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April 01, 2016

Open Thread 2016-13

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Here you may stay STRICTLY off topic.

Posted by: b | Apr 1 2016 18:13 utc | 1

Bernie Sanders new video has a powerful message about morality and justice,

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 1 2016 18:17 utc | 2

Remember Cindy Sheehan first came to headline when her son Casey Sheehan killed in illegal Iraq war? I have cruelly trims to brevity, full text website TeleSur.

Cindy Sheehan: Coke or Pepsi? The Choice Between Pro-War Candidates

The cola company Pepsi had a decades-long marketing tool called “The Pepsi Challenge”... the two products are essentially the same, with some minute differences.... and I don’t choose a Democrat or Republican when I vote for the same reasons.

This is the same with U.S. presidential electoral politics. When we look at the two choices between the Democratic and Republican candidate..... It’s natural to think “Coke or Pepsi... the establishment (the war machine, Wall Street, bankers, CEOs of major corporations), never loses.

....For sure, Donald Trump has said some horrific things out on the campaign trail especially about immigration. Democrat partisans have hypocritically gone to stop Trump rallies never mentioning that Obama has deported more immigrant workers than any president before him (Huffington Post 2013 estimated over 2 millions); breaking up families and holding young people in detention centers.

Trump really has never held an elective office..... his ultimate victory may be the beginning of the end of that party. I am all in favor of that, but Democratic partisans who are celebrating that fact should also be rooting for the end of their own party.

On the other hand, the ascendancy of the Sanders’ ....he does not represent a break from the established Democrat Party, but just a mild left-wing expression of it.

Contrary to the prevailing myth about Sanders, he has always caucused with the Democrats..... Two years earlier, Sanders had already joined every one of his colleagues (except Barbara Lee of Oakland) in voting to give Bush the War Criminal a virtual blank check in fighting his war of terror against the world...

....the rules are stacked in the favor of wealthy Democrats or Republicans. Even though I would never sell my soul and register as a warmongering, corporate Democrat, Sanders made a brilliant political decision in doing so. The campaign would not be raising this kind of money or attention if he had done the honorable thing to run as an independent, or third-party candidate.

Sanders’ campaign is not about challenging the establishment, but about supporting it. The candidate himself has already pledged support for whomever ultimately receives the nomination of the Democratic party and he has supported proven corporate candidates as Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama.

In conclusion, the U.S. is obviously not a democracy, but a corporatocracy and only grassroots social and political activism that stands firmly, confidently, courageously, and honestly outside of the system can defeat it. Trying to defeat the Empire from the inside is like trying to put out a forest fire by pouring gasoline on it.

Cindy Sheehan is a U.S. anti-war activist...... She ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2008. She is a vocal critic of President Barack Obama's foreign policy. Her memoir, "Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey Through Heartache to Activism," was published in 2006. Sheehan was also a vice presidential nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party in 2012.

This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address:

"". If you intend to use it, please cite the source and provide a link to the original article.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Apr 1 2016 18:45 utc | 3

Green Party Senate Candidate Removed From Debate Stage

After Maryland Green Party candidate Margaret Flowers was escorted off the debate stage at last night's forum just outside of Baltimore, she talked to the Real News about the two-party system's chokehold on democracy and her decision to protest it - March 30, 2016

Posted by: Jack Smith | Apr 1 2016 18:55 utc | 4

I read the above, carefully. My two cents is simply that Andrew Levine has an interesting article "The Clinton Myth and the Strange Case of Donald Trump" on Counterpunch today. Given that any third party is doomed by the owners of America, it is both very informative and quite depressing. Since many readers of 'Moon' tend to be pessimists, maybe all y'all will appreciate it.

Posted by: rg the lg | Apr 1 2016 19:00 utc | 5

Anybody who likes the song "Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan" as much as I do?

Apparently the sultan felt so insulted that he had the audacity to request the German ambassador to Turkey to have it censored in Germany

Posted by: Erdowie | Apr 1 2016 19:33 utc | 6

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 1, 2016 2:17:39 PM | 2

Bernie Sanders new video has a powerful message about morality and justice,

No offence intended b and karlof1.

Yes, I have heard many powerful speeches in the past, one of the most powerful ones from a proven liar and murder. It was in Kerry's Democratic party convention or coronation in 2004, an new unknown freshman’s senators from State of Illinois Barack Obama cause the present debacles we live today. The main sell pitch Change, change dreams from my can believe in . . .

Bernie Sanders will not be any different from Obomo... maybe worst, and I an't buying it. PERIOD!!

I challenge you or anyone, will Bernie is any different and will the killing stop in Palestine or in Syria, Ukraine, Libya,....? Yes, Black lives matter. Do Palestinian, Ukrainians, Afghani... lives matter too? Have you watch the 18-yr old Israeli’s soldier murdered a wounded Palestine in cold blood just a few days ago?

Soldier shoots, kills Palestinian attacker lying on the ground, Hebron Credit: B'Tselem

Thanks for reading :-)

Posted by: Jack Smith | Apr 1 2016 19:36 utc | 7

Around 1,000 from Middle East sought asylum in Germany in exchange for 'intelligence'

Posted by: Les | Apr 1 2016 19:56 utc | 8

Arthur Silber has a new piece on what the United States stands for.

read it and weep, or vote, or, whatever...

Posted by: john | Apr 1 2016 20:17 utc | 9

a minimalist handwritten chart by a teen about the US elections. :)

Posted by: Noirette | Apr 1 2016 20:20 utc | 10

Turkey key supplier of weapons to ISIL: Russian envoy to UN.
"The main supplier of arms and military equipment to ISIL militants is Turkey, which uses non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for this purpose. The National Intelligence Organization of Turkey is in charge of the operations. Transportation is carried out mainly via automobiles, including humanitarian aid convoys, Churkin wrote in a letter to the UN Security Council (UNSC)".

Posted by: harrylaw | Apr 1 2016 20:27 utc | 11

Sultan Erdogan Brought His Goons to Brookings Institution

Posted by: Oui | Apr 1 2016 20:33 utc | 12

@ Noirette 10


I would just complete the exercize as follows:

Beneath Trump, Cruz and Sanders: Three converging arrows to the question, "Will shit get fixed?," followed by an arrow to the answer, "Are you kidding!"

Beneath Clinton and Kasich, two converging arrows to the question, "Will shit stay the same?," followed by an arrow to the answer, "Doubt it, nothing does."

Posted by: Malooga | Apr 1 2016 20:43 utc | 13

'9/11 was a gift to the NSA ...'

Posted by: nmb | Apr 1 2016 21:11 utc | 14

So much focus on 'revolt' in Brazil. Why not on Argentina?

Posted by: Maracatu | Apr 1 2016 21:48 utc | 15

"In conclusion, the U.S. is obviously not a democracy, but a corporatocracy and only grassroots social and political activism that stands firmly, confidently, courageously, and honestly outside of the system can defeat it. Trying to defeat the Empire from the inside is like trying to put out a forest fire by pouring gasoline on it."

A democracy does not imply that an entity (city, country) is ruled according to people's interests but according to people's wishes. If the majority has a very high regard for clerics of a certain religion, democracy can lead to theocracy, and if the majority has a very high regard for corporations and plutocrats, democracy can lead to what we see. But is it still a democracy?

It depends. On one hand, "perfect" entities exist only as inspiring mental constructs, so we must allow some degree of imperfection when we talk about democracy. Perhaps the point of distinguishing a democracy from non-democracy is it having a practical mechanism for the people to change their mind and their rulers. From that point of view, Iran is a very, very tenuous democracy. If I grasped their system correctly, the people would have to elect theologian experts who do not show much of nonconformism but give faint yet correct hints of that, then those theologians can change the Supreme Leader and relax the mechanism of approving candidates for more "normal" elections, to the parliament/Majlis and other bodies. Somewhat more encouraging, the style of Iranian democracy is to refrain from persistent meddling in mundane affairs and to leave some genuine choice for the mundane elections.

USA seems closer to unbridled democracy, in a negative sense that was characteristic for feudal Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. There the system was in essence "one sabre one vote" (commoners had no right to carry sabre), and in the spirit of freedom, people could offer their votes for money or favors collected from powerful neighbors in the case of poor noblemen, and in the case of rich and powerful, collected from abroad. The right to bear arms was restricted to noblemen (of which there were plenty) and it was understood broadly: if you fancy a private army (with artillery) and you can afford it, go for it! Thus formally a sabre in the hand of a landless nobleman was worth the same as a sabre in the hand of a magnate with several private regiments, but the "poor" preferred to follow the rich. However, the rich often fought with each other. American rich are similarly followed by the poor, starting with the not-so-rich politicians who rely on rich patrons. At least, private armies and physical intimidation are prohibited, but there are practically no limits on money in political campaigns. That creates systemic difficulties for the non-rich to change their mind and opt for different policies.

With all that, the way to change the policies "working within the system" seems much more practical than "from outside". For example, Democrats are somewhat disadvantaged by "one dollar, one vote" without limits on spending, so it is reasonable to guess that would they win the next elections, the altered majority of SCOTUS would change the rules back. And there is a number of other key decisions that Democrats would make in favor of the non-rich.

I would say that "working within the system" already lead to spectacular changes, it is just that the system as it is now requires so many changes that the process has to take years. Obama as a "non-war" candidate replaced massive wars and brazen programs of torture with a small fraction of previous war effort and if the torture is still practiced the scale is sufficiently small to keep it secret. And a similar progress was achieved with the access to health care etc. And with that the discourse on those matters changed a lot.

Here we discuss issues like war and peace rather than labor rights or health care access. Lo and behold, a candidate who "loves Israel" but clearly despises the ruling right wing of Israel (with mutual feeling) and does not bother to address AIPAC (where he would be heckled) is actually a SERIOUS CANDIDATE! And the candidate who did not kiss the slipper of Sheldon Adelson is even more serious in the ranks of GOP! The favorites of the "war party" are sweating heavily.

The bonus of voting for Sanders and Trump is that ideas hitherto branded and dismissed as "fringe" enter the "mainstream". The "fringe" is like the wannabe Iranian politicians who were not approved by the experts reviewing political candidates: with luck, you can become prothonotary of Centre County (over here you can also vote for the Recorder of Deeds, but with the hint that he/she will record the deeds, I guess "Res Gestae Centranorum", but what will a prothonotary do? make notes of prothons?). But the "mainstream" is taken more seriously. Thus I have high hopes for the public discourse in the subsequent election cycles.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Apr 1 2016 22:02 utc | 16

How many votes in favour of getting Peter Lavelle to shut up and let his guests speak?

Posted by: chet380 | Apr 1 2016 22:59 utc | 17

Margot Kidder wrote one helluva piece on how Clinton usurped the Democratic Party in 33 States all but guaranteeing her the nomination via Superdelegates. This is a major 'connect the dot' piece that helps explain why the Democratic apparatus is so beholden to Clinton. It also explains the undying support of Superdelegates for Clinton...she's literally bought these 33 states entire Democratic apparatus. Don't believe me. Read Kidder's take -

And if that link doesn't work, try this one -

Am I a fan of Sanders, not necessarily. I'm a fan of transparency and Bernie was screwed long before he announced he would sacrifice all to run for Prez. There is honor in his decision making IMHO and that counts for a lot. Her's not so much.

Posted by: h | Apr 1 2016 23:11 utc | 18

@17 How about you shut up and go start your own TV show?

Posted by: dh | Apr 1 2016 23:12 utc | 19

Posted by: chet380 | Apr 1, 2016 6:59:25 PM | 17
Posted by: dh | Apr 1, 2016 7:12:29 PM | 19

How many votes in favour of getting Peter Lavelle to shut up and let his guests speak?

Never missed any Peter Lavelle show. Further, he said umpteen times this is my show and can do what I like (or something like it). He’s right, if you don't like him don't watch! He encourages his guests to jump in and interrupt anytime if they feel like it. He’s always fair giving each guest equal time to express their and his views. No matter how ridiculous it may be...

It's the same here, this blog belongs to Mr. b, if he decides me or anyone here no longer welcome, I will just go away.

I hate Thom Hartman and never watch his show, he’s an apologist for the Democratic party and always have a Black conservative Repug in his show.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Apr 2 2016 0:11 utc | 20

@Jack Smith

Too bad your cynicism doesn't generate electricity; you probably have enough to power New York.

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 2 2016 0:41 utc | 21

Here is a link to another situation I am passionate about. It happened in 2011 and could lead to our extinction but it is not discussed in polite the two comments.....

Who gets to make decisions about the responsibility of the next thousand generation of humans regarding our nuclear waste? That horse is already out of the barn and there is no discussion about it........yet

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 2 2016 0:56 utc | 22

Many of you folks have short memories. Please think back to the Obama that was vying for your vote in the first election and compare that hologram to the "real" Obama we have today. Night and Day.

The only thing you can say with certainty about the current crop of candidates is they all belong to that "big club" that you don't. Doesn't matter which one gets in office. The USS Deep State won't alter course by a single degree.

Posted by: Ageless Yankee | Apr 2 2016 1:14 utc | 23


Trump has some potential to upset the status quo. If he backs off the Yinon Plan. If he taxes offshore mfg or rewards the return of US mfg.

Maybe. Slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. He's the only viable candidate with any ideas about upsetting the system.

As a bonus, he is wrecking the R Party.

Posted by: fast freddy | Apr 2 2016 1:20 utc | 24

@10 Noirette

here's the link to the actual picture, I've fallen on bitly's sword for us all.

@14 nmb

skipped your bitly link ... sounds like old news, not worth surrendering more personal data points to retrieve

@17 chet, @19 dh, @20

I voted with my feet, chet; dh, you sound just like Lavelle himself; TV is TV when all is said and done, Jack. Turn it all off.

Here's a link entitled Pictures reveal the extensive damage caused by Saudi airstrikes in Yemen. And there are a few of those there

Pictures taken by ITV News show what life is like for Yemen's civilians who have been living through a civil war for more than two years.

No. The pictures show the death, devastation, and destruction brought about by the US/Saudi/Gcc aggression against Yemen over the past two years. Just as the pictures of Syria show the death, devastation, and destruction wrought by the US/Turkey/Saudi & the Gccs there over the past five years.

Chinese Dams Blamed for Exacerbating Southeast Asian Drought

Fingers are mainly pointed at the El Nino climate phenomenon, which produces drier and hotter-than-usual weather globally. But environmentalists and some officials say the situation is worsened by the 10 dams on the Mekong's mainstream built over the past two decades, at least partly because they reduce rainy-season flooding and trap sediments, making the downstream delta more vulnerable to seawater intrusion.

The current El Nino is one of the strongest climate events in the past 60 years "that is not over yet," said Kundhavi Kadiresan, assistant director-general at the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization. It is the main factor in the drought, but "dams along the Mekong can and certainly do cause some problems," she said.

Yes, the Chinese dams on the Lancang/Mekong are a disaster and China:Mekong::Turkey:Euphrates::USA:Colorado river, and they and the Thais/Laos/Vietnamese/Cambodians have dammed, are damming, and plan to dam - and damn - lots of Mae Kong's tributary rivers and Mae Kong herself ... but it is no more 'the current El Nino' that is responsible for environmental death, devastation, and destruction in Southeast Asia and the world at large, rather it is global climate change and the fossil-fuelers behind the ferocious el nino and the rest of our climate's disruption. But you cannot print that in the corporate media anymore than you can identify bald US-led aggression for what it is.

You can print still print a few words here at moa, though ... in between the fossil-fuelers' walls of words to the contrary. The financiers. the fusiliers, and the fossil-fuelers ... the three heads of Cerberus barking and growling, welcoming us at the gates of hell.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 1:31 utc | 25

@24 ff

I think you are projecting your hopes onto the underspecified candidacy of Donald Trump. Write-in someone you'd really want to be president. I mean, you don't really want Donald Trump to be POTUS, or do you?

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 1:35 utc | 26

@22 psycho

Another chance to use the occasion of a disaster to change course booted. The thing to have done was to have announced a UN-sponsored world clean-up effort at Fukushima and a simultaneous UN-sponsored world r&d project on photosynthetic hydrogen in its wake, as Vladimir Putin proposed at the UN last year. But anything like that - any action to actually change the status quo - depends on our actually seizing power.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 1:44 utc | 27

Posted by: karlof1 | Apr 1, 2016 8:41:16 PM | 21

A minute ago while typing this post, a Democratic party's foot-soldier knocks at my door. A black kid convinced me to vote for Killary in my neighborhood. I told him off! He flip his clipboard over, Thump ugly face with marked red cross. “Is that the guy you will be voting?” Yes, loud and clear, I don't trust him better than the lying warmonger Democratic party.

I see you love powerful speeches, have you watch Obomo speeches? Confidently With his head held high. You know he is lying. The Black trust him and voted twice more than 80%. They too will votes for Killary. She is the wife of the former first “Black President" so to speak.

Whether you like it or not we are in the same boat, the different, you believe in Bernie and I don't. Never again believe in any politicians - Bernie, Thump or Killary especially the Democratic party. :-)

Posted by: Jack Smith | Apr 2 2016 1:59 utc | 28

@25 "dh, you sound just like Lavelle himself" think? Lavelle maybe runs off at the mouth too much but I think he does a good job exposing the lies we have to deal with. Maybe chet can do better.

Posted by: dh | Apr 2 2016 2:00 utc | 29

@24 FF

RE: Mr Trumps potential to upset the status quo. Please google the following date:

November 22, 1963

That's what happens to politicians who upset the status quo.

Posted by: Ageless Yankee | Apr 2 2016 2:03 utc | 30

Posted by: Ageless Yankee | Apr 1, 2016 9:14:14 PM | 23

"Many of you folks have short memories. Please think back to the Obama that was vying for your vote in the first election and compare that hologram to the "real" Obama we have today. Night and Day......

Well said! I still remember. Many have forgotten and still believe in powerful speeches.

When will they learn?

Posted by: Jack Smith | Apr 2 2016 2:06 utc | 31

Hillary claimed Bernie was lying:
Clinton lashes out: 'I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying'
And the media gives that coverage yet nearly all the media allowed her to get away with lying about Bernie:
(and meanwhile Bernie's campaign DIDN'T lie about her )

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Apr 2 2016 2:19 utc | 32

@29 dh

Yeah, but he uses his 'guests' as props. I identify with his guests, not with him. Not with his preselected message and his orchestration of its presentation. And that's the trouble with 'TV' ... its all about 'personalities'. Dictatorial personalities, in his case.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 2:22 utc | 33

@32 tm

Jim Naureckas at FAIR's got that covered, in the course of skewering someone at NPR named Peter Overby for pushing Clinton's line.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 2:29 utc | 34

@33 Yeah but his guests know the score. He's a long way from being a fascist IMO. I think it has a lot to do with trying to say a lot in a short time.

Posted by: dh | Apr 2 2016 2:29 utc | 35

@28 js

It's becoming clear that you enjoy beating the rest of us over the head as much - or more - than delivering your one-note message. If you were really intent on delivering that message you'd avoid that sort of alienating behavior. But you don't. You seem to relish it. I have to conclude that it's the beatings you actually savor. You're becoming Yet Another Scroll By Anti-feature as far as I'm concerned. Maybe others as well.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 2:36 utc | 36

A note on a visual effect in Erdowo etc. Erdogan did not put a blond wig on his head to participate in a Gay Pride parade, this is actually a national head dress of Turkmen from Central Asia. I was investigating "Attack of the Pink Brigade". A civil defense unit composed of students of Beijing universities participated in the parade on 60-th Anniversary of Chinese Revolution, and they were the high point. In particular, one battalion had pink uniforms with white accessories (the blue and green battalions were in mini skirts as well) that included high white boots (a message to the enemies of the Revolution: one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you). Less well known is the pink accent on a similar parade in Tehran featuring ethnic battalions. Rather than goose steps, Iranians prefer movements that look pretty much like a dance, and they sing! On top of that, Turkmen were in pink garbs looking pretty much like dresses, and the sheep hair on their hats were enormously long and platinum blond.

In general, Tehran parade was a feast for the eyes. A Beach Boys battalion (all in dark glasses). Chubaka battalion (special forces?). Girls in glasses (and chadors). Unfortunatly, the videos on YouTube are very grainy.

Posted by: Piotr Berman | Apr 2 2016 2:50 utc | 37

Arizona Voters Are Furious About Their Election Mess

Full article:

Posted by: ben | Apr 2 2016 3:25 utc | 38

@10 Noirette

Fun with graphviz : Who should I vote for?

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 3:34 utc | 39

I will probably repost this for the next discussion. For now there may be a few who will benefit. That said:

Posted by: rg the lg | Apr 2 2016 3:48 utc | 40

I find it hard to trust Bernie because I question:

... whether he is building a movement (the only way for real change)
Chris Hedges: Bernie Sanders Phantom Movement

Seriously, what other person or group can you name that is closely associated with Sanders - who will carry the banner after this 74 year old man has retired/died? Endorsements don't make a movement and crowds at town halls are not marches.

Bernie's meekness has allowed Hillary to say that SHE fights for the middle-class ("a progressive who gets things done")!!

> ... why he is soft on Hillary/Obama/Democratic Party?;

at 74, what does he have to lose? Is he really looking forward to Clinton holiday parties in the last years of his life?

> ... why he is soft on the media;

Corporate MSM gets a massive infusion of money during Presidential elections - they are a part of the problem.

Sanders supporters protest Trump, yet ignore MSM's bias for Hillary? Yeah, the Sanders campaign argues somewhat for MSM to forget the Super-delegates, but they are promptly ignored. Sanders supporters simply pout and whine about MSM/DNC 'injustices' then head out to protest 'fascist' Trump. Huh?

Bernie's will make a seemingly heroic effort to bring his 'message' to the Convention, where it will do nothing more than 'influence' the Party platform - and provide Hillary with some sound bites to pay lip service to the left from time to time (much like Obama).

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 2 2016 4:05 utc | 41

cia training manual

how to depose a chicom lover.

case study -- indonesia 1965 [updated]

warning] xxx rated

a cia/mi6 joint op,
mi6 took care of the psyop, those perfidious albions were surely in their elements .

*The fourth means of support was propaganda operations. On 5 October a “political adviser” at the British intelligence base in Singapore reported to the Foreign Office in London that: “we should not miss the present opportunity to use the situation to our advantage… I recommend that we should have no hesitation in doing what we can surreptitiously to blacken the PKI in the eyes of the army and the people of Indonesia”. The Foreign Office replied: “We certainly do not exclude any unattributable propaganda or psywar [psychological warfare] activities which would contribute to weakening the PKI permanently.

We therefore agree with the [above] recommendation… Suitable propaganda themes might be…
Chinese interference in particular arms shipments; PKI subverting Indonesia as agents of foreign communists”.

cia planted the *evidence*,
sound familiar , passports found on 911 ground zero, in get away cars of isis [tm] terrarists rampaging thru] europe ?

*U.S. officials were particularly interested in linking the September 30th plotters to Beijing. They helped to spread stories about China’s alleged involvement and reported on caches of weapons purportedly “discovered” by the Indonesian army with the hammer and sickle conveniently stamped on them.

*ambassador* green
“We have bonanza chance to nail chicoms on disastrous events in Indonesia, a continuation [of] covert propaganda as one of the “best means of spreading [the] idea of chicom complicity,”
an allegation still being put forth by former U.S. officials forty years later.* [2]

a partnership made in hell, which turned indonesia into hell on earth for the following yr.
*the rivers were clogged with corps, some were washed up onto the front lawn of the brit embassy*
[the royal navy kindly offered their warships to ferried indonesia troops to the butcher ground.]

a conservative estimate put the death toll at least 3m, prolly one third were ethnic chinese who were framed by cia/mi6 as fifth columnists of china.

the 1965 caper was so barbaric it garnered three dubious distinctions,
as the mother of all genocides/psyops./regime change.
billed by insiders as one of cia's greatest hit, its still fondly reminisced by old timers when they gather around the water dispenser to this day.



Posted by: denk | Apr 2 2016 4:20 utc | 42

@jfl #36

jfl, If I have offended you, I'm sorry and I mean it. :-)

Do we have the right to disagree without felling offended? Unlike Bernie's supporters aggressively shut down Trump's rallies. I don't approve it neither will you - I hope? These MoveOn "thugs" (borrowed from Obomo in Black Lives matter starting in Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore are supporters backed by George Soros who also supports the Nazi in Ukraine.

Did I "enjoy beating the rest of us over the head as much - or more?” Lie or misinform anyone? These are facts, can be verified by Goggle. I could provide extensive websites and videos, but if you disagree nothing will ever change your mind, just as I will never vote for Bernie.

Both Jackrabbit, myself and many here don't trust Bernie, but he'll (Jackrabbit) vote or write-in independently for reasons he believes in and I sincerely respect his decision. I may write-in Jill Stein depend on the outcome CA primary in super Tuesday.

Posted by: Jack Smith | Apr 2 2016 4:32 utc | 43

Noirette @10, jfl @39

The voter logic is humorous but wrong. Its humorous because it actually mocks this campaign season.

What should be the #1 issue for the 2016 Presidential election is not talked about: Imperialism.

Much of our political corruption comes from imperialism (directly or indirectly). Imperialist nations have power centers that care little about domestic concerns except as a means to maintain power. And our money-based political system makes it easy for foreign interests to buy influence in Washington.

Whether Roman, British, or American, Imperialism always works the same. Imperialists advantage other countries at the expense of the citizenry so as to make stronger allies in the quest for MORE dominance, and ruthlessly deal with countries (and domestic opposition) that won't play along.

Our "imperial presidency" is the lynch pin for the exceptional! neocon imperialist establishment. But no individual, however well-meaning, is likely to be able to stand up to that establishment alone. He/she needs the support of, and strong ties to, a movement. And it STARTS with pointing a finger at the neocon imperialists and describing the many ways that they undermine democracy.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 2 2016 4:33 utc | 44

Posted by: Tom Murphy | Apr 1, 2016 10:19:21 PM | 32

We all know they lied. If Obomo wanted Bernie for the next president, he could immediately shut off Killary by releasing all Killary's private emails publicly and FBI investigations, especially where Ambassador Stevens killed in Benghazi and Saddam Hussein brutally murdered.

So you're back? Who are the bloggers here voting for Bernie? About 4 hrs ago I chased off a Black kid trying to sell Democratic party snake oil and me an't buying.

If Jill Stein or Trump’s foot-soldiers came to the door, I’ll invite them in for coffee..

Posted by: Jack Smith | Apr 2 2016 4:38 utc | 45

rg the lg@ 40: Thanks for the link: (the voting delusion). It mirrors my feelings.

Delusion or no, I'll vote, if for no other reason than therapy. This upcoming "election" will be seeded with more election fraud than the 2000 soft coup committed by SCOTUS.

Hey Jack @45: You're working hard boy. I admire that. Hope you vote too, the therapy feels good. If not that, hope you're getting paid enough:)

Posted by: ben | Apr 2 2016 5:38 utc | 46

@44 jr 'The voter logic is humorous but wrong.'

Boy you picked up on that right away! Do you think that Noirette didn't? What's depicted is the corporate media's stage set of the election. Of course it's missing everything of importance : the financiers, the fusiliers, and the fossil-fuelers.

It exists to obscure all issues of importance, to keep the choice down to distinctions without a difference and away from things that do matter.

Our mission, should we accept it, is to return the contest to one centered upon things which do matter. I have a plan, and I'm stickin' to it. I'm beginning to sound like js. Sorry js. I guess the thing to do is to avoid open threads for the next seven or eight months.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 6:33 utc | 47

Here is a link to a posting about the financial downgrade by S&P of China

If you don't believe this is manipulated by the private finance folks I don't know what to tell you. I think these credit rating moves bring us closer to China and others calling for new global financial rules (i.e. another Bretton Woods agreement)

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 2 2016 7:11 utc | 48


The 'rating' agencies had all the NY banks at the top of their ratings just before the collapse 8 years ago, didn't they? The whole Potemkin village of economics - how money works - has been exposed as a Rube Goldberg machine, a functional definition of a non-existent system that never was. The real 'economy' is run from the backrooms of the casinos, and operations like 'rating' agencies are just there to adjust 'indicators' that bear relation, not to the economic standing of any realworld entity, but to the state of 'play' among the various groups of convenience in the war of all against all for dominance, and the 'right' to define 'economics'.

Just as we must invest our energies in building an alternative to the present political world, countries like Russia, China, Iran, and all the rest need to invest their energies in building an alternative to the present financial world. Just as the political world is stacked against humans and other living beings, so too is the financial world stacked against the group of convenience sucking at the teats of the sow USA. We will never be considered political 'players' and they will never be considered 'economic' players. We and they are the 'enemies' in the war game of all against all. We need to build our own alternatives to these games we cannot - by definition - win.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 9:43 utc | 49


The 'rating' agencies had all the NY banks at the top of their ratings just before the collapse 8 years ago, didn't they? The whole Potemkin village of economics - how money works - has been exposed as a Rube Goldberg machine, a functional definition of a non-existent system that never was. The real 'economy' is run from the backrooms of the casinos, and operations like 'rating' agencies are just there to adjust 'indicators' that bear relation, not to the economic standing of any realworld entity, but to the state of 'play' among the various groups of convenience in the war of all against all for dominance, and the 'right' to define 'economics'.

Just as we must invest our energies in building an alternative to the present political world, countries like Russia, China, Iran, and all the rest need to invest their energies in building an alternative to the present financial world. Just as the political world is stacked against humans and other living beings, so too is the financial world, the group of convenience sucking at the teats of the sow USA, stacked against them. We will never be considered political 'players' and they will never be considered 'economic' players. We and they are the 'enemies' in the war game of all against all. We need to build our own alternatives to these games we cannot - by definition - win.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 11:26 utc | 50

Your silly vote “counts”? No, of course not.

Abolish the spoiler effect infested single-selection voting method. And the Soros funded “IRV”

(which is bullshit).

This is the only reasonable answer:

Old Times -- Good Times -- Teenage Love

Stop The Madness!

Without this, you have the choices the corporate parties provide.


Posted by: blues | Apr 2 2016 11:35 utc | 51

Thanks for the reminder of Indonesian slaughter in 1965 (all should watch The Art of Killing).
What is amazing about that is how, at that same time, the US was wasting life an treasure in an effort to destroy Vietnam - yet they managed to pull off destruction in Ind. mostly by having the locals do it. No wonder Langley views it such a success; didn't cost them hardly nothin' and yet it was so effective.
Twenty-five years later, leaving Jakarta by train, one could watch some of the most horrible slums in the whole world...

Posted by: GoraDiva | Apr 2 2016 11:57 utc | 52

Will Lebanon be ‘Handed Over’ to ISIS?

Right now, Lebanon has only two places where to ask for help, for protection: Teheran and Moscow. It should approach both of them, without any delay!

I certainly agree with that last sentence. Read the whole article and weep.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 12:07 utc | 53

After having rated Credit Default Swaps and Collateralized Debt Obligations as AAA, the fraudulent Moody's and S&P Credit Ratings Agencies were exposed as criminal enterprises, but that was ignored like the kilos of cocaine on McTurtle McConnell's cargo ship.

Moody'sa and S&P remain credible.

Ignored like the chemtrails in the sky and the impossibility of buildings free-falling in their own footprint. Ignored like the slaughter of millions of brown people across the earth. Like the moon rocks that came from Arizona.

Posted by: fast freddy | Apr 2 2016 12:46 utc | 54

jfl @47: Do you think that Noirette didn't?

Americans don't generally think of themselves as imperialists and don't see the dangers. A good part of the reason for that is the propaganda machine. So it is noteworthy how imperialism is treated by the campaigns. Politicians focus on "blow-back" (terr0r!sm) instead of fundamentals. But it is NOT blow-back to the neocon imperialists, is it? To them it is collateral damage - and very useful because it cements their control.

IMO Trump's criticism of NATO and his calling politicians "puppets" is the closest that we've come to getting the truth out. It is not surprising that the imperialist establishment wants to destroy him.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 2 2016 12:53 utc | 55

"Russia has a far more healthy economy than most of the West that is declaring her a failed state."
Why are Russia and China Buying Gold, Tons of it?

Posted by: virgile | Apr 2 2016 13:55 utc | 56

@42 @52

There is a two part series from 1999 by Mike Head at, based on reportage from the Sydney Morning Herald by Marian Wilkinson, on Suharto's/the CIA's/Marshall Green's massacre of a half million or more in Indonesia in 1965.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 14:02 utc | 57

@55 jr

Don't know about Trump, I think he has no coherent view of the world and no coherent program with regard to the world outside the US, and I think that things he's saying no have no relation to what his actions might be if elected potus. We know all a

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 14:06 utc | 58

@55 jr

Don't know about Trump, I think he has no coherent view of the world and no coherent program with regard to the world outside the US, and I think that things he's saying now have no relation to what his actions might be if elected potus. We know all about Hillary. There is a good article on Sander's imperialism at I've mentioned it before.

Highlighting Sanders imperialism is especially important because the left has been repeatedly duped by imperialist wars in recent years, to the point that imperialism is becoming increasingly ignored, and consequently strengthened.

Ultimately, the nationalist demands of the Sanders’ campaign cannot be achieved while simultaneously allowing international imperialism to thrive. Imperialism is a bogeyman that haunts social progress, re-appearing in countless forms to keep resources flowing endlessly into wars abroad that stunt domestic spending and distract from working class demands. A new military “crisis” will always strive to take priority over domestic considerations.

There is no mention of the wars or imperialism in US campaigns because all the candidates are in favor of both while the people everywhere are not. The corporate organ doesn't want people thinking - about anything - when it comes to politics, certainly not about what is as the basis of their wealth and power.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 14:18 utc | 59

@56 virgile

I saw that article, one comparative statistic : the US' debt is more than GDP, Russia's is less than a fifth of GDP, as I remember.

The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 2 2016 14:27 utc | 60

GoraDiva 52, jfl 57

guess whats these fuss all about ?

**the gleam of light broke through the clouds.

A Gleam of Light in Asia

there is now "hope where only two weeks ago there was despair


the most historic turning point of Asia in this decade

The West's best news for years in Asia

Vengeance with a Smile**

who 'd have thought that......
, this was the "west" celebration of the 1965 fukus engineered bloodpath in indon, probably the worst genocide of the century.

Time magazine celebrated "The West's best news for years in Asia" under the heading "Vengeance with a Smile,"
devoting 5 pages of text and 6 more of pictures to the "boiling bloodbath that almost unnoticed took 400,000 lives." The new army regime is "scrupulously constitutional," Time happily announced, "based on law not on mere power," in the words of its "quietly determined" leader Suharto with his "almost innocent face." The elimination of the 3 million-member PKI by its "only possible rival," the army, and the removal from power of the "genuine folk hero" Sukarno, may virtually be considered a triumph of democracy.**

lets hear it from the venerable nyt's james reston
"this is the most hopeful developments in Asia...............................
"the savage transformation of Indonesia from a pro-Chinese policy under Sukarno to a defiantly anti-Communist policy under General suharto":

**There was no condemnation of the slaughter on the floor of Congress, and no major US relief agency offered aid. The World Bank restored Indonesia to favor, soon making it the third largest borrower. Western governments and corporations followed along. **

Posted by: denk | Apr 2 2016 14:51 utc | 61


I'm afraid Americans simply have a choice between three weevils.

(In biology a weevil is "a type of beetle from the Curculionoidea superfamily" -- in US politics, a weevil is a type of 'we-evil' from the 1% Kleptocracy superfamily.)

The only essential distinction is: one is already a proven war criminal and likely on the run from the FBI before she gets into office. The other two just need some time in the oval office to catch up with her head-start record.

Posted by: x | Apr 2 2016 14:53 utc | 62

"the US' debt is more than GDP"

So, US net savings is greater than GDP. We have more savings than Russia and this is somehow a bad thing.

Posted by: paulmeli | Apr 2 2016 15:03 utc | 63

Piotr, 16. Strong criticisms of Belgian democracy after the Brussels attacks.

Belgium, as home of the EU PTB is an exemplary ‘democracy’ according to the kind of criteria commonly applied. B has proportional representation (contra first past the post Anglo style) and this has lead to a clientelist and entrenched-pols syndrome, because the country is split in two. > Thus power has to be shared between the two factions, and that power sharing leads to ‘deals’ and compromises, or the French ‘compromissions’ which means ‘being compromised in deals which…’, not to mention worse.

The people’s vote takes place, they vote for their ‘faction’ or ‘favorite’ but the Gvmt. can’t get things done - like security, or integrating immigrants, reforming security services, etc. runs the argument.

In fact, Belgium had *no* Governement for a long time, which the media conveniently leaves out. In 2010 the elections turned up a fractured landscape, and it took 353 days to shape up …some agreement.

A government coalition was named on 5 December 2011 and sworn in after a total of 541 days of negotiations and formation on 6 December 2011,[2] and 589 days without an elected government… wiki

For sure an extraordinary example.

Switzerland, top of the world for citizens’ control, referenda and initiatives, has recently run into trouble. I can elaborate the ex. if any interest.

Not that I’m bashing democracy (and not questioning for now whether one can call these systems dem. or not) or have a solid alternative to propose (one shoe does not fit all), but it is clear that these systems (e.g. Belgium, US, in a way CH, France..) aren’t capable of dealing with the challenges of: Global warming, Energy Peak - ressource and natural depletion / destruction, pollution, etc., Finance and Big Corporate control, plus arms / war industry. So, working ‘within the system’…I dunno not that I’m calling for pitchforks or the guillotine…

jfl, graphwiz, heh, who knows how these memes propagate?

Posted by: Noirette | Apr 2 2016 15:35 utc | 64

suharto died peacefully at home 2008 at the ripe old age of 87 , lucky sob. [1]
i guess ambassador mark green was also called to his creator in the loving care of his family, lucky bastard. !
no worry, there'r a lot more where they come from...

the indon *model* applied to nicaragua
harold pinter
*The United States Congress was about to decide whether to give more money to the Contras in their campaign against the state of Nicaragua. I was a member of a delegation speaking on behalf of Nicaragua but the most important member of this delegation was a Father John Metcalf. The leader of the US body was Raymond Seitz (then number two to the ambassador, later ambassador himself). Father Metcalf said:

'Sir, I am in charge of a parish in the north of Nicaragua. My parishioners built a school, a health centre, a cultural centre. We have lived in peace. A few months ago a Contra force attacked the parish. They destroyed everything: the school, the health centre, the cultural centre. They raped nurses and teachers, slaughtered doctors, in the most brutal manner. They behaved like savages. Please demand that the US government withdraw its support from this shocking terrorist activity.'

ambassador Raymond Seitz
'Father,' he said, 'let me tell you something. In war, innocent people always suffer.'
There was a frozen silence. We stared at him. He did not flinch.

* he's our kind of guy !

Posted by: denk | Apr 2 2016 15:35 utc | 65

What is the fuck behind the deep cilence?

Drilling was set to begin at a Golan Heights oil exploration site in the late night hours of Monday

Posted by: ALAN | Apr 2 2016 15:36 utc | 66

Any idiot who thinks the status quo of zionist control of American policy is ok to continue is worthy of ridicule.
Trump is the only candidate willing to change course regarding endless war,Russophobia,calling the shrub out for 9-11 and Iraq,the Obomba admin for Syria and libya,calls trade steals stupid,and ending open borders
Who are you gonna call ,ghostbusters?

Posted by: dahoit | Apr 2 2016 15:47 utc | 67


There is much to dislike about Trump.

What's appealing about him is his America-first attitude. This could slow/somewhat hamper the push for NWO hegemony.

Trump is also feisty and a great communicator (or 'rabble-rouser', if you like) and his 'base' is stronger in their support than Sanders' young, disaffected groupies.

The result: the neocon establishment ignores Sanders, attacks Trump.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

Looking beyond the current election, I'm thinking that a Trump win / Sanders loss could destroy the duopoly, leading to the emergence of three major parties and a more politically engaged electorate.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 2 2016 17:13 utc | 68

@ 67 dahoi

"Any idiot who thinks the status quo of zionist control of American policy is ok to continue is worthy of ridicule."


"Trump is the only candidate willing to change course"

You are breathtakingly naive. Trump has married off his daughter to seal his alliance with the the Zionists.

Link to Ivanka conversion

With Trump, if you like your Zionist masters, you can keep your Zionist masters.

Posted by: Ageless Yankee | Apr 2 2016 17:15 utc | 69

I think this is rather earth-shattering

I KNEW that the attack on greece CDS shortly after the Lehman collapse was an engineered ploy, but it was only a generally-held internet theory, pending evidence.

This is how the Obama admin has worked from the start.. light fuses anywhere that it can. It can be Toyota, it can be Greece, it can be Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, etc.
Perhaps USA's fuse is in the process of being lit

Posted by: aaaa | Apr 2 2016 17:39 utc | 70

I am sorry, dahoit@67, sorry that reality forces many of us to be so cynical. I cannot help feeling that Sanders and Trump have carefully divided the hot button issues for the public citizenry between them - clearly you list international concerns which we ordinary citizens want to see acted upon, and Sanders hot buttons it (with music)on his video concerning the very real needs of the majority of people in this country.

Why do they divide these issues in this manner? It is the tried and true effort of the hidden duopoly - as on a recent program about illegality on Wall Street (Michael Hudson and Chris Hedges) the question was asked: Why then does Wall Street malign Obama who is doing what they want? The answer was so that he will be able to keep doing it.

Divide and conquer.

The best thing that these two candidates are doing for us, the citizenry, is currently speaking out on the real issues that concern us. Both of them. Words, these words, do matter; they matter a lot. If and when they are silenced at their conventions, that just might be a tipping point. Neither one will be able to persuade us to kowtow to whomever the bigwigs choose - the gap is too great - and we ought to remain aware that if either or both succeed at the convention, neither will ultimately have the power of the presidency.

More power to them for now. The real argument begins after those orchestrations of corporate will take place. Obama was a 'good' candidate vis-a-vis ideas; he has just been a terrible occupant of the White House. Now that we really know it is the arguments that have life in them, not the ones giving them, let's look for someone who has both sets of ideas and unify behind that person or persons. Never give up, just be ready. Change isn't something you have to believe in; change happens, sometimes when you least expect it.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 2 2016 17:54 utc | 71

I will add that we ought to be proud of what we have accomplished so far. We ourselves have forced the duopoly to divide the argument.

Divide and conquer right back atcha! Heh.

Posted by: juliania | Apr 2 2016 18:03 utc | 72

State Department says halts review of Clinton emails at FBI request

The U.S. State Department has suspended plans for an internal review of whether classified information was properly handled in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails at the request of the FBI, a spokeswoman said on Friday.
Clinton, the front-runner in the race for the Democratic Party nomination in the Nov. 8 presidential election, has apologized for using a private email server for official business while in office from 2009 to 2013 and said she did nothing wrong. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is probing the arrangement.

At the time, the department also said it would conduct an internal review on whether the information in the emails was classified at the time it passed through Clinton's private account run on a server in her New York home.
The State Department consulted the FBI about this in February, and in March the law enforcement agency asked the State Department to halt its inquiry.

"The FBI communicated to us that we should follow our standard practice, which is to put our internal review on hold while there is an ongoing law enforcement investigation ," State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters.


Posted by: likklemore | Apr 2 2016 18:10 utc | 73

It's a bit naïve to assume Trump had much to do with Ivanka's choice of husband and religious conversion. Most millennial's are a-religious. They see it as a "club". Not as theology per se. And simply don't think that deeply about it. They are more likely to believe in Karma than Moses Decalogue or Christ's teachings. To be fair. Lots of peeps have only recently begun to wake-up in terms of the ZWO agenda. And Trump lives in their HIVE. Gut says he's been waking-up like a lot of Americans. Anyhoo. LOTS of fams have had nice WASP kids marry into the Tribe. It is what it is.

In terms of voting for President, the notion of writing-in someone you "want" is hilarious. Why make the effort? AT. ALL. Cuz voting says "I participate". "I believe the system has value". Which is EXACTLY as Deep State wishes. They want sheep to participate in the slaughter. It gives the slaughter CREDIBILITY. Pfft.

The only worthwhile vote is "FUCK YOU DEEP STATE". Which is a vote for Trump. Cuz if nothing else. It totally fucks-up the GOP-e. Gives me the FEELS just thinking about it.

Posted by: 4H | Apr 2 2016 18:15 utc | 74

aaaa @70

This leak supports my view of the establishment/MSM collusion against Greece last year.

MSM strongly supported the establishment view: the Greeks were lazy spendthrifts led by incompetent idealists. Many on the "left", strangely, also attacked Syriza/Greece despite (or because!) its being clear that Greece was targeted as an example to others (especially Spain).

MSM has become a handmaiden of the neolib/neocon establishment. Whatever they are pushing should be viewed very skeptically.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 2 2016 18:57 utc | 75

TED talk, Yanis Veroufakis

Capitalism Will Eat Democracy

Posted by: okie farmer | Apr 2 2016 19:19 utc | 76

Since this is an open thread, I'm going to post the pair of replies that were censored at Sic Semper Tyrannis, to illustrate the sort of innocuous commentary which they refuse to publish. The thread where these comments did not appear can be found here:

First censored comment:

The information about Russian mercenaries in Syria originated with an independent St. Petersburg newspaper, Fontanka. I have no idea whether or to what extent Russia uses mercenaries in Syria, which is why I asked. The use of contract agents is not preposterous on its face: the United States had a far larger military presence in Iraq, yet saw fit to use private firms like Blackwater, some of whose operators were publicly accused of war crimes.

The original article in Russian can be found here:

An English-language summary can be found here:

Posted by: Emil Pulsifer | Apr 2 2016 21:57 utc | 77

Since this is an open thread, I'm going to post the pair of replies that were censored at Sic Semper Tyrannis, to illustrate the sort of innocuous commentary which they refuse to publish.

First censored comment:

The information about Russian mercenaries in Syria originated with an independent St. Petersburg newspaper, Fontanka. I have no idea whether or to what extent Russia uses mercenaries in Syria, which is why I asked. The use of contract agents is not preposterous on its face: the United States had a far larger military presence in Iraq, yet saw fit to use private firms like Blackwater, some of whose operators were publicly accused of war crimes.

The original article in Russian can be found here:

An English-language summary can be found here:

(Second reply posted separately.)

Posted by: Emil Pulsifer | Apr 2 2016 22:02 utc | 78

Meanwhile the erdowie song hype (streisand effect etc) has got a weird twin event:
This piece was made by a liberal or maybe more or less radical satirist obviously for to mock the most up to date version of German nationalism. Now, not only the biggest part of the audience didn't get the (rather simple) message but, much worse, the comment thread is now being flooded by fascists all over the world (prob caused by some Reddit link) who won't understand the least of the original intention but since they feel this to at least spoil their Rammstein inspired picture of a hidden better Germany (hereby misunderstanding the irony involved even in the Rammstein videos as well) they brutally attack every comment with a certain liberal/cultural marxist/commie scent. The actual point of all this is: the few liberal and leftist "Germans" (or whoever wants to join them in "being" so) over there who still dare to speak out in the comment thread - they who had been supposed to laugh at (maybe, their own, or others') "being proud of not being proud" - are totally unable to offer anything striking in reply to that increasing mass of blatant racism and self-confident boasting hate speech. Considering that mental defenselessnes, laughter will stick in the thraot. And that... is not the worst effect of that "twin event"...

Posted by: franziska | Apr 2 2016 22:17 utc | 79

@ 74 4H

"Most Millenials are a-religious."

You start with a general observation that may or may not be applicable to young Ms. Trump and then proceed to build the balance of your argument on that foundation of sand. In the process you throw in some references to "the tribe" and "the deep state" to demonstrate that you're otherwise aligned with my (and others) way of thinking.

I smell the stench of a professional political opinion manipulator.

You wouldn't be part of one of those operations described in the article below would you?

I'm 100% Sure" The US Presidential Campaign Is Being Tampered With

Posted by: Ageless Yankee | Apr 2 2016 22:31 utc | 80

Since this is an open thread, I'm going to post the replies that were censored at Sic Semper Tyrannis, just to show the sort of innocuous commentary they seem afraid to publish. I'm reconstructing this from memory and combining two comments into one for the sake of brevity, but the text should be materially the same.

* * *

The information about Russian mercenaries in Syria comes from an independent St. Petersburg newspaper, Fontanka. I have no idea whether or to what extent the Russians use mercenaries there. The concept is not preposterous on its face. The United States had a much larger military presence in Iraq and yet saw fit to employ private contract agents (e.g. Blackwater), some of whom were publicly accused of war crimes.

Skepticism about Russian military propaganda is not tantamount to American jingoism. I'd be just as skeptical of American propaganda trumpeting victory while bypassing most of the major rebel strongholds.

While it's true that the insurgents are committed to controlling real estate (e.g. Aleppo), its also true that anti-insurgent forces have avoided a direct assault, fearing big losses from anti-tank weapons, ambushes and traps. That's why they have resorted to a siege strategy, attempting to cut off rebel supplies and reinforcements.

That's where the fluidity of small unit rebel guerrilla forces becomes relevant. They can infiltrate loose lines of containment, whether around cities, pockets of insurgents fighting in the countryside, or along borders into and out of Syria, far easier than a conventional army (which could more easily be trapped and minced up, or blocked).

No accusation of fraud has been made. As I said, there are few or no independent English language journalists in Syria, particularly in contested areas. The press releases of the Russian and Syrian governments are by far the most prolific, and often the only, sources available to western media outlets. It's easy to find lots of mainstream media articles touting Russian successes in Syria, and it's clear that they rely heavily upon the same sources. I'm not accusing them of fraud, either. But taking military propaganda at face value, whether American or Russian, may be a mistake. It is also clear to me that many of the western media outlets eager to believe the Russian narrative are motivated at least in part by neo-con foreign policy positions, regard the policies of the Obama administration as "weak", and wish that America would emulate Russia (never mind that the Russians are there by invitation, and America is not).

Posted by: Emil Pulsifer | Apr 2 2016 23:36 utc | 81

@ denk | Apr 2, 2016 12:20:25 AM | 42

Good "Headsup"

Indonesia 1965 - long enough to be folded into the clouds of time,
for amnesia and irrelevance to settle in.
Yet long enough for the lies and coverups to fall away

Ive just been watching "The Act of Killing ** "
a doco by a young american film maker where Indonesian death-squaders
reenact their mass-killings from CIA supplied lists.

I'm not a pacifist - I've done time in the army - but I couldn't
finish watching it.

The question is:
Have we learned anything from this??
Would the same type of engineered genocide occur today??

Looking at how ISIL/ISI/Daesh have been played by the US "intelligentsia"
i suspect the answers are:


Posted by: DavidKNZ | Apr 2 2016 23:37 utc | 82

@80 David KNZ

I never saw that documentary, but I did see, and can recommend, the cinematic "recreation" (drama based broadly on historical events), The Year Of Living Dangerously. One of the few Mel Gibson films where he isn't running around brandishing firearms while tossing off one-liners.

I'd hate to be on a CIA (or Indonesian) list of "subversives" marked for execution or imprisonment. But I would also hate to be on a Communist list of "counter-revolutionary" class enemies doomed to execution or to long imprisonment in "reeducation camps" as happened on a large scale in Vietnam and which would have happened had the Communist takeover succeeded in Indonesia.

Posted by: Emil Pulsifer | Apr 3 2016 0:00 utc | 83

Further to 75:

If you recall, the IMF first came out to say that Greece should get meaningful debt relief in the days before the referendum vote.

IMO this was meant to undercut the OXI vote. It was meant to underscore the Troika position: debt relief really would happen AFTER a deal was reached. I noted this at the time (here at MoA).

But it had the opposite effect. The Greek side was vindicated. The Greeks voted OXI.

They bullied Greece and won ... rinse, repeat.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 3 2016 1:01 utc | 84

DavidKNZ 80

yes, the ghost of indon 1965 is still with us today, in the shapes of aq, boko haram, isis, xe.....jsoc ,robert ford, clinton, obama.....
the murder Inc. is very much alive !

*The Indonesian covert action of 1965, reported by Ralph McGehee, who was in that area division, and had documents on his desk, in his custody about that operation. He said that one of the documents concluded that this was a model operation that should be copied elsewhere in the world. Not only did it eliminate the effective communist party (Indonesian communist party), it also eliminated the entire segment of the population that tended to support the communist party - the ethnic Chinese, Indonesian Chinese. And the CIA's report put the number of dead at 800,000 killed. And that was one covert action. We're talking about 1 to 3 million people killed in these things.

Two of these things have led us directly into bloody wars. There was a covert action against China, destabilizing China, for many, many years, with a propaganda campaign to work up a mood, a feeling in this country, of the evils of communist China, and attacking them [1]

the indon *model* in action,
chile, the other 911 !

*During his rule, Pinochet ordered strict measures against dissidents, especially Marxists. He was responsible for the murder of more than 3,000 Chileans, whereas his alliance with South American dictatorships such as those in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay — Operation Condor — resulted in the deaths of more than 60,000 people. The major purpose of this alliance was to root out socialist and communist influence from the region and suppress any potential opposition. The US was again the chief supporter of this alliance, providing the countries with important intelligence and technological support.

In all these states citizens were abducted, murdered and extra-judicially killed to silence and curb any possible opposition. Some 200,000 Chileans went into exile to different parts of Europe. Many of them took up murder charges against Pinochet in European courts but all their efforts were in vain.* [1]


Emil Pulsifer 81

in *saving* indons, vn from themselves, 3m indons slaughtered like sacrificial lambs, many werent even *commies* . one whole gen of vn *wasted* away.
did u ask them..
*was this worth it ?*

another example of the indon *model* applied to *democratize* those *irresonsible* [2] leftists of the world.

vn vet
in nam, we zero in our artillery by following the cries of babies

over at sa

*They go into villages. They haul out families. With the children forced to watch, they castrate the father.

They peel the skin off his face. They put a grenade in his mouth, and pull the pin. With the children forced to watch, they gang-rape the mother, and slash her breasts off. And sometimes, for variety, they make the parents watch while they do these things to the children. *

*Dan Mitrione, the exponent of these things, spent seven years in Brazil and three in Uruguay, teaching interrogation; teaching torture. He was supposed to be the master of the business: how to apply the right amount of pain, at just the right times, in order to get the response you want from the individual. They gave them crank generators -- with "U.S.A.I.D." written on the side, so the people even knew where these things came from -- and developed a wire that was strong enough to carry the current and fine enough to fit between the teeth, so you could put one wire between the teeth, and the other in or around the genitals.

You could crank, and submit the individual to the greatest amount of pain, supposedly, that the human body can register.* [3]

were they asked whether they wanna sign on to this *democratisation* therapy ?


"I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people."


Posted by: denk | Apr 3 2016 2:22 utc | 85

Emil @ 79, Thanks for an interesting comment; can't imagine what Sic Temper Tyrannis found objectionable.

Re: Russian mercenaries: I remember something about a year ago in the Rus press to the effect that the idea of a Rus Blackwater had been raised. However they may not have the incentive that the US has. In some US cases there are more "contract" employees fighting than military men working directly for Dept of Defense (sic). In the US case, "contract employees" are working for a different employer. The attraction-- despite vastly higher costs-- is that no one in the exterior chain of command is subject to Congressional oversight. (Difficult to imagine they could find anything even more scurrilous to do than US military already does, huh?)

I don't know if there is a "Russian Blackwater" that might be available for hire by other countries.

In the Russian military a "contract employee" does NOT mean a mercenary. When Russians reach conscription age they can choose either a year's conscription or a two-year contract. I assume the contract pay is better & obviously more highly skilled.

As you're probably aware Putin greatly improved life for the military thru better pay and replacing the turkey they had with the estimable Sergey Shoigu.

Anyway that's my understanding of it, tho I'm subject to correction. They had to pass a law to permit this contract business, which they did in 2014.

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 3 2016 3:49 utc | 86

uncle sham,
*every few yrs we need to throw some two bit country against the wall, just to show we mean biz*

when i heard yrs ago murkka was gearing up for a *two wars front scenario* i thought its just the usual bullying of defenceless third world countries.

now we know the *crazies* [1] in washington really mean biz, they are going for bust ,
john pilger on the coming ww3

those aint *crazies*, they know what they'r doing, they know what they want.
these are psycopaths who dont mind blowing the planet up if there'r monies to be made as long as they themselves can survive and collect the booties, minus the *useless eaters*

Posted by: denk | Apr 3 2016 3:49 utc | 87

Where's Chipnik? Anybody know?

Posted by: Penelope | Apr 3 2016 3:50 utc | 88

pen 86

he announced his last post here two weeks ago.

Posted by: denk | Apr 3 2016 3:59 utc | 89

out for now.

everybody should treasure b's site here.
they have gotten to tom feely already.

thank you very much b for tolerating my mostly
ot rants !!!

Posted by: denk | Apr 3 2016 4:04 utc | 90

@ denk

Many of us come here to rant against the current empire and its sick puppets like war criminal Kissinger. IMO, people need to be told about the atrocities committed by this empire and your details are a sick but necessary wake up for some. Please continue.

Posted by: psychohistorian | Apr 3 2016 5:18 utc | 91

To: 78

"I smell the stench of a professional political opinion manipulator"

No. It's simply the wafting of my Penhaligon's fragrance you smell. And at $85 a bottle. I hope you like it.

Perhaps. If I cared. I might be offended. You calling me out as a "professional". Alas. I give ZERO FUCKS. FYI. Not everyone who takes exception to you is a PROFESSIONAL provocateur. Some of us are merely RANK AMATEURS.

But you're right. I have NO IDEA if Trumps daughter was sold in marriage to the highest jewish-bidder. Or not. Then again. Neither do you KNOW he had much influence with her. Either way. I call 'em as I SEE 'em. And when morons tell people to go vote and write-in someone you KNOW hasn't a shot in hell. That's EXACTLY what a professional manipulator would have you do. And that kinda shit just doesn't flush. Talk about smelly. Pee-eww.

Posted by: 4H | Apr 3 2016 6:31 utc | 92

psychohistorian 89

really gratified to know u find my posts worth reading .

30 yrs back, cia whistle blower stockwell said ww3 was already fought with 6m casualties.
looks like today we'r on track to ww4!

JOHN STOCKWELL on ww3, 1987 [1]
* What we're going to talk about tonight are the CIA's secret wars. But the subject is much broader than merely little CIA dirty tricks and shenanigans. We're talking about a situation ..... We're living in a world which has grievous problems. Our planet is terminally ill, and it's not a long term disease. We're talking about the nuclear arms race. This is something. These 52,000, soon to be 70,000, nuclear weapons are going to be going off sooner, rather than later.

At the same time, the world is facing serious economic problems of the sort that triggered world wars in the past. Leaders of countries, leaders of banks, for purposes basically of greed, have never been able to balance their checkbooks. They always overspend. They run countries into bankruptcy.

When the world has gotten blocked up before, like a Monopoly game where everything is owned and nobody can make any progress, the way they erase the board and start over has been to have big world wars. Erase countries, bomb cities, and bomb banks, and then start from scratch again. This is not an option to us now, because of all these fifty-two thousand nuclear weapons.*


Posted by: denk | Apr 3 2016 12:48 utc | 93

Erdogan Says Obama Lied and Is Sad He went Behind His Back

I was saddened to hear that statement made behind my back. During my talk with Obama, those issues did not come up ... You cannot consider insults and threats press freedom or criticism," Erdogan said.

Turkey has drawn international condemnation for charging two journalists with treason for publishing footage that purportedly showed the intelligence agency shipping truckloads of weapons to opposition fighters in Syria in early 2014. Can Dundar and Erdem Gul of Cumhuriyet face life in prison.

The Cloak and Dagger Inside the Kerry Briefcase

“Today, when I saw you coming down from the plane and carrying your effects, I got a little upset. On the one hand, it is very democratic; on the other, I think: things are really bad in the U.S., there is no one even to help the secretary of state carry his briefcase.” – President Vladimir Putin

Inside the mysterious satchel John Kerry hand delivered to Putin, were files relating to Turkey operatives and leadership involved in the regional terror. More specifically, the case probably contained the names, missions, and locations of the terrorists in Moscow, and who is ultimately behind ISIL. While no one but Putin and Kerry, plus the few close aides present can truly know the contents of the brown briefcase, it’s safe to conclude a picture of Recep Erdogan being thrown under a bus may have been included. Turkey is in full stop, U-turn mode. Erdogan has no moves left, if he wants to survive that is.

I really enjoyed the second article. Phil Butler writes well, and seems to have his ducks in a row. Could be wrong but he makes an interesting overall case.

Posted by: jfl | Apr 3 2016 13:42 utc | 94

Shaping reality. This is how its done.

After several weeks of unrelentingly negative coverage of Trump and Trump supporters by virtually all MSM, CNN this morning cites "polls" that say that Trump can't win the Presidency because of negative perceptions - interviews RNC Chairman to get reaction.

> No discussion of how those polls were conducted.

> No mention of the establishment's war on Trump. RNC Chair is nominally unbiased toward any GOP candidate but the RNC is very establishment.

> No comment sought from the Trump campaign?

If they are true to form, other "news" organizations and pundits will simply (and repeatedly) cite the 'fact' that Trump can't win.

Note: This comment is MSM criticism, not pro-Trump. We see the same kind of 'shaping' in other areas.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 3 2016 14:00 utc | 95

69;Married off his daughter?No his daughter met a Jewish guy and fell in love,just like my daughter,btw.I despise Israel.
The opposition to him is total and non partisan,from both wings of the Ziomonsters.The yuppie liberal,and yuppie fascist wings.
Only self hating Americans can't see that.

Posted by: dahoit | Apr 3 2016 14:07 utc | 96

okie framer at 76, TED talk by Varoufakis.

Recently, various generalist arguments suggest that one can’t have, at the same time, democracy (whatever that is when at home), globalisation, and national sovereignity, have floated. (ex from a blog, link) I won’t discuss but it serves as a handy rubric for ex. understanding Trump. “Make America great again" "Peace through strength”, etc. Squaring the circle?

Varoufakis states, quote:….Our liberal democracies… (“surfaced” he says, but arose, flowered, better) only when able to separate fully the political sphere from the economic sphere, so as to define the democratic process fully in the political sphere leaving the economic sphere to .. the corporate world.. as a democracy-free-zone.

Bang on. Evident, for ex. in the narrowing of ‘democratic’ scope in the US, focussed on identity politics, personal issues, societal attitudes (racism, sex, drugs, welfare payments, etc.), identification with ‘leaders’, etc. Vacuous, distracting, dumbing-down.

He dismisses ‘marxism’ - in old style language, who controls the means of production. How can one be a Libertarian Marxist? (or pro Hayek + Marx?) It makes no sense whatsoever.

I expected him to at least touch on the facts that Corporate profits go to shareholders…duh…and to mention some in France who have been pushing the timid agenda of 3/3 - Corporate profits should go 1/3 to capitalist investors, 1/3 to workers, 1/3 to ‘investment, improvements, r _ d..etc.’, this being a way to ‘wake ppl up’ and not a hard-and-fast rule. In line with his 'maintain the EU and reform capitalism stance.'

Note that none of these efforts / schemes / discourses ever mention ressource extraction and the environment (global warming, agri, etc.) Or WAR for that matter!

Posted by: Noirette | Apr 3 2016 14:20 utc | 97

Juliana I feel your pain.And cynicism.But who else can we call on.besides Trump?Sanders is great domestically,but bogus FP wise.He is a card carrying Zionist,inculcated with the myth of BS concerning Hitler,Stalin,the ME,and above all Israel and its holocaust of creation,where a a religious state is given the ok in the 20th,and 21st century,while all others are not given the same ok.What a hoot of hypocrisy.
If only they were what they say,the Israelis,a light unto other nations,but in reality the most f*cked up people in this world,whose lack of human relations makes the Nazis and the latest fall guys,the KKK,choirboys.

Posted by: dahoit | Apr 3 2016 14:20 utc | 98

Important note

In the US 'primary season', candidates always play to the 'base'. So Trump is naturally going to say things that don't appeal to a wider audience.

Its that kind of thing that makes polls about the general election during primary season very unreliable.

Republicans have actually criticized Trump for being more liberal than they would like, saying that he is not a "true conservative" / doesn't share "conservative values". They note that Trump gave money to Democrats and has previously taken more liberal positions.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Apr 3 2016 14:31 utc | 99

To 96: Here we go. The eternal boogymen. It's either the Nazi's or the KKK. But never EVER the likes of Trotsky or other Bolshevik henchmen. Or the Merchant of Venice for that matter. I'm so bored with giving Nazi's and facists more credit than due. They're simply not that interesting. Gawd knows it takes Tarentino to make them even marginally salable. And let's face it. The KKK didn't invade Poland. They hardly made it to the next county. Oh sure. They may have been grubby, scared little men for the most part. With a few murderers mixed in. But this mythical illusion to some grand scheme and meme is so fucking Hollywood. Cuz KKK were pikers compared to IDF and AIPAC. Then again. Most man-made evil takes a back-seat to eretz-Israel.

Posted by: 4H | Apr 3 2016 14:43 utc | 100

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