market could collapse over night if Chinese decide to do it. The West have to tread more carefully now with its "pivots" and other games against China.

Posted by: Harry | Jun 19 2016 21:00 utc | 107

You must really like the taste of Russian dick. I mean, you suck a lot of it on your scumbag traitor blog here.

Burn in hell, you Putinist scumbag.

Posted by: An Actual American | Jun 19 2016 21:42 utc | 108

Mr American at 107,

your scumbag traitor blog here

B is a German so at this point he owes nothing to the Americans except a kick in the pants to get out of his country and end the occupation.

You are not welcome in Europe anymore, particularly if you can't learn to express yourself civilly. Given that your female American Assistant Secretary of State couldn't come by anything more eloquent to say than "Fuck the EU", you come by your uncouth manners honestly.

Posted by: Uncoy | Jun 19 2016 22:09 utc | 109

Interesting analysis. But I am confused about what you say Russia has done. The article states that Russia "targeted U.S.-backed forces battling the Islamic State militants." Why would Russia target forces fighting against ISIS? Putin has shown integrity about which factions he targets, striking only pro-ISIS, not anti-ISIS fighters. Or so I thought. I can't imagine him ordering attacks against anti-ISIS units, no matter whose units they were. In any case, this sounds dangerously like direct Russia-US combat, something Putin has consistently avoided. None of this makes sense to me.

Posted by: Karl Pomeroy | Jun 19 2016 22:38 utc | 110

Karl @109--

US Propaganda has tried very hard to instill the idea that the terrorists it supports fight against both Daesh (isis) and the legitimate Syrian government, while the proof on the ground says otherwise--that the US terrorists are allied with al-Qaeda, jabat al-nursa, and other Daesh affiliated terrorists. Russia has asked numerous times for the US to get its terrorists to de-couple themselves from the sanctioned/targeted terrorists, but the US has refused again and again. So, the Russians finally said enough of that crap and targeted the US terrorists, causing the US to complain. I hope my explanation makes sense to you.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 19 2016 22:57 utc | 111

Uncoy @108

Thanks for tactfully putting the American criminal in his place--criminal because of obviously abetting the criminal policies of the Outlaw US Empire. I wasn't going to be nearly as nice. The moniker ought to be A Criminal American.

Posted by: karlof1 | Jun 19 2016 23:01 utc | 112

alqaedas best friend Wayoutwest puts in his 2 cents worth @ 98

'Nice try at painting this false picture of who the Syrian rebels are but we already know that the 'foreign/proxy/mercenary' forces in Syria are Hezbollah, Iranian, Iraqi and Afghan militias although some of them are also Islamist Jihadists all organized and sent to Syria by Iran. The Sunni Muslims who have joined the Syrian rebels are a mixed group and some may have been recruited by outsiders but most seem to be volunteers and everyone needs to be paid to soldier.'

However....Hezbollah iran russia invited by legit government of syria...noone asked in ISIS or aljusra or ahrar alsham to wage war on syrias people.
WAYOUTEST cheers on the massacre of civilian syrians by suicide bombing, car bombing hell cannonbombing wetc 'syrian rebels' from chechnya afghansiatn morocco UK Saudi turkey pakistan Xingyan France Libya etc. These sunnis may have thought they were in syria to aid syrians, but as this group from Tunuisia learned they were lied to:

WAYOUTWEST shows at best how mixed up he is in supporting islamic terrorism: he has the blood of 400000 syrians on his miserable hands

Posted by: brian | Jun 19 2016 23:14 utc | 113

Posted by: An Actual American | Jun 19, 2016 5:42:09 PM | 107

charming! so thats what An Actual American sounds like!

Posted by: brian | Jun 19 2016 23:16 utc | 114

I assume this warranted Russian attack is what prompted the 50 plus state department "diplomats" to ask for direct attacks on the Assad government. Otherwise, the "rebels" must be in trouble again, as in losing to the Syrian gov and its allies.

Good for Russia. That said, i understand the value in the propaganda/information war that is going on here but Russia should have called America's punk card long ago.

Posted by: alaric | Jun 19 2016 23:16 utc | 115


' Why would Russia target forces fighting against ISIS?'

they arent so much fighting ISIS as fighting FOR US dismemberment of syria

Posted by: brian | Jun 19 2016 23:19 utc | 116

Posted by: An Actual American | Jun 19, 2016 5:42:09 PM | 107

the blog is owned by a german..not an american...why are u even here if u hate it?

Posted by: brian | Jun 19 2016 23:20 utc | 117

@An Actual American | Jun 19, 2016 5:42:09 PM | 107

So you are an actual American... Hmmmm.

As Another American dun believes in any gods, would rather burn in hell wherever it is, than to go to your heaven and be with criminals, liars, murderers and etc..

BTW, where is heaven and what will you be doing there? You are so hateful just dunno what to say. No one invited you here so please be respectful.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Jun 19 2016 23:24 utc | 118

Alqaedas best buddy:

' know there is a need to spin this Crazy Ivan unprovoked attack by Putin as being a sane move. I'm fairly sure that Putin understands, or should understand, that the US has never had operational control of the Syrian rebels who are influenced by outside supporters but have always made their own decisions on the ground including their situational alliances with al Nusra. The US may have hoped these forces could be separated but Assad's continuing attacks during the cease-fire proved to them that that road led to destruction.

This kind of unstable behavior by the Russians may finally be the last straw that leads to the introduction of MANPADS into this conflict with unknown repercussions.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Jun 19, 2016 10:01:37 AM | 84

what would the jihadis do witbout WOWs propaganda efforts on their behalf..atend wishes for desperate is he to see syria turned over to alqaeda

Posted by: brian | Jun 19 2016 23:24 utc | 119

Thank you Moon of Alabama! Read your piece on global research and it tickled me to the toes! Clear the Russkies are finally realizing that the current lot in the WH are a bunch of traitors, second to none as they've sold their beautiful country down the river too. My friend in Texas will really be chuffed about this no end. He too was so frustrated that Russia kept on believing Kerry's fairy-stories about the so-called moderates -- only good terrorist -- is a dead one!

Posted by: Desert Flower | Jun 20 2016 0:13 utc | 120

@ Harry #106 - I plan to post more about gold in the next open thread, but life is uncertain, so let me recommend 2 recent Max Keiser shows, Episodes 926 and 927. The second half of each show contains an interview with Craig Hemke and also Andrew Maguire. Stacy Herbert sits in, which keeps Keiser from his rants and enlarges the discussion so lay people can understand.

The interview spans the second half of each of the two shows, starting at 12:35 in E.926 and at 12:50 in E.927.

Important takeaways for me from the interview included:

  • The Bank of International Settlements has always treated gold as one of the currencies that it manages. It's a currency, not a commodity.

  • The OCMEX and US exchanges are purely paper. In London, the LBMA does deliver physical, but only 7 tons out of 600 traded daily. But Shanghai IS physical. Gold is traded and delivered.

  • While the London gold fix is set by people who only deal in paper, the Yuan fix is set by people who must first deposit physical gold

  • So while price discovery is lost in markets flooded with derivative paper, it actually exists in Shanghai.

  • China currently is keeping the price in the same range somewhat as the west (although the upward pressure has begun).

  • But as the Yuan fix comes to be the true price of physical gold for a majority of the world, China has a unique position of arbitrage. It can buy gold at the western price, knowing the value is higher back home. It can gradually strip the west of all its physical gold, until either the west has no more, or the west raises the price. This seems decidedly Chinese to me.

  • And China is still holding a lot of US dollars. The process of unloading them in exchange for gold will not happen quickly.

  • Unless...

Apologies for the off-topic post.

Posted by: Grieved | Jun 20 2016 0:57 utc | 121

typo - COMEX, of course

Posted by: Grieved | Jun 20 2016 0:59 utc | 122

@133 brian... if you want to read what a '''real american''' thinks, you can have a good laugh over at sst..

here are a couple of responses to b over there.. not sure why he bothers with these folks!

turcopolier said...


"I for one regard that very wide interpretation as wrong." On this subject we don't care what you and all the other farm animals think in Europe, Canada, Ruritania, or wherever. You have an opinion on whether or not SCOTUS decided something wrongly? How laughable! Deal with your own problems. You Germans should be very afraid of what is happening to your country. pl
Reply 19 June 2016 at 02:44 PM
Tyler said in reply to turcopolier...


When b is dragged out from under his bed by a mob of Mohammedeans his last words will be "at least I wasn't racist" as he and his progeny are savaged to death.
Reply 19 June 2016 at 02:51 PM"

america the exceptional nation where might makes right and fucking over other countries is a specialty of theirs.. some of the inhabitants thinkit's all cool too..

Posted by: james | Jun 20 2016 1:40 utc | 123

133 - meant 113.. sorry for more OT...

Posted by: james | Jun 20 2016 1:41 utc | 124

B has produced another stellar report of the bumbling of failing US empire. Here is to hoping that the global plutocrats and their psychopath puppets love their children as this evolving "stand-off" continues. As the brittle and obviously dysfunctional game plan of the global plutocrats to continue American empire continues to fail I expect we will see more examples of failing empire.

My continued hope is that more and more of the public in the US and around the world wake up to the sickness of empire and the global plutocrats who own Western/private finance and many of the "representatives" of governments around the world.....and am encouraged by the message from Greece to Britain about the coming leaving the EU vote.

Since the Western world economies continue to suck and unemployment is high, I strongly believe the push for war is seen as a necessary social control alternative........war on everything and everyone necessary to maintain control.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 20 2016 3:06 utc | 125

I had trouble posting the last comment and my intro got cut off....

Blessings from the couple hundred fellow humans I just spent that past few days with celebrating the summer solstice. It was nice to spend some quality time with folks with a collective spirit and organizational structure in the US. (

Now back to the "usual" global pot boiling watch.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 20 2016 3:13 utc | 126

@ 84, 94. Wayoutwest, after all this time, STILL CANNOT manage to put a truthful, non-propaganda sentence together...

Posted by: Tom in AZ | Jun 20 2016 5:13 utc | 127

@98 for wayoutwest. The rest is still true about his actions on this and other blogs. Paid shill.

Posted by: Tom in AZ | Jun 20 2016 5:15 utc | 128

Wayout is here to attract attention and to distract as many feeble minds as possible. It's his most successful attempt to date...which says more about ppl with no self-discipline than it does about Wayout.

Posted by: Hoarsewhisperer | Jun 20 2016 6:15 utc | 129


I think Hoarsey was referring to you when he mentioned feeble minds. I'd like to see you try to disprove anything I wrote, but you can't and revert to type to cover your feebleness.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Jun 20 2016 6:42 utc | 130

Wow - all this jabbering about, well... whatever, and nobody thinks its the least bit important that al-Tanf is the alternate route (around the south of Iraq) for the Qatari pipeline? That would be the point where it enters Syria and runs roughly north-northwest through the Turkish corridor 'safe zone'.

Nobody thinks this is a message from Russia that they U.S. and Gulfies are no longer allowed to partition Syria for this scheme? I'll stand corrected if anyone can find any remotely rational explanation for the U.S. and Brits to keep this tiny leftover FSA clan camped near al-Tanf and have them covered with a dedicated HIMARS battery right across the Jordanian border. And then for Russia to fly all the way over there to bomb them to bits. This is southern Sunnistan - if the U.S. can't hold it (with FSA blood), then no Qatari pipeline.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jun 20 2016 6:46 utc | 131

@ PavewayIV

Thanks, as usual, for the salient details.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Jun 20 2016 7:26 utc | 132

@95 noirette, @99 bm, @100 james

Speaking of sinking moreale among the 'jihadis' and an incentive for them to shoot the bullets in the right direction ...

Mercenaries, commanders fight over cash from Saudi Arabia

The Saudi-backed militants in Yemen have engaged in infighting with their commanders over the distribution of cash from Riyadh.

Many of the mercenaries in Ma’rib also left the Saudi-funded military bases after they received only 600 Saudi riyals instead of the promised 1,400 riyals.

Over the past days, the mercenaries fighting on behalf of Saudi Arabia in Yemen said the commanders took over 50 percent of the Saudi funds for themselves.

The report also said some three militants were injured in the area of Khashina in Ma’rib’s Harib district as clashes erupted while they were receiving the “salaries” paid by Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni activists also said one of the militants committed suicide after he did not receive his payment.

One guy ... with a gun in his hand? ... killed himself rather than the rat-fink 'commander' who stole his pay? He was afraid the commander might shoot back? or what?

Let's hope the rest can think a bit more clearly, see the target much more clearly, have better aim, and goals in mind. I'd think the cut ought to be 'jihadis' 100%, commanders 0%, after that clear betrayal.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 20 2016 12:19 utc | 133

@130 pw, @134 psycho 'Thanks, as usual, for the salient details.'

Salient to PaveWay, not so to me. Thanks indeed PaveWay.

@122 james

I agree that the 'barnyard animals' in or out of uniform at the sst cesspool are not worth anyone's time. Hang around the barnyard to be brayed at by the donkeys and kicked by the mules? up to b. To each his/her own.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 20 2016 12:31 utc | 134

Hey WackedOutWestly. I suppose you subscribe to the Biden School of Foreign Policy Exceptionalism where America does not "adopt the tactics of our enemies, like torture, killing innocent family members or bombing civilian populations," because those approaches "violate our values" and "plays into the narrative of extremists." Oh wait, American does all those things and has been doing them for some time now. American exceptionalism imposed on its non-Western neighbors is a political metaphor. A nation decimated by false patriotism and devotion to technocracy. Confusion defines present day America. Can't tell whether their children are male or female nor which bathroom to use. A corrupt, broken, fraudulent state masquerading as the real thing; a political process beholden to special interests, a charade up for grab to the highest bidder, driven by the corporatist media and paid pundits, tied to the apron strings of a greedy military industrial complex and anachronistic neocons. Whereas, in truth, American exceptionalism is not American at all.

Posted by: thecelticwithinme | Jun 20 2016 13:41 utc | 135


This is one of the dumbest storylines about Syria I have yet encountered as if any sane person/company would build or finance a pipeline in Syria so that it could be bombed.

Qatar is a world leader in producing gas but it exports its gas products as LNG and other liquids in 'ships' sending most of it east to those growing markets.

If Putin was bombing al-Tanf because of a nonexistent and never to be built pipeline he must have some lose screws or this attack has other purposes.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Jun 20 2016 14:18 utc | 136

54;I have no real clue as to Trump and if what he says,America First,will be his mantra.But the others all offer nothing but the continuation of Zion uber alles.
The only MSM quips on Trump are the ones they think the American voter will abhor,but the MSM is so out of touch with the reality of the modern American psyche,they may as well be martians,which maybe they are?
Alternet;Orlando shooter approached by FBI for infiltration?of Muslims.
There you go!

Posted by: dahoit | Jun 20 2016 14:20 utc | 137

108;An actual American living in Tel Aviv!You funny guy.
This real American (1615)says f*ck you,and go Putin.

Posted by: dahoit | Jun 20 2016 14:34 utc | 138

Jesus, newest headline in the western propaganda media on Russia - 'Putin behind chaos in France by football fans'.
They are insane these people, sick in their heads.

Posted by: Gong | Jun 20 2016 15:05 utc | 139

Russia punctures US’ Plan B on Syria - M K Bhadrakumar

The money line: “ In sum, the US strategy serves Israel’s interests.”

This is why Syria is ultimately doomed. There will be no resolution to the conflict until Israel gets what it wants - partition and isolation of Hezbollah. Any analysis ignoring the primacy of this issue is just inside baseball.

Regarding the “Know-Nothing "Diplomats" of the previous thread, during his confirmation hearings in 2013 Chuck Hagel was accused of anti-semetism for purportedly stating 'the State Department is an adjunct to the Israeli Foreign Minister's office'.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Posted by: pantaraxia | Jun 20 2016 15:44 utc | 140

@jfl 133... that is good news in a way... if all the mercenaries saudi arabia has engaged got ripped off - it couldn't happen to a better group of losers... sounds like the commanders have learned a few lessons from the saudi leaders...

as for sst.. i agree... entertaining if nothing else, and occasionally educational when they aren't puffing themselves up over their special expertise on military matters..

Posted by: james | Jun 20 2016 15:47 utc | 141

@140 pantaraxia.. thanks for bhadrakumar's latest... take away line "The fact of the matter is that Russia-US ties are fast deteriorating." indeed..

Posted by: james | Jun 20 2016 15:52 utc | 142

Four of Polish F16 are on their way to Syria. Quite sure there will be an "incident" between them and Russian forces. Enough to fuel aggression in Europe, not enough to directly confront USA and Russia. Just keep watching.

Posted by: Michal | Jun 20 2016 22:47 utc | 143

@121 Grieved

China is also the biggest producer of gold, has been for some time - they are not just buying cheap gold, they're digging and hoarding at some rate too. And over the ages the east has seen plenty of ruse and fall, and so the age old wisdom remains.

Russia and China together do not need Brazil, South Africa, India. Nor do they wish for a massive yank collapse - they are too invested in capitalism. They'll be content to see the US abuse their title as Reserve Currency holders via financial mismanagement and a long series of ill conceived wars abroad.

The next global reset button is approaching...its not hard to see who has been living beyond their means and who is waiting to influence the future.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jun 20 2016 22:48 utc | 144


You make some good points especially about China but Russia has an economy the size of Mexico's so they are not really in this contest economically, even beleaguered Brazil has a GDP twice the size of Russia's.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Jun 20 2016 23:17 utc | 145

SouthFront: Russia denies airstrikes on the U.S. backed New Syrian Army

Yesterday, Russia officially denied it had carried out airstrikes on rebel fighters of the New Syrian Army near the al-Tanf border-crossing with Iraq.

A commander of the New Syrian Army said his group had been bombed three days ago, while officials of the U.S. Defence Department were quick to point fingers at Moscow.

Nevertheless, Russia says it was not been operational in the area while others claim it may have been an accidental coalition airstrike on New Syrian Army militants.

Our partners from have the story and more covered ...

International Military Review – Syria, June 20, 2016

Russia’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) released a statement on the bombing of the US-backed New Syrian Army (NySA) militant group. The MoD says that the Russian Aerospace Forces conduct air strikes against groups not separated from terrorist formations and not aligned to the ceasefire. Meanwhile, the US can not provide direct information about “coordinates of regions of activity of opposition controlled by the US.” Units of the NySA, targeted by Russian warplanes, were “located more than 300 km far from borders of territories claimed by the American party as ones controlled by the opposition joined the ceasefire regime”. Earlier there were reports that Russian warplanes have hit Pentagon-backed militants in Syria, killing at least 2 and wounding 8 members of the NySA.

Looks like our man at al Mas Dar has confused himself ... or is just trying to create confusion.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 20 2016 23:59 utc | 146

SpecOpsComm better get the fuck on the ball and put the intelligence agencies in their proper relationship to the Constitution, or there will be no families anywhere for them to pretend to be protecting, let alone a Constitutional Contract binding them into a civil polity. They BETTER "get" this, or they are just as fucked as everyone else under the thumb of covertly ensconced tyrants. IT IS LITERALLY TRUE ON THE "FRONT LINES" now. BUT THE FRONT LINES SHOULDN'T BE IN SYRIA, because the "enemies are already within the gates", and LONG HAVE BEEN!!

Posted by: Afshin Nejat | Jun 21 2016 0:08 utc | 147

@145 Wow
I don't think the GDP matters too much when you have the real estate - and the bomb. Granted, the budget might be a little bare, though as they say necessity is the mother of invention - Russia has picked it's battle well in Syria and made a strong showing out of it militarily. This in stark contrast with the wastefulness and lack of foresight we've come to know from the 'Print money, start war' formula.

Too many dollars, not enough sense.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Jun 21 2016 2:08 utc | 148

Wayoutwest@136 - "...This is one of the dumbest storylines about Syria I have yet encountered as if any sane person/company would build or finance a pipeline in Syria so that it could be bombed..."

You're about to see 'sanity' in droves very shortly. You seem like an intelligent person. Why would you use the word 'sane' when it comes to fossil fuels, water, drugs or neocons? Those are all money-makers - sanity has nothing to do with it.

And Qatar is not going to build a pipeline anywhere that it might be in danger of being bombed. You're about to see them secure this guarantee rather forcefully. But of course, you won't be buying that 'storyline' at all, will you?

"...If Putin was bombing al-Tanf because of a nonexistent and never to be built pipeline he must have some lose screws or this attack has other purposes..."

Putin meant to send the U.S./ZATO a message. This location was used so the point was crystal clear. I don't think Russia imagined there were that many ZATO personnel with the FSA at this location, mostly because there wasn't suppose to be ANY. Now ZATO has to cover up what surely were casualties (My guess: Brit, U.S. or Israeli 'operators'). The U.S. State Department and the CIA got the message loud and clear, and we have already been told what they want to do. I think CENTCOM is preparing their response, even after a very, very unambiguous message by Russia not to "go there".

You're also missing what must be Bibi's last career opportunity to get more blood on his hands. Since the MSM has pretty much ignored the recent Israeli bombings around Damascus and all the frantic Russian - Israeli - U.S. mystery 'vists' as of late, I'll link you to the very biased view from the Israeli side (Debka via VirtualJerusalem): Palestinian Fighters Join Hezbollah in Syria Ignoring the source, the general details happen to be quite accurate. What - didn't CNN report any of this? The movement of Palestinian troops is inconsequential other than being another cog in a machine with a purpose.

So see if you can put two and two together and take a shot at why Russia would bomb al-Tanf now. If you can't come up with a sufficiently dumb storyline like me, then please don't come back here in a few days crowing about the rationale for the inevitable U.S. response.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jun 21 2016 3:25 utc | 149

Let's see here, somebody 'bombed' someplace in Syria near the Jordanian border where someone's proxies in rebellion were. Russia was blamed without missing a beat. Russia has reported no activity within 300 km of the place. Two scenarios may have happened: first, someone else's planes attacked - who in the region has such capability, motive and opportunity? - secondly, the possibility not a plane but a drone or drones was involved - again who in the region …? The only alternative is the credibility of the story itself, whether anything took place at all, or not. Seems upon the cry of wolf, the assumption one is present still pertains.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jun 21 2016 7:50 utc | 150

I think people are misinterpreting what Russia said, T-Bear. Here's the quote from CNN:

"The object which had suffered bombardment was located more than 300 km far from borders of territories claimed by the American party as ones controlled by the opposition joined the ceasefire regime," the Russian Defense Ministry said in the statement.

The Russian MoD does not deny bombing 'the object'. What it said was that it wasn't anywhere near the opposition forces America claims are included in the ceasefire. All the groups the U.S. has listed so far are ones operating in northwest Syria. The specific group Russia bombed (I don't have the particular name they use handy) was not listed by the U.S. as one taking part in the ceasefire.

The U.S. Defense Department recognizes it was Russia that bombed al-Tanf, but insists that all 'coalition-supported counter-ISIL forces' anywhere in Syria are part of the ceasefire. They just don't want to list all of them (including the specific group at al-Tanf that was never named) nor tell Russia where they are, specifically:

..."Department officials expressed strong concerns about the attack on the coalition-supported counter-ISIL forces at the At-Tanf garrison, which included forces that are participants in the cessation of hostilities in Syria, and emphasized that those concerns would be addressed through ongoing diplomatic discussions on the cessation of hostilities," Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said Saturday.

The Russian statement about 'the object' 300 km from known ceasefire groups is accurate, but was misinterpreted by some media as a denial by Russia that it bombed anything, which is clearly not the case.

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jun 21 2016 8:27 utc | 151

@150, FTB, Units of the NySA, targeted by Russian warplanes, were “located more than 300 km far from borders of territories claimed by the American party as ones controlled by the opposition joined the ceasefire regime”

1. Units of the NySA
2. targeted by Russian warplanes were :

3. “located more than 300 km far from borders of territories
4. claimed by the American party as ones
5. controlled by the opposition
6. [which had] joined the ceasefire regime”

So Russia bombed units of the New Syrian Army.

Which units of the New Syrian Army did Russia bomb?

Not those within territories that the US claims are under the control of the (moderate jihadi) opposition (to the elected government of Syria) which (the US cliams) had joined the ceasefire regime, but 'other' units, which were more than 300 km away from the units of the New Syrian Army about which the US make the claims above concerning their 'moderateness' and membership within the ceasefire regime.

Russia does not deny bombing New Syrian Army units. It denies bombing those New Syrian Army units which the US claims were eligible to and in fact had joined the ceasefire regime.

Al Mar Dar has confused itself, and presumably others, with its headline : SouthFront: Russia denies airstrikes on the U.S. backed New Syrian Army. I suppose it may be due to the abstruse description of just who it wasn't that Russia bombed.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 21 2016 8:30 utc | 152

After commenting, I realised I had misread (one of the joys of ageing eyes) and it is too late to retract.

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Jun 21 2016 9:15 utc | 153

@153, FTB

I know that 'joy' myself, I have a magnifying glass for when my eyes are tired and my glasses seem not to help.

Posted by: jfl | Jun 21 2016 9:41 utc | 154

It has become clear to anyone thats watching that the US is using Turkey and Saudi Arabia to feed weapons to ISIS and then at home they want to use ISIS as an excuse to remove gun from the public and to give police more powers to "Shoot to kill" anyone they like and get away with it.

Nothing that the FBI or CIA or what the state department dreams up can be taken at face value and i want to thank Russia for clearing up our mess because we are too chicken shit to deal with our own rouge government ourselves.

Sorry it had to be said that way but these are the facts !

Posted by: Mr Want a BREXIT | Jun 21 2016 15:31 utc | 155

Apparently he Russians are denying that they made any attack of this sort as claimed by the U.S.. It seems the burden of proof now lies with the USA. This from the Land Destroyer blog

Posted by: BRF | Jun 21 2016 15:34 utc | 156

as i understand it russia is bombing anyone not listed as part of the ceasefire and has also decided that 3 months or however long it has been - is long enough to get the ''''moderate''' terrorists to not being hanging with al nusra/al qaeda and etc - so they are now being targeted as well.. kerry wanted another few years to figure out how to separate them! don't shoot, don't shoot!!!

Posted by: james | Jun 21 2016 16:01 utc | 157


From what little I can find about the New Syrian Army they are a US proxy group who have never fought against the Axis forces only against the Islamic State although the group/s they were recruited from did. The Russians know this fact and their unprovoked attack could possibly be a kneejerk response to other recent developments such as the public letter from Clintonist State Department apparatchiks demanding direct Coalition attacks on Axis forces to defeat and remove Assad. Obama and others in the US government seem to be paving the way for HRC to exercise her love of war making, in Afghanistan as well as Syria, and the Russians know they are limited in what they could do to stop this escalation.

Posted by: Wayoutwest | Jun 21 2016 18:13 utc | 158

These insane immoral State Department wana-be war criminals Who are calling for the invasion and overthrow of the Syrian government and destruction of its people, are sure to get an immediate promotion post innauguration from Hitlary Clinton.

And even after this horror call for bringing WW3 closer than ever before, the despicable Bernie Sanders still invites his followers into the Democratic Party.

Posted by: tom | Jun 21 2016 19:34 utc | 159

BRF@156 - Ulson Gunnar's statement to this effect in his original New Eastern Outlook article - reprinted in Land Destroyer - makes the same mistake jfl and I are describing in @151 and @152. Gunnar's article is dated the 21st.

There is a second line of factual error/confusion traceable back through Al-Masdar Al-'Arabi (Al-Masdar News or AMN). Chris Tomson's article, SouthFront: Russia denies airstrikes on the U.S. backed New Syrian Army is based on SouthFront's article/video INTERNATIONAL MILITARY REVIEW – SYRIA, JUNE 20, 2016. That SouthFront review did have the details correct, but the article was worded in a way that may have been confusing to non-native english speakers. That SouthFront article DID NOT say Russia denied bombing al-Tanf. SouthFront seemed to understand that the day earlier when they published RUSSIAN MOD: US-BACKED NEW SYRIAN ARMY 300 KM AWAY FROM AMERICAN-FACILITATED CEASEFIRE ZONES - where they are desribing the justification Russia used to attack al-Tanf (not a denial that they attacked it).

And all this confusion was probably started by where U.S. Government lies usually start: CIA mouthpiece CNN. They had the news out before almost anyone on the 19th (surprised?) with headlines screaming: Russia denies bombing U.S.-backed Syrian rebels near Jordan border with the byline By Theodore Schleifer and Barbara Starr, CNN Updated 1356 GMT (2156 HKT) June 19, 2016, followed by CNN's Jamie Crawford and Azadeh Ansari contributed to this report.

So did no less than four CNN writers contribute to this lie? No - I would have to say NONE of them did. They (and whatever passes for copy editors/fact checkers at CNN) missed the factual error, but that's most likely because they outsource most of their news to Indian sweatshops. Some guy in India probably had trouble with the Russian MoD statement and missed the subtle snark when they said they did not bomb anyone covered by the ceasefire, but they most certainly did bomb rebels at al-Tanf.

It's sad to observe, but fully expected that CNN doesn't bother much to go back and correct 'favorable' mistakes. That is, favorable to the neocon-fueled, CIA-infested U.S. foreign policy. The article with its misleading headline remain unchanged today. In five years, when MoA has been taken down by 'U.S. interests' and its existence scrubbed from Google, the 'truth' as it appears on the internet will be CNN's convenient error propagated through several other sites. See? "...Those sneaky Russians denied bombing al-Tanf - I got links right here to prove it!..."

Any wonder why everyone got confused?

Posted by: PavewayIV | Jun 22 2016 19:46 utc | 160

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