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April 09, 2016

Open Thread 2016-14

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this journalist still needs our help! see video on YouTube and please share:

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Apr 9, 2016 3:08:33 PM | 1

The breadth and depth of your post are astonishingly remarkable b, and on an almost daily basis. Although I find your blog a treasure of non-MSM news I find it somewhat un-nerving. I have a hard time believing that any mortal human could have the savvy to say nothing of available time to produce the plethora of information available at MoA. You must have remarkable sources and a wonderfully efficient and hard working staff. Just saying… but I’m glad you’re here and doing it anyway.


Posted by: juannie | Apr 9, 2016 3:13:06 PM | 2

Are there any others who wish Peter Lavelle would shut up and let his guests talk?

Posted by: chet380 | Apr 9, 2016 3:25:20 PM | 3

It’s time for Mr. Putin to enjoy a barrel of popcorn with extra butter and a glass of his favorite.

Meanwhile, Cameron must be recognizing his week from hell confirms Karma is indeed a bitchez.

The rich irony of the UK media:

~ using the MF leaks to smear Putin and Assad while they ignored the revelations of David Cameron’s father offshore trusts is now reporting wall-to-wall on calls and protests for `Davey to resign.’

And not just resign, but go to prison says Mr. Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London.

Cameron shouldn’t just resign… he should be sent to prison!’ Ken Livingstone tells RT (VIDEO)

Waiting for the other shoe

Mr. Putin signed a decree to declassify Documents from 1930-1989 said to contain some “very interesting names”

The Russian President said that he has decided to declassify many archival documents, and that he will sign the decree today. And it was signed. Here:

And he quietly added: "This, as far as I know, according to the information from archive agencies, concerns the period from 1930 to 1989. In these documents there are cases, excuse me, of snitches as well as the innocently repressed, with very interesting names,[.]

Posted by: likklemore | Apr 9, 2016 3:44:49 PM | 4

@3 Yes! I stopped watching him because of that.

Posted by: Dean | Apr 9, 2016 3:45:44 PM | 5

juannie @2

The best way for the average citizen, imo, to keep up with b is follow the original sources via twitter. To start off with Syria, you can't beat @EjmAlrai. For American politics, @billmon1 is a good bet. @moscow_ghost is a good aggregator of links. I enjoy @chinahand for more than just Chinese things. @stacyherbert covers economics and all things Max Keiser. It's easy to build up a stable of folks to follow that match your interests. You will soon be at the head of the class!

Posted by: kafkananda | Apr 9, 2016 3:53:45 PM | 6

Has the caricatures war started in the Middle East? Saudi Arabia and Qatar are a huge mine of inspiration for caricaturists if they want to reply to Nasrallah's latest caricature.
Qatari newspaper publishes offending caricature of Sayyed Nasrallah

Posted by: virgile | Apr 9, 2016 4:06:48 PM | 7

@2 juannie.. i agree with you..

@6 kafkananda - i think twitter is for twits.. that said, there are people who can pull all the different tweets together to construct a more informed position... most of us have neither the inclination or time for it which is why b's moa is an invaluable source of commentary.. the posters here are an additional and wonderful bonus..

Posted by: james | Apr 9, 2016 4:22:20 PM | 8

Lagarde completely covers the IMF economic hitmen

Posted by: nmb | Apr 9, 2016 4:37:07 PM | 9 ie The Kremlin Stooge is a good resource which complements MOA nicely. Great commentary from some bi-lingual Russians supplying the antidote to western poison, esp re: Ukraine.

Posted by: ruralito | Apr 9, 2016 4:48:34 PM | 10

Does someone have an answer to this question that has perplexed me for the last year: Where did the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria go? In 2011 when the first big demonstrations against the Assad government began it looked like the 'brothers' were leading the rebel factions. Then within a year or two we no longer saw any more references to the Muslim Brotherhood. Today there are at least five different groups that claim the Islamist jihad title (groups that support Sharia Law to lead Syria, some that can claim Wahabi origins but others that do not) but the MB name has disappeared. Where did their original cadre go?

Posted by: ToivoS | Apr 9, 2016 5:05:15 PM | 11

A Syrian woman I met yesterday, from a family of the (liberal) opposition, told me that that Asad is going to win, with a lot of killing. I said no, Putin will forbid the killing. Her old father, long in the opposition, now only wants to return to Syria.

OK it's only one conversation, but I thought it significant. Most young Syrians in exile don't see a future for themselves in Syria. However their parents can't give up, whatever the regime.

Posted by: Laguerre | Apr 9, 2016 5:18:18 PM | 12

what if part of masonic ritual involved in false flag hoax events of gladio,
involved say johnny depp as the man in the hat at a belgium airport or russell brand in hoody at an invitation to a dummy south street london beheading.
next time your at a gladio event look for a bono or some such zion operative

Posted by: tobias smollett | Apr 9, 2016 5:26:50 PM | 13

@ToivoS 11

The Moslem Brotherhood leaders are probably either in Turkey or Qatar, both resolute supporters of the movement.

Posted by: virgile | Apr 9, 2016 7:01:49 PM | 14

Top ISIS Commanders Fleeing To America Alarms Russia;
How creditable is this blog,..anyone?

Posted by: citizen7 | Apr 9, 2016 7:35:42 PM | 15

@citizen7 #15: It's one of the oldest continuingly operating disinformation outlets on the web and has ZERO credibility. Google "Sorcha Faal" for more information.

Posted by: CE | Apr 9, 2016 8:27:13 PM | 16

@ToivoS #11: I'm not sure to which extent it is true but I suspect the brotherhood's army on the ground is known as Ahrar al-Sham.

Posted by: CE | Apr 9, 2016 8:31:31 PM | 17

Meanwhile in the US, I had a conversation last night with two neighbor ladies over a beer on the patio. I talked for 20 minutes about some of the things I've learned since the Maidan, including the blanket propagandizing of the US, and they listened.

One lady made the the first sign of resistance, namely, "how do you know this is true?" - a challenge, not a question.

I essentially stopped at that point. I said I would shut up - she said she appreciated what I was saying, not convinced but not disagreeing either. I told her Americans had been screwed. She said, they knew that, and they wanted to know how and why and what to do about it. This was why she was listening to me.

So, as I told the company - and as I'm passing along here, for what it's worth - let the record show that 2 years ago I couldn't speak for even one minute until I was called a "Putin apologist" and the NYT of all sources was thrown in my face as rebuttal. Yesterday I could speak for 20 minutes before even the first demand for proof came. Because Americans know they've been screwed and they're interested in finding out why.

Posted by: Grieved | Apr 9, 2016 9:05:25 PM | 18

this is my prediction - Marshall plan for Syria sponsored by the Chinese when the fighting dies down.

Posted by: Mischi | Apr 9, 2016 9:27:41 PM | 19

MoA must be cutting quote close to the bone this last week, attracting some extra trollage. Nice one MoA.

Posted by: MadMax2 | Apr 9, 2016 9:57:59 PM | 20

The question, sadly, is not whether trolls assume the thread; but if indeed anyone has a single clue of what comes next.
The moment you think you understand...
If one claims x often enough, and x is reasonable, than one will be able to state i once said x.
for lack of better words one cries bullshit, and lets slip the dogs of war.
Bah humbug to the armchair.
The empire is coming soon with shock/awe 2.
May the gods have mercy.

Posted by: sean | Apr 9, 2016 10:14:23 PM | 21

@Mischi #19

this is my prediction - Marshall plan for Syria sponsored by the Chinese.....

How about instead of Marshall plan, will be Mao Zedong plan?

b, I'll stay away from the.... you know what, since my position are well known here.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Apr 9, 2016 10:19:07 PM | 22

@18 grieved.. that is a nice little personal story.. thanks for that.. it is mildly encouraging!

here is what i consider a very good 8 minute overview on the "Nagorno-Karabakh conflict explained by Nikolai Starikov". it's done with english subtitles from the russian language being spoken...

Posted by: james | Apr 9, 2016 11:18:58 PM | 23

MRW - if you are around... i enjoyed reading that book 'mistakes were made, (but not by me)" - very insightful.. thanks for that suggestion which i picked up in some passing commentary at ssr a few weeks ago..thanks for that...

Posted by: james | Apr 10, 2016 12:45:07 AM | 24

Watch a professional decode Brussels attack. Video presentatoin, not too long.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 10, 2016 2:05:26 AM | 25

Turkey has asked the "FSA", its proxy, to move to Western Syria to prevent the Kurds from winning territories over ISIS. Turkey will allow the passage of massive weapons provided by the USA to support them.
The USA may appear to go along with this not to antagonize further Turkey, but I guess that the Syrian government and the Russians will be tempted to allow ISIS to totally destroy the FSA and its 'Turkish' advisers, giving a blow to Turkey and later allowing the Kurds to occupy the border villages.
We may get bloody confrontation on the Turkish borders soon.

Free Syrian Army may move to western Syria, says FM Cavusoglu

The Free Syrian Army will probably be deployed to western Syria to counter Daesh if ongoing conflicts around it get resolved, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said.

Posted by: virgile | Apr 10, 2016 8:26:27 AM | 26

@3 - re Lavelle - Indeed!

Posted by: KMF | Apr 10, 2016 9:24:52 AM | 27

Sun Tzu in Syria - response to the Atlantic Council/Bellingcat about the Russian military operation in Syria:

Posted by: KMF | Apr 10, 2016 9:25:36 AM | 28

11;Probably at Egyptian request.Can't have Sisi's fall guys getting Western press backing in Syria.
As someone else said,the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Posted by: dahoit | Apr 10, 2016 10:16:49 AM | 29

In Kiev a switcherew is in the works.

Vickie Nuland's "It's Yats" is now out.

He has resigned and will officially submit his resignation to Parliament on Tuesday. Yes, adding, [.]that his government was “the best in the history of Ukraine” and a “manifestation of the new Ukraine.”[.]

Ukraine Prime Minister resigns

So, with the real government in that other building, what will change ?

Posted by: likklemore | Apr 10, 2016 11:34:13 AM | 30

ass carter
*thaad is gonna *happen* and its none of china's biz, its objection is irrelevant*

tsk tsk tsk !
speaking like a real fucking thug

korea times
wang yi's [chinese fm] arrogance ! [sic]
[its deriding wang's protest on the coming thaad deployment]

seems all murkkan lapdogs have picked up their master's forked tongue, hehehehe
reminds me of the time when china protested hmdl's invitation to wh .
one pundit told china to *mind its own fucking biz* lol
such hubris !

suppose china invites some puerto rican separatists to zhong nan hai for a chat, [1]
can u imagine the hue and cry in washington and the presstitude ?
what if beijing then tell uncle sham to *mind your own fucking biz* ?

sk show its mettle as an ally

ally my ass,, thaad is rammed down mdm park's throat, this is another forced penetration like the one performed on jp, another *ally*, hehehe [2]

it aint gonna happen, even if beijing wanna play tit for tat.
cuz all the puerto rican separatists are either dead [murdered by fbi] or rotting in jail !!

U.S. pressured Japan on territorial waters to allow passage of nukes

Oct. 13, 2009
U.S. pressure was behind Japan's decision in the 1970s to set narrow territorial sea limits in its five key straits so as to enable the passage of U.S. warships carrying nuclear weapons, U.S. archives showed Sunday.

The declassified U.S. documents suggests that the U.S. government, pressed by the military, requested Tokyo not to extend its territorial waters in the five straits, including Soya and Tsugaru, fearing this could hinder Washington's strategy for nuclear war.

Posted by: denk | Apr 10, 2016 12:39:45 PM | 31

ToivoS @ 11,

MB have the home of their official world organization in Turkey now. Turkey is directing ISIS against Egypt in the N Sinai-- low level. Couple times Egypt captured ISIS on active missions in Sinai & they were led by Turkish officers. Don't know if this is a continuation of the MB project against Egypt. Google "Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood" for interesting articles. Of course Egypt killed a lot of them. Egypt has outlawed the two US organizations CANVAS & Otpor who were instrumental in trying to put MB in power in Mideast via "Arab Spring".

Remember that Saudis are now against MB, supported SISI in overturning MB's Morsi. (Far as I know Saudi aid still needed to feed the Egyptian people.) Remember, too, US obliged pro-MB Qatari leader to resign in favor of his son, who imm'y fired pro-MB officials. I think it was at this time that Turkey became MB's home.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 10, 2016 12:58:39 PM | 32

Finally a storage battery that's decently efficient, for vehicles & for homes off-the-grid.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 10, 2016 1:03:16 PM | 33

Might be a push on to make Erdogan more obedient (or absent): Zarab, a Turkish lobbyist arrested by US, possibly to squeeze him for info to leash Erdogan.---
The article's long; if you're going to read part of it I recommend starting under the picture of Zarab w his actress wife. Pretext for the arrest was Turkey's past breaking of sanctions on Iran.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 10, 2016 1:07:08 PM | 34

#s 14, 17 and 32. Thanks for the suggestions. I always figured that the brand "Muslim Brotherhood" disappeared in Syria because of Saudi Arabia and Egypt pressure (Recall that just days before Issi's ouster in Egypt he called upon his supporters to volunteer to join the war against the Assad government). At that time the native Syrians that made up the bulk of the opposition to Assad identified with the MB. Then it seemed to completely disappear but into what.

Posted by: ToivoS | Apr 10, 2016 2:20:16 PM | 35

A cute, not-too-arithmetical proof that the world is only over-propagandized, not over-populated.

"So what have we ended up with? Well, every person in the world could live inside of Texas without overcrowding. We could all have water with just the Columbia River alone. And we could easily feed ourselves with just the farmland within the US as it exists."

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 10, 2016 2:35:24 PM | 36

in re 30 --

I'm a little surprised they went with the Speaker of the Rada, Groysman, who is from Poroshenko's party. I would have expected someone from the National Front, Yatsenyuk's party, to have gotten the spot, to keep the internal dynamics of the ruling coalition stable. Apparently Poroshenko is going for tighter control over the Rada.

With Tymoshenko's "Fatherland" Party now in opposition and calling for new elections, we'll see how long the new majority lasts. Mercouris over at Russian Insider notes that Yatsenyuk, always weak, lost the last of his popular support months ago. All that kept him in power was US support. Did Pyatt agree with this move, or is Poroshenko deciding on his own?

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 10, 2016 3:38:48 PM | 37

The oil barons have long waged wars for monopoly control of gas & oil. But such vast quantities of the stuff was found all over the Mediterranean, the Carribean, the Caspian, and the Arctic that at last the "Peak Oil" meme couldn't be sustained.

How could the oligarchic class set up a global government against a world of countries developing and enriching themselves? Inexpensive energy would necessarily have that result. So far --through control of the money supply and making oil available only for dollars-- they'd managed to keep cheap energy and rapid development from much of the world. They were almost able to keep them down through war, regime change, and looting. But they needed to be reduced further to be forced to submit to the global oligarchy they were building via the Bretton Woods institutions and the trade pacts-- and of course through corruption of governments at home and abroad.

It was brilliant to set up a farcical fear of CO2 to mask the oligarchs' progressive takeover of global energy -- a growing embargo on its use, on development, and their longtime hearts' desire, vast population reduction. They'd long-since prepared fellow-travellers. The West had long been propagandized to share the oligarchs' horror at the growth of population which made their control more difficult. (Never mind that as soon as a decent living standard is achieved population always falls.) We were propagandized to feel that Man is a cancer, not a part of Nature. And just so, the oligarchs have arranged it that we protest less about the austerity necessary to sacrifice our prosperity and the very survival of those 3d world children-- to Gaia, for now our very breath is an incubus upon the pristine breast of Mother Earth.

Oh, dear. I'm sure it's funny to a properly-detached observer. But I begin to feel only disgust. Adult men & women see that the oligarchs lie to them through the media-- lie for their own self-interest in all things political. But still those same men & women claim the innocence of ignorance in believing their ceaseless anti-CO2 propaganda. Every single aspect of the CO2 phobia has been disproven in the scientific arena. But no matter. The Rockefeller Foundations, and Soros through the Tides Foundation and Kerry's wife's catsup foundation and the Ford Foundation continue to subsidize the activists to tell fantastic lies, and the long-controlled media continues to print them.

And in Britain and Europe last Winter 40,000 human beings froze to death, unable to afford both food and heat in a world that is cutting back on CO2 through raising the price of heating their homes. While adult men & women cling to the myth that their anti-CO2 position is an "alternative" position, while they continue to prevent themselves from knowing that such a media campaign is possible only through the full support of the oligarchs, their banks and foundations and think tanks, their control of the administration including the EPA-- and yes, the oil companies! (The Power the oligarchs will gain trumps mere greed.)

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 10, 2016 3:39:28 PM | 38

Jeffrey Goldberg (from the Atlantic) had an interview with Obama.

Posted by: Willy2 | Apr 10, 2016 4:47:48 PM | 39

@ Rufus 37

Speaker of the Rada was tapped weeks ago ~
My reference to “That other building” is where the masters reside. If there was any doubt, see what is meant?

US Vice President Thanks Yatsenyuk for Service

And no reports of President Petro Poroshenko doing so likewise. You’d think.

Posted by: likklemore | Apr 10, 2016 7:37:46 PM | 40

When asked in a quick Q&A preview for an interview with Fox News Sunday what his “worst mistake” as a president had been, the US leader answered: “Probably failing to plan for the day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya.”

not much different with bush 2 in iraq, with the exception obama refers to his action/lack of action as a 'mistake' while patting himself on the back for what he thought was '''the right thing to do'''... both men exhibit the uselessness of a high iq.. missing is any eq that could empathize with what their actions have put on people...

Posted by: james | Apr 10, 2016 8:09:50 PM | 41

Groysman's name was floated earlier, but it did not seem to resonate. Yatesenyuk indicated about a week ago he was ready to resign.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 10, 2016 8:16:30 PM | 42

The Road to Western Armenia Begins in Artsakh

If Western Armenia is to get liberated someday, it will only come by way of a Russian-Armenian force once again marching westward from the south Caucasus. The road to Western Armenia therefore starts in Eastern Armenia and the keys to Western Armenia are thus found in the Kremlin. We have been dreaming about the liberation of Western Armenia for decades. All of a sudden, it feels as if that dream can become a reality. Are we ready? Are we as a people ready to play a role if Russia does go to war against Turkey?

The Russian army's lightning advance into the Armenian Highlands during the Caucasus Campaign of the First World War showed Armenians that the liberation of Western Armenia is a possibility, given that it is done under the right circumstances. The heroic campaign one hundred years ago encouraged us to prepare, at least mentally, for the next historic opportunity. That historic opportunity may have already come. What Ankara did on November 24th (2015) was an act of war and it may yet prove to be its death knell.

Artsakh? I found it and an ancient map at wikipedia. Overlaid it on one from Google. Irredentist dreams, all rekindled now that Erdogan has conjured them into play.

How ready to explode is eastern Turkey?

Posted by: jfl | Apr 10, 2016 8:36:53 PM | 43

I think this could be very serious. If I were anywhere in the EU I'd imm'y pull all funds from the bank. In fact I'm going to draw down here in the US.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 10, 2016 9:42:37 PM | 44

Here's an interesting article about the recent developments of the Russian air force in Syria.

B, on 13th March, you wrote about the FSA Division 13 / Nusra fight in Idlib.

And that, dear folks, was the predictable end of the last "moderate" Jihadi group with direct U.S. support in Idleb. The CIA supplied weapons, lots of TOWs but allegedly also including anti-air MANPADs, are now, like on earlier occasions, in the hands of al-Qaeda.

The next day, Putin announced Russia's planned "withdrawal". The linked article above suggests that, actually, some fixed wing aircraft have been withdrawn and simply replaced with attack helicopters with sophisticated jamming technology to counter manpads, which begs the question whether Putin was in fact motivated by this development.

Posted by: Pat Bateman | Apr 11, 2016 8:10:13 AM | 45

On the earlier open thread I considered the question -- Is Sanders building a movement? What sort?

Naked Capitalism bird-dogged this open letter to Sanders, signed by Chomsky and a number of trade unionists, organizers, and intellectuals, urging him to build a movement separate from the Democrats.

We want something long-term, we want to make something together that is built to last. We want to talk about how we can turn this moment into a movement....

Many of us have developed a deep and healthy mistrust in electoral politics, moving to workplace and community organizing to build popular power. There is a reason for this. Many of us poured our hearts into the presidential bids of the Rainbow Coalition, or the long-shot campaigns of Ralph Nader and other Green Party candidates.... On a deeper level, we feel that the changes we seek cannot simply be voted into existence- we want to bring participatory democracy to life in all spheres of society. For many of us, participation in electoral politics feels like an abusive relationship.

We want this time to be different. Let’s build something real together. Let’s make not just a political revolution, but a social and economic revolution by building not just a campaign for president, but a lasting movement.

The author, Erik Forman, concludes with four practical measures to create an independent political movement out of Sanders 5 million or so voters.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 11, 2016 8:12:20 AM | 46

In re Armenia --

Since the Russian Federation has just tamped down the recent fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh, I rather doubt the Red Army is about to roll over Mt. Ararat. The Azeris are a Turkic people.

Y'all remember Nagorno-Karabakh, no? This Armenian enclave in Azerbaijan was a flash point during the destruction of the Soviet Union, and the region's original frozen conflict.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 11, 2016 8:20:58 AM | 47

Obomba states if the hell bitch released secrets to our enemies,she didn't mean it!

Posted by: dahoit | Apr 11, 2016 9:37:44 AM | 48

rufus @46

Wow. If we needed any confirmation of Sanders as sheepdog, this Open Letter is it.

Apparently led/promoted by pro-DNC groups like UFT and IWW, these people hope to kettle Sanders supporters in a Democratic Party-friendly institutional structure. The aim of the proposed "Movement" appears to be to be a 'voice' within the Democratic Party, even if nominally independent.

What this letter does best is demonstrate the extent to which Sanders has failed to form any sort of Movement that is independent of himself or the DNC. Just as his critics on the Left have noted.

Furthermore, Sanders is a poor choice to lead any such 'independent' Movement because he has made it clear that he will support the Democratic Party nominee. Movements are about principle, not craven politics.

If people signing this Open Letter were serious, they could just form a Movement themselves and ask for Sanders' endorsement. That they ignore other choices (particularly the Greens) is just icing on the sheepdog cake (a nasty saccharine confection that leaves a bitter taste for years).

Sanders supporters best protest the 'Centrist' Hillary and undemocratic DNC by joining/volunteering and voting third-party - notably the Green Party.

NB Sanders ignores Hillary/DNC collusion as explained here: How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 11, 2016 10:34:56 AM | 49

dahoit @48:

Obama also says that his biggest mistake was not to PLAN for Kaddafi's overthrow.

That wouldn't be a mistake if Kaddafi's overthrow was unexpected. But regime change WAS the goal.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Hillary also inadvertently admitted the same a few weeks ago.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 11, 2016 10:56:32 AM | 50

@47 rufus - did you see the video i posted @23? it is on the topic of Nagorno-Karabakh

Posted by: james | Apr 11, 2016 11:42:41 AM | 51

mdm park is a bona fide sinophile, or in murkkan parlance, a certified *chicom lover*.
she is well versed in chinese classics, mdm spoke in mandarin to her chinese audience in beijing.
she even confessed her *first love* was a lionhearted general from the classic *romance of the three kingdoms* !
no, mdm never wanted to antagonise beijing, especially when china is sk's biggest trading export market !

she has been dragging her feet over the thaad deployment, inspite of tremendous arm twisting from washington. she is no doubt aware of how her father was bumped off by cia fifty yrs ago, yet she persisted....until now.
it'd seem that the unitedsnake gets what it wants , every single time, it'd stop at nuthin, i mean nuthin, to get its prize, look what it did to malaysia for the past yr.
this is what's scary about the snake.!

the destroyer claims another scalp, another beijing's friend bites the dust.

the score so far...

nepal -- king birendra entire family wipe out.
sri lanka -- prez Rajapakse outsed by murkkan/indian patsies,
thailand -- yingluck deposed by *swarming mobs*
jp -- pm brougt down by bloodless coup, lucky guy he.
indon -- sukarno replaced via a genocidal coup
myanmar -- utterly demoralised leaders acceded to the reign of aei poster girl, aung san suki
malaysia -- pm najib rule looks precarious.
tw -- prez ma replaced by csis alumni mdm cai. [1]

ass carter gleefully rub salt into the wound, they always do.
*china's assertiveness is driving all its friends away* !

bbc *journo* deign to admonish the chinese fm during a press session
*dont be such a brute, u'r are isolating yourself buddy* !

using such thug's logic, no doubt its china's fault when its embassy in ex yugo got pulverished by THREE *smart bomb*, killing 3 1/2 life. [husband and his pregnant wife]
hey *why'd those damn chicoms build their embassy right into our missiles path*
say clinton.

then of course, the official explaination that pentagoon was using an outdated map was so inane , its spokesman was obviously there not to appease beijing but to insult, to rub salt into the wound.

*of course i know u know this is crap, so whatcha gonna do about it...* ???

in case u dont know what csis does for a living...

Posted by: denk | Apr 11, 2016 12:06:25 PM | 52

@52:you are behind the curve.
Beijing has just signed a multiple port city twinning
With Malaysia.
Together with China picking up the toxic IMDB multibillion debts,it brings ChinMa closerthanthis.
No need for Kra canal to beat the Malacca Straits chokepoint yet.
But the Wall Street Journal campaign against the PM Najib is a gripping political soap. How will it end?
Indonesian ex-prez Susilo just lashed out at Washington for 'lack of transparency'with marines station in Oz.
Jakarta not smiley cos it enables deputy sheriff Canberra to project power over the island republic (not just China and SCS).
Strike out another anti China ally despite the media hype. Jakarta wants to stay neutral.
Middle East: Global Times just uploaded intvu with Michelle Dunne, MidEast director for Carnegie endowment: Washington wants Beijing to share ME burden.
She sounds v neocon.

Posted by: Polaris | Apr 11, 2016 1:10:02 PM | 53

The "Billionaire's Club" of the Senate Report "Chain of Environmental Command" are taking the US economy further down, just as outlined in the report. The farcical CO2 phobia as pretext for reducing the very basis of modern industry and transportation-- energy. Energy for electricity, for communication, the internet and pumping water to your tap. It's going to get colder now, Winters are already colder. We're going to need more energy for heating homes and bigger greenhouses. But we've closed all those nasty coal-mines. Never mind that windmills & solar energy are a big expensive flop. We've still got Big Oil to rely on. Big, murderous oil the impulse for the sad deaths of men and nations. I'm sure that in a pinch we can rely on them to deliver the oil to power the remnants of our industries and save us from freezing.

Even if Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is exactly the man of great patriotism that we hope he is, even if the rule of law of which he speaks so highly includes an unspoken democracy, even if Russia remains the seat of European morality within a sea of corruption and decadence. Even if.

Whatever his inner convictions he hasn't acted to free the ruble and Russian economy from the Fed/IMF banking cartel. His words are of integration not of the sovereignty of individual nations with decision-making vested in their citizens. A free market from Vladivostock to Lisbon. Looking forward to further economic integration in the future. Visa-free borders. Yet preserving national sovereignty. Sovereignty w/o control over currency (and therefore of investment and development), trade, or immigration. Just like Greece.

Worst of all he now speaks of global warming, knowing that cutting back energy will cause many deaths when the cold comes, and will impoverish us all meanwhile. Russia is an old nation with much experience of the cyclical nature of the cold. Even young naval officers speak of the diminished ice as "not permanent." In the past Putin has spoken of "the fraud" of global warming. He no longer opposes it. He is not free to act or even to speak the truth. Or he is one of them sold to us in "the good cop/bad cop routine." Either way, nobody's got our back and we must do this ourselves, and soon. The oligarchs prevent rational preparation.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 11, 2016 1:12:02 PM | 54

At this point Yulia Tymoshenko would be a godsend for Ukraine, as she will work with Putin imho

Posted by: aaaa | Apr 11, 2016 1:45:13 PM | 55

Politicizing Gov't

> FBI Director drags feet on Hillary e-mail investigation.

> CIA Director makes anti-Trump "will not torture" statement.

And don't forget: IRS scandal with disappearing emails; no prosecutions over sub-prime mortgage fiasco; No prosecution of Jon Corsine; BP allowed to use toxic chemical dispursants after Gulf Oil spill (despite order not to do so) which reduce estimates of the amount of oil spilled; progress on global warming under Obama??; etc.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Tell us what you really think!

> Trump today: rails against a "rigged, corrupt" system.

> Sanders: refrains from attacking DNC or media; backtracks, says "Hillary is qualified".

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 11, 2016 2:59:20 PM | 56

regarding the panama papers - interesting theory - clash of the titans, rothchilds verses soro's..

Posted by: james | Apr 11, 2016 8:17:17 PM | 57

james at 23 –

As it was just a quick post before work, and more on the suggested Russian intervention, I didn’t spot it. But I wouldn’t have watched it. I don’t do talking heads on YouTube, and in any case, I have my doubts about Starikov.

Thanks for pointing it out though.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 11, 2016 8:37:02 PM | 58

As I suggested earlier, it seems to me he is not herding sheep, but adding to his pack.

Clearly, Sanders sees his movement, at least at present, as part of the Democratic Party. But it is to transform the party from a corporate to a popular vehicle, not to deliver votes for Mrs. Clinton. And should this effort fail, I would expect them to go elsewhere.

Hedges article is actually quite subtle and complex. Sanders has a point, Hedges allows.

Kshama Sawant [Seattle social-democratic city councillor] and I privately asked Sanders at a New York City event where we appeared with him the night before the 2014 climate march why he would not run for president as an independent. “I don’t want to end up like Ralph Nader,” he told us.

Sanders had a point.... The party machine will turn him, as it did Nader, into a pariah. It will push him outside the political establishment. Sanders probably saw his answer as a practical response to political reality. But it was also an admission of cowardice. Nader paid a heavy price for his courage and his honesty, but he was not a failure.

Sanders, I suspect, is acutely aware that the left is broken and disorganized. The two parties have created innumerable obstacles to third parties, from locking them out of the debates to challenging voter lists and keeping them off the ballot. The Green Party is internally crippled by endemic factionalism and dysfunction. It is dominated in many states by an older, white demographic that is trapped in the nostalgia of the 1960s and narcissistically self-referential.

I don't know that I would describe Nader as failure, but he was hardly a success in building a movement after being nominated by the Greens. Nor would I call anyone willing to take on the power of Big Money a coward.

Here's a comment from early on the page, by Bruce Johnson. From what I saw, they were breaking for Bernie, maybe not all 3,822 though.

Meh. This is standard Hedges hand-wringing. He's trusting in some far off "revolution" while completely dismissing the man who's working hard in the here and now to make things better within the system we have in place. Yet, somehow, incredibly, Hedges trusts in the 1% of the vote typically secured by the Greens every four years as some kind of validation of the American political process. Chris, wake up, support Bernie.

Other commenters note he has endorsed Stein, so he's not exactly a disinterested observer.

What Hedges says of the Greens no doubt applies to much of the left. Here's an interesting response to Hedges from an Indiana activist, chock full of good observations about the politics of social change.

Hedges should give Sanders’ supporters far more credit. Indeed, most of the people I know who are engaged with the campaign have no illusions: they’ve learned their lesson after being burned by the Democratic Party and the Liberal Establishment. In fact, I’m very pleased to report that a good portion of Sanders’ supporters I’ve met at campaign events are completely dissatisfied with the Democratic Party.

On several occasions, event organizers have asked those in attendance, “Who will vote for Hillary if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination?” More often than not, at least half the room doesn’t raise their hands.

Again, this leads many people, including myself, to assume that Sanders’ campaign is a great organizing opportunity for the Left. Indeed, the major problem right now is organizational, not ideological. There is no organized “Left” because the Left isn’t very good at organizing. It has nothing better to offer....

If the Left consistently isolates itself during election cycles, or sits on the sidelines, making armchair critiques, while offering very limited alternatives like voting for the Green Party/Jill Stein, how can we expect people to become radicalized? Moreover, why should people even pay attention to us?

...And that is the Left’s primary dilemma: the inability to provide alternatives to the dominant political parties and institutions of our time. When people are exposed to the Left, they are often turned-off by the experience. Until the Left can provide serious alternatives, we’ll be relegated to the sidelines.

I think he's wrong, however, to separate the ideological weaknesses of the "post-Communist" left from its organizational difficulties.

“If you form it, he will come”? Isn’t that exactly what we don’t need, another organization of isolated organizers and disconnected academics, that will wither on the vine if Sanders doesn’t sign on?

You are aware that the IWW are the Wobblies, right? I believe they are already a movement. I would be extremely surprised if our anarcho-syndicalist comrades intend on this being strictly a Democratic party vehicle. I'd favor Sanders taking out a "red card," but I'm not holding my breath.

I would be just as surprised if that is Chomsky’s intent. Especially since the post says the suggested organization needs its own voter/contact database. And explicitly references various third party runs, as well as Our Nobel Laureate’s bait-and-switch. They seem fine with working both from within and without.

Whether or not Sanders forms a movement, within or without the Democratic Party, The Atlantic argues that he has midwifed substantial changes in the Democratic Party. These may yield important gains in the future.

The math favors Clinton…. But, even if he falters, Sanders has triggered dynamics that could reshape his party for years. Most important, his campaign is crystallizing the political emergence of the massive Millennial Generation, which is poised to pass the Baby Boom by 2020 as the electorate’s largest voting block….

But with his success... he’s shown that the Millennial Generation will respond to a message that swings for the fences with far more sweeping change—on issues from tuition-free public college to combating the influence of money in politics—than most Democratic leaders consider feasible in today’s polarized climate.”

And on a very practical level, he has shown that the major argument for fealty to the One Percent is false; Sanders has raised all of his cash from small donors, not Wall Street or IPO swells. In this regard, the Clinton campaign's coziness with various state party committees is small potatoes, compared to his ongoing critique of its Wall Street ties.

I would note, Sanders had to back down on qualifications, but only just a bit. As he has restated it, she clearly has a good resume, in terms of posts. But he continues to hold that her judgement makes her unqualified.

"The point that I was making, which is absolutely correct, is that if you look at where she is getting the money from Wall Street, another powerful special interest, she voted for the war, she cited Henry Kissinger, in a sense, as a model for her,” Sanders said. “I think those issues will tell the American people that in many respects, she may have the experience to be president of the United States. No one can argue that. But in terms of her judgment, something is clearly lacking.”

So one would think that Sanders and his insurgents may not necessarily remain within the party, should the existing leadership continue to try to thwart their work of opening up some Overton windows and letting in some fresh air. A nascent movement with his back would, perhaps, steel his spirit for a more aggressive fight.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 11, 2016 8:51:16 PM | 59

@58 rufus... i know what you mean about talking heads, but this is in russian and has english subtitles - so mostly 8 minutes of reading.. i thought it was quite informative..

Posted by: james | Apr 11, 2016 9:07:41 PM | 60

fascinating conjecture and commentary The Islamic State in Turkey: A Deep Dive into a Dark Place

Posted by: james | Apr 11, 2016 9:19:31 PM | 61

jas. at 58

Maybe I'll reconsider, though I prefer transcripts, if possible.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 11, 2016 10:11:54 PM | 62

@62 - rufus - i am the same.. i always avoid video and am a text oriented person..

Posted by: james | Apr 11, 2016 10:25:32 PM | 63

Posted by: jfl | Apr 10, 2016 8:36:53 PM | 43: Artsakh? I found it and an ancient map at wikipedia

Karabakh is a Turkic name, presumably, Azeri. In Armenian this region is called Artsakh. And indeed, in Middle Ages it was an Armenian principality. And then and now it is in Eastern Armenia. Eastern part of eastern Armenia.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 11, 2016 1:12:02 PM | 54: The farcical CO2 phobia as pretext for reducing the very basis of modern industry and transportation-- energy. Energy for electricity, for communication, the internet and pumping water to your tap. It's going to get colder now, Winters are already colder.

While the globe slowly accumulates heat, the distribution is complex in part because of deep ocean circulation in Pacific. In some years the heat accumulates in the deep ocean and in some it is released, El Nino is one of the forms of that release. The last winter was the warmest on record in Arctic and drastically warmer than the previous, at least in north-east USA.

Most importantly, fossil carbon energy is associated with various kinds of obnoxious pollution and reducing it has assorted benefits. My beef with liberals is that they sabotage the growth of nuclear energy which is the most plausible substitute of carbon. But even without nukes there are plenty of options. For example, natural gas has at least double of energy content per unit of carbon compared with coal. Hybrid cars use about half of the energy of conventional cars and cost about 20% more, but it is more romantic to push electric cars that would use fossil fuels used to generate electricity (if we are not substituting them with nukes). And bicycles save carbon at negligible cost. (American model is to drive to exercise center and use a stationary bike there. Would it be more rational to bike to exercise center and use a stationary car?) USA can half consumption of carbon by half and thrive.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Apr 11, 2016 10:47:21 PM | 64

polaris 53

*behind the curve*

really ?
i know about the malaysian port proj alright, how does this detract from what i've been saying ?
the snake has been systematically and ruthlessly taking down china's friends...with much success.

dont count your chickens before they are hatched.
there'r powerful force ,foreign and local, working in tandem to down najib.
if najib is ousted, the proj might be called off by the next pm, incurring great loss to china.
just like what happened in myanmar [mega dam ], turkey [reg flag 9 missile], sri lanka [port], bangladesh [power station], thailand [railway venture looks precarious]....all suffered premature death, courtesy of the washington/delhi/tokyo axis. [1]

indon's EX prez *lash out* at washington but the CURRENT prez just ordered its navy to sink a chinese fishing boat, he also wants to station f16 in natuna, even tho china never challenge its sovereinty there.
jakarta is giving beijing lots of headache on the railway proj, it might end up another botched deal that bleeds the chinese big time.d.

what's this Michelle Dunne all about, source ??

the washington./delhi patsies who replaced prez Rajapakse immediatedly called halt to the port construction , chinese contractors have been hermohagging rmb ever since.
this is a familiar pattern, uncle sham would let beijing secured a big contract then killed it off half way during the contruction, inficting a much greater loss than if they sabotage it right from the start.
the thai and indon railway proj might very well suffer the same fate, judging by the current crops of problems.
ironically after sri lanka packed off the chinese, delhi/washington didnt step up to the plate in the half completed port , now the new govn has to crawl back to beijing to beg the chinese to complete the port construction !

beijing better be careful, what happen if they
screw u a second time ?

Posted by: denk | Apr 11, 2016 11:35:09 PM | 65

rufus @59 makes a few points that, upon closer inspection, are weak:

> Sanders seeks NOT to support Hillary but to transform the Party
Hillary and the Party are very much aligned. Hillary says that Sanders ideas are not practical and not well thought-thru. It is highly likely that she (and thus, the Party) will 'change' only as much as they have to so as to appeal to most Sanders supporters. That is, Sanders supporters will get lip-service. Sanders might wrangle a cabinet position for himself as a sort of (very weak) 'guarantee' that his POV gets aired in a Hillary Administration.

'Transform the Party' seems to be a recent notion that both explains Sanders persistence and leads his supporters to believe that they are making a bigger impact on the Party than they are. The fact is, Sanders has been more successful than he or the Party expected, so the promise of 'influence' has been upgraded to 'transform'.

In addition, Sanders is a strange sorta revolutionary leader. He calls Hillary his friend. He still will not attack her on the email issue or her character (he chides her on her decision-making and doesn't challenge her responses). He won't attack Hillary/DNC collusion or media bias.

He is chummy with other top Democrats and has benefited from his relationship with them and the Party. Obama campaigned for him. He has caucused with Democrats for many many years. Thanks to the Democrats, he is the ranking minority member on the Senate Budget Committee. Sounds like he swallowed the blue pill, huh?

> Sanders' run within the Democratic establishment is a necessary evil
There is a perennial debate about how to effect change. 'Practical' people say that the duopoly has made it too difficult to effect change with a third-party run. So one must to use the rigged Democratic Party process, they say. TINA!

Our undemocratic money-based political system is corrupt at the core. But we are asked to support that system by trying to change it!?!?!

Sanders KNEW very well the high odds against him when he started. That's why when he started he talked about simply raising issues. The feckless Left welcomed this meek effort with a low bar for success: a Sanders run MIGHT influence Hillary(!). But critics said that his quixotic run would just make it much more difficult to start a real Movement. Black Agenda Report famously labeled Sanders a sheepdog.

> The Democratic Party is feeling the Bern!
Those who play up the effect that Bernie is having/might have on the Democratic Party are either establishment types or those that have been compromised by the DNC's identity politics fear-mongering.

This is evident by the vast majority of Sanders supporters who say that they will not vote Democratic if Sanders is not the nominee (they will vote Trump, Green, or stay home).

One other note:

Other commenters note he [Hedges] has endorsed Stein, so he's not exactly a disinterested observer.
Such an attack is baseless but typical of DNC operatives. Hedges endorsement of Stein is based on principle, not personal gain.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 11, 2016 11:38:53 PM | 66

Sanders' only real chance to 'transform' the Democratic Party is by winning the nomination.

To do so, he has to change the dynamic of the race. His best chance - by far - to do that is to defeat Hillary in her home state of New York on April 19th. This would demonstrate to the nation and the Party that Hillary is NOT ELECTABLE in an year in which voters are so angry.

To achieve a come-from-behind win in NY, Sanders has to make his 'she's not electable' case to NY voters. And that means attacking Hillary in ways which he has previously been reluctant to do.

I really hope he makes the effort to win.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 12, 2016 12:13:19 AM | 67

Syria: an interview with Thierry Meyssan
by Costantino Ceoldo here.

"But the war in Syria is not a revolution, it is a war against two models of society for the Middle East. More than 80 percent of the fighters are foreigners. But they received the support of a very small part of the population, about 5 percent of the Syrians. When the US created the jihadists movement, in 1978, they never think that it will became so great and that it will be supported by some Muslims. What is new, is that the jihadist leaders —financed by Saudi Arabia— had, each of them, 3 women and more than 15 children. Now they are supported by the people who are against the control of fecundity and the modern way of life. It is very strange to see this fight in Syria, a country who give the right of vote and the total equality for women at the same time than Russians, 25 years before the West Europeans."

Posted by: james | Apr 12, 2016 12:41:15 AM | 68

james @68

Presented with no comment = you find that explanation to be correct and insightful?

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 12, 2016 12:48:46 AM | 69

jr at 66

"Vast majority of Sanders supporters"? Really? That seems a little weak. Only one in four, as I noted before, plan at this point not to vote for the Democratic nominee.

Isn't the Green Party playing at the same "game," supporting the system by trying to change it through electoral politics? If Sanders with a substantial national movement and organization cannot force his program upon his own party (his at least for now), what luck will the marginal Greens have with them or the Rethuglicans?

And did I not note earlier, Sanders' intent at the start was not even to influence the Democrats, but merely to raise the issue of inequality? I don't recall anyone who thought he'd win any primaries, let alone into the double digits. So why not raise the stakes when the message resonates? Be pretty foolish not to press the unexpected advantage.

I personally do not see a need to take-over the Democratic Party; I have repeatedly noted my disagreement with what we socialists call "entryism." Others see it as useful, I do not. I certainly think any publicizing of most any sort of socialist politics is a good thing. I have held from the first that is the most important possible positive outcome of Sanders' campaign.

I wonder, who the hell has endorsed Sanders "for personal gain"? That Hedges has a political axe to grind is not irrelevant in evaluating his position. We in the history business (only part-time, sadly) congenitally examine all sources for bias, and we urge it's wide application in all of life. Such allegations need to be proved, not merely asserted.

I'm unsure if Sanders efforts to revitalize the Democrats will work; perhaps the Millenials numbers will outweigh Wall Street's wallet, perhaps not.

But regardless of the outcome in November, his politics do not address the central issues -- how do workers regain control over the labor process, how do they obtain ownership of the means of production, how do they create and discipline the organic leadership of a proletarian party?

America must have proportional representation! And Carthage destroyed!

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 12, 2016 12:53:59 AM | 70

More useful analysis on the departure of Yatsenyuk, from Russia Insider. As Gilbert Doctorow argues, Yatsenyuk Is Gone, But His Masters Remain. The opening paragraph gives you the flavor.

The resignation speech yesterday of Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk has been given importance by global media way beyond its merits. After all, he and President Poroshenko were both on the same side of the equation even as they were engaged in arm wrestling for much of the last two years in the country’s leadership posts for greater influence and power. On the other side of the equation has been the Pravy Sektor and fellow radical nationalist forces of the war party.

Doctorow sees the radical nationalists and their oligarchic backers as effectively being in charge, despite occasional cosmetic American interventions.

It is these forces behind the throne which have made it impossible for Poroshenko to put through the various legal and constitutional changes necessary to implement the political side of the Minsk-2 accords. Therefore, after Yatsenyuk’s departure Ukraine will remain at war, with no reforms of substance possible.

Ah, but the feng shui of the deck chairs will be so much more auspicious!

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 12, 2016 1:03:34 AM | 71

rufus @70

You have not addressed my rebuttal of your 'transform the Party!' hype which strikes me as just a 'hope and change' dog whistle. (Have you changed your mind?) I'll repeat: 1) Sanders will NOT be able to transform the Democratic Party except by winning the nomination.

To 'Third-way' Centrist Democrats like Hillary and Obama the left is but a thorn in their side. Hillary will do little more than provide lip-service to their concerns ... because evil republicans (OMG!). And, with Republicans in turmoil, she may think that she doesn't need Sanders supporters as much anyway.

2) Sanders must win NY. 'Delegate math' and polling suggest that he can not catch-up absent a dramatic change like upsetting Hillary in her home state. To do so, 3) Sanders must convince NY voters that Hillary is unelectable.

That he (likely) started the race as a sheepdog calls into question whether he will actually fight hard to win NY. I will be pleasantly surprise to see him engage in that fight.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

My reply to your previous comment:

> "vast majority"

Clarifying: I meant to tie this to those free from identity politics as mentioned in my previous paragraph.

Also, 25% are those that hold strong anti-DNC/Hillary views. It doesn't mean that the other 75% WILL vote for the Democratic nominee.

> Isn't the Green Party playing the same game ...
No, they aren't. The duopoly plays a different game. Excluding third-parties from Presidential debates is just one example of that.

> What luck will marginal Greens have ...
In a close election, disaffected Democrats/Independents that vote Green in protest could deny Hillary the Presidency. Greens should build on that.

Can Greens alone stop the Republicans? No, of course not. But this is a strawman used to keep voters in the Democratic Party fold - and then to marginalize them and drip-feed change.

> And did I not note earlier, Sanders' intent at the start was not even to influence the Democrats, but merely to raise the issue of inequality?
Yes you did. As I explained, such a meek beginning was part of what earned Sanders the sheepdog moniker.

> ... why not raise the stakes when the message resonates?
Yes. I am hoping that Sanders campaigns like he wants to win. But unless he does (win) he has little hope of 'transforming' the Democratic Party.

> who the hell has endorsed Sanders "for personal gain"?
I meant to defend Hedges, not attack Sanders supporters.

> political axe to grind ... We in the history business ... congenitally examine all sources for bias
The point that you are trying to muddy is that as a sheepdog Sanders meant to deliver voters to a corrupt Party. That Sanders MIGHT (we will see) seek to capitalize on his unexpected popularity to try to take control of the Democratic Party doesn't change the fact that he was essentially working to support the Democratic Party for much of the race. In contrast, Hedges is pointing out the need for a Movement.

You should try examining your own bias as represented by your convoluted thinking: a socialist that supports Hillary.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 12, 2016 2:16:42 AM | 72

@52: helps youse come up 2 speed

Headline 1:China, Malaysia tout new ‘port alliance’ to reduce customs bottlenecks and boost trade - South China Morning Post.
Headline 2: Discontent in Indonesia over high-speed rail project jointly developed with China may turn the current impasse into a more protracted one. - South China Morning Post.
Warning about this article - contains additional material from Kyodo and AP, so has been spun to hype up public hostility to project.
Headline 3: Washington eager to have Beijing share load in Mideast affairs - interview with Michelle Dunne. - Global Times.
Thai railway on track - but budget cut back. Thailand remains contract-bound to use Chinese technology and contractors.

Posted by: polaris | Apr 12, 2016 3:35:17 AM | 73

The West’s Terrorist “Catch and Release” Program

For fisheries around the world, the concept of “catch and release” allows anglers to enjoy the fishing experience while preserving the numbers and health of fish populations. The concept of “catch and release” for Western security and intelligence agencies appears very similar – to maintain the illusion of counterterrorism operations, while maintaining the numbers and health of terrorist organizations around the world.

Answering “to what end” the West is allowing terrorists to successfully carry out attacks against Western targets, the answer is quite simple. It allows for the expansion of power and control at home while justifying endless and profitable wars abroad.

A wry observation, right on the mark. I'm sure the victims of the US/EU catch and release program are ... more than furious. As we all should be. It's long past time for the CIA and its European vassals to be put down. They've been all pain and no gain for ordinary people all over the world for the past 68 years.

Posted by: jgl | Apr 12, 2016 8:09:21 AM | 74


I am not trying to muddle anything. I am presenting my views. To change reality, one must understand it, whether one likes the realities of the situation or not.

That workers will fare less badly under a Democratic administration is a reality. I think the Left's tendency to pretend otherwise is one of those elements that our Indiana activist would suggest the masses find alienating. As he suggested, one needs a positive alternative. "Sure, you're hurting, they offer some palliatives. But you won't end the hurt 'til you throw off the bosses who are hurting you. So we'll be right here in the trenches with you, fighting with you with you 'til then."

Here's some actual data, courtesy of AOL, who reports on some recent polling.

When given the choice between Clinton, Cruz, a third party candidate, or not voting, registered voters are fairly split between Clinton and Cruz: Thirty-seven percent would vote for Clinton and 32 percent would vote for Cruz. Another 19 percent would vote for an unnamed third party candidate and 10 percent would not vote at all.

When asked about Trump as the GOP nominee in November instead of Cruz, registered voters are split between Clinton and Trump, though the race is tighter: Thirty-eight percent would vote for Clinton and 36 percent would vote for Trump. Another 16 percent would vote for a third party candidate and 8 percent would abstain from voting.

I rather doubt they will all go with the same third party, and given the realities of contemporary politics in America, I'm thinking the bulk of these will break right. I would also suspect that the third party rate will fall as the decision becomes less hypothetical.

They only present data on Trump and Cruz supporters. Of Trump voters, 28 pct. would vote third party if Cruz is nominated, while 26 pct. of Cruz's supporters would vote third party.

They do not report on the Democrats, but these figures would seem to suggest a lower third party rate for Sanders voters, but perhaps higher abstention.

Again, the historical experience of the Greens "building" on 2000 suggests they lack the foundation and materials to undertake any serious construction. What concretely might our marginal Greens actually do?

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 12, 2016 8:31:41 AM | 75

Socialist Senator Explains the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

I cannot imagine Huey Long to have been a socialist ... or if I do, then the 'real' socialists will all throw rocks at me. But I love the story of hipopa-lower-em and lopopa-higher-em.

I guess it's like Thaksin in Thailand, you have to have been there for a good number of the preceding decades in order to appreciate the man.

Huey Newton's daddy was, and did, and named his youngest after him, too. And Huey P. Newton did claim to be a socialist himself. I thought he was a lot more than that. Of course, it's always up to the 'real' socialists to separate the sheep from the goats, socialism-wise. Comes down to the Trots, alone, as far as I can see. But socialism's so 20th Century, clanking along like a diesel, a bucket of bolts, quoting Marx chapter and verse; in the 21st Century it's democracy, solar-powered, all the way.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 12, 2016 8:34:29 AM | 76

rufus @75


You have written many times of Hillary as the lesser evil; and the impracticality of alternatives, etc.

workers will fare less badly under a Democratic administration

This is not true. The Democrats have negotiated trade deals that hurt workers. They have not stood by workers in other ways.

'Third-Way', Centrist Democrats are neoliberals. Their "support" for workers is marginal and historic.

the historical experience of the Greens ... What concretely might our marginal Greens actually do?

Firstly, the race for President may be close. The Greens/Left could pull enough votes away from Hillary to make a difference in the race.

A lot has happened since 2000. The Global Financial Crisis. Obama's betrayal. Widespread recognition of severe inequality. A better understanding and acceptance of Global Warming. A New Cold War. Etc.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 12, 2016 9:36:41 AM | 77

@ 74 --
I couldn't click through on the link. This is what I find thru Google.

Posted by: jawbone | Apr 12, 2016 9:58:38 AM | 78

Dave Lindorff thinks Sanders should run for President on the Green Party ticket.

And Jill Stein has welcomed a collaboration with Bernie:

“Many of my supporters are also his supporters,” Stein told NBC News [on March 26th 2016]. “I’m asked all the time if there could be a Bernie Sanders collaboration and my answer to that has always been yes. The Green Party has long sought to establish a collaboration with Bernie Sanders.”

Sanders doesn't have to pull punches. If he is NOT a sheepdog, he should do everything he can to WIN the democratic nomination. That means making a forceful case that she is unelectable so as to beat Hillary in her home state of New York.

Its not just "bad judgement", Hillary is:

> owned by special interests;

> a power-hungry, crony-establishment darling (DNC/Media bias);

> a neocon warmonger;

> an unprincipled political triangulator that flip-flops on issues;

> a dissembling, arrogant elitist like Obama;

> facing the possibility of criminal charges (e-mails).

If he is not successful in NY, he could then work with the Greens to take his campaign to the General Election, to build a Movement, to build a Party.

That would be wonderful to see but I doubt that Sanders will do it. I think he values the Party and his powerful friends in the Party above principle. Hillary will say: Sanders failed because Americans don't WANT socialism or "radical left" policies. She has already started down that path: knocking Sanders supporters as young idealists; questioning the viability of Sanders agenda; knocking Sanders himself as "not a Democrat".

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 12, 2016 11:10:10 AM | 79

polaris 73
*helps youse come up 2 speed*

read my previous posts.

*Headline 3: Washington eager to have Beijing share load in Mideast affairs - interview with Michelle Dunne. - Global Times.*

u still havent provided the source and..
im not sure what'r u getting at ?

Posted by: denk | Apr 12, 2016 11:17:57 AM | 80

guess who says this in hiroshima...?
*Everyone in the world should see and feel the power of this memorial,”
“It is a stark, harsh, compelling reminder not only of our obligation to end the threat of nuclear weapons, but to rededicate all our effort to avoid war itself. War must be the last resort – never the first choice. This memorial compels us all to redouble our efforts to change the world, to find peace and build the future so yearned for by citizens everywhere.* [1]


Posted by: denk | Apr 12, 2016 11:22:07 AM | 81

@69 jackrabbit

it was one of the more interesting paragraphs in the article... i don't agree with all of it, or i wouldn't describe it the way that he does however, but i did find it worth sharing for the juxtaposition of isis and there approach towards women, verses what syria had beforehand.. that maybe 5% of syrians support isis does make sense.. not everyone wants to move back to the dark ages - saudi arabia excepted of course..

not sure where turkey is going in all of it, but i was reading up on some of the history of erdogan which i found insightful.. ever heard of Millî Görüş? the person who founded the movement is Necmettin Erbakan . ... it seems to have had significant influence over erdogan to the degree that the idea of secularism is being thrown overboard - along with everything else that erdogan has managed to destroy..

Posted by: james | Apr 12, 2016 12:03:05 PM | 82

@79 ..And she's winning. The fact that Sanders will VOTE for Hillary if he loses means that he's not willing to go all the way.

Posted by: aaaa | Apr 12, 2016 12:17:07 PM | 83

@80: source is Global Times interview? Did you read.
The headline of this article contrasts, interestingly, with another which states that China's neutral position in West Asia likely gives it an advantage in the post-Syrian debacle.
As for Najib, you need a better grip of Malaysian intra-party and communal politics.
He's unlikely to leave soon - and even in the post Najib era, the commercial and political links with China won't be undone.

Posted by: Polaris | Apr 12, 2016 12:31:06 PM | 84

james @82:

Seems to be a subtle form of 'clash of civilizations' hype.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 12, 2016 1:11:30 PM | 85

Think the "Green" Party will be so great once they "integrate" into the Matrix? Check out:

Quote << "Gormley took over as the new Green Party leader after the election and as the minister for environment, heritage and local government minister in the coalition government. Eamon Ryan, the current leader, became the minister for energy and communications. They respectively sold out the campaigns to save the historic Hill of Tara from a motorway bypass and the farmers and fishermen in County Mayo fighting oil giant Shell in the ‘Shell to Sea’ campaign. They also acquiesced to the blasphemy law, leaving Ireland as the only country in Europe with such legislation.

"As the more radical members departed and the electorate became more disillusioned, the party was sucked further and further into the maw of the coalition. It ended up supporting the bailout measures for the corrupt Irish banks and signing up to the highest per capita debt payback terms in Europe. Unsurprisingly the election of 2011 left the party with no seats. It is now struggling to return to its pre-2007 levels of support and still has a long way to go." >> Unquote Red Pepper Magazine

Quote << "The Czech Greens entered a similar Faustian pact with a right-wing party from 2007 to 2009. The fatal fault line in the Czech Republic was not the economy, nor the environment, where the party remained relatively true to its principles, but militarisation and the construction of ‘Star Wars’ missile bases by the US aimed at Russia.

"Underlying all this was the fact that the party had been effectively taken over by a right-wing businessman, Martin Bursík, who overawed the membership with promises of funding and improvements in electoral methods. He delivered and the Greens entered government. At the European Green Party conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2008 he argued that the Greens’ natural allies were on the right and that connections with the peace movement were part of the historical baggage that needed to be jettisoned." >> Unquote Red Pepper Magazine

Also, the U.S. Repubs have gone full Soviet:

The Colorado GOP Executive Committee has canceled its state primary election, which was said to be "held" on April 8, 2016, and has simply handed all of its delegates over to Ted Cruz without any popular vote at all.

Gotta love those great parties!

Posted by: blues | Apr 12, 2016 1:12:22 PM | 86

blues @86

Breaking the duopoly is not a silver bullet. But it seems to be a step in the right direction.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 12, 2016 1:35:23 PM | 87

@85 jackrabbit.. that is true and i don't buy that for one minute... however, this is the angle that is being exploited by the war machine and msm.. this is typically a sign reality is completely opposite.. the verdict is still out on Thierry Meyssan.. maybe it comes across different in his first language french.. either that, or he is unwilling to acknowledge some things that seem obvious to me.. hard to know..

Posted by: james | Apr 12, 2016 2:47:52 PM | 88

Pushing for Regime Change in Belgium?
Ha'aretz imm'y says Belgian intelligence knew in advance when & where attacks wd be.
"Erdogan said that one of the attackers involved in the airport bombing, Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, had been twice deported from Turkey to the Netherlands after trying to enter Syria, and that Belgian authorities had been told of his affiliation with Islamist militias." YEAH, SURE.

Why? Did Belgium recently refuse to go along w some decision? Maybe to nix separatism? Present govt since 2014 is separatist; wants to separate Flemish-speaking from French-speaking Walloons. France, surprisingly, doesn't want to annex Walloon territory, wants Belgium to stay together.

Add'l motive for Turkey to attack Brussels govt: Repeatedly ignored Turkey's requests for extradition of terror suspects.

PS: Brussels attacks appeared phoney. There was a drill few weeks before.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 12, 2016 6:10:33 PM | 89

jgl @ 74, Catch & release! Clever. I read about it years ago in Afghanistan. US had an agreement to turn their prisoners over to the Afghan-leader/US-puppet. US soldiers would see the same detainees walking down the streets of Kabul few days later. They complained. Complained too about having to deliver fertilizer to the poppy fields. US oligarchs seldom let their forces leave: Still occupying Germany and Japan 70 years after WWII. Oh, I forgot, they are "allies", not much choice.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 12, 2016 6:15:56 PM | 90

jr, 77, 79 -

So I would suppose that would make you a Green Tea Party supporter of Mr. Trump. Have you not defended The Donald as, if I may paraphrase, "not quite as dangerous as the MSM portrays," someone to lauded for blowing up the status quo?

Sadly, there are no realistic short-term alternatives. As I keep arguing, the socialist left needs to play the long game and focus on building up experienced cadre.

So, in some unspecified way the Greens are to make a difference? Again, exactly how? By allowing the Rethuglicans to gain control over all three branches of government? Do you think they'll get Cabinet positions under Mr. Trump? Or perhaps he or Mr. Cruz will out of gratitude suddenly agree with global warming? Or perhaps they can hold their breath until Citizens United is overturned?

Where will the down-ballot officeholders come from, should Sanders elect to go Green? With them not on all ballots, and Electoral College votes awarded on a winner-take-all basis, how could they win? Even if they win, how do they govern without support in Congress and state houses?

blues at 86 --

Nice info on the Greens. New Age capitalists are still capitalists.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 12, 2016 6:43:01 PM | 91


Despite your lessons in realpolitik, you seem to think that Hillary/DNC will gracefully acknowledge the 'new realities' presented by Sanders supporters and alter their policy positions accordingly.

No. They will only respond to pressure. From whence do you imagine that pressure will come? Sanders has already said that he will support Hillary and he has failed to organize a Movement. As you may recall, Obama also claimed support from the astroturf "Movement" he led in 2008 but that was dismantled soon after he took office.

Furthermore, Hillary has been critical of Sanders and Sanders supporters, and if she is anything like Obama (she is) then she will marginalize them after she is elected with formulations like: "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good".

A Green Party, as the leader/voice of a Movement that is augmented by Sanders supporters, that effectively has a 'veto' over Democratic Party success would give the progressives influence that they haven't had for over a generation.

P.S. I find your concern for workers to be unconvincing. Workers have been shafted by BOTH right-of-Center Democrats and Republicans for 30 years. I believe its much more likely that your support for Hillary stems from your Zionism. It is no secret that neocon support for Hillary is very strong.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 12, 2016 9:00:28 PM | 92

Polaris 84

*@80: source is Global Times interview? Did you read.*

i wasted some time searching for that article but turns up naught.

for comment etique 101 you should
1] provide links to sources articles and
2] highlight relevant paras here, not just the headlines !

refer to b's posts !

as for najib, i dont claim expertise on malaysian politics.
i do have something to offer on murkka's systematic take down of china's friends including malaysia .

Posted by: denk | Apr 12, 2016 11:20:09 PM | 93

cia training manual

exhibit nepal.
how to liquidate a chicom lover.

*On June 1st, 2001, King Birendra, his wife and all his children, were assassinated.*

His younger brother, Gyanendra, succeeded his throne.
turned out that he'd be nepal's last emperor, ousted by , get this....cia/raw sponsored maoists in 2008 !

*Today, the news media is reporting that Nepali “Maoists” brutally murdered 160 policemen, beheading some in the process. Like with Chavez in Venezuela, one must peer beyond this CIA-inspired corporate media disinformation. The fact remains that Chavez and his supporters are Venezuelan nationalists opposed to American bullyism. Similarly, the so-called Maoists of Nepal, while mostly leftists, are first and
foremost, Nepali nationalists who are attempting to prevent Gyanendra from turning Nepal into another state of India, much like what happened to neighboring Sikkim in 1975. Gyanendra, being part of the Bush Family’s New World Order, is part and parcel of the U.S. plan to throw a cordon sanitaire of pro-U.S. states around China.*

who'd have guessed that these nepalese maoists were sheltered and trained in india !! [1]

*According to unblemished sources in Kathmandu, the king and his family were quickly dispatched by a Nepali army commando unit trained at the time by U.S. Special Operations forces sent by U.S. Pacific Commander in Chief Adm. Dennis Blair (he’s the same guy who propped up Gen. Wiranto with special training while the good general was committing genocide in East Timor). What was to become the Pentagon’s Office of Strategic Influence (PSYOPs division) prepared a story, with the assistance of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) intelligence agency, that the King and his family were murdered as a result of the Crown Prince going nuts with automatic weapons after being forlorn over his mother’s refusal to allow him to marry a commoner.*

pacom spells TROUBLE for china.
its cic is murkka's point man in asia, wherever he goes, mayhem follows.
besides the palace massacre and east timor genocide, blair was also complicit in the flight of the boy lama from china, the hainan spy plane fracas in 2001,which cost a chinese pilot's life.

the current pacom cic harry harris is spearheading an armada to provoke the chinese in scs.

In 2002, the then terrorist declared Maoist [2] leaders' from Nepal who were residing in New Delhi had reached an agreement (almost a Treaty) with the Indian government led by BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2002.

The agreement had it that the so-called people’s war would in no way be detrimental to the Indian interests in Nepal and in turn India will support the rebel Maoists to grab power in Nepal.

*terrorist declared Maoist* needs some clarification, it alludes to the fact that delhi declared nepalese maoists as *terrorists*
BEFORE the nepalese did, yet it's the benefactor of said terrorists. !

Posted by: denk | Apr 12, 2016 11:28:32 PM | 94

Back with the diversionary personal attacks instead of the issues, I see.

I don't get it. What Sanders can't get on his own, he's supposed to get from the Greens? You run him down as weak, but want him as the Green candidate?

Of course, the ruling class only gives into demands, not polite requests. At this point, are they more effective coming from within or without the party?

Ah yes, the johnny-come-lately to the left, washed up there because everyone else has moved right, now affects to judge whose commitment to the working class is on the up and up. Nothing like the zeal of the newly converted.

First, I am a worker, and a member of AFT in good standing. My stepfather was president of his UAW local. Second, and more to the point, I have about 30 years of experience in socialist politics. I've walked picket lines, done clinic defense, stood up against the First Gulf War, worked in Central American solidarity. You never did answer my question -- what actual political experience do you actually have?

Isn't it anti-worker to casually condemn the masses to four more of Rethuglican brutality, so that a few self-anointed arbiters of "pwogwessive" politics can get a warm, fuzzy, morally superior feeling? You know, the kind or patronizing arrogance that turns off so many to left. Or you would, were you actually active on the left.

I've said for many years there are notable differences between the two parties. Both will fuck ya. But the Dems will be a little more generous with the lube, and some may even feel genuinely sorry. And that's why organized labor supports the Democrats, and not the Republicans.

You still have not explained exactly how this veto by an outside party will occur. Will the Greens be electing masses of Congresscritters? Nah, won't work, the place is too corrupt. Or perhaps Mrs. Clinton will appoint Stein and Nader to the Cabinet? Oh wait, you've already blown that of as ineffective. Or perhaps they'll crib some legislation from the Greens? Not likely to survive mark-up in the corrupt Congress.

Posted by: rufus magister | Apr 12, 2016 11:33:36 PM | 95


diversionary personal attacks

It's not a diversionary personal attack if it's relevant. Certain people will never leave the Democratic Party fold because they fear that they or the group they identify with might be denied important rights/privileges. Examples: gays, minorities, poor, etc. The DNC plays upon these fears. In this election season, zionists/neocons are fully behind Hillary and you have proven to have a Zionist outlook.

First, I am a worker ...

And I am Christ. Who cares? We are both anonymous commentators. The logic of your position means everything.

I still believe that your position makes no sense. I doubt very much that there are many socialists - as you call yourself - that support Hillary (unless they have an ulterior motive).

You still have not explained ...

People that want to change things for the better get this kind of push-back all the time. As though one can't complain unless one has ALL the answers.

The only guarantee of more human-centered policy is an engaged public. A MOVEMENT. That's how Sanders could help (if he wanted to be more than a sheepdog). The Greens are not perfect but they are the political party whose values and policy positions are closest to Sanders and Sanders supporters.

We've had Republican Administrations in the past. Somehow we survived. The more that people allow themselves to be marginalized and taken advantage of by an unjust system and the candidates it produces, the more that we will all be ground down for their benefit.

Even if Congress is not friendly to a President, the President has the bully pulpit. And the President has great powers in foreign affairs - powers which the neocons covet. That's why many fear that voting for Hillary is voting for more wars.

War, bubble finance, fraud, trade deals - how much have these things cost workers? Economists now talk of 'secular stagnation'. Essentially, people don't have money to buy stuff so the economy is stagnating. All the economic gains have gone to the wealthy. And the Democrats are complicit in that.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 13, 2016 12:39:31 AM | 96

Death of Black Activist in US Jail Prompts Calls for Action

The committee conducted research into the jail largely due to [Sandra] Bland's death in May 2015. The African-American woman was found with a trash bag around her head three days after being taken to the Texas jail. Officials pronounced it a suicide.

Death of Sandra Bland

Discovery by jailer

Police stated that at 6:30 a.m. on July 13, Bland refused breakfast, and a half hour later told a jailer "I'm fine."[2] According to Captain Brian Cantrell, about an hour after stating that she was fine, Bland asked via intercom how to make a phone call. Cantrell stated that Bland was informed she could use the phone in her cell with a PIN, but stated there was no record Bland made any call.[21][29] Police stated that at 9:00 a.m., Bland was found "in a semi-standing position" hanging in her cell.[2][21]

The next day, shortly after noon, police issued a statement that Bland had been found dead in her cell, and that they believed she had hanged herself. On July 20, one week after Bland's death, authorities released video from a motion-activated camera in the hallway outside Bland's cell.[29] The video has no recording from 7:34 to 9:07 a.m., but shows Bland's discovery by a jailer after that time.[21]
Harris County autopsy

An autopsy conducted by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Science concluded that Bland died through asphyxiation, and classified her death as a suicide.[21] Police stated that Bland had used a plastic garbage bag to hang herself.[2] The autopsy report showed Bland had multiple abrasions on the right side of her back, slight abrasions on her wrists,[30] and 25 to 30 healing, parallel cuts on her left forearm that predated her arrest.[31][32][33]

[2] Park, Haeyoun (July 20, 2015). "The Disputed Accounts of the Arrest and Death of Sandra Bland". *The New York Times*. Retrieved July 25, 2015.
[21] Hennessy-Fiske, Molly (July 21, 2015). "Texas town at center of storm over young black woman's death in jail cell". *Los Angeles Times*. Retrieved July 21, 2015.
[29] "Texas authorities release jailhouse video amid controversy over woman's death". Fox News. *Associated Press*. July 21, 2015. Retrieved July 21, 2015.
[30] "The Death of Sandra Bland: Questions and Answers". *The New York Times*. Retrieved July 23, 2015.
[31] Harris County Medical Examiner (July 14, 2015). "Autopsy Report on the Body of Sandra Annette Bland" (PDF). *ABC News*. Retrieved July 25, 2015.
[32] Rogers, Katie (July 24, 2015). "Sandra Bland's Autopsy Details How She Died". *The New York Times*. Retrieved July 25, 2015.
[33] Botelho, Greg (July 23, 2015). "Officials detail Sandra Bland autopsy findings". *CNN*. Retrieved July 23, 2015.

What happened to Sandra Bland in cell 95? Debate continues with video release

A chronology Waller County Sheriff's investigators released with the video says it starts at time stamp 6:03 a.m., but it is actually nine minutes, 26 seconds fast. At the start, jail officers can be seen serving breakfast. (Bland refused a tray.)

About 6:51 a.m., an officer can be seen entering cell 95 for a security check.

At 7:17 a.m., a different male officer can be seen peering into the rectangular window of cell 95, according to the chronology, “checking on Ms. Bland.”

About 30 seconds later, another officer stops at cell 95 and appears to be talking to Bland for several seconds.

There's then a gap in the footage — from 7:18 to 7:24 a.m. [sic]

Waller County Dist. Atty. Elton Mathis noted that the video is motion-activated, so, “There's going to be some gaps.”

“At this point, we don't believe there was any editing. These have not been analyzed by the FBI yet,” Mathis said at a Monday news briefing with sheriff's investigators.

From 7:34 [sic] to 9:07 a.m., the video shows no movement in or out of cell 95.

Then, about 9:07 a.m., a female officer can be seen checking the window of cell 95 — and running for help. She returns with a male officer, and others soon join them, performing CPR.

At 9:13 a.m., paramedics can be seen entering the jail and then cell 95. By 9:16 a.m., a paramedic pronounces Bland dead, and they can be seen leaving a minute later.

Assessing the Legality of Sandra Bland’s Arrest

Rebecca Robertson, the legal and policy director for A.C.L.U. in Texas, said, “The initial stop should not have resulted in an arrest.” Trooper Encinia could have just handed Ms. Bland a ticket through the window and let her drive away, she said.

He didn't though. He threw her on the ground, abused her, and locked her up. Who knows who knotted the plastic bag and hung her, three days later, in cell 95 at the Waller County jail?

Nearly a year later, certainly no one in 'authority' cares to know, either.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 13, 2016 1:15:32 AM | 97

Piotr Berman @ 64,
If I read you right you think CO2 is a pollutant. You have consulted sources that seemed to you plausible and you have believed them. Unfortunately, TPTB have expended vast sums to create those sources. Discussion meant for the public is outrageous lies. The scientists that actually measure temp & sea level can cheat only a little because other scientists watch them.

Here is the temperature measurement from Britain's HADCRUT:

The Global graph shows warming from -.3C to +.6C over 175 years. Our mainstream expectation is warming of .75-.85 per century until we achieve the warmth of the Medieval Warm Period or have another Ice Age. You may be able to distinguish the last oscillation of 30 years of warming (approx 1914-1944), then cooling 1945-1975, then warming 1976- 1998 and retaining that warmth. This graph shows the little cheat of a continued warming, but even with this inaccuracy the rate of warming is well within mainstream expectation. In most graphs the El Ninos are prominent, but not in this one. There is no need to resort to CO2 to explain the warming. It is a normal continuation of the past.

Here's one from NOAA:
Notice that the slope of the line from 1960 to 2000 is roughly comparable to the one from 1905-1940. I think this again indicates that although there was less use of fossil fuels from 1905-1940 the rate of warming is about the same.

I don't think of El Ninos as a way to release excess heat, which I think is what you are saying? I think basic physical forces cause the mixing of diverging densities, temperatures, pressures, salinities. Anyway that's as close as I've ever come to understanding the factors underlying weather.

EL NINOS. Records of El Nino predate any substantial use of fossil fuels, so they're not linked to any purported CO2-induced warming. However activists who are documented as being in the pay of the billionaires' foundations are paid to keep the warming-earth scare stories in the corporate press, so anything and everything is blamed on CO2. El Ninos are caused by a shift in the trade winds with an accompanying change in ocean circulation, as you know, and cause a temperature rise at the surface. This is weather, not climate.

I don't know why you describe the US warm winter from Dec 2015 through February 2016 as a disaster. In fact it still seems to be continuing this week in the Northeast, the Midwest and the Southeast. They've all had snow & freezing temperatures in April. Today there is a frost warning for Illinois, and I think all the way to the Carolinas they've lost some of the berry and fruit crops. NH is breaking records for cold. From April 5 to 11 there was snowfall and blizzards in the Urals, the far East, Siberia. It affected at least 6 territories & 4 oblasts. Today Toronto has a record low of -9 C. Southern & Northeastern Ontario had record cold last week. On April 5 Environment Canada reported record lows in 9 cities & expected the cold to continue through mid-April. Quebec & Atlantic Canada also had unseasonable cold. In March Moscow had its heaviest snowfall in 50 years, then another snowstorm in April. I think they all would've preferred warmth. But all of this is just weather, not climate. The weather is always breaking records; that's what it does. What seems a bit unusual to me is that all this occurred while we are still having El Nino.

ARCTIC WARMTH. Several causes: 1. El Nino. 2. The Gakkel Ridge, a 1,000 mile diverging fault between tectonic plates. Intermittently along its length are volcanoes, steam vents, hot water geysers, etc. On October 11, 2014 a hole was actually melted through the main ice sheet by low salinity warm water. I think the ridge is about 4 km down, so the water would have travelled that far and still have been warm enough to melt ice. Volcanic emissions are around 1300 degrees I think. I guess some degree of warming of the seawater in which the ice floats must be occurring. It may be that the air is being warmed to a greater extent by the sea than is usual even in El Nino conditions. Here's a bit about the Ridge if you're interested.
3. In the North Pacific, off the coast of Oregon or CA "stationary" masses of water occasionally form. They may be 2-2.7 degrees warmer than the surrounding ocean, and may form about every 5 years. They also form elsewhere, including in the Atlantic. They aren't well-understood. A large and very persistent one "the blob" formed off the coast of Oregon in 2013. If it finally dissipated it wasn't until 2016. This had an effect on atmospheric circulation, was said to worsen the CA drought, etc. Interesting new paper links it to volcanism (another tectonic ridge)

4. Arctic ice is 7% below the mean. Both "the mean" and "lowest records" refer only to the satellite record. Climate oscillates 30 years warm/ 30 cool, etc. Our land-based records confirm this. It was actually warmer in the 30s than it was at the height of the present warming in 1998. While surely the Arctic sea ice must have partially melted then too, we don't have satellite photos of the ice from the 30s.

I will find for you the link where James Hansen and the link where NASA says that the 30s were warmer. Meanwhile here is a link to newsclippings of Arctic explorers who are horrified at the melting of the Arctic long ago. The first few are typed, then you get to the clippings which keep regressing in time. The prior warm period was from about 1914-1944, but of course the ocean holds the heat longer. Also, as we only came out of the Little Ice Age about 1850 it has always been warming since. Mainstream climatology has always expected it to continue warming at about .75-.85C per century until we achieve the temperature of the Medieval Warm Period or have another Ice Age. Of course temperature rise isn't consistent because it's affected by the 30 year temperature oscillation and major cooling events like the LIA and El Ninos and La Ninas.

I've written too much, sorry. I never get to "talk" to anyone about this stuff.

Will address your other points in a later post. Regards.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 13, 2016 1:35:33 AM | 98

Rufie @95

All that frantic "activism" and you achieved abso-fucking-loutely nothing over the years.

Well done!!

Give yourself a nice little narcissistic round of applause.

Someone that achieved nothing politically after years of "activism" lecturing someone else , from a "moral highground" pov (lol, as if), for their inactivity! Oh the layers of irony

This is the sort of Priceless idiocy that only a pompous pseudo-intellectual narcissist could conjure up.

Posted by: activist | Apr 13, 2016 5:35:20 AM | 99

|Posted on another thread (See: 'Selective leaks …' post) as well:

For your consideration:

""Political debate, a crucial element of any democracy, is becoming ever more poisoned. Social media has helped to democratise the political discourse, forcing journalists – who would otherwise simply dispense their alleged wisdom from on high – to face scrutiny. Some take it badly. They are used to being slapped affectionately on the back by fellow inhabitants of the media bubble for their latest eloquent defence of the status quo. To have their groupthink challenged by the great unwashed is an irritation.""

Since when does any commentator here OWE Funny Fart (exhibit above) an explanation? Is this troll so inept as to be incapable of reading? and the critical thinking to respond without creating self-serving straw-men? This is typical of the techniques used at Ruff's favourite Bordello to silence dissenting positions - it is here now and the site will suffer for hosting such behaviour. At no point has Funny Fart produced a coherent contribution to the proceedings, rather attacks participants whose contributions make up the motley genius often found in the commentariat. Freedom of speech does not include falsely yelling fire in a crowded theatre, neither does it include that what Funny Fart excretes.

Funny Fart = funny people

Posted by: Formerly T-Bear | Apr 13, 2016 8:37:57 AM | 100

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